Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 27, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 27, 1844 Page 3
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ass. New Croods ! II. W. CATLIN, 13 KSPF.CTFULLY calls the attention ofim-clm XV scr.s !o Ills new ami extensive asorrment of rail Dry Goods ntvl Dry Groceries, just received ni his imo, Strong ' Building, neatly iippo-tle J, it .1. II. Peek .V Co., among w htcn may I e found CLOAK, uigsss, an.l t Aiuv uuuua, co'tipri-iiigi Rich Dre.s Silks, Calicoes, 8,000 Van's Klelt Shawls, Velvet-, Crape-, I)ouila2iiic.", Merino-, Alpnccas, Oa-h, I)e Lalne, Uah De Ivco-sc, Hepp. Cashmere, Mis lie Lai tics, Kick Lustre-, Gingham, very rich styles, Victoria Plaid, Atlghan Satin, Ilo-icry, Glove-, Handkerchief, Cambrics, Mii-lin-, Cravat, Gimp nnd Fringe, Persian PlaiJs. ALSO A larco assortment of line and supcrfir.c ffOHL CAUl'UTINlisJ, sumo choice pattern', and very 'w. . . . Ijliicn Goortq. 3-4, 0-1, 7-1, and 8-1 Damask Diaper, Sheet ings, Shirting Linens, of the mot approve! f.iliric and lint li, Iroin veiy low to nperfino lor collar B 8, 3-1 nn I 7-8 Nn kins, while and colored ,'aitia-l; Doyles, Ri-sia Diaper.-, Scotih do, CRish and Huck aback Toweling. Flannels, Of every width, from 3 -1 loG-4, nnd all qualities red. yellow, and while, Wool do., I Irnched mi l un bleached Cotton do., Salisbury li-i'd do, and Plaid do. for facing-, Wool Cloths. Plain black & blue bl'k, Cas-i'mcre-, Mixed do. Fancy do. a large va riety, G 1 IV. Casimerc, Doe Skin, Cadet Satinets, Mixed do. Plaid do. Fr. bl'k Broadcloth", lllne Black do. Jllue do. Brown. Inv. Green. Broad Clo'li9, Vi. (Jrcv Ihoidololh, Black Heaver Cloth- lilnu Huekdo. Jnv. Green do. Ilrown Heaver do. Plaid Twicds. Mine do i'o. Black Pilot Cloths, Bine do do, Domestic ('assjinercs, Domestic Grey Cloth" Dome-lie Flannels. Duiiio.-tiu Satinets. Drab, Uadel, d'k inix'd. Cottons, Ac. 12 Bale Sheeting of every -t vie and texture, 5-1 Liwrcnco do., 7-8 line l!ro. do. 3-J, 4 1, and 3-1 bleached Shining", Heavy Ticking, Apron Cluck, bleached and Bro. Cotton Drill' ; Baiting,, Wieking, Varn. Shoes. New Vork S'ippcrs, French Welt Tie-, French Kid Stippeis, Frem h Kid Buskin", Farwell's Ties, Slipper-, Uii-kiii', Walking Shoe, hall Gaiter-, and Gaiicrs. Children'-half Gaiter. Gents'. Pumps, " Goal shi es, " Thick Boot, Fur trimmed and lined It'll bcr tn es, now styles for I. a lie-. Kent-, ltiib' cr -hoc. Children's dj. Childicir-. Slippers, Wishing to make all who call upon me regular customer with tin- object in view, great care nnd attention h.i- It-en given in so eeting thcnhuvc named Good-, which for variety and I canty of style will not suffer in coinpanson with any over I ol'ore o.lcreJ in III. s market. II. W. C. ISuniiigtou, Sept. 27, 1811. 17 SWETT'S GRAMMAR. ii DVt'liTS Miri!K,lY, nn F.neli-h Gram O mar, comprising the Principle- and Rules of the Lang .age, illn-iralcd by appropriate l.xcrciscs, on the bi-i of Murray." The above i the title of a new Grammar, com piled liy Jo-i.ih Swell, Jr., M. A. It is designed c.-pr--ly for n-e in cotnmon District -chool-, Acade mics, nnd higher seminaries tif liMrnmc, throughout the Untie I Suite. It ha- I ecu I uf'ore I lie public but ii -h irt lime, jet Ions cnoigli to acquire a compar.'. ttvelv high reputation fir excellence of arrangement, great cli'.irue, an 1 con'-i-cne-- ol rtunner, nnd coin prchen-ivc filne of nutter, well adapted to the want- nfloih teacher and learner, in every -tage ol their progress in the dnlieiilt .-'ienccto which it -devo'ol. The following nicamti'tg the notices and coiiimcii 'iitton-of ihu work, received bv the Author mil Pnlli bcr-: From G. I,. Ltman, M. A , Principal of the Acade my at Iline-hnrgh, Vt. ' I have examine I the Grammar by Mr.Swctt,and iMin-ider it -'ipirit r to mo-t mid inferior to iicneoJ'ihc Grammar- now in ti-c m our .-chiio!.-." Tile Hon. Caiicos Co' t inuE, ol Wind-o, late Spink- er of 'Jie IIrn-cof seniatives ( f Wriiioni, and ?r,' l.l , Professor r.r Mntcria Mchca mi l I lici .imo tit. , ' .,,i, m il.""', runmrk i "The Kn.'lt-h Grammar of Mr. J. Swe:, Jr., cr.n flritcivl on the I a-i-i I Mnrra;'- Grammar, we reran! u a a real improve'iient on lid ihe work- lhat have proce'el i', lor the n-e of-chools nnd ncadcni.'e-. I arrangement, clearrie , an I f'dncs-, adini,ablya''apt It lor public in-tr.'clion. It- Orlhoijraphv an I I'ly. mollis- have been nia le In haimonize with thu -lan-I'.ir I Du.tionary ol'n'ir laiisiiasre; and tin- i', in our (Million, n grcit point iriineli Ibrwecan hardly con ceivo of iiiiylhni'.' iimie I imentahle in science than a th 'repairw ctwi'i'ii our grammar- and dictionarie-. The reel inns cm Pieilxc-ami Snilixe-, and ihe tilos fary, nn h enhance the value of iho work. The cl.iptcr on 'Verb-, and ilm-c on Syntax, cspeci.illv, we believe, are more full and ncenrato than any tlnns lint ha-1 cen heretolore Inrni-lic I. In the coh filencailnt the work we are untieing will I e ap proved of, wherever n -hill I c introduced, werccom mrnd its adoption into general use." Front C. I.. IiictiAi.n.s, M. A., Principal of " Kind all Union Academy," .Mcndcii, X. II. "Youri.y-icinof r.nglish Grammar, I need mi the standard wrk of Murray, I have examine I with j-omo, care. Wlnlo I miiht withhol 1 ns-etit Iroin sonic P'tnt-, intrihl iced a- imjirinement-, I d i not hc-ilatc lo reeonnnend ihe work at large, a- containing manv divided excellence-. I am panic darlv p'c.isel Willi the snnplii'itv ofyotr arrangement, the dt-lin 'incs ol voirdetiiiMinn- and rule- of -vnia al-o with ihe jndicio.i-and vabnl le selections' in vanoi- nan- of Iho work, from ihe excellent Gr.n ar of . Web. tier. Tlifl chapter on Grammatical An.iy-i-, and the addiiional chaii'cr on Syn'ax, with Ihe very copion-exerci-cs in fabo will prove a Mib-laiuial aid to both lea her and scholar." from Alimio.vzo Woon, M. A,, Instructor in ihesainc in-ti In' ion . " Swell'.- Kng'i-h Grammar, on the l,a-i ol Mur ray, ha- I ecu iiinodnced ly ns, an I i- now u-ed a the lex'-hoo'. in lhat department in Kim! all Union Acai'emv a fact which iray lo regarded a- proof, that we iliink it, on the whole, -npertor in nnv now i" "c. AI.PIIONSO WOOD, .... . In Inicior in K. U. Academy. MenJen, June 23, IS11." The nlove work, with it general a-sortment of School Hook-, for sale in any qnmtitio-, lo Mer- t-nuiif, icacners nnu otner-, on inp most rc.i-onal le term-, by V. HARRINGTON, Strong-' Hcil linrr, Burlington, Vi where teachers are imiicd lo call for copie- of the Grammar for ex amination, which will le (urnu-licd them gratuitous '' 17 Tin and Slieol Iron. lf)T) I5'"e" Tin Plate 1 .3 x and extra sizes, in J geihcr with a complete nssorltncnt of sheet Iron, just ieceivi-1 and lor alo low, by l-oij.irrr, bradi;i:v, &, co. ftoiiib Wharf, Sept. 20, 1811. 17 Horring. 1 DO ,!t;?c, j'.'r1 receive I and lor sale verv lo V ,., ')', l OLl.tVIT, BIIADLUV, .f- CO. So itb Wharf, Sept. 20, 1811. 17 Female Trusses. THIS arlicle of tho invention and manufacture of Hull, and also of Mar-b, of cM'ry sizo nnd form, and fur all Ihe purposes, lor which they are deigned, constantly receiving ul PUCK & SI'UAK'S. t c From the recommendations ol our town Plivsicians and resident Practitioner in tin- Slnie, a- well as ihe Medical Faculties tf I he cilieof New Vork, lioj ton, Phil idclplua and Baltimore, we cannot luta--urotbo.o of iho alllctod cla-s of the happy e.lbct vihi'h may e derived by the n-off the.