Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 14, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 14, 1844 Page 3
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Representative nml Constituent which has existed be Ihi'cii us for so Ions n period, in such vaticd forms. ana winch is now lortur closed. 1 have the honor, gentlemen, tn lp very Itesncclivilv. vour friend and nhed'l eerv't m. van hurp.n y ow , In connection wilh tlio above-, tlio full lug, from tlio livening Post, tlio loading lo cofoco paper in New York, Is rutlier sigtiifi cant. It shows that it is Mr. Vnn Huron's determination not to lio used to prninoto tlio aspirations of llioso who liuvo jockied him off the course, while his fiiuiuls mean to Keep him before the public, to which policy ho very cordi.illy responds in the last paragraph of the above letter. Till'! n.U.TIMOIli: CONVENTION AND MR. vax miitE.v. In the proceedings of the llnltimuro Convention we should not lose sight of what I il tic there is thai wo can regard wilh unntinglfil salif tclion. The conduct of Mr. oiiiiff, dclemte from this slate, nnd of Mr. Wriuhl. dt'me nam tilir noiice. Mr. Vnunrj. wilh thai iull 'xaliln fitmncss that has lone distinguished liim. refused to tlio lat to he made a liarlv to the so called compromise, end wo cannot hut think that if ins ncicrui ma 11011 nail neon iniiiatcu I no result wouiu have hecn different. Mr Wright's course cannot bo too highly praised. Offered one nfier the other, the Presidency, and the Vice-Presidency, ho declines both from a sense of 'public duly and private obligations.' These comprehensive words, will wcare.surc find tin echo in the hearls of the people. Meantime, we would ask tlio friends of Mr. Van lliiren, anil all w ho honor the unhesitating courage with winch lie incurred the hazard of losing the sup port of hi pirty by a-scrting tin great principles of justice, wtiiMuer lie does not ilcs-crve somo public ex pression ofihat administration which is duo to nn net so noble. We aie sure, if a public tneelintr were called for tint purpose, called wilhoutnny reference to Air. Polk's nomination, that it may not he cuihar raed with any dilT'rcuee of opinion or fei line on that point we are sure llnl it would he ntlendc I liy vait numbers, ntuUhat itsirnceedini!s would be full of en-tbu-ias-n. tt'c are the more desirous thai it should taks place, baemsu i he example of Mr. Van Ihiren has petit fir above the ordinary virtue of practised politi cians, aud therefore the more needed, nnd the more worthy of being held up to imitation. r.rt. l'ost. Wit. DALLAS AN' I) TEXAS. Mr. Dallas, the Loco-Foco nominee for the Vice Presidency, is an out and out advo cate fur the immediate Annexation of Tex as, as will he perceived by the following rhapsodical soft-soaping which ho piles upon Mr. Walker's letter. The hitler gentleman must have an insatiable maw fur flattery if lie is not satisfied with this dose. Wr. W.'s letter advocates immediate Annexation, re gardless of National Faith, and the conse quences of War; and it is, therefore, fair and legitimate to infer that tho eulogist of that letter is an advocate of the measure. The issue lo go before tho country, there fore, U between immediate; Annexation, Na tional L'erfi Iv and War, or the Faith of Treaties, and the Honor of the Country. Whig Standard. P.iiLinmr-ui.i, Feb 5,1314. Mv Dcvn Pin I ciuuot roust llio impulse to tell you how iiiucli delight I hav taken in reading vour pamphlet on Texas, A c. It is comprehensive, clear, argumentative, and cloq icnt. Nothing can remove or resist your faei, and I d. fv insenuity to assail tho justice and integrity ufyotirtle meti.uo. In the midst of .ill niyihstr ci.on al tin-bur, mij head has been run itrtr oft tapir for oin' fionri. and ynnr ndrnira- blefiro'mrj comes lo me like m nin-t m the way of StllV'd pe iple I eliinnt tell vml, wllhollt Using xvird which you might consider extravagant, bow highly I apprei-iato your libnrs, and how sincerely, as ail Aincucin DtuincTat, I thank you. Truly, and ever vours GEORGE M. DALLAS. Hon. R J. Walked. OyMr. I'oll; has written another Letter abuul Texas, to an Immediate) Annexation meeting in Currull County, Ky. In this let Jcr he says : "I w'll onlv a that I regard the quctinn of tho re-inncx item of Texas to the United State", as sec find in nun irnuec to no other p-ilili - subji ct or qucs liin h -h now eu'igi s ibe puhhe attention. In my judgment, the pre-out oppnr'timty should not be lost of bee 'iinng re-nnreit with a country from which the United States s'io dd never have been separated." Docs 'the present oppoitnnity ' mean the Tyler Treatj 1 That is what we want to got at, if possible. If it does, what right has Mr. Polk to Wr. Tt lei's thunder, and what has fie done or what will ho do in aid of that Treat I The Loco-Focos :tro really re duced to a most pitiable extremity forced to commit petty larceny on John Tyler and rob him of his own datling Texas ' present oppottunity,' and after all incapable of ma king any use of w hat they have stolen. It does begin to look as if Wr. I'olk was tlio third candidate,' after all. Tribune. C7Tho Whigs of Ualtimote held a glo rious meeting in Monument Square, Wednes day evening, at which eloquent speeches were delivered by Hon. John 1 Khnncdv, Hon. Mr. Su.iMi:i:s of Va., Hon. Milto.v Biiow.v of Teuu., Hon. Mr. Sciik.vck of Ohio, and others. Tho greatest enthusiasm prevailed. J.s. Haywood, Esq. was Pres ident of the meeting. Mour. Scncws Loost: ! Tho Ilagers town Herald of Frei'doni says, that within the last few weeks several Democrats left the loco foco ranks and joined ibe Clay Club, among others, Anthony Campbell, lisn. The iNorrislown Herald says, that one of the Secretaries of the locufoco Convention, held at llarisbtirg, which nominated II. A. Muhlenberg for Governor, has joined the Clay Cluli. RnsioxATlo-c or A I'ishop. It is reported, we be lieie with !Oo, auihorily, that the Rt. Rev. H. U. Onderdonk has, y reason ol physical infirmities, re- Bignen ms (luties as in.nop ot tnu rrotestaut i pisco pal Uhurcliof llie ducese uf Pennsylvania. Ameri can. nia Mvss MciniNO at Memphis When tho Duke uf Orleans I willed al .Memphis, on Wednesday morning last ihcdjy of the (treat Southwestern mass meeting, the blulV was one mass of human beums. It was said lint there were 30,01)0 tlranjjers in tho city. i.uui-tiuc Jour. Jane 1. i-TT-rrnrr-ii .ubimih.,, ml mn, Ho! All Vo That Thi-sl ! 'tvr c vi:t j RUM, nilA.VDV, GIN and WINKS, of all the various nunhtie,inpiautiii''a of one pint or more and ather FAMILY (iJtOCKIlir.S, for sale on rea sonable terms, hy ISAAC WARNKR. liuilingtoii, June, 131 1. 