Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 23, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 23, 1844 Page 3
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0 ClayJDIub. Tho next regular Meeting of the BUR LING TON CI, AY CLUB will beholden nt llic Court House on MONDAY EVE NING next, August 26. The members arc requested to assemble punctually at SEVEN o'clock. E. A. STANSBURV, Secretary. NEW TAILORING ESTABLISH ME NT. JAM I5S OUK, ,., WOTLD respectfully inform theoitizens or IJtir liniton ami public generally, llmt hp hasiaken the establishment recently occupied liy CllARLl-s UK.NNS. where he will execute nil orders 111 the TAILORING BUSINESS on the shone-l notice, and in a all la not to he surpass ed. From several years experience in llic liiinos lifi leels confident of insuring general satisfaction. CUTTING lone for other; to make up, at all time?, anil warranted lofit, if properly nialcup. Chiirch-st.Aug., 1S14. 12 If. A larucBHOAOH t Hark colored stone, set round with cold. It was lost cither in l'earl street, or crossing over by the new brick church to church-st. The finder will brisuitally rewarded on leaving it nl the Free 1'ress Office. Ana. 2.1. NOTICI2. THIS certifies that I have given my on, William M, Killnm, his time, to business for him (elf, and will pay no debt of hi contracting, nor claim any of his wages, after this date. WILLIAM KILI.AM. Bmlinglnn, Aug. 20, 1514. 12-3 TKJOTICH is hereby given that nil demand due to 11 the late firm of OSTHEIM & MICIIOLS and M. OSTHKIM & CO. have I e-cn ptne-ed in the baud ot Geo. K. Piatt, of Burlington, for collection. Debt or to these lirm are requested to call upon him and male immediate payment. II. J. HEINEBURGH, .lenf. Burlington, 20th Aug., 1311. 12 Stephen. Sharp, rs. rr,Vrtm limn. STATU OF VERMONT, Chittenden County ss. John 11'. II 'eater, I May Term, 1SI1. Hiit. II. Afunson.) WHEREAS, nt this Term of said Court, Ste phen Sharp, of Colehe-ter, in said County, entered his suit agimst Hiram Bean, of North Libert v, in the Sln'e of Micliiaan, nnd John W. Weaver and William IL .Miiiisou, hi. Tru-tces, in an action on n note da ted August 5 b, 1813, and it i ot appearing to the Court that slid Bean has had personal notice of the liendencv of this suit : Therefore it is onlere l by the Court that the sail cause be continued to the next term thereof, and that the sub-tanceof said declaration be published in the Free Pros, a newspaper printed in Burlington, in sail County, three weeks siicee-sivcly, the Iat of sat t ptiDlie-ar.Miis to ue twenty eiays t etore llic next Term of 'Ins Court. i:. A. ST.INSIiniV, Dep. Clerk. Burlington, Aug. lOtb, 1S1I. 12vv3 r.UittA A. Woonnrrr, 1 Chittenden Co. Court, Jons- Moot-os. .Iamk- May Terir, 1311. L. Moatov, and Ju- j not T. AiNswonTM. j WHEREAS, at this termof sail Court, Eli-h.i A. W'oodru'l, of Milton, in said Countv, brought In- action ag.iin-t John Morton, James L. Morion, both of shi, I Milton, and Judah T. Aiiisivurlh, of Me dina, in the Slate of Ohio, ik-i-'.irtng on a promi-sory note duel 13' li NovemH-r, IP?!), for six hundred Dof lars and iiri'ref, paval le to Plain'ifTor order in one -;ar 1'rotn e'ate; and il not appearing ih it the said jtilah T. Ain-wnrth has had pcr-onal notice of the pendency of ihi- suit : Thcrciim:, it is urdorel that llii-ci'i-i" be continued to the next Term of thi- Couri, and that snul Auis wor h I e notilied iherei f, bv publishing the sul s'ane e of said ikvlaraiion in the1 Free Pre-s, a newspaper, pu li-hcd at Burlington, in said County, three week sin-ce- ivrly, tbela-t of -aid puh'icnlion-loLe twenty lys- Isiifore I he nei Term of this Court. E. A.SiWNSUURY, Dep. Clerk. t trlinston, Aug. 20, 1SU. 12w3 David A. Smauxt, "I Cliittciiilcn Co. Court, r- v. DasmiiG. lUmowand ( Hay Term, 1SI1. Noah Btninv. J WIIEKEAS, at the .Mac Term of lhi Court, A. I). !8it, llavid A. cy, i f Burlington, m f aid Couniv, cntereil hi- action iii this Court agaln-t Daniel (1. Barlow and .Noah Barlow, boih of Nat chez, in the St He of Mississippi, declaring on a pro missory no't- di'ed at Nat. i-z, January 1st, 1810, fur SI, 230 37, piyah'c to Joel B irlfivv o'r order one day afterdate fur value ret'tiu-d, whiih note was in- dor-elm the plamti.l ; anil the said Daniel (i. and iVoan not having appeared either bv them-clve- or their attorney, and it noticing made to appear that me sain imuici w. anu .oau nave haJ personal i.o tice of the pendency t this sun; Therefore, it is onlered bv ilu n,i.,ri ilmi ilm snid cau-e l continued to the net term ofthi-Couil, and that the Defend inl I e noti'ied thereof bv piildtsliinrr the snb-taiicc of-aid declaration in the Free Pre-s, a new-paper prinieu at is iriingiou, in saiit wtnuty three wee!.s suece-ively, the last of .aid publication, to be twenty day- In-fore the next Term ofthis ("ourt. I'. A STAN3HU1IY, Dep. Clerh. Burlington, Aug. 20. 1311. 12.v3 Lvmas Bonr.ESS 1 Ciiittendf.n- Co. Cocht. r. ) May Term, 1S1I. Jr.-br. P. t 'a rtPKsnEn. J WIIKRIJAS, at this term of aid Court, Lyman 1! irge , of Milton, in sail County, liroushl his action ag.iint Je-o P. Carnendcr. ol'Pennsvlva- ma, declaring in assiimp-it fur money pail, laid o it and expended, au I deimiidiua in damage, one liiin- clrel dollar. And it not appearing that thesaid Car- petuier has Had iiertonat notice ot the pendency ot Ibis -up : Therefore, it is ordered by the Court that tin-call I e continued to ihe next term thereof, and that -aid Defendant he notihod if this sun by publishing the suostaiice tu .aid ilcc'aration in the I rce Prcs newspaper published ut (liirltngton, in ni I County, three weeks s icct!sively, the Inst of snd publii ii lions to bo tweniv days before the next term of this Court. I-. A. .STA.s3BUKV, Den. Ctcrl;. Burlington, Aug. 20, 1311. 12w3 Wiiiri'i.E Sroo.sEn, i Sroo.sEn, ) II. Sh ift. S CiUTTnsnKN Co. Cocht. Mnv Term. 1511. CilAnLr.s II. Shift. 1 WHKUP.AS, Whipple Sponner, of Burlington, in said Co inly, nl this term of the Court. I rouhi hii action against Charles H. Swift, laleof Ilmtiing ton. in sail Couniv. declaring on n note rint.