Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 6, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 6, 1844 Page 3
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to annex 'IVms for the perpetuation nf that cause, ! as llii basest and most signal act of servility lo Southern dictations, of the unity which have innsknl and disgraced northern Iiocofocoism for the last twelve years. Itesulved, That we hold the right of petition as sacred, and no less sacred in relation to Ameri can Slavery, than in relation lo any other subject whatsoever, Resolved, That onr gratitude Is duo to John Q. Adams, Win. Shade and others, for (he digni fied and manly firmness with which they have defended this right, and that we Irust the time is not far distant when a whig Congress shall fully restore this right which has been basely trampled upon by a self styled democrecy. llesolved, That wo are in favour of the Judi cious action of Congress for the suppression and extinction of this evil, bo far as itclcarly has con stitutional power. llesolved, That the proud fame of Vermont, as the political "Star that never sets," is a glorious heritage we desire to transmit lo our children, n ml that no efforts, and no sacrifices on our part shall he wanting to preserve thai fame untarnished and pure. llesolved, That in Henry Clay of Kentucky, distinguished throughout his long and brilliant career by matchless eloquence, sound slalesinau nliip, and steadfast devotion lo his country's good, we hail the noble and gallant leader who is every way worthy to head the columns of an army of freemen fighting in a glorious cause. llesolved, That in the lioiniuMioii of Theodore Frclinghuysen lo the Vice Presidency, our friends at Baltimore paid a just tribute to the fathers of the devolution, and lo a great and ex cellent man, and that to the triumphant election of this ticket we pledge our hearty and earnest endeavors. llesolved, That we regard James K. Polk as the mate-shift candidate of a divided and dis heartened party, whose principles are jnppily tepresepted by a man utterly insignificant as compared with his great competitor ; a man openly opposed to protection, except such as may happen fiom a !2S per cent, tarih", and who cune forward out of the obscurity of repealed defeats in his own Stale, as the peculiar champion of a measure uoiesicu anil tieicsiauie in every u of view from which it can bo regarded, and fatal : to the hopes of freedom and the perpetuity Ot I j this Union. Tlio resolutions wore nlily discussed liy Alvali Satiin, Esq. of Georgia, nml David Read of Colchester, and unanimously adop ted by the Convention. Voted that the proceedings, of the Con vention be published in the Hurlinglon Free Press. The Convcnlion then adjourned without day. JOHN W. EM CRY, 'resident. II. I Woon, ) q Lesson' i Gr.ontt mmiv. At a recent ex nniin.ilion of a District School, before llic School Cuniiiiitk'o, in the western part of Massachusetts, tlin school mistress called tip a class of Willi rhihlien, G or 7 ycais old, and examined ihein in pcocraphy as follows, the children all answering; together,, with much ptomplni'ss and spiiit. School Mistress. Wh it is a mountain 1 Children. A high elevation of land. S. Nave voti ever seen a mountain? C. We have. S. C. s. a s. c. s. a s. c. s. Where I There (all pnintin;' wilh the finger). What is it railed ? Mount Ilnlyoke. What other mountain have you seen? There (all pointing again). What mountain is that 1 Mount Tom. What country tin you live in ? United .Stales of America. Who was the fiist President of the United States C George Washington. s. Was he a good President 1 V. s. c. s. c. Very pond. Who is President now ? John T lor. Is he a genii President ? Thau shall not speak evil of the ru ler of thy people. B fi o tS , In Uii'lahill, Aumist 21d, LArn.x Ask, only daugh ter of P.lij ih and .Mary lliiRe, auo I 27 years. In Windsor, Aug. 27lh, nitm.i:s Wiixmid, eldest son of K-ulieri M. and Julia A. Parker, agej 3 jcars nnd G months. NEW STORE. rpiir. s'llwriler wrnild infirm bis friend and Ibe A. pulilie 111,11 he Ins pi. i opened a Slore on the corner of 'Ivncli and 11. ink streets, o.iposne tiie old Hank, wheie lie will sell dumb, as ehcip nstheycan lie lioncht el.e.vbere, emhrneins a small stock ol DRV liUODS. and a ccneril ns.orioient of I'AMlLV dltO'T.ltlK-s. Pleae call and Ionic Iclnie I iiyma chew here. l-LUUK anil SALT, by ibcliaricl.i r in h tilv. I sliall not I e undersold by my nridihor ipiau- June 7, '11. 1 N. W. (iAdT.' Flip snbseriher has remoied hi Office over X Strongs it Go's store, north of the Conn House. ,. o. a sjur.t.nv. Burlington, Kept. 5, 181 1, II if SP.KD ItVL, for sale by 4th Sept., 1811. II. W. CATI.IN. II FREFCH AND ENGLISH DRUGS. ClICMICAI.s, CS-. OIL, ANATOMICAL lT.rPAlt 1TI0XS OF TACBV DESCnil'TlOS, I'EBFCMl.tir, nnusiir.e, tct. JOThXSOX MOORE TAYNOll, Nn. 211 Liberty si., New York IMPORTERS of Iho above article-, wdiich they h.neon hand, and eoiisiaiury rcreiyui? by every paekei from their llou-cs Pari-, an I London, The fjuali'y of ihe-e nru'c'es ihey will iirautce, as lliry are all manufactured by lliu lirst Cheinisis in Hurope, nnd ihey o Icr tln-in for Kile al the very lowe-t rate-. 1 1 in 2. NEW FIRM. 'TWln 8'ibscri' er having funnel a Copnrlnership -- oiio'-i ii i- lino oi i;. f. S, inn rl iV l.n n' Ihe btore tormerly oceupiej l,y I,uvi-y ,v Seyiuu ir, w here I they will be able to fchow in n few day n ery lart'O 1 n-sortmcnt of Staple and l'.incy Dry IJioceries, Paper I jliiiims, lyroiucry, "w.-h .ir', ixr. oir., Ihey will be worthy the inspection of the purchasing com inunily. C, V. STAMPOHI), W. F. SHATfCK. Sept. 2, 1011. II MAGAZINES FOR SEPTEM BER. The T.nillrs National Magazine. 2 engraving and plaic of I'aslu'ons, Price PJ ctr. O'mr.y.S LADV'S IIOOIC, 2 mpcrh Line Hn cravings. Fa-luons Wedding Dre-se.-, and original .Music. Price 25 els. COLniHLW LAUVND OHNTLKMAN'S Masuzine, Three Knperb Rngravings and Original Music. Price 25 els. GRAHAMS .MAOAV.INn.-Three splendid En gravings, and 20 Orlgmil pnpeis. Price 23 et. 11 Hy A. HOWARDS. THi: LADIKS' WOHK-TARLF. HOOICi In-true, lions in plain nnd fancy Needlework, KinbroiJery, Kniltiii'.' and Croichet, with numerous J.'ngraving. Muslin binding (lilt, I'ncejO ct-. 11 liy A. HOWARDS. TTARI Hits Illuminated Hp le. No. 7. Pr. 23 el. XX Keiinan jauiisoii, io. a. j'r. 25 els. .Miirliu Chuzzlewit, No. 7 and ln-l. Pr. G els. The Spcon, No. -1 and last, IV. 23e's. 1 1 Hy A. HOWARDS. JS'lOW J'AU, AND WINTER COODti, & H. II. DOOLITTLH luue ju-t relumed ifroin New oik, nnd lire now uceiving ii lino a sortineiit in new nnd desiral le gooj of ks'jles, Hired to 1 lie teason, which liui-t I e fe who warn cneap g ous win ao ei to k"i I'll 11 C P-V. II. II. DOOIdTTLHolcr for sale very cheap, .S'dk ninl Cotton warii Alpioc.n, I 'net I n , falun NT", l!o'iinelia, Scmemlrinns, nnd Lime-, iim received from New Vork. Sept. 1 b nil. 11 NHW GOODS. I'OPK b i iiist receive I n new supply of SM o koi n lor the 1,111 tr.uie t iiniitna us nrroriincnt tuny I efiinii I Cn-Itinera I) Hco-so, Chii-niis, l.iinetla-, hi tin He'd. Alpucous, pr lit- &e. itc. Al-o, Rich Wol leu Velvet and other Vo-ting, fur sale very eheap for oa-h. II irlinalon, Sept n 1911. 