Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 16, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 16, 1844 Page 3
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Mass Meetings AT WKSTFOHt). The Wings of Essex, Fait fix ami Wust foril, propose to meet nl Wi'Slford Cmitcr, on rillDAY, llioOOili insl. for tlio purpose of discussing ilio political topics of lliu diiy. Tho Rev. ALVA SALUN, of Georgia, J. J. DEARDSLCY. Csn. of St. Allians, nntl other distinguished speakcrs.will iiddross tlifir fellow citizens on tliu occasion. Men t all parlies are inv itod to ntlenil. Tlio injunction lo "prove all thinns, and hold fast to tlial which in good," npplies with peculiar, force to the comiiisr crisis in our national nfi.itrs ; and it is hoped licit tlio people of Chittenden and Franklin Counties, generally, will digni fy and honor the occasion with their presence. Men should reason together, touching those things lint affect ihe common weal. Speaking to commence al one o'clock, P. M. By order of Committee. August 13:h, IS 14. WHKiS OF MILTON. A meeting will In: held at the Town IIohfo tn Milium on S tTURDAY, the 17th Inst, at 5 o'clock, 1'. M. for tlio purpose of tunn'matini; a candidate tn represent paid town in tlio Gen. era! Assembly this fall. A general attendance in solicited. SAMUEL ROAKDMAX, ) Town nNii:i II. ONION, G BOUGH AY WIS. ) Committee. Milton, Aug. 5.1i, 19 U. GRAND ISLB COUNTY CONVENTION. Tho Whips of Grand Isle County are re. quested to meet by their delegates in Cnnvcn Hon on tlio 120th day of August, 1S1I, at the Court House in North Hero, at one o'clock, 1'. AI. to nominate a suitable person to represent tlio County in the .Senate the year ensuing. The Whigs of each town are requested to ap point three or more delegates. Ily requnttof County C'inuii!tcc. Clay Chik The next roirular ATcctinii of Uir BURLINGTON CLAY CLUB will hulioldonnl the Court House "ii MONDAY EVE NING next, August 19. The meiuhers are requested to nsscmlilo piiiictually at ftjiViiiS o'cloclc. 12. A, STANSnURY, Secretary. In Wilhs'on, July jOih, of 'ever, Capt. Cmni.Es Air.SDr.a, in ihe 23th year of Ins ac. I'rinurs in N. II., Mich., and III. will please 11 dice. In Cornwall, on lh".27th in?l.. of dropsy, very sud denly, Cvstiia, wifu of Z.biilon Paliiier, ned -19 years. Hon. Joshii I'l'it died al Kecscwlle, on the 10th inst. aficr a short illness. At IOri'iinnl, Cinah West, Macy Asm Davis, third dni'ih'cr nf Jacob Davis, I'st,. of Mi'ton Vt , and wife of Jons W. JlAnsros, I'.sq, aged 31 years, 11 in jnths, an I 21 djys. In this town, nn ihe 1 lib ins!.. Mr, Aaron II d lev, ailed -1 1 years. Printers in Watcrtown, ft". V., nnJ .Mass. ill please nonce. In Ihirlinsto-i, Vi., July 23. tho Rev. IIiaAM S.vr ronD, pastor of ihe llnpn-i Church in that pi ice. Kl l-r Salf ird was ti irn in P.'-ntiinjIon, '1., June, 1st, 174G. lie w is let lo ni'ltiluu n lu 10 lliu .S'i vior whi'n altout 21 ears ot nj ', but did not enter t he Tnm,siy rill le27. lie co-nnii-nced ids mituslenal labors m IVIaliil, Si. I. lwronoo I 'o , anil afterwards reside I successively 111 Tori dvinutnn, Keeevill", and liurhnt'loii. 'I'hoiich not favored willi the ad vaiuaics of a hbi ral an I ihtoliu'ionl edueniton, he was a very accepi ilile preaeher ; and us an evidence lint he did not inisi ike bis proper rnllins, hi- labors were ercally Idcsscd, 11 the ihlb-rent cotiijrenatioiis wliere lie preache I, in ihe edification nf the church, and ihe ealv.ition of many souls. Many Imp alriady pasud into c'ory who douhile-is wi Iciiined bis arrival ihcre, ns the mail whoso holy es-imple, fnlhful mstruciion and earnest prayirs, wne insiiumeninl in leadini; them to Chnfci ; and many will doublhes follow bun, whom, m heaven, ho will rcj nee In rccojnize, as bav in; been ainon' ibose lie was permuted lo i-nnsi-lcr ns s.iiniual ehi drill on earth. I, tnij will many of the people nf God lovo 10 clieri-b iho recolleclion of Ins eaeoinlary lite, Irs all i -uonale, timely pastoral labors, Ins pious, iniriicuve, faithful ministry. He came to this Mil ir.,. in iho f.ill of 193), and left to tnke chari'i" nf the church in Hurl uuton. in ihe fall of ISin, While he resided here behad the confidence. and aipctton, noi only or his own fi ir-Ic, hut of all do nominations. It is no exatruerauon 10 siy that he was universally belove I. Mis lahors were eininenlly successful 111 tiniiini: and huildins up the ehnreh. 111 nidinir thein lo bqm l.ale a heavy di bt on their inoetuii; liouse, whuli ri sted bkea h'-avy inc hits upon ih'.tn. find in the conversion of souls. I'.ir mm v veirs vi ill his nnme be vlo ti-b'-d wub tender 11 colli ci inns. When ho w-nt to llurtiiiirtiin, th little feo'do hand with whom be his lot there, worshipped in a very small chnpel, nearly a mile nut nf the ullaiff i he immediately liirned bis aiicntion and ilevnled Ins en crffies to iheeneiioii of a more siuia' le place nf wor ship in ihe villnp. His sacrifices, fcirdeiiials, and trials, to i fT'Cl this, were very reat j llu v were not shated eiiher in 'summer's licit, or in winnVs cold j' and b fore he died he had lliu sniisfhcttnn nf seeinir a bea'iliful nd ponnnodiotis houspvery nenrly roinple ted, and w1 lie ii slan ts ii will ho n inoniiinent "I his zeal anil I' bars for that people niul tho ennse of t.'-od. I!ut bnlns rone 10 unrMnp in a heller temple in that sanctuary win rn " hnsannnhs dwrll upon im mortal lonL'ues." Ho died of consuoin'ion .1 com plaint with which he Ins suffered for ihe last twilve or fourlcea vears. Diinnri some nf ihtsiitne, and es pecially for the last four tnnnlh-, bo was a Treat uf. ferer- He Ins left a widow and one daiisihiir tn mourn his loss And ihowrh thev can have no doubt but tint he has pnne "lobe wiib Christ, which is far heller" linn even the socieiv, nn earth, nf com panions the most devoied, or children the most afil-c-ttonale, yet th'ir enef must he creal at tho loss of such a husband and such a father. Durina the last fifteen years I'.lder Safford has been called lo bury three most amiable and nflec liona'e dnuirhters. He parted wiili them, however, sustaindl with the glorious assuranco of a happy re union in Heaven. That re union has now taken place. N11 mote shall be ciievcnnd weep over the dying couch of his ihildicn no innro rlmll denth tear them away from ihe arms of a fond faiher. The closing Bceno of r.lder Saffird's cailhly career wns peculiarly solemn nnil inlprcstine. He retained hisrenson pcrfcclly to the last 1 till his tongue was pnlsied in death, be spoke with freedom niul delight of his confidence in Christ, and bis hope nf heaven. " fihrk the pereel man, nnd be' old the uprtphl ; or the end af that 7nan is peare." ' Tor. mfmory or tub PtarccT is CLEssnn." Keeserille epublicnn. In New York, 8th ins'. Mrs. Viola I., wife of Wm. R. Wadsworlh Ksq., of lint city, aged 41 years. IMVB 1)01, 1, AltS III3WAHI). rilAKF.N from the public Hnneo of John Hnward, JL in flurlingionon lho7lh mst., a Wns liroadelnlh Ovcrcaat. Tl.p skirts were IiiipiI wiih small fiyitrtd linings, and upon it fumed velvet billions. The above reward vvill be given to any person who will give information where the coat nnd the felnn who tooK it in-iy hp lonnn. juii.h iiuoaiio. Burlington, lith Aug., 1811. 