-d9.2l November, 1833. for one hundred and ten dollars. willi intere-t, payable to the Plainiui'or order one year from date for value received ; and il not appearing that Ihe said Swift has had personal notice of the pendency of this suit : Thcrel ore, it is ordered that the said caiitu be con tinued to the next term of tin- Court, and that the De fendant Ve notified thereof, by pul li-hing the sub Mancc of said declaration in tho Free Pres.. a tu'w paper publislie I in Burlington, in said County, ihrte weeks successively, the la-t of said pul lications to be twenty days before the next term ol this Court. T.. A. STANSUL'KV, Pep. Clerk. Burlington, Aug. 20, 18 U. 12w3 HonACr. L. Nichols, Eli Chittenden, and ltALrii Landon, Chittenden Co. Cocbt. May TeTm. 1811. Danif.i. R. Coleman, and his Trustee. Isaac C. Isham. WHWtKAS, nt this term of said Court, Horace ,, , .Jr-.11'1'01"' hh ClmienoVn, and Italpl, Landon, all of Wilhston, in said County, brought their action agnin-t Daniel S. Coleman, ot the tamo Willnlon and bis Trustee, Isaac C. Isham, de, lanng on a note dateil January 1st, 1841, for S107 28 and interest, payable to the Plaintiils or order on demand, and signed by said Coleman and it not appearing that ihe said Coleman lias had personal notice of the pen dency of this suit : Therefore, it is ordered by the Court that the said cause I continued to the next term thereof, and that said Uoleman oe notineu tuereol by pul, h. Inn; llio substance of said declaration in ihe Free Pre-s, a newspaper published at Burlington, in said County, three weeks successively, the latt of said publications to 1 iwenly days lfore the next term ot this Court. K. A. STANSBUKV, Dep. Clerk. Burlington, Aug. 20, 1811. 12w3 20 BOXF.S Lemons andOranges, Fig., Currants, Prunes, av. at 1 COl.K &. ROBINSON'S TArtWF.LL'S Men's Pumps and Gout Skin Boot 1 T IIIj,.L- nnrt fV.IM 1 1 I f I in !lr. . Walk. ees, Ladie.' Black and Col'd Half Gaiter-, Walk bhocs, Kid Slip-, and Buskins. Ju.t rec',1 bv ing July21, 1811. 8 WSS7f GOODS. JUST RF.CKiVED, bv May 1, 1814. LOVELY A SEYMOUR. FOLIO ItlltLES. SPLENDID Folio and Quar'o Bible-, suitable foe churches, at the Cheap Ca.h Booksiore, Iw 8 If A. EDWARDS. PL AS TEH. Af Tons of Novo Scotia Plaster, jnf received, nnd fr" nowRtindinff at the Plaster Milt at Winooski Lund for sale by CONCERT. MIT. AND Til 13 MISSUS ANI)M3WS HAVE tho honor to inlorm the Ladies nnd Ocnlle luin of Bnrllnclon that Ibcv will citcn Con cert Jof Vocal nnd In.triimeninl Mii-ic, nt STRONG'S UAL,!-, Oil IKII'AV J. i;il.U, Aug. 23 I. l'lionitAitim;. l'art I. 1. Overture Duetto Le Bayerdere Mis-e An- drew, Inter. 2. Song Land of the West. Mis Harriet S. An drews. Loter, 3. Duetto Come wander with me Ml--e An drew. Kelson. 4. Song When will Ihou meet me. Miss Jane A. An lrew. Knshl. 5. Duetto Believe not I could wrong thee. Mi-s and Mr. Andrew. Ihirnttt. 6. Trio Tis always the darkest the hour beloie day. Later. Part II. 1. Italian Cavatina Una Voce Miss J. A. An- diews. Ilossini. 2. Song "Tliete was a time." Mli Harriet S. Andrews. Knight. 3. Brilliant Variation on ono string. Mr. An drew-. Aacc. 1. Song John Ander.-on's gnncto the land of the Leal. Mi-s .1. A. Andrew-, Anclreies. 5. Duetto Hear ine, Nurma. MUtes An Irews. Iletlini. G. Trio We three, Butterflies be. Concert to commence nt 1-1 before 8 o'clock. Tickets 25 tents each. AT II OMR. S HUNTINGTON would respectfully inform bis friends nnd the pulilii-ccnernlly, that ho has re turned and can be found at his old stand on the corner of Church nnd College streets, and would be happy to see his old friends nnd customers, nnd as ninny now ones as mnv nlease to f.nor him with their patronage. S. H. will give his personal attention to all calls in lus line, nun Hopes to mnuo up lor any remine3 that may have occurred in his I ustness during his no senco. 126 August 22nd. 1811. HOME, HOME. HOME. IT is well to go and look abroad for an improvement of privilege", but not to nn extent that will lose ns the sight of local unimproved advantages. We arc all conimendably engaged in furthering the pro gress of the RailRoid to carry our products, nnd probably trade, nil", to the tunc of " on the road to Boston." Now something should he immediately done towards making a road through a broken pass in the Green Mountains near Mansfield peak, that was apparently swept nut by some inighlv deluge that made a deep, almost to us unknown, mountain wil derness gorge, where the most romantic road in the Mothl co, rlil bo easily constructed, that would bring a wealthy productive portion of the crcit rich basin country cist of the mountains jut 21 miles nearer to Burlington : thereby ensuring to us, and to the CAtsp Cash Slore in particular, the trado of that beautiful region, and concentrate the business: nt irOWMlD'S P. S. The above is no hoax talk, but may and will ben reality within n twelve mouth. A meeting on Ills subject will be convened nt the natural pcr lastingjcc House in the above mentioned gorge soon after election. 4 BALES BROWN SHEETING, is 2 do Fine do 2 do Brown D till , for a!p bv VILAS I.OOMI'S & Co. BurKngton, Aug. 22, ISil 12 2 CAT.-! Illmchcd Sheeting, 2 do Tickings, 1 do Col'd Cambrics, for "ale bv VILAS LOO.M1S .r- Co. Burlington, Aug. 22, 1S 14. - 12 n.VI..V ,1 ixnn i,;ni. 1 case Irish Linens, ' 1 do Manchesier C2ing!nm, for sale by VILAS LOOMIS .r- Co. Aug. 22, IS 1 1. f 12 Gross Horn Coat Billions 100 do do Over Coat do .100 do do Vest do ISO do Gilt do do 7) do do Colt do 300 do Pant do 13 do Pearl -lnrt do For sale by Aug. 22, 1341. VILAS LOOMIS f- Co. 12 An,D Mtnitu.L, 1 ClirTTENPFA' ( O. Col'itT I OF ClIANCEnT.J WESI.r.T llA7lr.TON, Loins Tilfh, and .InvATins Notes. MayTcim, 1811. WHEREAS at tbisTcrm of said Cruirl, Arad Mer rill, of Colche.irr, in sni I County, tiled his lull setting forth I lint Wesley Ilnz'eton, of'Ecx, in sa d County, on the 17lli ol" December, 1812, Icing in debted to the orator in the sum of 1C2 dollar- 5!) cents, specified in a note I earing "'ate on 1 lint day, for the said -inn and injeres', payabV' to the orator or orderj til one year Irom date. Ml 'order lo .i-.,iri ll,i ,n. tnenl thereof, ce.-iileil and delivered to -aidor.Hor a deed of the following pr i-e. in said E-sex, to wit: "All the land on Lots No. 93 a,l 107, which Samuel Ila zleton, l.iteof I',sse,ieceaseil, conveye I to said Wes ley Maz'eton by hi- will, containing about one hun dred and twenty acre-, and lo -aid will as recordelin the otlicc of the Predate Conn in the county of Chillcndcii reference is had" which slid deed was ai-knoulcdgiil and re.'ordol in due form of buv-ui'li a condition to said deed annexed, Ihat if saM W'c-lcy Haz'e'on, bis heirs or a--signs, should pay or cau-e to I e pai I to said or.ttfr, hi- hers or assigns, the sum spccjlic I in sai I note, at i ording to the tenor thereof, then -aid no-e to I void, and otherwi-e in force An I further cl ing furlh n mortgage of said piemises from .aid Ilazle on to Lo- rin lyler, for 300 dollar-, da'e.l January 0 h, 1SI3; an I lurllicr etling Ion li a quit chiuu deeil daic.l Jun- n, ift.t. trom .hi il izleton to Jon.ithiu Noye-, of Lulling Coinlv, Oldo, ,f the premise, aforesai I ; and further -eMing mrtli that the said note lo the orator had not I ccn paid, nor any part there of, but wa. then due and iinpai I, with a great arrear of liltere-t j And praying that ihe sai I We.Iey Ilnz'eton, Lonu Tyler, and Jonathan .Noye-, might hu decreed by the Conn to pay the said sum ol money spceiliod in sai I note due lo ihe orator, together willi ihe ruti rest due an I to grow due ihcrcr u bv a ceraiu day to I e ct I v -aid Court,aniluiilci.iuli thereofihatsaid oiator.