Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 19, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 19, 1844 Page 3
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V. 1 I And abovo all, donl trust a man who has al- j v ays boon a fou to protection, and who was nominated by n froo trado faction, on ac count ofuny pretences, which lia trumps up at tho evu of election. Such stulTfrom a free trade abstractionist, would be easily explain cd away, if ho got into tho chair of Slate, and liis protection would provo just what it lias always been, no protection at all. Jem Polk's friendship for protection is an idea which will not flourish hero in Vermont, where people can read. CLAY AND POLK ON PROTEC TION. We intend ero long to show up the mean and dishonest pettifoggery by which tho Lo cofoco leaders in Vermont attempt to con vince tho people that Clay and Polk hold identical doctmicon protection; but fur the present wc have time and room for only a paragraph : HENRY CLAY. Lot the timount, which is requisite for nn economi cal odminisuntinu of Ihu Government, when wo are not engaged in war, be raised exclusively on foreign imports, mid in adjusting a Tnritl'for that purpose trt suchdiscriminntions be mule as vtill FOSTER AND ENCOURAGE OUll OWN DOMESTIC INDUS THY. All parlies uught to be satisfied with theT.i rid" for revenue nnd DISCRIMINATIONS FOR PROTECTION. Mr. Clay's Speech al Raleigh, X. C, April 13, 1844. Such is the position of Mr. Clay, tine tpiivocally in favor of a Tariff discrimina ting with a distinct viae to protection. Wc could multiply extracts to the samo effect, but it is unnecessary. JAMES K. POLK. '' In fixing the rates of a tariff mv opinion is, that tha object in view sh mid be to raise- l!i e remittee needed by government, leaving the interest engaged in man' vfacturcsto enjoy fc ISCIDllSTAL advantage ie'iiUi the lerv oASO'CH (revenue) tltitio will nffiird them." J. H. 1'olh, as quoted in the last Spirit of Hie Age. Merc it will bo seen that the onli object recognized is revenue, and no protection is allowed but (hat which is incidental i. e. accidental. Discrimination for protection, which Mr. Clay holds to, is excluded by in ference, as it is also in express terms in nr -other place by Mr. Polk. " lie was oppoe.l to direct taxes, and to prohibito ry and PROTECTIVE dune, and in favor of such mnclrr.vo duties n would NOT rut ofrimparlatiuiis. folk's Speech at Jackson April 3, IP 13. Ho is opposed to protective duties, and in fivor of duties which will not nit off impor tations: yet thu very oliject of discrimina ting for protection i to cut off importations ! If, for instance, foreign wool is put at so low a duty that it can bo imported, that ends the question theio is no protection. "The difference between the eourseof tho political parly with which he (MY. Milton Drown) act, and tnyseil i, whilst they ate tho advocates of distribu tion and a Protective 7 irijf measures which I con sider ruinous to the interests of tho country, and es pecially to the intere-tsof the planting slates have steadily and at all times opposed both. Same Speech. Ill reference to these extracts tho Wash ington GMc of June 1, 1814, said : "This cxlrart, wo ngrcn with Mr. Hardin, contains u i fair exposition of (Jul, POLK'S rieies, at the same li'nnit announces, in brief, thedoctrine of a tariff FOIl REVENUE ONLY, which we regard as the docli in' entertained UNI VFRSALLY, almost, BY THU DEMOCRATIC PARTY." We thus see that Mr. Clay is avowedly in favor of a Tariff to raise all necessary reve nue exclusively from foreign imports, (giving the public land fund to the states,) and dis criminating for Protection. On tho other hand wc see that Mr. Polk and his party "universally, almost," is opposed to protec tive duties, and in favor of revenue duties on iy, and those reduced lo the lowest possible tsnin. til, tiLfmrr flut l:,,wl AtnI ,i (tin rii'.Mi- ,U.I J I.l,l ..... ...Ill .I.I.V4 .(, 1,1 IIV.I.9M- ry. It is in tho face of these stubborn facts that locofoco leaders pretend there is noOif ferenco between Clay and Polk on protec tion'! Are they honest ? J. K. POLK'S POSITION. The following letter receuily sent in re ply to an invitation to attend a Whig gath ering by Senator D.vyto.v of N. J. sketches forcibly and truly the position of the Loco Foco candidate for the Presidency in refer ence to the leading questions of tho day. It appeals lo the candor, intelligence and patri otism of every American citir.en, to come to the rescue of his beloved country : Tnr.NTox, June ISth 1811. OnNTLr.MF.N-1 regret that my physical condition will prevent an exceptanee of your invitation lo meet onr political fucr.dsat Knign's Point, to-morrow. I regret tint the more, because if ever there was a tune when it became every food Whig or, what is the same, every well-wisher ol his country, to be "up and duing" it is now nnd from this lime onward. We have allast theenrmv bcfoie uss they have (old us who isto marshal! theirarray. The front tanks made up of politicians only, hae come lo a seeming order, while behind in tho body of rimr hosts, thcsaiiicjenl on tics, the same hear l-burn'mgs, the same discontents ! arc rnging still, Thcirlendersaronnwtryingby man agement and boasting to inspire confidence. Thev are "snouting to Keep in ir courage up, as tmys whis. tlo in lhi dark." Thev affect a confidenrn uliiM, none tiul tho ignorant feci, the few w ho know scarce "have a hone." The nomination of Mr. Polk was 'he procreation of a Kino, oi spent vuaniy, it wns noe umii inc. pnriv had wearied itself out bv ils own violcnco: not. until it lay helpless and exhausted that ibis abortion was begoiten, it was the feeble, sickly procreation of its worn out and enfeebled condition. It was htcrallv the off-Tiring not of strength but of weakness, not of harmony and concession, nut ul spent violence aim ex- naintea power. To the north, the cast, and tho west, tho nomina (ion presents not ono issue on which it can hope to succeed n;ainst Mich names n'Clay as Frclinghuysen. Mr. Polk's iewsofthe tarifTarc v'vellknowns he lias rone i'm full free trade doctrine in all its idlrnisin ; no amount of fol-e allegation, not even a judicious letter or nianuesiOgShoulil oni tie written, could liccloiul Ins sentiments upon this point. He has commiticdhim self acninet protection on every stump in Tennessee. Ileisihnfoclainved adversary of distribution. In Congress, ho was thannvichling foeof the right of petition. He sustained Mr. Van liuren and hit Sub-Treasury, with all ils nnd his other enormities. And last, not least, lie goes now for the immcd'nte an