Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 20, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 20, 1844 Page 3
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I enumerated In the Decalogue. I laugli at the etraltrhti to which my opponents are driven. Tlmy ts to he pitied. Shrinking from all the lititKrs. arising out of the great questions of na tional policy, which have hi'lierto divided tlic country, tlioy have no other rcfuon left, hut in personal abuse, detraction, ami dufaniarioii. I iiavn lived down those attack heretofore, and with the blessing of Providence, I hope to sur. , vive those which are now directing against inn. Most certainly my surprise at the attempt to make me out a friend of free cade with foreign countries, and an opponent of the Protective policy, ought to he greater than that of my com petitor at the effort to establish his friendship to the Protective policv. tmain, always truly and faithfully, Your frieml, II. CLAY. ( i. M. CtAfToy. Ksq. COMMUNICATION. Mi. Stacy,-I feel ihat 1 cannot well fotbear, amidst tne congratulation which pass between lis Whigs on the auspicious result of the late dcctlon in this Stale, to imke yon acquainted with a specimen of loeofoci consistency exhibited by tint party in the ballut for Representative in our town, and also of the nice sense of honor which governs the con sciences and actions of some of the pinks of Demo' racy on the occasion. Your readers will have per ceived ere this from the returns that thce arc a con siderable number of the Third Party in this, nn equal portion of whom are from each of the other parties, and it was understood pteviously to the elec tion thai not only bad the Liberty men I ul the Locos elected each their distinctive candidate, with whom it wss expected they would contest tho choice of a representative with us each on their own hoolt, when to t on counting the ballots it was round that the im maculate Democracy, those professed disciples of Jefferson who affect to abhor every thing tainted with "federal whiegery'f instead of standing by their own csndidate, had, (with the exception of a verv few.) forsaken their first love and voted for the Third party candi late, a man who until the last year had been a teslous Whi(. In fine, to adopt the laneuaceof the -Muse who has took an interest in this comical affair, 'Twii thus it chane'd at our election, They bolted out from llieir selection, And jntn'd in hand so free and hearty, (Ksrept a few,) to help Third part v, No doubt considering their condition, Might stand in need of n physician, For whpre disease is felt to lurk Strong physic must be cot to work.. It seems however that this new coalitioninstend of proving effectual in defealine their opponents, fared as most adulterous connections of the kind, are apt 1odo,inthe'dfeat and disyraceof the parlies concerned, Ahl lack-a-davl it seems this healer Could not be boxed up to Montpelier. v Thcv found the Whin' for fielil were ready, Their hopes were v.allovv'cd in an Eddy. Alas for o ir Democracy, Who sold their birthri-'ht ns c see, And when a fortune, they'll have bought Got cheated out of every nroat. It remains now tn cap the climax of th's ludicrous affair by noticinc the admirable manner in which the Democrats, or at least a portion of them, smipht to compensate themselves for their discomfiture in this election. The Whtgs'ot the Norlh village on their re turn home from the field of victory, hoisted the tits' they had prepared for the Mass mrcling the Satur day previous where it was intended to remain till morning, wht behold ! in their anxiety to wear the insignia of victory where the reality is so sadly want ins, these conscientious sprigs of democracy helped themselves to the aforesaid piece of burning, which by the way was red with a white stripe through the middle, and liore it off without stopping to say by your leave sir. Whether it was wanted for nn under garment for the new bride they had married that dav( or for a set of cr h squares for the family expec ted from the marriage, or for a shroud in which to inclose the party at its burial in November next, is hard to say, but it is whispered that the stolen cloth has taken the directino of Crown Point. If so. wo hope that when New York shall have shaken off the hackles of Locofocoism, as we believe she will nt the coming election in November, the flig will be seen floating aloft in the breexc, as otherwise, for nil the prnbabilby of ilshnvintr occasion to celebrate the ele vation of Sir. Polk to the Presidency, he wilt be more likely to need i: for a winding sheet in his coffin, And let some Win's who rais'd the staff, Indite his funeral epitaph. CAMEIVS RUMP. Huntington, Sep 7,1314, tt7 To the " Democratic Maiden" of the Sentinel and Di:nincr:il : Poor dear little maid I is your mother Informed of the fact that you're out 1 Don't you think she would make quite a pother, If she knew what her "pal" was about) Only think what a hard case is ours, Shut out from nil chance to obtain, A damsel that swears by the powers Oar wooing shall prove to be vain 1 So yoti "certainly think you may soon," "Conclude" (if you can) ," to get married I" But that ne'er by a "fu'sy'old coon" Will you be to the minister carried. Oh! certainly, just ns I thought) Your prophecy's like to prove true; No true hearted Whin could be caught To wed a she polkat like you I You talk of the "dehrnuchce Clay," With ihc air i.f an old party hacki Do you know, silly girl, h ,t you say 1 What a pity you can't lake it back! It will give Mr. Clay quite a shuck, Mure grievous ihan any before, To know that a lass in a frock, Has repeated a falsehood once more! " Now, look to it well, ye young Gallants," This "maiden" can brook no deUy ; Come, quick ! or she's off of her I alance, And the d 1 will then be to pay Only read how she wooe you to bliss, She beckons nnd " tenders her hand j'' J And the short of the matter is this, The supply docs' nt meet the demand. That her terms are quite hard, can be proved, Fur she wants one that's able to say "The battle is fought, my Moved, And we've beaten the I'issolute Clay!" Yov must baek out of that, or you're dished i w Sweet child ! if you wed you must Inks A boy that can't say what you wished, U Unless be would lie lor your sake. And I'm thinking you'll come to il yel Out bleu me! whila we hove hern silling. And talking of Clay, and all that, My dear! what's become of your kniitingl Oh ! pshaw ! there csn sutely be no man, No matter how lone and unblest, Who would take lo his bosom a woman That slandered great IIul of the West! S. Mb. Clay's Texas Letter. "I liadannp. nortunity," eaiJ Mr, Clioalo, in his spperh dnliv. ered before Iho Youn; Men's Whip; Club. of Boston, a few days aot, "tn know the manly, independent and patriotic course nf Mr. Clay in writini the letter. It was Written befnro the Whig reinvention at Baltimore was convened before Mr. Van lluren 8 sentiments on the sub ject were known. Some nf his friends advised caution. " Wait a liitle," said they, until Ihnro has been some decided expression of popular opinion, or, at least, till the delegates arrive, and we learn what is thn public sentiment, Mr. Clay