-hould boldthc s.inl premises fiwjl and discharged from all cquiiyof rc'coptitii. right mil title 1 1 ihe said II.i zleion, Tler and Noye-, their heir-ami and assigns. And it Icing made to npnear that -aid Noye- reside- without this Stale, nml has not had per-nnal no lice ofibe pendency oftaal i. or U-red lb it ihi- cause I c conliniiel ic.iliu next term ofthi- Court, nnd that the sub-tame of ibis bill I e published in the Free Ire.., a nrwsuaper publi-bel at Biirlinglon ail Couniv ot Clnt'cii.Vn, thieu weeks sucir.siulv, the l.t-t of -aid pul hcation-to le twenty days bellrolbe usA, m it, oi s.,.i , ut,n, E. A. STANSBURV Drn. Clerk. Burlington, Aug. 20, ISM. -2iv.J JoeEr-F. JUnsn Chittenden Co. Cociit. May Term, 1911. Josiam Steele nnd f William A. Bins;. I Ynil'.RLAS, at this term of snid Court, Jo-cph Jlar-b, of Ilinesburgh, I roughi his action against Jo.mIi Stcclo nml William A. Bdl, of the same Ilincsl urgh, iliclanng in ns with the . ..,.. , " in-, .iiei w iicre.i. ii appear- to the Co irt Ihat the said Wi'ham A. Bills has not had personal noticoof the pendency of ihi. suit : Therefore, it is ordered Ihat lbisc:iu-e be continued to .the next term of this Court, anil that the siih-ianee ol sai I declaration I e pul Ij.hrd in the Free Pic a new. paper published at Burlington, in .aid County, thrco weeks successively, the Iii-t of said publication, lo be twenty day- belore tho next term of this Court E. A. STANSItURY, Dep. Clerk. Ilnrlingtrn, Aug. 0, lg. j2w-3 nn van us. A General assortment of t loth, hair, hat, tooth, finger, liesh, paint, white-wash, du-t, furniture, tab'c, hearth, stove, and window brushes, just rix.''d and for sale at low prices. STRONGS if. CO Aug. 0,M I. " ' n PAPi'll HANGINGS, pf the latest style.-, forsalual his Paint Shop on Col lege street. 3,f Biirlinglon, June 10, 1811. niAvrv V """'''AHS HI.UAHI). ' 1AK LN from the public House of John Howard, in Burlington, on ihe7lh insl., a Bluo Broadcloth Overcoat. I he. skirts were lined with small figured linings, ond had upon it fisured velvet buttons. Tho above reword. will be given to any person who will give information where the coat 'nnd the felon who took it mjy be found. JOHN HnWAiin Burlington, 11th Aug., 1841. ttuWARD. A Farm on tho Jnterval Plats For Sale. TIFTY ACRES of Land on the Flats of Onion J. Htyer, will seeeled down to Herds grass and clover, known as "The Wndsworth Lot ;" an limits, puled title will bo given, and liberal terms of pay ment. 1 ' 4,.m'.'"0 IIouse ""d ot on the corner of Pearl nnd White streets, lately occupied by .Mrs Wndsworth Inquire, or WM. WEaTO.N', Esq, ' 'W3J Attorney at Law. A HAItK CIIANCR IN THE CENTRE OF THE VILLAGE. IJ'OR sale, the two Houses anJ I..1. ileaamly situa. ted on Cherry street, between Mr. William I. Seymour and Mr. Willmn We-ton, E-qrs. The IIouse new,- whh nn exex'l- lenl w.-ll,. ft, ml.. .... .1 ...... ........ 1.1, 1,10 llltlll. ror terms inquire of the aulwnbcr nn the rn-mt... I lrCD Slsr-'fisr Hurhngton, Aug, 33, M. 3tf FEMALE SEMINAR.. rMII3 Truilreo of tlie IIUItMNGTON J 1'EJIAI.Ii SUMINAIIY would inform the public that tho Rev. J. K. CosVEnsn has been ap pointed to tnko cliargo of this Institution and thnl, deeming it prudent, on account of bronchial symp toms, In suspend, fur n lime, his pastoral labors, he has accepted their appointment. Ma. CoNvr.nsr. will reside in tho Seminary Build ing, nnd tnko the oversight of all its nll.iirs. Helms nssociated with himself experienced nnd thorough Teachers, who also will re-tdcin the Institution, nnd Willi him will exercise, n constant nnd parental cue over the studies, tho health nnd moral deportment of the resident pupils. During two quartet of the year, courses of Lectures will bo secured on subjects em braced in the higher depnrtmenlsof study. Ma. I). A. Bbaman will take chnigeof tho Board ing ilcp'irtincnl. The ilnrges in this and in most of the extra branches of study liavo been considerably reduced. . The Fall Term will cnnimenco on tho I3ili of Sep tember, and continue 22 weeks 1 1 weeks to tho quitter. TRItMS, HALF PAVABI.E IS AnVASCE. Tuition in English branches, per quarter, Sj 00 " " French, - - 3,00 " ' Latin, (no extra charge,) " ' Draing, - - - 4 00 " " Mumc, 8,00 Use of Piano. 2 00 Board, including fuel, lights, washing, nnd nil the conveniences lor study, in spacious, airy nnu welt tur nisbed rooms, S2 per week, or 835 per year. If the pupils reinnin les than one Ierinnf22 unit, it ill be S lj per quarter. It isilcirnblc that nupils fiom abroad hoard in the Seminary such will euj iv pecu liar advnntngcs. For instruction in French, nrinnge Inenls are undo to secure the seniees of n gentleman to whom the language is vernacular. .1. W. 1IICKOK, Secretary. Burlington, August 12, 1911. To the n' ovc notice, bv lheTiuters. I would mid, that having accepted, coinliii mnlly, their appointment, I sunn spare no pains tu nnKe our .-semiiinrv wor nv of general ntromg,'. Tho toi-ittun i on" .sftbe niost healthy nnd pleasant in No" Englitid. Tin Seminary Building is spacious, and. in all in arrange tnents, admirably ndniteibln I lie purpose. The course nt instruciion will no accurate unit thorough. I lie supervision, f.iiihlul. nUeeiiiiniicnnil parental. Every care shall be taken of the health, minds, nnd morals, of those whoso training is com mil t.-il to invntr. J. K. CONVERT.. Burlington, August 12, 1311. llwl THE FA 1 1. TERM or this institution will com mence the second Monday in September, tinder the charge of L. W. Chanev. A B.. urad tnle of the University of Vermont, whose literary qualili tations nun cxcciicni moral cnaracter, ns well ns ins reputa tion ns a successful teacher, enable the Trustees to recommend him with confidence to their patrons and friends, and the public generally. The Boarding Houo will be put in good repair, and will be conducted by Asa Iletnenw.iy, who, by n.'siduous attention to his department, embracing the moral deportment of his fimily as will as their phys ical comfort, hopes to render his house a desirable borne for all who 'may wish to avail themselves of the Delictus ol the school. DAVID !!7,AR, ) NATHAN I. KEESE, I J"NA. CI! AM, .Trustees. JOHN WHEELER, I R. T. ROBINSON, J Fcrrishurah, July 2fjth. 1311. Ilw3 IJurliiiiilon Hir) School. T'lIE FALL QUARTER of this institution ill 1 commence .Srptcinbcr 2d s ihe Winter Quarter, Nov. 23 s the Spring Quarter, Feb. 21 j and the .?u tu rner dinner, .'May is. 'p j tho common Eng lish b-nnihes. .S4 .",n! nil a; r,n tv. v.., ,;..., shall be wanting lo secure the highest culture of the pupils, nml ma'ie the sCinnl ccry wnv worthy of llic pmrooage oi ine piiouc. noaro can tie nptauieu in good families at from 51,2i to SI, 50 per week. CII-J. C. PARKER, Prlneipil Burlington. Aug. 10. 1811. Uw3 WILIJSTON HIGH SCHOOL. qHE FALL TERM ofthis institution will com X mence on Wednesday, the IStb of Septcml er, with favonble ati-pici's mi ler the ch trge of .1. Ly. man. A. M. 