Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 12, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 12, 1844 Page 3
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of the North, which wan not readily yiehlcd 1 Never. .And in thia the day of iheir extremity it was decided trftale the bold meagre of suddenly forcing ihcm to desert their great hvoritr. for "justice" lowborn ihey had teen loudly crying for thrco years, and to trans fer themselves, not to one of their own number, pledged to nbide Southern dictation, but to a slavco cral indeed, wli'isc interests, prejudices and political hopes conspired to place his fido'ity beyond the. reach of those " damning doubts" which had whilom ob tained concerning the orthodoxy ot llio Sago of Lin denwald. The 27ih of Mnv came on. Every body looked to Baltimore with tho undoubting expectation that tho " Northern man with Southern principles ' was again to bo trusted with the black an I red banner of Slavery and Locofocoistn. Hut it seemed as if for once bis fat sightcd.cunnitig hnd deserted him. Suddenly callcd.on to come out upon this new question, so ingenious ly sprung.upon him by bis' enemies and his masters, he had no'lime to deliberate upon'a plan of noncom mittal, and he had reluctantly taken ground which ho deemed indispensable to enable him to make any show of fight in his own State and his own section. He knew not tho amount of Texas scrip afloat at the South, and for once in hi- life ho failed to estimate sufficiently high the facility of Iioeofocoisni m falsify ins its professions for party ends. He had dared to doubt the expediency of immediate annexation, and vainly hoped the "lion-hearted democracy" of tho North would bolt at an attempt on the part ol the South to crowd Inat istte upon the party. Poor man I Willi all bis political recklessness, ho had not caught up with hu own pupi's in utter destitution of principle. Ho was doomed to bo remorselessly pitched oveiboord by his Southern tyrants, to sco a contemptible tool of theirs elevated to the chieftain ship and, mot mortilyingof all, to behold Ins own aubjects, his faithful supporters, translcrrcd " body and breeches ' to this new Texas candidate. With an undoubted majority ready packed for the Convention, ho was treacherously smothered under the two thirds-rule, and coolly elbowed ofl'the course by the same machinations which he had so often and successfully brought to bear upon Ins own rivals, The Texas cudgel had splintered the Magician's wand, and his vassals had the pleasant choice p i c- scntcd to them ol acquiescence or nnniluhlion. They chose the former, and giving up all their old prefercn ces, an l ockc(i n;; the insult to their ancient chief, walked into the traces of the Tennessee foundling, with as much pretended enthusiasm as if tho Kinder hooker himself held the lines. With the candidate, thcyof course accented the in famous issue which brought linn to the surface Tex- ts, with its fdons and fugitives from justice Texas, w'ih its its inseparable war with unofleiidtng Mexico loxas, with its infinite public debt, and its untold scrip now ipu""g "u in renins. wiinout money n, Without urice" to buy un the ilisiiitcicslctt nnlm. dm- of the land and above all, Texas with all the fiammng concomitants 01 us perpetual Slavery, is now the tine qua non of Locofocoi-tn. It determined their candidate, it is the prime article in their creed, and among the faction now triumphant in that party, is tnegreai o'jeci 01 un pany tnori, anu 1110 solo cnu of political nclion. Not solely, indeed, for itself, but chiell v for the coveted consequence which are to ful low: the ctcrml preponderance of the slave power, and the final destruction of the great protective sy tern, so vital tn the cry existence of the North, or, an the failuie of these results, a dissolution of the Un ion and the establishment of a Southern and Texan Confederacy, where the reckless I'otks, Calhouus, McDufTies, and their white slaves, can have every thing their own way. In thef.ieo of its hollow pretensions of friendship for protection of its tender usage of the abolnionists, in some nmrtcrs, with the bono i of conciliitimr them. and of its duty to the cntic of freedom and of truth, lorllicrn i.ocoiocoistn ins entered into tins unholy league for the desl Miction of evi ry thing which we, as norlhcrn men and foe- to slavery, hold dear. It has displayed the long concealed cloven font, and slands now, openly mowing itself, what ii has long and tru ly been called, the " natural nllv of the So ith." To this iniquitous confederation, thus suddenly formed, and thus fatally determined, the whole Whig party, North and South, stands unitedly and reso lutely opposed iinmnved by sectional prejudice at the South, on I unyielding in defence of tho right at the North, they present alone the opposition to which any rational man can look with the slightest hope of resisting the assault of the minister of de-truclion. Kmbodying in their ranks nearly the entire number of those who agree with us in the detestation of sla very and its dictation, they furnish the only political organtrilion which can hope to enpe successfully with the motley thronz who are rushing on to the battle with the cry of "Texas or disunion" on their lips. With a leader who is himself u s'avcholdcr. hut who ins the bold magnanimity to scorn tho artifice by which his teiiuw slaveholders would now fasten that curse forever upon the country, the Whigs, espe cially of the South, present a noble and sublime spec tacle. Without the possibility of preconcert, they at once and with one accord leaped upon the ramparts of freedom, when the alarm of this Texas invasion first sounded through the land, Every where the Whig press spoke out its abhorrence of the infamous plot, and sounded the tocsin of resistance from one end of the Union to the other. In tins cry, Locnfoco ism, not dreaming of the fate in storo for it, tempora rily joined, but it was only to nnkc ils subsequent de fection and falsehood llio more open and abominable. In tho face of the assault, the Whig candidate took cround against the assail nils, and in iho face of Ins avowal, he was nominated without a dissenting roiec ; Could mortal ingenuity devise a plan more certain and unerring, in fastening and committing any parly to any course, than was this nomination in commit ting the Whigs to a war of extermination against the Texas frau 1 1 Could any party make such a nomination at such n time, and then claim not to have taken cround on the Texas question? The supposition is ridiculous. The Whig party, then, are committed without any power (or wish) of dodging, to an untiring resistance of the Texas conspirators. Whatever