-e inlru incnts, In point ofdurnbilily. and particularly price, thev aro within the reach of all. To Pliytieinii!' und UmgUis who iurcha'eby the dczen, the .Manufacturer'!. iWouut is made, 17 $10 Reward ! STOI.KNfrom a ono horse waggon n frwrodseast from tho Methodist encampment in Ferrisburgh, i on Sunday afternoon 15th tnst., n large Carpet IJng I or bcht gay color, containing n largo red Merino , bhawl, ono whitr lace half shawl, edge with worked Inpn nni rmin.l I.I, I. I . ' . . . t lace milts, one pl-im light silk dress, trimmed with nearl I uttons, one iblne black nlpino dress, trimniing block gimp, one dark pnen nnd red clmngcnblo al-paccadre-s ond enpe. gunricHKc, ono piir black silk hose, onop-itr black brench kid shoes No. 4, three long white loose night dresses, and caps, one lined black nlk apron, hairbrush, &c. etc. Th above be lu"?"1 10 tlir individuals Whoever will delect tho tntftond return tho sack of clothes, or oivo inrorina !i?.Vii re 'hey may bo obtained, shall bo entitled to ni toward, r P.cajo pivoinf irmation In A I.. VARAMOKR hltclbarnr, Sr;,i ID, mt iti , SCHOOL 110 OKU. QftfiH 1;I.I:.M1:NTA1!V Spelling Hooks, tfJJ(J 1000 Adams luw Arithmetic, 100 Key lo " 11 SOD Kmersons 1-t Class Header, 00 " 21 " " 500 " 31 " " 300 Porlei's Retnricnl Reader, 100 Colbtirn'.- Ariibmoile. SO llitrrill's Geography of tbo Heavens, 500 .Vnndcr.-' ipelling hook, 100 National do do SO Norlli American do lOOSwett's new l!nglMi Grammar. Tins n tho I c-t Hiisli-h grammar now ii'fd, nnd is introduced extensively into n hoo!. A great variety of full hound nnd half bound Ledger Journals, Day Hook-, nnd Mciiiornn luim, Winpping, Cap, and U'lier patier. Ink, Steel pen-1 y thettro-., Sealing Wnx nnd Wnfcr- bv iho IS. &r. Ac. wliich will l e sold for good wiit u fir I town paper r.igs, of J , . nr0 now w'lnini uy mo -utisiiucr. S diool Teacher- and Merchants will I e supplied with any ofihenhove books at the publishers price and nio-t kind- ofprojiru rcceivol In punicni, V. HARRINGTON. Birlnigton. Aug,, 1311. 10 Broad Cloths and Cassunercs. GlLNTLKMf'N may avail Ihcmsclvi.' of the op T pnrliitniy ol piirc'lia nig n idicap and cood suit of clothe-, if lliey will cad at Ihu -lore formerly oc cupied by Lovi ly A. Sei ninnr, where ihey will lind a linea-sorlmcnl 10 eleel Irom. C. V. STANIFOltD & CO. Sent. 10, ISM. 10 A li IV GOODS AT WltOLUHALK. OA M Drilled l'ye! Nee lie, 4. J ino Parks p! lid hiaded pins, tUJ Lm,c snaving boap, 3U0 doz. linger Ring-, 10U doz. Hi ;om Pin'-, 10 Gro-s Play Laccts, 20 do I loDl'n ml Shoo Lnrcts. SO 1 1 10 10 1 20 0 1 I 100 3 3 do Bone and .Metal lljlot-, do Stil'elloe', do Boxe- Knitliift Needle, .'0 r-uie nun 'l i-l toiiib-, do do do do I la-t c- ami Slide-, Scis-or and guard chains, Cheap Thiiub'e-, German Silver, Plated, Brittannia ailiereil aim Iron ij.ioon-, do Toy Wntche-, and Children- Lockets do Snu I lloxc, do Hook- mi l I.; c-, white and Hack, Victoria Diaper Pin--, Pocket Books, . Watch ch 11ns an 1 keys, Ma-I.-, do do do 3 lo 100 Bra end Wood Clocks. 3 ib z. Willow wnggi us and cradles, 3 dt.z. Willow Go-carts and chair-, We arc reviving the e nnd various other good- lo imku ii'ir a oriment cy complete, one of our Firm i now in Mar'.ci an.l any Good- wanted by any of 1 ur cu-ioiueis ill le -peebly forwardel. Pcrson-i'e-tro s 1 f laying in their lall mid wui'cr -lock cheap for co h will .-ave their pennies by giving it- nn e.nly cal. 10 I1RINS.MAII) if-II1IOTI1I RS. , fitUCSfl ,GJOOB5S- rp'l!' stili-cribcr has just rciiirnid fiom market J- with a large a crin eul of fa1! gin d-, conipri-iug, Alpac n, Poplin, Alpine,' U.'inl aztne, Or-leaii- Cloth, Velonan Cloth, Mil I.ainc, very rich Lcopaid d l.nii.e, Caiiiclian Brocade, itc. Aso, Brocha Shaw lea, Ca-hincrc,Tliil C, Datna.-k, Md Lame, und PI lid Shawl-. Also, a gool as'ortiiicnl ot Bnad Cloth, Reiver t lulli, Ca-uuieie, Satiucli, 'c.-iiii;.'o, itc , l.itct Mjlcs of Gimp 'I rimming-, ki1; &, : 'Ihe a'ovo i;ond- wcic selected will care, I ought low, and will be -old low no 1111M.1 ,c. Thosf wisIiiiil 10 purchase wid do well to call two dm r- -o nh if Howard's. DANIHI. K'LU.N. Ch'irch -tree!, Scot. It, ISM. IG i, l:at 1 1 nn ron sau;, CIStrAt' for Cash, nr good paper. "S (5fl-?f Hide- Sole Leather, Irom lo to20.: a Ib. Aii mo.t r o v,.ar tanned. AlS", Hnrne-s, Brid'c.lTop, Bind-,kirttng, tipper Leather and Calfsl.111-, Morocco, Ki I.-, Findings, itc. &.c. L'. C. LOOMls. Peas! htrect.jSepl. 13:b, 1811. 1G.3 & FL'ST reccivnl at Ihe Vnrtciy Store, 11 now supply J of jet, l.ngle and phm hatrpin-. Steel Iwcczeis, -liver llnml lis, Ir.ncllmg I ag-, ol Ihe I e.-t Wihun Cnrpetinjr, good for PcJIar-, ice. Sept. IS, IB II. BntNsM.Mn if- Br.OTtiEns. :?4P-.3 T1117' Mr u "'"i 1 1 ' re is 11 g Dip ,V ft ell, Cis'ern, Wi'O I Ilti ite &r. J--J"- m Bni.N'sicatu it BnoTin.r.i 00 1 foii sali:. & f MR of Morgui I! i-l,ro I Cdis well broke tu IA. tlnriic-s, mud and pciitlcani ca-y -a Hor ses. Asi, a cavcrel lour wbccicl C.i'rn.ij'o an 1 a gOO I s't'lgh. 10 BtltXSMAIL it HllOTIlEKS. "TIUTib-crilcr.- oJer for -nlo their intcrc-l in ihe I. two brick -lores in the village of Darlington, f rmcrly owne! by (iideon l..itlirop, mid m part oc- ciiuicl I iv Latino,, ,f. I'otwin. 'I heir inlere-t being iiinelccn hnndredantl -ixty-fivc, six lhoionnd and lie hiindrcdih-, (irflJ-GSOO.)' The ahoio will be old lor Ca-h, or appruve.1 cmhi, if 11 satisfactory pneu is o.lcred prcviojj lo the 10:h No- vcm! cr next. Pcr-on- de-irntu ofp'trcha-ing will plea-e comiiiu- iticatu wilh the s iUcnber-1 y mail. WILDhR & IILKF.CKf'R. lCsiG 53 State Slice', All any, N. V. J I ATS! HATS!! g CASH "Alvords" Mo!c,kiu Hals jmt ree'd and for sale by S. M. POIT. June H, Ml. 2 IJruslief, Bni.-iies, Conili.e. A ';''1.'l"ssor,""',"! of bcaitlil'ul Ro-ewool backed u.iir iriisncs, intatit-' lini-lics, Toctli, ,nil and .. mi, 1 ni-ncs, Lloihc- and Shi e Bru-ho-,iriOIir and ' uri 1 in 11. lie-, serul.l nig nnd l'e-li Brufhcs, Mesro- "iii iir iMic-, iinc crmii clcainr.-, ol several 1, 111 ! orooni urn-lie , I'ti.t and crninl. liru-he-, in tbon, ainio-i I'M-ry liiiul ol I ru b in u-c, li.r man mid beast. j iiiivu liiciii ir nrii-ning hor-c, clotla-, hair, ,, mt. or nig aim cleaning liiuie, lor 11.11-, iur nn ic-, auu i' r nio-t 11-es. ai-ci, ttii- very ie-1 nnd finest ivory Combs, .hell. ... ,,fS, nii'i 11,-iiiinil Mivcr i; Ill's, u-t receive!. Blil.NSMAID & UKOTHCILS. Aug. 30. h, Ml. 13 a ni ecc A r: '7U 1 i.ii. 1 i 1 . .unit L.lljcil!', I uo Mancheslei Gimhnme. for Knl, l,. VILAS LOO.M1S .f- Co. Aug. 22, 1B11. 12 St'.Bil AS B . 1' MI a vi lN!r.IU'sJll.e ol Birlingiou and vicinity, -- 111.11 .11. J-ineim na- tn Willi htm 011 mu. n,r cash hi- entne ns-oriini'in nf n,,.l ...1 111 1 ...i. mere Shaw!-, and a largo nn I Iva i illd assortment of ?.! ,"' ' amon.S which are ihrce e'eganl Blue; 1,1. 011. W101 Mipcrior quality, which wH Le sold for .1-11 ii'ti-ri I'iicil, The above are otleredat ritiitccd price-. JbiHjngtojiSjroiig-JMiliugs, Sept. C IB II rWKVU-.l, ,a . J en .- Pump, and Gun S..111 Hi., l . '.f - I-adies' I lack and Coi'd Half iai cr-, Walk. ,iW.., n,u cutis, ami ijjsKin-, jn.t r,.,.'.i ,v H. W. CATLIN. July 21, 1S-M. PLA STlHl. A ( Tons of Nova Scoti-1 Plaster, just rcceivcd.and l';nVb,,,r,,tJ!,',nAayl,l,C r,"'Cr J"" Wi',00Sl!i iidiE.BRDLi:YcCo. l-VIIJ i,)t ,, ill T)Y Iho URLINGTON MILL COMPNY at I J their Factory. vl r ,1 .:..'