'I be long and .uccc.liil cxpcrienie ol the Principal ns a Teacher in High Schorl's, warrants the ass iraucn ih it the wi Iiim of tlc-Ji-onnu piity will he amply met under his supervision. He h is i'n his pocioii a large Ilcr-cliplian T.-'csope, mi I mher apparatus, which lu- will n-e for ihe I cm-fit of't'ie pupil-. A course of Clicmical and Lecture- will I e given, illu-tra'cl with experiments. Spe'iil at'i'iit on will be given to t!io-u who ex pect to I cennio Teachers. Tuiiton tho same n- in other similar institutions. Board can le obtainel in re-pectah!e families on , ' - i-i"-. i is ,-.-e, i.-u in. u ,i ijirf.-e rtnt i cO'nmoilious boar ling house will beopenol with n. ciai reiorci'.ce ine accoiuiiiiHiaiion oi st(ti,()t. icont abroaif, ; WILLISTON FEMALE SEMINARY. I rpIIIS Ocpartmcnt will le under the charge of i x. Air-, i.imax, as.isvij in Hie instruction bv her ' iii-onim. it i-lutcn lcit to iiial.c tin- departuicnl a I permanent and proiinncnl object. Ami it i. bclievc.l that mircr Ihe charge of .Mr-. Lvmaii, who.e ed ica , lion has been nco tii-cd at simie ofihe be-t Sciiiuiarie J of ihe land, rcn Vring her pcrfecilv fami' with the be-t me bods i f instruction, the Female .Summary j will a lord advantage. too ing latlie., -econd to none j in tin. pari ol the Slate. 'Ihe S nary will lr openei on Hie same day with ihe High School, nn I I will I e taught in the upper -lory of tho Acatteiny bui I ding. 'I be young buhe. will haie acie-s it, the Lec ture-, ami to i no uiicmical nn.1 Plulo.o.iliical c.xtieri incuts. rpilE TrustccsnftlieWilli.tnn High School ami Fe. 1 male Seminary would inform the Public that they Have securitl the services of .Mr. J. Lyman nnd Lnily, woo win eievoie ineir time to 1110 interests ot t lie In slitiition. As Mr. Lyman Iris been engaged in te nclp ing for nbout six years as he is understood to be 1 thorough scholar, being n graduate of Williams Col lege, nnd nlso of Auburn Theological Seminary and nshe has ihe reputation of being a successful teacher the Trustees have great confidence in recommending Ihe institution to the fivor of ihe community, ' Wil bston n central for the whole Count) is easily nc. cesstble by stages which pass nnd repass daily from all parts of the eounlrv and is well situated for a j school ofthis hind. We are determine I to spare no I pains to make ihe insinuiinii permanent and cvr ry j way woriby of the favor and palronageof an cnbglit I cnetl public. Tuition w ill be from three to five dollars per quar ter, varying nce'oniiiig lo the nature of ihe sin Ires piirsueii, 11 iscxpeeleil that n large ani I.iscxpe,Ue,ltln.nlar!:.Nan,lc,,u,,,,i.l,o,,,fr Boarding Hou-e will be eipeneel for the ai i'iiiiimoda lion of students from abroad, uiidt r the supervision of n family well e-alciilnled iiisupt linienil such 1111 estah lishiiieut. Private ftiiuliei nisi will be willing lo ne. commodate those vv ho apply fur hoard ns far ns is in ibeir power, nnd on ihe most reasonable terms. Il is ilesirablo that studitits, on iinnv accounts, should en'ei n the beginning of the qu trier tbougli Ihey will be received nl nnv lime, .The prospect now is lint n largo number will Im in atten 1-itice n,i Quarter, nnd the siudies of the ouarli r will be nnreii, d i nml enmliieti'il Willi smrtl ntij sn,... u j the most benefit from the I. enures nml itisirucii m, siuttents stioutu cnueavor to oegin null llic hi"iii. nine. L. G. BI.NGIIAM, 1 HARRY MILLER, I AA B. .MURRAY, Trustees N. COLE. I J. O. CHITTENDEN, J Wdh'.ton, Aug. 13, 1811. TI10 Wantloriii'' .low, B Y EUGENE SUE. No's. 1 nnd 2. price 121 els. -IJ each, Translated from the French by William Henry Ileiherl. This is universally prononnced ihe iireaiesi iiomancc 01 tlie age, liy the crea'est living Novelist. By A. EDWARD'S. Peck's Building. 11 NEW BOOKS. A RAH NEIL, or time of Old, a Romanco by C. P.James, 2J cts. 'I'MlE JESUITi Illustrating tho principles and A practices of the celebrated Society of the Jesuits during Ihe early portion of the Eighteenth century, by ll. S,IIIUl.E, I, tSV S.19. .1 4. l',UI1l,lll0, 25 Boxes Soap. 15 do candles. 12 tin e'ommon nntl 1 pearl' Starch, 14 1I0 ' Bonus' nnd other brands Tobacco. I I hi. I.oril In rn'a maccoboy snud. 15 e-n-ks saleratus. 40 bags Jnva nntl Rio colTee, spice and pepper. 100 malts cassia, nutmegs, ginger, alum, salt peire, tig., mustaro, prepare I cocoa, Uv. Aug. 6, 1811. ll STRONGS &. CO. sun mis. ftffirfV His. " Woolsey tfc A'oolsey" doublo re- w. - ,(1 unijf. 5 bids, elo do Crushed do. fi " elo do Powelcrcif elo. 10 libels St. Croi.x nnd Porto Rico elo. 5 boxea Whiteand Bin. Hnvnna do Aug. 7. '41. II STRONGS & CO. (Now Jewelry. NEW and splendid Topaz, Emerald, nnd other sin gle siono Pins, Galaxy ami Cluster Pins, Gold Chains, Bracelets, Clasps for Hair Bracelets, Gold Wnlch Keys nnd Lockets of various sizes, Gold Pens, Pencils, Sprclacles, Tlnihbbs, Rugs, Ac., together with n beautiful assortment of all kinds of Grinds, just received. BRINSMA1D & BROTHERS. Aug 15. ML 11 N. York Adv'ts. L. &. V. KIRUY, WIIOLKSALH DIJALKItS IN Forcij'ii !t Domestic Dry Goods 47 Cedar Street, New- York City. I") ESPECTFULLY announce to their Customers X and Dealeis peneially. that they have now on hand n full stock of Fresh Dry Goods ndapted lo Ihe 1,'nll Irnde. nmlirrtrMllrr n bill assortment of all dcSCrill- Hon of Slnplo Giods which havo been selected with niiich enre, ami which they nrn enabled to offer nt very low prices nnd on tho most libiral terms. They nrc nlsn Agents for Barlow ft Co.' American Manu factured Needles, which they will warrant a first rate article. Hni3 DltAPEU, ALDRICU, & FRINK, wiioi.F.sAi.n dhamchs iv DOMKSTIO & I'OIIEION IMIY (JOODS No. 07 1.lbrrlr stlrcel, nrnr Itronilivny, A'BII' YUUK. T"EI-!P constniillvnn hand as extensive an a-sorl- IV mcnt of Staple nml Fancy Goods ns can be found in the City ; n lirgo proportion ol which are especially nitaptetl to the VEItM(.T TIIAHH. Merchants visiting New York are requested to call, nnu prices will iietotinti -ati-iactorv to inc. CLOSET CAT BUVEItS. The udvcr.i ers are watt hful to take every advan tago in the (1 ictiiafion- of iht: large-t markets, nnd, enoyiug the I ciieltl of gteat b i-tne-s facilities, willi long cxpcricnt-e. arc prepated to o'rr K XT It A II)U('I5M13NT to piircha-cis who nie ililiged to contend with the stroiige-t coniiii'lition. am a l'incif nnd Staple SILK gs-oods. WILLIAMS, RASKIN &PENNIMAN, No. G3 WILLIAM .STREET, coiixme oi-'cnn.ti: tiii:i:t, ,m:-v voick. WOULD call the nitcnlion of Merchants visiting New York for their Fall supplies, to their ex tensile assortment of entirely NEW STYLES FALL GOODS. To thrir ordinary stock, which comprises a full and general variety of Htap'eand Fancy Silk Goods, they have been ma' lug large additions of ENTIRELY NEW STYLES expressly adapted lo the season. From the facilities which they possess in llic pur chase of Goods at the very lowest prices their unri valled nnd very extensive nssorlmcnt they feel assu red ihat it will bo in their power to oiler extraordina ry inducements to purchasers wbodesircand desmc to buy on ilia very bc3t terms, nnd llicv nrc determin ed to spnrc no pains to make it for thcintiresl of such to make their selections from I lit ir stock. In DRESS GOODS they can show a great ran go of styles, in Rich Printed Cashmere D'Ecosse, of latest Paris patterns ; Tiesnns, Cinpc On L iincs, Muslin De Laincs of Parts styles,

