Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 21, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 21, 1844 Page 3
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20. On the 10th of July tho bill camo back "vetoed." ami tho question being "shall the bill pass, notwithstanding thn ol jecllnns of tho President," tho vote stood Ayes 22, (Mr. D.illas still nmonp tho number) Noes 19. Fi nally, as Into as July 7, 183G, Mr. Dallas wrote as follows on tho subject of & United Slates Dank : "Ofthe Constitutional power of tho National Oov crnmcnt in rrcnlcn hnk, I ilid tint thru, nor iln I nnv,tntcrtaln n doubt. 01 the ability of ConErcs'to create tci it Juntas would lift a saf., machine of u nince nml a serviceable necnl in precrvinir n sound currency, I teas then, as I still am. convinced. Tho intmiiils nf Countess bear witness to tho vote i'f Mr. Dallas, recorded with that of Clay and Frelinhtiysen, 135 limes in FA VOR of tho bank ; mid wo challenge, the Democrat and Sentinel to shew that ho ev er uttered a sentiment adverse to it, during tho pendency of that question. "Honest rebuke. Low indeed, must tho leaders of locofoco Is in hold the intelligence of tho people. After professing for years to bo the true friends of a protecting tariff, and pretending to regard fur tho wool-grower, they have at length raised the free trade Texas Hug, put in nomination an unqualified op poncnt of protection in all its shapes one who declares, in so many words, that "wool should bo dm v free," and now with impu dence unparalleled, appeal to tho farmers, mechanics and manufacturers of Vermont to march up to the polls and seal their death warrant. Every effort has been exhausted in tliuvain attempt to show up their candi date in some imaginable aspect of conformi ty to northern interests ; but this is given up. He Ins but one aspect ; and bis supporters in this quarter have abandoned the idea of reconciling the nomination, either with r orlli cm interests, or the plainest principles of good faith. Tlieir effort now is, to blink all those questions, and cover an inglorious re treat, a base betrayal of tho vital interests of New England, by baser attacks upon tho Groat Champion of American Industry. We therefore find tho True Democrat, anil pipers of like stamp, endeavoring to pull Mr. Clay down to the level of their own free trade candidate, by foolishly attempting to roh him of his tariff principles. If O'lJallo- ran sees any thing green in the eye of a Ver mnnter, let him proceed ; but if ho esteems bis readers intelliiient and honest, ho will hardly press this insult upon them. In the mean time, wo beg to direct his attention to the following withering rebuke finm the Sun bury American, a decided but decent loco foeo paper in Pennsylvania. "Tim r, litor of llio 'G i7.Ho' caniplains tint we do not call Henry f'hy n dii"lii, n Sabbath breaker and thn ndmcale of free Irtde ptiueiples. We reeurd per sonal V use ns the very lowest weapon nf party war-fir-, ami we haw always left it to lie hanclleil hv thne who-e j iyinp iihizo utli the means. It is only reiri'.' .iihen die caue is desperate. While we edit a public tnurnal we hope we shall nut forael lint preten I in the. character nf a gentleman. Besides wo nppis.. Ilenrv I lay nn h'i2li uroiituls, irrespective of th(i man. If e have not attempted to prove lint lie is the advocate of free trade, it is becaust! we have s-uiie re-p' ct for nur own character and the intelli gence of the. People." POLK AGAINST THE TARIFF. The. Recency presses in this Stato are making an effort to cover up Mr. Polk's anti-Tariff opinions. They feel assured that no man, who is avowedly hostile: to this beni-fici-il measure, can obtain the electoral vote of New Yolk. Henre, therefore, the attempt to represent Mr. Polk as occupying what inav be called " neutral ground" be tween a Pi elective Tariff and Free Trade. This is the most that they pretend to claim for him. Hut his own avowals and tho em phatic declarations of his immediate organs show that even this rlaim is unfounded. Mr. Polk says explicitly, in his address to tho Peoples of Tennessee, published in July, IS 13, that ho is and always lias been appris ed tn a Protective Tariff. And his organ, the Nashville Union, endorses this declara tion of principles in tho following explicit language : " We wih it borne in mind, that the oppressive ta riffof 1842 lias been condemned bv everv true I'mio crat, nnd by none more decidedly than Mr. Van Iln. ren. THAT ITS PROVISIONS AUK Vir.WKI) with AUiiortur.NT'i-' nv nnvF.itxoit polk AND ALL HIS FRIENDS WF. NF.LD NOT RL' PEAT." Let it bo borne in mind, then, by the Peo ple of New York that Mr. Polk "views with Aiiiioniir.Nci:" the provisions of the "oppres sive Tariff" of 1842. He is thus fully com milled against it. lie will, if elected, urge its immediate repeal. Mr. Polk's success, therefore, will be destruction to tho present I uriff. lias New lurk suffered so much from the ill effects of this measure that she is willing or anxious to see it repealed? Or has she not, been rather, benefited so greatly bv its salutary provisions that slii will make anv and every effort to maintain them undistur bed? This is no mere party question. It is a question affecting the interests, the welfare, tho very independence ol our country. Un der thn influence of tho present Tariff the entire Union is advancing with giant strides on thn hiU road to wealth, power nnd great ness. To the North Especially the Tariff is of the highest importance. It opens to us a career of prosperity such as no other na tion ever yet trod. It cccurrs to Capital permanent investment ; tn Ercrr.iirnisE, lili. cral encouragement; to Labor, steady nnd profitable employment. Tho Farmer, tho Mechanic, the Merchant, the Larorer, the Philanthropist and the Patriot aro ulike interested in maintaining prcnt measure. Why, then, should it be over thrown ? Who, but politicians, call for its destruction Do the Pfinrix demand n change t Or will they suffer a measure, so , pregnant Willi niessings anil lienelits to our ..... . . - whole country, to bo sacrificed to the whims and prtjudices of Southern Deinagoes and j'lsnniniusis i now my .vim, electors ot , New York 1 Are you for CLAY and the pnr.sp.NT Taiui-i', or for I'OLK and Brit ish Fieo Trade 1 Ev. Journal. THE PRESIDENTIAL CONTEST. Now that thn battlu is commencing in car- . .1.