Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 26, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 26, 1844 Page 3
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FROM LOUISIANA. Tlio' Tropic" gives later accounts from tho upper part of the Slate, by which it would appear that Bordeloii (Whip), in tho 4th Congressional district, is defeated. This may not lo so. The vote is vefy close, tit all events. Tim Tropic has a 1'. S. in tho following words : " Lsto last oveninir wo received the following note ftom 6ne of our friends at Donaldsonvillc. It settles the question of Mr. Hordclon's defeat. Tho major ity against him in the districi cnnnotbolcss than from one to two nunurca votes, unless wo siioum ue savor ell with dome unexpected good luck Dokaldsosviug, July 7, 1811. Dear Sirs! Not knowinir whether voti have rC' ceived the news which I did down tho llayou to-day, l send yott me votes ot St. Mary, 117 mai. for Bordelon. St. Landry, 230 " " Tito " Bco" says tho Altakapas and Ope lousas parishes can easily givo Hotdelon from GOO to 800 majority. Whctncr they 'have done so, is another matter. They have Hot been heard from. The Senate has one Locofoco majority probably. The House, eight Whig majority, it is Confidently expected. The " Tropic" of tho 9th says "NA additional returns reached the citv VCStcrdaV, Some of our Whig friends seem incline I to believe that wa have given up the Fourth Congressional District a littlo too soati. A gentleman, familiar with the dis trict, thinks it impossible that correct returns should have been received from St. Landrv via Dona'dsou- ville, in advance of the returns from St. Martin and Lafayette. Thi looks reasonable enough, St. Lin drv mav have been mistaken for St. which case Hordclon's election is certain. On the whole, we especially but earnestly advise the locofocos not to rue a very hum yen oi iriunipn uuiii nicy nro lairiy "out of the woods." Tho " Uuu" has tho following : " Wo are somewhat surprised at the pertinacity with which our locofoco contemporaries continue to claim a tmjority both of tho Legislature and Conven tion in face ot returns which lead to a directly oppo site conclusion, liolh the Courier and lleputilican crow over a result which neither facts nor fisures justify, and which rests solely upon the vague and un supported assertions of these journal. ' With respect to ihe Convention, there is almost as tittle doubt that the Whigs will have n majority, and none whatever that tho Wluas and Conservatives to gether will have the complcto control of thai body. A little patience, and vvo shall know all. The Whigs can afford to wait. They havonchievcd dory enough, ana have nothing to lose, should -Mr. Morse tie elected." The " LMcayuno" gives the following tab ular statement, which it says it has compiled with great cute : Parishes. Lesinlaturc. Convention. W. Otlenn, 7 Jefferson, 1 St. liertrml, t St. Charles, 1 St. John the tiiptist, 1 Planuennne, 0 Asvunplion, 1 St. James1 2 Lafourche, II Terrebonne, 0 St. Tammany, 0 Livingston, 1 St. Helena, (I Washington, t' Iberville, 0 Pomte Coupee, I East Feliciana, 1 Wc-I Feliciana, 0 l ast Baton lluuge, 0 West IJatuu Rouge, I liapides, (1 Avoyelles, 0 atu-'hocbes. 0 U.idilo and De Soto, t'unrordui.Madi&on ) and Carrel!, $ " D. W 1). 3 C 5 tl 1 1- 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 I 0 1 0 2 1 1 1 0 3' 0 0 -l 0 1 I 0 1 n ! 0 o 1 2 0 2 1 0 1 t ' 0 0 0 2 1 1 2' 2 0 2 2 0 21 0 0 1 2 II 3 2 0 2 1 I f 0 1' 0 1 2 21 21 31 21 The member for the senatorial district is inclu ded. t One of the members elect, Dr. Combs, died since the election. The 11. of It. consists of sixty mem ber.. The Slate Senate will stan I as follows. IIViiVs Me-srs. Allen, Gnicia, Kenner, Kdwards, lJuprc, Morancv. Salauvc, and llcrnard 3. Ucmotrats Slessr-. White, Livnudais, Marshall, Caiterj Morse, Downs, Slidtll, Ltdouand Harrison. 9. Wo cut from tho New Orleans papers such paragraphs as throw light upon the sub ject. Report siys that tho entire vote of Cnlcasien has been thrown out in consequence of some informality. If that be the cie, llordelon's majority in the county will be about 330. giving him n lair chance for sun- Cess. It will be seen that the report from St. Lindrv CJS. j i will act: 1 1 tit'ii tut; innn t huih oi. ii iiiui t , nd S!. Mary, which we pubh-bed two diys ao, is perfectly accurate. The tnajoriiics reported by our correspondent at Donaidaonvillc arc confirmed lo the letter." Tun Fourth DistIiict. Tlie Bee says : "The returns aro yet insufficient to enable us to say who is elected lo (Yinirress from the fourth Dis trict mailers stand precisely where ihey did ntour last publication." fXTTui. EvnxiNo I'ost, the most prom inent and the ablest Loco Foco paper in jNow York, in a long aiticle on the election in Louisiana, gives utterance to its grief and disappointment at tlie result in that State, and gives up tlie boprs bcretofure entertain ed of sweeping llie Soulli on the Texas ques tion. It reads its Uiilliinore brethren it les son for making sucb " great cry " on that subject, when the result in the most promis ing Texas State, lias proved that tltero was so " little wool." The I'ost evidently thinks Locofocoistu has made a sorry swap, in ex changing Mr. Van lituen for Texas. It sees littlo hope of making nny thing even at tho South on so unpromising a question, and it cannot but look with mortification nnd chagrin at the difference between its favorite Van Burcn, and tho Texas candidate, who after all is to bring no strength from tho vile issue that nominated him. It is a hard case Mr. Post, but " ho who plays with dogs must expect dogs' play." You ought to have boiled this Southern game; but you cliosu to givo in, anil you hm be overwhelm ed. WHY DON'T IT COME ? Wbcro is that extract from some one of Polk's numerous Tariff Speeches'! Out with it. You say ho is a great tariff man, ho must have said so, sonio timo or other, and we want 1,0 seo his words in favor of protection. After tho blustering and bravado in last week's Democrat, wo expected of courso to see long and numerous extracts from tho mighty Tom Thumb, of Tennessee, de nouncing freo trade doctrines, and " going it strong" for Protection 1 But alas ! poor