never before nfl'fied. Alpaceas. B niihazincs, Black and Blue Silks, low and high priced. SILKS Cinieleoit Brocade Silks ; Camelenn Brochi Slripetl Silks- I'laui anil Satin Striped lie! Icniennei Black anil Blue Uluk Saim Sniped nnd Brocade figured Silks j Saliii Striped Gros Graincs j Illicit anil B'hc Black Gros do Swiss; Italian Lus trings; fJrns do Rheiins; Gros d'Afriques; Black nnd Blue Black Saitns; Plain and Figiiicd Satins. Also MILLENEI! Y GOODS in great variety, compri sing lliinni't Sillisntul Saliits of entirely new styles, Bonnet and Cap Ribbons, rich Fall patterns: new designs li'itinet Velvet-, plain colors, b'ack and blue black, figured, shaded, plaid ; cut and uncut. LACES. Cip Laces in great variety, of new anil elegant palerns; ''rimming Laces ami Lace E lgmg. black nnd white; Silk, Lisle, Guipuio, Mechlin, Brussels, &c, lC. Thread Laces nnd Edgings, French, German and English. SHAWLS. Rich Cnshnicie nnd Broehe Long nnd Square Shawls; Thibet, Muslin dc Lame, "Kabyle, Plaid, Woollen, Nctt.ix'c. Arc. SILK SHAWLS Dark Camelcon, Satin Striped, Figured, i-c. GLOVES AND MITTS, In every variety, for Gentlemen, Lathes, nnd Misses. Kidr,f the most nppintcd tinnuficttirc, Buck, Me rino, Woollen, Silk, Lace, Filer, Ivmytian, India Rub ber, &C Their slock will be found lo comprise n full nssorl mcnt of nil the various small items needed, nnd they invite the attention ol Bnver. with the fullest confi dence that they can supply every want in their line. 11 ni3 B0 WEN & MrNAMEB, 1G WILLIAM STREET, Ccorncr of Itcavcr Street, New-York, "O ESPECTFULLY nnnoiinccthnt thev have mnde eti iisic arrangements for ihe Fall Trade, which will enable llicm lo piesi'nt gicater inducements limn ccr to mcrclnnls throughout the Umtcil Slates lo vi-tt this niaikcl I lie present tiasun, fur the pur chisc of SILK AND FANCY GOODS. They have already' received by late arrivals, a grca, variety of new anil nch goods, nnd will also ruche by Ihe next Packets ami Steamer, an nssorimeiit of the latest and 11111-1 benitiful sVes nf Krinth. Ger man. I111I1111, nnd Eng'isli l-Vney Goods ier ofi'i red tn ibis mullet 1 samples of w hu ll nie now exhil'ilcd ; anil it is tin ir iji'ieniiination, as heretofore, not only to be constantly supplied with a complete assortment adapted to all siclions of the country, but to piesent the newest nil I most desirable styles, suited to the city or most fashionable Irnde Their stock will be composed ill part of ihe following ankles, viz : DUESS GOODS. SILKS in eiery variety, rnnrijus of Italian Lus trings, black and blue-blaelt Gins do Suisse, Grossdo Rhine, plain and striped Ispalnns, Gros de Royals, slriprtl and figured Gros de Naples, Pekin Silks. Gros do Messine, rich Brocade Cbnini lori, Broehe figured anil slripetl Poult de Sine, rich Claco Stripe, Gros de France, blae-k. bhie.ldai-ti. and changeable stripe and figured Gros d'Afriques, plain and figured Satins, &c. eve, r- sill M I7I n .Hr-e-nccT- r I-. . t- nni, nV)rit s'lvbV ' " IMRIS MOL'SELINE elo LAINES. entire neu designs nod va-ituis qualities. I'RM'E d'ORIINT, for Evening dresscs--thc most splendid nrlicle ever olR'retl. CHUSANS. TIRSNS, AI.I'ACOAS. BOM H.1.LES, FRKNCII PRINTS. &c. Also, various new styles of D'css Gnotls. which will be s'riellv confiuetl 111 their own trade. Thp whole presenting an nsinrlinenl, it is heVvcn, wliich can not be surpassed m this er any other market. SIIWVLS. Consisting of rich l'haiH"liiiilOilomnn. Poult do Soie, fi-.-il Satin, Brocade, ,f.c. Also, splendid lltotlie, Cashmere. Emhto.ib'red Melvill,, Vnbil.. nl-, ,.r,. teti nntl embroitlcrrd Mnupline do Laine and Thibet Shawls. .Merino, Plaid Belvidere, nil I various new styles Woollen Shawls, olso, very rich Cashmere ..uii oiiiiwia, LACES. English, French, ami German Thread Laces and Edgings. Also, Lisle, Guipure, Ashbunnn nntl other stvlrs low priced Edgings nnd Laees. Muslin Trim, inings, Swiss Mulls, Bishop Lnvvns. Book, Cnmbric nnu jaconci jiiusuns, ami every variety or plain and liyuifc-u iicia iui uoj'f, npe-, VC1I8, if C, GLOVES. Consisting of Kid. Silk. Cnlimeri. Merino. Berlin n,l Buck, in creit varieties, together with a full stock of r iiucy .,1111s MILLINERY GOODS. Velvets for Hats, plain, uncut, fijured, See. if-c., en tire new stile'si Bonnet Silks, plain, changeable, chine am) figured, n complete nssorlmrnt ; Hal nntl Cap Ribbons, entire new designs, nnd the most so en. did nssnriment ever ntl'-red. Also, cerlnin styles of I. TJ.l.l T.I m - . . . . . . ! o niuoons, nam rnileia ami .-satin elo. Iilacli nnel colored, Artificial Flower'. Feathers. Trimming La ces. Ribbon Wire, Cords, Gimps, Foundations, Crown Linings, &c. ALSO, Pocket Htlkfs. r,f Pon-ee, Spinlfield, Cornb, Flag, Bandanna nntl Linen Cambric, in every vnrielv. Italian Sewings, Fenizio'n, Rubinaect's, Persico's Beaux s, fcc. te. Fancy HdkO. Cravnts nml Points, Printed Mouse, de Laine, Tliilet, Pnlmorine, Florida, nnd other styles of Dress Shawls, Itn'ian, Gros ib Rhjno nntl Lusiring Crnvit, of every sizei Scarfs for penile-men, of snlin, plain, fig. ured nml embroiilrpil. Gros Grnin, &r, At. civpi. phi., h up Plli. nntl eoltireil, various qtnh lies. Vp.iings of Satin, Armure, rVshmerp. ic. Sec. Silk Serges, Sinchews. Snrnets, Levniiiincs, India Salins Ij.Elastic Suspenders. Mohair anil Silk Coat nml Vest Bindings nnd Cords, fancy Gimps, Fringes, &p. Ac. Together with every article usually 10 ho found in n fancy stock, which thpy engage lo sell on ns favor able term's as at any other establishment. 11 Dried Hoof. RAA I b. dried Bf,' superior nualily. WW-f STRONGS & CO, Aug. 0,1814. N. York Adv'ts. QUEEN'S WARE. China, Glass, nnd Karllicnwarc. 