Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 13, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 13, 1844 Page 3
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blossinu's urFiccilnm mitl Civilization." Wo do not tisli, il" not oxpnct, tint nny South ern man, .iltiiclioil to tit" institutions of liis sectiiin, siioultl view this stllijurt nnliri'ly lis tvo do. It suffices us that Air Clay opposus Aniii!x:ition for tlio reasons which Imvti co gency vvitli him ; our reasons include nil his but aro by no inuans confined to litem. If Mr. Clay is (ducted, wo have an Anti-Texas Congress and Administration ; ifl'olk suc ceeds, there cannot bo a rational dnuht the great National crime, so long meditated, by turns so stealthily and soiecMessly pur sued, will hu consummated. Hut in tiiumph or adversity we shall battle it to the last. And now, Mr LMeheian, dare you let your readers sc6 the 'opinions' you have so ear nestly called for tlio whole of them as we put them! I'robaby not. At any rale take back your assertion that Mr. Clay's letter was published "in mi obscure part' of The Ti ilium1. It was published diiectly under the head of the Moru'un; Mail to intelligent readers one of tlio first places looked at, and the only place in which, being received at midnight, it could propeily appear. As to comments, they aro made the first moment the rcspousihlu Editor is at home to make them 1 Aro they frank enouyh for The Ple beian 1 New York Tribune. TO THE CITIZENS OF 11URLINOTON " AND VICINITY. I have .1 few words to say respecting- our Female Seminauv. 'i'liis is a chartered Insti tution. It lias been in operation nearly ten years ; and several hundred young I.adicF, from tin's and the adjoining Ktatcs, have enjoyed its advan ages and received from it the mnt Im portant part of their education. Under the di rection uf the able Teachers who have succes. sivoly taken charge of it, it has accomplished certainly all that could have been c.pectod. It has been a rich blessing and ornament to .our village and twn. One serious obstacle which the Institution lias had to encounter, has boon the want of en dowment or pcrminent fund. As a consequence it has been obliged to Mi--tain itself by taxing the pupils with all its nrecssan ovpenses. lint tho-c expenses are now considerably reduced. We m.ilio the experiment of reduction in the hope and belief that we shall be sustained in it. Hoard, including fuel, lights, &c, and all the conveniences for study in spicioiis and well fur inhcd rooms, has been reduced from 11)0 to 833 per year. A corresponding, or even great er reduction has been made in the price of tui tion in the ornamental branches. I have made arrangements to carry into the .Seminary, for its Use and benefit, for the tune being, 81.000 in books, uiucal instruments, globes, and other apparatus illustrative of the course of study. Jt nt this is not sud'u-ient. The people nf'llur lingtnn ought not to bo Mtified with this. Our town, for its own sake, must have a good Fe male Summary. It cannot nflbrd to be without one. Oi.o of the former Teachers in our .Sem inary recently handed me a bet of pupils in town, who, in the absence of a good school here, would probably be sent abroad ; and whoso cupport abroad at the rate of expense charged, either at Troy at lladley, would cost their pa rents more than .$!),()()() per year. Therefore, as a matter of duty, and of honor, there should be anion? the citizens of the town a hearty co operation and ofi.irt to place our Sem. nary up m a bais of permanent prosperity. I repeat it, its accomplished and laborious teachers hiiherto have done ic Jl, Hut shall we In' content . .M ly we not strive to do hvller ! If, in the Providence, I am permitted to take charge of it, it will bo my steady ami labo rious aim to enlarge its moans of useluhicss, its numbers, and make it still more an honor and ornament to the town ami the State. J!nt tin cannot be done, at mice, without tlio hearty co. operation of my fellow citizens and the Iriunds of learning in the vicinity. I do not now ask for our .Seminary pecuniary aid. I oi'y ask the people of our Village anil town to think on t'lo following question : U'ti tnvy ire nut hate in liurliiigtun the ten lest S'Ao-'l in all .Yew Fnglaml.1 Is there any other place furnishing advanta ges or attract!.. or literary materials, which we lute not hero .' 1. The h cation is central to the field of pat ronage. For near one hundred miles to the oast, the north and the west, and for more than thirty to the South, lliuru is no similar inMitu tion for Ladies onlij. .Many good schools there aro within these distances but they are pro miscuous. 2. The location is of convenient access, be ing the central power of all the thoroughfires of travel. 3. The healthiness of our village is another important consideration in our favor. 1. A to beauty of situation, Hurlinstnn is not surpassed. I hazard nothing in saying that a more healthful, appropriate and beautiful spot, for such an Institution, cannot be found in the country. The surrounding scenery of Lake and Islands mountain ami valley, is the admi ration of all who viit the place, and has the. power of charm to awaken intellect and dovel opo the true idea of u-iu and beauty. . There can be le.uhly secured hero liter ary materials, or the various helps and stimu lant to successful study, in the form of lec tures, Hooks and apparatus. 0. And then there aro here, to say the least, as amply as in any other village of Now Eng land, the means uf acquiring that outward gracefulness and polish which, though inferior in worth to mental and moral culture, is yet an essential part of a young lady's education. These aro some of the considerations which ought to engago the thoughtful co-operation of this community, and excite in us the purpose of placing our .Seminarv nnon a food fuundatirm. and of unking it, if possible, the best school of mo Kinu in iow i;ngland. I have something more to say nn this subject, but must defer it lor want of space. J. K. CONVERSE. Farewell Ailtlres.i In Ihe First Cmvrnralinivil Society in Hurlinotnn, Vt., djiiertd Jump '-, 1811. By (Jkoiioi: (I. Ingkksoli.. Printed for the Society, not published, llurlingtoii, 1811. 8vo. pp. .13. The. Farewell Address of Mr. Ingersoll fur nishes a beautiful picture of a ministry oftwen ty.two years. It 13 a modest anil simple record, which seems at once tu let us into the heart of the writer, telling us what ho has done, and why hn has done it, ami Mating, with duo re serve and delicacy, the results. We shall not attempt an analysis of this parting Discourse, portions of which are tm touching to admit of having justice done them without copious ex tracts, which wo cannot give. The writer speaks of the principles which have governed him in his preaching, of his pastoral labors his calls having " numbered nearly fivo hundred in each year," of his efibrts to establish a Sunday school, of which ho was, for some years, the sole teacher, and a Parish library, now amounting to five hundred and sixty volumes, wholly collected during his ministry, of his connexion with the reforms of the day, and oth er topics, all fraught with interest. Wo aro not surprised that such a ministry sb mid prove too wearing to tlio health and nerves, especially in a position wbcro the preacher was deprived of the useful relief of exchanges, and "again and