Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 4, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 4, 1844 Page 3
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1 ., CI . k- .III 4$ m4--Li Sir?- V. j'Trwfi LIST OF PREMIUMS Awarded by the Chittenden County Agri cultural Society, at the Annaal Fair holdcn at liurlington, on the U5th Scjt tcmbcr, 1814. ox noitsns. To Uzal Picrson, for best stallion, over ihrco years did, e." 00 Alfred Allen, 2il best do, 3 00 N. 11. I'l.inii.iL'nn, best do. 2 yrs. old, 3,f0 Jonas Cliillcuden, for be-t I rood marc, 4,00 Ransom rcc, 2d bcsl do, 2,00 Lemuel II. Plait, for best 3 year old coll, 4,00 Moes Itiilcs, 2d best do, 3,00 l-cvi Whitconih, best colt under 3 years old. 2.00 Theodore Cntlm, 2d best do, 1,00 Avery Meccli, best sucking coll, 2.00 Udney II. Pcnniuinn, 2d best, 1,00 ON CATTI,I3. To Edmund Whitney, for best bull, over 2 yrs. pld and upwards, 55 00 David Reed, 2d best do, - 3,00 James S. Blum, for best yearling bull, .1,00 Orson Goodrich. 2d bc-t do. 2.00 Tiunvin Cliitlc tden, best bull calf, 2,00 John C. Griffin, 2d best do, 1.00 Lyman Hall, best cow, 4 00 uavid I iced, a I Licst do, 2.00 Truman Chiiicnden, for best 2 yr old heifer, 3 00 i,avnicr o. wane, m nesi do, 'Kli Chittenden, best yearling heifer, - Do do 2d best tin. David Heed, best heifer calf, Alexander Cathn, 2J best do. Hurrel I.anc. best pair working oxen, Smith Pierson, 2d best do, Win. I. Seymour, 3d bcsl do, 2.00 2,0(1 1,00 2,00 1,00 5,00 3.00 2,00 Nathan Stearns, best yoke steers, 3 yrs olJ, 3.00 Henry S .Morse, 2J best do., 2 yrs old, 2,00 Two steer calves, each fivo months old, belonging io narry nrauiey, were examined liy the committee, and were adjudged to lu the best cattle no thcground, taking their ago into consideration, but iio'prcmiums were awarded mi cattle of tint class. Kli Uhittcnden also exhibited four three year old heifers, superior tinimals, on which no premiums were awarded, but they nro worthy of especial notico for their beauty of color nml form. Messrs. Ira A. Collamer and Smith Pierson each exhibited a beautiful yearling heifer, n cross of the Durham breed, and the fonimitteo regretted that they could not agree to award n premium on each. To Lavator S. White, for the cow frow which the most butler was made in lldavsin June, being 29J lbs., $3,00 UoUuy lallin, for ilie cow from which tho next greatest nuantitv of butter was made in II days in June, being 27 lbs. 1 oz. 2,00 o.v siiiii:i. The committee on Sheep, having examined i lie dif ferent sheen exhibited to them Willi much caro and attention, taking into consideration 1 lie constitution and carcass of llio animal, combining tjnnlity nnd U-atililx of wild, believing nil ilico poims requisite Hi the most profitable breed, awarded To Ilornno Chapin, of Williston, for the best Merino Unfit, S, 00 do do second best do 3,00 D. &C. H. Cook of Charlotte, for beet three Ewes. 3 00 G. Bingham, of Will'mon, for second best do 2.00 Hi'iiiin II. Newell, of Charlotte, forbcsl five fleeces of wool 2 00 Senas Skimur Willistnn. second bcsl do 1,00 on swim:. To Channcey W. lirowiicll, for best Hoar, 135 month -oil, S3.C0 Udney II, Peimiinan, second best do, 10 mouths old, 2,00 OV .MAPI,!'. shcar, To Daniel II. Gnro, of Jerieri, best 2 lbs. 2,00 Hemni II. Newell, Charlotte, second best do 1,00 OX ItUTTKK AXI) ClIICESC. To Guy Cntlin, for be-l butler, Laviter S. While, second best do. Caleb K. Itarton, for best Cheese, Bcnj. Biers, second best do OV IIOIIT1CUI.TIJHI3, To Geo, I!. Shaw, for best tablo nnnles, 5,m 3,00 (J 110 4,00 1,00 Horalin Gh.ipin. best new vanity of apples, Orville Shaw, best peck table potatoes, Alex. Culm, " six hoids cabbage, Win. C. Harrington, " cauliflowers, Alex Cilhu, "' peel; of tomatoes, II. Thomas, " do carrots, Thoin is Kellcy, do beetr, Alex. Callm, "do turnips, do do " six sr,uaslicf, Jonas Chiiicnden, " llnee pumpkins, Tiistiain Conner, " 12 ears of seed coin, Geo. S-ixtnn, greatest number of Rock Ma rie trees transplantad the last spring, now living, llyron Stevens, second greatest number do John Sorageti, on seed corn, do best peek of onions, Mrs. Mecca, for ihu most splendid flow er m blossom 50 2.) 2"i 2, 2o 2.) r,,oo 3,00 2", 50 The Commit I eo on household and shop Manufac- lutes, iiuu j'ijiiihii implements, report That they were di-appoiulel in the variety of arti cles of domestic manufacture, but were Ind lo see many articles exhibited, en diiable to tho taste, skill and industry tif their makers; nnd could ibesame interest manifested by their fair exhibitors become ccneral. it would matter 1 it t lu whether Clav or I'olk is our next President, as wo should have a more sure cuaranteo lor the success ot domestic nianiifactnrts than any wing or democratic Tarill. besides lisfv ing all parties', both by union and annexation, ns no lady, alter exhibiting such articles of lur skill nnd do mestic indosii y, could long hntc .Miss prefixed to her name, uns irnm euoiec. They nwaril to .Miss I.ucy Fletcher, Shelbuinc. for best Carpet, 41,00 Mrs. Hutchinson, Jericho, for best pair of woollen lunniifis, Do do, for best pair Woollen Knit Mittens. 1,00 Mrs Orville Shiw, Jericho, for best piece of i.inen, Miss Acksah Shaw, for bnt I.inen Thnad, Miss Acksah Shaw, Jericho, for best Knit StorUings, Miss Louisa Howard, liurlington, for best 1,00 ling?, Mrs. IX'nncv A. Kidd, Colchester, 2d best Rug Mrs. J. S. Pierce, liurlington, for best sewiii; silk. I1 do. for best raw illk. 1.00 , 50 1,00 1,00 1,00 Miss I'li?- Flouting, liurlington, for best silk fc'Inekini'S. Mrs. Chs. J. Stewart, Burlington, for best knit ft'nvi'R. Mrs. Henry Searl, Ilurlingto.-., for best while tliiitr, Mrt J.inn Root. Rurlintrton. for 21 hc3t do., 1,00 T.x 11. n follmvinrr liersOOS. lIlOUL'll 110 premiums could bo awarded to them, agreeably to tho rules of the Society, should tho Society (wlncli, in ine opin ion of I tic committee, ought lo bo done,) have a med al designed and executed, they woidd recommend that one he"prcsentcd to each of llio following persons. .Mrs. C. II. Hrownell, Williston, for a Carpet; Mrs. r If iv.l.... r,,rnlliin, Mrs. Ilcnrv VHtlt- 'ii.,.i:,'r,' r.,- ...l.lir. (l7,7ti i Miss Maria lirnd- lev.' Itilrlinuion! for n linen table clo'h; Mrs. Dr. PomerOy, Burlington, for blockings t Mrs. Chs. Rus call Mra. Unifrlit Mra. Inlitl Church. &nd 3llSS ItCt mnit llnrrintTtnn. Ilnrtinrrlnn. fnr illt Btnckiiios : Miss Mi'M. Fletcher. Shelburno, for sill; Gloicsj Miss Louisa Howard, liurlington, for a pieced q till, a beau fir,,! nriirtA. and which seemed lo take everv man s mind back to his boyhood, nnd remind him of the good old fashioned Pcw Knghud quillings, Of Shop Manufactures but few wero exhibited, but the committee nro happy to say tho quality of ihoso ehewn prove clearly whai con ho done, and may safely challengecompanson wilh likoarliclcs made, in any of our cities, France or England. They award to U. A. aoymour, liuniiiuioii, ,"i uuni-u, , y-i n..,i X' Itlnni-liirit. Itiirlincttnn.for Robes made of neat cattle hides, " Sl,00 David French, Williston, for best Lumber Waggon, , , , . 