2 CALL FOR GOODS. fPHK Low I'nccs for which Roods havo been sold, X has for a good ieaon, induced buyers to Hike freely their aceasjomed supply from the Cheap Cnsh Store, where the whole trade being for Cash, there is of course no extras charged for contingencies, ready money tin) era arc sa'islied that cash buys Koods cheaper (u-dav. lhan-a pinmiso of it can possibly do to-niorruw. Tint place for testing the to-day principle may bo ascertained by applying to the People's Agent. 13:h June, '11. 2 HOWARD. " DOG LOST. CTRAYRDfr' m lh Milwrrilcr iilomiheSO h May ItJ but, a while Hound Dug, with red (while in tade,) anJ ,i I lack i"t on the rump. A rea-ouahle eouiiicn-aiioii, and llio thank-of the ciwuer, will be awarded lo any iicrson who will givetuluriu.ilioii con cerning huu. WM. I). MUNSON. Cidcbe.-ter, Juno II, 1811. 2 LfiiniiAli'TotX. THLSUtn notify itiopuUicthitl have relinipiMi. ed lo my uu, Samuel Htm:, ihe I aUncu of bis minority i that I shall claim ofhis earnings, nor hold myself re-oiiib.o or tiny of his liul,iliiic tin, date. WM. D. HVDI-:. Charlotte, Juno 1, 1S11. w3 n.oni. nip."rfine Kluur, 50 half barrels do. OAA IP1 OVU Juno 11. IJltlCllTO.N SIAltKHT--Mondny June 3. At Market, 620 llccf Cattle, 25 pairs Working Ox cn, 320 Sheen and Lambs, nnd COO Swine. Tntcr.9. lit (f Cattle Tlio prices obtained last "week wero not sustained. A few choico Cattlo were i. cj. I... .i c.r.n ...i... r nuiini sjiiiiniitiy niojuui qnoiu in liny lure" tra, at 85 23 C $337 1 First quality, St 89 S 83 12 1 second quality SI 50 4? 84 "3 j third quality 81 tt 81 50. Working Oxen sales at JC0, 70, 73, 85, nnd P0. Shap A lot of Lambs S2 33 1 old Sheep S2 50 to 2 75, lot not sheared 8 1 75. Strinc Dull, and prices have further declined. t.ots to peddle tjc for Sows, and 5jc for barrows. At retail from 5 to 7c. CLAY CLUB. Tho next regular meeting of the Burling ton CLAY CLUB will be held at the Court House on Monday evening next, Juno 17, at sunset, and the punctual attendance of ALL THE MEMBERS is especially ro quested, for the transaction of business of importance in referencn to tho approacbinc State and District Conventions. E. A. STAXSBURY, Secretary. M air ir n 03 &, In Now York, on Mo'nday evening, June 41b. bv the Rev. Dr. Spring, .Mr. Chandler I'ostcb, Proprietor ot llic iiiy hoici, Albany, to Maroaret, second daughter of .Mr. J. I). Huntington, of Lancaster, Ms. 3D a & At Surry, New Hampshire, suddenly on tho morn ing oi ina uhi int., (Junun, wife of Rev. Eliiiu Smith, torincrly of Castleton, Vt., nged 70 years. CASH PAID I'OIl VOOI, 13 1 the lirHLINOTO.V MILL COMPANY at JJ their f neini v. Also Wool rectived to maiiufac lure into imOAI) CLOTH on tho same tortus as ncreiuiurc uy .nessrs. koeloi-sos eo Rtiicuk. SIDNKY HARLOW, Agent, ' t , , 1'or ilurlington Mill Co. Juno 10, 1S1I. tf2 P LAST i: 11. AO T"n'"1.''ova Scotia Plaster, just rcceivctknnd 1-y nowgiindingatthe Plaster .Mill at Winooski I' alls, and for salo by '2. '31 1. roLLirr, rradlky & Co. SUMMER GOODS. WHITKnnd lire wn Liaeu Dr.lliug., Tweels, Rl'k S lllimer Clfttll. .ll-ft tl t-nri f I for Miiiiuier wear fir sale low hy " tt irln on, aune ii, ii. s, 3i, rurv.. nii;i:m on.. I'ir S!-trm winter ami voriim .nsm, 1000 Ss I, j(J0 suhirdo. STIIO.NGs'r. Co June 11, 'It 2 MIDDLUIWR Y CASS J 'MERES. 1 1 Ps. .Middlebiiry C.i-miere, Lr -ale at Maniilae liner- nrn-i ' by the ps. hy S. M. POPK. June 14, Ml. 2 LEAD 1' I I'll, Ac. O TONS Lead Pipe i in in. l,oret 3 rolls Sheet r i -can j vi cwt. btieel .mo ; 30 Hass Shot assort- ca . s. nv S I RON US uT- Co. 2 June 11, '14. SUGARS. f) IIRI.S.Porln ltieinnd .Mu-eovado Sutrar.aNo 1 w IojI, Lump, PoHilered and cru-ho I Soenr for sa'e liv. . M. l'OPK. June 1 1 II. 1 2 CANDLES AND SOAR. 5HOXP.S perm Candle-, 20 do. Tallow- Candle-, 21) do. Har oap, 2 ilo. L'a-tde oap, 3 ilo. fancy toilet do., 10 do. .Ii umj do. by STltO.SGS & Co. June 14, Ml. 2 DATS! HATS!! Tl CASK "Alvorda" Molctkiu Hats, jut ree'd and fur sale hv S. M. POPK June 1 1, '14. 2 FAINTS AND OIL. 5 TONS white lead, tin- and (.'round in od, "No. 1 " I-Atra," ami " Pure." Spdiii-li white, red lead, Preach jellnw, Veidigri-, Venetian re,l, litharse, spir its t irpen me, &e. &c. Also, 500 u. Imsei-d oil, mtre Jliue i l, h. a tiy orilUAUa, it (Jo. SUGARS. 'HHDS. St. Croix nml Porto Rico niar, 10 X KJ pai kaee? do iblcrelined loaf, eru-lied mid now- dered suirar. by STRONGS &, Co. J me 1 1, -1 1 2 The lOlli Number of Illuminated Shakespeare. r) nCKIVP.D nt Hniringtoiis', nnd llio llih expec V. ted by Virgil's Kxprcss, which brines a No. Kve ry Thursday evening. This Jihtion of ihe world's Poet wdl have the largest salo of any one over before published. 13th June, 1811- 2 MOLASSES. 1 ( llhds. Porto Rh o syrup and Trinidad Molas--1 yJ -o--, very superior quality, l-v Juno II, Ml. 2 STRONGS & Co. IRr.l'AItKD Co-da, vcrinicdla, Clove-, nutmeg.. . starch, superior quality, Indigo, S ,y 2 hTRONGS&Co. U. STATKS 3rARSIIAIS SALE- pUHLIC NOTICK is hereby t'iven that Ihe follow L lug goods, wares, merchandise, and other' prop, cjty, condemned in tho II m. District Court of the Uniial Stales fur Vermont Hisiriet, Slny Term 1814 will be sold at PUIJUU AUCTION, n't ih. A'ncU Room of ( ol. H. 'I nomas, in llurhngton, in said dis trict, on the 23th day of June next, to ihe highest bid deri sale lo commence at 10 o'clock, A. M," To wit ! 1 Roan French Horse, 1 black horse.l iiray poney 1 part piece kerseinere. seiztd nt Norihfield, Ootober 2, 1813s l gray Prench horse. 1 black French horse, seized at Merlin, October 2, 1S43. 1 Flench horse, seized nt Montprlicr, Oct. 10, 1843. 2 French horses, stized nt Norihfield, Oct. 14, 1R43 1 I.V......I. i.uiee, saizetl at .Montpener, Aov la lalj 2 part iiicces linen, 3 part pieces broadcloth', 2 pi moccasins, seized at Guildhall, March 21,1811. 2 horses, 1 sled, double harncs-, 3 shawls,' seized at Fairfax, Jan. 17, 1811 1 black mare, seized nt Lyndon, Feb. 5. 1811 1 gray French horse, seized at liarton. F,b. R. 181 1 I ha yhrench horse. 1 brown French mare, seized .1 llnrli. I... I. C lull ' 1 French horse, seized al Hurke, Feb. 21, 1811. 1 chesnut colored horse, seized at Waldcn, March 8, 1611. 1 white horse, seized at Cabot, March, 2C, 1814. A'so, 5 1.2 yidrs checki-d cassimere, 8 yards black broadcloth, 2 yards bluo broadcloth, 5 yards Doo Skin Casiniere, 21 vards blue Pilot Cloth, 5 yards 111 k llroadcloth, 3 gtay Ilox Coats, seized at Roxbury, Sept. 7, 1813. hi8J,V -rfe.U'? '? woollencloih. seized on ho Dis.r e, rC " 1 alon4 "c!'