- II. ,1, n u,, ...,w HIU S ,je defined, we miy take a survey of the ground, tnii hazzard an opinion on tho de tails ol tho probablo result. Wo know well that no estimate made five months before the Election can bo implicity relied on that unperceived nnd secondary influences may operate to change tho ascendency in nicely balanced States nnd that superior anal and activity in tho canvass may sometimes give the victory. to that party which ut the outset is infeiiot in numbers; but wo believe no probablo, scarcely any conceivable event can intervene betwixt this and November to overrule the fixed purpose of a majority of tho American People to elect Henry Clay ns their next President. Wo believe the respective States will cast their Electoral Votes as sot down in the subjoined table, and by nearly the majorities affixed viz: roil Henry Ciavi Stales. r.lcclors. Pop. maj. Mnssachii'ctts, Rhode Island, Kentucky, Delaware, Connecticut, Vermont, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, New-York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana, OeorL'ia, Tennessee, 4 12 3 6 6 8 It 23 3(i 26 7 12 10 13 2.(101) 10,000 1,500 3,0(10 lonno 3.000 10,000 20,000 20,000 10,000 2,000 3ono 3,000 2,000 Total, 1E0 For Jamks K. Polk : Stales. Electors. Pop. maj. New Hampshire, South Carolina, Missouri, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, 6 9 7 0 C 6 3 o in hi 10 000 6.000 7,nno 3 000 2 000 1,000 Total, Virsinia, Illinois, M ichijjan, Maine, Total, Very Doiiljulij 17 9 5 9 To We confidently expect that some of the Stales wo have set down as doubtful will go for Clay, while wo shall not entirely give up the last three in the Polk list unless the Summer Elections at the South result badly. Dut for the Texas question, we should stand an even chance, for them all. Maine we should probably get, but for a law of that Slate which makes all the scattering votes count against a choice, nnd, if no one has over half the whole nunib cast, remits the election to thn present Legislature, which is strongly Loco. It is quite probable, there fore, that it will be carried f r Polk by a mi nority vole. Virginia will go Whig, if it is previously asccitained that wo arc certain not to need her ; hut, as wo hare already enough in the Whig column to satisfy the two-thiids rule of the Loco-Focos, we will not claim her. On the other hand, there is not a State in the Whig column that we do not expect to carry, commencing with those that the Whigs cannot lost) and running steadily down to those which cannot go wrong if the proper effort is made to keep them right, which we doubt not there will be. We know our opponents profess to be ennfident of success in this Stale and Penn sylvania, but with what reason ? II.ivo cIii-m-States ever voted against a Protective Tariff when tho question was fairly before them 1 Is it likely that Annexation will help Polk here? We cannot believe be has a chance in either Stale. Tribune. - -- wrmrrm JOHN TYI.EU AND TEXAS. Tune" John Anderson, my Jo." John Tvlcr.O! myjo, John, Who T exas fain would join Unto the Union now, John, In marriage bond diiine The maleh we do oppose, John, Hut rather yon would iro, And join yourself lo Texas close. John Tyler, O! my Jo. We've manes rnouph on hand, John, And would not covet more, We'd raihir clear our land, John, Of all thf so pesis so sore Tho' while you do remain, John, In ehair of chance, t,e blow We'll wait, tho' it be in pain, John Tyler, O I my Jo. The. White House soon you'll leave, John Relieve us now, 1 pray, No moie youreelr deceive, John, 'Tis spoke for Henry Clav. Tho' you do leave a smell. John, rile sweepers llicre may rue, And male lliem hold their nose, Julia Tyler, O! my Jo. For Annexation slraicht, John, I o Texas we will vole, I'"1, f "your sleps do take, John, t lib all your papers wrote. So shall tins land of freemen, John, I'.tnerne. from dentl, nf On i b iard the ship with Harry Clay. John Tyler, O! my Jo. Huntington, June 11, 1811. J. In tho great session of Congress, in 1832, on tho questions of the Bank, the Tariff, Land Distribution, Internal improvement &c. the yeas and nays in the Senate are re cirrteu JWJ times. Un these quostions Mr. Dallas recorded his vote 28 times with Mr. Henton, Grundy, &c. and 135 times with Mr. Clay, Webster, Frelinghuyscn, J-c ! ! ! For proof, see Journals. Death's Doinos.-TI.o Newhaven papers nf Friday announce the deaths in that town, on 1 hurray evening, of three elderly and nrnmi. nent citizens of the State of Connecticut. 'IVir ... ..,,u y.,- arc ns follows : Gen. Nathan in i crry, oi uartlori . aire, 7fil,l.;i n ,i 'n ' rV ' x"al ' n-'d CO. and Timn thy Dwigl.l, Eri ased Oil, abo of that city I lieso aro all worthy and hhrhlv tinmen, and they are extensively known, eppe ctally in Connecticut and New Kncland. II I IVeeilmniltli nn I), a llll. ..! 1 Stuart,--" tho last nf the Stuart j" in his llOU, jesr. His father General Jcdin Stuart, w. . ttnnr rnUd... r . i .... " " I i ",i V ' i ,'" I'reteiKler, Prince Charles Aran i ; " "mi lVuu 'BeVUIl 01111- iitu iiiu iivn ivit'oo ... ... i - five in ii, h.,, i..,i, r. ." "aii,c "I II S HO tilt tt'nro If I ...I t .. L . t vv! .-I " .... I . .'I al i raialgar. one at imt mw at jUTnra 11 .1 ,1. caused by accident. DKA-7" T m""? E REVnI-UTi!unY Pension JiO 10 lowiniv iiprK.iriu .t,.,.l ;.. ri .. n. . r " 1.1 vj tnivn f last week, viz: Garrelt Van Kppe a.-ed w., , iieuuiiijr, aged W I j also' Van V lUkt. Willi umir,.,l ... .! - It i . can ar. aged hi AU 'M a dance " uacu oilier. Hal. Niki. Gazette Another GoneI-TIio Salem Register an. noiinees 1,0 death of the last of WaAi-iL-tu.V I.ifu (.tiarde, ii, the person of Capt Jesse Smith. who thed at ,i. residence in Salem on fi ny,iKe' If'n'"'- "o was in the battle ol Blinker Hill, aiid afterward, was .Irafted int., Wa liinglou's Guards. Jn W,B prcsclU , bal le. of Ilrandywrne, Trenlon. 