again for successive years" was "shut out from the privilege of welcoming a professional brother" to his pulpit. Some melancholy re flections the discourse certainly awakens, and wrong in tho stale of society, or in prevailing ideas of the pastoral relation, which exact labors to incessant and exhausting, and snsuro to tor inmate in physical prostration and suffering. t'hmtiun Exumiucr, THE LOCOFOFO MASS MEETING. Tho solemn Democratic Mass Mooting, has I had, like most things caithly, its hegining mid 1 end. Thu Doiriies link advuu'ugu ' I tnopi'i sant weather, which had been provided for com mcncemotit, and the cuininittec of arrangements, , witn a truly prophetic sagacity, had provided a must beautiful field for the placo "of meeting, having a well shaded grove on mio side, and a lino of booths on tho other, each affording a pleasant retreat to such of the audience as might prefer a quiet walk, or a piece of pie, to the logic of a Hubbard, or tho veracity of a Parinonter. Tho procession was dulaved by tho non.arri val at the appointed time of the lion-hearted de mocracy of the city of New York ; but all in good tune, it took up its solemn and sympathis. mg march. The procession was counted at several points, and the eslimito varied from t-TiOO to !!!)()(), some of the delegations not joining until tho proces sion bad commenced its march. Tho following count was made aflor all the delegations hail joined, and was not made, as is often tho case, by counting tho platoons and carriages, and av eraging the number in each, but by counting each person in every platoon, and each person in every carriage, and is as near to perfect ac curacy as can bo attained : Horsemen, 83 Men on foot, 213H Women on font, 050 In &!1 carriages, 2iW 3309 It will bo noticed as rune what remarkable that this procession, to swell which not only this State, but Massachusetts, Connecticut and Now York were raked, in which uver live hundred women, and as many boys, uoro included, tints not equal Ihe number uf Coles which is claimed to haieberii rccriie,! fur the "people's cmi'titulian " in this city alone! Taking out the women, the bovs, and the men from abroad, and it will bo evident that not owe thousand Rhode Island i o. ier., cien according to the suffrage of" tho peo ple's constitution," walked in the procession ; andJhis too, in a city which they say gave 3".")'l votes for constitution, and in a Stale which they say gac 11,001). The New York Delegation numbered in tho morning 735, but it included many from Massa chusetts ami tome from this city, who joined it at Ihe wharf. In tho afternoon it was much smaller. Wo understand that between 100 and 500 camp on in t ho steamboat. The dole gation was accompanied by a hand of music, and marshals on horseback. Very few of tlioni woro known to.inv of our citizens. I'ror. Jour. From Exiii.and. Tho steamship Great Western arrived at New York on Saturday evening, bringing Liverpool dates to tho 17th August. Tho Queen had given birth to another Prince. Afl'iirs in Morocco had assumed a nioro tpiiel aspect. Tlio Empe ror li is heen intimidated, nnd thu bombard ment of Tangier, which was tliily expectetl will probably settle tho trouble. Mehemet Ali, thu P.i -lia of Egypt, has abdicated 5n f.ivor of his son Ibrahim. Letters fiom Florence of yOlh July, mention the death of ' Joseph Honaparte, funnel ly King of Naples, j and for several years a resident of tho Uni ted fctates. NEW ROAD. A meeting of citizens is requested at the Howard Hotel this evening at 7 o'clock, to appoint delegates to view and report tho fea sibility of the intended road through thu ro mantic passu ny in the Green Mountains, from Underbill to Mansfield, which will bring to llurlingtoii or their market one of the rich est agricultural portions of Vermont. Mr. J. II. Ilostwick of Jericho lias gener ously tendered a free passage to the delega tion from his house to tho Mountain. Sept. 13lh Ml. Titr. Porui.At, Turn. Last year the I.ocofo- I cos bid a majority in the Legist ituro ol Look iana ; this voir the Whigs have a majority of1 eight in tlio legislature of that State. List j year the Locofocos elected a Gowrnor in Indi- j ana, and had a miiority in the Legislature; tins j voartho Whigs InVo a majority of ten in the' Legislature of Indiana. In'lSl'Jainl lSlDthol Locofocos triumphed in Maryland ; this year I the Whigs carried every Congressional district in .Maryland. List year tlio Lorofocos had a majority in the Legislature of Virginia; this year the Whigs triumphed in Virginia. LiM year t.'ic Locofocos bad a majority ol twenty six , in the L" of North Carohni; this year' the Wings have a majority of thirty. luo in' the Legislature of North C arolma. Last vear. in short, the Locofocos were nearly everv w here triumphant ; this year the Whigs have won back all they lost last year. The popular tide is already turned strongly to'vards the Whig side, and by November It will llow on in mijes" ly uiic ino uuii stream. houisnlle Journal. Now, .Mr. Journal, just add tho utter annihi lation of Locofucoism in Vermont, and you will hive your count right thus far. Qy Wo aro gratified to learn tint Presi dent V lli:t:i.i:ii has Consented In deliver llio Address before tho Agricultural Society en tho 2.ji1i instant. The Hon. Ad-alom II, CiurrELL.-lt willhorcc colltclid that Ihe individual bearing this name was e cclei Ins a hvs ltcprc-rimtive in iho present Con gress, from tlie .Vialo of Cieoriria, nnd afterwards tic HTtod his parly, ami voted with the r.ocos. Ho ,a, now accepltd a noiuiuniien fiom tho I.oeo l'oros. At the lalo erind Whig Oonvenn in at Ma h-on, in (""nrgia, iho WIul's from Chajipt IPs county earned n banner, which wa.evi ry wut-reirri-ctnl with launder and which bad no oilier in-cripnon hul tho scriptu ral words " Oh, Ad-alom! my son ! my son !" Vkhv CoMi'f.niEXTAitv iNunnc Tho Madi soman smco the withdrawal of Coptaiu Ty'cr, in tendering its support to Col. Polk, says "Tho p' iuciples ol Mr Polk are prpc. sely tho same that aro entertained by Mr. Tyler" and that "next to Mr. Tyler, of .ill the great men of the nation, Iho frinnds of the administration could not have matin a belter selection for their standard bearei than James K. Polk." What a "great man" Mr. Polk must bo, to stand " next" to Cap'ain Tyler ! Who can com prebend Ins "GttKAT"noss. Ueieitle. I'nxAs The election for President of Texas takes place on the first Monday in September. Unrloson and Jones aro the candidates. The first is in favor of annexation, tho latter against it. Jopes is said to bo in favor of an allianro with Ibigland, anil the establishment of a poll, cy unfavorable to tho interests of tho United Stales. CitAr.ACTnnt-Tic. Wo learn this morning that two Ash polos, recently erected by the Whigs of Milvillo in this rounly, about half a mile apart, were cut down nn S.iturdiy night ono of tlioni having been hewn down under the cover of darkness within a few hours aflor tho mooting adjourned. An exhibition of the samo destructive spirit which has oflon trampled upon tho laws, and would now repeal thu Tariff.' ieicark Adterltber. Tim r.MiT.noit Nicholas, Of ibis rcmarka bio man who is bonded by tho London press, and indeed is generally hold up as a monster of criino and oppression, with a heart of ico and a will of iron, the Pdris correspondent of the Na tional Intelligencer, a calm and observing man, says: ' Notwithstanding tho lino and cry, I in clino to the opinion that Iho Czar the only real potentate in Christendom, a sovereign to all in. tents and purposes, is doing tho best accord ing to his conscionco and .udgmont, and mak. ing the wholu pioress which is feasible in the civilization of his vast empire THE LADIES 01 the Female Aid Society of tho Methodist E. Church, would inform tho 'Gentlemen and Li. dies hi ibis vicinity and the public, generally, in it they propose holding their next sale, Sep. tember25, Strongs Hall, whom they will bo happy to meet their old Irietids and patrons and as unity now ones as nny bo pleased to fa vor thuin with their patronage. They will uf. fer for sale a groat inrit'i of useful, and fancy articles of apparel, Ste. &c., suitable for the present season. All kinds of refreshments will bo propaied for the occasion. Sale to commence at ono o'clock P. M. and continue during thu nflcrnoou and evening. llurlingtoii, Sept. It! Ml. M si ir ir fi s) t3 s On Wednesday the lib hist., at Month N. V., by Itcv. 11. 