11 Burlington High School. rnilP. I'AI.I. OKAHTHft of ibis institution vvill L pommenee Sfpleniber 2d; llie Winter Quarter, ft'ov. 25 1 tin1 Sprint.' Quarter, Kcb, 21 ; nnd Ihe .7um. mer Quarter, Mnv 18. TuUinn, in the common I'ng. Ilsh Ir unities', 84,50; all else, S'i.SO. ft'n escrlions hsll be winning In secure the highest cult lire of the pupils, iind mi.Uu the sctioot eveiy wiiv woribyof ihn patronngenf the publie ltoard ran be obtained in good families nl from 81,2 1 tn 81. 50 per wrek, CII. C, PAKKI'It, I'rinrlpnl rHirlinslon, Aug. 1C, 1R41. Hw'3 Tin rinto, WireT&cl t Art TM 1,3 x r!llra sizes, CO AW lulls, iron wire, nsori&l ft'rs. hcpi iron. (hce.t copper, tin neu nno 11 k rivr, with a cencrsl a"ortniPnt of tinner r STPOftT.S ! CO. -Aue llt II milll Truster' of Hie TtUlttilNOTON I I'HiIAl.t: MUllVAItV would inhum the public tint tho Hcv. .1. 1C. COivr.asr: Ins been nil pointed to lal.c chnrgo ot this Institution t and thai, deeming it ptudcut, on account of lirnnniiiil svnip' Mm", to suspend, for n limr, Ins pastoral labors, lie Ins accepted their tippointnieiit. Mn. Converse will reside in the Seminary Rim ' ins, and lake tin: oversiihl nC nil us nffurs. lie tins associated with himself experienced ntid thorough Teachers, who alo will re-tduio the Insl itit I xin, niul will, nm will tni-c!to n constant nnil t) cue iner Iho studies, liw health and moral deportment of the resident pupils. Durum two quarters in inu year, courses of Lectures will bo scoured nn subjects em braced in tlio hushcr dipnrtmcntsnf study. Ma. I). A. UniMxv will take clnmenf the Hoard inn department. The. thirties in tins anil in most of the extra branches of study luvcbicn considerably retiuceii. The Fall Term vvill commence on the 13th of t-ep leinber, and continue 22vvcikss 11 wciks to the quarter. TKIOTS, HALF rAVATLC IK ADVANCE. Tuition in r.nclih branches, per quarter, 63 00 " " French, 3,00 " ' Latin, (no extra charge,) " ' Dm wine. '100 " ' " Music, .... R.O0 TTort nf Pit nn. - - 2 00 Hoard, inc-l uiltnrr fin I, hclit, wnsliinc, and all the convenient-!'- lor stndv. in nacmn. ntrv nod well for ms hoi rooms. S! P"r week, nr S3 per U'ir. If the pupils rennm less linn one term nf 22 will ho S.'.i ner nuartcr. Il is desirable thm pupils friim abroad board m lb" Seminary i such will eiij ty peon Inr adi'.att'.iire.s. Tor intni lion in French, nrrnnei" menisarc innloin s-cure the services of a gentleman to whom the language is ir .1. W. IIICKOIC, Secretary. tlurlington, August 12, 18U. Tn llie a' ovc nntirp, by the Tiustres. I would add, lint liivin!iiiccrptcd,cnndii'itiilly, their appoint inent, 1 shall spare no pain to nnUe our Semitiiirv wnrhv of uenerni palmosy. The Inoiiion is onr ofiln mnsi healthy anil pleasant in No -Knttlind. -The Scminarv lliiitdmit is spn'iou, an-l. in all its nrrntuc incut, ) 1 1 1 1 1 1 : 1 1 1 adlntt d,lo ille purpose Tlio course of ttipirue'tnii w II ho iM'oralo and thorouuh. The supervision, f.inhfiil, ntl'i-eiioinlr and pnrcnial. I-'mtv cue shall he lukeii of ihe health, minds, and morals, of lliosj whoso training is connnuied to mv eire. J. K. CON'Vr.llK. llurlinstnn, Auiust 12, 1311. llw-l iPcrrtsHJtti-olj SlcaUcmy. Till'. TAl.t, TI'.HM of Ibis insiiiulinn will com mence the seerind .Monitriv in September, under llie ehnrce of 1. YV. Ciiancv, A I'., e; line of Hie TJniersilv of Vermont, liose hlernrv qunlifi 'iilions and cM-elletit moral ehar-irtcr, as will as his repu-a-tion ns a successful Kai-ber, enable Ihe Trustees to recommend bun witli confidence to their patrons and friends, anil the public nenerally. The llmrdinu IIouo will bo put in cood repnir, and will hp conducted by As-i Henienwiv, who, he a'tidnons aileulion to Ins department, einhrncuii! the moral deporlinent of Ins f innly as wrll as tlieir plivs. ical comfort, hopes lo render his lioiiso a desirable home for all who nnv wish to avail tllemscUisof the benefits orth sell o DWII) llfVU. 1 NMIIAN I. Kr.r.-sn, I JONt. CHAM. J. Trustees. JOHN WlIKF.t.f-M, I It. T. ItOIIIV-SO.V, J rerri'burab, July 2Gih. 1311. Hw3 Tho Wanderinr .low, r V r.Lni?n SUi:, n's. 1 and 2, price 121 cts. ' each. Trans'nte I fro 11 tho l-'rcndi bv William llenrv Heibert. This is nnivcrsill v proiiiinnced iho Orcalnt liamancc of tlio age, by the erpn'ci living Nolisl. Iiy A. nUWAUIV.S. l'cck's lluMmir- 11 NEW BOOKS. A RAH ftT.II,. or time of Old, a Konnncc by C. .James, 12 cts. rHIII" .ir.SUIT: Ilbis'talini the prin"inl"s and - practices or the celebrated .Snctelvnfthe Jeseils luring llie earlv ponton of the r.ijjhiceiuh eenlurv, hy C. Spindles, price 2 jets. 11 A. HOWARDS. 25 Uoxcs Soap. l. do can I'e-. 12 do ciiinmnn and ' penrl' tar.-h. II do ' llnmis' an I other bran l Tobacco. 1 I M. I.nrilluro's inaccoboy sn-ill. 1 j f.a-ks Mitci-.itn-. 40 J.ivi and K10 oofTce, 'pice an 1 pepper. 100 malt- C.1--11, inltine-, jrin-jer, atom, salt relic, Ii?-, 111 nroinre I cocoa, tic. fi, 15lt. Ill STItOM'.S ,t CO. Ail nnvs 11 us. AOcneral a--ortment of (licli, hair, hat, tooth, fin-jer, llcsli, ti.iiiii, whilc-vyasti, du-i, l.irnilurt', lih e, lcirili, s'ovo, nnl win io-v l-ri-lo'-, tost rei-i and for ile at low price-, S l'KOft'Ob- .f. CO. An-.'. G,'l I. 11 WIIITK LiOAD. ry TON" ".Veic Yurkautl S,mrtrtiet' while lead, drv nnd cro mil in oil. ' p'trc.1 ' eYi-a,' an 1 4 ft'o. I,' i- lost n"-'d. 'I he q mli'v id'ihw lea l 1-vvarranlc I e.ptalatil b-'hevel to he superior to nnv m.iiriiac Hire I in iho Tinted S'u . STUOMJS & CO. An?. 0, 'It. sua a ns. sv TiTt, " Woolsev & Voolsej" double rc V V' fi.,.,1 ,,nfsugar. 5 bids, do do ("rushed do. 5 " do do Powdered do. 10 hhds St. Cioix and Porto Rico do. ." boxes While and Ilio. Havana do An--. 7. '-It. II STRONGS & CO. Far 111 011 the Interval Flats For Sale. T7MI-T ACRHS nf 011 the Kbits nf Onion 1 River, will seeded down to Herds grass and clover, known as "'I he W.idsivorlh Lot j" nn nndis- puteii line will bo given, and liberal lerins tf pay nicni. Ahri, 'he House and Lot on the corner nf fear! and While sireots, lately oceinied hv Mr Wadsworlh. J : lj" irn 111 V..1I. V03TO, lis-lj llw31 Altorney at Law. IN ow .lewelrv. NI-W an I splendid Topaz, T-bnrrald, anil niber sin gle stone Pins, OalaNy ami Cliisifr fins, did 1 iiains. iir.-iei-leis. clasps lor II ir llraei-lei.. fi.ild u it'll Jveysnnd . ocliets or various siz -s Oo it Pens, Pencils, Spectacles, Thmilil s Itugs, c , togciher with ns beautiful nsirinir.,u nf nil km, la .,( (Inoils, pisl Itciivio. liiil.NS.U tlJJ ,'C liltO TlllJilS. Aug 1',. 'II. n piikk KXAiinvrin, A T tb.'OI.D POST OKi'it .;, r,rn , n,nl, 1 w nris 11 in--, tor ont. more liv renuest, eoini. 