Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 5, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 5, 1844 Page 3
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1 From the llutlinslon Vt. l'rco Pros. card.-tothf. 01,0 SOLDIIRS. John Stacy tenders lii- compliments to Iih litcllitcn of tlio ltevoluiiin, nnd rrq'ic-ia nil such who timv at. tend the grand muster on the 20ih, In break bread wild him nt Ilia residence) of Ins son, a mile nurlh of the town. June 20, ISM. . Mr. Siacy, of Hurhngton, n vctctnn of the lleyolit tton, tikes it far smiled, nf course, his surviv ing eouirals il attend tlio Whig Grand Muster, Ihe Whigs n' Hilinic Whigs nf 1311. Ami they and thur descendants have especial cause in rally rmainl J ies K. I'iilk, I lie literate descendant of toties, who, true to his insiuvts nml his inheritance, voted steadily against tlio ltevol itimary Pension Lnv.-Alb, .hur. Even so. Within tlio circle of our ac quaintance, utmost every old soldier is n thorough Whig, and mi ardent mlmirer of Henry Clay. Twenty of them dined to gether on tlio occasion nhovo alluded to, and till, without exception, bore unequivocal tes timony of their ardent attachment to tlio great Statesman, who, in the essential cle ment of tlio civilian (we tiso their own lan guage,) " bears si nearer resemblance to Washington than any man living." The fact that Mr. Polk has uniformly voted against anil opposed the pension law, consti tutes, indeed, a sufficient reason why lie should bo regarded coldly bv them ; but their adoration of Mr. Clay has a broader and deeper foundation than that. They love liim because be is true to tho ptinciplps of tlio Revolution, and the consistent, able ad vocate of those groat measures which alono can realize to us true independence as a na tion, and its attendant blessings. They re garded the very declaration that " all men are equal" as involving the whole question of protection per sc. It spoke into exis tence a new stale of being for man. It stripped nobility of its titles and estates; it elevated the oppressed and down-trodden to an equal participation in the honors and 10 sponsibililies of government, and pledged 'liim a reward for his labor, corresponding to the new condition of his being. To se cure this was the moving principle of the revolution. For this they fought ; for this they still contend ; and any man or parly j that talks of" fiee trade," or hesitates about protecting lncrcrm labor against the squal id poverty and degradation from which tho revolution rescued it, i regarded as false to the principles for whiih they fought. In this respect they regard Mr. Clay as deeply imbued wilii their nrincin'es ; and his noble conduct durinf. the late war, as well as ins , t,.n,...n, nnlltlrnl lieariiin. have bad the i effect to fasten those old men to linn Willi j ties stroncer than hooks of steel. lint if our ' friend of the Journal will make it in his way to call on John Stacv. or anv one of the twenty old soldiers who convened on the oc casion alluded to, be shall find bis faith con firmed, and his arm new-nerved for the con test which is to settle the question whether our fathers fought in vain. A correspondent of the Kvonina Joiirn"' gives a very good account of llie lale Con vention at this place, but speaks of 40 as a very liberal number to be accommodated in a private house. We assure him, that in not a few instances individuals Indeed fioni "." lo 150, and fed from two lo four bundled and did it cbeeifiilly Ion. HOLTl.Ntn Wo Invo reason to believe tint the facts set forth in the followini! i-onimunicallon are siibstantiallv correct. Wi. lmil il from nood r ibn nuthoritv at tlio time, tli-n, on 110.11 mi; u" - tiomiintiim of Polk and Dallas, the Middle- tion.ei niiiii in 1 liurv Diuuucr.itic Associ ittnn assetnlileil anil 1 . 1 - 1 -i-.. openly pror.l .1 nen tueir i.osnniv ,-.,. ef; resoiviu; that the deleu'iiles hail viola ted their instructions and transcended ibeif powors, and th it tho party were not bound by their acts. Messrs. B.nber and Lindsley were present, and advocated the resolutions. WHAT DOr.S IT MF.AN ? Il appears to lie prctlv well authenticated that on the ntrlval of the news of the Texas nominations at nalliinnrc, in the good town nf Middlibury, tho Hon orable Chirles Linsley, .,'x-Mcmbcrol Congress, and His Honor F. lward I). liarhcr, lalo candidate for Lieut. Governor, got together a meeting of tho do lnocrncv" lo tako into consideration the nominations aforesaid, whereat the ditinsuihhetl functionaries above menlioned presided ns masters nf ceremonies, and that the meeting unanimously pa-sed a sciies of resolutions, the purport of which, as they havo been represented lo us, is tonicwhai nfler this wUe : That the said nominations are a fund upon the' democracy. ' That the delegates win were in anyway instru mental'"! sacrificing Ttr. Van Ilurcu tn the Southern leinsnd for Tinas, have entitled thenisilvcs 10 nil sorts ot Locofoco wrath, which will not be withheld from them. That we, the MiJdkburian democracy, don't con sider the said nominations binding upon us or any Uidy else, nnd shall not support them unless wo ham a mind to. and That avo doubt very much whether wc shall do any , such thine. j This synopsis raav bo incorrect, but ns there is r.o . "democratic organ" in Middlibury, we have not , seen the resolu'ious and proceedings in print, and must do the best wc can. If the above is any thing like a true statement of j the proceedings at .Miudli bury, we call upon the Lo. ; cafocn interpreters, one and all, 10 "read us this j dream" to decvpher this ominous ' hand-writing on 1 the wall." What can be in the wind when no less personages than 0 member of Congre.