-aal u'& " ... I , , . 1"'V"'i. I3IJ. i lr"n ' '" 1 6 Vw.!' 8eileJ "' waters of Vermn,;Oe,:i2', isi3. "Umns'"' "' District of 1 sorrel Horse, seized nt Fairfield, Oct 21 1813 by. F.b.Ts" isiT' ' c"UcranJlla""!. wiwd atDcr 4 gray coats, seized ntSwnnton, Dee. 17 1814 inftffl '.tiB.!:8 broad cl0'"' eei"J s 1 n,,V'nb.T"'"iT,n.r, '3,"irC ?"? P PieF" ""CO, dril no. 1 ' 1 I"" Piece linen are -q IRIl SU" Ca',S' """ 01 ""'Pehcr, Febru- May, aVd. fsiT y " nradforJ' ,llis 3'' diV 1 ' WILLIAM I1ARRON, Marshal. , , WANTED, N evhango for Flour. Snli T..n. t..i i... f uf 7Ty "J"'1. or Cash, a few thou-an-l lbs. of good clean Hcwe Wool, for w(., ,,e b,.,t ,m,kl.t pneu wdlle paid, by 1 COLU & ROllINSON. CO TTON TURF. Air K flf) MIS. while and colored .Thread, KJKJkJ 3 cases poid MPJMkfdo' 2 " American pack pins, "lo by V1US, LOOMIS & Co- Junos.lbll. 1 Alplictis I'rrsoti's I'.statc. STATIC OF VIUIMOS'T, rWlK Hon. the District of t'liiltemlen, . J 1 Probate Court for I ho District of Chillendcn I To nil iisrmi eon- cerned in the o-tato nl'ALI'HP.tW PLKSONS, late of Jerieno, in sal I District, cleeea'Cil. liRr.KTtsn. Wiiebeas, Reuben lloekwntsl, nilmfni'lrator of Ibe etnte f snl I tlKensed, In render nn nocouiit of his Ri!inlnltrnlion, nnd pro-cut hi neetiunl nntiKt said ola'elor examination and allowance nl n-e-sion ol the Court of I'm! nte. tole hid leu a' the lleui i'r's oiliee in Hnrlingtou ill said di-tnel on the third day of jmy next, 'ItiEnnionE, You nrc hereby notilied tnnppearle fore said ei.urt nl tho time nnd plnce nfon said, nml shew cnuc, if nny you have, why Ibe account afore said should not be allowed. . Given under mv hand til llurlinclon this llthday rf June, A. D. 1811. 2w3 Wm. WKSTON, llcgister. SPRING GOODS. . O VE L Y Sf S E YM OUR, HA VE received n Inrgo nsorlliient (d goods adapl I'd lo thu hmviii, viz . Iliiinba.ine, lllael; nnd llluc lllnek nml I'nney Sill;, Rich ll.ilzorinc, Hyl phicil and Zephyr Do I .nines, Plat" uu I Kisnred tie Lnines, Pruned nnd Oingbaui Miclins mid Law ns i Rich I.aundees mid Pi.plms.l'o.ilard SdU,Seoich nnd American amgham-j ,Swis, L'nmbrie, Hook, Jneoiiel .Nan-ool; nnd Mull Mii-liu j n hplemhd n-sorlinent lit CALICOKS; Rich llonnct silk, and Lawns, ltil,l,un, HtKierV. t.loVes. Ac. iVe.. lonrltuT veitl, tvrrv nMtrlf. ill the Pane; and Staple I try floods line. iiiii Mii-i-i, .oiiy ju, ion. tt FANS! FANS'! WIIP.N the wnrm weather comes we will open of new nnd beautiful I'nns. III. so cold when wo write this ihat llic Kan. can't shew iiiL-nifuit- i.H.'ut vuiunnu, iiic'iook ocautnui How ever, we have pretty nnd cheap l'nn-. May.jMl. 5 Hmnssiaio vt Urotiiers. JJARPKR'S ILLUMINATED UlllLi:, No. 4. The Highlands of Ethiopia dcseriled, durna 18 inontlis residence of a Hriti-h Lml n-sy nt the Chri-tian Court of Shoa. fly Major W. ('. Harris, will, beautiful lllu-irations, 4 pins, 25 els. each. "This is the m.t reinarkalle work of the pre-ent di-clnsing loihe world a eo miry hitherto entiie ly unknown, und revealing lim exis'n nre i f a Chris tian nation in the uitenor of Abyssinia, nearly lil'lecii ceninriesi Id." Iilj'e III tlio New World. nr Sketches of Ameri can .Society, by Seatefield. Complete in seven num bers, at 12! per No. , Mysteries of London, Part 4, 12J. The Adventures or Captain l'amphilc. Uy Alexander Dnnia-, 12J. Katlicr norlnt,or Scenes of Life in Paris, from flench of l)e lialzao. 2.' cents. liy Peck's Building, June 0. l A'. HOWARDS. A l'EWblls, Winter strain and Summer Oil, at I COLP. .f- ROIUNSON'S. 1CASK sumnier Gotnl-, 1 do eolMranibric-, 1 do Irish linen-, 1 do eoitou Flasgs, j'u-t re-eivel mil for sale by Juneii, 1811 I V1LS, LOOM Is if. Co. ' A l.Alti.l. as-ortnient of l ancv rrench Cas-iineri's li- fir Gent, summer wear. Tweed nnd Snnim r wni 1 UUI.Ii &, HOIILNSO.VS, F HINTS,- Ac. 1 p: CASKS American Prints, M. tj 2 do Mam-hosier Gtnjlinin, 1 do bleachwl sheeiiuif. pi-i irc'd and for -nli June j, Ml. I by VILAS, LOOMIS iV Co. SOAP, A-c. GRO. shaving soap, JJ 75 do hoiks nnd eye, 85 do round lacet-, 50 .M. D. P.. Needle., u-t re -eivedan.l for sr,c June o, Ml. I by VI LAN, LOOM I. V& CV. SUSlM3.M)i:itS, Ac. 1 CZf POZ. well sii-peuder-, lOVJ 21 u'a-lie do 350 " ci-llon tape, 100 " roll do do ju-t ro-civod nnd for -alo J ne 5, ML I by VILAS', LOO.MIS & Co. Sheetings, See, RALKS brown lu-etng, 2 do " l i.I-. 25 3 do " Ti'k-. iu-t ri'-eivednnlforsnle JuneS. '44. 1 ly VILAS, LOO.MIS it Co. MRS. LANG I VOR THY. HAS received her usual supply ,,f SI'RINCi GOODS, Laces, Embroi deries, Perfumcrj1, Super Fancy Soaps &C. if-c. m ALSO, ,iConstanlly on hand, plain sim nun suerr u Hats, I us can Straw, and Ln'oNca no'itan. All of which wi'l be as low- as can be found in the market. JuncC, ISII. lw-3 NEW STORE. TUP, snb-eril cr would inform Ins friends and Ibe pill lie that he has ju-i i'ieued n Storo on the corner of Church und Hank street V opposite the old Hank, where be will sell Goods ns i-he.ip a iheyean bo I ought el-e where, embracing a small stock ol DRY GOODS, nn J a general assortment uf FAMILY GROCERIES. Please call and look bclnre buying il-o where. FLOUR and SALT, by the band, or in le.s quan tity. I shall not lo undersold by mv nechhors. June 7, Ml. 1 'N. W. GAGE. GQl.i: & liOJSLXSON flHF.Rfor salea lane n-sortnient of SPRING V and SlMl.MER DRY GOODS recently pur-cha-ed fur ra-li nt Ihe lowe-t maiket nriees. Thee will receive in payment for tlio same, i n-h, wool or "ire i.ury iiuiter lor a lew weens, alter which lliey will be sold for cash at prices low enough to in-nre easli trade. 1 ST,: A YED, FROM the pa-lure of Lyman Hall, E-q.ofShol-boru.ji HAY FRENCH MARE, I lack main and lad, star in ibe foiehea 1, a little white under the saddle, a few while hair- on one of her Ion-feet cans, cd by wearing fetter-, her fore leg. a litlle I cut, square troller, shod forward. An nili rmation given to the subscriber will be duly rewarded. HORACE WHEI.'LEIt. llurlington, June 1, 1S11. 3 SELLING OFF. AS we are not intending to keep Stocks, Col'ars, Scarf-, Hosonis, Cravats and articles in ilu line, we nre selling them ol'oheip. Tho-o who wish someofihem before they nre nil gono nre invited to exaniinelheiii. Some splendid articles ninong them. Stiil'ners and Slock Uidies fur sale, Suspender and Slock Ruckles. Puinn nn 1 over shoe nnd nih,.p It. les. Children's: Hells ol reduced price-. All Guods sluing luwer man ever, riei-o loul; in upon o-. 1 HIIIXSMAII) & IlltOTHEItS. A fjAKGE n-oriMieni ofTfa. Ti atro, Susrar M , .1. . ... t? ... ?. r.. i . . n iuiu?i'ti ojnic! . tve, iur Mill" ill 1 COLE &, ROUI.NSON'S, COM 11S. 3 CASE.? wood pocket Combs, 125 doz. ivory ' do 1000 " sido do 300 " twi-t do 100 "-coarse and fine do just received and for aleby . VILAS, LOOM1.V if- Co. June 5, M4. I C( HONES Lemons and Oranges, Fi.'