Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 5 Temmuz 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 5 Temmuz 1844 Page 4
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Hotottehcd Ills harp.and nations heard entranced. TKSASI the voicn ok new England. BY J. 0. WIlITTlEn. Up the hill-side, down the glen, Rouse the sleeping, Summon out Iho might of men ! Like a lion crouching low, Like n nijht-storm rising slow, Like a tread of un-ccn foe. f It is coming it i nigh ! Stand yon homes and nllnra by I On your own free hearth-stones die 1 Dans t!n bells in n'l your spires t On the grnv hills of your sires, Kline to Heaven your si2n.1l fires I Prom W.irluirl, lone and Weak, I'ntn Berkshire's gallant peak, Let the finning licrrtMs speak 1 O, for Gol and Duty stand, Heart to heart and hand to hand, Knund the old praves of your land! V have only fft us spare, Kor a free and fairies raee None for traitors false and base. Like the Angel' voice su' lime, Heard above, a world of crime, frying of the end of Time. In th proed ear of the South, With one heart and with one mouth, Utti r Freedom's mishty oath : " Make our union bond a chain We mil snap its links in twain, Wo will slnnd erect ng lin ! "Give us bright, though broken rays, Itatlier than rtrrnal haze. Clouding o'er the full-orbed blazo. " ICi'ep your land of sun and bloom. Only leave to Freedom room Kor bet Forgo nnd Plow and Loom. " Take your Slavery btackcneil vales, Give us but our own free tales, Blowing on our thousand sails. " Live, as Paupers, mean nnd vile, On the fruits of unpaid toil, Locusts of your glorious soil ! ' Live, if it bo life to dwell In your tyrant citadel, Mined beneath by fncs 1 f hell ! "Our bleak hills shall bud an.l blow, Vines our rocks shall overcrow, Plenty in our vallics How. " And, when vengeance lights your Elsies, Hither shall ye turn your eyes, As the damned on Paradise! ' Wo but ak our roiky strand, Freedom's true and brother band, Freedom's brown and honest hand. " Vallies by the Slave tintrnd, And the Pilgrim's rugged sod, Hlcsscd of our fathers' God 1" GREEN CHOI'S FOR TURNING IN. y (lie nbovo inc.niF, they yielded in tlio thin! year nftcr. tlm tn wt luxuriant crops of clover, mil twelve, years alter, twnnf the three reclaim- d fields afl'irded atiiilo pasture fur all llic stuck mi the farm. Tlio simple turning in of buckwheat, liowov or, (with a ilro'sinj; nf tnintire, if it can lin well pared,) and feeding with grasi of rye iti Sop lemljcr, i, poili ip, a? jronil a method as any lias boon lecotiimcndetl for llio improve ment ol land by these tivnn; anil whom sta hie ami oilier tnitiiiros r.nittnt conveniently I10 had, (and in tinny sitiintior.p tlu'V i.atinnt always he oblaiued even for money, in RUltteient quan tity) in eucIi case?, the plan of manuring with jjreon crops cnminonds itself to the fanner as a stibrtittitc both cheap and efficacious. Dr. Dam does not recommend the plowing in nf crops green for manure, whore only one crop is to bo turned in. For a lucid exposition of the philosophy on which lie grounds his ob jections to turning in green crops in preference to dry, see Cnltnan's Third Report on the Agri culture of MasRashusctte, or the Now England Fanner of July 1st, 1810. Dr. D. sayp, " Dry plants give more gcine than green." " Nature teaches us to turn in tlio dried plant." 1 Ins doctrine, though the antipnpos of that generally adopted in practice, is supported by the opinions of "two successful and experienced farmer?," who informed Mr. Caiman that " they had cnino to tlio conclusion that the fertility of land is more advanced by plowing in a crop after it has leeotno dried, than by plowing it in in its great est luxuriance." It is necessary, in order to turn in green crops easily and thoroughly, that a roller should pro redo the plow. Air. Kcoly, in the' case above cited, used a wooden roller, about four inches in diameter, and sixteen inches long, fixed on the end of the plow. beam, in a frame temporarily put on for the purpose A'. E. Farmer. . F,tT,TAK LVMAN TTAVIi'l! rcrlvcl n very t-vrn ivr nnritlrnt nf i 1 DRY fiOOHS invites the Ladies nnd (Senile men nf ,irlintrlnn nnd vicinity to rail nnd examine litem. Atnninr which will le f -uii'l tl.iliinrinrs, Liiwn, Satin Striped Muslin, Striped Mulin Ging hlin, i, 1). Luini-, Ac. Ac. Also A verv pxtcnlvu ns or'niciil rl Mark nnd Blue I'.lail; Aleiine nf tiprrier i mlhv and l'iid1i very 'nw. Prints) n vanny of beautiful iinih, light ground-, nnd .upcrlnr quality, tin; rli'i-unl "tylr. in market. These Gi nds were I nndit in Bn 1 1 n nnil air r.'cnminrtidri! ford ir.i'ulity nnd Lilr dor. ttittirc Print", White Furui'itri' Dim lv. Cmm trrnnnr., 111. 11 nnd Ui ia'!er,aiidC Hum I'rinie.. Ill.i"!; nnd libit- Black, Gerinan, Engli h and Amiii fan llroail Cloth-. Ca-fiineresTid Wtlincrs, an t,x!eniira'.orlineiit, Satinetto", Tweivl-, Eriiiilietle, Calnbli-leen, Doe SI.111, Cn-liniere, Figured nnd Plain l.i-ling, Vnle linc, Mole Skin, nnd other rich Summer Mud'. Ijidie.' mper lllnel: Kid Oloves Liirhl Colored do. lor Mimmer, White tlo., Half Lonss, do. AUo, Silk, LMe Thread, Cotton, tf-e. Ladies' India Itiibber Mitt". A few pair Itich (Jnfli Genlleinen's Kid Gloves, tllaek While nnd Colnred. I.i'lc Thread, Linen mid Cotton do., White Kid and Silk rlo. Superior Spitalfield Hdkfs., IYnfrce, Clioppas and Banrla. Illnck ltalinn Crnvnt, extra tze. Pill; Opera Ties. Fancy nnd Illnck Satin do. Stocks nnd Collar.. French Diniilv, Oaml rie InM'rtinc nnd Edging, Frini;e. Oimn-". Purges. Biiirs. Hook and i'X'ts on Unni-nnti in iinxe, jet Muttons. An exlonive 111111011". with Dressing do, Seir, I'ins Needles Stf Cottons. Stark Hills, Farmer-, Middlesex! Mcrriniae, Dover nnd other Slieen'iig.. Superior unbltMeliM Family Shirliiisr nnd Drilling. Illu.ieh'd Sheeting nnd Shut iug, Tieking, Mc.xitnn Mixture-, Fanev Stripe, Clitrk-, &: llamibon Slrip'd Jean. AVicking, Wadding, llatti'ii", Knitting Cotton, ('ottnn Yam, Carpet Warp, oI'Lpri.v. Iri'h Linen, llmililu jTiniat.'. Urow I Linen, Jacket do., Superior White Linen Drilling, Duel-, ('raidi r.u-ia inai cr.liinis Kve i.inen. I at.le uto li.. Mirtau ami Doialic. Plain 31. D. Lame IMkf. and Shawls Honuet, Can nnd Keek liihl on. Mar-h.ill's Linen Thread. do. White Mipcrlinc No. from 60 to 100 lor knitting Lace, ee. Tailor's TrlnimltiRs. Silk. Twist. Imperial Cnnvn-. Padding. Drown Linen. Si'lirin, lluttous, Coat Cord nnd llraid, Wig- ipe. ii-e. I a lor s Snoot 'i iirtnn. Clark's nun other kind. IliirliiiLMnn, 23 May, 181!. 