1 1 TV ROZ. Milk pnn, for sale bv 1XJ S. M. POPF,. Sept. (i 1311. II EILIAS LVMAiV T Nt'ORMS the Lali'sof Iturlfngloti and vicinity, H. 1 1 1 .11 M. O tliuui lias left with him on -ale. for cn-h his entile assortment of neli and splendid Cash inercsiiliawl, nil la lirgi; mid IcaTiful asorlinent of Silk Shawls, mining which nre three e'egant lllne., Sbk Sli.iwl of suririi r ipialny, which will I e sold for Te i I)olI-rs each. The aliovc am ollorelat red iced prices. lliilingtnu, Sirong's llui'dings, ft 1811. II i j:v HOODS. Dleclhui's over und now to business preparatory to Ibe column Agricultural P.iirlo I e held the 25h Sep Icinl er, those wishing (roods may lo supplied fr(,n, Ihe new s'oe'.- pisi icccive I, enirpri ing en ry variety s'lite.l lo lh" Fall tr.i le, and eheap fur oa-h al .Sep'. 3 2-3 i 1. II HOWARD'S. ADMINISTRATOR'S SAtX. R. MOODY'S ESTATE. TITH subscriber, ndiiiini-lrator of iho estate of Hubert Moody, Inlc of lliirlinginn, decrnsed, will sell at public auction, on Tuesday the 1st day of Oc tober cext, at Howard Hotel in snid H irlingfon, at one o'clock P. M. the following property belonging In said (Stale, to wit. One thirty second pari of lot No. 109 in said tlur lingtnn, known as die ,S"hirp.hins lot, subject In n lease thereof having cl nhout seven ynirs to run. the laee having the right, at the rxpirniiiin of said lease, to a dec.l thereof, on payment of about one hundred and seven d illars. iho, the unexpired term of said lease, the rent re served being ft tier cent annually on said nim of SICK .liso. reus is,,, at, ,n noil nail 01 .10. ua in Hie Rpieopal clnirelt in said llurhugtnn. ..Ito, one stall m inn slicil hack of nnl tjhiireh. Aim, Half of one pew in the brick church at Win- nonM village in tiolclicstcr. 1 Iso, All the personal nronertv remaining of said I'stale, together widi ihe notes and accounts due said estate, yd uncancelled. Terms rash. G UO. It. SHAW. Ilurlington, Sept. 5 1911. It STIIA YED TJMtOM the enclosure of ihe subscriber, on Friday, Ihe 23 I tilt, a larre Itsht reil Cow ; she has a short tail, ami is a lillle lame in a fore 1.'. Any in formation in regard to her whereabouu. will be ilulv rewarded. IIKNTIV MAVO. ' l!nrliii!!tnn. Sept. ), 1811. 1 lwM NEW BOOT AND SUOE STORE. HAS le.umcilio Ihe new Miop opposite It o old I'.inU, v. beie lie Is prepared lo meet the rails nl his eiisinmers, ml llu- shortest uo'ii e nnd in the latest nud mst la-bii'iial le -tylc. lie h is no empty I o,it to make, nor rati he -ay hut that his work may Milne tunes partiiLeol iho iiiiperlrction wliicli charae crizes nil thiir.'s ol'li'iiu.iu struciuie; but this lie wall -av, tint 30 years etpericurc lins ivcn linn snine couli- ill lice, -o tint lieibiuKs ho can compcr uith most of In- iijijlihors, with the lutl and awl, if not with the self praisini' pen. Atnll eculs, his rustiunrrs shnll run no rA., lor il wori. i- inn point no win iitasc u owl. iNu'V a neielntuie, he warrants Ins wnr lo ue coo I satisf.ieiiou, or lie will ma1 e -nti-l'.ieiion. jiofri's ASD .Jions Of every ''e.riipuou, constriiiily on hand, ami inanu ficturcil to older, cf good ttou. and suptnur work inaiiship. liurliuzioii, .May 2r, Ibl I. ft iN ow Jowi'lry. NIAV and splendid Topnji, r.nurald. and other sin ele stone I'm, Oabixy and Chisttr Pins, (Sold Chains, ISncclels, Claps for Hair llracclct. Oolil Wnlch ICcvsainl I.nckeis of various, du'd Pens, Pencil, Spertaeles, Tliunbhs, Riihs, sie.., tocethcr with a beautiful assuriincut of nil kind ol'(;onil,jusl rccciv.d. IIRINSMAII) it IIROTlir.RS. Ana l'i. Ml. 11 I'll'H I) ItHWAItl). 'BAICI'N from iho public House of John Howard, B- in I! iiluiLMnn, on ihcitli mst., a I'lue Hroidelotli Ovi rciat. The skirts were linid Willi snnll figured huini's, and had upon il fuurcd ilet luitton. The nboc reward will be given lo any person who will Hive information where Ihe coat and the felon who look it may be found. JOHN HOWARD. Ihirliimion, 1 lib Am.. IR14. U A ItAltM CHAVf.H in Tin: ci:ntrr op thr villach:. ij l. UII sale, Ihe two Mouse- fjA I' I I ,J ,,U..nlli, .1. nil on I'herry sticel, I clween $J.I, Y Jir. Williniu I. Kevmour ami fj'r, J 'i' i' W-Jr -Mr' William We-t'ou, T.-qr-. J v;.-. ".WiPJ The House new, wilh nn cxi rl- .s.j.., Wl.0f U !lter on ihe prem ises. I 'or term inoiiiie of tin- soh-cril er on Ibe prcn.ics. JAMES -MARTIN. llurliiiL'tnii, A'ur.21, Ml. 3lf nillivn l.'-s r,.,,'. liniiiu. id Coat Skin lloot- V ir-. La ie-' lll.c-kniiil Col'd Half Jailer-, Walk. in? Shoe-, Kid Slip, J ilv2t, IP II. , and lliiskiii- Ju-t rce'd by H. . CATL1N- 8 PLASTER. A ( Tons of Nova Scotia Plaster, just rcceived.and l " uowsiiinding at the Plaster Mill al Winooski Pall, and for sale by .lone 12, 1511 rou.r.T, nR.vni.r,Y&Co. CA'slI PAID I'Olt WOOI,. I TV the 1'RLINOTON .11 1 LI. COMPANV nt 3 their I'nctoiv. Also Wool received to inanufac lurn inio ROM) 01.0 I'll on the saino lenns as herclofore liy Mers. ItoKLorsos ,t h.tiicv.v. SIDNI'.V HARLOW, Arnt, Kor Iturlingtuti Mill Co. June 10, 194l.-lf2 25 Boxes Son). 15 do can lie. 12 do roinnioii and ' pearl' Ptarrh, 14 do ' lliinus' nu I oilier brand- Tobacco. 1 i bl, Lorillar'i's ma',',o'ioy miu!I. 15 i a-I;s ulcralu-. 40 bairn J.iv i nil I io coffee, spire and pepper, lljl) mails cis-ii, iiuiiiic'J-, L'iii'-'cr, ahiin, Mill pcire, tis, ui'istnrd, tirrtnie I cocoa, fie, Aug. fi.lSll. II STROMiS it CO, SUGARS. ai lb. " Woolsev it A'oolsey" double re- s- u fined loaf sugar. T lilils, do do ('rushed do. 5 " du no I'owuereii no, 10 hlids St. Croix and Porio Rico do. 5 boxes While and Hio. Havana do Au. 7, Ml. 1IJ hTRONOS & CO. ItALI.S HROWN SHHIVriNG, 2 do Fine do 2 do Hrown Drills, for sale by VILAS I.OOMIS &Co. Hurlinglon, Aur. 22, 1811 1Z ' 5 CA.ST..V American Prints, s,? case Irish Linens, 1 do Mancbesiei (Singhams, for salo by VILAS LOOMIS Co. :,1SI. 12 Aug. SCO Gross Horn Coat HuttoiiB, 100 do do Over Coat do 300 150 75 300 do do Vest do do do do (lit do do do Coat do Paul do Pearl shirt do VILAS LOOMIS .f. Co. 12 175 do Kor salo by Aug. 22, 1311. IMMT.D1A 77: llEMEF! TM!OM Oiarrbd'i. Dvseiuerv. Sununer Coinnlninl. X &.v. itc. (which me eonuuon nt tin tune of the -ensoul may I o nau ny mo nsa oi jiiyno' t.nrninR. live, nt PiXK Al SPHAH'S. July 11, 1P4I. C HOARDING JIOUSi:. rnilK nibsrril er would respectfully inform ibe nub I I lie that be slid conliiiui--. to keep n Hoarding I House, on Alain oinvi, a lew rn,i irom inn i,uuri j llou-e S'piare nnd I'n-t O.lice, in the hoioe formerly occopie.1 liy lieo, is, nunw,, anu urn lie can ae 1 cnimiio tale a lew moro boarder on as reasonable lernis as call bo obtained chew lieje. WARRHN SIIILV. Hiirhnglon, VtAutr. 7, 1811. 10 if M.I n HI. I! II V. STRONOS t Ci. oiler to Saddler and dealer in I tNildlery a handsome assortment of cowls in i their line, 'in ury res nhle frim. 10 TIII3 whh: system. Home labor, work nt home buy nt liomc-i spend nt home employ our nu n countrymen In preference help Americans first protect American lnbii assist American Industry let tho South feed the North, nml the North supply the South.