relative impor tance other issues might previously have claimed, this single one, with its correlative, protection, is made by them the main question to be tried in November. Or, if, dreading too shameless an avowal of t'icir aban donment of principle, they sock to throw it partially into the shade, by raising a clamor on points of com pamtivo insignificance, such mnst be admitted by all candid men to be the i-sue now on trial before the grand inquest of the nation. Now, fellow citizens, and fellow abolitionists, does it need much argument after this survey of , ha ground before us, to decide J' where wo are 1 1 go ?" Admit for argument's sake, that heretofore, when no such vital question to the cause, was depending, it wjs your duty to nbstain from voting for any slave holder, or for any man not agreeing with yourselves in sentiment. Does Ihesame rule bole! good now 1 Look at the facts. No man denies lint a vn-t major ity of those who vote tho Liberty Ticket, arr, Whig in political sentiment, What then i- the result of their casting llu-ir voles for Mr. Btrncy? Under present aircumslances, no cane man, not an abolitionist on earth, indulge tho faintest hope that that excellent man can be eleelel, nor can even get ono electoral vote. What effect thin do votes, drawn trotu the lm Wlilo nartv nnd cast for Mr. II.. have unon the fslectiuns for electors in all those Stales where the Whigs have Clio least mca oi stemming mo Texan fraud? . , , , . , . Not an inch do they progress toward their appa rent end, the election nf Mr. Ilirncy, but tho visible, tangible result of every such vote is to lessen (be hope of a Whig plurality, and increase in a corresponding amount tho hopes of the I'olkiles. Now, if this was not the inevitable end of all third rarty action, at the. approaching ('residential Election, f the vital nuestiouunon whi'h all hope nf the extinc tion of slavery is absolutely turning, I should not claim from vouanv thing that ever looked like a sur render of vour ground. Hut it happens without in deed, our instrumentality, tint tho Whig party are battling tootn ana nan lor me prevention ol the mens tire, which above all others is fatal to the cause which vnu liave al heart, nnd aro they very pre-umniuous in askingyou, as you love your country, and value your principles, to come up to their sides, and help them do Aai can youexcuso yourselves, if they should fail (or want of your aid, and tho "dog-star of Texas" should niur our national oauncr ny un uuntuy tun nftrnetiiniinir claverv nast alt hone, nnd nrostra tin" protection, never to rise again could youthen vnurselves bv reading a homily on abstract nrinoinloa. nfier the irreparable mischief was done to your muse, in spile of their efforts, and by the aid of your own votes i ... . I trust you will never be driven to mako excu-e un j.,,, mnrilrutnir and boneless circumstances, 1 cannot but believe you will.sen that by an unlooked for turnin human affairs, llio Whig work is your icorh, -..J Wl,tn trinmnli in vmtr f rill 111 nil- Vr. dnnhlfpg Willi Id admit llio failbfiilncs of the nictureif I were now to set forth, the conseq lencesof Iheiniroaueuuii "i i" n - If your petitions are now refused admission into the Halls of your servants at Washington, think ypu Ibe . . - . j ... .. -..1,1 I, a on,, nvirn npntm nnrl somnein slave nriver ; " . yielding with five new s'ave Stales, sending ten new ocnaiors anu liny repicst.-iiiuu..'', , Would the prospects of the discontinuance of sU ...... ; ni.irin, n,t Territories, or of the inter Stale slave trade, be very greatly enhanced by the admission oflliose piecious representative m iuBu and desperadoes i , . ,. Would (he slabilily of a Tarlfl to. protect your in Icrcsts from foreign aggression, be very palpably en sured by the same means 1 Would limb law against abohlionists abate its fury, or the iniquitous surveillance of tho Post Office be less likely than before to be resorted to, to guard Ibe "pe culiar inslitultnn 7" . . , I tell you, hrclhrcn, be not deceived. Rely not up nn the grounds of your refusal a year ago, to return 1,1 the Whig party hill reexamine the ground m Ihf rw light "Inch .Vou'hcrii eupid iv and aitrfauce have thrown across it. Then vou will see that in the existing emergency, no alternative is left you, consii- nil, mi'ii yum limy iu yuui -.uuitiij unit uiuvuuaui but to unite inuefcating the standard-bearer of tho Texas Scripholdcrs,and electing his able ond uncom promising opponent. Under his administration the Texas party entertain no hope of countenance or aid, while tho sole capital of bis new found competitor, is the promi.'ed perpetration of that gigantic iniquity. In conclusion, mv fellow citizens. I unhesitatingly declare to you, if my vote could secure tho election of .T ,! . . I i.i I I t .. imui-y, or uuy uuier nuie ami unyielding nuuuuun isl to the Pre-idoncy of theso United Stales, no earthly consideration should induce me tn withhold it, great as is my political confidence in, nnd personal respect tor mr. uiav. II mv iiunb o name wcie sucn as would ileitd to givo theso remarks of mine any higher or greater claim to attention than their own in trinsic merits or demerits entitle them to, I should certainly not seek to conceal il, Hut I have no desire tor notoriety, nor wish that you should havcany con siderations torcign to the matter in hand, in invert your attention from the real issue to which I have thus, in all sincerity and frankness, sought to direct it. NORTH. nitOWNSON'S QUAR.TKULY REVIEW. JULY. The third Nn. of this publication is to lie had at Harrington's. Ils pages aro confined, for the most part, to theological and metaphysical sub jects, embracing n continuation of " Kant's crit ic of l'uro Reason," a review of Hildrclli'a The ory of Morals." an infidel publication which is handled roughly, and two or three other papors of interest both to Pust-yitcs and Anti-l'nseyitcs among them a notice of Hishop Hopkins' "Novelties which disturb our l'eace." If to mako men wonder constitutes a won derful man, Mr. Ilrmvnsnn is certainly otic. Ever fdncc lie was publicly known, ho lias been a public wonder. First a Haplist clergyman, ho left this for Universalism. From this lie went to Infidelity mid published a paper advocating his views, in central New York wo think at (Jtica. Recanting, he joined the ranks of the Unitarians, labored earnestly for a while, left them with a kick, went over to the Orthodox, and is finally (or was the first of July current) the highest of high Churchmen. Vo tin not expect a now phase until the first of October. Aside from his theological writings liomadi) him self notorious as a Lnccfoco Missionary and Rad ical l'atuplilatccr upon