-s nnd Lieulen-1 nnl Governor (ihat would be) lake it upon Iheniselier, , to raise a meeting againM the orders of that puissant I commander, Commodore Caucut? What diro por next bo expected to appear in the political tents may Heavens, after this demonstration Wc confess that at fir-t ibis idea of a rebellion on conscientious grounds, among a detachment of loco focos, struck us as an anomaly which needed expla nation. Wo inquired what it could mean, since wo had so often' w itnessed a total abandonment in that rjusrlcr of all prcionceived opinions, nt the beck of purly convention t and wo una supposed tint ine " democracy" were proof against any twinges of eon science arising from such slight cause as tho falsifi cation of all previous professions. Iiut here seemed to be sn exception, an honorable exception, and It did iook for a week or two as if there was some political shame in at least a section of Iho parly. Whilo wo were inwardly congratulating oursclvcsand the coun try on this unlooked for manifestation, presto! tho scene is changed. Reports camo back that lire nfo'e said magnates, after some labor, bad been " satis fied" in regard to tho Texas nominations, nnd had meekly backed out of llieir untimely ribellion-bad npened wide their late nproarous ihroats, nnd swal lowed, back the grandiloquent words which caused their brethren 10 quake with liar! .Ml again was peace. The lash had produced its pristine (fleet, nnd the malcontents had stepped into the traces at its first application to their refractory backs, v Hero is a moral spectacle! ' In tho honesty nl un sophisticated hearts, at the first news of iheir base betrayal to the Southern dictators, they burst forth with a spontaneous groin of indignation galnt tho frand practiced upon thein-a fraud, in their opinion, jo nefarious and infanv-us foi endiiranrc a fraud which sold llicni like ralllo lo thu support of meas ures nnd ilorttincs which lliey hnil nlways abhorred nti J which demanded ofthem no less n sacrifice thnn the surrender of every shadow of political or niornl consis'cncy. Ami yd, nfier a siitricicnl liuio had clapped lo deepen conviction and establish renolulinn, we see these Mine men, luinj; up hire In Tnltll', An-ti-Slnvcry and Whig Vermont, one of ihcin n year or two ago a " Liberty'' candidate for Lieutenant Gover nor, tamely eating their own words) and not this alone, but fining at the sound ol tho party pon?, with professed cordhlily intmhe ranks of mi insignificant amiable, who owes his unexpected selection solely to his subserviency lo Southern dogmas, Ins open "abhorrence" of tlio T.nifl'of 1312, and his still worse advocacy of that measuse which proposes lo plunge us into on unjustifiable war with a pacific neighbor, lo establish in perpetuity tho abominable institution nf Slavery, and thus by eternal preponder ance to the Slave interest in this Republic, to secure the downfall nf the Protective System, nnd the con sequent rum of this section nf the Union. If this hail not been already called iho age of wonders, it would now be time to call it so. If the lies of parly aro so powerful, and the lies of patriotism are sowenk, that even after nn open expression of adhesion lo llie lat ter, men can he cowed back at the call of the former, it ie indeed Iruo that the opponents of this Texan panic for iho n-cendnucy, have something In do. Jf litis mongrel tickd has such new-found (.harms that it con force men to such open abandon tnent of principle, in such a eomiiiunily as this, mid that at the incie lap of Iho party drum, it is limn our armor wns girded on, that it may not lie at our doors that this atrocious fraud is consummated. In Vermont wo have little fenr thai nnv body wil be found to chance in furor of this inimical mensutc nor do we believe the mass of the voters anions our opponents nro ready lo falsify their principles like these Muldh'liurv leaders. Hut elsewhere, if such a reckless spirit prevails, the friends of the Counirv must bonl their posts, prepared Indoballlo as well inmost iho power of parly drill at the noith, as ngninl the open ills-unionists, the rol'nn scrip-holders, and the reckless ndicnt'irers of the Snuih. Let the people ponder well t 'is miller. The ques tion is not Clay or Pi I k merely, id Protection and No Annexation on the one hand, nnd Annexation, with the certain and perpetual destruction of protec tion on the other. Pcoplo of Vermont ! choose ye CCf We had the pleasure of unending last evening, llie Sale of tho " Fr.M.w.r. Am So- uir.TV " connected with llie M. K. Chinch, held in a bower elected for the occasion, beaiilifully trimmed with evergreen, inier- speised villi elegant flowers. Tho Ladies i , . . . ... . who conuucieu its ai langemeni, tuny men ted the generous pitromgo they loeeived, for llie spinted animation manifested in tlio whole tt flair. We understand the object ol'j this Society to be, tn assist the Stewards nf I the Church in ,ho debt recently incurred in the purchase of a parsonage ; anil il they continue in their work of benev-1 oienco u in. ine same r.eal mat lias liius tar cbaracleii.i'd their efforts, wo ti list they will ' !....!. fnunds. iho continued patronage of their Prom the Sonllirnrt If. ''.American. It F, WARD ! I'uisilire rorn Jitstiic! Icaneil Ironi tho rusioitv nl" ilu. r by whom he wns held, prnfessedh . In nwa'i iho 'Justice" which the Whins of the IJui m were pre piiiina to ms.i upon him. a Intlefit Dutchunu, knnwn by llie name of Martin Van lliiren, abas Littl Manj. clan, abas Fox of Ktiuleihook, alias Sa.o nf Linden wald, nlns ."hppery F.lni. I lo had on when he e-c.v ped a Free Trade coal, Tnr.IT sin-ill dollies, nn anli Anne.xalion clonk, and a hot s ully halletul liv tit mcc in the campaign of '10. A hbcinl reward will bo paid fur Ins icliirn to the keepinj of said Locofneo paitv or to Thos Unit Deoton. biah SlienH'of "old llnnkirs," where "Jusiico" can lie administered up on Iih head. As simm; u-pieu ns nre indulged that he Ins been V.-cd ofl'hv p til pl.iy. n furllier liber al reiMird will hopii l foi llieihscnveryainl apprehen sion of the niJers and rtbeiiors in llie in f-irious inna aeliou. THAT SAJIi: OLD COO.V. Log Cabin, Idcsof Miiy. OA 111)7 The Wilis deleaalion of Caledonia County,' beq leave respcc-tfully in lender ihrir llnnks In iho Whist ciliz-ns, and i specially lo llie L idles nl liiirlinilon fur their kind anil unexampled hospilality duriiii; the Wllil. !lnss riiiinnii,-in nl ( l.n , nl ir-M rii, l!...Oll n.l 2Glli of June. c... 1. 1:1 I.... I . , ,. .. . ., . 1 ""einiiiy nnu piui'in spiru neserve 1110 lasun , (..ratuudeof the whiascifVcrmnnt, and while ihesons nrihejjrecn Mountain-, omiiinue 10 eheri-l. the etples of hbertv.aud enliLditeueil palrioiisin, die self- deiivmir hopinlity nf t. w,is 0f Hurhngton will live in urali fid lecolleciion. In bthalf of tho wing delegation of CiledoninCoun- f. rumnMcs, fiF.O II. ClIAXOLF.ll. CAIU). The Ladies of the Female Aid Society of the M. 13. Cliuriili, feeling grateful for tho unex pected pilronagc thoy received from the eiti zetis generally, .at their Sale yesterday, would thus publicly tender llieir thanks. Jiurfinglnn, July ,r, 1511. ' I T: . f PM RAN ClT It is expected that Rev. JOHN I'llMtPONT, of Ilosion, will lecture on Temperance, at the Court House, 011 Saturday, July 0, at (i o'clock, I'. M., rod on Sunday, at the Unitarian Church, at 6 o'clock. N O T I C li . The Rev. JOHN PIKIIPONT. of Roflon, proposes lo addiet-.s the people nn tho subject of the Abolition of Slavery, on Friday, the fifih day of July inM, at ', uV.loi-l;, 1. M., 'm ti0 Uni tarian iiurrii 111 hub nlai'o. Dinu.iNfri'tTN-piTmaTi i"sl;Mi n a r v. Tho Trosle'es of the Rurliiijrtnn Kemale Sominary are requested to meet at the of lino. win. A. t,riPwo!d. 1111 ,,,.m ot.. instant, at , ,,-Un-k . M. for the purpo-o of tnaltin'.r arraiejemoiits for placing; t,u sc,00l 'in a poi in 1IIUIIL o 1 F 1 v. Jas. M', HIC1COK. .S'ocrctarv. July 5, 1514, Clay Club. Tlio noxt io;iiliir incclin" of iho BURLINGTO.N ( LAY CLUIJ will bu lioldon ;it (Iks C'ourl House, on MONDAY ji y ii 'i'f: 1 in . v fait. ... " Jiu, ,u 1 tSOI. All lh members arc particularly invited to attend. E. A. STANSUUKY, Srrrcfnrij. 