51 luxes Jet Muttons. nortnicnt of Zephyr Wer-led, Pfnrl nnd without "hanks Fine Combs. New Store, Now Goods, Now Partner.. Now Prices. New Everything almost. BKINSMAII) & nilOTHKrtS (.Jticrfir to I'anpborn ,f- tlrtnsmnitl.) AHF. opening n inoiee.leiiHi'norlineiitof I fail lifd fliitnU linn ever, and they will If oldnt prir? that en n't lobeiit, we in Ins'o Mibioin n ftuall ii"l nnd invite nil to call mi J nx' lis no eoi to lu'.k if 1 . tint Ir.n'ii. :ln do ll'itler Ivnives 1 -MHIDS 1 J tiai kngt tiered mirnr, l y Julio 11, Ml. sua .ins. St. Croix and Porto Ilieo sugar, 10 loul le refined loaT, eni-lieil ntitl pow STI10NOS &Co. Tile 10th Number of Illuminated, Hlial.C'spcarc. liilaeea C.ines S Ue'y l.atup--, Common lnr" les Poll-b.-l do Ooli) Snap., Front Hooks P.iyM.iiVJInilellible Ink, Cud' Pin-, Whalebone., Drcing Combs, Slate., Swili., Uritannia Tea Spoons, Pocket Hook Locks, HaileyMndelliblelnk, Silver Pencil", German do do Ivorv Pocket Combs, Steel Pens Metal Pen Holders, Pone do do Till Plates Won,) Che.s Men, Chinee do do Looki'iiu (!la-i-, Lamp Gln-n's Genua. 1 Cologne, Gold Fi.iger lliug", Gold Guild h'i's, Garnet llieal Pin., Gnj I Guard Chain", Patent Vertical Watches Go'd and Silver Lever do! Silveriil'il'dTahleSnnon Silver plated Ten Spoon', liraiinnui.i no do Tea's, do Cisiors German Silver Spectacle", Steel Milliners Steel Top Thunl lo, llritnnnin i.anoienci;s, Gilt Shank Pins Gill Stone Unfile Pins StonoIIcail (Jiiartl Key, Plain Gold Itmgs Chaseil tlo Finger do Octagon Head Keys, Ladies llrooelies nnil otner ornaments do do Enameled, do do Plain llnrders tlo i'o Small Garnet, do do Topaz, Genlleincn'" Garnet Pins do Scarl I'ins, ooiit Hcatl-, lo do do Stone do Stone I!rea"t Piu, Steel Wntcli Kings, Steel do Keys. do Shoe lliickles, Guitar Strinsrs, Plalel Steel llutter Knives, lo Kmlf Ilf-ts, "PECI'.IVKD nl Harringtons', nnd llio 1 Ilh oxpec-J-V. teil by Virgil's Express, which brings n No. Eve rv Tliursday evening. This Edition of iho world's Poet ll havoiho largest saloofany one ever before pllb'islicd. ijiii .nine, lb 11 z CALL roil GOODS. THE Low Prices for which Goods have been sold, has for a coorl rea'on. induced buvers lo tukrj Iretly Iheir accuslomcil supply from the Clieip Cash .Store, whero tlio wholo trade being for Cash, thcro is of course no extras charged for contingencies, ready money buyers nro satistietl mat easn ruys goons cheaper lo-dav, than a promise of it can possibly do to-morrow. The place for testing the to-dav principle may boasccrlnincd by applying lolhe Pennle's Agent. 13111 June, 11. i iiutvAitiJ. LAMP GLASSES nnd Lnnip Wloksfor Chemical and all other Lamps Gold nnd SiHerLepinedo lllnel. Cot llugle, Gnl I amlSilver An-lior do Navy VtM lluttous, HOUSE TO I.E't. THE "libs nl er will let hi large and rnnimodioti' IIHICK HOFSE, "ilu.iled oppo-ite the Hunk til lliirhnsmn, and on the coiner nl Church and 11, ink Street-, It r nne nr a longer lerm of ve.irs The hoii-e ha I een nccop'.'d for a iiiiint er nt' voar pn"t :i" 11 bo irdiug limine, and i" well calculated toaivoiu moln'.c trom Iwentvto tl.irty boanlers Term nude known by application to the "iileri! er, and pO"-C"-"lon given on lhetir"t day of Mnv next. W.i; A. GHISWOLI). Iliirlington, April -1, IS 11. .11 tf BOSNETS. r) tt H. H. OOOLITTLEhavo ;ut received an L . assortment of STRAW AM) FLOIir.NCE HltAID.S. of the latojt patcrns, which tlicy oiler for sale che'ip. May ?, 1911. 40 uG DAIRY SALT. Qff Sack" Dairy Sail, 11M received by OUU II. W. UATLIN. May n,'l). -13 TO iMCllCIIANTS, IMANUFACTUK KltS AND D IllS. I)VC-Miill"-. I)v-VoniIs. &c. H!:piAiti) & jinitt'-.tx. 17 r v 1. t o n s t r. n n t , n . y II ill hare constantly for sale. Perhaps there no means of improving land within the control of tlio farmer of limited re sources, more effective and economical, than Iho turning in of green crops and the publish ed account of thn results of this practice are such as lo justify i!,o recommendation of it tt all farmers who arc compelled to adopt the cheapest and most available methods of improv ing, or keeping up, the fertility of their (-nil;. Various crops have been recommended for the purpose of turning in green poa, oats, corn, rye, clover, buckwheat, &c. Clover, so far as its enriching properties are concerned, ranks among the very best crops for ibis purpose. Tlio heaviest crop of rye we ever saw, (up wards of 40 bushels to llio acre,) was raised 011 land where a growth nf clover bad been turned in. But, all things considered, no crop, wo think, has superior, if equal claims lo huckwhtal, for turning in green. It is not a great exhaus ter ; having a small, fibrous root, with a large, branching top, it prnhahly derives near as tnuc nourishment from the atmosphere as from llio soil ; it will also thrive on soil where other plants would starve ; and it comes into blossom poonor than most other grain. bearing plants. Sown in June, it may be turned in early in Sup. tcmber, and the land seeded down with grass or winter rye, an excellent plan. Jly this pro cess, Mr. John Keely.of Haverhill, obtained, in lSl!), forty-cigbt bushels of excellent rye, from 2 !).4 acres of laud so poor that a part of it would not sustain a growth of sorrel, with which the other part was filled, The following is a part of Mr. K.'s statement : - "At the close nf June, 1SI19, while the sorrel was in blossom, I plowed it in immediately af. ter a heavy rain, and (-owed upon tho furrow one bushel of buckwheat per aero. On tho iitli aiul7innt Atigu-I, immediately after a bony rain, and while Iho biickrthnat'was in hlos-om, thai wiin also plowed 111. On tho lil'h of Sop wis mwed with wintor rye. The whole piece contained no irlv ' IJ acres, and it yielded dS hurdie!.- id rye oi rxrolli.-iit q lalitv, weighing ft!) lbs lo tho l.nsh,.i, ! . prj viiu'ir. crop on 1 he i-a piece in lJT.di.I r,,,t average rjuite 0 bushels per acre. Although ibis crop is not l-irirn cnrnnaroil with other crops upon rich land, vet for laud of ibis poor ipialitv, I con. Fidcr it very largo. Nor is this all. This crop was not obtained by extra evpoiiM-, In fnrce ll.p land In yield inure than it conid vim'hme to pro duco: it is only Iho hVt of smrs nf crop-, which, if continued by the saino 111 unTonm,,!. unilouhtedlv will, in a few yearf, double it f,.r. Itlity in.tead of ol,Hii.iii;r'it i.