Jenuny may " call up spirits from tho vasty deep," but tho deuco of it is, tn maku thorn come. ffyTho Missouri Kenorter, a Locofuco paper, says that one of the Benton leudeis I from tho upper part of Missouri, a delegate to tho Locofoco Convention at Jefferson city i , i. . t. muuc a spcecn in a political uicciing ui oi. , Louis, in which ho said : " I call upon you to go for Houry Clav for President, for a ' national currency, a protective tariff, distri- bution of thu proceeds uf tho sales of tho public lands, and a rostiiction of the veto I'" ' Ilvird feed that, for a Locofoco audience. HON. WILLIAM SLADE. Tho Truo Democrat charges Mr. with being tho mi trior of tho communication which appeared in this paper week before lust, signed " North." Mr. Sladu is not lltti author uf that coth'nmnicaliuii, ho nover wrote n lino of it, never suggested it, never knew that it was to bo written, or that it was written, until it appeared in this paper. Tim pretence that thero is tho slightest reason lor attributing it to him, is it sheer fabrication! coined for tho mero purpose of abusing Mr. Sladc. Wo challenge his proofs. SALIJ OF HEAL ESTATE. That will known establishment, Howard's Hotel, Ins changed hands the present week. D. W. Iltickloy, Esq. is tho purchaser, nt S7.G0O. Tho propel tv is richly worth moro money : but Mr. Howard, ns ovrry body knows, is not the man to stand in the way of public improvements, nnd not wishing to re build it himself, has nvailcd himself of tho first opportunity to secure the erection of a Hotel corresponding to tho intrinsic merits of tho location, and adapted to the wants of tho public. It will be built up another sea son. SLAUE'S "SPEECH." We invito the render's attention to tho rn marks of Mr. Si.Atir. before tho State Con vention at Montpelier, List October, on tho subject of Texas. It sets that matter before the public in a strong clear light, and at the same tunc demonstrates .ir. oi.iitu s lorecast inticipaling hat hits since occurred. It should bo attentively read by every freeman in the Slate. E.vrnAoltntN.utY I'lir.uicTiu.v. Thero are occasional prophecies made accidentally which really starlit! one. Tho following toast, by our distinguished fiicnd, L. I!. Lantrworthv. Esn. is of this character. It was given tit a -llh of July dinner, in this 1 city, in lSv?!) : " . "Ameiucvn MAMTAcTrnns May its rncmies bol yoked, POKF.D and hoppled, cros-felteled, nnd lied hand nnd foot, and turned out to hrouse on cotton (po'k) stocks and husks." Tho wish of our friends has come to pass, i Tho rniMiites of American iiiniiiif.ictiiri's' among whom we must now class L. li. Lang- worlhv, Esii. are litcrallv Yoked ; and I'ok ed so adroitly that they can never rise high enough to reach tho Presidency ! Hack, l)cm. tTlio Auburn Join nal sa- s : " As tho Barn-Burners and Old Iliinkeis of this town have fell to billing and enniurr, it is to bo supposed that the Argus and Atlas of Albany will soon follow in llie same wake." The Journal is about right. Thu Atlas has been "mum" of I.i tu and talks of harmony. The union of the two sections of Cayuga Locofocuisin is thus announced by the Jour nal : M uuur.n. In this villjge, on Frul.-v but, hv Geo. Riihbtm and S. A. (foodwin. 12 rpirs., High Pin-sis, Mistir llyvns llfiiNin, of tho Tocsin pinto, to Old Mother HuNKcn, of the Patriot duple. The lorincr has long been noted for his captiousness and want of truth ; while thu latter has for yens been equally remarkable tor the cool m inner in which she ha susiiiueu her- &tru uy lit, iiuooviiu uo uic Juuiii: iu.imim , alio indeed, if the fortncilv eprc.-ed opinions of the par lie.1 in this case are to be lecnved, a pail nf such kn l- I visii, Iving, ca-v-virituh tuorials ntver before came I i... ..t I..-: ....!.!... .- I ' together, from the div of old fithcr Ailani to the present time! It must be there is sonielliing neb in -tore for posterity. The request of a "Whig Abolitionist" shall bo complied with next week. iCMavvworin of the Arjjtts (iunouiico.-i Mr CtAy as a "duolli!," anil thereupon invokes a "Christian People" to reject him Mow often lias tlii smii'j Arus appealed to a "VAu istian People" to bU'-taiu General Jack-on, wiio delib erately killed Dickin.-oii in a duel, and savag-cly shot Hontou in a di-gracefnl sticet brawl ! , , . . , , i Hoes tho cantinif liypoci ito suppose that the t'eopie navu lorpiniDii iiu'sc ininirs : jiin, ,wur. The Ciiiciiitiatli Atlas is not at all surpri'eil 1 at Mr. Polk's uniform voles in Conros against I tlie uhl revolutionary soldier. That paper i tliinlis linn very neat ly in the prciliciiinoiit ol a zcaluiis f.ocotoco in Pennsylvania, who, a few elays ago, beinir a-l;eil whether lie was ','oiti with tho wlii;;h.,rcplied," No ! d n llie Winy; s! Ihty hung grandfather in tl.c molulionari, tear." Guv. SnwAno. Wo always: welcome with pleasure any tliuiil from the pen of that uVlin iruishoil Wnif, William II. Scward, of Nuvv York, for it is sure to be well worth reading. 1 1 is political letters, all of thotn, are gems which should bo treasured up by tlie Whis, as mod els ol their Kind, bum lor their ele'aneo anil utility. Tin; poweis of (ov. Seward am fre quently cilled into requisition by our Whig brethren, but as it is impossible lor linn to coin, ply witli all the invitations iie receive, wliuiov or ho can not attend in person ho always sond a goo 1 word in season by letter. Salem IligHer. IIefoi'.e ash IluiiiM) Tho .Miiifreosburgh (Tenn.) Telegraph gives the fcjllovvin-r as a specimen of the manner in which the Lien-Foco nomination aie pit'tentcd by the parly iu that neighborhood : rim rnr.siDEXT. OHS. ANimi.W JACKSON'S l'riend, James K. Polk, of Tenn. ron vicn rnsstncNT, GEORCr. M. DALLAS, of Penn-ylvnnii. This reminds u of a sort of rurrencv much in vo'uo hero some time ago, whicii read sumo what as follmvs : Oa demand, tho subs "liber, whoso office is on THU CAN Ah JIA.MC, Promises lo pay John Smiih One Dollar, &c. Cincinnati Ci ron icle. ITj- Ihe lexas bubblo has now hnrsied, killing no one but poor .Mr. Yan Hurra. Col. Polk mav Iry, but he cannot swim upon n. That u has kd'ed Yau is a clear case; yes. lulled him dead. v,n. ,t,l n, . people nru not disposed lo hnzird our (riorums old union, lor