Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 28, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 28, 1844 Page 3
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A SONG FOIt POI.K. Atn " huey Seal." Away down Boulh, llehind a cotton bale, loikud, and saw poor James k. l'ot.K, A pitting on a rail, Oil ! pnur .lommio Id Oil ! poor Jcinmio K, Your caltc will all be turned to duugli, By gallant Hamiv Clay. Twice hail ho grabbed for office, Away down in Tennessee And twico had it escaped him Just like the " Paddy's flea." Oh ! poor Jeminic K, &c. Hia friends to malic him Governor, Kept up a horrid din ; Hut though lie w.ib a handsome man, Nn coon would let hiin in. Oil ! poor Jcinmio K, &c. From that sad hour, up to this day, IIo'h not had any rest; Although ho worshipped at the ehrino Of "the greatest and the best." Oh ! poor Jeminic K, &c. " Cheer up," said a sly possum, " You yet will have your day We'll run you for our President, Oh my poor Jcmtnie K." Oh ! poor Jcinmio K, &.C. ' " Oh no !" said Jeminic, "that can't be There s no such luck forme ; Jty lone, sad days will all be spent Down hero in Tennessee." Oh ! poor Jemmic K, &c. "Not so," said Polk's companion, " My telegraph says 'nay' ! For you willyot be (ittcd Against old Henry Clay !" Oh ! poor Jeminic K, &c. H The possums down in Baltimore, Hard pressed arc for a man ; They know thoy arc a used up crew, . If they run little Van." Oh! poor Jemmic K,&c. " Old Lewis Cass, some of them think, The strongest man will be While others say that Cass's namo Heads best without a C." Oh ! poor Jemmic K, &c. "In this dclcmma sad and sore, What can the possum do Free Trade and Texas is their cry As 'tis of Tyler too." Oh ! poor Jemmic K, &c. "Thus cornered and quite sick of strife, I think I hear them say Hun up! run up! the Dallas flag With that of Jcinmio K." Oh ! poor Jemmic K, itc. " Free Trade, l'ulk and Texas These shall our motto be ; And when we sent, that banner out We'll bee what we shall sec." Oh ! poor Jemmic K, &c. , ? That Banner's out, and so is this : V FjiCLtNiiiiuvscN and Haruv Clat !" Then I am a used up man !" Cried nut poor Jemmic K. , Oh ! poor Jeminic If, ifcc. lAnd now my lads lot's give a shout For our brave IIknt.v Ciav ! m'ho with our gallant Jur.-ey blue, Is sure to win the day Hurra for Harry Clay ! ' Hurra for Harrv Clay : I Ho stands by Yankee laborers Hurra! Hurra"! fur Clay I G. D. TEML'ERANCC MEETING. Mr. tXharles Church who has been lecturing to ovcrlllowing houses at Montpoher and else where, 'on tho subject of Washingtonian Tern, perance will givo a lecture at the Court House, on this ((Friday) evening, at 8 o'clock. Mr. Church is ono of tho most effective and popular lecturers that this noble causo can boast. His style is peculiar and totally diffe rent from that of any other person we have hoard. He intersperses his lectures with ap propriate 6ongs, and his dramatic illustration8 of his subject arc so truthful and interesting, as to Call crowds to hear him wherever he lectures. VV'o bespeak a full house, and wc warrant an Interesting lecture. The folks around Tammany, who gath ered there on Tuestlay evening nnd formally, grimly, savagely approved the nomination of Polk and Wright, want timo to let them selves down by degrees to Polk and Dallas. Meantime, the ami-phlogistic treatment 6hould ho rigidly enforced, with cold baths and mild beverages. Tho following, howev er, ii so good-natured that wo let it pass : For Tl3 Tribune. IMPROMPTU. Good luck nnd good fortune do not enmoby chmco j Yet such is the doctrine that some lollcs advance: The Oapt. said Xnv when hu came into power, And asain he said Yea in an all-latnl hour. I'm not going lo dispute, lie that as it may ; Hut lurn to events of a more recent day: Kinco Matty has fallen like a dart from iho quiver, He sescaped-n long journey from this to Salt Itiver: Some Locos will laugh, and say its nil n good joke, While others will curso lhal fatal sly lolic Which they got in the ribs on the 6th or 9lh round, When they found their best man lying flat on tho ground. They will strive to be pleased, and swear they 6ee light, Yet their men will go wrong when ihey seem lo go H7ii7i(. Tl.oy have kindled a fire, and befnrait's done smokiii" They'll find out that red foxes will never stand pi kin. PEDRO. I.Mrr.tsoNMF.NT roit iiriit, iu Kug'land, is pro bably about being abolished. A bill for this purpose has been introduced by Lord Collon. nam, and was received with cheers by many of the most influential noblemen, who will favor it. It is said it will pass by an almost unanimous vote. Mr. Peter Bromaglian, of llossic, St. Law renco Co. N. Y. was in the woods engaged in making ashes, when a tree fell and killed a girl about 15 years old, and a boy about 8 vears Sid. 1 wo others were severely injured, but not dan gerously. Capt. Shrubrick, ono of our most distinguieh. Cil naval officers, in command of the U. S. Fri gate Columbia, died on his passago from llio Janeiro to Cadiz, on tho Oth of April. The great Fraucnhofer Telescope, together with tho Transit instrument and Comet seeker, made at Munich, for tho National Observatory oi. i asniiigiuii, arrivcu satoiy at tnoir tlcsttna- tton on Tuesday last, and arc now ir in tho courso of erection. In Underhill, June 26, by II. M. llurbank, Kq. Mr. Dcxiiam D. Hdknuam to Miss CiunuiTTC L. Cadt, tiotnol underliill. In this town, on Iho 20,1, by I', Wellington, ' lege strccT. ' " ' a'"'l,Pn"1 Hq, Levi CariHsotoj, IoMks Rosella Damel. 1 ""rllnglon, June 19, 1811. 3 if lifilli oriliirhnatrin. STRAYED OR STOLEN, IROM the New Church Orccn, June 2fllb, n hay Maro, b ark manoand tail no shoes behind -a gall on Iho left four nnklo-ha,l iho heaves, nnd had on a saddlo and bridle. Whoever will rclutii sjid mare, or givo Information of her whenabouta shall rs uiiohly compcnsilcd. W1,.,o1Jun.8V-ll JnTHA3r-TiR' In this town, on tbo 22d Inst., Luther I.oomis,, nged C3 years. When so vnluablo n life as that of tbo lalo Mr. Iioomis is Icrininalcil. it would bo ifTcrinrr violence to our own feelings, besides being unjust to our commu nity, lo uo nothing inoro man uarety record inoueniu of on honored friend. His loss, indeed, will be fir beyond the domestic circle which is so sadly bereaved by tbo Ucparlurc of this most estimable man. For, not only do those relatives mourn, lo whom the loss of bis alTeclion and counsel is irreparable, but tbo whole community witli aimostn personal sorrow feel that one is taken from Ibcm, whom they have, for years, uccn accustomed to respect nnu irusi. ins character was such as to inspire confidence, for bo was a man ol principle, and when ibis is said, is not enough saidl Thoo who lived with him felt Ibis knew this. They saw it manifested in bis priinto dealings, nnd in the discharge of such public duties as no was caiica 10. agree m raying uiai no was n useful mid substantial citizen, a kind and active friend, an intelligent and conscientious man. All, of every party and denomination, felt safe in Ins integ rity, and bad no doubt that tbo interests committed to lus caro would uo regarded Willi a scrupulous fidel ity. As n business man. be was nromnt and ener getic, careful nnd far-sighted. As nu adviser bo was discreet and feeling, nnd the many who sought him in the r ticrn exilic, win always remcmuer lus svnina- i... ..'ti . .i: !...