- what we don't want wc will ship ii way--what wc can't make or produru wc will buy from f'orcl?nevs. This Is the Vt his System this Is II A Kit V CII.AY'.S policy. Wc love our own dear country, nnd our own countrymen, before nny foreign nationand menu first to take care of American men nml American boys, anil American women nml American cjrls. We nre not nn Idle people we miislatid wc will live liymir labor. It feeds lis nml it clothes us, and we mean to take care cf that labor In preference to nny vclo, or any power, foreli;n or domestic. Hence we want n domestic nnd protective tarlir. Annancis lie pnlillvan. JJJNKSIiUltGII ACADEMY. (.coign I.rc I.rinmi, A. 11., Prlnripnl. rjlIIK P.M.I. Tl.ltM of this In.iiliilieii will eom J inenee on WeJnesl.ay, Sept. I. 13 ' 'f . W. (iinn, Fec'y. Eloponiotit. WHF.RKS my wile, Mary K. tlradlcy, has lelt my bed and loaid without my know letlze op coii-cnl. nnd without any ut provocation, this is lo fori. ill nil per-otis harboring or trusting ,-r on my account, as I will pay iioilehl of her eontrnetinir. l.PIIIt.MM RltADt.KV. Iliirlinstnn, Ang. 30, '41. I3w3 Great's Fanning ( . I?OU sile cheaper than ever, to c-oncern, by 13 Q. I.. NKI.'sO.V. C. JIAYNES HAS just received a few choice pattern of Kieiicli nnd America ii l'apcr limiting!.. of the I itu-l styles, for sale at his Paint Shop on Col lese iert, II irlinalon, .lime 19, 131 1. 3 AVANTED, IinilK, who inn eonie will endo-el a . a od sale-man and eoinpeleiit book-l.irpcr onewd ii has had -onie jenr-experience in ihe bus! liens, ,t nl is willing In deole his whole tune and at tention J. lie'.s of bis einploier. To such nu one n i ary would 1 o iaiil eorre-iiiuitlin to ihe er vi e so lilj and none oilier need apply. Inq iiri! nl the 1'ieo Pre-s oilice. lliirliugton, Auf. , I S 1 1. 13 Periodicals lor Scploinber. OrahamV Mngazine. Lady's llool., La ly' .Nuiioual M.icazine, Ar.lcir's Lady's .Mnuaiue, Colunibiaii M',ii;aziiie, Lilicll's Liviik Aav, S. 1 1 and 1 j. No. 21 Veipl.incl.'s Llu-tralcl Sbaktpearc. n i.,... r. i' . i 1 Ucecivo I by 1..11.-L IIIII1IUC. ,111 lll-l,-,l. V. IIAIIHINHTON. U lliirluistnii, A'us.SS, 1SI I. CoiiKMit Ibr Cislorns. 3 1 Q CASICS of the lc-t Soiitberu Cement, X ,w which hardens m a lew hour-, an I ren der!, eistenis iilii ,iu I itoe from leakaae, fur .sale by iiiii.NSAi.Mi) sv iikoiiii;rs. Aiis. 30, Mi. 1J DO.I.N TWIST CO.MIIS, SOU do Silu do To lo and I'ine 1 vui y do Wood Potkcl do VILAS LUO.MIS do 2U0 do 7,i (In)' Kor -afj by 22. IS 14. it Co. 13 Aug. 300 LI1S. COTTON THHliAl), 511 do Linen do 300 do. Spool do 2j(J do Cotion Tape (.tick) 150 do do do (rod) l orialu by VILAS 1,00jII-J it Co. !-', IS 1 1. 13 A 50 tlio-s HOOK.S ami LYLsi, 23 do sjhavuu Sonp, i a no uo mil L.accts, lit) do i elets, lormleby " VILAS LOOMIS it Co. Aug. 22, 1811. 13 lU'it hl-.D PADDI.Mi, do Canvass 2j Co Atpneea, 15 do Kis'd do 50 do Pongee Ihlkf. Koi ,ule by VJLAri LOOMIS & Co. An;. 22, lh4'4. 13 40 Oro. LSSKNCKS, 150 Packs I'm-, 73 Ih-. Mi.ied do 100 -M. -V-cdlcs, for sale by VILAS LOOMIS it Co. An?. 22, IS 11. 13 SO Hoses 1-3 I X Tin Plato, 10 do Siputie do oO Ililiidle- ire nsM .No's. I.r ii I e l,y 1811. VILAS LOOMIS it Co. 13 Aug. (Jhililren's W lieelharioAV.s A .M) waggons ol various size-, very u-eful to j- - amuse anil luleie-t i liililien. 13 IIRINSMAII) & miOTHKIt ( lot lies Buskols. 1" AROn i 1 nl-o n i nu 1 1 e.iutilul Willow Clothes Haskets, few round coveicd Kr lit or Marti-t lla--,nlso s'naw Hus,e!-, nnd ('nr".'l Ha'.'-, lor ladies, 1.1 IIRINSMAII) it HROTHKUS. iMctal Pilclicrs and Jiowls. Wi: would call iho attention of economical era to some new Meial enamelbsl Wa-h Howls, I'ltehers, and Chainher-, winch will nol break. (13 llltlN-MAll) & H!!0 TURKS. Fniezcirs. TIIH third lot of Krcivcr-, by which any per-on can make Ice Cream. Ju-t received. 13 IIRINSMAII) it llltOTHI-.RS. Fishing Rods. FRW more, some in canes, nnd some not it lane, ilso hoo'-s, line, sinkers, Aic. A IIRINSMAII) & HROTHHIIS. Alii. 30, Ml. 13 Powder Flasks, CAPS, Pereu-sion Pill-, fir priming, Cnpiboxcs, Pistol.-, Pistol Flask-, Powder Horn., Shot I ngs, 1! iiinvsMim niifvpii i-r-si ito & HIIOTHHRS. An?. 30, Ml 31 BRIGG'S PA TENT FENCE MACHINE, "HIOR lurning fence Picket and other articles of noon nl a cylindrical lurm. Tho iindersiL'iied coniimie to operate the above Mai hinery al " Winooski Clly," where Ihey would be happy lo furnish purchasers with sonienf lluir varieuea of I'atin, garden or oriiamenlal Fence. ti.-,. ...;n l i....u . .., ... the lod forlhoscwbo wish. Owing to ihe advantages which Ihey derive in the use of ibe above improvement, I hey nre enabled In nff.ird a neat and beautiful fence for yards and gar dens, nt much less expense than the same can be got up for in nny oilier way, white for dural i'iiy it is not excelled by any in common use. This nfuabje improvement was first brought out in Western New Vork, where it has gone intn extensive use and hn received the apprnhati in of llic. Mayor of Ihe clly of Hull'alo, wilh many hundreds nf the first agncul ur ils nnd others in ihal pail of the Slate, nlsu of Gov Hubbard, Doct. Jams, Judt'e Churchill -oid mnny others in New Hampshire. In facl w herevcr II has been intradural il has I cen highly nppimed. As a Farm Fence il combines more advantages llinn any other fenre ever ued. It c in I e used without potts, and is therefore not nlfccted by tho freezing and heaving of I lie ground. Il tike less lumber than any oilier kind offence, isa rerlain protection ngninsl II kinds of c.ilile, I- not liable to gel out of repair, cannot be blown iloten, is easily set up, taken down on I removed, without injury, jNo FAnMER should be reilhout al least n suffi cient ipianfuy lo throw around his fields of grain and stack yards. The undersigned refer wilh pleasure to Col. Harry Thomas, N. H. Ilaswcll. I'sn. and Messrs. Iltins- iiinid ami Hroihers, Burlington; Hon. Dnvpl Held, Colchester; Ralph Lmdon, Willislon, ond Win. heeler, i.