Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 5, 1844, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 5, 1844 Page 2
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mm tfiBiasa i i Kt)R l'llKSIDKNT, II E N R Y 0 L AY , OP Kr.STVCKW port vice piti:'oit)Rxr, 'a'ni5:o;3sr; rnssJM'fJiisiJVSBj:;, or xnw ji:mi:y. was literally alive. About nino o' clock tlio W. Foster, O. A. Unrttin, W Convention began to cniuu in. Franklin Orleans, Poiltu I! County with in seven or eight bundled pco-, Wiilerniiin; Grimd hie, Win. L. Sowles. pic. Litilu Gnind Isle, tin banner County, I Mr. Townsley announced that tho Prize with bur (ho bombed. Chittenden County Banner, (nfi'eied to tlx; county having tbu (oar own) with untold multitude,, camo on, largest delegation in proportion to the big some in town delegations, with banners mid votoif 1810 and tlio distance from Burling- devices, but more in little patties and single ton,) bad been iiwnidod to tlio county of teams. 1 he-gallant Lmpiro State, w bub Orund Isiij. This nwnrd was ratified by the had furnished six or seven bundled of those , unanimous volo of tlio convention, and who came (in the boat the night define, now , tlieienpon Geo. K. Plait, Esq. of llurlingtoii sent in a lingo delegation on the retry j addressed the Willi"? ol Grand Islo in an from Plattsbuigb ami Pott Kent, and tint eloquent nnd appropriato speecli, and as tlio indoiniladlo whig? of Addison, not content ; organ of the Statu Committee presented tlio with 1 1 io roomless multitudes it had sent on i banner Tuesday, now puiired in their throng as Uurton, Wm. C. Wilson : loo'- with confldcnceto'ilic iriumpliant cucccrrof ttiu TnrilVcif ISI'J : wo regard it as by no means 1 1 t ,, t.,..,t. w'" kt-l n thf.t stale this Ml. pr-rfud, and hold it to be tho duly of Congress, axlerj Lamoille, Joseph would nvnd my f.f the opportunity tosny . ,,,, l)f M, Vhv ,. , emedy ahlllje I . 1.1, . T r..vl... IIiiiib nf the importance id Ihe approaching contest In .,,.. , . , , , -; ' ,, ' , poliilinont wilbout mailing for tbu accep tanco ul' Air. Itilih. Rather shoit corners. minnrtauci' of l ie annrnae nnir contest In . ' ' 1 .i p ... i n . . tlio North, and especially to V.rmotil, when n cntide ""' ". legation." wese, lor (.mcciioiiiurs. dale is piesented by our opponents who avows him- HtohcU, I hat we utterly repudiate the as- Geortro ilohorU. of the Boston Tunes, d. irnn..n..,r lrt . Irtw.'lT C.... .....I.. L cllnml.ini lur llm I: nl.l.',. r,f I of the i'nmtdinle omiMimsn i; 7 tin, nut our , Stale debts and of the J .'.tlire. VJfl CI ECTOtlo, juor.ntui n. n.vimis, Wt.dut. CAt.VIV TOWNUI'.Y, Id ihst. xl.UU.OS COOI.lDOi:, 3.1 dit. HI N.IAMI.N" SWIFT, 4ihdiit. i:ilS1L"S PAIltlUNKS. nut govi:iloi!, WILLIAM KLADE. ro:t mkut. covrnxun. IlOliAv.K EA I'O.W T tl TIlKAM'P.rt:, JOIl.N KPAULMXO. I'OR ;icoik;i )NGRK-'S. V. .MA US 1 1. rsi-V T!U: Gil HAT (lATHKiilXCi. is ever. Ilv ten o'clock the vast concomse j by dint of stretching itself all over town, had I found loom to get together by Counties for j tbu count for tbu 15. inner. A little after ten tlio procession under the command of the ' Marsh. il General C.issius P. Peck, and his j asMttaiils begin to form at tin; foot of Main Sheet. The Builingtou CIjv Club, being I the entertainers on this occasion, took the lead lo show their visitois the way. Hefore ! llieui was dome tbu beautiful piizo banner, j Next came twenty of tbu venerable Sol- diets of the Revolution drawn in an oinni- but. The appear nice white haired j fathers was every whero greeted with the I inmost enthusiasm. Next came the Convention I We j dmit know just how lung il was, for our place was in front, but wo know tint we were j ubliged to ball and advance oveij five mill I tltes till we reached tlio College Gieen to , make mum fur the delegations to form he- hind us, and wait till the next should come j up. At thii College the procession passed under an arch of eveigreen, bearing on the j front the inscription " Hail Cunquernis" ! i On tie; inverse, "Tiiumph." This was the I mosl tableful, and mot beautiful thing of.iny kind, ciiniiected with the Convention, which 1 it was our luck lo sne, ami w e assure the p. ill iotic n bigs of the University that their uraceful compliment was most gratefully leceived and most heartily appreciated by the whole concouise. The proression passed down Peail street Cmirl is in scssii 'ti, nail 1 cannot rniiiiuind my tunc, and must therefore content ini'sflf hv rxnrcsfins mv grnli ful nHtnouUflgcmcnU for Ihr flitliriiiL' manner in whii-h yoanio ple.iscd lo spenii of my pulilii! fervi- cc., niul to niuri! you m my ttnerra respect ana cs teem. I have the honor to he, Your fellow (-iti7pn, MII.I.ARI) nt.LMORi:. yet uncounted debt of "'" llcrn "PP0111"'" lN!1V111 oir":,,r 11,1 Texas. iPoit of Boston, in placu of I. P. Davis, re- llcsulvctt, I hat we arc in favor of distributing moved. i no proceeds 01 ine I'unnc imus among mo Slate?. hocailo these laiuld wero puicliased by 1 o'clock P. M. AFTERNOON SESSION. Mr. Townsley introduced to (be Conven tion, Messrs. Thayer and Fowler of llio Stale of New Yoik, who delivered able, eloquent, and snubstii ring speeches, which elicited tlio niiplaiiso of the vast assembly, and, in tlio course of the proceedings, n hearty uxpres- I sion of the thanks of the Convention. The Coinniilleo to nominate State and It is ilitnciiil to guv utterance to tile pilile i nnd salisfacliini we ex pi I ionred at Mght of the countless multitude i fuelling whig-i who loinoiei nor town wiiii ilu ir presence on Wedi rid. iv of 1 ist well:. We bad seal ce known u hot lo expert. Wn boned indeed ... rii .i .: i . f c r. to Cliainiilain, down Cliamiilain lo Judoe that we should sen the evidence ol a leelins . . . , , 1 r. , , - i iM ,i . c iQini I' ollet's, and up Cullece sheet to the square, iiinon'' our fi lends, winch like that ol 1MU . '. ' . b .. 