!.', 01 turo inio ROAD CLOTH on tho satno "m s s heretofore by Mrssr, ;. Koklopso-, ct IUthdus. u.i'.i.t u.ini.uiv. Auent. For Buihngton .Mill Co. Juno 10, 1311. If2 25 Boxes Soap ! do candles if 1 .,? . """"'on and' pearl' Starch. I I do Icinus' an I other brand- Tobacco. j 1.1,1. i-oriiiaro'aiiiaucohciysiiuJ. 15 ea-Ki. baler.itu-, 40 bags Java and Iiio eofree, -pice and pepper. 100 malt, ca--i,i, nuiincg-, ginger, uliiin, salt - I'f'i.h-f'imjstard, prep.iro I cocoa, &c. Aug. C, ISI1. Ill STRONGS & CO. DOZF.N TWIST COMBS, 500 do ijiJo Jo 75 do Coar.-e nnd Fine do uo tvorv 1I0 75 Gros, Wood'Pocket do or saL) by VILAS LOO.MIS it Co. Aug'. 1811. 13 IMMIJDIA '77' ru 11.' 7.. . priOJI Diarrh.En Dysentery, Sumn,'.r utnp &c' (which are common at fn- tune 0 am' season) may bo had by tho wrtlij ' July 11, ISM. PUK SPCAH'S. no a iidng 110 us if thai he still rnntimi. m i . ' ' "!.'"" K '"" i ITouse, on Mam Slrect, a few rod" frin the Ic,, ",S iiouse aqiiaro anil l'ot Oifice, in ihe home fornierli occupied l.v Geo. B. Shaw. Enn n,uuJ: , . 'men,ml, . I.... ,'.l'i 8 commo.laie a few more boarders, on as Iprm. ..... I.. ..I,.: ,-, , - " s'i 1-0 ouiuuisii ciseivnejp. Il.lrl,nln V. .... , ,n.."ilnnM f'l.l-V 11' 1 tj n , .-.,, . ..(ni.j,, ,uii, NEW FALL GOODS. nnilK e discril crs bave just rccciicd n very larco - s ipp y ol rich Fall Goads, among which'ara the lonowing articles. Goods for Fall ilrcsscs. French mous i'o Inlnc, of nil pattern", caslimcrc ii'i.ciw, cnaincieoii in.ire3, I'nrmcitar, lancy plitn ntpacc.i, nnnvn no, 1 laci. mil nee iiacu-on, iincu nnd I luu blai k nlmnu-. n Inmu asinriment ol black and blue blaik mi l latuy sil s, Mii;.cJ Dud plaid do, Anglian imins, winter 1 a tzorine-. Ribbons. Hat, rap, nnd neck rill on-, plain taTctis, tatin do. I, acts. Fnglisb, French, nnd German thread l.icc" nnd edging.-, LMe, Giiimpurc, AshLurtoii fig'd and p Nells, I bilk andwliite. Slinuls. Camel's hair, Brochc, datinsk, cashmere d'Ccosse, and Scotch plaid shawl-, Gloves. Ladi'e-' and Genllemen'- black nnd while nnd col. orcl ki I Glove-, lung, while, kid, nnd Mlk Uk, white mid colored silk, I lack mid tol'd .Milts, black and blue Ida 1c. veil crapes. Cloths. Black and Hue black Fngli-h cloth" 1 l.rown, green and invisible green do j I Ik and blue bl' i a-imcres ; nl.ii I nn I lrmcd do j I Ik nn I bi te blk -alio vesting-; I.Ik and blue blk sill; velvet do; silk vclel of all color.-, lor Ladies' bats. Flannels. White, re!, and cllow 3-1, 1-1, and G--1 Flannel-, bleached and on' liwhe I Cait'on do, plain and printed S.ili-buiydo. silk, merino, and coiton ihirls and drawer-. lllack nnd I luu ! lack and coi'd Girdle, cotton and wo rs cd hosiery, linen and vor-to I tnl le cover , d n per nn I linen nankin-, I leachct an I iinh'earhed cotton-, b'ack an I colore I cam1 ri 's, liueiimil -ill., Lad.'e-' mil Gcti'tcitien'- cravn p, llail,, white, and coi'd paper Mil bus, pin! 11, itriped and barr'd do., cloth, far and hair -cal rap-, Velvet and fir trimmed bovs'i'o, Boa-and U.i.'alu 10' e-, floor matt-, and Led cord-. To the above will le weekly added every thing new. f.i-hiiinal le nn I dc-irab'e, all bo oiiercd at lliclov.'c-t inirket piii'C-. C. F. STANiroRD & Co. T! irlingtnn. Sept If). 1911, ' 18 HAIU'Hnsi llluuilnatcfl Bible. No. !). Sept. lfi. By A. LDWARDS. B1 'ACKWOOD'S Edinburgh .Magazine for August. MARY SCI1 WF. IDLKIl, the Ambt r Witch. Tho most interesting trial for Witchcraft ever known. HIGH LIFF, IN NT.W YORK, Saratoga, Lake Gcorce, fzc. Ni:V UO.MANCR Iv .SenlsficMI cnlithd, HAMULI". TON! n Romance of Fashionable Life 111 New York, during the Gical Speculation ot '3G. Bv cat"ficld. Sept. 11 13wl By A. F.DWARD3. Looliin" (I lllSSO.-!, ICC. nnilM -lib-cn'cr- have reieivcil this An' 11 latge .. norlment if Looking tilne-, Crockery, and Gin Ware, m tiddnioii to Ihe r -lock id Drv'Gnods and Groicric-, wliiLb ll-cy are i'cti to-ncd 10 ill low. C. )'. STAMFORD ic CO. Fept. ID, IS 1 1. IG Mrass Kotllt.-. Lifgc as-rrtineiil, by STRONGS tt CO. Sept. 19. IS1 1. IG A Sliout Zinc. ived. .STRONGS u-' FUST rcc CO. 10 .1 Sep!. I'J Mb 'RINCE'S Liunncii Botanic Garden and Kursoticn Flushing, Ac 10 York. HAVING become AGF.NTS f,ir this IMablMi. tiicnt, will c lle't an I fivw.ird orders I r and Ornamental Trrei mid Phut-i Catalogues and Prices of which may be sien at tin ir counn r, BunLINGTO.N Vt. Salmon Trout and Saliiio:) Uy STRONGS hU Co. . IG cpt. IS, Ml. Plated Sleigh and Cutter Allocs mr- in s'.cre mid fir -nlc. STIIONG.5 & Co. Cod 5-'isli. superior, just received. S TRONG S it Co. (gj), otl-.M'ry Canada Box .Stoves. 1(0, 31 me! JO tn. -iirJe nnd d ml U Cmar'n Sept. IS, Ml. STfiONGS A Co. PRo-spncrrus of THE AMERICAN IlEVIFW,- A WIIIO JOUtl.S'Al Of Folitlcs, I.Itcrattti'e, Aft anil Science. IT having leen determined to esiat li-b n Political nnd l.i'erary Monthly Itcvie.v, to be coud icii-d in the city of New Yoik by tlKOIiGF. H. COI.'I'ON. I'sq., mil devoted lo the permanent m.iuiiciinr'i! ol Whig principle-and improvement of Afir.nic.iv li'e rat ire : The undersigned, Whig member-! rl the Twrnty eighth Congre.-, from 1l1escver.1l .v('tmn of''..!.,, 1011, 111 con-idcri 1 ol 1 lie rca' ini'.,.r'nCe,'f , ,ch a work, do 1110-t cor,l,r, r," ,i',r'nlCL." s ,u r,... ii , ,i vvi . ' ,'i'nvool Ihcde-ign, a..d n . n , ' , ' ' of 11,0 "-,..iMi.. f,r tl.cTr e lec tue and mm uV0ril)2 s ,p,,orl. vu L. uve f, l(J , ,. " '", -ironcly item uu'ed I y the permanent inteie-is of inuco miry; uii.i ineupi cal 1. marc to ilio-e liavm Ibe-o interests mo-i at heart. And fur Ihe sikc of pir'eci commence 111 11- political course, a-.-iir.ince i hcrcby given, lhat the continual a-i i-t.ince of leading men ofihe Whig Parly has! cen e,'ui"d, and that l.dl tnul i- reposed in the view- mid a! iliiiet of ihu lilitor. ."Members of the Senate. Willie P. Maugiiu, A'. C, President of Senate. George Finns, .1e ; J. .1. Cruicnilcii', A'yj J. M.icphcrson Berrien, Geo; Jinn- I'. Simmon., J! I; .lames Alfred Penrce, MJ ; Richard II. Bayard, ihl ; J. W. Iliiniiiigton, I'onn.; Sam el S. Pheln-, IV. ; Alexander Barrow, hi.; J.T. .Morehcid, Ky. ; W. O. Hive-j 1 William Wo dl ridje. Mich ; I'.plmun II. Fistcr. 7'cnn.; W. L. Dayton, .V. J.i John Hen derson, Mitt. Members of the House. Garrett Dtvi-, Kij. ; Cli.nle- Union, Mm.; George W. S mimcr-, I'i.; S inn cl T. Vin'on, Oh ; John Win e, Ay.; Daniel P, King. Must. 1 K. Itav tier, .V. C.i G.orge B. Rodney, Oct.; S. (J. Sample, .; 1. II. Mor e. .1.: ; Milton Brown, V'aii.; V.i li ington llimi, A'. V.; Henry V. Cinii-toii, ,'. t.'hirle- M. Reel, I'tnn ;.loh'n J. Hardin, ; C. II Carroll, A'. Y. ; dame. Pellet, Ala. ; Willi tin A. Mo-ely, A'. Y. 1 Ro' en C. Schci"!,, O'i. 1 Alexander II. Stephens, Geo.! J Plullips I'hioiix, A'. Y. Cily. I nrnctly approving oflheplau of such u national organ, long ncc.lelaiid 1 f 111 mili-.t iinpurlninv, ihe under. ignul agree to contrilniie fr is page-.froui lime tD'iine, micIi communications n m,n. I c ri'iini'e 10 si tforib and dcfuiid the docliiue- held by llie united Whig I'.iriv ofthe Union, ' George P. Marsh, Vti I). D. B irnard, Albany; J. R. lnger-oll, I'Uihidctphla ; F.. Joy Morn'., I'liilattcl- phia; T. I.. Clingmnn, A'. Ci 'John Macpher-on 11....... r . is.....a i..i. . '.. .. uuiir,,. im ; j'iiiiii. 11 ri'-ifr , mini Oliniii. It,,len C. Wiiithro i, Mitt. 1 Thomas Butler Km- Geo. llamilton I'i Ii, A. . city; J. P. Kennedy, Haiti- mure; J. l.,ll.iiner, IV; .luhn .1. Hnrdiu, .; W.S. iirt'iicr, a.; .iieauucr 11. .