'fJern.antown, and Moninouth. He riselved his di.chargo in mCUroin Colonel Washington. Peace to his r mains. Tut Influence or Temperance upon Intellectd. al Discipline t A Discourse delivered ncroaE tub Temperance Society or tiie UnIvbiisitt cr Vermont. Hv Rev. William Siiepd. Univeiisi TV Tress, MunLiNOTON. l'ni.NTEO nv Stilman Fletcher, 1S14, Gratified and profited as wo were in hear ing this discourse, we have been no less so by n careful reading of it since its appear ance in print. The view taken in tho dis coursa of the " influence of temperanro on intellectual discipline" is, nlMie sumo time, profound nnd clear; and, ttlllinnili expressly intended for students, and admirably adap ted to their condition and wants, cannot fail to interest every intelligent mind. Most re flecting persons have been for a long time apprehensive that thn temperance move ments of tho day well intended ns they havo been, and doubtless useful in tho main liavo had loo exclusive a reference tn the passions of the body. Such persons will bo gratified ut finding, in the discourse before us, truer and profoundcr views, expressed in language of classical precision nnd elegance. If the springs of life nnd action in the mind and heart arc pure and self-controlled, then may tho man bo called temperate in an ex alted sense a temperate man, rather than a moderate animal. On this subject, Mr. Shedd says : "Thef.iel that men have so prncrally contented themselves wi Ii the subjection of the appetites nnd passions of the body, and have not slriven to control the more refined, yet more danserous passions of the mind and heart, proves that man is not naturally in clined to nini nl llie Inchest, nnd to reach nfier per fection. Not that what has been done should have been left undone, but thai which has been left undone should have I ceil done Man debt not to be subject to bis ealma nnd drinkinr, and lie oucht not to be n slave to his pndn and ri mini ion . He oucht not to rest conlcnt until he has control of himself in nil the spheres of his life, until every power of his being is tinner tne sway ot law." Wo have not time to enter upon an analy sis of tho discourse. Wo must content our selves by recommending it to all sensible men, ns a production which the v will stand a chanco of becoming wiser and better by reading. For the Burlington Free Press. Mn. Stacy: I wish tube permitted thrnuph the columns of your paper, to propound the inquiry to your biclhren of the Press in this slate, and particu larly to the Fditni and Publisher of the ISeMows Falls Gazette, whether tho Christian rule, to do to others ns you would be done by, lias any application to llie mailer ol exchanging papers or not 7 and if it has, why the Vermont Autograph and Keniarkcr, altho' a sze smaller than the one they publish, and not struck ofl'on types, is not to I e included among their exchanges. The Gazette formerly honorcu the paper in question wi:h nn exchange when sent to the olTice, and if the present proprietors hale any good reason why they have not cnndcseendid 10 pay the last draft of tho kind presented al their desk, will they be good rnoiigh to make II known. Tho reason of theaboe enqnryis, I sent them a copy of ihe Auiogiaphn short time since.for wbirh the return is wanting. Huntington, Juno 12, 131 1. AUTOGRAPH. On the l.icofoco n.itllmoi'c Nomination. Slranje things with Locos come to pass, They tried for hobbies, Van nnd Cass, Bui finding how their wind was broke, They swap'd their nags and got n Polk I i uKMONSTnAriov. 1 nai llie loco tiro, since tllC nominilli Ml nf Polk, are tn tnlf., T-l . . mi ... ground openly and strongly against the tariff in the coming I'rtsiiientiai contest, is every day Incoming more and moro nppnrrni. Silas Wright has herein" lore voted for llie land; anil Ins friends have claimed much credit for bin, on ihat account, but on Saturday Inst, when a tet lesohuion was introduce! in llie henate, declaring Ihe present uniusl. anil thai it oiigit to le rtdiuctl. Mr. Silas W'right promptly in nvjuvur. i-oKccpsic journal. Unties or Fiiabful Times. A party nf persons from Glen s I-alls, N, ., engaged in repairing the i.ane i.eorgo Koail. near " Williams' ltock," last Monday, discovered large quantities of human bones. They were found about eighteen inches under the sur face of the orolllld. Ailioni; the bmwq fnnr firiilU were found, each f which bore the marks of the Indian's tomahak. They are doubtless the bones of the v ctnns (jf the Indians under Montcalm, nl the massacre which succeeded the surrender of Fort it imam Henry. ANOTlinn Mix On Sutnhv aflernnnn. W liatn Lea, nf Spring Garden, felt a nausea at his stomacii, and alter some tune ejected an eel auniu inur inclies I11112. Tho eiectiiient of the varmint had tho effect to calm Ilia stomach, as every body must suppose. He cannot imagine hnw the creature cut there. n he has tin recrol lection nf bobbin? for that k.ii'l ol lioh fur some time. I'lulad. Ledger vh. COLCHESTEU. The Whigs of the town of Colchester, are Hereby notified that a meeting; will bo hulden at llie Uay Llub Room, at J. W. Wcavcr'H Store, on Siturday the 22d inst. at .1 o'clock P. M, to appoint District Delegates, and to make ar rangements in regard to the Mass State Con villiuilt DAVID KIDD, M. D. WICKWARB, t- n. PLATT, Colchester, Juno 18, 1811. Town ' i Committee. JERICO. The Whigs of Jorico aro notified to meet al the Corners, to. morrow, Saturday 221. at li o clock P. M. to made I lie Maps Convontinn at Tin rl in it) nn t t.n 20lh. By order of the TOWN COMMIT VEE. Jericn, Juno 17, '44. CAMP MEETING. Second Advent Camp-Mccting at Cambridge, Vt, eno mile south of the Centre, to commence Juno 25lh. Miller, Shipman, and others, will ba in attendance. JIKWKYnuEYNOLDS, ) For the C1IAULES UENNS, Comuiitlee. TO T HE LADIES. 'THr; undersigned offers for sale a rich assortment SHAWLS AND UAI.ZORINES. very cheap, at the Sioro one door east of Mers JlurlniBlon, Juno 81, IStt. Uarill,ni. MONTIlHAt, AM) HUSTON EXIMtKSS. TIIKfuhscnher-1 have mado arransmicnls to tend n me..enger from Ho.ion lo Al OIllrHnl .in. I I ..-I oiii-ei H wivk e.ieb way, via. II irlinutoii, aionitiFbrr and (Jonyord -N. II.. leaving llo.,o, MonlL ' and Uontra on 'I I. rsday. for the lran.,iii.,0 oi'sw eie, Hank ole., and nthcr valuable p.icU-e. I'ar lieular aMeution paid lo colle ting- and iiayu,,. NteJ Irafl-, Ill I,, , Aiv;;rtan v, .f-r. ..e. All paeUg,., ,' leniarUd Virsil & Co. am W..IL.., I i:. 