1 would sweep over all reliance and civo a cheering earnest of iclory. Hut the late-J ness of the call for the Convention led ns to fear that our brcthien would not awake in lime to do themselves and their principle justice. How ureal was our disappointment, the events of that memorable day uiii suffi ciently indicate. It seemed ns if the pnpnlir feelino, back rd for a while in lis olijori, by tlio unexpec ted treachery of one of its instruments, had burst forth with a power all the more over whelming and resistless for the ohstacles presented to its raieer. histoid of being contented with equ illi i: the r.stonisbing de monstration of June 2G, 1S1 1, it veins the I r . . .' f , . feet loiio, crowded with bins an wines nf ef moot hid determined tint it . . , e . ". ' by Jixfcoi as fat oxen as wo bavo should bo totally left in the shade. And this too, as it were upon a moment's notice. As early as four o'clock on Tuesday tin delegations began to come in. The bunions: where, alter suniliy well-execuleil maiia? vies, they weie marched into and around tbu Square until it was literally crammed. Not a spot id' ground was to bu seen, but only one dense mass of heads. We cannot enumerate all the agreeable incidents which L'avu interest to the Deci sion, hot I hows we remember especially are fust, a delegation of ladies fiom our neigh bor Sbellnii no, whose appeal aoce was gi eet- ed rtilb shouts of applause. The best wish we nave tor tnese line loouni' women, is that when they go to tlio Convention in lb lo, Ihev may each have a husband to wail j upon bur. Then came a cuiiosily from tbu same town. It was a "urantie waooon lortv inu drawn by JUfccH as fat oxen as wo bavo seen fin many a day. The motto was, " Slow, but sure !" lint one of the finest sights which tliu Convention presented, was a ship on wheels. This splendid little craft was fitted led in President, SIMS II. JENISON. Vice. Presidents. Joseph I). Hatch, Joel Rass, Nathan Burton, Horace Baxter, A. G. Dana, Harvey Bi It, Millnn Brow n, Joseph CI ilk, Geo. W. Foster, Eraslus Fairbanks, Elijah Cleveland, Joseph Waterman, Wil liam L. Sowles. Secretaries. E. P. Walton jr.,. I. S. Mor rill, Henry Hale, Geo. W. G randy. A ronimillee to repoit resolutions was appointed, viz: Messrs. Walton of Wash ington county, Clink of Rutland, Follett of Chittenden, Pinter of WimKor, Fairbanks of Caledonia, Miner of Bennington, Hough ton of Franklin. Mr Townsley, in behalf of llio stale com mittee, announced tint gentleman invited from abioad wen; present ami would in due lime address the convention ; but that oth ers, some of whom b id been confidently ex pected, weie limbic lo comply with the in vitation extended to them, for reasons as signed in their letleu, which wero read, us bilious: u;rrai from sir. wnnsTm. New Vcnic, May 30, 1311 (JrNHr.Mcs I hive the honor to Hcknoleil"e the riceiiu of oar kind and liieudly toiler of the 23d of his inonlh. 1 need nanny siy, inn n wouio cive mo wry tin- ccro p'eaMiid lo am nu a mil? sine. Uoimniion in Vermont i hut it is not in my power lo mainly with your uquest lo he mi you on mo mini ol July Mr. Buller responded bliefiv and peril nently in behalf of bis Whig brothers of Grand Isle, pledging the lillle sister to do her full share in maintaining tlio reputation of the political family. Mr. Poineroy, from tho commilten ap pointed fur the purpose, reported tho follow ing list of officers, which report was concur- i '-l"""'" ' mvs reported the following, which wero agreed in uy acclamation : For Governor, WILLIAM SL ADE, For Et. Gov. HORACE EATON, For Treasurer, JOHN SPALDING. For Electors of President und Vice Pres ident, JEDEDIAH II. HARRIS, , JOHN PECK. Jnl b"'' CALVIN TOWNSLEY, 1st Dist. CARLOS C00LIDGE,2d " BENJAMIN SWIFT, 3.1 " ER ASTUS FAIRBANKS.-lth" Tho Hon. Win. -Shade responded to the nomination and signified his 'acceptance. The convention was further addressed by Hon. Solomon Foot, Hon. Geo. P. Marsh, and Hon. Samuel S. Phelps, when the com inilteo on resolutions reported the following, which were unanimously adopted. . Wbeieas, at tbu Whig National Conven tion, hidden at Baliiiuorc on the 1st of May last, IIllMlV Cl.AY of Kentucky was nomi nated for President of the United Stales, and Theodore Freliiigliiiysen of New Juim-v for Vice Piesident : And Whereas, the lending prinriplos, which the Democratic Whirs of Vermont have so long prufessed and so uidlincbinuly maintained, were nnaiiimou.y iido'pled, in tho name of tlio Whigs of the entile nation, in tho following resolutions, to wit : the toil and blond of our reuilutionary fathers, aril folomnly bequeathed to us as the rutmnnn inheritance of the Staten ! and bormuo tho no. The Convention adjourned until half past , Bcusion of our just share would carry tho rich er, llio priceless Iroasuio ol tiiomusli education to every child within our State, and enable our legislators to deviso nobler ontorprizos for tho common welfare. llesolm!, That by the nomination of a candi date for the