1. Of farming implement, tho same deficiency appear ed While thoforiners had driven hundreds of l allle, Hcr.cs, Sheep nnd Hogs covering acres with tho r sinrk. tho makers nf their tools eemedobnvefoigotteniobnngtheni. 1 levnwnrdlo K R. Crossman. Iliulington, for best I'lough, Hi 00 r'uujs Patrick. Ilinesbiirgh, for second best do 1,00 Millon Ford, Jerico, for third best do. 1,00 The Committifl were divided in opinion ns to llio merits of ihe Houghs, having no opportunity to sco W.'ll i... i -J litf niniorities. Hach PlouL-h vvn.iliought by some to bo best, nnd nil wero excellent in workmanship. J'r. irii""-."' r inthoopinionoln mainrilv of the Committee vvas su neriorto the celelirated Worcester County premium riougn. mnile liy Hiicalcs. Nourse nna .unsoo, vnler. Mnsa. and exhiltiipd l,v President Whet-ler. A threshing machine nnd horse power was shewn bv Mr. Hrownnll and others of Williston, which in ..r .r.l . theppimoil "I sumc ui ,un cuiuiilMieo were inn icu iu premiums. The Ihresher nppeared very perfect though much worn, hut n the horse power wns badly built and much worn the majority of the coin mitiee thought thev had not a fair opportunily of test ing the merits of the invention. A Ihresher nnd grain-clenner was exhibited by David French, Williston, which So far nstbe commit. lee couM judge was a good nriicio, out as uiey coutu not see it in operation had no opportunity of testing its merits. A smut machine was shewn hy Clalk Ri' h, Shore ham, hinhlv recommended. The comtnillro had no opportunity of trying it but so far as ihey tould judge ii was irrri natmii linn nn inn ill rmi""""" Mr. Pcndcrcrnss. Biirlinnlon exhibited snceimens of of Stucco Work highly deserving nf encouragement. 1'resi.leill heeler cxliilulril n sun-soil plougli innuo liy liitgglfs, Nourso nnd Mason, Worcester, Mass., recommended to tho attention of tinners. A carriage lor onoor two horse, bv John K, Gray, every pari of which was inn 'c in Bojlington, very suust.iiiiiiiuy iiiiii UII.-IIIUUIIIV iiuiii, springs very supu nor, nnd every patthiuhly liuifhcd. Siiecimeus of Hrb'g's iiatent fence were shewn by John M.Dewey Ilurlinnlon, to which llio comniilteo would mvnc niteniion. 'i no specimens wero oi va rious heiiihls and finish and nppcar to bo well made, substantial, nml will calculated for yard, garden, or farm fence, cither stationery, or moveable, combining beauty, cheapness, convenience nnd durability. Somo nrticlcs not coming wiihin tho rules for premiums deserve hnnornblo mention, nnd for which tho committee recommend the Society's Medal. Among them n splendid pairof Oil paintings, by Mrs. C. M. Spear, liurlington. I.nndscnpo Drawings, nlso Flower I'ninling, by Mrs. Henry Searle, llurhugton, bolh beautifully done. Engraving by J. H. Hills, nnd printing by S. Fletcher, (tho Society's Certificate) bolh rupcri'ir specimen", nnd ilwcrnntniilro would recommend Mr. Hills lo Ilia fnvoinblo police of tho Society nsn suitable person to design a medal, nml lo design nnd e.xeculnii vignette nnd seal for thn Society'; certificate On the whole ihc committee have hern highly grat ified willi tho first exhibition of Ibe Society and ilinugh they had hoped to sco innro articles shown, slill tho number was vrry respectable nnd generally vrrv su perior in quality, nnd from the interest nnnifesied by the crowds present, ihev have no doubt another nn niversarv; will bring n great display of articles manu factured in our homes, shops nnd manufactories in the County of Chittenden, such n' will prove us n mechanical and manufacturing community. C. GOODRICH, for Committee. From the N. V. Evening Tost. Wool. A country coriespondent Favs: "As one ni your snnscriDer", and ono wlio llio Wings say is n Free Trade mnn, nnd a wool. grower, I believe it would be interesting lo many of your northern readers to see published the-amniint ofu-onl (both of fino nnd other kinds of wool) imported intoN'ow York per quarter particularly ine lasi quarter, niinm lioston nnd oilier porls, if it could be done also the invoice price. I do not believe that the present price of wool is attributa ble to tho Tarill'. a 4- ''If the Tariff has anted the rise in wool it is Unjust, for the article of wool afforded the far mer at the hint year's prices a better remunera tion fur his labor than ami other vroducc of a aim." bo the price of wool is too high, is itl Why it is only a day or two sinco tlio Post, Argus, woro compluininc tliat the Tariff nlTonled no protccliott to llio Farmnr, and that tho prices of produco were ruinously low. Now the tuno is changed and tho Ta riff attacked hecausu it has raised the price of wool too murh. According to tho Post correspondent, Farmers wero well enough paid for their wool "tit last year's prices." "If the Tariff lias caused thu rise in wool," says this Loco Foco Oracle, "it is unjust." This argument squares with Mr. Polk's views on the same suhjr-ct. lie thinks thai "wool should he duty free.'1'' Certainly if his views prevail there is no danger that our farmers will gel too well paid for their wool 1 he tliiTictilty would ho to get paid at all, for once iiliolish till duties on wool, as Mr. Pot.u proposes to do, ami our counlrv would hi Hooded with tho foreign article, lo the titter destruction of tho American wool-growers' interests. Alb. Dailii. I Tut: Loco Victory i Mai.nt, What nuns it amount To ? llutums lioiit nearly the wholu of the Statu e.thihit tho fullo.witi" result : I.nco Foco vote in IS 1 i 10510 ylll others 3970 Loco majority over all others in '1L 1,570 I. 'ico Iikii vote 111 ItilJ 2bii.iu All olbeis ''I0R Loco majority in 1813 4,-125 Iioco Foco loss 2,85,1 i Mnj irity against Robinsuii in 1RI3...1 1.I4U 1911,. .11,020 Neti Wiiio C.aix 2,W2a ! ! Capt. Joseph Btirnham, Whig, was yes tcrduy fleeted Representative from the town of Kentiehunk Port. This town wa3 repre sentetl hy a Loco last year. Portland Adv The Portland Advertiser contains returns from neatly the whole Statu, which give, nn tlio vote for Governor, I'ohinson (V.) 