Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 7, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 7, 1844 Page 3
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'9 TARPER'S ILLUMINATED BIBLE, No. 4. H AGRICULTURAL S0C1ETV. At a meeting of tlio Hoard of Managers ot 1,10 Chittenden County Agricultural Society, held at J. Howard's Hold, in Builington, on the 3d ilny of June, 1814, iho Hoard nppo' tiled tlio twenty-fifth day of September, 131 1, as tlio lime for holding the Annual Fair and Cattle Shore, and voted, unani mously, that sucli Fair and Cattle Show bo htld nt UurlingMn. tt i expected that tho business of the day will commence at nine o'clock in the forenoon. The following committees, to award premiums, were also appointed! On Grain and Field Chops Messrs. Truman Chittenden, of Williston, David Cook, of Charlotte, and Peicr I.. Allen, of Jericho. Ox llonses Messrs. Mnhlon Cotlrill, of Mnntpe- licr, Jed. P Clark, ot Sheldon, and William H. White, of Verzennes. On Catilb Messrs. Bern. Field, of New Haven, John Thomas, of Orwell, and O. F. Scribncr, of Sheldon. On Sheep Messrs. Lewis Mott, of South Hero, Solomon V. Jewelt, of We) bridge, and Win. Ha zard, of Fcrrisburgh. Ok Swine Messrs. Ezra Mccch, Truman Chittcn, den and t.uthcr Loomis. Ok Maple Scgaii and Hosr.v Messrs. Solomon Walker, Stephen Whitney, mid George IVtcrson. O.t Cloths anii otiieb aiiticleb m an or act Un En ok Cotton, Silk, Wool, Linen, tfcc Moisrs. Guy Cat linjand Christian Ituelnfsnn, of Burlington, Samuel Fletcher, of Shclburno, K. H. Wheeler, of Charlotte, George Whitney, of Essex, and John S. Patrick, of Hinesburgh. On Horticcltcre, Knurrs, Ncnstnr ano other Tbees Hev. Mr. IliiiBham, of Williston, and Messrs Charlc9 McNeil and Charles Adams. Committee of Abunoemests Messrs. U. II. Pcnnnnan, It. It. Stacy and S. E. Howard. A true extract from tho minute. Attest, W.M. WESTON, Secretary. Tim lllfrtit.ituK nf I'.llilnliln described, during 18 month residence of British Embassy nt tho Chii-nan Court of Shn.i. Itv Mujor W. C. Hnrri, whh beautiful Illustration, 4 pnrtx, 25 it, each. "Tim is the ni(il roniarltni'ie work oi me pre-oni nar, ih'schisins to the world oo miry hithcrln entile ly unknown, ninl revealing thn existence nf n Chris tian nation in the interior of Abyssinia, nc.irly fil'ieen centuries t Id." l.lii! Ill the New World, or Sketches nf Ameri can Soeiole, hy Scalcficld. Complulo in coven num. beii, at 121 per No. .iijurrics in i.ntnioii, ran q, mi. The Vilvcnlitves nf Captain Piinniiillc. By Alexander Duma, 121. . Father Csorlnt.or Scenes or Lire in ran, irom French of Do Balzac. 25 cent. Hy ... . Potk' lliiildmir, JimeG. (1 A. KlIWAulio. WANTED, IN exilianse for Flour, Sail, Tea, Tobacco, Dry Good of every kind, or Cash, n few tlion-nnd lb, of good loan 1'lceVo Wool, fur which the bet mirket price will I o pai I, by 1 COLE & ROBINSON, COTTON Til R EAD, &e. Kff LBS. while and colored Thread, J JJ 3 ca-es spend do 2 " American pack pin, U. STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. PUIII.1C NOTICE is hereby civen that the follow lug goods, wares, merchandise, and other prop erly, condemned in the 11m. District Court of the United Stales for Vermont Dislrirt, May Term, 1811, will be sold at PUBLIC AUCTION, nt tlio AJicnon Room of Col. II. Thomas, in llutliiiglnn, in aid dis trict, nn tlio 2fiihdav of Jimp next, to tho highest bid der) satotu commence nt 10 o'clock, A. M. To will lloan I' rcncli tlorse, t uiacu norse, i gray mincy, part piceo kersrmnro 1 gray French horse. 1 black tench norse, 1 Kronen Horse, i i renru norscs, i rcncli horse, 2 part pieces linen, 3 part pieces broad- nlli, i pr moccasins,!: noises, 1 sico,oouoio names-, shawls, 1 black mare, 1 gray French horse, 1 bay tench horse. 1 brown French mire. 1 French horse, clicnut eolotcd hnrc. 1 while horFe. A'so, 5 l-i Is checked cnssimcri'. R vds black brnndclith. 2 Vila liliio broadcloth, 5 ulsdooskin cassimcre, 21 yds blue pilot cloth, 5 yds blno broadcloth, ,i may liox coais, 10 yus calico, z I-i yus vvnoiicn cioin, 4 yn uiuuu. rlnih. I shawl. 1 rod roan horse, 1 culler nnd harness. 2 trunks, 13 pieces ami part pieces calico, i pari p eco l.rni lelnlh. 1 elmul. 1 tiatt niece lllll'll drilline. 1 box L'reen caps. 1 wire el horse, 4 gray coals, 7 yds beaver loih, 4 1-2 yds liroadiloth, a grcay uox coais. Given under mv haul nt Hradford, this 31st day ot .May, a. u. itm. 1 VYlljl.IA.ll HAluiw.l, .ttarsnai. sale by June ; 5 lli". mixed puis, in ll.AS ISM. 1 n-ceiveil and for LOOMIS a Co-1 A FEW bll-. Winter flrain and Summer Oil, at 1 COLE .f- UOIUNSON'S. ICAI! Miniiner Good, 1 do ttlMcanlbriel 1 tin Inst, lincn. 1 do eollou Flasg", jit-t received nn 1 for sale by June .1,1814. 1 UI.AS, IAJU.MIS i- wo. ALAIU1 E assortment of Fancv French t'a-i'iierc fjr Rent, i-iinimer wear. Twml and f-'oiimier Coat-,al 1 COLE Sc. UOIUNSON'S. HUSTON JHAUKKT. May 23. FLOUR. Howards!. 8191 S 5 00, Western canal 4 87 (It 5 12. BUTTER. 10 e 20 per lb. CHEESE. 4! "9 5J do do. WOOL. Stock in market materially reduced. Saxony and Mcrieno fleeces, 45'!? 43 Full blood, 4345 1 blood, 35 it 40 Common ' blood, 23 si 33 Lamb's, 1st quality, 40 ft 13 Smyrna washed, 20 It 25 Bengali, 8e?13 Iluenos Ayres, 6 ji 13 MINTS, iS'c. f OASES American l'liul", IrJ 2 iKi Maneheslcr (inirliani, 1 ilo bleached beoiini;'. jnt lec'tl nnd for Mill June j, 'II. I by VI 1,.S, LOOMIS V C,.. 11DKFS. ry pi VS. Ponseo po kcl Ilaiu'lierclueci, I t) 25doz. munition linen do 50 do. Oini;hain Cravats, l.'i ilux. black I'tili.ltl do 100 doz. colten Ci!oc, just receiveil and for Sll by VILAS ci I.UU.M1 i' & Uo. J una j, -11. i SOAP, A'c. tX( OHO. i-haviiu Miap, tJK-t 75 do liiH.k. nti.l cje-, h.i i o ro m i n et 50 M. D. E. Nrc.lh-, jot received nnd for sale June 5, 1 1. I I'V Vll..6, l.WMij ci Uc. SUSIMINDHHS, c. 1 I'Q'.. web ii-pendcr.', 1 0, 21 " ela-liu do .'I'.O " I'dlliin lane. 100 " roll do do jut reeeiveil nnd for 'ale June 5, 41. I by VII.A&, I.UU.MIS iV Uo. Wool.. Dr. Jarvij of Clnroinolit, N. II., solJ his wool recently (30,000 lbs.) at 45 cents. M si it' if a (r34 In this town, on the 1th inst. at ihc residence of her brother, by the Rev. T. W. Pearson, Mr Rcvden Lee of Jericho, to Mus Oarn jMesiiitt, ol this place. In Lexington Kenlm'iy, Col. Josiaii Dc.s'iiam, for Inrrly of Windsor, in I 's State. JlliS. LANG IVOR THY. HAS nccived her usual supply of SPRING GOOlh- Laces Embro.-iliric.-', I'erfumcry, Super I-ancy ftunps tVc. ipe. JfA fi WtTWtC v-5-' t "onstnnll y on hand, plain W Jefr "J "''d Hats. Tus- Ji,. can Straw, ami Laic Nca- Slioctini's, &c. fl RALLS brown lieelin At' J -i June do do . Ml. 1 Drill Ti k, - received an 1 for -nl by VILAS, LOOM I S & Co. lllliatlKlll Ilii;l)cnN Instate, STATE OF VERMONT. 