- m.- II illy ns well ns Ills luumuut, iiuccuuiis. , uu ii-niuu Society to which Mr. I.oomis belonged, from ils first formation, and or which lie was onooi inc strong pil lars, have ost. in Ins death, a conslniit attendant on public worship, a firm and enlightened supporter of religion institution?, one mat learcu uou nnu woriicu righteousness. The friend of tha Temperance cause win mourn, too, n ciicrisucii ussucinic, a rational nnu consistent advocate. Whilo his fellow-citizens, pen- cinlly, will lament the absence of ono who was so ready lo do bis part in sustaining those measures and establishments, on which social comfort and well- being so mainly depend. Mr. Loomts was confined but for n short time by his sickness, though bo was, himself, persuaded that bo should never recover, and observed that, though bo was willing to live, be was as willing lo mo. Ho sintered, occasionally, great distress, but his last hours were as ouiet as those of a slumbering child. That quietness was, loo, on bis spirit the miielncss of a Christian submission, of long cherished Christian convictions. And be passed away happily from Ibis world, leaving those around hint in feel that while bis bfo bad been that of the nnri'-'ht. his end, too, was like his in peace. If F3 death of tin" beloved father, brother, relative and friend is tbo occasion ol no ordinary sorrow, ins character ts, thus, the source of no ordinary consolation. Thourdi in ken from U9 when yet capable of oxtensivo usefulness and salutary influence, be has leff to his children ihn legacy of a good name, and lo the largo circloof mourning menus uie ricn gut oi a gnou example. That namo and that example will long bo dwelt on win, nil aucciiunaic reverence tor "To act uprightly was through life his plan, He lived beloved and died nn honest man." LA DIRS WATCHES, MADF. I1Y A LADY. LADIKS who wMi for n cood nnd benuti'ul Wntch made by a lady enn I e supplied nt very low price-, lunch lower than Wntclics of this qiiuhly were ever befinc ollcrcd. The-e Watches w tie made c.nroly (nr ns. and have the lady's name, nnd our own, mid the yenr wncn iney weio matte, lau ' upon llicni. We have -old Vnlche made by tliii same lady neiore, niui ineypica-eciisiomcrs mucn. ane write ton- that llns lot are liner lini-hcd and more beauti fnl than any made for u before, nnd we find them niw.iyjuM n -no state. e should think-that ladie would be de-irons of poa-e-sma a ntcb made by their own sex. Wo Ibid gentlemen like Ihcin nri'di. I UlthWSMAID & IIROTIIKRS. CANES AND HIDING STICKS T.V great varicly, beaulilul Canes with sill; I'm J. Inell.i on tliein, Iruni .s5 lo t 10 each, Cano l i Poles, Hickory Cnnc and manvoilicr l;ind. (!i, Slocks and Ilandl.crcliiel-, cheap, cheap, cheap i I11IIX.SMAII) & llltOTH KHS. WATCHES $ OTHER GOODS, "'XU'l; be sold very low during all the public days i nn- summer, strangers anu other-aiu ile-i reu io can nnu see. i imiNs.MAin & nitoTnini". TO T2JAVE1LL.KRS. "PAUTIKS visiting Canada, will find X Watsox'h nrrrr.r.. St. Johns, one of the largest nnd most comfortable houses m tho place. Carriages in nttendanco on tho arrival of tho otcaincrs. Ivxtr.i horses nnd carriages in readiness for t'hnm bice, Highgatc Springs, St. Albans, if-c. Charges I I y IIIMUl'rilll'. St..lohns, Juno 21ih, 1311. 1 I in RUN AW A Y. AnOt'T the 20th Mnv last, nn indented boy, nnmeil Charles We-t. Tbisistofiirbiilnll per'son-hnr- hc.ritii? or irii-tiiighiin on my account, ns ( shall olaini all lus earning-, and pay no dcbisol hi- coiilractinc J'.. .11, lll.SSIM.I.. Charlotte, June 20, 18H. ! 2v ICilinuiid I). Mcrrlam's Estate. Wntbesiibscrilers, hayinir been appomtel by the Honorable the Probate com I (or thu Di- incl of draiid l-lc, coinnii wnvr In receive, exam me anu niipisi tne ciaini-nnu ueinanu- ol all KDMUM) 1). MKII1UAM. lat of South Hero, in saul Di-trict, decca-ed, repre-inted in-oiveni; anu ni-o nn eiainw nnu dciuaniN -xtnii-liil in o'l-clt thereto; nnd six months from the day ol Hie dale bereol, bcinsal'owed by said court for tb purpose, wedo thcreloie hereby give notice, that we will attend lo the bu-me of our appointment, at the . " n i i i"u e "i mi: wi'iuw i an u y .iicrri.iui, in -,nu ..,!. IT..- .... .1... ,-T.I. I-.. . . -J I ' 1.M till.', I'll (lie I. in nay in Ciiciliucr, lilj from 10, A. M, till 5 o'clock, 1'. M. Dated at South Hero, tin's "3th day cf May, A. D. 1611. OU.tNUi: l'HKI.i'ti, Colnm 4 3w AIIM.'lt II. LAKDOX, Lolnln T 0 T HE LADIES. npillv undersigned ofier- for sale a rich assortment -A- Ol SHAWLS AND BAIOWNES. yery cheap, at the Store one door cast of Messrs 1'r.cK & Si E.Mi. Jl. 0TUKIM. Iliirhngton, June 21, lflll. 3 MOXTHI3AT, AXI) ItOSTOX EXPRESS. riini'.suli-cribcr have made arrangements iu send j. n iiic.-enger troni lio-ton to .llonlical anil Kacl. once iii wcel; e.u h way, via. Hiirliuglcm, Muutpelier, aiid(.onc,rd, N. H., leaving lio-ton on Moud.i and Montieal on 'I lru-day, for the tran-ini-inii iif'See- cie, Hint; ."sole-, and other valuable p.iel.aue.. I'.ir licular allcilion paid to collecting nnd pnynw X,,te., Draft-, llill-,Accc-innces,,f.c. ,-r. All pielTuge lo U' Virgil k Co. ami Walker sV Co.' F,x press, nnd to be left at the counting room id J. & J. II. 1 CCI. svl, Vlltnil, & Co , Montreal. 3 WAl.KKIt t Co., Ilo-tou. TM1? ,-"!oa,,,l!l',i':ls"inrileiii-yr.lay, 1 U1. 'J1'' and Spceclics of John O. Calhoun, '2 vol. , i i.sjicmiiiju, lliglil.inds of Kthiopi.i, conipleto in 1 parts. I'rainu Hud, Ci'-ilia Howard, Life in IheXdw World, Mr-. lulls' Select Worl.s, l icCici-roiiian-tho Prus-ian method of leach ing tlie Latin LiMgunoe. Ai-o, a geiieuu a-sorlineiil of School Hooks, which win re sow at thu lowe.