-q., (iranu isle. JNO N. DF.WHV. II. P. DKWHV. Any person wishing to engage in the above busi ne-s in tho couulies of Franklin, Orleans, L'anlollle, Wnshineton Rutland, Ht'iininL'iun nnd Wiiidbaiu. In Ihi Stale, or nny of iio Hnstern rounlies in the State of New i orlt, wil. p.enso apply ns ahovc. JNO. N. DF.WHV, Auenl for Palcnlce, Hurlinglon, Vl,, August, 1811 13 SUMMER GOODS. rTIIlTF.nnd Hrown Li.ien Drilling., Tweed, lll'k Suinmer Cloth, nl-o, n vane y ol Collou (-not d i niininn wear fur alr low by June 1 1, Ml. S,M. r0PH. i,trmi:n i.tmsiis' umttij. WIlTlin SrilSlTtllll -,liavini?lceiinppninl-ell y Ihe Hon.lhe Proline (Vht for llie iti-lrict of P'lltli'iideii, coiniiiis.liiitertlo receive, examine and nd's Ihe claims le d demand ot nil per-ou, anam-l Iho date, ol l.l'I'IIKR I.OOllH, bile of llarliiiillon in said District, dei c,i.d, ri'ircscnlisl iiMihent, mid ni-o all cliilins nnddeiiiaiid. i.ihilalcil in obet there to j nn I s x month fioiu the day ol'lbe il tin lurvnf, leiutr allowed hv sanK'o irt "rthat porpo-e, wedo ihercfoie bereliy'aive holice, 'h il we will nllcud lo the liii'iuoss in our iinp itnliiinili nt tnc rean nircci lliin-e in Itiirlliiffiou in nld IMriel. on tbe'Jlst dav ol January nnd February not, nt 10 o'clock, A. M., on each nl'snlldivs. Dnled this'JUt day or,ui-l A. I), 1811. Al.V.tff I'OOTi:, ) Coimnis. I3w3 NID.NR. II.MII-t'w, t sinners. AlXEBTSI'S ffl)ICINES. rpilM nlove Mislnines lure I ecdiiio so populir, Jl wliLrn i hey have I renin' known, that, to meet Iho demand, Ibe proprietor bis ink pled Ibe plan of inn lip vim; the Asencie-. iiirnMiinir u eeni wim a neat clie-t, eonininiit!? THIS IttiACK (ir Allbasl's.) SAI,VH, Al.l.l'.ItASI'S lll-.AlI'll l'lhliS AI.MCIIASrS TOOTII-ACHH DltOV-s, AND AT,r,nitAsrs roou .v.v.s plastkb. nnlillerfif Aoeneies nre low e.tnl li-he"l ill tills viilaee. Iiirnishid us nl.ove. lo.'ilhcr with iiamphlels lor sreiicrnl ui-lritrition, sctiuj lorin tne virnie' m the Meihcines, and conlainins criilicatesfrom hi-jbly re-pectal lo persons, of mine (film many eiues lliry baveilTecli'd. Rimilies ami individual nreinvi'eil In lend nnd p't a pampb'e1, nud rend, nnd if they have oic.i-ii n, try iiiuAieiln nr-iWuicii niu warraiu ed to do nil thai 'is claimed In tliem. The Audits fi)r llurhiiL'tni niu N in. H. t-'urti", Henry 1 1 vile t f!o , (!co. Iclcrson, N. .(!iiae, Hurry lira Hey, linear iV. rllmr, nml I'M K iv SPICAK, Apotliivarieniid Dnrsifim, Aiciit-, wdio will also Minnlv t'onnlv dealers nt wboli;nle, on Ihe same terms with ibe proprietor in New Voik. 11 uiiii"!n, Aiir. v:ii n, mil. I.VMAX W. till.r.l'.liT. Pronrielor. 13 lw 211 I'ulloii Stini, New Vork. WITH JIAVU'IT'S .MI.DK'INI, EsTMILtslll n 11V BIS. 3. A This re-idcnce, Chniuplaiu St., a fen reds north of Me-rs. Foiletl it llra lley. II itliiiL'lon. Vl. Intenleriiig hi most gra'cful ai luiowlcdjnicnls (o hi-Irieii'ls an I pa'ienis, lor ihe enco-traseinent aid support they have given bun Ihe past year, Ihe Ooc toi woui'i tea lean; lo -iaie in.ii, ins success, mi' thus far, bren dpnl to hi mo-t Ming nne ctpecin linns i for il has seldom I ecu the ci-e, lhat the merit ol a new s s'eni of medical practise, has leeu more 1 illy te-ie ( nil I fairly e-tnlili-heil, in mi short a lime. Iii'ici d. I'r. .smell roes not he-itnte to nv -ami mi'ili";il L'enllenicii in llti place wid not deny it lb it he bn-e 'celcd -i'ine serml uiipi r'nnl c lies, i vi n where t be pnlienis bad I ecu uivciinvcr hy other ob"sie:nnsi mil tbcrcloie lie fnd eonfilenl, Il eo dd he I e c.iMi'd in -ra-on, when lbu p ilicnt is Iim laken. more fr"inii n'ly than be is, a cure would be in tch sooner c !t"e I, mid with far le. exucii-e nu I suffering, for the sie, than when ihev tirst cm.ilov other luean. till Ihe patient i nearly dead, nud iheu cull hull. For in nil cases, mikc he'hns mloptel the use of Jewell's medicine, wlcie he wn thus cnl'dl, has the rcrorcry of ibe -tel., I ecu i riiphl, ns ulino-t lo induce then nud ihcir Irien U io think b it Utile lew Ihr matter, tboueli to nil nppc.iinncc Jheywcren sicl, ns tho-e who cnipl e otln'r practici. iiud"oi elicit: or were irecks. nu.l per ban-, months, in u'i'Uui'. up iigam, tiral Ii mug lo nl untie u Ihctr lioeior niisi jeini', entirely, leforn Ihey en II gain al nil. Tin' fact is, whrui'irr Jcae'l's iritie be- 1 a ,'e 1 ecu f.lirlv irii'lnn I became f il'y I nown, ibeir e.iect jn euiiug ih-ease cf every Ivpcnnd form, have I ecu ucknowde Iged I y ihe inos' skilful physicinii3 and Ibe mo-i rri' ob-crvcrs. The followina te-iiuiony, wn ad 're-sed to t'ol. Jcwcitlytwo Iim lily di-iingiiisi''d (diy-i-a in-, who hy their as-id-iity, I. iitbf lines nnd -lull m practice, tinlnltncd lie iicclie-in tlie Memory nnd u'Veiions of ninny in ibis p'nee, whon-i'l iiieinploy ihein ; nm! wlio,tbo igh dead, yet sptik. Hiarlbem. I'eni l.vr.TOs.-, Vl., .Ian. 5, IS"0. " Col.. Jnwr.rT Dear Sit I luue re-eived mil rend your pamphlet wnh m icb in'cre-t. nnd inn high ly plea-el with your plan of overcoming disea-e. Vim nre truly carrying o it the principle- of l) a inio' her-, which I hey h ive so nHy advocate 1. I niu eoiiliileiii that a leli.rin in the practice of mcli- eiue isiiidispen-nhly nor nrv, JOHN l'OMKROV, M. IV Htinl IsiiTiis, O'l. 23, 1F37. " Col.. Jrw - lhar Sir have iVpo-i'iil in the 1 auk hcie, t'fiy dollars mote to your cie lit, on uc eo mi of nn' hcinc sold. Solar ns 1 have n-o I Ibrui in my practice, they h ive proved fir more ellic-icious than' I li.i I nnticipali',1. Theynci rc-idlly on the sys tem, nnd niercotne diei-e ina manner I never 1 e lore witnes-ed, and I do not be-itulo to give my full nppiol'uiion to your sy-teui. I hue m'd nnrii-ed nearly four hundred dollars woi 111 since I lirst ici-oiv-e,l nn'nssorlincnt from yo i. "I am mo-t truly your old friend, TRUMAN' POWi:i,l,, Jl, I), Dr. Smith ! happy lo state that be c.illrd on Dr. Pnmeroy, u lew inou'li I el'ore his dcuh, nnd hutud him still' firm in the -nine ii'iinmu. lie said, ".lew ett's doing ibe -nine now, that Colleii did in hi-day. Aii'l," said be, " I told Dr. A'water he wa- not the L'rca'e-1 man in the world, an I am not, h u it I v.'.a-, I sluvild siu'eouib to Jctrclt, for his sy-teui i cnrreit. nnd his medicine lite best in the tcortJ ; audi ie. ipn'-nsl Imn lo go lo Dr. Smi Ii and get mo a botde of head-ache liuine-nt, vdncli he di I, and I find il cusps my head vciy much." When physician oflbe fir-t raid., wdio-e eluia'un and talent do bom r to their pn.fcs-ion, nnd every in hvi lunl who ha given ihein a lair trial, come on" in l.ivor 1 1' Jewell' me h 1'ines, in lansu.ige uueiiucal mil decide I as I he nlove, wdio will doubt Ihe Iru h of what ihey sny 1 Those wdio think it lor ibeir interest lo ippo-e n'nric practice, nud who-e inuid l.ave I ren blinded nnd prejudiced ly tho-e w hose selfu'tncss eit.d pride. pre liniiina!eorr tlicir-cn-c of justice anil truth and nil their benevolent feelings, ami tlm-e only ! Hut in order lo indue invalid ol every cln- to make ot the Litro'i-ptie remcilie-, Dr, Sniilli made n proposition In tal.cccrtain chronic en esupon In imu ri-l, "no cure, no pay" provi'rl nuy wi-hclto clo-e such a ImrgainJiv placing thcin-ches under his rare in tlie villa':e and following his ili- reclionns long as lie shoiblle willing to pre-rnbr. or until thry got well ; nnd provide I nl-o, that lliej ,il,c Iho payment ol lit- iuu -ecure, lncilil lie e irn n cure. ouie ncceplisl Ihe nropo-itiou. coiim he I wilh ihe eoiiiliiion-, and a cure is lherc-i,lt; while o'licr-. who iii.uli- no such bariKtin, and did not com ply icitlt one t;f its conditions, ate dispo ed loel.iun Hie t client oi "iioroic. no pay. nut loan -uch, Ihe principle -liouiu I e reversed " no pay, no cure. Dr. SiiiiiIi will now make auntie r prono-iiiou. in order to induce the p ib'i" lote-t iho mnils i,f hi piaciice in season. All person, nt every age, srx and rendition whatever, wdio shall be taken wnh nny acute disease fever, eryipela, cholera inor! u-, rbeuiiraiisnis, mental rrr-iii-'rnirnf, spitting lilood, pile, telters, prolapsus tueri, sirl; bead-ache, pain in ihe brea-t, ro igh nnd cons iiupiion, an I shall iiniiic- balelv send lor Dr. .SiiiiiIi, nnd comply w,tb ibe above rondiiions, shall be I'ni.hfullyntieuilisl to upon lliegaim'siVJriiciife "no cure, tit pay" ilyi.a.iie. in parturition, piomptly an 1 fniibfully nttcmlcd to, lo their entire sati,f,trtion, and in a mmf- nrr liy Iheaiu uieriuc limmenl gre.iily lo iiutigule llietr s-iilcring nn I l.icduaic ibeir rrrovery; upon tlie same rnnditioi!