the Iiboring classes. So rank and oflbnsivo were his levelling doc trines, and so bi'tcr his hatred against the " Priests " and the " Priesthood " openly avow, cd, and boldly declared, that oven the Locofoco paity were obliged to disclaim him Most of nur readers are doubtless familiar with his viru lent tlHtiiinriations both of tho rich and the cler gy. From tho ichuko which lie then mot with, and particularly from the more moderate tone of most of his productions since that tine, we had supposed ho had done with all such, as well tho doctrine, as his method of advocating t'lein ; hut in the seventh article of the present No. ho discovers his old propensities. This is a wretched farrago which would not havo sur prised us had we read it in " Kendall's Exposi tor;" though hardly fit for even that: but we did not expect (o find it in the magazine of a philosopher. Wo presume the readers of Mr. Krownson have not rorgotlen how in his last No. he exposed the true character of the Van Huron party, and eloquently warned the people against tho dangers of his intrigues. Mr. Drownson ap preciated the man and his party rightly. Wo have always supposed, and the 'Whigs iiavc al ways contended that Mr Van Huron was inca pilile of being any thing but the chief of a party, lie wanted in that self reliance and indepen dence of character, which when in such a situ atiun can give a man strength. Tho people never had any confidence in Mr. Van Huron He had never done any thing worthy of confi denne. Nn mnstcrstrukc of policy shown! thcin that their Executive was at the helm of State, and was equal to the guiding of it. His admin istiation, and his whole political life have been distinguished by vaccillatinn, feebleness and ti midity, bo has never done any thing hut pull wires. Now such a man cnu'd never have the people, of their own spontaneous sentiments, for Ins supporters. Hut supporter ho must have, and such too as would bring him in influence. These he made by appointment. He used the oflircs which ho had at his disposal to seriiro to himself that support which he could gain iu no other way. This is the rcaon why Mr. Van Huron has up to the period of the late Conven tion at li.illiiiioro such a host of influential friends purlij fricnil, who would work for him by day light and by dark, because they wore well re warded for it. Justly then does .Mr Hrownson say that such a man is a dangerous man, and that lie who governs by the inacliiticry of cau cuses as his only moans, shows himself desti tute of tho first requisite as a ruler. We grant that wo thought Mr Hrownson sincere, that ho had, in truth, the fear and detestation which lie professed for such a nomination. Hut wo doubt when we see with what ecstacy lie throws up his cap for Polk and Dallas, tho former of whom is, and ever lias boon, but the reflection of Mr. Van Huron. And the only difiuronco now is that Polk is a V'exas man because 'io has nothing to lose by such a step, whereas Mr. Van Huron did not really know what ho was, but thought, on the whole, that he was an Auti. Still, says Mr. Hrownson, we can no for Polk and Dallas. with " heart and hope." Hope, of what, pray.' ilr. Ulay is a man of rare abilities but no statesman," without moral or intellectual con science," proceeds Mr, Hrownson in a declama tory and parly pamphlet style. Presently he waxes vehement, and by the tune ho gets to Mr. Frelingliuyson lie is positively mad. " Mr Fro linghuysen is not only a Whig in tho worst sense of the term, but he is also the very impersona tion of narrow-minded, ignorant, conceited big otry, a man who boldly attacks religious liber ty, demands the unhallowed union ofChurch ind htate, and contends that the government should legally recognize the religion of tho ma jority, and declare whatever goes counter to that to bo contra bonos mores. I Ins looks, and reads like. Ins old denunciations against the priesthood. That he is hypocritical is proved by the fact that in tins very pu. ho advocates boldly and in all but express terms (sco his article on' Camvmte rUm) the precise doctrines which ho first false ly charges upon Mr f .and then abuses him for maintaining. .Mr. Frelingliuyson, pi'iiding the Sunday mail question in tho Satiate, argued that this was a Protestant country, and that the fra ni ;rs of tho Constitution had had rcf pert to tho Sabbath. Mr. H. therefore denounces Mm as an enemy to religious liberty. Mr. V. published a pamphlet in lS.'M calling the attention of the people to the immorality of thoir rulers. Mr II. therefore denou'ices linn as, "demanding the unhallowed union of Church and State," and that too, when the writer emphatically declared his titter hostility to such an union. Wo wish wo had time to quote at length but wo have not. Mr Hrownson was evidently under the influence of Botno malignant star when ho wroto this ti rade. His old hatred for tho " Priests " and his hitler radicalism hail got tho better of him. Tho Philosopher was down, and the Jmooco up. Wo hope lie will soon rccovor, and devote Mm. self to his bolf imposed duties. As a bold spec, ulatrir, and vigorous writer upon philosophical subjects ho is entertaining at least. Hut wo bog to assure him, that as a politician his influence has long since departed, aud that no reader who has a dscent soil respect, will long tolerate the imposition of such tirades of lying hallucinations. (CTRkv. John Pieiu-ont of Boston has lately been among us. On Friday of last week he delivered nn address on Ami-Slave-ry at the Unitarian Church. On Saturday evening lie delivered an address on tho sub ject of Temperance, and ono on each of those subjects on Saturday afternoon. Ho nlso preached at the Unitarian Church on Sunday morning. Il were needless to add our testimony to tho fame which this gifted mun has so long possessed Ho is a genius, full of logic and enthusiasm, and manages to keep full houses interested by Ins somewhat extended dis courses. As to his views upon the questions he dis cusses, opinions differ of course. We our- selves could luidjy agree mill him in adv- eating a course of political action tending) cither directly or indirectly to favor tlio an nexation of Texas; a measure moro hope lessly fatal in its consequences to thu causn of Abolition, than any and all others which have over arisen. His expositions of frauds in the composi tions of liquors, wcro startling, and ought to awaken public attention to an investigation of the matter. In person Mr. P. is ono of tho finest and most imposing looking men wo have ever seen, and his manner is earnest, and often exceedingly eloquent. He is on a lecturing tour, we believe, and goes from hero to Vcrgcnnes, Middlcbury, Rutland and Clarendon