Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 19, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 19, 1844 Page 1
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1 Jl -K trace HOT T II C GLORY OP C 3 S A R CUT TUB W D L F A R E OP R O MltLINGTON, VERMONT, F UIDAY, JULY 19, VOL. XVIII.... No. 7. BY II. B. STACY. -f aszr TII12 SlLK-WOHM'S lVIfiL. OV II. I'. OOL'LD. On a plain rush hurdle n silk-worm lay, When a proud young princess came that wny, The haughty child of a human kmp, Threw a sidelong glance at the humble thin,", That took wilh n silent Rrnlilude, from the mulberry leaf, her simple food And shrunk, half scorn nud half disgust, Away from her sisler child of dust. Declaring the never yi t could see, Why a replile form like tins should be, And that she was not mado with nerves so firm, As calmly to stand by a "crawling vvoini!" Wilh mute forbearance the filk-vvorm took The taunting wolds and spurning look, Alike a stranacr to self and pride, She'd no disquiet from fiiieht be idc, And lived uf a meekness and peace possessed, Which these debirfrom the human breast. She only wMied for the harsh abuse, To find some wav to become of use To the haughty daughter of a lordly man i And thus did she lay n no! le To teach her wisdom, and to make it p'nin Thai the humble worm was nut made in vrinj A plan so geiieruu., deep, and hisdi, That to carry it out she must even die! "No mote," md sin-, " vvi'l I drink oreatl I'll spin and weave me u windim: e heel. To wrap inc up from ihc sun's ckar lijlit, And hi e me from her wounded sidit. In Secret, thru, nil my end diaws nidi, I'll toil for her ; and when 1 die, I'll leave behind, as a farewell boon, To the proud ynunu prion ss, my whole cocoon, To ho reeled and woe to n shining lace! And hung in a vol o'er her scornlut f ice I And when she can calmly draw her breaih, Throudi the very threads tint lne caused my death j When she finds at length, she has nerves so firm, As to wear the shroud of a crawling worm, May she bear in mind lint the wallts in pride In the winding-sheet win re the silk-worm d.el!" THE FJRSTljFmbE. In thii cli"erfiil dining-i oDiii of my biche lor friend Stevenson, u sclr-ct purly was iis semlili'il lo ci'lcliiaiu his birthday. A very animated ilicnssiui) been runted on ful some tiino, ns to whether the fust tie v Lit to n from integrity should ho Honied with sover ity or leniencj. Various wore the opinions ami numerous the urjiu moiit s brought fur ward to support tlii'Jii. The inipiiilj- ap peared tn loan to (hu siilo of " crush all of fences in tint hud," when a waini-heailod old gentleman exclaimed, " Depend upon it, morn young puoplu aro lost to society from a first offence being Heated with inju dicious severity, than fioni the contrary ex treme. Nut that I would pass over oven the slightest duvi ition linm integrity, eiihrr in word or deed ; lint would certainly hi- mis taken ki ml ru ; hut on tin; oliii'r hand, neither would I punish wilh severity an of fencu coiiiinillotl, pmliaps, under the inllu encu of 'lomptat'oti, t.'inplatioii, too, that we ourselves h ive thuiiglillosslj- l iced in the way, in such a in inner as to tender it inu sislilile. For instance, a lady hires a ser vant, tin; girl has hitherto borne a guild char acter, hut it is her first pi. ice ; her honestv has never yet been put lo thu test. Her mistress, without thinking of tin: continual temptation to which she is exposing a fellow creature, is in thu hahit of leaving sin ill sums of money, .generally copper, lying about in her siiting-ruuui. After a time, shu begins to think that these sums an; not always found exactly as shu left llieiu. Sus picion falls upon the giil, whoso dut n is to to clean the room every morning. llMr mis tress, however, thinks she will he quite con vinced before she brings forward her Hern iation. .She counts thu money carefully at night, and the next morning some is missinir Nu oni! has been in the room hut thu giil; Iter gui'l is evident. Well, what does her mistress do? Why, she turns dm giil out of her house at at an hour's notim ; cannot, in conscience, give her a dimeter; tells all her friends how dreadfully distressed she is; declure?ther is nothing hut ingratitude lo to mot w ith among servants ; laments over thu depravity nf hum in naluie; and never dreams of hlaniing herself fur her wicked yes, it is wicked thoughtlessness in thus constantly exnosing to temptation a young, ignorant gill; one, most likely, whoso mind,' if not enveloped in total dirkuess, has only an impeded twilight ktinwledgu whereby to distinguish tight from wrong. At whoso door, ! ask,' continued he, growing warmer, ' will the sin lie, if that giil sink into thu lowest depths of vico and misery I Whv , at the dour of her who, after placing tump talion in her verv path, turned her into the pililess world, deprived of th it which consli- tuteil her only means ol obtaining an ho lesl livelihood her ch irarter ; and thai without one effort lo reclaim her without affording a single oppoi loniiy of ictriuving the past, anil regaining by future good conduct thu confidence ol her employer.' ' Them is, I fear, loo much Irulli in what ynu av,' remarked our benevolent host, who had hilherlo taken n i put in the conversa tion ; ' anil It reminds me of a circumstanc e that occurred in thu earlier p irl of niv life,' which, as it may servo to illustrate the sub ject you h vii been discussing, I will relate.' There was a general ninveinuiil of alliiutiou; for it was a well known fart, that no in iiiii f r Hirer in ihe town of was surroun- when liiunght lo inn ; hut us, on ibis occa sion, it had passed through oilier hands, I thought it was light lo do so. Thuiefore callini' Smith hack lis he was leaving my counting-house, I desired him to wait a few minutes", ami proceeded to asceitniu whether it was ipiitt. correct. Great was my surprise ; and concern on finding that lliero was a con I side cable deficiency. 