nexation of Texas that rflort of outrage and fraud declared upon the face of the record as Bpeciallv in. tended for the protection and extension of tho slnve institution of the sonlh. Yes, ho is now rcidy fur treachery and war against Mexico not to extend ihc blessings of freedom but the curses of slavery. And the free ciiiiens of the North, whose very hearts nave yeamoi tnrinenour wnen notn stavesnall tread ita soil, are called upon 1n support and uphold the out rage! As honest men and truemen we will standby the compromises of the Constitution, but let them be ware how they ask more in behalf of slavery than this at our hands. Very respectfully, your oledient servant. WM. L. DAYTON. FOLK'S ANTI TAWFF PRINCIPLES AVOW. ED. Tho loiuisville Journal of the 8ihimi. eav: Mr. Elwno! Fisher, in his speech on Thursday evening, aaid in substancp! The Whigs nitemrt to laugh at lis for bringing out a man never spoken of for the Presidency, one com paratively so undistinguished. Considering the fur lorn condition of the Whig party, it would have been cruelty tobnngout onsofour strongest men. Again the Whigs accuse us of not being willing to go before the people upon mir prinnnles-of being nfrnid lo avow our naked principles and discuss them fairly ond open y, unaided by the gunpowder popularity of a Jackson, or the secret power if a inaeician. We have now poininatrd a man who is nniher a hero nor a mai ian, a citizen comparatively undistinguished, beaten twice in hi own State n the Onvernnr's canvass but A MAN OUT AND OUT FOR FREE TRADE OPENLY AND UNCONDITIONALLY OPPO SED TO prtOTKCTION. AS INEXPEDIENT AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL. We nominate a msn is tho exponent of our piiticip'cs we fight on our principles, without my extraneous aid. Tito last Nasiivilli: Wiiio notices tho disunion tnovements in South Carolina with thu nbhurrenco that belongs lo It, and says, whatever may be tho feelings and intentions of Polk's nullification suppurleis, tho great body of tho people of Tennessee will give no countenance to such infamous sentiments. It would seem, however, that thero aro dis 1 unionists even in Tennessee, for wo find 1 tho following call for a public meeting, to I express the indignation of the citizens at tho ' atrocious attempt : I 1'ubtk Meeting. The citizens of Davidson county aro requested to meet at the Court House, in thi city, I on Saturday, the 29th inst.,at (wo o'clocle, to enter Iheir solemn protest against tho desecration cf I lie I soil of TeiinessLC, by any set of men whoaredis- poseu id sever our glonous Lonrederncy, who pro pose to hold a Mass Convention in lliiscily for tint purpose. cy.ll who go for the WHOLE UNION, and nothing short of ils perpetuity and honor, are ear nestly requested to attend on Saturday next, Tho " Coimtuii" says of the abovo : Such wc trust will bo the feeling in e-vory portion of the country, as soon ns tho contemplated treason becomes known, Tho ring leaders nroevidently very much disconcerted by tho nrcnialure develop'emcnl of their plans in South Carolina, and the most urgent orders have gone on from Washington, to back out ns far as possible from the bullying resorted to at Beaufort nnd other nullification hot beds, nnd to keep quiet at present. Tho proper period has not yet arri val, nnd the plot must remain in tho dark, till the leaders have lime to make a boiler and more mature organization. They need not trouble Ihein-elvcs j Iheir ell'orts at concealment will do them no good i for their infamy is well know n, nnd has been for a long limp. It is just as well, therefore, to throw off all disguise and go openly, and at once, to work. Oct up their Southern republic if thev can, and make Mr. Calhoun Pro-ident forthwith. They will gain noth ing by delay; for wo can nssurp them thai they are perfectly understood, and whatever they may pretend to do now, or whatever amount of hypocrisy they may assume hereafter, will not make the least differ ence in tho world in the opinion entertained of them. They are known lobe dcsirmisof dismembering the Union, nnd known to have acted with tho solo view lo that abominable consummation for years. STAND UP TO THE HACK. Wo havo challenged the Sentinel and Viue Democrat to show that Mr. Polk ever gave a vole, or uttered a sentiment, piior to his nomination to the Presidency, favorable to a protective tariff. 2'hoy have not done it. Can they do it Will t ley do it ? If the evidence exists, we certainly see no good reason for withholding it. Do you, reader? Point us lo the time, place, chapter, or verse whore Polk ever breathed a sentiment, which, by any fair interpretation, could be construed to even imply friendship fur pro tection, lie has been fourteen years in Congress, and thrice before the people of Tennessee as a candidate for Governor, du ring all which time the tariff has been the prominent, the exciting topic of discussion, and his votes and speeches must certainly furnish recorded testimony of his views. We beseech tho 2'iue Democrat to cite us an extract from some one of Polk's tariff speeches. Wo should like to republish it. It would bo a curiosity. Hut alas ! it turns out that Mr. Clay is not a friend of protection ! and tho Who Dem ocrat offers to provo that Mr. Polk is evs much a friend of protection as his opponent : that is, no friend at all ! No evidence is needed on this point. Tha public under stands from Polk's votes and speeches al ready before ilium, that he is NO T a fiiond of protection, and what they waul, is, jhal portion of his votes and speeches (which the Whigs have wickedly withheld,) that go to prove he IS a friend of protection. Wheth er true or false, the woild has labored under the impression for the past thirty yeais that Mr. Clay was an ardent friend of protection ; the evidence is at least prima facie. And now tho 7'iuo Democrat must furnish us with tho grounds for oven a suspicion that Mr. Polk ever cnteitaincd a sentiment of the kind, before we can discuss the compar ative mm its of the two men on this point. Is this unreasonable I Jolliam II. Hall used In have a maxim that it "stood to reason that an ox could draw more down hill than he could up, because he could get a better foothold." And it is finite as clear to most people that a man whoso whole life has been devoted to the cause of protection, is more likely to ho in favor of it than ono like Mr. Polk, whoso speeches votes, and public acts aro all on the other side, lint perhaps O'llallotan can chop logic finu enough to prove that the real ft lends of a good cause should always oppose it ILL OMUN. Last Friday, after tho little