uio sauo ci a neio Union, with Texas. Thev will never elo it no, never. The old starspan. cled lianner will still he lliorallv OT rnirn r.f miii people', in prefcrencu to Iho jieio Ihimrr of ibo " lone star. I.el lul. folk's Iriciuls hoist their new fl IK if iheyehoose i vvo shall still cling to tlie old Kneigirof wui uivu eouiury., eiron. Clay Cliih. llio next rotilnr iIcotin of tlm BURLINGTON CLAY CLUB will boholdonnl the Court House on MONDAY EVE NINO next July 2J). An address will ho delivered hv James Mc IN. Siiaftek, Esq. on the Loco Foco' doctrino of tho rights ol a niaioritv The ineinhers are rc(itested to 1 nsseillhlc puitottiallv at SLOVKA O OIOCK. E. A. STA.NSbTRY, Secretary, Ily tho mails of Wednesday evening tho election of Morse in tho fourth district of Louisiana is finally sctlled. Also a Whig majority of six, probably eight in tho House of Hcprescntativcs. Tho Whigs do carry New Orleans, they do carry tho house, nnd, Willi tho conserva tives, they do defeat the radicals in the Con vention, (hough after inntintcrablefluctuations of news they lose tho Senate nnd thn fourth District. This is enough in tho Teltts State. A CARD. The undersigned would tender their grntcful thanks to tho Hev. fur. Ilallard of Lowell, Mass., nnd Mr. Goss. tho driver, and the citizens in the neighborhood of the late melancholy accident by which ihey have been so heavily nllhcled, fur their timelv nilanee, and prompt cjvcrlion. in rescuing Mrs. Nichols, with out which she must have inevitably nerished. Thev would also return their thanks for the recovery of the bodyof Mrs, Whitnev, nnd for iheir kind sympathy unuer ims unexpected aunrtion. HI'.NRY WHlTNF.Y, STF.PHF.N W1I1TNI.Y, SAMUEL MCIIULS. Burlington, July 13, 1311. A CARD. The relations and friends of Mr. Elijah LrAttNCD, would most respectfully tender their thinks to the citizens of Saratoga, particularly to Geo. Woodruff, nn, and to Dr North, for the kind ami watchful attention which ihoy nf- forded tho deceisni) to Iih 1 '' - JKIUCO AND UNDIMilllLL. Tho Whigs of Jeiii'o and Underbill, who propose to tiltend tint Whin County Cnnven lion at Willislon, on the 31st Inst, nro re quested lo mfet at .Tcrii'o C irnbrs, ;it half past eight in the inoiiiing, ihoiici' irofoi'd In C. M. IIntitti)UtiJti in I'ichifinnd, whi'ie they will bo joined by ihe Whigs of Hun titmton, Uolton anil Hichmond, and move in a body to Willistnn. Uy older of the Committee. July 23, 1814. LIIir.UTY PAlt'l'Y ASSOCIATION. Tim adjourned meeting of the Liberty Party Association will lie hidden at the CourJ. House, j on 7'iioiUy, July !i0 h, at half pat 7. i Vlic principal suhjoct of itiscuion will be tho ' Annexation of Tox.h. t;. V. M. i Tiie Society for l'eligimis tnijtiiry in the Uni versity of Vermont, will hold its annual cole I liratiou on Monday evening, otli Angus', at tho ; Nuvv Uriel: Church. 13ercitos coiriinen sing at . half past 7 o'clock. j An Address is e.pec!ed from Uov. Joseph I). , Wickliiiin, of llurr Soiiiitiary. 1 l!y order of the Society. j A. I). HAItmnt, Corn finding Scc'y. fl fl At Saratoga Spring, N. Y., on the lDih in&t., Mr Kuj.mi Lcarnhd. of this town, acd fi7 ycais. Prin ters in Mass. aru icquc-tcd, &e. In Ilrookficld, on ihe lllh June, Bahnaihs Wgoc, Kaip formerly of liarre-, aged 71 year.-. Iu Jericho, on the 17l!i lilt., Dea. Hlos Lix, in the ' g2d year of his ago, I 'ii.,,:,! 1 I'he deceased was a soldier nf ihe revolution. He was anions tie) first inhabitants who eilll.TatuI to ibis then Notthcrn wilderness ol Yermont, shared wilh them in the tod and puvaliou- incident lo new settlements, nnd contributed in hi nphere a full share in securmu the tilcssmijs which their potcriiy now enjoy, lie was a mm of uniform, e'oniieut piety, I nun one wuose ivinn ami nini-ioie uiposiiion anil tie portmrnl endeared Inni to all within the ciridoof In acquaintance. Printers in Wulern .Vcw lor: icill please notice. To Dentists. A Card. niiXTAIiI'IMM.IHS AT TWO-TmitI)S Till: IJMJAL I'ltlCICS. II. POTTKIi, Man ilactiuer of the bct MI.V r.HAL Tl I'.Tll, No. 71, Locust Si. Philaibl- .7. phia. Anents in I'uilini'lou, PoTTr.a ifc Hawikv, Courl 110110 vpraro. Teelh, Gold and Tin foil, file, Ue. A e. Gold bolder from 19 lo 22 carat. finu which runs perfectly on 13 20 or !i'J carat cold and remains perfectly bright hi the inouih. Call and tee-. l.utlier I .enm 1 1 s" Lstatc. S''.l TV. OF VFIIMO.ST, ( A T a Probate l)i-lriel of ( bitteiiilen, -. ( xi. Court held at llurlinutdii, in and h r snul Drtru't, on thoSO'h dav of July, A. D. 1311, Pre-eni, Oh.irl.' Itu-i-ell, JudSe. An in-lriinii'ni iiitiportiiisr to hf llie lat will mid te-tament ol I.L'TIII.R I.OOMH, late of l!ui liii'-'ton, in saiil Di-triel, i!eieae't, 1 em on seined to iho Couit hereby John N. Ponieroy and Henry Loonu liie exiMilois llierein nime.l, f r probate; the -aid Court doth appoint the third Wednes I ly in Aiu'U-t A. 1). is 1 !, at IU o en el. in llii' lorenoi'ii nt the ollice ol ihe lte'-'is'er of -aid Court in Mini llurliii'.'ion for prov ing ald will ; an I doth order thai all pi-r-on- inter-e-telor iniKerneil tbeie'in be nolilie'il n, appear be foie said Court al Ihu time mil place nfon'sai I an I then and llieie eoiite-t the pint uti' ot said will, if ihey have enu-e, for which purpo-e sanl court do'h further order thai public no'vo tli-wflc siven by piiblib inir tin- order iu the I'n'f Pit's-, :i lievv-iiper pnnti'.l at .-aid Hiirliiiglcii, three week-. -mves-ivulj previou to the tune appointed lor hearing. Daied at ISurlimrton, in the Di-trii'l of Cliilteiiden, the 20th day cf July, A. 1). IS 1 1. 0 w3 CIIARI.ICS Ul'SSKI.L, .ueifc. TIIII mbserd er ha for s ile am a ft i:s or land. lyins in Ihe So ilh part of Wp'i ton nn 1 St Genrre, half n mile from the roid r;inninir (roin Wil i-lon to Ilillt-biireb, we I watere ici I a v 1 n if ii linn Me'adovv Laii'l, nil i;iie I pi ihr r',,.v-and S beep, and well fl ed. 'I be I" i it TWO DWI'LLWi not:.-, 3 Barn-, aivl a fir t rati. tung tiiciunD. Also, 1'iriale, S'inely Acrrs of Lmd Ivm; hill a mile oiuli of Wilh-lon, wiih a'Dwelhn; Ili.u-e, Darn and Orchard on it The urrli r-izned In- lo sale 1 07 A".'e.of Land in Jcncbo, Ivio',' one mile La-i ol tbeJe e ho entre nit'ftiiigliin-p, will vv mere I, wilh a Ivvtl in.