Springs. EMBLEMATIC. llio Liokcy Hickory polo is up. And a good representation it is of llicir dug up can didate. An old hickory, rough and stout, is firmly placed in the ground, and al ils top is rigged a sapling of very moderate dimensions Little Jemmy, hoisted into tho air from the bog of oblivion, where Jones had put him, and strapped on to the shoulders of old An drew ! Tlio original old Hickory did very well, but this sapling growing out of its do cayed top, is no go. Tho people honored Gnislcr when ho camo himself, but they re spectfully decline to bow to Geisler's hat. BOUGHT IN. The two distinguished Middlebury bolters, il appears were duly pacified, (as before agreed,) at the Loco State Convention. One was made President of that august assem blago ; thu othoi heads tho PolLat electoral ticket as first Elector at large. Cheap enough. FROM NAUVOoT" Tho Albany Daily Advertiser of the 8th has accounts of terrible doings in the Mor mon region. It appears that Governor Ford had taken possession ofNuuvooand the arms therein and had left tho City and encamped about seven miles off. A mormon attempted to ureal; guard, al llio prison where Joo Smitl; ttnu ins brother Hiram wcro confined. A low ensued, and Joe and his fellow prison crs having their pockets full of pistols began to lire on thu crowd gathered around. Al most instantly he full dead, pierced by a Ami- tired balls. Hiram shared tho same fate, Fears aro cntottained for the safety of Gov, tordantl Ins jyiJnicn, who would be but moutlilul to the exasperated Mormons. The women nnd children had (led from Warsaw, and it was feared the town would bo burned All the neighboring parts of Missouri were aroused, and tho bells wero rung at Quincy, tor a rally ol tlio people to protect their homos. The excitement at Si. Louis, was intense, and all was as yet in doubt and un certainly as to the result of tho outbreak. This intelligence conies by way of the incinnatti Uiizcltc. GREAT STORM AND FRESHET! On Wednesday morning our town was visited by a severe rain with violent thun der and lightening. Tho lightening struck the conductor of the Winooski Church, and the sidewalk near Mr. Cailin's on tho hill About one o'clock the rain and thunder again came on and lasted for an hour more. But the evening brought the severest and most violent rain which has occurred hero lor lourteen years. It rained torrents for two hours, flooding tho streets, and carrying away bridges and huge masses of earth, al most in an instant. An Lxtra Stage coach from tho South coming toward this village about one o'clock at night, was precipitated into a deep gully across the road made by tho carrying away ofa bridge, and one of the passengers, Mrs. Whitney the mothor of our townsmen, Messrs Henry and Stephen Whitney, was drowned before she could bo extricated from the coach The other passengers four in number, wcro rescued. Two horses woro also lost. This melancholy accident is the only one which has yet como to our knowledge, but wo tear there aro moro to come. If the rain fell as long and as fast up the river, the destruction of property must have boon great. MELANCHOLY CATASTROPHE. At Haverhill N. II. on the 4th Julv, dur ing the exhibition of firo-works in the eve ning a piazza in front of tho hotel, gave way instantly killed a young lady, and dangerous ly wounding a number of other persons, sonic of whom it is fearod will not survive. The Paris Investigator, an Illinois paper, lias the following most glaring falsehood : 'It will atao bo rcmcmbrcd that while ho (Frelinghuvscn) was a member of the New York Legislature, he opposed tlio last war, and refused to voto for an appropriation to feed the soldiers who wero then lighting for their coun try." Wo pronounce this all false for several rea sons among which wo enumerate 1st, lie raia. ed a volunteer company during the last war ; 2d, ho never had an opportunity of voting for or against appropriation ; because, 3d, he nover was a member of the New York Legislature Our other reasons aro superfluous. I'hiladcl. phia Furum. LATE FROM PHILADELPHIA ! TUB UIOTS HENEWEDI! Southwark and Moyamensing have caught the spirit of Kensington. A new outbreak has occurred in thoso districts, and all the bloody paraphernalia of the former riot have been called again into requisition. Gen. Cadwalladcr drowup his cannon and ordered tho troops to firo. Charles Naylor lato M. C. endeavored to dissuade Gen. C. from his purposo but was arrested and put under guard in a church. Ha was after wards rescued by force and carried home Tho bells were ringing the alarm and all was confusion and terror. White ie tho end of theso thing f AGRICULTURAL NOTICE. Mombcrs of Chittenden County Agricultural Society, who intend to exhibit Field Crops for premiums arc requested to givo notice of their intention to tho secretary, in writing, during the present mon'h, that the viewing committees may examine the crops. By order of tho President. July 1 1, 18 14. W M. WESTON, Sec. Clay Club. The next reirular Mcelinc of ihe BURLINGTON CLAY CLUB will beholden nt the Court House on MONDAY EVE NING next July 15. The members arc requested to assemble punctually at SEVEN o'clock. E. A. STANSBUItY, Secretary. BfiGS (ffl, In Clcavelnnd, 0., Juno 10, Widow Anna Hatch, formerly of Rurlineton, Vt., aed 70. PORTRAIT PAINTING." Mil. K. M. K1ULDING, I'onrait Painter, lm taken n rimm m tV.i. on lm..,:..... if , where be wdl le happy lo wail upon the people of juiiingiiiii in mi.- way ii in- proie loll, lie tins the experience ol leu venr Mudy nnd practice to oiler a-a guaranty In ibo-e who limy ile-ire to ob'nin the IU-ne-es of theinelve-t or tlieir rri,.n(t !, m. ..,..',,..;,. form. " He of conr.-c will n-k no one picture which doe no! prove Mitisfactc ry. lie has bad much mc-ce-s in ohininiuir nood lil.ene.c, lo'b in New York and several oftlie Southern Sia'e-, and llatler-himself, thai the inhabitant- of this village will latisii ed with his labeir lit ibe linn nf hi- art. Specimens of bis painting may le examined at bN room. Mr. K. odor- fur situ u firt rate Daguerreotype apparatus Willi chemical-, plates nnd races, Iu any person who may wi-h lo ptirebasc them. lliirlniKlon, July 10, 1311. C Asa It lioail's Instate. STATE OK VKllMONT, I A T a Prol ate Court Di-trict nfChitteniW, ) f held al Ilurlinglon, within anil for llie Di-trict of Chittenden, on the ninih d.iv of .Inly, 1811, come. Amos Italy and liaii-oni Jone, llxci'inors of the last will and le.-iament ol ASA, hue of Iticliintiiid, in mid Di-trict, dcce.i-e.l, nnd tile in snidin.rt their petition iu wri tin'.', the li'ne litiiiten fbrpayini; thudchta nnd legacies ofthevtuldecca-eil and feining said es. late, may be exii-nded one year Irotn the sixth dav ofSepieiul er, ISI I, nnd the' said Kxivutnrt al-o pro po.e to render to.