Polk sapling had been hoisted tip to its unnatural eleva lion at the summit of the old hickory, and stood like its prototype, wondering at itssud uen aim unexpected rise m the world, all at once a great rattling was huard on the square, ond tho little poke stalk was seen slipping through tho rings which vainly sought lo pre vent its fall, down to tho earth beneath, when, but for tho firm clay at tho bottom it must havo tumbled ignominiously upon ils back. This however sustained it, and after halting for a moment, it slowly settled over to an angle of forty-fivo degrees, whero it stood until a new ropo was fastened round tho top of old hickory, again rescued it from tho humiliating position to which its natural gravitation had consigned it. ITho believers in omcnology looked sorry enough, and wc could not but wish that their prophet had witnessed the catastrophe. It was decidedly n case of" providential dispensation, over which ho would have gloated with all his usual blasphemous exul tation, had it befallen any body but tho sin less democracy. Wo trust ho has boon written to. tt7Wo invito attention to tho call for a County Convention on the 31st which ap pears lo-uay Wo trust it will bo met in tho truo spirit, by u grand rally of the patriotic Whigs of tho County. Hon. Georgo P. Marsh will bo present, and it is hoped tint Hon. Solomon Foot, of tho first District will also bo in attendance. TlIU filtOANS Iir.SI'EAK THE ACONV. Every Locofoco paper wo set-, from tho Now England States is fillptl with jbored attempts tn claw off from Polk's free trado ground. No lio is too barefaced, no misrepresentation too flagrant in this hopolcss olTort ; but alas! Junimy Polk is a Freo trader still, in "spile of lamiMitations here, and (rejoicing) else. "Iieie." MU. POLK ON THE TARIFF. Wo havo beforo us n Loco-Foco pamphlet untitled " Answers of cx-Gov. Polk lo two Scries of Inteiiogatoiies propounded to him and Uov. Jones, through the presses of Mem- pins, "together with u Letter disclosing Ins views on the various public questions of tho day. This is a namiihlut cot un bv Polk himself last summer, when electioneering for tho office of Governor, and printed at tho Loco ' Appeal ' office, Memphis. In his Int tui, under tho head of "Thu Tariff," Mr. Polk thus opens : "THE TARIFF." "Upon the subject of tho Turilf, I have bill little to add to what I have heretofore often declared to the yublic. All who have observed my course know that havo at all tunes been opposed to the "Protective policy." I am for laying such moderate duties on imppils ns will raise revenue enough, when added to the income from the salo of lands and other inciden tal sources, to defray the crocuses of Government economically administered. I am in favor of a Tarill' tor istvenue, and opposed to a Tariff for Protection. I was a member ol Congress during the period that this subject excited great interest. I was opposed to tho Protcclhe Tnrill'of 1823, and volcd against it. I voted for the act of 1332-bccauso it reduced Iho Ta rill of 1823 lo lower rates. Thai made some reduc tion, though not ns much as I desired to have made. 1 voted fur tho net of March 2d. 1833, (commonly called theCoinpromiso Ait) which reduced the rates of the net of 1S32 to still lower rates, nnd finally brought the rates of the net of 1832 down to a point nl which no nrliclo was. after tho 2'iih of June. Ip.1'2. to bp Mill. jeet to n duty hiahcr than 20 per cent. This was the i:iw wnen mo n nig i ongrets came into power, liy tho Tnrill'act of Iho 23lli August, 1PI2, tho Comprom. iso Act was violated nnd repealed. I am opposed to iho act of 1812, not regarding it to be n Revenue Tn rid, but in many of Us provisions highly protective and oppress vc in its character. I am in favor of the restoration of the Compiomuo Act of 1333." Ho goeson to arguo that the passage of this act is a violation of the Compromise, assails Mr. Clay on that ground, proceeds to specify tho duties on Salt, Sugar, Saws, Axes, Scythes, Iron, Cotton and Woolen fabrics, &c. as oppressive and such as ought to be re pealed. And yet tho Iron men of Pennsyl vania and New Jersey, the Salt boilers of Sa lina, ifcc. &c. are told that it is a Whiff lie that Polk is opposed to the present Tarilfand in tavor ol reduced it to28 tier cent. ! Polk strenuously objects (May 17, 1843,) it... i . M V.. 'II ..... - f Him uiu jiiusuiii ui in win uui raise licvcnue enough, and that it is causing thu Govern ment to sink deeper and deeper in debt. A htle year has passed, and now his partisans aro clamoring mat it produces too much Kov enue, and will nay off thu Debt lo soon !- Thero is no keeping them to any one impor tant position lor a year. 1 rtbune. dCf" If you want to see a labored and sys tcmatic attempt to provo that protection is a humbug, read tho N. Y. Evening Post, of July !)lh. This is tho groat organ of Loco focoism in New Yoik, which, while it chokes a little at P jlk's Texasism, is so much in love with him for his fieo trado doctrines, that it " goes its death" on his election. These things show best whether protection or free trado, tariff or repeal would most llourish under llm auspices of this astonish ing Tennessee prodigy, whose qualities have so increased in sho since the 2I)lh of May. THE LOCOFOCO GAME ON THE TARIFF. " On this subject it isNi:cr.s.nv that ice SHOULD ior nn usiJMisToon." Such was the frank declaration eif Horatio Sey mour, lUcp, President of Iho Loco ".Mats" Meeting, with regard to the Turin" question. It is customary fur the presiding officer of n convention, in his open ins iddrcss, to lay out a programme of tlie perform ance, and -Mr. S. thus gave Iho cue to ihe speakers who were lo follow liiin. " On thit suhject it in no cessary that ice should not be understood." Thus in strucled, the speakers as well ns ihe committee on resolutions did all in their power to mystify their hear ers, as to the Locofoco views and intentions with re gard lo the Tariff. Jtut we apprehend, howeer gre-at the "necessity," they will find all efforts lo prevent the people from understanding their truo position, quite vain lly the way, dil nM Mr. Seymour advise this same course nt winter, when some resolutions respecting me limn woru iiiroauce.ii in ine the Assembly ; nnd e eiiiirouueeiiin the the Assembly? nnd not quietly laid one side at his suggestion 1 'a2i wao nicy ii Utica Ga Vermont This noble Wdir State, ever true to her principles and alive lo her bust in terests, is already raising her "beacon lights" am! soundiiiL' her "bujle-blasts," preparatory to tho "real November battle. Hosides her re cent State Noiniiiatm Convention at llu rliny ton, wo find local (ratherim: nf her Wing cifi zeus in various pirts of the State ; ono espe cially, of old Addison county, assembled at Ver iionncs on the 'lth, which, says the Middlcbury Galaxy, was fully ropresente'd by every town in the county, and numbered, little short ofd,. 