Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 6, 1844, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 6, 1844 Page 2
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IHBlBSl NATIONAL WHIG TICKET. FOR PRESIDENT, or ki:xtltcky. for virn"TItKsiDnNr, THEO. PHGLINfillUVSEN, or x:iv ji::si:y. ran Ei.rcrnns, jKonoiui n. Harris, ,, ,, JOHN PHi'K. Al larGe lit. dial. CALVIN TOV.5.r?V. 2,1 din. cuif.os noni.iDOK, 3,1 dut. 11 1-NJ MIN KWIIT, 4lhdist. F.RASTUS FAIRBANKS. PREMIUMS OKPKUHU BY Tin: CHITTENDEN COUNTY AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY 1 94 t . FARMS. Tor llie bast cultivate.! Farm, of not less than thirty-five acres of cleared land regard being bad to the general manage, tncntof the farm, the expenses of con ducting the saino, tbn aino'int of pro. filter, and the relative condition of the f.irm at the riunincnecinciit and the cliic of the year, and the preference being given to the most and profitable mode of farming, or that which combines tin; largest nett profit pur cen tum from the capiial invented (includ ing the interest of the estimated value of the farm, and the whole expense of conducting it) with the greatest im provement in the lertility of the soil and the general condition ol the farm, $!1"j,00 Tor the fwond best do. l'J,()t) For the third best do. 6,00 For the fourth hc.-t d,i. 0,01) All applications for the above prrmiuni3 must bo mide in writing, addressed to the Secretary, and lft at his ouVc, in Iturlin'nn, on or before the first day of M iv, HI!. Ilich applicant fhnuld, in such notice, Mate his residence and l'ot Office aiMrcfg. Eich applicant shall, nn or before the first Tuesdiy in D.'iucinher next, tlcpositc a written statement with the Secretary, containing a gen eral description of the farm, ami of the in mage ment and produce tiicreof, the kind and quality of the sail as nearly as can ho ascertained, the quantity and quality of the manure applied the previous season, with the mode of it- application, a general description of the cultivation the past vcar, and such other eircutn-Unces relating lu the previous m in agein nit of the soil as unv bo cuppi sed to b ne m iteri.iby afhicted or mo I, lied the results of his farming operation diirm' the rjscnt year a particular description of all the stock kept on the farm, and the method of feed ing and in iiiagemont, summer and winter the whole number uf acres tilled the number of acres in meadow and the atcrago quantity of hay per acre the number of acres in pasture and the condition therool the number of acres each of corn, potatoes and other hoed crop--, and the average yield per acre of each ; a particular description ol the mode of cultivating and har vesting each of the foregoing crop, i ilh an ac count of the kind and quantity of seed used, and tnu uuiu m punning ur suw iug ; me quniu ny oi , v....,,, i,,,.,,,,,!,, tumvaumi, seed, manure, grass seed bown to the acri', the time and man- ""d interest on the value of the land. Of ma nor of sowing, and the kinds used; the amount fires, a portion of the expense is chargeable to of butter and cheese made, and the process of ' succeeding crops. Of stable or farm yard ma. making; the quantity of wool grown, and of uure, one-third of its value, including the e.- wnat. grauo ; llie increase m me number and in i tlie value ot the stozk, aflcr deducting tho ex pense of keeping, over and above die p iturago ; tho kinds of fruit raised, the amount of each, and the uses to which they were applied : and, as nearly as they can bo estimated, the produce of the garden, apiary, and poultry yard ; togeth er wiin a statement oi too whole expense ol con ducting the operations of llie farm and the mm-! agement of the dairy, appropriately arranged miner me various heads, inteiest on land, ma nurcs, seed, team work, labor, interest on value of stock, use of d dry app trains, &c. &c. For t ic s ikool uuifurmilv,!abor must bo reck oned, including board of men and teams and ue of ordinary farm tool, at seventy. livo cents a day for linn during haying ami gram harvest, and fifty cents a day at other tunes, boy's help in proportion ; seventy. five cenls a day for a span of horses, and lilty cents for a yoke of oxen; manure at twenty-live cents a load, of thirty bushels, for any kind of long or unrotted manure, and fifty cents for compost of any kind, or rolled manuii', inclusive of the expense oi carting and spreading ; ashe, leached, at six cents, and tinleached at twelve cents a bushel : luno at ten cents, and all other concentrated manures, as plaster, &c, at the cost of purchase ; in all which cases llie cost of hauling and spi eading is to be included undsr the he ids of labor and learn work. The prices of teed shall bo reduced to one stan lard, to be agreed on by the viewing committee, and iimiI.i known to each applicant at the time of their first visit. 