1 n "i - in 1 , ii'iut 1 1' 1 1 a v . An?, ll. pi . Hoar ii exiii i " ' th in u a nun in iu. I . .ai , Mr. 0l. rc-pc -fully infirm- Hie l.nlies Cniilemeii i f I! rliiiL'liui mil vi 'ini'y, ihn ho will givi'iiii I-xho i'iou .1- n!i"ve, on which tci-a-inu be will l inn Iroin lil.a s, (wnliinii the aid of in. , til' mil- a criMi v..T i'iy 01 iiset it, i:ir i-ii nii l uriia- inen'al arnc cs. m,i 1i ii. P um-nt Ships Itird-, ll.i-keis i"en', Pipe, Cnndb-licl... n in l.a.u, any nriicle -.vlin-i, lancyiiiiy , u-tale, (all nl which u-iu u-lor alc in r.'a-'un i'h nncu-.l A -o. til.i Siinniir; at Ihe ran- i f 50l0 yard - pa minii'r Adnutmiici' free. Children -ill not In nilmined tinier nceoiiiiininc.l hy tlieir oart-iit or guardian-. I! irlnigton, Aug 0 (i, 1911. 10 WILLISTON IIKJII SOIfOOL Tvlli: I-ALL Tl HM i,ftl,, ,n, , il 1 me.v-o on Ine.dav. I be 13 h nf Sentenil er vvnh Tavorablr n i-pices uu Icr the i har"e of J. I.y. has. A. M. 'I he bmj; and niope.-lul experience ol me i-rmcipai n a iiMcnerin nun ricitnr, wairanls uu- nurancn lluit llie vvi-Iips ol Ilio coinm uiity will be amply met under In-- upervision. He h is in hi !( (,n Her-ehelun Tlescupe, .in I n'ber apparaln-, which he will n-u for I ho I enelii nft'ie tut- pll-. A Poor f Cheniienl an I Philo-oiihi' Lee. lures will I e puen, illu-tratcd with ,-xperimenls. Special atieiiiinn vvill hu Stu. (0 i!,0sU who ex peel to I is-nmc leachers. Tuition the nmi' a. in other Mindar inilutioii. Hoard can I u outline I in ro.pwwl.le families on rcasonnhle u.rm , ,a exp.sted that a lnrS,. and coinniishoiis boarding bouse will bo opened vvnh siie cial reference lo the accommcidaiioii of iudeii Iroin at'road. WILLISTON FEMALE SEMINARY. rpiIIS Depirnnriil will le under tho charge of iiit in-ii ut-iioii I'v ner b i-land. It i. tiiienihil to mnl.e this iVpnrini'eut n prrinnnciii nnd prnininenl clip-el. And it . bchew.l ...... .... , , l,,,,,-!- ,i, iur, i.vmiiu, w tin-e eii icn- Hon I een neq-nrerl al fome oflhe be-1 Siininnr'i's of ihe land, nn 'ering her perfectly famihir With the It , i , " '""InictHm, the l-Viunln Seininnry will a. lord ndvanlnses to young adit",ceond lo none III this part o (ho Sinte. Tho Srininarv will I c oppitej on ihn same day with the High School, and will I e taught in l pper ,0ry uriho Aeailemy bu' ding. 'Ihe young ladn-s will hnve ncci.. tn the Lecture-, and to the nnd Philo.-oplucal experiment-. ICJ"The Vt. Chrnniclc. Iha-Middlohori. Osl.y,. and True, will pjm-e copy the l ovc ad. I vcriir-f-inciiib to me Hinnuiii ni ezracn nnv I, a oil lor ward Ihwr Wlf f th" Willi. tnn Hiph Sehiml for psymnt in ,-3 N. York Adv'ts. j L. ft V. KIKBY, WtlOLESALi: DI'.ALKRS IN Foreign & Domestic Dry Goods 47 Cedar Sired, New-York City. T)HSl,i:cTI''ULI.Y nnnoiineij to their uiisiomcrs IX and Dealeis peneiallc. that they hiven nv mi b ind a full stoek of I'resh Dry Oiods adnpled to the I'all trade, eiii'iraeiim a full assorlmenl nl rill (lescrip Hun of Mtnplo a nuts which luive. been seleeled itll much care, and which they are enabled liiolrernl very low prices and on tho most liberal terms. I hey are also A ileum lor llulow it Co.'s American Mann faptured Needles, wl ih llicy will warrant a first rale article. LLl'li- DUAIMCU, ALDRIC11, & FUINK, wirfil.rcKAi.M 1)1'. 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Cap T,aees in great vaiittv. nf new and elegant paterns ; Trtm-nmg Laces nnd Lace I-.dgings, hlnek ami winiej SmIK, I, isle, Luipure, -ilcclilin, ilrussels, cce., ce. lhrcad Laces an 1 1 amgs. French. German nnd nnglish. , SHAWLS. Rich Cashmrte and Uroche Long nnd Sn'iaro Shawls; Thibet, Muslin do Lame, ICabyle, Pl.ud, Woollen, ft'f tt, ,p. Ac. SILIC SHAWLS-D uk Cameleon, Satin Striped. figured, ipc. (;i.(ivi;i am' .vu riM, In pvery variety, for I lenileiiien, Ladies, ,a-nl blisses. ICidjof the most npiiroved mntiiificture, Ihnk, Me i mo, Woollen, Silk, Lace, I Met, I'zpyliin, Indi.i Rub ber, Ccc. Tin ir stock wiil ho found to comprise a full assart- input nfnll ihe various small ileim meded. and thev invite ih-atlenii ri oi lliiyets, willi the ful'cst confl uence Hint ll.iy can supply every wain in their line. 11 mJ BO WEN &lf A7.MEE, lfi WILLIAM STHKKT, Cormier of Ueavcr Sticit, ft'evv-Vorl.-, 17 nSPK.C'ITL'LLV announce tl ev have made Itcvli nsive nriangi mi ills for I In I- dll nnle, w Inch will ennble them to ptcs ut imi'iot fdiiceineuts Ihnn vet to nieretrinls I iro-tjlitiot the Liuteil r-tnt, i, to iit this the iit.3i.iit stnscii, for the nur- chase of SILK AN!) FANCY GOODS. Thev have already reciived by lalo arrivnls, a grea. variety nl new nnd nch gonUs, anil will also itoeivc hy the next Packets nnd Sitarneis, nn as-or'metil of the hitest nnd nio-t bc-nniful styles nf I'reuch. Tier linn. Italian, and I'ngislt l'rncy Goods ever ofl' red in this tnaikei ; sainphsnf wbt h nip now ehihitcd ; and it is th, ir ih I i lion ipon, ns hetptoforp, not only to ho co'iv.iny supplied wt'h ,a i-omplete assorlmenl ad.ipted In all si elicps of llie eoiiniry, but lo present the nticesl an I most desirnhh styles, suited lo ihe ctly or most fishinnable liude Their sunk wtlT be composed 111 part of the follow ing unit Its, viz I DIU'.-SS GOODS. SILKS in every vnti-tv. consisting of Italian Lus trings, 1,1 ick and bhie-hlack Gin- i'e Suissp, Grossdo Ulnoe, pl.iio and stilicd Isp,h't-is. Grns de Rovnls, sirii'ed and figuieil Oros de N'lples Pckin Silks. Gros de Mi-ssme, r eh llrocado f"li ,nn bin, I'mehe fignied and sniped Poult d" Stic , rich Claco Sirijie, Grosi'e I'rnnee. black, bhii'-blai k. and i banupiihle siriite nnd fi.'ored Gros d'Afrie,ues, plain and tiuifd Satins, ir. k'c.s''lMr.Rr. d'lXOSSE, of la'cst Paris POM PADOKR siv-li-. PR1S MOUsK.LI.Vr. do, entire ne ici"iis and various O'lailllfS, 'RP1', d'ORHXT, lor Hvcnins dresscs-thc inosi splettdid article ever ofl' -red. ClIL'SANS, THAW'S!, Al.I'MTAf. HOM H.IZINKS FliKNCH I'ltlM'S.&c. Also, various new styles nf P'essCoods, w hich vvill he sinetlv conlioed lo" iheir own ir ide. The whole presenting an nnrimcnt. il is be e ven, which can no i be surpassid in ibis or any nthtr sii wvi.s. Consisting of rich f'hain Inn, Ottoman. Pnu'l do Soie. fl.'M Satin, limeade. ,f-e Al'o. sidendid Mtn he, Cashmere. I'.uihio deied Melville. ICahvle. plain nrin. Ini and eoihrot lercd .Monsehne del.aincnod 'I'iiihet Slnwls. M-rino, Plat I ll -h-iderp. an I vario s new styles Wnolhn Shawl", also, very rich Cashmere Long Shawls. LACES. r.nglisb, Krenc1'. and German Thread Lacrs nnd r.dgings. Alsii. List,., Cmp-ire, Ashluiitnu nnd othir stv hs low priced l'd'iin"s and Lai e. M sin Tiioi mings, Swiss Mulls, Pish. ip Law ns Hook.'hiic and Jaeonrt Muslins, nnd everv vatiety nf plain nnd figured Ncls fur Cnp, Cnpes. Veils. ,f c, GLOVT.S. '"nnsisling nf Kid. Silk. Cnsbinere. Merino. Perli-i nn.l Ihtek, in erp-t varieties, togeiber with a full stock of I'ancy Mills MILLINERY GOODS. Velvet for Hals, plain, unpin, figured, ir if-c , en tire npvv stiles; Itonnet Sdks, plain, p'lanueahle, rhino nm figured, a pnuiiitein nss-iritncnt ; Hal and Cnji Itihhors, entire np'vdoBiijn. and the most snlen did nssnrtmenl ever off-red. Also, pertain style of Neek Itibbnus, Plain Taffela nnd Satin do. black nnd enlored, Artificial Klnvver. Keathers. Trimming La ces. Rihhnn Wire, Cords, Gimps, Foundations, Crown Linings, f:c. ALSO, Porket Hdkfs. r f Pnnnee, Spitalfield, Corah, Flag, llandanna nnd Linen Cambric-, in every variety. Ilnlian Sewings, Kenizio's, Rubiincci's, Pcrsico's Reaux's, toe. evp. T7nnnl. nr..n,. nA;n,a n-tn,AJ sr...... tie Lainp, Tin' pi, P.alinarinp, riorida, anil olhc'r styles ot tirpss nnawis, Ilnlian, tiros dp Rhinn nnd Ltilrin Cravats, nf every si7P Spnrfs for pentlemen, of satin, plain, fin- iireo ami einnroiiKreii iiros urnin, ,vp, eve Velvets, hlk.. h'up hlk. nnd colored, various nmli. ties pstings of Slim, Ariniire, ''nsliinerp. x-e. Ac Silk ,S''rees. Pinehevvs, Levntninc". India Salins l,r.lsstie Suspenders, Mohair nnl Silk Coal nnd Vest Huntings nnd Cord", fancy Gimps, Fringe, &o AVc. TogPther wilh every nriicle usually ti bn found in a faiipy stopk, wbicii they pngipe lo sell on as favor able terms ns at any olhcr rslal lishmenl. 