Picsuileney, who is avowedly hostile to tho doctrines of Protection and Distribution, and in faor of tho immediate annexation ol Tux-ax, thu locofnr.o leaders has c fairly made the if sue between l'reu Trade, Robbery of tlio StaleF, Annexation and eternal Shivery on the one hand, and Protection, Distribution, no An noxatian, am! no extension of Slavery on the other; and, challenging our oppouentH in Ver mont to present thepu treat questions, without shuffling, without disgmse, and without decep tion, we r.heorlully call upon the people to pro nounce tlieir verdict, assured that fie sous ol tho (irccn .Mountains never can Lo false to tho calico of Piotection Independence Freedom. llcsolicd, That wo recommend to the People of Vermont the Slato and eiecioral tickets this day nominated, as coinroscd of men " honest, canalile, and faithful." Rfsohnl, That wo lender lo the citizens of Burlington our lioartfolt thanks for their snr ecu on tins occasion, assuriii'' llieui that the iK5t of Juno shall ever hrui(; lo our remembrance kindness unsiirp.veod, hospitality iinliounded. On motion of Mr. Foot, by a unanimous vote and three cheers for tho ' Farmer of,' thu thanks of the f.'oincnt.on were tendered to the Hon. Silas II. Jknison, for Ins Forvices as presiding olbeer : tnwli ch Gov. Jcmion briefly responded, warning Ins bi other farmers of Ver mont thai, politically, they catituu lean a good harvest it they do nut spread liberally the good seed, and bestow faithful labor. On motion of .Mr. Hale, tho Convention, Willi nine cheers for ('lay and Fieliiihuyscu, ad journed to inert at tlio polls on tho first Tuea d IV in Sopleniher. Mill I III I I I 0 II II I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I II I I II to,ii.m;.vu:ATtov. PcnLisator, 27ih June, 1914. Mn. Stacy There npp. nrs nn article in llio Inst " mutilntid form'' of the " Tiur IVuimTnt,;ulilish cd in this OAn.ctit.lkd'I'okiand' nf-The I entrust,' which wi I doubtless have some iillueni.o with per sons who believe every thiny the V'iie I'cmocrat says, fiem.ihefict tint it is written in nn rami t and apparently siticcic stylo. Hut, how ibeedror ol that sheet (oidd en such words, nr puliluh them as Ihoiiuh liepinnid ihcni. is moie than I cm imagine. THE LOUISIANA ELECTION. Tlio Nation il Intelligencer s iy.. The , TllBria"""? ''a'- Till 'be very last nuancot that first Statu election takes place in Louisiana . "NMfcMor,,, i ,e vo,a, , , ,,3 rath ' i upon lus uroilier tihn r of tie-" Sennnel hi aus" he on the first of July, for Members of Congress, j dared lo spil nirnnst the nomination of Martin Van Senators nnd Representatives of tlio Stalo btircn. Admitting every word he has said of Mr . . ' ft. i i. ... . . . . Legislature, and De egales to llio Cnnvcii-! ' ' ' V ,ur', '""v " " ",u" l"nc'"i? '" l5V- hon lo revise the C.. stitiilion of that felale. WMl wny woulJ )c B(l(l ur) ? C() ,u(;lulMt Not now, ns at this time four years ngo, do was ihe Reni'cnnn win n he penned the nrlirlo. wo cal.Milalo upon Louisiana lieading the There is another tiling wli ch the ccn leimn for- Whig column in its n.arcli to viclo. y. Cir-1 , , ' , P P ' ,1, , "uvn c J Irnmnl "ntmpinni nnr man'1 II,. Jit. n.'l-r.iiii cunisinnces o recent occurrence, and cspi;- c ans male ti,0 snmc rvM;n, j in 'hi ir voling daily the i-xtensivo Texian interest in llio i 'he people, n-a bo ly, ad op to that pi of i in. Why city "of Now Oaluans, lead us to apprehend I do,;9 'I"-' True Democrat leave this po- Ii ,n ? Not so , ,. ... . . ., ,,rt . I bolnnol left il, .-teept for the line-' is 11 that this election will go against the Whigs ; . masinctU,ien ,1C ',.,, .,,, ,, not doubting, nuvertlieless, that tlio vote of 1 would servo a purpis?. it is a son of"-iph.try for Louisiana will bo given, when tbu time 1 wnicnme aemieman is deservedly noted Whether r e .i nr, f. . r ' the principle isa faltc one or not, he linivvj that i oth comes, in favor of tho Whig caiidilates for , ,,,, nrr. , ,i,ii, ,i, ,i -iai om ' pltlies proris3 to think that their mt.xmtn are best llio Presidency and ico Presidency. At calculated to promote the cvelf ire of ibe country present, our readers mav be aware, all four I I lnos, too, that the Wh-g parly peh led Mr Cloy of the Conoressional districts of tho State are because ,I",u8,,.t ,,irn ca1culo-f ! t , hose , i un..i3uie in i-Aeuunuo. ne Knows v ry w .1 tint represented by our opponents. Tho elec j lhis ha3 ,onif Uen IC iniot) of thp Wl nf . lion of a single Whig Represontativo to Con cress will, therefore, be a clear gain for thai party towards the revolution which it is its duty to efiect in the composition oftho House of Representatives. I I fn'rrtl Tlitl in ni...r.nlin . ... .1... ..,...... t. na nb.-i ly declim il i veral insitatioiis lo attend un neof IIUXUV I'LAV Ut I'r, sii!. nl anil f II P.- nnsi inn'tmi!'. on llio -nn oi mat montii. .iv on- 01)0 II; I-It I VSHN lor IrL-iHo,.i. inu L-oinenuoa lias iiein aeiiiTiu uy the roiivicti in -WtilUCU'sMlT) I'llIDAV M HUM .SO. JU l.Y 5, 1S4I. eiieimtus "ill take mo about that tunc mm Maine. I oiljlit lo mid, that I h iv. Jloiind it nhso'iiiely neri. sny ioronii'i"a rifohition to alntain, na a general lulc, tram aililtetine large iisscmniii s. It o ild all'.inl me plj isure. as 1 Irue already said, lo nu Ihu W'hms ol Vermont. 1 hope I may t.o in the Stile hi'firu lone, peril ips in the co ire of tin. S'liiiuiers and if so, sh.ill hop;-to on-el ilh fii"ni in vnrioi.B qiurterr, and to visit them socially and rjolclly. I ninl pray yi il. cent!. 