'The amount of produce is in every instance to be ascertained by actual measurement or weight, excepting, perhaps the article of Iny, which if not weighed is to bo estiin.ted by iho applicant ; which estimate is to be con sidered and approved or amonded by the view ing committee at their second visit, as in their judgment may be necessary. Also his estimate of the increase or decrease in tho value of stock ii at the same l tn3 and in like manner to be' considered by them. The estimated value of the various kinds of properly shall also be reduced to a given stan dard, which is to be determined by the viewing committee, notice whereof is to be given to each applicant at the time of their second visit. The estimated value of tho several farms, at which interest on llie land is to be computed, shall also be determined upon by said commit tee and made known to the applicants a, the ramo time. In making their estimate, the com mittee will have reference exclusively to the quality and productiveness of the soil, the ad vantages offered for nasy and cheap cultivation, snd surh other circumstances, attending, as may be favorable or otherwise to large produc tion at comparatively small expense. Tho cir c.umstances of tho cost of the land lo the owner, proximity lo market, expensive buildings, or other local advantages which might increase the salcableuess of the farm, but which do not materially affect the productiveness of the soil, or llie expense ol cultivation, are not lo bo con sidcrcd. In order to secure the greater accuracy in the details ol their several statements, each n plicant will bo required to l.eep an account cunrtENT with Ins lariu, in which ho shall make a daily entry of all expenses incurred in con ducting his farming operations, Mating explicit )y in what manner and to what purpose each item of expenditure is applied. Albo ho will bo rrnuircd to keen a jouknal of the most impor tant facts or circumstances connected with, or rotating to Ins farming business, such, for in stance, as the inodu of preparing tho soil lor a given crop, the time and manner of sowing and getting in the seed, the kind, quantity and qual itv uf the seed used, and whether ii was sub milled to any preparatory process, as liming, &c., tho conditicn of the soil as to being wut or otli. crwise, and tbn stato of tho weather at Iho timo of sowing, tho quantity and quality oi manure applied, and tho manner of its application, the mode ol subsequent culture, unu sum ouiur coi lateral or incidental circumstances as tnav be supposed lo halo a beai ing cither favorable or unfavorable on (ho production of the crop, a tho dcpri datlnn of Insects, the appearance of smut or rust, the vicissitudes of thu season, &c. And so to each and every other department of his farming operations. The funicular form in which such 'account' or 'journal' shall ho kept will not bo regarded as a matter of importance i but the fact that they are regularly and faithfully kept is some form, will ho regarded as indispensable. And it will bo tho duty of the viawing committee at each visit to satisfy themselves by personal ex amination of tho manuscripts, that this rcquisi. lion has beoji complied with. In oflbring tho above premiums, it is hoped that an honorable competition may bo excited for exhibiting the best cultivated farms; audit is believed that if this bo the case, and tho method proposed ho faithfully carried uut, much valuable Information, derived from the skill and experience of our best practical fi.rmers, will bo obtained ; which being embodied in the report of the viewing committee, and tho statement! of competitors, will ho rendered available and highly useful to tho farming community. .V FIELD CHOI'S. I-or the most profitable four acres or more of wheat, S12.00 uo do second best four acres, do do two acres, do do second best two acres, do no one acre, do do second best one acre, do do two acres corn, do do second best do, do do third do. For tho most profitable acre of rye, For the second do do F.M lliu most prOtlSatllu ooro r,r 1,-,,-lr.., For the second do do For the most profitable acre of oats, For the second do do 0,00 8,00 1,00 3,00 3,00 0,00 4,00 2.00 2,00 1,00 ,oo 1,00 2.00 1,011 For theuiosl profitable half acre ol field bcetF,3,00 ror the second ilo do !,00 I' or the most profitable three acres or more of potatoes, do do second best do do do do o'ie acre do do do do second hnst il, .1,. 0,00 4,00 4,00 00 l)..,l Ul.. ,.. .1.. ..uuuciiijiiHu iu uiu iiiMLin as well as quantity. For the most profitable half acre hrnoni corn, -1,00 do uo second host l 2,00 2.00 1,00 2,00 1,00 2.00 For the most profitable acre of peas, For the second do do For the most profitable half aero of beans, For the second do do For the most profitable or fli For the second do do 1,00 llCMARKS. That Croil is nvnlnntli. nm.i -.!.! table in which the value of the crop bears the greatest ratio or proportion to the cost of pro duction. And this. accordingly, is the principle upon which tho premiums on field crops will be awarded. The quantity of land specified above is in each cao to he in one p.ecc. And the claimant shill make a written statement to the followi'ii" particulars: " 1st. As nearly as can be ascertained, the kind and amount of the crop raised on it the previous year, the quantity and quality of manures ap plied, and the mode of cultivation. J. I he kind and oualo ? ,,f ,,,, .. j le present season, and the manner of apphc a- , JJ. A particular description of the soil and of the proci ts of preparing it for the reception of V,.,-., , , I'll. J ho kind, quantity, and quality of the seed ued, and to what timers, if ,.... submit I i,,t itf.,.,'! ft I .1 t . ' . . ' P'-mungor s-owni". u:h. I he time and manner of netting in the seed, the statu of the weather and the condition ol tho soil as to htness for working at the time : d a hood crop, the distance of the rows or drills asunder, hem con the hills or plants in the row or drill, and the number of plants in a hill; a description of the subsequent culliva lion and the time and manner uf harvesting and securing the crop, and tho amount of product, ascertained by actual moasu einent or weight, after the whole produce for which a premium is claimed is harvested : and the punse i caning anu spreading, should bo clnn ed to the present crop, when spread broad cast, and one. half w hen applied in the hpl. Of plas ter and other concentrated manures, nnn.lmir l to bo charged In the present crop, when it is spread broad cast, and two-thirds when applied I The valuation of the land is to bo subject to I amendment by the committee on p.rmw. in all niics nicy uuiiuvc u necessary in order to secure equality among the competitors. The land is to bo measured and tho entire crop harvested and measured and weighed in the presence ol tho claimant, and at least three other respectable and disinterested persons, whoso certificate thereof must accompany the state ment of the claimant. Of corn, seventy pounds in the car (it bavin" been thoroughly dried) is lo ho considered a bushel, and it is bo weighed between the 20th and 30ih of November. Of potatoes and the other roots, G2 pounds will bo considered a bushel, and their value, whether for the table or for stuck, will be esti mated according to the quality, Of wheat, 00 ll. shall be considered a bushel, of rye 00 lb, of barley 43 lbs-., of oats 32 lbs., of peas GO lbs., ir beans 00 lbs., and of buckwheat 45 lbs. Applicants fur premiums on any of the field crops will be required to keep an "account cur rout " and "journal " of management with such crop, in like manner as is required of applicants on farni. And tho fact that such records were seasonably commenced, and in their belief reg. ularly kept, must he certified by at least two re putable and disinterested persons. No person may apply fr nvo premiums on the same kind of crop, unless the management of the soil or treatment of the crop in The two instances lie in f mn important particular es. sentially d.fTercnt. IIV IIOIUPU For tho best stallion, oier 3 years old, For the second host. do do 85.00 3,00 tor thu best stallion over two vcars old and under three, Fur ihe second best do over two years 3,00 2,00 nn nu uijuci inrec, For the best brood, particular refer, once being had to her slock, of which there must bo with the maro at least one colt on the ground, " second best, For tho best gelding or mare colt, over one year old and under three, For second best do do For best sucking colt, For second best do 4,00 2,00 2,00 1,00 2,00 1,00 OX CATTLE. l-or bcsl Dull two years old or upwards, l or -econd best do do For best yearling bull, For second best do For best bull calf, For second best do For bcsl cow, 3 years old and upwards, I or second best do Jo For best heifer, 2 years old and under three, For second best do For best yearling heifer, For second best do For best heifer calf, For second best ilo For the cow fiom which the most but- ter is made in any two weeks in June, For second do For third do II.. I ! .,, . . . 5,00 3,00 3,00 2,00 2.00 1,00 4,00 2,00 3,00 2,00 2,00 1,00 2 00 1,00 3,00 2,00 1,00 premium win no awarded unless an accurate sialement bo furnish,.,! r,ril. ma nnnr of feeding iho cow or cows, the management of ;" "i "iv i,hiiiii ui rnaKing uio nutter, m tune, when it was made and the breed of the cow or cows if known. Both tho crws and tho but ter to bo exhibited at iho fair ; with certificates from iho persons who milked, managed the w,i.,,, ,, iiiuiiu uio uuitcr. 0.t.n, for ihe best pair uf working oxen over 4 years old, 5,00 " second best, 3,00 ( " third best, 2,00 S-fwrie-for the best pair of steers over 2 and under 4 years old, 0,00 " tccond best, 2 00 In awarding the premiums on oxen, particular reference will bo had to the close matching, ex cellent training, speed and docility of tho ani. mats, as well as to their general good appear ance. ON SltUIJI', I' or best Merino Duck, For second best do For bort throe Merino Ewes, For second best do For best five fleeces uf Wool, shearing ofl814, For second best do do osr swine. For best Hoar, over eight months old, For second best do do For best Breeding Sow, having a litter of pigs, For second do do do 5,00 n,uo 3.00 2,00 2,00 1,00 3,00 u,oo 3,00 2,00 In awarding the premiums on hogs, eomo reference wil bo had In siicn ami nrni rnn.H. lion, but more to that form, and that proportion r bone and offal to more aluable parts, which promises tho greatest value from the least amount, oi iced. OX MAPI.R SUGAR. The best sample of Maple Sugar, 25 lbs., or more, For the best do do ON HONUV. For tho host box or Honey, containing not less than lo lbs. For the spcoiwI hpt do tin 2,00 1,00 Applicants for tho premium on maple sugar iiiusi iwriiisii a vrilien statement ol I lie wliote process of making and clarifying the same. And claimants for tho premium on honey will be required to furni-di a statement of the