Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 6, 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 6, 1844 Page 4
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6C ENfilils'ifTEMEDY l'-OH LOUGHS. COI.D-.. AVI IIMA, AND CONStTMI'TlOX ! rpilK GREAT AND OXI.V HUM ED V for CM-, 1 fn lain. tlinu, mil CONSUMPTION, i ihe lir.N'GUllAN I1AI.SAM LIFE, di.oomodby tho eclel-r.ilc.l Hr. Hhi'Iihi, of Lorn'on, Kni'land, mid introduced into i In' Unite I Slates ninli'r the immediate Mipcriircii-liiico i f the iniciiti r. Tin1 cxiraoi'.'in.-iry success of ibis medicine, in tlic nm-til I'lilmnniirv di-ea-o-, warrants 1 1 American Ascnt in xulii'itiii.' for '10.111110111 the WORST POS SIM. P. CASKS tint cm Icfoimdiii the coinimiuiiy cn-cs th:il seek re'ief in vain from any nf the com iikoi ri'int" lies (if llio il.iv. mill li no I ecu uiwn up hy the lilii-l il.tiniltl-llCil Pliv-i '1.111-, a- CONFIRMED AM) INt DltAl!LE. The lliniunrtnii IJalsaiu cured .in I will cunt the most desperate of rases, li i mi ...I.., I. uo-lioin, hut a stun. taut Knell-h med icine, ( ('known ami li-hcd rilicicy. Every family in the United Stales -'In iiM lesnp plicil wi'h ll'irlian's llnmrnrinii Hal-inn of Lite, mil only Kieiniii'iT.'ii't tlie oonumpiiu- tendencies nl the cl.'ina'o. hill to I e ii elan a picicntivo iiuiIk-imo in all i a.(!i I' CiiMs, Cniieh-, Spittinsr el' Hlco I, I'.iin in the si 'e an I ( he-l, Irrit.iiinu and soreness i f the l.iim;-, l!i(i:n liiii, Dill 1 1 y of llic-illumr. Ileetie Fc- icr, Xmli!, an I General Debility, A-thnii, Iiilliieiiza,Iloiipiii:rCo-ini, ;.nd Ctimp. ill Ctoup. er Untie, uiih nihil. tUJ .-Mii.i, in Inruc I utiles, at M i er l inn miceiion. inr me icstot.ilK n i.l ttranli,.hoi., I'uiit.iiiiniu a in t 1 I Eni-li-h anil Amcr- ie.ui eerlilii'.i o-, .nnl other evulencc, shii-iiu:- the mi cinnllo I merits i f ihn ( Etic-li h Remedy, may he (ilitaineil nl'the .V.'cul-, L' DAVID l RIIADI.EE, sole A pen I ler the tJnilcd Slate-. I l!l Court .nvl, Ho-ton. agents.-iiuki.ingion, peck & spear, Apoll.ccaue . Drinriri.t ; .Moiii chor, Cl.nk it Collins ; Hi-.ittlcl.oro, Diittdn it C!aik; Mellow. Kails X. Harris ! Hull in I, Darnell. & Fell ; Wood.loel., S, .1. Allen; and I v the Dmirirists irfiifr.illv. ll-lv NEW GOODS. A GOOD ASSORTMENT (if Colh, Gros d'Ela, Dr ill do Tu, Cas.-iiiiercs, Tw-ieils. Sn Illicit-, Rich Within". Sum mi r St nil's, and Ti miming, Ac. itc., w lucli will he anlil at prices to -.nit piirrhn ser. I 0 T.I.V .t SKV.MOUH. Chiirrh lrc-l, .Inlv 11, Hll. G LOOKING GLASSES. Al.iW r t riK-ii t nl various styes of O. fi. llaiidia Plate, and Li Favctie styles just rre'd In- I.OVHI.V it SKV.MOL'R. Clinrcli sire i t.l!iirlmyi(in, ) .lily I.ISII. $ fitf nr.AXK hooks. AS a-nrnueiit of .! mi, ).V HOOK'S, . .Ilil UNAI.S, and I.KlKiERS-G to !l .pure. "!" ; .Meni'ii-.indii'ii llnoi.s -I l'.c Moik-, rnbd in a meat viiriety ol'.tv'e- and sizes, which will he sol.lveiv lo.v (or Ci-h or Paper deluensl al Str,iiii;'a Iliildin-, V. IIAURINO'ION'S, Cnl. !ni Itii-ion, Vt. in A. pin... ni.upeiuue C.-irpeiiu, A No, 8-1 Cotton do nt 1 COM: it ROIilNPOVS. JasrA lmustii 'i'n .' ,vi' Enquire or VII.AS I.OOMIS & Co. lbirliuston.Jiily 13, 1311. 7 Lost. A larcel'UOAt'lI ; dark colored stone, sot round wilh s;o!d. It was lost either in Pearl street, or rru'siiiL' oor liv'thu new hii( k clinrcli lo rhurch-st. The limb r will ln'sm'nl ly rewarded on leaving it at the Kioe Press Oflice. Alls. 23. NOTICK T'MII.S certules ihai I have i'iven my -on, William ( JL M. b'dlani, hi- lime, to n.iu.aci b.isiiu- fur linn- sc'l, and wdl pay no del-Is of hN i-nniraetm?, nor j claim any of hN v-a-jes. .iller thixlite. I WILLIAM K1LI.AM. I nuipn-rtoii, A-r-'.SO, 1911. l-iw-3 TT O'l H'H i- Ik ic! v civen that all dcmainN ('no to ! ll Iho late linn of (iSTHI'IM it .MICIIOLS and M. OSTIU'.IM it CO. have I ecu pla'-ed in i ol Geo. K. Plait, ol Ib.iliii-.'lou, for eollcciion. Debt ors to ihcseliiin. aie icipiisted lo call upon him and make tunned tale pavlncal. II. J. lH'INElifRGII, ,l.'r)i(. Ilitilinutmi, SGlh An.'., 1811. 12 jinr.siiK.s. A Ceneral a--orlincnl i f ( Imh, hair, hat, tooth, tinker, t'ch, paint, while-wiish, dut, lurnitiire, t.i1 e, hi-.ntli, stove, mil windo.e hiu.hc, pisl iis-'d and for -ale al low uue. STHOXtiS ') CO. Ant-. G, Ml. 11 I.HAI I'll'R. &c. " TON'S Pipe i toll huh, ) I do Shei t I, 1 C.i-k Sheet 'mo 30 liiL- hnl, a-xiiled No-. 1 v May lo, 'II. 50 S'l ROXGS .f. Co. SALT. 1 AHD ll"-b. Turks lit. 1 JJJ 7, OKI li i. C,.ir-e V, ra So'ar ir.ll III l.s. Kin.. We lent do. : 0'S (2S II-.) aioiiml do. 10 S.ii-1, Lllelp.iol do. du lil trri unii no -irn oe. STROXl.S if- CO. 10 Aol'. G. ' 1 1. roii sai.i:. JjJL T Wl I L sell the -ell Iho place win re I .Rvi Jl live colis-liii; of a Hou-e un-l Olliee 5!!! '!.? a-loiniua in perle'-l (uiler. Terms, one iiXifk'i tho-e.iiid ilnll.irs ill hand, balance in lour Nearly lynieut-, il ie-irisl. To who aie not aci-iaii.ted wiih the it tn.iv I o well lo sav, it i--iiu iii d on ihe south side of tin- Court Ho-i-eS uiie, hamma lar;o front an-ln larse and jrooil sanli-n afached lo il. C. ADAMS. July Sil, 191 1, 3 'SIlEK.MxVS LOZEXGKS. Fur Coughs, Kor Headache, Kur Worms. Kor Si re Throat, Kor Diarrhii-e, or Loo-eiiess of the huwrls. I Kor Induction and want of Appctiio, I ite. ite. ami 1, SheriiMii'sTiioii. P.ito Plaster-. &; All at whole- s .1- and retail by jj PECK & SPEAK. LAKE CHAMPLAIN Fare llii'ini;h 11m Iil;n reduccil to S:t,0(), (.11 ra is extra.) Tin: stemi:r iiuiii.Inc.tox l-M'T. . W. PHKnMAN, Will lcavo Whin hall every Si. Johns every Tuo-il.iV, .Monday, Thursday, Wclm-day, Katnrdiy. IV day. 'I'll K. STEAMER SAllAN'AC CAPT. O. LATIIIH'r, WillleaVH Whiiehall every Si. Jolnisevery Mon lay, Tie-ihy, W(slu-daj', 'lliur-diy, l'n(ay. Salurd.iv, Al one oVlrjC P. M. from end. end of the Lake. The above is the iir'aiu-'ement lor rminiii' for the season, utile s noncois alien l'i tnecoivrury The C'liiii.any in, end I p are thn SicaiiK r Wlnto h.ill iiiioii ihoLiiieni te.idol iho Saraimc. e.irlv in .In iy next, Hl.n w ill 1 ec'iniinnndodby t'apl. (i. Lillnop. lliironirKi.i. 1G lav. 1st 1. 