7 " piess, and 10 I e left at Ihe counting room ol j. VIRGIL & Co, Montreal. 3 WALKUt k L'!, Bojion, TIIR litre nml Speeches or Henry Clay, 2 u. Life and Speeehea of John (!. Calhoun, 1 vol. Kend ill's Simla Fe F.xpedlnoii, Hlghl.itids i.rFthiopia, eoniplcto in 4 part. Prairie Mini, Cieilia Howard, I.ifo in Ihe Wdw W'nild, Mrs Klli.s' Seleel Worl.s, TlioCieernnlan the I'mian method of teach ing the Iiiilin l.a.iguage. AIo. it erne! lusortinent nf .School Hooks, which will I cold al the lnet prices, niuiuig which nrc H irrill'i Ceographvollhc! Heavens, 2 juli. MitcbciTs Sehucd Ouugniiiliy und Alias. " Primary " Olncy' " I'iMcr Parley' (Jcnj'rapliV liir eliildren, Parley's ltnn l 2nd I'.ook ol llUlory, Cuni.-to -k'n I'hiln.opbV, " Chouibiry, " I'hyM'ologv, " Cominon School I'liilo..opy, Kinllh'n Rrnuiinnr, KirMi'iui'i, ilo lliown's do Swell's do Ail.ini' Arilhnielie, i iiotnpsnir.s do Knicr-on's do SiiiiiIi' do 1st, 2nd and 3.1 part. Collurn'a do Dnvie do American Firt Class Duok, National Reader, I'orter' lthelnrical Reader, Abercrombiu's Menial and Moral Philosophy, l.incron', lt, 2nd nud3l i:in Rea.ler. Stroiia lluilding, V. IlARRI.NOTON. Iliirhngton, Vt. j 3 pkivati: scsioor. AT WINOOSKI PARK. (two milks ritoM Bum isotos, vt.) FOPR nddltiniinl Pi holais will I e received Into the fainilv of Rev. XI.NAS I'.LISS, nt hi preenl re "idenee. The locution is mo-t f.ivnrul le lor he.ilih and reiiremenl, in tho mbl-1 of a region M'areely tnr-p,i-ed in be.iuiy and objects ol inlerc-l lynn'y.pot in New F.ugl.ind, nml alloiciher siuh an one i'. llie Inn-prngre". of tho scholar require.. The-c chol 1iT will I e mitli-r In. own nrivnli enie nnd Inlrnelinn. and may attend to all blanche, of Mrdy, or anv one, belonging to a tin rough ulie-ation his nun will I v. by a IhorooL'h I' ndipleJ I" llie wanls of r.ieli, (in in.iihein.iiii'-, langii.igi;.. n.iiiiial f-eicnn phy-iology, intel'cciial ni.d moral phi'o-ophy, if.) lo dcvclope, a fully us poible, llie cnpnhilitic. with wnieii nicy arc cnilowisl l y nature. Scholars con enteral Iv ndv.ineed in tudv will le nreferred. but niorc y lho-u who wish lo remain lor two or three jear nnd purMic a thnrough and y.lenlalle coiir-u ; no I nhoic nil llioso who wi-h lo pur-lie piiiio-opinc.ii or llicologie.u siiuMo-', m wlneli in p.un will I o spared loc.iure their In, e ami subt.iu tial progie.. Charges lor I nard and tuition will vary from 5200 to 250 per year, according to the condition nnd Munic of tho M'holar, and ihe attention which he re' rpnre.. The hole iiumt cr i. not to ox eel eight. 'I ho-e ol either sex will I u received. Addre.-s through Pot O.becal Hurlmglon. Vermont Clironiclc plca-o copy, &c. 3 C. II A YN lis HAS iut received a few choice patlcrns of Fieiieli und Amer'iMii VAV It MANftlXfiS. of the latest ylc-, for sa uat his l'aiul Shop on Col lege Mrcei. llurlin ton,.lune 13, 1SII. 3 tf JOHN LIO WIS Agniii iininiiK llie vIhm:!s of 'J'iinc HAVING a lill'e time lo sjiarenot ilevntcl tola other I ii-iNis-, be wihe to (ill op iln-time m npairing timk. Those lining WATCH l'.S lo re. pair will plea e to I iin.' iheui on in time, and have them p'll in or 'or to kui gooli'me. Hurlington, June IP, 1311. 3 A. DAWSON. TAILOR, Shop tieo doors Sou, nf Pick and Spear's on Cliurth Sireit, I! I' It I, I N ('. T (J N V i: I! M O N T . Cutting: done in llie must approved style, and Warranted June 20,P? 1 1 3 CASli PAID Polf iVOOL. Till: sulwril cr w II pav C.i-h for Wool de.ivercd ai hi- .Store, lu-ad ( I' IVarl Stri ct, nearly oppo- ril'- IIIU rC.111 OirtCl 1101I7C. HARRY IIItAOLHY. Rurlinstnn, June 18, 1S1I c ASH PAID FOR WOOL, bv II. W. CATI.IN. fpr Wik.I ,.p good Icrm-i June 20, 1311. NIAV Homing, filoves Mitl, Lawns, Summer Stil l'-, Ac. ju-l icccived by June 20, '11. 3 II. W. CATI.IN. LEA 771 Ell, 1 f III SlDFol- Leath, Cr. in II 1 nnrl .pr, cliini. June 20, '13. 3 bv STRONGS &, tin. ' FRESH FIGS. DRI'MS, pi-t receded bv Junely.'tl. 3 STRONGS MANILLA MATTS. GOOD a snruncnt, by Juno 20, Ml. 3 STRONGS it Co. Hrastu. HIIss- ntnic. STATi: Ol' VERMONT, ) rpili: I'roKale Court l)itriel ot Cliilienden, J f ,H. Djvin,., ,,f '."-.'."'.'iF.'.'A 'I1-1 inicie-liil in the IV.Te of I.RA5, 1 Ua 1JL1SS, laic of, i snd tli-tiu t, decca-ed, Gr.r.UTi.N'a. UiiineA-, Truman Shcldcn, ndniin'sir itor of ihe es'ale nl the decease I, has made appliealion lo mid court to exien I the time bmi'el for setlloi,' -aid e t.ue and paviiii' Ihe del i, dee lioiii nide-lale, one year finm the 13ih d.iyol.lulv.lSl I, and .i-o pio,to-es lo render an account rf hi- admiui-tiaiioii to mii I court Wiir.rti.iTos, llie court nfore-aid doih npooiut the si-oud U ednesday of July, IS) I, for liearm? mi I do cidiu? on nid n iplieatioii an 1 eMiiiiimn" -aid ni eieiiil, nt Ihe ollieool ihu Rei.icT( f anl Co irt in Riirbnslon, in said di-lnei, and doth onler nil person- interested be nrtiliol thereof by put hia'ion ofilns order, three wccl. Micee ively, in ihe llur linglon Free Pre.-, a newiaper piiut.J in -aid ibir linirton, the a-l of which publi'cnion- lo U: previou In ind fciond Wedne-day in July, 181). Given under my hand at .-aid Ihirlinytou, (his 20 h day ot .Mine, 1611. 3 w3 W.M. WESTON, Register. l.HAD IMI'n. Ac. 5 TONS Lead Pipe J lolj inch. 1 tlo Sheet lead, 1 Sheet Zinc 30 lias - i-hot, a-orled No-. 1 y May 15, 'H. 50 SIRONGS if- Co. AMI PAID I'Oll WOOI, tho ISI'RLINGTON Mil.!, cmmivv their Fnetniv. Also Wool receiul to in.mnfnr-. Jure into HROAI) CLOTH on the same tcims as heretofore by .Messrs. KnnLorsov it R vTimev SIDNEY HARLOW, Aqcnt. ' ' June 10, 181L-U-2 t'ot aa' Co. PLASTER.