'ST,- .)S7, Anderson (L.) 47,190. All others 013 1. Places to hi: heard from gave in 1S10 GIG for Kent, 900 for Fairfield. A I'liiGiiTruL tool; plarc at tlio Cflurn Hotel, 111 this city, on Saturday. younir man named Charles Warduer, of Wind Mir, t., who, on attaium;; his innioritv a few wccKs since, left his fatlmr'ts almost for the first tinio in his life, went to Jlostou and .Now Vork, vvhero lie spent several weeks. Clianoo of sceno and diet, constant excitement and novel ty broke in ttpnn Ins usual regular habits, and soon produced illness and partial aberration of 1 Mid. lu Now York lie met his brother, who took liitn under ins rare nnd started for .Mtlwau kie. They arrived in this city, and stopped at tlio western lintel, wiiero 1nntl1c.1l aid was cal led in, and the patient after tal.tntr somo medi cine, err mod to bo getting well, and asked for mine refreshments. His brother ratio; tho boll f-cvcral times, hut It not lioinj; answered, he was obliged to go down himself. The patient being thus left alone, ho pulled on his panta- 100ns ami uoots, ana jumped Iroin a fourth story milium' lu uiu pivuiUOIll UCIOW. Jlutll Ills ICS were badly fractured, hut at 5 o'clock vcMerday ho was still sensible, though Ins nhvsieia,... cons'dcr him in a critical situation, as tho con- cussinii of the brain must have been very so- vure. tiujjiiio iiazeue, oepi. LETTER FROM MU. CLAY O.V AG1UCULTUUK AND THE liANKItUPT LAW. Ashland, Aug. 20, 1811. My TlnAr. Sir. : I have received vour letter of llio lVilh Inst. You surprise 1110 bv llio slate. niont of Borne opinions which are attributed to me. Inthing can bo more unfounded than tlio assertion that I am unfriendly to tho protection of agriculture. I consider that interest in nil its departments as tho predominant interest in Ihe United Slates. Cotton, Hemp, Wool, man. ufacturc3 of Tobacco, and other articols of ag ricultural product are now protected, and if tho mcasiiro of protection ho inadequate, no man in tlio United States wuuld bo willing to go further than I would in extending sufficient protection. I have never held any other sentiments. Tho substance of what I have said, and vvliicli is to be found in my published speeches, is that ag. riculttirc iu the United States on iiiL' to our ills. tanco from Kuropeau countries needs but little protection. Hut tho principle aim in introdu. cing and protecting ii'anulacturcs is to benefit agriculture by opening a new and homo market lor its surplus productions. Lxpresslons disiia raging to agriculture, or rather tho habits of thoso who pursuit it, have been put into my mouth, and paraded at the head even of news. papers. 1 liavo never used such expressions They have been forged or fabricated by politi cal enemies. Of all tlio pursuits of man, .:on. sider tlio cultivation of tho earth as tho most honorable. It is my own pursuit, and any re floctmg man must at onco perceive that I could say nothing derogatory to it. I Invo already stated in .1 loiter which has been published, that tho General Assembly of ivoutuckv gavo mo no instructions to vote for liio repeal of tho Uankrupt Law. Instructions woro nendiug before tho Legislature but thev fell by a t;2roomont between the two Houses. I consider in--- '"u "inuriciiu puopio nave ox nrnssnd a decided disapprobation to tho lato Uankrupt Livv, and fur ono, indeferonco to that opinion, 1 do not ocsiro to see mat jaw revived or any other Uankrupt Law passed, 1 congratulatq you on the satisfactory result of the August ejections; and rcnlain your friend and obedient servant, II. ULAV, Get). K. U CARUniERS. l'ttlliUTi: to Mil. Clay. The Pari enrres pondonl of tlm llostnu AiI.if, writing under data nf tho 1st nil., pays : " I was shown yesterday a beautiful gold sntill box, which was mule fnr'anil carriod by Peter the Great. On Ilia top is a representation of the statuo creeled In him at St. 1'olcrnliure; ; nn the sides, the walls of tlm Kremlin, and on tin bottom his private arms. It was civen by Iti in to the nnccstors of ono of the loading no blemen of Russia, who has givon it lo Mr. Dun can, of Now Orleans, to present (n his friend IIeniiy (Jlay, as an anonymous tribute to ins talents as a statesman and his worth as a citi y.ait. liven in the mountain fastnesses nf Greece. Mr. D. Informs tnc the Stthots inquired after Mr. Clay, asHociatino tho master Binrit of our country with their own Dozzarie, ' Ono Of the few, tho imnioital names, That were not bom to die.' KunnnN Death. Tho lie v. James Ulatto Howe, lleclorof tho Bpiscopal Church in Clare inons N. II., died in this cily very suddenly lliis morning. IIo was'dn his Way to Indiana, and had procured Ids ticket ami I nil taken his scat ill the train nfrars for the west tins innrninr JiifI before tho cars started ho was seized with an apoplectic (it, and expired almost instantatic ously. lie lodge., at the Mansion House last evening, and loll there this morning, immediate ly after breakfast, in apparently perfect health lie seemed to ho between utl and ho years old. l lio Coroner s lury returned a verdict of death by tho visitation of Uod. Albany Journal. IIank Titr.AsoN. The Hvoning Post says that Gen. Jackson's letters in favor of annexing Pc-vau to the Union are tho weakest things he over wrote. Democracy must bo at a low ebb when " Old Hickory" is allowed to bo fallible CJTho Vermont Antiquarian Society holds its annual meeting at Montpclicr, on Monday, tho 14lh in3t. Hon. 'Gnortar. P, Marsh will deliver llio Address. Howard's Horn.. It is said that tho How. arils have sold llicir interest in this hotel for .j0,000, to, Capt. Hoe nf tho Fimpirc, and Mr. Thomas of Albany, formerly nf the U. S. Hotel Saratoga; the transfer to take place on the 1st 01 January. lroy wing. KCCLKSIASTICAL notice. Tho Chittenden Consociation will hold its Semi-Annual Meeting in tlio New Con''rci'a Iional Church, in this place, on Tuesday next at 12 o'clock at noon. All t lie churches con nccled with this IJjdy arc requested to bo pros out by their rasters and Delegates. Tlio open nig Sermon will be, Providence permitting-, on I uesdiy evening, at 7 o'clorlr, J. K. CONVERSE, IiegisKr. Burlington, Oct. 2, 1811. WILLISTON CLAY CLUB. Tlio Williston Clay Club is adjourned to the first TI1111sd.1v in Ocioliur, at G o'clock, at llio Kalo Hall, nl'iur vvliicli tlio ronular tncctinps of tSio Ol ill will bo liolden at tlio Eagle Hall every Thursday ovening, at G o'clock. By ordoV of tlio Conimittre. 15UJ..UTON HI V KKKT, AT-jinay, Sept. 23. Reported for the Daily Adveriiser nnd Patriot. At .Market 103 Mcef Cattle, 173 Stores, 33C0 Sheep, an I I2C0 Swine. Piiices lletf Cattle Sales vvero quicker, arid prices n ttille better. We quote a few extra 4,73 j first quil-ity-l'Oj second quality -1 a 5,23) lliird quality 2,73 a 3 73. Stores A few sales only noticed. Sheep and Lambs Land s from 1,17 a 173; old sheep from 173 lo 2,23. Swine Lots 10 peddle more than half barrows, 3 3-1 e 4-, uld Hogs 4 a 4c. Al retail fiom 1 toSJc. H si c ir ii cs d , In Milton, on the 1st inst. hy Rev. James Dougher ty, Mr. Albet AnduCs, merchant, of Constantino (Mich,) lo Miss. Maiiv Ann, only daughter of Giles Jackson Esq. of Millon, fiffl dls At Durlinalnn Falls, Vt., on llio 33th ult., Ciuni.cs TAvi.oa, eldest son of Asa nnd Htborali llaruard, iu ihc2tt year of his njje. Tlo Vt. Watchman nnd printers in N. H. and Mass. arc req icsted lo notico. In this town, at the residence of C. L. Nelson, Oct. 1, Mr. CtcnnoE A. Fay, of Grjion, Mass., aged 17 years. Printers in Mass. trTcffequcsted lu notice. At the parsonanc, near tho Ha von Oonla Landinc, in ihe Parish of Iberville, nn FrnUv