'men, lo make my bct rr p'lrila lo your .i-einbh d fitenibi. 'Plo roe no tiody ot Vbm in the country lor whom I have mire re-peel lliim for ifimeof Veroionl. On the ensninir oceavimi, as on otheia, I doubt not ihev will set no CK'itnpleol sntrii. aelnily and fidelity, lit to lu followed by the whole cumin y. I am, in-nlleincn, with much true rcaird, Vour obtiaed friend and fellow rinzcn, i)A.u:i, wiaisrr.R. I'ltO.M .Mil. IIOTTS. Wasiiinoion, June 15, 1S11. ftr.NTLr.MEN : I have leccivul vour very kind nnd pre.-sinj uivunlton, to uiti nd a M is Hnto Conven tion ol the Whiu'S of Vermont at hurhnjjtun on the 2Glh lott., and no "common obstacle" cliould pre vent my coni Inticc with your wishes j and the terms 1 N FA MO US D i'.CEPTI on. " My opinion is that Wool thould be duly free !" James K I'oik We fiod i'i s i - "i I i'l all ill" coon papers about llle-ed:is. i . .-tf f .rjnl to iiieiition that at ill'' f-one --i.m of mo to wiir.'h tin; ppi'ech vaa Ul i e I5.JJ) Iroio u on 'i m-y siv tins rxtin-t h n. ken. r. iv. I'.'lk voted lo lay a dti'y of I iril'.l'.N Cr..T.S A POI'NO on all loreum i-oir-c wool. Hut if the opinion ol t'ol. P., '.hat wool should he du ly flic, was founded in error, so als was hi opinion ixpresfcd by his vole at the sime session, thai lor i ian wool hoald pay n duty ( f l-'II-' Vl-.IS CUNTS ON TUT. I'OL'.MJ for tint is loo huh according to llio views of the coon, wlio have reduced the duly something like two-thirds from what In; by his vote was willing il should be. - Spirit vf the Aire. The above is nn iininiligated falsehood, in all its essential points, uttered with the delibrato intent to deceive and defraud thu i matter of.vital im parl. am willing to grant lo the olher party the same m live in iioininaling the gentleman w' m lay Into nominated, but I nor any other man w. I irrant what is so palpably fdse, that they nominated In. n because he was a moral man or a church tneinhe . I am no poliuenn but I like to see fair play I do notliko to see Ihe " diar people" cluattd bv auch so, lusiry. Let the principle ot each party be furly and boldly stated. I believe ihe prim . s nre belter defined than they have before been. Tuc U bigs ny, I'rolictivo Tarifl'and no Texas. The ht o 1'ieot on t'.eoth"rliand, No Ilaa'i, no Ii qh Tirdfand Tex- as immc inelv, (diouoh I will do th" c otleman of the Democrat the credit of Ii aving on" die n r. N-,w why not preach on these lexis and th. i h t the p - p'eju I go and decide fur tl.tinsclves ' Wh), sir, lio rcasin is simply this, that lh editor of that shiu knows full well that Ins readers do not rtl 1 d ictr ml eernion", because the doctrines thunte've : ate ab- rv'ii n i i ! .i i- norreiu 01 uu-ir tames niio sooer i unvieiu ns. l' to see O llalloran titihoMiiis tho cause of .,,, ,, , ., i lutiiuiuiii u,i;uuicb iicrrs;un iu.ttliVU.iJi I (t(UV lu"s," and the piohalnlity lhal a man w no la pcrro nally corrupt will be politically so. I)i 9 t u u man set Mr. Ji-(Krson' name at lb. " an .if ho pa per a-a pattern of moral rxcelh te c ? 1 ucn let iho readers of it unJcrstniKi that hnaf''ru w .. a ca:e iiifidehty. Put I have dune. Ii y u see fit to insert this in ycur columns, you are ot it' .vy so to do. X NEW MOVE. - A prospectus has been issued from the Xfiio Democrat office proposing to publish at tlirs place a Tbiid Parly paper, lo bu styled the " True Whig.1" This is cer tainly in excellent keeping with tbu other aross miti-iiL'es which a class of luckless duni- ncogoes are atleniptieg upon the people of erniont. Only think, bow rich it will be thai all the great principle of Ihe hig part) pun cip'cs inscperable from tho public h mor and nspon B.bility "ill be maintained and advanced by the flec tion of these Itcsolvtd, That these prin 'iples may Ic 'ttmined up ns crinprising a well rcgul.nod national currency, n tariff fin reveimo lo defray the necessary espen-es of the Ooveinmi-iit. and d vriinitiating wuh special reference lo the protection ef the domestic I iborof the country, the diiribution ol lheproceidfrom ibcsales of the public lands, u siu'e term for the Presidencv, n refotinof r.i.cutive nsui nation and "cnerallv sin h an ml minis ration ul ihoall'.ors of the coiiiury ns shall r.,,,,.,,. ,,f V,,rll,,,,,i iir,,.,l In,,. dr.,,.,. ,l, , ''""lLIS 01 I rillOlll c.-i practieablei-fliiiincy.coiitiolhd by n well rcaula- parlance. Polk never voted for a doty of ten an 1 wise economy. , - 1 , ,, i f ,Voff., Tint the naincof Hr.NUV CI.A V needs 1 U tMl,s !1 l,m"ui 1,11 ,vo,), !l,ld Eastmtin no eulogy. Tlio lust iry of the counirv since bis first ;new it when he penned the abovo para nppearance in public hie is bu Instorv us hriithtesl ' , . ! . . , r pigisorsiicccssnndprospi'rityareidennrK.d w-iih the crapli. lie did indeed vote lur a duly ol principles winch he has always uphe'd.ns n dark- , ,-. ,.. nnt I,", cents a pmtiid"liut III er and most disastrous paces are with eviry in train of wacgons fiom the E it 'vcreseen j n) v.;,, ., ,, s,,yln apparatus, two young- siinply an ad valorem duty of lo per rent on the cost of the ailicle. Under this duty, the cheap, or 8 cent, wool, which lias done us. so much mischief, would pay the enor mous amount of ONE CENT AND TWO MILLS PER POUND! instead of " 15 from the Siionie, crossing; the College Green on their way down Pearl Street. They wcrn mine than half an hour in crossing the end of Collene Street. They were headed