3D) So fl, In Johnson, April 27ih,LvniA T. kV.uesr, wife of Jonathan K. Kellum, and daiishier of Win. and JIary llryaiu ol Palermo, Me. aged 5). " lles.ed are ibe dead Ihal die in the Lord." Priniirsin Monipeher, Vi., Ohio and .Maino nro re quested lo copy, In Jlrldlebury, on Friday, Iho 21st inst., Mrs. Hannah Wainwhiciit, wife of Rdward Waiuwrighi, and daughter or the lalo Or John Ldsniinnd Susan nn Ldsou, of West Randolph, Vt. in Iho 31lh year of her age. MUNTIti:.I, AM) ItO.VlO.V ' ICXl'UliSS. ntllLmbs -nbir have made arrangements to nnd X a inc-enger from llonon 10 Moutieal nn l lack nine a w veU I'aeh way, via. Ibirlington, Slonlnelier, anilCnnei nl, N. IL, leaving Hivlnn on Alonda) and Moniival on 'I b "iday, fur the lran-iiuioii of Spe cie, Hank Mo-, and'oihervabmble packnse-. Par lieular niieiition paid to cnlbs-img and paying Nolo, Drab-, Hills, Aei'i-ptnnees, f-c, i-e. All paeknges 10 I e marked Virgil it Co. and Walker iV Co.' fix piess, and lo le left nt the counting room oi J. A. J, II Peek .V C VIUOIL &. Co, Mimlrnl. a WALK I K tit Mo-lr-i, sjssass .Inltiam II. Hall's l-Mate. STATU OK Vl.ltMONT, T1MIV. linn, the Pro. ) .iriei cil t mieni en. s. I a r, r it... ' i.uie i pun n.r ii t Ditriet i f (Tiil'cn 'en i To all tier im einverti' d In llie e-iatc of.lOTHAM II. II ALL, U'e i f Willislou, in sai-i I iirlct, iIitc.1 ei. UhEKTiNU. nr.r.r.As, i.yitit nan, mi'inuistMtrix hi iiiu e tale ol sai I de.-ia-c', prnpii-i- lo render an account el her nilniini-i ruin hi, and pre-cnl licraccoiitil agnin-l nitl e-lnu- fcr e.vnniitin'inii .nnl allowance, at a scs- if in lift to I ii trl 1 1 Pri.hati' to be h.ildeii at the Hog- l-tcr- iilliiv m Hurlniiiou, in laiddi-lriol, on tin I 'tilth YtiMne-ilay nlJi ly, next. I x on nn herd v no i he n nmirnr I of re nid eo irt at llie llnio and plac nloie-al.1, and new cause, it any yon nnve, wi.y t tic account more aid should nol be allowed. (liven Iinder mv hand at tlitrlinitun this 27lh day of June, A. I). ISH. I w3 W.M. WF.STON, 'cgl.'r. Augusta A. A. Mail's Kstalr. "T7l! the s ib-eribcra, linvmu I i-i-li appointed by lh.' 1 1 1 mora! lo the Pri.hatt' ('nun lor the Di- lm'! of Uliiilen It-ii , ionimi'.iiiiicr lo receive, eMini inn an I mhu-l i lie c'aim- and deinands ol nil per-i ns, avrnui.t thee tale nt At'Ol'STA A A. IlAItT, Lite nf New II.Hen, in tho .Sl.i ei f Cuuiieclie H, ilw ea-e I, icpre-cnlcl in-olvi n',au I a'-nall elaiin nnd diin,iuil exbibiiet in nlT el therein-, nnd i-ix inoiillis Irnm tho o ly in Hie e.uc uereoi, i vol'.' nuoucn i y -am i nun thai pttrpn-e, ue do tln-refnro liere'iy eue noliee, we will nliend lo the b'i-ines nf iii'iraopuininieul, at llie iiffiee of Slnw At Wo-ti n, in llurliiulnii, tin -aid l), cm the I i-t Sltnrdays i f ScHetnl er and Nnvemlcr next, nt 10 uVlwl., A. M., on each of slid days. tinted, this 5:h day n( .tune, A. I). 181 1. . (II U. II. SHAW, ) .. 1'IIINHIIAS LV.MAN, u,m SIIEItMAiVS LOZKXGKS. 7i I Fur Couslis, For Headache, For Worti-s. For re Throat, For niarrbnj', nr Loo-enc""- of theloweiJ, I'"r Indiee linn nnd I want of Appe'ilH, aici nnir I iVe. iV.'. -Ie. P'ns'er--. X.". 'l at 'vlin'e ." Pr.'"Mv & SPI'Alt yliernian1- Tomb P nl l.y i s lie and re l'A i:.r a rxic sr.wns. lilllt'll do ii"i allow llie ink todiy ii,i i.r n Imi1 J, a XrlZl X'lmSSyiXW Ul&lWS. COW LOST. nillXDLF. CO, H) r 12 years o I, left the n i-t'ire la-l wi ' . Anv per oil tindnm the ame A and iriviiu' noine lomeshn I if band min-lv paid. I10UAC1. WIIJ.IXI.I!. Hni'instoi, July 3, 1911. t (JURA ! II UR RA ! ! IIUR ft A ! ! ! Ul AND DOING ! 1 N limes li'.e the whoi-an I i-ep-ii'l t Sun-lv mil J ihc Pi-on'e - Aseni m Hie t;li-a-i fur t .i-h an I -N liiipri-i'iiiiieiit for Dei t Su-re. What! I eeji down wiu-n 1 tic Pefi!e ire 1 sui1, For t;iay an I Fri'linihuyn'ii ? No, iievi-r ! no ! no I no ! liul onward l'o, eo, sn. Why, we Invo is' hits u-li a in illilu Ie of llie verv Pt-onh' anmng 118. tint a lioar-l lo a man in t'i'- iv a ignisl dwi-lhn wa- n-t MillH-ient to lloor the 11 for thu insh', and sn-ai ihanks I e eivrn for llie kind ho-tiM.iluv ot our bul her rnwn-ineu on the n'hi-r - ol' the .-baltere I fince, f ir 'ho 1 pi-n door nnd Ir'end ly refepiion of o -r poltln-al s e-I-: ibey-hill lo lor it niii-t l.nnrally de.ill with :il the Clu-an C'a-b S'oie, iiivl uhu we have that tliev niav wi-h on n li'.e ciet-a-uu -hall be fn-e'y use 1 when' lit e le-l i lor tln-v dul must mini ii'v -to,i lurward whe-i tlireo nl our larpe Clrin hen, and a Ve-lry, with nlbce nnd -tore bo t-e, weie all pit into ii-'iuisiiion, Among oursele-, tberu was onode-ne not i-xha i-ted by th Si-nre nl'Tliou-an I- ninoiigii-, nn 1 hat wa- the wis! to ma .0 tb.-tii a1! ciuufurl i1 Ie. 'Iho Ladies of our town art pari -ulariv tbui'.ed for the i-heerlMue-- wiih wh ch ibey i-i-e-iveil iiu-l t'ii'erlainc.l our Statu (ne.-t-. To 1 be mtiid of llie Agent it wns nol nioie than eipinl'id I y tin' fair llaltinioican- nt the Gieal .Vitionul Lniiveution, ol wlie-h tin- ni-i-a-titn wa- 1I Vermont nr (.reo-i aloiniaiu S'ate Katim-aiinn. P. S. Gun I- to till the vacu 1111 1 v I be a' nve oeea r'u nel, are -cnl I' r, an 1 will -i.on oolite and l.e old very e-beap lo all by the Pe nile .- Ageni, HOWARD. 2G'h June, at evening, 'II. 5-1 1" I, other I.nnmls' ICslnte. STATJ: or Vi:!MO.T,t , T a Probate Di-lriel 01 ( bil'i-udeit, . I IX ('nun hel I nt II iilmgti.n. tunnd U r-aid Di-inei. nn lie 1'.) hi ol'June. A. I). IS it. Pri-eni.Cbarh-. Itn-.-tll. Ju 1-e. An m-lr inu-iii n-iiporlinT i" be the last will and te-lameiii ol I.UTill.R I.OOMI-i, I ttu nf IIuiltngiRii. ill said Di-trii-i, dei eased, I presi-nn-d to iho Co irl hereby Jnhn .. I'nmerny anil Ik-ury L001111 Iho t-xvi-'ilois ilieri'in naiuel, I r probate; ilie raul t ouri ilo'li aoiio'iil llie luunli nines lay 111 July, A I). 