000. The Green .Mountain spirit pervaded the ma??, both in speech and action, which wc have not mom to detail. A series of pttriotic and spirited resolutions were adopted by the meet iug by acclatnition, from which we take the two following : llesolved. Thai the existence of the Whig Tariff of 1312 elepends upon the election of Henry Clay j that wo see under ils benign influences, thecountry rapidly recovering from the bhejlit and mildew which Loco Kocoism had ensiamped upon it j tint we recognize 111 the increased value of our great staple the effect of Mr. Clay's protective policy, and lint ihe fanner, the mechanic, the merchant nnd professional man, nre bound to resist the cll'irts eif our opponents to repeal this beneficent measute; tint James K. Polk has al ways and often expressed his Insti'ity to Northern interests, nnd has told iho wool growers that they were in error, in supposing a duty upon wool necessa ry, and that in his oniniou woo! should hn ilnm rr,. to nil of which wo hero resolve to reply, at Ihe ballot boxes next November. llesolved, That the swelling mass which the land of Allen,. "-tark, nnd Warner, sent to tho late State yonvenuun ni iiurlmgion, and has this day shown Itself here, out numbering the oreni lnm-n'm.. .,.1l-,l together by the poiene nnd sacreu name and influence of Iho lamented Harrison, are the turoearnesls of the determination of Vermont 10 reiain her position as the nevrr .ollini. at.p I,, t.n I r . lint we do now pledge ourselves by our energy and exampioio nut in giving our electors a maioritv of ij.uuunexi iiuveniuer, aim 10 remind our sister Slalo New Yoik. that she has. nod ffin nfriin. n'til fnr lin self o.OOD to this majority, and thai with her help "our union is perfect and victory certain." Albany Daily Adv. J Yuuk Emiilkms! 7'Iio Truo Democrat got a very naughty looking cut nvtdo about tho tinio of iho Virginia election last spring: but Virginia wont for tho Whigs, and that coon has never boon publicly skinned, wo bo licvo. But Louisiana was so certain for them thai thero could bo no mist.iko ; and 0 now dovico, more savage than tho first, was got up at great expense. But, alas, Chap man can't crow ; tho coons again refuso to bo skinned ; and O'ilalloran has como to tho conclusion that all exultation of this kind is unbecoming. If ho was half as neighborly as Winslow, ho would lend it to us. TYLER ANU TEXAS. Wo beliovo tho committo charged with tho responsible duly of filling up ihe Tyler tick et by nominating a vice Prosidont, havo con cluded to lot that ticket stand as it is, that is Tyler for President, nnd Tctas for Vice President. This is as it should be. O" Wo boo there woro two Conventions of tho "Democracy" of this county at Cocymans on Saturday. How thoy divided up tho deleca lion from this city, "thirty two" in number, we do not know, Abraham Verplank ! (will the Atlas note this!) was thu Chairman of the " Old Hunker" convention, and Hunli A Mo. shur of the " Barn burnors." The Argus docs not notice the latter ; and tho former is pass. ed over bv the Atlas. IT" Our Union is per- lect I At", vaiiy aar UNPAftALLr.Lco KnAVEnv. Wo nre informed n few days since a Mr. F. of N, Haven, (who is, by lie way, a very wealthy individual, and withal a pious mani) came lo our city and bargained with a certain firm lor Iho disposal of his wool, consisting in nil of nbout six hundred fleeces. A short timenftcr this tie presented himself wilh n load of tho s.ime, according to ngrecinctit. when the purchasers proceeded foilh with to store it. The person engaged in tossing the fli'cccs into the atorc-room. leinira Frenchman, notic ing the unusual heft of Ihe same frequently remarked "ins iroolheam mm heavy I ' i tie irequency ol tins rcmatk nwakened suspicion whi Ii was in part con firmed by the improbable) weight of a ccrlnin very small fleece, (ils weight being eight pounds.) Afier some consultation this was opened by the un winding of some sixty feet of twine, whei lo nnd be hold 1 no less than five pounds, of sstid 'ay co.-ily in ils centre. Ivich llccch then passed an examination, audit was found that they all contained from 2 to 5 pounds of this neio article of commerce, nnd each quantity was secured with nbout sixty feel of twine. Out of charily lo the family connexions of tho man wc forbear lo give his name. Verg emits Vermonter. Wis havo a parallel case. Tho samo in dividual attempted a similar fraud upon Messrs. Cole efe Robinson of this placo on Tuesday last. lSut (ho fraud was instantly detected ; wdicreupon tho individual took to his waggon and put whip to his horses for dear life. Ferris and his posse, liowovcr, were soon upon the track, and ulter n steeple chase of somo hour or two the knight of the sand-bag was overhauled and brought back, when ho compromised the matter by paying a hundred dollars or more. This may an swer individual ends ; but, we would nsk, where sleeps public justice, while such n miscreant walks about to taint the moral at mosphere, and perpetrate new frauds upon the unsuspecting i I In; end is not yet, we trust. 7se7e7c Frost is the name of the per son alluded to. MILTON. We aro requested to announce that Hon. J. M. M'Shafter will address tho Whigs of Milton, at the School House, at Checker bciry, on the 20lh ins!., at G o'clock, P. M. On Tuesday ovening, a man from Hines burgh, in a fit of passion, whipped his son about eight or nine years old, so violently that iho poor little fellow was scarcely ablo to stand. Thu ruffian was excited by liquor. "Undo John" hearing of the affair, had the unnatural father lodged in piil, whero wo hope and tiust ho will stay liil he learns that no man has a right to vent his drunken rago on his helpless offspring. CouNTcm-ciT Moniiv. A m ill was ar rested on Monday charged with passing counterfeit money. On seal clung him, about a thousand dollars was found upon him. He was fully committed. A.voTitnn. A man was lodged in jail u day or two no, charged with having stolen a quantity of silver spoons. Kentuckv On the 3d instant the Whigs of Kentucky nobly responded to a summons to as seinhlo in mass meeting at Lexington, bv con predating there to the number of some fifteen thousand, representing a ,,,lris f ,,0 St!)te The procession moved on foot, in carriages, on horseback, in wagons', anil m-prv sort nl' vnbipln that could be procured; and, after marcliiin' throiifjh tho city, proceeded to the jriiunils of the Kentucky Association, where Ihu Ciinvnntinn wa, orinized hy nppoint,,,, tho vonemhlo Gov. Aiaic-rte as l'reMdeot of the day. The onier of proceedings was then announced by General Combe, ami the meet inj; opened by prayer. When those preliminaries were conclodod, (as we Icnrn from the " Western Ciiixi-u ; "j Gov. Metcalfe rose and led the way in a most felic itous nnd happy speech or half an hour's length, which showed that the strength of his arm was still great and the fires of Ins intellect yet bright n-d glowing. 