11 Dried Hoof. ttnf I's. Hrjrsl Ileef, niprior iiuslily. .STnor,i a co. 4lU , 111 II I N. York Adv'ts. FltlNUliS. D. A. J30()TT-Tj No. 101) Wtl.lilAM r NUW-YOHK, Importer nnd Miinnfiicltirer OI' Kriiices, Ointrs, tonls aril Tnsspls. .ephyr nnd IMllcrns. Coat Cords Pe tersham, nnd niher l!.ndm"s, and all kinds of Tnssils nnd I'ancy Trimmints. Also, a large as-ioitnicnt of While Cullon Kimgi' hy the P.iel.agu or nilieiwise. His assorlineiit wi'l he kept full during the b'nll, ns lit will bo receiving lliu newest nnd most fashionable jtvles. Terms and (rices shall bo such ns logivesal. istactiun. lltn. HEALTH AND STRENGTH, 1)11, S. O. ltlCIIAUO.SON'S COVCK.NTRA'I'i:!) SflERIlY WINE BITTERS. ttT Thru art the nnritiilttd nnd tfliradous rom pound n'u rtenlar I'liy-ician and "rtidutdc of (7t A'nir oiiiiiiire Mdlcal Colteiic, icho in- made fie study iifmidhine his prnfission. and titty are hlehlu reaiiniiiendeil by many or i'ie n ccuumicu J .iyti duns in the country, as decidedly the l!cst .llcilteliic i-vcr olleicil to tile I'libllr, I'dr Duipepiiu, J.iundi'-e, Lifer Camphinlt, Jlu limit, if-c , mi'' dertnmemcnls of the .ttnntiLh nnd hoiccts. Kor sale, Wholesale and Itet ,il,nl the Doctor's office, 13 IIANOVKU STP.l-l.T, IK'KTO.N, 13 l'or sa'o in llnrbngioii by PK.I IC & PI.AR Atiothcenties ntid Druegis'", nnd I1AOM' & A II TIU R, and by all Acquis Ihroiuhoiit ihe Male. Ilni3 wiiii ji.wr.rrs Mi'ni'.iM.s, 11V vr 7 ctv T-r" r A Thi- re-1 , f M.- -ideii"!', Cliiunpl nn S'., a few rod north l-'"'U-tl ,t lira 'lev. 11 r'iiigloii. Vl to ten V-ring Ins ni"St gra'c'ul u knitwle'gmeiilN In In-Iricn I- an I pa'ieiii-, fir ihe encri rnge'iiCiit an -o ,i,nri thev have given hi'n the pi-l iho D"e tin wonl II eg leave to ila'e, tint, Ins -uci-cs-, has tlui- fir, b-en i'l ml lo hi- mo-l s.tng'ime expivia t : 1'nri' ha-sel l' in I ecu the p.i-e, lhal lite merit nl a ni-w-vslfii practise, h i-1 ecu tuore I. ,lle le.te 1 nod f.iirlv li-hcil. in -o -liorl a lime In 'eid, Pr. Sim h doc- nnl hc-iialc lo ttj and the mt- 'i -1 ! geulletnt n m Hu- pla--e wi I not ileiiv il I, ,i he h.i e i-clc I Mane s...,n nl. I aul c res, . v -it where 'he ini'-en's It'itl I een given over be ivber I'ns'-an ; -in' 'he'cloio hi: Icels co'ifi 'cut, licit i-irili t he ' e t' i led in sot-on, when the nl icni i-ltr iiiken, ireire Ii -ipienlly limn he is, u ctti-f vv ild he miieli smmer c ict and vvrh le-s expeu-e an 1 -i tlcniiii, fi.r the sie',, Ihiuwlien they In si finpluy . ther iiii-in-, till ll"' pa'ieut I- neatly ilea I, nn I Iheii call linn. Kor in a' I oases, -in -e ho ln n lo de I Ihe u-e i f Jivveli'i. inuliiine, wlcio he vv.t-thus'ed, has the rerctery of 'he -ick, I ion -o r,ipidt a- nhini-t tn in.l ice then and iheir Irien 1- to tliiul. h it little ipjs themnltir. ibo-igh In all anne.iranco they were li as tho-e who empl lyol tilhc practice, anK'nui died ; or vve.-e ireel.s, and peril ip-. months, in gelling up again, firsl li iv.n to al ando'i iheir Doeior'- me.l fine, eutirciy, i eiorc tiicy cniii i gum in ,i'i. i in fict is, vvhini'ver Jc.veil'-reini'-he- l.i.e leenf.nrlv trielnnd hecame filly l.nown, Iheir I etil il e h'.-l- in curing di-ea-e of every tvpe nnd form, h.iv-c I een aekiiowle 'ge I hy ihe most il.ill'ul phv n-iJns and ihe i-i i rrie it oh ervxr-. The I'nllowiiig to inii'-nv, was a I 're sod In Col. Jew-tit 1 y two highly ih-itngui-ln'd pity - X "I in-, win hv Iheir us 1 1 ntv, l.iilhl ili"'-s nnd -lull in pr.icnce, i-in'almel thein elve- m the ineninrv and a 'ecnini i I'mnny in ihi- p tf-e, wlmii-ivltoetnp'i'y ihciu ; nnd wlio,tho igh dead, yet -po.1';. Hi nr ibem. I'.-nLivr.TO. Vl.. -Inn. .". I SCC. " Col.. Dear Sii I hove re ei veil aul real vour lunnihli-t with m ,'-h urere-i, nnd am high jyplei-ol vvnh your p .in nf overeooi ng d'se.t e. v , .tt nre ru v nm 2 ii i e or ui-i -ic- in i,i ... .,' i. .nil mid lit lief-, wh'cll they h HC S I llV'V a Iv'ui a'o I 1 aul onlidenl thai a tcl'.rm in the ir.tcnco of einci'inJ.spen'-aLly nc-e -ary. JOHN POMLUOV, M. D. ncnl.tvOTO','. O !. 21, I 537. 11 (Vl. Jr.wr.TT - Sir I have iVpo-red uithe I nnk hen-, (if V doll.irs innro In yoor credil, on ap. po nit of mebi-in" sol I. So far ns I h ive il cd thein n my prai lice, thev have proud fur man- elli 'aci' u ihin'l ha I aniieipatcrl. Thev at" lea Illy on ilm-v,.. tool, an I over'-ooi,' di-ea-i in a uinnner I never I e lore and 1 do not be-iiale lo give my fill ittipin' anon lo your sv-teiu. I have -o'd and u-el iieirly lo ir hundred ibdl ir-worth -nice. I liratreceiy ed an a-sorlinent I'roiu yo t. " I am most truly vmir old fr, Till' MAX POWn.l., M. Dr.niili 's happy lo stale that he called on Dr, Pouieroy, a tew mon'hs I t'toio he. ilc-ith, an I h uu I lion-nil firm in ihe -.line n'.ini ii. lie -a . ".low- ett'-limn-' lhe-.inio now, lb it Co len il"l in his day. An I," mii I he, " I tol, I Dr. .vwa'or he not the grca'i'-l in.ui in the world, and atn not. b it it 1 v.'a 1 idio ild siii-cruiib t i Jcirett, fr n't sy-tcm i- corret. and Ins medicine tlte nest in lite xcouti ; ami 1 re, Huo.te I him lo go to Dr. S uiih an I eel me a botth oi beiid-ache Itntineal, vehi'-h hi di I, and I Iind i ei-es my bead veiv much." When phy-ii-i.iu of the hr-t r ink, W'hn e elu-aliin an I ta'ent- co honor Ii their pri.fefl-ion, and every in hvi leal who In- given them a lair, come oir in fivor i I Jewell's tne fines, in ling '- one t mil do-itel a- the a' nve, Mm wi Idonhi the tru'h ol w-h ll they -uy 1 These who ihtnk tt (or their interest to rp ,(, e a netr practice, an I ihose wbn-i' nun I- h ive I een and nrtindiccd hv ilio e vvhofe irWiatu and nride pr- loiiiiniri'ovi'r thi"r-eii-G of justice and truth, and all tlieir teneroiinrjeettns, anil iiio-i-on;yi lint in or icr tn nid ice mval. Is ot every ela-s to iniko trill ol the l.ili'n'i-plic remodn--, Dr. Smith made a proposition to take eertafn -1 1 r. uu' e.i-es upon lis n-l "no core, no pay' irovi'el nuv