'From whom,' said I, ' did you receive , i tins mnnev r He replied, ' from Mr. ,' naming my clerk. 1 II is strange,1 said I, looking steadily tit him. ' Bui this money is incorrect, anil it is tho first limu 1 Imvu found il so.' lie changed countenance, and his eye fell be fore mine; but lie answered, wilh tolerable composure, ' that it was lis he had received it.' 'It is vain,' I replied, ' lo attempt lo im pose npnn me, or tn endeavor lo cast suspi cion on one whose character for 1 1 it: sti iciest honesiv and iindeviatiug integrity is so well established. Now, I am pet fectly convinced III it oii have taken this money, nud it is at this moment in your possession ; nud I think the evidence against you would he thought sufficient to justify mu in immediate ly dismissing you iiom my service. But ynn aie a joung tnan ; jour conduct has, I believe, been hilheito perfectly coirecl, and I am willing lo afford you an opportunity of redeeming the pist. All knowledge of this in liter rests between ourselves. Ca didlj confess, therefore, the eirnr of which you h ivu been guilty ; reslnie what win have so dis'ioneslly taken, and endeavor, by your fuliiro good conduct, to deserve my eonli denro and lespect, and this circumstance slnll never transput! lo 'iujuie joii.' The pour fellow was deeply ufi'ecled. " In a voice idmns. iuiiliculule with emotion he ac knowledged his guilt, and said that, having frequently seen uie leceive the money with out counting it, on being entrusted with it himself, tho ilea dished acrnssed his niiml that hu might easily abstract some without incurring suspicion, or at all events without there being sufficient evide, ice to justify it; that, being in distress, the temptation hid pioved stronger than his power of resistance, and ho hud iel led. 'I cannot now,' he continued, ' prove how deeply j our foi hear nice has touched me ; time alone will show that it has not been misplaced.' lie left me to resume his duties. 1) i vs, weeks and months passed awav. iluriug which 1 thai moment of agony deriving comfort from thu belief that sliu would meet linn in thai world where ' Adieus and farewells arc sounds unknown :" whnn I listened lo his fervent expressions of gratitude, and saw him calmly awaiting the inevitable stroke, it listing in the mercy of God, nnil at peace with his fellow inuti, and vhen i thought of thu reverse of all this might havo been ciime, misery, a dis graceful and dishonored life, perhaps a shameful ami violent dealh had I yielded lo the first impulse of indignation, I felt a It ippiness'whicli no winds can express. We ate told that there is more joy among the angels of God over one sinner that repent eth, than over ninelj' and nine just persons thai need no repentance. With such Joy as we imagine theirs, did I rejoice over poor Smith, as 1 closed his eyes and heard the at lend int minister in fervent tones exclaim, ' Blessed aru the dead who die in the Loid; yea, said the Spiiit, for they rest fium their labors anil their works do follow lliein.' iMv friends, I am an old man. During a long and eventlul career in business, I have hail inlereuurse with almost everv variety of temper and disposition, a d w iih many de giees of talent, hut I have never f tin i d rea son lo swerve from the principle with which I set out in life, to temper justice with mer cy.' ' Such was ihe slnrv of our friend. And I believe not one in that company lint relum ed home more disposed to judge leniently uf the failings of his fellow creatures, and, us fir as I a in his power, to extend lo all who migiii tan inio leuipiation itial merry wiitcti,! Kidd was commissioned tin ofiicnr in lltu En glish navy, turned pirate, was taken prisoner in litis country, sent to Kiigland, tried and executed lint would refer llinso, if any, who have any doliht on these, points, lo British Slate Tii.ils, Smith's History, Thompson's History of Long Island, and Ills capture, which will hu nienti'ined herein. Without going into statements which any one ran hear by going to the lower end of Long Island, of thu escape of two or llireu of Kidd's men who settled iheie, having brought bouly with ilium, and where the name uf the family and the property purchased will he pointed out, hut which, for obvious reasons, we forbear lo p irliculari.e, as well as lo (he general tradi tions in almost every harbor on belli sides of Long Island Sound, (if his hiving been seen there, we will state more definitely about his visit lo Gardiner's Island. On une occasion Kidd came ash ire and wauled .Mrs. Gardner to roast him a pig. She was afraid lo do otherwise, and did I forlilin. He then made her a present of a cridlo blan ket, and at the sune time told her it was a pail of the furniture nf the dauglter of (he Great Mogul. This blanket was part gold and pait silk, llie gold being a wire. It has been kept by the descendants of lli2 family until the present lime, and although il was cut for ihu purpose of a division uniting the daughters, ihe pieces are in a perfect state of pieservalion. We are also informed that the story has always been in the f nnilv, tint pre vious lo Kidd's last starling from Gardner's Island, he informed-Mr. Gardner lli.'l be had buried some treasure, principally jeivelry, in a lot called the " cherrv-lreo orchaid,'" and done, Kidd was cxrepted from llio biiiic, and the I'rochitnUioii cln?od ill these Word?, "nvcept ing Henry Avery, alius Uridgmati. and William Kidd." t Influenced by Iradilinn?, from diflnrent Four. detail. inoie shown lo himself, feeling 1 that it is blessed to save than lo destroy.' It niiiv not he sunei fluous to remark that ibis n irralivo describes events of ucluj) oc curi ence. Kioui ihe Journ il ol v oinmerce. C:ist. Kidd :inl Stis Tl'i-tismx". Thu history nud adventures nf this dating fiecbooter of hyein.e dnvs have been hromdit 1 under -imilar circumstances, he would wish ' ill" s 11110 lime told him if he relumed nud did not hud it, hu would murder him and his whole family. Mr. G iiduer kept the secret until lie was w tiled upon bj- suuiu gentlemen unpointed commissioners by the government of the provinces, who had either got sumo trace of the Initial of th it treasure, or knowledgj that Kidd had been accustomed to visit lbs is land, supposed it prubablo that there lie bad concealed something valuable, anil demand- . . r . ... . 