50 mm JUSHl'Jl MAfUIOT, MOOT AM) SIIOI! .11 AKI'.lt. 1I'.SI'I:CTKUI,I,V informs lliu pill lie, in nnil V. tiboitl Ihirlinaton, Ihnt ho will do nil wntk Mini ho liny ho favored ttitli, in llio host miinncr, and on Ihe lowest Iriins posfihlo. His shop in liniler llio Oll'iconfll, I.cavcnwiitlli, Ukj , tittj near llio Oilicc of the Krrc. Piess, lliirliiicloii, 25th July, 1PII. Slf -iiisr Hi:oi:ivi:n hy It. W. JiATI.IN an as. oilliu-nt of I'lorenee, llraid, an.l Struv Honuct, llouiiel Idlilions, lllacl. I.nees ''lines Mills Shaivls, llill.f. ite it . AIo, lUOU Vds. Heavy Uruy Clulli, ilieiii lor Cnh or Wiml. Inly -21, 1811. 8 GKNT.'S I.cuhorn Hats, Clulli and Oil ninth Ops, Ac, now opining at C. K. S I'AXIKOIID'S. July IS. 1811. 7 STKAYliU. IIIIOKI'. from llio pisliiro of J llio siihscnlHt on thn UDili day ofjimo hist, a I1AV MARK.. She is seven years old, bay, vtiih two or more while loft, swittii tail, heavy inane, a star in lirr forehead, rather small si.e. Whoever will give information to too or (ieo. K. l'lill of liiirliiiL'toi) where she nny be found will confer n favor and shall bo satisfied for their trouble. SAMUIU. I). 1'f.ATT. Colcheslcr 10th .Inly, 1911. 8 NOTICH. rnlin Firm ol Ki:it .Sl'nVII leinidi. L Milveil by the of .Mr., llio nhcri 1 er heieby iries untieetliat ho continues the bokitie of Mercha'iidizo at bi Store on ('Inirch tl'eet, on bis own ad'ouut. All eontr.iels made he lliu late firm of Kern it Spear, and all debts due from the firm, will I e met and ilisch.iried by the ii!i.cril er. Those in debted to the .ile firm will ple.t-e call and -ettle. DAXIKL KERN. July 2.-., 1811. 8 RliAL lSTATir'FOlt SALeT THE fUhseril er has tor sale llll AI'IICS OK T.WI1. lyins in the South part of Willi. ton mid St (Jenrjrc, half a mile fiom the load iimiiiuir I'loin Willi-ton to llinesburirli, well watered, and a portion of it tine .Meadow Land, adapted to the l.ecpni; of Cow- and Sheep, mid well li ni eil. The K.irm h,i- on it TWO DWKI.I.IXIi HOtJSHs, 3 Barns, and a linl rate toi-no hciiAm. A o , l-'er sale, AVriri Acrci nf Lnnd Ivin hall a mile mitli of Williion, with a'Divellin Ilou-e, Ham and Orchard on it The miil( r-isned lias lor mlo If!" Aerosol I. and in .li'iicho, lyui one mile I!a-I of the Jericho Cenire iiieelinir-hon-e, well waleied, with n Dwelling House, Mam and 2 Or.-li.irtl-. Alv., 1 lit SIIEKP for-ale. The tubx-nlpr is about to eh.inire his resilience and will sell the abmc properly at n low iieo and on a rtIaciiiabluU,ii!:lli oftiine. III.I CHMTEXDEX. Willi-ton, July 2rt, 1811. 8 wS CO.UIIS. 3CAi:.? wood pocket Comb-, 1-J"idi z. ivory do 1000 " side do Slid " twi-t do Itlil " coarse and fim do ju-t rceived mid lor -nlebv VII.A.S 1.00MI6' .f- Co. Aii. .". Ml. J Tin i'lutc, Wire, &-c. 105 ",lse"'1'111 ''late, l-.'l x nnd extra sios, GO J IkIU. iron wire, aborted Xos. heel iron, shed copier, tinned and l-l'k rtvel, with a ireneral a-nrliiient ol tinner's goods STROXUS it CO. Ausr., IS 1 1. II J'AIATS AND Oil.. 5 TON'S while lea. I, dry and ground in od, "X'o. 1 " I'.xti.i," and " Pure." Spaui-h while, nil lead, l-'reneh jellow, VerdiprN, Venetian red,, pir- p tuipcntiue, ive. iVe. Also. .n)U tr-. Iinsi-nloil. pur- June 1 1, ' II. 1 hy S l KO.Mi it u. VA WHOM iS AIIMSTJIOSO, TAILOrLS CHtMtni S'l lii.lrt two iUw -onili of PcU it Spcnr'-, ami nrnily c npitL" tu Stru.iyV nora ll.inUarf SIiil Culling ifcnc in tlic imM npprovul plvli, JMitl mi lmrt iH'lici". G cow LOST. AllRIXDI.r. COW, in or 12 jear old, left the pi-ture la-t week. Anv pcr-o'n liiidin the fame and Kivtn? notice tome shall I e haiid-ouiclv paid. 1IORAC1-: Ilurlinilon, July 3, 1811. -I BAI..ORIXES, Silks Silk Shawls, Cravats Pnn'cil Law lis Oini;haiii, ParaoN, Thread I. ace-, lllk. Silk l.ace., &c. &e. Ju-l reieived and for sale extremely low by IIKXRV W. CAT LI X. Jnlv II, 1811. G RICH GOODS. AKRESII supply of Super, E.vtrafinc, 3 Ply Car pcliiis; Dru'i-ells, lircen Maize, Od Cloths, b'li-h Mnltiiiss; Rich G-1 and S-l Emb'd Printedand Damask Table Covers; Cupel lliiicliiig and '' bread. LOVELY Sf SEYMOUR Have aNo imported a rich assoitmciil of PAPER II N(iIXGS FROM PARIS, which they offer low together wilh a youd assortment of A.mi:i:icx do. ClunchSl., July 11, 151 1. "wiHTli" iTliAl). ry TOX-s ".Veir Yuri: and S,mcrlics" white lead, dry and LTouud m oil, 'pure,' 1 extra,' and 'X'o. I,' N jim ree'd. The ipialnv ul'iliN lead N warranted anil ir-uciei to tie t,uiicrior lo au iii.iiiiu.iu turi'l in ihe I'niud Slates. ST STRONtiS it CO. Auir.r., '11. 11 T3 FREIGHT FOR NEW YORK & , B08T0N. Vortlierii Tr.iiisi(iifafl(in l.liiv Association. -J ) l.ll I.Alt LINK Ol-- LAKE LOATS Irom New I L Vi.rk, Adiiny, andTrov, lo Ibirlimrlon, Si. Al bans, and oil" r Pi ns on I ake Cli iiiip'.-iui, TOR I'liEICIIT APPI.V 'lO Charles I!. Jane-, 3'i Ci.iniie. Slip, New- Vork. On- Clapp, l.i Luna Whail, lio-lon. II. A. Iloicoinb, l(i Per, All anv. L. A. I'arlelou, .m liner St., Tioy. 1-aac V. Raker, Whhil.all. I l'. I II Ik.... I I f.. . Euos llluiu. ! I,llrllli glim. Lawrence Ilraiu.ird, ( c A. Illnin, I All ans. Whaling's, Port Kent. J. Walpole, Pi rl Duu.lass A I). I.u'il, Platl-I m-ali. J. C. Pierce .t S"n, St. Johns, Canada East. A lloal will leave llnrliinflou and St. Alhaiis daily and run m coiineciion with a regular ,ine ol Pack et, from Xew Voi I. to llo-ton. Cari-'o will be insiir. cu tu Aiw ) oru. I- u-ialit at lowe- irn es. J. II. HOOh'EI!, 1 EI.IAS PATI'liOX, r Trustees. I. V. I1AKER, S Li'v, ISM. 7.3,,, MESS J'OIIK. AKLW llbls. just recencd by , , ,. H. W. CATLIN. J'liy u, l,-,u. (j SMOKED 11EEE. COfl MLS. Superior ouality s nioked Reef hy 'JVtVI juy. I, r, .STRONGS it Co. FLOUR. OPCn l,lu's- Superfine Klonr, 100 half llbls. do OQJ July, .1. 5 STRO.VOS it Co. GRIND STONES. AC CHOICE Nova Scotia Grind Sioncs- M'W Jy, ., 5 STRONGS le Co. JOHN LKW1S AksiIii iiiiioiik iliu wlii'i N or Time I-fAVlNG a Iiii:c tinielo spare not devottsl to hi- - oilier I u-iecss, he wi-hes to till op this time in repairinj time. Those bavins; WATCHES to re will plea.e to I riiiif iheiii on hi time, and have ihein put m urder tu kn-p KoisUme. IturliiiL'iiui. June 18, 1811. 3 hash paid kor wool, iv II. W. CATLIN. Al-o, troths ex( hanged for Wool on good terms June 20, 1911. 3 N EW Hounds. Illove-. Mills. Lawns Suinuier x Mii'l-i ive. jiu-t iceeiied hy June -20, 'II. ;i II. W. U CATLIN. CASE s-imtiicr (Joisl., 1 do eol'deaiiihrier, 1 do Irish biii-li--. I ilo rolton I'lauRs, ju-l re'-eivisl nnd for sale by June 5, 1811 I VII.AS, LOOM IS if- Co. i'Aii:it. Itl'AM.S rubsl letier Paper, OKJK) 1301) lo tat. do for salo by Jiinellj, Ml. VILA.S', t.OOMLS'it Co sua a ns, I f) HIILS. Porto Hieouiid Mii.eovado Suiar, nNo I loal, Lump, Powdcrul and ciu-bel Smar for unioiiv. a. .11. I'UPJ-i, June II, '. 