wi-hed to elo-o such a hargain, bv pin 'i isr theni-ihe under hi- care in the vilbw, an I fillnwui.' hi- th reclion-a-l"ng a-ho -ho Idle wil'uig to ore crihi1 i r nnlil they got well ; and provide I al-o, thai thev make the piyn.eiil ol hi- bills tee ire, -ho dd h a core, r-omo ntee,i!i-l I his propu inou, i-oni.dii'l vvill lb" eon hlion-, nild n etirf is the re-- It ; vvh !e o her-, who in i le no mefi hurjuin. and did nut com ply xcith one of its conditions, me tin,- n ed toehiioi iho Itiielitiif "lineiire, no piy." I'ut lonll flieh, the pri'itiide -lioul 1 1 e reveiseil " nn pov, no euro. Dr. SiiiiiIi vvi I now nii'.e auniher tiropn i'iou, in order lo in I ice the ) b !. lo le I tin; inviit- if lll- pra -iit-e in season. All person-, nl every a"t .lid ei n If i . n u h I'ever, who -h i I he la' en vvnh anv nettle disease fever-, ery-iii,-1.!-. ihnlera lliorlll-, rhe nn itisoi-, mental der tngeiiieui, -pniin.; blivd, pile , te'ter-, prn'a i- i- it'ert, -u-', hi-i'l-a'-he, pain tn Ihel re.i-t. co teli- an I cons uiipioi, nn I -h ill mime dia'e'y Mill lor Dr- Sun h, aul etun.ily vvoh the i'.ovo eondi'i'iit-. sh ill be lai hi illy iv en I 1 to iiion thesame sife principle " no pnii. ifp- a he - in parturition, prom illy ati I fai'lifully ,11'eii'ieu to, In ilieir eu'ire suri'it.linn, an 1 ui a mart nr by iht'iud uterine ttnimenl sum ly to mit .'.ite their s i tiTiug- mil Mciliiirc ilieu- re-overy, upon the -amc eon ii ion no cm e. no vtj " Dr. Snuih jo-l rciiavvl it lie-It sopplv of It-well a iiie lii-uie, inion terms thai will euati o him to sell, whole a'o tir riiail, for ea h, ill per i-ent h's 'han it wa i- 1 1 for hist jea:; and ho niv i.e. physic tuts an I al' invalids. In the ii nl i f p. Iltndredi of 'IWlimonintsnm in ihe pn-tt' s roof Or. r't'i Ii o ii s iniitir ell naoier in llio-e wtncii are here ruliliiied. II it eno -gh bis I ecu hllwn prtive ihe l.i-i, ill m all curable ttt-ei-es, aul minv which are etnt idtie I I t-yiui I ihe reach of medicine, are nvcroi'int: I y ihe use i,f the e preparations, Willi .1 certainty nevi r in lore l.nown. 'or Spinal .Xfjfecliont., Consumption. Vronchiti, liirer Aytitinns v nifjii i.iiii'iit-ut ; L' iiiiitiini-jiMii I ro'Miu ii ; lti'iiili, or veuoii'lo .--vrip; I'.xoei-to rniit; A'ter.i ive Prop-; Ai'lninc Pill-; Paul i:.x tr.icor; N'-oi S in it ve; r.-euce tl l.ile. 'or .9iV,- nnd Chronic llead'Arhc Head-Ache L i , P ii-' i r; IV-.nri Drn.i-. I I'orl't.rine lT-iio?s, (- -eli a Kl inr Alh i-, Pro- lip u I en, oh trii -let! or Iney or to" enpio t iii-ii-iruiioni -?,im i ,iuiig, or i ermo I.tnnnent Vt-ge.'aMeSyi'io; I'eunle Drop-; Hs-enee of Life rverve r inalive; .vrilinlii' IMS, lir H''pepsia stoiiiil.aiiii-; l.tminenl J Aller.ilivc Droits : lls-eii' col Lile; v egeta1 le Syri'n, J orS;nnal Alulions I'.nii i.xirunor ; blimiila ting Lmui.'i'iii ;' rueiiiion. l'or l ie llou!nureux, ana Aerrow At eilions irtn eralhj .Nervv Liuiinenl : Xt'rve Sanative ; I'.im Kx iraeiori I'ee ora lir.'i'" lot Diseases of Ihe 11 ipoc'ionuriac Hesion Sirn iilalingand Xervo Liniment ; I't-ni.tle Drops; Peelo r.i rineiurei rx'ervo Ussei i'e o i.ue Poluioiiie Kuibrocaiion ; l'aui I.xlrnctoi ; ArtbrilH' Pills. II tf JiLANlv HOOKS. Anji assortment of Full Hound D.W ROOKS JOI'liXAI.S. nnd LLDOKRS-fi to 1) q nre each i Memoriiiiiloni tlool.s. nnd P.i-s Itonks. r'dei in n great variety ol lyies ami mvs, vvnicn win ue Mini very ui.v lor u itli or fatier u is-. iii-iiv,-r,-1 in Strong's B idding, V. HAltltl.NOTO.VS, Co'. St.. I'liilingiiiii. Vt. GUUTTD Tic )TK"E7 t sTituiri'. MOHTE.3AL, ON Till: PIIKMIsr.a FORMI.ULY KNOWN AS (11V TIIIJ .IIANSIOX IlOirsi:. (3w) GOLD PENS. A NF.W supply of lb" much npprnvpJ diimond noiiiteil (lOLD PF.NS. No olhcr Pen ca I coinparn with tbeini and they uro liked by all who use them. Largo and small, fino and coarep, just re ceived and for ato by 10 nniNiMAin a-. Hnnriii.HM cici:at ENflLISII REMEDY POII COUtllli. (itiLiH, ASTHMA. AM) (0Slr.!lM'IO 1 TI1K GIILAT AND O.NLV RKMP.DV f rCi ld-, I'oighs. A lhiiin, nnd COXSI1.MPT ON, t the IIl,(5 ilAX HALS AM Oh' 1,111 , ilocoveri-1 1 y lliei'i-le' rated Ir. Muehan, of Lou on, I. tig . nnl, an I Intr, 'dined into ilieljni vl .i atfs miller llie iiiiuiiMi.i.e -oner ui end t nee of the in veil I nr. Thi.' extraordinary -noi e. of this medicine, in the euro 1 1 Pulmonary ih-ea-e-, wnrr.iu s tie' A'ltern'.tu Agenl in S'lbeiling fir 'ii'.l'n.i ol ihe WORST POS SIIILK. CASKS thai cm I e found in Ihe ronimouiiy thai nr',- re'lel hi vain from any ol the e inon limit: hes nf Ihe tl i v. and h ive I een given "P ' v the mo-l di-tuigiii bed Phv i CONI-'IRMI'.D AND INl'L'liAllLI".. Tin' llnngiiinn I'.als.nn has cure I an I will e ire the must ilcstici'.itn nt'c.'isrs II is no nuu'i.' uo-ttinu, Lot n -Iniiil.tiM 1 iu-ii Ii me-i icine. t f Known and e-l-i' ll-hed etllc.lcv. I very linn Iv m the Unite I Si-oes tin ul I In sip id icd w t li lli'ch.i ii s 1 1 tiiiunrin n I:jI-r.,ioI I lie, tun Hilly In I't'ilU'erll' I the eiii-oinpltM' 't'llib'li' ic- nl th1 cI.ui.Tt-. hut lo 1 1' 0 ed ns a nii'ientivt' ii.edi'-ine in a i-,i e- i f Cnli's, Cough , Spilling ol lib o I, P.nn m the m V and ( he-t, Iin anon and -oreiie-- i f the I.iiiil' . Ilione nil-, liilieutiv nf Irealhing. Ileiiie I' ver. Night Sweat, I'li-aeiaiion and (ieneral Dehtltty A-lhm l, Iiilluenst i, Ilnoiiug Co igh, an I Cltnp. iCj" Sold, in large I miles, at $1 i r I oitle, wilh full (liiciiit'ti- for the re-ttiram n nf lltahh. P.'iniphliis, containing a ma-stil Kngli-h and Amer ican ' eriifiea'c-, ami other evi'li-iit e, sho.viug the uu. i'itinlled merits i f I In- Hugh h Heme ly, may I e o'enuied of Ih" tVgen'-, grat'iuo iy. DAVID I'. I!RDI.i:n, solo Asen'l lor the United Suite-. II!) Co.iri ftieel, l!o-lnn. AOr.NTS.-liUUI.I.Ml'ION, PUCK &, spi-:r. Apoilu'i at it's ami Prnggi-t- ; Motit elier, Clarli ec t li .us ; llr. line . i ro, noiion o- ijiiiiK; i'e low-1 il'-. Hams ; R I, Dan ell- i Uell ; Wnod-toct , S. Allen; and Iv the Driggi-N gonii.iliy, ll-ly roi fish. 50 QUINTALS Cod 1'i-h by C '11 STRONG'S? A Co. nurrs AM) .sen i:vn. OS( ',0Z' T.ilb", Haels flap, Narrow,, O'H' Win low llliud and Pew ilo- r li.ilt-, from Wrought aid Cist Ir n. l.'-JOO GROSS American " Premium 'screws, sorted -IZC-. Dealers Miiiidiel at Xew York pri- &1RONGS it CO. Aug. (1. 'H. 10 f-allv Miner's IXutc. TAT!'. OK VI.RMONT, A 'I' a Pmla'e Coon lli- ric of Chiiien len, s-. s V bed at 1! rhngiin within and fur the th-ltict nl Cliuieiulen alore-ni'l nn Ihe -iih day of Aug is-, A. I). 1S11, pieseul ihe Don. (Jn.lrle- It i--t II, -lodge, an iii-lriimeiit, p irpiirHng tn i t-iipy ol the In -I will on I le-ianiiiii ol Millv Mi ner, Ian of the Co-miy of Jersey m ihe Sure t ,1' III i-iiiu-, decca oil, d ily allnwel and proved m the Pro- Cniirl I- r -aul Cn inty ' t Jer-ey and Sia'e nl Iilliio s, I eolg piesi nted lo ihe eo ill here, I y AlU-rt Miner, a tli-v iseo tlieicm name I, tint -:nd copy may he fi'e I and I't-'-oii'i' I tit the Prohrc Co'irl li-r ai 1 I nct nl I iiii'endeu. agii'cablvlo iho -t.itutciu s tch east- made and provided ; nr.nwi'ON', the I'roi ale I o irt lor nut ili-inil ol Clu;ieii''en doth appoint the liiurth We hie-tlay of ogu-t, LSI 1, l'T heiring and deciding in the prcmi- s, al llie otin e nl the Hegioter ol -at I cm n in -a d ir.'inglnii, al leu oVIoc1; in the loreiioon, an I tin h ord"r th ll nil person- loiieerned ho. nulllied Ibeiei f I y p il licittou ot lips oi-iler tliree weei- h icie ivcly in ho II irlttigl' n I' re" Pre , a new-paper pr'nted in ill I Ilnrliugt'iii, the la-l nl which pu! In-atiou-k I L. ireyio.ii to t-ail fourth WeJiie.d.ay in A'ig'i-t, A. D. 1311. Liven under my hanlatfaiJ lurlingtcn llie sixth lay of Ai,'ii-I, llll I. tu.v.i vv I-.