'I hen followed, in Iheir order, Hon. Iteii Hardin. linn Tho. Ev ing, of Ohio, Hon. Mr. Marshall, of Indiana, ami last, but not least, John J. Crittenden, Kentucky's distinguished son. So great was ihe multitude that ry to erect a second stand for another set of speakers, Anion; iho orators tint addressed ho neonle from this stand were Hon. Wm '. Soulltate L W An! i Jrtwsi -Manhus V. 'I liomson, John Ti. Thomson, &c. Mr. pAsint, (L. I;.) of the 7ih Congressional District 111 NorlhCarolimi, is out in along Idler to his constituents, in the Globe, m which lie takes the Locofocos of the present Commo .v.r,l.. 1.. ...1. n" "n-1 niaking a purely pirty"poiut of defealing'llie j tnnll of I9r. lie come out, clear and " llat-footed," inr 11 iow revenue larm," and scouts the proieclive i principle a. an "enormity." What sav theetmocrn- ic tor ueini wooi-raisers, the c Conm-eiicn nnnuficliirers. nnd the dem Z x"Z 1 .. - - ...... .I..,t u,,,. raier, to this new proof of iheir (lnrty leaders' ndvo- ... ,t uuiw , luieciion t , lew more de-1 monslrations like this and their eves, we hope, will be open obstinately shut llioujjh they now ate Alb I Daily Ade. A? Iterestiso I'.xeEiiiMr.NT.-Tho f'hiladclphia I U.S. Gazette sa sail interesting and hiehlv imnor. 1 taut experiment is now being tried in Pennsylvania, and other tariff states, to ihe result of which, we shall look vvith no inconsiderable degree of curiosity Ills, 10 lest Ihe amount of credulity of the Democrat ic portion of the people of those Slates. The first trial is,-lo seo if they can ho made to believe tint James 1 Iv. Polk, the candidate of the South Carolina F ree t raders, Diiiiuonisis. nnd .Nulhfiers. is in favor of n Protective I arijf. If ihcy succeed in this, the licxtobiecl will be easily accompli-hed, namely lo make them believe that blade is xrhitc, and that the moon is miulo of green cliec-e. Ibid. ITj The Oswego Advcriiser states tint " the Hon. Jolin Sanrord, two veils since a Loco Foco Member of Congress Irom .Montgomery count), and ono of their strongest men, has abandoned .Mr. Polk and Ihe party. He says that ho is standby the TariiK and that Polk, Cnlhoun, S.c, will crmh it if thev come into power. This is almost loo innd tn bn m. xr. o I- was) one of the most influential men in , u ,.nn cyiuence 01 ins popularity we could state that when eleeled In Congress ho polled 213 more vines in 111s district than .Mr. Yan Iluicn.-Ao. Clay Club. 1110 next roiriilar iMcoiin"- of "o ISUItLINGTON CLAY iuVU will beholden nt tho Court House on MONDAY EVE NING next Juhi 22. The members 'are requested to asinine punctually nt SEVEN o'clock. E- A. STANSDURY, Secretary. In this village, on tha evening nt tl.. a.u u.. Rev John K. Converse, Mr. Samcec P. Srr.Aa,, of -" w L. FoLwrn,of Hurlincton. At tha residenco of his father in Shelburne, on the I5th tnst., Giles c. Speak, rged 32 vests. Rarelveloes it ).,.,,. ,1... .1.. 1 , . ., bring wilh i. so -geJal' gloom, "as" he? of chel'r'hT ",0n h-M l,rodl":eJ """"al'out (ha wholi circle of his ncntiatnlnnce. About three years ago he came to this , lage, lo make it the scene of his er- r,Tn7j , ,CLM,0 '', "ef"lness. From that time forward fo thn r nn, ., ii . al deportment and integrity ho had strongly attached 0 liiuneir a large community of friends, who were lUUKIIIg to hllll llniiA ulm mil f,.r,l. ,1... ,. isa of being a useful citizen and an ornament lo soci- I nV m i'c, .h" ty'tlri from anionej us, cut otTin the m.dn of his usefulness, wo havo a con solation in believing that he still liveth, and that his ?uZY, ,"u5, now serul forl!' ,hcir "Slnet lustra in a Dclter and more perfect existence. A HOUSE TO RENT. Kniuirs of VILAS LOO.MIS 4. Co, Burlni;ton, July J8, 184t. I 1844. FREIGHT FOR NEW YORK & BOSTON. R Northern Transportation Mne Association. LOI LAR LINE OF LAKE flOATS from New l,.n. ? i ' :f"''1i!J'' ni r.ny 10 nurlmgton, Si. AN ban,, d other P,n, ,, j,,, chninplnin. FOR FHKIllllT APPLY TO U harles U. Jane., 33 Cocmie Slip, New York. Oli Clnnn. IS Long Wharf, Hoton, 101 Pier, Albany. 150 Kivcr St., Troy. 11. A. Holeomb, L. A. (,'arlcton, Lane V. Ilaker. J & J H Peck u;- Co. IT lllll'tl.111. Hurlingiun. St. Albain. r.nui muni. ( Lawrence Uraiiinrd, )' 1 m -' ji. noun Whaling's, porl Kcnli J. Wn,,o e ,,r i,0U)jIaa, A i , Platt.burgh. J. 0. Pierce & Son, St. Johns, Canadn fait. A ftoat will leave liurlinsion and Si. Albam daily, ami run in connection with ., .ilar Line of Pack ci. from New ork to lo.tnn. Cargo will he hiM.r wit., r rcicnt ni mwcl prices. ' H. HOOKRlt, tan. ' ' 7-3.I, MORE NEW GOODSTT c. r. s smmtouo T.TAS Just returned from New York with hii second 1 t , t"""1,sinco M,y '"" cnn.istiner of Fancy and Staple Dry Good, Dry (Imcerics, Paper Hang, ings, etc.. which for quality and cheapness cannot be surpassed July 15, 1811. 7 FIOUJt. 1 nfi"'!'' superfine Hour, 50 half barrel-do. L"" , June 1 ! 2 STHONflS & Co. l'un slUti, TilEf-Vlpnrt of the VJCSTRY hTILDLNO ,e lontrmg 111 the Congregational Clrire-h, to be moveij oil Ihe loi within tlnrlydi'.y. Apply lo ' 29th May, Ml 52j 'II. W. CATLIN. REMOVAL. CABINET FURNITURE. rpiIE Mibjcribcr ha. removed from hi. edd .land on I Church Strcei, lo Ins nev? MUCK SHOP on Cailm'j Lane, twenty rod. East of the liurlinglou Danl;, where be ha. on hand and will continue to man ufacture all hind, t.l CABINET WAIil-:, of thehc-t quality, such ns SOI'' AS, SECItBT -RIKS, IIKAURKAtJS, Dining, Tei. Centre, Work and ToiletTAHLKS, STANDS & liliDSTEADS, nnd all kind, of work in liMinc. iCP'.Mo-t kind, of Country produce nnd Lumlcr received in payment, or approved credit, nnd very cheap for C.ih. SAMUEL NICHOLS. U.irlinglon, May 23lh, 1811. 52 TfAKEWELL'S Shew., of ull kind nre kept nnd jl now otlercel lor kn!e bv May 23. 51 C. K. STANIFOUI). TI rrS, Gloves and Hosiery, a cood annulment j- tor sale low uy I July 15, 18 If. C. V 'STANIPORD. 