-nid cniirl nn account of ibeir admin-i-lrntion and to pro-cut their administration account ajrain-t-aid e-tute fir examination nn I allowance. WiiEnni'rov, the court aforesaid doth appoint the second W dues nv of Ausii-l. 1811. for hearinir nml decidinyiti Ibepreini-esai the oilier of ilie.ltegi-tcr of P niu enuri, iu nurhnirton in said ili-lrict, nnel rloili order that nil per-on- in:creir.l I e nott'.eJ thereof by publi cation of lln-order, three week- sncce-Miely, in the Btirlimrlon Kieel're, a ni.nispapcr printed in said HiirhnirtoN, the la-t of winch publication lo be pre-x-ioii- to said second Wedne-day of August, 1811, llio' they may then an I there appear and show cau-e whv iho prayer of slid putuinn should not Li: granted, mid why sni.l account should nen I e allowed. tiiven under my hand, at sail Hurlinston, thi 9,h dayolJuly, ISIt. C Win. WKSTON, Register. Levi Nutting's Instate. STATK OK VKItUO.Vr, ) A T n Probate eourl Di-trict or Chittenden, ss. J IX. held at llurliii'ton, within and for lliudi-tiict ol Chittenden, on the twen tieth diy of April, 1811, raine'. Win. S. Hawkiii-, Administrator of ibe e-iate ol Levi Nuttim,-, late ol Undeihdl, iu said distrii I, deceased, and file- in said court hi-petition in writing, prayinq; saidcourt io ex tend the lime limited for the payment of the debts ai;.iin-t said elate, and lor setlfmg said e-tate, one year from the 12th day of.May, ISM t and also pro-po-e. lo render to -aid court' nn account of his ad in in i-t rat ion .Hid to presenl hi-adiiiini-iratiou account agaiii-l -ni I esiaie for examination and allowance. WilBtiEui'ON, tbceouit nfore.aid dulh appoint the second Wednesday ofAusru-l, ISM, for hearing and deciding in Ibe pienii-e-, nt Ihe ofHce (.( the Regis ter of said Court iu said It irhngiou, nnd dolh order that all person- inteicslcd in said e-tate, be nolilicd thereof by publication of this order. Ihreu week- sue-ee-sively, In ihe l!uilintnn free Pre, a newspaper printed in said Ituilingloii, the la-l of which publication- to I r previous to s.ii I -ee-ond Wedue-day of An. gu-t, ISM, lliat they may then nnd there appear and show eau-e why the prayer of said petition should not le granted, and why said account should uutbeal I owe I. Kiven under my band al said Burlington, tin's 20-t day ol April, ISM. G w3 W.M. WKSTON, Register. LATIO AlilUVAL, LOVELY $ SEYMOUR. INYITK Ibe attention of the public to a ari,'e stock of new and KASHIOXAHU: ROODS of every variety, viz j ull -lyle-of line drc.n stufT-, neb Calicoes, dingha JI isliiis, l.aoc-, Shawl.-, eve. also, Broad Cloth', Ci-simere-, Tweed.., Satinets, Drill-im.--, Veiing-, Trimming-, itc. &c., which will be -old at the loicesl market pricr..-. Church Si reel, Burlington, July 1 1 ill, '-1 1. C NEW GOODS. A G,ii?n ASSORTMKNT of Broad Cloths, Gros IX d Kia, Drub do Tn, Cassimeres, Tweeds, fati netts, Itich Veatines, Summer Stun", and Trimmings, &e. tc, which will be sold nr prices to suit purcha se". , I.OVKLV & SKY.MOUU. Church street, July II, 1S4-1. 6 rooTHNG GLASSES. A Lart'u Assortment of various sizes of O. O. IX llandea Plate, and Li Fayette styles, just ree'd , , , by LOVI'.LY & SKY.MOUU. Church street, Burlington, ; juivii. IHij, j Glf RICH GOODS. AFIIF.SH supply of Super, Kxlrafine, 3 Ply Car petings; Drueaelts, Green liaize, Od Cloths, lillah Mn(,mn. ll.'l. - 4 I rt . .. I ...lmiiie., twi-ii u-i mm o-i I'.inn ii i-rmtcuanu Damask Table Covers; Caipet Binding and Thread. JsUVELY 3f SEYMOUR Have also imported a neb nssoilmenl of IIAI.-Il II Vr.lV'J .,ilf n. ...... ,. ,' r hwji I'aillo. whndi Ihni YiT,.r I,,.., . 1 . ' V . ' "j" i.i"n nun a goouossortment of American- do. UiurchSt., July 11, t8H. G np'IK undersignid having commenced the practice ol Law on his own account, will give strict al tentinn In .i I nr,r..a,..,.nl i.... i.:..i. i : . . i - oa...,,.., iiu-iuc- won ii iitBV lie en- tru-ted lo lit- care. UlTiee over Thomas' Auction Store, College Street. ,. , . B. J. TKNNF.Y. Burlingion, July U, 1814. 6hC AUCTION. TlIRgtasson College fireen will le sold nt auc. lion to ihe higbe-t bidiler, on Sainnlry next, al 4 o'closk P. M. at the Pearl Sireei Hou-e. WILLIAM WARNKH, Treasurer, U. V. M. Burlingion, July Hth 1811. 6 O A LZORINKS, Silks, Silk Shawls. Cravats. . ' !r ..H?"'."' Gingham., Para-ol-, Thread l.nces, lllk. Silk Lace-, Sic. &c. Ju-i leceival and lur snie exireineiy low liy i i .. HENRY W. CATL1N, July , 18M. 6 MESS PORK. A FEW Bbls. just recenod by it i , tot. w CATMN. July II, 1814. 6 WANTED! 011 1000 !'" Sl'"'"0' fur which e,h July II, 1844. 6 IMMEDIATE RELIEF! FROM Diarrhoea. Dysentery, Summer Complaint, Ac. Ac. (which are common at this time of ihe rcaion) lusy v Dta Dv tne ijsa or Jayne's Cvrmint- '"!. NllK & SPEAH'tS. July II IBM 6 .lolliam II. Hall's Ustntc. STATK OJ VKIUIO.NT, ) mill! Hon. thr I'm I)itricl of ( Inttrnden, ss. .1 ,nte Court fur Ibe DlMriPt of Lhiltrii.lciu To nil pcrm conrrrm-d in Ibe tMnte of .IOTHAM II. 1IAI.I, lulu i f Willis'on, in find District, dreni.iil OncETiNO. Wiif.iiras, l.ydia laf, administratrix ol the e tnle ol sni I di'iTiucd, propo-e. to render nil account ol her nditiiiiMr,uion,Hiitl pent hernccouiitnKnlii't said elnle for examination and ulhmnncu nt a ses sion orihu Court ol l'robalc, to br hidden ntlhe Heir i.lcr; oilice in llurliiiKlcin, in snid dMrid, on the lourili Weelncclay, next. TilKtiF.ront:, on on hereby notiliul to nimcnr before mid court nt the time nnd place nforc-aid, nnd shew cause, ifnity you luue, why Iho account ulore. said should not be allowed. liivcn muter toy hand ut (liirlington lhf27lb day of i w3 ' lot l WJ1. WESTON, llegiiter. Harriet A. A. Iinrl'. i.-.inio. w J'l Ibe S'ibcribers. bavini? bepn nimnmtrd bv the Ilouornblu Ibe Probate Court lor the I)is- mi in i..iiiiicnien, cuininioionrri tn receive, exam ine mid arlpi-t the claim- and dcninndt ol nil porons, ntrainst the e-lnle ol It.ltllltPT .1 A tt iir-r I ,t of Jew Ilnvcn, In the Stole of Conm cticiil, dce, rcnreicnted in-olvent,ond nloall claim- nnd demand exhibited in olf-ct lliereloj and fix months from the day oft he dale hereof. I ein? allowed by nid Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby cue notice, that we will intend to ihe lniines of our nnpointnient, nt the (.(lice of Shaw it Wc.ton, ill llurlinuttiti. kin rnul Di-lnel, on the la-t Saturday of September and November next, al 10 uVloek, A. M., on each of said U.ll B. I)ated, this 5th daj- nf .lime, A. D. 1814. (iKO. H. SIlAW, ... 