01.1) nt Whocl-nle to Coitn'ry Merchnnts, cheap lor casn or acceptances, nt 101 llroaust., Imtwcen Pearl nnd Wales sis. 12 THOMAS F. FIELD BATES & MASTERTON, 2G LIBEItTY STREET, (nCTWCi:N WILLIAM AND NASSAU STItr.ETS,) M1W.VOIIK, WOULD call the attention of Merchants about visiting New York, to their extensive sto-k of Forcitn nml Domestic DRY GOODS, whiih they oiler for sale on III terms, consisting in part of Mtzorcons, a new nni' le or dressej. Artoltas do do Chameleon Lustres tin do Alpacca Lustres, 1 lock and colored. M'tuselint de Lntttes, Crape de Lninef, Cfiihmeres tVlltosse, Chusane, VViiffanff, Hosiery and Glares, nu extensive a. .ortment, A'egro Kerseys, Linscys, Kenlutky J'ans, I'lnnnels, Irow low-priced In snperline, Print', of the newest nnd riche-t siyle-, Jlroien and ltleai;hed Shirtinqs ana Sheetings. Spool Collon and Thrtad, of nil kind', Clotht, Casfimeres, Satinets, nnd I'.sfinfTJ, Linens, Laicns, Diaper, Crash, Al-o, a large assortment of White Good., consist ing of Jaconet, Cambric-, Swiss and Soft Mull-, Taps an I Lncc, Striped anil Check Muslin, lib hops Lawn-, Book Mu-liii, Dunne, ic. itc, I2m3 FRINGE D. A. BOOTH, No. 100 WILLIAM SI'., NEW. YORK, Importer and iManufaclurcr OF Fringes, Gimps, Cords nnd Tassels, Zephyr Wornlid, Canvass and Pattirns, Coat Cords Pu tershatn, anil other Bindings, nml all kinds of Tassels and Fancy Trimmings. Also, a large nssorltiifnt of Into Cotton I-1 luge, liy I lie 1'acKago or nllici wise. His assortment will be kept full timing tho Fall, ns lit will be rcceiung the newest nnd most fashionable styles. Terms and prices shall be such ns to give sit. istacilon Ilui2 LATE ARRIVALS OF ni:w FALL & WINTER GOODS Gentlemen's I'ni'iiisliiiiLr i:sl:tb- llslimctit wlisli'Mtlc and it-lall. JOHN M. I)AvTeS&. TONES. 10G WILLIAM STREET, (CORNER OF JOHN SI'REET,) NEW-YORK, V) ESPECTFULLYannouncctliat they have mnde Lc -iirli extensive nrraugcmeiits for their Fall Trade,jhal they ore enabled to present greater in ducement lhan ever lo merchants visiting this mar ket the present season for the purchaseof Gootl-, as their stock is mainly of their own Importation or .ljnwniiirc CRAVATS AND SCARFS. Plain nnd figured Black Salin Ai mures, Cordetl, Bara hea, Fancy and coloicd Sattn of entile new patterns) Silk and, and plain ; Plain unci. Italian aim itatats, all sua and quail tics HOSIERY. Silk, Merino, Angola, Woolen and Cotton Hose and Halt Hose. GLOVES. Merino, Cashmere, Woolen, Berlin and Chamois l.abiiiKre, linen Heaver and Kid. SU-PENDF.RS: Silk nnd Cotton Gum Elastic, with Buck, Silk nml Linen Ends, Cotton Knit, Buck nml Moroccu with Elastic Ends. Also a few entire New Styles ot'our own .11:111111. leiure. UNDERSHIRTS AND DRAWERS. Merino. Lamb's Wool, Ango'a, Saxonv, Cotton 6'h.iker, IC111I and Flannel, Jkc. (Manuhiciiiru nil tpinl iliis of .Silk blurts and Drawers!. .Silk nfallnnali lies of our own Importation. 'I o those of our uwn iiianiilacliire we would especially call attention, as ucmg soineuiing -cry superior. Ladies' i'dk nnd Merino Under Vests. POCKET IIANDKERCIHDFS. Twilled nnd Plain .S'pilnlfield, British and India Corahs. Pongees, Printed, Curded, and Damask, 1, men cumunc, nam anu iTintcu, ixc. CAPS. Men's, Youth's and Children's Cloth, Velvet, Glaz cd, Silk and Muslin. STOCKS. Satin, Figured and Plain, nnd Cerded Silk. .Mo. hair, Boiiibasin, Plain Bowed, Plaited Cravat, and Upera 1 tcs, etc. wc. LINEN COLLARS. Sepnre, Round and Bvron, Snichcd, Plain and Cor ded, all Linen and with Coiimi Bands. LINES IIOSO.MS. Stitched, Plain, and R ifllcd, nil qualities, with wide anu narrow piaits. .SHIRTS. All Linen, with nnd without Collars, latest stylo ; Muslin, wiih LinenColars ami Wiisibmds, with and without Collars, ol a great variety of qualities. Colored Ficiich ami other Muslin. OILED SILKS. While. Plaid, nnd Fancy Colors, of various widths, anu warranted not to .-where 111 any climate. SIA- Purses, I'mhrella'. Dretsinn (loirns. Can and Slur ''rimminz, Suspender Jtuct.les, Gum ICIaslic Webb, alt aualititt. Together wiih eery nrlicle lint is wanted in the ' Gentlemen's Furnishing Line, whiih thev engage lo sell on as tavorah'e It ruts as -ny other establishment. j-caps, aiiicKs, i.iii'it nil .iliisiiii, ami sun Shirts, made to onlcr. lil,.snP nnd Retail. JOHN M DAVIE- it JONES. 10(i Williams St., coriici of.lolin. 11.3m CASH PAID FOII WOOI,. UT lite I RLINGTON MILL COMPANY at IJ their Facility. Aln Wool reieiviil lo mantifnc. Hire inio ROM) CLOTH on tho same leiins as heretofore uy i(,ibloi-on it lUTiita-.-. SIDNEY BARLOW, Agn. For Butlington .Mill Co, June 10, 1314 tf2 JiLANK BOOKS. A N assortment of Full B 1 1 DAY BOO"S, V JOURNALS, nnd LLDGERS-O 10 9 quire' each ; .Mi'iiior.iiitluui Books, and P.i-s Book-, rulctl in a gtcal variety of style, and -izt-s, wliivli will be o.M very lo.v Mr Ci-h or Paper Rag-, deliverel at Strong's B iililing, V. HARRINGTON'S, Cok St., b'mlingmn, Vt. 0 GOULD'S HOTEL, t oi,i,i:Gr. sTiiRFr. 1COUTK.SAL, ON THE PREMISES FORMERLY KNOWN AS (ID Till: .lI.4MO. IIOI1 i:. (3w) GOLD PENS. ANEW supply of the much approve I diamond pointed GOLD PENS. No either Pen ca 1 compare wiih them, nntl they are liked by nil who usi! men,. i,-irge aim suiaii, tine ana coarse, just re- ccivcu iiiiu iur sate uv 10 BKINSM.MD & BROTHEUS New Sloro and New CJoods. TIIIJ siib-cril erha. taken the New Slore one door 1- norm e, .vie.s-rs.' w lu're lie hasju reci'ivisl nndnnwolcrs for sale. 11 senernl a..nrl nientol'F.incvaudSiaplu Dry Goeid., Dry Groceries, Paper Hanging., it''., which for uualitv and cbenn. ne-scanuot lesurpa-el. Purcha-ers are invited to cull ami examine lor llieniselveo. C. F. STANIFORI). Biirlinglon, May 10, 1311. 50 NEW STORE. THE -iib-cril er would inform hi. friends and Ihe nut lit thai he lias 111. 1 f.i.i,..l .1... I , , ,,J , -I""-" .-t.'iu uii iur corner of Lhurch anil Bank streets, opposite the old Bank, where be will sell Good, ns ihe.ipnlheycaii l-t.v ' ."irilis! 1 '"siiirt ., s.11.,1, aiixui o, UR liUdnS, an I a general noriment of FAMILY GROCERIES. Plense call anil loe.k I eleire buv lug i-o where. FLOUR hiiiI SALT, by the barrel, ur in le-snuan-tilv. I shall not I e undersold by my neighbors June 7, '44. I N. W. (!AGE. l.l'IAO IMPH. &r 5 TONS Lead Pipe J lo I J inch, I do Sheet Lead, 1 Cask Sheet Zinc 30 Bags shut, a-torlcd Nos. by Mnyl5,'H. 50 STRONGS if- Co. NEW GOODS. A GOOD ASSORTMENT eif Broad Cloths, Gros fti' I'ln. Drnh ilrt 'Vn nnattitinrosi Tm. id! nells. Kifh Veslmgs, Suninier Sliifl's, and Trimmings, itc. etc., which will be sold nl prices to suit purcha sers. LOVELY eV SEYMOUR. Church street, July 11, 1814, 0 LOOKING GLASSES. ALarg,o Assortment ol various sizes of O. G Bandea Plato, and La Fnvette. si't les. Ill t ran'.l nurt u on tei, uuruncinn, July II, 1811. $ O If HAT ENGLISH REMEDY FOll COUGH--. CHI, l)si, ATII.MA, AM) CONSUMPTION I 'TMIE GREAT AND ONLY REMEDY f. rCe l I-, a. i o igns. ,-iniiia, nun t;iJri;.lll' l ION, is the IIl'NGA RIAN BALSAM OF LIFE, di-coieredbv tho celel rated Dr., of Lon 'on, England, nml inlroelueeil into the Unite I t-:.ite under Ihe iiiiineJiate stiperiii eutl.inie of the iiivculir. I bo I'Xlraeirdinary succe-s of tins medicine, in the e'ure of Pulmonary ih-un-c-, warrants the Atnerienti Agent in soliciting tor 'reaimcnt ine wijiist I'tJS SIBLE CASMS thai can 1 e found in ihe eoinmniiiiv ca cs that seek re'ief 111 vain from nny of the coin- moil reme lies 01 1 tie ei.iv. nntl liavcteen given up hv theinn-tili-timiii-hed Phvi nn,as CONFIRMED AND INCURABLE. The Iliingiitian l,a cured an I will euro the limit tlrspcrnlc eifraso. It is no tiunck- no-iiiim, i.tit a -tnnii.irJ t nli li me t ictne, 1 f known nnd c-tnl li-he'd illicaey. Every family in the Unite! Stales should I u sup plied wi'h Buchitti's lloiigariau,ii of Life, not only tDcenin'i'rael the coii-imiptiii: tenilent ie- of tl.e .:.... t ,. 