- House, Ham and 2 Or hard-. l.-o, 7 1() MILI for.nle. The fob-en' cr isalumi to chanio hi residence nnd will sell the above property ui a low pii'-o and on a rea-oiiablelenglh of lime. i:li ciiiiTF.XDr.x. Wilh-lon, July 2G, 1811. 6 wS LAWS OF VERMONT. rJLVl-tl'.D ftTATtTI.S of ihe Stale cl Vermont, V line l-dipon, in calf biudin j, onlv tf'2.50, I v S If A. HOWARDS. KEW BOOKS. TIIF l.S VALIOi:. or Pictures of ihu French !iev oliitlon, by C. Sp niller, ntilhnr of the Jew, 2., e-. Till-: CAIIIN HOOK, or Life iu Texas. 3 pari, 371 mil. A FLO tT AND ASIIOItF, or ibe Adventures of .line. vvaiiinKloni, nv tho author of ihe " Two Admi ral." " Win'.' and Win''," ite. An 2 mrls. 7.T el-. SMI'GGLLIIS OK TIIK SWJ-DISI1 COAST, or the Ro-e of Thisllo Llaiul, by Mr. Kniihe Carlcn, So ceni. 1TIANTASMION. Prince of Palmland. Ilv Sara Colcri'hio. 2 vol-, in one. 50 cent-. '11 IK LOG CAIIIN', or the World holore Vo l. Uy Ibe aullior of " Three Fxpcruneul," ite. 50 ct. MACAl'LAY'S -MISCULLANLOI'S LS.SAYS. Pari 5. 2) ceni. MIHROIt LlllItAIIV, No. 23, containing tho l.'p ieurcau, n tale of Thoma Moore1, 25eerl. IIIAVITPS ILLl'SIHATF.I) SlIAKSPFARF. No, II. 12) ceni. (Hack liirnihiil, und nny part 'old cepuratilv.' jXevv -uiply of Willi-, (iiylord Clnrl,'. Ot.LAPOD I.1NA. I Nund er. 25 cent. I'.H'h. PRAIItli. Illlll), by CImiIc. Augustus Murray. 2j cenis. NAItlt'ATlYF. AM) RKCOLUFCTION-j OF VAN OILMAN'S LAND, ilurinu a ibree years Captivity of Siepbi'ii S. Wruht, Willi an nci'iuint of llie Uatile nl" Pre cutl. and oilier facts iiains in ihe Pair -, War. H Hy A. LOW API'S DRAPER, ALDRIC1I1, & FRlNKj WIIIII.I SAI.K. DIIAI.I'.tlS IN DO.MKSTK. & FOIlKIGN IMY GOODS, rfo.UtlilbcrlrMlrrrt, nriir llrmlril', A' HIV YUIIK. rM.FP cimlanllyon hand a t'Men.ivo an it-rtort-IV in.,,! nf Simile mid Fancy Hoots a rail I e found In the City i n lirgu ptnponiuii ol which are c4pe.emlly Ailniited to tin! VnitMONT THADI!. Merchant" Visiting New Yorkaru re'ne.ted to call, and priei.-, will I e found .nll-l'ielnrv to the (jLuyi'-.i i ami iiLii.ii.-i, The advcrlf.cri nro wnti'liful lo every ndvnn Inge in the lliiclunlion ol Ihe large.l mnruets, nno, enjoyiug Ihe beni'lil of gtcat litiinu faeibtie.-, with long exiierit u' i', are prepiMii in n u r HVTItA lNDUfUMHNT-i to purcha-erK who aro ihhgetl to contend with the Mronire-l eompeitllon. iniaeep-ai-as FOLIO JUllLHS. CJPLRNDIt) I'clio and Quarto Ihl.lej, int.iMu for churches, at the Cheap Ca.-li llookstore, h 8 ll A. HOWARDS. JOSEPH MtlfLltOT, IIOOT AND SIIOI3 MAKUIt. r)F,SlT,CTrULLY Informs the puMic, in nnd L nlioot Itnrlirmton. that ho will do nil work that ho may ho favored with, in the best manner, and on thn lowest tetms possible. Mis shop in under Ihe Office of II. Leavenworth, Esq, and near the Odieo of the Krce Prrss. Durlington, 25lh July, IB1I. Sir NOTICE. rnllK Firm if ichun a sriJMt Dl Ivi;u. .v M'litl living in L to olvcd hv tlii; dccea-ij of Mr. Spear, the sob-en her hcicbv give notice that ho emitiuue thn huine tf Merchandize nt hi Store on Church street, on hi own nccount. All e-nntnlrt nmtle by Ihe late firm of h'ern &. Siear, anil all e'ehts due fiiiin the firm, will I e met nnd discharged by tho nb-cril er. Those in debted to tho lato firm will plea-erad nnd Title. DANIEL KHUN. Jutv 1811. 81 STRAY I'll) JTHOKI2 from thu pasture of ) the suliscriher on Ihe 29ih iliy of Juno Inst, a HAY MA It I. She is seven yrnr old, Inv, with two or more whi'c feet, switch till, he ivy mine, a Hr in In r f.,rehid, ratln r snnll size. U luievcr will give mformilii u lo me or (5eo. K. t'lnlnf Huihngloii where shi' unv be found will confer n favor nnd aha I be siiihVd fir lln'ir trouble. SAMUKI, 1J. PLA'IT. Colchester 19th J dy, 1911. 8 JUST Ui:ci:iVi'i by tl. . CATI.IV nn a- O forimeiit of I'lore'ice, Ilraiil, nnJ S'raw lb nnci llonnei ilil'l ons, Iback'o-. (ilove-. Mm, hawl- IM'.f-. ito etc. Al-o, 1000 YJ. Heavy Ur.iv Cloth, cliciji for Cn h or V.'oul, July 21, 1811. 8 OAHWr.l.LV Men'- Pump and f!oat Skin Hoot. L c,:.,' lilac!; and Col'd Ilalft! vber-, Wall; iug Kheu-, ICi I Slip-, nii,l II i, km-. Ju.t recM hv II. W. CATLIN. July 21, IS 1 1. 8 '-Til AY IIDKS!;. Q'TRAYl',!) about time weel. -inir, a -inall II Y tJ MAltl'., with a vtarin the fnrehci'l, nnd tiuielif teen (r .-ix'een ears old. WI,oever vil give ii'fur niatmn wbere -he may be found, -hatl L'e-iulalilv il wnnled. MAXIIAJt DI.AIIt. II irlington, Jn'y 25, IS II. lainc-i .Mlncr'-J P.statO. STATH OF VKHMOXT, rgtlll-: Hon. the I)itiel of t'lnlleiiilen, J J Pp haiu Courl for i ho Di-triet of t'h'lteni'on : To all n r-on ron eerned or iirere-ted iu thei-tato IMAM US M1M.II, lato of Milton, in mi'i I IJl-lrict, eleeeated, le-late, Unci:i in'R. WitnnrAS, Jatne Miner, of, in the Comi ty e f Adili-nu, halh lile I hi- petition in wiiinnr,iu said Court, I'opre-iwiiiir that In' I- out of the Devisee- on lor the Will ul'ibi -ai I Jainc- Miner, ilei;ea-e'.l, and a -neb Divi-ev holiln one nrr'ivi li-1 lull' ofiill the real estate of which -aid deiee-e I died rie.l and tios'e--t'il m common Willi the other Uori-eu- m sam Will imnii'il ; that he wi-lie- to have hi-.han: et out lo linn lint lie may hold ihe ame m -eveniltyj and prnyine saul Co in lo order purtmon there'oi lo be mane ainoirj lliei'evi ee- entitled llieieto, anl lo ap point comniis-ioner.- lo lu.1i,o Micli parlitlcn .'ccord imr to law. Where ipon, the Court aftie-ail doth a ien audi appoint the 21 rdne-ilay in Aliens' A. I'. 1HI1, ill ihe oilii'f of ihe- Itei-tcr ol -aid Court, in II irlni','ion in -aid Oi-tnet, at ten o'clock in the fore noon for hcartii and dccidinj m ihe premi-e-; and iloth al-o order iliat nil per-ou m!i le-ted or eonivnicd in said I.-tatf lie uonliel to appi'ar I eforo km I n urt nt the time and placo alort-uid to make objection-, if any thev have, to llie p, liiion of li e -aid Jaiue- .Miner aloic-ai I t.y (lie puhlii-alKin ot the. -uo-'aace ei -:tni i pi'in inn iiijrinci' with :nn or.i-'r in uie ii nnn.'ioii Kiee Pros-, a ii.'w.''pnpi'r primed at -aid It irliitirfou, three week" sii"ce--ivelv, llie last ofwliidi puMica- lion- -tiali t ii previou to the tune -et lor hearing. Ilateil il Ibirliupin, lies 2 Mi .'av of July, 1311. 8vv3 CII.tltl.i:S ltU-SICLL, Judzc. 