1'IIINKIIAS LYMAN, U"n SIIERflHN'S LOZENGES. For Coughs For Headache1, Fur Worms For S. re Throat, For Hiarrlnee, or Loo-enc of thei-owel-. For Indise tc u and want of Appetite, nii'i iiiKir-enc- tve eve. Sherman'-'! onib Pa-te, Plaster-, &.: All at whole, sale and retail by 5 PKCK &. SPKAR. DA WSON iS- ARMS TRONC, Cnt'KCH STKKKT, to door- south of Peck efc Spear'-, and nearly ippo-ite tn String' new HanUvnre Si ore. Ciiliiuguonc in the most approved style, nnd cm -hart notice. ' (i COW LOST. ABRINDLK COW, m or 12 years old, left the pa-tiire la-t wee1;. Any per-on hutting, the -nine and giving nuliee lo me shall I e haiid-omclv paid. HOKACK WHKKLKK. Burlingioi, July 3, IS 1 1. 4 HURRA I HURRA ! HURRA ! ! ! UP AND DOING 1 IN times like ihe-o who can keep still 1 Surely not ibe People'- Agent at the Cheap for Cd-h and No linpri-onment for Debt Store. What! keep down when the People are risiu', For Clay and Frelinchuy-en 1 No, never ! no I no I no ! But onward go, go, go. Whv, we hive just bid sub a miltitule of the very People among u-, that a board in a man in eve ry aigned dwelling wn not sufficient to lloor lliem for the night, and great thank- 1 e given fur tbo kind bo-pilalily of our bother Towu-tnen on ibe n'licr side of the shattered fence, for the open door nnd friend ly reception of our political gue-S; they -hall be lor it mo-t favorably ileali with at the Cheat) Cab Suite, and what we have that they may wi-h on a like occa-ioii shall be freely use I "when needed; for Ihey did moat manfully sle.i forward when three of uur large Churches, an I a Ye-try, with oilice and .-lore boa-e-, were all put into requisition. Among oursele-, there was one de-ire not exhan-led by the Score of Thou-and- among us and dial wa-lhewish to make them all conifurMhle. The La lie- of our town are parti -ularly, thanked fjr the cbeerl'ulne wilb evh'ch they received and entertained nur Slate ItucsS. To Ihe mm I nf the Agent it was not moie than equalled by llio fair Bnllunnrean- nt ibe Great National Convention, of which tin- ne'en-ion wa- its Vermont or Green Mountain State liatilication. P. S. Good- lo fill ihe vacuum l y the above oeca. sioneJ, aro sent 0 r, and will -non come and I e sold very cheap tu all by the People'.- Agent, HOWARD. 2Clh June, nt evening, Ml." l.ullicr I.ouiiils' ICsta'.e. SVA TE OF VEh'.VO.XV, i T a Pr o bate District of Chittenden, . j J Court held al Burlington, iu and for -aid Di-trici, nn ibe 2a h day of June, A. D. 1311, Pre-ent, Cbarle- Itu-cll, Judge. An instrument lunpnrting In be the latt will ami testament of I.UTllLlt I.OOMIS, late nf Burlington, in said Di-lrie-i, tlece.isc.1, lemg preicnied to thu Co irt hereby John .. Pmneroy and Henry Loouii the exeeuiors therein innied, lor prihatej the said Court dotli annoint the fourth Wednesday iu Julv. A. D. IS 14. at 10 o'clcck in the I'nrcnooii ni the nilicu nf the leegisier ol sunt Lour! in -mil lluriingtnn for prov ing -aid will ; and doih order thai all per-on- inter-e-telor concerned therein henotihi-d lo appear be foil' said Court at Ibe lime mil place a I ores a id un I then and there contest the prol.nle ol said will, if they havo cnii-e, liir which purpo-e said courl dolh furl her ordiT that public notice Ih-reol'l e given by publish ing ihi- onlcr iu the Free l'rcs-,n new-paper rinll nt said Burluigicn, three week--invejivcly previou lo the lime appointel for hearing. Dated at Burliiigmn, in the Hi-tncl of Chittenden, tbe2Uihdav f I June, A. D. ISM. 1 w3 CIIARLKS I1USSK1.L, Judge. PROPOSALS FOR BREAKWATER-TIMBER. AT llIJKIilNGTON tt I'LAT.rSUintGII. PROPOSALS will bereeciied until 12 o'clock, JL, July 12, 1811, fur the delivery nf tho fjlloing BRF.AICWATKR-TIMI1KR, at ihe places herein designated viz : AT IIURLINOTON HIIK4KU'ATKR : 114 Slicks Hemlock .'0 feet in length, 2G do do do A do do do do do do 2d 2(1 20 2d 2G 3'.'0 do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do 272 White Pino do do 4000 feet While Pine limber, to be sawed or hewed, 1G inches square, to average 3 1 feel in length, no stick to be less than 23 feet in length. A portion of Kim or Oak mav be substituted for Hemlock, and Cedar in lieu of Wiiito Pine. To h delivered 1 -3d llio 1st of August, 1-3J tbo 10th of August, and l-3d the'JOlh of August. The above limber must bo straight and sound, not less thail 13 inches nt llio small end the whole inh o subject lo the inspection, acceptance or rejection of the Agent of the Government, AT l'LATTSRURGH BREAKWATER, 114 Sticks Hemlock, BO feet in length, 2G do do 4? do do 2G do do 45 do do 2G do do 42 do do 2G tlo do -10 do do 2G do do 31 do do 3.'0 do do 35 do do 272 While Pino 35 do do 5000 Feel of Whilo Pine Timber, to be sawed or hewed as mny be required from 12 lo 1G inches square, to average 35 feel in length, no slick lo bo less tlinu 25 feet in length. A portion of Oak or Klin may bo substituted for Hemlock and Cedar in lieu of Whilo Pine. To bo delivered 1-3 Ihe 1st of August, l-3d the 10th of August, and l-3d lho20ih of August. The above Timber must bo'slrnijht and sound, not less than 12 inches at the small end the whole lo bo subject to the inspection, acceptance or rejection of the Agent of the Government. Approved security will ho required on all rontrncls entered into. Persons innking proposals will reduco the same to writing, (endorsed Brrnkwatrr Propo sals,) state the price of each suck, and name their se curity. Payments will be made a follows i On lh deliv ery snd acceptance of limber SO per cent, will be paid, 20 per cent, being reserved for ibe fulfilment of the contract, when Iho whole will he paid. Proposals for iho Burlington timber to b loded with N. II. HASWF.LL, Aeenl at Burlington. Proposals fur Pittsburgh Timber to he lodged with G. W. HUGHES, Ageni.nt D. L. Foquett's Hotel, Plnttiburch. ThsUniled Stales reserve the right of taking the whole or any psrt of lbs Timber above described. ' G, W. HUGHES, Cspt Cor. Top. Engs. I .ik Chsmplsin, July i, 1641. J P b, All communiiaiions matt he poll raid NEW FIRM. TW. Oil)!! would inform Ihe public that be ha- formed a eonneclion In the Saddling businc--Willi Col, Biol lloynton. !luinc will be conducted at Iho old stand under Ihe name of T. W. (illlli &. Co. They intend to I c in a -itnalion al all limcB to ac commodate cnnonier- with any orliclo in their line on Ibe mo! rcaonablo term-. They will engage that it shall be to the interct ol any gentleman to come twenty mile-to purchase $10. FiMrnlu double hariin-e for 825 cash. Iline.burgb,23lh June, 184 1. NEW BOOT AND SHOE S 'TORE, R. RATCIIICL.DER HAS removed lo the new shop opposite the old Bank, where he i prepared lo meet the call- ol hit eulomer, on iho shortest notice nnd in the latest nnd inn-t fn-hinnnble style. Ho ha- no empty hoa-t to make, nor can be say but that In- work inny some times partake oTthe imperfection winch characterize all thing- ofhuninn struclmej but tin- he will say, that 30 years experience has given him some nonli- deuce, so that be thinks be can compete wild most of In- niighMirs, with the rati nml aui, n not with the sef praifiny pen. At nil events hi-eu-loiuers shall run no risk, lor if work i not rood he will make il good. Now a-Heretofore, be irarrariij his wor'e to give good sali-f.iction, or be will make -nti-faeiton. ROOTS ASD SHOES Of every de-er'mtion, constantly on linnet, and inanu factured to order, of good stock and superior work- mansnip, Burlingion, .May 29, 1314. 