2 OA Nl) L lis A Nl "S OA F. C HOXES sperm Candle-, 20 do, Tallow Candles, xii no. soap, -J no. i .nl no soao, ;tiio. l uncy lo.lel do., 10ilo.rh.iMn do. y STRONGS it Co. June 11, '1. ' 2 Ol l-'ISII. en orivi'M.soj Ki h i.v u i . Aiis.G.'M. STRONG'S i. Co, !0.ES I'AI'm 'lOIIAnno mr snln very .l',',"'' h?. I'OI.I.ETT it IIKADI.I'.V. 01dWhnri; Aiir.8, IBM. Ill HEALTH AN'STWTH I)lt. S. O. UI(MlAIU)SOsN'S C'ONCUNTItATUI) Wiey are ttie tinriralUil nnd tfllcrtctoun com pnitnil of a regular fhyiirian mul jviiilunte ul'llie Acir JtimjiMre Matieal Cullcifc, vhn on muih Hie sliuhj nf medicine his profession, nnd Win nrc UieMy ruommcndtd faj many nflht mm! vctik'raltd l'liysi duns in the country, ns dccitledly the Mcillcllic over oni fid to lltn Pulillr, 'or Di'.prpsiii, Jnumlirc, l.ictr Complainlt, Hu mors, ij'.c.i nnd dtransemtnts if the ttointich nnd htnccls. Kor sale, Wholesnle and Retnil, at the Dnetnr's nfficc, 13 HANOVER .STRChT, IIOSTOX, lo I or sale in liurbiimou by IT.CK it Sl'KAlt, Apothecaries and DniL'isis, mid HAftAll it AIl Tl It'll, anil by all ArciiIs lliroualiout llio Stale. llm3- WANTED 500 OR inOO lb-. Sl urred Hit. for which ea-h Will bo li.lid he l'l'Ck - SI'KAll. July II, 1811. 0 TO JMiJNTIOUS. llitfliilo l'rliitlns Ink Mamtraclory. WIIJ.IAM l'lllCSCOTT it CO. bavin? re cently added extensive Machinery and niipara Ins to their M.iiiid.iclory, they ate prepared lo furiiMi I'rintine lull" ol all (pialitie, i-hadcs, and colors which they aie n'llinsr on ns lavorablo leiirs as can be pun In-ed at any other oMabliliiiiinl in the ful led Stales To Iho-e rrinlers who are daily in ihe habit of usiiiir our lul.s, wo do lo t recommend it, as Iheir continued palronaire i a sufficient proof o.' their ap probation i hut lo tho-e who nnleat a distance, and are not aeouainted with our Inks, weilo carne-lly leeoinineiid it, an I should it not in every respect an swer their expeclalioii, wo will take, it back and re fund the money. The News and llnnl. Ink are- put up ill Itpg ion I.1IUUI2 20, 30, G.-, and l.HJ lbs. cat h. All orders eeeuleil on a favorable terms as by dersoital application. AdENTS. II, II. Sla.'V. I'uiliiiLrloii, Vt. (i. K. Rood it Co. Stationers' Hall, Detroit. Sab-bury it ll.itcr, l.o-anporl. In'iana. S. X. I)icl.itison, llo.tou, ,M,i-. A. II. Armour it Co., Hamilton. 1.0 be llrollu r-, Toronto. I'e.liar.ils it Deln-lnre, (lin't Printers, Montreal. X. I'.iltuer. .Market Sipi.ire, Kiucston. S.I. RiksI,, Wi-cou-in I'cr. Manufactory, Xo. G I'litteil Stales Hold Hindi, Pi-.ul street. 11 REMOVAL. rpll E soh-criher has u ni.iied Irom Ins old -taud on 1 Church Streei, lo his new lllfICK SHOP on Culm's Lane, twenty roiN East of the Ihirlin-.-ton, where he ha- on hand and will continue to man faeture all kin I- (-1 CABINI5T WAKI!, of Ihe best cfinlitv j u h as SO'.S, SUCIIKT Rll'.S, IIEM'HI Al S, Diuiu-, Tel. Centre, Work and Toib I TAIH.KS.ST NDS it HEDSTI.'ADS, and all kind- of work in his line. iUMo-t kind- of Country produce and l.umler riH-eiied in p-iymcnt, ur aip'roved creilit, nnd vt rv cheap for Ui-h. SAMt'EL NK'lIOl.S. ' II iiIiii-.'Ioii, May 23lh, 1911. 5 HA IN'li ici-eivela verv e-cn-ive aortmcnl of DRV COOIIS invite.' tie-Ladies and (ienllc iiien of II irliu.'tnii inlvinniiy loeall au-l e.iiuuie in in. .iiihiiil' which win ic linn I li.ilormcs, I I.iwii-, Sum Siripul Muslin, Striped .Mu-liii liin- ii.iiii-, ji. i). i, ami's Also A very eten-ne as ol Ill.ick and I'lue lll.ieli Alepines of superior cpialit ami lini-h verv low. Prints j a very i; am-y of hc.inliliil lhii-li, liirlit ground-, and -ojiei-ior ipi ilil-, ihe luo-t cb-u-int styles in market. These Gi oils w'cie I oul'IiI in Ho--Ion and areiis'oiHiiicii''eul forilur.ibilily and Himc dors. l-'orniinre Punt-, White l-'iu-uiliiie' Dinntv, C', III, II and 12('iailcrsandC.iiiniu I'r.imes. Mlai-k and Ulue lli.u-k, Germ in, Lu.-li h and Ameri can 1'i-oad Cloth-. C.i-siiiiere and Vo-liiijp, an ex'eas.'.ea-orl.neiit. Satuieiies-, Twcisb, Ei-inuicite, Caiiib'ctit-ii, Doe Skin. Ca-hincre, I-'iL'nred and Plain I.Tliui.', Valie tme, .Mole Skin, and other rich .-'uiuiik r stud'.. Ladies' super Itlaek Kid Clme-, Le.-ht Colonsli'o. lor -inniner, While do., Hall' Long do. ANo, Silk, Li-lo, Colton, (f-e. Ladies' India liubler Mills. A few pair Rich Cull"-- Gentleiuen's Kid (IIom-s, lilack While mid Coloied Lisle Thread, I iaen and Coilon do., While Kid an Silk do. Superior Spitalfield Hdkf-., Pensee, Choppas and Il.inda. lilack llahan ('ratals, ,..tia sZl.. Silk Opera Ties l-'ancy and Ill.ick S.iliu do. Slo ks and Collar-. Trench Dimilv, C.iinl He In-eitins and Edirinc, KriiiL'i's, Cinip-, Pnr-es, II u-s, Hooks and Ejes on Cards and in l!o.e., let (liiiiou. An ex en-ivi-.iori nent of Zephyr Worsted-, P.-arl lliitloo-, with and without -hnik.. Kinu Coinh-, Dres-itiido, .Si-is.or-. Phi-, X'eedle-, &e. Cottons. Smrk Mills, l-'.irincr-, Mi Idlcsex, Merriinae, Dover and other Shce'iii-. Superior mil h-.ich'd I-'aniilv Shuiiny and Di.IIiul'. Il'e.ich'd Shceiui-.' and Shin' ini', Tiekimr, .Mexaau .MiMuie-, l-'aucv Snipe, Check-, &i; ll-itiid on Strip'd Jcm-.s. 'Wickiny, Wa.ldini'. Ikittiiiu', Kniitinir Cotton, (,'otlou V.ini, Carpet Warp, ite. al old ptii e-. Inh Linen, Double Dama-k, llrow I Linen, Jacket do., Supeiior While Linen Drilhiv, Duck, Cia-h Ko-ia Di.ier,Ilii-dsr.joLitiiu,,leClolh-,Spreads mid Doialie-. Plain M. D. I.aino IKlkf-. and Shawl-, Itomiet, Cap and Keek Rilihons. .Mar-hall's Linen Tlne.ul. do. White siiperliao X'o. fiom SO lo 100 for knitting Lace, ite. Tailor's Tilinmltus!. Sill,-, Twist, Camas, PadJinsr, Ibown Linen, Si I i, Hiiitons, Coat Cool and Hmi-I, Wijj- an-, ,.: d'-e. Tajloi's Spool Tlnu.ul, Clark's anil other kind-. llurliiiiTlon, 23 .May, IBM. fl 1IAKD WARE. STROXGS Co. have riH-eived and oher lo pur chasers a veiy ;eneial a--urllii'-nt of IIAR1). WARE, aiuonssl whico may bo found the 1'ollowiu;: to w it : llutts and .V-rews, Norfolk mid Ameiican La'ches, Che-t and Wimlmv Blind Hinge, Wne ('heck Sprim;-, .Mortice Hell Cranks, Cm-led Hell Springs, IMlCraiil.s.llou.e 11,-lls, Ikiiul, Tower, sprin?;, Sipiaro and Monkey I ail lion-, Tiiink and Che-t Handle-, Garden Rakes, Kire Irons, llem-h Vices, Rrass lluttoiis on plates, Japau'd do. Sciew Piilhe-, Hal and CoatPiu-, lilack Hooks and Hinges, .Shinier Screw-, Sliibbsaud Plates Pad Uck-s, Trunk do., Cupboard do., Till do., Chc-I do. Loin; shanked ami Coiie.ivo Augers, Ili-nci'smid Hills. Ilevils, Kiiniei-Chi-ils Joiners, .Mortice ami Socket do. (ionse-, iiiais DiiidcTS, tiittililelr. Single nud iloul le Plane Irons, Compass, (irnltmt-, Hand and Ripping Saws, hmves mid Kink-, CJ-irver-, Steels, liutiher Kmye-, Itiead and Shoo Kuiu-s, Prunniiijf do. 1'ocl.i t and Pen do. Taper lib-, .Mill do. (1 u Hasard do. half round do. lloisella-p-, llra..liiiis,Ciirlaiu rin-.