1M MEDIA 77-; UI'.Lir.F! TUOM Diarrbie i, Dy-ciileiy, Suiunier Coinplnint, &e. Ac. (wbudi .ue coiniiiiin at tin tiinc nl" the -on-on) may I e had I V Iho u-- ofJayue- ('arHiiua tive, nt ' PIX'K ii SPK.Ui'S. July 11, 1RII. C LEAD I'll':, i-c. O TONS Lead Pipe lo II in bore; 3 rolls ?hccl O l.e'ad; 12 cvvi. sheet Zinc ; 30 I!i2 Shot assort ed Tos. hv STRONGS .1 Co. June 11, Ml. 2 SUGARS. Q lltll.S. Porto Itien and Mu-eovailo Smar, al-o X W loal, Luuii, Povvilert'.l ;iu I cru-iie I Suirnr for sale hv. S. .M. POPil. June II, Ml. 2 CANDLES AND SOAF. 5llO.T.S -perm Can. II;-, 217 do. Talhw fiindlt-, 2U do. I!ar -oap, 2 do. C.i-tde -onp, Ii do. Kiuey toilet ilo., lodo. -h ini' do. by sTliO-NGS &, ('o. June It, Ml. HATS! HATS!! 1 CASH "Alvords" Mulc-l.m Hat-, iu-t ree'd and for sail l'i!' s. .M.popi:. June 1 1, 1CASK -iiminer Good 1 do ei I'd eumbri.', 1 do Irish linen-, I elo cotton Flaes, SJune.-,, IS It. I pi-! rceivel all I for -nle by VI.AS, LOOM IS if' Co. rpilli l.ire'aiiilSpei'rlie'soflli'iii'yClay, Ivo. JL Life uiiil SiiOechcs t f John C. Calhoun', 2 vul. Keiul'ill'- Santa Fu I'xpuhiiou, lli-lil. iii-ls of lal.icpia, eouiplelo in 1 paru. Prairie Hud, Cieiha Howard, Life Iu Ihe Ndvv World, Mr-. Fill-' Selert Worl.s, TheCiieroniau 1 lie Pru--inn method of le-ach-Uiq the Latin Laos'iayo. Al-o, n uuneial u-sortincnt of S"ehobl ITool., which will 1 e -old at ibe lovve-i price-', ninonp; vv Inch are H irriit1- lienraphyottbe lle.i'veu-, 2 vol-. Milehe:i' .School Geography and Alias.

" Primary " O nej ' Pe er P irley'- (!.nirnpbv fiir children', . Parlev's l-t'in 1 2a I Hook of lliiory, Com uk-I;'- Pliilo-i',ihy, " I'benii-iry, " I'liv-ioloiv, " Common School I'hilosopy, Smiih'-Grammar, Kir', h iiii's do lliovvii1 do Swet do Ailain-' ArnhmeiK', Tltoolp-oll, do I'lui'r.on's do 1st, 2nd and 3J part. Smiih'- do Cullairn's ilo I;avie- ,lo American Fir-t Cla Hook, National Reader, Porter'. Rhetorical Reader, AbercrombiL',a Jlental nnd .Moral Philosophy, i:meron' l-i, 2nd and 3 I Ola Reader. Siren;. Huddms.', ) V, IIARUINGTO.N. Iliirlinston, Vt. i 3 COMltS. OCASFS wooil pocket Comb-, O 12Sdoz'. ivorv do 1(100 " udo' do 300 " lvvi-t ilo 100 " coarse and fine do pi-i received nnl for sal" by VILAS', L0OML9 .f- Co June !, Ml. I IIO.XLS Lemon-undCrinc-i'-, I'iir-, Currants, yJ Prune.-, ,f-e. nt 1 COLL A ROIIINSON'S l'AI'Ult. Z.C( UFA .MA" ruled Idler Paper, 0Jl 300 ilo- cap ilo formlely June 3, 1 k 1 Til. A. 9, I.OO.MLS' & Co. Fl.Wp'ecc ofMipeillue Carpetinp, ALo, 8-1 Collon lo lit 1 COLF. & ROIIINSON'S. HOUSE TO RENT. Ihinuiro of VILAS LOO.MLS it Co. Hurlington, July 19, 1811. 7 A L Illlll" nsoriinrnt of'lVa-, Tobaco .Suc-'ir -t 1. .u la c- Sni'T-. iM". vie for fate ai I 'liul I COLL ft liOUINON"!. FREIGHT FOll NEW VtfHK HUSTON. Northern Trnmitnirtntlon iJnts Asor.l.illon. 17i:(ilLAlt LINK ()' l.AKi: IIOATS Ironew .1.1. or ;, Albany, nnd Troy, to lliirliiigtoii, St. Al bany mid other PirN on laku Cliainplnin. I"0R ITtUIUIIT APPLY TO Charles II. Jane, 33 Cocnlic. Slip, New York. Oli-Clapp, , Iff Long Wlinrl, Itostorl. 11. A, lloifoinb, lfll Pur, Albany. L. A. Cnrh-ton, I S3 Iliver St., Troy. Inac V. linker, Whitehall. JJ II Peck .f-Co. ) .. , Hiio, lllmu, ! "urluigton. Lawrence lliainard, )',., ,,, A, llluiti, j Si. Albans. yVlialing's, Port Kent. J. Walpolr, lrt Douglas. A I). I.add, Platflurgh. J. C. Pierce & Son, St. Johns, Canada Hast. A lloat will leave Uiirlintrtou nnd St. Albans daily, and run In connection with a regular Line of Pack et" from New Yuri; to lloMoh. Cargo will be insur' ed lo New York. bViglit nl lowu.t piiecs. J. II. HdOh', ) KI.IAS PA'ITIiON, Trustees. I. V. HAKRIl, ) JnlV, 1811. 73in rilHAl'IJIt Vt lLI,. I'.IINKS l'earl St. would infurm his Cnstoniers. that for Cah he will si-tl nil nT nnev nnd c. scckon I hand Clothui(r, utid Itools Siloes and tints Cheaper tbiiii ever. July,2u 1811. 8w3 MOllli NEW GOODS. C. V. S D'AMI'OItl) HAS just returned from New York with his sfcond lot of e'oods since .Mav last, pniisislin. nf l-,uev nnd Staple Dry (3ouds, Dry ("iroceries, I'aper llani- lass, vVc, which lor quality and cheapness cannot be sjrpissed July 15, IS11. 7 FLOV'lC. 1 ( fW I". MiperliiiL" flour, ot) half barrel do, I Junoll. 2 &TIIONU.S it Co. FOIl SA 1,1'., ' tparl of the VISTRY llflLDINC I e- rrMII.Ri 1 V nur tiff lo tin in tlie I. ujri'tra'ionai t.lrirch, lo ue i vol . i Hie I' w.tliui 'h nvi.av-. Applvtn 29th May, Ml 5i ' II. W. CATLIN. REMOVAL. rpHR -iib-criber ha removed from hi- obi -land on I ( biircb Street, to ln3 new It HICK SHOP on Ca'hu'- Line, twenty rod- East of the Hurliinrion I lan',, wdierebe ha- on hand and will cunt uric to luau nfjeturu nil kin 1' ' I f 1 A fit VIY. T r A 1) li-. lli. J. r III VIV, of the be-l n'lalilv! -mdi a SOh'A ufniii-Ti i . mi.?, 1 1 ii' ' o , I'liiiii, ,ri, vriuii-, i'T, i and Toilet TAIILI.S.Sl' MW & IIKDaTLAIW, and ' all kin I- ' f work iu hi- line. CJMo-t kind ol' Cuun'rv prorluce nnd l.uin! er . revive'd in payment, or approve I rre'dit, nil vi ry , .beip rorCa-h. SAM I'LL NICHOLS, i I) irl naion. Mav 25ih, PI I. 52 iirii'iMird i...:...- o'... r. iiv i 17Altr.Wi:LLS HIiik. of nil kind-, are kent ud I now i Here 1 lor May 23. n le i y 51 P. STANII'OIll), MITTS, riloves and for mI. low by Julv l),15ll. IIuierv. a trood nsorlincnt C. I'. STA.N'iroilI). 7 NEW STORE & NEW GOODS, r"pill-i -tib-cril er ha- lakeii the .New Store one door 1. north if .Me r-. linn-mails' where be ha-jii-l rc'ciu'd and now ii fi r- Ihr -ale, a jreneial a--orl- meni of fancy anil Staple Dry (ioo I-, Dry Oioeene, j Paper tlaiiirine;-, &,:, which for quality an I cheap- i nc--eannot I e -i-rpa-.c 1. P ircha-ers are invited lo 1 call and cxiunne lor llicui-elves. I c r. sTANiroiti'. I II uliiiston, May 10, Hll. 50 MAi'ICI l'.F.L.f May 15, '11 d I'i-h h, Salmon, Sinol ed Heel by 51) STRONGS & Co . JN K S T 0 llti . 'PIIH -iib-eii'tr would Infurm hi- I'r.cnd- anil the X pul lie that hf ha- H-l opcneil a Siore on llie corner of Chureh nnd bank -are'et-, opposite iho old Pauls, vv here he will m'11 Good- a idle ip a-ibey can bo I oiicht el-e where, enil ra"iii2 a -ma'l Jloek ol" DRV GOODS, aula i;enerul nortnient of FAMILY OROt'KI!IP.-J. Pirate call and look 1 eloie buv my t !-ei vv here. i i.ui liniw OAii, oy ineniriei.i r in If q ian titv. I -hall not I c under.