5 STRAYED OR STOLEN, FRO.M the New Church Green, Juno 2Glh, a light bay Mnre, Mark mnnooud lad no shoes behind n tt.nll nn the left four nnltln bad Iho braves, nnd had on n saddle nnd bridle. Whoever will return sai I mare, or give information of her whereabouts shall be suitably compensated. J. H. THATCHER. Wdliston, June 27, ML 4 3f LADII5S WATCHES, MADE BY A LADY. LADILS who vih for a good and leauti'ul Watch made by a lady can I e -upp'ied nt very low price-, mucn lower man ivmcuc-ui uus quauiy were ever I cforc otlered. Tne-e Watches were made exprot-ly fr us, nnd have the lady's name, nnd nur own, and the year when they were mane, ion upon ineui. We have -old Wntche- made by Ibis -ame lady I erorc, iinU Ihey plea-eciistomcrs much, .sue write ton that this lot are liner lini-hed nnd moro lieauti ful ihan nny made for us 1 cfurc, and we lind them alwnv- iui n- she slate-. We should think that ladle- would be de-irous of nos-csstna a Watch made by their own -e.x. e lind that gentlemen like them much. 4 HULVSMAID it BROTHERS. CANES AND RIDING STICKS, IX great variety, beautiful Cnne's with silk I'm. I reiki on tbein, from S3 in 310 each, Cane Fi-I Poles. Hitkorv Cnne-and many other kinds. Col lar-, Stocks and Haudkcrehief-,'-an, cheap, 4 eV. ISIIUI tlt-.KS, WATCHES OTHER GOODS TTTII.L be -old very low during nil the public days v tin- summer, strangers anu otticr- are ue-i red to call and see. 4 URINS.MAID & BROTHER-!. TO TKAVELLERS, PARTIES visiting Canada, will find WATSON's HOTEL, St. Johns, one of ihe largest and most comfortable house's iu the place. Carriages in attendance on the arrival of ihe Steamers, Extra horses and carriages in readiness for Cham blee, Higbgale Springs, St. Albans, tf-c. Charges verv moderate. S't.Johns, Juno 24lb, 1S1I. 4 1m RUNAWAY. A BOIT the 20th May la-t, an indented boy, named J JL Cbarle- We-t. This is infurluM all nerson-bar boring or tru-tinghim on my aee-ount, as I bIiiiII ilaim all his earning-, and pay no debisoT hi- contracting. t. .,1, lllfCOI.IJLI. Charlotte, June 2G, 1S44. 4 3w Hilmund I). Merrlam'a Kstate. WE the s ibscrilers, having been nppointel by Ihe Honorable ihe Probate eourl for the Dis trict of Grand Lie, coinini inner- to receive, exam ine and adjust the etaim-and demand- nf all pcr-ou-. against llie e-tate ot EDMUND I). MEliRIAM. late of South Hero, in said Di-trict, decease I, rcpre-entoi! lu-olvent; nndnl-o all claim-nnd demand- exhibi led m o Isetl ihe'relo ; nnl six mouths from the day of ihe dale bereol, I ciiigat'owed by said court for purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will atlend to the liu-iui of our appointment, nl llie ilwelling-hou.c of Ihe widow Fannv Merriam, in -aid Souih Hero, on the I2lh day of Septeml er, IgM. from 10 o'cb ck, A.M. till 5 o'cloek, P. M. Dated at Su itli Hem, this 2Slh day of May, A. D. 1814. ORANGE PHELPS. ) 4 3w AliMUt. B. LAN DON, ) Q"im. Alplieus Pel-son's l'.late. STATE Ol' VEHMOST, rpiIK Hon. ibe District nf Chittenden, s-. Jl Probate Court for the Di-lrict of Chiitenden : Tn all psr-nn-con-ccrnesl in Ihe e.tato ( fALl'HECS PMtSONS, bile of Jcru bo, in said Di-nici, tleccist-d. GnrxTlsn. Wiikbeas, Reuben lioekwuod, adniini-tralor of llie e.-tuie of said dccea-t-l. nroiinse- io render an au'ount of In- administration, and pre-i'iu his account against sn id e-ta'e tor exnini nation and allowance at a session ol the Court of Pro! ate, to If boUen a' llio Kegi-'er's oilice in Burlington in said district on the third day of July next, 'I Hi'.iicroiiB, You are hereby notified to appear be fore said court nl llie tune und place aforesaid, ami shew cau-e, if any yuu have, why ibe account nl'urc--aid should nut I e allowed. Given miner mv band al Burlington (hi- lllbelay rf June, A. D. 1811. 2w3 Win. WESTON. Register. SMOKED BEEF. rnn LBS. Superior quality smoked Hcef by fJUU July 4. 5 STRONGS & Co. FLOUR. QCn BBLS. Superfine Flour, 100 hnlf B OtjU July, 4. 5 STRONGS & Bbls. do Co. GRIND STONES. CHOICE Nova Scotia Grind Stones July, 4. S STRONGS Co. 40 MONTH l'.Al, AM) HO-.TON ! EXPRESS. THE subscriber- have made arrangements lo send a mcs-enger from Boston to Montreal and back once a week each W'ay, via. Burlingion, Mnnlpeher. andConnordN. H., leaving llo-ton on Mmidaj and Montreal on Thursday, for the !ranmiiou of Spe cie, Bank Note-, niid'nlber valuable package-. Pai nVular aitenlion paid lo cnlleeiing nud paying Nnte-, Druft-, Bill-, Acceptances, if.c. tf-c. All package- lo l marked Yirgil & Co. and Walker A Co.'.- Ex press, nud to be left nt the counting room ot J. & J. H. Peck & Co. VIRGIL & Co., Montreal. . 3 WALKER & Co., Bo-ton. A FEW blls. Winter strain nnd Summer Od, nt 1 COLE if- ROBINSON'S. TO THE LADIES. rjHE undersigned offers for salo a rich assortment "shawls and balxorines. very cheap, nt the Sioro ono door east nf Messrs. Peck & SrtiAn. M. OSTHEIM. Burlington, June 21, IBM. 3 Tilt) l.lfc and Speeches of Henry Clay, lvo. Life and Speeches of John C. Calhoun, 2 vol. Kendall's Sanla Fe Expeelilion, Highlands of Ethiopia, complete in 4 parts. Prairie Bird, Ciciba Howard, Life in the.Ndvv World, Mr-. Elli-' Select Works, The Ciceronian llio Prussian method of leach ing ibe Latin La.igunge. Al-o, n general assortment of School Books, which will te sold at Iho loivct prices, among which are 1! irrill's Geographvolthe Heavens, 2 vols. Mitchell's School Geography and Atlas. " Primary " Olney's " I'eier Parley's Geography for children, Parley's Island 2nd Book ol History, Couislock's Phdo-opby, " Chemistry, " rhysioiogy, i " Common School Phdi ilosopy, Smith's Grammar, hirl.lmnis tin Brown's do Swell's do Adam-' Arithmetic, - Thompson's tlo Emerson's do 1st, 2nd and 3d parts. Smith's do Colhum's do nvir' 'to American First Class Book, National Reader, f'orier's Rhetorical Reader, , Abercromhte's .Mental snd Moral Phll"inphy. Knierson'.