replied, "not n day!" The letter savi-d his country that day ronsolid.ilcd tho Whig party, and give it irresistible strength." CAiimLics. The Locoforo papers are at tempting to make it appear that the Wings are opposeu to me uaiimiics as a cnurcn or a pen nle. Vhe only Stato in tho Union, uhtre Cath olict art proscribed is New Hampshire where ... I .L t .! tne ljOCOIoctis irnvt: nau uiu puwur iruui uiiio immemorial. In that State No Catholic can be a Representative ! - " Senator! - - Cnunsellnr! " " Govenmr! This is in a S'ate where Ihe Whiffs have less influence than any other Stato in the Union and yet, the Locos surceed in making the Calli olict believe that the Whins are opposed to their rtJigion, ant! disposed to curtail. them or their Clay. Club. Tho next rozulnr Meeting of lhoT BURLINGTON CLAY CLUB will beholden nt tho Court House on MONDAY EVE NING next, Sip'r.inbtr 21?. The members are requested to nsscmblo punctually at .SEVEN o'clock. E. A. STANSBURY, Secretary. In Millnn on the 14th Inst., by the Kev. James Doughcity, Mr A. C. Mansfield to Miss A. M, Davisi daughter nf Jneub Davis, Esq , both of M. $10 Reward! STOLEN from a one horse wapgon a few rods cast from tin1 Methodist encampment in Fcrrisburah, on Sunday afternoon tfiih iiisb, a la rue Citpjt tta of liuht cay color, containing n lirge red Merino hawl, one while l.trc lialf shawl, iiIeu with winked lace, one round block laec cape, one pair Ions blank lace mi is, one plain hulil silk dress, trimmed will pearl I nitons, one blue black alpine dress, trimming I lark cimp, one ihtk pretn nnd ted chnnueabbi al pacca drcs nnd cape, Giniprdin1, one pair black st'k hose, one pair black French kid shoes No, 4, three long white loose niL'ht dress, s, nnd caps, one lined hlnck silk npron, Inuhni'll. &o. Ac. The above be longed to three indiviilu lis Whoever will delect the theft ami return the sack of clothes, or civn informa tion where ihey may be obtained, shall bo entitled to ten dollars reward. Please giveinformalion to S. L. NARAMOUH, Shelbnmo, Sepl. 19, 1844. 1G AEW GOODS AT WHOLESALE. 20 M Drilled Eyed Needle', 100 Park solid headed pin, 5H0 Cat. os shavintr Soap, 300 ili'Z. lincer It in tr-, lOl) iloz. Unsom Piu, IO Gro-s Slay Lace's, 20 do Itont'aiul Shoe Laccl. SO I 1 10 10 1 20 20 1 I 1C0 3 8 3 no Hone and Metal Evict, do do do do do do do Slil'cttoe. Itoxe Kmltinz Needle, SiMeand Twi-i Combs, I'U-t c nnd Slide-, S''i-or nn I troard chain4, Cheap Thimble-, German Silver, Pl.vel, Drittannia hilvireil anil Iron !S num., do Toy Wi t he, and Children. Lockets do Sou I Muxes. lo I look- an I K, e., white and black, Victoria D'aptr Pin-, Pocket Hook, Watch chains nnl keys, Mnk. do do do 3 do 100 lira end Wood Clock. 3 th z. Willow vvnpjri nsnnd cradle, 3 ili z. Willow Oo-c.irls and chair-, We ere receivintr ihe-e nn I various oih r frond to make t nr a-or ment vciy complete, one of our Firm i now in Mar'.et an I any Hood wan'od I v noy of our ciMomcis w.ll I e -pivhly forwnr.lel. IVipou de-iro is ( f laying in their fall nnd win cr -lock cheap for ca-h will 'save thcr retime- bv iriviirj it- an early ca'l. 10 IUtlNSMAlli if- llltOTUI RS. men sooejs- rpHF snb-cribcr ha just returned from market X with a lari;ca-ortnteutol fall jroi'tl-.coiiipri-iuir, Alpacca, Alpncca Poplin, Alpine, II nil ;izinc, Or lean Cloth, Vclonitn I'loih, Md Laine, very rich Leopard d l,an e, Caiuclian Itrocnde. cTc. Also, Rroeha Sliawli s, Ca-hiiiere,Thd ct, Dama-k, Md Lame, and Plaid Shawl. Also, a nood n.oriineiit ot Un a I Clo h, Deaver Cloth, Ca'iitiere, Sntmeti. Ve-linfs, &c, late.-t ty.'e of Gimp Triminini!-, tu: &r. 'Ihe alovo good were eleced w-iih care, I O'lzlit low, and will be sold low nn mistake. Those wish nj to purchase will Uo well to call two nm r ooiti u Howanl's. OaMKL KJ-.ltN. Church -t.-'..', S.-.t. 13, 151 1. 10 LUAT1IE11 roll SALE, CIIICAI' fir Cash, or good paper. B CflfJ fi"'1'" Sole l.nlier, from Is Io20s a Ik Aia'VJ' mo-t ofii 2 vear-tanned. Also, Harne-, Itrid'e,1 Top, lland-,Skirtin?,uppcr Leather and Calfskin, Morocco, Kid, Findings, ic. eic. Pearl street, Sept. 19 h, 1611. t:. C. LOOUI-S. 10.3 JUST receiveil at iho Vnrieiy Store, n new i-nppiy ofjet, biisle and plain liar pin. Steel Iweczets. nlvcr tliiml les, trnvellini: ban, of the le-t Wilion C.irieiin.r, goi.l fur PeJIar-, te. Sept. 18, lau. iioiNSMAio ip nnoTitcns. TO UK NT rrHR More Mui-r. ihrre m a cool I ... ll f-. n r wtii, sjia rni, nnu i in im ivc, 10 llni.NSU'AtD &, BnoTiicns. FOR SALII. A PAIR of Mnrsan B thro.l ( lis well broke to V Harne-s, kind and senile nn 1 ea-v Ulc hor- Also. coerel lour wbeclel Carriai'e an I a 1G IIuissmaiL & ItnoTiir.ns. good leuli. POK SALE TIIF. snbcri' cr. oler for sale llieir inierc-l in the two brick ioirs in ihe village of Hurlmsriou, formerly owne I I y Gideon llhrop, uud in part oj cni'ied bv Lathiop'if. PoUvin. Their interc-t bemsr nineteen Inn 'red and -ixtv-fivo. six ihou-aiid and lite linnrticdih-, (1EC5 C500.)' Tlic above will be sold tor Ca-b, or approve! erclit, if a satisfactory price is'reJ previo.i lo ihe lOlh No vernier next. Peron- ile-irmi ofp irehain will please commu nicate Willi ihe s tUciiher I v n ail. WILDI-R & IILF-KCKTR. ICwC S3 S n'c Sirce-, Al' nnv, N. Y. Uli.MOVAL. WILLIAM PATRIDGE If SON, iMPoriTF.n, MivurACTtinr.ns ano dhalrrs iv DYE-WOODS. ACIDS, DYE-STUFFS, &C. &C. havi: HF.MDVFO FROM 34 TO 27 CLIFF STREET, Near Pulton, Xtte-Yorl;. TWIF.V have con tantlv rn linml an I for sale nn JL cxien-ive n.ornnent of ihe nbov.) nrlielc, all of wliu-n areotcreiou accotuinodating term, and wnr. ran ed to I c of the heM q inbty. 16 AMERICAN MUSEUM, New York Clty-1. T. Itanium Proprietor. rTMMS .Mu-enin ha 6 -plcn 'id hall, over 100 feet in jl ien? n, con nininir upwariis ol iUU,OUO cure o-i'v fr"tn e'cry porliou ol ihe (llotc. Here arc IIcvsts, IlinDs, Rnr-TtLr... Injects, Flsii. E, &:, olVvery species nut kinds, cvir i.uown or lie ir.l ol. A ttitAsn Cosmobama conla'nin? Veamiful view of ancient an I iio'ilern i-iiies, natural -cenery, iniKiulisht views, ).i', A large mini' cr ol newoii'e. have just I cen reeiircd from some of ihc first arii l f France. Novr.'-Tirs nnil t i-aiosities, such a Dwarfs, ,IMNT3, 'IASTE.:h, UU HAM. 0C, dC Ul- wav cnen.'eil wdieit ripimrtiiui v o ers. L Rich Diversified and Intecestino entertain- mests are nlwny- ijivcn etirv evening-, and every Wednesday and Saturday affernoon, Ly ihemo-i lu'cnie.1 performer, F.vsrv stsavosb, a well n ril'rwi, slcnl I vis:t Ill's e laid shnicn', n valnal loii.struction is combin. d Wi h rat oual nm cement. 'I he prne ol nd'nis-i. n is always 25cenls. Aii.'it-i 31, IBU. IG SCHOOL BOOKS. soon o,i:''takv si'e,iin: nn!i. tfJJ(J 1(100 Adams revv, 100 Key lo " ' 600 F.inersons 1-t C!nis Reader. 600 " 21 " " 500 " 31 " ' 300 Poriei' Rctorical Reader, 100 t'ollorn' Ari.hmeic. 