whole management of the bees, specifying tho num ber of swarms kept, the kind of hive used, what shelter or other coverings is provided in sum' mer, tho mode of wintering, a particular de scription of the summer management, the quan tity of honey obtained, and the increase or do creaso in the number of the swarms or the val. no of the stock, with an estimate as nearly as may he of the expense of managing tho apiary and of the profits accruing from this branch of domestic industry. BUTTER AM) CIIERSK. For the best 2.jbs. Butter, 85.00 For second best do do 3,00 For the best quality and greatest quan- tity of Cheese from anv dairy of 20, or more cows, For second best do do do For the host quality a id greatest quan tity uf Cheese fro.n any dairy of ten or more cows and under twenty, For second host do do do For the best quality and greatest quan lily of chcu-e from any dairy of one nr more, and under ten, cows, For second best do do do 0,00 4,00 4,00 2,00 3,00 2,00 Applicants for tho premiums on bultrr or cheese will be rrnuircd to present a writt..,. Istaiemeut, (the name beinir concealed,) of the 1 time whnii ii ' n,ln ,, l.,,.t. i. i -"lh ,,f 'M'l- "'"I 'be 2(ih of June for butter, ! """I between the 20lh of Juno and the 20lh of -I"'-for cheese ; and of tho entire management ! of 11,0 diiry, specifying tho kinds and number of I c,nvs kept on the farm; the mode of kcopiti", ' 6UI'cr and winter ; the time of niilkin" ; tho , treatment of tho cows, and of tlm pr!i,n,rn..i i" i-ourmug, ine mono oi churning, sum mer ami winter; il a thormometei is used, the temperature of the cream at tho commencement of churning; the method of freeing the butter from the milk; tho kind and quantity of salt used; whether saltpetre or any other substance is added to the butler, and the manner of laying down and presrvin the same. Whether the cheese was made from one, two or more milk ings ; whether any addition wre made of cream ; tho quantity of rennet used, and tho mode of preparing it ; if a thermometer is used, the torn perature of the milk when the rennet is added, and of tho whey for scalding the curd; tho treatment of the curd ; the mode of pressure and the time in press, and the treatment of the cheese afterwards. And the whole amount of butter and cheese made from the first of May to the first of September. OX IIOUSIillOMI AXD SHOP MAXU I'WCTUHEJS, made in tho county during tho current year. For tho best piece of fulled cloth 3-4 wide, not loss than 10 vds. 81,00 1,00 1 piece of fhnnel not loss than 20 yds. 1 piece of wool carpet not less than 10 yds. 1 double coverlet, 1 pr. woolen blankets, piece of linen not less than 10 yds. ' piece of linen diaper not less than 10 yds. 1 Piece of tow cloth not loss than 20 yds. ' quarter of a'pound of sewing 1,C0 1,00 1,00 1,00 1,00 1,00 1,00 silk, 1 pound of linen thread, ' pr. of knit stockings, 1 pr. of kii't milieus, ' pr. of knit gloves, ' fur hat, ' wool hat, 1 straw hat, 1 pr, calf boots, 1 pr. calf shoes, ' fir. cowhide boots, ' saddle, ' common two horse harness, ' farm waggon, ' horse cart, ' ox yoke, ' chain, 1 axe, OX FA It MING IMPLEMEXTS, lii) 25 V'O 25 50 25 25 50 25 25 50 50 1,00 1,00 50 50 50 invented by iho claimant and presenting somo now and useful improvement, or constructed bv him and possessing some highly useful and die. lingnishing property, which shall render it de. cidedly prclerablo to others of llie kind in com. mon ue, or patented implements, tho r ght tor tins county ueing owned by llie applicant ror me oesi piow, sa.oo " second do do " barrow, " cultivator, " cheese press, " churn, " bee hive, " corn planter, " thrashing machine, " horse power, " fanning mill, " strr.w cutter, " corn shcller, " hnrsorake, " drill barrow, " grain cradle, 1,00 2,00 2,00 2,00 2.00 2,00 2,00 2,00 2,00 1,00 1,00 1,00 1,00 1,00 1,00 Claimants presenting any of the abovo implo inents for the premium will bo required to fur nish a written description, (the name of the clai. in ant lo ue concealed) of Iho particular improve ment, or distinguished properly of tho imple ment for which ho claims Iho premium, toi'clh cr with such explanations as would u,,r,i . person not acquainted with Iho implement to un uuisitljiu lis unu imiu I'jiurtlUdn OX I'llUITS, For the best five sorts of table apples, not less than ten of each, ' " second best, third best, " three Boris of table pears, not less than six of each, " second best, third best, " quart of plumbs, " 20 bunches grapes, For Tie best new variety of Apples of superior quality, not less than three in number, For second best do For ten best peaches, OX VECETAIIf.ES. For the bebt peck of table potatoes, 1,00 50 25 1,00 50 25 25 25 " six heads of cabbage 25 : " six heads of caulifowr, 25 " peck of tomatoes, 25 " peck of onions, 25 " pock of carrots, 23 " peck of table beets, 25 " peck of parsnips, " peck id table turnips, 25 " six squashes, 25 " three pumpkins 25 " twelve ears sce.l con, 25 For greatest number ofTurlovs rais- ed by any oio person, ' 1,00 do do raised from twe lien tur fceyi 50 For greatest number of chiclcns rais ed by any one person diring tho season, 50 do do raised from sixhens, 25 ror tho most splendid flowe in bios- pom, go for the best nursery of seeding fruit trees, containing tho greats variety of fruit, not loss than one fiurth aero or ground, 5 no t:,.