-t prices, nniong wlucli nro n '"-"-I'mnvotilicllcnvcn, 2 vol,. Milcbell's School Geography and Atlas. J'rnnary " Olney' Peter Parley's (ieographv fiir children, I'arley's Island 2nd Itook ol History, Conistock's Plulo-ophy, ;l.euiiry, l'liysiology, . . ." Common School Philo-opy, Smith' Orammar, Kirkhnui'i, do Drown' do Swett's do Adam' Arithmetic, i lioinpscm's do Knicrsoii's do Smith's ,ln 1st, 2nd and 31 part'. Colbum's du Davie' ,lo American I'irl Class Hook. Xalional Reader, I'orlei'w llhotorical Header, Abcrcronibie's Mental nnd Mnrnl Philosophy, l.mcrson's 1-, 2nd nnd 3 1 (,'lu-s lle.uler. ' 5 ' . ......ji i.u,,,,,,,, , Vi MAHUhscJTOV. lliirhnglbii, Vt, 'I 3 C II A YN ICS JTJL ("a r",t'!v''11 n f''wthoicepntlcrinofrreneh nnd American iiAxcixns. I of ibe l.ilml r.i 'i ... ' r. . rnilh subscriber w II pay Ca.h for Wool delivered Hie Ihe Pearl Slrlei House, ' " HARRY IIHADI.KY. Ilurhngton, June 18, g. mints, gfc. I K CASKS American Prims, X tJ 2 do Jl.iucheslcr (fmslwrns 1 do tleachcd'htciiug: pisiicf-M and (or ale June 5, '11 ,y Vll.A.S, I.OOMIS iV(' Alphctis Person's I'.stnte. TATi: OF VIWMONV,) TVV. Hon. the District of Chittenden. . S M I'rnu.lic (Joiirt for llio Oilrict of Chittenden! To all psroii con- nm in I hoc.lnln nl ALI'HF.rS I'l. ISONS. iltenl Jericho, in said Di-lriot, deceased. OtiKETlsn. uiir.Rr.AP, Kcnucn kocuwooo, mimintstraior oi nu tate if sail deceased, nrnnnic lo lender nn account f bis ndinini.lrntinu, nnd pre-cnl hi nccotint ugn,ut nldcstniulor examination and allowance at n session ol ihe Court of I'rnhnte. In bo holilen n' the Itcg,'cr's uillcuin Hurlmglun in miiJ district on the third day of inly next, 'K. ....... V.. I..,.,!.,. Mr,ii(:.l tn .t.r,si,t ire snidenuri nt llio time nm'l itlnco aforesaid, nnd shew cause, if any you have, w hy the account afore said should mil be ullowud. riivcn under my hand at Hurlington this lltiuay f June, A. D. 1811. 2w3 Win. WKSTON, Hcgislcr. Kliinthnti IIUbcc'N I'Aliifc, ' STATU OK VKUMONT, ) mill! linn, the Pro- Di-tricl ol t Inticnden, fs. ) A liato Court for tho li.tncl cf Chittenden ! To nil ner-'iiiH coiicerni'd iu tliciMatcnf HIjNATHAN IIIUDKR of Slid. burn, in Mild l)ilrict, dceeaed, (mnr.TiNn., lnne llial'ir, lulinuiiHtrator ol lliee- late ol s.ud ileccae l, prupo-c. to render nil account ol hi ndiniiiMrnlnin, nnd irci'iil hi account nuuiust nid iMnte lr uxannnalion and allowance nt n m's inn of Iho Court ol I'lobnlc. to he Im den nl Hie He ' 1er olilco in Hiirlunrtoii. in said dtnct.on llio see nnd Wednesday nl.luly, next. I, l on tin hcrciiv noliliol in appear licfure nnd court at llio time and lilac"1 aforesaid, and licw cause, if any vou nne, wl.y Iho account more -aul shonlil not bo allowed. (liven under my hand nt litiilinstiui tli i" 30lli day of .nay A. ii. isu. i wi .. ni'.siUiH licgnitr. InscpH Miner's I2tatc. STATU OK VERMONT. 1 riMW. Hon. llm Pro l)i-trict ol Ulultenilcn, s. oiitc uotirt lor the Di-trict of Ciiitlenden. To nil nersOn eoucerned in the I'-tntc of Joseph Miner, late of Darlington in said Di-trict, ilcce.i-eii, iinKi'.TiNO. Whereas. Kliiali llerricl.. one of ihn ndnnni-lrntor of Iho estate of -aid doi-en-ed, hath made apph 'ation tosaidciiurl to extend the linie humeri by said euurt lor paying nieiiom nunin-i, mill seiiunir, snui c-taif one year irom mo Vim day m July, mil, nnu the mi mini-lrnior- ol snid e-tale prono-e rctiderini; nn ac count of their ndiiiini-trutiop and prc-ontinsj Ihcirnd- miiiisirnitnu account again-t said c-tnlu lor exniuiun tinn nndallownnce. iirtiF.tiroN. the court aforesaid doth appoint the -econu muncsuav oi ,iiiiv, isu. lor Hearing nnu uc l idingin tbeprenn-e,at iho Ifeai-tcr's otlice iu Hur- liiiL'tou in saiu ui-inct, ami ilutli order that all per-oic interested be nutilicd thereof by nublication of till" or iter, th ice week succc ivelv.'in the llurlni'-'lnii Krce Pre , a newspaier printcil in said Hurhiigtnn, the la-t oi which puiiiicaiioiw io he picvioiis lo iheilay nppoinicii -iiiurc-aiu lor ucnriiur. in yen unuer tny iinnii llu3iiili dayol .Mnv, IS 11, Iw3 W iu. WKSTOX, Ilcqisttr. Leonard Hodge's Estate. STATU OF VKUMONT, ) TMIK Hon. the Prnl at Di-trict of Chittenden, s-. i X Court for the District ol Chittenden : 'I o all persons eoiiccrniil in thee-tnte nt Leonard t loupe, lalo ol Hillistou, in aid di-trict, ueecaeii. unr.KTls'R Wm.nEA, Sarah Hodge, mliniuMratrix of the i late ol -aid decca-cd, propo-e- lo render an account of her ndinnii-tration, and prc-cnt licrnccounlagaiu -nid ctnte for examination nnd allowance nt u e- siou ol the Court ol Probate, lo be ho den nl 1 he I-.n-rt Hall, iu -aid Willi-toii, on the third .Monday ol July HCXl. TiiKnr.ronn, You nre hereby noiilied toannear I c fore said court nt the time and place nfore-aid, nnd -hew nu-e, it ,ny you have, w by the uceouiit nlore -nid -hould not l-eullowed. liiveu under my baud at Burlington tin fourth day oi .nine, j, u. inn. 1 w 3 W.M. WKSTOX, lieqtstcr, Louis IlcrvHIe's Ksfatc. STATF. OK VF.R.MOXT, I ritlir. l'r.,1 ale Courl fi District ol (.'liiitciidcn, s. j JL Hie di-trict nft'lii, tendon : To the heirs of the e-late ot LOI IS DI.R MI, LI., late of Ibirhncton, in s nd di-lru-t, iloccn-cd, inie-iauanu 10 .ill pcisoiisinteiesteil in said c-tate, (iltr.KTIXG. iMiumiAs, William A. dn-wold, admiiiislrator of said eiate, halli filed hn pennon in aid court, slating uiai uie per-ouai esiaie ol the siit'l decea-ed ainoniil to the sum ol one bundled dollar.-: I hat the debt nnd liabilities of said estate together with the co-Is nnd expenses ol seining the same, minium to iho sum nl two hundred nnd lilty dollar.; nnd lurtlier -latin: that the icnl cstalo ol -aid decea-cd. consi-t nf small lot ol land, lyuic on the. north sideol Mam trcet in the villaae of I! nliiigtou, and that a part ol -a e-tale, cannot 1 e sold, without injury tntho-e in to e-tedin the remainder: and prayi'mr -aid court to cen-e iindniithoii.e hiin to sell ihewhole ofthereal estate of -aid deccaseit. I 1 1 r Fl 'IU;. till snl'l eonrt .1..1 t nr,!.., nn, ni.r.r. I he 2d Wiihicsday in July, A. I), 181 1, nt the olfice nl lhei(cg,-ter o: said com t in Hurl, usion, in sum i is irict, for hearing and deciding iu the premises; and doth further order that nil pcr-on intere-tod or con cerne.l m said etnle, I e netihcil to appear nt Ibe tune an I place afore-nid, nnd shew cau-e (d nny they have) wny me prayer oi -aid pennon -hould nt I e L-ranted, orcive bonds a said court shall diiect. for the. nnv inent of ihedcbt agnin-t snid etale, by the publica tion of ihe sub-l.ince of said pclililion, toireihor with llii order in the Fu n I'ie-s, u new-paper printed nt llnrliiiL'Ion nfore-aid, llireu weeks -ucccivcly, the l i-t of which pul lic.itions, shall be before the tune set for hearing. Datedat Hurlinctnn, the full dnvnf.luno, A. D. IS 11. 