50 II irri'l' Oeoimphy of tho Heavens, 500 ST inder' spellm; bonk, I0Q National do do 50 Nofh American do 100 Swe t' new Kn jlj-h Grammar. Tins is the I ei Knsli-h grammar now u-eJ, an I is introduced exlen-ivclv mm m liool. Atrreal varietv of full bound and half bound Leltrer Journalf, Day Hook, an I .MenioMtiduin, Wrapping, Cap, and l-etier pnner. Ink, Sieel iiens I y tbelirn.., Sealing Wax an I Wafer by ihe IS &e. &t. which will I e -old for gooil win e or I rown paper rigs, of won ii ion nre uuw wuncu uy uic suns 'liner. School Teacher and Merchant will I e suppliel with any of ihe above books al the publMier- prices and niot kind of produce rewivo I In nn ment. V. HARRINGTON. Burlington. Aug, S3 h, 181L 16 Bronri Cloths nntl Cassiiilercs. GENTLFMEN may avail themselves of the op portunity ol purchasing a chea,i and frond soil of (In he, if'iliev will cad at ihe store formerly oc citpied by Lovely & Sevmour, where they will find a fine assortment lo select from. C. F. 8TANIrOHD 4 CO. NEW FALL GOODS. fflllK s.b.crilcrs have jit-l received n very large a inn v til rich Full Hoods, among which are the following artie'es. tioo.U for fall dresses'. French mous i'o lame, of nil pattern, cnhmcfe d'l'cos-e, chameleon lu-tres, Pnrmeliar, fancy plail nlpaecn, brown do, I lack nnd tine black tie, Mad. nnd hltiu liln' k nlpiue., n Inrtf rWaoriment ol htad: nnd blue Mnik nnd Inncy silks, sltipvd and plaid do, ntiti winter I a'lzorinc. Ribbons. lint, cap, end neck nbl on, plain taTclas, fftbn tlo. Laces. rnelisb, French, nnd German thread laces end e-'pingi", Ll-le, tiuiinpiire, Asblurioll fig'd and plain Nells, Uad; and white. Sttnxvls. Camel' hair, Drnehe, damask, ca-hinite il'IIcossc, and Scotch plaid llawl, Gloves. !.n.liiJ nnd fipnllnmen' blnt-lt nnd while nnd col ore I ki I Glove-, limit, white, kid, and, Ilk Mk, white and colored silk, I lad; uud cul'd Milli.,Uack uud blue i.ia.n veil crape. Cloths. R'aeV nnd I lue 1 lack Fntrli-h cloth t brown, sreen nnd invi' green do I Ik nnd blue Ml; ca.simeres ; pin 1 1 nn I -triced Uo l.llt an i tnttu nn; -aim vesting-; I.Ik and blue b'k ;ilk rcUetdu ; ilk vilvcts of all color.-, lor La.hes' liais. Flannels. White, ret, nnd cllow 3-4, 41, nnd G-l Flannel-, bleiicbeil and nn1 leacbe l Cnn'on do, plain an I printed Salilnirydo. silk, ineriuo,anJ cotton ihirtsnnddraw- or. lllack ami I lite I lack an I rol'tl l.inlle, cot'on ami wors cil lioierv, llneiianil vnr-lel lat lc cover', dia per nn I linen tinnkiu-, I leaciiel nn.l nnh'eached cot ton, b'nek an I colore I cam1 rrs. linen an J -Ilk lull Is, Lndiu-' and Deniivmen' cravn s. I lack, while, nnd col'il paper Mil Ims, p'ftl n, ilriped nnd barr d no.. c o in. luranci iiuir -ca r.i )-, velvet nn i i ir irunnieu hovs'do, lion nnd tl.i.alo ro!f, floor matt-, and I til cord. To the above will lc weiklv ad.lel every thing new. la-hiona' le an I i'o irabV, nil be o.ll'icd at tlulowv-t nnrkrt i rices. f. F. SlANirOItt) &. Co. D irling'on. Sept 19, 1911. 16 II ,Vltli:itS lllttmliiatcd Itlblr. N'a. O. Sept. 1G. Ry A. UDWARDS. JgLAUKWOOD'S ndinbnrgb Magazine for August. ATARY SCHWF.IDl.l'.lt. Ihe Amber Witch. The lrJL most interesting trial for Witchcraft ever known TTir.H LIFR IX NF.W YORK, Saratoga, Lako J X George, ive. w NEW RO.dANCK Iv Scatfie!d! entitled, RAMI!!,r.TO.: n Romance of Fasliionabli- Life in iS'ew York, during the Uicat isiicculation ot jo. 1IV eatliid. Sept. 11. r,wl Itv A. F.DWARD5. mill! siib-cril cr have receiveil ihrs itav a laid" M. a-'Ortuicut cf l.ookmir (ia-ie., L'riK'I.ery. and Gin- Wnre, in addition to their tocl; of Urv'Gois's and Groceric-, wltui ll ev are i eti ini ned lo sell low U. I'. STA.MKUKU dr. UO. Fept. 1U, 1SI1. 1G ISrass Kolllcs. La rire n.-or'-ic n 1H latl by .STRONGS & CO. 10 SllOOl Zllll . UST receive I. S'IRO.NGS Sep'. 13, Ml. J CO. 10 PRINCE'S Linnacn Botanic Garden and IVursorics Flushing, near Acw York. PECK &"SIEAS HAVIXt. beei ; AUIv.V I'S for ibis F.-stali'Mt ment. will e. Ilecl nil I f.i'W.iril orders lor Fru and Ornamental Trees and Plan!; Cat.ilogues and Prices of which may be seen at their eouuier, ltfnt.isoTOS Vt. Salmon 1 runt and Salmon. Uy STRONGS si! Co. Sept. 13, Ml, IG Plated lSltiilt and Cutter Shoes a pairs in s:ore and for .ale. M'ltONGS & Co. Cod Fish. (ftiTV It'-, very superior, jut received. ' STRONGS & Co. Canada Box Stoves. 30. 31 and SI", in. -iiorle an I iloul b Can .n'n &4 Siovo-, ju t reciived an I f rsa'e low. Serl. IS. M I. STKONUS & Co. PRnsprnx's of THE AMERICAN REVIFW; A 1VIIIO Jot'KSAl. Of Politics, Literature, Art ami Science. IT bavins 1 ten de'ermined tnesialli-h apolitical and l.i'ernrv Montlilv Ilcvie v, to he cond icicrl in the city or New Yoik by GFOIIGF. II. COI.TON. I'sq., ami ilevotcd lo t lie peiiii.iueni in.iiuieiiance ol Winn principle .md Improvement of American lue nit'ire : The nnder-itrneil, Willi members of the Twenty rizhthConsiP, friun the several -eciioti- nl'ilic Un ion, in con-ider.ttton of'ihc ffreat iinpor'aoee 1 1' s icli a work.dii iiiom cordially approve of the de i?n, n..d utire it upon ihe Whin oT I lie Repu'lic for their e ec tive and unvvuverinii a uinort. Welclievc it 10 Ic mo-t Irom.'ly deniandcd I y I lit. perionnciil imeie-ts of the eo'iniry: lino iiicnpi i mare 10 Iho-e having the-e intercsl uu,i al lican. And for Ihe stku ol pcrfccl contiilctiee in it political course, n.nrauce i hereliy eiven. the comiiiual ui i-tance of Icadinc men of ihe Wbi Party ha Icon .e"ii';.l, and ibal till lru,t i repo-cd in ilu-'vicw nnd n' ilities ofihe Editor. .Members of the Stnnle. Willie P. .M.iir.' mi. A'. C, President nf Senate. Georpe Evans, Alt t J. . Crmcnocn', Kij ; S, alacidicrson llerrien, Geo; .lame T. Simiuon-, Jl. I) .Innies Alfrnl Pc.irce, All t Hu htird II. Hayard, Del j J. W. Iluiiiinglon, Conn.; Sam cl S. Phelo, IV. ; Alexander Harrow, 1st. ; J.'l. .Moreheail, Ifv. ! W. C Hive-, tli.,- William Wo d' riil.'e. Mich I'.phraiin n.l os'cr jenn.i Vv, L., uayton, v, J.i Jotiu llcu der.-on, .Wits. ATemhers nflhe Ifonte, Garrelt Divi-, Kj. ; tjh.nle llnbon, Mint.; tieorye W. S iiunier-, I'd.; Sine el T. Vm'nn, Oh ; John Wine, Kj.i Han.,! P. Kine. .W.m. ; K. Kav ncr, A'i Ct Gior.'c 11. Itoduev. Utl.i H. 0. Sample, 1 1.; F. II. Mor e. .17-.; Mihon Drown, VVnn.; Wa h in.'toii Hunt, N. V.; Ilenrv Y. Crnii-lou, It. I i ('baric M. Rei-I, I'eun. John J. Il.irdm, .; C. II. Carroll, A'. V.; .lame- De'lei, Ala. I WiIImiii A. Mutely, A. Y. ; lto'cn C. Sehcvk, Oli.i AVxamler II. Stephens, Oeo.i J Piiilliii- J'Ihe n'x, A. Y. City. I'nrnc.ily approving oflhe pi in ol" och a nalmnal oryan. Ion.' ueele.l and .f Mi.itul.--i importance, ihc iiivlcr-ii:ntsla';rectocoiitri!'iilffi.r it iarf-.finiu lime lo ime, such ciuuni'inica'ion-a tnav I e re.pil-i'c lo sciioriu ami i'ciiiiiu me uociitne new by Hie uni.eil Win? Panv of the Union, ai- r.'e I'. .Marsh, IV ; D. D. Rarmrl, Albany! J. R. liicer.oll, I'hiladelnhia ; E. Jov Morn'.. I'lilluilil. rhia I T. I.. A'. C; John JIaeplierson llerrien. Ga ; Jl iniel Wei icr, R if is Choale, R"' crt C. Woi'hro i, Attsi.t Tlcnia lluller Kioir, 7io ; ,1 II. I. , ,S .. ..... . ' iirtiiuouu ri ii, i. x. ctaji J. i . rvenueitv. Ialii, more; J. Collatocr, IV; John J. Unr tin, .; W. S, Al'-licr. Vn..' Alexauilcr II. .