1 .. 1 .... 1 1.,,'n v iu , n ii-,- 1 ,13 11 it; etui v 1: iiiei ii'-iite 111 ii-i e-a-cs of Colds, Cough-, Spitting id' Blool, Pa n in lite si 'e and (be-t, Irriiatttm and -orcne-s eftbe Lungs, llronrbiiis, Ditliciitty 1 f Breathing, Ilee-nc Fe ver, Ntgbt Svveal-, Einacia'iem and General Debib'j, Asihm 1, lulluciiz 1, Hooping Co igh, an I f'tu.ip. ICr Sold, in Urge I utiles, nt 1 er Lent'e, full ibreclte ii- fur the resturatitui of Hi abb. Pampblets, containing a nti-soi English ami Amer ican e ertificn'o-, ami other evi Ion e, sho .lingthu un equalled menl-1 f this Great Englt h lieme ly, may I e obtaine'd e,f the rtcent-, grnt itto ilv. DAVID F. BRADLEE, sole Agent for the Uni'ed Stale-, 113 Coin stieel, Bo-ton, AGENTS.-llUUI.I.NG'ION, PECK & SPER Aptithecaiie nu-l Druggt-t. ; .Montpelte-r, Ci.irk ix: Collins j Br.iltlelmrn, Duiton iV Glatk; Be low. Fab-. N. Harris i R iilan I, D.m e'l- U Hill i WooJ-tev! , S. J. Allen ; and by the Dr iggisN generally. 1 1-ly too risii. CZr QUINTALS Cod Fish I v Atig.C. '14. STRONG'S ,x; Co. nrrrs and sen i:vs. QOn l)OZ' "'I'' N'"rnw-. Broad, 0"'vJ Win low Blind and Pew do r Ilt',1-, from Wrought and Cast 1 r ri . I ,'2 (10 GROSS American " Jremi'i" Screws, a-sur(eJ size-. Dealers supphel nt New York price-. SIRO.NC.S it CO. Aug. C, M I. 10 Sally Minn's U-fatc. STATE OP l-.KMONT, A T n I'rol ate Co in District of Chittenden, 5 V held nt B irbng'nn within and for Ihe ebsliict td Chittenden nlore-Did on the .ixth dayofAugus', A. D. 1S11, present ihe Hon. Oniric- Itu-'-tll, Judge, an instrument, p irporimg tei be a copy of ihe lu-fwill nnd ictamenl ofs'.illy Mt niT, latent' the County of Jersey in ihe Si.fe of Illi-itol-, decea-etl, duly 'allowel ail I proved III the Pro bate Ceiurt for -md County 1 f Jer-ey Mid Statu of Illinois, I eing picsetited lo the court here, I y All erl .vitue'r, a eievisi-e tiiereui name 1, mat copy may befi'el and recori 'c! 111 the Probate Court lor -at'l d strict of Chittenden, agreeably to the st.ituleiii such; made and provided ; Wiir.iii.L'foN, the Probate Court for -ai l di-tnct of Clutieiit'cn dotli .appoint the fourth Wednesday of tigtst, IS J t, for bearing itird eleciding in the premi e', at the oiliee of the Register of -.11 1 co-.rt in -aid B'liliitglou, atten o'clock in the forenoon, an I do h order that nil person, cone eriifd he notilied iheieof I y publication of this onlcr thrte week, s ns-o ively in tin; llurlm.'ton Free Pie-., a newspaper pruited in -ni I Burlington, ihcl.i-tol which piibiicatioiis to I,. pri'Vioiis to sai I fourth Wednesday lit Augu-t, A. D. IS 1 1. Given under my hand at said Bitrlingtcn the sixth day of August, IS 11. lO.v.'l Win. WESTON, liezister. ll-INi: TltAVKI.I.I.NC HAGS. rPI!AVELLI.N(! IIAtiS of line W1I 011, Brus-e-l., X u ml other Carpeting, Straw ll,i-l,i-i-, if. a new lot jii.t rtv'tl. BUINSHAID it BROlTIKIiS. A ig. 0, 1311. 10 BOARDING HOUSE. rrt HE siibscril er would respci-fully inftirm the p-ib-I lie' h it he -till ctMitinues to keep a llotvdinff lhuse, 1 11 Mam S'nit, n few rol- fr in the C11 irt"-llou-e S piare and Po-t O Ibv, in the hou-e lormerly eiccttp-ed hy Geo. B. Sliaw, Es-., an 1 ih v be can ae coiiiiuo '.ale a few tooro I oarder- on as re.iseuiab'e 'crius as can be obtained eisewheie. WARREN SIB1.Y. urlbigion, V.,Aiig. 7, 1311. 10 if ten cnl:Ji rnnTTziJn.s. A FEW more b e Cream l-'riez 'r- iu eive I. With tin'. :ip,ur.itu-. any persm im.i mi'.e'heir own BRINS.MA1D ,V BliOIHIUiS. Aug. U. Ml. in wn.'i.o v mm (,-aoNs7 A URGE LOT i'1-t e penel, at ru I ice 1 price Alo, W llo v Go-Ciris, Cn lbs nnd Cb nrs, T 11 an I Silver I! lt'le- .mil Wbi.ile-, 'I'm on I llr.i- Har monica Trumpets, Mu-1c.1l an I' ing Dog. mid Toy-, j 1.1 re-M. BRINS.M.UD & IIRUTIII.K-s. A"g. 0, Ml. 10 iiMtnw'Mii:. A Large and general assormient of Hard Ware', couiirisiug alino-t cviry an le wan'i' I in bo i-e lini hmg and fimisbiiig. S.i Idlcry, ('.image trun-iiitng-, A-e. ,t'. " STRONGS it CO. iilGJI. I0 SADMllTfY. OTItONGS ,t CO. oll'cr tei Sa Idlers an I eli'ilcr- in O S.illlcry a hindsoiite nssiirtuient of goods in llieir line, on very riM-em ib'e terms. 10 SALT. 1 rifr I'n-h. Tirlis Island Salt. 1UW 3.1 350 III la. Fine Wi-icrn elo, 300 Bags (26 Hi.) gtoiiud do. -10 Sack. Liverpool elo. SO III gre uml Weste rn elo. STRONGS CO. in Aug. C. Ml. cutcui.ATi: Tin: ihii ujiexth, rlHE Life and Publi- Services nf the llou. Jam 1 J- Knei Polk, vvithn eoinpen bum eiflns speechi-s on varfeiu- piil-lieuuMs irt-s, together w ch a s'.etobol ihe Life ol the Hon. Geo. M. Dallas. For s.a'e by Aug. I 1311. 0 V. HARRINGTON. FOR SALE. I I WILL sell the sell the placo where I live consisting of n Hou-i" 1111 1 O.liee n Ijoiiiiiis in peilivi oi-eler. '1 crins, one I thou-nnil dollars 111 baud, I aiance in four I yearly I'.iyineitl-, if 1 e.tre I. To Ihose ' who nie not ncrpinintcl wiih the pl.iee it may I e we'l 10 -ay, it is situ itctl eiti the somli .idec.1 the Court I Hou-e Square, having a large front and n large nnd soul garden attached lu it. C, ADAMS. July 2!). 1311. !) FARM FOR SALE. SAID Farm i- simaled in E-sei, on Brown's river on what is called Bhs-' street, tvy miles from Es-e centre and one mile from .lertco roroe-r- e-em-si-ting ot three piece., viz, ihe homc.icue! mcl a woml lot containing i-leven .li re, covned wiih hard woihI, and f' riy ae-rcs of Plain land w Inch is well .nl.ipied 11. corn nnd rye. Thehoiiie.icadtirmcniil.iiusoneh in drcil acre, of fir-t rate len I, well watered, nntl ehvi eltsl into mowing, tillage, pas'ure and woml land, all well fenced. There . mi -aid l.irm a goenl and eon. veiiienl hou-e-, well calculaitsl for a dairy, one woo I shed, Iwol arns, a cide riuill, nnd nl her nit building-, all 111 good repair. Thrie is al-o on -aid firm nn i' cclleni of bard of choice fr ill trevs, also a thrilty growing maple orchard. Sni I harm . si uan-l neir 1 a gooil schoed biiii-c. Tie 8 ib-cril er I emu ilesirou. I of lenvins tin. part nf ),u country lor the We-t will .ell cheap. Forturlher particulars enquire of lbe siibse-nbe'r em the prciiit-es, He uLo ol.'crs for sale two h llldnsl Sheen. Tbo.n wisb'n!r In mircha.c would do well lot-all soun. OLIVER GOODHUE. Essex, July 29, M4. Ivv D TUESIOLICCT vSCIIOOL, 7)U Glltl.S AND HOYS, vvill bo again i- comincnceelon .Mondnv. A 11 c. 12. (Rooms over er, now being free from other duties, will uVvoic his whole intention to the interests of tho School, nnd j 11. ,'iavo ssiore. WCSI stile I in -snuare.l '1 lie! 1 CPCH. fsil-LSfe s...,!,.,!, 111 oiyiii" 111 ine tllizeiis uj mis; and vicinity, thai its advantages will not be inferior 10 Ihoso enjutcd in most Academies. It will'behis earnest nnel constnnt endeavor, topursuc6iich a course ofdiBciphnp, as shall secure nt once tbo intellectual 1 advnncpnicnt, nnd moral imptovemcni of Ins pupils. J riilHon.pcr quarter, froif S.I.OOlu 8100. Those', who do not attend thsperiod of 0110 term in uccti'5ion,willhvelheirfuiiioncanrepdbvihowek, HEAL ESTATE POH SALE. THE fUbscrder liss lor silu 210 At ItlCS OF LAND. lying in the South part of Willi ton nni H Gcorro, half 11 mile fiom the road nmning f'om Williston t Hine-biirgh, well v.aterel, and it porti'-n of It turn Me.i low Land, seln ile 1 10 the l ectori i f Co'-v and Sheep, and we'll fenep I. 