- 1st, 2nd an! 31 Class Reader Hang's Budding V HARRIMJT'" flirlmfien, Vt I 3 IMtlVATU SCHOOL AT WINOOSKI PARK. (rivo mills rnoM hvrlimoton, vt.) FOUR nddiiional Scholars will I e rei encd Into lb family nfllev. XKNAS BUS'', nt ln preeni re iddcncc. The ItH'iition u inis-t fivnrnl.le lor bi-abh and relirenifiil, in tbo mi.l.t of it region scarcely sur panlin beauty nnd (btei'ls ol intere-l I y any spot in New Knglnnd. and nliozelber sueb an one n the true proore of the scholar requires Tbe-c scbol- nr- win neunucr in- own private rare nun intruction, nnd may attend lo all branch!.- of study, or any one, Duonjfing o a thorough iilucntion .In aim willl.e, by a thorough ('i-cipline adapleJ lo the want- of each, (in mathematics, languages naliual sciences phy-iology, inlclleninnl and moral philosophy, -Ve.) m iicveiopo, n inny as pnii lc, tne capaDinilc- wnn which they are endowed by niluru. Scholar- con-side-rally advanced in study will le preferred, but more e.pecially iho-i' who wish lo remain for two nr three year- nud ivir-uo a thorough nml sv-tcmaliu cour-e ) and abuie all those wlm wi-b m piir-ue pnuo-opiiicnl or Iheologicat s'lntis-, in which no pain- will I o spilled toeu-iire their trueand stib-tan-tial itroaro.s. Chsrtres lor board and tuition will vary from 8200 to 8250 per year, aceording lo the condition and Indie- of ihe -cliolat, and the attention wlm b he ro- nuires, I he whole nuinl er I- lint lo ex' re I eight. I hose ol eiiber sex will be received. Addre-s through Pnsl O.licenl Burlington. erinont Ulirriinele ple-uso copy, flic. 3 Sl'Elt.U'dlL. I flOl fs. P'lri" sperm winter and -princ s'rin 1 yJKjyJ Oil, JOO solar do. STItO.NUS if- Cu June 14, Ml. a mIddlebur y cassimeres? UP-. Middlebury Caimeres f ,r -ale nt Manuiac-luier-nri.ebvtbe lis. by S. M. POPK. .tune 14, '41. 2 ' JOHN LKWIS A(;:i1ii union;; I In; wheels of Time. HAVING a lilt'e time to s,. are not devoted In lis oilier I uiness be wi-he- tn fill tip ihi- time in renniring time. Those having WA lUlir.s lo re pair will plea-e lo I ring them nn in lime, and havo them put in order to keen good time. Ilur inglnn, June fj, ibh. C" 1ASII PAID FUR WOOL, l.y ) It. W. CATLI.V. Al-o, Cloths exchanged for Wool on good tonus. June 20, ISU. 3 ATriW Bonnets, Gloie-, Mills, Lawns, Summer 11 Still!' &c. lust recened by June 20, '44. 3 H. W, OATLIN. LEA TIIER. 1 HO SIDES Pole Leather, food anil erv cheap, L)J June 20, '45. 3 by STUOXOS & Co. FRESH FIGS. S)S DRUMS, pi.t received bv 't June ID, '41. 3 STHON'OS ft Co. MANILLA MATTS. GOOD assortment, by Junc20,'41. 3 STRONG S & Co. LEAD PIPE, tf-c. O TONS Lead Pine to H in. buret 3 rolls licet O Lead 12 cwt. sheet Zinc ; 30 lings Shot assort' ed Nos. by STRONGS ,f. Co. June 14, '41. SUGARS. 12 BBLS. Porto Uico nnd Mu.i-ov.ido Sugar, td-o toal, Lump, Powdered and criine I Sugar for sale by, S. M. POPE. June 14, 'It. 2 CANDLES AND SOAP. 5 BOXES -perm Candle-, 20 do. Tallow Candle-, 2(1 do. Bar soap, 2 do. Ca-tde -oap, 3 do. Fancy toilel do., lOdo, sbavniz do. by STRONGS & Co. June 14, '41. 2 HATS! HATS.'! 1 CASE "Alvurda" .Moleskin Hat-, just ree'd and lor sale ly June 14, '14. S. M. POPK DOG LOST. STRAYED fri m the sub-crd er alout theSOlh May la-t, a while Hound Dog, with red ear- (while in side,) and a black -not un the rump, A ica-nnable enmpen-nlion, and the thank-of the owner, will be awarded lo any person who will give information con cerning him. WM. B. MUNSON. Colcheter, June 11, IS 14. i Ho! All Yo That. Thr -si t NOT GAG EH YET I RUM, BRANDY, GIN and WINES, of nil the various qtialities,in quantities nf one pint or more, nnd other FAMILY GROCERIES, for sale on rea sonable terms, by ISAAC WARNER, Burlingion, June, 1S44. 2 SPRING GOODS. LOVEL Y S? S E YM OUR, HAVE received a large assortment ol good- adapt ed lo the sei-on, viz ; Boml aine-, Black and Blue Black and Fancy Silk.-, Rich Balzormc-, Syl idu'eil and Ze'diyr De' Laine-, l'lai" and Figurel'ile Lames, Printed nn I Gingham Mu-tin- and Lawns; Rich Laiindcii- and Puplms, Fnulnrd Silks, Scinch nml American Gingham ; --wis.. Cambric, lljol.-, Ja"oiiet Nan.ook nnd Mull .Mu-liu-; a -plendi'l assortment I CALICOES; Itich Bonnei Silk- ami Lawn-, Ri Ho-ierv, Gloves, .rc. o-e., tngeibcr Willi every n c in Ibe Fancy and Staple Dry (Tood line. Church street. May 10, ISM. 19 I 1834. C II A M VIM N the l.ako reduced tu s;t,t0, (Meals extra.) LAKE I.'are Uirough THE STKAMEI! BURLINGTON CAPT. R. VV. SHERMAN. ill leave : Whitehall every A'l. Johns every Tuesday. Monday. Thuisday Salurdav We, In u. Jay, IV dav. S ARAN AC THE STEAMER CAPT. O. I.ATIIROF, WillK-ave Whitehall every St. John-every Mun lay, Tuesday, Weilne-day, Thur-d.'iy, Frilay. Salunlay. Al one o'clock, P. M. from each end of the Lnke, The above i the arrangement for running lor tin season, unless notice is given to the contrary. The Company intend m p'nee the Steamer While, hall upon the Lineiu-iead ol theSatanac, early in Ju ly next. She will I e coinmnndedhy C'apt, G, Lnlhrop, Burlingion, 10 May. 1811. 50 PAINTS AND OIL. 5 TONS while lead, drv und ground in nil, "No. 1 " Extra," and " Pure." Spnni-h white, red lead, French yellow, Verdigris, Venetian red, litharge, spir. Ils turpentine, &i &c. Also, 500 ir-. linseed oil, pure Juue 14, '44. O I,,. -n 'II IVIIl' I ... A LARGE a orimeiil of Tea-,, Sugar Molassc., Spice-. tVc. ec. for -ale at 1 COLE & ROBINSON'S. NOTICE. WHARFAGE, STORAGE invl FORWARDING by the subtcriler at the New Wharf. ENOS BI.INN, Dulincton May 1, 1SIL 43 vfi vrsvf GOODS. JUST RECEIVED, bv May 1, 184). LOVELY it SEYMOUR. SELLING OFF. AS we are not intending to keep Sloek-, Col'ars, Seurf-. Bo-oui., Cravats and artie'es in ihi- line, we nro selling lliem of oheap. Thee who wih someoflliem before ihey are all gone are invited to examiiiethein. Same splendid article- among them, Stnlner- and Slock bodies for sale, Su-pemler nnd Stock Buckle-, Pump and over shoe and oilier Buck les. Children's Belt- at reduced price-. All Giods selling lower than ever. Pleae look In upon o. 1 RR1NSM AID it BROTHERS. COMBS. 3 CASES woo l pocket Comb.-, 13S dug. ivory do inuu " siuo no 300 " lwit do 100 " coarse and fine do jn- received and for snle by VILAS; l.OOMIS if. Co. June 5, '41. I QfV BOXES Lemiiii-and Orange-, Fig-, Currants, CJ Prune., .f.c. al 1 COLE . ROBINSON'S. imim:k. ' tCl RKA M.? ruled letter Paper, UUU 3UU tlo cap ilo for sale hv June 5, '41. I VILAS, LOOMISttOc A FEW pite- ofsitperline Carpeting, il Al-o, 8-4 Goiiou ita ni 1 COLE A ROHIN50VS. Feathers, I nfin ''n'f r,w," Fcalberswarranlrtl, x jtsjo ins. uens do for sale bv JuneS, '41. VILAS, I.OO.M1SA Co. 5 CASES of New York Hals, from $2,00 lo?4,00 each, aLo, a low csse-of heavy Bootsoa I Shoet. SO barrellslest extra superfine Flo ir, Jack.on Mills, MeJbury's Brand, nnd 100-scks of Silt, for sale al 1 COLE it ROBINSON'S, 1CASE summer Goo.)! 1 do col'drdmbri", 1 d" Ini lmt-n.-. 1 do ent'.-n l'l5' ' Jun .-. tell, I lit fft-f)'' V s-l VllAf Luf.Mi, ' V .

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