1SI I, at 10 iiib-eu in llie li.renn. u nl iho dice of tn- llegia i-r id -am t.ouri in -in I II. ir iiuum Inr prov ing -am win ; an 1 men orm-r mat all ier-nn tnit-r e-!elor iomerne-1 ilmn- n be ii"Hliti m appear be lore -lid Court nt tlie linif nnl I'lai-e iirnre-tid un then and there iouu--i iho pro' a'eols.11 i v I ' , if hey have i-aii-e, Inr which p iri o-esai J couri doth further order p 1M10 nn 1 -e th 'renl'l e an i-n by publish ing tin- order in the Free Pri-s-,a new-paper prniiel at taid 1 ! . 1 1 1 i 1 1 5 1 1 n , three wiv'.t -"i' -ej,ively previo: to the time ap.iointel fur hearing. Dauil at Hailing un, in the Di-inct of CliitleuJen. the23.hdiy I June, A. I). tSl. I w-3 CH UtU'.S JtfSSr.i.L, JuJet. PROPOSALS FOR BREAKWATER-TIMBER. AT ISIJItl.lNCTO.V & I'L.VTI'SHUIttill PROPOSALS will luree-n-ed until 12 o'clock, 5L, July 1'J, 1811, for iho deliwrv of the following l!!l'nA!CWATi:R-TI.UHF.ll, at llie places ben in desiuuatcd viz : A I' IlURLlNOrON nilllllC-.VATnit : 111 Sucks Hemlock 0 feel 111 Icnalh, .'o do do A 3 do d 2ii do do 4, do do 21 do do I.' do do 2G do do -10 do do 21 do do 3? do do 2li do do 3 do do 3;0 do do I, do do . White Pine 33 do do JOOO feet White Pine timber, to be s3w-eJ or hewed, 1G inches npiare, to n ventre 3) feel in length, no stick to be less ihan 2a feet 111 lenulh. A portion nf Flm or Oik 111 iv be snbstituicd for Heinlock, and Cedar in lieu of While Pino. To bo delivend 1-3 I llie ll of Augml, 1-31 the lOih of Aiimiisi, and 1-3 1 tho 20th of tinjust, The nhove timber must bu straiuht and sound, not less than 12 inches hi tho small end the whole In I e suluHi-t lo lh insiiPi'lion. nceenlancu or nte.-tinn nr iuu,.!;eni o me Luneriimeni AT l'LAI'I'SllfJlinil WlEUtWATBK. Ill Slicks Hemlock, B0 feet in Irnnlh, 2fi 21 2lt do do to 12 10 33 35 do do do do do do do do do do 2(1 21 3:0 272 White Pm do do 5000 Feet Of While Pine Tur.her lit l.l SLl.-A.I or hewed as may be required fioni 12 to 1G inches square, loavi rnne 33 feel 111 length, .no stick to be less Ihan 25 feet in length. A poiiion nf Oik or Klin mav he substituted for lleuilri k and Cedar in lieu of White Pine. Tube delivered 1-3 tho 1 si nf August, l-3d the. 10th of August, nnd 1 3d tbe20ih of Annual. The above Timber must ho'strainht and sound, nol less than 12 inches nt the small end llie whnle 10 bo subject In the inspection, acceptance or itjeclion of 1110 .igcm 01 ine iioierninent. Approved seeuiily wdl be required on all contracts ! entered into. Persons making proposals will ndiico ' the fame to wrilliiL'. (endorsed Hreakwalcr I'rnnn. 1 als,) sialo the puce of each slick, and name their eo curity. Payments will be made a i follows I On the deliv ery nu I nccipinnce of timber eO per cent, will be paid, 20 percent, being reserved for tlio fulfilment of ihe contract, when the whole will be paid, Proposals for the Itiirlinulon timber lo bo lodsed with N. It HASWRLL, Aeental lluilington. Proposals for PlaltrburghTiinher to be lodged wilh G. W. HUGIir.S, Aienl.nt I). L. Foniicirs Hotel, Plnltsbiirgh. Tlio United Stales reserve the right of Inkin; lite whole or any part nf the Timber above ile-cribed. G, W llUiilir.S dipt. Cor Top. Lug,. Lake ("haiiiplatn, July 1, 1811. P f) All muimunicatiniif mint be pn-1 pai 1, VKs ltK'.w I ' . hiisii wniiin minriii ino piiuiieinai ue n.i. i f . ..,, , ,i,r, u-,i,i: ,,,.,nn,. Willi I'l.l. Dial lltiymnn, II iiiie- will be conducted at Iho old stand under the name of t. w. tn mi & Co. Tliev in tend tn 1 e in n in aliun at nil times lo no eoiiiiiioilule ol liiinei" with any nrlielu in their 'lue on the huh: rcn-tnal'lc lerui". They will enirnve thai il shall I e to the intere-t rl anv eeulleinin to eoniu twenty miles lo purchase 310. I'ir.'l r.iledoublu h imee lor 323 cnh. lliiiebiiruli,2S b June, IS II. mTnwiy? and auoT: stuiie- rri U. TilATCBSBOBDFiR HAS removello the new hop opposite llie old Hank, wlieie be i pn p.ired In meet the calls nl hi cutonier, nn the horlesl nO'ii r nml III the latent and iiii.-l fi hioiialile 1 1, K-. lie lia no empty lin-l to make, nor inn he ay but that In- work tuny some turns artal.enftbe lui.icrfei'tHui wlui-li clnrai'ierize nil llnn'.'s ofhum in strueiuio; but tin- bit will ay, that 30 year-expi rieivo has civcu him soire confi dence, -o he think- be call eonitie'e wiih ino-l nl hi n -iulil nr-, Willi the Imt and aid, I f ii'it with the itf praitinv Jtft. At all eenl-, In- i-t-li iners shall run no ii..-, tnr if work i- nol p,oml he will ma' o ii I'ooiA Now ft tii-rclolore, he te.irrin(s It s wnr, to give gooi ifili'f ie ion, nr lie w ill ma'.e -atl-Uetion. hoots a xt) snons Of ecry i!e-erii'ion, ron-tan'ly I'll band, and manu facture I' tn order, if goud -.toe.J and superior work manship. Iliirliiiznn, May 23, IStl. 5 UTIlAVtil) Oil S TO LUX, .1... V nU..f1. tiin7r.lli n li 1. Hiw ic niiiii, uiiiii. "i " ii Inv Marc, lilnrk mine and t.ntl no hoes l.cliin1 n call on tlm left four niiMo ImcI the henve", nn" .... 1 II.. nml t.rt.M. VI,r,ef..f iv. 11 rnlnrn enil imro, or irtve ininrinniion ol ner wiuTcauouis siioi ho suitably compcnsited. J. II. Willulnn. .I'ina 27, Ml. JiADIKS WATCH liS, MADK HV A LADY. T ADH-.S who wi-li lor a gnod and leauliiul li U'.aieh made bu n ludu can I o -linn led at verv inv pnei", ni'ieh lower lliau Watelie- ol this quality wi re ever 1 1 lure 11 en it. The-e Wa'ches wire made eprely tnr ns, 1111 have llie Lull s name, an I our own, ana llie year wlien lliev w-i-ie Ii nde. " IS II'' Ilium llicni. We Invo -o'd Waflie- maitu ey litis mine la ly efore, nu I Ihi'V pit i-ui' nlmners m-i'-ii. a lie write loos that tins 1' arc liner luii-liel unit more i-ea ill fil Mian any in 1 Ie fur is 111 re, ami we liiul tlicm siKvne- 111. 1 :i -heS a'e . We-bMi'd Mi u'; ihat nil e- woulil 1 e ilc-tri.ns ni n'is e sine u v. a'en ina e 1 v nii-ir uhiiii.i. u 1111 tint sen lemon like lu-iu 111 11I1. A lilit.VSMUH it JlllUl lll llS. axi:s axd nmixa sticks, T.N" irreat var ctv. bra ildul Canes with nil; I in X I roll. 1 011 lh. -in, frnin S3 to 510 oarb, Cane Fi Pu'es, llickniy Cane nnd luanv other kii.d-. Ci ar-, Slocle- au.l Han I erdi el , ehe.m. ehea-i, eluMi 1 rKi1N.-5.iMii) lV III1UIIII lis. WATCHES OTIJUl GOODS "T7 ILL he mid very low dining all llie public dav I (III- -lumnei- Sira'i'.cis and oilier- aic ile- :-d 10 cull and tee. 1 nu in m id it niiOTiirus TO T AllTILS visiiinc Canada, will find WATSON's HriTKL, St. John, one of the 'lareest au.1 most comforlabl nouses 111 tut- place. Cnrine'-s 111 attendance on the nriival of ll Sleamere. Kxlra hordes nnd carriaccs in readiness for Cham bbe, Hig'igatu .Springs, St. Albans, if-c. Charges virr moner.ate. St. Johns, 2!ib, 1311. ! lm RUXAWA V. .4 flflTT the SOlh Mav la-i,un mdenled bev, name J Chnr'e- We t. Tins is to all peis-ai-liar I oriuj or Ir i-tiuu' him 0.1 nil ii"i-n -IP, as I sliull n a m nil bis c.irinn"-, and pay no dtb-s of hi- cnntraeim K. .M. IILSI.I.L. Clnrlotte, JiineCI!, IS 11. 