- " no cure, no pay." Dr. Smith has j 1 1 -1 received , fre-h supply of leweM's medieine, upon term thai will enable him to sell, whole-nit" or rei.iil, for ca-h, 25 per rent le. than it wa -old fur Inst j and he invite physic ians an 1 nl' invalids, lo the ti ml of il. Hundreds of 'I'estimnnialsiMf in thepos-e-s ntuif Dr. SiiiiiIi of n similar character in llw-e which nre here published. Ilul eno igli lt.i I ecu shown lo prove Ihe f.ici. lhat nil curable ili-oa-es. mil mini which ill f eon-idciel I eyon l the reach of metlicine, It re n prcnnti. I. 1 1... ,l , ,,wni ml !. i,,tl. ,1 CTI'IHII v 11' - ri ie Ulli'H 11, 'er Spinal Affations, Consumptions, Ilroncliits, lAver A.D'alious t'ouab l.iniiueiii j Pulmonic Ian I mention j Cough, or Vegetal le Syrup j Hvpecio rant i Alterative Drop-i Arlluilie Pill.j Pain !. traemri Nerve Sanimve; H-cnei' ot Life. For Sick and Chtonie Head-Ache Head-Ache Linimeni; P,iin-l'itr.ictor ; Pectoral Drop-. For Uterine Affections, (ich as Fluor Alhu, Pro-l.ili-Us Fieri, oh truetcd or 'negular or loo rtipioiis Menstruation) Siniiulaiiug, or Hterine Liniincnt ; Vegetal le Syi up i Frmile Diop Hs-enee of Life; icrve nauauve .iriuriiiu r rs. For Dispepsia Siniiulaiiug Liniment ; Alterative Drops; I'.S'enieof Life; VejeiaMe Syrup. ForStinal Affections V.m Rxlrucior j Sliniula. ng i.unoicui ; rm uiion For Tic Douloureux, und Xtrrfp. Affections pen. ally Nerve Liniment ) Nine Sa , alive ; Pain Lx acior; Drops. era trai Far Diseases of Ihe llyponondriac I'eqion R'im iibitingaud Nerve l.ininicnl; FemileDrops; Pecto ral Tiiietore; Nerve Saiin'ive) H.,ence ol Life) Pulmonic. Huibrucatii n j Ptiu l.xtrilclor i Arlhril'i' Pill.. II tl- NEW TAILORING ESTAllLISlI. MENT. 3 A .11 liS O It It , WOULD ri sportfully iuf.rni ilieriiuten of It'ir liiigton and public geiiirnlly, that h- hns'aken die esiablisluncnt recemly ommiiHl hy CilAltLIS IIHN'NS, where he will execiir nil order. in the TAILOHINIi BFSINHSS on the sborie-t notice, and in a slvl 'not lo be surpass ed. From M' year expnience in thcliu.ine.-slie kelsconddent of insuring gcirrnl Miiisfaelion. cFTrivo do'ne for others lo ninku up, a-alt time, nnd warranted tu lit, if properly mailo up. t'burch-sl.Ang., JStlt 12ll. Steel, (Jilt, aud .Silvered IDKADS, of vniious sizes nl-o the u knuU J Pulse .Mounts, Rings, ami T.isul Irautiful slvle-,Jisl ree'd, and v.irinui oilier new (IooiIh. . IIIU.NSMUD & HIIOIHHRS. Hurlinglon, Aug. 30, 1811. 13 GOULD'S HOTEIv, coi,i,i:nn sTiinivr KE01TT3.BAL, on Tin: roicn nt,v known as II) Til 12 lANSION IIOHM12. (3w) AnAli Mcriinix, r, CiiiTTr.s'tir.v o. C'oLUT tr I'll Nti.nv., May Term, 1311. Hazi rtov, I.oms l r Lt ri, nml Jonatiuv Noir.s. WIII'.RKASnl tblsTrrm of saidCnurt, Mer rill, ol Colrh'-ter. in -all Coiiniy. Iile.l hi lu'l elling lorlh that Wrslrv llaz'rlon. of H-'cx. in tn il t'onnlv, nn I he 17th of December, 1812, Inngiu- doMrd in the orator m the nun of lf.2 dollars 5'Jcrni--, spti'iiinl in ii note I e.i ring dale on lhat day, for the pi nl sum ami Interes', pajnlri' in the orator or onler, in nne year troin dale, in order lo .retire Ibe pat incut Ihereofj execuieil und de'iverisl to . aid orator n dee 1 1 f ihe following picuil-e in said H-sex, In wili "All the land on Lot .No, 89 and 107, which Samuel Ha zet"n, laleol F,sM'X,dci i'i'e I, ronveje I to s.lld Wes ley 'Inz'cloii by his will, rout lining ill n it onr hun- lielaii'l twenty acre., nu t to -anl will us recorded in the olliec of ihe Prolate Court in Ihe county of Chittenden reference m had" which sill leol was acknnwlcilgiil and lecorucl m due form of law- Willi a condition in snid deed nunccd, ml if sail Wi-cv Haz'e'nn. us heir or u-- sign, should pay or eatpe lo 1 e p ii t to .-nil orator, Ill's h'ctr or assign, the sum spn-jhrd in said note, nr lorduia to the tenor thereof, iheu -aid no'e to I e void, and otberwi-i' in force. Anl further eldng forlb u Inorlgage t,l sniil piciuise from sanl Hnzle'on t" l.n nn Tyler, for 300 dollars, dn'ed Januiry lib, ISHi nud lurthcr sriting lorth a ipiit cbinii ileedd.'led Jan nary 21 h, 1813,'frntn saiil Hazlclon lo Jonttluti Noyes, of Licking County, Ohio, of the prrmisrs nforrsaid i nnd firiber "ening forth thai the .aid no'e to llic orator had not livu;.ul, nor nny part tbere nl, bill wa then dueand unpaid, with ri great arrcnr 1 1 iiuere-l i And nravim? thai the ai I We-'ev llaz'cion, I.orm Tyler, iin-1 Jnmitbuii Noyc-, might I e deetivd ly Ihe i onit to pay lie said Mini ol money pcriticil in mi ' nolc dee lo the orator, logitlirr wub ibe Inn rest iluc nn I logrow due their' n I y n ri'rlniu diy to I r el I v s.iiil Court, andin drlaull thi'icof llialnid oialor,-bould liolillhr said prrnu-rs fired nud disihnrgcd Ir, in nil ipiily i f n Iru plion. right nn ' lille illhe snt, I ll:i zlclon, Tyler nnd Noyes, tlir.r heir ami and usign-'. Anl it I ring ni o'e to appear llntsnid Noye re sides without tins Suite, nnd lias not had per'Onal no tice ofihe icn lcii"V i f -a d I ill, it Is orleied that I hi cause I e eoutiuur I tit t lit- nci term of ihi Court, nud th il the Mili-tancc of llu lull I e hubb-hed in ihe Free Pre, n nrwsinper publihe l nl lliirliugton, in ui I Oounlv ol Cliittctidru. ihrie week nicee-sivtlv, llic l.i-l i f -ai I pill bcatioiis to I e twenty day before the next term ol -ji i i ourt. H. I STANSIlt.'nV Df. Clerk. P.uilingloti, Aug. 20, lSt t . 12w3 Josr.i'i: MAtistt I r. I JosiA'i Sthci r. and ( William A. Kills. I ClIlTTr.SDtS" Co. Coviit. May Term, 1811. T HLIiHAS, nl lb is term of .-aid CooN, Jo-epl TT .vlar-h, ol llincsiiurgh, I roughi In- ncnon ng.iiusi Jn-inh Sice!1" and WilliiiuA. Hill, id the same limes' urgli, declaring in ns umpsii with lite common ta ints, and wbrrens jt npj cars to llu (Jo irt ibil ihe -aid Wrliuui A. Hills In not had personal uotre of the pendency iil'thi- suit : T'li'iefoir, il i- ori'rird thai llusrau-e I e ecnlin'M'il lo ihr iieM Irrin i f llu- Court, and thai llic -nb-iance of s 11 1 1''otl 1 r p ll li-bcd in Ihe ! ree P new paper pul li-hed at I! irluigloii, in sni I County, three wn'.'s -ii"ce--w ly, Ihr ln-l ot -unl tiiililica'loir to I e twenty dav s bchuc ibe ucl Irrm of lins Courl L. A. STlN-dH'liV. Dep. Chrk. Huiliignn, ng. '.0, 1811. 123 Step'tcn Sharp, rs. Hiram llean. S'l'X'I'i: OF l.HMONT, Chittenden County ss. ,htn IF. Henrer, May Tirin, 1311. I I'm. . Mitnsoit. 