1.0 Tl,n,i nva Scotia Plaster, just received.nnd ,7,, noiymindiiiL'atihe Phtter Mill at Winoobki rails, nnd for silo by '"c '-. 'SI I. FOLLKT, 1!R tDI.LY & Co. SUMMER GOODS. W "'"anil I rnwn l.i.ien I'nling., Twee I-, lil'k . oMiiiiiier lioiii, ni-o, n varie v of Coltou g id- lor ninuncr wear lor ale low by Hurling on, June II, Ml. S. M. POI'F.. SPIlltM OIL. 1000 gs 1 1 . ri Hpt Till w nter ll'K .nti.m conn June It, Ml. "ii, auu Buiaruo. a i KU.NGS if Co MI DDL E li UJl Y CA SSI ME I! ES 1 1 Pi.Mul llebury r'auneieNf rnV'at.Maniir,ie tuier nnr l,v iln. w l.i. S. M. POPL". -'um- 1 1, Ml. LEAD PI Pi:, .tn. 3 TONS Lead Pipe i tn 1J in borcj 3 rolls Phect Lead: 12 i-nt ,,,,. . m n. v:i.,.. os. ny STRO.NG.S if. Co. June 11, ML ' o sugaIis. I O lini.S. Porto Itieonii.l .Mu-eova In & t, Lumji, I'oHdcred and cru he I S vjnr for aie ov. S. 31. t'Ol'I.. June 11, Ml. o CANDLES AND SOAP. 5IIOXP.S perm Candle-, 20 do. Tallow Candle-, 20 do. Ilartoap, 2 do. Ua-lde -oap, 3 tlo. Fancy loilei .In., 10 do. slmnij. do. I y bTKONGS & Co, June U, ML o HATS! IIATSU 1CASR".l'orda"MoIe,k,n llats.j i.t re.. M and for sale hy S. ,M, l'OI'K. June 1 1, M4. DOG LOST. STRAYr.ll fn in ihe .ub-cril er nl cit lhe20it May h-t, n vihile Hound Pop, with ml car- (while in noe,) and A I Luk , pot oil lhi rump. A rca-nnttblc eiinipeiualion, and the tbankof ihe owner, will be awarded to any peron who will que Inform ulon ern 'ernin? him. WM. II, MUNSON Colehejter, June II, 1811. 2 Ho ! All Yo Thru Thi-st ! NOT C. Midi V UT I rHJM, BRAND V, DIN and WINP.S, of nil (he V various nnaniiiii.s of nno ninl or more. and other FAMILY (iHOCUlllUS, for ale on rca. sonalile terms, by ISAAC W.VIIM.II. i)ui ungion,, IH1I. i Alplieiis l'rrsnti's slate. sv.ivv; of vtumoxT. rilltl': On. the Distrjri if (,'hilleiii'eii. ... ( 1 I'mbiii; Court for tho Di'lrict of (.'biiten ten t To nil nsr-ons con. erned in the e.taio i f At.l'III'.r.S I'KltSO.N-, laleof Jcrieho, in I l)i-iri !, dnvi i'd. (liit'.r.Tlsn. lli'.ar.As, Ite'ihcii line. wood, nduiiuf-lrnlor oft he e-lute nf it i I dcteavol, projio-e. tn render nil noeoiint of hi iidiiiiuMrnlion, nud . re-cut bineeount ngaiu-t said eire lor exanunalion and allowance al n -e-sion oi Ihe l.nurl ot I'rol n U", t'. I c holdcn n' the Ucgl cr'. oilicolii llurlin?li)ii in Naiddijtncl on the third day of Muy ncM, 'I ilt.ncronr;, Ye t are heicl y notiliel to nppear I e fore sllld collll til llio lime nttrl iilm-i. nrnrca i id. nml hew ean-o, if any you have, why llio uecouut ufore- -iM.uiii iidi ne iiiiowim. (liven UtHler lliv haml at tltirlin-fnn lhi llltidn. cf June, A. 1). 1811. 2w3 Win. WESTON, l!e;;ister. SPRINft fOODS. L O VE L Y iV i YM OUR, HA VIC receive I n large .a-.-oriiiieul o( rontU ad.ip! ii to ihe M'i-,0,1, viz.', lllaek nnd lllue lllnel; nnd Fancy .Vill.v, Ri. h I'.ilzorinc-, Svl pined nud Zcihvr OeM.ninc-, 1'lap- mi I Furore I 'de Lames, Printed and Oiiiah.iin Mti-lius nnd Lawns; Rich Laiindci;nnd l'oplins.l'o ilnrd Sil.-,Seoit 1, ami American (linih.iut-j wi, Cambrie, Hunk, Jai'iuit'1 N.iu-nol; nud .Mull Mtt-lins n -plendiil n-snrtoieiil ol ( ALICOI'.Si Hu b Ib.nnet ill,.nnd L.nvn-. l.'ihl.on.. Ilosierv, Gloie-, At: a io"ilicr with every arlicle tn llie lmrit nttrl .Vrt., ).... f! o II.,.. Ch neb Micct, .May 10, IS 1 1. ' -13 tf FANS! FANS!! "lrHF.N the warm weuher ramw we will open r -omueaM-i of new nil I I enutiful l'nn-. It MTeohl wbcn we write this that the lin can't shew lliciii-thc without colornis, Ihevlook beautilul how ever, we Invu pictivand cheap 1'uu-. JI.iV, Ml. 51 I'r.i.vsMUli it llrtoTitnns T1 ARl'HRy II.LU.MINATLD IIIIILI:, No. 1. The Hlfrhlntidq or r.t!iloi)in des'crilcd. dtirinc lb nn irh-re-iJcnce of u llrui-h Li.ila-synt the (.le i-ti:in Court t f Sho.i. liy Major W.C. Harri-, wiui in. .ml 1 1 itl illu-tration-, . pin-, 25 e. eaeli l iin M Hit; luo-t reuiarknlle or!. of llio pre- eul .. ,i, ... 1 1 1 in ihu, ;, ,vi mirv nnnerlo entuc, Iv unknown, and revealim; the exisii ni e i f .a Chris tian nation in the interior of Aby-Muin, nearly hliccn I.ifc in tile Nov.- World , or Sketches of Atneri- can miciciv. by Seatedeld. I 12, per No. Cuiiiilu:o ill ietn mini' My-lci irs of I.niidno.P.irl L 121. I lie nn entiti es ol Captain l-amphllc. l!v .iieai,oer ii una-, yn. Ial!ier t.ol'l it, or Scene of f.i'e in Pari-, from rieneot.i i,e ii.ttrae. 2.) cenl. lly Peek'-jibing, June (i. jl A. KDWARDS A FEW b! 1-. Winter strain A 1 com: and Sr. miner U.I, at tf- ROIIINSON'S. 1 CA-'i; Mounter Good., 1. 1 do col'tleanihrie., 1 do Irish linen-, I ilti co'inii, in-t received and fir .ale bv in I II.AS, I.UIM1IS r., Ai..iiw.i,a-orluielltol l ancv I rcucll l.a.-inierc. f.r Gent, mi, er wear. Tu ceil and Summer 1 1 in. 1 . .... ""i., nt 1 GOLF, .t ROIUNSO.VA PRINTS, iA-c. rX CSi:.S Auierican Print-, J 2 do Manehes'er Ginuhani-, 1 tlo ble.tchcd .licn'ini. pi-i ic'd and for June.-,, Ml. I by VILAS, LOOMIS .V Co. soA',,yc. CT r- GRO. .bavins soap, V-' 7.1 do book, tin I eye, B5 do mull, I I irct-, 50 M. I). V.. Needle., p,-t re-eivednnd for .r.le J me S. '41. I l.v VILA.V. I.OOMI&'&C. si)si'i:i)!:i:s, ,tc. 1 CT lj I'OZ. web Mi-pcntler.-, i-OK 21 " e.l-lie do 3-0 " ei Hon tape. 100 " roll do do ju 1 ri"eived and for .ale Jt.neo, Ml. I Iv VII.A.S LOOMIS & Co. SllOtitill-rS, &.C. C) X RALLS I rnwn .heelin ij 2 do Drill., 3 June ."1 do I irk-, pi-t rceived an 1 for -alt' Ml. IV I LAS, I .COM IS it Co. MRS. LANG H'OIi TU Y. 7r..S' received her usual J J- supply of SPRING GOODS Laces Huilro: tleues, Perfumery, Super i-iincy .-joaps ie. ipe. ALSO, Ti) V!Ir'T-Vr.,V''(.''nslmllyon hand, plain jff jjll silk and .herr'd Hals. 'I us. '.S. " can Straw, and La cNVi- 1 po'itau. All of which wi I beat towns can be found in the JuneG, 1811. lv.3 II E MOVED. K..F. FAY removeltothe and Hank .nct,oppo s :e tl c I! ink ot llur- linjii 11, where he I a (.' a-Mirlineut f HOOTS A SIIOIi inadcol llie 1 e-t .to-1, 2 und bv the in. .1 iln t- oasli workmtn, whi. h jwill be .-ol I a. cheap 1 hi cheapest. ir".ll kind, of '..-nrk ma '0 to cri'er on the most reasonable lerins an. I nl the rhor'.u. t nonce. llurliugton, June Cth, 1E11. 1 tf wanti:d- I N ex. liaiiTC (or I heir, Salt, Ten, To' neeo, Drv Jt- (100 ol everv I.111.I,, n lew tho i-an I II. . ol lean I Uecu Wool, fi r which llie be.t mirki .ii w !1 ' e pat ', I y 1 POLL it HOIllNSON. COTTON THREAD, fee, rff Lili. while and colored Thread, 3 ea-is po- I tlj 2 " American pack tun 5 !U. mixed pin-, it -t ic.'eivcd an I for sile by June ll.AS, IXOMIS it Co 5,111. 1 U. STATUS MAHSilAISSALK. pUIILIt! NOl'ICi: is hereby ,;ivcn that die follow. 1 Hi" co "la, wares, nicn h nidi..", nnd olhtr oion erty, c.indiinneil in tho H in. District Conn of the Unilcl suns lor Vermont l isiriet. Mav Term. 1811 wdlhosold nl 1'1'llLl'' AUCTION, at ihu Aueiiou uoom 01 1 01. 11. - nomas. 