1 rtMlli Hon. the Pro- District ol I'hiliendcu, s. j M bum Courl for llie Ditrtcl c f t'luticii'leii : To all ier'u concerned in the c-lalenf ELNATHAN 1I1UI1I.E, bile i.f She! burn, in Mild DiMriei, (leeca-e I, Oiierting Wiii:ri:as, I-nac Hislce, ndmitii.ralor ol tho e tale ot sail dewa-ed, propo-e lo render an ati'ounl ul In ailmini-tratitui, and pre-cul In- account aaanw -aid e-lale f'T cxaniiiialiou ami allowance at a es' inn or I In- Court ot Probate, to beholden al the I!ez Mer- o'lii'e in Ibirlnmton, in miM ih-lnel,cu the tee1 nn I Wcthic-ilay ol July, lu'M., on an hereby nottlie.l to appear beb re ,anl co'irt al llie noie ami place aiore-aio, anu hew ca fc, it any you Itave, w l.y llie aeeiuinl alore .ni.l huuld not be'allowel. llivcn under my baud at Hmlingtoii lhi30 h day of May ., I'. 11. 1 w3 WM. WESTON, lltgitttr. Solonnn N Snnliiril'a I'statc. WE the nibcnber, havi'mr been nppoinlclbylhc Honorable (ho Probale Court for the Di-lriet of Chitleiideo, CoinniiT'ioner lo receive, examine nu aiijusl the einniK mm nemnnu oi an person 'ninailhe clalofSOLOMON N. SANFORD, late of Hineibiiri;h, in Miid l)'?riel, decen-ed, repre-enteil in -ol von I, nn I nl-o nil cl.liim or iiemamis cxlubileii in i:r.n, therein nnd iv tiionih from I he dav of I he date licrcof, hem;; allowed by said Court forlhat purpoe. we oo thereiore hereby give nonce, mat we win niieno in ihei nellies of our nonoininienl. nt the dwelhna ol Marvin Leonard, in Hmcl urnli. in nid Di-lrici, on the Ut Moiulayt ol July ami Octolcr next, al 10 o' clock, A. M., on each of said days Dated, 11ns 2Ulli uav ol .iiav, A. i., IBU. 52w3 MARVIN LF.ON.4Rl, , ASA FOIIHES, I Lo,n- BOOKS & STATIONERY, WHOLESALE AND KKTAll., AT CITV PKICIIS, TUST received nt tho New Ciir.Ai- Book Stobr, n .1 n..,.Min..,,t nf 'be I e-l slniiclanl ,1cr'i- cnl, Thcoloijicnl, Clatiical, MierelhncouxintlSiltuol llool,si, an ns-oriuicni i ij - de.criniion for sale at lower prices than have ever I o- fore been ollcrcd in thi vicinity. Amonir the lloobs nre 'i utrto, w 'invo, ii Pcukcl", Prayer nttd'Hymn I look in plain nnd extra bimlini;! llible nnd v,cm"ii u "" bound toieiher, n new nnd u;ry Icrintiful nilirlej r. .......... i .r. ti-itn 1 1 in i rimi'i iru'jiiii'i nn Puekel Testaineul-l Annual nnd n srcai v.ineiy ;.i line illustrate I works uitahb- for pie-ents, ul t?re.uly ...I I - hVlnile lib I! it VO . tOV.ll 8vo. well bound for SO llrnnde'- Diclinnary of SPUINfi GOODS. A;c nnd Choice Assortment of STM' AND FANCY HOODS, Ju-I received Irom New York by 130YNTON & BUItltETT. SATIN nud Eml roidrred Shaud, Plain Do Lane do., Muslin lie Lane, Krinir, (limp, Cninbrie nnd Muliits, Prin'e,' Lawns and Muslin, Alpine Bomba zines, lliuiery, llli vc", eve. 200 PIECES PRINTS, Cioive l'alltrnt, Very Loic. Illeecheil nnd Striped Shirtings, Tiekiiiir, Sali-bury Flannels, Plaids, (linshaui,' Iri-h Linen, Drown 1 1 ol! . ti I, a larse norltneal of Summer Cloth' nnd (inuihroi'it and variou l.ur'V urlb his mil inrnliort'd. A ery choice M-f,-iMioii of UnoAO Cloths and Yctinii. tlroectles. Mol, own Supi r, Lonl do., Yoiins Hyson, Itnssel tlraniei's INtnte. WE the subscribers, having been appointed by lb - Hoimral l the Pn bale Conn lor the Dis trict of Uliiiienden, ciiiiimiioners to receive, exam ine an-i niipisi the c.aimsnuo tieinatuis ot an persons, nsaimvt the e-lale ol RU5SEL CRAMER, late of Charlotlo, m sai I Ditricl,decea.ed, repre-enlcd insol vent, ami a'-o all claims nun iitiuaiuis exiuiuied in nfT-el thereto; and six inonihs from the day of the date hereol, beini' allowed by aid ( o ut I'ur tint purpo-e, wedo iherelbre hereby pup nuliie, thai we will at tend to the biiine-ofoiir appoinlineiit, at the dwelling of Sarah Cramer, in Charloll, in said Di-lr.ct, on the second Mondays ol' July and Decern! cr next, nt 10 o'clock, A. al., on each ot s ndii.rvs. Dated, tins bin iiav in .uav, A. i. lan. PETER VN VI.IET, ),, , 52w3 OI1ADIA1I VAN VLII.T, SInry Clark's K stale. STATE OF VERMONT, A T a Probale Court Di'lnci ol Chittenden, ss S -CX hobleii nt Hurlins- lon, within nnd lor the District nfiire-ui l oiilbenimh dav of .May A. D. 1811, an In-lnimcnl purportiii" lo be Ihe hi-l Wi I and Testament ol M.1KY CLARK, bile of Um'erhdl, in ml Di-trtcl deceased, was pre sented lo the Court here lor Prol ale, by Nathan WoodruU'lhe Executor, therein named. TilEiir.ronr. it is ordered by said Court, that public nolice be friven lo all persons concerned therein lo appear 1 elore -aid Court, at a e ion thereof to le hidden nt llie Registers oilico in said Ihirlimrtnu, on the second Weilue-d.iy of June, A. D. IS 1 1, mid conlei the probale of said Will, ami it is fur her ordered that tin order le p ihli-lied lliree weeks suecc'sivcly in llie Burlington Free Pros-', a new-stupcr primed al Hurlimrtoii, in this S ale, the last ol' which shall be previous tollic dav a nrned as aforesaid forbearing. (iiveu miller my hand it llie Register s Uiuce, llns OtU day of May, A. D. IS 1 1. 50w3 Win. WESTON, fleshier. Science. Literature nnd the Art,Hie mo.i u-riui mm Hyson, llvon Skin, nn.l Imperial I en-, Co.leo, Utn i.t.. I.....L. ,,r ilw, l.ind ever mil islied 1 Ihe I'.ir- ucr. Hu e. ll.i tn. nud s-nieesj ol a 1 l.lii Is. lner'.s Encyilopiedia, end raciii'I nil of the mo. re- ( 'rookery and Class Ware, Nad, Sail-, .'o ir nnd eentili-covene. in Aiiricullurnl t'lieminry, ami n up- i'.n, ,.,.i ,,. ,..,,, ,1,. r..,!! the lalest and I el work Will kirn on hand a iron I ussdrtmenl of HOOTS on AL'iteullnre,nnd ihe cbeapcsl over pnbh.liel, eon- and SHOES of all kinds, and work made to measure tailltit" Ilbj pil,res royal ovo. ivcii if " .-n.jr i,j- u ivumin ,u in.u iii-i-is nu rccuniiiiciiuiuiuii. SSw' Al-o, ii "real variety of new nnd ti-cful Asn-1 Hinesl.ursrh, May lib, 181 1. 51 Cm ....I. i .i..". .. ..I,,.,,;,. lSancrofi's Hilorvof ibcliiiiird Sinless Pre-coll's Ferdinand and l-al ella, N. . lO.OOOlbs HUlTERaud .10 St. "HIN- and History ofMexieo) Spark's Lile nud W rilltiirs ul OI.ES wuiiicd in exchange for tSiml, nt the hmliesl Dr. Franklin, lOv. pulili-heil ntS30, price Si 7,50, fco. prue. Also, cash paid for Chece. All il,n ..n. t.nitn :ir wnrus ale rfCCIuo cuun .n 1 r... n, i... tn.uf.t ciiv nrice-. Ammil Ihe Stalionerv, nre Fool-can, Leller, Note, Tissue. Pcrluraled. Mn-ie, Drnwinir Paper nud lln- tiii n nil ii t- ilrnviMtit nnd Wrilinir Pencil, Newman s Water Colors) Ink, Ink-tand-, Sand Boxes, Quill-. C3i..a n..... l Til lii-tniineiil-. S ale-. i-il- itm ami Prlnling CanN t Haikgaininou Hoards, Chess M.. ..... ..i. . :....:.1 ... t-iltzens nnd sirnngcr are rc-iii-iouoj ,nll nnd xiimini! ihe slock. Order from abroad ,, ,n, .,,... I...1 io ni the loui'-t prices. Mt thanw -.implied with School Hook's, Paper. Vi'. n low .....i ,,r. bn., in line of l ie cities. I Jenwn inry Snellins Hook-Vat 75 cts. per dnzn. Omul Cup und Letter Paper, at 81,50, 81,75, S'2,00 mid S2.50 per '''pcA'fibiildinr, A. I'.DWAIIDS. Hurlini.'lou,May, 1811. 