1 Will RHAS, nl ibis Term of -aid Court, Strphrn Sharp, of r'u'rhr.ier, in -anl I'o.tnly, entered hi situ H init 1 1 1 1 .i m lli'.in, of Nmih Lihcriv. in the Sia'eof Michigan, nml John U . rverand U lib nn H. Muiisou, his Tru-'i rs, in an ueli n in n uotedi- tc-l Augu-t a h, 1 1 1 unl it i ot appearing to the Co irt that a'l Rem In- had personal uolice of the pen Icney ol ibis sun : Tbciclore it is orleiel by llic Court that tl esuil ea isc be ciniiinucd to the next It nn ihereol! and that ihe iib-lnuce nl -aid ilccl.irun'on br pu' b-bc I lu Ihe I i re i re -, a uew-p iicr pinitri in nuriui.'toti, to -ail County, three 'wee', stjeir-sively, ihr l.l-t of -ni I publi Mtiot's io lie twenty days I i-lure the next lerm ol uns i:o irt. H. A. ST.INSP.niV, Dep. Clerk. Hurlinglon, Aug. IDih, HII. " 12vv3 lxiiitA A. Woounvi r, 1 '. I John MonTOS, .lAMn i Chittenden Co. Courl, May Term, 1311. l AD r.Tosf, and Ju- I tun T. A iNswonni. I 'XTT'llF.RHAH, al ibis term if said Couit, I'li-ln A iMklru'l', nl Milton, m -aid (Jouniy, liroughl hi actum ug.iiu-t .IiiIiii .Morion, James L. .Morion '"'111 ol ail .Milton, nnd Judali T. Aiu-worik, of Mr- ilin i, in thr r-'nte ol (Jliio, iler nring on a proun-sory no'e o urn i;vii iMivenn er, IMflJ, lor six u unireil Dot i,u- aim iirrrr-t, p.iynt te to ri.iinntl or nnicr in one vcirlrom il.ite; nnd il not nppc.irnig tb it th-'sii! J idah T. Aiiiswonli has had per-oinl noiice of the priir-uuey oi mis sun ; Therefore, it i or 'ere! that ihi - ra i-r be conn unci totheiifxt T i rm nl thi- Cour', and thai .-anl An, worth I e notified lliciei I, I y pul 'iltnig Ihe iil s'.im oi ocrlnralinn HI he rrr I're .. a nrvesoaner pul li-hrd al Hiirluigtnn, in -aid Co inly, three weik siicrrs-iyrly, the n-i ot -aid puh i ai'iou. lo I o twenty uav.s huurc ttie nexr 1 1 rm ot tin (,itirt. H. A. srv.NSDURV, Den. Clerk. II irlington, Aug. 20, l-il 1. 12w3 Davip A. S.mai.i.i.v, 1 Cliltlelidtii Co. Court, r. (, Danii-.lO. lUnLnwnnd ( .MnyTerm, 1S11. No mi II in low. J WIIKI!HS, at the May Term of ibis Cour', D. Id 13, IMviI A. . " ry, f I'lllrliilgtnn, am i oun'v, entcie I in nclion in llu. l o ir again I) nml (!. Il.itlnw and Noib Harlow, both of Nat cln z, in the Stale of Misiippi, declaring on u pro missory un't; ilauil ni Nub he, January 1st, Is 10. lor M.yu j,, piy.ut'e to juel liirlovv or onler one o ty inirr u.iie tor v.ii ie rccrivcii, vv nu n note was in-dor-ill to the plaiuti I i ami I In Mini Daniel (!, nud .No ih not having nppo.ued either I y iheui-c'vcs , r ibeir ntiorncv, and it noticing m.ide'to lhat ihe said DamrlG, und Noah have baJ peisoual i.o uci of ihe pendency o llu sun . Therefore, il i or leird I y the Courl that die said cau-e be roniuiurd to thr nr .t term i f this Court, nml tin the IMrnd ml Ir noit'ird dicreol'l v piil'lishing Ihe ul'iuncc ol'-anl dcid.irnlion in the Free Pre--, n new-piper piinti'd ut H iiloigiou, in -ni.l Coiniv three wer'.s surre--ivcly, ihel il of :nd puhlicauoiis lobe twenty days l.rlbrr the next Term ofthis Courl. H. A STVNSllURi, Pep. Clerk. Hurlington, Aug. 20. 1311. 3"3 I.VMAN Ik'lUIESS r. Jlssi; P. Cinrh'NpL-n ClIITTrsiPr.s; Co. Cocrt. .May Term, IS 1 1. W1IFRHAS, ai ih s Icrm of .aid Court, Lyman 11 irge . of Milton, in sail County, brouehl his action ngain-t Jc-.o P. Carpender, nf Pcnn-ylva-nui, deilariug in :iinnp-il lor money pail, Iniloit nnd exprn lei, uu I drmaiidim' m d mi igr, om; hun- nre i iiotiar-. An I it not appearing thai ilies.ii I ( pender In bad personal noiieo of the pendency ol Ihi -iiii: Therefore, u i orderel by Iho Co irt that ihi- eiu-e leeonlniiu-l lo dm next term thcreot, and lint .anl Defendant I e iiouiicd of tin Mill ly pul li-bing die sub-lance ol' said di c'ar.itmn in the Free Pre-, a newspaper pubb-hisl nt llu, bnston, ill sni I County, lliree weeks s iccesively, the last ol slid publica- nous to bo twenty l.iv I elore the next lerio ol tins Court. H. A. S'l'ANilll'RV, Den. Clerk. II iilington, Aug. 20, If-1 1. 12n3 Wiurrn: Srooxi n, ) CutTiiiSDi'.N Co. Covht. v. May Term, 18dl. Ciiaiii r.s II. Swift. 1 WHKRKAS, Whipple Sponner, of Hurlinglon, in s ml Co inly, nt tin term of the Court, I roughi hi nciion ngninsl Charles II. Swift, l.llei.f Hiuiiing. Ion, in .ni I Civuitv, dci hiring on n note dated 22 I Noveinler, IS33, for ono hundred and len dollars, wilh interest, pnvnhlctnthcPlainii.l'pr order one jear Irom date fur Value received) and it not appearing thai the said SwiU has had personal notice of llic pendency of llii- mil : Thcreiore, il i ordered lhat the said cause 'e eon tinned to the next lerm of tin Court, and lhat die Or. Icnd.ant te notified theieof, ly pulli-liiug the suh stance ol snid dot laralioii in dm Free Pie.., n nevvs pnpei pubhslic I in Hilrliiigtou, in snnl Ciiun'y, thru week Miccesivi ly, the i f said pul hellions lo be twenty dny.s luiototlie next icrm ofibi Courl, H. A. STANSIIUKV. Den. Clerk. Iliiilinglon, Aug. 20, 1811. 12w.'l 3 lloiiArr. L. Nichols, Kli ("iiiTrr.snEN, and H.vli ii l.iMui, r. Pan t r i. S. Colkman, and hi Triislco Isaac C, I-iiam. ClIITTrNDES Co. COUBT. May Trriu. 1611. "7"Hi:i!FAS, at ihi irrm of said Court, Horace i T I.. iMrliol-, I. i tniilteiiileu, anil li.ilpli Lnnilon, ill ol v uiision, in rani uoiinty, Inouglit their iiction ngniii't Dame) S. Co'emiiu, ol the snmo WillKton, and bi Trustee. Isau (3. lsli.aui. d, 1 irmg on n note daiol January .t, 1811, for tf lfj7 23 and mieresi, pajnl In to iho i'liiinlils or onler uu deni in.l, and Mgiie,! by smd Coleman mid it not appearing dial Hie sain Lineman mis h.iu personal nonce ot lliupen deneyof Ihi tint ! Therefore, it i ordered by the Court that Ihc'vaj I eiiu.e I e roiitiiiiiol to the next teini thereof, nnd lhat said Coleman 1 u notified llicrcol hy piil.ishni7 die Milislnnio of said divlar.iliou in dm I'lii) Pro-s, a nrwspapcr piiblisbu I nt Ihirhnsloii, in nid Coiiniy, HIIIU ,..ll0 DUII l- Il'll, I I IV 1 .11 HI "III! I lllll'lllillillll to I ii twenty davs I cforr the next mm ol ibis Court ; F. A. S I'.WSUFHV, Dep. Cltrl. Buthnglen, Aug JO, S(b 13,v3 N. York Adv'ts. L. & V. KHMJY, wuoi.r.sAi.i: dkai.p.iw in Foreign & boniest ic Dry fJniids 47 Cedar Stmt, N)o-York City. RHSPLOTFULLV nnnoiinee to their Customers and Dealeis geoemlly. thai they have now on hand a bill stock ol Flesh l)rv Good uilapled lo the Fall trade, embracing a full assortment nf nil decrip Hon of Staple G lods which have been (elected with milch rare, (Hid wliicli they lire rnaldul In offer nt very low prices and on the most liberal Icrm. They nre nlo Agents lor Harlow it Cn.'s American Manu factured Needles, wl.i.di they will warrant a fit'trnlc nrlicle. llm'J DllAPiat. AIjDKIUH, Fll INK, u iioi.csAi.i: ni.Ai.t its iv DOMKSTIC & FOIIKKI.N DIlV (iOODS, No. U7 I.ililrly Nlfri'l, nrnv Itioiiilivn y, A.' II' OHK. KF.rPcoiistnnilyrin baml In eicnsive an a sort nient of Staple and Fancy Gooils n can I e found in ibe Cue I a large motionion ol which ore especially adapted to the V I, I. .1111,, i j ii . III-.. Merchant vtstitng New ork it re reiiuesUsJtocnll, and price will I u found -nti-l ictorv in die CLOSINI' CAs-ll lit VKIIS. he iidver.i-i rs are w nil bin lo take every ndvin- age in the lluctunf nl' Ihe large. market-, und, iioying the I enelil of Ii i-iiu- facilities, Willi ung rxprnriv r, nre tnrviird lo I, ir Il XTIt A I NIMH KM I :N'T lo purchn-tr who nie ibl'gisl to contend wuth llu slionge-t (ompeiilion. am- Jtirif ttnel Sin phi silk" goods. WILLIAMS, RANKIN & PENNIMAN, No. 03 WILLIAM ST I! VA-YV, coisNcif 8' "I'titiurr, ,m:iv voick. WOULD call the aileiilion of Merchants visiting New Vorl; for ibeir I'.ill suludies, to their ex tensive iis'orltnent of einirely NHW STVLI.S FALL GOODS. To tin ir ordinary stock, which enmnrisn a full and general variety of Stap'e.and Fniiey Silk ('nod, ihey have been tnal.iiig Inrgc cddiliins of I'.N'TlRF.Li NI'AV STVLHJ, cvprc.ssly ndiptcd to the season. From the facilities which they pofiess pi the pur chase of (lood nt the vciy lowest prices ibeir unri vnlled and very extensive assortment-they fed assu red lhat It will be in their putter lo olli-r eMraordiua- ry inducements to purcbasirsi vv ho dette and iherve to buy on the very best terms, and they nre th termin al to spare no pain to make It for theiuttresl of such to malie tlieir seleciions irom Ihcir stock. In DRFSS OOODS llicv ran slinw a crea! range nfstvle. in Rich Printed Cash no re D'lCeosse. of latest P in pattern ; Tiesan. Crape De 1, due, Mus-hii Do Lames of Paris stjlcs, ver in lure ollereit. Alpaeea. 