10 10 nu o ru 11 toe 11 ata: 01 to t.ui inroi. ntti notice t nct nmre. tie nit.. imitv ivtiicti ..... ... , J , ' .. , ,, He was afraid and declined H.'IIMII 111 us. i- I.I I'l hiu' l llllieiHS Ol a HOIK which has been discovered deeply sunk in the mud, at the mouth of wh it is c died the race, in Hudson River, at the foot of IJun ilerhergh Mountain, near Caldwell's L Hid ing. From a .statement just published by some of the pailias interested, we derive ihe innexeti extracts, sunning uie nrogiess a - mk of e.iiloialiun, and some of tho leasuns which induct! the belief 'Til II hi; was assured that lo pol lit It out, Kidd was taken H u are now a Id.n.r lo oar nresout ces .'i nd other reasons pointing lo this placo as 1 piralus, and shall continue solo do, anythin.' tho location nf that cs:--o!, a person of groat sa- thai will aid in the cn'orpri-"-. If we think it gaeily, intelligence and weallh.aud whine wealth expedient, wo hlnll sink nhafts or liui'tl cofj'r lias bur. me ahnosl for good fortune, I d mi. We would, however, remark, tint al in connection with atiolher geiillennn, tool; I though wo expert ni'idi labor, skill and e)"iso measures atiout lillcen years since, to seem 0 the win necessarily Invo to lie devoted lot he o'tjor Hiw at tno mention ol tins sunken vessel, and also a water grant from the .State of Xew Vorl; for UoO feet from high water m irk, that distance extending; bcyutid Hie vessel. 'I'liey purch iscd a large tract of land, about 10!) acre-, thin cer tain it extended beyond 011 both mtliM thu pre cise spot where they believed the vessel was lo cated. A series of experiments was then com nienced by llieiu, lo ascertain whelher a vessel was sunk in the river at that place, for there wn nothing of one to h.-; seen. I lies.' ovpuriinonts h.uu been continued from time to time, hiving been interrupted bv Ihe tleaih of. me of the pir ties interested. They have however been pur sued of I'tte more t1 oroughly, since the property lias come into thu hinds of one person, by the -.eltloniunt ol the estate of the other parly,' who was interested in the tiurr.hise. Tne resullH id these experiments are entirely corrob.itory of the traditions. The river is not clear enough to see hut a ve ry hltte depth holovv the Mirf.trc of the water. From ihe long tune winch the vis-f-cl has been sunk, being now about 113 years, it roii'd not bill he expected that rhe won d Us covered with tnui'i Experiments were therefore commenced with pricking with long poles, with in.ii points. Timber was soon lound a little below the mud. The mud being soft, llio poles went with little effort, until they were stoppeil by striking, what any one from ibo sound and sensation nl the hand, could have no doubt was wood. IJv j iinining the pole hard It would .slick last, -n j much so. it could w ilii tlt!lli-uli v nulled not. and, on slicking tl ivn a p i'o wiiii .1 b irbed point, fastened to tho pott , ny tue pole ti Jing m a sock et and a rivet put through the pole and iron, lo make the iron last to the pole, so much power was applied to thu pole, thai it tore it from the iron, before Hie iron would Int go nf the liiubjr, an l it was lu.'t last sticking into the wood. This is the part of the vessel nearest the shore, and from which a sin ill part of the tied; is sup pised to be blown of!, and, no doubt, Iroin Ihe firmness with w Inch the iron drmo in, it tniisi have gone cudwavs ill the wood. An atiemp' was therefore made, to find by pricking other grea' power we Inve also a div. tig boll of great took nut just moat enough for dinner, and no k-m and strength, with most approved and pmv- moro ; and though I cautioned linn nut to bo ei ful means o raisiri'' and lowurunr the sune, I,, !., ,.-i. .. .i.rr,....t :.. :ri... .....1.1 , ,. " . .......i 111 anvil .1 uilljiilliv il.illl, II I ill HIUIU also oilier npjiiratus nccos.arv to the pm-oeii- ,;,i,t :.i .. 1 ,t......i..' .t .i Hon 01 uio olijoe.t, winch we cannot mention in possibly avoid it, I thought upon thu whole it would not be best to Irouhlu the church with the matter. Farmer White was a mail of s-nse, an I'lio admitted that the good pr son was light. The pond, he said, was Ha gar's meat barrel, and no mistake ; and ho should siv nothing more about tho mailer, 'ft... V.,..i! 1. . i.... 1 .1 e mil. ...... r 1 n; .1. 1 . ul-s iiiiii.ii.u too i-.h.s wi v.oi 11 uu ZZrZ (tl. a.b!M,I rubbing ,hem in , heir hands, 1 lie water at Ihe greatest d.'pHi is more "' ' ' "" "i " '" " "" """B1" than thirty feet nt high water, and no verygreat degree of mad. The stem of the votef is also no ir the sboie with good u inks, where works can bo erected everv lacihtv einnloyod lor re- moving mud, either bv working with ihe use of " I I And the .lews complained of litem Id their master. What was his reply ? East cm A re us. BOILER mis....r:,il I.,. i,.L-.. ... Vn, f,,r 'timbers at llieuistauce a Unee ol llie vessel w on ,u cli 1 scrulini7.eil his conduct wit 1 I,. I,. ;,. ,t,,. ... llie utmost iinviety, whilst at the same lime urn .ignosi any appearance., ,ilt ,1,,, in question is the lemiins of ol suspicious watchfulness ; and wilh delight ,ho vei liable, shin uf Caul. William Kidd, I observed tint so far mv exneriuien 1 bail It nutieais fiom poillons ol tl.e .sii.i'llHoii s icceetleil. I lie greatest legnlarity and al-' wlurli we have nol coined, thai iiuioiil' the teiiiiou the utniosi tlevoiioii to my inter- inhabitants residing in t lie