1). Mills, Solomon Walker, of llurlingtmi Vl , to Miss llr.LEN daughter of John Utisign Usq. of tho foruit r place. On .Sunday evening, Bib hist, in the Methn'ist Upicopnl church of this village, by ltcv. Thomas W. Pearson, Mr. James W. Mills, to Miss Hklln I'. Kino, both of liurhnglon. In tli s town, on tlio 11th itist. by tho Itcv. Mr. Pearson, 1! witlett I.. Diiibix Usq. of Whitehall N, Y to Miss Clfli U. Kkrh J if this town. PJtlNCH'S Linnacn Xtotanic Garden and Nurseries Flushing, near New Yurie. PUCK &S PEARS HAVING become AC.UNTS for this Utahlih tnrtit, will collect nil I forward orders for Fruil nnd Ornamental Trees mid Plants flat iloyues anil Prices of which may tic seen at their rniuuer, llrtn.tsnTov Vt. I'llUl'I'.fri't'.S OK THE AMERICAN REVIEW; A Hlllll Jot'llVAL Of l'nllllce, Iittirature, Art and Science. XT liaMiiff teen ili"eiinined In esini lih n I' end t.i' Monlldv Kew'e-v, lobe coitdurrrd in ibeeity of New Voik by HKOItOI'. II. COI.TO.W ri., and devoted lo 1 lie permanent inainienanfe of Winn principle- and impiuveineiit o( Ameuican Iho ratore : The nnderiuiil, WIiit members tt the Twentv eulitb Contrive, front -eftim ofllie Un ion, in eon vuler.i lion of ihe irre.u iiiiior'anre t f h ii-li a wor!,,do nioi t or linllv of Ihe de-tun, it.,tl ntire it upon ihe Vhi! if I tic l!e,"iMic for their eitee lie and unwavering ponport. V't' believe it to le ino-l -trendy demanded l.y ihe permanent niieie-ls of lliero'iniry.- ale! tlteappenl i inai'e lo tho-e baviir-' llie-e interest- ino-t at lienir. And for tin- siKe of pi rV"t eonli.'eitre in lis political course, as-nrauce is here1 y uiven, llial ihe enuiunial lis- iinntc of leidimx mi n tif die Wlutr I'.iriv li is I ecu sr,..rej, nnd that lull trust is rcpo-cd in the vews mul n' iliiies of the Indoor. .Members of the Scnnlc. Wills- I. Mamrim, ,. C, President nf Senate. Crenrge I'vans, .lo ,- .1. .1. ( Yitleiiden, Ay; J. M.tcpherpou Itcrricn, (ien ; .tames K. .Simnion-,i' ; J.eties Alfrcl I'eir e, Ml; Itict.nrl II. Huynr.l, Dels J. W. Iluiitimcou, Con ii.; .Snnntl S. Phelps, )V, . Aleviu ler Harrow, .'.,- .I.T. Mori'liead, lj. ; W. O ltie, I'o.f Witlriin Wo .ill ri. lire. Midi ; I.plirnun 11. I'iis'it. 7'cim. ,- W. I.. Dayton, A'. John lieu iVrson, Miss. Members of Ihe House. (iirrctt Divis, Kij.i Ch tiles Itul-on, .Vm. ,-Oenrj-e W. IS iiinncr-, l'i.,- H ine eT Vinmn, O'i ; John Wlu'e, Iy ; Iain'l I'. Kiny, Mas. ,- IC. Itav ncr, X. C. ; (Icor-re It. Itodncv, Del.; S. C. Simple, .,- 1". II. Mor-e, Me.; Milton Urmtu, Venn.; Wa It-in-'ton lliuil, A". V. : llinry V. ('run-ton, .'. , fli.irlc- M. ltcel, ',,, , I .I,., J. II, ir tin, .; O. 11. C.tiroll, A'. V.; .lame- IVlei, Ma ; William A. Movlv, .V. V ; Ito'eri C. Sclienel,, ()',.; A'cxan-'cr II, .Stephens, rto.; J Phillips I'hu'nix, A'. Y, City. rarnc-tly approt utir of ihe pi in of -u, , :1 national orL'.in, loni nee lei mil of lu.iiiile-i impnriauce, the tin icrsiuncJ a.oee lo cutnl'iite for its p;i.e-.fioiu lime lo 'ime, suclt coniiiuinii u'ions it-m.iv I c reipii-ue to setforih and deliind Ihe iltx-tiines held ly the united Whit? Parly ofliie t'uinn. fSeorael'. Marsh, I'.; I). 11. II irmrd, Allrtny ; J. H. lnecrstill, 1'hiladclpMai V.. Joy Muni-, Philadel phia; 'I'. I.. Olins'iitu, A'. -',- John M.tcplierM'ii I'erni'll. fill ; D.llllel Wei. -ler, 1 C 1 1 1 - Cho.lle, liol ert O. Wiuihro i, it in. ,- 'Ih anas llmler Kne.', (1-n. ; llamiltoii 1'i h, A'. V. ct'i,- J. I'. ICeunelv. Haiti- more; .1. Ctdl.i r, IV.; John .1. Ilar.lui, .,- W. S. Archer, Vit.; Alexander II. Sie.ihctis, fia. Tins periodical will be putihsln inonllily in the city of New York, to he culled "Tut; Ameuican Itn vir.w .1 HVhV Journal ol Politics, Literature, Art and S'-ieurc." The price of die Mt!zrt7ine will bp I'lvr. Uoli.aks u year; lo he pn I ou retciving lb first number. Mil glc uuiiibi rs lifly cents. It was tbeoriginal di sijn, for realms of permanent inn. u 'mice, lln ilii: periodical should not eomniciifi llll .1:11111 irv, tlfli r the l'reldenli ll tleclion. 'I ll.ll suhscril.ers, however, nny sic, as imuv mav dispe. what ihev are called upon' to siili-cnbe for, nnd lint three or four articles, of a patticulir cast nnd wciuhl 111 thi ericn of tbr tluie. innv be spread hf fete the people previous loan eleclion of so ixreat uiouinii', the January number will nppenr some tune in Stpteni her. r.aeh number, cnnininin:: from one iiuudrcd nnd twtlve to one hundred and twcn'v-ciiilit paes, prin-. cd in double cnlunins, on tine paper, will conisi of :i lend nit pohucnl nrticle, wnb a vatietv of literary nps rill.inv, in hilorv, biojrapliy, criticism, fiction", poe try, s'.'tiisiics, si ii-uce nnil lite nrts. Tim first niinilii r will eontnin a slit tch of the life nnd ctinrnclcr of Mr. I'rchnu'Ituv'sen, wilb luudy en cravid portraits, hoih of flay and I'rchiii;huysen. by nn nittst from Pnris: anil everv seeon or third number nfh rwart's will prt sent n likeness of some uisiiniruiMie I unnofthe llepuhhc, cxuetiUtl in Ihe hi"lu 'I sub of Ihe nrt. Injetltir with nn enrnest nod iriithful biography, winch may stand ns a part of tlie lusiory oi lite naiiou. In utldMion to ihe Ooiuircs-ionnl names above, a niiuiber uf write! s, both po'iueil and literary, from nil soeiious, and aclitiowleilced lo he ainonr; the ablest in the eoii.'iiiuiiilv. have been secured ns permanent contributors! and it is confidently believed thai tin periodical will b" inferior to no uihcr at any time is sued in this couftiry The conduct of the Review will be under tho con trol of fteorce II. Coltou, n-sotiated, however, espe. cnllv in thu political department, with oilier gentle men ol known sltiinliiig and attainments. 'I Int no pi reon tinv hi siinte it i the nnltcr of sub scription, assurance, is iinii'ser'idly given dial ar r.tii'i iiii nls are miking tu put ilia peiinancnl appear ance of ibis lti view heond conlitiL'-nev. Snliscnpiioiis received by V. Ilarrineton where the worK mav he oniaineo ns soon as published, A'ew Vork, .-ept. 181 1. 1! If H.At:iCWOUI)'.S IMinhiirKb Al ig iiini lor August. M ,HY SCII, the Amhtr Witch. The inosl inlcresliii!; trial lor Witchcraft cvu known r.rifJII I.IIT. IX NKW YultK', Saraioya, Lake N1 Ti:W ROMAWi:. by Sealsfio'd! entitled, a Itoniance of ruslunnable Life in ,ew York, ilurint thu Otett Speculation ot "30. I'y ."'cntefield. Stpt. 11. 