--leiiiieiis, Csa. This periodical will be published monthly in the cny of New Yoik. to bo called "Tnc AMr.nicAN Re view A U'liig Journal of I'otilics, Literature, Art and Science." The price of iho Magazine will bo Five Dolmps a veari lo bo naid on receiving ilia first nmnlwr glo iiiiinhers fifty cents. It was tbeoriginal design, for rcasonsof permanent importance, thnt ibis periodical should not commence lill January, after Iho Presidential election. 'That subscribers, liowcier, may sec, n many tuny desire, what tbcv nro called upon to subscribe for, nnd thu threo or four nrtielcs. of a nariietdnr mm nml ukmiIii in tho crisis of the limes, may bo rircad bcfoio Tlio people picvious loan election of so great inoinen', the January number will oppcar tomo lime in Sepleui. Kieh number, containing from ono hundred nnd tWClVC 10 OnC hlllldrid arid lll',ntl'.f.,ht n-na nr...,. ed in double columns, on lino paper, "will consist nfi ic. una poiuicai article, uiui n varn-ly or literary mis ccllany, in history, biography, criticism, fiction, poe 11 , o ,iii9ic:a, zmriicc iinij inn nris. Tho first number will conliin n skrirh i,r ilm nr.. nnd character of Mr. Frclinghuyscn, with finely en graved portrait?, boili of Clay and Frclinahuysen, by tin eminent artist from third number afterwards will present n likeness of Mime oisiinguisuoii man 01 tno Republic, execute d in tho highest style of tho art, together with nn earnest ond truthful biography, which may stand as a part of Ihu history of iho nation. In addition to llin Congressional number of wriieis, both political nnd literary, from all sections, and acknowledged lo be among the ablest in the community, hnvo been secured ns permanent contributors.! nnd il is confidently believed that this periodical will bo inferior to no other at any time is sued in tlii" country. Tho conduct of the Review will bo under the con trol of Georco II. Colion. oss dated. Iniv.r cially in Iho poltlical depinmint. wilh oiher r-oniln. n,e1oi known stunding and attainments. t'"ou may iiesuaio in ino matter or sub- t'.1,i,V"lrll"s'emenls',rei '"''Mto put thipfin-mentnppcar- "-asonal-le Upcoofihia Review bonnd crnt ngmc. Slniv Subscriptions rereival by V Hirrirg nn where the r-""iu"i u,.M,iv n ,ii i,pci o uy gvt ll lliqi nr work msv ho obtain rl as soon upulln'ied. Now Yoik, Bspt. 1BI1. 'a tf ' I .ay VllCOX'i iCsi.itc. STATI". OF HriMONT, I A T n tesoon of iho nisTtilcT optutAVn 1 IK, s'. 1 -fx Prolnln Court, holden m North Hern, wi Inn nn.l for tin- District ol Grand I le, on this 31-1 dnv of August, A. I. I" II, comes Guy Reynold- and Lewi- bndd, nduuni-lia-lors of llice-iate Of tbiy Wilcx, aiL. ,l Urn 11 1 I-lo, In said ib trii't, decca e', lircsmie, mil illo in .nul Co.irl their petition, 111 willing, selling forth that the Inventory or ihe prMin.1l o-lale of thu sni I decea-ed nmoiints'lfi 8770,73, nnd that the claim, ngnin-l sod o-lnle. allowed by commissioners, amount In 5JI7SO 3'3 thai Ihe o.V'cnso ol admilii.lratmg sal I c.a!e is not Is-, than t?75 0O midlbal n portion of the per sonal e la'p, nnioiintmg tn 3211,71, ha-1 cell n-imi ed 10 the Widow 1 .hat the pcr-n.inl evatenf -aid In testate is inuilicicnt lo ay llio dcbl- ngani-l .md e-tate, and the est- of niluimi-lr.i'ion, Lv 81-200,011, nnd lhat it wid I e nccc-ary to sell ll,o who'e ol the real cslnlu of iaid Intislate for the payment id the ilcbls, ng.nn-t thesniile-'ft'u and costs, I tidininistrn- linn 1 th.U the -nil intclileihel seined of a farm 01 land in Grand I Ic, on which be lived previo ilti mi l at the time of In- rea It, ul out 53 acres of which is u'lect ton ntorlgntre lo secure lie payment ola'Tiitt SlOOOtn Milvm liitrue-, mid 20 ncre.'in-iiiu!i"rc I by n lilee-tutn of I" imee Wilcox, nnd Iho who'o sub ject to the Wi,low'.s right of Dower, and pfaj ing slid Coirito licnn'o the -mil iidinini-tralnrs to tell the whole of mi id real cslate under the snid ins inihrnni c and nl-o the revcr-ionnry Inteicsl in tbn Widow'. 1 loner, ngreeatilvtotne -tatu'eir. such cn-cpn vmei t Wnr.nntipov. the co in nfurcsaid doth nntiouit ilia a'li day ol October next for hearing nnd deciding on ".ill petition, nt llicPro' site ollicc, m North Hero, in mid ili-irio'. nnd dm Ii order thai all per-on-incrcste I to noli c I llicri.'ofl y p d li'a'ion of this or,tci, tlnee week- icccticly, In the Hirlnuton I'Veu Pre-", n no.v-p.tper printeinl II irltnulon, 111 Chutein'en coun- 'y, the la lof which pirlication- to lie previous 10 a:,l 5'h day oro lot cr nex'. (Jivcn nn 'cr my band ,v N rth Hern ihi- 31-t day f August, 1811, 15w:i JORL M.I UN, fudge. JOSEPH MAILIIOT, BOOT AXU SHOi: MAKER. Rr.SI'F.CTriJLLY informs the pu'lic, in nnd nlninl litiitiri.i. nil thnt hn will ti nil ti-itrlr llinl lifSlmy he f ivore I viili, in the lu't nnnncr, nnd on ihr luwcl tiMina K.epililt!. Ilia slion in iiiulcr (tio OIii-unfll. Te;.vrmurtli. Han . and near ihe Olico of ihe Kior ri'. IJiirhncioii, J'3ih July. IP-il. Slf Off llsTft G'os Horn Con' Bntto; A.-KSX-F 100 do i!,i Over Coat do do di do do 00 do flo Vest 150 do Gilt do do Coat Pant 75 do 300 d) 173 do For silo by Peirl -birt In VILAS LOOMIS ir is Co. Att3. i. tai l.

Zfh Boxes !-: I XT111 Pla e, O 10 do S I -are do 50 1! tud'e, ir,' us-',l No"" l 1 r sjiti' I y t.22, ISM. VILAS LCOMIS & Co. Am 13 ADM INL-TK ATOR' S A L I ;. A'. MOODY'S ESTATE. rJ-,ni". subscriber, n I mint tralor of ihe cs'ato of 1 Roticri .I,io,Iy. hlc of liurJi,lg,on, deceased, will sell nl pulili,' a,, 'tittn, on Tic -,Hy ili 1st d'iv of Oc lobirifxl, 111 lloiinrds, I in ii I It irlimi-rnt, at oiico'cIimL P. M. Ihe full, iwiug property belonging to s ltd csiiie, 10 wit. One tinny second par' of lot No. 199ini'd Bur 'ingion, Itnown a- the .S'hiip-iims hit, Milij-r t 'o n Ici-e lurrcol haling ct 11!, .it t sevcii y, is to luu the b'ssc" haling Ihe rich!, nt the 1 ipm 1,111 1 f said I, nc, to a deed thereof, en payment ot about one Inmdiid and seven d dims. P-o. ll,o iitii'xoirrd term of nid lease, the ren' re served being 0 per c, ul annually on said sum ol 5107. Also, Pew No. 47, 33 nnd halt of No. 03 in the F.;ite,p:il 1 hiirch m s.iitl lluiliunlon. Ahi, ono stall 111 the shed hack of siM Church. .l.'so. H alf of one peiv in tho brick church at Win nooski iilhgeiu Colchrp'er. Also, All the person l property reimining of slid I'siale, togeiher wrh the notes and 'iccuunts due said estate, jet untollicted. Terms ci"h. gi:o. U.SHAW. Bnrlinglcn, Pcpt. r 1311. 1 1 I i i iicshn rh Academy. -ieoran I.jmnii, A. ;tl., 1'iliieipnl. fflli; FA I I. TI KM of this Iu-iimticn will com- 1110. ie 011 WediM-s I iv. .Sen. .1. 11 " 'I. W. Gill II, Hard Ware. STROrC- t's t n ,.. rri.,.lviu;1 1,.,. rn( a,! 1,1(0,. to 1 heir J.oc; if i.vy an 1 . hc'l liar, waic, to wl lull the attention ol 1,111 ha-cr- is -uliei'ed. Sept. 13, Ml. 13 'onion, lor ('islpriis. Q 10 WSK'S ol ibelc-l Soitkcru Cement, -J rmi win, b harden- in a fe y hour-, 1111 1 reir !cr oi eni tight nn I free from Icaki"", fir -alo I y bii'ins.maid o: Biionirjits. Aug. SO, 'II. 13 10 Ml) do PADDLNG, Canvas, Alpaca, Fig'd do P.'llgee Iblkf. VILAS LCOMIS i 25 i'o is do 50 do Pot nle by Aug. , 1811. : Co. 13 4,0 Gro. I SSI NCLS, 150 I'.uk- Pin-, 7i lb-. Mitel da 103 M. .Needles, r .ale by VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. 