.,O irr:ini9, OV Prunes, ,-t..;ni 1 COLE & ROIUNSON'S l'APKIt. rXrf REA51S ruled letter Paper, JUU 300 do cap do for salo by Juuoa.Ml. 1 VILAS, LOO.MIS & Co. APKW'pieccs of superfine Carpeting, Also, 8-1 Cotton do nt 1 COLE & ROIUNSON'S. Feathers. 1 Hon l-ns. Geese Feathers, warranted. JJJ 3000 lbs. Hens' do for sale bv June 5, Ml. 1 VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. 5 CASES of New York lint-, from $2,00 to S 1,00 each, also, a lew cases of heavy Boots an I Shoes, 50 barrellsl e-t extra superfine Floor, Jack-on Mills, Medbury's Urand, und 100 .neks of Sill, for sale nt 1 COLE & ROIUNSON'S. REMOVED. jU. j. fay ii eo removed to ihe orner of Churf-li nnd Bank strccls,opio site the Rank of l!ur lingtru, where he ha a 1'ini ral msorimcnt i f ItOOTS & KUOI2S, inadeol the le-t stock nml hy llio most thor be solJ as cheap as the oiigh woikincn, which .will ciieapesi. CJ"AII kinds ol worK inado to onier on the most reasonable terms and al the shortest notice, ilurlmgton, June Gib, 1311. 1 If 1.31 1 1 Dlnatlinn lllgbrc's r.slntc. STATE OF VERMONT, ( F111IU lion, the Prn-Di-trici of t'bilieitdeir, s. 1 J bate Court fur the Di-tncl of Chittendeii I To nil person, ruiieernid In tho estate in" ELNATHAN IIIOIII.E, laic of ShcU burn, m snid Dl.lrfci, dceen.e l, , Gnr.r.TiNn. Wiir.iir.As, I-nnc llmlee, ndininislrator ol the es tate ol sai I deceased, prnpo-e. lo render nil account ol hl ndiniuisirallnn, nn I prc-cnt bis nccnunt ngain-t aide-laic for examination nml nllowance nt n ses sion oflbu t'ourt ol Probate, lobe hidden nt the Reg isters o lice in llurliuglou, in slid di-tncl,on the ee- on I Winlue-day nt.luly, next. I iir.iimotir, on nn iieroi.y notiuea to nnpcnr befoie .mil court nt the lime, nnd piano nloresaid, nnd shew cause, if any joii have, w l.y tho ueeoiinl nfoie said should not be allowed. Given under my band at Ilurlmgton day of May A. I). 1811. 1 w-3 WM. WESTON, IttgUtcr. .loscpli .Miller's Instate. STATE OK VERMO.V1', rMIE Hon. the Pro District of ClilMeinVr, ss. j -. bale Court fur ihe Di-lrict of t!nitlvnden. To nil persons conci'iiied in thu I'-talc ofJo epb Miner, late of llurlinglim in said District, deuM-cl, Gnr.r.Ttsri. Whereas, Ebpih llerrick, one of tho ndtuiui-lrators of tho i state of sni 1 do en-ed, hath made appli -alion tosaideourt to extend Ihe lime bmitot hy said court for paying Ibedcl. Is ngniu-l, nnd cill.'ng, said e-tale one year from ihe I2ih day cf. Inly, 1911, und ibend-iniin'-traturs of said u-lnle propo'-e rendering nn ac count of their ndiiiiiu-trution and presenting; their nil ministrniion nccoiini against said c-latc for examina tion nnd allowance. Wni.nni.'t-ov, tho court nforcsaid doth appoint ihe second Wi dues lay ol July, 181 1, lor bearing nnd do ciilingin lhopremi-es,at'tlio Register's oilic-o in Bur lington in said ili-lricl, nnd dolh order that nil persons in'ciesied I e noir.e I theieof I v li iblicaiiuu of lln- nr. iter, thice wciks successively, in llio llurliuglou Fiee I'le-s, n newspaper printed in said lluriingluu, the la-t (f which publications to be previous to tbuday appointed nsnlure-ni I for hearing. Given under my hand lbi-30 h davof May, 181 1, 1 w3 tt in. WES'I ON, l!e;htcr. Iicnnard Hodge's I '.slate. STTE OF VERMONT, ! rfMll! Hon. Ibe Proln'e I'isincioi i umrl lor the Di-lnel olt liiiieuilen : 'In nil persons eiini-t-rneil in thee-talc (.rLconaid Hodge-, late of Wdlisloi,, in -aid di-irtcl, di-cca-isl, Gr.f.p.nst!. tt in. nrAs, Sarah llndsc, ndminislratrix of lliee la'e ol said divca-ed, proio-es o render nn nccoiuit ol hci admini-iiation, nnd pre-ent bernccoontngaiiisi sail e-iute fur exannualioii and allowance nt a ses sion uf the Conn of Probate, lo I e hid ' al the Fugle Hall, in sail Willi-ton, on ibe third .Monday ot July next. ' Tlir.nni ciii:, Yen nte hereby notified tn appear 1 e fore said court nt the lime a ml place nfore-ui I, mil -hew i uii-e, il'nny ytt have, why the account alure sail -hinld l)0t l-e allow el. Given under my band ut llurliuglou this fourth day ol .lime. A. I'. 1811. Iw3 WM. WESTON, Register. I.nitls Dcrvllle's ('.state. STATE OF I'.RMON'I', ) rjMlF. Prol nto Court fur Di-lru" ol t'h'ttin 'eu, .s. ( .1 l In' di-iri.-t ofCInt len'en: To Ibe heirs of the e-titeo! LOI'IS DI R. VILLI:, l.ueof II irlinetou, iu sud di-lriet, deceu-ed, intcsla'e,and to all pcisou-mtelcstcl in snid estate, ... ... GlllXTtXO. tt, illinni A. Gri-wotd, ntlinmistrator ul said e-lale, h nh filul hispeniion in said en irl, staling thai ilieper-uual e-tale ol'ibe sai I ilecra-id amounts lo the sum of one li'indred dollar, j that ihe debt, nnd liabilities nfsaid c.s'ate together with ibe eo-ls and expenses ol settling the .nine, amount o ihcs'im ol twohuiidrel and fifty dollir-J and firlhcr staling, that ihe icnl ts'a'e il'.'iid rleceii-ed, cunsi-ls id'a small lol ofland, Ivmg on the north sideul Mum -ircot, in the village uf J nlingtnn, and that u pari ufsaul e-tate.cannot 1 e sol I, without injury to tho-o iutei-e-ledin the remainder ; and praying snid court to li-ecn-e nn lanllu n.e him to sill ihe whole estate nf -aid deceased. '1 1 1 1: n 1 mm:, the snid court doth rrdcr nn 1 appoint the 2d tt'cdnisd.iv in .Inly, A. I), ISII, nt the luVo ol lli Register of saidenuit m 1) irlington, in said dis trict, lor hearing and deciding in the premi es; mil doth further order III it nil person, interested or eon fcr.ipdiii said e-lale, I c nriilied to nppiarut ihetmie nn I pla. eiilure-uid, and shew caii-c (il nnv I bey hive) why the prater nf said petition shoul I iiM Ic gr.inte-J, or give la lids as said court shall duvet, for the pay ment nf ihe del ts nsain-t -ail e-iule, hy the pu! licit ttonof'he sub-tain e ol said petititinn, together with this or Icr in the Pico. Picss, :i now-paper printed ut I! iilingtnn nlbie-aid, llirie wicks successively, the li-t uf which ;iil licaliuns, shall lo I el'ure ihe time set ft r benriug. Datc.lut Iluilinstnn, the oihday nf.lime, A. D. 1311. 1 w3 CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. Fou ,v,i ,:, m HE Ea.t part of the VI. -TRY IIITLDIXG lest- bilging to the Cungregalional Church, lobe niotisl n I the loi within thirlvdat's. Apply to 29th .May, Ml (5JJ II. W. CATL1N. lltl.HAItV tiuOUS. VERMONT .Militia, Infaulrv, Artillery and other Hiilinn-, Swouls, Epaulets, l'liunc-, Sa-la-, Hells, I'l-tul., Cb.ippcaiis mid mut other artn les in the line, for sale by 52 I!r.i-'jiAii si IIrotiicrs. REMOVAL. 