13wl Ity A. l-:i)WAKI)S. rpiih: I'lCToiti.u, iiiSToTtY oITtiik u.i- led Slates is now coinpltle, it may be seen at S nu'l. lluuliniiion's who is duly nulliorizctl lo fill nil orders in relation in this nlun lo work lArry Amer ican will feel proud In be iheowtier of this History, All Hill! llllj ll.llr ..r.l r- loCl ..III, ,,., Ullhlo on. a favor bv iransiiiitiing litem to Air. Iliintnmion. I'.. W. I!laidell f.f VrritriinrH, isnu authorized ai-enl. All tho cnunlies in ihe slalu will 1 e visited ns soon as practicable foi the circulation ol ibis unrivaled Amer ican llistmy. I). KTMI1AI.I. Jr. special Agrciit for Yt. Iturlinton, Sept, flih 181 1. 15 A'.'ir fa hi, aoons. 1 U.ST itceivcd some very rich new slyles Cash- I nu res and Ytlvel tie Itines, Ladies nnd fient's. "ravas, also, Alpiecn I.uslcrs, Prints, (iintjhuns, Hosiery flloves, Tickini;., Colton I'lnuncs, dc. A.c, nil wbieh will bo sold vcrvrbcap by II. W. CATI.LV. Sept. 12th 1RI1. ir, II. W. ('. will receive and open in the course, of iIip coming week a very largo assortment of Kauey and Staple Dry tiooiU. N I5WHST GOODS AND CHEAPEST PRICES, HUtllWAItK, WOOIH N WAIil-l WM.I.OW WAitH, IIIII siIJ-s; ' I I I.IIIIV, piitriiMi:itY, ll. vx.xiti-., 1'A.Vt'Y AKTU'LICS, .Vt-. riUK suh-eriU-rs would tall lltu allention ofMer M eh tuts and oilier. viMling our city, ttnheir new nock 1 1 llouse-fiiriiislung nrllcles, wlit. li ihey h tvo jii-i imparled, nnd lo which ihey aie eoii.inuily re ccivum ml lititms, both l.y iinpoiintioiis nnd intiiii facluie,! feverv iiownilicle in iheir line, Their flock will le lounl Ihg l.ireest and innt desirable ill iho llnileil .S'ltiles, nnd wi'l be mid vvhole itl,. or retail hi prices tint cannot fait to giyo -.ui.r.n-tinii, at iliejr inrt'erurnislinuW.ireltooius, p; At.inl-ii l,iUte. New York. 13'nl W lirrrKMOHi: & TOllllllY. tl ' rtfl (, ',''-s' -1'iiericnn Prinls, vji, 1 case Irish l.meiis, 1 do Jlancbcsiei (iiualnms, fur saloby VILA.S 1.00.M1S Co. ti' di 1 tiny Wllcov'.s Hstalc. STATU OK UltMONT, ( A T a ses-iou ef the nisTtilei ot-tiiiAMi i-tr., . t J V. I'rolnln (lutitl, ludtleii al Norih Hero, vvidtin and for ihe llistrict ol 'Irnnd I le, mi ihe.ll-t ilnv of A'isul, A. I. IR1I, enine liny ItrynoltL nnd Lewis l.add, aduuui-lin- lors ol il late of tiny Wtb-i x, Lite of tlrnnd I-le, in -nid ih tre t, tlecea-ed, in'es nle, and file in nnl Co trl tln ir peieion, in wriliinr, teltiug liirlh the iiiventorv ol lie pcr-onal e tine oi i no ai i net ea-eo nmouius in S7i(i,7.l, nml me claim- nuniu-r sun e lute, allowed l.y ei iiinu loneis, iimeuul to IS?8I1 3-1 1 Ihe e..eue ol uilnuni-trirnitf -ni I e-tnle Is n. I le-s Hi in S i i U'l mi l IliU por'ion in tlie per sonal e lire, .tuiotlulillS lo i'2ll,"L ha- been U'-U'll ed In llie Widow h-it the per-oaal cs'nleof n itl in-le-l.iteis iu-tiilieieiit lo pay the tlcM- nLMin-l nitl e-l.tlc. an I lite costs of iiiluiiiiislr.eioii, l.y S12fil),(ll, mid thai it will I e tuve-ary to -t II the whole nl'lhe led eslnle of nnl inleslaie for the ii.ivmeul id Ihe dcb! u'.'uin-t Ihe said t'siale and eoMsi f iiduu'tiisira- lion j thai Ihe -ni I iiite-tnlu ihel scize.1 ol n farm of and in Urniul I - e. on ncli he liveii nrcvio Kionnu at the lime nfliis death, til out 59 ncres tifwlneli is -id lecl lo a iitnrlungi lo n'cure ihe pnyiiicut ofiihout t?IOUl) to alt 1 vi it It.iine-, nnd 211 ncres'iu'-uinbcre.l by ti hie e-tnlo ol K mice Wilrni, nn I the whnlu sub- icel lo the Willow's re.' it of Dower, nml nravunr sinl Coin lo lieeii'u the -nul iiilunulstrutors to -ell thu whole ol said rcnl t stale iniikr die Mini incumbrance, nn. I al-o the icvcr-ionnry iulercst in the Widow's Hotter, nareeai'lVlotliesiniu'eir. men ca-oprtivnieii : Wni.itr.iti'os-. Iliu co in aforesaid doth appoint lite olh day ol October next lor I faring nnd tlecidinir on item inn. at the 'nil ale nlhte, in Aorllt Hero, in slid di-lrict, and ilolh nil per-ou- iuiert'siel ho iioti:,eil thcteof l.y publicaiion of this urilcr, Ihiee wciks sitece uelv, in the I! irhicilnu b'lee Press, n newspaper prmlelal lltirliintteii, m Chillendcu coun ty, the la-t of which put licalious to be previous lo a il filli tl iy ol llcitii er iicm. Civen iiiider in v baud at North Hero this 31. t day iir.u,'iisl,18II. "livvS JOHI. ALI UN, lade. JOSEF It M All. HOT, HOOT AND SIIOi: -MA KUlt. piCSI'UmTUI.LY informs i ho pu' he, in nml 1 V. about llurhui'loit, llial he will tin nil work that bo may be f ivored with, in the best in inner, nnd on the lowest ictnis possible, lbs shop tu under the Office of. Leavenworth, I'm , and near thu Oilice of the l'lcu Press. Iliuhnijton, 23th July, 1BII. 8lf A aw .IcwcIpy. NI'.W nnd splendid 'I'opaz, Unierahl, nnd other sin clc stone Pins. nml Chisti r Pins. Cold Clnins, Uraccb t, Clasps for lluir l!r tcelot, (told Walch Keys and Lockets of various, (told I'tns, Pencils, Spcctncbs. 'I'luiiibli s, Itucs. .x;e . Itieelher with n heaitliful nssoriinetit of all kinds of t; Is.just rcccivul. IIU1AS.MAIO iV IIIIOTIILIIS. Aug 15. 'II. U i i y i : " i ) i - f , i , ft V 1 1 1 - v a i i . rBtAICI'X front tint p ihlie House of John Howard B in It iilmctoii, mi ibeTlli 'ns., a I'.liic ISioadclollt Ovrient. Tl.e skirts were lined vvillt sin til liitured liuniea, and bid upon it lijured vclvel luittons. The ahnve rcwaid will he eivin In any person who will L'lve information where Ihe eon nnd ihe felon who took it m .y be found. .101 IX IIOWAltl). Hiirhnntnii, Itlh Aug.. 1SII. 1J Os"tii Grns Horn r'.m ltntions, ZJJ 100 do tlo Over Coal do r.00 tlo do Vest do l.'O tlo I tilt tlo do 7i ( In do Coat do ."00 do Pant tin 1? do Pearl -birt tin I'lirsilehy VILAS LOO.MIS ,f. Co. Aug. 2.', mi. 12 "GOULD'S HOTEL, l ()l, 1, .(.' I'. STltUHT I O 2T T 3. 3 A L , on Tin: piiKMisr.s kokmi iti.v known as in 'B'tn: rtj 4NSSON tatmsi;. ctw) 50 lloxe- 1-3 I X T u Pl.t.e, III ilo . tate ito f.O I! indk-s Wire ns-'d No's. - r -ale l,y 1I..S LOO.MIS & Co. Aus. 2s, 1811. 13 ADMIxTsTltATOIl'S SAt.KT It. MOODY'S ESTATE. rTl Puli"''iiIor, nilnnni-lr.ilur nf llm rstntf of i IMhPrt .Mitiiiiy, i.itc ni iMirlin'.nnn, ilt-n a&cd, will ni public' a'n-Hnn, im I H''m iy jljp Ni thy of )c lulu r c t, nt Hiiwartl- Mittd in snitl IJurluiL'ioii, al dikj u clnek I1, m lliuftillowiiii: pri)pcrty IjlIoiiiii; to 'ttil rei'iin, u wit. One thitl v MTMin!' ofi); Xo. 109 in nnl llur 'inulnn, kn.iwn a- ilu Inrti'-'nns hti. suliii-ft to a lenso tlurcr)f liainu: vet about hvimi vcirs lu run. tho i : t. . i . ... .1 ... .mi . to a ilt-tsl thrri'nf, cn jnyment of aboul one hundred .uid sfVtMi it )!lar. Jf), tlio tiri''pirrrl term nf .tiil Jfacp, the ront rr " rf(J In inn It per c nt nnntnllv on -nitl imi tif S107. Mn, Pew- o 17, 33 and Inlf f Xu. Cj III llic l.j'i-cop'il iliiirrh in im I iirhnytoiK A'h one -nil tu !! h"il i -li of ii'l Church. A't. Il'ilf of one pew in the brick clmrcli at Win tiooUi ilHut' in Cob h'''rr. Af-o, All tin1 pctMHi ! pmprrrv r nrtinin nf saM K-nic, toii'ihiT wt h 'In' tintc-j nnd tcriiiinis due said oMale, yd uncancelled, TiriiH ci-li. (il'.O. II. SHAW. Iliirlinaion, fcpt. .1 Hll. It ' IIlXESI'dlltRII ACADHMV.- 4col'o l.i-i- E.j mini. A. .11., fi'riiicinl. rnHU l-'AI.L 'I'KliM of tin, Iu-iiiutien will coin- 1 ineiue on NWIncs lay, Scjit. 1. 13 ' 'I W. Ollilt, See'v. F.I(lKint!llt. VyilUKKVSiny Mary IC. ltradley, In- led " .."o t,..iiu wiioiiio in v ioo icu.e or eon-enl, mid wnlioui unv o-t orovoeation, llns is to lorl.,.1 -II ,...r..,.,. I. .ft'., I " "" i". ..- ii. i ". mi; in iiii-ou' I el ill my account, I will pay i f he,. -i itiri -'iii--'. ItltADI.KV. Itiitlinslnn, A is 30, ML 13w3 Gram's I' Fanning .. 17015 sale cheaper III in ever, tt) elo-e a emu em, l.y i- 13 O. L. NUI.SIN. ' I'iM'iodicals lr September. T.tu-iiu - tiuijaiciite,