liy the Woodstock Pond, who heralded the procession with most enlivening music. At the moment lhis long train entered the Square, the utiles of n hand at tho South west corner, gave intimation lint number throng w'as appioacbintr. Then came up the rlukgntion from Rutland nnd Addison with tho Middlehiiry band in front. They came in waggons, double and single, in nmnilius se.s, in every species of carriages that could bo guessed at, and verily, their name was le gion. These didn't promise very well for a " failure." But this was onlv the beginning. sleis nlofl, und manned by the liurliiigton (lb e Club in sailor dress. On her stern was the nnme of " Heniy Clay," and her Captain, Mr. Spear, as lie stood at tlio bow, found no difficulty in raisinj a breeze when he wanted to tar.!;. The ' Mechanics of Woodstock" born n banner with the inscription, " Protection to American Industry;" and tho Windsor del egation held alofl llio significant emblem of the Vermont staple, a fleece of wool fasten ed at the" top of a rake. The Middlebiiry Clay Club blazoned on its banner tho noble words of CI iv, " 1 had rather be light than bu President." Another banner from Windsor displayed the insciiption, " Protect wool : but not the People kept coming in squads-" on their hl(lr,. n.0, ,j Tcias r own hook incssinily until nl.ou. su", j,., C(V cl1) . Thu ,ill(,rlv when the people of old Washington were an- wu . .(s (.()sl..,iml) w' nounced. A I their bead rode thn MoiiUm- U , ili0i,n ?.... i ! i oi... rt... c ti r ..: ' er vee onto, inti ... ... '!',,,,. ., ,;,lv. f ,,, ,,,,,1,,, ,,,, ntimerabli', by which thu people givu utter ance to their will and tlieir determination. Above tlie crowd, on ibe tall liberty pole dtparltr" in our public po'icv from thoe pruvipt.s IlKOltta, Thai 111 I'll WUJUKI'. rillXINl.llUV. SKN, we prcs, nta man pledged alike by Ins Revolu tionary ancestry and his own public course, to every measure calculated lo s.i-lam the honor nn. I interest m which )ou have bien plea'cd to press it, and lo of ihe cimnlrv. speak of my very huinhlo s.-r vices to ihe country, Ir.hermng 'the pruieiples as well a llmnamnofn would, if tbero wero no oilier con-idfralMi. or induce- i f.uber who, wuh Washington on the fields ol Trenton merit, bo ef itself sullieient to indneeme lo encounter I nnd of Monmouth, perilled life in the contest for lab- ni., ,,1, ,, ,, nvt. ...,-..j .nu. i", en ;uiu inn rw inis ns n oroiior ni ine Llllti'U . ,. . . , i . .i li.uo expressed; hill I lear il will bo impossible. All Siatis acted with Washington m csmhlnhing and cc". "r t;vu l.umlied per centum, its tlio I can proimsji", when 1 g.i home, to make an effort perpei lauug that Liberty Tncononc l'RCUNoncr- ,. f.ilsrlv assuies its readers This even. w , -- .vm . - M.l, l) n tuiiiru ,,s .1 ilt.l licj ..liei.ll l, 1IIU OI IIU for so long n tmu as would be necessary lo unite , ol Niw Jeisev for twelve cars, anil afterward ns a with you in Ihe great Hireling you proposp to hold : senator ol" die United Si-.-is for several vear, wasal but I mu-t say. lhal at lhis mile I fee very little prub- i ways stteivious on iho side of 'aw. or I. i.'aml iheC.n ability of it. Hut w hi ther present or alispnt, you ; slitulmn wluleas a private man, his luad, Ins hand, nn I hi heart hive hem given wilbout sunt lo die cause of Morals, I'.ducanon, I'iulanthropy and lie ligion. It is therefore 1'esnhetl, 'I'l. at we do now, in tho mine of the Whigs of Verm . in, most hear- tily ratify and approve the nomination and in Polk, Texas, and Slavery, with one hand, and at thi! saint! time coming to llio rescue of" True Whig" principles, and pioposing to act as the organ of tliird'party abolition ists! We presume that no one who regards the real interests of the country, or ihe hon or of the Slate, will bu humbugged by this stale device. Il is an old trick of the ene my, und il is now icsoited lo meiely to di vide and lb-feat llio Clay ticket in this coun ty. Thu alliance between some of our third party pretendeis and a certain branch of locolbcoisin, is mote intimate than i gen erally imagined. Hut the rank and file, the people, ure not to be thus bartered with or sold. "l)0 ii r". This demagogue has at last received Ins just deserts. Ho was on Monday week sen tenced lo solitary confinement m tho Stale Piison for Life. On being called lo plead, he betrayed bis native instinct by a volley of low blackguaid and abuse upon llio court. His employment will ho making paper fins an avocation well adapted lo thu calibre oftho man. GIVE IT UP MARRIAGE IN HIGH LIFE. JoltN" Tvt.Cll, President of the Until 1 States, was mat lied in N. York on U ednrs ilav morning, to Miss Jut, n G.vr.n.vt p., eldest ihiimiiior ..r ii. l,i ii.. ,.l (:,., I,,,,.. r i r.i t 'fi... v - t. r- thus desciibes tho ceremony: i 'it- 1 1 1 oni'iiy i on ,tiuii.' ill uie -i i il uii i ceusioo on ruin . venue, nun uir oi i r -lae si i wero perforuud hv he 111. He v. I! ii On,' 'i l liecoreoiony wis n jrivnie ore. r.o? niuro man party, bu! front the posi icn of ihe p n te. i inav be no breach . f dccornui logrnlfy pull.c cur.osity wu.i The bride is a very beautiful and rb ntely forme- woman, ol npparenily ooout iwiniy years ol ng' She was simply in whi'e. with a tnuz.' veil di peieliiigfroui a circlet of wluto lloweis wre.ithtd at her hair. The bride un given aw a v by her mr'. The wedding panv con ited orn lirnther and sitci a Ibnbr'de, John Tyler, Jr. nnd lad), iwo "VI s? s W k hfi', d-miihiersof ihe Post Mnsttr n -,. Mr. V n nnsier (irahaui, and one or two oihus, wti.m wedid not recogo z At lire conclusion of the rert mor. ' th hi a' par'V departed for Ihe family rcidcnrcof the Ciarmnc s, on I. una Island. Por some tinio past w liduve the V i have occupied a risidtiieein I.afa),". Place m this city. The wcJ'liua cvrtege con-is'e ' ol fiv can r s, that in w hn h Ihe I'resiclenl and 111 la v wnseorvy- ,,, , , ,, i i - . . , cd drawn bv four hors"9, the coochmea and footmen Wo uavo challenged the Sentinel nnd wear, ng Inulnl lavors. Democrat to show that James K. Polk, ever, 1 ' "happy pair returned Ibe sn no cy linder anv circumsiances. tillered a seoii. 