--1 1,., li'ztstcr. ii'ixi: Tii.wi'.i.i.i.vr: Iiag?;- 1 "I;aVI:LLING HAGS of line Wil on, llrns-el-, and tclier Carpi-Hug, Straw lli-l.ei-, tp -i new il lu-l refit. liltl.MJ il.tlU & IlIlOTIILIt.'I. A ig. !), 1511. 10 n oa n din a no us :. rrilll! suh-cri' er wo ild re.pei-fully inform llie pub. I lie lhat lie -till entiiin -e- tn keen a llonrdtnc Ihuse, i n Mam S'reel, a ftsv ml- fr tn tho Coirl-Iln-i-e S'luire ami Pn- O.l'u-e, in the hou-e I'lrmerlv t-iip e 1 1 y Geo. II. r-haw, i"s- , an I thai ho can ae- oniuio a. e a lew- ntt"e hnaider- on a-rea-uttah e terms as can I e olla ned e'.-eu help. WARUKN SIIU.V. Miirhnaloii, V ,,'i-r. 7, la 1 1. 10 if i or. cut i.i i'Knny,iT;is A FLW ninre I e ('i-e.iui Frees t-re -cive I. Willi V. thi- ap.iii'i'.u-, any tiers n ca.i tn i'-e iht-ir own Ice Cretin. I1UIXS.MA1D Ci IlliO I'lICRS. Aug. 0, Ml. 10 w'li.Tn iv ir,i auos.s. ALAR'tK LOT pt-t open' I, at re I ice 1 prices. Also. Willn.v Co-C.iri-. Crt 'h-s and Clinr.T n an I S Iyer Rattle- and Wlu-ili-. Tin an I lira-- Har monica Trumpe'.s, Mii-icil an I Itir'ng M"gs anil I'oy-, j i-t r.v'd. I1RIXSMAID & l)IlOTIII.It-s. a Mir. u, ii. ui iisnnw'Miu, Large an 1 us-or ttieiit cf Hard Ware, X coiiipn-ing nluio-t eviry ar'i -le wan' el in ho t-e it til lung an I f irtji-hiiig. Sa li'lery. Carnage trttii- iiiing-, i."--V. -. STIiO.MlS ; CO. Aiu. fi, '-1 1. I0 r,Ann;J:nY. STRONGS t Ci I. oiler to Sa Idlers an 1 dealers in Sa 1 llery a hitt Isome as-orlment of goods in Iheir line, on very re.isnu ih'e terms. 10 SALT. Iln-h. Tuik- l-land Silt. 5,000 h is, Cnai-e Wt ern Solar do. 3."0 IH Is. Fine We-icrn do. SCO Hags ('S 11 .) gmtiud do. Ul Sack- Liverpool do. 50 1H1-. gnunii We.ier i dr. faTROXUS .p CO. 1000 Ml. 11) cihcui.a Tii Tin: do' itii:nis. Hjlll II Lie an 1 P d le- Services of the lion. James a Kimx Pol'-, with n ctimj'en hum of his speeches on v irinus pit1 be ineis ire-, logeiher wi h n 8 -cn-h ul Ihe L fe nl the Hon. Geo. M,'.is. For -a'o by A '?. I 1511, 9 V, IIARRIXGTOX. rou SALE. P.,-A T WILL tell the .ell the place where I g-fltf .L live ci'tisi-liog of n Hou-e an I OJlee 'fS 1 n 'loiniug in petleci oilier, 'lerins, one i'tilS? thoM-aiul dollar- in hand, lalancem four w'Sir, , .y0ary payment-, if le-ircl. To those who nre nol'acipminled vvnh ihe it may I o well in -ay, ll i-stliia'cd on tho -outh ideof llie Court Ho i-'e -ti'inre, having a large Iront ami a large and good garden nl a' bed lo it. C, ADAMS. " July 29. IP II, 0 FAIIM EOll SALE. SAID r.irm i floated in II-m'X, on Ilrown's river on what I- called libs-' Irivi, tvv i ludej Irom Ks-e.x ceniro and one milu from Jerico corner- roti. -I tingol three piece., viz. the boiiie-iead and a wood lol iv utaiiiiig eleven acre- cnveie I vvnh hard wood, .mil I ri V acres of Plain land whit h i- will nilap'cd lo com ami rve. 'I'lieh nine-lea I larin contains one Inn drel acre- if fir-1 rue Ian I, well watered, and divi ded into mowing, tillngl', pas'urc nn I wood land, all well fenced. Thcie I- nn aid l.irm u good an I con venient lion-p, well ralctila'cd for a dairy, one wood rhe I, iwn barns, a i-i b mull, nnd ulher nnl hii!dius, nil in goo I repair. There is al-o on nnl firm an ex cellent or bird of choice fruit trees, also a Ihriliy growing mi.ilo orchard. Said larm is li'uaiitl neir a good n-hool hou-e. 'I'l e s ih-ertl er I ein ilcsiruns ol knvins I In- part nf iho country for lliu W'urt will ell cheap. l'or f irlhcr panieiilars enqiirn of ihn -nh-criber on ihitpreuii-e-. He nl-o u:ler for snle I ivii liundred Sheep. Tho,e vvtshini? to purchase would do will toeail scon. GOODII UF.. ' F.-sex, July 29, Ml. 4w J TiinsKitirr school, 17OU ( AN" II HOYS, will bo ngain I eoninieiieed on Monday, Aug. 12. (Ronnis over II. M iyn'aSlorc, west side the .Square.) IheTepch. pr, now hping free from oilier dunes, will devote lus irWe aileulion to the interests of the Nihool, nnd feela confident in saying lo llie citizens of this tillage nnd vicinity, lint its ndvnnlages will not bo inferior 10 ihosocnjiived 111 most Academies. Il will he his earnesi nnd constant endeavor, tnpureupsitch n course ofducipluiP, as shall feenro at once the intellectual advancement, and moral improvement nf his piniils. Tuition, per quarter, from 8U.OO lo 81. OO. " week, " !IO lo IO els, Those, who do not attend the period of one term in Biiecession, will hat their luhion charged bv iho week, 9 3 J M. lll'EI.L, ricair. Nalbanltl Itlaihinaii's Cstf.te. STATU OK 1'ltMON'l', A T n Pn bale Court Dn-lriel of Chilirnden. s.. ( IX. hnl leu n( Iiinbua Km, vx' 11 ll III nnd for the I)iiri'i nfoie mil on Hie 3l-t day of July, A. D. 1811, an Instrument p'np rung to bo the la-l Will nn I 'le-laineut ,4 N A'I'HaNIML IILACKvlAN. ,itu of Jerr ho. in 'iiid Di-in -t tlece.i.- ed, was pti-eiile l to the (.'ourt here f ir I'm! ale by oellin I'. lll.ii'kTii.iu, Ihe I.M'color, iliercin ntinien. I'llcnErntir. it i oidered hy said Cnitrl. th it pnhlii' noli' e I et'iven lo all per-ons inli-re-led therein to no pear lelort! said Coin, at n scsinn tbercol lole lio'tlett nl Iho Hegi-ler's o'licc in -aid I! trlinglon, on Ihe 1 71 Is diy of Aogii-I, A. D. ISM, and eon'e.t iho prol ate of faid Will, ntid it Is furl her nrdere I lhat tln nrder ho pnl'li-hed three weeks Miecej-ivcly in the lliirlinciou I ice Pre-", a newspaper prime I nt Our bngloii, in tin- Slate, the last t. wh eh -hall he nri'VI- uus to the ti.iy as-tgnen, ns niort-ani tor nc.iring, Onen under my hind nl the Rci-ler's Oilicc, t!i. Ut tlnyifJuly, A. D. 1511. Chv3 Win, WI STON, tlteltler. REAL ESTATE EOlt SALE. Tin:: uhscri' pr has ti r sale 21(1 A I IIIIS )!' I, A XI). lying m Ihe So ill part of Willi ton mil Si. George, hnlf a ii'i'e from the road running from Wdli-ion lo Iline-hi rgh, well vvntere I, ami a portion i.l it tine Men low Land, nd.ijiti'l to the l-i-eniig nf Cows anJ Slice,!, and well ("eii'-ed. 'I he Knriu It is nn it TWO DWKI.LIXtl 1IOUSPS, 3 Unrrls, an I u lir t rale v uxn cmiiaiid. Also, l'i r sale, .Vi'ne'i .lcrts of land lying ball a mile -I'ltlh of Willi-Kii, vvnh a Dwelling IIi.uh', Ham and I nit il The un l has or .ale 107 Acres nf Land in .Iciicho, Iv nig mii' uii'e I u-t ri ihe Jericho Centre meeting-ill' i p, well vtra'ere I, Uilb a llwilim Iloii&e. llai n an ' 1 Or hard-. l-.i, 1 JO U: P for-ale. The -tdi-ei'i' er is ahoul lo change his residence an I vvill tell the al ovc property at a low I'.ice an I on .1 rei-onablc length of tune. i li din iTKxnr.N. Willi. ion, J ily 2(1, 1S14. 6 w3 I. A M ".S" OE Vl) ll.MONT. T I. 1 -I D rs'l A'l l.TI'.S of Iho Si i'c i ( Vennoni, il line lrflil'oii, in i-alt I iii'img, on'v i-g jfj, ' v ! i( . l.i; Aiili. Till: INVALID!',, nr Picliircs t.f Ihe French Rev- olu'ion, I v (' S i niller, a nlmr oflhe Jew. 2j et. Till'. C.UI1X llOUi:, or Life m 3 parn 37J eenl-. AFl-OlT AND ASHORIO, or the Adventures of .Mile- W allinglonl, hv ll.onolhor of Ihe " 1 wo Ailuu- ral. v ing an I v, oig, cc". ccc 2 pans. 7.1 ct rtinn;Li:iis ok thi: swi disii coast, or the Ro-e of Thistle I-laiid, I v Mr,. F.milie Carleu. 