-. 1 - . . . . ..... 1 ror me greatest number or lock Ma. pie trees, not loss than on! hundred in number, each tree nol less than onu inch in diameter, whiih shall bo transplanted this spring tnd be liv. ing and thriving on the frst of Oc tober next, 5,00 ror ine second greatest nurrbcr do u , do 3,00 No applicant will be requrcd lomako oath to .no ounuiiieui. nut tuiL'SS 1 110 lyomilllttco who are tojudgo in the cas, shall bo fully sat isfied, either by their own personal observation or by tho testimony of olhcrs, that such state ment is iu all particulars essentially correct, the ,icillllliil nlll ,. b. .....Jeil, it- premiums on larins and Held crops will be awarded at the Annual Meeting of the Socie ty on the first Wednesday in January noxt. All others at the Cattle Show and Fair'lo bo here after appointed. No premium will bo awarded, tinles in the opinion of llie judges of Ihe clas9 in which it is offered, the animal or article, farm or crop, what ever it may be, is worthy or such premium. I'rize animals or implements al a previous ex hibilion, will hi- allowed to compete for the prizes; but should the same premium heretofore given them, be awarded they will roccnc a cer tificate to that effect instead of the prize. The timo and place of holding Ihe Cattle Show and Fair will bo decided upon, and published hereafter. A Coinmilli'c of Arrangement will

bo appointed to exercise a genorU supervision and control on the dty of the Fair. Tho viewing committee will outer upon their duties lo examiiK! the farms thai unv be offered for inapcclion, about Ihe first of July and the first oi September. Previously lo each visit a no'ice of the day, as nearly as they m iv be able to designate it, on winch ihey may be expected will be mailed by the committee to each appli cant who must be present at their examination, and give such information relating to tho object of their visit, as they may require. All reports of viewing Committee shall bo made in writing, and signed by the members as senting thereto. Should the funds of the Society permit, (lis crclionary premiums will be awarded on some articles, not enumerated aboic, which may be deemed worthy of attention anil encouragement. It is also hereby provided, That incase the funds of tho society should prove insufficient, after defraying other necessary expenses of the society, to pav Iho full amount ot the offered and awarded, such deficiency or sum naming, snail uo deducted by an equal ratio from all the scleral awards, and the payment of the balance on each shall cancel the award. Uut although the Hoard of Managers deem it prudent to adopt such proviso, it should be sta led that any necessity for the ovorcise thereof, cannot exist, if tho liberality of tho farmers and tin: friends of agricultuic throughout the conn ty, should in any degree correspond with Ihe nportauce ot tho enterprise or with the increas ing interest therein which it is believed is gain ing ground amongst us. The utility and necessity of requiring the va- nous statements respecting farms, crops, ani mals, articles and implement, will be at once apparent when it i.) considered that the exclu sive object for which thu socitty was organized, and for wliii h llie apprnpriatim in aid of Agri culture was made by the Stale, was llie improve ment uf the condition of agrictlturc generally ; and that to effect this, it becomes necessary to convince me larnuug puouc, urstiy, mat im- provenienls are necessary, ant that they can be made, and secondly, by what noans and in what manlier they may bo effected. The first of these may be accomplished by the nnro exhibition of a premium crop or aivmal, butto tender the les sou of any practical uso lo others a statement of tile means which have been successfully cm- ployed is most obviously requned. r aruiers ol Chittenden dimly, it is for you to say whether this society sloJl go forward and accomplish its high object ol eevating tho con dition of our Agriculture to tint degree of emi nence, of which our natural alvanlagcs render it capable, or whether it shall nil or that object. If it bo your pleasure that thesociely shall be sustained, you have only to cone forward and give it your countenance ani support, and it will bo done. Ioiv is ine tim; to make up your minds, llogin iu season, jun the society, and before spring opens, let evry farmer deter mine tu try lor one premium it least. 1 here is no man that docs not excel in one tiling, in that thing let him show his skll, and merit the reward. U. II. PEN' XI MAN, PrnsiDENT. rs,G;SrA n- ' President,. CALEU h. JlAItTO.V, $ Wm. Weston, Secretary, FRIDAY MORNING, SF.PT. 6, 1811. THE BATTLE AND THE VICTORY!! VEllMONT TJlUn AS STEEL! To our brethren throtiglntit the Union wo say, rejoice with us in ou great and glo rious triumph ! Willi the old enemy ncrvnl to desperation before us, buttling willi nil lliu energy und all the discipline for which hu has been so long distinguished, and willi tlio added oppo sition of another foe, a thoiiiand times more insidious and dangerous, lira Whigs of the Green Mountains liuvo riscl in their resist less might and countless numbers, and achieved a victory second oily to the whirl wind