vicinity of the ests niatkeil his liusiuess habits ; anil this wreck, there are traditions, which have been without iiny display; for his tpiiet anil hunt-1 h iniled down from generation to generation, Ide ileportmeiil was from th il time rem itka-j Kidd's ship, being pursued by Hiitish hie. Al length, finding bis conduct invari-1 ri -nisei s to Ihe point above indicated, was ably maiked bv the utmost openness and ( there sol on file an I sunk bv Kidd himself, plain dealing, my confidence in him wis so about one hundred and I'm l -live J c-ais since; uir lesioreu, niai, 011 u varancy occurring 111 nnillliat Klild, w till a lew ol Ins lolloweis, .1 place of greater trust and increased omul-! then made their way across the country to uncut than the 01111 lie Hail hilhei to hlled, 1 Boston, w here he was soon niter catitured placed him in il ; mid never had I the slight est teason to repent of the part I bad acted low-aids htm. not only had I the pleasnte of reflecting that I h id, in nil probability, saved a fellow-creatitro from 11 continued course of vice, and consequent misery, mid afforded him an oppnt (unity of hemming 11 respectalilo and useful member of society, hut I hid gained for mjself an imlefatig ihle servant .1 faithful and constant fiieiid. For years he served mo wilh the giealest ftdelily ami devotion. His character for rigid, nay, Hi 1 1 121 2U 1731 3U 2.13 f.!i 303 and sent to Kngland. These tridiiions are corroborated by sim ilar traditions aiming the descendants of per sons lurmeily lesiiMng 1 1 too vicimlj' ol Duiideihergb mount ijn, hut who (tho tlescuil tlauls) art; now scattered in distant parts of the country. It is nut for us to decide how pinch weight these traditions are entitled to. Sii far as we are aware, lliero is unauthentic recoid of Kidd's ship having been driven up the Hudson and iheie burnt ; but it is alsii to be niiled ill it llie whole history of his move- scrupulous honesty was so well known, that merits is lo a great extent involved in invs ' as honest as Smith' became a proverb ' Iim v. insomuch that sonm have maintained amongst his nrfiu linlances. One morning I fce'rtninlv without leasoiil that C.intaiii Kidd I mere creature ol I nicv, and mat sucli 1 detl wilh so old and faithful servants us our friend Stevenson. ' In ihu oulset of in v business career,' said lie, ' I look in to employment a young man lo fill llin situation of under-rlerk ; and accord ing to a rule I bad laid down, whenever a stranger entered my service, his duties were of a nature to involve as little responsibility as possible, until sufficient limn h id been given to form a correct estimate of his char acter. This young man, whom I shall call Smith, was of a respeciablu family, lie bail lust his f.ither, and had a mnlher and sisters in smiio measure dependent upon him, Af ter ho liml bi.fin a sliorl limo in my employ ment, it happened that my confidential clerk, whose duty it was lo receive money from tho hank fur tho paymrnt of wages," being I . ! . .11. e ... 1 1 uiisseii mm ii iiui 111s uccustomeii pi ice, am upon inquiry learned that bo was detained at homo by indisposition. Several days elapsed, and still hu was absent ; and upon calling at his house lo inquire after him, I found his family in gieal distress tin his ac count. His compl tint hid proved th" ty phus fever of a most indignant kind. From almost 1 1 10 commence uicnl of his attack, be liau, as tits wilii (lor lie li id linen somu time mariied) iiifonued me, lain in a statu ol'to- lal unconsciousness, from which lit- hit! rous ed only on thu ravings of delirium, and that ihe gave little hope of his recov- eiv. l'or soiiio dijs he continued in the s une stale ; ill length n mes. igo was brought mi! saying lb 11 Mr. Smith wished lo st ie ; the niesscngeriidding that Mis, Smith hoped I would comu as soon as possible, (or she feaied her hush ind was dying. 1 immedi ately obeyed Ihu summons. 'On enleiing his 1 handier, I found llie whole of his family assembled lo lake fare well of him I In-V so lendellv lovetl. As soon as he perceived me, hu motioned fin 1110 In nppinuch near to him, nud taking my hind 111 bolh of his, turned tuwirds no bis dying counlen nice, full of gratitude and affection, nud siid, ' Mv dear mister, mv hosl eailhly friend, I have sent for vou, llial I may give vou the thinks and blessings uf a living 111 ill for all vour goodness to nu. To your geneiosilv and ineicy 1 own it, tint I hive lived useful mid respected, llial I die lamented and hippy. To you I owe that I leave mv childieii a name unsullied bv crime, th il in afier years llio hhish ofsh me sh ill never lingo their cheeks at the memory oMheir lather. Oh God I' ho continued, ' Thou who hast said, blessed aro the mer ciful,' bless him.' Then turning to his fam ily ho said : ' My beloved wife and children, I Hit rust you, without fear, to tint earn of lb at heavenly parent who has said, leavt thy fatherless children tu me, and I will pre serve lliein alive, and l"l ihy widows irosi in me.' And you, my tlear m ister, will, I know, ho to them as you h ivu been lo me, a guide, protector, and friend. Thal.cnn I11.1I, ami that limy ucied under a commission fiom Richard, Earl ol Bell nont, Governor, &.C, and hi! then went into the lot and found ihe huii'id treasure. He afterwards accom panied the commissioner; to Boston, and de livered the treasure, and llio following is a copy of the receipts given for llie same, Slid original leceipts still being in the Gardner fimilv. i. 11 ...i.l .1 . .- . f st I i - r. j.,. No, 1 One lng of this! col,!. -J. One bai of roiuod Hold, And one in silver, ?. Orie big dust gold 1. One big of silver nng3 and sundry precious stune", li. One Ing nr unpolished stone, 0. On..- pi.-ciMiforvsnil, c iinoh-m rings, tvvtiaiiiitc: two TiuelhviH. 