10 1 1 ' 1 1; M ' 1 ' 1 u-v. I"0 I",ul,c cinvey- - wiM have my ardent wishes for vour success. K..r thai indomi'ableand never varying Whig Slate ofVennoul, I -ball alwav s cherish thu login -t 10 specl, nnd for her Oreen Mountain soil", whom it has been my lol to know, die fondest regard. 1 am, with obligations of gratitude for your kind ness. Yours, &c. JNO. M. P.0TT3, i.i:tti:r tuom mr. sfavard. Avci-nv, June 12, 1311. Ocxtlcmcn : Indisposition prevented n seasona ble acknowledgement of vour very kind letter of May 22.1, inviting oie lo intend tho annual Whig Conven ,il tin, s.n.n of Vermont oo ihe 'i 1 nf .loU nnv. I have pist now received a letter fniin D- W. (', j ne.V i' wilbout th" consent of .Mexico, would bo ( latke, t,q one ol your nuinticr. iiilorming mo that . nn our nirt a peril iious violation of treaty slip. bilious of that Convention, and pledge their jUC and to this olid he best services to tho cause, and Us well-tried , ' r , champions-Henry Clay and Theodore pro. per cent -n rate of duly e linglmysen. ResohtJ, Tint the pnvor tn annex- Texas tn this Union is no where delegated to tho Feder al (inieriiincnt by the Constitution ; that to an- the liino for the assembling of tlio Comcnt.on has been changed to tiie 201b ot Juno. Wh never might have been die state of rav cmrasre.- menls with reference to die day first designated, it is illations wilh her, and would involve us in a war, in which victory itself would be deep d s. honor ; and that even with her consent, we re. dmw forth vouch lint i nnd men m p tr ime songs, wiurn unbounded applause. We don the last of this interminable stiing of waggons j rver got into town, for when ihe van stopped nt the Northward corner of tin; square, the other end w is nut of siiht sonie-wheri! up Pearl Street, wu don't know where. And there they sat, as long as wo bad liniij to watch tbein, wiitingtil! their predecessors rnuld be packed away to mako room for them. By this time, what with tlio pioeess'ons and tho c.b nice comers, all the calculations previously made, weie set at naught. The homes bad taken llio full number agreed fur and .some over. When about eight o'clock, news came lint the (Juilington had got into port with some people on hoaid. Down we went and sure enough there were " some recently erected, waved tbu ever glorious stars and stripes, and around the foot oftho pole, beneath the folds of llio huge fl ig, the speakeis' stand was elected. Tho numbers present cannot be correctly staled hut that the number was far gieatei than in IS 10, we presume no candid man will pretend lo deny. IIIL'III, Willi itlfinur lu luuiMi hi -i eo, n s , , , iiltogtiher out of my power tovbit V.ruioni on tho j It'"''1 annexation as utterly mnxpedie.ii, because Mill insi. Time is a town m this senam Ui-lnct, wnuiu preaiiy wenhen me union against ior. named Wct Mo .nifi.-ld. which has been to this .Slate , eign aggression, by enlarging the territory to be wh it Viroioul has been lo tho Union, tint t to sav, dolended, w iihout a corresponding; itu re i'o of Whig r ; ways,.', favor of the buprem . v of ,,,,, nf ,lefenco-l.oc ills-! It would cm- I'o'. bo Order, I- reeilnm of Conscience, I.qinhivofl , ... , , , . Human Kudus mid the Advancement o! Civ, i ill n. i PuI l" aumo the immciiK.) foreign debt of I noi under an engagement to viit dint huh' bill Texas, and to pay ii by imposing addition il bur. enlightened and patriotic cooiniuniiy on ihe'2dih in- ilens upon our people b"ra i-o it would place slant. They are mv neighbors, and whenever I bavo s j tK, liiiinili'iling position of a nVion clam. ::;Jty"Z k'nJl'St :"U' , U'S ty.ryM3 ..s (Jo,.s,tu. 1 cannot dnuhlihtit this will be a satisfactory apol- , nlHl phghlcd honor, f, r the avowed purpose ogy for Jechimig llu invitation wuh which you have "f extending and i.erpetu ring the blighting lionoie.j ine. cur'O ol Maverv at.U tiualiv, Uocall.-o It will You are pieaej to iniimale, ccnllemen, that you ; cn Linger the peace ami perpetuity of the Uu- I""""1, D' cire my coming to tcruiout on account ol iho senti- i i() liy mir.,ducuig a struggle hot wen (birerent pound of w iienis I hold anil the cnire I pursue in regird toihe , ,.' r i r ,. , . ... oeslion. nr,m,. on I of si , verv. I h-,vn,mt th,. hon. 0't lolls for a propnlldor 1 111 ( of ll.ll leal power. ,nilll 2 UII Is if nu: o'testions ariing out of si .very. I have not the hon or to know your worlhv llovernor, John Mattocks Mt Polk put riisliuctly on the ground of revenue ; and nccompanied it with the avow al of his conviction " that wool ought to bo duly free." And why fieel Mark il : lo unable the manufacturer to get his wool cheap ubrotid, and thus sustain himself with out protection. This was bis avowed