'ItllE snb-cribcr has rcmoted Irom Ins old stand uu L Church Strcil, lo Ins new IIRIC1C SHOP in Callui's I,ane, twenty rods ICastofthe lluiliiiglou Maul,, where he biisou band an I will continue lo man ufacture, all kinds , CABINET WAIIH, of the bet quality j -ui li as SOFAS, SECRET -R1ES, IILAURKAI'S, Dining, 'Vi, Centre, Work am! Toilet TABLES, -TM)ri ec BEDSTEADS, and all kinds uf work iu his line. iLj-Mu-t kind- of Country produce nnd Lnmler nveited m payment, or approved, nut virv . ue;ii iuro.i-ii. r. J1L I'.I, -MU1IOI.S. Biirbngluii, .May 2"lh, 181 1. j 7AI!P.WEI.L'S Shu-, of nil kin 1-, nre kept and M"y 23- 311 C. F. STAMFORD. NTliA YFI), 17ROM thesub-cril'er, on Saiur-lay, i he 35th m-t., - anirongiey Ficnch HORSK,' long lail, slu rt inane, a I li-kr on tho I aek eau-ed !,vi- .,! it,. -,,i. bind shoes u'.i; Whoever will return said llorso snail i e suitai ly rewnnleil. CHARLES RASCOT. Shelbiirne Pal's, May 23, ISII. 52 ' NEW EDITION, OF OI.NEVS GEOGRAPHY AND ATLAS tery much enlarged and improved, it i now t very be-i Geugrupby 11 u-e, lor sale by Stay 22, Ml. 51 viC S. Ill NTIN'tiTON. m STORE AND NEV"" GOODS" 'I 'Hr. suliscrilerlia- labeu Ihe New Stoie one door . norin ni .ie-r.. iirm-inaiis' whore be hasju-t reiiived nnd now 11 !cr lor sale, a general assort ment of Fancy and Staplo Dry liuid-, Dry Uiueerie Paper Ilanguig-, it''., which for quality ami cheap-ne-KCaiinot I u siirpa-e 1. Purchasers are invited to call and examine lor iheuisdtcs. C. F, Burlington, May 10, 1811. STAMFORD. 50 M AUKEItr.L, Cod I'Vh, Salmon, Smoked Beet by . Mav 15 .Ml .".II NTim vi :-;.. ' 'lHE Hrick Building on llio east 6ido of -s sjuuii iiuush oquare, ai present oc cupied by .Mr. Barnes, ns a cabinet shop. Enquire at this office. Durlumion, April 13, Mi. 4G ni CROCKERY, fr LASS AND tf CHINA WARE. A Largo.V. Conipleie nssoriment, NI.W SHAPES ,v and PATTERNS. ALo, Cainphene Lamp Chunnies. I!vim llni-., rn.,a it n n,..i n.noa 1 n. terns, itc. ifcc, just received by ... , LOVIXY & SEYMOUR. s-uurcri ni iitiriington, ; May 1, ISII. J 43if NEW HAT ESTABLISHMENT. BtKYXOliDS & CO. A RE now opening in the hiild fi. ingdirecliyopposiiothollank Burlington u gmi iissorlmcnt of FASiiiONAiir.i: h ats f1 which Ihet rffcr fur sale, nnd in vite the mil lie lo cull nud examine their ttyle, quality and juice. Church Sireet, May 1st, JB41. 43 if 11DICFS. O'er Psf Pongeo poi kel'Handkercbiefs, I U 25 loz. imitation linen i'o 60 doz. Gingham Cravats. 15 doz. black I'ahan do 100 doz. rolfen Otnw-x. lust re a veil nnd for snlo by VILAS it' & Co. June a, -w. 1 j-sn-irr-KM - BOOKS & STATIONERY, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, AT VMY PKICS. JUST received nt I ho Nrjw CutiAf Hook Rronr:, nn extensive assortment nf 'he In I stninlard Mali 7! ' ''',co'ff 'm'i Clanieal, Miscellaneous and School Iloolst Also, an as.nrtnicnt nf Slotianeri ul every description for snlent lower prices than havo ever I e fore been tittered iu this vicinity. Among the Hooks nre'J inrto, O.'tnvo, 12 mo. nnd PiM-kct Bibles, Prayer and Hymn Book, in plain nnd exlrn binding Ibhlo nnd 'Ccmuiou Prater Books bound together, a new mil very leautiful nrlfi-lc J Common Praters with the Proper la-son. j Fine Pooke.1 Testaments i Aiinunl. nnd n great variety of lino illustrate I works .'iilnble for pre-cnts, ut greatly reluccd prices. Scull's Family Bible .1 vols.' royal 8vo. well bound for SO) Brando's Dictionary of Scicnie, Literature nnd the Arts, the mu-t u-cl'il nn I vulual lo bonk oftho bind ever pul lished j The Far tiler's Encyi lopirdin, cinl racing nil of tho most ie cent discnyeries in Agricultural Chenu-try, nnd a lap. led to iin-cieut lie readers j the latest mid I est work on AgriV'illuro.nnd llio cheapest ever pobli-hel, con taihiug 1 1 17.1 pages royal Sv. well bound fi.r only S3, 10 Al-u, a great variety nf new nnd ti-eful Agri cultural works, very cheap. Iliiicri lt's History of the I'liilcd Slates Pre-coti's Ferdinand and I-itl elln, nnd llislnry nfMexien) Spark's Life nnd Writings ul Dr. Franklin, 10 V. published nt $30, price SI7.J0, t&e. All the new pripniar work's aie received ns toon as issued, for sale nt the lowe-t city price-. lmoiigihe Stationery, nre Fool-cap, Letter, No'e, Tissue, I'erlnratcd, -Music, Drawing Paper ami Itris tnl lloniilj Diawing nnd Wining Pencils, Newman's Water Colors j Ink, Ink-lnnd-, Sand Ib.xcs, ( all-, Steel I , Instrument., SI He-, Visit ing nnd Printing Cards j Baikgahiinou Hoard', Chess -Men, et. etc. Citizens and strangers nre n-piT'lf.dlv invited to call and examine the sto-:,. Orders ifotu nhroal punctually nneiidod to nt tho luvye-t prices. Mer chants suppliel wi h School Bon'.., Paper. iVe. ns low as they can pun h ie in nny of the e'ties, Elcincn Inry Siel:ing Books, nt 75 ets, tier di 7n. (JoodCip and Letter Paper, nt SI, 30, SI, 75, S2,00 and S2,50per team, he. if.e. Peck's Building, ) a. Edwards. Burlington,. May, 1311. j 52 WATCH KS. FN this line, to which vteaie pating more parti hir attention than ever, we o Icr letier lnreuin llian we have ever i ecu able to do before, and llio-e who wi-hn good GOLD or SILVER WATCH are particularly rcque-ied lo call and examine with the elo-e-l si rntiny, the nur Spring imporla lion. Then has I ivn rputea risenn goi.l niotcuu-nts al road since ours aimed, and wecun sell luwer than if they were note to I c I ought. We wo d 1 iciiiiu I customer lint we know per-nn-nlly the linker, of most nf Ihe wa'chca ttesell, lli il we are -trivuu to e-labli-h n reputation fur -citing GOOD Wuiehi-, that we ineof the opinion that we .note whether u ttateh is good ir not, anllh-itwe coii-ider lb it we can he rebn I upon for what we re cnmmcii'lto le good, lei nlher IN ihe line nr OIT ny what they may. ttVbate watches ol R. & G. Bee-e'ey, Joseph, John Hnrrisiiu an Jollier Lnerpoul Maker", nnd (!. II. lie-, London, an I we hate moveinrnis uf nil the most celcl rnliil, which we can e-i-e to any pattern ile-ne.l, and we lurlhcrs.iy ibal wo will sell for oa-h down nny de-i-ripncu nfw.iichei nf any maker, a iln-ap nuny New York nr Bo-lun Dealer. O ir c i-lnmers me ili-ircij lo rcnioml er that when they buy n watch m New Yoik or Bo-Ion they go nnd pay the ca-hdown, nnd we cannot a 'or I to sell a good gold or silver watch nndta.,c part pay in nn old watch nr some thing el c, and -c I .it the same price. Pay us the en-h down, and Aid, c.i.h, ami no one sh ill sell I e low ii-. We have for cnsh Gol i nnd Silver Watehe ai halfour loruicr iri-e-nluio-t. tt'u dn not like the looks nl price in advertisement, nr we wool I subjoin n list that wi uld make sume .taie. We only would say lo all w ho wish any Gobi or Sdter tva'tchc- or ntbir Goods, j i-t i;ii; I,, a chance lo sell to you, and vou shall I e sati-tied web prices nnd sond-.und per inunrnllv. Bill N S M A 1 1) . ISltn'I'll lilts' DI.INSM.UD it liKOTHEltS, Siicii--ors to P.tNODOIlN it Bnl.S'sM.tlD. ci.ovrcii. , Do not Irriet to luineinber that v-e are opening the lno-t I f.i'itit'iil Bra- an I Wood CLOCKS, striking nud iilurm, anu we iiileud lo sell litem simr't or lit' the eae for tery little pay. Don't fear to look at lliein, they won't hurt you, if you don't I uy them. .siieuuriic lursucwiiig tiiciil it you Ouin l uy. May 20 h. Bins ji.tin it; BnoTiir.ns. IT AMP GLASSES and Lamp Wicks for Chcmnal aim an onier l, .imp-. 