22, ISM. 13 Aug 'Dim: pictorial nisioRY ok thi: uni- J ml Slates is now complete, it liny be s 11 at S ini'l. Hiiniingliin's who is duly aulhuried lo fill nil orders in rcl iliuu to iliw ahia' le work Lverv Aincr icin will feel proud to lu theoivncr of thi Hi-lory. All who nnv have order- lift with them will do ine n laior bv transmitting ihcin to Mr. Huntuigion. IC W. lilais.lcll of Vergcnnis, is an au'liorized agent. ll tho counties in the sialo will I c visile I as, soon n practicable fo llio circulation of ibis untivatcd Amir ican Ilibloiy. D. KIMBALL Jr. special Agent for Vt. Burlington, Sipl.fltli 1911. 13 STRA YED J'ROM Iho enclosure of llio subscriber, on Fn ny the 23d nil. n hrgo light tid Cow j she Ins a short ml, and Is a little lame in a foreleg. Any in f,runii,ui in regard lo her whereihoui. will bo duly lewardcd. HHNUY MAVO. Burlmglon, Sept. C, ISli. Uw3 JillfGO'S PA TEN'J' FENG MACHINE, FOR lurirng Fenca Pickets and oilier articles of wool of a cybndrioil form. Tho undersigned oiiiiinue 10 operate the nhoie Machinery at " Wmnojlii Cily," wheto lliey wouhl behnppy 10 furnish purili iters Willi soiuenf Ihtii liOlteucs 01 I'liini, gaiuen or ! ence. fP, y w 1 a, " w", 'u,"ut' ul,u" snaicsorbj W Ves.J PzZA llielnil I. I In.-,, it',,,, ..,s U-o uf ihenboie lill'iroveuicnl. ihcv nrc en:i!il, ,1 all ,rd n ncal and beauiifid fence for yards and gar dens, nt, much less expenso ihm iho snuu can be cut up for in any oilier way, while foi dur.ili'iiy it is not excelled by any in common use. TIlit valuable improvement was first brought nut in Wcslitn .New York, where il b is gone into extensive use nnd ha recfiied the approbation of iho Mayor of the city of Hull'ilo, wilh many hundreds of thu firsl ngrieul'iir isls and others m thai part of the Slalc, nlsu of Guv Hubbard. Duel. Jams. Judgu Churchill .nul ninnc others in New Hampshire. In fact wherever it has necn iniroiluceil it lias I ecu binlili approved. A a IVirm Fence it combines more advantages than auc oilier lenro over used. It can I e usjd without ;wJ, and is therefore not affected by the Ireezing ami heaving of iho ground. It likes less lumber llinu any other kind offence, isn cerium prelection ngaini dl kinds of cattle, i- not Initio to of rennir. cannot be blown doirn, i easily setup, taken down jn! I removed, without injury, fSS'No FAnMffiTs.ouW be effliout at least n fillfi- cieni rpiinlity to throw oiotind bis (bids of grain nnd stack yauls. The undersigned refer with pleasure lo Col. Ilirry Thomas, N II. Haswell, F.-n ami .Messrs. Biiii" innidand Bfoihers, lliiriiiiglon : Hon Dnvid Held, Colchester i Rilpn Linden, Willi-lon, mid Win. Kccler, Eio.., Grand Isle. JNO N. DF.WT.Y. II P. DLWF.Y. Any person wishing tn cneigo in tho above busi-nn-s in iho counties of Franklin, Oilcan", Limodle, Washington Rutland, Benningion nnd Windham, in llili Stale, or anv of 'ho Uislcrn counlies intho Stole of New York, vvil. p'.aaso apply as above. JNO. N. DF.Wr.Y, Aacnl for Palenie". Burlmglon, Vt., Aligns!, ISH. 13 -Y IV FALL GOODS. JUST received some very riclt new styles Cosh meres and Velvet do Lnines, Ladies and O.-nl's. Crnvas, also. Aipacra Lusters, Prints, Ginghams, Hosiery Glovr s, ricking., Cotton Flaniie.s ivc. &a, nil vvb ch will be sold very cheap by II, V. CATL'N. nept. iviii ir, II. V C. will leceivosnd onen in ihaennriii oflhn . ..uiiii.ip svei-jj n vary large assortment ot rancy entl Staple Dry Goods. L--ttliviii2 to the ndvaulagcs'wiiicli they dcrivo in IhTTf?1'- S"li,1'".f ' st'odar i ll iracicr to ihn-u which ate W1.'Ui;h;h i.oo.mihi ijst.vii:. L IHU .SUIlSCRIIll.K'-.baviiiglccnnppoiiit. -l bv tbe H Iho Probalo Court for ihe di-lriil orC'iiltcnden, coiiiiii'-.iciners 10 to- cue, cxnniincnnd ndj'i.i ilm claims h-i i!cnnnd ol nil pir-oti", nanln.t thoe-titcof LLTIIF.R LOO.MIS, Inteof llirlfiiaton in sai l Di 'ri"l,, rcpicsciiled iusfihcnt, nml nl-u nil chiiins mnliViiinud- ixhi'uli'd 111 it-et ihcie- 10 1 T ir.jinlhs from the day ol the di'o hereof, cing allowed by .aid Coin f,.i il,l purpo e, wndo I icrcfurf hereby ui,u nonce, lhat we will niiend to Ihe liii-ine-s ofonr !lip..inttiieni, ni tho Pearl Siroet Ilou-c in I) .rhugtoii in smd Di.-liicl. on thc21.t ,!nv ol January and February next, nt 10 o'clock, A. M., 011 each of snul days, Dined this 2liWl.iv or Auiu.t A. D. 1811. ALVAN I'OOTi:, ) Conunls I3w3 KIDNF.V IIAltl.OW, ( sioncr.. AlIoliiiHi's iModicuios. r,nF. n1 ove Medicine- havn le-nmo so popular, 1- u hero lliey nro known, thai, lo nntt tho deinand, the proprietor has ink pled tin; plan of multiplying lire Asencii", r.irnishing taib wilh n iieni che. t, con'O'iung TIIH IttiACK (ir AllcbasPs.) SiALVR, ALI.ICIIASI'S HI5AI.TII IMM.S, AIjIilCHASI'S TOOTH-ACHH URGI'-s, AND AT,Iir.!lASIS POOR MAN'S I'lVBTEn. A tvinil cr cf Accncic- are now e-lnl li-hed in thi villunc. Inrn.shi.d ns n ove. together ui'h naninhlcts for general dl'tiib ilion, setting fiinh 1I10 virtue of the JU'ilicines, and contniiiing icnidenle- from highly rc.pccta le person-, of some of ihe mmy cure- they have 1 fleeted. Families nnd individuals arc mii eii to tend and get a pamph'e', and read, and if lliey have n -ca e n, try lhu.Mcdi ino , wlrch are warrant cd 'o do nil lhat in "launisl lot Ihcin. TI10 Agents for lliirlmgtrm are PF.CK ixSPFAR, Ap thecnriis and Druggis'-, general whole ale a 11 1 re inil Agent-, who will Mipp.y Country dcajcrs nt wbole nle, on I lie .nine terms with the propiictor in New Voik, Win. 11. Cnrlis, Henry llj,V & Co, Geo. lVtcrsiin, N, W. Gage, Hurry BraJley, and Hagar ,V Anh'ir. B iiling'on, Aug. 20 h, 1811. LYM A.N W. GiLr.r.RT, Proprietor, 13 iw 211 F d'nti Street. New Vi r' . wiiii .ii.WFrrs Mi niciNi.s, EiTvmiiiir.ti nv , BE. So U'mTiSL, A This to-idenci', t'li.iinpluin Si., n few rodnorih of.Mc-r-. Folleltit lliallev. B irlington. Vt. In (entering hi" most gri'e'iil neknoivlc Igmetii- to hi-lrieiil an I pa'ienls, for the enco irageincnt and ipimri they have given him the pa-l., the l),,c- ti,i wotil.l I e leave to -la'u, hi- -trees., has thu- far, Ivcii oq -nl to hi-itn-t ..injiini' ctpecta timi-1 for it Ins sel loin I cen iho ca-e, that the merit o! n nc.yss en of mohcal practise, h i-1 een luoie t illy ic te i an 1 fairly e-tal-li-hc I, in o shr rl n lime. ln'eiJ, Dr. Sun h does not h.'-itnic lo ay in.lihu mcJi'.il gentlemen in mi- pi.T-u wi,l not itcny it that he ha. e Vctcl -iuiic -icnil an 1 ininoriniit c tu i yen where the p.nicnts had I icu given over In other lih's'cnn-i nul iherelmc be fid cotift lent, tin', could he I e ca led Ul sci-on, when the piticnl I-lir-1 lain n, more lr.',iiently than he ic, a rnrtfwo-dd be much sooner e t'ctc ', an,i wrii Ic - exnen-e nn I -offering, for the tck, thin whci ihey lirst employ other titeane. till the patient i- nearly "dead, nnd iheii call him. For in nil ca-ts. since he lm ndo itc I Ihe use i f Jewel incilicitie, wh'iu bo wa-thii3 cid'cil, ha- llie reroxeru of he iek, I c-u si, rapid, a nltno-t to lud 'Ci'thc'ii mid their Irien !- to limit, b it tilth teas fir mutter, tho'gb to all appearance jhey were u- ic'. as IhO't' who enipl vol o'ber pr.i -lice, nn I S"Oii uitrt : or ivre iced;", and peril ip. month, in gelling ii i ng'itn, fiist Inv.iig lo al aii.'on ihcr I), -cor - in,-! I"iuv, entm-ly, I cfore they co II gam nl n'l. 