1 52 WATCilKS. IN this line, to which we urn paving more particu lar attention lhan ever, wen !er I elter bargains .).. I..,, vcr 1 ecu nhle to t o pc hire, an i tno-c .a... ...;.l. n I r.OI.D or SILVER WATCH are particularly requested to call and ctaminc with the . I....... s..r,.iiiif. th.i walches of our Spring iinimria- tion. There lia- I ivn ipinea rise on i;o mi-iucni- al road since our armed, und we can sell lower than if they were noic to i e ooii -m. vv.:...n.. 1 1 r..imnd riis'iuiicrs l ial we know per-oti ,t ni.,.,. orinnsi of llie wa'cbcs wo -ell. ihal wean' striving to e-iain-n a reputation inr seuuiv (!OOD Watches, thai we ateol the opinion lnaiwe hnoxc whether n waieh i-goinl or not, un I thai we consider wo ran be relir. 1 upon fur hat we re commend lo le gouo, lei oilier-l.i llie line or wi'i , i i hev ni.iv. He bate w in lies oi u. ct. , Bci-eleys, Joseph Jolm-on, John llarri-on nud oilier Liierpool Maker-, ami O. II. lie-, London, and we have movements, of nil the unci celel ra'ed maker-, winch we can ea-e to any pattern de-lied, and we litrlber sav that e will sell lor ea-lt inmn any uo scriplii n ofwatchiM of tmv maker, a- cheap -any TV..... ir : nr ii.tsioii ife.tier. vi ir ui i .i...imi iii ri'iiii'itit or that when Ibev I nv nwalchin x York or Hu-lun thev pound pay ihe ra-htlown, nnd no cannol a'lhrd to sell a goinl gold or Mlv watch anil I.iko jinrl pay in an oiii woien or mihh. llmig el-e, and sell nt the same price. Pay us the ca-li down, and ALL ea-h, nnd no one .-hall sell I e low us. We have for cash Ookt and Silver Walches at half our loruicr prices nlniosi. We ilu not hue llie looks ol priivs in adierti-einents or we would uliOin hsi thai wi uld make some slare. We only would po ilau. All of which will bcaslowns can be found in the mirket. JuncG, 1311. Iw3 NEW STORE. THE -cb-i ril cr would inform his (r ends and the pal lie 111 it ho has jit-i openeil a Store on the corner of t'h irch anil street-, ojiposue the old Bank, where be will -ell Goods as uhe iii a- ibev can lie Uiuaht el-e whore, eml raeing a m.ill stool; of li Itv 1.UUD5, an I a general aorimciil ol family okocerie-s. Please rail and look lelote biiyin el-e wdiere. FLOUR and SALT, by the h.irtel, or in le- quan titv. I! no! Ui undersold bv mv neighbors. June 7, Ml. l' N. W. CAGE. com ,v no iti.xso.x OFFER for -ale a lane a-sorlinent of SPRING and SUMMER DRY GOODS rccenilv pur-idia-cd fur ea-h at the lowe-t market prices. ' Thev will receive in payment tor the same, i-a-h, wool or nioe Dairy Hotter for a few weeks, alicr which lliey will lie-sold for cash al prices low enough to in-ure cash iraue. 1 ST. iA YED, FRO.M the pn-lure oI'Lyman Hall, E-q. ofShel burn, n HAY FRENCH MARE, black main and lad, star in lhc forehead, a little while under the saddle, a lew while hair on oneol ber loreleet cans cd by wearing Teller-, her fore legs a little lent, square trotter, shod lorward. Any inAnnalioii given to the uubscriLer will he duly re.van'ed. HORACE WHEELEII. Burlington, June 1, 1811. 1 v. 3 .loscpli .lllncr'si I'.state. STATE OF VERMONT, I 'ItllE Hon. the Pro District iil'Chiilouder, -s. M. bate Court Tor tl Di-lriet nl'Cniiiendcn. To all person- eonceined llie E-talc of Jo eph tinier, l.ueof l).irliii-'lon in said Dl-iriol, iieie.i-e i, iuii:r.TiNO. W'heioas, Elqah Hcrrick, one of Ihe admini-tramr of the i stnie ol sai I do c.i-i'.l, hath m ulu applt atiuu lo-aid court to extend ihe true hunted bv said courl for piving ihedel ! naui-t, and -ettl:nur, said e-tali' one voar from llie I2di div i f Julv. ISll.iiiul the in ininf-lralor- of said i'-lale propo-e retiderini nn ac count 1 1 their adiiiini-lratioii anil pri'-eiinng meir ao minisiratKui account agatn-t said c-lale lur cxamina in ii an I allowance. W ni.Hr.uroN', Ihe co in aforesaid uoth appoint ihe second W, ilncsi'ay ol July, 1811, lor bearing and dc eidimiiu the premises,. tithe llegi-ler'a otlice in Hur- huloii in said iii-lrio:, and doih order that all pcr-on- nreri'sled I e nolt' e I Ihrreor 1 y pul lieation ot lhi or- lor, lliioe wi'ek suece--tM'lv, in ihe H'irhiigloii 1-iee Pre-, a nun paper printed in said lliirliuglon, the !a-t i.r which pul licalion- lo be previous to the day aipointed it- nloreni I Hir benr.'n'j. invoii uuuer my hand ilu-3U h navoi Jiav, loll. Iw3 W in. WES I ON, nUtcr. Liiinaid llu.lgc.'s I'.slale. STTEOF VERMONT, ) 'IMIEIIon. ihe Pro! n'e District of Chittenden, j X Citirt for llie Di-lncl ol I'liilteiu'cn : 'I n all person-concerned in llieu-lnle orLeon.nd Hodje-. late ol" Williston. in -aid ili-triei. dccea-isl, Gri:ktino. VWir.iir.As Sarah llulse-, ndiiiini-lralrix ol lbee- la'eol's.ud tlccea-ed. pronu-es in render nu account ol her administration, und pro-cut heracco'iut against sat i e-late lor examination anil allowance al n ses sion orihe Courl of Pro! ate, to 1 e ho leu at the l.'ale llaii,iu rail vvillisiou, on the third .Holiday ol July next. Tiir.r.Eioni:. You are hcrebv notified loaniiear 1 e- Tore said i-iairl at the time and place nfure-ui I, ami -hew i nu-e, tl'auy you h.ue. why tho account ulore said should not t-ealloweJ. Given under mv band at Burlington tins fourth dav ol Juno, A. 1). 1811. Iw3 WM. WIvSTON, legiitcr. SELLING OFF. AS we are not intending to keep Stocks, Col'ars, Scarfs, Hosinn-, Cravals and articles in this line, ve are selling them ol' ohet;i. I'lio-e w!io wi-li some ol" I hem U'fore they are all gone are luviiol lo exaininelbein. Sime si'dendid arlicles nmoug them. Slill'ners and StO' k bodies for sale, S i-pender and Stock Hackles, Pump an lover shoe and other Duck ies. Children'- Belts al reduces! price-. All Goods selling lower than ever. I'lei-e loo!,' in upon us. 1 HHINSMA1D & BROTHERS A LARGE a-sorlnient of Teas, Tobacco, Sugar MMai'i'-, aiiuvs, tve. c. lor sale ai 1 COLE & ROBINSON'S. COM US. 3 CASES wood pocket Comb", 125 dez. ivory do 100(1 11 side do 300 " I wist do 100 11 coarse and flue do just reivivel and lor sale l.y VILAS, LOOMIS if- Co. June 5, Ml. 1 OH BOXES Lemons and Oranges, Fr, Currants, iCJ Prunes, if-e. at 1 COLE it. ROHINSON'S VI A'C r GOODS. JEW styles Light and Dark Silk-, Halzorincs, i. x I'rinico i.awn-, .uoiise oe i.auie-, r rench liuig hams ami i riuis, .1 lull assortment, pi-t receive I ,y 11. . KJ. I L.I.H. ALSO Fine Florence Braid an I Neapolilnn Bonnctls, sin. srle and doul le rim Colored and While U'gliorn Hals, New sti e llonnct. Neck nnd Cap Ribbons. Artili' eml Flowers. Laces, u irteat var.elv. Gloves and Mils, Jet Necklicesnn.lHairCa-es. Parasoll-, Cra vals, Shawl-, Hnndken hiers, Sii Sit: DOSIKSTIC (iODDS. Brown Sheetiii'.'s and Shining", Cotlon Yarn and Carpel W arp. I nkinc, Wai'ilingand II, ill nr.'