-sieolicus. nr.i. This periodical will be published monthly in the riiy nrNew Yoik. lo be called "The American He view A Whig Journal of Politics, Literature, Art ana science. The price of iho Mainline will be Five DoLL.sns n yenr j lo be pail on receiving tlu first number, sin gle numbers fifiv cents. It was thenrizinnl design, for reasons of nermnnent importance, 111 n t this periodical sbolild not eommenee nil January, alter ilm t'restilenttal election. I bat subscribers, however, may see, as many may desire, what Ihev are called upon to subscribe for, and iliil three or four articles, of a nariieiil ir cnsl and webihi in Ihe crisis nf ilm limes, may lui spread beforo the people previous man election ol so 2 real iniunen', the January number will appear some tunc in Septem ber. Kieh number, containing rrom one hundred nnd twelve 10 one hundred and iweivy.eij:hi paaes, prin' ol in double columns, on fine paper, will consist nfa lent ng politienl article, wiih a vnriety of lllernry mis celkinv, in htsiorv, biournphy, crilicisin, fictiori, poe Irv. s ntlsties si ii-nee nnd Ihe nrts. The first number will eontsin n sketch of thn life and character or Mr. FreliiiL'huvsen, wiih finely en craved portraits, both of Clay and Frelinuhtivsen. by nn emiii'nt artist frnni Parisi nnd every second nr third number afterwards will preseut n likeness of som diHtinsuished mm of the RHpuhlie, exeeuleil in the hiuhest stvleof ihe nrl. Insrthrr wiih an earnest nnd Iriithful hinirriiphv, which may stand as a pari of thahisiorv of he nniion. In addition lo ihe Connrrssionsl names above, n number of vvritets, both no'ilical nndtiierarv, rrom all seeiiuns. nnd arknnwlo lent In he mnnnir t he ablest in Ihe community, have been secured as permanent contributor) nnd 11 is continently bell-veil lint lln periodical will hi inferior lo'no other nt any lime is iud i'i this country. The conducl of ihe Review will h in ler ihs ron. Irnl nf Georee H. Cnlion, associated, however, cspe. cially in the political department, wiih other gentla men ol known sliinding nnd allninmenis. That no person mav h -ailnte in tho miller nf sub criptinri, assnra'nea i unreservedly civch that ar raneemrnls are mvkintf to nut thipernta'nent appear ance of this Reviaw heond ern(InjcHe.v( Subscriptions received by V. Harrington where ifce work mar M ootsinsn as soon as puontnea Cmv Wllcoi's listatc. STATF. OF KUMONT, t A T n scston of the nmntcT or tinANn i-le, ,1 -i- I'nd am Court, hidden nt .North Hero, wi htu and for the Histf'':1''1 Urnudl-le, m ibu 31-1 day of August, A. I'. IS 1 1, come Guy Revnold ami l.ewl l.add, nduiini-trn- lors ni inee.tatjot inty im.o., uim m . m nnl di-triet, decea el, fnies ate. and file in nl Court their petition, in wrinnif, nitins forrhthnt the inventory of the per-tmal e.tntc of tin) r-ni I ilecea-e. nmoimts'to 8770,73, nnd thai the claims nsnlu-l said n-tnte. ulltmcd by i'i,tniiii-lotiei!, amount loSlibO 35 tlic cxoensi! nt niiiuini-iruiiiig aei nut les llian S75L"Jt nii iiniin iioriiou m iiiu pvi i.onal c-tatp, amounling tn 5141,71, ha Urn ns.jim edtftibe Widow) bat the es'ateof-aid in te-laleis in-uilieicnt to pay tho debts nenlnl said e-lnte, nod the coal Of nilininllra'ion,by 112000, nnillhnt it will I enece-nry to sen intiwmnu mire realeslnte of ntd In'eSlnte for Ibu payment td lb'.' .i..i.iu n-...r... il,, nnil co.tsi t ii Iimmstra lion ( thonil nite-lale diet seizcii ot n i.trm ni land in i,raud i le.cuwnau uc ueopreio i-1.. no . nl Ihc time of hi ilea h, atom 53 acres of which is uMectltia morttrfli:etoeeitrcilie paviueni oinnoui SttWOto Mtlvm ll.triie. nnd 26 acre Im-iimbere l by t, ...i.ti.. i.r P. ,nir,. VVileox. nnd the whole sob icct to the Widow' ti'lit of Duwer, nnd prnyintr sttd Co iri to licen.o the fnid lniinitralor lo nil the wholv nl mn n nl cslate uhder iht nid incunilirnni e, nnd nl-o Ihe revcr-ion.lry intercsl in tin- Widow II.... nn..i.,n . l.lnl kill It O r. .11' I Cft-O Or iVltlCO . Wiitnir,!i.r,M. lioi ert in nforeaaid dot b nSnomtthu l it dav ol October next lor U'arinj niniuecuiin!! on . ,1 1 i.m i,,nn a, i In. lY-i ,1 nlc oilicc. in Norlh Hcfo, In mul ,l,.iri.. no, I fl.uli unlcr that all ocr.-oii til ercled e noli ,o. thereof I A- liil.licaiion ol lilt nmer, mice week s iecendv, in the II irluuton frecPro", n i.voai,i.r orinti. Int It irlinulon, in Chillenden coun. y, the la. I of w hich put lic&lloils to be pieviuu to .aM5hdavif().-liiloriie.V. f.'iven nn 'cr mv hand ni North Hero tin 3I-t oay i.fAii'iiist, 1811. 1jw3. JOKI. .LI.F,.N, ladqt. JOSEPH MAILHOT, MOOT AND SIIOU MAKUlt. I5KSPF.CTFOI.LY informs the pu' lie, in nntl V rrhou! Itiirltni'l'iil. that be will do all work that he may be f iVotiM wiih, in the best manner, and on the lowest tetnlS possible. His shop in under lite Office oftl. Leavenworth, Ksq , and near the O.lico of the Free PreSP. liiirlmitton, 23th July, 1S44. Btf oo Gros Horn Coat llultotis, 100 do do Over Coal do 300 150 soo tlo do .lo do do flo Yesl tlo Gdl do do do Coat do Pint tlo Pearl hirt do VILAS LOOMIS if. Co. 12 1: For sale by Aun. 22. 1S44. C f Poxes 1-3 I X Tin Pla.e, CJVJ 10 do Siaie do 60 I! indie, Wire as-'d No's. For -ale I y VILAS LOOMIS i Co. Ana. 22, 1811. 13 ADM! N I M'ltATOlt'.i SALK. 11. MOODY'S ESTATE. TMIU subscriber, a Imini tralor or ihe estate nf I Robert. Moodv. I lie of ltuihit?on, deceased, w sell at public auciiiin, on Tu-sil ly the 1st ihv of Oc tober ci t, at ll'iw.irds lloicl in 'said it rhuL"on. nt one o'clock P. M. Ihe loll. )u int! properly belunginutn s oil estate, to wit. One lliitty second part oflol No. 199 in said Unr. IniEton, known a the .vlnrn-shins lot, s.micet to n leae thereof having vet about s-even yeirs to run. Iho lessee invito, the riehl. at tin e.vtnra'ioo of snld ease lo a deed thereof, cu payinetit of about one hundred anil seven il.illars. Aln. Il'c unevpired term of said leae. the rent rr served betnir fi oer e. nl nunuallv on said sum ofSI07. Also, Pews No 47, 33 and half of No. 65 in the F.i'i-eopnl ihnrehin soil I'liiliiieton. Also, one -till in ihe hei b.i'-k of sai I Church. Also. Ililf of one pew in ihe brick church at Wjn nooski villiee in Colihes'er. Also, All Ihe personsl property retnainini: of said Estate, toEether wi h the notes and accounts due said estate, vil uncollected. Terms cash. GEO. C. SHAW. Burliuulnn, Sept. 5 1311. ll IirNESBURGII ACAD KM Y. Gcors" I.m fijiiliiil, A. 31., I'rlnelpnt. rnllE FA I L Tl RM of tin In-titulRu will coin- oieme uu tveineaiay, c-epr. -l. 13 'r. W. Ginn, Fc Hard WafP. S THONGS & ("O. arc rcceivint; fico 'cnt nkliliuu to 1 heir stork nf heavy nnd shelf Unr 'ware, 10 wl Ihe aitciitiou orpiirili.fcrs is -ulici eJ. Sep'. IS, 'I I. 15 Conionl lor Cisterns. 3 1 m) CASKS of the 1 e-l So tllicrn Cement, I w hich harden in a fe v bo-ir-, no I rcu ders cistern li,'ht a ml bee from Icnkas-, fir alo Iv I11IINSM.MI) i5c HltOTIIF.Its: An". 30, '44. 13 10 PS. ltFD PADIHM!, 15 do Canvas. 25 i'o Alpacca, 15 do FigM do 50 do Pousce IblUf. ,, For ale by VILAS I.OOMIS & Co. An?. 22, 1811. 13 A f G"'- KSSF.NOKS, W ISiJ lMe.; I'm 73 lb. Mixi-iI do 10) M. .ec.l!i For -ale hi- VILAS I.OOMIS & Co, 13 A'".'. 2-2. IPtl. qMIF. PICTORIAL IliSIORY OF TIIF. UNI- led bt.tles is now complete, u may be set n nt S nn'l. IIumitiL'ton's vyhn is duly nulhorized to fill nil nrdersin reltlion to ibis valua1 le work Kvery Amer ican w ill feel proud to bu llieow ner nf ibis ililnrv. All vvho may have orders left with them will do tne a favor hv irnii'ininiiin litem 10 Mr. Hutitiniitoii. I. v . tllaisilell of croennes, is an au'lion.ed ai;ent. vll me couutie in the stnie will I e vitteil as soon as practicable fm ihe circulation oflhis unrivaled Amcr lean lltsloiy. D. KI.MltALL.Ir. special Asrcnt for Yl. Iturlinrton, .Sept. Uih 1314. 