-old hv luv neiL-hbor. June 7, 'It. 1 N. W GAGH. I.UAI) IMt'i:. ec. Z TONS Pipe tut inch, O 1 do Sheet I end, 1 t'a-k Sheet Zinc 30 His fhe.t, a-'orted No-. 1 v May 1.1, Ml. 50 S I RONG-? if- Co. GJLXT.'S Leghorn Mils, (Toll, and Oil Cloth Cips, Ac. now open-rig a: C. 1 S PANIt'OItD'S. July 13, 1514. 7 CASH I'Alt) I'OK Vi'OOI pY the lll'RLINT.TON MILI, COMPANV at JJ their Kactoiy. AIo Wool re'ccived to inanufac lure into IIRO.M) CLOTH on the ime lenns as heretofore by Mer. ,V. Rvtiiccn, SID.XKY llARLOU', Aiftn. Tor lliirhngion .Mill Co. Juno 10, 1811. 1'2 PLASTER. A( Tuns of Xova Se.itii Piaster, iu. received, and zb' iiowi;tinduiL' at the Plisier Mill nt Winoo-ki Falls, nt'd for silo bv June 12, 1311. ' FOLLF.T, IIUVDLi:v& Co. SUMMER GOODS. WIlITL.iml Itn.wn l.iacn Drilliinj-.Tweel-, Ili'li S uiinier Cloth, al-o, a vario y of Cotton goods for Miiuiiier weir fir m'e low I y llarlmsoti, June II, Ml. S. M. P0IT1. C. IIAVINIvS HAS. iu-t received a few choice paltorn-of Freneh a nil American 1'AI K HAXr.lNCS. of the latrttylc lese Mieei. foi mi' ii at hi- Paint Shop on Col- I Iliirlin.'ton.Jiuio 19, 1? 1 1 3 tf CASH PAID FOR WOOL. rpflll Biil,.e"il er vv II pav Ca-h for Wool delivered -L at lit-Siore, bead of Pearl Slrccl, nearly oppo ute the Pearl Street House'. HARRY HRADI.LY. Rurhnslmi, June 19, 13 1 1. 3 SOAP, 4-c GRO. Mmviii: JU 7.i do ho. 1 soap, nn I eve-, r i oo routiil lieel-, 50 M. D. '. Nee lb-. I'M nvcivcland fi r Jniie 5, M 1. I by VILA ff, LOOM I .V & CV do I' A i EST F.LAST C 7.YA" STANDS. WHICH do ir-l allow' the ink lodiy up or adinil Ibe ilu-t, or if over lime I ibe ink 'doe- nut run o il and pn-.f-.e many other advaiua.'e- over com- nv u m t in 1-, Julv -1. II t I I In IIHINSMVID IIROTIinRS. POUT II A IT I'AINTJNG. ITni.DING, Portrait Uiinier, ba iu tal.en a p om al N . 20, Aii'friean Hotel, wbert' he will If hippy in wiil upon the pflp'e of ll'irliuston iu tlie way nl in pro!?- n it. iienas tne exper em foi leu vear- Mudvuml prr.cllce in o ler a-n Ciiaranty to tho-o w ho may de-ire lo obtain' the hl.e-ne-f of llieniM'lve orlhcir friend iu an cmlurmgr form. He of cour-e will ak nnonclota1,e i pitme which doe net prove -alisfacu ry. lie has bad much -an cc.s in obtaining pood liLence-, I ol'rt in New York mi l -Cvcral nflhe Sonlhern Slate-, and tlalter- him self, ibnl iheiiihabi'aiit of ibis villaco will lo-ausii e'd vvith In- labor- lit llie huo of hi- art. Specimens ef hi painting may le examined at hi- loom. Mr. O'T'er- for sile a fir-l rate Daguerreotype ayparalw wilh cncmica', platis .lldeae, to any person vvno may wen m iiurinaM: incm, llurlui?ton, July III, 1811. G LATH LOVELY AKKIVAL. & SEYMOUR. TNYITF the attention oftliu public to a large stick J of new anil FtSHIONAIiLi: GOOD of every varieiy, vij nil -tyle of line dres MiilT-, rich Cahcoc-, (ungbam-, Mushne, Lace-, Sh.ivvL, &o. ILH), Hroad Clolh, Ci-siinere-, TwidI-, Salmctl, Drill Irttr, Vcsliii?, Trimininr;-, ite. &e., which will bk tolii al the hu-est markel priee-. Church Sircet, llurlinsion, July llih.Mt. fi frW OR 1000 lt. Spcr.iitil live, for vvlm h eai-h UtJ will bo pat.l hy pncic oc SP1.AR. July 11, IML ' " MESS PORE. I'l V III Iu. ni-it reveival I v V II w. jiiL 11 tft; I, (All JV t & NEslir FIRM. ' W. GII1I! wnjild inform the puhllu that bo hn . . forme-d n wnnclio. in the Sa Idling hti9mc' with Col, Ihnl lioynton. Puiir-s vVill bo coudiiclcd nt tho old stand midcr tin jib mo of T. W. (illlll ,i Co, They intend to loin n Munition nt .ill tint. 3 to ne eouiinoilnto eutnmer Willi nny nrlielohl their 'mi' on tho ino-t rencnal'lo leruu. They will engage that it shall bn to the intcre-t ol anv gentleman to conic twenty mile, to purel.a-uJtlO. h'ir-1 rate double harnu-c lor S25 c.tIi. Iliiie.burgh,2iiih June, 1811. NEW BOOT AND SHOE STORE. T f AS removed lo l7io new lion oiiimile it, (J.I 171 Haul;, where bo i prepared to meet the call of In cu-toiner, on I ho -liortcst nohreini'l in llielnii-i nnd tiiu-t r.i-til' hlyle. He ha no empty loi-t to niaKe. nor i-sn be av but that In work mav -nine. times partnl.i'Ol'ihe imperfection w.hicii nharacienze nil thins ol human -li ue-itii o j hut tin t.u will -av, that 30 year evpericuca has mven umie conli ilencc, -ii that be think" h can eouiiete will, mm of hi" niialiborf, with the Mr nnd awl, if not with the sclfpniiiini'Jien. At all evtiits, hi-eii-tonier shall run no rffr, lor if work i- nut pood bo wdl ma1 u it pood. .Now a heretofore, he itnrrants bis work to itive good Miti'ficiion, eir he will ujal e .nli.-fai'lion, hoots AM) siions Of every de-criptiou, i.'on-lnirly mi hand, nn I inanu- frti'tured to order, ef good tou'; mid superior wurL 1 inatiship. I I!.irlu,cion,.Mny23, 1811. 5 S I'll AY El) Oil STOLEN, ITMtOM the New Church (ire-en, Juno Sfilh, a li.'ht bav Mare, black inaueaiid mil no shoes l.elnnii a pall on ihu left four tinkle h id the heaves, una had on a saddle and bridle. Whoever will return sni unrc, or five information of her whereabouts shall he suitably CGinpcns'iteL. j . j 1. I 11. V I Olll.ll. Willistnn. June 27, '11. I'! LAWKS WATCIIKS, MADI' UY A I.Y. LADIl.S wbo wi-h for a irood nnd Icantilnl Watch made by ri Uitiy can I e -upji'icd at very low prici-, lunch lower than Watebe- of tl.t iiuahlv were ever I e foi e o lered. Tiic-o Watches weie made epre-lv fur tl", mi l have the lady's name, nn I our own, aiul Ibo year ' when they vvete irade, " ISl 1 " upon tlicm. , We bavu -old Wapdie if.ade I y thn -nmo lady I efore1, and the-v pte i-i'mstouiers luueb. !h. wri'e to u- 'hat this lot are (iner lini-hed and I ea ill- I fal than any made fur us Iff ire, and we lind them i alvvav-ju-t a- ho state-. Wu -Imiru ItiilH. inat innie- woiiiu no ui-innn u nr.s-e-sma a Wa'eli inaiiu lv their own ex. ve ini'i tli il e,iillellien h!te ihi'in 111 "dl. .1 IIIIINSMMI) HUOTlII'ltS. CANES AND III I) INC STICKS. Tj N ureal var'ity. bcaiitilul Cines with 'ilk I'ui .1 I re! I a mi th.'in, from Si lo SI0 i mdi, Cane l'i h Pole. Hnd'.oiv Cane, nnd nianv otner l.ii.d-. t.'ol-lar-. Stock- .ihd II an I' rreli el , cb''a ).elnM'i.c heap. I IIII1NSM Ml) iV lillQI III-IIS. i v. i Tcil Us yOTii e TalR Tds. WILL he "old vcrj lnw d'Olns all Iho public dav s llii-"iiminer. 