. Ille.icti ed Cotlon and American Print,-, all Kinds, ii-t opened by II. W. t'ATLIN. Also A rull assortment Farewell's and New York Shoes or all 1. 1 mis and style-. Al-o, a full nssorl'uient ol Ciroeeries (Liquors excepted.) Tlieahiive tir ols and a ereat many more not enu merated, h.ue I con selected with care and nltention in reeard In -tvle. ipialilv and price, and are now of fered lor c.uh iie.lit or produce, as low as any other e-bioli-hmcnl in llie State. N. B. A-my motlo i-, "aseheap as tlie eheap-e-i," tbo-e who want the nio-1 lor llie lea-t money, will do well to call I efore purchasing. ll W. C HARD WAR OTRONGS ,f-Co. have recoiled und o.Tcr to n ir O chasers a very general ns-uriinont of All!) WARE, amongst whieu may be found llie followin lo wil : Hulls and Su'rews, Norfolk and American Lalche, Che-t nnd Window Blind Hinges, Wire Check Spring-, Mortice Red Cranio, Our'ed Hell Spr iijr, Hell Cranks. Ilnn-u Hell.. Hand, Tower, Flat Epriuir, Square and Monkey ran lion-. Trunk and Che-I Handles (iarilen, Fire Iruiis, Bench Vice Bras-, ittons on pla'os, Japan',! do. Screw Pullie-, Hal an I Coal Pin-, Black Hooks ami Hi igos, Sli iltcr Screw-. Slid lis all I Plates Pad Lick-, Trunk do., Cupboard do., Till do. Chest do. Long -h inked an I Concave A'iger, Braces and Hm? Bevils, Firmer Chi els Joiner-, Mortice and Soekcl do. Gouge, Bias- Dividers, Gimhlcts, Smz'c and doul lo Plane Irons, t'oinpa-e, Grnllmg, ll.i tul and Ripping Saws, Knives and Fori.-, Carver, Sleol-, Hun her Knives, Itio.idand Shoe Knives, Prumiiiigdo. I'licuei and roil nu. Taper files Mill do. II it Ha-tard do. half round di Horse II 1-P-, Brass Hints, Curtain ring-.Ten hell Tape .Me.iiire, llaller Chains, Sad Irons, Tail or - no., Br id-. Table Spoons Table Hinge Culling Nipper-, Head Awl-, Sa.-h Fasteners Nut ( ri', Cork Screws, llntid Vices. Trowels. Sleel Yard-, 50 to 100 lb-.. Grid Iron-, Sauce pan-, Enuincl'd Mnsliu Kettles, Bellows Pipe-, He I Ke s, Copper Wtte, Screw pnllies, Axlcdo, Sa-h Roller-, Plateliick-, Iron S piare, Siuli do, Wood saws and r rames, Pewler Cooks, Run.' l orcr-, Hutler fryers, Sickle-, Cut Tad.-, I'rynifr pnns( Rat Traps, Hex and Ivory Rule-, Toy lloe-, l a he 'do. S tew Druors Jl.ilioginy Knob-, Sii.i, I l.i-iin.eis, Carpet do. Miew i roiicias, iiroau iiatciict-, Shinirliiigdii. Uras-Skiiuiuer-, Saw Sells. e.0sC. Al o, HEAVY HARDWARE. Anvil-. Vice-, C'a-t S eel. Platiil and Iron Show say lo all who wish any Gold or SiHor wa'lehes or nn I Spades, I) nn? Fori.-, Iiav do. Cm liar-, WW 'O MKUCtlANTS, MANUFACTUR- KltS AM) in ".US. Dye-Stiill's, !( Wood4 ".ld, M, MIElM'Altl) A SIOIls AN; 17 f u Ii T O N 8 t it r. r. T 1 . y . Will hate constantly for sale, Alum, 'Indigo, ACIDS, Art'ol, " Extract, ipin torts, Antimony, lainirsc, Archil, l.acuje, Annum. Mud lor, Bine Viitiol, Nut Cl.ilk Biebroiiiate, Oxitlin Add, Hleiching Poiv- l'ru-iile Potn-b, dcr. I'carlash, Unlish Gum, Put i-h, nnin-lotie, Sal Ainoniae, ('ochiueal, sugar Load, Cudlcar, Suuai', Copperas, Sallbwer, Copper Dust, Tin, Cream Tartar, Turmeric, Choline. Teazel-, Fuller's I'nrth, Turl iric Aoid, Gum Seni', Verdigris, " Powdcis. Wood, Glue. W'hilin.'. ike. A.rni- r,,s ft. Ite.i.ler'- I'hiladolnhi.i Glue and Whip-, ar.dC. Header -V Co.'a Starch, lo which we invito pnttieiiinrnncniion. ryC.ish paid for d.image I titles, Indigo, l eroon. and Glue Pieces "fall Muds, oil,, r Cm,!-, i i.t ruu ii. 11 chance 10 .-ell 10 you, and vou shall I e s.ui-lied wiih prices and sooi., nnd per inanelllly. BRINSMAID &, liltOTlIl.US, Successors tu PASi.noriN it BalNSMAtD CLOCKS. tin nm irr-rel lo reinomher thai we nre opening llie nio-i I eaiiliful Bra-and Wood CLOt'KS, striking and alarm, and we intend 10 sell them single or hi il-,-n-o Cr vciv Imle oav. Don't lear In look al Ihcm, they won't hurt you, if you don't 1 uy tlicm. No charge fur -hewing them it yo l don't I uy. Slay 20 h. kbis-maio iv iiiiotiis:hi. f AMP CLASSES and Lamp Viekfor Clieinual M-A and all oilier Lamp- Iron Wire, Hra-i Keitle-, ite Vitua Aimnnnii 1 1 1 r i .1 1 i.-j Miirialo Tin, N'H. M. Tin, .VillK" Acid. Oil Vitriol, I) VI '-WOODS. HarW'ooJ, Cum Wood, lil-lic, , Hneho Woo.!, Hyper Nie " l.ogwonl, Poach Wood, Red Snndial, llarbarv Root, Quer. B-rk, ive 51 3m UNION HALL AT CLA HEN DON SPRINGS. -r- Will HODOMAN. the original pro- J prieiororihe nbove eslal li-bnienii anuoiiices to tho public tint the same has tin- Spring 1111 'eraone a Ihoronuh 11, ,1 , i.ui,i,..'i. ronov.iiiiiii. ail I is new Iv l.irui-hiii ami nil,. I lor l ie etl'll on 11 1 l i'oueu eni o oi lutiiuu nnd Ihe roceidion of fashionable company, parties 01 pleasure, Ac. 1S0. Ol Ihe me l.emal properltcs of the-e wa'or-, nolhing nee I lumid. II beds who have proved their vtr too, an- ready to le-tiliy " thai wheieas lliey were once ll Uld IIIOV HOW see,' ail'l inn cjll oucc lainu aiu in linn " lliey now can leap lor joy.- A LADIES SC OOI. is now in siicce bil operation eon lucte 1 i y .iu- a t. Nniiili ontocl.iiiL'b.iin. Vl.. niinhleanl lurom I iii-lVnrlrn-. w Inch will LOVO -lich voung ladt;, n. ,ei.l. In re-lnre iuin.lllisl bealih and at the same nine alien I to literary p irsuiis, an opportunity of peniling 11 lew weelis nio-i ueasaiiiiy, 1111 1 111 a no llmg expense. The sub-order pledges bin-olf 10 such ns liny p'en-e lo favor him Willi llieir palroin'.'e lb it tb''V -ha'l go away sail-lieu wiiu 111-accouiuu.iiioiis ,oi , his ehar.'es lor the same. IUVID HODOMAN. Clari'iidon Spa., May I, 1SII. Sw3 CIIAMPLAIN. LAKE l-'are through the Lake reduced to 8;i,00, (Steals extra.) Hnis-MAin if- HnoTitr.ns, MUS. SAXTON TTAS relumed to Burlington and opened a Millena 1.X ry Shop at her old stand one door north of Lovely an I Seymours s.oie on Church si., whore she wil! be happy to -ee all tier o'd customers and as ma ny new ones a til iy fa or her w-ith a call. La lies' bonnet-and Gentlemen's hats w hiteiied and repaired in thu I est manner. 