ob- voled for the lo nliiely below the average revenue point, liut, leader, this was a Whig Congress, and .Mr. Polk's one rent (tnil two mills protection lo wool did nut prevail. Perceiving the drift of Polk and Ins free trado allies, and knowing that they would have a majority in the ncM Congress, Mr. Clay, with n forecast that does him tbu highest honor, took tbu subject in band, and put it to res', by the adoption of the celebra ted compromise net an act which this sumo Age has characterized, time and again, as a base betrayal of tbu wool interest. By this much al used compromise tlio duly on wool costing 8 cents and upwards, was fixed at -10 per cent, advaloreni (instead of Polk's lo per cent.) and 4 cents specific on each pound. So that from 1S33 to 1S42 the ool costing S cents, paid 7 cents l.repmiiierime of political power. i,nnd nulls dmy, or nearly ono hundred per ment or gave a vote favoiable to protection They givu it up. There is no such thing in thu book. r nice, on their wax to Washington. STRAWBERRIES. Wo have icreived from the garden of Dr. Hatch a plato of the Ii .est sttaw berries, both for size and fl ivor, that we hive ever seen, in any market. Soino of tho larger ones measured 3' inches in cit riimfience, while the uveiago was quite large enough for otdinary credulity. This choice and whole, some n nit ought to be more generally colli vated ; and it would hove been wu had our Agricultural Society appointed a committee to receive samples dining the proper season and award premiums at tho regular fair. Tim Wire Oi!...i.w 'I'r.inti- nf l!,.t Tib mil talks thus : A Sy in XTisrittc. Oornnod frmndnnrthe W 1,111. ' lit- III". IIII'V W II 1111 Till s M-l i ij . HI category. If we h'.ve been tinfoil n-am ri .i ire, lo lake t)'iesion of our outnosis. w I v a' eai been punished sufficiently. It is mi O hue I.oui-ta la put down even ..a a "p"ss P k te anil we insist lhal our friends w.lla i r m s by placing us under ihe banner of II v t .a j , !e t ' posfihly" lull posit'r'lt'! Tj- The lie, non in Louisiana io 'k , a e 'as! M o d.av. We in e inclined m think Ih't i'e d .n w be .needling ofnn uiJicol on if tie p j, 'ar fe.luij. Ti tic Item. We should now like lo know wl i ther tlio True Democrat is in fat or of the Doclara- 1 lion of Independence. fl . l.. I Mil. . .1- I . . 1 j.iii.ii'iu, i ii u as ion otnet ii corrrspiinoence i ... c , , n , -n. .. , - but I lug leave lo ay thai I bavo suuli.-d In course, of tho I Secretary of State (J. ('. Calhoun) proves P""1 '" " '" x , , " , and thai ol ihe Wing poly in Vi r.nont, ihat ih. y that tho nntiexaiion nf Texas is de-ignoil, ex- ' per cent., as proposed by I'olk. T beso are clu.sive.y lor the preservation, perpetuation and th,. simnlo farts, in view ol which tho Age ci I ... ..... I . .., 1 ... . P arc w irlhv the intelligence nn d patriotism of the .-slate, and exp'am to my the cause of the steady, iinuiuiiiutluu nriiiiiney oi llio ol 1H: iorl:, Wo copy llio following ImsilK'SS account Itcti'iuiiinte Jottx- Mattocks, nr it for Ins cot, vie .. c ' ., at . ivVinw.or the public iuleri st, it Inexpedient lox-hange, of the Coiivention from the Montpolier , hn ll0,m,,0 soine sum true hherlv loving Whig, Watchman, ns reported by ono of the' Sec- ' " ''w your dfclarntion that die extension of llu. 1 ' iinnbtvety is at wir wuh die nriuciplesol the Hh.g ret iries. parlv, -iiid dial Negro I'maneipation i among the j eieat wotks to win h lhal parlv is devoted, nnd vnn MINUTES OF THi; CONVENTION, i u'1)' km assured Ihat Ihe echo fram ihctlreen Monn- l Oils 11 ill uc uii' "ri-"iiiviiiiuu"u in ii cm 1 1.11.11 exiension oi si la very and thai in a inoito clear- l ,, , i,u,r .. , ,,n!v..i. ly never contemplated by our fathers, when j 1 1 r they in ido "tho coinpronnses of the Coiislitu- s illy repudiated by the good senso of ur liuti"oii that subject wo do now, in accord- ! Miont,by fraiitliilently calling 15 per cent, a a lie ,, . ..r ...i.i..-,.ea.e i p cog,-, u. impose , . I'tmi.t.Nriro.v, Juno 2G, 18-M. Tho Whigs of Vermont, ncsumbled in peuple." Fourteen lumlrul and ninelu-fice. ! ".nwrniaii, wc.o called to order by tbu on that singlu boat, had con... to swell the j Chairman of the Stale Commillee, and or- rr.-.wd already barely housed among us. Where to put such a host at that timev nn man knew. But nfter sotitn inquiry it was found the only expedient to march ihem up to the Churches for .shelter ox er night. The (Tnitmian, Congregational and Methodist Churches wero filled as well as iho largo building lately creeled by Doctor Peck, and that of Mr. Merrill. Slill tho stragglers kept dropping in one nt a time, nnd whom they went wo could not learn. How many stum pers slept in town on Tuesday night wo do not know ; but in 18-10 op In ten o'clock on the night before the Convention upwards of three thousand had breu billeted out, and there can bo no doubt thai the number bous ed in town uu tb night of llio 2Glh was near ly doublu that of the corresponding night in 18-10 gaiii.ed temporarily by thu Appointment of Silas II. Jenisnn, President, and E. P. Wal ton, jr. Sea clary. Piruant to resolutions oftho convention, a coinniilleo of ono from each rounty was appointed to nominate officers and a eoni- niilloe, coriespontliitg tn tho number ofSlate Senators, was appointed by thu several conn lies, to nominate tho Stato and Electoral tickets. y ru.. .. .' i - f. . , IM.. i,nmmmc.t , nommuic ornic ami j.tcc- .,.,,,, , , m,wlfn InlivC(,f yew V.,rU, yet, my taral Tickets. llenuinglnii county, Nathan fuller was bom under ihe shadou ofihoCSrecn Motm- mo, non ins i-iiiiuisii inrs were saiuicn win, nu rd ihe Smo of Al,land. Gentlemen, nccent my profound and eralefol ac. . kiiowledgia fnt. lor ihe words oi iepcct nod kind- i ness you have a Mresei tome. 