11 nnbazinca. I'l.ack and Hlne Silks, low and high pnetd. SI t.nni"leo'i llrocatle Sel;; (;nneIeon Hrneln .Stiiped Silk ; Plain and ."-'inn Sniped Hel leiuenttr; Hlack and H'u" lltaik Sunn Sniped and Hriiendc ligurcil Silk Satin tsinpul tiro I, mines ; 111 ick and H'lie ll'aek Oro tie "vv i- ; ll.aliin I.tts Irinye: Oio de Rliuui; Oros tl' finine: Hlnck and llluu Hl.itk Saliusj Plain nnd Figiilid Satins. Aln V riOODSin ureal vari' ty, compri sing I'ounei Silks nnd Satins of entirrlv new s'ylrs, I'onnet ami Can Itibbon", neb Full pittcru! nevv di-sign ll'iiinet Velvet-, plain eol'it, hlack and blue black, figured, shaded, plaid s tut nn J uncut. LACLS. Cap I.aees in cnat varictv. of new and elegant patern; Truntuing f.act and Laee H Iguig, black mil while; Silk, Lisle, (Impure, Miehlin, Hrusscls, ,Vi'.,,Vc Thread Laces and Hdgiugs, French, German and Hnsh-h. SHAWLS. Rich Ca.htnete and llroehu Lang and Square Shawl j Thibet, Muslin do Lame, Ivabvlc. Plaid, Woollen, Nell. c e. Ac. SILK SHAWLS Dark Camcleon, Satin Striped, Figured, ipc. G! OVT.S AND MITTS, In evcrv variety, for Gentlemen, Ladie, nnd Misses. ICuifof die inot approved luanuf icturc, Hilek, Me rmn, Woollen, Silk, Lace, Filet. Hgpyiian, India Rub ber, Ac. Their stock will be found to comprise a full assort ment of all the various small Hems in rded, and they ol Hovers, wnh the fnl 'est confi dence dial tliev can supple every want in tlair line, 11 in'J SILK OOOD. BO WEN &MCNAMEE, 10 WILLIAM .STIli:i.T, Ccnrncr of Heaver Stmt, Ncw-YinT, O HSPF.CTI'L'LI.V announce lhat ibev have made LV. eti ni ve arrangenu nt for the Fall Tiadc, w hich will enable ihein to iiresini gtrniet indiierincnl than ever to mereh nils llirouyhoiit the Lulled Slate tn vi-it nits niaikct die prc&int sia.-on, for the pur- clnse ot .SILK AND FANCY OOODS. They hive already received by lale arrival, a grea vanei y ot new nnd itch good, nml w ill also ri ceive by die next Packets and Sieainer, nu assortment ol die latest and inn-l beautiful style ot Frimh. Ger man. Italian, nnd Kng'i-h lVney Good ever olli red in lid maikel ; simples nf vv hu h nte now exhibited i and it is their d teiimnation, ns luielulure, tint only In ho constantly supplied wilh a complete assortment adapted to all seclionsof the country, bill to pteseiit the netcrsz an i most eicstrabte ivics, suited to Hie city or mosl fashionable trade Their s'oelt will be coinposed ill ji in of the following ankles, viz ! DKHSS OOODS. SILRS in every variety, con'.iing of Italian Lus tring, Id ick .and blue-black Clio- de Suie, Oro-do Illime, plain nml sirinci Ina rm. (iros de llovn s. siripcd and figured (!ros du N aplc. lVkm Silks, Oros de Messiiie, rich Hrocailc Chauiclon, llroehe figured and sinpeil Poult ,),. Sole-, rich Clace Slripe, tiros de I rauee, luacu, luue.tilaci,. and clrinceatile stripe ami figured Oros d'Afrimies, pliiunnd figured Salins,&e. ' CISHMF.RF, d'HCOSSr., of la'cst Paris POM PADOl'R tvle. PMIIS MoHsF.LI.STi do LAINFd, entire new design and va'ion qualuit's. CRM'H d'ORHNT, (or Hvcning ilresscs-lhc miirl splendid article ever ollcred. CHUSANS. TIKSANS, ALI'ACCAS, ROM 1UZINRS, I'UIINCII 1'1'iIN I'fcl, .te. Also, various new styles of D'cs Onods. which will be strictly confined lo ihcir own Irnrte. The whole presenting nn assortment, it i be icveii, vv Inch can nolbc surpatsid in ilmorany other sua n.Si Consisting of rich Clnnielon, Onoinon. PouM de Soie, fii'd Satin, llrocade, ipe. Al-o, stdendid HiO'lie, Cishmerc, Hmhin dered Jlelvdle. Kalivlc, plain, prin ted and embroidered .Moiiselme de Lime and Thihei Shawl. Merino, I'lnid Hilvidcrc, and vnriois new style Woollen Shawls, also, very tich Cashmere Long Shawls, T IfifiO, F.nglish, French, nnd f!erniiii Thread I.acrs nnd Kdgmgs, Also, Lisle, (iiu'pure, Aslibuiton nnd other styles low priced Ijlgings nnd Lai e. Musi n Trim minns, Swiss Mull, Hisliop Lawn. Hook, Cambiie and Jaconei Muslins, nnd every variety of plain and figured Nets for Caps, Cape, Veils, ,f c. GLOVES. Consisting of ICid.Sdk. Cndimere. Merino. IVrbn .ami Hiirk, in ere it varieties, logedicr with a full slock of t-ancy Alllts MILLINERY OOODS. Velvets for Hals, pliin, uncut, figured, See. if-c, en tire new st vies Honnet Silks, plain, clnin-eable. eliine and figured, a coniplein assortment 1 Hal nnd Cap Ribbon, enlire new design, and die most splen did nsnr'ment ever off-ml. Also, eeriam style- of eru Kililions, nun Tnttita anil ."-.aim ilo. hi ick and colored, Artificial Flower. Feather. Trimming La ces, Rihhnn Wire, Cords, Gimps, Foundations, Crow n Linings, lie, ALSO, Pocket Hdkf. rf Poncce, SpualfieM, Crab, Fl.aj., Il.andnnm nnd Linen Cambric, in every variety, Inhaii Sewings, IVniiio's, Rubuncci's, Perstco's Henttx's, kr. Ac. Fnncy lldkfs. Crivats and Point, Pnnlcd Mone. del.aine, Thilel, P.ilmarine, l'loiiJ.1, nnd o.hcr styles of Dress Shaw . Ilnltui, tiros de Rhine and Lustring Cravits, of every si7e Scarfs for eeniletneti, or niiin, plain, tig. nred and embroidered, Oros Ornin, ie. Ac. Velvets, bill., h'ue hlk and colored, virions quilp lies. Vciings of Salin, Ariuiirc, I'lisbinere, e. -Ve. Silk .SVrees, Siiirbevvs. Sar-neis, Levniilinr. India Salins I.HIaslic Suspended, .Mohair nnd Silk Coat nnd Vest Hindings ami Cord, fancy d'inips, r'rmges, Ae. &c. I Together with evcrv nriicle usually tu be fniind in H fancy siock, which ihey engige lo nil on as favor aide terms as at nny other lithnirni. 1 1 Dried HeeC RAf) lbs. diied Deef, nip-Tor qua'liy. 'v'v' tTRO.l .S ,V CO. An;. G.I? It ll York Adv'fs. m:v fa Mi (iooi).s. DRV HOODS llOlSl-.