-r.Te.i hell-, T'Mi"!s iiiIT'"'"""- ""''er Cham-. S:.,llr..i.s Til. Hr.uts, Tal.le Spoon-, Table Hiii"e.. Ciitlia-.' Xippers, Dead Aw Sa-li Kastencrs, Nut Cracker-, Cork Screw-., Hand Vices, Trowels, .Steel Viird-, 50 to 100 lb-., Grid lron.,S.iiiee pan-, Lii.imel'd Masliu Ketile., Il3im Pipe.-, lied Keys, Copper Wire, Sciew pullie-, Axlodo. Sa.h Roller.-, Platoloeks, Iron Square.., Stub do. i ood Saws and 1 rallies, Pewter Cock., Iluntf borer-, llutier tryers, .Sickle., Cm T.icks, Kryiny pan. RatTiaps, llox and Ivory Rules Toy Hoe., Ladies' do. Screw Drivers M.iho.iny Knobs, Strap Iliiimiiers, Carpet do. Screw leuches, llroad Hatchets, Shinr'liiij,'ilo. Rrass Sliiinnicrr, Saw Sells, itc. Ac. Al-o, HEAVV HARDWARE. Anvils, Vice-, Ca-tSieel. Plated mid Iron Shnn l. ","!,'Sl1;!ll,'i ''""S ''orkr, Hay do. Urn liars, Wro'l. .sail-, i race ih.iiiis, iron Wire, lira ass Kettle., ite. .May 22, 1S1I. 11 Ton sai.i:, milE East nnr, of iI.a VIXs'l'llX' lll'ir nil', i I "Ti" 1" .'i C"M1-'ri'r-'i"i'-il Cliureh, to bo V . Ii .. . "'""" i'"iiyo.iyr. .ippiy ill 2Slh May.'ll Lj-jf II. W. CATLIN II A ll 11 wTTTP ALnri'enml general as-orlmcnl of Hard Ware, couipririn;r aluio-t every nniclo waniixl in hou-u fiiilrliin? and fiinilshiiig. Saddlery, Carn.iKO trnil niiii!.", ite. ite. STRONGS u CO. Aug. G, 11. U niFrrs am) sou t:vs. Qfin l,()Z' TalWt lM: "al'i Narrow, Hrond, 'JtJ Window lllind and Pew door llutts, from Wroiiilil and Cast Iron, 1,500 GROSS American " J'remium" Screws, u-mrteil m.os Dealers riipj.lied ut New Vork pri ces STRONGS it CO. Aus. fi,' 11. 10 SUMMER GOODS. WHITE mid llrown l.i.ien Dr IIhil-, Twee Is lllk S iiiimer Clolh, nNo, n vnr.e y of Colton mi's r, r... '. ..i.. i. ... i .. ' b i- niinn-r v nun, iiim, ii VHrit for Minimcr wear fur alu low by S. M. POPE, MORE .VEW GOODS. , v. i M Aivn'oitn HAS just rcturiidl loin New Vork with his second hit of poods sinci .May last, consisting, of Kancy nnd Slaplo Dry Good4, Dry Groceries, Paper UntiR ings.itc, which for tji.ility and cheapness entinot be surpisseil Jiiy 15, ISM. 7 A LARGE ns-ortnciit of-Teas Tobacco Sugar .Mola-ses, Siiices, ite, itc. for sab-at I COLE it ROBINSON'S. MIDDLE liUil Y CASSiMERES. 11 P". .Mi(lillcbiiryCassnere.s f, r sale at Manufac turers tiri'-o livthe i,.. I.v si t. PiiiM-!. .Minei i, '.l I, 2 yi.oni. 1 Otfl'"l- mpirliiie l-'lour, fill half barrels do ly-fyj June 1 1 2 STIIONGS it Co. S l'lill M 'Oil..'" 1 fJOO 0. p-ire iperm wililcr and pr!nc sperm M.7jxr iji , film Hilar llo. STRONGS if- Co June II, 'II. 1 SPItl.Vfi (iOOI)S. A T.rtrcp nnd t'bolre Axsnrlniettt of AM) FANCY GOODS, .List reccivil horn New Vork by 130YNTON & BURitETT. SATIN mid Eu.t rii'lered Shaw-N, Plain Do Lane do., Muslin ile Lines, Kniiir, Gimp, Cainbries nnd Muslins, Piiiitn! Lawns and Muslin, Alpine Iloinba zincs, Hosiery, G. ve, e.e. 201) Pir.CES PRINTS, Choice I'tttcrni, Very .otr. llleei-heilainlSiriiel Shirtm3,'i'ickiiir, Sali-bury Klanncls, pianN, G nchaitH," Iri-h Linen, llrown Holland, a lariro as(rlincal of Siimnicr Clolh. and GainbroiMis and vanois lancy aria les not tnentiored. A very choice M-Ii-lion 'of llnoAD Cloths nnd Vestinos. (iidcctlcs. Mola-ses, llrown Susrar, Lonl'do., Vouns Hyson, Hyson, llyoii Skin, and Imperial Tea-, Collbe, Gin per, Ri'-e, Raisins, nnl Spices nf nil kinds. Crockery mid dia-s Ware, NinN, Sails, Klour nud I-'i-h. Al-o Will keep nn lnnd a ? I assortment of HOOTS and SHOES of ell kinds, and work made lo measure by a workman I Hi-eiN no recommendations, Iliiieslurgh, ilay III., 1811. 51 Cm N R. 10.000 li s lll 'ITI R and .10 M. SHIN (il.ES wanted in e.chmiLro for Good, til the iiighes market price. Also, ea-h paid for Cheese. i ion sr. ro i.ri. Till-: sidiscril er will lei his lar-re and eotnmoilious I1HICK 1IOKSE, situalisl ojipo-iie the Hank ol lliiiliil'.'lnn, ami on Ihe corner ol Chun h ami Haul. Street-, f( r one or n longer term (f eais. The hon-e ha- I ecu occupied for a niiml er of years pa-t ns a hoaidimt hou-e, and is well calculated toaceotii ni' Liti- from Iweniv to ll.iriy boarders. Terms made known by nppli'-aiiou to ihe siib-ord er, nud posses sion uiveu on the lir.t day of May next. W.M. A. lil(ISWOLI). HiirliUElnn, April-I, ISM. !! if CIMVI) ss'l'IIVI'.s.. 5 TON'S Xova Scotia Grind Moms, lini-hel and iiiilinthcil, assorted. ssTROXGS it Co. May II!, Ml. 50 IjOI ASII KI.TTI.I.S, !I0 mid 120 siallon-. ('mil Hum Ho .Ml. -I.,. GO and r ) -'a on-, verv e heaii Miv. lilt. j() S TROXGS 'ft Co. il H MOVED. M..J. FAY I fAS removisl to Hie XJL coiner of Church nii-l Hank -tn els, oppo site Iho Hank of Itnr biiL'toii, where be h i- aL' assortment id HOOTS SHOU llladeol the 1 est slo. U and Ii v lliu mo-t tin i oiih workmen, which will bo -old ns cheap ns tic cheapest. Hi"All kinds nf wink made to i rdcr on the most leasonaole terms and al the shorte I notice. Hiirlmclou, .b Gih, 1911. 1 If IX NEW VORK. To supply the City and Interior Trade, by the Piece or racLae. Removed ! Krom 11:1 Pearl St net to 1 1 ci-:i).it sriii:i-rr. M'.ak William T LI', ft RREWSTER i;ne notii e to the Deali A-J in Drv (iooiN, that they have n-moxed their Wnieho-j-e lor Prnileil U.itiene-, Kxclusiielv, fr.iin Pearl, lo It Crilnr Strccf. I!y 'lillmiiir their nl leniion to Priuls only L. it II. are enal Nil o exhibit an a orimeiil far snipa-simr any ever belnre olleieil in America and to sell at prices as low and General ly Lower than hnii-es who-e attention in divided anions a larue variety ol articles. The Stock of Pat terns and Coi.oniNii-. eiiibi-.icin i? ei erv varicly nf AMEKICAX AND KOItEIGX PRIXT In market many -tylis of winch are -rot op e, In sively ror their own' -ale-, and cannot be had eUe wbeie, exupi in -econd hands.