evening last, Sept. fith, of congestive lever, in the 7lh year of his use, Herman Thenphilus Fay, only son of llio Rev. Charh s Fav and of Charlotte Einilv, daughter of the Itinlil Rev. Ilislion llonkins. ol Vermont. On Salur- d iv, ihercmains of ilus promising child were inter red upon tho plantation of Major E. (i. V. Holler, at tended bv his litllo Incnds and schoolmates. (Iheiiii- pils of his accomplished and devoted toother,) who strewed lus grave Willi powers : nml, in ihe perlorm anco of ihe last sad rite hy a fond and afflicted father lo the remains of an nlfcctiouale and dutiful son, an iinpiessive though painful illustration of the influence and henefils of rcl'gion was exhibited In a sorrowful and sympathizing audience. l'taquiminc(la.) Gaz. ELIAS LYMAN OI V LUS for sale an extensive k srlJllcnt of Dry Goo I-, consisiina of n great variety of the New Si vie nf G unl- lo lo loiuld in the markets ol Huston anil New York, vv hieh are o !cre I for sale for cash or credit ul reduced nri' t-, among vvhiub will bo loond 11 vaiiely ul Alpaeea. and new style (foods lor Ladle-' Cloaks, Plain, Snipe and Plaid. Al.o, (.alia Plaid-, a new article ot woollen goods lor i-loai., u.iinelion-. M.I). I.nne-, Alcpiucs, Situs, txc. iSc., lor L.nlic-,' Orestes. . . A Icautiful vaneiy of American l'rinl. An L'xtonsivu assortment of llroadcloths and Cas siniercs. Water proofTvvcp,!., Striped do. Plain and Plaid Satincltt-, superior quality. A Icautiful nnd fxenive ns-ortmeiil of Winter Vc-ting. SalinnndSilk Velvet do. Canon Cloths a great variety, Wadding, Wickiuc, Hailing if-e. Ifnilircllns. Superior Quality of Seoteh Gingham Whale Bono Micks, Al-o, llluck Silk Umbrella. Also, Gingham do Cane Stick-. Shoes. An cxtens-ive assortment of Low Priced Shoes, among which are Colored Cloth Hoskins nt 50 cents per pair. Black do do al 75. Together with "a general assortment of Shawl:, Ildkr.., Cravats, Glove-, Mitts &c. ice. Borlinglon '2 1 October, 1811. IS TO morrow, Ot. 5, at 1 o'clock P. SI. A variety of HoiiMhtld Furni.iiri', rontisiing of Snfat, BeaiUteads, Tables, Chairs, Also, Cooking and l!ox Slovesj Kiiebeu UiciimIs A,'c. &u. Hook Shelyesj one Ohai-o and Harness, ono Sleigh. Tho property of a gcnlleman lenviiig town. . , Ov-i. -iih 18il. 18 II. THOMAS. SAL T. rilHK subscribers nre ppared lo contract wilh I merchants for their winter supply of Salt, and oiler upon ihe mot ndvamageous terms, 15,000 bushels Solar, a.OOO do TurU Hand, 1,(1110 do llohaife, S.OUO barrels Fine WeMern, fl.000 Kacl,. Dairy, 28 els. each. They pledge Ihcoi-elves ihey will not I e undersold. KOLLF.TT, llliADI.I.Y St CO. South Wharf, Oct. 3, 181 1. 18 F urs, JUST receive! nnd lor sale, a Inrgo assortment of Hulliilo Rube-, Mulls, Boat, Caps and Collars, by Oct. till tO li IS II. W. CATLIN. OIL. WINTER, bleached Sncrm Oil. )0 do Whale do. unbleached do do. lr I.,.-. I Oil. a Mioerior aricle. For bale at the " S0111I1 Wharf" upon trims which shall lo made to suit, by FOLLETr, HKADLEY & CO. Oct 3, 1811. IS Firn! Firo!! riUlF. Member, of tlio TltIONT MlTUAl. L FlItF. lNSURANCI-'. COMl'ANV nro hereby nolllied Ibat Ihe followinir im-o-siiiciiIs have been tnudo by tho director-, 1 11 nil notes iu force tm the loiiowing ii.iys, 10 wit 1 AnguM .11, irr-ij. 1- 01 oii-- i'm ," Sepiemlcr 11, 1813, 1 4 til one per nut. Oelolrr, 7, IS 13, 3 I ol 0110 per cent. Nnw ml rr 27, 1813, l -.t ol ono per cent. DiK cinler B!l. 1SH. 1-1 of olio per cent. Fo'.ritnrv 12, 1811, 1-1 of imp per cent. 1 VI ruary ?(5, 1811, 1-1 of one per inn. !t, IS It, 1-1 of one per cent. 20, 1811, 1-4 of on" l"-f II, 1811, 1-1 td ono per cent. J. 1811. 1.1 of one per cent. . April Mny Juno July Making 3 I per i-iil. lor tho year, bai l per cent ngotole ca-t on thu original amount "f proniinin mile, without rcfcrciiei! lo nay enoor emeiil, ami 10 I c paid to thoTreaviirer, nt his nllico in Monipelier, 011 or berurc lliu lfi h day of Oetot er, IS! I, I cing the ilav nf llio nnieml ii.ft,,,fr nC.iii,l Coiuoativ, A li-t ill per-ons in. tired in his town, Willi lie" 11111011111 111 nrssiiint duo from each, will I 0 trnu-inille I to Hie l!cir'-entnli'-i. elect to tlio Legislature, who ii is hoped will feel nn inlercM iu having all from whom ns'csMiionts are duo M'nd in by lion lo pay the -nine I 1111 1 11 isiic-iicH mill expcelid dial every incini cr 01 Ihe Coiiin.inv will iinornvo lb s o.ipotlonity to 'end, n it n''ordsn cheap, mi lb nnd fiiiivrnfeiit modo bv which be can trim 01111 lis money. Mem! er hoold reeollccl. ibiil il ihev iiejleel lo fcml bv Ihu Itcore- se iiniive, it may nnd luq ienllv m c com mem more to send tlm money fid their hscMiienls by other means, than the ii'SCMiient, ninounls lo. Let no tneinl cr of llio Coiimanv. thcrcloie. neglect lo for wnnl llio amount due for inoMnco by the Rcpiccn talive. The credit ol ihu CunoalW lim-l bo S'l-taill cd 1 and the only way this cull bo done effectually, is ny Having cai 11 iiicnil er pay iitncs-!iiciii prooipny. 'I he rc obtlion ol ihu Directors, pa-sod in confor mity with I he 8th nvium of ihe act of ineorporalion, 111 rtlatiod lo'tliocolltsMion of assessments, llOul be remeinl crol. There lir.vt" 1 ecu nllovvtil the nasi vcar. one hun dred and onclosse-, nmoonling to Sil.Jrfi, 21. .1. T. THUR-sTON, Trcas. insurance UJiec, lonticlur, ( laws Angii-t 13, 1S1I. 1 Mnmizincs lor October. GRAHAMS Jlagnziiu', Arthurs Ladies do The Ladies National do 2.1 181 ,18 Hi (ley's Ladys Hook and do 2j Columliaii 1I0 2.) Ulackwood-, Magazino for Feptem' cr, 25 Hy A'i:ilVAKI)S. No. I, l'ccks lluildin-r. " , 13 SCHOOL TEACHERS ATTEND Moitsr.s xmv (.kockaimiv. ASYSTK.M ofOeoirrnphv lor the ii'e of sehools, llhisiralisl wilh more linn lifiy Gerograpliieal -Maps, and numerous Woo l-cut l.'ngrnviiig, by SVI nev F. Mor-c, A. JL This is dts'idolly ihe be-l (leograpby in print and is'iiiiiiii ine iav price 01 111 ycenis. Tc.iehcr.s nro'rc'iot'sted 10Y.1II mid tai.c cop;es fur cxa union. A, LDWAHDS. No. I, Pecks llmlilinsr. 18 I3rown Havana Sugar. C TONH Ilrown Havana Sugar, just received nnd J lor snie at red iee I prtee., tiv FOI.I.KTT, BKADI.F.V & CO. South Wharf, Oct. 3, IS1I. IS CiC( ROLLS Paper Hanging fur sale by yJVj II. W. CATI.IN. Oct. -I, ML 18 J ll.U.S Dairy H.ill Oct.. I, '-'il. II. W. CATLIX. IS A .NOTIIElt Tierce ijf that Sujrar l!o'ie Itdns.Cs 11. W. CATI IN. IS by O l. I, '11. '"V7'OsJI'I nspeetf.illv inform his cist(mcr.nnd .the p.,' lie tint he lia JIM riscived from New Yoik Full nml Winter la.hion-. and all Iho-o f.ivori.iL' him wilh their palronago maynlyoii bavins their work done on ihu lowe-i terms ,ind in ihu neatc.t style. ALSO O.irmeuls elear.ol. and c itliiiir done on llio shortest notice nnd warranted nt his .hop 011 the Now Ro.i 1, two iluori norlli ol II. vv lulttev s ,n,p, 10 j rUiiiizincs lor October. GRAHAMS l.ndv's unl Gentlemen's, Code'. L-idv's Hook, Colunibian M igazme, Anh'ir's La ly's tlo L.idy' NaMonal do rael; niiniiersoiaoyot llio Kevicwsand .vrigazines 011 hand, or furnished as toon as .iK-ilie. Itceeived by 13 V. II.UiRINt.TON. N TOS. 1!) and 20 of I.ittellV Livinj Ale, lor -ale hy 1 UCI. sl ICil, IO V . ll.VlVlvliMi lU.s,, MEMOIR ol llisliop (inswold, one vol. B vo. Hulerls Teniplo and Counlrv I'ur.s"n reeeivci by V. IIAKRINGTO.S. O.t. Ui, 1S1I. 18 NEW GOODS. A FALL mpply and cheap for Cash at Oei.Sd'lt. 13 HOW. ARD'S. IN' I0V jFIRAI.