-KI.F.I'IN( AIM1CLI S . S6 ii iioiMi-:. Nu. ! JOHN STIti:t:T, NF.W YORK, (lll.TIVt.t.N lllloAUWAV ANtl NAS'AII'ST.) ARi; receiving new nml desirable Oi od for Ibe Fnl Tne'e, which lliry n Icr I'oV sate ul tlio lowe-' nii'-c nl wholesale und retail. They have la ely ti, LCI) id ,1 ... i ii -I lu..1 . .1.. ..a... t-.,.. Iliiscell'l llliury 1 1 uii,r' E, , nu r., i ,i Real Welsh and oilier Flaunt I-, Silk warp do. l'.n-.ll h C.inlon Flaiirel, M.irsii'les(i nits an I Coun irpane-, Ircli Linen- of thebe.l b'e.icb, I-8 Pillow C.i v l.iuen. i-1 Iri-h Shei nn.', and lliru-ley Sheeting Ir ail 8-1 to 12-1 wiJc Dniiia U Tnble-( lolh- and Napkin-, Tow 1 1 nigs of u l km I-1 Cra-h, Cot inn Shirting nnd Shirtings, best qun'iti''-, lied Tie'.i l.ngli b uu I Amvn An Long Clo'l, Lawn-, Linen Cninbrie and Lnnil ric Hnu i kcichii f-. Frrnih Mcruiosj A'pT'ci, dink Prin's, Hu b lig'.l Ca b ie, Moii-iliu de Lninc, Shawl-. Fit'iu l) lloinbiV. ne-, Cr.lpef r cil-, iVr. Illftik Silk-, S II; and raw Silk Ilo.-e, F.ugl s Co'loti lloirv', Drapery Mil I ns, Piirnitui'.' Ditnllv, and Chill i, Tnl-lr lind Piano Cover, Toi'lI ("ov.t., iS',e. Wool-ilve I Cloih and C,tuneres, Fancy Cis-imeres nnd I'-liug., Willi it vnr.eiy nf olhcrnrlu le- ill their line, fi r nl nt2J Ii hn s'm ul t' e lovve-l price , N. 11. On bund gciiuiuu Han ieColo,,r. Als , ex'ru wide Kus-ia Dinpois. I3u3 (iUi:t:.Ns waiif.. Cliinn-, (ilnss, find i'nrtlienw;n e. SOI I) in Win el n'e in Couirr',' Merchant-, rhenn liir '-a h i r ae, eptan -e, m lilt l I cwtc"' Prail ami Watc s. U 'I II0.MA3 F. I'll'.I.K BATI'.S & A!ASTKRT)iT, i?fi LlllCltTY .TKhT.T, (lICTWr.ll.V Wll.l.UM IMI NASSAU h i'l'.l'.l'.TS,) is liW.VoitK, WOI'Ll) call the iit'in'ioii of Merchants about isi'ing New-Voik, to their rxtcii-ive slorl, i. Foni;;n and Dome tie DltV GOODS, which ibt t oiler lor -nle i u h' er ll Icrm-, n'n-istitg in part M Ah zniconr, a new miii le lor do'-res. Atlattas do do Chameleon lAtslrcs do d.i Alpacca Lustres, I lack ntid rolori'd. Ahusrlins dt h'tinei, Crape de Laine. Cashmeres tPI'iosc, Ctusans, 7'ii.uu, Hosiery and (llocrs, un i.H-nivr iissortnirnt, Xepro Kerseys, l.inseys, Kcntutl.y Jmhs, Flannels, Irow low-prc eo to -oprrline, Frittl", ol'ihr newct nnd ncbr-t iylr, Jlroirn anil Iltcarhcd 6,'nV,'ii rs anil S'teilinr . Spool Cotton and Tltttad, of nil kind-, Cloths, Cas,imercs, Satinets, nnd Ftiig, Linens, I.atens, Diaper. Crash, Al-o, a Inrgr u sorlmriit of White (loud', i'onii ing ot' JAcnnei, ('and ue, Swi- and Soil Mul'-T.ip- nml l.nce, Siri,icd and Clie -I. .Mul u-, Hi ho . Lawn-, Hook Mii-lni, Duiiiiy, i.e. iVc. 12ni3 D. A. BOOTH . Nn. 1UU WILLIAM ST, Nr.W-VuRK, Importer and Mniitifucl nrcr 01' I'ringe, (.imp, Cord np.l Tn'el, .ep'.vr Wurs'id, anin and Patictp l'oat('o, s j lersham, and oilu r HridniL's, nnd al kitul ol I' -, ' and h'aticy Ti iuiiiii''gs, A!i, a large a-,. Mm White Cution Ftuige, by i'u- P u-k ij" or o ' 1 lis ii-urtii" nt w ill be kqil lull 'Ir. ,n i In will be I renting the ne-i and in 'Si , - . .r styles. Tiruisand priccssill be such u to y istJCiun. llu LA' I'D URIVAhS m:vv- ()' FALL&WINTEIUJOOl ;ciill'. lien's. E'u'.i-.isiiii!:,' INikIj lislimciit wholesale nml utai'. joiin m. nAvTr.s joint- 10G WILLIAM STItKirr, (COR.N'HR OF JOHN SI'i.Hl-T,) NRW-VO. I) nSPHCTFFLLVannsiincelh.ii ihey have i, .LY, -uch extensive arrangenu ins tor" their i Trade, that they are enabled lo present grcatir diicements llinn evir lo mcrcliaiits i-iiins this in lid the pn eni .-ea-on lor die purchase ol I!. .oil-, their lock i- mainly of their own Intj urtation M inufmture. CRAVATS AND SCAl.'FS. Plain and figured Hlack Sum Ai inure. Cord, ' Hara hen, Fancy nnd cnloicd Saluii of enure nm pattirnsj Silk and Mohair, figured mil pbiln ; Pin Illicit Italian and Corded I ravats, all si-ts and quai. Ill HO'ir.RV. Silk, M -riiu, Angola, Woolen and Cotion He and Half Hose. CLOVn-s. Merino, Cashmere, U'oulen, Herlin and Chautc ' lined l aasinuie, llucli Heaver and Kid, SU-PF.NDHUS: Silk nnd Cotion Oiun Hliiic, wilh Ibtrk, fell!, n-' Liiii n Hud, Cotton Rim, Huek nud .Morocco vv , Hlistie Hud. Alsoa few enllru NewMvles ol i own ManufaciUre. HNDHISSHIRTS AM) DRAWHRS. Merino, Limb's Wo il, Anjo'n, Saxony, C ill .s'haki r. Knit and Flannel, -c. (Jl innlaciiire nil m . Hies of .s'llk .Minis and Drawers). .S'tlji of nil ip tics of our own luipoil'ilion. 'I o those of nor iiian'.ifacliire we would cspccirlly call allentioii, n being foinellniig very superior. Latins' Sik nnd Merino Under Vests. POCKHT HANDKKRClllHFS. Twilled and Plain 5pitalliel,l, Hrni-li anil In ornh. Pon'jcc, Printed, Corded, nud Hum i Linen Cambric, Plain and Printed, &c. CAPS. Men's, Youth's and Childrcn'o Cloth. Velvet. Ol: ed, Silk and Muslin. STOCKS. S'alin, Figured nnd Plain, and Cordial Silk, hair, llombaMn, Plain llovved, Plaited Ciavat, r, Optra Ties, ei.c. Ac. l.l.N i ui,im.s, Squire, Round and Hvron, ,-iiirhcd, Plain niid Ci ded, all Linen and with Collou Ibitnls, LINHN IIOSOMS. Stitched, Plain, nnd R itlled, all ijualilies, with v,, and narrow plaits. SHIRTS. All Linen, with and without Collirs, latest style Muslin, wnh Linen Colar nud Wiislbands, with an without Collars, of a greil vaneiy of ipialilits. Colored French .ami other Muslin. OlLHD SILKS. White. Plaid, and Fancy Color, of various widths, and warranted not to adhere in any climate. fill; Purses, t'oxbrclla". Dressing (Tniriis, "P mux z-tork j rimtntmr, Suspender Jiui.les, (lu l.lastic Webb, all qualities. Together wilh every nrlicle thai is wintcd in the Gentlemen's Furnishing Line, which thcr cnange to sell on a favorable terms as any other csttibfi-btm nt. j"Cnps, SiolIvs, Linen ud Muiin, and Si ii Shirts, made lo order. Wholoile nnd John m. dwihs cjonf.-.. io i uiirtiiis n., Luioii oiauuii. n-am .natiianii.l hlackman's i si'ATi:; WHTHi: SI'IISCKIIII RS, having lreu appoin ted by the Honorable die Piol ale Co rl Ii r the District of Chittenden, comwissiouers to irt'ive, ex amine nud adjit-t die claims and demands of all per. .eon-, rignin-i die e.iaif of.N.l'UlAMI I, Hl.ACK .MAN, lale of Jericho, in Di-lru f, dei r.i ..!, n p rcseuled insolvent, nnd usti nil rlmm nml ik'iu.i.ils cxlnbiiisl in n' set theieio ; and six month from ihr day of die date Ihcrcoli bctng allowed I y said to , for lhat pnrno-r, wedo iheril''ie heiebv nwv no i -r dint we will atHn 1 lo the I'li-ine-soi it ir nppi'initui ,n die dwelling of die de, eiord uiJertilio, in -a i Disiri' l, nu the (mirth day. ol Octo' er and Fel r in, y next, at IfloV'is'k, ,. M , oil i in It i f said ihiv. Dated this IJth iliivol'Aiig it A. D. 1S1I. " JA.MIN IIA.1IILIO.N, ) , 1 II UN I HI, Crintnissfoners HATS! HATS.'! Csr. "Alvords" Muleskiu Hal-, in-t tv for sale I y S. M. VI) ft. 1 June II, '11. 2 HONRS Paper Tohiero, for nle hv FOLLKTr & HIUDLHY. Old Whirf, Aug. Stb, I It. ' Hriislie.-', Bi ll-lie."-', 'oiiitis. ITLI. aisnrliiient ol bronilul Ra nvi ot -- llur llrushes, lufjiii.' Hr i-bcs, TikiiIi, Nn Conih I rii-bes, Cloihe and SIP o Hrllshes,lFlooi llenilll lliii-hes, (icfulil ing nud I'rsh Hriifhe, .: unto llrii-hc', tuir eoinli cleaners, ot several I proi-ni Hru-he-, i'n-t anl eruin i, m alnio-t every kind ot I ru-li in u-e, lor iiisu niul In Wo have llietu for hfl-hing hor-e-, cbulu-, hoes, i.r., fur scrtili'mig un I eltiiuiiig hop bais, for talu,and for hum uses, Al-o, the very be-l nnd'llnesi iv iry Cnmbit horn, wood, bra s, nnd (eriuaii silver ( m nveivcd. illilNSMAII) tV HROTHI Aug. SOth, Ml. Ol 'i I'OXLS l.ciiioiis.iii, limn,,, f ,t(" V.lV ii , .',.at 1 tOII , ROIUNSi'N ,i

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