1 w3 CllAKLi:S Itt'SSKLL, Judge. Krastus llllss' Estate. STATU OF VF.RMONT, J Tm: Prolate Court Di-trict of Chittenden. s. j L Ibr the District nf Chittenden : In ah pcrors ,nicreteil 111 the F.slatu of K1!A STL'S HLISS, late of Ksex, 111 s.ud di-tnet, deceased, Giikktino. Wumsr.As, Truman Shelden, adiniii'slr.itor nf ihe estate nf the deceaRcd, has made application lo said com t KAVxleml ihe lime linuicl for nettling said es tate and paying the debt due from aid c-tale, one year f'iniii thu I3,hd.iyof July,I81 l,andal-op,npo-e ;y lender nu account of hi- admiiti.irnlion to sail court. WliEnr.cros, tho con it nfoir-aul doth appoint tho second Weu'i.csday of July, 1311, for hearing and de ciding 011 -aid appl,c,;!:ou and I'Miinuiiiig said ac count, nl the office of Ihe Register nf snui Court in Burlington, in said di-tiicl, nnd dot!; Older lliat ull person interested be notilicd thereof by pu'Micn'iou of Ibis order, lliris.' wcel. succcs-ivclv. in ibe Inir- IniL'lou Kiee l're. a new-, inner minted in -nid Hur. liugton, the la-t nf wdu'eh public.iliuns lu Iu previous to said second Wedne.1l.1y ,11 July, ISM. Given under my baud at said Hurlington, this 20ih .In.. ... 1 , O 1 1 a ' "'I) sl .1 Ulll-, lou, 3 w3 W.M. WF.STON, llegUttr. FANS! FANS!! WIIKN thownnu weather enmes we will open smneca-e of new and beautiful Fan-. Ii i--ii cold when w e write tin that the Fan e.iu'i shew theiiisclve without l olonna, llicvl"ok beaulilul how ever, we hac prcltyand cheap Fan-. May, 'II. 5j I'iuvsm tn vfc HnOTitnus J.JAHl'F.K'SILLt'.MINATKD HIIiLi:, No. -1. llio lllrjlilauils ol Ethiopia described, darins lb momli re-idcnce of 11 llnli-h lanba-sy nt the v-iirisiiau -ouri ni ,-jiitu. Jly Jl.ijor W, t". Harri wiiu ueautiiiu iiiii-ir.itinns, p.tris, ';, Is. each. this is the inn-t reniarkalle worl, nl'l he nrc-em nse, ni-closiii.' (o the world a 'O'llllrv bilbnrlit entire. I)' unknown, nud it '.lllllir the exisleiice ofn fabric. tian union in the mteiior nf Aby-smia, nearly filiivii centuries old." bifb In the Xuu' World, or Sketches of Ameri e.iu Society, by Scatefield. Coinpleie iu seven iitiin- i's-i , ui v&i per no, Slysterics of l.oiidnn.I'nrl !, 191. '1 lie Vilvcutttres of Captain l'amplille Alexander Duinns, 12J. l'ather r.orint, or Scenes of Life in Iari, Ily from 1 iciicii tu ne, 'j cents, lie PeckMluilding, JuiieC. jl A. HOWARDS. 1TAV bbl Winter strain and Summer Oil, nt 1 COM: if- ROIIINSON'S. I CASK summer Goods, 1 do (nl'deamhrics, 1 do Irish linen-, I do collon Flnggf, jti-t received and for sale bv JuueS, IBM. 1 VILA-S, I.OOMIS ,f. Co. SOAP. .Vc. GRO, shaving soap, -y-f 75 do hooks and eyes, 0.1 nu rtniici lacei, 50.M. D. I'.. Needles, just received and for salo JuneS, Ml. I by VILA..", LOOMI.V & Ce. susi'i:M)i:ns, ,s;r 1 Rf DOZ, web su.peuder', lO' 21 " elastic do 3")0 cotton tape, roll do do 100 " roll du do ,us receivisl and for snlo JuneS, Ml. I by VII I. A .9, I.OOMIS & Co. Sheetings, (fcc. HALLS brown sheeting, i50 2 do " Drill-. do I icks, iu-t received nnd for snle l y MLAS, I.OOMIS & Co. June I Ml. 1 MRS. LA NG I VOR Til Y. HAS received her usual .... -"rp'y of si'itiNCJ GOOD.,, Luces, Hinhroi- deries, Perfumery, Super r ranrY foaps etc. ipc. Milan, All of which will lie as low as ran be found ui uie market, June 6, IPH. i IMtlVATE SCHOOL AT WINOOSKI PARK. (two Mli.r.s rnoM nurtl.isoTos, vt.) i?01tlt ndditional Scholars will lo received info the family of Uev. ZHNAH III.ISS, nt lnprc-ent re sidence. The location is ino-t f.ivornblc for benlih nnd retirement, in llio mldt ofn region scarcely sur-p.i-'eil in beniuv nnd obiecti ol Intcre-t bynny-pot iu New I'.iiglaii'd, nnd nllutielher such nn one n tho true prngre of the scholar require. The-c -chol- nr will be nuuer hl own private cure nun liitirucimu, nnd may intend to nil brancho. of study, or nnv one, belonging to a thorough cdiicatton his aim will be, by n thorough discipline ndapted to the want of each, tin niatncniniics, inuguaBc-, n.iiiu.ii sch.iu i.-i phy-iology, inlclliTiiint ami moral plulo-ophy, o.) to developc, nv fully as po-ible, the cnpabiliiic. with men they nre rmiowru oy iuiiuicji uunur- u. siderably ndvnncod in study will f.- preferred, but inoroe-ieci.dly Iho-e who wish lo remain lor two or Ihreo year and pursiio u tliuiouah nnd systematic coiir-e'j nnd above nil those who wi-h lo pur-uo pliilo-ophical or ibeologicnl s'udie--, in which no paim will I c -pared loensiiru their Irueand sub-tan- liai orogro--. Clurges Inr board nnd tuition will vnrv from S200 to s?:!jO per venr, ncconhng In the condition nnd nunc in me sciiui.u, hii'i iii .iiiLini.M, . nn ii .... t- uirej. The whole muni er I- not to exceeu eiglit. ho.-c ol cilher sex will be received. Addrc-s through Post Ollicent llurlington. Vernionl Chronicle plea-o copy. c. 3 til'KKM OH- 1 nrf. O'. pure sperm winter nnd -piing sperm J UUU Oil, 500 solnr do. STItO.NOd ip Co June 11, '11. MIDDL Eli UR Y CASSIMERES. 11 Vf. Mid llehnry Caimeres f ,rn!ent Manulne. Hirers prices b'v tho p. by S. M. l'OPK. Juno II, Ml. ' JOHN LEWIS Again among Hc wheels of Time rrivtsnn in e tinielii snare noLdevo til to ,u iJ other business he wi-hc to fill up tbi lime in repairing win. Those havinir WATCHUS In rc will nlca-e to I ring them nn in time, and have llietn pal in order to keep good lime. liiirliiiglon, June iw, mil. - C1ASH PAID FOR WOOL, by ) II. W. CATI.IX. Also, Chillis exi banged for Wool on good terms, June 20, 1911. 3 lTPAV Ununets l,nve--, illltlf, Lawns, Slimmer It S lull'-. Xt.. in-t received bv J,ino20,'ll. 3 II. W. CATI.IN, LEATHER. 1 Hfl FIDf'-olc U-ather, gindand very beaii, June 20, ' 13. 3 by STKONOS st Co. FRESH FIGS. DIU'MS, iu-t received by June IU, 'It. 3 STKONOS 25 4 Co. MANILLA MATTS t COOD a-orlnieiit, by 1m. June 20, Ml, STKONCS & Co. LEAD '';:, tyc. 3 TONS Lead Pipe i lo 1 i in bore; 3 rolls Sheet Lead; 12 cwt. sheet Zinc ; 30 Hnss Shot assort ed Nos. by STRONG! ,f- Co. Juno 11, Ml. ' SUGARS. 1 ) imi.f 1 A, lllll.S. Porto liico and Muscovado Sugar, nlo Lumii, Powdered and eru-iie I Nnrnr lor ' S. M. I'Ol'i:. sale by. June 11, Ml CANDLES AND SOAP. pi HOXKS pcr,n C.uidle-, 20 do. Tnllnw Candle, O 2(1 do. Har snap, 2 do. (Vide snap, 3 do. Knney inilct do., llldo. sh.nnu do. by S-TltO.NGS it Co. June 11, Ml. HATS! HATS !! TJ CASF ."Alvords" Molesl.ui lint, in-t n I and for s:i sale by M. l'OPK. June 11, '11. DOG LOST. STRAYF.D fn m the ubcriler nl out lbe20:h May h-t, n white Hound Dog, with nil ear- (while, n--ide,) and a I lack spot on the rump. A ren-nnable compensation, mid Iho thank of the owner, will be awarded to nny per-nu who will jivehiform.iiioii con eemnig bun. W.M. II. MUNSON. Colchester, June 11, ISU. 2 Ilo J All Yo Tltnt 'l'liirsi ! NOT (. (Mi:l) YI3T ! r)U.M, HRANDY, GIN nnd WINKS, of nil the L various ipiantitiesnf one pint or more, and other FAMILY UROCKRH'S, for sale on rea sonable terms, by ISAAC WARN ICR. Iluilington, June, 1311. 