-rn'cially if the Ktiilihlu is plowed in soon after llio crop is har vested, for Ihiis with ihe weeds amongst n, will furnish a lliinl green crop, and the scattering grain, which would nthnrwiM) lm (t, w, J ,o7 grow .Hid very lualerially increio lliu lirst green irop the ensuing Kca-nii." Samuel Ciitihy, jr., I',m., of Delaware, lias been cmiiinnlly successful in improving bis wiirii.out lands by tin) aid, rhielly, nf green rrnps liirned in. lie Folccled Ihreo fioliNrnm. plelely uMiausleil ; alter plowing, bu applied :i(l bushels of lime lo the aero, and sowed wilb rye ; in llio succeeding M.,y, this was plowed 111, and iwn niisiicis ni corn per aero sown broadcast. In the early part nf September, Iho corn was rolled down with a heavy roller and plowed under, the ground barrnwod, and sowed with wboat early in 0 toher. Tho yield from this-was crpial to tint 011 land in gnu l lillb, , , dtFMetl with slabl.) manure. Thou 0, the.-o leld m m ",ln rt,ctll cl)1, ,,f Hfrilily" when he lonunnicrd the nnpiuvuuciit of them Alum, lludiVo, Arpol, " Extract, AiiMoiony, iiiiuare, r-lnl, ' Lac Dye, Anna'lo, Madder, Ulna Vmiol, Mm G.ills I'M lnom iie. Oxalic A'itl, li'e.i lung Pow- Pi'ii-iate Potab, tiers Peailasli, llritish Gum, Pola-li, l!rini"tone, Sal Ainoniae, Cochineal, Sirjar Lead, C7'1lt-nr, Suinne, Cnppi'r.i, S.illlowtr, Copper lut, Tin, Cr, am Tartar, Turmeric, Cheinie, TeazeU, Fuller's Eanh, Acid, Gtnn Senegal, Venli'.-ris, u Powders, Wntid, Glue, Whiting', A'e. Aireiil- C. Header'- Plnladclphii Olue nnd Wln;i., n:.d (J. Header ii Co.'", to which wo nivi'e particular attention. (;.i-li nnid for damaged Hide, Indigo, Cernon au,l Glue PifiC", nf all kind-. 51 3m ACIDS. rnia Fort:s, Aijua Amiiiouia, Muriatic. Mmialc fin, Mil. M. Tin, Mitrie Acid, Oil Vitriol, DYE-WOODS liar Wood, Cum Woi.l, Fu-tic, llaclic Wood, Hyper Mic ' Logwoo I, Peaeb Wood, lteil Saudcal, llarlaivlloot, ICJucr. Il-ik, Ac. WATCBfl RSt TN llii- line, it, wlucli we are paving more partieii L tar ai'euiinn man ever, wo o'ier l etter bargain. than uo have ever 1 eon al.le to do belore, and lho-c who wi-h a good GOLD or SILVER WATCH are p.irli''y reiiiie-liil tn call and examine with the eu-t'"t "criiluiy, llie watebc" of our Spring imporla lion. Tiieie ha. I tin ntiitca rise tin ffoml mo ciiieni mail "inii; our" airued, ami we can sell lower Ibau if lliev were nolo to I 0 bought. : v.suU r;:n::'.J fi-lomer that we know ner-on nllv the maker- nl'uiO"t of the ...-ehes wo "til. thai weare "tnving to e-tabli-h a reputation for mIIoi" (iOOIj w alelie.", ttiat we aroot t lie opinion tbatwi l.nnie whether a watch i good nr not, an I that we coii"iner h.tiweoaii ue re ir.o imon or w r.11 wen- eniiiiiien I to lie good, let other" IN the line nr OIT ny what lliey may. Vo hale watches o I II. ifc G De'e.i lev, Joseph .1 .1 1 11 -011, John Hnrri'oii" and othei Luerpool Maker, ami G. II. lie- London, nml vn have ninveiHCii'. of nil the nio-t celel.rale.1 makers wlui'li we can ea-e lo any pattern de-ntil, and we lui'liicr s iv inat we win sell tor ea-li down any de -eriptit'ii ni waienci 01 any, a- etieap n-iinv Now Ynrk or llo-tnn Dealer. O ir ciMomcr" aie i!e-irel to reineinl er that when they buy a watch in Mew Vnik nr llo-lon they ponnd pay tho vali iluwn, and we cannot ntlbrd tti ell a good gold or "ilvcr watch and M.e ;ir( pay in nil old watch or fome nting cl'O, and .-ell at the same price. Pay iw the i-a-h tlown. and ALL f.t"li, nnd no one "bail sell lie low ii. We have for cash Golu nnd Silver Watches at b.ilfoor loriiicr prief. oluio.t. We do not like the" nl price- in advciti"eineiit" or we would subjoin a 'ist thn would make -otuu "tare. We only would sav to sill wdio wish anv Gold or Silver wa'trhe nr nlfierGn'sls, j i"t gie H-. a chance o sell lo you, and vmi sii'iii 1 u Biiii-nc-i won prices alio gooo, ano tier' inaiienily. llUINSMAID & HltOTlIKltS, sueee""or" to PANcnonN & BmssMAiD. CLOCKS. Do not lorgel to remember that we arc opening the nio-t I c.iuiil d lira-" and Wood CLOCKS, striking and alarm, and we intend to sell lliein single or by 1 In- c.i-e f"r verv little pay. Don't fear 10 look at thrill, tin 5 won't hurl you, if you don't I uy them. Norli.irgr lor shewing llirin il you don't buy. May 21 h. 1!iiin-.mio A HiioTiiF.ns. MEW OOP. A GOOD ASSORTMENT ofllroad Cloths, Gros d'Eia, Drib do Tn, Caimercs, Tweeds, Sati- netts, Itich Vesting", Summer Slull's, and Trimmings, Ac. Ac, which will be sold nt prices to suit purcha sers. LOVELY A SEYMOUR. Church street, May 10, IS 11. 49 JIDKFS. rVft PS. Pongee pocket Handkerchiefs. J 25do7. iinil.itioii linen tlo 50 doz. Gingham Cravats, 15 dnz. black I'nlian do' 100 doz. cotton Glotes iit"t reerived nnd for sale bv VILAS & LOOM IS & Co. Line 5, M I. 1 LlllllllATlON. THIS i" to notify Iho pul.lir that I have relimptMi cd to mv oii,'Samit.l llvnn, the balance of Ins minority j that I shall claim 110110 of his earning, nor hold mv-elf re-ponsible lor nnv of hi lii.bilitics afier llii date. W.M. D. HYDE. Charlotte, Juno 1, 1S11. 2w3 Gilt Gii.trd Krvs. Jri llra a el I l.i-n', Gol 1 S;.e larb's Jewelers Gold King Urn is Siiu'Iers Go'd Pi Ml. I'lcles opt", Mrcl bi'-c", HoldThiml le, Lnet p', Ilea I Pins Grr. "liver Ta' le Spoc 11--, Jet Ornament, do do Tea S pit , Meek lnces new patterns, pirn no nnic o Ami '.r 1111 n ncte tin, I Wr o ,ld int av thai ! have Good" suilable for rvery bndv. if irl'iu, or King, nr ( haul, or Key, or Watch, or Cine';, or i.tber nrtic'e- are wanted lor a f... i-iuiia nr.liillin r. we It tec tlielil. if more exneil ive one' nre wanted we iiave tliein too, il one only i wautrl for a per-en's ere, weean supply that nvr. if 1I1 ens nr more aie wanted lo ell ngain llii i the time and place to get them; and if yoiiwi-h tn rc our Miieinu nf Good" 1111 1 lind out our prices we arerealv ami willing to attend to you. i.v i.iii PFUr-OY. voiniL'or old. neb or noor. no matter who, are free toeoine and (etch any one they choose, cither to ninue them-ehe if they t an in looking through nr Store, or to buy if they choo-e tc. We haven .mid. nf flnnik ninlf, rilrit"! and exlensivn for tl alld we trot them not to KF.r.r, but to sell, and we intend In di-trilnile tliein, (iuk-1; and cheap. I liev irate ie rriin inirn nolle well nlreadv and the oincker vou fall Ihe belter. No charge or cost lo look if you don't bin-! so rail and see lor yourselves May, IS II. 49 HATS SPRING f o r FASHION, 18 44. CIIAKT.KS A. SI2YMOUH, OFFERS to hiicu-tomer-,and!hc public generally, n large nortinent nf HATS, of the latest New York Slvle, eon-i'ting ol ' HEAVER HATS, OITEIl tlo. NI'TIf A tlo. HUESH do. OASSIMEUE do. PEARL do. EXTRA MOLE SKIM. COMMON NAP'l) do. WOOL do. all nf whielinre oTcredlor sale on favorable term, and al low price. Hnt inadeto order on hort notice. Merchant who wih to purchase hat of good quality by the dozen, aie invited to call and examine the toek and price, al tliielalilihineiit. Pearl Street, March 22, 181 1. 