Lndy's Hoot., I.til's N.i uuii il .tlairnme, Anhur's l.udv's .Miiuazuie, ('I'liinilnaii .Matrazine, l.illell'i lavue,' A je, Nns. 1 1 and Ij. No. '21 Verilaiicl.'s :u-iraicl I! n-l. nuiuher.s fui-ni-hed. Iteeetved l.y V. llAltl'INOTON. liurliimton, Aug. 2, IS 1 1. U stua rf:b 17HO.M tho enclosure of ihe suliseriher, on riday 1 the '.'id till, a larec hi.i( rul Cow j s. hna a "linrl lull, and is a little lame in a Core leg. Any in fDrni nioti in reanl to her whercatioutp. will he duly rewarded. II UN 11 V MAYO. HiirliiiL'luii. Sept. (i, R)I, n3 JllilGG'S PATENT FENCE MACHINE, IjlOt Itirnini; I nice Pickets and oilier arliclts of .....o,l of " j.l..,lr,sl r.lln. Ihe iiiulerMmieil conuuue to operate iho above .Maclnnet y nt " W junohlti Otty," wlteru Ihey would hu happy lo furnish puri-lrixcrf with Kotueof tln ir aiieiieti of Kami, nrden or nrnatnculiil Pence. They will also work up Lumber upon sharee or by the lod fortliose who wish, Owiim to Iho advantages, which ihey derivo in tlio use of ihuuliovo iiuproveineiil, they ate enabled lo all'ird a neat uuii he.-iiililid fence for yanUand gar dens, nt iiitich It'ss ixpcncu than iho same can bo trot up for in any other way, whilef.u ilnrali'iiy it is not excelled by any in common ue. Tins valuable imprmcnient w.i iirst hrimtflit out in Western New Vork, win ru il has fc-one iulo rxli-iiivu use nml hn received Ihe npprob.ilion of the .llayor of Ihocilyof llullalo, with many hundreds of ihu first a;riciiliiir 131s and others m thru pan of the Slale, iilso ,,f (iv lluhbard, lloel. Jaris. .Indue Ohnrchill ami iiinnv olhcrti in New Hampshire, lu f.iel wherever it juts iieeu intriiilurt'il it lias I cell IiirIiIv approved. Asa l''urin I'eiico il eoiubines more ntlvantatres than any other fence ever Used. It can I e used without posts, and is therefore nut nlFertcil by Iho freezing nnd heain;of ihe (.'round. Il lakes less lumber than any other kind offence, is a certain protection against .ill kinds of cattle, nut liable In gel out of repair, can n o( be bloien doini, . easily set up, taken down an I removed, without injury, rtrNn Kaiimeii should be mitltoul nt Irnst a fuifli cienl ipnnlity in throw around his fields of grain and slack y.nds. The iiudcrsisfiied refer with pleasure In Col. Harry Thomas, .V II. llaswell, I'.sq. nml Messrs. Iliius niniil nml llroiliers, lltiriintjion ; lion, Havid Held, Oolchcster j Italpti l.andon, Williston, and Win. Kceler, Uitp, firautl Isle. JNO N. I1UWKV. II. P. DLWUV. Any person uUhiiig in encaeoin the nbove btisi. ne-s in iho counties of I'rnnklui, Orleans, I.niuoille, Wnsliinalon Itittland, llenuingttiu nml Windham, in litis State, or tiny of tho Uaslern counties in the Stale of Nctv Vork, wil. piease apply ns above. JNO. N. Dl'.WUV, , , , Ajtut for Patfiilfo. Ifurlmgion, l., Auubi, 18 1 f, 13 l.lITIIUlt l.Otlllls' i.-.-i-Ti. WI-'.TIIL .SI', havine-1 ecu appoint ii .VI he lion. tl... i,v,l..,,..i-..,, r...ii,...i,.ir,..i of rt'iilletiiVu, ciimiuis.ioners to rp-eie, examine mi'l ntlpt.t tho elainis n'-il dem-ind. of till per-tin, n2ain-l Ibei-laletil I.ITI1UR I.OOMIS, line t.f llurlumlou I" nid Oi'trH.ili'oeifcd, ifiueseultvl i Ivent, lind nl-o nil claims iiiidileiuiiiuL mlii'iiltil in ttbel Ibere loj nnd six month, front the tl.iv nt the tl tin hereof, leinir allowed by -nid Court fori hut purpo-e, weilo Ihen fore hereby ciie lioliee, llial we will ullend In tlie i.ti-itie-s t,i our itiMiinltncnl, ttl the I'eitrl Ktteel Ilmi-U III ll irllllL'toll in -Hid lll.lricl. nn llie'il.t il.u-s ol .lanunry and I'eliruary next, nt 10 ti'clocl;, A. JL, on e.icii ot -tun Ilulcil tins '2lt day of AuL'iit A. D. 181 1. AIA'AN l-'OOTi:. ) Ctoinniis- I.1w3 SIIINUV IIMII.IlW. ( -ioner.. AUdiUASI'S MiiUlOlNKS rpilKnlove .Medicine, have I eeotnc -ti popultr, 1. where ihev have It comn known, that, in meet Iho tlennnd, the proprietor has ndt pted the plan of inulliplynia Ihe Aseneie, fin nishins each Agent with n neat ehe-t, coiitaiiiintr Till', lll.ACK (ir AllihasPsO SAIiVH, Ai.i.utiA'si's ii irii imi.i.s AI.IiKIIASI'S TOOTII-ACUK IHiniVs AND Al.T.RIIASrS TOOK MAN'S II,ASTRB. A nuiul er of Accncics nrt- now- e-tubli-hcd in this village, ( 1 1 1 1 1 1 s 1 1 v 1 1 it- nbove, lonellier with pamplilels for tli-lributioii, -cllin forlli tho vutue.tif tin Medic. ncs, nnd ct.iilainili; cenilteates from highly persons, of stiine of tho many cures Ihev have diet leil. rumilies nnd individuals nremiicil to entl nnd pel n pamphlet, nnd tend, mil if Ihey liae neca-ii'ii, irv llie .Medicine-, winch ale warrant- ed to do all that is claimed lor them. The Agent for llurliustou nio Win. II. Ourtis, Ilenrv llvde it f 'o , (ten. I'eiersoii, N, W, (inue, Hnrrv ltradley, Hngar it Arlhur, mid PIC'IC V SPLAIt, Apotlietariesnnd l)nif;'.'iKt,ircni-nil A'.'cnts, who will also siniolv (ininlv tle.ilers nt whole-ale, ou llie -jiiiie terms with the proptietor in New- Voik. II iriiujjlun, Alt.'. 2i,,ii, I4i i, I. V.MAN W. (ill.UUItT, Proirietor, 13 Iw 211 Kiilloii .Strtei. New Vork. 0 V F S C K M V S II SO A I s a wmi ji.wr.rr.s .mimuoini.s, F.STMlLtsltrtl t'.V A This re-iileie-e, t'liuinplaiu St., a lew- rods north of.Me-t-s. I'ollcit & llraillev, llMrlinirlon, Vt. In Icndeiiutr his most graleful ncknowltilpmeui'. to In-Irn'iids uiid pniicnls, for llie eueottrairetiieiit and support ihey have iriven him the p-i-t vear, the l)oe lot w-onlil I e lenvo to Male, his succes., bits lints far, li-en cipinl to bis mot sauiruini- expeetu tloiisj for il b is seldom 1 ecu tho ea-e, thai lltu merits 01 a newsxs't-iu of medical pracliee, has I eiui nutre I'lllv ie-te.1 mi'l fairly e-l.tbli-bed, in to -holt n time. Iiv'etd, I'r. Sniiih tine- not he-iinlc In my Hid the inedienl icentlenien lu llii- place wid not deny it lb il be h.isoilcclcd some surnat and iniportanl eures, i vt ii when-the pat ents had I ecu eitcnovcr bv other pb"ict.itis ; nu. I tbeieloiu he feels ciinfilent, that, could he I c called in -ea-ou, when Ihe pain nl i-(ir-l laken, inoro fr.'ilicuily than be is, u mrc would be much sooner e .ei'le I, mid Willi far It xpeu-e an I siilU'riiis, for llie sic';, lliiiiwhen they lirsl i-niplny other means, nil ibe palient i nearly, and then cull lulu. I-'or in all cases, since be bus nilopte I the u-e t.f Jewell's medicine, where be was (bus'eil, has ibe revnrera of ihe siek, I ecu so rauitl. ns .iliuo-i lo induce them nnd their Inen l- to llimk but little was the mailer, tno'itrb In all appearance they were its iel. ns tbo-e who etiitil ived other iiractiee." nnd soon dittl; or were ireehs, nud, months, in treituitr up uitaiii, lirsl i ivui x lo ul niiilou Uieir Docior's nnil ieine, enlirrlv, I cforo thev coul I tram al all. The fact is, whenever .le.veii reinedies u,-e Icenftirlv tnelttnd l.ecniue fillv l.ntiwn. Iheir leulicial i-.U-ct in euriii'.' tli-ea-e of eierv tvnennd form, have I ceil i.icknow-Ie till by Ihe most skilful phi-icnins and llie most critical oiecrver-. The followiuy te-limonv. was ndlre-sed to (ol Jewettlytwo luably ili-iintruislied pbv-ienu-, who oy incir as-ioiiiiy, i.tiiuniine nun -mil m practice. euilnliiitil iliein-elve-in tlie incinory nml u"tH-iion ol maiiv m nn- p'uee, wliou-cil I o employ tliem : anu w'bohough dead, yet speak. I liar them. I'ettl isgton, Vl., Jan. .t, IS3I5. ' Ct I.. JKivr.rT Ilyir Sir I hue re-eived mil read your p iniphlet wuh tn-ieh inlt-re-l, and nm hiirb-lvplei-eil Willi your plan of ouTi-numm disefe. Veil ate truly carry ncr o it the prinei'des of I )r. Jack son and other-, which ihev b.ivo so nh'y n IvociVel. 