111 llurlmlon, ,11 -aid dis Itict, on die 'Jstlitlay ol June iu-t, to the hijlu t bid tlert sale to coninu nee nt lOo'clnck, A. M. To nil 1 Roan French Hmse, 1 black horscl iay puney 1 'l3n "CC ' Mllsa' "l Norlhfield, Ootober ' 1 !;rav I'rencli horse. 1 black French horse, seized at llerlin, October 2, ll-13. 1 French horre, sc. zed ,11 Monlnrller, Oct, 10, 1543. 2 I'lench horses, suj d at Norihlield, Oct. 14, l-n. 1 I'lench hore. sj.zed 111 Muiilpclier, Nov SI3. 2 part pieces linen, 3 pail pieces hroadcl.iih, 2 pr llloec.lMUS, sei.eti ai iiuuooilll, .liarcll .1, Ihl I, 2luir.'s, I sled, double Inrnts., 3 than Is, seized ai i-.iitiax, j.iii. u, ii i 1 black mare, seized at Lyndon, 1-Mi 3. IS) I, 1 cray French horso, seize I at llarton, Feb. 8, 181 1 I biv I rencli hor'e. 1 brown l icnch marc, nized nt Hiirke, I en. j, It 11. 1 French horse, siued nt llurke. l'cb. 21. 1811. 1 chesnut colored horse, teizid ut Waldiu, March o, ion. 1 white horse, seized at Cabot, .March, 2C, 18-11. A'sa, 5 1-2 yidrs checked cassiincre, 8 yartls black broadehlh, 2 yards bluo brondcloih, 3 vards Doe Skin Gassiuiere, 21 nrls blue Pi'ot Cl.ilh, 3 vards Ill'k llnntlcloih, 3 giay Box Coals, suzul al lloxbury, Sepl, 7. 1PI3. IU anls calico. 2 1.2 vtls uonllen cloth, seized nn die waters of Lake Ohauiplain. near Fast Alburgli m tho Disiriel of Vermont, Oel. 25. 1811. lyils iiroail-clolli, I shawl, seized on the waters of Lake Chainp'ain, near liurlinston, in the Disiriel of Veriiienl.O.I. 12. 1813. 1 snrirl Hurse, se.zed nt Fairfield, Oct. 21, 1813. 1 rod man horse. 1 cuter und It tirilL'ss. Set -oil nl IVr. hy. Fib. 15, 1811. I sr-ty cuals, seizeil at Sivantnn. Dec. 17. IBM. 7 yds. be.ner doih, ! t-2 ds bruatl,. n-ir-dm u. ..i...... .i i. ... if... ----- lin.-nu.iit, nil ll iu, inn, 2 Hunks, conlaiuin.' 18 nieces nnd nnrl nieces t-nl.c.i 1 pari piece hro iJt loih. lshaiil. I t.nii ni.-n I,.,,.,! uiiiiiiia, i mix "in, caps, seuej nt .lloiilpe tier, bebru- ury28, 1611. Given under my hand at Ilrndford, this 31sl day ul Jlay, A. I). 1514. I WIM.IAM tlAltUON. Mirshal. MOLASSES. 1 ( llhd-. Porlo Rti-o ynt, nn 1 Tiiuida I Mi..i. J- V.' to-, very superior q tnlny, I v Juno 1 1, ML STRONGS it Go. pRF.I'ARMD Co oa, U'rmiclla, Cu. , ,,Me'-, L kt.ircb, Miperturn lahty, In Ifj-o, ite. I y t Sj itONGS ,t Vo. n.ovit. "bfTjll'l nipcrime I lour 5i) l-al' l-ariel JJ June 14. 2 sThONGs A c lllualtinii IlUhcc'ii Kstnte, STATU OF VLR.MO.NT, J fBAMU lion. Ihe Pro. Di-lriel nl ('hiiieiideu, s. ( Jl , ale Courl for the Di.lriel (.f ('hd'eie'eii , To all nor- n enu 'erned in Ihoe-tatctif HI.NATIHN IIHilll F, l.tie ..f Shcl- iiurn. in nun ni-iri 't, ot a-ei. tiiir.r.T'Nn. w iir.ltl'.As, I nac lli.iee, iiilnmiislralor ol llie e-i late ol I ilcca-eil, propo-o- o render nil '.e'coiint ol bis ndiii'iii-tralion, and pru-enl hi. u -eouiil aeaiii-t aid etatc fur cxamina'iou and u'lownnetj nt u es sion of Ike Cunt ol Probate, lobe hidden nl the Roj- iter ntlice in llurlliiirlou, in -aid ili-tnei, i n the ec. on I Wttlne-d.iy nt.bily, ne.;t. iili'.tit.inni:, on nri lieio' y notiliel to anpear bef re -mil en irl at llie time nud phice nfoiv-iud, nud hew e.i ise, if anv Vol haie, wl.v the neeounl nlore- fai-l ho ltd not be allow c I. Given on !cr tuv hand at ILtilin'Tton ltd. 30 h dav of Mny A. D. 1811. i w.i t .w. wii i u.N, newsier. iJoscnli .Miner's Kst.-tlc. STATH OF VI'.RMONT, 1 MMIl; lit u. the Pro Di tru't ol PliiileuiVr, j J live Com (; tin- Di-trict of Cnilteni'i'ti, To nil oer-oiis conee-hi"! in the i;.taio, cph Miner, late of ll.irlim.'ton in 4id I : . . t i ' i,iri"i, tiec e.i.e i, t.lir.r.TINO. hcreas, i.lnau Kernel.', one n( ihe a hniui-lraiors of tho i flute of ai I de v.i-o.l, Inlh main n,mli nii.iu iti.atoi'ouri it, exu-nu me time i.initc I liy smi euurt for piyini'the.lel t n-jain-t. nnd -enl'iiir' n d e.ta'i' one year from Ihe 12 li day of July, 1311, mil llie nl of -.1,1 I'-la'e propo'-u rendcrnt? an ne eoiuil of ll,c:r ndnnrii-triitioii ami priventing lheirnd- niMiisir.inoii itecotmt naaiu-lMiid o-tale lur examina tion an 1 allowance., the court itforesaid doll, appo nt ihu ccoml Withies 'ay ol July, 181 1, lor l-carins und tic- 'll infin Ihe l!.rt.t..r's nll'i, i. 1. 1 Hn,.. 11111:1011 111 -. 1 1 a oi-irici, aii'l iloih onler lint nil oer-o. iu'ere-led le uoti .0 I Iherct.f I y p il li".i;ion ol'ihi- or 'ei, three wk Miet e.-ui'lyin llie I! irluurton l'n e Pic-, u neivuper printed in ,-uid I! irltnntoii, the li-t of which pill liealton. to hu nicviou. tu ihoditv iippoiulc 1 - ulurc-tii I lor hearin. tiivcu tiut'cr my hand iln-;:0 h tlavnf Mav, IP 11. 13 Wmr WP.S'ION, lleaioler. I.ctitinrd Ilnlirc's Ilslate. pt nr. of vlrmont, tulh the p.-dn-e Dl-tru-t of 11. m. I ft, nn fl r 1 1,,, to. I.- ol I 'hitieic'eii ! To nil person, efint'eru.'d tn Ihee-'u c t.fLoonaiil Ilodire-, hue of Willisiuu, in -aid ili-inei, i!eeea-il, Gr.r.r.nsn., Parab Iltit'aes ndminitrntnx of il.e 1 ta'e ol .-aid dei ea oil, proiio-c 1.1 leuilcrnn icio'imI d her adnuni-iintion, und pro-ent heraeco'tut aun..: nil e-tale for cx.aiu'iiniitin antt nll..u-.tMi-.. , n ..... .ion t fihe C.iri ofl'ro! ate, to I e bid '.11 al the llusle ii.iii.m rata Hiiii-ton, oil llio llnrd Monday (.( July next., Yen are bere' v nolilicd tonopear 1 e foro snd courl at llie lime and p'n.-e afore-ui ', and -hew 1 nii-e, ifmiy you ha'.e. win the afore said .hi.uld not l-e ahow el. Given under inv hand al liurlinston tin. fourth thi ol June, A. 1 1. ISil. lw3 WW. WHSTON, llethttr. I.nuis Dcrvllle's Kstaie. STATF. OF F.RMO.M', ( r Hill r. IV"! nto Court f.r Di-trie' t.l Ch Hen 'en, -s. .E. the di-lnei tl'Cht ten.'en : To the heirs ol the e-tate ol LOt'H DLR. VILLI), late of II irliuoion, in ssi I di-trif, t'eeen c ', inieta'e,anJ lo all per.-oii.nluie.led in -ni l e.taie, Grrrtino. Uitr.r,n.s, " lliam A. Gri-wold, iidniiiii.tinn.r ol -ai l e-t.iic, hull, filed In pennon ia said conn, s'n'ius thai the per-onal e.taie of I lie .ailile-fii cd nieoiui:. to tl.i of oucli'indicJ tlullor-; that llie debt.- nnd liabilities of sail estate lot'eiher with the t-o-is and expenses ol rt'tilimr Ihe -anti., nut mint to die turn ol two hundred and filly tlo'lar.'J anl ftrther -tatimr, lint the real es'.Tc t.l said tleeen-cd, eotisi-t. of a .mall lot ol laud, Ivum onthe nottli sidei I Mam -'ree in (lie villnue of Riilinat mil dial n pan of -mil f.lale, eannol I e sol I, v.