Dealers m I'rints wilt it tor Iheir u-lerest to ex amine tin- Stock 1 cfotomnkiu': their Hiirch.i-es thev will h.iveilieadvaiila.'e ol le.iriiniL' the lowel mar ket prices and comparing all the desirable styles in market ride hy -i 'e. Catab -.-lie of Price-, corrode I wilh every variation 01 me iiari c, aieplai-e.l in llio hands ol hiiiers. Apiil'J, Ml. -10 If INSH.TB2 AXtTiR. r I iIIE s,il sci 1 1 cr ha. aeli-il as t-j-cni Inr i Ik- Elan 1. Iu-iiiance (,'ompany of Hartfoid Connecticut for more in tu twenty ycar.-p.i-t. ami continues to insure imaiii-l losa.-ss h'y liie, ami all kinds t f l,indim.- and personal properly, and will rc-cne applications at hi- oince in iHiriiusiou.niiii iimneiiiately i--ne 1'olicc mr tint purpose a, as rw rates cf pienimm, as any aiiiTii. - lie uniioiil led re-pon-il'ililj of ihi. Company, iiismes safety to theiu-u-rc l, and their prnnipt, honorahle, ai d III eoiir-c in the adjii.iinent and p.-iymeul of lo.-e-, wdlleat- le-leil li y all with wlioi'i I hey have hail occasion to do l.ii-iii--.. W.M. A. liRISWOLD.A'.'cnt. niiiliii'.'ton, Mnrdi 1, ISM. -10 tf WA'riut. TEST rccciied, a t'n-li mmlv of COX'GRESS WA ') TP-It, in boxes nl'o-ie and two doon each, and for sale Iv GI.O. PETERSON. Hurliii--'ioii, May 7, Is! I. dS if II"U.-lT IVUMllt. Qr)( Ps. Ilr,'je Pa cr, aorlcil quality, and w new rauenis, erviiieai, tii-i rcceivc'i, ttv -Mav 1G, 1P . 50 II. W. CATLIN. ' T1V IM.ATES, JliC. I HO HOXES Tin Plate 1-3 X andexlra sizes I VJV GO Rolls Iron Wne, No. 1 tn IS, Sheet Copper Tinned aiidlll.'.ck rivets, Copper rivet, and Ears, Holt Cipper, with a ireneral assoritnent o Tinners Tools, STRONGS it Co. .May 10. Ml. .10 l-i.oirit. "I 1I111LS. Sit.erlinu Klour " Herrmstons" II )U al) half oi ls do do Mil- '.'"i. 1811. .".0 STRONGS ,t Co. CHAIRS! CHAIRS ! ! CHAIRS IN I ) F.SPl'.CTIT'LLY ini'orin llio public that ihey will liereafter carry un the CHAIR makiii!; bu siness, at Ihe old stand of TiiAVKn, Stcaht it Co., nn Church St.. two doors snuili of the County House. and f(( I warranled ill payins ihnt they can furnish ns hnndsnme and durnlilo an article in this line, ns was ever offered in Riirlini'ton, and on as low terms. Ple.irn eal mid examine. All kinds of Chair-. S,.ce., Seltee-crad'es and pnintednt short nonce. Country Produce of nil kind taken in exchange I'or chair-. JOHN G. DAGGETT. CI1AKLES R. STUART. Rurlinlnti, May I, 1811. -19 xiOIti: XI'AV GOODS. TJM.OREXCK, Hrnid, Rulland, Straw and Enslish llonnci.. Mi ' Hornets, Silks, Punts Gill!;. hams, Sh iwls and Hi'kfs ite. ite. iu-t received hy M.. . HI ICH f.-.ll 11 XV rSATI IIVT .".1, IUII. I"' I ... ... ..... ..... JIDKFS. y.i PS. Pons-co pni kel Hnndkerchiefs, I 1 21 do., imitation linen do oOdoz. Gingham Cravats, 1.-, d,y. Iihick Dalian do 100 iloz. cottcn Glores, jn-t reccivisl and for sale by VILAS it l.UO.1116' it Co. Juno 5. Ml. 1 MINTS, 15 CASES American Prints, o .lo M.inchcstei GiiiL-hain--. 1 do bieaciiisl shte.nii, Jiis lec'd and for sale June 5, Ml. 1 by maa, i.uo.iiis iv t n. GRO. shavni'.' snip, tV 7.i do hoiks nid rje--, R'. .In rimlid (..els. 50 M. D. K. NeisV-, jn-t rer-eiveilnnd for sale June 5, Ml. I hy tll.A.V, l.uu.Ml.Vit ue. M ACKI.ltl.L. Cixl 1-'-L Salmon. S led Heel by .May 15, Ml t" .1 iuu.mim iv uo NBW FIRM. TV W. Glllll would infirm tho public Ihnt he has I. formed a eonneetion m the Sa lillmtr Inisine-s wilh Cob H al Hoyiiii n. l ime-s will Lo eniulucli-d won ""i -) ... '. - -... ..l.l ..... ..r itit.ii.inin of "l,uu ' t. w. Timii & co. Tlieyin'end to le in -i-lua ion ut nil times to ne. coiiinii'diile eiist. nncrs w i any nrnclo hi their 'mi They will en-n-e that shall le to the micro.! nl i,liv P,'n,le "nn ,'"K"lw'nli ""'K"r "' l'.ll'l ll-,'u s'0' is.. . , ,o. Im. di ii ii nice, lor S.5 cash. lIiiiesbiirnb,Juii'i'-olb THE PATENT LACE, iNir.NTiii nv n. P. HANNING, M. I). IIP rlTTSnUnrill. l-.NNCVI.lANf A. WILL bo kept en.ntantly on hnnd by Dr. Jon-. i W. KMEnr, ol Es.ex, he bavins iitrchnsed nf tlieoriiinal Patentee Iho rxcluthe richl to mahe and vend the same, within nnd for thu Conniies ol Chit tenden, Kriiiiklin.l Lamoille, nnd Grand Mr. Tho PATENT LACK, I ecu before Ihe pub. lie for n nniiilernriiionlhs hundreds have I een ap plied in ilillereiitparlsof Ihe eounlry, nnd wilh n suc cess never before equalled by any mrenl Nuiiierniisivell nulhtnticn ted Certificate, of its hcncli. eialiiiihieiicein Iheremoval ofdisea-cs of long stand- Hi, mlnlit lieliiriiisheil Irom thl-linlniilmlc vicinity in addition to the slaleiiient of eases nnd certificate, ofciiresfurnl-hedby Dr. Hamiins nud others. lint Ibis is not deemed iicec-snry asnt the pre-en 1 1 line, re ference r an be sriu-ii to individuals wenrim; tho l.acc, in nearly every town in the County. Physicians have lonn felt the nccos.iie nfn Suimor- tcrilillerentlyioiisii uciisliinij mote perfect in itndap lion to the human form, than any that had been pre enlcd In the public. The invention nf llannins's meet i with their ceneral approbation, ns it is ileshrnod to rchi e symptoms, nnd remedy n class ol physical main. lies which cannotlv reached by medicines alone. The descent nnb'splar-cment of the vi-eerrn Irom re laxation of the abdnminni muscles, or other causes. tends toallcrnndilerangetliefiinclinn nl every onran in the human system, and, in many en-es, this devia tion Irom Ihe natural he-ilthy pn-ilion of part , is tho oleean-eofeiierai dd.ility in .Mnles and Kemale-. nfty,;c;jsiVi, Aili-edons of tlie Stomach nnd Lirer, f'nriirririon iiltiii! Heart, Spinal Irritation, lly&leria, I lintOrniitlrtrt. 1ilr. rniDtio .IVniii-rsci'mi of Urine, the llranchilis ol PiihlicSiicnkcr.s, nndi'nci ;ieni Consumption nil ofwliicb Willi e iniieh rehev eil, if noi entirely removed, hy iho n-o of the J'altnt l.nce, when their existence iscau-ed hy physical de ranireinont nnd a nii-chanical iliplaeement of parts, which can I c readily nscerlained by nb-erving the form nnd symptoms nt tir person nllecKsl. m-i..-u i...