of 1810. Last year honest Jons Mttocks lacked 1300 of nn election. Now, wo have proba bly elected William Si.aui by the people and almost annihilated Locifocoisin in the House. Wo have defeated that whining hypocrite, Paul Dillingham, for Congress; and, though wo could not elect n Whig in his place, wo havo rendered his election cx troini'lv dubious und contincent 1 And this iu a District good, or supposed lo ho good for 2000 Loco majority ! Only one Loco member of tho House in Franklin County only ono in Rutland, only 0.10 in Windsor! Tho Senato is overwhelming Whig ; and altogether, Locofocnism will hardly havo enough in cither House fir seed I Tho Liberty party have elected pel haps a doeen members, and defeated a great many clec lions, chiefly in Loco towns. Mr. Sladti's plurality over tho Locos will bo not far from 8,000, and his mt'joiity over all, sufficient. 83 Gentlemen, you will ohligu us hy not alter- ing your figuring as to Vermont, unless yon I IlllVn Cl'l lipr ilntvn f,,r P. ,11 1 For Congress, in ttio first District, llio Hon. Solomon Foot is reelected by nn in creased niiijorily, nnd Jutlgo Colliiuicr ditto in the second. In this, llie third District, llie Hun. Georgo P. Marsh will have up wards of one thousand majority. Last year it was 808 ! If there had been any thing more for ns to do, Whigs of the Union, depend upon it wc would have done it. And now wo say, let u shout go up from the four corners of tho land for tho men of the Green Hills nro faithful to their ancient principles ! They liavo swept away tho rcfugo of lies, and stand forth side by side with the noblo armies who aro marching to victory, in their sister States. Now, Maine, let's hear from you. VOTE FOR GOVERNOR. chittkniIkx county. Slade(W.) Kellogg (L.) Abo'n. Ilurllnston, 451 371 1G llolton, 12 79 8 Charlotte, 147 29 51 Colchester, 114 1G2 II Essex. 131 lGt 20 Ilincsbiirgh, 15 39 74 Ilunlington, 105 63 45 Jericho, IBS 94 51 Milton, 225 155 14 Richmond, 111 131 10 roiriumiif, 114 03 1 St. Ccnree, 21 0 1 Underbill, 85 174 .11 Wcstford, 12 i 52 89 W'illiston, 119 105 75 2,130 1,671 Bt5 WINDSOR COUNTY. Andover, 82 18 GO llaltimore, 21 3 llirnatd, 201 217 1 llchel. 177 104 99 llriilL'Ctvntrr, 169 126 16 Cavendish, 201 15 17 Chestor, U4'J 207 31 Hartford, S!.VJ 90 5 lliiriland, 270 153 1 Ludlow, 177 31 37 Norwich, 153 194 30 Plymouth, 143 51 17 Ponimi, 116 119 9 Heading, lot 77 0 Rohisltr, 159 26 113 Riiynllun, 220 69 81 Sharon, 133 93 33 Springfield. 334 9'J 20 S10, kin nine, 107 8', 59 VWnherslield, 251 46 16 Weston, 151 32 25 Windsor, 362 118 1 Woodstock, 41J 155 20 4,7'.G 2,119 725 I.AMOIM.K COUNTY. Hydppark, M 133 31 Morris-own, 53 152 HI Stowe, 40 137 141 Mansfield, 27 2(1 Sterling, 14 11 Id Johnson, fco 77 81 Cambridge, 120 152 33 Walerville, 2d 41 35 Helvidere, 10 !1 Eden, 40 GO 22 CALF.DONIA COUNTY, n.irnct, 193 140 Ilurke, 154 IW 9 Cabot, 60 139 30 Danville, &i 2G4 19 Grolon, 87 GO Hirdwiclt, P2 127 31 I.irby, 4i GG Lyndon, 157 187 21 Newark, 50 41 I'cachnm, 13d 118 Ryegate, 9S 101 Sheffield, 49 89 8 St. Jnhnsburp, 271 156 11 Sutton, 59 133 12 Wnlden. 65 100 35 Wnterford, 14G 98 Whcelock, 18 71 37 1SG3 1969 211 ADDFON COUNTY. Addison, 150 27 ISridport 196 33 2 Cornwall, III 5 31 Leicester, 93 25 3v Middlelmry, 293 191 53 Ripton. s2 8 3 Silisbory, 156 53 3 Shorcham, 208 33 1 Starksboro', 133 23 82 Ve'ceniies, 131 71 23 Weybrilge, 66 11 71 Whinny, 78 21 10 WINDHAM COUNTY. Alliens, 37 25 23 llrooklinc, . 17 32 14 Grafton, 141 93 8 Putney, 175 Gl 8 Rockingham, 2(il 209 1G Town'dieiid, 177 99 27 WanUboro,1 99 74 51 Westminster, IG7 138 ORANC.F. COUNTY. IJraintrr-e, 82 125 46 Rrookfield, 109 97 101 Chelsea, 1G3 214 3G Orange, 115 90 10 Randolph, 221 201 117 Tunbridge, 210 126 43 WASHINGTON' COUNTY. Harre, 119 237 7 llerlin, 166 141 25 Calais, 29 194 21 Mnrshficld, 116 119 10 Middlesex, 133 120 12 Monlnelier, 318 420 70 Morctotvn, 72 112 19 Northfield, 218 169 39 I'lninfieM, 21 100 27 Roxbury, G7 80 24 Waiisfield, 83 72 21 Wowlburv, 36 161 7 Watcrbury, 129 179 41 Worcester, 53 59 17 RUTLAND COUNTY. Rutland, 355 76 41 Ilrandnn, 102 109 110 Mountbolly, 205 13 24 Totnl, 15,109 11,023 3,516 Slade'i present majority, 845. FOR CONGRESSMAN THIRD DISTRICT. CHITTENDEN COUNTY. Mnrsh. 439 12 143 115 125 176 105 166 227 111 116 22 85 121 114 2,101 Smi'h. 356 79 23 15S 161 33 63 94 143 130 57 0 174 52 91 1,621 Seat. Rurhnftton, llnlloil, Cliarlotif, Colchester, F.ex, Ilint'sluirch, Huntington, Jericho, Milion, Rirlmionil, Shell iirne, St. Geortf, Uodeilnll, Wrstlnrd, Willis lun, 19 8 50 II 20 74 43 51 14 10 16 2 31 63 79 Hu ADDISON COUNTY. Corntvnl', 135 . 