-ilho'il injury to tho-u inler-e-ledm die leniainiler; an l pr.iinj-nil courl lol.-een-t. anda. itht r.ze him to sell ihe whole il'ihe real c.t.iteof .a.d d.'.'c.iBc '. 'I, die -aid court doth or'er nn I nppn'nt die 2.1 Wi',liirsd.iv in. I dy, A. D, 1311, at die t (Ti c ol theRi.iri-ler o' said cooit in I! irlinu'lon, in -aid dm Irii't, f ir henrina nnd tlei'itliuir in die prenu-t s ; mil doth f'-rlhi r order thai all per-ous iieere-ttai or con . I in cia'e, I e in to nppearni the n,ie an I pla.-e afore aid, and -hew ran-c (tl any iln v hue) why Il.e praycrof Mini peii'i. n -hoold irl Icsrnnml, orcivo lit.iiri. a. ..aid court -hall direct, for the pay nienl t.f Ihedel t. neain-t .ai I t'.ta'c, by the pul heu litiu ol'ihe Mib-tnniet ( said petit. Hon, toirvihrr with thi-or ler in tin; Ficu Pie.., a new-pnper prmled at IliuliiiL'ton afuiu-aid, three weeks ..iiete-ivclv, the I t-l of which pill licaiions, i-hall I e Icioie die tune fi fi r beariue;. Dnlelnt Ilurlinpton, ihe .Ididav or...m., A. D. 1811. 1 v.-3 CH AliLFS RL'SdLLL, Judge. ran hsu:. riTtllFI'a-tpart of the VI. 'THY I'l'ILMlNG I e-S- Iiiifriiii to il-e Ct.ns.'ri-'r.i'uiial Ch trch, to be tnr 1 l. I .1... I... .....1. n ,1....... ... ' Anoiv to 23111 .Way, '41 "11 W. CATLIN. -MlI.ITAf.Y GOOD.-. VfRMONTMililn, It.fintrv, Artllervanl o'ber 1'ill'tn-, Smi. id.--, Lp.r fi;!-, I'lmec-, S.l-l.e , licit., Pi-tols, Chtppeiii- an I in.-.i t.tlier artielf. in die li.ic, f.r sale by 32 liiilxssutD it I!iiotiii:ii.. REMOVAL. rpilF, ..i.b.eribcr ha. removed from hi- ol I .tan I on I Church Streti, to les pew IllflCK SHOP on Callin'. Lane, twenty rod. K.tst t.l" die liin limrion Hani,, whei flu. l-a- on han-laii.1 will cun:im.e Ionian-'i!.K-lure al! '. i.l vARi-1, ..f die be-t O'lahty; -u. It a. SOF s, SLCRr.TI R1FS, IIKUi!i:l S,', Tei, Centif, W,!, and loilitTAHLI.S.TAM.Sit ULD5I LADS, ami j kind, of war1, in hi. Iin". HUMo l kind, of Coun'rv produce and Lum' er riteivtsl m payinenl, or nppn ve I i'ic'ii, m, v,ry ehe.iti S;iH'I'.I, NICHOLS. II irlnu'im, May oih, g. 5. ! ,M iTEWF.LL's Shoe-, of aliliiiiT-7are ilTimd 1. now t Hercd lor alo I y :'hy -'3- il C. F. .STAMFORD. STRAY h'U, 7I10M lIu-Mib-crt'er, on Scr'av, llie23'h in-!., L an iroucey Freneh 1IORS1',' lonir mil, ,t ri mane, a I h.ur on die I ael. cat, e.l by die .ad lie, Willi l.iud flu is of. Whoeitr will return said Horte shall I e tuita Iv reiwinled. , , ' nnp.Li.s iiascot. SiflbiirneRi"8, May 21, IS11. NEW EDITION OF Gi'.oiiiai'iiv and aths very 111 .eh cn'iirirtil and uuprovc.l, il 1.. now t vtrv be-1 t.'e wiaphy 11 ti-e, lor -ale by May.'.', ML 31 wO S. HUNTINGTON. MEW STORE AND NEW GOODS. ' THF -til.-ert' cr ha. la'.ci die New S'ort. one door 1 in nn t f Me-r. Ilrin-m.i. ',' w liere ho bisjn.t rciii.-d 1111 1 now 0 '1 r lor ule. a nenetnl nn -t. meiit t.C Taney an I Sia,tle lry I., dry Gi jceru--, l'.i,.e.- HaiiL'inv, it-., li.r ijualiiv nti.l ehenp ue scaniiol I e -urpa-c I. l'.ireh.i-ers lire invited to call and cMuiiiie lur llium.-ehis. C. P. STAMFORD. II allusion, May 10, 1PIL :.(j 7 TACIvl Itr.L, Cud Fi -It, Salmon, Smo'.ed Reel bv iI May 15, '1 1 5'J STRONGS & Co. rpil l.; Ilrick Huildiiiy on din cast side of - - t iT . u.,t.,i.-, .,, i. i;t;ill ItU- 'iiwi'i'-i 'upied by .Mr. liarnes, as a cabinet shop. it'tlmZf F.nnuire at Ibis ollite. ''"'' llurllulun, Apiu 15, '41. -Ifl CBOCKERY,(i LASS AND CIHNA WARE. A I.arieiV Giunplfie nssoritoenl, N'l.W SIIAIT.S ' V. nnd PATTKIIXS. AUo. Gamnbtna Laiun Chiniiiies, I'.ira lleaivCone II C and Urass Lan terns, itc. ite., just received by I.UVIibV it til.Y jJUUK. i-lnircli St., Iliirlinijion, ) May 1, mt. -ISif NEW HAT ESTAHLISIhllENT.i ?TTT"r- A RF now open. tic ,n the hull. ' C - I-. . 'J -fV ni'-'. lircei ' n,.pniie tlie Haul. 1 Y- r ifliurlin'on nV"IK' a.oriiUfiu of IU l'j FASHIONAHLi: HATS, i (i'AT ";(JSg? li ifli ihei olli-r for tale, and in a''iotirif vl 1 "' '' ' "" 1 '"Nanune xv'' thiir M)!t',fiijl,iyuiiiljrKc. Chiireh"irrccl, May lt, 1811. -13 if mTs. frasier pi-l re ro li. ia . cw ., with her i Biia as- rl- .leu, t.l MH.I IM'M' GCOI S, to tbcrw. h'bo I. a. e-t I shions, Floreiuc a- J S ran- re atico in tte c w-l -t II , ufc ui '-J "A PT. il 1 sfet'i NEW NT ORB. rTMIF. -nb en'rr wnnlrj infonii his Tr end, and ilia X. pulli" Ihat he ha- ill t r,em I n -It.r' mi he e irtier . f t h ir-h Mi ,k s re.-i , t, ;.. s -e tne id l'..jpk, where lie w ill -ell Gim I. a- ch" tp a- ll.ey can be loiclit r I e win-re, eurra'iuy a -ina I s'o u of DRY GOODS, nu I a Eeni ril n.-i.,i ueiit ul' FAMILY GRO; F.RIIH Please call nnd look I clore I inula tl e where. I'LOt-li an l SAL'P, by tliebirrel.t r in le- mn lilv. I -ball not le undersold by mv ne'i'libor' June 7, Ml. I N. V GK. FOR SALeT JhgMljk rBHi; subscriber off-M fur talc l.. K?K&t present pi iftj ufiesitlencH. GKO. G. INCIF.R.SOLL. - Pearl St. May 7ih. !!).' SUGARS. S "VllIIDP. St. Croix and Porto Rieo .iar, 10 H.I pa'kuirt- dii,ilerelineJi..if, crti-hf I mi I n. dered .var. I y STIIONG i it :. J me 1 I, M I. 2 The Numlier nl' Illumll.atcJ Shakespeare. T' F.CF1VFD nt Il'iirinainns', nridlhoil he. XV letl bv Vng.Tu Fxpress, which brinas n N .. I . rv Thurmlny cveninir. Tins I rhiion of llie w .i s Pi) I will h ive llio largest sale uf any one uer bi . ;ru puh'islied. 11 h June, 1911- 2 CALiyF(JRG'Or)DS. 'PHF. Low Prices for wlnoh Goods h iw hi en s 1, i- has for n uood rea-on, induced buytrs to t.t.) Ireely their a?en.toiii. d sujiply Ironi tho Cheap ( 'i', .Vttire, wheie the whole trade bemn for Cash, t e ri ,s of trse no extras elrtri."d for contm nn.', r y money buyers are ta isfied dint cah toys s. d eheipei to-dnv, than a pionuse of it can pos-. ..v tlo to-ninrrow, Tne place foi testini! ihe tn-dav m i. i, lo unv he iscert nned by niiplymir to the Penid. 's V t. 13 h June, Ml. 2 HOWARD. J AMI' GLSi:s nuii Lamp Wiel.s (br Chen al iil- and ull u.hcr Lam,,-. 61 ltnlK-MitD tf- llsvrur- -. A GOOD a..oriiueutt.f Cloth -, l'la u a 1 A. Fan'-y iieres, licli Ws in!?-, Di.i.i -i' 1. fc Tweed", Stiineiti, S .miner Sm'fs, etc. at pru c- .. t r than hac 1 ecu o!d m this plaee. .Mav 23, jl C. F. SrAS-fi'O'tH. JIDKFS. IX l'.S'. I'onspo pie kei Handkt r;h.'tf-, I -J 2j .lox. imiiati u I nen t'o 50 .1. z. G.nitli'itn Crav.i's. 13 d. z. I ia'... 