15 S TIIA YE I) rJMlOM the ene!o3tirc or ihe subscriber, nnFiMny the 23 I nil. n lar?e Iiili I rtd Cow; she Ins ii short lad, nnd is a little lame in a foreleg. Any in- luninii ni 111 rearo to ner wncrri'iouis. win ne uuiy tewarded. UF.NltY .MAVO. ilurlinitton, Sepl. C, 1311. 14w3 Bit I GO'S PATENT FEXCE MACHINE, fjOR lurriinij Fence Pickets and other articles o! a. vvooil of ti cylindrical torm, The midersijneil continue to operate the nbnvi Machinery nl " Winnoski Cily," whetu Ihey wiiuh ho h ippy to furnish pureh isets wiih soma of lio n vnrieues of Faun, uaulen or ornamental I'enee. They will nlso work up Lumber upon shares or bj ihe md for those vvho wisn. OA'inir to the advanlaies which Ihey derive in tin n ,r lli oiiprovroicnl, lliey nluconl.Uil I nir.r l a neat and beaiittl'iil fence fur yards and car dens, at much less expense thnn the same can hi L'ot up for in any oilier way, while fJt dilral i'i v it not excelled bv anv in cnmmnn use. This vtilii.ihh improvement was first bro'mht out in Western .New Yurk, where il has gone httn exit n-ive use nnd hns received Ihe npprobali 111 nflhe Mayor or the cilyot Hnll'ilo, wiih many httmlrids of the first aerieu' nr. ists and others in that pail of the State, also ot Gov llitbhard, Hoel. Jarvis, .Indue Churchill -ml mailt others in New Hampshire. In r.ict wherever it has been inlrudiircd it hasleen highly nppmvrd. As n Farm Fence il combines more advauiiees than any oilier fence ever used. Il can 1 0 used without post. and is iherefore not affected by the freezing nnd henvins of iho eround. Il lakes less biinber limn any oilier kind of fence, isa certain protection against ill kinds of cattle. i not liable to eel out nf repair, rannof be blown dmrn, 1 easily setup, laken down nn I removed, without injury, Jj"No Fabmes should be without nt least a snfl't. cient ijinntitvlo throw around bis fields of grain nnil slack yards. The undersigned refer with pleasure In Col, Harry Thomas, N II. Haswell, F.-q and Messrs. Iliins. lonld and ltriiih"rs, Iturluiuton ; linn David Held, Colchester 1 Ralph Lsndoti, Williion, and Win. Keeler, Kiq, Grand Isle. ; , jxrt n DF.wrv. II P. DKWUY. Any person "ishlntrlo enema in the nhove btisj. ne-s in Ihe counties or Franklin, Orleans, Lamoille, Washington Ruilanrl. Itenninu'on nnd Windham, in this Stile, nr nnv of'he Kistefn cotiniiea in ihe Slate nf Neiv York, wil. .i',jse apply ns above. JNO. N. DF.WF.Y, , , Ajcnt for Patentee. Iturlinjlon, VI., AtiiruH, IBM. 13 A'?H' FALL abobs. "JUST received sonlo vry rich new s'yle Cash I meres and Velvet de Lalnes, LnJies and Gent's. Onvas, also, A:pacea Lusters, Prints, Ginrjhamn, Hosiery Gloves, Tiekin, Cotton Flanne., 01c. 4c., nil which will be old very rhwp by II. W. CATLIN. srpr. um tem. 15 ti. w.'Li. win receive and optn in the coun CO LTi llll ll I. uncus' RiTII WF. I HB SUUSCRini'Rhavint: been appoint ed by the lion, ihc Prnbale Court fur the diirict ofC'ilttenoen, comnn. -loner lo receive, examine and adjiii Iho claims n"d ileinnti I ornll per-ons, aaami theetntnol IXTI1FII I.OOMIS, la c of 11 iilinatmi in said Di'tri"t,ilect;a-ed, repiesenie l in-olvent, nnd al.o all nlhuns nndttcinmul rvliPiiteit to o bet there- Id j and s-x tnoiilh from ihe d iv ol the iU'o hereof, Icing allowed by said Coin for ihat purptio, we do therefore hereby' clve iioltce, that we Will attend to the liiine of our app"imiiii'nt, nt tho Pearl Slreet 1 lo i-e in lliirlttnrtou In said Di-tnct.ou theSlt dav ol Jartuarv nnd February next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., On each Dated this 'ilsl il.iv orAoctt.t A. D. 1811. AI.VAN FOOTi:, ) Commls I3w3 SIDXnV IIAUI.UW, t mners. ALIsElfASrS AfET)T(JlNES. rTUF at tivu Meilieine hive leconirsn poimlar, L where ihev have I econie known, thai, to loccl the iletnanit, the propncior has nlip'el the plan of iniilliplvinc I lie Asencie., l.irnisliini; cacn Agent wuii a neat die I, con'n uinit Tim HI.ACK (ir Allcbnsl's,) SAI.VC, ALIilMtASl'S linAl.TII IMI.l.S, AI.t.KIIASI'S TOOTII-ACIIIJ niU)tS, AND AI.MlHASrS I'OOIt MAN'-S Iri,TI3R A toitul cr cT Asnneio nre now etal li'hed in till' Village, (iuii.hul a ul ove. loselher wl h pamphlets lor eeuenii oi-irio nioo, u;ior lupn inu i i'ic.i.i 1IW Medicine, and cnnt.aintn? cenilicale from bt-jbly repecl.ll le pcr-nu-, of some of the Inany dire Ihev have cffei ted. Families nnd indivulnnl nreinvied tn M'tid and pet n pamph'ei, nnd read, nnd il'lliey tunc o ra I' n, try Ibu aieUicinu , wiircli are warrant cd 'o do all that 'is claimed lor liiein. Tho Auciit. fur ll.irlinston nro Win, 11. Curtis, Ilenrv llvde & Co, Gen. IVleisoll, N. W. ttnsr, Marrv lira Hev. U lnar it Arlhur. and Plil K SI'F.Ali, tpollici-nriii and I)rirriri8's,ccneral Avrenl, who will snpp'y t.o.inly dealer nl wiioie-ali on the .nine terms with the propticlur in New Yoili II irhna'tin, An r. 20 h, 1911. LYMAN W. Gtt.r.r.RT, Proprietor, 13 4vv' 214 F'llion Slreel. New York. o f f 8 c 84 p 1 1 1: a r i a WITH JIIWF.TT'S MKIUCINKS, EiTvBLi5t1r.11 nv A T Id- re.idcnee, Cb.tiiipbiiu Si,, a lew rod norlh 1 t,f.Me-r. Fo'leiut lira Hev, II irlinslnn, V In ten lerintr hi most crTeful ai know le 'uiueul t hi-Irien I an I pa'ieil'-, for ihe euco irairemont an 1 s mtiort tl'.cV have '.'iven htm Ihe pa-l, the D loi woui.t test leave to ta'e, ni sum', na tint f ir, h'-cn el ml lo hi mo I unt; iinc oxpeciu lion- 5 for ii ha I vfn ihe ca-e, ihat the merit of a new-vs'e'ti of inelieal pr.K-lise, ha I eon more t ill v te. ted nn I fairly li-hol. In -o shorl n Inn Iiv'eetl, Dr. Sinnln'oe not he-ttntc tinay md ihe medfal ucntlenten tti ihi place wi.l nol deov it t ImI he ha-e'ected -time i?nal an-1 impor'ant c -res, even where Ihe patients had I ecu trlvenover bv other ph"sn'ian-i an I iheretoie he Icels confi lent, tint coulil lie I e ciilletl tn -e.ion, wlieu the pitirnti-nr taken, more fri'iiuentlv llian he is, a rure would be m 'eh ooicr c ler'e 1, anil wiih far le- exneu-o nn I ulk'rin5,lor the io';, man when Ihey hrst employ other tiieait, till Ihe panent 1- nearly ileao, anil then call Ii mt. For in lot c.ics. incc be b.i ti'Ioptel the tte or Jeweti' medicine, wh.-iO he wa thus cal'iit. ti.i- l Ik remrtrit of ihe lck. I eon o fantd. a- :i!loot to inii ice them and llieir Irien 1- to think b u liitle icas the mailer, Ibieish lo all appearance Ihey were ick ns llio.e who empl iyi'1 oiluv practice." and si died: or were lceehfi, and perb ip-. months, in ircilnl up ncntu, hrsl having to at notion their Hoc: or - niiil iciue, entirely, I efore tlieyctvild sum at all. The f.o'l is, veheii'ever Ji'.ve'l'-'reuiebe- l.t.-e leenf.iirlv trielnnd I ecame f illy I nown, their lenle' clcil in ruiiiis di ea-e i f every type nnd form, li.iv.1 I cen i.icknowlc Vcd I y the mual skilful phyici.itis and the mo-t cntical oh crver. The followins le u'mony, was ad Ip'-scd lo Col. Jeweti I y two li ic 1! v ili-imiio-ln' l phv i -nu-, who bv their as i I iity, I'lithfilnc- and -lull in practice, ciiil aimed tin ui-i Ive-in the memory and a 'ecliou ol'maitv in tin p'acc, whoit-ed tociuploy them ; and wllOlhoisli rcn(, yet -peak. llnni. I'l ni.tsr.Tos, Vt., Jan. 5. 