12 tf Tm.V3T WAREHOUSES IM NEW YORK. To supply the Cny and Interior Trade, by the Piece tir I'aci.age, Removed ! From 1 1.1 Pearl Street lo 1 1 CI4U.VII STHEI2T. sr.An William SmETT. Ki; u l l.U give notice to Ihe Oe.ikr J in Drv ((.!-, Ihat thev have reinoMil their Warehou-o for Pinned Calient", E.Nelusivelv, fiom Pe.irl.lo 11 Cedar .Street. Ilyronliiiing their at teniinn to Prints onlv I,. II. aie enal leil to exhibit an aorIinent far "Uj'p:i"sntg anv ever belore ouen in America and to ell al uriec a low and General Lower than hou-e wbn-o attention Is divided 11 111 on g a large va nelv of article. The Stock cnni-ts nli:vniiALTiiorANns or Pat tehn ami oioRiS'ti. eiiibriicingeerv variety of A.MEI!ICM AND FOREIGN PRINT In mark el many ylcs nfuhicb are gnl op rxelu iveiv tor tiieir own nie, ami cannot no natl else here, except 111 second hinds Dealers in Prints will find it for their interest lo ex amine tin Stock I efore making their purrliae" they nil nave Hie aitvaiuage nl learning the lnwc"t inar el prices and comparing all the desirable style ill market ido bv i le. Catalogue nl Prices eorrcelo I with everv variation I the Market, arepiaeeti 111 the lianu 01 buyer). A ,.pil n 1 1 .In ,r i)Yi:-srurrs, Acms, nYi:.vonns, ,r.c. WII.ltl.V3I I'AltTllI l)G K DOS, 31 Chir Street, Comer of Fulton, New-York, a constant surri.v or the rot lowing articles WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. A7JIV" coons. SM. PfiPF. has jiil received In Spring Stock . nl Dry Goo I mi I Groceries which be will sell lor mmi nr 11-1 iv pav a. riieip a the rhoipe-l 11.. l .. t ... , 1 50 Hiir'nipHi, M ly 15, lilt. IIOXXKTS." JI.OIIEVCE llranl Honuet-, L U e ind do tlo Jli-tii.' nnd Children's Slraw do Wluteiiu I Colored P.tliu Leaf do for sale b M.r 13. HI I. 50 S. M. POPE. Lao Dye Cochineal Indigo Hr.izd Wor.d Hod Sander HvperMie Wood Peaeb Wood Hache Wood Cam Wood Bar Wood Green El onv Nicaragua Wood ligjWood Fu-lic Acer Knbnitn Q icreilroa Hurk Whiting Wieid Tuiiierio Sumac Mtiuieet Madder Gdrr.inicicn Cudl ear Orchile Salllowcr Not Gall Pcrian Herries Annello Woad Glue Ilnlih Gum Pru"iatc Potash Hichromaic do Sal Amoniae Litharage Copper Dust Aiilimony Sugar Lead Illue Vitriol Coppeias April 21, 1611. Alum Argol Cream Tartar Tartaric Acid Aipuc Fniti Nunc Acid Muriatic Acid Oil Vitriol Nitrate Tin Muriatic Tin Murie Sulpli.Tin Crylal Tin Cliemio A Amonta Fuller' Earth Ilriiii"touu Nitrate Iron Oxalic Acid lilcaching Sails Sal Sola Pol Ahc 1'e.ul A-hes Verdigris Pure Tin Habnry Root Teaal Gum Senegal Indigo l'ale Ext." Log Wood Pipe Clav Floss'd Tin Twine Thermometers Hydrometers Vat nets Wringing Cloth Cutch Terra Jnponiea Pntnio Starch Mangancese &e. &c. &c. 3ml7 IXSITRAiVCK. T'HK subscril er ha acted a ylgent tor the Etna J. 1 11111 mice Conuiany of Hartford Connecticut for more than twenty year pa-t, nnd continue to inurr igamt losses tiy me, ami an kino ni ijtniiiing ami icrsonal properly, and will receive iipplicalions nl ii-ollicein lliirliugion.nnil iuiinedi.iteU- iue Police for that purpose at a low rate of piemiiim. as anv private auoni. 1 lie miuoiiiituu re-pon silnlilyot tin Uoinpanv, insures salcty to the nisii red, and their prompt, uonoiaMe, aid liberal cour-i in the ndiiMincut and navment of loi. will be at tcMed by nil with wdiom they have had oceaion to 10 niMiie. .w, a. unia ul,u, agent. Horlington, March 1, IS II, 10 tf BOOKS & STATIONERY WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, AT CITY PltlCns. JUST received at the New Ciieai1 Hook STonr., nn extensive assortment of hu be-t standard Af- cat, Theological, Classical, Miscellaneous and Sdiool Hooks; Also, an as.orimcni 01 siauancry 01 every diierioiion lor siilent lower price than havu ever bo'- fore been tillered 111 tin vicinity. Among the Hooks nrcQ in fin, Octavo, 12 mo. and Piskct Hil.les Prayer and llvmn Hooks 111 plain and extra limiting; mine onu 1.0111111011 I'laver minus coxa it i:ss va rr.n. EST re. civtil, a fre-h upply of CONGRESS WA rER, in boxes of one and two dozen each, ami for ale bv GEO. PETERSON. Hurlington, May 7, 1511. -13 tf V HOUSE I'Al'nit. QVv P.. I lou-o Pa nr, u-oned quality, anil OUU new Patterns, verv 1 heap, m-t received, by Way Iti, mil. 5U II. W. UATI.liN. lOO 52 linls'-MAin if- llnOTiirn. THE PATENT LACE, iNVr.NTrn nr E. P. DAMNING, M. D. or rirrsnenc'ii. rr.x.s'svLVANtA. WILL be kept eon. lanilyon hand by Dr. .Ions W. Emrrt. ol E.ex. lie having niireliaeil of the original Patentee the cxcluure right to male and rend (he same, within nnd for Ihe Counties nl Chit tenden, rrnnhlin.l I.uinoille, and Grand Isle. The PATENT LACE ha now I een before the pub. lie for a number of months hundred- have let 11 np- tilled 111 different parts of the rountrv. nn I with n sue ees never before equalled bv anv nine hal ngenl- Numerou well niuhciilieated rertinciitenfiil cicli cialinllnencein Iheremovnl ofdi-ea'cs nf long slnnd- nig, miglil lieliirnished Iroin llii-iniiticdiate vicimiv in addition lo the statement of and certii'ici't'. ofeurefurni"liedbv Dr. Hanning and others. Hut tin 1 not deemed nece-snrvn at the pit-enl lime, re ference can be given lo indmd i.als wearing the Lace. 111 nearly every town 111 the Co ml v. Phv-ieian have long felt the neceity of a Suppor ter differently constructed nnd more perfect in ilndap I1011 to Hit- human form, than nnv that had been 1. re sented to the public. The invention nf Hanning' meet 1 Willi Iheir genera! approbation, a ni designed to roll ye vnuitonis, nnd remedy a e'a nl phy-ical maladic wtnen cannot I e readied i.y mod trine n lone, The descent ordtp!atement nf the vi-eerra trom re laxation of the abdominal muscles, or other cau-rs, tend lo alteram! der.ingrthe fiinctioii nl rvery organ m the human sv.