2 SPRING GOODS. L O VE L Y iy S E YM OUR, HAVK received u large assoninent oliroods adapt il to the season, viz .- Ilnni'iazine-, lllael; and It tut- Iliad; nnd Fancy Sik-, Rich H.ilzorine-, Syl tdiiiHl nnd Zephyr De' f, nine-, Plai" and Fiffiiitsl'ile l.aiues, Pruned nn 1 Oinirhain Mii-lin. nnd Lawn.; Rich l.aundce nud Pnplins,Foitard Sill.,Seoich and Anieiican Ginirliain ; Sw, , Cauihrie, Hook, Jaconet Nan-onk nud Mull Mu-liii-; n splendid assortment of CALICOKS; Kick lionuet Silk- and Lawn-, Ribbon-, Hosiery, Glove-, Ai'. 'c, together with every ailicle ill ihe fmcyand Staple Dry Goods line. 'licet, Mny 10, lg. 19 tf LAKE C1IAMPLAIN I'aro through the,e reduced to 8:J,0(), (.Heals extra.) THK STF.AMKIt HURI.INGTON, CAI'T. n. W, SUIUIMAN, Will lenvrj Whitehall every Si. Johns every Tue-day, Monday, Thursday, Salurd.iv. We,lue'.d.iy, irid.iy. 'J'JIK STEAM Kit SARA.NAC CAI'T. 0. LATIIlJOr. Willleave Whitehall every Si. Johnevery Men I iv, I Tuesday, Weilne'day, j Thur-day, Fn lay. ' s3lunl.iv.

I one .VL 1 P. M. frrilll iMi-b end i fill.: Lake. 1 he above 1 the nrranevincul for running for the scapnii, mile-, nonce 1 given 10 thecontrnry. The Company intend to p'nee ihe Steamer While hall upon the Luieinsteadot IheSjrnnnc, early ill Ju ly next. She will I c commanded by Capt. G. L uhrop. llurliiiclnn, 1G May. 1SII. 50 PAINTS AND OIL. 5 TONS w hile lead, dry nud ground in oil, "No. 1 " Ultra," nnd " I' ire." Spanish white, red lead,. Fiench yelluw, Verdigris, Venetian red, litharge, spir it turpentine, Ac. Ac. Also, SUO ir. linseed oil, ;uir( Juuell, '14. 2 by -TliON0.9fc Co. A LAIiGK noitineiil of Tea-, Tobawn, Sugar XX Molasses, anice-, ie. 0. c. lor sale at COM: & ROIIINSON'S NOTJCIi. WHARKAOK, STOIIAGR and FORWARDINO by tho subscril cr at the New Wharf. KNO-J HI.INN. II dngton M-y I, 1 311. -13.V0" TUST RKCKIVKD, by J Mayl, 1811. I.OVW.Y & SLYMODR. SELLING OFF. AS wo are not intending to keep Stoi-ks, Col'ar, Scarfs, Ilo.oms, Cruiats anJ nrliclcs in tin- line, wo nro selling llicni of nhe.ip. Tioo who wih some of them before they nre nil gone nro invited tu examine ihcin. Some splendid nrliclc. among them. Stid'ner nnd Slock Indie. for snle. Siineuilcr nnd Slock Duckies, I'niiip nnd over shoe mid other Duck ies. Children s licit nl loduced price. All Good sellin;; lower than ever. Please look in upon n. 1 HKINSMAID it HROTHKHS. COM11S. 3 CASKS wood pocket Combs, 12S doz. ivory do 1000 " sido do 300 " iwit do llHI " coarse and fine do jut received nnd lor 'ale by VILAX LOOMLV .f- Co. JuneS, Ml. I HOXKS Lemon and Orange, Fur-, Curiums, CJ Prune., ,f.e. nt 1 COLK , ROIIINSON'S I'AIMllt. nn( RKAM.S ruled letter Paper, OkJKI 301) do rap do for sale by Junoa.Ml. 1 VILAS, LOOMIS& Co. A FKW'piecc nfupei rfme Carpeting, XX- Also, 8-1 Cotton do nl uo nl COM: & R011IN?ON'S, Feathers. 1 nCf ''''-v. Geeso Feather., wnrranlnl, 1 UUU 3000 lb-. Hens' do for snlo by JuneS, Ml. 1 VILrt..", LOOMISit Co. C CASKS liNt w York Hals, from $2,00 10 4,00 'J vieu, ?lso, a lew cases 01 heavy Hontt and nor. 1 50 barrelilcst cxlra lupcrfinerhiur. Jack-on Mills, MeJluirv's llinnd, and 100 sacks of Silt, for inleal 1 1 COI I A. ROBINSON i. I REMOVED. K.J. FAY HAS removed to mo corner of Church nnd HiHik strics,tijiio Mte tho Hank of llur IniL'toii. m here be bn )n gcncrnl assortment of noors & siioiis, madooltho be-t slnik nnd by Iho most thor ough woilsinen, which vitl be sold in cheap n the cheapest. ICJAll kinds ofwoik made to enter on the mo.-t reasonable terms and nl the shurlct notice. Iluiluigluu, June Gib, IBM. 1 WANTED. IN exchange for Flour, Salt, Tea, Tol ncco, Dry OoikIs nf every kind, orCnsh, a few thousand lb, of goodilcnti Klcecu Wiiol, for which the bet innrkcl price will be paid, by 1 COLK & ROIIINSON. COTTON THREAD, &c. KAn Llii white nnd colored Thread, J-JJ '3 cases spool do '2 " Auiciicnn I'ac t inns'. 5 lbs. mixed puis, iut receiviil nnd for tilu by VILAS, LOOM IS & Co- Juno., 1911. 1 U STATES MARSHAL'S SALE- ntllllAO NOT1CP. is hereby niven that ihe follow- I. ing goods, wares, tnercbandisc, nnd other prop crty, condemned in the II n. District Court of the United Stales for Vermont District, May Term, ISM, will bo sold nl l'tllll.IU AUCTION, at the Auction Room of Col. II. Thomas, in Iliirhngton, in snid dis trict, on tho 23th day of June next, to the highest bid der; sale to commence at 10 o'clock, A.M. To wit: 1 Roan Krcnch Horse, 1 black horso,l gray poney, 1 part piece kersemerc, goizid at Northfleld, Ootober 1 gray French horse. 1 black French horse, seized nl Ib rbn. October 2. IS 13. 1 l iciicli norre, seized ni .iionipciicr, net. iu, if i.j. 2 French horses, seized nt Northficld, Oct. 14, 1811. 1 French horse, soizcd nt Monlpther, Nov. IB, 1 R 13. 2 part pieces linen, 3 part pieccsbroadrlnth, 2 pr moccasins, seized at (iiildhall, 3Iarch 21,1311. 2 horses, 1 sled, double harncs-, 3 shawls, seized at Kaiifax.Jan. 17, 1811 1 black nurc. seized at Lyndon, Feb. 5, ISM. 1 cray French horse, seized nl Marlon, Feb. 8, 181 1. 1 bay French horse, 1 brown French mare, seized at Hurke, Feb. 5, 1911. 1 French horse, siized at Hurke. Fiji. 21. 1311. 1 clicsuut coloted horse, seized at Walden, .March P, 1511. 1 white horse, seized at Cabot, March, 20, 1S1 1. A'so. 5 1-2 vjdrs cheeked raimcre, 8 yards black broadcloth, 2 yards blue broadcloth, 5nrds Doc Skin Onssuncre, il varus tune nioi iiom, 5 yards Hl'k Hroadcloth, 3 gray Hox Coats, seized at Roxhury, Sept. 7, 1343. , 10 i.nds' calico. 2 1-2 yds woollen cloth, seized on the waters of Lake Ohnnplnin, near Kast-Alburgh iu the District of Vermont. Oct. 25. 1313. Ivds broad-cloth. 1 shawl, seized on the waters of Lake Champlain, near liurliugton, in tho District of Vermont. (.let. vt, isia. 1 sortel Horse, seized at Fairfield, Oct. 24, 1813. 1 red roan bore, 1 culler and harness, seized ulDcr by, Feb. 13, 1311. l gray coals, seized at r-wnnion, ucc. ii, 1311. 7 yds. beacr cloth. -1 1-2 yds broad cloth, seized at Ilighg.ite, March Ifi, 1911. 2 trunks, containing IS pieces and part pieces calico, 1 p-iil piece broa.lcluih, 1 shawl, 1 part piece linen drilling, 1 box gun cops seized at Montpcher, Febru ary 23, 1911. linen under my hanu ai israuiuru, inn jiei nay ui May, A. U, ISM. 1 WILLIAM HARHON, .Vnshal. MOLASSES. 1 ( llhd-. Porto Rico syrup nnlTiinidad .1 V. sC se-, very -upcrior ipiality, I v June 1 1, Ml. STKONGSfsCo. IRF.I'AltlCI) CV on, vermicdh, Clove-, nutmeg. . starch, sinicrioripiahty, ludizu, oVe. by 2 " ST1IONGS sV,('o. FLO int. f(rV. siU'Crliae Flour, SO half barrel- do. 1 UU June 11. 