7. Ouebig s Iver tuitions mid lamps 8 O ie Ingof brokt-n s.lnr, 9. Ounbagofiiold bars, 10. One do 11. O1111 bag ufdu-t gold 12. One baa of silver bars, SAMUnr. Sewail, ." vru v.Nict. HrriELD, JcncMiAii Uai'MNEit, Andre-.',' IIelciier Cummissionerst IJeforn leaving, Mrs. Gardner in a pl.iyfn way said, she wanted to have it said she held so much treason, and the jewulry was pour ed into her lap. Aflur they had left for Huston, 11 blight stone was found on the floor and picked up by her.- When her husband returned he found it lo hi. a diamond, and was afraid be would be charged with steali 11 it, fur il was by niiny supposed that suing high 111 nnlhnritv in the Lngltsb Goveniiiiune were interested with Kidd in Ins depreda-t lion, and that lit would furnish them with an inventory of what had been concealed on this island. Hosiidhn would go immediately on to IS islon and take the diamond, but his wifesaid he should not go that she would that h ippuned, and shu would risk the From the St. LoiiU Reveille. MEIMHSTOPHHLGS ON TI1F. DECK. Some inrj3t mysterious and ijRiiitely curious circumstances, tending greatly to the edification recreation and consternation of the passengers, took pi ire on tint rplendid boat, the Maria, during iier last trip up. A gentleman on board, in some manner, lost a be iiHiful and valuable diamond ring, one os. pcculiy estiun'ed as connected with connubial alil'ctiori. Walking the cabin, or tho guard-, ihe Ind at cidoutal'y shppoil Irum his fingor and rol'ol away. After hunting every whe're. in I setting tho waiters at work in search, ha at length, in great vexation gaie up tho job. On the next dav, as tho boll rang- fur dinner. ev-ry body hastened lo the table, and also our u ifnriutiaie gentleman, who scei'.vd still sorely annoyed at the losrj of the ring. Seating liiin sell, he look a biscuit ulHIie plate, broke it open .m l bnhold there was his lost ring ! Every body was astonished, but neither the owner nor any 0! Ins fellow. p issengers were able lo solve rhe riddle. It was loo mysterious: a matter nnl yV.GSQ'to firwill iiritl, up tu this time, only teen ail active listener, suddenly made Ins appear once among tho crowd, and remarked, in broken F.ngh.-h, that be knew the mystery, which, if perm tied, be would prove. He took a silver snufl" box frmn the hand of a gentleman near, and threw it mcrb'iard, without saying another j word ! The owner ol the bov, very naturally, HOW nun a violent pass.on, wnen ine siranjer begged mm not at ail to bo alarmed, assuring ordinarily bo placed, and the aurtnpt suc cessful, and alter selling up polos, 111. tl making lliein plump at these various points, they undo the curve ot a put of the side of a large vesse . An experiment was afterwards tried, by boring with long augers, with tin cases round them, to save the chips, On going further into the river 111 20 or 2o leet water, and boring-, the result was a little mud of one or two leet depth, then through a plank of .soaked wood, very spongy, and which a shipwright of great skill and evpo- foe,"?, ,)v,"' "'ris employed, as well as tuners. The Riigers' w!lhru"'i,'ari"IIS'i,i n minim., feet, and llien bung ii", and on (mring, the lim ber was found In be English na!;, and m a per fect state of presorva'to'i. S.nno of iha ch.'j- were charred, thus confirming tho traditions, that she was pirt'v burned ; spec:ui"iis of Jups wo noA- have. This experiment w is in i- ny tunes repealed. In t-ome cases limber was bored, which it tool; nuarlv an hour to bore through, and, in ntner ca'-v, the augers would be brought up on something solid, wh.'tlier on the bell, dresses, digging, ilratrguie- 011 shore, tho use of mud mirhuiep, or by suh-iinrine explosions-, jf 11 should ja j.dgi';d best to r"sort to the 11. The location of tho vessel is at the mouth ol the "race" at the foot ol Ounderborgh moun tain, and but a short distance above the hotel at Caldwell' hiuding, well known on the Hudson river, as kept by "Uncle Sun." We are m lonned the place bis been formerly s .inolimfs called "(iibrallar l'oint." Il is a's i a few miles ahovo Ver Planck's I'oin', above which, nc.cor ding to traditions, the Hugh-! n-of-vvar in pursuit was passing, when theve-sel was seto-i lire, not being able to get up through the "rate,' which cannot be done with unfavorable winds. The lorce of those traditions is very much in creased by a view ol the location. j In a ii'.tice of Ibis gnu, which has appeared I in one of Ihu papers, since ilw.mgot up, In which some historical account of Kidd was alo given, it was staled, that nil being inlei rog iled as to what had become ol the reminder of his treasures, besido lint recovorolon Gardner's Islmd, "m reply, Kuhl, it is said, observed that wh never else there wi- went if. wn in his ves sel," We understand that the authority for Ihe st uriim. , -a ..... ..1 1 .... i f ,' liontleuie.i s .Magazine, but have not ourselves seen it. Wo slnll mike our utmost efforts in the nt temp!, and hnn ourselves llie ni' -l eonfilciit belief that we shall be successful in miking a i.oinplete exposure of this- interesting relic of a former age, and wo ran hut also hope the same will he saHs'actorv to ourselves and those w '10 through their confidence ill our skill and ever-1 turn--, have become interested with us. -' th it he would try to put him in possession of wouiu rem inc. mar, we ourselves regiru it ,is s,null-hox before the .-un would sot. Allper duo In llie age ill wn en wo live, 111 wnicu so much itrcre.-l is inimfp.-ted in antiquities, that tin contents nf this ves.'o', found alter so long .1 period, should b; tlistdo-cd, event without re gard to their prob ihle value. Xlw York, Juno mh, 1341. TUB GOOD MINISTER. A TltL'l: sTor.v. Some years sincn theio lived in the town ofS , Massachusetts, a most practical V'w'.i'F.VfisWIliiV.'r? rVv' I'lili-.IM.'Jr.iVM' Ilagar, lived on the opposite sides of 11 beau tiful little pnnd that was full uf pickerel. White was a lich fanner, anrj lived in a largo iwo-sttnj' house. II igar was a poor d ij--lahorer, wilh several small childieii, and liv ed in a little log hut on tho very blink of the pood. Until were members of tho church. On a cold Suhbttli inorni ig in January, tanner u line started at nu eailv hour lor an iron uoa, a or 11 irrei in spoun.