'I he Farm ha on rt TWO DWELLING I'OUSlW, 3 Uxriis, on J a li.M rate t'.c.s'O eji.ciMiili. Also, Fcr sale, S'inely Acre 0' Land lying hall n niilo eiutlt of Willi-lon, with n'Divelltng llitiic, Burn ditd Ort'haid on it The under-igned has for sale 107 Acres of Lnnd In Jericho, lying one mile 1'a-t of the Jericho I'm ru eiTling-hou.c, well vva'.crel, with a Dw.llmg llou.i.'. Barn and Or banU. Mo. MO SHEEP for .nie. The suli.cri'i'r is about to change lii re Idcn-e and vvill sell 1 be above proper y at u low p,ie-e ar 1 oil a reaeonablelcngth o1 lime'. I.LI CHlriENDEN Willistcn, July 2",, lfill. G v8 PORTRAIT PAIXTIX. :,TR. E. M. FIELDING, Portrait Painter, hi. 1M taken n room nt No, iiO, Ameiicnii Hole!, where lis will lu hapv tn vvnit upon the peop'e f Burlingtr-n in the way e'f his profe-i"it. Ilehr.s .lit exienenceol ten ye-ars study and prncli' i' to n"ci a - a guaranty to Iho-e: who tuny tlosiic to ob'iiui the Ii'.e n,-sPs of Iheni-elve-s crtbetr friends in an cn!ur n form. He of cour-e will ask itoone 10 taken ptctnre'.v hi b eloes not firovu sattsf.teie ry. He has bad mrch spc-e-e-s in id.iaiiuug cood lil.eiii--es, loth in New Ye ik and -everal of the Southern S!.re.,iind ll.uter- btn self, ihat thp nth ibi ant- e,t this village will l.esatisii ed with Ins labor-tn the. line of hi. ti rt. .Specimens t-f Ins may le c.xamint'J il In- room. Mr. F. oicrs for sale n fir-l rate D icutrreolyps apparatus Willi chemical-', plates and i',ie.-, tonuy person who may wi-h lo purchase ilium. Burlington, J ily 10, IS 14. 0 n7t I (;.:, rplIE firm of KHIIV ,e Sl'IUll Iclnrd... I su'vel bv 'b- elee-ca-c of Mr, Spear, the m'.-cr I er hcicby give-- not ice that be cum in ie the bu-inc-s 1 f Mcr ba'ndize a' hi Stoic on Ch :rch slrce I, 011 b s own ne- mint, Ail cnnii.vis in.) le by the late linn f Ke-rn it Sjii'ar, and a'l e'e' is d -o (rum ihe lirm, wdl I e met and uis 'barged by the subserd ui. Tliosu iti ele'.lel to the late firm will plea e cn'l nnd -cfe. DANIEL KERN. July 35. 1511. 5 sr Avici) r)I!01CF. frutii thp pastur- of i ihe siih.etibrr in the 20'li djy of June last, a BAY MARE She is seven years old, Inv, wrh two or more vvbi'c fe t, switch tail, heavy mane, a sinr in her forehead, ratlvr unnll s..e. W hocver will give informalem lo hip or Get Iv. Pint of rillllt'lglott w he re she may be found w, I confer a f ivor and s'n I be puisfi-d fur du p f if. S MUEI. B. PLAT I' Colcl,r.sicr lOih J dvsJSiO 9 TCsrllECEIVLD by II. . CATI.1V iiu T J .oriineiit of I'lorenee, Brai-1, an 1 Stnw Ib-n e s, Bonne: R.bbotis, Blue'. Lnee ,, M-in, .s-' nw'-, Ildkf-. &c. A'-o, ItjOO Yds. Heavy Cr.i Clutb, theip fur Cn-b or Wool. July 21, 1311. 8 riFNT.'SLca' n Hats Cloth erntl Oil Cloth Caps, iS.c now opening at C. F. SEANI FORD'S. July 15, IS U. 7 JOSEPH MMUIOV. HOOT AM) SHOE .lIMv'BII. 1 "5 ESPECTFULLY informs the pul be, in nnd V about Burlington, thnl ho will do all work that he may be fivoreJ with, 111 the best manner, and 1 u Ihcluivest tettiis possible. Ills shop in tinder 1I.0 Oiriceofll. Le.ivciiwoith, Esq , and near the O.I.e of the Free Press. Burlington, 23th July, 1SJJ. ?tf JminiuATi: niu.trj': IJMIOM Di.irrba'.i, Dysentery, Summer Comp'aift', iii'. &r. (which are coiiimim at ihi- time of I tec .c.i.on) may Le had I v the rs of J.eyne-'s ('iirmui.i- tive, at PECK cc SPEAR'S. July 11, 1311. 0 l.r.M) PI PI'., .ye.'. 3 TONS Lead Pipe Jlol 111. bore ; 3 rolls f-bcrt I e'ad j 12 cvv t. sheet Zinc ; 30 Bags Shot assort ed Nos. by STRONGS .( Co. June 11, Ml. 2 SL'GAHS. BBI.S. Porlo Itico and Mir-coTado Sugar, nl.o 12 I 1 0.11, i.unip, i'owucrel anu cru ne I ugar lor sale by, , S. .11. l'Ul'K. June 11, Ml. -' CANDLIJS ANP SOAP. BOXES sperm Candle-, ill elo. Tall w Candle-, J 20ilo. Bar soap, ! do. Ciside .t,a-, 3-do. Fancy toilet do., 10 do. -h iv lit.' do. I y .-sTKO.NGS & Co. June 14, Ml. ' -2 HATS! HATS!! TI CASE ' Alvoida ' .M0.esl.111 Hats, j t-t ie, 'd nn i or s.ue ' v June 1 1, M I'. 1'01'J-. LAKE C II A 31 P LA IN Fare through the Lake re lucid ti ::,()(), (.Hi'iN etta.) BURLINGTON Tin: CPT. U. VV. SIIERSlVS", Will leave Whitehall every 6't. .lofia- every 'lueil.iy, I -Monlav, 'I burstl.iy,, Satmlav. I Frd.iv. 'I II E STF.VMI R .'"ARAN AC C.VPT. O. I.ATllll' r. Wi'Ilcavv Wlp'cliall every St. Johnseviry Mo.riv, ' I Teday, NVislne il iv, I 'I hur-el iv, 1'ri.l.iy. " I S.ilurd.iv. At one h'.-Ii) k, P. M. from e'nch end 1 f tin- Lake. 'I he .iheive i. 1 he nr.-.iiigemcul lor ntiming tor tho sets ui, un!e-s notice 1. given to lbe conir-iry. Tlie Com. any iu'end to p a -e ihe Sie.imer Wi"e. ball 1p1.11 the l.'iieiii.iei I ol tbo nan ic, cirl in .1 . Iv next. Sho will 1 e comma it led I y Cap'. (. Lathp-u. ' Birlingio-i, IG Ma, lull. " fill ' SUE MUX'S li ;sr 1 ' -1, v. Tr- ae For l oulIi-, For Headache, For Worms, For S, rr Tbmat, I I or I i.iril ic, or I Lot -e'lie.s of the I ovv;'-,, j F r In I ge lion a id I want uf .v-ipite, nnu itoariet e Cs'C. Slicrman's I001I1 Pasfe Plaster-. .Ve. A'latwho salcalid retail by 5 PECK ,t SPI-.Al! NEW BOOT AND SHOE STORE. U. 15ATC3B S'JiiD Kit HAS removtslto the new shop opposite tin. ol Bank, whero be s prcpartsl to meet the call- . f bis cutuncrs, on the shortest no'iienud 111 lhel,iic-l nnd 1110. 1 l.i le si) It-. He hn-no empiy f oast lo make, nor tan be say I ut that hi work ma) smue timij partakt'olllu imperfection which charncvrizes all Ihing. of human sinu-mio ; but this ho w ill sav that 30 year-experience has given bun some e-euiti deuce, so ihat he Ibink. be can cuuie;e with 1110. 1 1 his nsighbor., with Ihe last and uirl, if not with the self praisiny pin. At all events, his customer- slml run no risk, lor if work i. not good lie will inn' 1 1. ;ood. No.y n- nrretuforp, be warrants his wor. 10 give good sale-faction, or lie w ill uiaW' satisfaction. iiuKi rn stums Of every e'escriptiun, consiamlj 1 11 hand, nntl 111.11111 faetiired to order, if good stock nnd superior vyo.'l: i ym V I J 1 1 J U H , V -A f " PI ....,hp.i,(., Burlingicn, .May 23, 1S44. .5 FEW pii-cc. eil'.upi-ifiiie Carpoting, cY Ali, 8 I Coiton do ill COLE it ROBIXON'S JJL HOUSE TO RENT.' liitiSBU TCnquirc of VIL S LOOMfS it Co. IllllJlB. nuibn-inh fnlv u 1311 t I, 1311. fUliliL.1) IllVrtUH.! KUU. tf