7 I NEW STORE & NEW GOODS. rPHE ubcrihcrhat taken the New Store one door A north cf Mf-r, IlruiMiiaids' where lie lusjmt received and now o ler. for alc, a general a-orl-meni of Fancy nnd Staple Dry Good., Dry Groecrie., Paper Hanging-, &c, which fur quality nnd cheap iiescauuot be .-urpacd. Pnrcha-ers aie invited lo cull und examine lor themselves. C. F. STAMFORD. Rurlingion, May 1C, 1311. 50 "I,TAOKi:UnL, Cod Fish, Salmon. Smoked IJeel bv 11 May I j, '11 50 STRONGS & Co ' NEW STORE. 'THE -ob-cril er would inform hi. friends and ihu x I'11"'"; that he ha. jut opcnol a Store on ihe wli'eedriK, TT'.WV M " f 'J?;!k,,Ae w",l'le' l'l"l'r;1"'"g a sia atock Dill OUODS, and a general a.-orinienicf . .. u. iiicv ran of I FAMILY GROCERIES, Please call and look 1 elore buying i -e where FLOUit and SALT, by thelMr'rcl.or in le.'squnn tity. I -hall not I c undersold bv mv n,'ilil,nr. June 7, M4. J N. W. GAGE. FOR SALE. ritHF. subscriber offers for sale his - present place of resilience. GEO. G. INGERSOLL. Pearl Si. May 7th. 13G M'lAJ) P11M3, &c. 5 TONS Lead Pipe J lo 1 inch, 1 do Sheet 1 cad, I I'. I. Ol '7... . 1 C.i-k Sheet Zinc 30 ll.i s shot, a-sorted No.. I y Maylj.'ll. 50 STRONGS if- Co. GKNT.'S Leghorn Hals, Clolh nnd Oil Chilli Caps, fee.. .now npenjug at C. P. S TANH'ORD'S. July to, 1811. 7 CASH PAID 1.-OU IVDOI, the HI'RLINGTO.V MILL cmm ivv . T) Y i'J t their Kaetory. Also Wool received to iii.inn(nc. "1. " " 1 l'V.u ' " "" ' same leims as nmfiuiuie ov .uesrs. itoe.i.nrsns: .v- R VTIIDL'X. SIDNHY HARLOW, Agrn. I'or llurlingtun .Mill Co. June 10, 181!.-lf2 PLASTER. Tons of Nova Scotia Plaster, hut received and 40, now giiiidinir at the Plaster .Mill .m U'inn.itk; run, nim lor sale uy June I'.', 131 1. KOLLET, BRADLEY & Co. S UM.UER G OoljS. WHITEand llrown Linen Drilling., Twee I., Iil'k Summer Cloth, al-ei, n varie v of Cotton good, for summer wear for sale low by ' Hurling on, June 1 1, Ml. S. M. POI'IC. C. I1AYNKS HAS just ree-eived a fewehoiee patterns of French and American PAP U HANGINGS, of the latest style-, for sale at InsPainl Shop on Col lege street. llurlingtun, June 19, IS 1 1. 3 if CASH PAH) FOR WOOL. rpiIEsub-eriler w II pay Ca-h for Wool delivered 1 at hi. Store-, head of Pearl Street, nearly oppo- Hie ihe Pearl Street House. HARRY BRADLEY. 3 Burlington, June 19, 1811. SOAP, ORO. shaving soap, $c. v. 7a ,lu hook, and eyes, 65 do round laoci, 50 M. D. K. N'mllfs, jii-i rereivednnd for sale June 5, '41. 1 by VILA S, LOOM IS & Co. I'AlRXrELAST C INKSTANDS. WHICH do not allow Ihe ink todiy up or admit Ihedu-l, or if over.urnisl the ink doe- not run out and many other ud vantages over com mon ink stand., sold In July 4,41. 4 IIHINSMAID & HKOTHRRS. PORTRAIT PAINTING. TT' K. M. FIELDING, Portrait Painter, ha. 1YX lal.ei: en n room al Ii. 26. American llni..l where ho will lo hannv lo wait unon the-nennlu ,!' Burlington in the way of hi profi-sion. He-has the experience ol ten ve-ar study and practice to oiler a a guaranty 10 ino-e wno mayiie-ire to obtain the like ne-sts.eif themedvei or their friends in an cndurinj form. He of course will ask noonctotalea piclnrewhich iocs 1101 pruvej sausiacie ry. lie nas hail much sue-ce-ss in obtaining good likcnc-scs, both in New York and several of the Southern Stale-, and flatter- him- sen, mat tne inhabitants ol this village will Lcsatisli ed with hi labor in ihe line of his an. Specimens of his painting may le his room. Mr. F. oilers for sale a first rale Daguerreotype ujjiuiuma win, ciieiuicnis, pidica and eascs, to any person who may wish to purchase them. Hurh'ngton, July 10, I8IL 6 LATIO AKKIVAL, LOVELY SEYMOUR. 1NVITK Ihe aitcntion of the public to a large stock of new and FASIIION.inLR GOODS or cv-t-rv varietv-, viz; all style of line dress smir, rich Ca hcoes. (iin'.haio-. atnhlin. Lnt.. Sh .i. "- AI.SO, Hroad Cloths, Cusimerr, TwcoL, Satiin iis, Drill ings, Vesting, Trimmings, etc. etc., which will be sold a hc loirest market price. Church Street, Burlington, July llth.'ll, 6 WANTED.' Sftft 0If, ,Srcr." cl Rve. fur which csib 11.. w.'lJ.h." I3 ''' ,KCK 41 SPWR. July II, 1614. g MESS PORK. AriW Btls.jual received hy Jul- 11, 1811. 6 NEW FIRM. TW. OIHI! would inform the public that hu h formed a connection in Ihu Sa Idling bonne" wilh Col, Dial lloynton. Iliiiii(!s will b conducted at the old stand under the name of t. w. (unit &. Co. Tbey inlniil to le in n.Mtualitm at nil tlme to ae coinmodale customer Willi nny article in Ihoir 'lire on tho mo! reasonable tcriiH. They will engage! that it shall 1 0 to the imcrr-t ol nnv gentleman to eonui twenty mile, to piireh.i;c 310. I' 'irstmtu double- hnnie lor S!5 ca-h. Ilinebtirgh,23ih June, 1811. NEW HOOT AND SHOD S TOllL. T-TAm r,em"vu,J 10 !IU "v "hop opposite tl Id 1J. Hank, where be l prepared lo meet the call, id 111. cutomer, on the shortest iioile-cnnd m tliu Intf-t ami most f.i-hionable Kyle. He ha. no umpiy leyut to make, nor can he say but that In. work may fouie times partake ol the imperfection which clialacierize. nil thing, of human Mrucimej but Ihi. he will sav that 30 5 car- experience Inn given him pome conli' ilcncc, so that he think, be can coiupcic wilh ino.i of III. nighbor, with Iho last and aiel, If not with llie self praising pen. At all event?, hi. eu.tomer bIiiiII run no risl,; lor if work i not food bo will tna'.e it i;ood. iSow a ncrelofoie, he icarrants hi. wur't lei give good s,!it!', or In' will make -nti.fauiiun. hoots Asn snons Of every description, i.'OiiMniuly mi hand, and manu factured to order, of good stock ami superior work- ' iiiau.iiip. I Iiurlmgion, .May 23, IS It. 5 I STliA YElPoilSTOl7i:N, IROM ihe New Church Green, June 2Gtli, a liilit biy Mnrc, black mane nnd tail no ihoei Lw-liind I n gall 011 the lefi four ankle Ind the heave, an.i had 011 a saddle nnd bridle. Whoever will return nai marc, or give information of her whereabouts shal be suitably compensated. J. II. niATUHI.K. WilhHton, June 2?, '11. 3n LAD I ICS WATCH 1SS, MADE II Y A LADY. LADIES who wi-h for a good nnd leaoti'iil Watch Malic by a lady fan 1 e Mipp'icd at very low price'., flinch lower than Watches of tbij quality were ever I eforc oleied. Tlic-e Wnichcs wire made expro..y f ir its, and have the hidy's name, nnd our own, a'ud the year when the y were made, " 18 1 1" upon them. Wo have 'old Wntehe. m.ielo by this same lady I efore', and they plea-eeiistnuicrs much. She write. tou that this fot are liner liiii-hcd nnd more hea iti f.d than nny made for ns Lcf .re, and we Hud them nlwHv.ju-t a. slicsMle-'. We should think that ladic would be de-irou. of pos-e-sina a Wateli made by their own sex. We tin I that gentlemen hko iliem 111 11 h. 1 nillNSMUf) efc HROTHITI.S. (JANES AND HIDING STICKS. IN great variety, beautiful Canes with nil; I'iii biella on lhm, from S3 to $10 each, Cane Fi-h Poles, Hickory (lane, and many either kii.ds. Collar-, Stock, and Handkerchie'l-, cheap, ehem, cheap. 