-lcm, ami, in manv c.T-es, tin devia tion Iroin the natural hi'allhy po il'ion of pari, i lite oirrau-eoi general nihility 111 in:e 111111 1 ema'e., nf Dyspepsia, Aileciion of the Stomach nnd lArcr, J'alpitatiorniCxht: Heart, Spinal Irritation. Hysteria, mocondria, Piles, I'rolap'tt t'leria, Suppression oj Urine, the Hronchitls nt P'd-licSjteakers, nnd inci' picnt Consumption of wli eh Willi e much reliev ed, II nni eimreiv leioov co, ny 1 ne ino 01 1110 i-aicni. I,ace, wlien tiieir existence t-c'iu-eii i.y pnviciii in rangeiuent and n mechanicn! 'fiplaccmciit of part', which can be readily arrrlained bv nb-erving the form and symptoms nl the person n"ecnl. I In in-triimi'iit lia 1 ecu rviinint"i ly lrs, .intt, Roger, Francis nnd Gri-rouih nf ew 'ork the Faculty ofPitt'luirah, 1 Im-rl r. I -iml New Haven, and ha oliiaiueiltlieir favoral li te-iun nv, Application for tin Lace mnv I e ma !. to iho -ub- "crilcr, nl l.-sex, or V riliur, I'liHiugloii. Patient ata dfiance willbc isiiivl at ilieirreidcucr, il required. JOHN W. EMERY. ivs-cx Jiarcn 'J7, lail. d.lll 3 4 B PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS articlcis too well known to need common tlattnn nml an.'nt, i.nq.a I... demonstrated to llio commercial community, that lor accuracy, convenience nnd durability, lliey are unrivalled Coal yaitl scales lo wci"h from 3 to G Ions. Donnnnt Warehouse do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. toBOOOlbs., Portnblo do. to weigh from 1 2 oz. to 200 His. Por table! iounterdo anewnrticle toweiali from 1-2 07. to 40 lbs. .1. & J. II. Pncn & Co. Agents. Hurlington, Juno 30, 1813. dtf Jmmmk ?,,; J" FOR, SALE BY THE GROSS, Atso AT Ilf:TAir. 1 1 Hy PEl K SPEAK. -s.-?i-tac.ol'ii' IHtlGfJS & ITNOUKWOOE), ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Sr. Hurlinglon, 17. Urn IHMfc FAH.1IS TO liUASE I'OK A TE Ol'' VI? MIS. ALAHGI. I AR.M s'f.el.e.1 Willi a dairy nml heep, and preiared for exlen- sier vnu-ini- !, 1, t nlfintin-r. Tin' ncrnn 'reapplying 111:11 btve "inlieient means 10 rarrv it on atui luuu-li the nest recom. mendation for inlegrity nu I industry. Also, two oilier farm to let for an amount ngricd upon. The-e firm are sitmli'l nn the Lake hoie oppo site Hurliuglmi. Applv 10 ('. M. & W. C. WATSON. Port Kent, Feb. 2G, IS II, 311 tf Tineers 1 May 10, TIN I'LVri S. Ac. nOXESTiu I'l uc 1-3 X and extra sizi nf) Rolls Iron Wire. No. 1 10 18. Sheet Copper, Tinned and Illnck rivets, Conner rivet and Far-, Holt'CiiY'.', with a general a-sorinient 0 ion's STRONGS & Co SPUING- GOODS. WM. II URL HURT, HAS Rcoi'hcd and is now receiving a general a nnnieiit nf I'ANCY STAI'I.E. DUV (i()()I)s, aninng whndi may I e fnnud u I eautitul :i"ortnieut of Lawn, for Ladies Dre.e-, lloin' nziiie, plain, black, eol'd nnd figured Mo 1 eliuu dr Lninc, rich figureil Drt'" Silk, plain black and b'ue hlael; G10 de Swi and colorctl Cro 'r Nap ilo., Honuet Silks, Superfine Ha'zorincs, l.i-te nnd Linen Edjing-, Swi and Caml.rie Edgui.' and lnerting, Fine Dimity, ("hantella Veil", Fancy ll.'kf and (Vav.11, Honuet ami other Rihlinn, wi le l.ace, plain and tig'd Swi Muslin, and Cauibr e. Plain Satin striped and ),iniak I'e L-iinc Shawl De Lame Hdl.fs, Kid Glove-. I.i-l Thread nnd Silk do. Silk Milt nnd Gloves, black and eoloicd Gimp-, Nel Cap-, Aie. &c. HHOADCLOTHS, Plain and Fancy C.i-inicre, SatlinctI, Siiirmcr Caiinere. pl.t 11 and cob ie.l Garni roon, Drapd'I'.te, Linen-, ICeiilind.y and Ham ilton Jean i French, Engli-h and Anieaiean Prim. Jlourning ll.ilzorinc, Lawn-, Ticks, Flannel-. t'ra"h ; P. L. Hal", L. IIoihu-n. Leghorn-, 1'iiibrcl la, Parasol ; Twine, Wic',rl!.iltiii;;, uud other tiling loo numerous to mention. Also, A General Aortn.eni of Family Gr.ocr.niF.s P. S. Mr. Jame W, II irlmiri mnv le found a' the above store where he will ! e li.'ppy tn wait upon hi friend and others who mnv f.tvnr bun with 11 call. Store directly oppo-ue .lie-.. I.ovily & Sey moiu's, Church streit. Hurlington, May 10, 1811. dDif Ml. 50 m F.& W. L. STRONG having ns-oeialetl with 1 . tl 1 ANDREW THOMPSON, tho Merean- ;e and Coiiiiniioii busines will Iccontinuol under - tir 111 of ST KOMGS & Co. April 1, 1814. SO I'l.OUU. I AAI1RI5 Piiperline Flour " Herringtons" pHF. m'KLlNGTON Mill. COMP'NY are I readv to receive Wool In niatiuf le'ure into II road Cloth, on the same term as heretof nr. I v Mr-r. l!oelofon and Rntlituui, who aie ev 'if'e I in remain. Farmer-, Merchant, or oilier-, who aie vwhiug 10 have Wool manufactured for their own iio or foi market, can have it done in the I et innniier. 51I1.M.1 lIAIiltnv, April 22, 1811. -17 Agent .for J!. M. Co. May 15, 184 1. SU half oi ls do do STRONGS it Co. QiTIIO.Ni IS .V Co. have ju-t received and now of. t J ter at low prices, HI Tmi n.orii"l Engli-h Tire Iron, 3 do do Swede, 'i do Ru-s n Old le, 3 tin do NailroL, Sandeisnn Ca-I Sirel, Suedes do, I iign-h III1-1, do. b r'o'iu. ''ti Calk, do Anvil , Koiif-r Kcv, and Patent, Vices, Shovels, Spade., line., I'm liars, Hay "and Mfiiitiie i'oiks. Srvthe. S'nnn Shovel-. with a .en. rat and full u-oiiuicnt jf Ironmongers-, May, 15, Ml. 51) GIIIVI) ST1IMJX, -ovt Scotia (inn I Mnlirs. fillKbisI and nsnrlnl. ..' ' lin'i:i A- nn. May 111. Ml. fio K 'IONS 'J iiuiinishcl, si.c nsnrml, JJOI'ASII KI'I'TI.ES 00 mid 120 gallon.. Caul - ilroii do .III. U. ill nnd Pill ...iltni,.. vrrr cI,,.t. r.n vi j viv I. f . .Miy, 1SII. JIK MOVED. K.J. li'AV I I AS removt'llnilio li. corner nl (Jiiiich and li nil; slreelr,nMsi' mic thu I!, ink of ilur .liugloii, where ho has j VZSf' -ySiS2jn -',K'iiil a-snriincnt n hoots .tsiion-!, trtv 111 elcol (be I r-t slrnk ta-''C? "n l by ihe tl" r' n-igli worknirn, wlu-h ;wdl be oi l a t heap n ihe rhnpefli. ir 7"MI kind- of wmk m i ki l 1 p't nu ihe nun r iinnnhlo leiiim Hii'1 si Hie ,i i'e t Hole e. Iluilini;t in, Juut U111 til I 'f boioid 1 iw nher. a new and verv ailicle ('oinuion Pravtrs with the Proper Ihsoii; Fine Testament- i Annual nnd a great variety nf line ilhislrateil works suitable for preenls, at greatly reduced prices. Scoii'a Fuiiuly HibV 3 vol, royal hto. well bound for Sti i Hrnnde's Diclionarv of Science, Liieraiure and the Arts, the mo-t u-clul 1111 1 valuable bonk of tho kind ever p iblishnl ; The Far mer' Euevilnpiedi.i, embracing nil of Ihe most re- . :.. 