-, nr 1111 iron 1 , , , . . . . 1 r bars, it was impossible to tell, oulv that it could I . ' ....., uisum . u gong nut be bored. i l011', hu cut across the pond upon llie Daring the present seisnn experiment hive "x "H ll(,w "';ls ,!P mortiJn-il and shocked boeu pro.-eruted bv .sending .1 diver in an ingen-l ,l) l""J ills I"""' "rullu'r Ilagar upon 11, lisll- lous thess, for su'.iui irinu operaiioiis, of new in-1 tug. lie appro iched him at once, mid witl volition, by Mr. birgenut, (under whose dire sons present were confounded with this last ex periment, ami every one gave the silver box up tor lost ; but still the yuung btranger scorned so singularly p isitivo in whit lie said, that it Itept our In rid with. 11 ujiinds. Ono hour passed away after another, until the gentlein in could resist no longer, politely demanding from llio stranger, if it was not po? si'ilo to obtain his snufl'boxt as be was a strong muff taker ! As the sun was sotting, and all the passengers were assembled on the boiler beck, the bo it was tu-t lying loi to wood, and the stranger pulled his own ring olf bis linger, thriiiviux U orcrioarJ before M present! Tha owner of the "pile" cairn lo receive bis jny, when llie young stranger observed, that it they would go to ihe wood seller, they -.vou'd ri-id 'he silver snutF-bov, the ring, 1.1 h 3 p xk- el. .very body mimed I'elv tonk hi'J -: our poor coiiiitryma.i, and tleunuded a snmFiKix from ban, which t (icy slid he Ind in his pocket. He, pnrtectly runfuii'ided .ind temft-d, felt in his pocket, and bwught lorlh the described arti cle ! A great deal nf fun .utccceded, and eomo of the shrewd ones strongly suspected that tho stranger, (whose feet, certainly, see-ned both of the proper fhape,) was epher His Highness, 1'riiico .Mephistopiicles or Ihrr Alexander ! tel consequences. It was consequently hupi, and has lem lined in the familj, though the last trace, wu have found, was a few years since, in lite possession of Mrs. Jerushi Gardner, of Sioiiiugton, of Connecticut. Tht'M) commissioners obtained a large quan liiy of goods found in New York, and other places lor sale, mostly India goods, tint not much if anv treasure beYidu tint from Gard ner's .Island lion Inline opera! itcs wiil be c u-riod on,) which hive resulted as tollows : ll bring early 111 the season, the water was unusually muddy, and "be divers were cunsequou'iy nu ihle to see much of any thing. They, however, soon found the end of a limber just above tho sand. In anulher case, and at nearly the greatest ihs'anco Iroin the hbnre, in -which from our calculations we suppo.-o the ves-el cMuiiiN, we found a picio o. metal like Ihe breech of a piere of uidnance, li near as could bodetormiiied bv feeling with llie hand. On this a piece of twilled cotton cloth was rubbed by tha diver, w ucli was so much stained it did nut wash out by bird rubbing, biding and dipping in strung Iresh lie of word ashes. The slain was pronounced by those wh. washed the piece of r.lolh, to bo like the stain from a rusty brass kettle. A piece of tho r.lolh was also torn off, before washing, and .subjected to a chemical test, be ing dipped in sulphuric acid, and it immediately turned a greenish blue. From the description nf the diver, tho washing and chemical test, we havo no doubt il was a brass cannon. Oar ob ject when wo went being only a survey, we h id no appiratus to raise large weights, neither for removing mud. II sue was the vessel wo lie a stet n voire nud a leeling ol deeply olleiidei piety, reprimanded him for his wickedness, II igar attempted to reply, but White won nol hear him. II igar said he had a good excuse, and that IiU brother White would nol only forgive, but oven justify him, if lie would consent to hear. Hut ho, ;ro, ho wuuld lay the 111. liter befuio the church, was the only it-ply. Accordingly, as soon as meeting was over, pi was 1 man never 111 lact existed. One Hung is cerium, vi.. Unit Ihe remains ol a largo ship irs been faiuul al llie point indicated by the above mentioned tiadilioiis ; and from thu appearance of tho shavings hioiigld up by cased uugeis, it is evident that she bad been parti illy burnt. Furthermore, a hnwitxer of very ancient construction, has been recov ered from tho wreck, which shows that the vessel thero burnt and sunk, was an ui'iued vessel. This howitzer we havo seen; nud auv body m IV see il w 10 is disposed lo go into Jones Com t. Wall st. As Ms peculiui in tho annexed extract, wu 11 1 not p 11 ticul ui.u them here. Kidd's money It is been ting for every where, and 11 vast deal of siipeistitinn and iiooseiis,: has been displajed in leg. ml lo il. Tho present m 1 y turn tint lo bo an equally fi unless search, so lar as treasure is roncern nd ; mid It may even prove lint Kidd hid no 1110,0 lo do with thu ship in question th in the man in the moon; yet even so, a lew thousand dollars expended in solving thu myslerv of ibis armed hulk, concerning which instory is nearly if not altogether si lent, will bo minify well laid out. Wo aru glad to learn ill it their is a determination on thu pait uf thu individuals concerned, to pursnii theii researches, until (ho problem is tm.teiy siuvl-u. n u now .,uu-eu to ,o ()(lk ;, ,,, accounts of his pira- 111 extracts; i,r.,ril ,, P.,,i;l, (:.,. milium could lly prick n,nt 1st trl il was commander in iho Koo- . i..'.-. r. i.t.. c I so far. that s ." - - is 11 ,ko euicient uie.iviro lor ins i'miiiiii.- wiuml. , , , , 11 1, .,.,,1 ri, roiii'd -i roiinii si 1111 tn . , ... 1 r 1 1.1. 