2 .-THONGS & Cn. FOR SAI.K, IIKRi.tpart f the VKSTRY Ill'II.DI.NG 1 e- lomrtmr to the Coni-'iegatioual i,liurch, 10 ue moved ml the loi within lliTtvday. Apply to . , 23th May, Ml 5-2J 11. W. CATLI.N. Jtlll.ITAItY OOODS. -trnr V Hu KRMONT Milit'a, Infantry, Artillery nnd other niton, Swoids, Liauet Plume, Sa-lic Hell, lilnls, Uhappoiu lite line, for sale by Si nnd most other articles in HlUN'SMAID Oi. HllOTHF.ns. REMOVAL. ritHF, sidi-criber ha removed from hi n! I tand nn I Church Street, to his new 11U1CK SHOP on Pallin'. Lane, twenty rod Kast nf the l!iirlin'.'lou Hank, when-he ha on'hnndanil will continue 10 man ufacture nil kind- i t CABINET WARE, of the be-t nualilv: -it h n- SOFAS, SKCRF.TA RIKS, HKAL'RKADS, Dmimr, Tei, Centre, Work nnd Toilet TAHLKS, ST MsV DKDsTKADS, and all kind nf work in hi line, iUUMo-t kinds of Country produce nnd Lumlcr received in payment, or approved credit, md viry cheap for Cash. SAMl'KL NICHOLS. Iliirhngton, May 2th, 1311. 52 IAltEWKI.L'S Slue, of nil kind-, nre kept nnd L now nll'ered lor snlo by May 23. 31 C. F. STANIFORD. ST11A YFI), FROM the suheriler, nn Saturday, the 25th int., nn iron grey French IIORSK,' lung tail, shin mane, n Lli-ter nil the buck saiMle, with bind -hoes iT. Whoever will return said llorje shall I e suit ly rewarded. CIIARLKS HASCOT. Shelburne Falls, May 28, IS 11. 52 ATy;ir edition, OF OI.NKY'S GF.OGItAPIIY AND ATLAS ery inuch en'nrgiil and improved, it Is now t very h-st Geography n 11. e, for sale by May 22, Ml. 51 wC S. HUNTINGTON. NEW STORE AND NEW GOODS. Till: sub-cn'l erha en the New Store, nuednor north of Me-si-. Hi in-niai Is' where he ba.-jii-t ris c'uiil and now ler lor sale, a general Us.ort nient of Fancy nud Staple Dry Good-, Dry Groccrie-, Paper Ilunsriiig, itc, wdiich for ipiality nnd cheap-nc-s cannot be .urpa-e. Purchasers .ire invited In call and examine lor ihe.iischcs. C. F. STANIFORD. Burlington, May 1C, 1311. 50 TT''GIvl'RKL,Col Fi-h, Salmon, Smoked Heel bv May 15, Ml 50 STRONGS & Co NEW ST. ORE rplli: siibseril er would inform hi friend and the JL public lhal he ha. ju-t opened a Store nn the corner nf Church nud Hank street., opposite the old Hank, where he will sell Goods a cheap a they can bo I'liuiiht elsewhere, embracing a sin ill stuck ot DRY GOODS, aula general ns-ortmeni nf FAMILY GROl'KRIK-. Please call nnd look I ctore hilling cl-u where. FLOl1!! nud SALT, by the barn I, or 111 e.ipiaii lily. I shall not 1 e undersold bv my neighbors. June 7, Ml. 1 N. W. GAGB. FOR SALE. flAIin subscriber offers for 6alo his X present place of residence. GKO. G. INGKRSOLL. Pearl Si. May 7ih. inwfi A I 13, s.c. 5 TONS Lead Pipe 1 lo Ii inch, 1 do Sheet I .cad, I Cask Sluvi Zinc 30 Has shot, assorted No, by May 15, Ml. 50 S'l RONG! ,f Co. CASH l'All) I'OK WOOli BY tho Hl'RMNGTON MILL COMPANY nt their Factory. Also Wool reecued lo manufac ture into HROAI) CI. OTH on the same Icims as heretofore by Messrs. Koelocson it Ratiiuc.n. S1DNKY HARLOW, Agent, For Hurlinston .Mill Co. June 10, 181l.-tf2 . PLASTER. A ( Tons of Nova Scotia Plaster, just rcceiiod.nud H'vJ nowgtinding nl the Plaster .Mill at Winooski I'n)l, nud for sale by lime 12,131 L FOI.LF.T, lilt II) LKY &Co. SUMMER GOODS. WIHTKnnd Hrown Liaen DrillliiK-, Tweed, Hl'k Summer Cloth, nlo, n vnne y nl Cultmi giasl fur summer wear for sale low by Il.irlinglon, June 1 1, Ml. S. M. I'01'K. a. n.v.vsov, TAILOR, Shop tua doort South nf I'ick and Sfeat't on Chwrh Strett. B V n L 1 N g T o N V K R M O N T . tutting dour lu the rmst arprotcd 41 tie, ami Varr.intcd. J ms 20, lt T 3 CS&s. ill HARD WAWIO. STRONGS if-Co. have rei-rivisl nnd oiler to pur chaer n very eeneral n-nrt,ncal ofllAHD WAHK, nmongsl wince may be finn I lire following to wil : Hull nnd .Screw, Norfolk and American Ln'rhe, ("be t nud Window llliud Hinge, Wire Cheek Spring, Mortice Hell ("ranks, Our'ed Hell Springs, Hell Crank, Home Hell. Hand, Tower, Flat spring, Srptnru nnd .Monkey Tail Holt, Trunk nnd Cho-t Handle, Garden Rakes, Fire Iron, Hench .Vices, Hras Hiillon nu plates, Japnn'd do. Screw Piillie, Hal nud Cnatl'm, Hlnck Honk nnd Hinges, .Shutter Screws, Slid h and Plate, 1'ad locks, Trunk do., Cupboard do., Till do.. Chest do. Long .hanked and Concave Auger-, Hrnce-und Hill, devils, Firmer Cbi-el, Joiner., .Mortu oaud Sulci do. Onuiros, Urns Dividers, tiiniblLi, Single and double Phne Irony. Compass, limiting, llnnd an 1 Ripping S.1W.0, Knives nnd Fork., Career-, Steel., Hun her Knivc, Dread and Slice Rimes, I'nniniiiirilo, I'ocketanil Pen do. Taper file, Mill do. Iht l!atard do, half round do. iiorseiiasp, llras. iiutis.Curlam riiiL'-,Tea bell. Tape Measure-, Halter Chan,-, Sad Iron, Tail or's do., I!rad,Tnb!eSiioon..,Tnble Ilium... Ciitting Nipper, Head Awl-, Sa-h Fastener, i , , n 1 ttu-ivei s, Cork ScttW". llnnd Vices. Trnuc ls. Stivl Yard., SO to 100 lbs., Grid lrou-,Sam e pan. i,'-,w.p.i ti: 1.-.. ,,. .11 ,1 . .. 1 ' ...,..t,ii , isiiii ... ,,,--, lll-lUVS 1 lICS, He I Keys, Copper Wne, Sciew pulhe-, Axledn ha-h Knllers, l'lalelnck-, Iron Sipiare-, Stub do Wood Saw nnd Frutues, I'ewter Cock, Hung 1 orcr-, Hatter Iryers, Sickle-, Cut Tact,-, Frying pans, Rat Traps, Hox nnd Ivory l!ulc-, Toy Hoe-, Ladie' do. Screw Drivers, Mahogany Knobs, Strap Ilainmeit, Carpet do. Screw V ii'iiches, Hrond Hatchet-, Shingling do. Hras Skuuincr., Saw Sells, Ac. Ac. Al-o, 1 1 LAW IIAIihWAItK. Anvils Vue-, Ca-t S eel, Plated and Iron ? hr,il nn I spa ics, imng 1 orl,-, liny do. Cro linn. W ro' Nnil-, Trace Chains, Iron Wire, IJr.i. Kei'le-, & May 22, 1311. 51 GOODS "AT WHOLESALE Gl Kit MAN Silier'lea and Table Spuuu, T l'l'itd Tea and Table Spoon-, Hrituiiuin Ten nnd Table Spoun, .Silvered Te.i nnd 1 able Spoon-, Iron nnd I'ewter Spoon-, Gcrni.inSilvcr nn I Plated Duller foiivcs. Geruian SiUer, Horn, Wood, hi rv, Shell at.d Hras Comb, Hone nnd Mctnl Kyelct-. Hoot, Shoe nnd Ci'r-el Lacet--, Hu-lNew 'nik solid Head I'll?', Ounce Pin, Dinnci undSliawl Pin--, tio'd, Plated and Uilt I'm., King and other Jewe.rv, Hoy's Hell. Gla, (tilled nud Plated Head., Ilazorsaud llaznr Strap, I'latfiland Hlack s-prnig Hfiok nnd Kye, Wallet, Purse nnd Pur-e tniuiuin?., Stdlettne. Slue-, and Kla,;c. Ileuimiuir and Sous' Drdl'd eyetl Ncelle, k'nitlina Nicd'es, a.orlil iu'lancy boxes, Steel, Wood, Urns nnd U'halcl ono l)uks, Whalebone m pound bmulles, F.iney,Sh.iv,n!r nud Tu, let Soaps, I'ens and Pen Holders, Lead Pencils, Tnbnccu Hoxe., llras, Sicel, Siherol, Uilt, German Sihe nnd Silver 1 lumblo., Pcreus-ion Cnn. Scis-or-. And n varie'y of either articles which wo