'I'lie is, vvhciievcr'l rcmc he- I a .c I ecu fairly trie i mi I ' cune I ly I nown, their lenli'ial e'ect" 1,1 c in lg dl L"l-o , f I'icry lyiic an 1 form, h ivc I i.ickuowV ge.l ' y diu inns: si.ilf.ll pli; -k-ijiis an I Ihe hi,,., en'tenl ih civer-. Tin' fi'iiwing to itoinnv, wa- ad 'rc sed to Col. Jewell I y two highly ,li-ting'ii-hc I pby-i 'i m-, win. l.v llieir ns 1 1 'ttv, fiuhf ilncss und -kill m prnlne I'uilrilinc! lie ni-clvi'-in the mcinory nudu'cciion of in in in ihi t a, c, who u-cil to employ them ; nnd will', i Ihi igh dead, yet -peak. II, nr them. I'cnl inrton, Vi., Jan. 5, 13.C Col. Jnwr.TT Hear Sir I have reeivel no! read your piitiihlct wuh much interest, and am h'gli l plea-e I with ynnrplau of overcO'iiing di"ei c. Vuu arc tm'ycarrytng oi the prmci dc of Dr.-Lo-k-O'l andoth-r-, winch tllcy h ive so a sty a Ivoca'c ', I miM'oiilidciit il at n rclorm in llie pr.iciiceof nec -nry. John pomi:i!ov, m. d. Rum inoto'.-, Oct. 2.1, 1537. " Ci.L. Jr.WETT - Diar Sir have I'cpo-i'cd in llie I aid; hcic, lif'v dollar- mote In yo r cnihi, on ae on ml of medicine sol I. So far ni I have n o I ihcin in my pr.i"ticc, thev h ive nroved far more einocicii'I h i I aii'icipalcil. Tlicy J: iea Illy on ilm-y-lem, an I overcome di-ci-e inn manner I niverle lore witne-e.l, nnd I do not he-itnto lo give my fall approl iition to vo ir sy-iem. 1 hive -o'd and'ii.ed neai ly I'i'ir hundred ibd'ar.- woi til nice I lint re. -civ c.l iiii nssnrimctit Iroin yoa, "I am most tr ilv'votir old fn'cnd, TRL'MAN I'OWLLL, M. 1 Dr. Siniili i- happy lo mic lhat ho called on Dr. Poiiicroy, a lew moirh- I cfore In- itOiih, nnd I, tin I It ii 1 1 sli'f flrni ui ihe -nine o'.intoii. lie -aid, " .lew-ctt'- do iig the .tin e now, that Cullen did in hi- day. An I," sail he, " 1 told Dr. .Vw.i'er itwi. nl llio erca'o-t man in iho world, an 1 am no', h it il I wa-, I -hii'dd sMco'iib In JnrrHt (;t U sy-tciil i- wrml, hnil ills mttliilnc the best in Ihe tcoilil; audi re. ;.,s-s,cti him 10 go to Dr. Smith an I ,i mr a li"flf ol head'uche I ui'iicnt, w!i' h ho di ', and I (in I i n.i'cs tnv hca 1 vcy ni'ich." When phy-u'inn of the fir-l rank, wh"-c clicunn and talents horn r to Ihcir pri.fcs-ion, nnd cvery tii'hvt lual who Ins lmvcii them a lair mal, come on' in lavor i f Jew ctt'- medi cines, in latig rtge uiio,(ulvocal an I t!eeu!el n- Ihe it' nve, who wi I doubt the Irmli ol" whit they -ay 1 'Pilose who ihin'i it lor their interest lo i ppn-e a tiete practice, mid whoe mulls have I ecu blind til and prejudiced by llio-e whose selfishness and pride. pre loinin i' cover i heir sen -c of justice and truth und all their lenernlent feelings, mid ibo-emily! But in order tn nul ice invalids ol every eh- lo ma'.e trial ol the lutro'cptin remedie-. Dr. Siin'ih made a propopi'ion ItMal.ei'erlainchri'iiic c.i.esupon Ins own rilj-" no cure, no pay" provt 'el wi-hel lo cio-e such a bargain, by iilneng lbcmcivi un.'cr hi-care in ihe village, and f.illowiiig hi- ill rccitoiisns lungns lie shoddle willing lo pre-enbe, r until Ihey gi.i well i and provide I nl-o, thai tbcv make ihe payment ol'hts.bills secure, -ho'ild he e 'cl n cute. Some nciepted llie propo-ition, compliet wilh llie conihlioii-, nod n citrc is I In ipi It ; vvh'le othci'., who nnilc no tttrh bargain, and did not com ply irith one of its conditions, me ed lo claim the I enctit ol no cue. no pay." But to till such, lb , principle -houl 1 1 c rerersr il " no pay, no cure." Dr. Smith wi I now ma'.e number piopo i'ion, in order to in I ice llie p di'tc tote t the merits cf hi. practice in season. AH pcison-, of every age, .ex and con litiou wha'cver, who shall be la1 en with any acute disease fever-, ery-ipela-, cholera inor! u, rhe iniatisnis, mental derangement, -pining Mood, pile-, tetter-, prohijisiis u'eri, sick bead-ache, pain in the bica-l. co lull- nil I cons imp'io'i, an I sli ill imme diately stud for Dr. Smith, and comply w.'ih ihe a ove condition, shall he fat hfiillyiiitcn Icl to 11:1011 thesimeff iff-irinci'pftf "no cure, jiu pay." tCP'l-nd.e. in parturition, prom .I'v nu I (nilhf dlv alien, Icil lo, to their entile satitfiiction, nu I in it imiii ner by thenid uterine liniment gieaily to mitigate ihoir s, i ieriug- and l.icilua'e ihcir rcoveryj upon ihe -aim coudi'iou- no cure, noimv." Dr. Sni lb h is ju-t received n fre-h supply of icMi-t s mc.iicinc, upon terms mat will enalilc him to sell, whole n'r i r retail, for ctt b, 23 tier tent less man it was l, lor tasl year; an I lie. invites physic Jwns and nl' inralids, tu the trial of it. Hundreds of I eslunomnlsnre in Ihe po-sc-s"'on nf here published. But cno igh ha I ecu sliovvu lo irovc tile fuel, lhat nil curable di.ea-es, mid iniiiv which are cou-idciel I eyond iho reach of medicine, are oier 'oine I y the use of ihe e preparations, Willi a certainly never before known. 'ur Spinal AJ'tctions, Consumptions, llromhits. Liter A.ff'ution's Coil Ii Liniment ; P dmoii c Liu. ' mention ; Cough, or Vegetal le Si'P'p; Kipeeto rant i A'tera'lvc Drop- j Anionic Pill- i Pain L'x irticorj Nerve love; K--cnce ol l.ilc. for Sick and Chronic llcad.Achc llead-Aehe Lui'iucui ; Pa,n!',ricior ; Pectoral Drop. 'or Uterine Afhi'tlons, (neb a- Fluor Albti, Pro lip u- Fieri, oli Iructitl or ineg or ton cupio i Meii-truaiion) Stimulating, or Uterine Liniment; WgctaMo Syr in i Fi-mile Drop- F.s dice of Life; .-verve .vtnmtvt'j .iriuinie I'ips. 'or Pi'pepsia Sliuiida'lng Liniment j Altcr.ilive Dropsj r en, enf I.ili'J Vegetal le Syrup. Far Spinal A fictions Pain Ivxira'clorj Siimiln t hit Liniment ; 'I .in' rocntion, 'ir Vic Douloureux, and .Vtrre'. Affections gen erally .Nerve I inuncnt'i Nerve Sn alive j Pain l x- tra"iort recinrai irop-. 'nr nitrates ofthe II inochnndriac Hegion Sim ulating and Nerve I luiitioiii ', Fein lie Drop-; IV 'to nl Tincture i Nerve .Sanitivo', R -eine ol Lifej P dnionio Knibrocalioni Pain I'..-ttraotor i Arihripc Pill. II If NEW TAlLOIliya ESTAllLJSJL ME ST. JA .ii i:s on it, WOULD rtspccifully inform theciilzen" of Bur lingtoti nn 1 puhlic generally, that h higtaken the establishment recently occupied by Ctt RLLS DUNNS, where he will execute nil order- in the TAILORING nilSINr.stS on the shorie-t notire, and in a sit I j net to he i-urpn. fl ed. From several year experience in ihelin.iiie-s he licl-i onfidcnt of insiirm eeneril satisfaction. CUTTING done for others to make up, at all time, nnd warranted to fit, if properly made up. .1 bi rch-sl.Aiig., ISM, I2if. toel, Gilt, and .Silvt-rcd 11 E DS, of variots size-, nl.n the several lind. 1'llISQ alniinls. Itlil'-w. nml IV.....! I ..n,.f ,f-.l slv a., iu&l ree'd. an I v-.irin,L- faher m.w Gnis.t. Biii.SsiiAtD K UKuninits. ti riinjiun, nujuj, tail. 13 N. York Adv'ls. L'. &. V. KtUIJY, WIIOI.nSAMJ nilALI'.RS IN Forcifzn &, Uomcslio Dry Goods 47 Cetlnr Slrcrt, A'tw York City. IJF.Sl'F.GTFULLV nnnounce lo their Cmtouiers f and Denteis ncneinlli'. Itinl lliev finr nmv nn band n full slock of I'lesli Dry Goods adapted lo Ihe Fall Irndc, rinhricuig n full assortment of nil descrip linn nfSlnpleO iods. nhieli have been silcetcd with niitcli cnic, mid whiih thoy nro cnnblcd to ofipr nt very low prices and oil Iho mosi liberal Urnu. They nrn also Agenls lor Barlow V Co.' American Mnnu faelmcil Needles, wl.lth ihey 1V1II t arrant a tlrnrnte article llinj URALMUl, AliDUiUU, & I' RINK, WHoi.p.HAi.r, Dr.Af.tuts; tn DOMRSPI & I'OIM'.ICiV DRY (".nODS, No. CS" I.iucrty Ntrei t. nenr Uromlirny, A7JIP YDIK. KF.LP constantlyon hand u extensive a" n-sfirl mcnt of Staple mid Fancy Goods n cnnlc found in Ihe City t n largo nru.fcr.ioii ol whi'barc .specially ndnnti'd the VIMI.IIO.M" TltAIin. Merchant- visiting New 1 orl. nre rc ie-leJ 10 call, mid priie. will I c found r)i j-IVinrv lo ihe CLOSF.