1 :tm eonlideut that a retiiriii in the practice of mc !t eine i-indispeu-ably no -nrv. joiin poit:itov, m. d." rit;nl rse.TOs-, Oct. 2.1, IF3". " Col.. Jr.wr.TT - Pear .St' 1 lute i'eio.iinl uitlie I aid; bete, lifly dollars more lo our cicdit, on ne eount ol mislieine sold. So fir as' 1 have it-elllieiu tu my practice, Ihev have prtwed fir mote ellie'cieits tbun' I bad nuticipntisl. They act readily on llie -t'.-lem, iin l ovcreonie tlisei-e ui a manner I never 1 e lorc u-iineed, undj do not lieilalo to mve my full iippro'-ation lo your y-teui. I hue sold nndti-ed nearly four hundred dollar- worth -ince I lint rei'eiv ed an n-soituieiit Iroiu yo t. "I am inot irulv vmir old friend, TIIPMAN I'OWLI.I,, M. ), llr. Sniiih happy to stale Ihat ho called on Dr. Ponieroy, :t lew inon' Its I el'ore ln it.-ntli, an I liaiud him -nil Jinn m llie -nine oiiintnu. lie -;tid, " .lew-ett'- iloinV llie Mime now, ihut Culien did lu hi- tl.iy. An I," -ni I he, " I tol I Dr. A'walcr he wa- not tlie eit-.t'e-i m in m the w-orl I, un-l .tin not, b it il I v.'a-, 1 -ho'ild siiccouib to Jetrett, for his sy-lein i- correct, ami his inetlicine the best in the icorltl ; and I re, ipio.tcil him lo l'o to Dr. Smith and tret mo a bottle ol liniment, w-hieb be ill I, and I (in 1 it e.t-es my bead veiy much." When phy-it'iau- of ihe tir-l rank, whu-e edueuiit n nml talents do bout r to lln-ir piofes-iou, and every mdjvt lual who In- niveti lliem a lair trial, conic out ill favor t f Juweti' clues, tn lanut.-e uiieipuviMMl ant ilocule.1 as ibe a'ove, who willdoubi llie Iruih of whit ihey say 1 Those who think it lor their interest lo rono.e ,i neir practice, and uho-e nun. I- leeu blind ctl and prrjnuiccti t y ino-o wuueo seifinness antl prole. pre' lonun. tie over their -en -e of justice anil truth and nil their tcncrnlenl feelings, nud tho-e only! lint in order to uul ice invalids ot everv cla-s to liit'.t! mil ol the l.ttro'cplic remedies, Dr. Sim i Ii made tt proposition to take certain chn nie ea-es upon his own ri-k "no cure, no pay" prnvu'ed nny wished lo t lne siteli a barL-atu, by iilaeii theui'i-iie's ttndcr ln cue in the village, nnd I'oIIowiul' his direction- a- lonu as he sho dd I e willmi; to pre-cribe, or utitd tbey irot well i and provide I nl-o, ibat tlie make llie payment of In- liilU secure, -hoiij.l be e 'cot n euie. Some accepted the propo-ition, complied with the condition-, ami a cure is the te-iilt ; while other-, who in etc uti snrli bargain, and did not com ply trith one of its conditions, ate ihspo ed totluiin the 1 enclii of " no cure, no pay." Iliilloull such, the principle -hotd 1 1 c rercrsctl "no pay, no cure." Dr. Sniiih will now make another propo-itiou, in ortler lo inJuce the publi to ic-t the merit t.f hi praence in season. All person-, uf every aire, -ex and condition wlialever, who -hall be eu with any acute disease fever-, ery-ipclu-, cholera luorbu-, rheuui.tlisin-, menial der.iii'.-cmeut, spttnuir Mood, pile-, teller-, prolapsii uteri, -u'l, head-ache, pain m the I ie.i-1, eoiutlt- mi l eons iiupiiun, and -It ill imme diately -end lor Dr. .Sniiih, nnd comply v,th ibe above conditions, sh.illbe f.ii'btiillyuiteiiileil to upon the s ime s ife principle" no pay." CJ ndie- in parturition, promptly niid laitblidly attciulctl o, lo their enine satisfaction, nnd in a man ner by the aid uterine liniment zrc.illy lo mitii-'ate their sui'crnis and t.tcdituie their recovery! upon the sutnueonilinoii " no cure, no pay." Dr. Sni th lias jut rcceiveil a fit li supply of Jewell's lueiliciite, upon lirnis will enable bun to sell, w-hole-a'e or relail, for ea-h, 2j per cent les. than it was soblfor last year; nnd ho invites physic ians and al' invalids, to Ihe trial of it. Hundreds of 'lstimoniats:vc in the po e-s on of Dr. Sniiih of it similar chnracicr to tho-e which are here published. Hut euoiih ha- I ecu boyti lo prove the fact, jhal till curable tli-ca-cs, and man) which are cnii-idcied 1 eyond ihu reach of medicine, are overcoine by the use of tbe-o preparations, with a ecrluinlv never before known. For Spinal Ajfcctiuns, Consumptions, llroncliils, t.irtr ytr-rtionx Couyh l.iuuneiii i Pulmonic Ian I roeatioii ; (Joiish. or Vecetal le Syrup; Uxpeclo taut i Allerniive Drnpi Anbtitie Pill-j Pain J.'x'or; Nerve S.tnat'Ve; L ent-e ol l.iie. For Sick and Chronic Ilead-Achc Head-Ache Liniment; Pani-rxtrneinr ; Pci'tornl Drop-. For I'terine Affections, (-iicliu- l-'luor Albu-, Pro l.ipUs I'leri, ob'-lrucletl or irregular or loo copious .Men-truatiou) SiiinuLu iu. or I'lerme Litnmeiii ; Vei'i'tal le Syrup ; Kent lie Drops Us-cnce ol" Life J Nervo Sanative; Arllnilie pills. For Dyspepsia Stimnl.itinj; Liniment ; Alterative Drops; Us-enteof Life; Vegetable Syrup. I 'or Spinal Uxiraclur; Stimtila t iti sr l.inuneiii ; 'Liul ris'.aliou. For 'J'ic Douloureux, and .cmu-Affections nen erally Nerve I. uiimeiit ; Nerve S,t, .alive ; Pain IX Iraclor ; Peclorul Drop-. For Diseases of the Hypochondriac Region Siiui iil.iliin: and Nerve Liniment ; rem tie Drop.; Pivto ral Tincture; Nerve Sanative; U-cuce ol Life; Pulmonic Umbrocalitiii Pain l.Mrnctor ; Arthril'c Pills. If NEW TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT. .1 A .11 RS O It It , WOULD rtspivlfully inform the citizens nf Hur liiiXtnu and public uenernlly, that he Inslaken the establishment recently occupied by ClIAllLliS IIUN'NS, where be will exei'ute till orders pi ihe TAII.OUINI! nrsiNi:s on the shone. t notice, nud lu ti si vie not to he surpass ed. Prom several vear- expeneme in lliebii.uiess hit led-confident of uisiiriutr general satisfaction. CI TI'INli done for others lo make up, at all times, and warranted lollt, if properly Hindu up. (', Itill. 121. Steel, (iill, nntl Silvered 7UAI)S, of various sues, nlo the kinds J I'm so Mounts, Kings, nu t Tassel I enutil'ul styles, tiisl ree'd, dntl vaiiou. cuhtr new- (foods. IIIIINSMAII) k IlltcriliURS. Htii'inztrn, Aiif. 30, IBM. 13 York Atlv'ts. ij, & v. Kinnv, WIIOI.MSAI.I', DHAM'JU.S IN Foreign & Doincslic Ury Ootids 17 Cnlar Street, New Yuri: City. . USIM-CTPIILLV nnntmncu to their Customer' X nnd Dcaleis uencrndv. that Ihev have now on hand n full stock of b'reslt Dry (loods mhptcd tnthc Knll trade, euthraein a full nssortinent of nil tlescrip lion of .Staple floods which have been selected with tniK'h care, nml winch they nro cnaldiil louder nt very low prices ami on the most liberal term. They nte nln Au't nts lor Harlow it f'o.'o American Manu factured Needles, which they will warrant n first rate article. llm') iMLAL'KIi. AUHUCIl, &, I-IIINK, YVItOI.RSAI.R IIRAI. UltS l!f nOMl'.S'l'IC I'OIIUKJN DRV (lOOI).S, No. O l.llici I) Nn eel, iicm- IIi oiKlmiy, .YL'ir YOIIK. KULP con-lnully ou baud ns exten.ue nn nsnrt nicnt of Slnnle nud I-'aucv (loods ns ciinlc found In the Ctly i n I trse proportion ol winch tin- especially adapted to Ibe VUltJH IDIII.VT TIIAI1R. Merchants visitinir New 'ork nte reuue-ted lo call, and prices will I el'ound -ati-f.ietorv to the UI.UMIiSI ' AMI III 1 I.HS. The