-i i .. n- . ... ... i. ...... hi ii. is u.Miiuine'i oy .'tun, llo(ter, Kr.incis nnd Grisconih, nf New York the Kaenliy of Pitt-huroh, llarlfordnnd New Haven, and has ol ip.ii. (si i heir fa vorn hlc le-litnony. Applications for lln's Lace may be made lo the 'lib order, nlE-sex,nr Haiar it Arthur, lbirliniton. Patients nta di-lanee will bo vismsl at their residence, il reipiiicd. JOHN W. EMERY. i-.s-ex Alarcli 27, 1H J J. -l.ttf " SUGARS. - 1 "1IIIDS. St. Croix and Porto Rico mcar, 10 IV' pa. karesdoid Ic refined loaf, cro-hed and pow lensl su-ar. I y STRONGS it Co. June 11, Ml. 2 llltlGGS ,t trNDI'.ltXMIOI), ATTORNEYS AT LAW, iyr. llurlinaton, Vt. Out I'AIDIS Tt) I.HASK I'-Olt A T V. It .M Ol'' YI5MIS. LARGE l-'ARM slocked with a dairy nnil -licep, mi'l prepared for exlen- .io sow-in- an I plauliii'.r. Tho per-on ipplyina iii-i-t have sutllcient means to -arrv il oil ami furni-h ihe best rer-oin. mciidatioii for inteirriiy and industry. Also, two other larms to let for an amount atrried upon. The-e firm-arc silnatisl on the Lake shore oppo--ilenurliii'-'ton. Apply lo C. M. it W. C. WATSON. Port Kriil.rob.2fi, 1811, 30 If SrWooI! SiLraL'Lr, rpilK, nt'RLINC.TOX MILL COMPANY are X ready to receive Wool to....iii..r.ictiiremt'i llroad Cloth, m the a terms ns heretofore, by Me--r-. Iloelnf-nii ami R.itlilniii, w ho aie expected to remain. Karnier-, Mereh nits or oilier-, who are wishimr to have Wool manufactured for their own i:-e or for market, can have itdonc m the I e-t iiiamier. SIDNEY HARLOW, April 22, LSI I. 17 Attn! for 11. M. Co. AM (JAN II ;)TKIi. A ND GENERA I. S TA G F. HO USE, ItY S. W. TAYI.OIt, CounT Hol-sr Sqe.vr.K, Hchlinotos, Vt. 2Gt WOL'I.D respectfully inform his friends nnd the public that he lias jut returned from New York with Ua latest fashions, and that ho continues to carry on business in his old stand. Ilnvme vii ted sumo of the best shops in the I il y of New York ho trusts that, with an c.xperknco of twenty-two years, ho can compete with tho best Tailors in this part of the country. X. II. Cutting doncat short notice, cheap for cnh. May 8, 1311. 19 tf s. n. iaiimaii:i: ATTORNEY AT LAW. X'o. 7 Counsellors Hall. (Peek's I'.uililillL'.) 13 1 8 44-. LAKE CIIAM1M, UN. iMiW.YOHK AM) DOS I ON. XV3RCK3i3.IxTTS' KXXtTE. THE PROPRIETORS ofthis Line have provided n ela-s of first rate boats to ply Ihepre-ent sea son I elween Lake Chan. plain and New-Vorl , forthe Iran-porialion ol Merehaiiih-e and such other prop erly as may I o eiitru-ted to their care, and hope to receive, as ihey intend to merit, a fair shaie ol palrotiace. The-e boats aro through to X'ew- York, nnd are to I e towisl l.y su-a.n on llml-on It icr, and on Lake Champlaiirwlieii t ece-s.iry. In this mode property is not s.ihiei te I lo injury by tramhipuienls, and lots are kept lo-.'ctlier. This Line of boats connect nt X'ew Ynik with ihe Dc-p.iicb Line of Hi.-tnu Pnel.ois; Coulr.icis for freight letween itostoti or Xew York and Lake Champlain, can be made with our au'cni-. Property pa-sin- I ctween Hostnn and Lake I'li.niiplaiii, for warded in either direction via Wes'ern Railroad, when dcsiicJ. rr. opnir. Tons, KOI.LEIT iv IIRADLEY, Hurlimrinn, Yt. NICHOLS, Hl'RTOX .- C'HIT'I EXDI'.N, St. Allan-, Vt. A fl r. N T s , L. A. Johnson-, !) Cocniics Slip, X. York, C. I.. Wai-.b, 1G Lous Wharf, lio-toti. -I.", if DAIRY SALT. QOf Saiks Dairy Salt, Just recened by OVlU u. W. CATLIN'. JU.iyVI). -19 ALARliEas-ortmeiitof Kaiicv Kieiicli Cis-niieies for Gcnl. sninuter wear. Twisdand Suiiiiner Coats, at 1 COLE. A- ROHINSON'S. voi.i: ,y- noniNsoN OKKK.R for -ale a larirr nrsorl.ncnt of SPRING nnd SUMMER DRY (1001). r.ieiitlv i.ur- eh.isisl for ea-h al the lowest m.iiket piices, ' They will receive in payment for tho same, ea-h, wool or iiiix.- Dairy Mutter for a fewwciks, allir which they will be sold for cash nt iini-cs low eunuch to insure en h trade. 1 WANTED, IX' exchanre for Klour, Salt, Teas, Tol ncco, Dry Gouls nf every kind, orCa.-h, n few tl.oi.-and lbs. of anodcle.i.i Kluve Wool, fur which the best market price will I e paid, by lCOLE & ROIilXSON. S licet ings, &,c, C)X HALES brown sheeting, AO 'X do " Drill-, 3 do " Ticks, pist rei-eiv(sl and for sale June 5, Ml. 1 by VILAS, I.OOMIS & Co. ni:v GOODS. "' SM. POPE has jti-t receiiedhi- Sprins Slock nl Dry Goo I- and Gntccrie., which lie will sell for i ash or ready pay as cheap us the cheapest. Hiir!iii!!loii,5Iay 1.1, IS 11. 50 lll.VTM I.' i v Mwr,ki EXIMJ-:SS THE subscriber, have made nrrnnzrnirnts to send n messenger from Huston to .Montreal an I back ome ii wivk each way, .n. Iliulimiton, Moutprlier, and Concord, X. IL, leaving Hostou on .Muud.iv mul Montreal on Thursday, for the Iraiisiiiission of Spe cie, Hank Notes, niiil'nthcrwiluiihle packinre.. Par. t ii-i.l ;i r .. 1 l-iil ii.ii paid lo eolle'-nnir and payni" Notes Dralts, Hill-, Aixi-pian'x-s, (f-e. ,f.c. . paetTaires to lem.irkisl Virjil & Co. and Wnlker it Co.'s F.x p.ess, and lo 1 e left at the coiinling room ol J, it J, H. Peek it Co. VIRGIL & Co, Montreal. 3 walker & tv, Uo J All Yo That Thi-st ! not : ;i;i) yrt ! nUM, HRAXDV, GIN ami WINKS, of all the various iiinliiies,tuqiiaiiiiiies of nno pint or more, and oilier KAMILY GROCERIES, for sale nn rev soiiable terms, by ISAAC WARNER. Hiiilnigmn, June, 1SII. o LEATHER. 1 OH S!"r-S,5u!" '''''"her, pood nnd very cheap, 1 June 20, , M53bySTItONGS & Co. ' ' FRESH Fills. OCT DIU'.MS, ju.t roivivcdhv JiuielD.MI. 3 STRONGS It Co. Feathors 1 Hfin l'"'f- acit' rc.ilher.-, warranlixl, 1UUW 300011... liens' do for sale l.y Jniie.V-11. 1 VILA.1?, I.OOMIS it Co. A KEW bl I-. Winter rtiiiin and Summer Oil, nt 1 COLE .f. ROHIXSON'S. OAS 11 FA ID FOR WOOL. rplll" subsi-ri) er w 11 pay Ca-h for Wool delivered 1 al In- Store, head of Pearl Slreet, nearly oppu. Ito llio Pearl Street House. HARRY IHtiDLI V. Ilurlinat'in, June IS, M, 3 ITEVr GOODS. Tl'ST RECEIVED, by J May 1,1811. LOVELY" it SEYMOUR. PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. VAR RANTED. THIS nrticleis too well known to need cnmnifn d.'tliiin .nnd ih. nt ............. ..r n.u l.n. demonstrated to tho commercial eonnn ly. thnt for accuracy, convenience and durability, they nrc unrivalled Coal ynrd scales to womb from 11 to G !"",r.'nr,l,,,0rl".n.nt U,'n,r-'hoUSC lid, to WCIJjIl frOIH 1-2 111. to 000 lbs., Portable do. to wciijli from 1 2 oz. to 2001b. PortnblcCo.mtcrdo aiiownrticlo towewh from 1-2 07.. to 10 lbs. J. it J. II. Peck & Co. Agents. Ihnlington, Juno 30, 1813. dtf S. S. SK.IMVMIC. SAimi.t:. if a h.xiisn a xi) 'i'iu'.xk ma si l'ACTUiinn, srur.r.v. ALSO, keeper ol LIVLMtY STADLE Eit of the Courl House (.Me chanic's Row.) Application mule at Iho Shop Yf nr Ham willrcctivcpromptnl- k tcnttoti. :? r jin'rs Hiirhnnton, t., 1 20 iT.nui.aVJ'' 2R Nov., 1113. J Wnntisl n J'liirneyiiianSiddler.ind Cirnairc Tr in iner. A trood ineeliatno will find cmploymciit. S. S. SK1XXER. "lltl'.PARICD Co'-na, lernncdl.i, Cloves, nutmegs, X starch, Mipcnoripiality, Imlizo, it e. by 2 STRONGS itjT( m- a- iiATumm & co DRAJ'ERS iV 'JAILORS, No. 2, Peck's P.H.lillllL', HA'I-: icliirnisl from New York wilh their Spring Stock, i-oiiiprisimr nil ns-('rllncut of carctullv -e- leetc-l VESTIXGS, a few 1 1 CASSI M l-.HES, and an extcnnc -.issoriniciil of TRI.MMINGS. M. G. Hatiiiil'.s-, C. K. WAnn. May 23, ' I b 51 M TITTS, Gloves nnd Hosiery, a L'oo.l assortment x lorsnte low by U. 1'. STANH'ORD. July 15,1811. 