50 w3 NOTICE. THE ooninii-sionod, 11011-01 ni loncd oiiecr,pi-tinetr-. inii-ioiun- nnd private-ol 10 Ii Li.'hl Iu- r.inire t'lininanv of Hiirliii'.'ton. of the uniform militia in llie Dill Regiment, nre hotel v untitled 10 appear, willi uniform arm- aod equipments rcquireu i y nw, ni It lli.boi,'- Hotel, in n.irlnmton. on 'I'lio-itav June-lib, 1311, al 0 oMoe'., A. M., for intl.Iary dn.l an ! inspection, and there 10 watt lur.licr order-. By order ol the Captain. W. IWI-Iilt. ACnf. REAMS ruled letter Paper, 0JJ 300 do cop do for sale by June 5, '44. I VILAS, LOOMIS &. Co. I.011U Dirvlllc's Instate. -STATE OF VERMONT, ) TIAHE Pro! ate Court for Dftrie' ot (,'liillciiden, ss. j M. ihe district ol'Cliit li nden : To the heirs or the e-tnle ol LOUIS DER. VILLE, lueof Burliniiton, in sid district, deceased, inle-iale,aiid lo all )iersonsitiloreled 111 said e-lnle. imrxTiNa. Wiicnr.As, William A, Griswold. admiiiistraior ol aid etaic, baih filed his petition in uM conn, staling mat nie per-otiai estate nt Ihe sai I uecca-ed amount to ihe sum oroneh'indreil dollar- ; that the debt- and liabilities of said estate together Willi the cols and expenses ot seitling llie same, amount to the sum ot twoli Ire! nud fifty dollars; and further stating, that the real esta'c ol said ilcoeaed, onnsi-l- of a small lot of land, Ivms oulliu north snleol .Main 'Ireet, in llie village of 11 irlington, ami that u part of said estate, cm not I e sol I, without injury joilio-e inter ested in the remainder; and praying said court to li-ocii-e nnd uulbi rue him lo sill ihe whole of the real estate of -aid deceased. roRK. ihe said court dolh order and nnnoinl the 2d vyediusd.iv in July, A. I), 1811, nt llie tlfiee ol the Register 11!' said com t in Burlington, 111 utiJ dis trict, fur hearing and deciding in 'the ttreiui-es : and .,,..1. I.-., .1 II . . I - . ooui iiiiiiiui oiuer in.u .in persons iinuresieii or con cerned in said cstaie, I 0 unified to apoearai ihe time an I place ufori-aid, audshewoau-cdl any lliey have) wuv me pr.iycroi suiii pciuion stiouiu iri 1 e graiiieu, or give bond. a. said court shall direct, for tho pay iiieut of the del 1- agaiii-l sail c-tatc, bv lhc pubhc.i. lion of the sob-tanie of said pclitition, together with 1 Iii s- order in iheKiee Piess, 11 now'spaper primed at Builiiiglon arore.-atd, ibrie wirks suoeo-sively, the l i-t or w hich publieatiotis, shall be I dure (lie time set fi r hearing.

Dated at Hurlinzton, the 5lh dav of June, A. I). 1811. 1 w3 JHAI(l,i;S HUSSril.l,, Judge. AFEWpiece- orsiqierrine Carpeting, Also, 8-4 Coilon do nl 1 COLE & ROBINSON'S. Feathers. 1 Geese Fealhers, warranted, JJJ 3000 lb-. Hen-' June 5, Ml. lo ror nln !i VILaS, LOOMIS & Co. 5 CASES of Now York Hnts, from 82,00 to If 1,00 each, al.o, a lew cases or heavy Hoots nil I Shoes. 50 barrens I e-l extra superline r lour. Jackson Mills, Medbury'e Brand, and 100 sucks or Sill, for sale al 1 COLE & ROBINSON'S. FOll HALF. HP HE East pan or Ihe VEsTRY BUILDING be-- longing to the Congregational Church, lobe moved on me 101 svitlim llnrly ilay, Apply In 28lh.May, Ml M 11. W. CATLIN. AIII.ITAKY GOODS. VERMONT Militia, Infantry, Artillery and other Bullous, Swoids, Kpanleit, Plume-, Sashes, Hells, Pistols, Chappoaus nud imisi other arlicles 111 the hue, lur sale uy al IIiiinsmaid & HnoTiir.ns. REMOVED. K.J. 1 A V Fl 1 1 AS remoiedfotho XX ei corner of Church mid Bank slricls.oppo site the Hank of llur- Jbnston, where he has a general assort menl of itoors & siioi:-, made ol the be-l slock and by llie most thor ough workmen, which .will he sold as c heap a the cheapest. Irz"All kinds of work made, to order on llie mo,t reasonable terms and at the shorter! nolice. Burlington, June Clh, 1814. I if REMOVAL. CABINET FURNITURE. M1HI. subscriber has removed from hi- old stand on I Church Siren, to bis new BIIICK SHOP on Catltn's Lane, twenty rods East of lhc Burlington Haul., where lie ha-on hand and will continue 10 inaii- inaciure all Km I- of CABINET WARI5, of Ihe best quality; .ueh as SOFAS, SECRETA R1ES, HEAUREAUS, liming, 'IV Ii Cell I re, Wor and Toilet TABLES, STANDS & BEDSTEADS, an ..II I ,1. r.....l- I.. I.:. ' CRETA- rl. .01 sx iji.ijsi i..iirs. iiiiu 11 kind- nl work in Ins line. iCj.Most kinds of Country product! nud Lumber rcmveii in paymeni, or approved eredii, and vtry ,-lieup iurv.a-11. o.i.uur.1. aiuliui.s. Biirliugiou, May 29th, 1811. 52 IAIIEW'ELL'S Slioes, of all kind-, are kept and X now offered lor sale bv May 23. 5J U, F. STANIFORD.3 STRAY COLT. STRAYED fioin Ihe under signed, on tbelO b Mav.nlwo year- old bay MARE 'COj.T, with a daik mane nud tail, and a slnr in forehead. Whoever will return said Coll, or give infor mation of htr i ticreal outs, will e honorably eompen-atcd. MV1ION READ. Shelbunie, 30lli May, '41. 52 ir l.OVELL, Clerk. Burlingion, May 20. 13 1 1. " LIBERATION. HPIIIS certilica thai 1 liave Ibis dav given mv two L minor son-. ruriir.iitrK an 1 Rixiii'.n PiiIor, their time 10 act and trade lur themselves, and I shall pav no debts of their contractor.' nor claim auv ol ilu'ir wasesafler Ibi-dale. EHEN E. PRIOR. Jericho. V., March I, 1311. ahv.l. ST11A YFD, FROM tliesuh-cril er, on Satunlay, llie 25tb tn-t., an iron "rev Freiuli HORSE, lorn; tail, short mane, a l li-ler on llie I aek eaii-ed by the sad He, wilh bind shoes oil'. Whoever will return said Horse shall 1 e suitably rewarded. 1 ii.viti.i .3 ii.ioiur. Shelbunie Fal's, May 23, 1811. 53 NEW EDITION, OF OI.NEY'S GEOGRAPHY AND ATLAS erv iinioh enlartreil nud improved, il is now ihe verv be-t Googratihy '11 u-e, for sale bv May 22, Ml. 51 wO S. HUNTINGTON. MRS. FRASIER HAS ju-t returned from New York, wilh her usual assort ment of MILI.I NI'RY GOODS, logelher wilh the Latest Fa"-hion. Florence and Straw repaired 111 the liewe-t style. Hirlmgliin, Mai 21, 1814. 51 T NEW STORE AND NEW GOODS.' IIE suli'Criberhas taken Ihe NewSlore one door orlli if Mesr. Urni'maids' where he liasjiist recciiiil and now o icrs lor sate, a generni assuri- ment or Fancy and Suiile Dry Goo I-, Dry Groceries, P.iner Hamruii;-. &' which I'. r oualilv and cheap- ne.K cannol he siirna e I. Porcha-ers ure invited lo call and examine lor themselves. u. r. snnituiti'. Burlington, May 10, 1811. 50 MACKI.RKL, Cod Fish, Salmon, Smoked Heel by May 15, '41 50 STRONGS tfc Co. TO KENT. rpilE Brick Building 011 the east side of jl Courl House square, at present oc cupied by .Mr. names, as a cabinet shop, Enquire al this otlice. Burlington, April 15, '44. 4G CROCKERY, GLASS AND CHINA WARE. A Large & Complete assortment, NEW SHAPES and PATTERNS. Also, Camphene Lamp Chimntes, l.tta Heavy Cone II G ana urass lerns, ttc. &c., just received by LOVELY tt SEYMOUR. Church St., Burlingion, ) May 1, 1814. J 48if NEW HAT ESTABLISHMENT. ltEYiOL.DS & CO. A RE now nnening in the build Jr. inirdirecilvopiiosiietheBank Burlinglon d gotsl ilssorltnenl of FASIIIONAHLE HATS, which ilieli iiflbr fur s.ale. and in vne llie public 10 call rind examine style, qualny alio: prit-e. Church Sireel, May 1st, 1811. 48 If SOMFTUL(l F.WH! Ia'-soii. iii Eio-'!i-Ii Grammar and 1I1011 I, r I eniiue.-. Ily Kev. 1'. nt'u- 1 love. I'rice 'Jj icnl-. I'orsa oliv May 2.', ML 51 wO S. HUNTING ION. "PRACTICAL J. CulllIO-lllOII NEW TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. rT,llE stil'-onbor will e.irrv on business lwodoor- X iinrili of 11. W'hitiiev's shop, on the New Iloa I And he leel-warranted 111 savins, Irom the long ex perieuce lie his ,nd in Loudon, Ih u all work iinru-t- ed to him will lood salisr.iciion and done 111 a fashionable slyh iven. Also Realv made Clothing Lent 011 ban land for sale chap for cash. rs. II. liarinonis oienue'i, huh cuiiiug lur oiuci.