5i IIrin'-maid if- BaoTiir.r.s, somi:tiil a ni: v . .' : TDRACTR'AL Ia-soiis in English Gramnnr ami X Comoosition r I cginucrs. By IiL.y. P. Bul lions. 1'iieo 2o cents, i-ursuteby -May 2, '41. 51 wG S. HUNTINGTON. nrrn sin iv j.s: HI IKES., Cravat-, Chatilla and Net Veils, Lace und Edgings very cheap a' May 23. 5IJ tk I'. STAN IFOR D'; FOU saij: Oil TO URN'. TM1H Large nnd commodious Divellm? Ilo,,. JL situate I on Pearl street, now occupied by Mr. Brin-in.iid and oppo-ito Rev. Gen, (!. leger-oil'.. Pus-e-ion given 1st -May. Fur further inriicuiars enquire nf NATHAN I), llAstt'EI L. April it, is 1 1 qj if m:ai) I'liMC. tJc1 X TONS Leu! Pipe to 1 i inch, U I do Sheet I cad, 1 Ca-k Sheet Zinc 30 Bag shot, assorted No.. 1 y May 15, Ml. 50 S'l RONGS if- Co. PUBLIC s iriri .11 s; us a h it a , wun i: x v . VIRGIL it Co.. PACKAGE EXPRESS T7"1LL le.ite B tt evert 1 1 1 1 -1 n s nt'ernnnn ' going Souih. an I eterv ''I horsdai-nl'i.Tiimni Norih. Pai-knse 111:1-1 be hit wlh" Mc-r-. .1. J. sV II. PECK it Co. 17 Vllitill. it Co. A tiOOD ii-sorinieui nt llrna I Cloth-, I'hm ain . ran y Cas-imere-t. in-h Vi-stui.... Ilr.m ,1' r.'n Ttvecls, Satinets, S.iininer Sluii'-, itc, at prices lower 10 10 u.iie iLi.11 si-la 111 101s place. May '.'3, f 31 J C. P. STAMFORD. MRS. FRASIER AS pi-t n'torned fioin New 1 ork, with her usual assort ment nl . MILLINERY GOODS, together with tho Lniest Fashion Florence and Slraw lc aired 111 the iiewe-i style, ll.iilinglon, .Mat 21, 1811. 51 Solomon X. Saiiliiid's INtatc. W 'ii'1'1' H,J'rlT ''"- having I ten apjiointe I by ihe . . ,..,,,.,, ,1- im; riuii.UK Vyiuni tor Hie lll-tncl ol Chitleiidcu, Cointni. sinners .i recene, enmine we. mii?i 1 i.u'os nn 1 iieiunnus ot nil pcrson n".,isi 1 In- ...miMiki'srir nttnv -r t-1 -v-i.-n,r. ... , , -..v..-.., ss.i .s i-if in, mie ol llincsbiirgh, in sai.l D'srici, decea ed, leprc-cniod iiisnlteni, an I also nil e 11111. or demands clu'bied in ull'-et Ibcieluj nndsit 1 nh. Irom tliedayoftbeda'e hereoi; I emg allowed by sai l Court fbrllnt punio-e, 11 dll f tl.-l I .fl.t-.. Ii,.-I.,l. ,ni-,, ,,n,l 1 '.. 1 to llie I iisincs. ot our appointment, nl the dwelling ol Marvin I.eiiii'ir,! in llino.l np,-l in .m.l o. .. ?. s w,,, 1, (,,i I 1 illieil'l , ' ., " ' ' - '--v "-, r.. .., III, I'll Hie 1st .Mondays nl July and Octol cr next, nt 10 o' clock, A. JL, on each of slid day-, 11 lied, this 20ihd.iv of .May, A. D., SH. 52iv3 .MARVIN LEON.IRD, ) ASV FOIillES. ' Com. Itussel darnel's JUstutc. WE the s ib.eribcrs, having been appointed by lb- 1 le the Prnbite Court lor the Dis trict of (Million leu, i-immi iniu-r I o receive, exam ine; mil a host 1 ho claim- and demands ul nil irr-..n agauut the e tale o( IID'-SEL, lale nf n.iiii;iii-, in sni 1 i,iirici, ocee;ie.i, rejire-cntctl in-ol. vent, nn I also all claims nml di in and exhil.ilcl in nlf el thereto 1 and six months frnui the day oi l he date hereof, I ems' allowed by said Court for th it purpose, we !o therefore beret y gite nonce, that we will ul tend In the business, uf air appnininieul.atihedit ellini' id' Sarah Cramer, in Chai but. 10 said .-i ,-.,,,1,7. sii'on I .Monday, of J ily and Deceml er next, at 10 11 1 1 'i 1, , ,t. -o., 011 i-acu ni a j 111 oat s. Dated, thU S. Ii day ol .May, A. I). IP(. PLT1.R VN VI.IK'l' i.Vl.T, 5,'W3 OIIADIA1I VAN VI Com. fancy annus NF.W nylt-s Light and Dark Silk., Halzorines, Pruned liwu, Jlou.-e do Laine-. Freni l, li,,,.. hams and Prints, a full assortu.eni, 111.1 rei-eitivl bv U. W. CA'IUN. AI.VO 1.-:.... r,ln-..nn 1M I - Ir .- . i.,s. . iwi iu i.i.u.i an.. .u.iiiuiuou iionnetts, sin. gle nnd ilonbb; rim Coloie I nnd While Leghuru Hats X..ll' .11 Ii. Itl.Mllnt ..rtt. .l ... ISO 1 . . .. ' w.. ,... ,.,i,iii.iis. .vrtiu- I' lower-, kin's, a great tarely. Gloves and .Mils, Jet Necklace., mid Parasolls Cra- ...... SJI. ... 1. t I . ...II 1. . .. . . '-""I., V. mis, sjuiii-. , .iiiimt-M 11 iis, IHt.MESTIO GOODS'. II. Ql,.u u .... 1 '1.. uii.i oiioinigs, i,iiiinii urn nnd i,i.i-i i., 1 11 iiidj., iiotini;aiio nailing, nieacti ed Cutton and American Prints, all kinds, tiist noenixl by II. W. t'ATLIN. A 1 Fur, i.-.ill mil V..... ...l. cl .. ..... ... ..... ..,...,..,, - ..,, .,.v , ,,ni auues of all kinds and style.. Al-o, a full n-sorlmeni cl Croceries (Liquors exceiiieil.) ei i....... i ;,...i-,.,..1'.. . v ......... .. , tn-.u innuy more not enu- nicrnlwl, bate leen sclccicd wit'i caro mid allentiun 111 r.iiiir,l In si vli 1111 ilii 1, nii.l i .. j.'-'.e'r 1.1 .. ..ii, uiki 1111, nutv U- ""',"' I"uiiuic, ii.iuw usanyoihcr e-lunli-hinciit 111 the State, ' ,; , UY "inlto 1, "a. cheap a the ehoap. e.l," tho c who want the mo.t lor tho lea.t money, will du will td call U'fou- purchasing, il W, o SPRING GOODS. A'gc and Choice Assortment of .S7',l',; AND FANCY GOODS, Just received Irom New Yi rk I y UOYNTON & MUIUII3TT. SA'IIN nnd Euit mi Icred Shawl., Plain De Lane do., .Muslin de Lane., Fring, (iimp, Cuiul rics nnd Muslin., Prin'ci. Lawns nnd .Muslin, Alpine Bomba zines, llo-icry,Gh'Vi'., iVe. 200 PIECES PRINTS', Choice Pattern, Very Imc. BlecehoduudSiripcd Shirting., Ticking, Salt-bury latincl., Piuids, (I'," Iri-b Linen, Brown Holland, a of Smooiri' t'loibsnn l tiauibrooiis and varitns l,n -v nrtioh;. mil nieiitiofed. .1 very choice (elcliuii or Bkoau Ct.UTIta and Vn.TINOS. (ll'OCCl ll'M., Hrown S igir, Loafdn., Young llysnn, Ily-nn, Ily.un Skin, and Impenal Tea-. Collcc,'ain gcr. Rice, Raisins, and Siuces of all kinds. rockery and Gla-s Ware, Nads, Salts, Flour nnd I'Vh. Will keen on hand n mxnl u..nrtiin-,i' nf ItoriTS nnd SHOES nf all kinds, und wnrk undo to measure by :i tvnrkin in ncel. no reconiinciid.iliou.. iiinesi urgn, .uuy -lib, isi I. B Cm 1VT 1,twinlllttflrni-ri.