intend to -ell -0 lb it the purchaser can pront by biivm them of us. We have arranged the second -lory of o ir new store lor storing Mien ioiis as ue nau not room for I clow, and for wholc-alnur should the de mind for such -roods ai we o ierand our tirices eua hie ii in w hnle-alo Iheui. We are very mode-t nnd moderate u our expectation lion, me whoieale cf . partment, but think wo can supply cutn,uer sat, factorilv, nn 1 shall I e happy to shew ihe'.n our cood- and tell them the price-, and we know wo shall not sell I lie good- 11 we put llicni loo li'i'li. No hum loeall and look; liouuntr like look, 11 ler yourself loo j can't do any tiling till ynu try ; then is a 1 e. urn ini; iu every iiiiug. e can sell a miici a the boy wanted when hewent to the stave diale. and enquired the price of stave nt whole-ate nud when the price wa- tiamej aid "1 will take one wholesale." HKINSMAID & HliOTIlr.ltS, Suceeur 10 Fancborn- 1S1 IIiiin-maid. N. H CI.M-L. nnd Watches by the box. 31- - i&AT21BJUN & CO No. 2, Pcd,'. 11 Hiding, TLTA L returned from New York with their Spriu; Li. Stnek, coinpri-ing an ns-ortinent ol careful v lectel VF.STINGS, a few choice CASSl.MI'.lfi: nn I nn exienn u-s,ortmeiu ol TRI.M.MI.NGS. M. G. It iTiiRCrs-, C. F. W.nn Miv 21. Ml. 51 ' I ,Ui. 10 lit is. North Carolina, by X Ma 15. 50 STUONGS t Co. A LAROK as-ortineul of Fancy French Ca linere -I f.i! r Gent summer 1 wear. Tweed nnd Suinnie Cnats, nt COLK ,fc ROHINSO.S FANCY GOODS. Nn styles l.iL-hl and Dark Silk-, Halzoiim rintcd Lawns, Mou-e de Lame, rreneh ( hams and Print-, a full assortment, just nveivcl ' H. V. . CA I LIN. Also Fine Florence Hrnid and Neapolitnn HonnetN, gio nud tlnuble rim Colotel and While l.e'jhuiii lint New .tvle Houiiet, Neck nnd Cap llibbon-. Arlili I-lowers, liie-, var.etv. dloves nu Mils, .let Necklace nu I HairCn-t. Par.isoll-, Cia vats, Shawl-, Handkerchief, .Ve. c-c. D03IKSTIU GO(l.. Hrow 11 Sheeiiue? nnd Shirtings, Cotton Ynrn nnd Carpet Nnrp. I nktii". nddinsnnd liattimr, lifi-.n-u- ed Cuttoti and American Print, nil kinds, iut opened by if. s. I'.VlblA. ALSO A full assortment Fniewell' nnd New Yoik Shoe ol nil kinds nnd stile-. Al-o, a full assortment ol Groceries (Liiiuor excepte I.) Tbeahove Goods and a great many moronot inu inciiited, bin e I ceil selected With euro nnd ntteution ,11 rcL'urd to style, uunlitv tindnricc. and are now of- fcrisl foreanh cieilii or produce, asluw as any other csiati,s,i,ueni in ihe Mate, ' N. H. A my motto ,, "as cheap asiheeheap et," tho-e w hii want the I111M for the lea-t money will do will to call before purciain". ll W. C tailomng Establishment11 rPHK subscriber will carry nu bu-ines iwm door, i- north of H, Whitney' shop, on Ihe New Head nd he feels warraiilisl 111 -ayintr, from the lung ex perience he has had 111 London, that all work intrust ed 10 him Willie done ,11 a Mhiuu.tb!c stile, nnd good satisfaction given. Also Kcidy made Clotluii' kept 011 haul an I (or sad chap lor ca-h, N, II. Garments e eancil, and cutting for others 10 make, done on the shortest notice. R. PA'ITKRSON. H irluutou, May 2.', 1311, 51 3m Solomon X. Sae'.'iirdV Kstalc. WK the. subscribe,. , having lisui nppouilcl by the llonorn'.'.e the Probate Cuuit for the Di-trn i ol Clii,'i,jeu, Coinnus-ioncr lo receive, examine ne adjust the elaini and demand- ot all person against the dale nf SOLOMON N. SANFOKD, lati nf Huicsbiirgh, in said D sriel, dcicn i-J, icore-ented iiisi lvent, and also nil claims or demands exhibited iu nll'sei theieto; nnd six month Irom Ibedayol the date hereuf; being allowed by .-ail Court piirpo-e, wedo Ihereloiehereby give notice, that we willnttcnd to ihe 1 ttsincs- of ou'r appointment, nt the dwelling ol .Marvin Leonard, in Hinc-burgh, iu -aid District, on the 1-t Mondays nt July and Octolcr next, ut 10 o' clock, A. M., on each of said day-, Dated, this 23th day ol'.Mav, A. D., ISM. 52w3 MVltWN LFON.IRD, ,, ASA FOUHF.S, 1 1 om- SIMUNK (JOODS. A I.nrgo and Clinlrc Assorlmcnt ol . STAl'Ui AND FANCY UOODS, Ju-t received Iron, New orl. by BOYNTON & BUUIUOT'l'. SATIN nnd Kinl roidercl Shawl-, Plain Do Lane do., Muslin de Lntie-, IViug, Gimp, ('aniline am. Muslins, Piinteu Ijiwiis and MiiSliu, Alpine Hoiub.i Cities, Hosiery, Glove, e. 200 PIF.CKSPHLNTS. rAoiV I'attcrnt, Very .etc. HIeechod and Striped Slurliuj!.'! icking, Snh-bury Flannels, Plaids, Gingham-, lri-h Linen, Hioivn Holland, n largo of Summer ( loth, and Gauibrnen nnd various fancy articles not ineiittot'cd. A 1 cry choice selection f IIcoad Cloiiis and Vr.sTixos. (.'lovelies., Hrown Sugar, Liiafdo., Y.mng Hyson, Hyson, lly.iui Skin, and Iuipernl Ten-,, Gin ger, Ittce, Rai-ins, nud Spic.r ol nil kind-. ( rockery auJ Glass Vv.irc, Nads, sjIi, l'kur and Fish. Also Will kci'ii on band a goul n..orluieni nf HOOTS and slIOKS of all kinds, and work made lu measure I'l n wnrkman that uci-ds no lmHiiiucuduiinns, Ilineslurgh, .May lih, 18M. 51 Cn N.H.-l 0,000 lbs IlUri'l.R nnd 50 .11. H1N (il.F.S wauled in exchange for Gutsls, ai ibe hih market price. Also, ca-h paid for, A GOOD a-tortnient cf llroad Cloth-, Plvn and 1'ancv t'as lmercs. Kli h Vntin.--, Du d' L'e, Twccib, S.innetis. Siiinuier Sutlis i ,11 r e " r man hue ' cm I m in J Mdi 3, M r I Uir t. Ill) NFS. Pon -co ku ki' II ni"'.cr '1 c , 75 S? Inz, "u Inn 111 11 i.n 00 il. X. (tin; 'moi CraV 1 -. IS I' .. I act I ,ib nt d , 1 0(1 di z. colli n Glove v -t 11 velnn' r sale by VILAS A- I 00ll.f A (' 1)110 n. - I. 1.1 II ERA TION. rPIIIS i to notify the public tlmt I hnve -clinu, X i;d In ,y nn,'SAMci:t. IlniB, the I nlmn e 1,1 Ii minority) Mint I shall clnim none nfhls enium nor hold ,ny-tll're-pons,be lur nnv of hi Ih.l I I utter tin- date. W.M. 1). I1VM Cli.iildi'e. Jnnr. 1. ISM. 2 E a S A W SiV k .V "TAVINti tis eived a very exicii-lve n.snnin .,t ,f JL DI1Y GOODS invite, the l.n lie. nnd (i men o Hurlinvtmi nnd i iruiuv to cull nn levn , them. Auiiinz wbii h w ll ip b nnd llalz 1 u I.nwn-, Satin Stripid Minim, Sniped Muslin (, n bain., M. D. Lame-, Ac. ie. Also A very extcn-iM- ns orinient it Illm-L- n,ul 1 Hliick Aleniue ol -iiiurior ninlitnn.l flni.l, 1, low. PrintK ; n very sreat variety of henutillil m hsrlil crotnid-, nud npenor quality, the ,im-t 1 h styles in innrket. These Goods were I o'lirht in I' Ion and nre recninincn 'ei! for dur.ibi'lilyntid li-t 1 , Furniture I'riut., Ni lule 1'urni'ure IJuf.i'v. (' . lei pane, 10. 11 nnd 12 irnrtcr-, nnd Curiam f i fll.u-l; nud Mine lllael., German, Kiurli h and Ai ' in Hrond Clnth-. C,i-,ineresnud Vesfin-.n, nn ex'eunea-iir'i' Sattliclte.. 