- 10 make, done on llie shortest nonce. ii. 1 : 1 1 i.iwv.1. Burlington, May 22, IS 1 1, 51 3m ITEWTliOODS.T TIIK Mil8iriMT l" now mi'ivin from aow i tr! a cencrnl a-s-ortmciit cf MtV GOODS, OllO- CKKIKS, niOCKrUVnn-i (5I.ASS V.RK. A No, Ho ir, Sail, Haslcr, aniiun, .Udri.crt i.-wr i-n, i Burliniioii, May 23, 1844. 51 Nail-, Trace Chain- May 22, 1311. EL.1 AS ITMAX H AVI NO received a verv ox'eu.jve assoriment of DRY (iOODH invi:c" Hie Ladies mil Oenile mon or I! irbngion an I viciifiiv tno.ill an I examine ibem. Amoti'j which will I e found Balziiriues, Lawii', Siltn Striped .Miiiu, binpej .Muslin tung- liam-, .11. IK I.auie-, e-o. A L-O A verv exton-ive as orluiont rl Blaok nnd Blue Blaik Alepiues of superior nnnliw and lini-h very ow. i rim s , ii ot) pii.ii oi uo.riiuui iiuisii, lishl srounil-. nnd superior on ililv. the ino-l i Ice nil ivies in market. These f!i oils were I ousht in Bos ton and aie recommended ford ir.ibihlviind fiisie dors. Fiirtiiliire Punt-, W lute i'urutlure Dimity. Couu-lertiane-, 111. 11 an I 12ipiailor-,anilC riaiii'l'rinpos. Il"'; and lllno lilac!,, (jcrnian, l.'nzli h and Ameii- o.iu Hroad (Jlotb-. (' i-smteres and Ncstui'jF, an even!' c.issortmeiii, Saluieiti", Twis-d-, F.rm m ile, ('nmh'ctccn, Hoe Skm. t'ii-1 tnjie. Fc-' re I nud Plain I.T I in i. Valie- I nu-. .Mole,and o'lur rich Suniiuer -lu'l'-. 1 udte-' super H ac- K d t ovc, l.iilit Colon-loo. for slimmer, While do., Hall' Long do. ALo, Silk, l.i-le Threi I. I ollon, d-c. Liv'ie,' In ha llubl i r Mill', A few pair Rich Cull's I Oeuf omen's Kid tilincs. Ii.uck NVhi'o and Coloreil. I.ble Thread, Linen an I Coltoti do.. White Kid and Silk do. Superior Spilalfield Ilill.f-., I'engiv, Choppa- and Hindi. Black Italian Cravats, exlia size. Sill, Opera Ties. Fancy and HI, id. Satin do. Stocks and ('ollars. IVe'uch Diiuitv, Caiul ri'- In-erling and Ivljing, Trim:!-, tiiuip-, P,ir-is, H vs, Hooks and Eje- on Cards nnd in Hose-, Jot il iPon-. An ex on-ive .iorimeitl of Ze.divr Woi-litl-, P-nrl Itutloiis, with an I without -liini.-. Fine Comb-, Dros-ing do, Sci.-sors Puis, Noodle-, ite. ('ulti)tis. S:ark Mill", Farmer-, Mi Id'isox, Mcrriioao, Dover nnd other Sl.n-in'-. S iperu.r ini'leichM E.imily Sliirliug and DhIIi'iil'. Illeaoh',1 Shccpus and Slurt iii2, TiekiiiL', Mexican .Mi.vuro-, Fancy Stripe, ('hock-, Se. Ilamil on Siri'l Jean-. Wiokiiii;, Walding, Palling, Knitting Cotton, Coilon Yam, Carpel Warp, Ate. al ol I pii e-. Irish I. men, Do il le I) mi i-k, Brown Linen, Jacket do., Stipeiior Whi'e Linen Drilling, Duel., Cra-h Russia I i -m i er, II, ids Eje Lmin,Tal le Cloths, Sprea I-, and lloialie-. Piaiii M. I'. I. lino lldkfs. an! Shawl-, limine!, Cap and Nook Rib! on-. Mar-hall's Linen Thread. lo. v tine Mipenino .Mi. liom JUlo iw lor Knitting Lace. tSso. Tailor's Silk. Twist, liuperi.i Linen, Scloe a, Hnitoiis, if-c. il'-o. 1 ailor s onor liinu-. Burlingion, 53 Mav, ISI! THE STEAMER BCRI.INOTON, CAI'T. B. W. SIIEI1MAN, Will leave Whitehall every 6't. Johns every Tue-tl.iV, Monday, Thursday, We hie day, Saturdav. THE STEAMER SARANAC capt. o. t.ATimor. Will leave Wliiichull every Si. Johns every Mon lav, Tee-day, W'cdiie-d iv, 'I'hur-d ty, Friday. ' Satunlay. Al nne. i, hti-l:. I. M. from each end t f the Lake. 'I he above is ihc iirMUffcincnl lor running for the season, tiii'e-. nonce is given to the contrary. The Company intend to p'aee the Sleauii r While hall upon ihe Line instead ol ihuS.irauac, eirly in Ju ly next. She will I e commanded by Capt. G. Lithrop. Burlington, 1C May, IS 11. 50 STRAYED. ROM thesnbsciibrr. in Br slot, on ihe lOlh inst. n hir.-e HAY .MARE, heavv wilh fold, with a white face, while hind feel, and small erey snot on the niuli side, anil shod before. W'hoettr will eive infornnlton whcie she may lie found shall lie well re wardtd. ASAPH PARM ALEE. Bristol, May 23, 1311. ol w'J DISSOLUTION. rilHE en-partnership hercloforo existing between A Fisiir.nTilAYr.rt, Charix-II. Stuart and Jons (1. Daooett, under I ho lirm of TIlAYEII, HTUART fcCo, this iWv dissolved by In ilua! eon-em. Daggett if- Slurtrt if-sume all the liabilities of thu Hi HI and l.ecoii'o piTs.e.-sc I ol all its p. Ice!., 1 l, t-ii m, 'I'll U'ltl r a 1 1 s is, ('II MILES R. STI 'ART, JOHN O. DALUEIT. Burlington, May 4, 1811. CHAIRS I CHAIRS 1 1 CHAIRS II! DAGGETT 6C STUART ., ESPECTFULLY inform Ihe public lhat they wi l hereafter carry on the CHAIR unking bu- s:ne, nt the old stand nf TtlAVEit, Stcaiit it Co , un Church SI., two doors south ( the County House, nnd foil warranted in saying Ihnt they can fuinili as handsome nnd durable an nni' lein this line, ns was evir oliircd in Burlingion, nnd On 03 low terms Pieaso call nnd examine. All kin Is ol Chiirs, Settees, Setlee-ernd'c, and Slools made to order. Oid Chairs repaired and painted nt short nolice. Conniry Produce of all kinds lakeii in exchange for chairs. joiin o. inooETT, CHARLES If. trill ART. Burlington, .May I, 1811. 49 SlCH 0830DS. AIJRESH supply of Super, Extrafinc, 3 Ply Car petiugs; Drimnells, Green Haize, Ol Cloths, Rush Mailings; Rich G-1 and 8-4 Emli'd Printed ami Damask Table Covers; Catpct Hindiug and 'I bread, LOVELY ff SEYMOUR Have also imported a rich a!oilment of PAPER II VNCilNCiS FROM PARIS', which lliey "IPt low lo jclhcr with a good assortment of Americas do. Church St., May 10, 13)1. 49 . O VE L Y S E YJt OUR, HA VII rt't-'MW"! n l.i rie ;u-orinHnl ol oaU :trbi' el lo tin.' m:i(;ii( viz ; It nn' Hlrffk miJ Hlnu lUac'i Jintl Fuiut .Villi , Mi Ihlz-jrine--, Kj-I-hIiicI nn I Ze,ilivr De'l.atne-, I'.ai'- an I Kigiirfc-I ilo 1.1I1H.T?, Prm. i'l nn 1 Mh-Iiim nnd Liwns Uicli Litimloo and IVpliiia.riinlnr.l SiU-,SMHrli and American (; rvi, CtmhrK't Huil, .lartnttft Nati-nolc an I Mu Miilin ; a ileri'lrl assoriment ul CJAMCOKSi Hifli Honncl ')' an I Lawn-, Kil.l.on, H",orv, (ilnvi, Ai. ifcc, U)filitr with every article in tiiu I'Mncjnntl injiie iry ttoods line. Ch.irtli Miwt, Maj 10, lSil; AO tf NEW G OlTi) P. &. 