- .,, "'t""'ii i,u I li.llilllll ou.,1 TUI1.N- til.h wunlod m exeliango liir Goo Is, at the highest market price. Also, paid fur Cheese. HARD WAJ.'I S THONGS if. Co. hate reeeivixl nn I oiler to pur chaser n very general assortment n fARD WARE, ninougst wlucu may be found thu fdlowiu-' !o ii-il ! " itulls and .SVrew, Nnrl'nlk and Amerienn f.a'ches, Che-t nnd Window Blind Hltigc, Wire Cheek Spring, Jlortn e Bed ( ranks, Curted Bill Spraig, Be'l Cranks, llnu.e Bell., Hand, Tow er, Fl.11 spring, Square nnd Monkey I ml Bolls, Trunk and Chest Handle, Garden Rake, Fire Iron, l!cii"h V,ce, Iliasi 11 itions on plates, JapunM Jo. Screw Piilbe., Hat and Coal Pin, Black Hooks nn I Hi igc, Shutter Sciews, Slid h an I Plate, Pal l.o Trunk do., Cupboard do., Till do., Chest do. Long sh inked an 1 CoiK'avc Auger, Braces an I Biii Hevils, Pinner Chi el,.fuiner, Morlicoand Social do. Gouge., Brasis Divi lers, Giuih'ets, Smg'e ami doiil le Plane Iron. Couipa-?, Gralnuz, Hand and Rippinn Saw, Knives mil For!,-, Carver, SlcH., Hatcher Limes, Bread and Shoe Kuites, Promutigdo. rocket and Pen do. Tiper lite, Mill do. Mat ll.isiard do. half round do. Ilorselti-p-, llra-s Bulls. Curtain iing-,Tea hell-, Tape Jlea-mes, Halier Chums, Sad Iron, 'I ail- or s do., lln I-, Table Spoon-, Table Hinge-, Cutting Nipper-, Ileal Awl-, Sash Fasteners, Nut Cracker, Cork Srritys, Hand Vices, Trowel., Steel Vni'd- 51)1.1 100 lb-., On I lruii-,Saucc pans, Ivinniel'd Mnaliii Keltic-, Hollows Pipes, Bel K'ey,Copner Wire, Sciew pulbe-, Axledo. Sa-h Roller-, Piatelocks, Iron Srpiaiu-, Stub do. Wood Sni'- nn I Frames, Pewter Cocks, Ihtug I nrcr-, Butler triers, Si 'kles, C it Tack", Frying pan, It 11 Traps, Box and Ivory liulcs, Toy I lie-, Li be-' do. Screw Diner, M ihogiuy ICnuhs, Sirup Hatmiieis, Carpet do. St'iew ttienchi, lln ad II.111 bets, Shingling do. Brass skiiuiners, Saw Sells, .tc. ie. Al n, HEAVY HARDWARE. "Anvil-, Vice., Oa-t S eel, Plated and Iron Shuels an I Spades, D nig Forks, Hay do. Cro Bar, tt'rn'i. NiiiU, Trace Chain-, Iton tt'ne, Brass Ketikv-, itc. .May t , HI 1. .51 F.1L1AS 1T3IA1V H inu rei'eiveil a very ex'en ive usorttrient uf inti uuuiin invites t ie I..ldies nn rioin ,.. men of II irliiigtnn an I vinnilv lo call nn I I'ninmn tin-in. Among wbi -h will I e fnun I Halzorines, L-iwii'. Sniii Stripe I .Muslin, Striped JIiilm Ging ham., 31. D. Lame.-, ite. o,e. Also A very extenite ns nrtinent ol HIaek and Blue, Alepines nf superior qualit nn.l fini-h very 'ow. Prints ; a very variety of beautiful lini-b, light ground-, and superior quality, the mo-t elegant styles in market. Then' Gi,nd were I ought in Bos ton and arerii'otuniciided for durability and latc'dor-. Furniture Piint-, White Foruiiiire' Dinniy. Cniin-teriiaue-, 10, II und 12 quarter-, and Curlaiu'l'Vinpcs. BI.K'k and Blue Black, German, l.'ugli.h and Ameri can Broad Cloth-. Ca-simeres nnd Vesting, an extensive .-lssnrtmnni. Saliiii'lie-, Tiveiil-, Erm neite, Cnmb'eteen, Doe Skin. Cii.,iiitc, Figure 1 nn I Plain Listing, Valte 1 Mule Sl-in, niul oibcr riehSuiiimer stud-. I a lie-' super Black Kd Glotcs, Light Colored do. Inr summer, tt'lute do., Half Long do. Al-o, Silk, Lisle Thread. Cutton, d. w 1 La.W India Rubl i r MitP, A few pair Rich Cud's (icni'emcn's Kid Gloves. Black While and Colored. I.i-le Thread, Linen anJ Cotton do., White Kid and Silk do. Superior Spitalficld Hdkf-., Pengee, Choppa. and Binda. Blai k Italian Cravat, extra size. Pill; Opera Tie. I ancy nml HIaek Satin d 1. Slut ks and Collar.. Fieiu'li Dinniy, Cutnlri' In-citing ami Edginr., fringe., Gimp., Pur-c., H,gS, Hooks and Eicon Cards nud m lluxe, Jet Ll.iilun-. An ex ensiieas-orimciiinf e.i'iyr Wnr-ted., parl lliiituu-, with and without -hank.. pm0 Comb-, Dres-ni'-do, Sei-sors Pins, 'eedle., itc. Cottons-. Star': Mill". Farmer-, Jli Idlesex, Jlcrrimnc, Dover mil other Sbcciug-, s iper'or mil le.n h'd Family Shirting nnd Dulling. Illeadi'd Sheeting nnd Shirt ing, Ticking, .Mexican .Mixture-, Fancy Sinpe, Check., Are. tl-imil on Slrm'd Jean-. 'Wiekm.', ttalhnt'. Palling, rvniiiimr Pom,.,, I'mm,, Vn... C irpet Warp, Hi; ni nl I pii e. ' Irish Linen, Dn il le Dama-k, Hrown Linen, Jacket . ..;,ii,..i nin e i.incn 1, ruling, iinel; I r.i-ii Ru.-ia Diaer,n,rdsEjcLiiun,TableClu:h-,Spicad.s' Piiiin JL D. L iine lldkf-. nn 1 Shawl-, Honue Cap and Neck Riblciis. .Mnr.hnll'j l.i... ti,..i da. White Mipenhio No. from 30 to 100 for knitting i-ai-e, svc. . .. Tailor's Trimming'!. tilt;, t wist, Imperial Canvas., Padding, Hrown Linen, "-clce a, H itn n. dial f Jonl und timid. Wi,.. an-, ..c. if-e. 'Intloi'b' Sponl Thuad, Llark's and Iliirlinton, 23 May, IBM. 51 GOODS AT WHOLESALE. i ' rsiitcr lei and Table Spoon-, VJ 1'1'ilelTeaanlT.illeSpooii., niiianni.i Tei and Table Spoon, Siivi re I Tc i and I able Spoon-, Lou nn I Pewter Spoon., Cfi-lll.lll -sdli-r nn t IS,,, ...I It,....,. t...:.... '- ",.it-i ivoi.i.-., German dtcr, Horn, Wood, iycry, Shell and Bone an 1 Meial Eye'el.-. Hoot, Shoe and Ccr-el Lacet, P.o.l New Vnrk solid Head Pin.. O nice Pin-, Diaper and Slnwl Bin, Go'd, Plated and Gilt I'm- ,n8, anJ other Jew e rv, Hot's Bel's r.lass, Gilted and P.'alixl BeaJ-, RazoisanlRaz r Straps, I'la'cland Bl ick spring Hooks nml Ejc, Wallet-, Pur-esiiiid Pur-e Irimming., Stllleltnc., Slu e-, nud Ela-tics, Hemming nnd Sons' Dri l'd eytsl Needle, huiiliag Nced'es, 11. -oriel in' fancy lioxes, S'eel, Wnul, lira., nnd Whalel one Bask., halebnne in pound bun lie., Fancy, Shaving nnd Toilet Soups, Pens nnd Pen Holder-, Lead Pencil-, ''1 ,lcvo Doxc, llra-s Sicel, Mltcred, i;,lt, German Silver, nnd Silver TIiiiiiI le-, Pcreiiq-ioo (Vii, sc.-,a.. And n i-nm"i- ,.r ...... '.I... ...i i , . . i, , " 11 .iiiuii-a iviis-o we mien. i lo sel so tint lie I..., . ,,, , i-".""-, piiiin ui noyiiig them of us. Vv hate iirranged the smiud sinfy nf our newstnie nr Muring siu-h liomls n. wehate iiol rooio ior leinw, an.i i,,r whole-altug slnuld ibe de niind for such good, as we o eraud our liners ena- dl' Us U) W ill f s.i o 1 1, no, IV.. ..... .. I i ... , . s- oi imiT-i nun moderate m nur expecanon from the w lio'e-nle de- ;," i "i" we can tuppiy on. turners satis. laeiorily, and shall I o happy lushew ibeui oorgoixls and tell ibcm the pru-e., and we know xve shall not sell the goisl.. it weput them too li'gh. No luiin to call nnd looks uothiug like looking Icr yoiirsell looj ean'i do any thing till you try: there is a I pL'imiiii.. in a,. iv ...ii' , v " , .. s-i-.ii, si-,, .i. iiincn a. bo Imyvynnt,,! when ho went to the slave dealer ui u i-iiq urcu me puce ol stave at whole-ale and when Ibe price wa nanicdsnid "1 will tnke oneat whoicsale." HRINSJIAID & HflOTHERS, in Panubohn it BhInuid. IX. B, Clocks and Walchcs by the I ox. NOTICE. rPHF. Si-ln'tnien of Huilingtin und Colcheter 1 wish in contract for I.,,, I, !,,,,. n ll,t.l,.,. ,.... On on luvcr al tho High Undue, mi called. Bridge builder a e invittxl to make proposal for the job. II elenst'i of ihe Bridge will b t Irom 0 to 00 fee'. n Arch Ridge is jn cuiitiiiiplalion, Ii it inoposnls brn Plan, oroiher kind, nr iin.l n-i'i I .. ... ... wi aiidduly cins'ilrrcil. l.i MVN. ) Seleein-en BOVl'VVlfK TOUtLEY, of SUVII .MORSE. ) llurliiifiton. JACOB ROLf'F, 1 Selecliicn" a ii.iu.x ii. VtK'Ktt'AHI: nf 1 LISIIA RAKER. J Colcheiter. .JLiy 20, loll 51 'PAR, 10 HblNNouhCurolina, by M. O. liATHKUN & CO- DRAPERS tV TAILORS, No. -Z, PiH'f II ill hug, nAVH-rcturnH from New Vnrk wnh tbeir :tiring Slock, comprising mi ns-i rllneut nl'earcfullv 'e Into I VE-il'INtl.S, a lew du C.SSII'.I(ES, nnd nn extensile assortment of TRI.MJIINOS. JL G. Hatiiuun, C. F. Waho. .May 23, '. 