1SCG. Col. Dear Sit I have itseivcl mil read vour n.tuioblet wiih in ich intere-t, and am Iiil-Ii- ple.i-e I wiih your plan of iHereoinini: 'lise-t c Von are iruiy carry oir o-u me principle- o; or. .lcu--on uii'lotlier-, which thcv have so a1'1)' a Ivoctie I. 1 am conlident lint a reform in the practice of eineUiiUia,iens.iUy nee -ary. juii. I'uoi.niji , ,u. u." Ill'nl.lNGTOM, Oct. 25. 1537. 11 l'ot. Jr.wr.TT - Prar .''ir 1 have I'epo inil mi lie I ank belc, lifiv dollar. more to j our credit, on tic co ml of nle In-ine sol I. ns'I have it-elthcm in my practice, t hev have tinned far more efficscu'ii than' I h i I aniieipati'il. They net readily on the. v leiu, and overcome it! a manner I never le fore witn''--ed, nnd I do not be-iiatc to cive mv fill appro' anon lo yii-ir sy-tein. 1 lrtie sold nud'u-ed nearly four hiinilred dollar-worth ,ince I lirst receiv ed an a-snrimi'nt from you. "1 am most truly vour old frond, TRUMAN POWFLI,, M. D, Dr. Sniiih ' happy lo -tale he ca'lrd on Dr. Poiueroy, a tew ttion'h-I efoje hi death, and I. tin I him -till' firm in ihe -ame ii'iimoii. lie -aid, "Jew-ilt'-ilouis the -an. e now, that Ciillen d.d in hi day. A nl," sail he, " i lold Dr. A'w.rcr he w.n nol tlic L'lea'e-t in the world, and ant no1, b it il I wa-, I -hoold -nifouib to .Icirelt, for aiVsy-lem i- cvreU, and his medicine the best in the woitd; null re. lut'-icd hint to III Dr. Smith an I eel me a boiile ol' Imimeiit, which he ill ', and I find t' e.i-es mv held vciy much." When pliy-ici.iu- of ihe fir-t rani;, whose clocii icn and talent do hon r to tlictr profes-ion, and evtrV( in hvi tun! who In ulvcti them a fair trial, come oil in favor of Jcweit'- mitlt cities, in l.insmso unei'iivoc,il an I ik-eide I a the nl ove, who vvillduubt the trtnli of w hat ihey -ny t Those who lliink tl lor their interest lo cnti-e a netr practice, and wlnoe mind have I ecu blinded and prejudiced by tho e vv bote teljii.hness aud pride. pre loinin.i'uo'ver t heir -en -c of justice and truth and all their tenerolenl feelings, dud llio-cooly! lint in o,-.ler In inn ice inv.i lol.s ol every da- to make trill ol the I.itrolcptK! reinedie-. Dr. Smith made a proposition lo lake certain ohri'tiic upon his own ri-l. "no cure, no pay" prnvtVI any wi-he I to ilo-e uclt n bari.iiu, by nlaehtr llienoclvc umlcr hi c.ire ill tho vill.iae. and folluwiui.' hi. ib- reclionn Ions a he ho dd I e vvdlinir to prc.oribe, r until llieysot well! anu provide.! al-o, lliat Ibej mal.e I tie payment ol In- lui: secure, shoulit be elect a cure. Some nocopted Ihe ion, complie I wild the condition., and a cure is the re-i ll j while nl her-, who ma.ii1 no such bargain, and did not com ply with one of its conditions, arc dispo cd mtljini I lit- i enciii oi " no cure, no pay,- nut to nil such, lhe prmeiple should I ertreriet (l no pay, no ctre." Dr. Simili will now make .nioiher propo liton, in order lo ind ice the pibln1 toie-t the merit if hi- practice in season. Alt person-, ul every ntre, sex and con'lilinu w haiever, vvho -hall be la' en with anv acute disease fever-, ery-ipela-, cholera morlti-, rhe imalism-, menial ileran-zeiuent, -niitim; Hoi. I. pile-, letter-, prolap-ii uteri, sick hea.l-ache, pain in Ihcl rci-t. co mh and cons iino'ion, nn I sh.i II iiniiie- diately send lor Dr. Suiiih, and comply with the alitive coiiibtiou-, shall he lat tilnlly iilleutlcl to upon the sime s tie principle no pay." iml niliei in parturition, proniotly and fnithfiillv atleiuled to, to thi'ir enure satififaitian',nni in a jmiu iirr bv theiud uterine liniment ffieaily lo mitieate their s V'crinfr an I facilmre llieir recovery j -upon the -nmo co.idi'ion " no cure, novav." Dr. Sm th ha jii-t receiveil k Ire-h supply of lew e'l s ineihcine, upon term- lint will enah e him it) sell, whole n e or retail, lor cn h, 2a per tent le-' than it wa si Id fur hist vat ; nnd he invito-pHyii iann and al' invalids, to lhe trial of it. Hundreds of 'leslimoniiilsnrv in lhe po-se-s'ou of 'ir. Mia h or similar oh irneier lo ujo-e wlncli are here published. It'll eno ish li.i I ecu shown to irove lhe tact, thai al cttrable itoen-cS. and mini which are con idere 1 1 eyon I ihc reach of medUine, ire overcome 1 y lhe use of the e preparations, with i cer'aintv never before known. Par Spinal AJftcttons, Consumptions, Rronthils, Liver Affutions I'ou.'h Liniment P ihiiou e Fin. rocalioii ; Cooeli, or Veaeia'le ?vr"p; I-.xpecto-ranl i Alterative' Drop Ailhrilie Pill-j I'ain Fx trae'nrj Nerve'ie; K enee ol l.ile. Far Sick and Chronic Head-Ache Linimeu1; Pain-I'x'r.ictor i I'e Moral Urop. Fur Cterine Auctions, (-neb a Fluor Albu, Pro lip u Fieri, oh Irucliil or irregular or loo oopio i-llen-irua'ion) Snmiil.iiiiis or fienno Liniment) Vcscm1 le Syrup j Femile Drops Hs-enee of Life ; Ncrvo Rina'livej Arlhiilio Pil's. For Di'pepsia Siiinulatins Liniment J Alterative Drops j F.s enccnf Lifej Wgeial le Syrup. Far Spinal Affections Pain F.xlruclorj Stimula (iior Linmicnt ; 'I.m' ris-ation. For Tic Douloureux, and Xcrrou- Affcctiont gen erally Nerve l.iiiiineul ; Nerve S.t alive j Pain hv tractor t Pectoal Drop-. Far Piscasts of the llmochnndriac Itesion S'im- olalinzand Nerve l iiiiiiieui ; Female Drop ; Pecto ral Tiiiclorei Ncrvo Sanative 1 F.-sence ol Lifej P dmoniu Kuibrocalion; Pain hxlraclor ; Anhril'c Pill-. 11 If NEW TA1LOIUNC, ESTABLISH. MENT. j a m r. s oiin, WOULD r Specif illy inform theciu'zens offlur linelonnnd nu1 lie itenernlly. t lint h. has'aken the I'stnb'ishineul recently ms-upied l y Ctl ULKS linNNS, where he will execute all nryerrin the TAILOIt NO lUlSINllSii on the sborte-l nonce, and in n s'iIj not to hesnrpa-s-ed. From several year experience in Ihebiirinesshe leels confident ohn-iirin'J'seneralsaiisucilon. CUT UNO done for oilier to make up, at all lime, and warranted tofi', if properly ma In up. i intri'h-.l.Aiiff., ISH. nil. (lilt, and Silvi-rotl Br. DS, of various ize-, al-o the tevcral lind Piiibo Mounts, Rhus, sivl Tael I eautiful ions. N. York Adv'ts. L. &, y. KIR BY, WHOLKSAI.B DUALiniS IN 'oroifin & Uoincstic Dry Goods 47 Cellar S'trerl, jVue- York City. i r.SPCCTFULLY nnnoitnce tn their Customers JLV, and Dealets ffenetallv. thai Ihev hive now nn hind n full slnek of Ficsh I)rv Oiods adapted lo tlx ball trade, eniiiraeinii a full assortment ot nil ilescrip. lion of Stnnle Ciiinda which have been selected with miten care, ntul wiinii tncy nre cnaoieu to oner ni very low -rices nnil nn the most nnerni terms, i ney nre also Atienls lor liirlnvV itCo.'s Ainerienll Mann factored Needles, wl.lch ihey will warrant a first rate article. llm'J DLL A 'Mil, AMJUKJU, tSo FRINK WHOI.F.SAI.h DUAf.F.ns IV DOMHS-I'lf. &. FOIIHION DRY fiOODS, No. G7 I.iberlv Nirri'l, neilr llrdnilvva y, A'KII' YUHK. KF.I'P contanllynn hand iic.xtenivc an a-sorl-ment nf .Staple nnd Fancy Goods n canli found in Ihe City j n bine ptojiorlion ol vVhieh uic especially adapted to the V I.I..1IH.VI I llilIM,, Merchnnl visitlnc New York aie reit'ie-tcd to call, and price will I e found -rill-lai'tory 10 tile l.:i.U3l.l ViA1!! UL 11.10. The a lver.i cr nre wnichfol lo iverv ndvati- inci.'tii ihe fl ictu.tlion of Ihe larse.t, nnd. i'iioyinz thuletielit of sreil b'i-ine- facililie, wl b Ion? experience, arc pretvtrcil in nirr K A 1 1 1 . I I H J li .11 Ii r - to vvho nie tbligctl to contend with the tronue.l conipeiinoii. Jin-3 J'irif and Staple. SILK GOODS. Williams. Rankin. &, Pcnniman. Nn. G3 WILLIAM STREET, eo ism: i: orc'i:ii,c: STUHKT VOItlt.. WOULD call the attention nf Merchants visiting New York fur iheir Fall supplies, lo then ex- teii-ivcassorlmrtit nf entirely Ni:W STYLES FALt. GOODS. To thilr ordinary stock, which comprise a full ami tieneral variety of Slap'eand Fancy Silk Goods, they have been ma' ins larL'c additions of RNTIRKL MiW STVLF.