1 IIUINSM.MD efc BROTH F.IIS. WATCHES &' OTHER GOODS WILL be Mild very low doling all Ihc public Oas tlif- summer. 'Sirangeia and other, are de-'i- red to call nnd see. '1 HRINSMAID & BROTHER-1 RUNAWAY. A HOLT ihc 20th May la-t, an inden'cd hoy, named ijnarie. we-t. 1 111s is toiorhid all pci"n-liar-Ijoring or Iru-tiiisr him on my aci'ount, as I shall n'aim all Jus earning., ami pay no debis of hi- contracting, r . M. KOSM.U Clnrlottc, June 20, 1811. I 3w SMOKED BE EE. K.fC LliS. Superior quality smoked Ilecf by 'JUU July 1. fl STRONGS ,V Co. FLOUR. " QCf Hni.S. Superfine Flour. 100 half Hbls. do WW JUlri4. S STRUM. X ,S Ii) GRIND STONES. CHOICE Nova Scotia Grind Si incs July, 1. ', STRONGS Co. 40 MOXTItKAI, AND lll)TO.N ' .EXPRESS. rTtl'Kfiibscnhers have made arrangement to scnJ X a incs't'iigcr from bVston to Montreal an I hack onte a wevk eat h war. vfa. (lurliiutoii. Monloeher. and Conerr l,'N. II., leaving liu-loii on Mon l.iv and .uumrrai on I In rsaay. nr the trailsiui.-iou ol spe cie, Nolo-, iiid'oihervnlimUe package. I'.u licular ntteution paid to colle.-ting and paying Note, Draft-, Hills, Acceptances, if-e. if'C. All paok.ige to leiinrkcd Vireil st Cei. nnd Wnlker cv Co.'. Kx )ress, and lo 1 e left nt the couniing room ol J. it J. II. Peek it Co. VIRGIL & Co., Montreal. 3 WALKLR & Co., Ilo-n 11. Ilo! All V(! 'i'llllt Thi' si I NOT (; ACIil) VHT I pUM, BRAND V, GIN nnd WINKS, of nil the 1-V. various qii.intiiies of one pin I or more, nun omer r. i.uii.i vjitejui-.Hii.s, lor sale oil rea sonableierins, by ISAAC W.IRNKH. liinlinglnn,, 1914. 2 SPRING GOOM; . OVE L Y !f S E YM O UR, T-'I A VK re'ei'ived a largo annine 111 i t roinl. a' IX isl lo the se.1.011, viz : lliinl.,izine-, lll.trl; and nine diiu'k 111111 rane'V .Mlk-, Kieh ll.ilzorinc., hvl idiiisl nnd t-nlivr De l.aine., l'lai- and Kianrel'de Laincs, Punted and Oimrhaiii Mii.h'n. nnd l.'ii,',,.- Rich l.aiindcc.aiid I'oplins.I'ii'ilar.l Sill..,Seoici an,t American ( i mi i.., Cjinbrie, lloi'k, Jai'iuicl .san-oiM, 1111 1 .11011 .1111. un.; a .piciuiui a-sorinienl ol CALICOESi Kk Ii Bonnet Sill;, and Lawn-, Ribbon., Ho-icrv, lilove-, &v. lie., logeihor with every article 111 un; 1- iiiiy um atopic ury IfeloUff III1C. Cb ir.-h -liei i. .May 10, IS I I. .(9 if I'liivATi; wciiooi. AT WINOOSKI PARK. . (TWO MIII'.S J'tlllM lll'lll.lsOTUS, VT.l II'OIIK ndJinoiial Se-holai will le reccucd into the L- lamilv ol Rev. .I..NAS 111.1?, nt his pre ent re-silence-. Thelorntiou is nio-t f.ivoral It- lor henhh and reiiremcnt, in the niid-t of a region -can civ sur-p.i.-e'd in beamy and o! iccls ol iuicrc-l by any -pot in New Luglnnd, und aliugeiher su, h an one n- the true progre-s t. ihe re'.pMiii'.. The e -cliol-nr- will I e under In- own private e'.ui'au I in-triie'liuii, and may utiend to nil brancln'. of study, or anv one', belonging to a thorough cduiMlion his aim will 1 .-, by n ihoniiich I'i.fipliue adapted 10 tho waul.-of each, (in m.ithcin.itii'., language-, scicirr., phy-ioloiy, iniel'ivinnl and moral philo-ophy, i'.) to dewlopc, as fully as po-sibh', the e'upiibiliiic. witli whi'li llicy are enelowesl bytutue'. Sclu'ra'ly advanced in sludy will I e pre'fe'rrcd, but moreevpevialiy those who wish to remain for two or three ye'ar. and pur-no a ill' lough and sy-lcin Hie cour-e'j and abovo all those who vvi-h 111 pur-ue or ihe'ologlral stiidic., 111 which no p.iius will Ic spared toeii-uie iheir triicund progre.s. Charges for board nnd tuition will vnry from SJOO 10 250 per year, according 10 ihu e'ondition and studio id ibe scholer, and the attention which he re uuire.. Thu whole niinil cr i-not lo exire I eight. 'I hose ol ciihcr sex will be received. A Idrc-s through Post Odiceat llurlingtun. Vermont Chronicle; ple-a-o ropy. c. 3 Sl'RKM OIL. 1 nnn o pure sperm winter and spring sperm M.JJJ Oil, 500 solar do. June 11, '41. 5 1 l(U.U5 if- Co MIDDLE1WR Y CASS1MVRES. UPs, Middlcbury Ca.inierr. f rmlrat Manutac lui.Ts prices bv Ibe s. by S. M. POPK. lime II, Ml. 2 JOHN li:vis A Kit iii iimoiit; llio wlictiU or Time. HA VI.N'G a lilt'e time t spare not devotes! 111 h. other I u-jiies, he wi-he lo nil up ihi- lime 111 repairing timk. Those havinc WATCHKS id re pair will plea-e 10 Iring them on in time, and have them pul in order to ke-ep kikxI time. Biirliiigiou, Jum-JfMeiL 3 Ci.ATsirpTiiTroR wool, iv II. W. CATLIN. A l-o, Clolh e'Xehangcd for Wool on good terms. June 20. 1311. 3 TEW llemneis, Glove, Jlmr, Livvn: Suiiiiuer i 1 html-, eve. tu-t rcieiveM hy June'O, '41. II. W. CATLIN. LEATHER. "I fr SIDES Sole Lenlher, goes! and vrrv cheap, lJU June '.'0. '15. 3 bv STRONGS fc Co. FRESH FIGS. 25 DRI'MS, iut received by June HI, '4 1. 3 STRONflS sV Co. MANILLA MATTS, A GOOD 3'sorimcnl, by June. 50, Ml 3 STRONGS A. Ca. 5 CASES a New Vork Hats, Irom ti.vO toSI.'JO each, al-o, a lew cases of heavy t!ool and .S'hoe.. 50 barrcll l!si extra mrcrfinr rlnur, J.iek.uu Mills. MalburyV Bund, unJ 100 -neks of .'.'ill, for sale 11 1 I oue.l. ol lteui,u.s 3, A LARGE aticrtniciil of Tot, Tml'i-cc Suga sV Melus. t , Spi"c .iv.'". Ac for rale t I COLI eV ItOBINSON'- Asn Itlioad's Eslftlc STATE OF VERMONT, ( A T a Prolate District of Chittciider., s. j i held at DiirlmglOM. within and for the Di-irict of Cnlltrnden.ou tin ninth elay ol July, lau, come! Amos Haty and Itamoti Joiioj, Exeviitors of the Inst will and le!iamtnt (I ASA ItHOAD-', Uw of Richmond, In said Diitrie 1 deve.i.el, nnd file in 'aideo tt Iheir petition in wti ting, praying Ibal ihe ll'iieliinilej forpaylng the del ti nr.d legnctci of the said deceased and se'lhnt; said o lair, may be- cxlended one jear Irom the sixth day nfSeptiinl er, 1811, nnd (lie said HxcciiIom alio pro poe lo render to aid court an account of their admin i.trntion and lo pre.eut their administration necouiil ngnliKl said estale fur examination and allowance. V ui.hCvroN, the conn aforesaid elolll appoint llin second Wedncs 'ay ol August, 1811, lor hearing nu dwidingin Ihe premise., al iho oillte of the KegMer 1 1 said eourl, in flurliiigton in said district, ami duib onVr that all person, iirerctcd I c nutt .ed llrreof by cation of tin. oruer, thre-u week iccessively, in lie llurlim;ion Free Pre., a ncivpapcr printcJ in sin' Hiirlhigtou, the la-t of which puMicatiou to be tin viou. to said scoti l WeJne-dntf of August, 181l, thai they may then and there appear and Show ca t-o why the prayer of Mid puiltion iliould not be gmnte.i, and why said uccouut .ho ild 1101 1 e allowed. (liven