'S'raneis nnd other-aie de-l-red to call and fee. 1 UltlNSMAII) it UltOTIIITl3. II UN AW A Y. A 110171' tlreSOlh May la-i,an inden'iil boy, name! Ci.nrle We-t. This is to fori id all pcis'ai-hnr-hnno" or ir.i-iiin. him on inv ni'i'iiunt. ns I shall I'aim 1 all Ins earning-, and pay no debis of hi- contracting. t:. m. lit 3.l.l,. Charlotte, June 20, 1511. 1 3w SMOKED HE EE. zzrt 1.118. Superior nuihty smoked lleef by v;u July 1. 5 S I'ltU.N't J J.UUIk. ! 'IXIX MILS Superfine Hour, 100 hMf llbls. do i t,,i,. a -, KTrinvr:-? r-o GRIND STONES. CIIOKT-: Nova Scotia (! mil Si nies July, 1. 5 .sTUONGS MONTHP. VI, AND l!t)Ti).N 1 EXI'KMSS. 4.0 Co. rrtlll. "ubseriher have male arraniremen' to .end 1 a me ener from llosion to .Montre'.il nnj I ack once a vv eet; i aeb wav. vm. I'tirluiuton, Monfneber, . and Conei rl N. II.. le iv.n-' llo-ton on Mini lav and Montreal on 'I It i-day. tor the tran-mi ion ot Spe- eie, Hank Ni f, ind'other valunble pacl-aee-. P.n- tieulai' alteutton p'i'il to enllfturj mid payng Note-, Drntt-, l!dl-, Aeei'"anres, if-c. ipe. All piel-a.-c to lumarl.ed Vir.'il it Co. and iV Co.'. 1'.:: pies, and lo I e left at the Coautiiiir loom ol J. cc .1. II. Pec!. & Co. VIRf.IL A Co., Mon'real. 3 W LIC1 1! Si Co., Ho-ton. lio ! All Vu That '1 hi-sl I NO T fj (3KJ Vi:T ! rUM, I1RANDY, GIN and WINI.S. of all the Li- virion ninhitevn rpnntitii of one pint ur more, anil oilier FAMILY CROCI'lUKS, for sale on rea sonnblc terms, by ISAAC WARNKR. Iliuhngton, J me, I'll. 2 L OVE L Y iV S E YM OUR, HA VF receive la hoe a oririient ol t;ood :e'ap' el to the -ea-en, v ' : II. nu' ii ue-, Hlael; an I Hlue Hlael; nnd Fancy .'.'ill.-, Id. h Ha urme-, Syl pht-1 an I Ze -hvr De Lame-, P-ni" anl Fisuri'l de l.nincs, Priiri'd .nil (Snuha u M i-lm-nnd Lawns, Hu ll l.aundee-and Pi phns,Fi. Tar I Sill.-.Seoieb ana Ami'iiean C. n.-lnm-; vvi , Camhri , l!" Jaeuiiei Nan-oi'l; nn I JI II Mu-'ir-; a .-plen.'i 1 a-soriuienl nl CALICOIjSi Id h Homii-i Mi .- and Lawn-, Ribl on-, Ifo-ierv, tiTuve-, iVe. .Ve., toe'ber wilh every nrncie in Ibe I 'amy aid Xtaph fn floods line. l'hjrh -irevt, Mav II), lr-l'l. -19 tf i' as sv. v.'-" sv,nitai7 AT WIMOOSKI PARK. (two MIU's ri'.ovi i;ii-,i inoto:.', vr.) I'j'Orit uiUuiisial S.-ho'at- vvi'I I e leceivcd into tlie finiilv of Rev. ZKNAS tlLI-'!, ni in-1 re-cut re--i-lence. The loeainn is mo-i fav'ornl le fur bcabh nud reiireiii'-nt, iu ihe mi-Li of a rejriun -e-a'reely sur ta tl m be iu''y and itjeet-ol in'ere-t lynny-pni in New l'nctan I, nnd iilioeiber sir h an "nne n- ihe true progre ef ibe -eltolar rt'ijuue-. The e -ehnl-nr- wilt I e mi'tcr In own private ca're anil in-trociion, nnd may intend to r-JI I nuicK'- of -amW, or'.nv one, bi'lor.'iiiii fo .-.' lie roiwh idn am n his aim will I e, by u thorough I't-eiplino adipted to the waul- cl each, (m maihcni me, lauu'uaze-, natural Mience-, phy-iolosy, inierivnial and moral pbilo-ophy, -j-c.) to devt'lope, a- ful y as po--il le, the capabiliiio- vvi:b vv hn ti ibey are endowed lyuitirc. Sclu lar- con sidcru'ly advanced ui -luely will le preferred, but inore e-peei iby tho-e who vvih lo remain lor two tip three vear and pur-uo a ih rooiih nnd y-lematie t'ouiM'; an-l above all lliese who wi-h lo pcr-iic pliiii.ohiea or iheolosieal s'luliw, in wllieh no p un- Will I o .-paied toc.iure theii -'ibl;i -tial progre'--, Cbjri.'i's for board and niuion vvul vnry from 8200 to ft'2j0 per year, aeeordin lo ibe eoii'luiKii and -Indie- ol tl.e "eholar, an-l the ntie'ulieu wlin-h be require-, Tl-c vv In 'e ii 1 1 ii 1 1 cr i- not to ev co I eight. 'I ho-c ol culler se will I e received. Aildre.-s through Post Odn eal lliirlingliui. Vermotil Chror.iele p!ea-e cO;iv. .Vc. .1 srniiMTjil,'. I Onft (, p ire sperm winter nn' spring sperm I HUM Oil, 500 solar do. STItO.NGS if- Co June II, Ml, 2 l oath prs. I ( ifiCA Llii'. Gce w Feather-, warra'n'ed, I 3U0O lb-. I ten-' do lor sale bv June 5, Ml. FF.W bbh I VIL.Ii-', LOOMI'.'.' Co. , Winter strain and Oil, at I COI.n .J. ROIIINSON'S. JOHN IJOWIS A-finiti tiiiioi. tin: wlict'ls of Tiii:'c. t "f AV1NO a lilt e lime to spare not iVrotisI lo hi 1 !a otner I ii-uus, hu wi he- to h'l op ilo- tunc i it re'pau'inj tisik. Th"e bavin? WATCHl'S In re pair vi lli pha-e lo I rma ihcui on in time, and have llicm P'i iu erler to ki'ii uood lime. llurl'112'i-u, J mt IS, ISi I. 3 C1ASI1" PAID FOR YoOL, bv II. W. CT1.IN. Al-o, "( 'h-cM'haiijcd for Woi 1 on good terms. June 20, Hit. 3 iT LAV I'linc's, (ili'.'e-, .vim-, Lawns, buiiiiner Ac, j ti-1 received bv Oh 1 Stutl' June'.'O.MI. .'1 II. W. CAT LIN. LEATlER. 1 fV SlDIXSole Lcnlher, fteolanl verv cheap, IVU .lime 20, Ma. .1 by STRONGS A Co. " FRESH FIGS: t S: I'RF.MS, pi-,' received by Juielil.Mt. 3 STIiONOS .V Co. MA Nil. LA MA ftsT. GOOD a ijrlinciit, I June 20, Ml if SiltONOS A' Co. K CSF.S if New 'ofl( Hal-, liom 64,11 mtflJKl ) I'm h, nlsii, a tew ease of heavy Ho.itan I .vhoe. all harrtll I e l rlra supcrnnc I lour Ju k-on M ills, Sled iir ' H and ill'1 H'l -t U of .Sill, lor alent 1COI ,v. ROIUNN , I , Asn4 II hold's I'.stntc. STATU OI- Vi:iM0NT, I AT Probate Cot. DiMriet of Chilttndcr., I 1 held nl lloiluiRtia , withlnnndfor Ihe Ui-lriet i f Ciiitteu.Ien.on the tun' . .Inv of July, 181 1, iMinii Amos llaty nnd ltnui' Join:, I.'eiinir3 of lb' hsl will and le ainciit A, ItllUAllS h t or llieliinonil, in find liUtrii , I, nnd hlc ui llicir (' t ition in Wl timr, prnvimr that ihrl uc liimleil forialii(lhidcH and hv'iicii " oftbu n leleceu-e I ni.ei te llini; mid i late, may be eMended i.iih year In an thonxih u ofScptiiul er, 181 1, and ihe Slid llse'cnt ir-!ilopt-pou to render to .aid court na nccount tif jbvjr ndiniii i-lriilioo and lo pru-ent their a-luiinisjrauoa ni eoun ?-ifri-l -itid n-tato tiir nt i tint ii rind a11owanee.'ON, tho court aforesaid dolh iippomt lb -ecoSd Wednes 'ay of AiiRU-t, 1SI i, li.r bearitip nn d'jiidin?in llieprciiii-oi.nt ibeotlii eof ll'flli'f i-tei1 1 1 raid cirt, in llitrhntrtoii in said ih-ir,c',nild dolh link tint all iei--.ti-nrere-te I I e uoti' el Ihfieol by put h cation of thi-or Irr. tin it week- mi'i e--lvely, in lb lliirluiloii I'ree rrr-", n ne.v'piner punted in -a It irliulon, thela-l of which put licn'mn lobe pie vieni to ta'd Mton I 'iVchiedny if Amrist, lilt, that they may Iheii and thero np ieir and show ca I why i ho praver of Mid putitioii "ho d I not I e grnuti , airi why ni I aeeo-uit -bo iblnoi liA'!owel. , liiveu uni'er my hand, at -ail ii'irlni;t-n, thi U 1 hyolJidy, Idlt. 0 in. WLS'I ON, agister. I.fvl N'iiltliii;'s l',"lalc. STATL Ol' M.liMONT, ) AT a Prol ate crair iJi-lr.el ol Clntnii leu, .