1 a nu as we siructi niu'.ai 111 var uus n.irt-s, aim as lis!) navv,aii'i lermveti .1 omniission 10 1 r reasiiro can bo had ' ., ... , rui gains, ll irate,, and nfietwa.tls a I crn 1,1 KSlll. ,,, ,,,,.. ;,fir r,,-- "V," . J . " . ..r ". '. commission ol reprisals against the r l ench. cii, hu u ,, f,,0d and silver, and ' . ,ilc rlllM woru KL,ii, 1Mk. rnd charred- slating tho other vessels hu nau taweii, nu anj as the gun corresponded wnii what wo ex says: pected her armament should bo taking into ... . . 1 "I spied ihrr.) ships from spun I II. NTS TO HARVESITltS. The delightful, though toilsome season of Inrvust is no.v at baud. The scythe is ilready at work, and the sickle will soon be thrust into us labor. Farmers will, we trust, boar in mind what many aro not suliir.iently, apt to remember tint an exress of sunshine on gnss in the ma king, pirticularly clover, is decidedly injuriuun as to quality, and wasteful as to quantity. Clo ver is best cured with but hltle u'lrring in tlm bat sun. ll" cured pretty much in tli rncu. hovod she was, wo (-apposed she would be I'lw.n. .vi.ll ntib,niir.ii.,i1 ncrnonts nf mounted on her upper deck with old howrz:rs r.sons on Long Island, who wern poor be- 'n,u ,,ivnr u'a':" or.l1lel1 !ho '"'J'1 ni lier 11 . - 1 ,i' as wu ran calcinate 11 tne pos t u o o u sine .i.tiiiuf siirlMiinl v 111 imiiil rirco nista nt os. tinil ..... .1 , ' e ol Ilia deck ot llio vessel, noir the b nv, about ll was iillrihnli-d In having found S"'e 1 w10r,, 81B begins to curve, and cauw t.i a pioce Kidd's money, hut whelher so or not, is Willi lr ,et.i, which ho said ho thought w as a gun. us a 111 liter of doubt. It is nut improbable, He said ho cnuld mike fast to the object and al however, among so many men as ho had ! though, as wo before staled, wn wero not pre sumo of them, sick til such a bloodv and alro- pared for raising large weights, wu d-tui mined life, shuuld, as oppnt limit v offered, con- tu eatisly nurse ves ,. llie correctness 01 ins coal whal they cnuld steal awav" from tho ves- "I"'""''' P"""b " l"!,"ru lcv,'"-- U ".'''"l ' ., , , ? 1 r ' ingly took one of our anchor ch mis, and Ihu di- sel, wilh tho hope of escape and going for I V("r m !o fubt t0 the object, and we succeeded al some luliiro day to s ivu it Tor themselves, j n tMmv, , t ,rt atl (JJ fashioned howitzer. Tint ho captured a number nf French ships , x Ui ;l iMudlo l.ko a jug Inndle 011 tho breech, and Spanish galleons, oilier vessels of a sight on the muzsle, and the breerh i mjii ire most v.ihiablo cargoes, enntaining pnld and land appears tn bo screwed in. We thro say silver with much iuwelrv. no one will doubt . lliero is not a more ancient miming piece 01 ar 111 the alieriioon, he accompanied parson V. 1 V I.n-ii should be put in lavers iviih tho fork, not 1 sboi I distance on the load, and related lo rolled, scarcely a leaf need bo lost. I'roperlv bun the great wickedness he had witnessed 1 cured 111 th.s way, and experience will noon in II i-'ur, in ihe morning. I'arson I, tho' 1 teach the tanner how to irnu.igo it, it will retain . . . . . - ... . 1 :. . .- I I i.:.i. . . .1 ..... ..... r fe t as IhoniMi 1 'itMiut.-sa .mu u 1 1 y 1 1 1 1 1 u s s Huuiirauiv, ana will come out of llie mow 111 the winter, with .1 deli, cacy ot flivor which will delight the cuw no less 1111 iient in llie country. diing, we found tho timber extended so far, that the vessel was of largo tliinens tinned llio kind old man. lookiii" round 11111111 us with glistening eves, 'though mixed withl s,','.,n- W''y , o.,.. r".t... 1 . -r wit 1 her cargo ot country, iben almost llo is siid lo hive fust been captivated with thu treasure ol III" daughter ol the Groat Mogul, which was given her us :i marnigo poi lion, mid sho put in charge of Kidd lo convey In her husband, when he turned pi rate, murdered her, and stulu her treasure J that afterwards hu raptured a number ot Mooiis'i vessels, French ships, and Spinish galleons, besides nlh"r vessels wilh valuable rargies, and at lenglll was driven up llio Hudson river by tho English men-of-war which went sent out for his capture, and nol of escape, sunk Ids vessel .,rrn. .., ,.r,t... I t..,. . f Willi lief cargo III, n. ULrilH mv lifi'. As I stood liv tho hedsido of tho dying man, and looked around upon liis'' wilde , and till! was akiui prisoner in Uoslon, with a few nf his prevented by an unforesi.en c.rcuinstanco cl.ildron growing up,,,, i,,ili,.n,,t, and ui.ui wl.o will.,anil sent to England, from attending at the proper lime, sent iho Lnrirdu. resnoclinn and l,onrlo u, ,rl, a, tried and executed, being hung in cliait.j nt sum required by Smiih. My confidunco'thMy loved llieir father; it linn I saw his " ZoMvm Dock," on the liitl. day ol May, was so Eruat in my head clerk, who bat) vviff. tlnilirrli nviTfnmit vvilli nrlnf fur t'm lece 1701. been long known to me, that I was not in'ofa tender and beloved husband, vet sor-i Wo shall not enter into any proof of tho As I suited, ns 1 sulcd, An il look ihom'iin the Main As I sailed, as I silled," And when it In taken into consideration that ibese Spanish galleons, .irrording lo an esthnitn for one hundred years taken from the Record of Cniinge at Mexico, carried, on an average, two million fivo hundred thousand dollars gold, etc., thu immonse rtinouiit of his booty is hirdly cot ceivable, S 1 enormous had been his pir.ica, lint w'hpn il hni-.iiTDi necessary for the Kngllb Government to send out a squadron for Ibo ex ttrpition of the pirates, and which wasdiviu mi nor 1110 enmm inner 01 ijipiam 1 miieio amn,, a prnchuntion was mvln by the King, lo givn nmico of ihe "intention 'o extend the myal mcr. ry lo Filch as fdwuld Burrcnder thoinsolvns,' bearing title at Kansington, the 8th thy of De cember, 1003, and after reciting in ihe procla nation to whom ibe Hurrender must be mda in nrAur tn AV.lil ihcnisulvefj of bUik merCy, &U ul ii mild and amiable temper, felt ns though Ilagar ought lo he brought to ju Igment, and inadu an example of. Accoidinglj', the first lime he met 111111, tin suiqect