6 31 Middleliury, 311 173 61 Yereennes, 153 75 30 Whiting, 82 17 8 FRANKLIN COUNTY. Ilighgale, IB mnj VOTE FOR SENATORS CHITTENDEN CO. Wnto. Loco. Read. Stons. Jones. Morsa, 141 441 366 306 12 12 79 79 149 149 26 26 112 112 153 159 131 131 159 161 176 176 37 37 106 106 6 1 51 166 186 94 91 226 226 152 152 109 109 132 131 114 114 CO 69 21 21 11 62 82 174 174 121 121 52 52 119 119 105 105 Sil03 2,110 l,fit9 1,618 Rurllngton, llolton, Charlotte, Colchester, Eftex, Ilincebiirgh, Huntington, Jericho, Milton, Richmond, Shelhiirne, Si, George, Underbill, Weslford, Williiton, Wins pltahty 161. lusl year, 131. Whig sain, 3-7' REPRESENTATIVES. ClirnT.NlJLN COUNTY. Hurlinaion, Henry II, f-toc, Shclburne, Ita Andrews, Milton, A, O. Whiltemore, M, Georgo, Win, M. button, Charlolle, W. R. l'ene, Hinesburgb John N, Pnltiik, Colchester, J. K. Rhodes, Jericho, All crl Leo, Hunlinclon, George Eddy, Underbill, V. Fleli her. Wettf.ird, A. Ilobatt, Essex, A. liliss, Richmond, Nudum Fay, llolton, John lledee, Willislon, no choice, WINDSOR COUNTY. Redid, D. Iloswnrlb, w Hartford, John Porter, w Hartland, L. Merrill, w Norwich, Ehcnczcr Spear, 2J., 1 Pomfrel, G. Winslow, w Roynllon, II. Itristhmi, w Wcnllicrsfii'hl, SpilTiril, w Windsor, Thos. F. Hammond, w Woodstock, Andrew Tracy, w llridaewaler. Ovid Thompson, w Plymouth, Moses I'ollani, jr. w Human), Cln. Wolcott, 1 Sharon, no choice. Rochester, Tbos. II. Martin, w. Andover, J. Dodge, jr. w llaltimore, I. M. Hoynton, w Cavendish., C. Webber, vr Chester, II. Weston, w Ludlow, Surry Ross, w Reading, Rufus Furbush, w Springfield, Hiram Harlow, w Stockbridge, no choice. Weston, E. S Barrett, w LAMOILLE COUNTY. Morrieli"", V. IV IV'ntermftn, 1 Slow,. Ilenson, nb. loco lost. Mansfield, J, Luce, 1 Sterling, Moses Vilas, 1 llydep-irk, no choice, loco loss. Wolcott, no choice. Eden, no choice, w loss, Ilelvidere, A. Whittcmore, I. Cambridge, no choice, do Johnson, no choice, do Walerville, W. Wilber.abf Elmore, no choice, do ADDISON COUNTY. AHdiion, Gideon fn'gar, w lirulport. Joel Rice, w llrislol, T. II. Oai?e. 1 ab. Cornwall, C. G. Tililen, w Fernshiireh. N. W. Foster, vr L;'iVeler, E. II Jenney, w Lincoln, Juhnnn, I (cnin ) Mi'Jdlilmry, J. Warner, w Monklon, no choice. New Haven Oliver Smith, w Hipion, Frederick Smith, w Salisbury, Turner llriag", w Shnrehain, llela Howe, w Slnrksboro, A. M. Unw-I ini, I ah. Vercennes, Oeorqo W. Ornndy, w Walthaiii, John "irong, w (train.) Wpyhridirp, M, Stowe, olio. Whilini. L. Needhmi, w(gain.) Hancock, .era llarne, w WINDHAM COUNTY, liraltlehoro, John R Blake, w llrooklinc, J. Osgood, 1 Grafton, A. Stoddard, w Onilfbrd, John Lynde, wr Halifax, - , w Newfane, loco Putney, J F Railway, w Townsbend, II L Aikens, w Wardsbnro, na choice, Whitinglmn, w Rockingham, llenrv Walker, w Westminster, . JIc.N'icl, w ORANGE COUNTY. Rrainlree, Ira Kidder, 1 Ilrnokficl I, no choice. Orange, Tiinolhv Hancock, wr Rindnlpb, nn rhoiee. Thetford, Wm Kingman, 1 Timlind-ie, E. II. I'oner, w vr w w w w w 1 ersniro, no choice. W.ishino-lon. II. W. IhrlliolouiT, w West Knirlee, , Willianistown, no choice. FRANKLIN COUNTY. Rakcrsfield, no choice. Berkshire, , w gain EnosburL'h, I!. Eaton, w Fairfix, Joseph Learned, w Fairfii'ld, no choice. Fleieber, Fnrosworlh, I Franklin, I Warner, ah. loco loss Georith, Soloiiuvi li!i( w Hiirhmli", I.. K I'riirv, w gain, Sheld, in, Jacob Weed, w Si. Alban, n i choice. Swanton, no ehoiee. WASHINGTON COUNTY. Rarre, l. D. Win?, 1 l!"ilio, 0onn Dewey, w Calais, Cliai. I)u 'kiy, I Ihixhtirv, no choice loco loss, F.iystnn, Mruce, 1 .Ma shfielil, )ia Smith Jr. 1 Middlesex, Lrnmlor Warren, w Mnnipelier, J.T. Mirt,i. I 20 mj. last year 142 Moirlown, Calvin ( laik. I Northfield, John L. Ruck, w nam. Pkiinfield, E. Kidder, I Worcester, no choice. Watcrbury, , 1 Worcester, no choice. RITL ND COUNTY. Brandon, no choice, w los Castleton, Oliver II. Harris, w Chittenden, I). II. Baym, w Clarendon, Frank. Ilil tin si, w Mendon, L. 1 1, million, w Middletotvn. Horace Clark, I Orwell, A. Poller. v Pawlet, Clnrli-s Eljcrton, w (gain.) II. KelloL'tr, w Poullney, Henry G. Neal, w Rutland, W. Gdmore, w Wallinnfird, II. Button, w (gain.) Wells, John Harden, w Hubbardlon, J. W. Barber, w Ira, J. Gilinorc, w Mountbolly, Crawley, w Piltslield, E T Matthews, w Sherburne, B. Maxham, w Shrewsbury, L W Gurnsey, w Sudbury, T J Goodrich, 1 ORLEANS COUNTY. Irasburgh, G. Bryant, iv Albany, ab. Craflsbtiry, no choice. Lowell, do Greensboro, no choice. Burton, Smith, iv Glover, 1 Derby, Wilder, w Holland, Goddard, w Charleston, I'urlin, w Browninglon, White, w Jay, I Morgan, Bartlelt, w Newport, Kidder. v Orlo.ins, Wheolock, v Solem, Lyon, v Trov, w West field, ab. CALEDONIA COUNTY. Barnet, Waller Harvey, w Burke, w Cabot, Gnodonotigh, nb. I. D.inviilc, Theron Howard, 1 Grotnn, Mosus Buchanan, I 1 1 irdu icU , 1 Kirby, 1 Lyndon, Asaph Wihnorlh, 1 Newark, w I'eachant, S. Blincliard, v Rycgiito, K. Whitelow, w Sheffield, Ingalls, 1 GRAND ISLE COUNTY. It is reported that the Loco Senator is elected, hy ono voto, in this County ; and that tho Whigs havo carried all the towns but Isle La Motte. BURLINGTON. The following is the vote for Town Represen tative ! IIr.snv I). StaCt, (Whig) 139 ABturx itck, (l.oco) 3"i5 Scalieriitjr, 17-37? 