7 win (jmt'.s INDIAN VEG1.TAHI.E PILLS: OR INDIAN IMJHtiATlVIi. TIIOU(iII many medicines have 1 ecu Iclorethe puhlie lor 11 much lomrer period than Wkioiit' Iniiias Vi.rii-.T.vtiLt: PiLl.s. vet none saml now in 111:1-1,11:. or has iiio'io ratudly iill.iiiicd a linn 110111 upon lopu arcsi iiia 1011. 'f ie tiiouaiis thai have ii-ed them tl.r.HiL'hoiit the lensrlli nnd breadth nf Iho I'eptihlie, nil bear cheerful le-t.mnny lo their thorough rjlicncy and mild ipcrntion wheiieiii-loy(sl 111 me mo-t iiisies-ini iiisonx-rs wineti lie 11 is lair to." The theory ofdi-easeon winch WniniiT's I.s-niAK Pills aie lnuadc.1, i tln-,vi: that there isonhjonc primary cause nf all the disordeis that ajllictthc human family, and that .coiriiii humors ; or, in other word lmpuritiof lllood. This jiritici pic i- now so jjen orally admiit'eil, licit 11 may 111 (act 1 e -aid to I e iistuuiedj by an universality of opinion, thefowdis-eniers constituting but n vcrvl'cello mi nority. It is ii-eb-ss thercfiie to dt-cii-s the sound-ni-ssol this thorny 111 this pbu-eand connexion. The os-r. Diskash Piiinciplk 1 ens admitted, the mode of attack prores-cd by all practitioner- I ecoincs the .nine namely, purgation. Hut many nl'the so called spec fir. 11'.. w Icfoic Ihe public, p' only oao lonn ot Puriraiioii ; they are r-i'h.-r Siidorifi'-, Calhai lie, Ditiietii nr Expectorant. Wright's Indian Vegetable I'ills omhiiie all the-e properties, nud a.e ll.erelore calculated 10 attack the elements nf d.-ca-e nl nil points, and by u harmonious and coinl'ined o)e. ration to expel it radically I10111 the sy-lein. Their e led is almo-t maL'ical. and I- iiob'-s iisloiiishiii'' f.u lis inihhic-s than lis ellicacy Uolh serfs, ami all ages may employ thcin, nccordni2 to the ihieciion-, without loir, fur while thevnre curdin to care alldis- ca.rsthat aie, tbey ncrcr iiillieluu injury upon ll.c system. 'I he vcrftct sn'i. of the medicine is nnolbei all imiHirtaut riualilt and one which has couii-ihu'cd more than any thin-,' el-o to its extension and popu larita. In a Kord, this medicine commends itself strongly lame patronage oj inc public, ana trs use btuslair to cccime tirjorc long, n;mo-( nnirersal. CAUTION. The citizens of Xew Enirlandare resiHi-tfiilly in formed that in eoiiciticiieo nl ihe i-reat popularity which M riirhrs imii.iu esetal'le rill - liaveearneil t'V their asionisliius oodaes-, a GaiiL' ol ('(ninierlcitcrs arouow'itidiistnoii-ly eii.i'-'Cd lu pa tiuiii; on Iheiii.' sii-pectin.',n valueless and perhaps dang, rnus medi cine, under the tiau.eof Imh 111 Ve2ei.1l le Pill.. Thisislo mlorm the puhlie, lha- theenunic modi cine has on t In Imxe-, " "rl;lil's Iiidliii Vcsctahle 1'llN, (INDIAN Prilt'ATI l.l or tiic Nnr.Tit Amkisican iin.i.i nr. or IIlaitii." Aiidal-o aiound the I older of the lal il wdi I e found 111 -mall type, "Elllen-il nernrdmz to ihe Act nf Cniisi-ess, in the ye u lain, by William Wnsrhl, in 1 he Clerk. O.lh enl ihe l)i-tricl Court ot the Eastern l).-tricl nl'Pennsj I yaina." The pul lie will also renicnil er I hat nil who sell the s-eimiiie Indian Ve.'etal le I'lll" nic proiilcd with a eeilincale of ni-iliev surned t y William Wrislit, Vice I'l-csldcnt or Trti; noi'.tii .siri;i'-AN coi.lkcl hi iikvlth," and thai pedler- lire never m any ca-e allow od to -ell the ccnuinc medicine. Ail i.avetl.nir A'-'ents will le provided with a certificate nl AL'c.iey a 11 hove descri bed; and iho-e who e.ninit shuw one wiil bo known a I, a-e impostors. '1 he fo!l..-w...i.'lii','hly re-pectiib'e persons have been npj.oiiiicil acoiiis for 1 lie -ale of the aboe named .Vilslit's linllnii Vcsetnble llll. or Tin: .v. nm AMi.ittr.vs colli oe or health. AGENTS Peek it Spear, S. K. llow-u-.l, D. Davi it Co., Iliiilinzfcit; Kraii' is Laclare, ('olel-e-terj Morion ixc Chil., V 11 .-.t. 1. ; Lorni Tj-ler, Es-ex j J, II. Tower iv- Smi, I'nikrhill; A. Harney, J, Ly man, Jericho; Win. Rhode-, I'.. 11. Green, Richmond ; J. II. Dike, 1 1 11 nt 1 11 -'Kill ; Mcii-on it Dcau, Hristnl ; Mon-on it Dean, Lincoln ; A. P. II i e, X w-IIa- veil; It. Saiidcisi.ii,W. Mil-i 11; C. L. Drake. Milton; (.en. .yie-, Milton i'a'ls; .Mar tu lies, Gnswold it Sniihe, C.iinbr.d--e; W. S. & C. P. W I, We-t- fordS.W. Hrc-h.v Co., Kairla.x ; II. Cool,, Shcl burn ; Win. H. icbe, Iline-1 1112I1 ; S, II. Hnriies, Chailoltej Topper if- Hcark'iidr-c, St-irksboromrh ; Shilcs t W. bh, lem-l urali. The only O lice 111 Ho-tou whero the Indian ejre lal le P.llsean I e( bt.nmsl is al T3 9S TRKMONT STItEET. 108 Principal UUieoaiiu ucucrai .'i-.oi, iuj iiiri-iiiivi. Phihidclplo ll,.. .l.Vl "iyfOU Gentlemen la the tunc ll to buy vour A AVA l EIt-SMtOOK BSiCZCI?sTG. AL50, PSTC AND VAR NISH HLACKIN'G-'i HI..CK, IILEK. RED AND IXDE.LI III. E INKS, WAKERS WAX KS. ito A c. l'l CK it SPEAR. FARM FOR SALE. IOIt SALE, a Linn 111 rndeihill, eon- titw -. . ; "". '.- .'1....1. EC VI 3 illll-s, "II Oil Olll- ll'll. HI 111 Hills ill 11 1.11 1. is under eiiliiva'ioii. the riiiiaim'er is covered hy a yo(l trrowlb of hard wood. On tho prenii-es aie a convciiicutihw lui'2 hou-e, I arn, sheds, ie. and nnorchal.l of thrdly learllis lipp'e trees, ... ,1.1 t.i.isii.-, t.t..v .10. ur sixty tiantls or eider. Al-o, n farm eciitaiiiini; one bundled acres, lyiiiirnboiit one mile from the above,uhoiit sixty acres ol w hicli is niid.'r iiupri ienient, nud has on it a capa cious l am, the rema inter i- will wooded, principally Willi beach nnd maple. '1 ho ahnie are situated near Ihe ceiitie ol Ihe nnd ol the main road, are well wateied and well fenced, a considerable portion of Ihe fence beins stone wall, nnd lou'eth er compose one of the be-t dairy I'aiiiis in the town. Tho above preiimes will le sold to ilo-e a conieru fur lunch le- than their real yalue, and pos-e-siou given on the ll of April next, let further particu lars i-tii f ii rr ol" A. KOOTE. llurliiiL'ton, Feb. 2i. 1SII 3?lf imi.i:s: iMi.ix JE'I'the allli.