-!, expressly adapted to the Season. From the facilities which ihey possess in the pnr elnse or lioods nt thnveiy lowest prices their unri valled and very extensive assortment they feel assu red tint It will be in tlieir power to oll'-r extraordina ry Inducements to purchasers whodeire and deserve lo buy on tin very best lerin', and they nre determin ed to spare no pains In m ike tl for Iheiuterest of such lo make their selections from their -tuclt. Ill DRKS-j GOODS they can show a crea' ranL'cof styles, in Rich Printed Cashmere l)'F.cose. of latest P irt patterns j Tiesnns. Ciapo De L'liues, Muslin De Laines of Pans stjles, never before ofTured. Alpaeeas. II iiiibazines. Dlack and Blue Silks, low ail I hiuh piieed. SILKS Cimeleon tlrocndo Si'kss Camelenn llroehi Striped Silk' Plain and Satin Slriped Hel letiienne; lllack and B'ne lllnek Sniin Striped and llroeado ficurcil Silks; Satin Stripid Gros Graines ; I'I ick nnd ll'ue It'ack Oro de Sui; Italian Lus trine ; firm de I'lniin: firos d'Afriques; Ulaek mid tllue lllack Salinsj Plain and Figuied Satins. AIo MILLr.Nl.RY GOODS in creit variety, enmpri sin llonnet Silksnnd Satins of entirely new s'yles, ll.nincl and Cap Ribbons, rich Fnll patterns : new ipfin llonnet Velvet-, plain colors, black and blue black, figured, shaded, plaid i cut and Uncut. r. MM':?. Ctp Laces in crent vnrietv. nf new and elefjuit pnternsj rrtnimiti'.' Laces and Laee F. Iluiil's. black anil while; bilk, Lisle, Guipure, Mechlin, Brussels, Sec, iVc. Thn ad Laces and Edgings. French, German and F-nt-lish. SHAWLS. Rich Cnshmcte and Hroehe Lons nnd Square Shawls; Thibet, Muslin de Laine, Kabyle, Plaid, Woollen. Neil. A-c. Ac. SILK SlIAWLS-DarkCantelcon, Satin Striped, FieurcJ, if-c. GI.OVF.S AND MITTS, In everv variety, fur Genileinen, Ladies, nnd Misses. ICiilJof the most apnrovedj nnnufaclitre, Ruck, Me rino, Woollen, Silk, Lace, I ilet. dpyliau, India Rub ber, &c. Their stock w ill be found In compriie a full assort ment nf all ihe vnrious mnll items needed, and Ihev invito the attention ,' Ituvers. wiih the filllesl confi dence that Ihey can Supple every want in their line. 11 tn3 SILK GOODS. BOW EN &"MCNAMEE, 1(1 WILLIAM STREET, Cromer of itcarcr Stictt, New-York, "P r.SPr.CTFULLYannoUticellnf IheHnVe mule J V- exti tisne afiancetticnls Tor the Fall Trade, vv Inch will runhlc them lo present toeaier inducements than ever In merchants tliriuii.'hoiit lhe United Slates to vi-it Tills maikel the present Season, for lhe pur chase or SILK AND FANCY GOODS. Thcv havualreadv received by late arrivals a nrca variety or new and rich coods, and will nlsorcicivc by Iho next Packets and Simmers, nn assortment ol lhe latest nnd most beauiiful 'tyle of French. Cer ium. Italian, nnd'isli Frne'y Goods everiofl'rrcd in this matket; samples of vvhii Ii nre now eslftbiled ; and it is their delertninaiion, as heretofore, not only to be constantly supplied with a complete ns.ortiiieui adapted tn nil 'sections of I be country, but lo nrcsent Ihe neirc an I most desirable slvle., suited to the city or most fashionable Irnde Their Stock will be composed in part of ihe followins nriicles, viz: DRESS GOODS. SILKS in every variety, cnnsisiini of Ilaliin Ltts liinas, black and blue-bla'ek Gin de Suisse. Grossde Rhine, plain and siriped Ispalnns, ,Grns tie Royals, siriord and fiiptred Gros de Nnples, Pekin Silks. Gtos de Mesin", rich llroeado Cbantelon, llioche fiaured and siriped Poult de Soie., rich Stripe, Grosde ! ranee, nncK, lilue-lilaek. ami clnnsenble stripe ami iisnreu uros u Alriques, plain and bureil Satins, tie. ifec. fir. CAS'IMF.RI. d'F.COSSE, of lalejt Paris POM PADOini sivles. PMUS MOUSF.LINF. do LAINKS, entire no design and various qualities. ORtPF. d'ORUNT, for Kvenin dresses--the most splcniltil article ever olrercu. CIHTSANS. TIKSANS", Af.PACCAS. ROM. IWZINRS. FIIKNCII I'UINTS, &.c. Also, various new styles nr D'css Goods, which wit' be siriellv confined tu llieir own trade. Tho whole presenting an nssorlment, it is be'ieveo, which can not be sdrpass'id in this or any other market. SUA VLS. ConsistlniForrieli l'lniiieon,Oilumnn, Pmill de Soie. flj'd Silin, llrnrade, if-p. Alo, splendid l!rohe, i. ioiuere, I'.uuiio uere.1 .iieivuie. Koliyle, plain, nrm led and embroidered Moueline de Laine nnd Thibet Shawls. Merino,. Plaid Itelviderc, nnl vario is new styles Woollen Shawls, nlso, very rich Cashmere L..JH OII.IWI3, LACES. FofflisK, French, and German Thread Laces nnd F.dL'incs. Also. Lisle, Guipure, Ashlntiion nnd other stiles low priced Filyinaa and Lues. M-slin Trim. inin.'S, Swiss. Mulls. Pisbop Lawns. Hook, Cnmbiie nmljiconei Mus'ins, nnd cverv variety of plain and ficured Nets for Caps, Cape, Veils, f c. GLOVES, '.'nnsistinff of KM, Silk, Cnsliinere, M'erno.lterfio'nntl iiuen, in ere Fancy Mitts Ibielt, in ere.anelies, logeiher with a full slock ol MILLINERY GOODS. Velvets for Hals, plain, iiiicnl, fijured, Ae. if-c, en tire new stiles i llotinef Silks, nlaln. chancenble. chinn and to.'iired. n complelo nssorlment Hal nnd Cap Rltibons, entire new desiirns. nnd the ronsl snlcn. Hul ns.nrtuieni ever ofTeip.l. Also, certain style of V.l. n.i.i r.t , . n. re . ..... . . . ' . . . isrm ivioiioo. I'oioi i nil. ia nnu r-atin no, tiiacrt and colored. Arlifieint Flowers. Pe.slbr Trimming I - ee.s. Ribbon Wire, Cords, Gimps, Foundations, Crown uiouis, c-e. ALSO, Pocket lldkfs. rf p,,n"ec, Spitilfield, Cnrnh, Flag, llandintn nnd Linen Cambric in every vnrietv. c Italian Sewings, Feniiio's, Rubinncct's, Persico's Menus s, hp At. Fancy lldkfs. Cr,svnts nnd Points, Printed Mouse, 'le Laine. Thi'ei. Palmarine. Florida, nnd niher si l-Ip of Dress Shawls, Iln'ian, (nos de Rhine nnd Lustrintr Crsvals. or everv si7c; Senrfs for penllemen, of salin, plain, fin. ured nnd embroidered, Gros Grain, Ac. Ac. " Velvets, hlk.. b'ue blk. nnd colored, various rpinti. ties. Vesiinus or Snlin, Arniurc, Cnshtnere. fX c. At. iiov j-rte", .-inenews. .-inrneis, l.evnnun's, inilm Snlins t.FJnslin Siunenilcrs Sfnlimr nnrl Silk r-.. and Vest llindinji nnd Cords, fancy Gimps, Fringes, Toselher wiih etertr. article urusllv in h rVumd in a fancy stock, which Ihey enmni1 lo erll Ofl ai favor able terms as at nn oilier tstnl lishmenl. 