ndvem-crs are unit hful lo lake everv ndvan- Inireiuthe lluelualious of ibe larae-t mnrket-, nnd, 'niovtmf t be I enelil h-i-mcs facilitie-. Willi htn expcricuce, are prcp-tied to o' er liXTIIA I DIJC R.1I RN'T- to ptircha-crs who nte tblietl lo contend with ihe slroiiL'C-t cotiipcliliou, ".ui-9 Fauci) and Staple SILK GOODS. WILLIAMS, RANKIN & PENNIMAN, iNo. (Hi XVUAAAM HTKK.KT, t:Kt:u avvv.uAti MT.nirr, nj:w vunii. WOULD call tho aitenlinn of .Merchants vifitinsj New 'ork for iheir I'all snimhes. to their cx- tcnsivu assortment ot entirely NI'.W STVLLS I'ALL ROODS. To lluir ordinary stock, which comprises n full nnd L'cnernl variety of Stnp'oatul 1'ancy Silk floods, thev have been nml ing Inrco addinons of UNTIIIUL NUW S I'VI.U-s, expressly ndnptcd to the cnon. I'roui the facilities which ihev tioses. m thu our- chaso of (io.)ils at Ihoveiy lowest prices their nun- vniicti anil vcrv extensive assorlincnt they ted as. it red lint it will bo m their power to oiler extraordina ry iiidiiccmcnls to purehasi rs who dene nnd tb-sirve tn tin v ou lint very best tt rinf . and thev nre determin ed tu spate no puns to make It for Iheintt rt-si of such to mane tlnir selections Iroiu llitir-iock. In DRKSS HOODS they can show a crea! raiiL'u of. styles, in l'ich Printed f)asb mere D'Ueosse. of latest Punspattt rns ; Ticsnns, Crape Dc Laities, Muslin IJc Laines of Pans sljlcs, nevf r before offered. Alinccas. Itonibazines. lllack and Illuo Silks, low and (null pnced. SII.ICS n.intelcoii Itroeadn Si'ks; Oamcleon I'rochi Striped Silks; Plain and Satin Striped Hel leiiienncs; Clack and lihie l!l-n-k Satin Stuped nnd Itrocade (k'ured Silk ; S-tlin Slriprd (iros fJrnmcs j I'lick nnd ll'iie lllnck Ores tie Swiss; Italian I. us. Irincs; Urns H,. Ulumis- (iros d'Afrujues; lllnek and lllue lllack Sntins ; Plain and I-'iguied Satins. Also MILLr.NP.RV OOODS in crcat variety, eompri sing llonnet Silks and Salins of entirely new style', Honnet and Can l'ibbon, rich I'all patterns: new des'iL-iis It.itinct Velvet-, plain colors, black and blue black, fiL'und, shaded, plaid ; cut and uncut. I.Al l.s. Cap Lares in great varielv. nf new- and clccint palerns; Truitiiune Laces nnd Lace I-' lginu, black and white; Silk, Lisle, tluipure, Michhn, llrusscls, &r , iVr. Tiireail Laces and I'Jsings, 1'rench, German and i.ngtisu. SHAWLS. Rich Caslimcte nnd I'rocliu Long nnd Square Sliiwls; 'I Inhel, .Muslin do Lame, Ivabyle Plaid, Woollen, Neit. A-e. .Vc. SILK SIIAWLS-Dnk Camclcon, Satin Stuped, I igureu, ipc. OI.OVUS AND MITTS, In every variety, for fientlemen, Ladies, nnd Misps. Kuljof Ihe most approved inaiiuf ictiire, l.uck, ale, rum, Woollen, Silk, Lace, I'llet, Ugpytian, India Rub her, i.c. Their stock will bo found to comprise a full assort ment of nil die various small items mcded. and thev invite the attention ol lluveis, vv ult the ful'est confi dence that they can supply every want in tlnir line 11 tn3 MLI GOODS. BO WEN &McNAiEE, 10 WILLIAM STIIEKT, Crorner of lleavcr Sti'ett. Ncu-York, ) USPIX'Tl'l'LLV announce that they have made J t cMin-ive ariaiigeinents for the I'all Trade, which w ill enable them to present gieatcr inducement than ever to merchants throughout the Pnited States to visit this niaikel Ihe pnstnt season, fur tho pur chase of SILK AM) FANCY GOODS. They have already received by late arrival, a grrai varu tv of new and licit mint, nnd will also nci ive by the ntxl Packets and Steamers, nn assortment of llie latest ami most iieaulilnl -tyies ol 1 rench. tier man. Italian, and I'.ng ish Taney (iuods ever olli nd m this matket; simples of w Inch nre now exlubittd ; and il is tin ir determination, as heretofore, not only to bo constantly supplied with a complete assortment adapted lo all sietions of the country, bin to pit sent Ihe nncesl an I moat tlcirable styles, suited lo ibe city or most fashionable Irnde Their stock will be cumposu! in part of the following aniilis, vizi 1)1! ESS GOODS. SILKS in every variety, consisting of Italian Lus trings, black and bhtc-bl.iek fiio- tie Suisse, Orossdc Rhine, plain and striped I-p-ihans, Oros tie Royals, siripid nnd figured Ores tie N'aples. Pckiti Silks, (Iros do Mesino, rich I'rocndo Chatuilon, l.roche listtred nnd striped Poult do Sine-, rich Claee Stripe, Ciro tip I' ranee, lilacli, lilue-lilaek, an. I eliangealile stripe and figured C.rus d'Afriiuc5, plain and llgurcd Satitis.oie. ' PS'!MURU d'UCOSSU, of latest Paris POM PADOCR stvles. PMtIS MOl'sr.l.INU do I.A1NLS, entire new ilesinns nnd virions qualities. CHU'U tl'ORI I N'T, lor r.vening dresscs--the mnst splendid article ever oll'.'red. CIH1SANS. TIESNNS, ALI'ACCAS. 110.M lt.rINi:s, I'ltHXCII 1'UINTM, Sic. Also, various new styles of Dress (loods. vv Inch will be sinetly confuted in iheir own iratlc. The whole presenting nn nnrliiient, it is be'ieveii, w hich can not bo surpassed in tins or any other market. SHAWLS. Consisting nf rich t'hainelon, Ottomon, Poult tie Sine, fig'il Sum, llroeade, if-e. Also, snlcndid Ittoilie. Cashmere, Umbioiilered Melville. Knbyle, plain, prin ted and embroidered Moiiselme tlcLainennd Thibet Shawls, .Merino. Plaid Ilclvitlere. nud vnriois new slyles Woollen Shawls, also, very Cashiucre i.otig sitawis. LACES. Unglisli. I-'rench. and Herman Thread Laces nml UdghiL's. Also, I,ile, fiuipitre, Ashbititon nud olhir l.'t..d I..,.. I Miooii. nml I ni e. Al tslin Trtei- inings, Swiss Mulls, Hisliop I.tvviis, Itook, Cauibiii: aim .laeniiei .iitisuus, nml everv variety ol plain and Injured Acts lur Caps, Capes, Veils, .f c. GLOVES. Consisting of ICid. Silk. Cndimere. Merino. Ilerbn nml Illicit, in uroit varieties, together with a full stock of I-ancy .Mills MILLINEIJY GOODS. Velvets for Hat, plain, uncut, figured, Ac. if-e., en ure new stvles; Honnet Silks, plain, changeable, chine nnd figured, n complete nssorlini nl ; llnlnnd Cap Itiblioiis, entire newtli-igus, nud the most splen did as.nrintent i ver olletod, Also, cerlmn slyle of Neck Itiblioiis, Plain TnlUla and Satin tlo. black nnd colored, Artificial l-'lovvers, I'cnlhcr. Tritiiining La ces, Ribbon Wire, Cords, Ciitips, Koundalions, Crown Linings, Sic. ALSO, Pockel Hdkfs. ef Poneee, Spitilfiold, Corah, I'lag, llatidniua and Linen Cambric, in every varielv. Italian Sewings, Kendo's, Itubinacci's, I'crsico'a Ileaux's, kc. Ac. Kancy Ililkfs. Cravats nnd Points. Printed Mouse. de I.aine, Thil el, Palinarine, Klorula, nnd oilier si) les ot i iress .-iinvv is, Italian, (iros de Rhino nnd Lustring Cravats, of everv size; Scarfs for penlletnen, of salin, plain, fig ured and embroidered, (Iros Gram, Ac. Ar, Velvets, blk.. b'tui hlk. and colored, nrinus quail lies. Vestings of Satin, Arinure, Cashnipre, Ac. Ac. IK .vtkcs, rinelievvs. Stir-nets, I.evanlines, India Satins l.l-'.lasiin Suspenders, Mohair and Silk Coal nnd Vesi Itindinsj nnd Cords, fancy lumps, I'nngee, Ac. Ac Together wilh every nrticle uitally to be found in a fancy slock, which ihey cngace to sell on ns favor able trrins ns al any nlhcr rstal lishnienl. 11 Dried Moof. li s. dneil Iteef, superior n'u'llv JU,J STKONOiS A CO. An," c, I8U, l N. York Adv'ts. iNF.W FALL fJOODS. DltV 000DS IIOfSK-KLUI'lNtl MtTICLMM. . &. li IIOIiMISS. No. 22 JOHN STUHKT, N'KW YORK, (D.TUKKN nttOAIlWAT AMIl NA6AU-ST.) ARK receiving; new and de.