-led rei.ii-iidiertluit.lheyhavcnllein--J edy in tho Genuine Hays' Liniment. Doyen, nnd doeiis have b. en sold in'tliis v n ity vv iihin the part two years tetilyuiu' to lis eilb iciicy.i'.t 30 PI CK it H'EARS. T Pi A A i"a DOW. 1XJ A it iHiuiuiaciurcr vi TIN, SIIEKT-IROX, Ai.D COPPER WARE, mid dial, r in coi'ii:ii I'l Aws, i.r.AO I'iri:, .r-c. Church . In fl, Hiirliiigton, March fi, IS 1 1. ly 10 PECK &, S1M0AU, ivbolesale dealers in English, French, Jndiu and American DRUGS. A iso, DRUGGIST'S GLASS WARE. ISiii lliiKtoii, '(. . . -e ' DA I ItY SALT. 1 OH SACKS Dairy Salt for sale by lv R 18H- I'01 s' M- l'"-Ii. " 1VM'I3D. 1001) T.VUI K HUTTIJI, in cxi-lianre for Clouds, X.T l,y s. Jl. POPE. Ilu'irn ion. M .ill, Hll. 0 FOLIO Jt I ISLES. SPI.rXDID I'm j nnd I. irlo I f .sutaMefir chnr' liis, nt the Cheap C.i li Hi -.ksloie, h B tl A. LDWAIII)S. t HO AUDI NO HOUSE. rpill-, 'iibscnler would repe.-ifid)y inform llinpiib. 1 lie that ho -nil coiiinnie. to U-cp n Hoarding Iloute, in Mam Sued, 11 few ri.L ft. mi ll.n Court-llou-e .V i.ire and I'o-I Oill.-e, in the bou-e li.rmerly i.ecup.e, hy Geo. II. Shaw, Es ,,, ,,tid thai h0 cnu no coinuio 'ale a few 111010 boarders on a. reasonable, terms as can bo nbla.ncd el-ewl .. ,. WARREX SII1I.Y. Hurhn(;tou,,,Ait!r. 7, 1 R t f . i).,f SAD Dlii: fl Y. CTRONCS ,t CO. oiler to Saddlers nnd dealer. ! I J Siidillery n Inii.lsume iis-orlment of goods m their line, on very rea-onahle terms. 0 ' .s'l'A devinJlim 'I -t-- . I'OR SALE. 11Y THE flROSS, also AT RETAIL 11 Hy Plit K sV SPKAIL DRUGS & MEDICINES rH A 1 "u .""""'r11 ers are eonlinii nlle will, l.l t tie AR'I K. LE in the above branch, both ol tlo-OHTn nndP.ileiit kinds; .lled.cinal waters from Sanito-a do. from C.ileiloiu.i, ( aiiada ; Medical Wine, nnl Li.iior-,(;.Hrc) !.(( lies i Suraical InstrniiH-iilM'.Mn,. crul leelli.iVe. r 1 Prc-ciMitions out 110 m si,.,.. notice. ' ' lJShop open nt all hours. Kiirlinnlnn. I-eh. 1, IP 13. , ,' Iy3t 'TO J'll VSIf'fAivx New Clicmlcalsaml Suiuti-y Articles: Tlie Acids, chemical. 1 Irsbde of Sulphur, 1 iilnle of Iron, Hinoxide of Mercury. .Miiinoii.acal rieparation Hrniiiuie, Cyanuret of Potassium, Chlorate of Potasa, Ilyi.rindate.l Lfpior of Ar-eine nnd .Men ury. Lecihe., Healthy Sjianiib and Sweedi-h, Oil of Tol ncco, P edlin, ite. ite. ite. Nitrate of Siher,eliemica Xew stv les of In-trutiicii. Lupiibn, Mau'iie-ian Klui.l, X.iplitha WochI. Llalericiii, I'.raot Kiesh, Puly. Ethereal Preparations, l.xtiaet nl Opium, E.xir.iel ol lihalaiiv. Ilaii-Miiieasor Eleitriflen l.xiiact ol Aconite, eialria, llinislide 1 f Mercury, Al PECK k SPEAR'S. HAG All & ARTHUR-; A III. now receiving new supplies of SADI.r.R Y, COACH AXD SHELF HARDWARE in all its vanttcs. ALSO, DIirG.s? it MKDl'IINFA PAINTS, OILS, VAR NISHES itc. ite. Hurlmaton, Yi Nov. 10, 143 CHAIR FACTORY. T the old stand of NELSON .' it GATES ih.-rei. the! e-l as sortment ol CHAIRS and will bo sold cl cai cr than can be pnrclii-cd nt nn nilrrpl.iie in Hiirlini.'oii. MAHOGANY, CI RI.l- D MAPLE, PAINTED CAN E .-EAT. LARGE and SMAI L KOCb'IXG, DINING, C1III Dltl.Nnnd LARGE ARMED CHAIRS, at C. I.. NELSON'S, Church stn el, nppnsiie the Old, oral his Facto by time door- ii'-nh of ihe Coin b- Church. IS ron sai.i: on ro THE L.u-e and i. iiihuhIious Dwel'-mr IIone rllUHltsI (II I'tnl -Irect, now (s-cilplf-l i Mr. Hrm-iii.iiil and opi...,tc Rev. (ieo. G. In-i r-od'.. Pus. (-.. .on iriveli 1-t -May. For further par'a-nlars empiireiil' NATHAN H. HAsWEI L. 11, IS 1 1 ll' l.-i COTTON TIlflEAD, &c. LZ(r I'll"5' wbi'e aii'leoloml Tl.iind, OKJKJ A i a-es po. I ilo 2 " Ai'ici i.-an pa. k pin-, ill., mixed pin, tu-t rc-( 'vi d nnd fir .-ale by MLAS, LCOMIS -t Co' June j, 13)1. 1 FOR SALE. irn iIHT l.irse nn I .'"iiimirlii ii. two story llliICK, -L DWELLING HOUSE AXD LOT, -m-a'cd on Sh'- we-l side of ColleL'c ( the lican of la wee a tteel, in llns vill.i'.e. The Hou-e i ,T? !v -15, with an a-eiiicnt .lory, w Hh kit -lien and pr i u e' nr.-, Willi a wine 3 i "I y L, exienoinc in nh in ( olh ro f-ieeii, . wo(sf nnd stole ho,.-e 1 e'ow, nn (ham b'.saud rbvpini: rooms al oie. A lame ,,n I com modious 1 nm, ('e hou-e, lie bo -t'. and oiher out-Ik use-, and a rpacmu- yard we-i ot tue nwe'1 an; hou-e, and a i.'. od dural le 'will of water n 'he best quality in the v dl.ife, nnd n brick ei-ie.n. One and a 'piarler acres of land, of the fir-t ip.nhti, a l.irsre n and clione fruit lues iet if the hou-c and ya rd. The buil'lins- nre eoiis'riiclisl m modern style, of the I est inateiial nnd workman -hip, were elected by the -iibsi-riler for Ills own u-e, and ihe location a.iords a very c!en-ive nnd p'ea-nnt prospect of the villas'- nn 1 bi'-L' r'" 'ho West, and i not surpassed by auv other m lhi art of ihe country. Puriha-ei's i ie tuviiid i" .d and examine for ll.ctu-olvc-. 'leans nude known I v the 'nciler on the pie e-. SAMl 1 L RI'.F.D. Hurluejii n, April IS, IP It. 4G tf llllXl.'Y llAl.i:, ATTOKXr.Y ... COlJXi:LI.OIl T Ii.V'iV. 0.M17;,., vi:iimo.t. " l-'E.MAlili TItUcssiSS. '"PIUS nrltele of various in".tioin J Hull's, Mar-h's, and o on, of every size and form, and for all the Sf pnr'-es for whiih they nrc designed. PECK .t SPEAR'S, llurlinston, Airmont. 35 SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL ALL kinds of TRl'SSKS for Riiplnres incident ( tlic Mali'i tor tale, and accurately applied, by 35 PECK it SPEAK. STRONGS it Co. havo just received and now lot ler nt low prb cs, 10 Tons a..ortcil Enrlnli Tire Iron, 3 do ilo Swede., 2 do Riiss.a Old Sahle, 3 do do Nail rod-, Sanderson'. Steel, Swedes dr, English HIM. do. GiTiiiaii, Toe Calk, do Anvil-, Keller Kev, and Patent, Vices, Shovels, Spades, Hoe, fro liars, Hay nud Manure Folks, Scythe.., Scoop Shovels wilh a general and full assortment of Ironinonrerr. May. 15, Ml. V MANILLA MATTS. m noun asronineiii. nv I. June 20' 11. 3 STROXGS Cn. 50ASV.S of New Vork Hats, from $2,00 to 100 e.i. Ii, al-o, n lew' casosnf heavy Hoots ami Shro. ol) barrcll. I e-t extrasuperfine Klonr, Ja. k-on .Mills, MiiJli-ry's llrnnd, nndOl) sacks of .S'it, for .nle nt, II COLE it KOIUNiWW. PAR. 10 Hhlr. '.North Carolina, by" 1- May 13. 5U s i HONRS A Co. l.r.AD l'l I'D. Ac TONS Lead Pipo J lo 1J in bomi 3 rolls Sheet Lead) IS cwt. bhccl .me ; 30 Ikies Shot nstort- - I... s."ril(lVlsl .r. rt . cd Nus. by & t lis... .4 j 'O. June 11, Ml. GOLD J'E. S. A NEW upr'v ot "i tiiiicb apprnchb 1 i-oint. 1 HOLD I-x- "N other coiumr" with them, nnd t v nro bkrd bj usi il -in Lar-r nndsma" (ilif and coail i-cjicd nnd for ale bv 10 Hill XS. MAID it UUOl 1 w -m mm to I