11 Uiicd noof. N. York Adv'ts. ,F.V FALL UOOIJ.S. goods housi:-ki:f.imng articles. DRY S. Sl Ii IIOLMKS. No. 22 JOHN STREET, fiW YORK, (ae.Twr.r.N dhoadivai and nassaU'ST.) ARKVeci-ivinsf newnndde-irnl led Oils for the Fsl Trade, which Ihev oler for sale at the lowest price nt wholesale and retail. They have lately re ceived Rose nnd Whitney Blankest do cura large, Rutl Welsh nnd other riaitin I-, Silk warp do. F.ncli h Canton Flannel, Marseille Q u'lt and Couit'f rpane, Iri-h Linens of lhe best bleach, 9-3 Pillow Ca e Linens, 5-4 Iri-h Shectins, Irish and Ram-ley Sluflinz Ir m8-4 lo 12-1 vvidn Dam i k Tal le-l ioth and Nnpkln-, Towellinzstf nil l.tiul! Cia-b, r..ln.. VJI, .... . ,,.1 C.1-. .'.11...... I.e.! n Ifllitie-. Red Tick; i:iih"h nnl I.ontr Clotb', Lonft Law n, Linen Ca .-.Irm and Cumlriu Hand kerchief. French Merino? j A'picca, dnrk Printn, lliuh fns'il Ca-hiuere, Jtniielin i'e Lame, Shawli, Fiench llombiz'iie , Crajicf r Vil-, &c, , Ilia. k Sill;-, Sill: nnd raw Silk iloje, F.ngliah Coltoit llniVrv, DiiipdryMit bus, Fiunitiue Dimity, and ('bin', Tal le rind Piano Cover.. Toi'ct Ciivvrs, A.C. Woobdvel Cloih and Ci-nnvrc, I'nncy (Ja-imerc-nnd Ve lint:-, With it Varie'y of other nrlicle. in their line, for -a!o at 22 .Itdiii v.. n! the lowe-t price . N. 11. On ban I cciiuiiio Kail de Cologne. Also, extra wide liu-ia Diapeis. Um3 QUEEN'S WARE. China, Glass, ami ICtutlicHware. SOLD nt Win el ale to C"iin'ry Merchant-, cheap liir ca It i r :icecpt.ii!"es, at 1111 llroa I t., 1 i-tivitn IVnil nnd Wa'es ss. I'i THOMAS F. FIELD. BATI'S & iMASTI'IMTON, 20 LII5ER.TY STREET, (nr.Tvvci:N wn.i.t.tM ami Nassau hrn.EF.Vs,) ni:w.yoi:K, "T7'OrLl) tall lhe at'entWin of Merchants nboiit V visum; New-Yoik, lo their cxlcn-ivv stock fT Foreign and Dome tic DRY GOODS, winch they oiler tor sale on li' lerin, i'ni'tug. in pari of Mr zVridns, a new nii'.ilu lor diu-sea. Ai-?uns do do Chanulcdt Lustres tin do Alpacca l.mtres, t lack' mid colored. ALiKclint de Lt.lnes, Crape de Laine, Cashmeres d Fiossc, Chilians, 'Faisaiis, Hosiery nnd (Stores, nu ex ensive nr-orlm;nt, i'.ito"fCiricy3, Linsrijs, KeutuUy J'ans, FlanMh, bow !ew-pn cl to -upeitine, Print?, of tin nl'wo-t add nche t -lyle, llnncn and llleailicd Shirting and Sheetings'. Spool Cotton and I hrtad, full kind", CWn. Cisslmeits. Satinrls, nntl Vistingi, Lincm, Lawns, Diaper, Crash, Abo, ,i lur-'ca sortiiieiit cf White Gnol, consist int; of Jaconet-, t'aml ric-, Swi-s and Soft Mull, Tap an 1 Lace, Strii ed and Che. I; Musl.n-, Hi hops Lawn-, Hook .Mu-lin, Dinntv, .c. &c. 12m3 FRINGES D. A. BOOTH, No. 100 WILLIAM Si'., NfcW.YORK, Importer and Manufacturer OF Frinces, GimpJ, Corib and Tnsels, Zephyr Worsltd, Canvass and Patterns, Coal Cords Pe ters!. nm, and oilier llindtnes, and all kinds ol 1 assels and Fancy Triiimiii!!. Also, a lar;;e assorlmenl of White Cuiloti Fnnze, by the Packaie or olheiwise. His asortment will be kqit full dutiliL' lhe Fall, nt lit will be receiving lhe newest nnd most fashionable styles. Tirins and prices shall be such as to pive sat- istaciton, nm- LATE AIUilVALS OF NE v FALL &WIiYrER GOODS Gent Ic men's V it rn isli i , Tstab- lisliuicut wliolvkule ami i:ul. JOHN I) AVTi'.S Sc JONES 106 WILLIAM STREET, (CORNF.R OF JOHN SI'RF.KT,) NF.W-VORK, jl F.SPCCTl'ULI Y announce that ihey Knveriisda LY, such exlensive nrrnnecments for their Fall 'I'rade, lltnt ihey nre enabled lo preenl grenler in ducements llian cur lo tiierehants vi-ilim: this mar ket lhe present serlon lor the purchase of Good-, at llieir stock is inanlly of tlieir own Imjortation ot Ahnufaitti'-c. CRAVATS ANf) SCARFS. Plain and fijitrel lllick S.itln Aimurcs, Cordid, llara hca, Fancy and coloiul S.iiiiis ,if iniirr new pattirnsi Silk and .Mohair, figured and ol.aiii j Plain lll.ick and Curded v. a. all sizes and quali ties 1I03IF.RV. Silk, Merino. Angola, Woolen and Cotton lion andllalfllos.1. GLOVF.5. Merino, Cashmere. Woolen, Dcrlin and Chamois lined I cSsimere, Uuek Heaver and KiJ. fcUPFNDFRS: Silk and Cotton Gum Kbsttc, Willi Iluck, Silk and Linen I'.nds, Cotton Knit, Iluck nnd Morocco witU F.lastic Ends. Alsoa few entiro New Styles of our own Manufacture. UNDHItSHIRTS AND DRAWI.RS. Merino, Lamb's Wool, Anzn'a, Satonv, Cotton, 5haker, Knit and Flaunt I, iVc. (Maiiuf.icture nil mini itics nf iS'ilk .Shuts and Drawers). Silk of all quali lies of our own Impfirinlinn. To those of our own inanufacliire we would especinlly coll at ten I ion, as bems Foincihing verV superior. LgJics' Silk nnd Merino Under Vests, POCKF.T IIANDKKRCIUKFS. Twilled and Plain Spitalfield, lirtiUh and India Corahs, Ponsecs, Printed, Corded, nnd Damnify Luieii Cambric, Plain and Printed, &c. CAPS. Men's, Votith's and Children's Cloth, Velvet, Glar ed, Silk and Muslin. STOCKS. Silin,.Fi.'itred and Plain", nnd. Corded Silk, Mo hair, linmb.ain, Plain Uovved, Plaited Cravat, and Opera Tics, &c. Ac. LINF.N COLLARS. Square, Rodnd nnd llvron, Siitchetlj Plain and Cor ded, all Linen and with I'mion Hands. . LIN FN UOSO.AiS. Flilched, Plain, and R-.ffied, all qualities, with wide and narrow plaits. SHIHTS. All Litirn, wiih nnd without Collars, latest style i Muslin, wolf Linen Colars and Wiistbnnds, with' and wnlioiti Collnrj. of n creal vaneiy of qualities. Colored French and oilier Mulin. OII.KD SILKS. White. Pl.aul, and Fancy Colors, of various width, and warranted not to adhere in any climate. Silk Purses, Umbrellas, fjreuinp, Gowns, Cap and Star Trimmim?. Sdspcn3er Buckle's, Gum Elastic Webb, all qualities, . , Toi'clher with e err article that is wanted in tho Gentlemen's Fiirntshine Line, which lhe? eniinae lo sell on ns favorable terms at i.ny otlusr f stablihmenl; ?Cj"Cnps, S'tocfes, Lbi'n nnd Ittiisiin, ami Silk' Shirts, made tu or,fer. . Wholpsate jind Itefftil. JOHN M DAVIEd & JONF.5. 103 n illiams si., cornel of John. U.3tn NATIIAMKL RLAl'K JIAN'S FSTATE. WF.TI1K Sl'I'SCItllH RS, bavin? Iren nppoin lei by lie Honorably ihe Pin1 nte Co rl I'orlba !'ltrft i f I M'tenitcp. iirmwi-ioiiei'J (n ici-e e, ex amine and u'lju.t the claim and iVinainL ornll per eon., njam-t lhe e-taie orNATHA.MI L I1LACK .MAN, ln;e cr Jericho, m sid Ooirn t, riccea-cd, rep. resen eil iu-oiv cut. and al-o all claim mnl iViiiimI. cxhihi'el in o set therein; nnl six month- from the 'lay unite ihvc ihercot; hyine allowed I y said court fiir ihat ptirpn e, vvodo therefore hereby pive no'ii-e, inn ve win aocn-i to ine oo-iue-soiq-ir appointment v. my uvv-riiin:; oi tne neaco m Jeru fto, in raid Dis'rv-t, on the fourth i'ay- orOcoler and Fel ruary tiCTt, at 10 o'clock, A. M.. on each cf snid days. Dated Ihi. 17ih day of Viisnsi x 1), jgj. J M'N IMMIL'I ON, J r. i FHFN I FF J Commis-loiiers HATS! HATS!! 1 GASF. "Alvord" .Molckm Ilals.iosi re'd and , f,,r'?.,.s' S- Ml POf1- June 1, '44. 2 , nruslicf, Brushes, ('oinliti. ,t FUI.t, nsorimeuf of beauiiful Rn-ewonl bCsci! ti. Hair Hroshes, Infant.' Uru.hes, Tooth. Nail eHd Comli 1 ru.hes, Clothe nnd Shi iru-hes,'Floor snd 'learlh lliu-he., scrubl inp and t'esh Hruhes, .Mezo tinio Hrii he, fine ccmli cleaners, ol several ktnJs, broom llrn ho-, I'u-t anl crumb brii-hes, in shori, abno-t every kind of I in toe, lor man and beast. We have ihem for brusbin? hor-e-, coihe, hair, hoe, &c for scrnbbinj and cleaotn house, for hats, for tal le-, and for most user. Alt, Ihe very he-t and finest ivory Combs, thsll, horn, wood, brs.s, nod German silrcr C-mii, iusJ reieite-b DHINSMAID A OIlOTHEH.Sr Aug. 50ib, Ml. J3 CASI.A Americsn Prinii 1- JR

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