-irnl.lo flood- for the Kal, which Ihey tiller I'or snle nt tho lowest price, nl wholesale nnd retail. Tbey have lately re cciii tl Rose nud Whitney HlnnkelB! do extrtt large, Renl Wcl-lt end other Flannel-, Silk w erp do. Uimli-h Cnnltui I'lnnnel, .Mnr-eillesljitilisand Cotin'erpane-, lrib Linens i.-f Ibebe-t blench, !l-S IMIow Cn e Linens, s-1 lri-h Slieetiua, lush nnd llirti-lcy Sheeting Ir .lit S-1 lo 12-1 wide Dam.i k Tnble-Clolh- and Napkin-, Towellings of n'l kind.; Cra-h, Colton Sh rliugs and Slncting-, bet qualities, lliil TieU-; I.iigli-ll nud Altierl an Long Cloth, Long Lnwn-, Linen Cambric un I Cnmkriu Hand ki relitcf-. riench Merumsj A'paeca, dntk I'rinlS, Rich bg'd Ca-bineri' .Mou-elin tie Lame, Shawl-, l'tench llombiztne-, Ciapef-r Veil-, vte. lllmk Silk-, Sdk nnd raw Silk Ilu-e, Unglisll Co Ion Hosiery, Drnpoiy Mil lins, I'uriiitiin- Dimity, and Chintz, le tinil Pinno Covers, Toilet Covers, eV.e. Wool-dvttl Cloth nnd Ca-siineres, 1'ancy Cas-inii-re. nnd Vo-tlnir-, Wuh u vitrieiy of oilier articles in their line, for sail) nt '2-2 -li hu s'., a t' e lovve-t price.. N. It. On hnu I irenuitie Kail tie Cologne. Also; exirii wide Ru- i.i Dmper. 13m3 QUEKN'S WAItti. Cliiita, (I'litss, and I''arthenwarc. s OLD nt Win el-ale to Country Merchant-, cheap lor ca-li or acceptances, at llll l etween Pen. I and Wales si-. 12 THOMAS I-'. KII'.LD. I5A'IM-;S &, ft!ASTI.RTON, 2G LIUERTY STREET, (iim-ni:.v m ii.i.ia.m and Nassau sritr.r.Ts,) m:v.yokk, "17'Orr.I) call the aticnn'ou of .Merchants nboui t visiting New-Voik, to their exlen-ive stock of l-'orcisMi antl Houie-lic DltV OOODS, which they oiler for -ale tut Ii1 term., eon-l-iiug in pari of Al zarcons, a new nilnle for drcus. Arlottas t'o dtl Chameleon Lustres tlo tld Aipacca l.mtres, I lack and colored. Ahttscline tie I. tines, Crapede Laines, Cashmeres iVHt ost.e, Chusnns. 'I'aisans, If isiery antl litotes, nn extensive n--tatnieut, A'cgrw' Kerseys, Linseys, Fentmhy Jeans, Flannels, Irow low-prt.-ed lo supeiimc, Prints, of the tiewe-t nu 1 rn-be-t -tylt-, Jlrotrn and Illenthed Shitting and Sheetings. Spool Colton and Thread, of nil kinds, (Mollis, CasJmcrcs, Satinets, and Veilings, Linens, Latrns, Dioper. CrttJt, Al-o, a a-.sortmcu! of White Cool-, conist ing of .laeoiiois, ('anil rie-, Sw-i-s and Soft Mull", Tap-and Lace, Siriped and Cheik Muslin-, Ri-bops Lawn-', Hook Mti-lni, Dnmly, Ac. Ac. P2ui3 FRINGES D. A. BOOTH, No. 100 WILLIAM ST., NEW. YORK, Importer and Manufacturer 01' Krmgcs, fiimps, Cords nnd Tassels, Zcphvr Worsted, ( nuvass and Pallcrn, Coat Cords Pe tersham, nud oilier Hindim;, nud all kintl of Tnels nnd I'niicy Triuinutigs. Also, a large nsortnit lit of While Cuilon Kniige, by thu P.ickngo or nthei wise. His as-ortmcut will bo kipt full tluring the l-'all, n3 he will be receiving the ncwe-l and most fishmnnbls stylts. Ttrtns and prices shall be such as to give sat isticuon. 1 tins' LATE ARRIVALS OF LALL&WINrERaOOlJS diciiMi'incii's 1'nriiis.liiii-.; Kslsil)- lislinient Mlioloalu iiuit ii-tnll. JOII.X AT. DA vTl'.S & JONES. 100 WILLIAM STREET, (CORNT.R Ol' JOIIN sritULT,) NUW. YORK, I") USl'llC'ITL'Li.Vaniiotiucelhal ihey hive mndo . -mil extensive arrangements ur heir Kali Trade, that they are enabled to present greater in ducements ihnn eur to merehaiits Msitius this mar ket Ihe pnseiil sca-on lor ihe purchaeof Roods, as their stock is mainly of their own linjorlation or Mmufditure. CRAVATS AND SCARPS. Plain and figured lllack Satin Armiires, Corded, Rara'hea, Kancy and diluted S.iliu. of entire new puttrns; Silk and Mohur, figurid and ilium ; Plain lllack and Cordtd Cravats, nil sizes and quali ties IIOslP.RV. Silk, Merino, Angola, Woolen and Colton Hole and Half Hose. OI.OVUS. Merino, Cashmere, Woolen, Rerlln and ChamoU lined (. ass-mure, Duck Reaver nnd KiJ, .-U.-PU.NDURS: Silk and Colton (iutii Klastic, with Ruck, Silk nnd Linen Paul, Cotton Knit, liuek nnd .Morocco with Ulnsiic Uuds. Also a few entire New Styles of our own Manufacture. CNDUItSIIIRTS AND DRAWKPo. Merino, Lamb's WojI, Ango'a, Savonv, Cotton, .Shaker. Knit and l-'Innnel, Ac." (Manufacture nil ipittl Itus of Nilk flints and Drawns). Nilk ofall quali ties of our ow n liupottalion. 'lo iho-o uf our own nianufaclttre vve would especially call attention, ad bent:: souuihiiig very suptrior. Ladies' AMI; and Merino Under Vests. POCKUT IIANDKURCHILKS. Twilled nu 1 Plain .'pitalfield, Ilntish and India ( oralis, Pongees, Pruned, Cotded, and Damask, Linen Cambric, Plain tin. I Printed, Ac. CAPS. Men's, Youth's and Children's Cloth, Velvet, Glaz ed, Silk nnd Muslin. STOCKS. Satin, figured and Plain, nnd Corded Silk, Mo hair, Itoinliisiu, Plain Rowed, Planed CraVal, and Optra Ties, Ac. Ac. I.INT.N COLLARS. Srjtiirc, Round nnd Hi ron, Snicked, Plain nnd Cor ded, all Linen and with Cotton Hands. LINUX IIOSOMS. Stitched, Plain, nud lit tiled, all qualities, with wide and narruvv plaits. SHIRTS. All Linen, with mid vvuhniit Collar), latest style i Muslin, wiih Linen Oolnrs nud Wiistbands, with and without Collars, of a great variety of qualities. Colond Preneh and otlur Muslin. Oll.UI) SILKS. White. Plaid, and I'aney Color., of various widths, and warranted not to adhere in nny climate. Si.- Parses I'mbrcllas, Dressing Itotens, Cap and Stoc.T 'Primming, Suspender Jluchles, Gum Ulastic U'M.all tpialities. Together wuh every article that is wanted in tho (lenlletnen's I'lirni-lung Line, which ihey engage to sell on as favorable tt ruts as any other establishment. s"fCaps, Stock, Linen nnd Mtisiin, nnd Silk Shirts, mndo lo order. Wholesale nml Retail. JOHN M DAV1US A.IONKS. lOil Williams st., comer of John. ll-3ni X ATHANI IT. HLAl'KMAN'S 1 STATU. WKTIli: Hl'lisctlttll RS, bavins Jreti uppom. ttil by the Honorable ibe Piol ate Court I'or Ihe Pttnct if ('biiteiulcn, comvvs-touers to re.-eive, e. iiniiie nnd u.lpi-t the claims nnd I'euinnd. of nil per-M-oii-, a-.-nin-i the elate of XATHA.MFL 11I.ACK MAN, laie of Jericho, in said I)i-tri t, tie. ea-eil, np lesetrcd insolvent, nnd nl-o all chum nnd dcm,i..ds exhibiiisl in iii'?,i (hereto; nn 1 si month- from tlie day of the dale iliercot; benn: nllovveil I y said court for thai purpo-e, vve do ilnrefore hereby give noijce, I lin t vve will alien, lie ibebii-ine-soloiraniiointmeiK in the dwelling of llie tlei ea-ed ui Jerii ho, in saiJ l)iltici, ou the fourth tliy of O.-toler and Kelruary nel, at 1(1 o'eltx-l,, A. M.. on each i f said day-. li.iico tin- 1 1 in env oi vutr'isi r. I J b 1 1. J A M i N llAMIL'ION, ) r, , 1 lll'N IIP 1 Commissioner HATS! HATS!! I CASK, "Alvoids" Moleskin Mats, iii.i reM and for sale by S. Jl. POPU June II, Ml. 2 Hrnslies, Iinislicp, Cotnlis. A IT'LL assortment of beauiilnl Ro-ewotid bnel el lluir Brushes, Infant-' Hriisbcs.Toolli. Nml ami Comli I ni'lies, Clothes nnd Shoe ltru-hes,'Kloor ami Hearth lliti.lie., s rul'l lug nnd liesh Brushes, Mi zo. Iinlo, due etinh cleaners, several kin 's, briHini Hrn-lie-, du-t and eriinib briishes,-iin h. rl, ahno-t every kind oil rn-h in n-e, inrnian ami vve nave mem lor nru-ning Horse-, ejoihe-, hmr, hoes, Ac, fer scrubbing and cleaning house, fur hais, for ml lc, and for nio-i uses. Al-o, llie very be-l and finest ivory Combs, ihe!!, horn. wood, bra s, nnd Ocnnnn silvrr Cunls. tui nveived. IIRIXSJIAID A UliOTHKIIS. Aug. 30ih. Ml, 13 IMMKD I A TF II FT. IP. P t I7ROM D.urrluv.t. Dysentery, Summer Comnlatnr. I' .C... .C.rt ,.,l,,,.li n ,.,-imn.nn .1 . ' ... . ,Xi ..... v.. ......... . '"i", nine oi me season) may le hdd ly the us of Javna's Carminn. ttvr, ut PKIK & SPKR'S. July II, C41 (j