'I l,ny n lit to tint p'eaure wuh which I look oui upon the hiisthng world around me, nnd lo llio lust nioinetil of con seiouoivs Ihev will h" reineuibnred .asainoaglhe ev idences ot tho liberality and kindness of my fellow men. I am with very great icspect, Vour htinibln servant WILLIAM II. Sr.WARD. Ltrrrai pROMwt, ni.i.MoiiK. IlcrrAW, June I lib, 1SII. flENTicMEN i I have Hits moment received your kind and tlatlering tnvilalion lo nllend a meeting of the Whigs of Vermont nt Hii'Jiiil'Ioii, on din glib in I n tl I, lo respond lo llio nominations of flcxy nnd rnr.iasr.itcvsEN, recently made ni the II iliiotore ! i;onvc,iion, ana resrcl thai my previous engage nu ills are such that it will I. a out of my power lo comply wuh your rro,.iei. Hut I know of no stale vvoiei, ,i wouia give ,110 nioro iiunniro to l it,. Bitrlun, Enoch Davis; Windham, David Chandler, Amos Brown, Edward Khklaud; Windsor, Hampden Cults, J. Barrett, S. W. Porter. John Trash ; Rutland, A. L. Uiown, D. W. C. Clark, John Fox; Addison,' Villo Lawrence, Joseph Warner; Orange, J. K. Parilsb, B. W. Bartholomew, A. B. F. Ilil 1'RO.M WAHHINti I ON. It is now believed lhal the President will call an extra session of Congiess, to anuiii consul., r the Texts nueslioo. The official p nn r nia'.i ; no allusion lo the recent de. p itrh.'s fion) M xb'ii, and they are doubt less i eserved as tho foundation of tlio call. Mexico imcquivocallv refuses lo bo disnieiu. bered ; and this Capl. Tyler regards as i national insult, which Congress is called up on lo resent. Mr. Bibb declines tho appointment of1 mUnT'iiTV -errul advocate o, Pro',,'.,.. md the Smul;u.y ()f th(! Treasu.y, ami lliu Presi- nlt.nets'l ,v l.,ay,l, f,cy nod won ,v cl.ddish ad-1 ".H"? ,J .'' ',f 'o treaty of (.1.01,1 (J u mmttXe J Roburt Ranloul, of Bos-, moaiion, the sir idy nnd enlightened drinncrnev of I UI'iMtl L ll i , 01 KeiltUChj'. 1 Ihu Whi.-sof ilialdismi.oiished Slate, hascalbdforih HesnUed, That while Ihe rcftorat'iui of the loll, to fill Iho vacancy. I ihnileen yenerntiotififiiiy malnrcr years. Tho glo. l.mmes-H of iho country, Iron) a slate of groat ; ii c Slltco Pennine tbu abovo, a repot t ri JUS hius of ermmil linen nnver i el " tmu pit I in .1 .: .. . :.. . lb On Wednesday the morning dawned lii.ito nut onlv tu an cconrimicn) atlmiiMsiriitmn, lhis? Ptohablv Tiler cot sick of u u speeupy to eMingiiiMi inu ueiH io i ov air, .. , :, .,,,,1 ,.l ;, ,,.:.. in Huron, a I tmie the w d m Whig ""' "' ' ' Ihundrrs of war, lhal nrocl iiuted llio deadlv i-onlbcl f r liberty, which resulted in thn triumph of (l.'tieral plavery by all constilutional and proper means, declare the most uncouiiri.imsirg hostility to tnis now attempt tn ti v upon us tho -ii 1 1 1 and dis grace of outraging; liuiii uiily. Itwhed, Tint wo do most cordially icspoiul to Iho folloaing sentiment of Henry (Hay, con tained in his loiter agtiust annexation a sen tiinuntm wide I wo discern the same expulsive pa'notiPin which lias ever characterized bun a the friend of wli'du country, and which ought to make every friend nf the country his triend : " No motive lor the acquisition ol loioign ter ritory would ho more unlorliiiiate, or pregtunt with more fatal consequeuctF, than that ol ob tain, ng u f'r ilm puipiHO of i-lietyilii'ii ng one part another put ol thocomui n eonled eracy. Such a princip'e put into practical ope ratio'i would iiieuiro the existence, cer tainly mw thu needs of a dii-solution of thu Uu ion." JlcsoheJ, That whether Great Britain, or any other foreign poaer, assails us al home, in the territory ol Oregon, or on tho high seas whether she mikes aggiosioii.s upon our t-ea-men, our commerce, unr agncnliunvour matin ficturcs, or our sod wo know of no stato-mian to whom we can more safely entrust Iho guar Stark nt lli'iiiii'.gion. 'Ihe f lining evcnls tint fo!-' (baiiBlnp ol uur right than to Ihu leitlor of Ihe lowco ne iievoiuuoii 10 mm, nro engraven upon , iiepuulican cause in tho lat war tlio eloipioiu Pray who are tho readers oftho Age, that it presumes thus to puller with and insult them ? Is thn election of Polk a matter of such p irainoiinl iiiipoiiaiiro to llio farmers nf Vermont as lo sinctily such t ins, anil in duce the people lo believe a lie. If not, let them look to it. DIAGRAM OF THE WHIG STATE CONVENTION, AT BURLINGTON, 'J'v.' juxu. imi. -jr-s Church St 3 r (1W)"'W5 .... i i. iin .. . xx' .. i.t..n,.. . .,.,, r...i. 1 ", e' 1 .u". ineir own mountains, nnu a i lightfullv, willi cool bieezes and s nslniie. , Whltlenioin; aslnngloli, Arlemas usli- i ( t-it.itity ns immoveal.l.i ns her everlnstin- hills - I l Mmybtd cuiio in f,., the neighboring man, Geo. W. Colla.ner ; Caledonia, A. G.lTrne.;. 0,e,u towns cdily in tbu morning, and the village ' Chadwick, libs, N. Davis; v rankliu, (,eo. (l.tV and fltr.t IMllll'Vsr., and ih.u wC may y ' St.raulSt. x CuiTTEsnrs Co It. 1J, fi Isle, h p, I'.ssex Co. 11. Obleavs Co. 3 wmMm . . ji m Plata St.) Fbasklin Co. 10, sJs it- i i S, Caledonia Co. t'f. 5?"i Champ. St.J W.x-iiiscto.v Co 7. G, OnASOE Co. Water St m m WlXDBOB Co. 4. 9 2 6 '7 .s- 5, .trolsox Co. 5 mm & m hKE CIIAMPLA1V.