2.7 eenl-. PIIA.NTASMION, Prince of Palmlnnd. Ily Sara Ct.leiidge. 'J vol-, m one. fiOeent-. Till". LOG CM1IX, orthi; Wnrltlbelorp Vol. Ry thp anllinr nl " Three I xpcruneiil-." Ice. ell M-. macai'i.av's;s r.SSAYS. Pari j. 27 cent-. MIRROR I.II1RARV, Xo. 20, containing the Ep icurean, a tale ol Tliom i- .Moore, i'j'-eit-. II I. WIT I 'S ILI.l'SIRATKD SilAlPnARl", No. I I. 121 cents. ;llacl; nuinU-rs t irni-bcJ, and any part 'old -e.iai.itely.) New Mtmi v ot Wdli- Givlord Clark's, OI.LAPOD I.1XA. -1 Nfnnl or 2.7 ee'iil- each. PRAIRli: II1RD, hy Ch.nlcs Augustus Murray. 2j ecu's. X RltATtT. AND RWOLLncTIONS OF VAX DIKMAN'S I.M, ih.ring a three ve.irs Cipttvity r Stephen b. Wright, w, h an ai: t nf ihe It.v.le t.f T'ti'-t' nni ni nr Tip's n j iti'j" to t n I'.i'not ol Pic-cult, and niher f.ic's ri-Uim" to Ihe P.iitoi War. P Ily -A. K.DWAltliS. s'i'i: v ii'icsr.. C'TRAYt.n abnul Ihn e xv-ee'.- iinv, a mall P.V O MA AUL, wi li a star ni Ihe fucliea I, in I -nine ill' teen or -ix ceu ve.irs niil. v tmever vvi I give uilt-r-inatuui wht-re -be m.iy 'efoinid, -h ill be -una' Iv re vvan'ed. MAX II AM lil.AIH. II irl.nglon, Ju'y 25, 1? 14. .lames Uiiiei's Mutate. STMT: Ol' I'K.'Mn.XV, '9MIi: Hon. the I)i-liiet of I'hiiien 'en, -s. J I Pr' h.i'e Courl ft r the Ih-trict of I'huteii 'en : To all ner-nii- ri n-i-ernel or urere-led m thee lalo ' I'-IAMF-- .MINRK, l.i'e of .Milp'ii, in .iilDi liicl, ileeeaied, le-i.Te, uiiEr.Ti.x'a. Wilnni .M, James Miner. oT Mnikton, in the Co n ty nf Ail'i-ou, h.iih tiled Ins piiition ill wiling, in s.tid Court, repre-eniing that he is one ol the Devi-ee- un Icr ihe Will of the -ai I .lame- Miner, ilece-i-ed, and a- -ich Devi-ee holtls one nn 'ivi.le I half of nil I lie real es'ate ofwl.ich -aid di-'-ei-ed 'I el -eizcl and I pos-e--cJ in coihiuoii with the oilier Devi te- in s-aid W .11 named ; lhal he wi-he- lo have lnh.ire t-t out to him thai he may hold the uuo in severally; and praying said Co-Mi lo r.ruer parttlion liiereot to be made nmong llietlevi ce- i-nlilled tbcieio, an ! lo ap point comtuis-inner? lo ui.i,.e s tch partition accorJ mg to law. Wheieipoa, the Court afore-aid doth a-.ifti and appoint ilio -il Wedne-tlay in Vu.-asI A. II. 1811, at the nile-e , if ihe Regi-tcr ol -aid Courl, in ll.irluiglou ui .-aul Di-irict, al len oVIor.k in tho lore noon for hearing and ileciduig in the preiiu-e- ; and ilnlh al-o ordir tli'tt all per-nu- ui'i-rc-ted or eotieerned in said K.iav l. ii'tuliisl lo appear I efore mu 1 et urt at ihe time and place ah re-aid lo ma'.o ohieiiion-, if utiy they have, lo the petition of Ihe -ai I James Miner afoir-ai.l by llie lublicah.iii of the -uh-'aiioe of .-aid petitinii together w.ih tint order in lite 11 irbngiun Free Pres., a nowv'ipcr pnn'ed al -aul 11 irl'iiglnn, thiee vv-ei k-sM!ce--i',-e!y, the last of whi -h publication- I e previo i- to the time -el for bearing. I'.ai-ilit llurhdg't n, t!ns2'h day of July, 151 1. 8w3 C1IARI.F.S RL'-?i:i.L, Judife. PORTRAIT PAIXT1XG. MR. i:. m. taken a where ho will F1K.LDI.Mt, Portrait P.iinlcr. In r nm ai Xo. 20, Anienenii Hotel, 1 I e happy in wail upon the neon'e of. 1 1 uiiiigion ui tne way hi in- prole mn. lie Ins the i ox, icr enie nl leu year- -ttidy and praciice lo n Irr a- a giiai-aiity lo ihu-e who may ile-ue to obtain the lil.e-ti.--.- i.r theui-eivo crlheir friend in en ciulurnig form. j He of co -r-e will a-l; noonetoia'-ea picture which I doe- not prove -atisl'acit ry. He lias hid much -ue-I ce-s it, til mining good Iil.ene--es, loth tn New York 1 an I -everil ol ihe So ilhern feta e-, and fl.uier- bini self, th it the inh tl i aul- of this village will I u-aiisfi-ed vvnh In- labor- ni the linn i.f hi- art. Spe imins of Ins pitiut'iij may Id hi- rnoni, .Mr. F. o'ers for sile a fir-t rate Daguerreotype appniutu with cntmicnls, plates and case.-, to any I'crsuii who may wi-h to purchase ihem. ll.irluigton, July 10, 1311; G no ri (;!:. rpIlF, Firm of ICI'.ttV tXjSI'UMI Icing dis. i Mi've I bv the iteeca e of lt., the -uben-ler beiehy give, imlici-ilial hecouiiu ie- llie bu-inc or Mer.-li.i'odijte ai In- M ,re uu Ch ir.-h -ireet, on ln-nw-ii iic-i' in'. All c 'iitra :- in 1 'e I y the late firm nl Ivcrn it S 'fir, nicl a'l i'e 's d ;e fi-'nm the tirui, vvdl I e inei an I ow -It irge I by the -tib-crd er. 'I'll' -se til de' led lo the hue firm will plea e e.i I and -(. DANIF.L KK.RN. July 25, ISM. 5J .n SnJAVL-li). yrrTTls'7 pi!OKl irom the pi-mro or 3 Wj.: V' JJ ihe Mih-cribei on Ilio 2!)ih Oil iv of June lat, a HAV MARF. Site is seven years old, bav, wi'h 's-'Uvo or more wine feit, swiich bad, heavy male, a star m her forehead, r.ulur small size. W'hnever will !ive information lo me or Geo. K I'l ill of Ihiilpigtoii where she ma v he found will confer a favor nnd shad be tuiisfietl for their trouble, SAMUCl. Ii. PI.ATT. Colchester ISib July, ISM. 8 T 1) sorlinent of I'lorence, llraid, and Slnw llonncts, llonnet Ribl ons, lll.-ick Lac,-, Glove-, Mills, Shawls, Hdl.f-. ,tu Ac. ai-o, 1000 Vdt. Heavy lira) Cloth, 1 heap Tor Ca-h or Wool. July 21, IStl. 8 I'NT.'S Leghorn Hals, Clnih and Oil Cloth Caps, T Ac. now- opening al C. F. S 1'ANI FORD'S. July 15. ISM. 7 JOSE I'll MAILIIOT. 111111T ami suoi: .iiaki:i:. rli;sPI-:cTIT!LLV informs the pul he, in and t about llurlinglon, lhat he will tin nil work that ho may hofivored with, in ihe best inannrr, and on the lowest lei ins possible. His shop in under the OflUeoflL Leavenworth, Fsq , and near Ihe Odice of ihe Free Press. Ilurhngion, 2)ih Jnlyi IBM. 8lf IMMi:i)I. TU llUl.lKF! IJMJOM Iharrhiri, Dyseniery, Summer Complaint, Sc. Ac. (which aie common al ibis tunc of ihe season) may bo had 1 y tho i sn of Jayne's Cnrmuia live, nt PIXK it SPIlAlCS. July 11, 1311. G l.UM) J'tl'U, iyc. 3 TONS Lead Pipe 10 1) 111 hore; 3 rolls Sheet lead; 12 cvvt. sheet Jiltie ; 30 I! 12s Shot assort ed Nos. hy STRONGS ,f-' Co. June 11, Ml. 2 sua a its. I Q lllll.S. Porlo Rico tiud .Mu-covado Sugaf, al-o I w lual, Lumn. powdered and eiu he I S nrnr lor ealobv. S..M. POl'r:. June 11, Ml. 2 CANDLES AND SOAl'. fT IIOX15S perm Candle-, 20 do. Tallow Candlf. 'J '.'llilo. liar snap, tie Caslile .oap, 3 1I0. Faiicv luilt't do., lo. by STRONGS it Co. June 14. Ml HATS! HATS !! ICAST. "Alvatrds' Molrskin Hals, just nv'd una fur sale I V S. .M POPI- June 1 1, Ml I UMinicn. LL persr ns nre hen' y inaiinil that the firm o HOI I.OKSO.S cv.HU H1H N, fur the marm-r fu'iuriMil llrondiloth at Ihe llurlinsK'ii Mill Factory In t'olihesii r, Is ih- olved by m ilnal eunseni. . IIOKI.OI'SON, H. It'll VTIIIILN. July S9, ISJI. 0 w3 110X13 PAP 1.11 'IOHACCO lorS-ile vtry J lvv. bv roLt.I'.TT & liUADI.LY. low, by Old Whnrl, Auk, 8,1811. 