1 1 teui.t.i... n...ini.... c. 111 in -ii iv 1 , is ,11 ... , 11,, 1, 1 u H. 111111 1 , .nil, . 1 . led to uneieiit lie render; the latest nnd liet worl. nu Agrio'illuicniid the cheapest ever iitibli-hed. enin Milling llfi.1 page rnyal tjvo. well bound for only !3.5U Also, a great v.irit-l v ol new and useful Agn- 11 I11r.1l worts, verv cheap. Ilinemll's llitnrvn tlm I'niteil Slates : Preeott's l erdinand nnd Ial ella, nml llisinry of Mexico; Spark's Life mil Writing ot Dr. Franklin, 11) v. piihli-lii-l nt S3H, pneo Sl7,50, ite All llio new popular worus are recciveu a toun a' Is-uell, lor slue III nn- n,.vr-i coy price-. .limine the Sl.innuerv, lire rti.cap, l.ntrr, iXoic I'lor, Prrlnraied, Mii-ic, Drawing Paper and tin ml It. mrd; Diawiug 11111I V riling Pencil-, s Waier Color.: Ink. Inkstand, Sand llnxe. I J'Ull Slivl Pens. M.illiclil.llicil Intnilllcut. Sl.lles. Vllt big inn muting Cnril i n icKgaiiunnn iioarti-, i-ness Mc. etc. etr. l.'ilizens mil strangers are re-pert fully invited tn call nml exaiiinie tho Mori.', tiruers irnm ntirnai nuiictiinllv iiltriidixl 10 at the lovve-t iiriees. Mrr chants soppliol wilb Sv'btiol Hooks, Paper.iVr, ns low- as thev run purchase, in nuv of the cities, r.leiueu tnry Spelling HooLs, nl 75 ns. per dozen. Good Cap mid Letter Paper, nt 81,50, 61,75, 2,0(1 ami S2,S0 per team, &c. tf-r. Peek's Hui'diiig, ) A. EDWARDS. l!iirliiiztnn,.May, 1311, j 52 DISSOLUTION. nHE co-nartncrhip heretofore exi-tmg between J. KisiiF.nTiiAiLR. CiiAni.E-H. Stoaut and Jnnj Paccbtt, under the linn of THAYER, SI FAUT A, Co.. 1 this dav di-solveil bv con-ent. Daggelt ,1- smart asume nil t lie iiaimilie 01 Hie firm and become pos-e-sel 01 nil its e 'ert. FISHER THA VEIL -CHARLES R. STl'ART, JOHN G. DAGGETT. Hutlington, May 1, 1811. CHAIRS! CHAIRS!! CHAIRS!!! DAGGETT fic STUART I j ICSPECTFUI.LY inform the public that they ' will herealier carry on 1110 tiiAiti loaning nu s'ness. nt tho old stand nf TiiAVEn, Stcaiit it Co. on Church St.. two doors souih 1 tho Countv House. and fitl warranted 111 sa vimr lint thev can furnish ns handsome nnd tiuraiiio nn arui icin this line, ns was ever offered in Hurlington, and on as low terms. P easo call and examine. All kind ol Chairs Settees, Sellce-cradles nnd Stool made lo order. Old Chairs lepairtil and painliil at short notice, iiuonlry rroduceolall 1.111U taken 111 exchange lor chair. Jim., li. UAimi.ri, CHARLES R. STUART. Hurlington, May 1, 1811. 10 SAnni.u. ir.iisi:ss asi) nnrsK ma,xu- l'ACTi 11r.11, cm.i.nan sviu:i:v. ALSO, keeper of LIVERY STABLE F.1SI of tho Court House (Me chanic's Row.) Applica'ion made at Ihe Shop or ltarn will receive promptnl- tcnuon. Hurlington, Vf., ) 2fl 23 Nov.. 18I3. .lournevmanadllcrand Carriage Trim mer, A good mechanic will find emplovnient. S. P. SKINNER. W!.l;iITS INDIAN VF.G ET II I. E PILLS; OR INDIAN Wnv. VT1VH. THOUGH mane medicines have I een lelorethr pul lie lor a much longer period than Wiuoiit' ls'niAN Vi:or.T.nti: Pills, yet none stand now in nir.iiKii remit., or ha more rapidly allained n lirm hold upon popidarct nialion. The TitousAS'ns that nne u-ed them throughout the length nnd breadth nf ihe Republic, all I ear cheerful te-limouy to their thorough efficacy an 1 mild npcralinn when employed in Hie moi ditresing di.orders "which llo-h I heir to." The thcirv nf di eae on which Wnioirr'. Isdiax Pit ls nicoundetl, i tin, viz: that there tsonlyonc primary cause nf all the disorders that ajlicltlie human family, nnd lhal icorrupi hiiinor; nr, ill other word Impnrltyof lllood. Tin princi pie i no a- o pencrallv admiitivl, tlint 11 inav in fact I e -aid tn 1 e utaiin"i i.y 1111 univir-aliiy nl opinion, Ihe Icwdis-cmcr t'on-iitiiting but a very feeble mi nority. It I n-elc.s ihercfore to di"CU'S the "ound nenl llii tbeoiy 111 llii place and rfitnirxton. The os-r. Disr.vsr. PmsclpLr. Icing- admiiit.l. the mode ol ttltark ptores-ed by nllprariiiioner I ccomes 111c "nun- n.iiui- y, mi I'dii". ten many ni 111c so called sp fie now I efore the public, produce only one form of Purgations thev nre ruber Sodorifi '. Cathartic, Diurclii or Expectorant. Wright's ndian Veselabtc l'ilh nmbine nil tlie-e propertic, nn I n.e theielorc raleiilated lo aback the element of di-rn-e al all point-, and liv a harmoniou- nnd combined ope. ration to exoel it radicallv Iroin (lit- mmi-iii. Their e li-rt 1- alino-t mag eat, mid i" 1111 je ns!tiui"liiug for I's mildne- than it ellicaey llolh sexes, and all apes may employ tliein, accnidiug In ihe iliiivtiou-, v it bout telr, for vvlnle tbcvairfcrnin to cure all ill' inert mat nie reni.Huin, nicy ncrer imiiciuu injury upon ine sysiem. The jicifi,- sirthj of the medicine is nnolhci all important quality nnd one which ha roiiiribiiitd mine 1I1 in any I lung el-e lo its extension andpopu laritu. In a word. Hits medicine cnmmeiuh isrlf stmnalu .1. (.((. y... . wi... .... 1 , .1 1, .j, UIUB mi 10 become nnore tows, aimosi universal. 1 tie en iciis 01 .m-w i.ngi.111 1 nre re-prctiu!lv in- lorinrd that in no rip'ruce nl ihe great popular tv which Wright'-In I1111 VegeM' lePill-hiiveearnelbv Iheir a-lon shuig gi o hies-, a Gang nl ("nuntcrtcccr are now ii;'lutr'o i"ly engaged in pa'ouug on tlieiui upecling,a and peihap- ilansrerous niwli cine, under the name nf Indian Vecciuhle l'd, This 15 to inform I lit-j.u'I it-, thai 1 be genuine metli cine ha on theboxi-s, " VVrlslil's Smlliii Vegetable IMlls, (INMAN l'I'RGATI VE) or Tit n NuiTii Amkrican cni.i.r.rir. or Ilr.Ai.TU." And alo aiouiid the I order of the lal el will I e found 111 "inall type, "F.n'eied e.ecnri'ing in ihe Act of Cnnsre-, in tin year 1310, bv William Wright, in the Clerk. O lirrol iho District Court ot the F.a-tern l)i!n'cl of Pciinsv I vnina." The pul lie will nl-oremcm' cr that all who .ell the genuine In ban VegeiaMe Pil arc provilcd with a cerliltca'e of act ncv "igned I v' William Wright, A' lee I'resldcnt or Tin: north Auriiievs coi.Lron or health," and thai piiller- are never in any ea-e a'lowe 1 10 -ell the genuine medicine. AH unveiling Agent