1 3w Evlmuiid I). .Mcn-lam's Kstnte VrF, tin- s ih-i n' its, bavin-.' lu'en nppointel I v tho llnn'-raLile tlio I'ro' alu court lor the III iru-t nrt.rand I-le, i'iimini--n tiers to receive, eiain ine and adtust the i-laim- an I deiivrnK nf all tii-p-on imninstthi-u-in'ooi I HMHN1) I). MF.IilUAM. Ini nt Sou b Hero, 111 said li I r f (k-ea-t.vl, repre-f tiled in-oiient ; un 1 ni n all i-iaim-and iietuin 1- i-.xlni te I in o l-e'i ihere-io; an! i muuths from tho ill of thu date hereol, leiusal ov.-i-l by -aid i-ourl b rlh.i purpoe, we il. therelore heri-bv sivennttei-, thafwe will n I tt-ii I In the b-i-ine ol our appointment, at lh oweinniz-lii'U-e nl the wnimv I -innv .ilerriain. 111 -si Snu b Hi-re, 1.11 Ibe lilh day nt Sepieinl er, 1$11 irnm 10 c.. A. .11. 11 ,1 o ,-n- ii. I'. ;,t. D.i'elnt So it It Hero, Ibis 23ili day cf Jlav, A. oil .T.',. itni .... . L) lOli. UUl.Mil 1 11 1.1 ID, ) r. I 3-.V Ali.VI tl U. LAN DON. Ct"n'n' Alpbeiti i'li-oiiN Ustale-. -VV'.l ''; OF IV-'i'.UOA'V, ) rilIK linn, ll Dm.iii'l of Chiiii'i' n'n, -s. 3 Prnb.110 Court fur iho Diftrit Oi ( hi-ieiidrn : Tn nil psp-nns win eerne-l in tl:, e-tate nl ALI'HIII'S l'1-.KSONS, laic of Jericho, In -111 1 Di-triet. di-eea-ed. Cnr.r.TINO Wuur.r.As, Reuben Ho-kwood, ndmint-trator of ll e-lale nf -aid detoa-vd. limp -e- to render an au-ouul ot hi ui'mini-iraliiin, and i:re-enl hi.-aei-nunl aain-: -at I e-ta elnr i',aniinatiim and nllnwance at u e-sion ol ibe t'o trt of I'm' ale, I I e h d.liii a' the lieiri- er'- o.Ike in 11 irliiig'un ill aiJ di-triel on tho third dj', of July iie.t. 'I nr.iiKI our, Vo 1 are here' v uixvl lo appear I e lore said i-i url nl I In- and idniu aliiresaid, anil hew en, if any y m have, why llie aei-uunt afore--aid -ho.ild not be a'llnwed. tSnen 1111 ii-r mv hand at Iiiirlington this llthdjy 1 1 jane, .a. u. i3i 1. 2w3 Win. WFSTON, lleghitr. ICraitus Itliss' IM.ite. STATK OF VHItMONT, ) TUB Prolate Conn Di-irn-l ol Chit enilen, 1 fir ihe Di-triet of ( li'iieivieii .- In all per-e-i - miere-le-l ill llie'i-nf I It S I U-- 1JL1SS, laic of K-si , In said di-triel, ik a el, Gl'.i r.TINo. Wiirur.A-, Truman Slu-ldeii, adnnn'strator nf ihe es'a-e nf Iho ili'i-eas-ed, Ins made application to s.u I eo 111 11 iVven.l the I line liim ul for senl 11; -aid e--l-.i i-and paviir-' the debi-ili-e lioin ni.i e-lale, one year fioni the I3ihda of JuU-,15 1 Land nl-o piooo-es tn render 1111 .iceoiiuif In- nduuni-lraiion lo .-aid conn

Wurnri'i-ov, iheeourl nfi-re-nul dolh appoint the ns-oiid We lin-silav nl'.li.Iy, Is) , fnr hearing nn-lde-i-dinir 011 ni 1 n iili'-atmu nu 1 exaiinuimr -aid ne- en-lilt, at llie ofli -e ol Ihe Re-si-ti-r (.1 -aid Co-irl in Hurbni;liin, in said di-lrn-i, iiuldi.ih uider ill. 11 nil perso.i-niieresie 1 1 o nut iu I I hereof ly pill he.1'1011 oflhunrler ihne, in ihe Hur liiiglon Fiee Pre--, n new-paper printed in aid llnr bunion, the la-t of which pu'-bciiiou-10 le previou tn -ai I -ecolid Wediie-day 111 July, IS 1 1. Given under my hand a't Mid Hurlmyton, this 20ib day ol June, IS 1 1. 3 w-3 WM. WIISTON, Agister. AFLW bll-. Winter -train and Summer Oil, at I COLI! if. HOUl.N'SON'S. TO T II B LA I) I liS. HR undersigned oirer.-fjr silu a rich assortment SHAWLS AND lLM..ORINMS. verv cheap, nt tho Slur:' one door east nf Messrs. Pick it SpbAii. M. OSTIIF.IM. Iliirhnatnii, June 21, 1811. 3 Till-: l.lfe and Spi-i-clii-M.flleiiry Clay, ho. J- Life and Sneeehes 1 f John ( '. Calhoun, 2 vol. Kend-dl'i. Saiila Ku Lxpeiluiou, lli-.-liliii 's - f L'lhii'pi.a, i'oiitp!e:o 111 I parts. Praipte Hird, Ci -ilia Howard, Life in -he N-lw World, Mr. r 1. 5.i,.-t Vor , TheCi in ninn Ihn Pr i--ian method of teach ins the Latin Language. Al-o, a general a-siirtnienl of School Iloo'i-, which will I e told al tins lowe-i prices, among which, are II irrill'i- Ge-oirnphvolllie Heaven-, 2 vi-ls. Mltehell'n School Geography mid Atlas. " Primary " Olney's " Pi ler Parley'!. Gi ojraphv for ehildren, Parley's Itand2nd Hook ol History, Com-toel;'.- Philo-ophy, eneuu.iry, " Phytiology, " Common .School Philoopyi SmnhV Graminar, Kirl, bani'a do , Hiown' do Swe'tV do Adam-' Arithmetic, Thninp-nu'i. do Finer-oil's do 1st, 2nd and 31 part, rimnli's do Colbum's do Pa vie-.' do American Fir-t Class Hook, Nalional Riader, . Porni' Rhetorii'al Reader, Abercrombie't, .Mental and Moral Philoiopby, Finerson'f l-l,2n. I anl3l Cla-s Reader. StronsMtudJin", I V It tRRLN'il ON II irbngi -n, Vt l 3 I'lCIVATi: SCHOOL AT WINOOSKI PARK. (two milch rnoM nem.iNUTON, vt.) 1?OV.l additional Si holais will I c received into the faindv of Ilev. ZIINAS IlLIS-j, at his prc ent re sidenee. The liii'.ilion is nio-t f.itorable nr heallh and retirement, in the mld-l ofn region M-antlysur- paeo in lieauiy ami ol'icels ot lntcrc-1 l.y any spot in New I2ii(;nmt, and ftfloselher sui li an oiienlhe iruc progre-s of iho scholar require. Tlie-e schol ars will I e uii'lerhls own privnlt care and instruction, and may uitetid to all branches of study, or anv one, hvlongiiig In a ihiiroiiirh cdmalion Ins nun Willi e. by n lliorn ich I'i-i'in'ifie tidanted lo tin; wants of each, (in mathematics, lansuapj', n.iluial science, phy-ioloKV, mlelleeinal and moral philo-ophy, -ie.) to develope, as fully ns po-il,le, llie cfiplibihlics with w imn ttiey are eniiowi'l liV luture, cscnniars con siderally advanied in study will Ie preferred, but more e-peci illy lho-e who wish lo remain lor two or three cars mid piiruc a llmionch .unl sy-lemalie eniir-e! and abine all thine who wi-h lo mir-ue I'lo-Ofhtca or llieoloiriefil wii'lie-. in which no uniu'ill I n snared lo eniiro their true an I ub-lan tl.ll lirOLTO.'. Charges furl oartt and tuilirn will vary from S200 825') per vear. according tn the euudition and Indies of tin!, and the attention which he re Tiire. I he whu e niiiii er i nol to exi ee.l t-icht. I lio-o M either sex will 1 e reeeneJ. Address llirougli osi Uilii eat lliirliuton. ermnal Chrnnielc p!eao cony. &c. 3 Nl'lUlM on,. jlfif I Ch. p ire spi-rin winter and .prmc perin Oil, jiju solar do. o I UO.MJi it- Un June It, Ml. 2 MIDDLEP.UR Y CASSt )l F.RES. 1 P-. Mid Ili-b-iryCinssimeresf r-n'enl Manu'ae 1 liner-pri ejb'v tho p. I y S. M. POP!!. June I t, Ml. ' 2 JOHN LKWIS Airniii tinioii- ih M'lii'els of Time D AVINft a lul e time in spare nol devote I In hi other I illness, he wi he. lo fdl up Mi'- lone in rcniirinir time. 