'Pwtssb. Krlll'llelle. Cnlnb'ieeu. I fj'.in, ('a-hmcre, lVurc I and Plum I.T-tui'.', a tine. .Mole SI.111, and n'her rn-hSriniincr -tuil-. Lndie.' -iipit Unci. Kid t,r.ivi'. l.iL-hl Cub n 1 lor slimmer, While dn., I lull' Long do. Al-o, S I.i-h" Thread, I 'niton, il-e. Ladies' tndin Itnl'l er .Milt. A few .nir HiM (icnl'cinen' Kid (ihivif. lil.-.ek White nnd ' Lile Thread. I.iuen nnd Cnlton do.. Wnuc K Silk do. Superior Snitnlficld IMI.f... Penuce. CI n.e . Handa. Illiu k llalian ( runt, extrn si,. p,p, ri , . 1- Fnnrv nnd H'ack r-.ttin do. StisksnmlCoi " I reiieli Diiioiv, Cnndric ln-"itinv nnd Frintre-, (iiiup-, P ir es, H irs. Ilwiks ahi1 I Cnnl nn I in lb xo-, Jet iluttnns. An e eiiiie assortment of enhvr W. r t Huitous, with nn'l w illiout .bin'.-. Fine Dressingdo, .V,'or, I'm, Needle-, ta l.oltoiis. S:nrk Mills, I' inner., Mi ld'esex. Merriins. 1 and other Slne'iiiL's. H uiermr nidhaeb'd ' ! 1 1-1 1 mr nnd Didlinj-, IWcuebM Pbceimg nud 1112, Iicl. imr, .Wi'Xnnn Mix lure, 1'ancy ('heel... o-e. Ilnmil nn Slrui'd Jean. V' aiding, Ikitlinir, Kniilin Cotton. Cotton Cirpet Warp, iV-. at old pri e-. Irish Linen, Double Dama-k, tliown Liner. J ' do., Supeiior While Linen Drlbns, Duel, I 1 Ku 111 I'M, cr,liird!:c l.intn. r.ibleCloili...-. , and Doi.ihe. Piaui M. D. L.Hiie Ihlkf.. nnd Shawl-. 1' '. Cap and Nf'k liibboii.. Mnr-hnll's Linen 1 1 do. White soperlino Nn. l.-uin 50 lo 100 for k 1 .ace, Csc. Tniloi's Trimmings. Silk, Twist, Imperial Cnuva, I'mldint-, i' Linen. Selwi.i, Huiion, Coal Cord nnd Hrn', A ans, ipe. if-c. 'laibi's Snool 'I'lircud.".' other kind-., ?, May, ISU. NEW Ti!ODS. A GOOD ASSORT.MF.NT of Hrond Clctln G J.- d l.ia, Drab tie Tn, CasMinerrs, Twi-il. nctts, Rich Vesting, Summer StufTs, nnd Truci &c. etc., which will be sold at pi ices m tn t scrs. l.o I'.LY cc SK Vol Church sired, May 10, 1311. norm: to i.f.'i. TIIR -nhs -riber will let his lar-'e an I comn . HHICIC HOt SK, -ituatel op He tlr- I , '. ' Hiirlin.'ton, and on the c-uner nf ('hurt h vn V Street-, fir one or a lonircr term of vivi. 1 liou-e ba. I ecu occup cd for a nuinl er ol yeai- t a a ho irdinu' hou-e, and .'.well calculate I't s tun lute from twen'yto thirty bonrder.-. Titl. known by npplicannrr to the suli-cril er, nn I 1 --10,1 given on the tir-t day of .Mny next. W.M. A. URISWOf 'i. Iliirbngton, Aprd 1. ISM. 11 , iuJsnTTts. P ifc H. II. DOOLIT'I LU have just rcre:irl ti I. . assortment of STRAW AND FLOR1 (. HRAlDS.of the lives', patcrns, which they oil. r fjr sale cbeip. May S, I'M. W w 1 DAIRY SALT. Qr( Sack Dairy Sulbjtist rmeivisl by OUU ' II. W. CATL Mav 9, Ml. TO iMbKUMAN 1 .-3, AiA.sct .10 1 bu Kilts AND mSKS. Dye-liill. Dyr-Wouls. -lds, &c. lli:ilAltl) MOKi'-AN. 17 r v 1. t (i x s t 1; nti, . y . Will Ii ice constantly .fur sale. 'uin, lludgo. ACIDS. tr.-ol, " Kx'ract, 11i11111n1y, l.i'lnr.'e, rli', l.a.-Djc, nni'to, Madder, li ue ilii'.l, N111 Gall-, I'.ichn, Oxalic A id, ll.el hlllg i'nw- Pi-ui.ite l'oia dcr-, Poarlnsh, lli-iisl, G 1111, Pota-h, I'rim-totie, Sal Amonine, ' ', Sugar Lend, dull car, - imai', Cippera-, Saltlowir, '"opper I'u-I, Tin, Cream Tartar, Turmeric, ''heuiie, Tiazel-, Fuller's I'nrth, Tartaric Acid, Gum Senegal, Verdigris, " Powdeis, Wncsl, Glue, Whiting. e. ipia I". r, s. ipin Am dun Hi , Iuri,ic T i. Ni'. M. 'I . Nitric A' I, 'hi V,:r, ', DYI'-WOi 1 HarWiio' Cam Wo 1 r u-ue, IlH'-be W. , Hyper Nl l.l'gWHl'1 IVach W. 1 ' Ited Snll',. a' 'nr: a, v 11, t, iuer. H-i'i , Agent fur C. Header, l'lula.'ehihia Gl Whii-, nr.d C. Ilea ler .V Co.'. Siaieh, tu w h. 11, vile particular attention. 'r'".,!, paid for ilaiuagivl Hi le-, Indigo, t'ei and Glue I'lei e. nf nil kind- 'I 1 . no- (die, in w 1111 11 we are paving mop- p 1. tar niiciun n th u, eler, we o'ler I ooer I 11 'ban we have ever cen at le to do bcb.rc, 1 who wih a good GOLD or SUA F.R WATCH particular y icij e-utl to call nn 1 t.ruine 'Ioet scrutiny, the walche- ot u,ir -Spring 1 uou. There hr.. I con q-ute a r e on gond mo .1 al roa 1 since t ur.nrriied, und we can sell low if Ihev wen miir 'o I c Isntglu. We wo d I remind cu.'omcr- that we I. now ; 1 ally the nt.i'.cr. 1 f most nf the wa'ches we c we are striving to estnlli-hn reiiiuauon ler GOOD Watolii'-, tlct we nre of the opiuu 11 ti l.-noir n watch i- gois.1 ir not, an! I eoii-ider that we enn be lelin I ujiou ii,r wli.r coimneiid to Ihj pnud, let other- IN the line . r (b iS. ' nywlnt ihey may. We hnie watches ol It. Mee-o.'ey, Joseph .lelm-on, John Harri-nii- 1111 I.iMrpi"! Mai er, ami G. II, lie., L011 !ou, .1 bile nioveuietr nf nil the most celel ra'e I .. w I, i ll w e can ease lo any pattern ik.- rl, a further say thai "' will sell for en-It dn ' 11 1 -criptii 11 of .witches of any maker, .is ihenp New York or I In' on Dealer. O ir c st c w 1111 ilcsin d tn reu em, c r iliai w ben they ' u 11 " New York nr Ho-ton they goan I pay 1 lit ct b and wo cannot n'lbrd to -ell a goud go 1 , , lv watch nud lahC part pay in an old wat.-h r so ihing el-e, and .c'l al H,w snme price. Pay ca-h down, nud AI I. en-h, nnd no . ne sh ill s i low ns. We have for cash Gnk. au l Silier W 1 . 111 Inol'oitr former pn- e rbnnst, Wedo 1101 If look- of prnv in adveili-eineir or we woul I 11 list that wi ukl nu'; -nine -tare. We i nl -ay 10 all v1m wish any Gold or Siln r wan he otfur GoikIs, j 1-1 gue u a chance In -e. I to yo 1, t you shall I o s.ui.-licd wiib prni-s and good-.'.c; iuancutly. HKINSMAID A liKOTMl.lts, Sues tsM'r- lo P.iMiB kn it Hals-Mil!-. CLOCK. Do not Ii rjet to remember til. t we nie onen ii. t luo-l I cauiilul Hn. and Woml ('LO1 ICS, sir au.l nlnini, nnd we imetkl to sell ihem-iug'e. 1 1 ihec.isotbr lery Imlo pay. Don'l tear to b. Ihcin, they won't burl you,' if you don'l buy them.. Norh.iac for shewing llum il you don't l uj. .nny -.'U.h. IIRIV-5HII' sV iji.otiii 1.. av; ir noons. .11. ri'i 1. 11.1s jusi riH-iiitsi nis c-pring r-101 Os iJ"Diy (tool auJ Grisvite., ivlueh he will si for cash or ready nv a cbcap n the cheapest. iHir.ingtoii, .May la, 1511, HI llON'N'HT.s, ni.OKI'.NCF. llnnd Houiiei-, L Rniliud do do Mi-re.' and Children's Si raw do White nnd C.'lored P.i'm l,f ii lor sale h JUavJaa-yL ISt'l S. M. POI'I . STUU.MiM iv i ". naTo jusi ncoiiwi anu now o f.T al low pi i cs, lOTnn-.i.s'imm i.imn u i,rcir,;n, 3 do tin Swede-, 2 do Ra-s a Old SaMe, 3 do do Nail ml., SandciKon'- Ca-t Slid, Swe'Vi do, I'ngli-h llb-t. do. GeriiM.t. Toe ("nil., do Anvil. ICnltfr Kv, aad Patoin. Vices, Shoicls, Spades, Hue-, ("ro Uais Ilav 'and Mamue I oiks, Seiihe... Sioop Mmvrl , wall a geneial and lull assortment of Iruuiuougeiy, May, 1, Ml- 50 tiltl.M) f-lll.VU-i. 'IONS Nova ScitraGimd Moms, fiiii.-l,-' a U tJ un'luiilinl, size- as oned. NTHONGS .V Ot Mav ! 51 t Kl til' 1 I (t 'JO ilii). 't ctt IR .13--