rpiIK subscribers having formed a copariuerthi X under the Finn of VAIINKY tfc ZOTTMAN at tho fho formerly occupied by I). M. Varney, on uouegc .-sireei, ni 1110 tign 01 uiu lmneeii loot gnu wnero lliey wir no all 1 iismessin their line ol While tniilhinj. Culler-, liun Small-. Die .sJnikeis. Ilr.i. I'oiui'Icis, Ivorv Turners. .Machinists and m thorl almost c'verviinns. Work done to order, and all orders promptly attended In. D. M. V'ARNCV, ' 1IF.NRV .OTTMAN. Oct. J.f, 1SI1. 18 Itobcrt Moody's Kstatei STATF. OF VI. K.MONT, ) rpHCIIon.iliePro nisTniLT or cniTi r.Mii.N. ss. j J bate Cpurrfor (lie Dittriel of t'luiteiideri : To all persons tncerncd in llio e-tate of ROHKliT MOODY, late ilHiirliniIon, ill said ili trici. deeci-ed, (fnr.ETiso. Wiir.nEAS, (icoriro II. Shaw, administrator of the Cstiito ol'tnt'l decd-cd, propo-es lo rcndei nn account ol l is ud tiiini-i 1 al 1011 , and present hi-account ugnin! tai !etatu for cxaioinalinn nnd allowance nt a te non of ihe Court ol'Prohalc lo bo liolden nt Iho Reg isler't Oiliec, 111 taid Hiirlinirlon, on the tvventy-ninih day of Ocioler, 1814 : '1 liercfote, you are hereby not lic.1 to appear before taid court at the. lime and place aforetaid, nti 1 thow cause, if any you have, why ihe account aforcaid tbould not leiillowed, (iiven under my baud at thirlingloii, this 3 1 day of October, A. I). 1611. 18vv3 W.M. WF.STON, Register. REMOVAL. WILLIAM PATRWGE SON, IMrOHTl'.ns, MANUrACTOIlEUS AND CEAIBI11 IN DYE-WOODS. ACIDS, DYE-STUFFS HAVF. HUMOVF.D FROM 31 TO 27 CLIFF STREET, iVear Fulton, A'etr-Yori, THFV hnvo .on -1:1 in I i- in. band nnd for sale on cxlcntive utsorlineut of ihe above articles, all of which oreotlcred on ni'eoiiuiiod.itiiig terms, and war ranted to I c of Ihe bctt quality. 1(1 A7J1V FALL GOODS. JUST received somo very rich new styles Cdsh meres and Velvet do Laines, Ladies and Gent's. Cravas, also, Alpaeea Loiters, Prints, Oinghatns, Hosiery Gloves, Tickings, Collon Klannor, &c. &c, all which will bo sold very cheap by JL W. CATLIN. Sept. 12th 1811. 15 II. W. 0. will recrivaaml open in the course of the coming weik a very largo assortment of Fancy and Staple Dry Goods. Great's I'atutt Fainting ttUl. FOR sale cheaper Ihan ever, lo clo-o a concern, by 113 C. L. NF.LSON. Broad Cloths and Cassiniercs. GtNTLKMKN may avail Ihem selves of Ihe op portunily pt purchasing a cheup'nnd good nit oft 1 lilies, !f t,ey w,i caii at thu (lure formerly oc. eupied hy Lovely & Seymour, where they will find n fine assxirluient to select from. , , . C. F. Sr.VNIFOKO & CO. Sept. 19, 1814. c New UoocIs ! JF. AV. C A T LIN, T) KSl'KCTI-ULLV calls the ntlenlion ofpirebn- I.V sers lo his new and extensive Hs.iirnnent of rail Dry (ioil nnd lry (Iritiric, jnt reieived ill Illusion', Hlrongs' lloildiiig, iieuily opposite .1. eV.!, II. I'cclt Si Co., nniong wlnen may I 0 found CI.UAK, liltK-jS, an I I A.MJV uuutia, cnmprisii't Rieh Dress Silks, Cnheics. 8.001 Yard. Rich Shawls, Velvet', Crapes, lloinl nziiic. Merinos, Alpncrns, C.1-I1. De Laiiic, Cash Dc Ken-si', llepp. Ca-bmcie, Moos. du I. .lines, Rich Lustre, (llttgb'.ims, very riih slvles, Victoria I'l.ud-, A Igban Satin, llo-iery, (Iliircs, I'litvlkerchief-, ('.imbrie.s, Allislius, Cravat-, tliurps rtud Fringo., l'crsia'u l'luid... A L9I1 A largo assnrtmrnt of line nnd mpcrllro WOJI r.AHl'IirlWt.n, sonic clioieo pallcrn-, mid very low, Tiltirn (.nndss 3 -1, 1-1, 0-t, 7.d, nail 81 Diiina.k Diaper, Sheet ings, Shirting l.intnt, of thu. most uppjovc l fabric nnd lini-li. Iroin verv low lo Mincrfino lor collnrst .") 8, 3-1 1111 1 7-8 Nu kins, while nnd colored dauin-lf Do; lei, llii'sii iiiaper.s, bcotui uo, uni.u aim iiuet, nb.tck Toweling. Flannels', Of everv width, from 3 1 lo 0-1. nnd nil nualilie re I. vellow. and while. Wind do., I lench'ed nnd uu- 1 le.ieheil Cotton do., Salisbury lig'd do, rnd I'laid do. lor lacings. Wool rloills. Plain Hack it bine bl'k, Cassiniercs, Mi.xc.l do. Fancy do. n large vu riel v, G i Fr. Ca-oimcru', Doe Skin, Cadet "Salincts, Mixed do. I'l.ud do. Fr. bl'U llroadcloths, llluo lllauk du. Illue do. Drown. 1 11 v. Orcen. llroad Cloths, Vl. (Irev Iboadelolhs', Ithiek Itcaver Cloths, Illue I! nek do. luv. Creen do. Ilrown Heaver tlo. Plaid Twicds. Ill ic tlo ill), lll.icl; Pilot Clolh-, IPllo do do, Dooioticf 'a.siincres, Domestic fin y 'loths Dome-tic Flniinels. Doi'oe-tic S. Unlets. Drab, Cadet, d'k luix'd, Cottoiw, tbc. 12 Rales Sbecluiss of every ftvle and texture, 3-1 Lawmico do., 7-8 lino liro. do, 3-4, 4 1, and 5-1 bleaehcd Shirtings, Hiavv Tiekmas, Apron t'liCcli, bleaehel and tiro. Cutlon "Drill' ; Halting, Wadding, Wieking, Vurrr. Sllocn. New Vnrk S'ippcts, French Veli T,c, Ficnch Ivid Slippers, Fren' h Kid liti-Kin? Fnrvvell's Ties, Slip Cltddrcn's half Gaiters, Gculs. Pinups, Goat sin,. Thk''. II01.1-, Fur Irimmcil and lined It'll her tin et, new siyles fi r Ladies, (fciiK. Rul.t cr thoes. Children's do. pers, nil-Mils, w.iiKim: Shoes, hall Gaiter-, and (faiicrs. CliddienN Slippcts, Wishing to make all who call upon ine regular customers with tln ob,eet iu view, gieal care and nttetitinii has 1 1 en given in seceting llicnhovc named (foods, which lor variety and leaitv of -Ivies will not sillier in coinparisuo Willi any ever I eloreo lercd 111 this uiarkrl. it. . Huningtoi-, Sept. 27, 1311. 17 TO T-OACZSSIvS AI'TD school COrttISTT233Ss SWETT'S GRAMMAR. ii OVVi;TT'S .11 tilt HAY. nn F-ngli-h (fnin J mar. eoiiiori-ing ihu Principles and Rules ( f the Lang mce, dlu-lraled by uppropriale Lxvreis'cs 1 ihe ba-s o Jl irray." The above is ihe title of a new Grammar, com ni'ed Iv Josinh Swell. Jr., .M. A. Il is tlfigned e.' pre-tly lor u-e m co'iiiuon uisinci .cnoois, ,ea'ie- tntes. an I lustier sejnoiaries 01 le.iriniiir, iiiioiiirhoui the U111I0 1 Spiles. Ii Ins I ecu le'orulhe public but lorl lime, vol I0112 enouirli to aeouiro n coinoar.Y tively.bigh rciiiilatiun fir excellence td amusement, irreat ele.irnc-s ail I conei-encs, o( in. inner, and com prelicn-ive nuncss 01 maiiLr, wen nu.tpieu 10 111c wants ol tolti teaclicr and learner, ill everv stairo 01 their progress m ilm dillicilt si'icuce lo vvlm h it is devoted. Tho fo lowing are among ihe nonces and eoiiiiuend.iiious of Ihe work, received by the Author and 1 it li'Uer : From G. L. Lvmav, M. A., Principal of the At-ade. my at Hinc-burgh, Vt. "I have, examined ihe Orannnar bv Mr. Swell, and consider it superior to ino-t nnd inferior to noncol'the vtramm.irs now 111 u-o m our schools." The linn. Carlos Com idoe, ol Wind-iv.