11. II. DOOL1TTLH ARE just receiving their Spring supply of Goods, consisting in part of llie following n ri r- les : Hroad Cloths ; Plain, Fancy, and Tweed Cassi meres; Calicoes, Furniture do.; Printed Lawns and Hal.orines; Brocade, Oruandics, Lunelle; Alpaccas, Minn' do Liine, Swiss .Mushn. Plain nnd Figured, Mull do ; While nnd Colore I Camhtics, Edgings, in sertincs. arid footings ; Shawls, Night Caps, (Simps, Silk Fringe, Hlack Chantdli Veils, r'ancy Points, Black Italian and Colored Silk Cravals; Dimity Collars and I'ulTs ; Ladies' Black spun Silk Hose, Coilon do. all piices; -Men' Brnwfi and Colored j Hoc) Ladies' Kid, Silk and Coilon Olorcs j Men's Kid, Buckskin, Linen and Cotlon do. ; Ribbons, Fan. Whalebones, Pongee and Spilalfield Handkerchiefs; Limn Cambrics, do. ; Coilon and Linen Drills; mi per Black Drapd' Ell, Moreens, Tabby VHcls, Silk do.; Hlack (iirafTu Cloth, Drab do. j Oamhroons, Umbrellas, Parasols, and Sun Shades; While and Colored Satin Jeans, Pius, Needles, While and Color ed Cotton Thread, Linen do. ; Knitting Cotton, F'ur nilure anil Cnrpit lltnlinst Hint's Eye, Scutch and Russia Di-ipirs; Crash, Table Linen, Irish Linen, Brown Holland, Elastic Suspenders, Sewing Silk and Twisl; Twist, Ivory and Dressing Combs. Buttons, r-o. .t-c. The above, wilh a great variety ol other ankles, are o Icrcd either fur cash or credit upon as good terms as at any oilier store in town, and persons have only to call lo snisfv lhemelves that iroods can be bought of us al the loct rales and of the best qualitr- iiuriington, a .nay, laii. 4'J wo I FOll SALE. riMlE subscriber offers for sale &'f$S present place of resilience. his OKO. G, Pearl Si. May 7th. INGERSOLL. 49wO L EAT 1 1 Hit ! lilCATIIER ! ! Trimmings. Cunia-s, Pakhntr, Hrowu Coat Cord and Braid, Wig Spool Tli ca I, Clark's and 51 M- G- IfiATIIBUN & CO DRAPERS TAILORS, , No. 2, Pecl.'s Hulling, HAVE returned from New ork with their Spring St ocl.. i 'o m nn sin it an asi rinient ol'oarerullv ,e- bet 1 1 VESTINGS, a lew choice CASSI MEliES, an I an exleusue assi rtuienl ol IKI.M.Ml.M.n. M. u. Katiiui'n, C. F. Ward. May 23, Ml. 51 Mom: sr.w coous. "I7LORENCE, Braid, Rutland, Slraw and Enslish X Ilnnneis, Misses' Hontieis, Silks, I'linl", Ging hanis, SbawL, and lldkfs, &e. Ae. mst rceivol by ainyaj, isii. i-nj 11. n. ua 11,1.x. FIOltKNCIi HONNHTS.l'AUASOI.S, &c. A FINK soriment r,r r'lorenoe Bonnets ; nlsn. rV some elegnnl Straw Bonnets, together with a large variety 01 noiinct 'i rimmuiL's, iVe. now open- ing ai v, r. May 23, Ml. STANFORD'S. 5l RICH SHAWLS, HDKF S., Cravals, Chalilhi and Net Oils, Laee U .l so that lliu purebaier can p and Falsings very cheap a- iheni ol'us. We li.ue arranged llie May23. ol C. F. STANIFOHD'S. our new store 'or slonng such ( GOODS AT WHOLESALE. Gl r.IOl.VN Siltor'lt-i an I Table Spoons, f Pl oel To 1 1111 1 T.i I le Snooit.. Britannia Tea and Table Spoons, Silvero I Tea and I aide Spoon-, Iron and Pewter Sj,ooii-, Oerm.iiiSiher an I P.n'ed Butter Knives, Herman Silver, Horn, Wood, Ivtry, Shell and Brass Couil'sj Bone an I Metal Eie'el--. Boot, Shoe an I C, r-et Laoel, Bc-t Now Vor1; solid Head Pins, O nice Pin-, Diaper and Shawl Pin, Un'd, PlateJ and Gilt Puis, Rings end other Jewe'rv, Il.i)'s Hep., Glass, (Idled and P:ated Bead", Razors and Razor Siraps, I'laleilaml Black sjirmg Hooks and I've.', Wallets, Piir-os and I'nr.e Iriininings, Stilletloes, Slue-, and l'.latics, Hcmmim: and Sons' Drid'd ejisl Needle, Knitur.s Nted'cs, u.tornsl iu'laiicv I oxes, S'eol, WoihI, Hiassand Whale! ono Bust.", Wlialebnne in pound bun lies, F'anoy, Sliavnur and Toilet Soaps, Pens and Pen Holder-, Lead Pencils, To' aeon Boxes, Brass, Sleel, Silvered, Gill, German Silver, nud Silver Thimble-, Porcus-ion Cups, Scta-or, And a gieat vnrieiv ol' other articles which we intend rout by buying second slorv or our new store 'or storing such Goisla as ,ve bate not room Tor I clow, an I fur wliole-nlim: sho ild the de 111 Hid Air such good- us we o 'eran.l o irpritesena- 00. r. loo 31 is TTAS p si leceivod I'roinNew Vor! a larirs stock of l.X or I.F.ATHI'R, oreieryde-erip-i' n, which with "i.ri.1 i,..tri,n,.ii i.f hi. own m.iniil'.iclcre. males Ins stock on baud second In none in ihi- pan ot ihe ! country, am! will I e sold lore.nli or goud paper) lie wid not my as cheap'; 1 btaper, than il car. I e pur chased tin- ,i k" 1 r New York. IU0 Siles id" N. York Sole Leather Irom Is. lo 20 cents a pound. Oak S'.irttmr, Hn lie an I Hog Skins. l'lem h Calf Skins, Kips and Seal Skins (Oak I.iiiii. tl. ) M' iooco, K'd, Limn?:, Trimming, Boot Morocco, and Fu n ll Kid Skins. All kinds of Slu e .Makers Tool-, and Findings of every il, sci ip'ioii. F'.iihuiiial le L ists and Brol Trees. llntne-s, I'and, T, p, Hnd'e, Skirting, I'pper Leath er, Hor-c lli les, Calf-s'.in-, ttc. Thiol; Bonis from S'J.OO lo $,50, enh. Ploi e give him a call and examine the stock and pri o-. Pearl S rce-, May IC. 1311. 50 NOTICE. rplIIS certifies, that I have uiven my son, De X jicniT and Svlv.vs.cs M, Paboss, ihtir timt'lo act and trade for tbeiuselves, and I shall claim none I of their wages after llus dale. JAMES A. PAR-ONS. ' Cole holer, April 27, I'll. 50 wi cSFHIifS GOODS. WM. IlURLliURT, HAS Received and is now receiving a general as sortment if FANCY & STAPI.B IIKY (.00!)., among udnoli may I e fiund a leantilul asiortment or Lawn-, lor Lilies Dre-se-, Bom1 nzine, plain, black, col'd and ngnrol Mou-riin d- l.aine-, rich figure! Dress Silks, t,lnin black an I b'lie black Gro do Swiss and tolorel Crrjr i'e Nap do., Bonnet Silks, Superline Bizotinc, l.i-le anu Linen lodging, Swt-s an I Caiulri'- F'dgm; and Inserting, F'uia Dimity, Chanlclh Veil-, F'anoy ll.lkfs and Cravat-, Bonnel and other Ribbons, wide Lace, plain and tigM Swiss Muslin-, ,111 i C'.iudirics. Plain Sa'in stripe I and D.iina-k- De'Lafne Shawls He Lame lldkf. I.. Thread and Si k do. Silk .Mills nnd G'ole-, black and colored Giurr Net C-ip-.&r. tVc. BROADCLOTHS, Tlain and Fancy Cr-simere. Sutinell-, Sunnier ('-.s-nncrP,. plairi and eolirecl G.1111I rinm, Dripil'Ete, Linens, Kem'ucky and Ham ilton Jean-; i'reneh, English an I Ameaienn Prints. Mo iriitu.' Balzonuiv Lawn . Tick, F'lannels. Cra h ; P. L. Hals, I.. HouiieH. Leuhorn-, Umbrella-, Para-ol-! Twine, Wick, Hatting, nnd other thiiijs too numerous 10 mention. A Is", A General Assortment of F'.cilt Gkocedik. P. S Mr. James W, ll'irlbiiri mav bo found at the a" ove store w here lie will I e h'.ppy In wait upon his fr 011 's -in I others vvdio mav favor him with a eall. Store dutvily opposite Mess. Lovely & Sej 1110 ii'-, Church street. Burlington, May 10, 191!. 49 f NOTICE. ALL able hod.'ed w lute 111 lie citizens, between the a'.'o- ol Iri an I 45. who are not by law exempt from Military dity, resident within ihe limits of the 3 I It illation Company, 1 1' the 0 h Regiment of Ver mont Militia, aie hoil'l y notiliel 10 appear on llie Court lliiu-o Spiare in lhc 10,111 ol Burlingion, on Tuo-dav, Ihe I'll day of June next, al U o'clock, A. M. filli' nrniod and equippel aeeordinu' to law, f.,r iii-peolii 11 and drill, and lliere await I'jrihor older-. Hy order ol llie Captain. N. B. I'OLWELL, Clerk. Hurling'on, 17 May, loll. all iVy;ir- coons. SM. POPE has ju-t recti ted his Spring Stock ol DiV Goo!- ail I (Jr.Hx-iit-s, which be will sell Fur cash or'ready pav as cheap as the elieape.-t.