will I e I provided with ncernlieutool gcncva abm-r descri be I ; and tho-e who e.inin.l "Imw one will bv known 1. !"eimpi..ii,r. I he following h.ghtv rc-pectah'e persousliavebeen appoinied agent fur 1 be sulcnf ihe almve named Ti'ignrs inuiaii egctaiiie rills. OrTllENnRTIl AMrillCAN COLLLOE OF IIEVLTH. VGE.NTS Ptvl. it Spear, S. E. Howard, II. Davi it Co., Hiirbuglon ; Francis I.aclare, Cnlche-trr; Mor'nu Clark, Wdlistrn; l.nrin Tyler, E-ex : .1.11. Tower it Son, Fndcrbill : A. Harnev. J. I.v-,.Ienclici; Win. Rhole-, ;. . tirteu, llichmonil ; .1. H. Di'.e, Huntington; Mnu it Dean, Rri-tols Mnnnn iV Dean, Lincoln; A.I'., Niw-Ha-ven: R. Saiii'eisnn, W. Milion ; ('. L. Drake. Milton: Gi'O. Avie-, Milion Fii'l; Marin Wires, (Sriswohl .t Sm die. Cambridge; W. S. it C. P. Wood, Wot- fordjS.W. HruhiV Cn.. I inrfa.x ; If. Cook, Shcl buiu; Win. 11. Vicbe, lline-biirgh ; S. II. Hamcs, Cbai'lnite; Tupier d- I'curkuidgc, Si-irk-borough ; Shales kt W. lib, Fei ri-l'iirgb. The only O lice 111 llotou where the Indian Vege ml le Pill can I n b'ami"! 1 al IOS TREAlOiVT STREET. 1 9S Prm-inil OilieeniidOcneral Denot. ICD Race-ireet, 32yl DRUGS &JEDICNES h The subscril er nre eonlinu. 4Sit3 ally iiidied wtlh EVKIIV AR'IIUI.I'. Ill the above l.rnnrb. I nil. ..r.l..' ..,7I7.T.. nndPntent kinds; Mttlicinnl wnlersfrom Saralngn do. rroin Cal.ilonia, Cnnada , Mti.-n Wines n ! Liquor, pure) l-cechcs ; r-urgical Insirumcnt-.tMin-erul 1 celh, ite. CrPreseriptions put ,, , f ,or notice. iCJ-'Siop open at all hours. yWKSBM-W.Apothccarbt unriinmtin, i hi. i , 10 t.y, yZt TO I'll YSI CIA NS. New Chemicals and Sundry Articles I fhe Acid., chemical. I Iodide of Sutiihiir, t ,i.i....;nn.t 11 T , - 1 ' " .'iiiiiiui 1 ii-piiruiion,i 1 inline 01 irnn, llrniiune. Cyauurut of Po!asiuni, iiimrnie 01 loian, I'.laterium. Ergot Fresh, Pulv. Ethereal Preparations, i.Airaci ni vallum, Exlrnrt ol Hhaiany, HairMitiensor Eleciritieri Extract of Aconite, Veinlria, Hinodido of Mercury, 22 Rinoxidr of Meniirj-, llyfiriodate.l Lirjnof 0 Ar-enir and Mercury. Lecchc, Henlihy Spn'nij nnd Swccdi.h, OilofTol aero, Pie'rin, Ale. itr, &r. N Ira'eofSilver.chcinirnl New style of Instrument Lupiilin, Magm-ian I'luid, Naphtha Wnml, Al PECK St SPEAR'S. 11 At m 6 ART HUH, AKE now receiving new supplies of SADL ER Y. COACH AND SHKLP HARDWARE in all its v.iritirs. ALSO, MEDCIINFS PAINTS, OILS, VAK-NISHE"-, &c. ttc. Hurlington, Yt. ) Nov. 10, 113. $ CHAIR T FACTORY. Il 1 1 -land of NELSON it (SATES therri Ihelv! n sorinienl id CHAIRS and will le si Id 1 1 caper than can be piircba-til ni nuv otbtr plate in lltirlinglnn. MAHOGA.NY. CI'IU.I DMAI'I E. PAINTED CANE .-EAT. LARGE and SMALL ROCKING, DIMNG, CHILDREN and LARGE ARMED C. L. NELSON'S, Church .Irtet, opposite the Old Hank, nrnl hi Fncto by three door norlh of the Cat In lie Church. 13 rojY yXle. rjIIAT large and rnmmt.lit u. two s'ory HIIICK I JL DWELLING HOU-EAND LOT, .minted on She we-t idecf Cfdlegr Gieen, nt llirluad of CoUive a trti t, in this village. The Hou-e 1 32 I y 15, wuh 1 n-emenl -Inrv, Willi kilchcu nnd prnvi-ion cellar, miiln wing 3-1 v Gj, t'.x'eniiiug nnrih nn Cnllrse Green, vvilh woihI and stme hoti.-c 1 clow, nut' cham ber nnd "lecptng rtioms nl nvr, A large mid ei.m uiodi'Hi barn, carriage hou-r, ice hnur, nod nther n'lt-hnusr-.and 11 sjiacimis yard wt-i of Ibeilwr'biig Imii-e, and a gnnd tbiral lc 'well of water nl tho be-t quality in tin vdlacr, and a brick cistern. One uud II ipiarlcr acre- nf bind, nf the firl tp nlitv, a largo garden an I choice Iruil lice vct if the hou-e and v nni. l'lir building- nre cons'ruett-1 111 mttlern stvle, nl the I e-t material nnd wor'.inan-hiii, were erts'ted 1 v the -ubsrri! er for nl own n-e, and the locate n a lord, a very extfii-ive and plea-ant pro-pert of ihe village and lal,eon the West, ant 1 not surpa-sttl tiy nnv oilier 111 tin- pari t flhe roiinlry. Puriha-rrs are invited to call mil fxaiuine for Ihein-cli e-. Term made known 1 v the -ub-eiil er 011 the pinnist-. SAML'LL REED. liuriingtnn, April If, IrMI. U II A TV 0 Gentlemen is the lime X ' to huv vour WMEK-PItOOF ALSO, PATE AND VAR NISH BLACKINGS; IILACK, III.IT, III. II AN II l.MJKl.L HLE INK'S, WAFERS WAX. lis. ixe ite. PI CK & SPEAR. AMERICAN II iYTKL. AND GENERAL STAGE HOUSE, HY S. W. T.VYI.OU. Court House Sqvale, Hii.lim.ios, Vt. 2(it .T. TRYOiX 1T70ULD respectfully inform his friends and the VV nublic that ho has just returned from New York with the latest fashions, nnd ihat bo continues to carry on biisiness'nl his old stand. Haying visi ted some nf the best shops in the City of New York ho trusts that, with an experience of twenty-two years, lie can compete, wuu 1110 oc.r iniiors 111 litis part of Ihe country. i. n. uiHiuig uonuai toon nuuii, iiiiupiui Mnv 8, 161 1. -10 tf S.N. VAHMAIiKK ATTORNEY AT LAW. So. 7 Counsellors Hall. (Peck's Building.) 13 I 8 4. I..VKK CII.VMIMtAIN, MIVV-YOHK AMI) HOSTON. FARM FOR SALE. JlrJT. 701! SALE, a lanu in I'nderhill, eon i:iinior one hiindril nnd loriv-i; IFlSif.! acic, al 011 out-hundred acre of which IZJZijSiL is under tolt'va'.ioii, the rcmaiiu'er is covered bv a eotxl growth of hard wotd. On thu preim-e.-nrraeonM'iiientdviilling lion-c, I nrn,heds, lVi- ,i nil nn oreh.l nl of thriltv bearing ami e lives, suilicieni for making some lift v or sixty barrels of cider. Al-o. a farm containing one hundred acre lying about one mile from the a' ove.about sixtyaere. nlivlii' i ,'. miliar iinnroemut. and has on it n catia- i.!irn. the i-ciiiaic.tler isvrll wninleil. principally wilb beach and maple. ThtVe are situated near ,1... cnirc nl il, inivn and r' Hie main road, art well watered and well fenced, a eousideraMe portion of the fence I fins substantial sioue wan, ami logeiir er compose 0110 ol the be-l dairy farm, in the town The above preini-c will le so.d to clo-e a com cm for much lt-s than Iheir real vnlue, and pot-"ion given 011 the lt of .April next. For furlher particu lur. iinnniri' nf A. FOOTE. Hurlington, l el. 22, loH "I HF.NIiY IIAI.K. VTToiixnv cou.vsiar.i.oit at i, oniri:u., rniMusr. AW. PKCK IT & SI' EAR, Ncit door to the German Storr. In eonpection wilb Ding., Medicine-, 1 e. I'.-r, 1 bund a complete ni rtmenl ol'bel qunluy JJ1K STi 'FFS. nurlingloii.2jth March, lS-t-1. , will 13 FE.ilAliK TRUSSES. r1',IIIS' artirlr nf v.irioo. inTtnlinrfS 1 Hull's, Mar-h'-, and i t n, of every size and form, mid for sll the purpose, forwhicii ihej- werr dv-iganl forale at PECK it SPEAR'S. Hurlington, Vermont. 