51 M()ltl'j"NljH' (iOtll)S. FLORENCE, Biuil, Rutland, Snaw mi l English Bonnet., Jli-e.' Hmiiieta, Silks, Punt, (Sing hairf., Shawl., and HJkl. ite.ite. iu-t le eived by -May 21, ISII. 51 II. W. CATLIN. ri.oitENcsi ito.Nrns7rAit soi,s, &c. A FINE a-suriiiieut uf Floience IIohik-i-j hso, rv sumo elegant Straw Hnntiets, ingelhcr t tth n luge taricly of Bonnet Tiinimitig, Ac now open. tug at C. F. STAMFORD'S. May 23, Ml. 5i IV K W TAILOKING ESTABLISHMENT8 rPHI': subscriber will carry nn I i-siness Iwn dor'r: 1 norih nf II, Wlu'iuey's 'shi p, on Ihe New Rnnd. And he feci warran'iil in -nymg, Irom Ibe long ex. perieueu he h i hud in London, tb ii ml work irr it cd lo bun will I e done in a la-hiuuablu style, and good sali-faction given. Also Realy made Clothing kept on haul mil lor talu chap for cah. N. 11. G.irtncnl cleancil, and utting for others lo make, done un tho shortest notice. R. PATTERSON. Birlington, .May 22, 1311, 51 3m NISW GOODS. THE snl i now receiving trnm New York a cci eial a.p.nrlineut of I HY GOODS, GRO CEUIES, ( ROCKI RVand GLSS WARE. Al-o, Flo ir, Salt, Plaster, Salmon, JI c l err, fml Fi-h, ,te. 1I01UCE LANF. Birlinrlnn, Jliy 23, 1 11. Bl I) YDSTUri'fi, ACIDS, It Yi:-WOODS, if-7T WILLIAM IWItTIMntii: iv; SON, 31 Cliir Sticel, Corner uf Fulton, New-York, a to.yr.vT si't'1'i.Y or WIIOLESAI. Lau Dyu Codinieal In hgo Brazil Wocd Red San 'cr. Ilvpcr Nic Wood Peach Wood llache Wnnd Cum Wood Bir Wnnd (ireeu El nnv Nicaragua Wood I o.JWood Fo-t'i: Acer lt d mm (J 'erciirou Bark tt'lninig W eld Tuineriu Sumac jiutipct JludVr Garrauicien Cud' ear Orclnle Salllowcr Nut Gall Pcr-ian Berries Anneitu Woa 1 Glue Hntl-b Gum Pro bale I'o'iish Hi 'hromale ilo S-d Amoniae Lilhaiugc Copper Dust Antimnny Sugar Lead Blue ilriol Copperas April 21, ISII. Titr. loiumisn articlls E AND RETAIL. Alum Argol Cream Tartar I'lirtarie Acid Aq im Fortis Citric Acid Muriatic Acid Od Vitriol Nitrate Tin iMtiruitic Tin .Mini" S ilpb. Tin Crystals Tin Cheuno Aq Anmnia Fuller's Eartli Briuistcne Nitrate Iron Oxalic Acid Dlcachiiif; Salts Sal Soda Put Ashes 'Pea;! A'bes Verdigris Pore Tin Balary Root Tea -als Gun- Senegal Indigo l'a-ie I.'.xt. Log Wood PineClav Flns.'d Tin I Twine I Theriuonieter-i t Hvdrometers j Vat nets Wringing Cli-th Cu eh Terra .laooinca I Potato S'aich Jlangance-o I itc. (sc. Ve. 3UI-17 TO iMCRCllANTS, iMANUFACTUR JJ11S AM) d';us. llycStull', Djt-Wood., v-ilds, Ac. ssIIlil'l'Altl) it .HOIix-A.V. 17 FULTON S I !'. E r. T , N . Y . Will hare constantly for sale, Alum, Argol, Aniiuiony, Archil, Ann nlo, B i.c Viniol, llicbn in tte, Bleachinj; Puw- dcr, British Gum, Hrmi-lune, CiK-liineal, Cudl ear, Cnpperi-, Cnjipcr I'ti't, Cream Tartar, Cheniie, Fuller's I'nrih, Gum Senegal, " Powders, Glue, Agents for C Indigo, " Extract, Litharge, Lac Dye, Madder, Nut Gall. Oxalic And. ACIDS. quti Forps, 'ju i Ammonia, duriali.', Inn. no Tin, Xm. M. Tin, N'ttri Acul. Pru-siale Potash Od Vitriol, Pciitash, Potash, Sal Amoniac, sugar Lead, S unac, Salllowcr, I'm, Turmeric, DYF-WOODS. liar Wood, Cam Wooil, Fustic, fluche Wood. Hyper Nic l.ogiyoo I, Teaels, Tartaric Acid, Verdigris, V I, Whiiing, ste. Peach Wood, Red Sundial, 'tarl art' Root, iuer, ll.rl., oic. Header's Philadelphia Gl ie nnd Whip-, n.-.d C. Ilea Icr -t Co.' mvi'e particular a' lentinn. Starch, to t Inch wo IffCash paid for il.image.1 HiJe-, Indigo, Ceroon, and Glue Piece--, cf nil I ind-. 51 3 n LAKE C II A Til PLAIN. Fare tliroush the I.akc reduced ta K;i,0(), (Jlcal extia.) THE STEAMER BURLINGTON, CAl'T. n. W. SIIEI1MAN, Will leave AVhitehall every .St. Johns every Tun-day, .Monday, Thursday, Wedno-day, Situidav. f'rday, THE STEAMER SARANAC capt. o. l.ATiumr. Will leave Whitehall every Si. John- every .Men lay, T..c-day, We.lne-d.iy, Thurd'iy, Friday. Saturday. At one o'clock, P. JI. from each end if the Lake. 'I he above - the nr.-angemeni lor running for thu season, unlc-aiiuticc i.giivu to Ihe contrary. The Company intend lo p a e ihe Steamer White ball upon the l.uieiusiond ol ilieSaianac, eirlv in Ju ly next. Shu will I commanded l.y Copt. G. Lilhrop. Burlington, IG .May, IS II. 50 FOR SALE. fjpilE subscriber oilers for sale his - present plaeo of residence. GEO. G. INGERSOLL. Pearl St. Jlay Till. -J9wG no ricii. AlH ARFAGE, STORAGP. and FORWARDING V by the subrcril er at the New Wb.vf. ENOS BI.IN'N. . Iliirlington May 1, 1S1L -13.x C- NEW GOODS. SM. POPE has just rciiued hi. Spring Stock it Diy Goals nuJ Gr.K-erie-, which he will sell for eas-li or'le.idy pay a- elieoji a. ihe cheapci. Burlington, .May 13, ISII. 50 IlllNXUTS ILOUF.NCE Brar.1 Boniuis, . Holland do do Ml-se and Children Slraw ilo White mill Colond Palm Leaf do for sale by May 13, ISII. iOJ S. JI. POPE. STRONGS it Co. luvo just rccvited aud now oi ler ai low prices, 10 Ton-, usortcd'li-li lirelrcn, 3 do do Swedes, 2 do Ru-s a Old Sat le, 3 do do Nail nsl-, Sanderson' Casl Steel, Swedes do, Engli-h Blisi. do. German. Too Calk, do Anvils, Kotter Key, nud Patent, Vnos, Shovels, Spades, Hue-, Cro Bars, Hay nnd .Manure 1 oiks. Set the. Sioon lloVfl'. wilh u general and lull assortmeul ol'lroninongery. .May,J2-liLL z ' JltlM) KI'OXUS. 'IVIVQ 'r-, St..., I.-, llrni.l s-1. nu lin i n,l O iiitlini'btxl, size- assorted. .STRONGS ,t Co. May 10, 'JI. 50 IJOI ASH KETTLI S 00 and 120 gallons. Caul dron dn 30, 15, CO uu I 120 ga b us, very cheap, May, Id II. 30 S TRONGS k Co. LOOKING GLASSES. A Large Assortment of various sizes of O O. llandea Plato, and Li Fntetto styles, just ree'd by LOVELY & SEV.MOUR. Church street, Burlmslon, May I, "U. 43tf ITSVf G-COsDJS. TUST RECI 1VED, l.y by LOVELY & SEYMOUR. 60 STRONGS &:Co. J May I, IB It.

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