1? .Majority, TO THE WIIIOS OF BURLING TON. Gentleman : Wo owe yon one. If yon coniplinienled us highly Inst your, you Imva absolutely Jlnttcrcil us this year. Sixty seven majority would bo .'ratifying enough under tiny ciiciimsiances, but such :i vote from our townsmen, fiom those among whom our best yours lutvo boon passed, suffices to fill us Willi prion mill satisfaction. It tench es lis that humble; mid siucero endeavors will ho indulgently appreciated by you, in spiio of spleen mill industrious opposi tion: nnd that thn public servant who Itbors faithfully to advanco your interest?, ill never suffer defeat by your npathy or neg lect. Yet wo do not claim this victory os ;i mcro tribute of regard paid to onrself. Far from it. Tho great and glorious cause involved in our election, and which it bus boon our business nnd our pleasure, shoulder to shoul der with you to defend and promote this it is, Avhich gives to your triumph ils chief, indeed its onlv value. To that cause, the cause of freedom and good government, yon havo stood firm and steadfast ; rollinz back by this triumphant majority tho tide which threatened to overwhelm it. Fur onrself, nnd in tho naniu of thu vast army of our brethren throughout the union, we thank you for vour vote. A SPARTAN MOTHER. " Ilo icill bu hero to vote on Tuesday," replied a'Lady of this place, the other day. to a suggestion that her son, who had just become ofagn, would not return in timo for tho election. " 1 Invc taught him to he a man," continued she, "and he will never dishonor his mother hy so flagrant a neglect of the duties of a fieetnan." Saturday eve ning brought no tidings of the " boy" Sun day passed Monday morning came and the noble-spirited matron started on a trip of sixty or seventy miles, to bring him in timo. Ilo did return, in duo timo, and vo ted. And now can wo do less than tender to this foir fiiend our most profound ac knowledgements, for iho Glh gnm in the diadem of Whig triumphs on Tuesday. God bless the Ladies and this one in particular. TO THE NEW YORKERS. Now friend--, all we Ii no lo say to you is, dj ;is well us we have, according to your strength nnd numbers, and wo will let you off. In u vote of probably 5-'!,000 wc have gained somo C000 ! That will make in round numbers -lo.OCO for you. Can't you doit? Wont you do it 1 Remember, as much de pends on you as on sir. States sach as ours, and shall Ili:xnv Ci,.v be refused tho voto which you gave lo " Old Tippecanoe " ? To Maine, Ohio nnd Pennsylvania, Ver mont sends you prei'ling: Know ye, that she lus elected WILLIAM SL DE by 2,000, has chosen lluee members of Con gress by increased nnjoiities, has defeated a Loco inn District bjokul for 2,000 Loco majority, and has swept Locofucoism almost entirely out of both houses of her Legislature! We have find, and now we will f;,l hack tuseu what our neighbors cm tlo. A G R 1 C U LTUR A L S O C 1 ET Y. Il will lio homo in mind thai thu F.iir of Chittenden County Arricultuial Societ is lo bo hidden on the 2jiIi ins! at this place ; and for tho piirp isn nf rofiestiinrr the rect 1 leclions of tbo.o inlereteil, we repuhlMi tho schedule of preiniiitiios offered. We next week pinh.ibly announce the arrangements for the occasion. WFSTFD CVEWfToN. Agreeable to previous nolice the Wilis, both Lmlics and Gentlemen, of the several adjoining towns met in Convention at Wcst ford, on Friday, the OOlli day of August, 1S4-1, at 10 o'clock, A. M. nnd organized by tho rlection of the fallowing officers. President, Doct.JOHN W. EMERY, of Essex. I'lVc Presidents, S.sMur.i, Rict:, of Weslford, IIc.Ml.V F.WIICIIIMl, of, DoCI. HoitTO.V, Of Cot.CllF.STKIl, Mr. BuitiiANKs, of Geoi"ii, Col. Shaw, of Jericho. Secretaries, II. P. Wood, of Wesificld, L. P. Blodout, of Underbill. On motion, the Chair appointed thn fol lowing gentlemen a coniniilteo to report resolutions for the action of the Convention : Doct. M. Swain, Read Bascomb, T. R. Fletcher, L. P. Blodgcit. After listening to a very able address from J. Mc M. Sii.rrcit, Esq. of Burlington, tho Convention adjourned for ono hour. Tho Convention re-assembled after tho spaco of ono hour, and Doct. M. Swain from the Committee on lesolutions reported the following : Resolved, That as members of Ihe groat Whi" party, we claim to have other and higher ground's of political action than mere opposition to the measures of our opponents, and that the war fare wo wage is for the establishment of princi files and measures which we bold to be essential to the welfare of our Country, as well as for pre. ventalion of the dangerous ascendancy of Loco focoism. Resolved, That the Whig Tariff of IS 12 now in salutary operation is the Tariff we desire as Vermont protectionists; and that we know of no safer or surer test of Tariff orthodoxy, than friendship for, or opposition to, that tariff. Resolved, That we are not yet so far in igno rance as to be gulled by the grave assertions of the Locofoco papers, incidental protection and discrunicalion for protection, are one and Ihe same thing; and that the best way of making the dis. tinction, is by coininringa horizontal tariff of 20 per cent, advocated by lames K. Polk, with tho present Tariff approved and sustained by Henry Clay.- Resolved, That we regard the policy of dis. tributiiig the proceeds of the sales of the public lands, as part and parcel of the Tariff policy, and as indispensable lo the adequacy and stability ot protection. Resolved, That we deem it the duty of tho General Government to furnish the nation with a national currency, and we leave the mode ol effecting this object to the wisdom of Congress. Hesolvctl, 1 hat tho principles of tho Whif party nro opposed to the despotism of the veto and that we aro in favour of iu restriction. ' Resolved, That the speedy etinction of Slum. ,j ,,, ,.-,,,i,w ,9 mii ,-ti-iit i wiiicn we loo with intense interest, and Willi unfailing hope and we are prepared tu crurael-rne the nc w