3." WOOL! WOOL.!! rjiHI', subscriber would respet Ifnlly inform Ihe peo Jl pic that he is prepared to make wool into clothr for all that wish to favor him with iheir custom, viz. : Plain Uloths, Uatsnnerc,and Flanncl,for the followi n prices : Plain Cloth, light mix colors, 25 cents; Cassimfre. 30 cents; Plain Cloth, dark mi or full color-, 30 cents; CaFsiniere 37 cents, and Flannel rielnrml while, 1G cents per yard for cash, or half of the cloth when finished. Also, Carding wool tn tolls and dressing cloth. THEODORE I). LY.VIAN. Norlh Ferrisburgh, .March 15th, 1EM. 41 niC SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. MICH GOODS. AFRESH supply of Super, Eitrafine, 3 Ply Car linings; Driiggetls, Green Hire, Oil Cloths, Rush Mattings; Kieh G-l and 8-1 Enib d Pruned nml Damask Table Covers; Caipet Binding nnd Thread. O rE L Y iV S 1 Al U UK Have also imported a neb nsooitinent nf 1IVNG1NGS FROM PARIS. which they olfer iowlogclhcr with a good assortment Ol A MF.tllCAK 110. Church St., May 10, 1R11. 10 LOOLCING GLASSES. A Large Assortment ol various mes of O, O. llandca Plate, and La Fnveilo stvle, iusl ne'd by LOVELY it SEYMOL'It. I'hurrb slrrcl, llurluigton, Muv 1 rn. i I3lf MOItU NI1VV CIOODS. T?I.OI!ENCE, Hrni l. ll illaml, Slraw and English Itonncis, JIi..c.' Il.'iine's, Silks, Piiiils, Giug. hnm., Slnwl-, and IMkl. ite. ive. m.t ro-riv.-l by May 23, 1811. .Ill II, W. CVTI.IN. SOMi:'l'llh(i NEW!!! PRACTICAL L-ssons (.'nninosition fs-r Is- Llovs, Pi ioo 25 cent. 1 or sale nv May22,MI. 51 wli H. IllJJvnjSi. riJN. THE PROPRIin ORS ollhi. Line have provided a class of first rate boats 10 plv the pre-ent sea son Ictween Luke Champlain mil S'ew-Vork,fortbe transportation ol Merchandise nnd such other prop men. inav be entrusted to their care, and hope to receive, as lliey intend lo merit, a fair shnre of patronage. Ti.. ibrotih to New V ork. and art. be towed by sieatn on Hiid-on River, and on Lake Chaniplain when r.ecenry. In llii motle prnperly I nni uiicrieii to injury oy traiisnipiiniiis, aim iois are Kept logcuicr. I Li l.inr oi noais ronueci ni .m-w i nrit wuu ne.naieb Lino of Hr.ston Packets; Contracts for freight lelvvtvn Huston or New V ork and Lake Clininnlmn. ran bo made with our agents. Property passing i civvrcn no"inii aim mur i.nanipi.ini, mc warded in eilher tlireclion via Wcsicrn Kadroad, when tltf.ired, rnornir. Tons, FOI.I.EIT A- H11AHLF.Y, llurlinelnn, Vt. NICIIOI.-, HFKTON tr- CHI'lTHNDKN, St. Allan., V A n r. N T s, L. A. JoiiNSntf, 11 Coenlies Slip, N. York, C. L. WAnn, 10 Long Wharf, Boston. -13 if Engli-h Grammar and inner, ny l iiul- man shawls. TTDKFS., Cravats, Chiililli nni NM Veils, Laces J.I nml Killings verv Hit ap a- May 23. 51 C. I', STAMFORD S. FOR SALE OR TO It EX 'I. rPllE Largo nnd commodious Dwelling House L situntnl en Pe.ul strrei, now tKi'iipitil bv Sir. Itrui-niaid and niinosils Rev. tiro. G. IngrrsollV PoH-r.siou given l"t May. For fui'btr pirlictdais mi nl N Aril N It, IIAhWEU.. Apul 11, 1811. 15 f TO 1M I1SONS AHOUT IMJIlilUNG. mi IE subscribers keen on bande their Lumber X Yard on Pearl Street, Boards Scantling, Plank, Floor Boards and Inch Boards -ndy planed; Lata, Lining mid other materials fo' uild'mg. Persons in the ntlitcent towns can no supplicu at tho Mills in L'nderhtll at a suitable deduction from the Burlington prices. N. H. They offer to cnnlract for tho erection of Buildings on reasonable terms. Applv to II. P. IlicUok. HICKOK & STEVENS. Burlington, 3 Jan., 1611. ' 31 If IMMIS! IMItRS! J' F.T llio nlllioled remember that, lliey have a Item J edy in iho Genuine Hay.' Liniment. Dozen nnd tkucii. have been sold in'thi. vieiniiy within the pa.t lvvo years teslilying to l. ellieieney.'nl 30 PECK SPEARS. ALL kind of TRESSES for Ruptures incident lo Ihe Mule, for sale, nnd aeeurntclv apphtd. by 35 PECK & SPEAR. K RUN &- SPEAR TTAVII ju-t receivtl from New Yors! a general .rl. a."tultneiit of Faney an I Staple Dry Goods, comprising the Litest slyle nl Prints, Gingham., Il.im1 nine, Union t nnd Dre-. Lawn., Silks nnd Silk Shawls., M.doLaine-, Hrocha Shawl, Floreniv and Sirnw Honncts, Silk Parasols, Ho.iery, Gloves, Mitt, Sr, At. AImi, For GcntlrnienV sunuiier wear, Drnp D ete. Dot- Skin, Cn-siniere, Tvvrol Cloth, Gambroone. It, mil nzine. Vclve'een, Fancy Silk Vesting, Plaid mid fancy Velvel do,, Mnr.aills and Valenlut ilo, Fancy un.l nlmn hiiicksnnd Tic-. Cravat'. Ot Ac. At. Which will le sold us. chtop m t ait be bought lor rash ni npprovtd i riibt. Chinch slieel, Mjv fc, lnll. l'Jif IISAAC D07f9 Manufacturer if TIN, SHEET-IRON, AND COPPER W.nE. nnd tb-abr in COI'JT.Il Pl'Ml'S, I.UAP PIPE, tf c. Church street, Hurlington. March C, 1811. 'V-10 TO RENT, I7I50M the i1rt of May, a convenient HOUSE, lor a large family, or for two small families, with Barn, Woolbou-e and Garden. Also, several Room ia a new Brick Hou-e with wood bone, Ac, all situated Mvuvn the Court Ho iso Sounre nnd me Lake. Applv to B.irlington, April 9, 'Ai. 15 tfj IL MAYO.21. M. MARSHALL, ARCHITECT I-'HO.VI 3I.VS-.ACIIl'SETTS, OFFERS his services lo ihe public to Draw Plans of all kinds of Public Buildings nnd Dclluii Houses, nnd li'iewiso lo contract to build llic tr.nie required. Burlington, April 15, 1511. 4(itf PECK & SPEAR, wholesale dealers in English, French, India and American R IT G S . Also.-DRITGGIST'S glass wake. Iliirliugtnn, Vt. 100 li.VIHV SALT. SACKS Dairy Sail lor snleby May 11, 1811. 50 S. M. TOPE. fit TO RENT, IJMtOM THE 1st OK MAY, the Store known as the German Store, next lo Peek if- Spcnr, Drnggit. Inquire ol April 25, PECK & SPEAR. VV.tNTIll), OOI TAIH.E IlUri'l'II, in exchange for Gi od." V I by S. M POPE. Ilur'inglon, May U, 1 II. 511 C. HF.NXH. Jr. it C o. DRAPERS & TAILORS Id Door South of the Dank, Church street.) EVERY VARIETY OF CI.i Til A- TRIMMINGS CONSTANTLY ON HAND. Cutting done in the most approved Rljlc a ml Warranted. November, 1312. 2G If. Window Snsli. HMIE sub-crders oi'cr fn sale a lirgc quan'liv if I WINIVHV S V SII, n'l re., In in 1 X tl tc I I X IS, as cheap as the che tpe !. ' ,l! iv II P MERRICK I ifri n "ii, Jiar n I, isii. d '

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