'I hi so invuiL' vv A i u 1 1 s I" re pur will plui'U to 1 tin.' them nn tn lime, aat have them l"it in nrler In ki"-i cool limt. Iliirlinu'OM, J ine lh, IRH 3 C1ASII PAID FOR WOOL, bv t II. W. CVI'l. IN. Al-o, ( 'o'Ih exi hanged forWoilun ;ood terms. June 20, 3 ATLW llimne'ts, Clove Milts, Lawn, Saminct in Stu f-.eic. jn-t received by June 20. Ml. 3 II. W. OATI.IN. LKATIIKll. 1 (( SDL-sSole Leather, t."olan-l verv cheap, LUU June 20, '15. 3 bv STHONCt-S iV C". FRKSIl FlOS. OX I'RFMS, in- J J me l!l, Ml. t received bv STIIONCS tV (V. MAXILLA MATTS. A OOOI) a Miriinent, I y June 2(1, Ml. 3 STItOSCS .t Co. I.UM) I'll'i:, ?: O TONSI.rnd Pipe i to 1! in bore 1 3 rolls Sheet O lead; 12 cw t. sheet Zinc ; 30 liairs Shot abort ed Nos. bv STRONGS if- Co. June II, Ml. - SUGARS. I J) Illtl.S. Porto Iti'.'" and Mu-eov.i.lo SuL'ar, al-o 15 I, Lump, and e-ru.he I -hnr for sale In-. I OI1!-.. Juno 11, M 1. - CAXDLES AXP SOAP. p: HOXF.S -perm Caiu'le , 2U do. Tallow Caridle., tj 20 do. soap, 2 do. I 'a -tile "-a.i, 3 do. l-'.iney toilet do., lOdo. -hum.' do. ly fcTHU.NGS l Co. Jin ell, Ml. " 11 A TS ! HA TS "3 CASH "Alviud-,'' Moleskin Hat", j t re- 'd and J3. for sale I v S. M. POP) J ine 1 1, Ml". ' DOG LOST. fr m the --il.-i-n' er :il n it the 20 h May la-t, a w hile Humid Dnp, wnh ie-1 ear (w hit'-111--uli-,) and .1 1 lack -put 1 11 the r iino. A rt-a-nnabie eiiinpen-atii.n, and Ine thank- of the nwncr, will be au lintel to any per-011 win) wdl L'lVi'iiiloriii.i'iini eon ecrnin..biiii. W.M. II. MU.N'SON. Ci-U-lie-'er, 11, IS 11. if) 2 I!o! All Yo That Tlii-sl ! nut : tnnii vr.r : OUM, ItRANDY, niN and WINKS, of all the EL various ipialilies.m qu-iiititu-s of one pint or more, and other FAMILY UKOCF.RIF.S, for -ib- on na sonable terms, by ISAAC HutbiiKlon, J ne, IS 1 1. 2 "SPRING fir00l)ST. L O VK L Y iV S K YM O UR , RAVK reei-ive I a la rev a nrimenl 1 1 adapt isl to tin- sp.i-i n, 1 7. ,- Hum1 a.ine-, Itlai-k and Hliie Hlaek nnd Fnii'-y .Vdk-, Ri-h lljior'ne-, Sl nlned and Ze diL r De' l.aine-, 1" ie- nnd Fijinel de Lames, Prin'i-d an 1 (inmhani M i-'tn-and l..twni Ru-h l.a'indee- aid IVplius.Fo ilar.l .Ml'.-.Scn'i-h anil 111ene.1n Guiirh nil-; wi , Cambrn-, H k, Jaei nel Nan-onl. mil M-ill Mu-luis;n -pb-ndid a-soi mieni ol CALICOKS; Iti -h Hiiiiiiit .ibv-mi I Lawn-. Kibbnn-, Ilo-ieri. (Hum'.., &e. ite., iiiseiht-r with ever) 111 the innjand Staple I)n (hods 'inc. ( : Inn h -irt-u. May JO, IS U . -13 if t. ' r I ARE CHAM PL A I X I'arc tbvoosh tlie i-educeil to fclVJ'J, (Ieals extra.) Tin: STF.Mi:it ih ri.incton crr. n. w. simnMA-r, Will leave Wine ball every 'i. John- cvry Tue-iliy, ' Miuidny, Thuri'day, Welne day, Saturday. I'r day. Til i: STF.AM Fit S HA.NAC r.MT. ll. I.ATIItl' 1 . Willleave Wln-chall every Si. John-cvery Mon I iv, ' T e-day, Wcilne-day, 'I bur-day, F, I'nj. ' Sit'ir-lav. Atone o'l-lock, P. M. from i-ai-b end if ibe Lake. 'I he above 1- the nr.-ain-'eini'iii Inr nullum.' lor the seison, iiule.s notti-e 1-given lo the enn'rary. The Company iu'i nJ t" p nee ihe Sieamer Whue h ill "idii the I. me pi-lead ol 1 ho S.uanac, e irly in .In ly next. SI. e will 1 1 '011111111 a tided by Capt. G, L-ithrop. Hurlmglo-i, lfi May, lal I. 50 PA1XTS AXD OIL. .r TON'S white Ira I, dm and srouiidiu oil, "No. 1 ' Ultra," and " P re" Spaui-li wlu'e, led lead, Fieiieb jellow, Verdigrt-, Vi-net'iiii re.1, lillnrje, -pir-il- tnrpen.ine, ite. te. AUn, 5(!0 ir . lui-i til oil, pure J.uu-11,'11. 2 by .-TRONGSiV Co. ALAIiGF. a-ur iiieiiUid Ti-.a-, Tol m-eo, Sugar JL-la-e-, Spii-e-, vlIT A c. f r s lb- at I t'OLF. it liOIHNSO.N'S. no 1 km:. TT7IIAItFAGi:, STOUAGI-: and I'OtiWARDI.N'G 1 V by the subscril er al the New Wharf. I..1U5 lll.A.. innon May I Hit. I? vfi Hul uaw GOODS. TirsT HRCHIVUD, bv bv LOVf.LY it SLYMOUI!. o .May 1 1311. seLLiXg off. AS we are not luleuding 10 keep Sleek-, Col'nr-, Scarf-, llo-oin-, l'ra 1 am an I articles in ilu- line, we aro selling them o I' oliean. I'ho-e who wi-h niii'i-oflhem I efore they are all gone are 111 vile I l examtiictliem. Some -pleudid aril 'lo- ainonir iheiii. S11 'ncr-and S'oi-k Indies for -nle, Supendep and Sioek Hiiekle-, Pump an I over shoe .au.l other Huck-le-. Children's Hells al reluenl price.. All Gnod. selling luuer than ever. Plei.o look in upon 11-. 1 nill.N'SMAID.t HROTHKItS. COM US. 3CASF.;wooJ pocket Comts, 125 doz. ivory do 10(11) " sido do 300 " twi-i do 100 " eoar-ealidfinedo ju-t reeeived and lor -ale by VILA.S LOOJI1.V .f- Co June 3, Ml. 1 CiF HONLS Lemon-an I Orange-. Fur-, C Trains, U Piuiie-, ,., at 1 COM: it ItOlllNSO.N'S . - P.VPIHt. It FA MS ruled letter Paper, 0.JJ SOO do rap do for -alo by Juno 5, Ml. 1 VILA.V, LOOMLfitCo. A FF.W pieces of ntperf Ine Carpeltng, do at it. Abo, 8-1 Cotton do at I COLi: it ROHINSON'S. KORlilUI'N. I nnfl I.ILS'. Geese Feaihi-r-, warranird, s. vvv-j auuu to-, lien do formlohv J ine 5, ML VIL.l.V, LOO.MIS oV Co. 5CASF.S of New York Hal., from S2,0D loSI.OO eaih, al-o, a tew case- nf heavy Bool and .Vhoe. 50 barrell. bo-l extra superfine rjmir, Juckou Mills, Medbiuy'i. Brand, and 100 -neks of ,S"ilt, for -ale nt 1 COI.1J et ROIllN.SfON'.Sf. 1CASK summer Good-, I do i-ol'de-ambiio, 1 do Irith (itieils 1 1 do cotii I lagf'i nut tcccivoil nd fir ale, bv June.'. IB 1 1 I ULAN, LOO.MIS f. ( " " , ST A YIW, FltOM the pasture ofLvnuu Hall, n.q. of Shel bum, a BAY b'HI'.NGII MAKU.Hnc't main and lad,. tar in the foiehead, a lillle white under the siildle. a few white b.nrs on imutf her lorefii t cms. td by wearing let'er., her foiclegn hlllol i nl, square trolier. shod forward. An inli rm.ilioii givon to the sub-eriLerwill be duly rewnn'iil. IIUKALl. 111. l. III. . Hiirlinglon, June I, 1st I. 1 w3 coi.i: a- nonissos OFFF.Rfi.r -nleu Inr.'.- n-flortment of &TRINO nml SUM M MR DRY (iOOO;? recently pur- ebaeil fop i-a-h ut the lnwe-t market prrces. Thi'y will rceeivu in paymenl lor tlio nllle1 t-a-n, wool or nil i- Dairy Huiier for a fewweeks, nlnr which they will 1 1-sold for cash at prices low enough to in-ure ca-h ttade, 1 YAXTi:f), IN exchanite for Flour, Sail, Tea-, Tol ace", Dry Coo-Is of every kind. iirCiuh. n few thou and Ilw. of noodi lcnn IlerreWi ol, fur which the bi-t innrkil price will I e paid, I,y 1 COLi; it HOIII.MSU.N. COTTOX TURK A I), iVc. fTfr I.liS. while an U-olureiJ Thiend, IJKJKJ 3 I'A-CS fplil.l do 2 " Amerienn -aek pm, 5 lbs. mixed pins 1 11 -1 reco'ved and for ale by VILAS, l.COMIS Co- JnneS. lilt. 1 ten TCI". Crram Tn-. 2- r- cm: am. Jelli Mo i'd-, mi l Wire do! JL i-oLer-, lor -a'e l-v July l.Mt. .1 HUl.NSMAtl) .t imOVIIF.ItS llRI'PAHI'.D Co-1 a, vt-rniie II 1, ( ;ni! L siireh, Mipi-ruirnimhty, Indirf , An. 1 v hTHONOSitCo. FLOUR. 1 rsTkntl.. -iipcrtiue Flour, r,l) half 1 arrets do. I W Juncll. 