-!T CA-II BL'VLliS. The are wn'cliful 10 1 ,1 0 every advan tage in ihe It ictiialion-of the hirgu.t market-, nn ', enjoying the I enelil of b i-im'-s facilitte-, Willi long I'.xperienf c, nro prep-ncl to o , r HXTItA INIJlK'IJfliriNTi to purcha-cts ho aic ibhved lo contend with tbe -tronsc-t coiiiielition. 2in-9 Ftincij and Sinpln SILK GOODS. Williams. Unnkin. & Penniman. N. 03 WILLIAM STIvt:r.T, consi:!! ov cut ? NTantir, sew YOL'LD call iho nileiinoiiof .MercbaiH" visiling New Vork far their Fall supplies, to tlutr ex tctuivu asaorlmeiit ol entirely Ni:V STVLLS FALL GOODS. To ilnir ordinary "tuck, wht di comprise- a full and general vanity of Slip',, nn.l Fancy Silk Good ihcv have iKcuim'iiig largo nibhiiuus of F.NTIRF.LS NFW STYLF.S oxpr, sly nd ipicd In thu "easott. From the finhii',". which they pnsse-" in the pur chase of Goods at tho vet y lowest piiees-tluir ilitri valle I nnd very exien"ive nssorlineiit tin y fed n u red lint it . ill be in their power in nlb-r eitrao-ilui.T ry indiicenietits to purchasers who do-it,- mid di "cue lo lilt v on lilt very best term-, nml lliey mc ilelcrintn ed to "pare no pi'ms in unkc it for ilieiuUfc-l of such lo make tlnir iilecii ins from ill, ir slock. In DRLS-J GOODS thev can show a great range of si vies, in Rich Printed Cnsbuif re D'Keos". of hlet P.inspalt, ni" j Crape De L'dnes, Muslin Do L -lines of Pans sljics, nevr befme ofP're.l. Alp iccas. B iinhazincs. Black and Blue Silks, low an I hi'.di pnced. SILKS C. nucleoli Broradi" Si'l!3t Cimc!i")n llroehi Striped Stlk-j Plain and Putin Striped Hel leiiiennci Black and Blue Blark Salin Striped and Brocade fienreil Silks; Snin Sniped Grns Graints , Btnk and li'iie Black Gros de Sw i- i liahni Lus tring; Oro dc Rh'iin: Grns d'Afrirpics; Black and Blue Bl ick Saitn j Plain and Figuicd Salius. Al-o MILLF.NF.RY GOODS in erei! variety, compri "ing Bonnet Silks mid Satins of inlin lv newstvles, It.iniu I nnd Can Ribbons, rich Fall patterns .' new defi'Mi" B'Uini't Vilvet-, plain cnlnt", b'ack and blue black, fignrid, shadid, plaid ; cut and uncut. LACKS. vyili t.ices in great virteii. or new and clegim pilerii"; Triinmtiig Lices and r.icc ICIging, black and uhiiei Silk, Lisle, Guipure, Mechlin, Brussels, Ac . ic. Thread Laces and Fdgings, French, German and ntighsll. shawls. Rich Calinieic and Brnchis Long and Squire Slnwlsi Thihet, Muslin de Lame, Kabyle, Plaid, Woollen. Nell. S r. Ac. SILK SIIAWI.S-DarkCamdcon, Satin Sniped, Figured, ipc. GIOVF.S AND MITTS, In every variety, for Gentlemen, Lulls", and Mis.r. tCtd'r.f the most -ipiiroved tninnfif lure, Bit' It, Me rtno, Woollen, Silk, Lace, Fdei, F..'pyiini, India Rub ber, &c, Thur stnet, will be found lo comprise a fid1 assort nu nt ol all i lie vaiious small item urcdnl. and thev invi'c i'io utenlioa o' Btiver-. u nh tli. fnl'.-i minfi. deuce lint ihey can supply every want in their line. II iiiJ toil BOW EN & MNAMEE, 11) WILLIAM STIIEKT, rrnritcr of lU-avcr Street. Ne.vv-YorL, "D r.SPr.C'I'FUI.LY minnuncetlnl lliey Inve made Xy e.l, nsnc arraiigcnients for the Fall Trade, which will enable llieiu lo present gican r indiiccineni" than ever to mcrch nits throughout the t'mied States lo visit this nuikct tho present scasun, for the u: tluse of SILK AND FANCY GOODS. Thev line already received bv liln arrivals, a erca variety of new and lich goods, and will also nicive by Ihe next Pnckel. and So amci , an nor'meiit of Hie latest and most hcnutuiil My,., nf i ri ncli. tjer linn. Ilahin. nod 1'Iikt ib I'ncc Good cirr itfll-rfd 111 ihi miikcl; simpli'Mif wliich nie now xluhiled ; alio it i I In 'i r net, i mi nation, a" heictofore, nut only to he constantlv supplied willi a cotnpbie assorlmerit .idipltd lo nil sections of Iho country, but tn present Iho neicest an I most desirable Mvles. suite I to the cny or inni fi-bioinhlo trade Tin ir s'oik will Le computed in pin of the following nrtit le., viz : DRKSS GOODS. SILKS in every varii'iv. rmi'islins of f talim Lit triiig, bin It antl blue. I, lack Gio-de Suisse, Gros.-de Rliuie, phm and striped I-pilnns, Gros dc R ival, striped nnd figured Gro" dc .N'tipb - Pckni Silk. Gros do Mciue, ueli Brocado Cham !,n, itioebe figured ind stuped P. nit do Soi,-, ncli Cl icn Stripe, Grosde ! ranee, lilaclt, tiluclilacK, anil chingeahle ulnpe and iiguri ii iros u .itriqucs, plain and ligurca satins, itc. 1 rSi'lMr.RF. d'UCOSSK, of 1.1'cst Paris POM PADOUR style. IMRIS MOUSF.LlNr. do LAINFS, entire ne design and vtnui nuilttics. I'llXPE d'ORIINT. for Kvening tlrcssm-thc most splendtJ article ever oircred.s v,, y CIKJ.SANS. Tir,sN.-s, ALI'ACCAS. POM IW 7. 1 NfiS FKKNfMI I'RIN I'S, &c. AUo, variou new style" of il'css Goods, wh.cb will be strictly confined in their own irnle. The whole presenting an nnrlmeni, it t be nven, w Inch can not bo surpassid in Ihisornnv other mar' ct. o SHAWLS. Vx? Consislingof rich ('hnnilon,Oilnmnn. Pou'i de Soie, fig'd Silin, Broca,!,", .pc. Al-o. splendid Bio he, Cislimere. Ibllblo dcred Melville. Knbvle. nlnin. mm. leri and ctnhroiderrd Mouctuie de Liinennd Tliihei Slnwl", Merino. Pllid Belvidcre. mil vnri.i is nvi- "lyles Wiiidhn Shawls, also, very rich Cashmere snawi. LACES. r.ngli-h, French, and German Thrcid tiers nnd Fdging". Also, Lisle, Guipure, Alihuiton mid other styles low priced I'lli'inns and Lite". M sin Trim. min", Swis.Miill, Bishop Law n". Bo.ik, Caiubiie nndJieonet Muslins, nnd every vniiely of plain nncl figured Nets fur Caps, Cnpc, Veils, .f c. GLOVES. Consisting of Kid, Silk. Cnshnn rr. Merino. Rcrbn and Buck, in creit vanclics, logeiher with a full stock of fancy .vi ins MILLINERY GOODS. Velvets for Hat", phin. uncut, figured, Ac. if-c, en. tire new "tilest Bnniiel Silk", plain, changeable, chine and fignnil. a completo nssiirlinem i Hal nnd C ip Ribbons, cnlire newilesn-ii", and the mom snlen- did ns-nrtiuenl ever nfb-icl. AIo. certain style-of ,ecii miliums, i' am Inllet.i nnd salin rto. ltick ami colored, Artificial Flower. Fcubers. Trimniiii" Li- ce.. Kibbnn Wire, Cords, Gimps, Foundations, Crown Linings, &c. ALSO, Pocket Hdkf". of Pongee, Spililfield, Cirnh, Flag, Bindinin nnd Linen Cimhric in every variclv. Ililian Sewings, Feirsio's, Rubinicci's, Persico's Beiux's, kc. Ac. Fancy lldkfs. Criva'snnd Points, Prinleii Mouse, del.iine, Thi1 cl, Palmarine, Florida, nnd other styles of Dress Shawls. Ila'iin, Gros de Rhine nnd Luslring Crivnts. nf every snot Sent ft for centlemen, of sitiu, plain, fig. ured nnd I'liibroidered, Gros Grain, &r. iVc. Vclvel". blk.. b'ne blk. and colored, vari'vtis quali ties. Vetlngs of Salin, Arniure, nslinirfe, Ac. Ar, Silk Sree. einchcws. Snr-nels. Levnniinr", India Snins D.F.'nsiir! Susprndrrs, Mohnir nnd Silk Gnat nnd Vest Bindings und Cords, fancy (limps', Fringes, &c. & c. Together with every article utuallv lo ho found in a fancy stock, which Ihey engage to sell on as favor J abla Irrni" as at any other csti' lnhment. 11 ' IJricd IJoof. KiTlO " ' Jrisil Beef, kuovrmr qni'ilv. STRONGS & CO. Auf. 0,1811 ) York Adv'ts. FRINGES D. A. BOOTH. Kd. 100 WILLIAM SI'., NEW.VORK. Importer and Ahimifiicturcr OF Fringe", Gimpi, Cords ond Tassels, Zephyr in :.i f-s... .....1 I1J.,) a r-,,.,1 f-,.riL I lersljjiui, and oilier Biiidinrs, und nil kinds ol Tassel t nii'T FancV Trmnningi. Alto, a largo insotlmi nt ui Wlule Cotlon flinge, by tho Paiknge or nlheijiisi. Ml" as-oriiiient 1111 ou 1.1 pi mn uui :nv mi- "'" hs. will be ni'viving the newest nnd moat fashiouablo tlylts. Tirtr.satid pticcs shall Is 'such 03 topivesat 1... 