-. laic Sneak er 01 ihe noiiscn! itepr sentalives 01 ermont, mul 1.. r. rur.Li's, M. I) , I'ioI. ssor or .viaterM .vltvlicu nii'i 1 nerupc'iiies, warioioiiui 1.01 c-e, it'io tit, ; "The laiirli-h Grammar of Mr, J. Sue:, Jr., eon ttructeil 011 the basi-ot Jlurrav't Gra miliar, we regard as u crcat iniprovcuicnl on ad ihe works, thai have nreee.lel it. for the 11-e of ttdiools and academics. It arr.iugenieiit,clc.irne, and fulucs-, admiiably adapt 11 lor politic iiisir.ii 11011. II- Urihogmiihv an 1 nin'ogy liave been ma le 10 huniionizc with the .tun carl liiLtionarv ofo-ir laug'iaL'e: ano this is, m our opinion, a great point g line Is forvvee.tii hardly con ceive of aiivthinsr moie I iiiicnta'ilt! in s-'ieucc ihan a diereiianev I eivveen our iriamniars and ihetion trie The tedious on Proline-and Sullie-,and the t!os tarv, iniieli enhanee the value of llio work. The chapter on 'Verln-, and tbo-o on Syntax, es.H-eially we believe, are more full and ueeurato than aui' ihing llnl In. I ecu heretolore liniii-lie I. 1 11 the con Ii Icnce ibat the work we are noticing will leap proved of, wherever il tlnll 1 e inlroil.icod, we reeoin menu its adoption mm general u.-e." From C. L. Rich iuii, M. A., Principal of " Kimlnll Union Aeadeiiiv, .Meriuiii, 11. " Vour tv'slem nf I'.mliili (frainin ir. I aseil on Ibe standard work ol Murray, I have examine 1 with tonio cure. While I might wilblioll iis-ent Iroin nunc prints, intro.lneel ii- improvemenls, I do nol hcsiiate lo recommend the work at large, ns t ontiiiuing many derided eeellcnce. 1 am p.irticui.irlv ii'insol wilh Ihe Minn icilv of vour arrangenienl. ihe di-linenics ol vour tlclimiioiis an I rule-, of syntax ; al-o with I lie j idi.'ious nn I valuaUe selections in varans p.iris of Iho work, fl'om t ie excellent Grammar 1 f N. VV el Mer. 'I'lic chapter on (frniiiiu.itieal Analysis, nud lhe an chapter on syllta, with Hie very eopioo-excrci-es in l'.ilo Syntax, will prove a tubttantial aid 10 noin icai tier and selioiar." From Almios-zo Woon, M. A., Instructor in ihefame lll-tltlltlOll. " Swell's Fng'i'sh (frainmar, on Ihe basis ol Mur ray, I ecu iiilioilui ed I y us, an I i now- it-cd a Ibe text-book in thai dcpanmcrtl in ICimball Union Ai'ailciny a fact vvhicii 11 ay le regarded a- proof, t lint we Hunk tl, on the vvlio'e, superior lo nny now in u-c. ALPHONSO WOOD. Instructor in K. U. Academy .vieruun, June Hj, IblL ' The above work, wilh a general a-sorlinciit of .School Hooks, for tale 111 any quantities, to Mer enants, icachert and oilier, on Ihe mosl niniia' I term-, by V. HARRINGTON, Slrotigt-t Building. Hurliuglon. V'l., vv here leaelie nre tnvi'ed lo eall for copie- of ihe Grammar for e animation, which will lu luruithcd them graluin us ly. 17 Tin and Sheet Iron. j ff'f) Boxes Tin Plate 1-3 x and extra sizes, to-j- V geihcr with a complete assortment of sheet Iron, just rcceivisl and lor -nfo low, by FOLLiriT, HRADL'l'.V, & CO Soulh Wharf, Sepl. 20, 1811. 17 Herring. f rf Boxes ju-l recciviil and for sale very low, lJ) By FOLLF.IT, UHADLEV, ,f. CO. soulh vvn.irl, Sejit. .'li, Ibll. 17 Female Trusses. THIS article ol tho invention and manufacture of Hull, nml also of Mar-h, of every sue and form, and or nil the purpose lor which they aire detigned, constantly receiving ul ; 1M3CK .V. SlMJAIt'S: From' the reenmniendationsot our town Physicians and re-ldeni Practitioner in this Stale, lis well ns ihe Faculties of the cine of New Vork, Bos. ion, Phil idelphn nnd Balli more, we cannot but as. nre tlioso of llio a III clod class oi Ibe happy edeclt which may le ileiived by ihe iio of these Instru ments, lu point ofdurability. nhd particularly price, Ihev are wiihin ihe reach of all, Tu Phytieuins and Drugits who pundia-oby the dozen, the Muiiiif.iciurci't. ili.-coiim is made, 17 $10 Reward! STOI.F.N from a ono horse waggon a fnvv rods fnst from thejlclhodist encampment in Ferriburgh, on Suiulay afternoon 15th iust., a largq Carpet Itag of light cay color, containing a large rcJ Merino Shawl, ono while lace half shawl, edgq wilh worked lace, onu round block laco cape, ono pair long black lace mills, one plain light silk dress, trimmed well pearl buttons, ona blue black alnino dress, trimming 1 lack gimp, one daik green nnd icd changeable al paeea diets nnd cape, gimp edge, one pair black silk hose, one pair blaci French kid shoes No. 4, llirco long whilo loose night dresses, nnd ops, one lined black ilk apron', hairbrush, &c vie. Tlio nbovo hc longid to llirco individuals. Whoever wilj delect tho thcll and return tho sack of clothes, or givo informa tion whero ihey may ho obtained, hall boentitled to ten dolhus reward. Please givefnfornisttoii 10 S, L. NARAMORK, Shelhuine, Sept, 13, I91L IC Forms in Milton l'or Sulo. J3i:siLL(l In Old), the ubscril it is d--iroisof V- selling lus lauds in Milton, and now cflers for sale ono Faun of 133 ncies, onu mile north of tho Falls, castof .S' bill, t,f iineijiialled sod foreiops or, has nvo gi od barns, nn brchaid, water, and nrdinnrv house. , One I'urin of from 130 in 7.11O ncrc, one mi'Dnmlh ent i.f the I'nlK and et uf Mrs, I'lutl", of mine 3(1 ti 'res interval, nnd iial.iiiee in pl.i'm lnnil,-iro(l burns, I nnd .101.1 ....1 . ...1 .' ..:.:........ t v 'use, i n 1 grc.u iiuvumtlcs lor imsm), ui Millon s'np'e, ltve. . One Farm 3-1 mile niirlhwesj of tlio Fall-, M a'TCs, giirtil I uilditi'js. nrchird, nnd convenitni 1', Oilier panels of 20, 30. nnd 40 ncie-, fur tuch s may ehoo.o 11 smaller porehase. A l-n, ihe Sure Homo mid lot nl ensl end nf the llridue, where, Willi ihu improvemenls nt the Falls, is a veryi'e irul le location for one wi-lnng lu upm nny liiis'ines, Also, sonic Villain! Lots, with nnd without dwel ling houses, ki tlio,inot plca'itnt part of ihe illnce. iy immediiiti! npidiea'ioi , ,nmc oOOjnrd-ol do-ine-iie eloth mny I e hppli d, or nny of the parcels will I 0 sc, 1 fi,ril minll poriion of the pureiia-c iiioucy down, wiih niinunl iiis,tatloeiits for the I ul inee, !i()( Sheep, Young Cafltc, liny, etc., will betold Willi cither ( I the f.irmr, if desired. ,1 shall icmn In in Milton nl out two weeks, nfer which apply lo Hcorge Ash'cy, nt the Fall', or to A, U. Whitn mi re. We-t Millon. ''l is belter lo Inure willi the prineitial limn wi ll nn ngcir. J, T. AliNoiVUlvi 11. Jlilton Falls, Sept. 23, 1811. 17 Hciijaiiitn Cr I Hi Ill's l'.slalc. T7-F. 1 ub-cril crs, I cing nnnoiuie-! bv ll.c Hon . V (irnlde the I be Prill nle Cnllrl fur llio ih.lrH of 'jrand .e I oiram-sioners to riirivf, examine nnd hit-t all claims and deninn U of n I ner-ons neaiiisi ic estate of llcitintnin Ortllith. late nl (Sfand Is'e. in m irl di-lriet, deceased, rcprc-ciili'd insolvent, nnd nlso an claims nnd demands cxlu'utcil 111 on 01 Iherel,,, nnd .ix months from ilio2l).li day of August, IS I T. 