2 hTliONCSCo FOR SM,U rBtHnK.i.t part nf Mm VI.ST11V Ill'ILI'IN'ti li lt li nirun 10 1 he Ci ii'-'rep.i'iiiiial Cli in-b, lob move I ol' the bn within -h rv day-. Anplv t" 23th May, Ml 152 11. W. CATLIN. llll.H'MtY C.t)t)I)S. VIRMO.N'TMilitia, Infantrv, Artillery an I oMnr ilitlnn-. Swords, l-hia-lei-, PI n t-, Sa-le-, fli-tls Pi-H-i ('hani)evi- nnl uni-t i-Mu-r arln-le-in the Inn-, for al bv 52 linis'sMLin it HiwiTitr.r-.s. REMOVAL. riillL -iibc-nber ha n-nintisl from In- ill -land on I Chur.-h Slreet, tolls n.-.v HlilCK. SHOP Mi Cnilins Lane, twenty mil- F.aslnfthe IJ-.ti f inir'oit Hank, where be ha-1.11 band nnd wi'l o'lniai-e to man iifm-tiire all I. in I- ' I UABINKI' WARl', nf Ihebe-t n'intitv t -mil as SOFAS. SI'.CIir.Tt tlir.S. HIIAURLAI'S. llininr. Tot. Ci-nlri'. Work and Ti.ilelTAltLi:S,ST.ND.S fi Hl-.DsTLA OS, and all kind- nf wort, in li'-lui''. SCfJIii't kind- ol Country produce and l.umi-ir revened 111 paymenl, or uppri ved i-rt-dit, and very cheap lor C.1-I1. SAMLI.l. MCI1U1.S. Ilurluisiuii, May 2-tIi, 1311. 52 l?ARi:WKI.L'S Shnes, of all kind-, are kept and L now 1 lll-reil lor -ale I y .May 'ii. 31 C. I". STAMFORD. am a Yt:n, rJRO'l the ub-criler, on Samp lay, l!ie2j'h int., an iron crey French II0RSF, Inmr lad, ,hiirt mane, a I li-kr on 'lie I ae'. ran o I by ibe Miildle, with land -hnc3 o'. Wh 'ever will rci'uru mid Horse shall I e suit ly rewarded. CHARLLS ItASCOT. Shelbiirne Fj-'s, May23, JS 1 1. 52 XKW EDITIOX, OF OINKV'S (iKOORAPIIY AND ATLAS vc-v in iih i-n'.ar-.'ed and iiuprnve 1, 11 1- now t verv be 1 tM-n-jr.a.iIiV 11 t'-e- for -ah bv .Mav 22, Ml. ' 51 0) S. IlU.VPIMiTO.N'. MEW STORE & NEW GOODS. IMH-. 1. eri' erba- 1.1 n 'be Ne.i- '-lore nne di or I rib 1 f Me -r-. Ilrin-mai '3' w here he h 1- pi t r-.-eived an I no.v o er- lor -ale, a seneral a--o t-mi-ht of Fancy and Siaple Dry C.00 1-, Hrv Grocerie-, Paper Ilamruip-, it.-., whu-h fi r quality nu I cheap-ne-s cannot I e -urpa--c 1. P ireha-ers uru invited to i-.ill and examine lor ibeuitehi-s. C. F. ST'.NIFORD. I" irl.nston, May 1C, 1311. 50 TVTACiCI RI'L, Cod I-'i-h, Salmnn. Smo'.ed lleilby iVL Slay 1 j, M I 50 STRONCS it Co "NEW STORE. rPIlF. -lib eii' er would inform hi- friend- and the JL p-dlie that he ha- ju-t opened a More on llie corner of Ch in-h and Hank street-, opposite I'm- old Hank, where he w ill n-II Co.i-I- a- rheip a- lliey can be I oi-iibt ehe where, end r.ii'ins i i-mail stock of DRY (j'OODS, an I a seneral a anient of FAMILY GROt F.RIF.S. Please call and look It lore I11VI113 il-e where. FI.Ol'R and SALT, by the barrel, 1 r 111 Ie quan tity. I -hall not le under-old by my neishbors. - June 7, Ml. f N. W. (J.tGH. FOR SALE. fJtHF. subscriber olTers for sale his -- present place of residence. GEO. G. INGFRSOLL. Blir-A2t i Peatl St. Jlav 7lh. -19w6' I,IL1) IM1MJ, i-iQ. X TONS Lead Pi; c I'd Hindi, J 1 d tliieet I cad, K'a-k Sheet Zinc 30 Ha;- -hi t, a-or'ed .No, I v Mayl5,MI. 50 .STRONGS if- Co. CASH PAID I'OIt WOOIi DV the 11FRLINGTON MILL COMPANY at O their I'netoiy. Also Wool reciiw-d lo manufiic- lure into HROAD CI OTH on the same li-inis as hcrelofore by Messrs. HoeLorsos- it Rltiiovn. SIDNEY HARLOW, A,nt. For Burlington Mill Co. June 10, 13H.-tf2 PLASTER. ,i fi Tons nf Nova Seoita Plaster, inst received. and -J' I now grinding nt the Plaster Mill at Winooski Falls, and fur sale bv June 12, 1311. ' FOLLKT, HR DLI Y k Co. SUMMER GOODS. WIIITKnnd Hrown Li.icn Drilling-, Twee I-, Hl'k S unuti-r Cloth, nl-o, a vnre 5 i f Cotton g od. for -omilier wear fir -a'e low Ly Hurlmgon, June 11, Ml. S. M. POPF.. A. DAWSOV, r a t L03.. 57ioj, ticj doors Huuth of Peek and Spcar'i on I inmn street. It F I! L I N 0 T O N V F R M O N T . Cuttliii elone In the rnnst ar.proicd styls, and Warranted, June 20, 1811. r7 HAYiVKS HASjii-1 ns-eived a fewehoice patterns ef French and PAP' It HAXRIXfiS. of 1 he latest style-, for-a'wat hi- Paint Shop on Col le?e slreet. Hurlingtnn, June 10, 1811, 3 if CASf PAID FOR YOOL. T-HL .sub-iriler w II pay Ca.hforWool iK-'ivereil i ai 111- aiore, heaii ri I'earl Slretl, nearly opno Mte Ihe Pearl Strevt lloit-e. HARRY nitADLLY. Hurliiiglnn, June IS, 1811. 3 TtTiXTsTl7. I X CASLS American Prints, KJ 2 do Manchester I'ui'.'hnnn, 1 do bli'.aehisl -heeling, pi-t ree'd and for -ale June 5, MI. I by VI LA S, I.OO.M I S -t Co. Sluictiiifis, t)X HALLS brown shi-etinc, ZlO 2 do " Drill,, l&C. 3 do Tuk-, 111-I received nn-1 for sale by VILAS, LOOMLS K Co. Juni-B.Md. MRS. LAXG WORTHY. HAS received her usual "upplv nf SPHLNR GOODS Lnces, nuibrni. deries, Peifuinerv, Super Fancy Sor-ps etc', .f-c. ALSO. YKj"' Ynitantlyon hand, plain "v1 JSP rilk tlle(f''l Hats. Tits- inn oiraw, nnu i.a eea pohtan. All nf which wi I bo as low ns can be found in the 111 irkei, JuneG. ISIL l3 SOAP. A.A. 'PTf-1 GRO, shivun snap, 1 J KJ 75 do boi k an ) C)C, B5 do roun I l.ieels, I 50 .M, D. V.. Neeilh-, ju-t re.-eivesLa'nd forcle , Juui-5,MI. I by VILAS, LOOM I i' cfe Co. SUftl'h.NDI Its, Ar. 1 ffri I'OZ. wrb sn.pendiav, 191; 21 " e-'uslic dd 350 " c wen tape, ' lOO " r II do du jiin pr-en 1 1 nnd ff June 5,11 I by VJI ,fi LPOMIS A C ale 6 hard wAeic. STRONGS if- Co. have reei-ivi-d nnd orr tn pur chasers a verv ceni-ral a-soriment o HARD WARKamuagst whi o maylx.- l-i.eilllio followiiijC lo wit : Units and i'-s-w-, N. rl' and Amtrii an La'ot.i-s, ( Iih-i nnd Wiiidnw UI111J UinLi-, Win.- Check Sprinei, Murine l!i-'l Crank-. Corltd lk-11 Snr ii?-, I!i-llCranl..,Hou-eBi-llr. Hand. Tower, Flat sp'riuir, Sn iare ar.J Tad licit., TiOjfili nnd Che-t Handle', Harden, Fire Iron-, tti-.Hi V,c-.-, Brass llultous nu plate., Ja iin'dd Screw Pullie-, lint and Cent Pin , lllai'k Hooks and Hi ircs, Shutiep Si-rew'-", Suit hs nnd l'lsle, i'al loi'1;-, Trunk do., Cup'.oarJ do., Till do , Cke-t do. Loin? .-hau'.ed and Cnn -ave Aus'e:r-i Urate- nu I Huts, llevils, Firmer Chi el-, Jo ni'P-, MortM-n an-l Hu Let do. (ioiiiii", Hms- I'lVi lers, (iiuib'il-, Smj'e and d'Hi' Ie Pliiin- linns. Coinna-e, (Iralunir, llaivl and R -pp-nr S.av. Knives an I F"r'., Cirver , mu . H her Kiinc", I'nsid and Shoe Kniuf, I'r iniuiu do. Pne' l-taiid Pen do. Taper iVe-, Mill do. (lal ltaiarti'o. ha'f r'.nnd di . Ilnpselt.a-p-, lira Hut's. C ulain riua , ' 1 a b.d , Tape Mcu-iiic!-, Ilnhcr Cham-, Sa-i Ir n','l n,l- or'.s do., Hri l-'.Ta1 'e fjpoon, Tnb'e Hinr"-, Cu'linir Nipper-, Uea.1 Awl-, -Ji h Kiistentr', Nut 1 're.eki r-, C"rU Si-riws, Hare' Vicea,'fl, Mu-I Yur I-, 50 11 100 lb ..(Jri-llrnn Sa H.-pan. F.iiiiiui-I'd Mas in Kettle-, tli-'lnws P 11 , lied Ieip,('np-ier Win', S -lew- pu ,o A.led . Sa-h Rn'lcr-, Plv'eln'-!.-,, Iron S 'U.e , Stub Co. Wood Siw- anl Fruncs, r'eW'.r ('nek-, lluiiir ' nrer-, llu'irr trier, Sii'l-h'.,t5 I T.ic',-, Fiymif pan", I'al Traps, Hi x and Ivnryl! 