was uro iciicu illi all tin u form and gravity, as in days of yore, in all siii'Ii cases, made and provided. The storv of t inner U Into was repeated, and lie asked if it iecu true ? II ig ir replied in llie affirmative, staling also tho firt tint brother White refused to hear an explanation which hu tlesiird to give; and which ho now proposed lo stale. " Well," said tho parson mildly, " what is il V " Why," said Ilagar, " I worked for Mr. li. till I ilu on Saturday night, and expected to gel sooinihing lo last my fimilv over Sunday, al Mr. G.'s slore. on my waj hunie. Until was shut up, and I got nothing. Wu hid nothing hut a few pot itoes in the house, and I told Mrs. Hugir tint I would go out on llie pond and catch three pickerel. Sho made no answer. Anil accfirdingly, in thu morning, just us 1 hid cut 11 hull) in tlm ice, and put my honk in the water, brother While cauio along and repri nt inded mu us hu told you. I thought 1 was doing right. I was hut a very few rods from my house, and I knew not where elso 10 go for dinner. I vvas very thankful when the first fish bit. I kept inv mind meditating on I relh'ious truths all tho lime, and jilsl as sunn . . . . . , 1 .1. as 1 had tno llireu I wanieu, l weni iioine. I was so llniikful when wo camo 10 the table lint wu hid been provided wilh something lo eat. Wn went lo church in the aflurnonn and I don't think I did wrong. What dsn could a pnor in in tin, wlui h id nothing fur his wife and children to oat for tho day, but a handful of nour potatoes !" The parson of advice and than the feeder. We are satisfied, also, that grain is very often left to lung standing uncut in the field. The ri.-k of injury fro. 11 sttirms is increased, it dnen not Inndle so well, either in culling, binding, loadi ig or blacking, and scatters out more.- fho opinion is pretly well established, thai when wheat or rye is cut nearly we mean be. 'ore Ibo grain is ennroly bird it 111 ikes quite as much, and whiter Hour, than if left till the usual time. Since writing the above, wo happened to read it to an experienced miller, who is also a goo I farmer; he says be is well fatislled thai erly cut gram tint which is appirenllv quite green will readily yield more tl our, and is worth several couls a bushel more than that which is ullored lo siand till ibo berry is thoroughly h irdened. 'armor's Cabinet. the habit of regularly counting the money rowing nol as one without liopn, but even in main fact in the above statement, to wit-that making a limit of the time in which it u.ust consi leration the various accounts and traditions of the uf, and loetlioii ot Kidd's vessels ami Imr rar"0. we. who were uroteciilniL' the survey, could come to no other coin Itision thin give him suiun good words that IhM is Hie vessel vv tin llm immense Ireas- coin ford, and they p tried uro obtained by lint renowned lieu-banter, 01 former days, who carried on his dHprodaHons and atrocities, lo such an alarming and success, ful degree. We I ho re fore stopped our . survey, and under tha direction of porsotis of great sk.l, and experience in sub marine operations, tc are now having built, and nearly completed, ap paratus and unchinory, for working undor wa ter, roinovmg and raining hrge woigiis, tii-h a hit, never been nirpissed, and with Iho re cent improvements in buch kind of apparatus, porhaps never equalled Our e,l tt)"vvork most a.limra'ilv. with over four bun-illoltl, said llm parson. That pond, Mr, dred feet of tubing, nf the best descr ption. Our White, is llag ir' mat barril is all the pumps uro ol u.tccllotit worliimnhip, and of one he has, and every bniif kiavs il. lie In tho course of a few days ho met firmer While, who aked bun straightway, il ho had seen II igar. Yes, was tho reply. What tlid ho six-1 Tho parson related lo him Higir's slnry, and then siid, Mr. White, don't yon have warm dinners on Sundiy 1 Why yes, siid tho farmer, soiiiihvIiiI surpii setl. How do von get il. Mr. While i cun- tinned the minister, pleasantly. How, whv Mrs. While goes lo tlm meat barrel, and laps ne.wi ciiuaiib-u. 1 - - , . . , . iur apparatus already cou.IsIh of a number of- n"l,a P"'co U?-" ,(!'r vvl.olu ,ig dresses and hehnou. which we h ivcprov.'.f "'idy's dinner, and boils, or tries it, and Van tu quoquE Atinu.MCNr. .1 Nunnan peas nit having been all day employed at ditch digging, arrived during a pouring rain at lour, weary, drenched, and bedraggled; when in- stead of the ready dinner and bl.17. ng lire, which hu had anticipated, bis wife exclaimed, " Goad Heavens, 1'ierre 1 what a liitny plight yuu are 111 ! It rams cais and dogs ; but as you can t be ny dirtier or wetter than you are, you may as well step down to the vill ige iniinp, and bring 110:110 a bucket of water." Without saying t word, 1'ierre took the bucket, filled it frum an o'd'eusive standing pool at a little distance, re turned to the cottage, ami threw Ibe whole con tents over his wile, crying out, as ho leisurely sat hiin-ell tluwn, ".Mercy on us, Marguerite ! what a muck ynu are, u ynu nuy as well ties down tu the village pump." WtLn Oats In his eariy days, Lord Cleef Justice Hull gave but little promiso of future eminence. Ho hi I a great m my "wild oaU" to sow, and it took him a great while to sow them. Alaiivuf the associates of his younger years cm unprincipled, and soon becaino abandoned. Ooa nf lliein, w lido Justice Holt presided in the Court of the King's Bench, was tried for high, way robbery, convicted, and sentenced to be ex ecuted. Alter sentence hid been prssed, thu l.'luef Justice inquired of him whit had become of Jack such a one, Bill such a one, and the ron of Iho gang 1 "Alas, my lord," 6aid the criiiu ml, with a low bo.v, "thay are all lunged bul ymr lordship tJ mywf." 1A philosopher his said that "though a 013 n Tiihaut money in poor, a iruo with !W frj s:tsi' tsttdl j1' orcr."

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