1 1 1...0 0, .11; I'Jii 11, 1. QUULN'S WAUC. CNnn, (IliiKs, and lOarllicinvarc. SOI D at Whod nlo to Conii'ry Merchant-, cheap lor ca b or ncijptau, ;s, at !1l Uroi I l.i 1 ' i iu PcailnndV.'ioss s. ' 'I II0.MA3 P. I ll'.I.D. NUWKST WOODS AM) CHEAPEST PRICES. HARDWAltl', WOOD1N WaUK, LDTLF.itV, WILLOW WAR!'., PI-It K...H RV, Bltl'SHi:-, TIN WARL, I'ANCV ARTKLKS, 4.n 'EHIF. s b-crd crs would call the ntlen'iou of Mcr S chain-and other- Vi-iung our city, toiheir new ' tf lli iise-fiirnisbuig nr'lell, winch Ihey havn ju-t inipnr'cd, und to wht. h they me onstniiily re ciiving ml hiioiis, I o h ly inn oriilioiis find inanu lien ic, i f every ne'v uitic'le in their but'. 'I heir st-1 IC vvillle luuiid the largest and mo-t I'e-itn'leui Iw Uni'e I S.ato, and v.'i I be sold who'e ti e or ictail nt pri' cannol (nil lo give a'i le turn, at lie it nrge Fill mailing Wme Room-, 4rj Ma dcu Lnr". New Yuk. 13 nt WIHTlI'.VOUKst T011RE.V 15ATKS &, iMASTKHTON, 2G LICEItTY STREET, (DnrwutiM wit.btvM a.vd -tst;,) m:v.york. "VTrOt'Ll) rail lb,' nl enl'on of Mcrchan's aboi.i V v tsi'ing Ne'v-York. 'o ihcir ctcii. iv,' sloe' of Foreign a' d Dome tie DRV GOODS, wb li ibev' o l'jr lor -rlu ' n II cnl term , '- ri-'stiiig in pait U M-:orions, a ne.v n' it let' r dre-tta. Aihillas To ilo lihamehon Lustres i'o i'o A'pacca Lmtits. ! lack ch I ccloiej. Miuijlnc de Lniaes, ('rape de Isnntt, trishmcris d'Kt nssc, Ciiusans. '', lhsiery and Glares, nu ivuis vc ti ottuier.4, Xrro'crseys, Linstys, KentuJ.ij Jans, I'lunntls, bow Inw-pfi cd I" siicilitc, 1'rirt, ofl'ie newest an I r che t -ii . Jlioitn and llte n.'itd S'lirlingf anil Stuitlngi. Spo')l Cotlon and 't'lirtad, 1 1 all kind", C'oths, Castitncres, .S'aiiif.?, ind Vtstinft, Linens, Liicii, Diaper. Crat-h, Al-o. a e a-surimeut of While Gool. con-ist ing o' .Lp'ontii-, Cam' nt , Swi-i and Soft Mull-, and Lice, S nped mil Che It Muslins, 111 hop i,nvn, Door. .iu-l n, run ty, i.e. .ic. lama Ai'iERICAW MUSEUMi New Yov!: CIIyI. T. Uanuini Proprietor rpiil-! Mu-eini InsC -p'en'itl ha'l- ove.- 1(10 feet in X leng h, tm'i.' u,i.vards of uOti,000 curi o.i'yfr.iu ceiy ;mi",n ol 'l.t'Glo'e. Here are ilciT., Binn- RriTiM:-, Insects, Fjsii n-, f.c. ft"., of every t,'ee,es una kinds evir ..nown or heard o!. A Grvno CosMon.vMA c n'a'tiing ! c.T.liful v! f auc cut an I nu dcrn cine-, natural scenery, mo'unltglil vows, ipc. A large Hum! cr ol new one- 1 nve list Itci edited fr in son, e ofthe hr-t arti-lsi f France. NovLt-Tii." nu I ( L'nicsiTtr.s, sm-l, h DvvAnrs, GlVNT3, t'lVNTI'.s.LS, OCI'.ANO Uvtancs, tS.c, ale al v. ay- cngn.'cd c lien o,porliH'i y Rich DurRtii'iLD and LsTi-.'r.r.sTiso cs'Tr.rvrAt.s MTNT3 are nUuiys aivvn eviry evinniL', mid every Wcdtie-iMy and ati.rt!ay uficriii,oii-,"l.y li e itiu'l talcu'e 1 performer. I r.vcav STnANOsn, as v.ei! n" cit zen, shotn. visit tin- e'lablishitieni, a- vulua! lui'.slructn u is combin ed wi'li ratonal aniii-emcnl. I he priie ol admis.-i u is always Sjccn's. Aitgu-t 31, 1311. IG NEW FALL GOODS. DRY GOODS HOUSL-KI'XPING ARiICLLS S. A- !i HOLM !iS. No. -22 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK, ( eaoADHAV and nas-al'-st.) Rl' receiving new and i'e-iral leO, fklsfi.rtheFal .""V. Tia'e, which thev tiler for sale at iho owct iiiice- at wholtsalcnnd retail. They have la'ely m-' icmd Ro-e and Whitney Rlnnlets dt '--lira large Real Welsh an I other Flanlie!-, Silk wirp do. rjugtl h Clinton Flannel, Mar-iil'i'sQ .ihan 1 Coun r-rpane.-, In-h Lini'ii- if the be! bleach, 0'.-i Pillow Ca e Linens, 5-1 I rl - It Sheeting, It ti and iiirn ley Sheeting Ir hi tj.-t to .vide Daina k Ta'le-I'loih- and .Napkins, Towil'injstfall 1 1-j Cra-h, Clloii Sliir'ing-and Sbtcling-, be-,1 q'liditie, BcJ Tic',-; lm''-li mil Anieri.Mit Long Cloth", I,, ng Law li-, I lucii Cii.-'.'rin and Cambric Hand kerchief. Fienih .Ileum s ; A'picca, daik Prill'-,, Rich ngl Ca luiiere, Mo'i-rlin de Lame, Sli-twK Ficnch Uoiiil nil', Crape f r ei!s, Ac. Si'ks, S.Ik and raw Silk llu.e, F-nglish Cotton Ho-'STV, Dranery Mil but, Finniltiri' Dimity, mid Chiu'i", Fn I le and Piano Cover-. 'I'oi'el Oliver, Ac. U'on'.i'vu I Ci.ihs nn I C.l imcre-, riiicyOi- ino re- an I Ve t-'ig-, W nh .1 viriety of o'lier nriicie- in their line, fir sain at ''2 .I1I111 s .'. a! t'te towc-l price-. .N.I!. On baud genuine K.1.1 i'e CVlogr.c. A'so, e.tia wi.'e R i ia Diapeis. I3tn3 LATIi Alt fUVALS Ul'' NEW FA LL & WINTER (rOODS (Clllluiliril's E'lil'llisliinrtr ItalJ ilslim"jiit-'li3ltsa!o dn.l rttsii; JOHN M. DA vTl'.S &. JONES. IOC WILLIAM STREET, (CORNLR OF JOHN S I'RKKT,) N i:Y.YORK, O KSPLCTFL'I.1 Ynnnouncelhal they hive muri i Itisuih esunsive tirraiigements for their Fjil Tride, ibat they lire enabled lo present greater in ducements than evir lo merchants visiling this mar ktl Ihe present se i-on lor 1 lie purehafeof G mi)., aa thnir sio.'k is mainly of llieir own Inipoilation or MunitfAtturt. CRAVATS AND SC.llirs'. Plain nnd figured BIn!k Satin Arniure". Corded, Birn hen, I' nnd colotcd Satin of entire new pittcrn! Silk and Moimr, figured and plain i Plain Bhci: Italian and Corded travats. all tizts andquaa liis IlO'lF.RY. Silk, Merino, Angola Woolen ind Cotlon lloso and Half Hose. GLOT.5. Merino, Cashmere, Woolen, Berlin and ChamoiJ lined Lossimerc, Uudi Beaver nnd Kij. SU-P'r..NDF.RS; Silk nnd Collon Gum r.histie, with Ruck, Silk and Linen Knds, Cotton Kmi, Buck and Morocco with Kl.istic Kuds. Also a few enlire New styles of our on 11 Miiunf iciiito. UNDF.HSlllRTS AND DRAWF.P.?. Merino. Limb's Wool. Ango'i, Saxony, Cotton, Shaker. Knit and Fljiim I, Ac. (Manufnciuie all ci -,l Hies of Silk .Shuts and Drawers). Siii of all sj',, Li lies ofotir own Impntrniion 'I'o fh.i" of our own mnn'ifacture we would espccinily call allctltloii, ds bem soiiictltiitg verv superior. Ladies' 6'dk and Merino Under Vests. pocicf.t n andi;i:rcimi:fs. Twilled mil Plain Suiialfield. Brilislt and Indn totalis, Ponjies, Primed, Ci.rdel, nnd Damask, Linen Cambric, Plain ond Printed, Ac. CAPS. Men's. Youth's and Children's Cloth. Velvet. G!m. cd, Silk and Musl.n. sroi ks, Sitin, Fi -ured and Plain, nnd C riled Silk. .Mo. hair, B 'liibasin, Plain Bowed, Plailed Ctavat. ui,l Opera Ties, Ac. Ae. ll. t..V l Ul.l.Sll.-'. ninre. Round and lit ron. Snlched. Plain and Cor. did, oil Linen and with Cotlon Bands. i,i.i;, iiuA(j.itj. Slilched, Plain, and Rtiflled. all cualitk.i. with vvido nnd narrow plans. Hlillt i s. All Linen, with and without Collars, latest stvle 1 Mushn, wpli Linen Cdars mid Wiistbonds,, with at d wiinout uoiinis. 01 ngnnl variety of qualities, Colored French nnd oilier Mulin. 011.1:1) SILKS. White. Plaitr, and l''nncy Colors, of various vvidth?', and warranted not lo adberoin any climate. ' Sill; I'urtei, Umbrellas, Dressinp Gams, Cop. and Stor 7,i Tiling, Suspender JlucUet, fVni.i Elastic M'ebp.ajl qualities. .Together jvi'li eiery article that Is' wattled in the Gentlemen's Furnishing Line, which Ihey engage i,f sell on as favorab'e terms ntstny other cstablishim r.t rSfCnp. Stoiks, Linn nnd Musiin. and Silk Sinus, made 10 order. Wholesale and Reisd JOHN M DAVIES ittJCNF.S. 106 Wilhimt tt., corner of John, 1 .Jirr