10 To Di-niisls A (,'iird. Dr.XTAliSlttMM.HN AT TVO-TlllHI)3 rim ii-ua l iiiici;s. 1 II. P01 .1 liRAL 1 OTTI.I!, Mnii d.aeturer of tho hp'l MIX I'l.inil, No. 71. Locust St. Philnthl- phii. Agents in Ilurhngion, PotTr.n & IIawlev, otirt lloii'e ,soiinre. I iei,i, u uu aim i in imi, nip, &c. &c. Gold Soltlrr from n In 2i carats fine which runs perfectly on IS 20 oi 'il i-a-al e.hl antl remains perfectly bright hi the inouih. Call and sie. I.tillmr I, munis' Heinle. S7M rr. op vi:i.Mo,r, a t i p r o h a t I ii-li-n-l t( I hilleildeii, --. ) j Co iM hell nt !!,olm"!r.ii In no I tt r in id,t''. oil the 2(1 h ill of Jul;-,-A. D. 1311, Pre ent, Charles Itn-ell, Jn.l... An in-lpiuie'ii (importing tn he Hie last win ah i ti-iaiti'ii' of I.UTIIIR LOO Ml, lalu f Burling i . , in sail ni-liti, decease I, I vnig presented to I i Co ul hereby John .V Pmnerny n ml Henry Loom , the exe.-'i'or's il ere tl mme', (. r probri'e; the Mil I 'in in flo h n ipo-nt the ilurd Ve.lnes 1 ty in Auu-t A. D. If 1 1, nl 10 n'i h el. in li e forenoon nt ihe mlh e of ihe Regis i 7 nf -aid Court in lliir'inglti'i for prov ing .nnl will; arid tloth fri'"r ihrlt all plfr-ori- liver. e-ted or eoni ern" 1 therein he ni'ldled to appear he fine -ai I Coin at the tune Bad pla-e Ml ri said -ul Iheii an I there eon'e-l the prol ni' ol said will, if ill have tau-e, Inr winch p'trpo-c said cnutt t'o It furt'ie. order ihnt i ihlie no i ;e lb 'rent' I e fir.'eii by pobl s . nig ibis order in the Free Pns, a pr.tilo at -aid Ihtrlmgtcn, three week- unVeiuveL' pievio ,i to the tune appoui'e I for hearing. Da'cd at Hurling on, in ihe Ih triet of Cbitlcn la.i, the 20 h div 1 1 July, A. D. 1 1. 9 w-3 CHAKI.r.S KUSSr.l.L, Judas. NOTICE. A1 LL "ersnn- an-h..'r-' v nntnie;! tha' the liM i "f ROUI.OI SOV, RTHIH'.V, & CO., h.r I e. m in- f iciioe nf Hu adclnths ,ai I 11 irlin&'nn V ' C ni.t-iny'- Fit'ory, in Cidche-ter, i- ih.-ulve I ; aul lhat Sanice1 R. Ra lib-iri i- .'iutliori2i.-il to nrranpe an I M-itleall the tin -,o-ed Ini lies- of .-aid firm; m re iiive payment of all -mil-due lo said firm, nnJ p i y and -ai-fy all n ur.s ,1 ic fiom the .-amc. Ccl -ht-sier, July 9ih, 1S1I ciiRisTi x Roi:i.or?ox, SVMfKL R. I'ATHUUN, 0 w3 SIDNKV HARLOW. WATKIl-Curc fir Hie Ladles. A popu a! Wnrk on ihe healfh, thel anil reguneit oi Fi tuales and Children, and the pi-c.ention an 1 cure t.f th-i-a-es ; vvnh a fill aceo lit nf I he prove-te of Wa ter Cure, Ily Mr-. M. L. Shew, 50 en. C UII'.MI'sTRV, as exeniplifyint; the Wi-damanl J llenefi ence of God. A 'prize, r-va) by ll-cr.a Fowler, I'd. D. 50 lis. HARPLRS Illuminate I Ri! le No-.. 5 and C. Vv Aug. I. 9 A. COWARDS'. rniir -I li it Ikt ha" rnn , t 1 (mm !n nl 1 -tnn I i,n I !...!. J.P 1 li I ! f sJt 1 fil) .. p,,,,,,,,. , u ,- , ,- , ,.,. i , ' , , . , nanit wiH-re in un inn tan I wri cumin c io tnaij ti.'.i.'lurc nil I in ( (J fJhKT WARl, of ilu-bet rt n ty : u- b a- SOF-i, .S'LTRI uir,-;, iiku;;i m s, i- u. t.-,. c. m . and 'I,. .let T.l Ll S.sT v Mil s I1KD 5 1 1. a I km 1 I" vvnr. m hi. Iin. iCJMo-l l.'''d-"I Cni'.'ry pro luce in i l.t, i t' rei-eiveil in niviueiil. or annri'V,-! t relit, aul v, r- ! cht-i', rorC.i-h. S.,Il'I.L Ml HOI S. II irbngii'ii, May 2ih, 1311. 5i iow Store and Is'i-w (.Joods. I rPIIC -iib-cri' er ha- trt' en the .Ne'V St, in' ii o- ir A. n..rth i f Me--r-. Uuo-mi i ',' vv iiern lie nu- j i t 'rtat-ived an I Co--.-ri 't-r- tor -ale, a general a-o-t-I mom of Fancy and Siuple Dry Cool., Dry Groeene-, Paper Hanging-, & which fur ipial.ty an I cmi ne cannot le-urpi-ol. P ircha-ti are invitt-1 b call anJ e.xamn.e lor ibein-elit's. C. T. STiXIFORP. IJurlington, May 10, 1911. 5(1 rJ',IIK -ub-eril cr v-onld inform hi- fr end- and the J- pul lie that be ha- pi-l opened a on tho corner of Ch 'rch and Rink s'reet-, oppi sue tne old H.itik, vv here he w ill -ell Good- a- cheap a- the- can be I ought e'-e where, em'irii-ing n-n-tl s:ucl- of DRV GOODS, ar, I a geuer.ii n"t.riineut of FA.MILV GROl I'.RIf-:-. Please en'l and look I elore l.iiv nig tl e where. FLOUR and S LT, bv the barrel,! r in le-rjuan. inv. I -hall nut 1 e tinJer-olJ by mv neighbors. June 7, Ml. f X. W. GAGF.. " hiiAii 1'iim:. ,'jc. TONS Led Pipe u li inch, J 1 do Sheet I, 1 Cask Sheet Zmj SO ll.ig- ,-hot, a or'ed Not. I v May 15, Ml. 50 SI KONG3 if- Co. CI!I:aI'1JI! TI?,L. RKN.NS Pearl St. would inform hu Custoniers1. ih.itfor Cash he will sell nl, kinds nf new and c. serkon I hand ( loihiny, and Roou ahmii and Hats Cheaper ih,in ever. Jtt y,25 1311. 3w3 NEW GOODS. A GOOD AS.s-ORT.AIF.NT of liroad Cloths, Cr"3 d'l'.ia, Drub tic Tn, Cn-'imerrs Tvviils, nli nctlr.. Rich Ve-nngs, Summer Si nil's, nnd Trunin ns, Ccc. eve, which vvih be sold 11' puces to suit pun La sers. I.OvFLY SIA.MOUR. Church sircel, July 11, 1541. 0 LOOK I AG GLAISiSEts. A Large Assiirnnent ol vanoio. stzi of O. G, - Ilandea Plate, and Li I-'iyette siylps, ju-i reed hv lovflv &. bi:v.uoi:R Church street. M'u 'iiigtnn. .1 ' 11 pu $ C.f M1CM A FRF.SH supply of cuper, nxtrnfiiie 3 I'lv Car f s. petui'jsi Dri'g"i-!ls, Urien li.a 71'. Ol Clo'h, Rush Mai'incsj It., h C-4 and p-1 Lmb'd Priniednn I Dai'task T.ib'e Coy. I-; I'aipet Ihii'l ng r,n 11 bread. l o 1 73 1 ' iS .s' : i '.1 o un tlavc ali impoi led a rich ns?oiinic-ul nf l'APF.i: HANGINGS FROM PARIS, which they nffer low togcllur vvnh 0 Rood a jsortm r.: of Amcbic.vs do. Church St., July 11. ltlf. 6 'SMIK J ul undersigned hav ing coinmenceil the pr.n nc Law on be own aci-oi nt. vvdl give strnl a - tentiontoal pruressuiial husine-d which may 1 e en. tru lei to hi- care. Ufli' e over Thomas' Auction Siore, College Street. U. J. TLN-MIV. Ilurlipgion, July II, 1S-M. 0w6 AUCTION. TIIFprass rn Cfllegc Green will 1 soil at a .r tion to the htghe-i ladder, 011 S.ittuxlry next, ai -I o'clock P. M. ni Ihe Pearl Sneei Hou-e. WILLIAM WARNF.!!, Treasurer, U. V. T.T. nnrlingtoa, July llih, 1511. 0 n a 1.' or ini: Sili,s( Stli- Shawls, ("rava's, ij rara-ols, 1',-irea I Ju-t le.eived anJ Lace-. Hit.. S H: Lntv., Ac, fcr sale t-.xtreine.y low by I1F.NRV W July II, ISM. CATLIX C DAWSON tV AJl.VSTllONC, TAILORS CIIl'RCIl STR1 LT, 'wo iloir. soitib of Peek it Spear's, and nearly tpposiie 10 Siru.ig's nera Hanlware Store, Cut' lit." nunc in llie most approved style, and un short nuiice. C- COW LOST. A I1RIXDLF. COW, jo tir jo j ears cl, lift the -TV pa-tore la-t wee'.. Any pi-r-un tinding ihe amc and giyin; notue to inc 5I1.1 I 1 e hand mm ly pauf. HORAIL rt lILl.1.1 (!. II rlingtcn, .Tuly 3, IS 11. 4 TO T 14 A VK 1. 1. KltS.- I)ART1I.9 visiting C uiiida, will Iind W.l'l'.sO.N'- 1101 IX, ht. John", one of the laitsiand most mmfcilaV houses 111 llie place, ('amazes 111 altendanre on tlio ariual of the Steamers. F.xtrn horses and carrinnes in readiness for ( hum. bhe, Highgalo s-pimgs, Si. Albans, ipc. Charge! very iiiiutir.iie. - Si. Johns, Juno S till, 13-11. 4 im' TAINTS AND OIL, CT TONS while lend, drv nnd ground hi e( "js". t " I':Mra,".iiitl " P' re", Spom-li w ille, uxl ha,!, Freneli jcllovv, Vcrthgfi-, Veneiian rd, luharge, spir its ttirpeu.iiie, ive. ive. Abo, 500 !. Iinseixl oil, ;iur Juue It,M4 ny g'l liu.x Hi' ,v. ro. IT'ARWKLL'S Men's fiimp- and Goat Skin lbs t . ccs, Laihfs' HUel; and Col'd Half Gaiter-, WhU. iug Mhcs-s, Kid Slip-, ami Hi-kin., .In,t riu'.l hy H W C TI TV. July?l,I-M. 'i