under my hand, at .aid Hurlinglon, ib'n 0 Ii dayolJ.dy, Idll. C V m. WESTON, llettr. Levi MittlngN i:.tatc! STATE OF VERMONT, I A T :i Probate conn Di-lriet e.l Chiliendcn, sa. J i. held at Ilurhngloii, willun and tor thudi.tru:t ol Chitieu leu, on the twen tieth d.iy or April, 1811, come. Win, a. llawkiu Wmm's'ia'or t.f ilic c.lale til Levi Nnttiitg, late 1 ' Uudeihill, in said disirii t, deceased, and file in a I coutt his petition in writing, praying -aid court 10 ex tend the time hunted for the payment of ihe del '4 !iguint said e-taie, and lor senfing smd e-iatc, tint yearl'ioni the I2ih elay of .May, ISII-and also pro jiei-e's to render tositid court an account of Ins a ' minittriiliein jud to present hi administration account against snij LMale for exaiuinntiolt anil allnwanrc. WiiEiu.uroN, Ihui'oiut ufoiciiid doth appoint th" second Weihicsday of Augut, lail, fur hearing an 1 deciding 111 the pibmisc, at the ollke of tin- Rcgi -ter of said Court in said U irlmatoii, "ill doih ordi ull periou. luleremcd in said e-taie-, be notifio' lliereof by pill lic-.t'iun of this order, three week-, mil. i-c-vively, in ihe liiiil.ngtun Pice Pies-, a neivspnpur printed In smd D iilingion, ibe l.i-l of which pul he.i-tion-to I eipreviou. to said -econd Wediie-day e.l Aii. gu-t, 1S1 1, th it lliey may Iheu nnd tbeit- apiieur mil show eau-e why the prayer of .aid peMiiion iioiild not 'e granted, and why said aceount should nut le al low ed. tiivm under mv hand at said Burlington, this 20 t lay ol April, 1811. C w3 W.M. WESTON, fttf-ister. NEW GiOODS. A GOOD ASSORTMKNT of Broad Cloths, Grew XV. d'F.t.i, Drab dc Ta, Cassimcrcs, Tweeds, Sail nells, Rich Vesting, Summer Stuffs, and Trimming-, tc. etc., which will be sold at prices lo suit purclu1 sers. LOVP.LY a: SKY.MOUR. Chureh street, July 11, 19 U, fj LOOKING GLAISISEb. ALnrge Assortment ol various sues of O. G Bjudea Plate, and La Fayette styles, just ree'd bv LOVf.LY &. SF.YMOUR. Church street, Burlington, Jdvll isil 6 RICH rOJLS. AFRF.SH supply or Super, Hxtrarine, 3 Ply Car prtings) Druggett, Green Baire, O.I Cloths, lius'i Mailings) Rich C-4 and S-l F.mb'd Printed an t Damask Table Covers j Caipet Binding and Thread. LOVE L Y eV SE YMO UR Have nlsiiimported nnch nssoitment of . PAPER HANGINGS FROM PARIS, which they oIFt low together vviih a good assortment of A.Mrntc.vs do. -i!HEL1J!!-jJuiL.1Ji.15ii' 6 r"L" unJcrsicncd having commenced the practice of Law on hi. own account, will give strict ai tcntion to all professional business which may be en tru-tcl 10 hi. care. Office over Thomas' Auction Store, College Street. , B. J. TLNNF.Y. Burlington, July II, 1811. 6wG AUCTION. fpilF. gras on College fire-rn will le .o!J at auc. .1 linn to the I112I10.I bidder, on Saturdrv next, at 1 o'clock P. M. at the Pear! Stieci Hou-c ' WILLIAM WARNKK, Tree,ur. r, V. V. M. Burlington. July Ulh, 1SH 0 D A I.ZORINKt SilL.. s,i, Shivvls. L'rnva.s. U PriuleJ Lavvn. Gii.irham.. I'ara.i.l.. Tnn:i I Lace-, BII-. Sill; Lace., itc etc. Just received and for sale extremely low l.y HENRY W. CATLIN. Jnlv II, IS 1 1. fi Ilanlet A. A. llail' Uftatr. WE Ibe 3 ib-cribers, having been uppomifd !') th; Hoiiornl Ic the Probate Court ti r the Dis trict of Chittenden, commi..ioiier. to 1 revive, exam ine aula Iju-t the cluim. nnd deinnnd. 0! ull per.i ns, ur.iiiiit thee-tateol HARRIET A. A. U ART, late ol New Haven, 111 the Sla'cof Conm clicit, dei ea-e !, reiirC't'ntC I m-olveil'.and al.oall elailn. iiml ih m.iisH. exlu'luttil m olfcl tbereioj and six nituiihs from thu el iy of ihe date hereof, I ring allowed by said Court fi.r mat purpn-r, wedo hereby give notice, that we will utiend lo the" of our appointment, at the office of Shaw .V We-ton, 111 llurlinjtou, in -aid, on the fn-t iMturday. of Septem! e r and Nuvemler next, ul 10 uYloc!;. A. .11.. mi em h of said days. Dated, tin, j'h ilav of June, A. D. SI i. '10. B. SHAW, PillNKIlAS LY.MAN, u SHEIUMX'S LOZIOXfiRS." For Couh., For lle.idaclic, For Worms, For Si re Threat. For Diarrlia'e, or LjJ-i'iic. of ihelow.-N, I For ludice-tion and I want of Appciiti-, inn iioar-eee... Ac. Ae JMieiin.tir. 1 ck.ii 1 P,ite. Phm'.ir. .d.. ii ., ,..i.i .. s.leand tviail by PECK & SPEAR DA VSON sS- .1 RMS TRONC,' TAIL03.S. pllt'ltCII S-IRKI-.T, nv.i door- -f.uih of Peek & W Spear'-, and ncnrlv iiino.itc n, sim.iuV Ilardwiiio Store. Cuttititrelonoin tlieilio.f :iiihr.Hi.l st vl. and em short noii'v. 1; COW LOST. AHRINDLE COW, in or i y.-:ir old, left ibe ire la-t week. Anv ner-oh tiudins the -aiiie and giving notiec 10 inesha'l I e lian.l-eiuii lv paid. HORACE WHEELI.K. H.irliugton, July 3. IS 1 1. HURRA.' HURRAH HURRAH! Ul AND DOING I N lime's like llie'se wboean Wn;p -lill 1 Surely not the Pcon'e'.. Agent at Ihe Cleean for Ca.h anil .n Imprisonment for Debt Slorc. What! t.iep down when Ihe People aie rsm", For Clay and frclinghuysen 7 No, never 'no ! no I no! Bui einuard go, go, go. Whv, we have lust hid s leh 3 nl illi'u'e of lha very People among us, thai a hoard to a nun in ve ry a..igneil dwelling wa not Mitlicirnl lo llnortliein for the nigh', and gre-at thank le given fur the kind ho-niiahiv of our bother Town-men on ihe ir her id of the khallere I fence, for ihe open door and friend 1 I Vim 1 ly reception 01 o'ir potmen gue-t-i irev hall I lor it most tivorably de'.ill witti at Ihe Chean Cajh Siore, and what we have that thev may vvih on n like orra-ion shall be freely used 'when .leiskslj for they did niest miuf illy ste.i forward when three ol our largo Chunhes, and a Ve-try, with cilice ami store hoiite, were all put into requisition. Among ourse-le. there was one ile-ne not chnu.ed by th.i Si'ore of Thou-nnJ among u-, an 1 hai was ibr'wish to make them all comfortable. The Ladie of our town are particularly thanked for the cheerfuluo. wnh wh ch they received and rntertainc l our Siata Guest-. To the mind of the Agent it was not more lhan equalled by Ibe fair Hallimoreaiis dl ihe Great National Convrntion, of which Ihi. enva-ioii was lis Vermont or Green .Mountain State KniirieatiPn. P. S. Good- to fill Ihe vacuum by ihc above orra sioneil, aro srni f r, and will soon come and !c sold very cheap to all by the People'. Ageni, HOWARD. ?G'h Junr, at evrmtig, Ml, 5-if TO T Ii a VkLT eTFs7 PARTlf-S visiunif Ciniada, will find WATSON'. HOTEL, St. Johns, one of the largest and most comfortaUi houses in the place. Carnages 111 attendance 011 the arnvol of ihc Slenncrs. Extra horses and carriages in rcsdinm fsr 'him blet, Highgslo Sprtnjs, St. Albona, fc. Chirct very moderste. St. Johns, June 51ih IStl. 4 lu

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