'h-, Ti y lion , I.a-tie 'do. S'-rew Driver , Mi'tnciny Ivnoti-, S'rip Hainuieiv, Carpot Jo. Srii-w Wreiiehea, Hr ad lla'i bet-, Klnns'iiitrilo. Hra" Sk'inn.cry, Sd-.v So:'-. eVr.i&c. AI n, Ill'AVY IIARDWARF. Anv.l-, Vice , Ca-t S eel, Pla'l .111 1 Iron Sn nels an t Sp.i 'eti, D nir Tort.-, Hay di- i.mI h i ' .n'-, Iran i.nain-, iron ire, mas. jvei ie ec -. May 22, I31L 11 GOODS r KRMAN AT WHOLESALE, Ivor 'I en nnd Table Spoon , VJ Plaiel Tea nnJ T.i1 'e Sponu llrilannia Tea and lal lehpn-m., Si'vi re I Tea and I able Speon-, Iron nnd Pewler Sm.i.n-, rii-rnian Oilier ami P.a'ed 1! itirr Knlve. dve r, Horn, Wood, Ivi ry, Sbe-u nnJ Hia-s C cm1-. Hone and Me al 1 Xi '1 f. lioot, Slim- an I Ce'r et l.aer'-lin-l Ne-w Ye rk 1 lid flea 1 I'm . O inee Pin-. Dun i r and Shawl P11 , Go d, Pbi ed an) CM Pin-, Itti:, and otter Jew-e'r"-, Hov's llel fi'iwi, (idled no ' V a-e ' 'leuJ-, llaors nnJ Raz r Sirup., iNa-i-land Hl-iek sprinc IL c' a I' c , Wallit-. Pnr-e-an.1 Pur-e Ir nun r.-, Sii!!'-ili i--, S'l' e, iin', Ilouimiu uii'l Sous' l'n I'd ee 1 .Nil c . Knittir.a N'Ksl i-s, a-tortel in (an-l 1 ?, S-.-el, Wi-ikI, Itru-- and Whale' one V ., Wbaliil'ime in pound bun-'le-, l'aney.Shavinj and Toilet S- a, s, I'e-ns and Pen Holder, Lead Pencil., To' aceol!oxc, Hra , Sire!, ndiered, Cm, Oi.-er, and Silver 'I ImnMe-, Pi-reus ion Cap-, S.-s it, And a meat vrr, v of other art 11 ! 1 w 1.. 11 we in'i'n I to -ell -o thu the p-. reliance can 1ro.1t D 1 ivitic them of us. We Have itrranired ih o -r new--lure far S'ni-mg such (i' r s roimi fi-r I i'w, and fur whole nlr--i m 111 1 for mic1! cm id- n- we o 1 p 1.1. I le u-to whn'i-a'e ihem. Went- - 1 ' -i--ry 1 1 ilie not d 10 e- dera'e mi n r t-K'ieo a ion- lio 1 iiii-u', ' t n u we ( nu - ae o. .an ' l-.i ' t-11 1 ' .y hi in he pr --e , ,1,1 w ll -llH 'Jul. I it w-e p i- ihr-m 'no h No biri'i to call and b k I n - ler yniir-eU" Ion ; can't d any thin ' alei-uiii'ns fo every thing. v e o a-ibe boy van'el v hen huwent m the and enu the prn-e (f -".ave- at a e ar cue a when the price wr.- iiauiMstiJ "I w II v. hue. ale." HRINSM-MD i n.TOTIT.PS, f -e.-e nr- -o Pan:.biikn it PntsaMAiD, N. R. Cbs-bs and Wal'hi- by the o DRAPERS TAILORS, Nn. 2, re-..'- Hail eg, HAVF, rciurneil fr in New York w h t Lei r Spr n .Sn i-I . -nmpnin s tin as.i rtmcnt f -a-e!u y e lei.-iel VF.sTT.N'GS, a lew e e f SSI II ,RKS nn I an ex-en-ue l-snrtiunt ni TRIMMINGS. M. (). Uatiicvx, (.. F. Wahp. May 23, II. 51 TAR. 10 H'-l-1 May Ll. Nurlh (.iip 1 11.1, I v '0 STi:o.(JS it Co. A I.. MII'L as-ortuieut of lanev treinht as imere i t"r Unt. siiuiiiii-r wear. T.ii'-ii a I S uninrr Cia's.nt I C"Li: -t lull'.lNSON'-i. FAXCY GOODS. ATF.W h- l.iulit and Deri. S,!, Ila 2 -rines. IN Pr nn'ed Lawn-, M' u-e 'k- Lai e-. Fren-' O-ii- hams ana 1 mil-, a lull .u,ortu.n.t. 1 1 I re - vei il. W. C Wll.N. .11'.!- Fini-Florence Hraid an J Neapi I ' n Bonne 's. sin .'e and I'nii' ! rim Ci-'"re.l and ft .1 -. Leg' ru Ha New -'vie Hi nne'. Nee!, and Can I' In. Ar'tti Flower-. Laie, .1 ereat L.irei (!! n-s and Mil, Jet .ei-klai-e.andIIaii-Ca-i-. Para-Cn.-, Cra vats, Sliaub, llan-H er h el's, it'-. 1. -DOMIM IC COOLS'. Hrown Sheen 11 .' and Slur 1113-, C "-hi Yarn anl Carpet Warp, Tn king, Wa klnisan M!n 'me b'ni ti ed Cclton and Au-triian Print-, all ' i-i s, im ipe -eJ I y 11. W. CATLIN. AtSI A f lll.assrrtivent Faiewi- I'.-an I Ne-y Y"rk Shv of all Imdsaud -lyli'.. Al-o, a f .1 a soriiuenl ot Groier e- (Lin-u r.i-M-epti-l.) Theahnvi- lb o I- an 1 a great many moreuot enu inerale I, h'ne 1 i-e-n se'eeicd with i.ire and n'tenti, 11 in regard iii-tj'e, qua 1 y nu I pr-n', en art- iimlv ol-fi-re.1 fiTi-a.h i-rislp ir pri.d n-e, aiv. e-tnnli-liineiit 111 the St lie. N. II -my iiinitii t-, " a-ei,i,-ti a heekeai-c-t," lh" e who wan! ibe nm-i tnr tne tua 1 loney, will ilu well toi-llll I l-'iire pin- -ha -nig. ll ft C TAILOHING (iSTABLiSHMENT HL -u'-.'-nber will i-,nry nu 1 - --nis- -wo ''cor-. north nl II. ft hi nsv's -In P. en t'-e New Him I. nd he 'eei-w irran-i-il 111 -ajuv, Ir in 'tie" e-piTicni-c he hi- lal m L ndmi, that a I . r in r -' ed to bun will le di ne 111 .1 la, hi. ".n .e s y.e, and oi d -ali-l'a 'Hon given. Also Kealy made Clothing kept 011 haul anl let m o i-bap 1 r ca-h. N. H. G ipment- i-'eancd, an I cu'iinp- for oiher I make, done en thu (horte-t nuin e. Ii. PATTFRSON H irbn-.-ton, May -22, I5U, 51 3m uhiuiiii X. auloiil"s Kstate. WF the -oli-cr her-, ha 111 j I ivn aiio iilc.'bv t'le Hnnnral le the Probate C'-uit for ll.u I i-ir -( of ChiUeudeu, Coinnu .-inner- o ri e ve, examine and ad.iwi ihe i-laim- nn I demand-ol a I pimm against the i-lali'olOI.O.MO.N N SANFOItD.liite of Hiiiesbitrgh, in nid D'-riel, deie-a ed, le-pre-i-nie-l iil-tdvent, nil I nl-o all i-la'm- or de'nands ehii'iti-.l tu oll'.ei lliere-lii! and -i liiunih- from Ilu-day oflliedntc hereof, leuu nih'wol I y sai l Cnuit f irlnil purpotr, wo do therelore hereby give noil --e, thai m e w ill attend In the business of our iippi-uiimfni, n- the ilwelluu 1 1 Marrin Ltiinard, 111 uruli, al -anl I i-lriel, 1 n Ihe I-t Mon lay- in Jn v and Oc'nl er ue.xi, ai 10 e' i-lev-L, A M., on e- ich of s nd ea -. Dated, ilu- 29th day nf May, A. I' , !!. 52w3 MUiWN LLON illi, . . AA I'OKHLS, 1 SIMilXU (JOODS. . A Large and t'liolrc AsMirtinei nl STAl'Li: A.P FAXCY (!()(. l.V, J11-I rei'uv. il Irnui Ne 1 rk I v BOYiNTOK &. JiUliUI-rt I". SATIN nnd n i lered SliawU, Plain D I'n" elii., Muslin de Lane-, Fruig, liinip, ('mi ne. anj .Muslins, Prui e.' Lawns and Muslin, A'p 11c Hiiu a zines, Hosiery, GI ve, eV-. '200 prints, CAoiV I'atttrni, I.ntr. Hleei-hi'd 1111.I Sirii'ed Slnriin,-, 'i icing, S.alb' i-v Flannel-, Plaid-, Cinghain-, In-h Linen, Hrown Holland, a larire aofiini-al of tt ui'iner t b. h- and liauihreiui" and y,ipn.u- IS(H'y nitn le-s riot mennnri-l. A very choice (-le-'!on of Hr.OiU Cli -lis anJ Vestixos. (Iriiect tl Mnl i-i-,I!rown S 'gap, Loafdo, Voting 11; son, Ilvson, Hi-:. 11 Sliui, anl Imperil Tea , 1 11 ceO n-gi-r, Ri-1-,, and Spi.-t.-s o1 all .111 1 . ('roi-ltry and Class Ware, Na I , vib , I" Fi h. Also Will lies-i on band a gmil a --rta-" - r n and r-IU'LS 1 1 al 1.111 's, an' wi rl 'es ' hi r- l- a wurkni-iii ihat iii-i- '- in" ru-ouilncr 'Hini-slurgb, luy j h, 1311. 1! ; N.H.-l O.OOfi lb- DinTI R ard CO Jl V' GI LS wHiui-j 111 excbaiife liir dot ai 1, e t-hi market price. A'", eah aail lorCheee. AI.OOI) a-snrimeiil 1 f ISr an ( b , pj , Faip-yCns imeres, Hi- h Ves nq,, Drap ,' " Tw;l,r:a'inttIS, SuuiinerS uls & atprno 1 wi thin baie I ecu i'l ni,'-..iii Ma -, iM C I" SI'tMroii I