'eingnllowcd bv sn 11 1 court for that nurno-i', wedo icrefurS btrul v irtvi' nnticu ihal wo will n'tend to I lie 1 11-iit, m or our at Iho dwelling Iioimc f Widow Olive (iriil'dh, in (trim I Isle, on the lnt Wsdnv nl Decern! er next. Inun nine o'i luek. A. M. uiiiii io-ir o chick, i'. .0., 011 saio ti.iv, .ill LI. ADAMS, ) Commit IIF..NRV S.MI UI, I mWr.. tirand iie, Aiil'.VUiIi, IS II. I7w.V NOTICE. THIS I hive llii day ginui my son, Itoyal II. TcIH, his lunc,' and .m I lln iiy no debts of In, eonlraeiiug, nur claim I .my ui ins ciriiios, uuer 1110 tl.i'e. CHAItLLS 11,1' FT. HinTiinrrton, Sept. 10 1811. SCHOOL HOOKS. Onnn FI.I'.MFNTAHV Spelling Hoo'.s, JVJyJ(J 1O00 .Vd 11113 .New Arithmetic. 100 Key to " " .100 Fincr-ons -t Clues Header, iUO " 2 1 " " 500 " 31 " " 300 Porter's Relorical Reader, 100 Colbnrn's Aliihtiie'ic. 50 Hurrili's Geography of iho Heavens, 501 Sunders' ,pcliug book, I00 National do do 50 North American do , 100 Sweti'-new r.UL'li-li Grammar. This t the I- Fir'h.h irriimmar ntm- o-eil. and is introduced extensively into sihoiils. A ereat vaneiy of full I nd and half bound Ledger. loornals, I),,y Hooks, aiiilMeuioraiiiluuis, Wrapping, Cap, and U-iicr pancr. Ink, Steel pens I y thctfro-s, Healing Wax an I Wafers l,v the P.. Jtv.'&v.. whitdi will I e .old fur good wlu'e or .1 rowu paper rags, of which 20 ton- are now wuilnl hy the subs-iiber. School Teachers nod Merchant will I 0 supplipl vvil'i any of ihe above books at the publishers price- ,inu oio-i kiii.i. 01 produce recetvod in pivmenl. v. n.uiKiiWro.x. Birlnigton. Aug, 23 h, 1311. 10 i.r.ATiiEii ron HAi.n, CIIIIAI fir Cash, or good paper. "3 QnCb ''tl' S"'t' 1 ember, from lo lo20ea lb. biuj ij J .,,.. ,,r , o ,ann,l Harness, Hnd'e.'Ton. H mil-. Skirling, llnncr Leather and Calfskin-, .Morocco, Ki Is, Findings, occ. etc. I., u. l.tltlVIJS. Pearl Mreet, Sept. 10, h, IS 1 1- 16w3 FOR SALI A P.IR of Morgan Hu-hrtxl Coji.3 well broke 10 .i JL llarue-s, Kind and gentle and easy -ndilie lior1 -t's. Also, a goo I sleigh. covcrel loor wheeled Carriage and n Hi Ilnlvs.MAil. .v llnoTlicns TIIF. subscribers o ler for tnlo their in'ere-t in the two brick soie3 m i,e village of liurlington. lruieiiy ...vuuii IV t.llll op, iiuu III pari OC' cuoietl by Lathioti'tl- Poivvin. six ihoii-nnl ami live linndiedili-, (ISG5-C50I1.) The above will be told lor Cn-h, or approved credit, if n s.iusi.ii lury pruc is u leiuu piuviu is ,u 111c 10111 .so Venn cr next. Person de-irotis of purchasing will pleat" commit incite Willi ihe sjl scriber I y n ail. WILD Ml &. IILF.F.CK l:R. lliwlj 53 S:a'e Street, AH any, N. V. I'nislio?, Brushes, Com.)?. AFl'LL assortment of beautiful Ro-ewnotl bac.ctl Hair llrnshes, Infants' Brushes, Tooth, Nnd and C0111M ru-hi's, Clothes and Shoe Bru-liCs,'Moor and Hearth Bin-he-, serub! ing and llc-h Hrtifhcs, Mezu- Unto lint he-, lit-e i-ottili cleaner-, ol several kinJ-, lirootu Brushes, t!ut and eriiinb hrushet, in thorl, iilnfo-t everv kind of 1 in u-e, lor man nnd beast. We have, them for liru-lnii-' hor-e-, dollies, hair, boes, oVe., for serubliing and cleaning house, for h.ti-, for lal le, and for most u-e-. Al-o, the very bc-t and finest ivory Combs, shell, horn. wood, 1 ra-s. mi l (ferm.iu tilvir C' lnls, tu-i receive.!. Hlll.NSMAID &. UKOTIILKS. Aug. SOih, Ml. 13 KIAS IYMAiV INFOIi 1 S ihe Ladies ol Burliiiglou and vicinity, that M. Ostheiin ha left wilh Iiuu on -riles i,r c.ith hi cnlirc as-orlmeiil of rieh nnd splendid Ca-h- mere Shawls, nuda large and I e.iu did assortment of hill; .shawl-, among which are inrce e cgapt. iiiacrf Silk Shawl of superior ihialiljr, which will be sold for Ten Doll-r- each, The above are ollere 1 at tcdiicetl price. , Burlington, Strong'-Buildings, Sept. 0 1811. II C!ny Wilcox's IC-tatc. STATF. OF VHIt.MONT, ) A T a e.Jiori of ihe ntsTiticT oronAM) i-n:, ss. j Xl. Proluia Conn, hohlen ill Norih Hero, wiihin and for Ihe District ot Grand I-le, mi lhe3!-t day of August, A. D. 1S1I, come- Guy Reynold- and Lewi- Lndd, administra tors of ihoest.i'.e of Guy Wdci x, J.ite of Gran I Lie, in Mild di-lriet, deceased, intcsiale, and file in .aid Court llicir peinion, 111 wiittng, -eiung forth that the inventory of ibe per-on.i Csiate of the sail ilccca-ct! amoiinis'lo S770,73, ntnl that ihe claims against said o-tnle, ullowed by commissioners, amount to !?7S0 33 i that the expense ol administrating taid estate is not le. j nnd that a portion of in. per sonal c-la'e, nmnuiiliug 10 $211,71, has I ,vn ussifiii cd 10 the Widow ; that 1 lie personal estate or -aid in-te-tate is ititiitlieicnt In pay ih debl- agnin-l said cute, nnd ihe cosl- of adiuinisiruliou, by S1200.00, and that it will be necenry In tell tho whole of ihe real estate of sriul in'ettme i;,r IU payment o the debts ngauist the said e-tati nnd co-is of ntlounistra- llouj ihu tni I luteal. He died seized of a farm of land in tirand Lie on which he lived previous In and al Ihe lime oflu- death, about 5S acres of which is ul iect to a mortgage to court! ihe payipcnl ofnboul S1000 to Mclvin Barnes, and 20 ncres'inciupl!c,ictl by a lite estate of K mice Wilcox, nnd Iho whole sub ject 10 this Widow's rigid of Dower, anil praying said Coin to licento the tmd administrator- to sell Ihu whole of taid rt il estate under the raid iuconihrance, and al-o iho revcrrionary interest iu the Wnlow'r. Dower, agreeably to llio rialuteir. rueh casoprovideil : Wucnci roM, ihe court aforesaid doth appoint ihe 01I1 day ol October next for hearing and deciding on aid peiijion, at he Pro! ate oilice, in North Hero, iu said district, and dolh order thai nil pcrronr imcrcricd bo .notged thereof liy publication of this, order, three wicks .siicccsrivcly, in ihe liurlington Free Prers, a newspaper priiited.-i! Hurliuglon, 111 Cliillcuden coun ty, the la-t of w loch publications to he previoua 10 aid 5lh day ol'O -loler next. (iiven under my, hand al North Hero Ibis 3lt day of August, 1811. 15vv3 JOi:L ALI.l'.N, luJge. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALK. MOODY'S ESTATE. A. TIIF. subscriber, administrator of the eslalo of Robert Moody, late of llurhngion, deceased, will sell al public auction, on Tuesday ihe 1st day of Oc tobcr cext, at Howards Hotel in said llurhngion, at one o'clock P. JL the following properly belonging to sau) cstalc,.to vvii, Ono thirl y second pari of lot No. 139 in said Bur lington, known ns tho Sharp-shins lot, subject lo. a lease thereof having yet about seven years touo, Iho lessen having iho right, at the expiration of said lease, lo n deed thereof, on payment of about one hundred and seven dallars. Alto, the unexpired term of said, lease, the rent re served being fi per cent annually on said sum of S107. Alto, Pews No. 47, 33 and half of No. 05 in the Episcopal church in said lluilmglgn. Also, ono slall in tho shed back, of said Church,. Also Half of pno pew in ibo brick church at Win nooskijrdlnge in Colchester. Also, All tho ncrcuu.l n,n,. .,,.:.. ai Estate, together with ihe notes and accounts due said cemic, yet uncollected. Terms eaVh. ,. . GEO. B. SHAW. Burlington, Sept. 5 lffil. 