-s. 5 J held at UiirlmstMi. vvnl.'i. and lor l!di-tri',t ol t'liiitendeu, on Ihe tvven lieili day of April, 1311, e'oine- Wm. S. 11 aw'.. m , Admiii'stia'or if the' e-t.Hc ol Levi .Nutting, la'e I t.'n Icrhdl, in said dnun 1, deee'used, anil file- in sa ' court hi petition ill vvritinir. pfj'in -nideoiirt into. lend ill j litne liiiiired for the pnyni'.U of the i!ul auain-l Mild e-tuie, nnd lur tcttluii mid e-iate, year liom the I2;h clay e.f.May, ISIli-and ulsopn . li" is In lender to -aid court nn acco int of his a ' luuv-tniuou au.l to ircseiil hi adiiiiiii-iraiion account nurHin-t .-ui I e-'ato fur exiitiunation and allowance, Wm.nia'i'os, tliocouit afore-uid dolh up.ioinl in second We'.lnesdny of Aiixu-t, 1st I, for hearins ao ilii'idirjc in the premi-e-, lit tin oltteo f-f tlie Ue;? -li rof -aid Co irt in Mini Uoihralon, nr.d iloti old' lliatiill iirrsou lu'enrt"! m -mil r tan-, If nolilu thereof ly pu1 In-u'ion ol'thia i.r.Scr thiee vvek.- n:' co'-ivcly, in ihe lliirhngiiu: Tree Pre, a ue cpape priutiil in -ui'l I! uliMion, the la-l of wbi'di pu' 1 c.i lion- lo I riirevn-!- lei said -cond Wedne-day ol A ao-t, 1311, ibnl i hey inuv then and tlu'r.' apoear no 1 -how -uu-ewliv the prajei of -aid prtniou hould n ' e eiaute I, nnd wbv .-aid a-'counl -l:oufd not l o a lowed. I (.oven under my hcnii at -aid liurlu.jt'.n, this lay ot Apnl, .ii. C wl! WM. WKS'ION, ?.. '.' new mnm&. GOOD ASSORTMLNT ofliroad Cloths, (in.' tV d'l'.ta, Drib ele Tn. ('. nr r'-T Twiedo, ."ir Vesting". Siimm rSti.(i.,i;t.(ITrimmihk itc to:., vvu.ili w.l be s dd at prices lo vut pari ha sirs. I.OHLY i'- SI.Y.MOUH. Cliiri'h strri Jh'v II, l)l. fi LO()lvlN( ALiiti; Aoiim.nt ol various sues of O. ( I! indea t'Ulc 'uid Li I'nveit- "tvle. ju,i reu .! by I OVT.LY A Church street II, n llnulon, .1 ' II 1 11 SK Y.MOUR. fill 0- FRI'.SH simply of-'uir, F.xnafine 3 Ply Car r peluiiiSi DniuHitts, Green lii.ze, O.I Cloth. Ilii-h Muiiingi! Rich ilM and 8 1 1'.inb'd Printed on Damash Tabl" (; vcri Cup. i llindoij; mid I hreau LOVELY iV SEYMOUR Have dsn imported a neb n-oitinent of I'API.R II NG1NGS FROM PARIS, which they ofl'-r low with a good asortmen of A.-irmt ak do. nnirchj-l i, Jul)' 11,J3H. 6 rtllllF nn 'eiMirned bavins I'oinineuceil ibe practic m ol Law on lit- own a.-eoiint, w II c;iv e -trtci a' tentum lo all prot'e's-uoiial l.u-nie- which may Leer: iru-te I to hi- care. Ollice ovi r Thou.a-' Auction .Ttore-, ( 'oi ee .'lireci ti. J. Tl WHY. Ilnrlmrjtoti, July II, 1611. OvvG .r. rji"l!li: era on Colleci ri.t -n -iif I -ill nl a fi ti nt to the hiiibe-i hi l.'er. ou - in o'u ni -", at o'. locl. P. M. a! the Peirl Slice) Hon-.-. WILLI M V MlNFlf, Tiei-urer, 1 . V. M I! irl n.'f n, Julv lMi. (i IJ A L'.llRI N US, Sil:,., .-ib, 13 I'nu'cl Lawn-, Gi.i.-ham-, sli nv U, Cr;iv.ti-. lire' Lice-, Wi. S,l. I.n- , iVe. CI l-l r. en I in for .-ale re.i.e'y luv. ly , . IlRMtY vv, iTI.IV. n J.iL- II. 1511. llai'iict A. A. IlartN Kstale. w1 V. lb' s ib-cribers, hivim been ajinninted bv lb.. I lonuni! lo ihe'e Courl l r the Di- trcl of Cliuien leu, eoiinni iiiner- to icceive, e-xaii me an I ndii-i ibe cai m and demand- ot all per-i n a'.-ain..tlhei-talef H ARRll'T A. A. HART, hn of New Hi'ven, m the St.rtef Conneeucjt, rie.-e-a-e re ire-enie I m-Mv en". nnd .n-oa'lei.-.iir.- (.ml diuiand uxla' Hel i'l off e". ile'ie-t i; and t.ionths t'roin tl'i d iv of llie date hereof, I e.n: itilowe I bv .-aid Court ti-r thit purpo.i', we ilo then tore I'ert't.y civ notice, that we vvi'I intend to the 1. i-me-- of ourapp 'intineu', a' the i ill of Sha v iV We-p-n, in liurim.toii, (in -ai I, on ibeln-t Saiurlay- of Septemlir aie Noveml cr next, at 10 uVli.c' , A. .L, on caih f san. .lav. Dated, tin j:h dav of June, A, D. 1515. 1. HI. B. SIIA'U PillNnilAS LYMAN, C m SHERMAN'S I.OZHXGKS. ?nrrif i ii -uti iimi Fi r l ou,h-, I'. rl! -nl if' o, For WoniT. Fur S re Thn at, and Hour-ene , for I larrlue cut'-- i f ie I r Lid je-tion want i f Appc ile, Ac. iV Sherman'- Ti th Pa-te P ns'er-, .". . t latwln'o v I j I PV.CK it SI-F.AU s if an I retail DA WSON iS- ARMSTRONG, ft kiXA0a Cill'IK II SI RKI T, two door- -i mli of Peek Spear'-, and lua'1,' i ppo-ite i" nc u llarlvvare Sfoie. ( 'uf in'' in the nm-t approvo style, an t on -bnrt n '. i . C .. . 11RINDI.F. COW, in r v -.'ir-ol 1, I'l iV f- pa-i re la-l Wi e1.. Auv per-on .in.liu, the .imi' ynd g'Vin-r nonce to me sin i ' e i. iii..i,iev n.i i'K IIOHV K WI1KI ' I' It I! ir .ii'.-ton, J i'v t, '.--II. I TiTi H av eF,j7ec its. OARTlFs viJitmg Can.'da, will find L WATSON' IIO'r.'L. St. Johns, one of Iho laigcs'ani i.iu.-t ccmfoi isbpj lioues in llie place. Carnages m atti'tidance ou the ari va! of lh" Steamers. ilvtra hore and enrr'ines in readme for I'lrim bhe, Hiahgaie Spring. St. Albans, i-c . I'baipn verv inoilernte. Si. lohn, J me 21ih, 1511. 4 1m PAINTS AND OIL. T TONS vv bile lead, drv nud groun I in i ' " llvlra." nud " Pore " ynani.h nhiie. ,"NM reel le.lil. I reii'''! veuiivv, v ero gri-, v enenan re-', luharic, sm. lis tiirpiiilme, iVe. iV.. . .Also, 500 e- linnt-lr I pi,p J me 1 1, ' 1 1. 12 by STRONGS A Co. 1T3W tl"t iint'nvnD, .) Miy 1. Id 1 1. v.? W V m iV 9 lWrly ix S'I'YMOUR LAKE C II A 31 PL A IX , Pate tliroitgh tho l.ah- icduccil Is S.T,tH (MvnU rslra.) Till. HllRt INGTOrf crr. re. vv. smcpm.',. Will '.feuve Wh ti hall every &' .h Hn every 'I ue dav, ' Monday, Thursday, Wnlne-day, Satord iv . Fr dav. Til ll'STHV MLR. S ARAN AC CArT.,o. lATiiio r. WiU'ifave Whcchall ev-'r Si. Johi everv 3I,iii ' i y. I Tiic-dav, Wilue-dy, 'Ihnrilr, . Fribiv. I Sai"plii, At one o'eloi k, P. M. from eu'li riul i f ilio Lake 'I he above t- )t9 nrMnsteuieiii lor riuinm- (or thi" se.ibiin, un!i tio'iee iMjivcu to the contrary. . The Ci'iii.ii"iv .ulend I" p'n-'e the Stramrr Vhi- ball upon thu lnlc idol the t5 Iran ie, ,-ir , iyilixl Sls-Vl dl t,'i;..iuiiai.t, I' , l.',.,i , I I' llrt II H. St'v r JTsr-A h-,,. R ' v m If -CM. i i i i