- Iluringlon, .May la, tall. 50 HO.N'.N'UTfJ. I7I.0lir.NCr. Braid Bonnel, ' Rnland do do Mi-sis' anJ Children's Slraw do White and Colored Palm Leaf do (or sale by May 15, 1SII. 50 S. M. POI'F. Arrival nl Homo. IIOWAniJ of the CHUAP CASH STOUF., ble osto whole-ale them. We lire very ino.le-1 and -r- r-Tituvi-n 1 r. . 1...1 0 t, inoderale in our expectations liom the vv in'e-a e de- IJ 1.1 UKNF.D la-l evening, by Ihe Sieatuer Sara- ..,... 1,.,, ,i..i. .... 11 ,1.1s. tf.lhni, ns.orllllenl of,.;,..!, . ' . """I'l'J ' '" . n nn 1 li.-, 1 1 1,1 nVn7 . i ( lai loruy, anu snail i o nappy in sliew llieni our iiiiuls pre-enl season, nnd he not bavin: lime to dispute of inem ai slow uiin near price., wri as tieretoloro tell quick and Cheap fur Cash. Maytt, 41. 40 FOIt SALE OK TO ItliN'l. rTMIE Largo nnd commodious Dwelling House X situated en Pearl street, now occupied by Mr. Iiniisinaid and opposite Rev. tn-o. G. Inirer-o lV.. Possession given It May. F'or further particulars enquire oi rt.vl llillM ll. HASWivl.!,. April 11, 1814 15 tr i,f:ai imim:, &c, 5 TONS LeadPipo J lo 1 inch, 1 do Sheet Lead, 1 Cask Sheet Zinc 30 Bass shot, assorted No, bv may l a, ll. so and loll Itfin Ihe price-, and we know Me shall not .II the gouiMi wt-put llieiiiinii legit. No harm In cull and look l iiothimr like lookincr fer yourseirioo ; can't do any thins till you try; there is a let'iliiiiiig lo every llmig. We can sell a miicli as the boy wnnteil vv lien be went lo the slave denier and enquired the price ol' slave at wholesale nnd when the pneo vvu, .aid "1 will take oneat wholesale." IIIIINSMAID & HHOTIIERS, Successors lo I'angborn & Hm.NSMAin. N. B Clis'ks and Walches by llie I ox. NOTICE. Till. Selectmen of Burlmslon and dolelie-ier wi-h to ibntract Tor building a llridge aero- Onior Hiier at the High Bridge, so ealliVI. Bridge builders aie nivitoil to make iirono-als fur ihe ml, FULXC liTOTIGIS Thelcngihorihe BridgewiH he liom go to 00 reel. S U M ITI K It A It It A N 13 Jfl E IV T . lo, Plank or other Li ,d. hf rld.e'w I I i S'l STRONGS if- Co. VIRGIL & Co.. PACKAGK RXPUE8S WILL leave Burlingion every Monday nfiernoon going South, and every '1 hiirsilay.ariernoon K""iii norm, mi'kiiges imisi ii it'll vvitii aiessr. J. J. i II. PECK 4. Co. 47 VIRGIL iV Co. A GOOD assortment of Broad Cloth, Pltin and F'ancy Casrimeres, Rich Vesting, Urap d' FJie. Tweoils.Sailnells, Siiinincr Slutl's, cVe. at prites lower lhan have Icen sold in Ihi. place. May 23, 5IJ C. F STANIf'OHH. and dulv eons'dere.1. WYLLYS LVMAN. . BOVI WICK TOUsLEY is ii r j i morsf:. JACOB ROI.FT, ) MILTON I). WlfKWAHEJ F.LISIIA BAKER. ) May 20, 181 1. I Selectmen ol' Burlingion. Selectmen) of Colchester. 51 rTUR, Id HhU, S'dHh Carolina, I,. mi) J. 50 ' STRONGS &. Co. i' OTIC 10. rP II E sub cril er- wih to iiolily their customer X who hate had wool manufactured, that the cloths are all ready lor delivery, and a lliey wMi loilt'.'e op Ihe concern, would be gla I to have them eall be fore the lir-l ot J me. Tho b isint-ss will I hen I et-ar-riedon by the B, Mill Co. All person indebted, by note or look, are lequi-lo I lo setlle tlio same bv But tune. HOELOFSON, HATHHL'N .f- Co. H. Mill., May, IS 1 1. 50 v3 STRONGS & Co. have ju-t received and now or for al low piiecs, 10 Tons assorted I'.ngli-h Tire Iron, 3 do do Swede-, 2 do Rii-saOI.ISalle, 3 do do Nail rol-, , Sanderson'. Ca-l Sitid, Swedes do, English llh'sl. do. Gorman, Too Call.', do Anvils, Koner Kev, nod Patent, Vices, Shovels, Spadej, Hoes, Cro Bars, Hay "and Manure Fork., Sejllie', Scoop Shovels, wilh ii general and full assortment or Ironmongery. Mav. 15. Ml. 50 GRIND STOMWI CT TONS Nova Scotia Grind flours, fJ miliui!ieil, sizes aborted, May It), '44. fim'sbeJ and STRONGS. Co. 50 1 ftOl'ASll KF.TTI.FIS. 00 and 120 ual.ous L lron do 30, 45, CO and 120 rallou., very cheap, May, is 11. 50 Caul. STRONGS it Co. LOOKING GLASSES. A Largo Assortment ol vnriom sizes of O O, Bandea Plate, nnd La F'ayetlo styles, just rec d hy LOVELY & SEYMOUR. Church street, Burlington, I May I, 1811. 5 WB7r GOODS. JUST RECEIVED, bv May I, 1811. LOVELY tV 5EYMOUH. it -1 re-t-ivel from New Yor a ceneml oniiienl or Faney an I S nide Div Goisl-. the latosl stylos ol Print, Ginahaiii-, Roiii'nzine-, Bonnel mid I)re. Lawns S Iks and Sill; Shawls,, Lime-. Hroelta Slnwls I'loreni-e an I Siraw Hounel-, Silk Para-ol-, Hosiery, Gloves, Mill-, tV-o. Ac. Af-o, F'ur llonilemen s summer wear, Drap D'ete, Doe Skin, O.i-siinore, Twee I dinn, Gambroone, Hoin! aziue, Velve tvn, Fancy Silk Vt-lmp, Plai I an I f iney Velvet do., Ma r-aills ami Valrnlindc, F'uney an I plain Stocks and Tie-, Cra. 'at-, Cillar-, ttc &c. Which will le soil as cheap S3 tan be bought lor ca-h or approved credit. Church sireel, May S, 1311. -19 f DAIRY SALT Qrf Sacks Dairy Salt,-ju-t received bv OV)U H. VY. CATLIN. .May y, 'Hi 13 NEW GOODS. A GOOD ASSORTMENT of Broad Cloth, Gros XV d'Hin, Dr ib de T.i, Caximerrs, Tvtieds, Snli nells. Rich Veslmgs, Summer SiuHs. and Trimming, Ac. A.e., vvhich' will be sol I al prices in suit pun-lia-Ars. LOVELY & SEYMOUR. Clurrch sireel, M iy 10, 1311. 49 MISS C. KAjNNEY WOULD re?porimlly inrorm the Ladis. of Bur-Im-'ion that she has just returned from New York wiih a eood assoritninl of Bonnels, Ribbons and Silks of different sttleil, Laces, Borders and Ar lllieials, c. t;he has New Patterns for Dresses, which i!l be made lo order. Ladies are respectfully invited to call and eiamins the Goods. N. 11. Siraw nnd Florence HatJ bleached and sewed in llie new est sti le. Burlington, .May 9, 1SII. 49 liONNETS: Pit H. II. DOOLIT1LE have just rrreivfd an . nssotlment of STRAW AND FLOItFNCE BRAlDS.of (lie latest palcrnr, which lliey olfer for sale cheap. May 8, 1811. 49 vvli iiousK tti i.t; i. THE siihsonl t-r will lei hi large and commodious BltlCK IIOrsE, siliutlod oppo-ilc the Bank ol B irlmgion, nnd on the corner ol Church nnd Bank Street, fir one or a longer term if years. The house ha- ! eon oecnp tsl for a mini! er oi' year past a a boarding hou-i', und iswellealciililisrioaccom ni'slaie from iwetiiylo il iny boIltr.s. Term niado known I y application lo the siibsiril Pr; and post es sion giTe'il on Ihf lirsl djy Of May next. W.M. A. GRISWOLD. Burlingion, April 4, ISH. 44 if DAIRY SALT. 1 SACKS Dairy Sail for salaJ.y . 1UU May It, ISM; (50 S. Jt. POPE. GOOD TABLE BUTTER, in exchange tor Givod. bv S. JL POPF rurlimlon, May 14, 1811. 0 FANS I FANSU WHF'N the warm weather eonie we will open some eases or new and beautiful F'an. III. so cold when wc write ibis lhat ihe F'an ean'l .hew ihemt'lvew Ihouteolnring, Ihevhiik beaulilu! how ever, we have pre! y and cheap Fans. May, '41. 51 I'riksmaid cc Hbotiuri. NOTICE. WHARFAGF:, SlORUiE an I F'OUWAKDING by thu .ubienlir at tho New Wh.irf. KNOS 111 INN. Huil'iiilm Mry l, lSll. ihG'