14 lliiii'shiirgh Academy. . a, - - ' ' .iituaH, j, ui., ATI lit I pn I . qH),FAI.L TFRM of ih Innimticn will com J. inence on Wednesday, Sept. 4. I. VV. blUU, S,v'i NEW FALL GOODS. fill I K solucrilcrs have jn.l rcceitcd a Very largo J s ipp'y ol rich Full Hoods, iiuiuni w hii h nro Ihe following; nrjielys. Cools tor I'atl 1rcsscs French moils ile Inlnc,-,, of nil patterns, rasliiyro il'l.cos-e, iliaincleon luslrej, I'arinellar, f.incy' plait lai ca, lirovvn 110, 1 laei; ,nn 1 1 i e i.iaek no, 1 iai k l loo li'n'-k nlpinc, n Inriu assortment ol bin' k 1. 1. ... t 1.. . 1. 1 H.... .:li M I I ...1 .1.. and blue bbuk and lancy silks, striped and laid do, Atlghau tntiii', winlcr'l a'lzorinos. , Ribbons. It.d, csp, and neck nbl out. plain tflc'tas, rattn do. I.accs. , , t Kiigbsh. French, nml Gcrmin thread laces nfij ("Igings, Lisle, Oiijiupiire, Ashlurlon fii'd Jiid'plain netls, 1 lalK nnu wiinc. filiavvls. Caiiiel's hair, llroche, ilatcask, caslimeru d'lX'Osse, uu I Scotch plaid tluwl". Cloves. I.adie.' and Genlleineii's l.lni k and vitiilc nnd col ored kid Gloves, loi-u, white, kid, nnd tilk blk, whim and colored silk, black and col'd Mitl, Lluclsaiit bluu blai k veil crape-. i loins. , . j( B'ae'..' anil I luc I lack I'ligli-h cloths i I rown, trrccn and invisible green do I Ilk and blue LIU cassiniercs j ll.ii I nnd tinned do I lk and blue blk tajintvesting-; ilk and blue bik till; velvet dot silk whits of all col- ort, lor Ladfcs' hats. Klaiincls. While, red. and yellow 5--1...1-4. nnd 0-1 Flannels. blenched nnd mil leached Cnutou dq, plain nnd printtM SMli-iiury do. silk, mcnno,ntid eollun tllrtt ami oraw ers. ... . Hlqi k and I luc, I lack an 1 col'd Girdles, cotton npd worsted hosiery, linen and wor-tod table eour, tb.i; per nnd lihin n,i nl. i 11-, I leached ami iinh'cached en', tons, h'ack and colore I eairr' rifL-mcq an I titk bdus. Ladle-' and Gentlemen's cravaio,, I Lit I. , white, 11 10I col.'d paper Mu-lins, plul 11, l,'iripel..riHl harr'.l du.. ' loth, fur nnd hair e.ips, velvet and fur IrniuneJ huvs' do, Hon- and Hu !atu ro! e-, floor lu.ilt, nnd I e I cords To tho above will le weekly added every thing new. I'.i'hionaMc and dc-irable, iill of which will bo oMcrcd ut the lowest uiaikel iiriccs. , , . C. F. .n'ANlVORD & C". Hirlingion. Sepl 19. 1311. 1G HAItl-HIIS lllumliiated Hlble, N11. n., tI Sqit. 10. Hy A. FDWAR'DS'; B t.ACKWOOD'ri F.d'mburgh Magazine for August. TVTAUY SCinvntDLI'.R. Ihe Amber Witch. Tha 1JL mosl interesting trial for Witchcraft ever known. HIGH LIFF. IN NI".V YORK, Saratoga, Lakr George, &c. NKW ROMANCF.. I v Seatnc!d'l entitled. RAMIILI'.TON: . n Romance of Fashionable Life in Now York, during the Gieat Speculation ot '30. Hy Scatsfuhl. Sept. 11. 151 By A. I'.DWARDS. RICH GOODS- T7 rP'IF. subscriber has jtisi ictiirnisj Irom market JL with 11 larcasscrimcntol fall good-, co.mprisinx', Alpaeea, Alpaeea Poplin, Alpine, ILunl nzine, Orr leans utolli, veiorian 110II1, Aid i.atnc, very ncn Leopard d, v. amelian Urocadc, etc, Aso, Hrocha Shawles, Cn-huicrc, Thibet, Damask1, Md Lame, ami Plat.l Shaw s. (.,.,. tiso, a good assortment ot Bron.L Clom, Beaver tlplh, Caiuicre, Snlincti. Ve-nngs, iVc, l.ilestiyle of Gimp Triininiugs, ike. &e. The above goods were tclcelcd with enre, I ought low, nil I will be -old low no mistake. Those wishing to purchase wnl do well to cilLlu-o door- somh of Howard's. D.VNIF.l. KI-.K.N. Ch ireh street, s,.pt. s, isM. 1G - Hard Ware. STRONGS & CO. nre receiving ficnucnt ntlditioni lo llicir stock of he4Vy and hell Hardware', to which the nitciition ol'purcha;er- istolicitcoV Sept. IS, Ml. 15 Lopliiiig (i lasses, &,c. TIIl',t'urjscriber- have rcieiyetl this, Jay .a laigii a-orjmcnt of Looking ('lssss, Ctjoekcry, and Gla Ware, in addition to, "their flack. of Dry Good and Groceries, which Ibev nre I'etci limed lo tell low. C. 1". STAMFORD & CO. Sept. 10, IS 1 1. 16 Urass Kettles'. Large assortment, by Sept. 18. 1811. STRONGS & CO, 16 Sheet Zinc. JUST received. Sept. lit, MS. STRONGS if- C( PRINCE'S Linnacn Dotanic Garden and Nunerieft Vi..l.'. 0 t - ... "XIC 111 . PECK & SPEA.K, HAVIJffl become. AGIvNTS lor this Kslahliih; mcnt, will clltcl eiiI forward orders for Fruit and Ornamental Trees and Plants ; Catalogues anil Prices of vv Inch may be seen at their counter, HtnLisoTON Vt. Salmon Trout and Salmon. Hy STRONGS & Co. Sepl. 18, M4. Plated Sleigh and Cutter Shoes. l St ft V air- in store and for nlc. - i J M'HON'GS & Co. Cod Fisli. . wry Milierior, jutt received!, . t STKONOS A. Co. (gfQ, qtl.. Canada Box Stoves. hil. Tl nml .If. in. tinflp .nml ,loiil,t fn,'. 84 V Sltive-. ju-t rei-eiveil and for sale low. sept.j9.ML T)tO.(S & Co. ALMS' coons at wholesale: 20 M Drilled Fyed Ncclles, 100 Parks ei.lul headed pins, 500 Cakes shaving Soap, 300 tloz. linger Kingr, 100 doz. lit som Pins, III iiross May l.ncrir, 20 do Hoot am! Shoe, Lacefs,. do Bone and Mcial Kylels, do Siil'enoe-; do Boxer Knitting -Veetlle, 50 I 1 10 10 1 20 at) do Side, and Tvvi-i Combs, do Ma-tcr.and Slider, ,. do Seis-or niul gnanl cha:nsj do Cheap Thimble-, ' . 1 . do German Silver, Plated, Brittannta Silviretl and Iron spoons, 1 do Toy Watches, and ChildrciirLocketi 1 tlo SnmJ'Hoxcs, i 00 tlo llu ks ami Kie-, while and Hack; 3 do Victoria Diaper Pm, 3 do Pislet Book-, 3 do Watch chains an 1 keys, 3 do Ma-kf. 100 Hras pud Wood Clocks , , 3 do. Willow wnggfhs nnd cixVdles, 3 tlo. Willow Gu-carta and chair-, We are receiving the-e and various p(her gotsls iq make our 11 ortment vciy compltie, yne.of unr Finn is povv in Mirkei nnd any Giiods wanu.l hy any of our eiisiooieg w ill lerpeedily forwanlol. Persons do-iroiis 1 ( laying in their fall ami vviutcr rlock cheap for cash will ave their pennies hy giving n nn early cal. 10 Bill NS MA ID if-BROTH Fits.- COMES. SCARFS wood pocket Combs, 125 doz, ivory dq 111(0 " rnlo do 3(10 " ivvi.t do . 10(1 " coarse and fine dq jn-t receivol and (or tale by VILAS, LOOMI6' if' Co. Aug. 5, Ml. 2 CASE Bleached Sheeting, " . . Tickings 1 do Col'd Cambrics, fnr sale by VILAS LOOMIS if- Co. .Burlington, Aug. 22, 154 L 12 JOSEPH MAILHOTi , , HOOT ASD SHOE -if AKlill.' ,1 RESPECTFULLV informs, the p'ii.1 lie, in and about Burlington, thai h'o will da all work that he may bo favored with, in (he best manner, and on1 Ihe lowest terms poss'ib.e. .His shop in under ills' OllieoofH. Leavenworth, Esq , and near llio Oilice of the Free Prrss. Burlington, 25lh July, 1814. Bit . JTA It 1) WAliU A Large and general ustoriment of Ils'nl Ware, comprising iilmo.t every nriicle wa'oiul in hou-q finishing and furnuhing. SaMlerv, .CnVriace trim. mings, &. &c. STIloN'iS U CO. Aug. 0, Ml. 10 n i t 1 vMi. : z THE subscriber has removed his Office ovr, Strongs & Co's store, north of the Court Houss D. A SM.1LLEV. Burlington, Sept. 5, 1844. II if. . -, Uried Bnel. , CVA lbs. dried Beef, mpcrior noaliiv. Oy U STR0N0S ii to.