1 iihin do 10IJ .1. .. colli ii Glo-es, ju-t ret-i-ive 1 a' 1 ' salo l.v VILAS it LOOMIS it Co .1 .ua .-..'IL I LIBERATION. 'I'lPS is to r.o'il; 1'ic p.iMie dut I have rein, i X e I to my m ii, Samurl Hvbe, the I alan c iniuori'y i tlmi 1 -hull el ii n none if Ins en n-r hold mv-t'll re-j on-tb e lor anv of t.i. 1 i. ' e aler I lit - ikiie. W.M. D. i Hi . Clriil.i'.'o, June 1, 141. . 2 3 v .-. 1 1 n t tun f QTADI ! IMiLUhll'llJ CCS fiULi 'T'HB .11! itviber u ill t arrv on bu-ines. 'w " i. north ol'H. 'A hi-nev'.lii p, 011 the New 1 i. And be led-warran'etl 111 ayiui'. Ironi die Ion.-1.. pcrieiii-o he ha - I ud in L'.ndon, that all wc rl. tu . 1-;-el 10 him will le done 111 a la.-l.iuuallo ftjlc, and yoidsalt-fdettou givi 11. A 1.50 . I.'caly inactc Clodnn i.iii 011 ban 1 anl lor a'u chap !.r cih. .N. 11. Carmen's elcane I, an I rutting for r.lh. r- lo make, done en Ihe ..honest no'.icp. U. I'A'lTLnsr.N. II rliiuton, May 0.', 1311, 31 on Snlounn X. SanlinalN Instate. WJ "IT ''ec-, li.iviri'-1 ecu ap;ni,n e ' bv ic V H..noro' Ic the Probate C.url fur the 1 f. ' of Cliii'c'itieo, Cooiiiii-.ioncr. to rei-e. e, t . 1 . .0 nil 1 a !jiii lite claims an 1 demand, of ni'-iis us a-jiinsi the t-I.Heol'SOLOMO.N N SANTO, .D.i te ol iline.'.urah, in .aid D't-nct, dv.i cd, re,ue-e el m-tilvent, an I al-o all ! 1101. or tlenian.Is elu I 111 ti'lel Iheieio j an I -us inoivh. Iro'ti 1hetl.1v ol ihe date hereof, I eu,'.i allowed l-y ...ti I Co in I'.ir ihat pur if wedo theielorehert'l y i-ne no'ii-c, Ihat we i! nMeud to the I lisilics. of t.ij- appLiutmcn', nt the,!'. a' 1114 ol Marvin Leonard, in Hine.l urlt, in -aid I 'i-lr.'-t, ..u the 1-1 Monday ol July and Octal cr ne:;'. at 10 o'- I clor!.-, A. .M., 011 etch of said day-, Datel, this 22lhdnv fl'Mav, A.D., 1-tt. 52.V3 MARVIN LKON.1RD, 1 ,. j ASA FORIIF.S, i-""' I " 1ancyg'6os. Tr.W style Le.-ht onl Park Sd., Ra . rines, '. Printed Lawn-. Moii-u t'e Lai. e . i'ren. I. (.' hatn and Prim, a Cull assortment, 1 1 t rce .vl '.y II. W. CAIII.S. Arso FiVe Florence Ilraid an I Neapoliton Runnel's. n ir!r anil tin tl run Co'tuel and V.'hi'e l.el. .rn II u. New siyt Itonnt", Neck ami Cap Ril.l.i n-. Ar 'i c ,d I'lmier-. La-e, .1 irvni vareiv. GI.. s 1111 1 Ml s, .le' Necl.'a.-e. 1111 i IlairCa-e. I'ur.i o . , t ra v.Us, Shaul-, Hand! er. h eft, i'.e. ie. iiojiKsru; go oi:f. Drown a- .1 Slnr'ina-, C..U011 Yun nu 1 Carpet W.irp.TukiiiH, Wn 'tlioirantl lliiiinig-, i. 1 1 . t'J Coltou and Amen. an Print, uh l-iu Is, iu-t . icl l y IL W. CA U1V Al' A f II .is.rrlmcnt F.ueweh'p an I Ne v Y .'. S' e of ad km 'nd .15 .e-. Al-o, n I ill .1 rur.m. - .1 CJro 1 e- (I.e 1. r-i'Vvpti-1.) The ab'';o lb o I an I a -real nillly more no' c 1 merale.1, bam I ten fcleeied with tare mil a e ,ti 11 111 it-card 10 -ij !e, ipia ry an I price, and are n u 1 fered Ibrensh ere lit 1 r produce, a- low a. a.iy m the Stale. N. 1! inv mono 1-, " a cheap a 'he che 1 ct,"' llio i who warn die luo-t lor the lea-t money, will do uell 10 e.dl i el'ore piirclm-ing. H W. C T.H, 10 111.1 X M.n L). , Norlb Carolina, I v 50 s'lltONGS .t Ci. 20 ROXf S Leon n- .111 lOranet-. l'i.--,i' 1 1 . Prut es, nt 1 ( Oi.L i". ROIilNSt .N"; I'AI'IJit ACnn P-FAMSriilericitfrPa JJi 30'J cap tlo fnr .a!.- ,i June 5, '-1 1. '1 VILAS, LOOM Un' A: C .. . 1'F.W p.'ecc- of iperliue CarjHi'inir, I V. Al-o, S-1 Ciiiion tin at COL-K .t Pi'll'.INON'S. Fontiier.s. J tint 1 Lll.V. Oeese Fi-aiher.., warran'c I. t. VA ,V 3(juu IL.. Hen.' tl.) f..r -ale l.v June j, Ml. 1 VIL.l.'..', LOOMIS it C r I CI.' t' . 1 ...I. It... 1. f ? ty. . . 4 s 'J i -h, nln, n tew cn-f-1 flu1 ivy lUmt m I S'w 30 hnrrelU ! e-st cxtri 'U 'cr inr l'i ir. J.i u n 1 i-, .Mullcrry' Ilniml, un 1 1 Oil -a k uf S. f. r ti- nt I co i; .1 romvsv.v.v. SELLING OFF. AS 'vo are not inleu hiu to kee-t '-iik-I,., ( S.-urf-, Uo oui-. Cava's an I ar le'emn !. 'ol ar--, I tie, W ll we aio gelli.iir thatii of uhei i. Tho-o win. -nine i.i'tbe.n I elbre tin v are al srmie art, uiv f'l I Ul I heio, i r and i. So'iie ldon hd arii.'.o. aiiuuu' Sti 'tier, an I Sn-klod.i. lor n'e. S imum Sioi'U IliiolJes, P n.i(i an I over i-liiw and oilier Mr. le. G'nl.iren . Ilea al re I tci'.l pntv-. Al. mlli'iiS lower than ever. P ei c Itiul. in no. :. . G o Is 1 IIRINS.M.VID A IIROTIIF. IKS. A f.AKGR ns.tu' iil'Te, To' aeco, S .g.i XV. M. Iai'-, Sjiivi-, ke. it e. fur .ale si 1 COLL it ROIIINSON'S. COMBS 3C.SI--.7 won I pccUe: Cnii,l, lo d. z. ivory do 1UTM "' do SIX) ' iwi-t do 1 00 " cuareandfineilu fale by VILA June 3, MI. jus! receive 1 a n 1 b r f, 1.00MLV .f. Co I coli: !' itoin.xsoN OFFF.Rbr nlea Inrire n..irliiieni of ."-PRINf! mil &U.MMF.R DRY liOODS reti'nily pur clta-el for i-a-h ul the owel umrkel pnet'-. They will iccive in p.i)tiinu lor li e nnie, nub, wot. I tir line Dairy Huiler lor a few weeks, which they will l e i, ilJ fur cash at pnccj Ida- enough lo in-iiru cash trade. ST AY ED, Ti'aROMlhepa.ture of Lyman Hall, L-n, of S,e. Ii.rn.n HAY FRKNCtl MARK, I lac. man and lad,. tar in the ImeheaJ, a lntle wiitlf nni'er d.o tad lie, a few w hno hair on onenf her (orttll-ct cau. nl by w curing feller-, her Cue !" a lilt'cl cnl, srju iro iri'tter. -iii-.i i.'riviu-ii. .sit.- ill,, rut.lllull given lulue Mil ktiI er will bo duly rcvi ar ksl. IIORACF. winm.p.i!. llurlinirtoii, June I, 1341, 1 3 !tiis.el Cramer's Rs(u(eT " WI' the s ibseribfrs, havinc been uppoinicd ly the lluuoral i die e Conn lur the Do.. Iri.'l of Chit ten. leu, eoiuiiiir.ioncr. lo rtveive, exam mt and adpn-i die c auu mid di'timnds ol nil perM ns, a rnnict tbo e-lnte of lUISSLI. CltAMI R, laic if Charli Ite, in ttti I Di-triei,iltvea ol, repro ento.1 tn-ul-Veiii, nn.l ul.ti n'l clalin nml ilituand exlii'.iifd m oll ei I herein ; ii.i.bix iiiontbsfriuii die fkiv ol'llu-dale heitol, I eui'.' ollowtnl by ntul Court ('. r 111 u pi,rpo,i', we iln . lieu I re here' y u'Vf uoi.s dial ewM nl tend lo 'be bit-ilif-s ol .or appt lllllucnl.nt theiiwel 1112 ..I s.iralt'riiiier, n Churl.. u, 11, h.aid Di,ir,ci, 011 tliu i"t"i I ll.iu.l.iy uf J ly ml Iv-eu cr 111M, ai 1 1 .1 . tl , 1. ..e tt... 1 . I'aiei.ihUb'h avul M-iv, A.I).' PUL P' i ll VAN Vi'Pl , ,,,i ii-' 11 i'i sai . .ti H. (""J 0.l I ill v i. M,, t, toa