Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 11, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 11, 1844 Page 3
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YOUNG LION OF THE WEST AROUSM)! "MONSTEll MEETING" AT ROCHESTER. One Hundred Thousand People Assembled at Uacliestcr! The glories of 1840 ore rclipsutl 1 Tlio great gathering nt Hunker Hill, on Uostun Common, in tlio city of Dutliniorc, liavo ceased to bo objects of wondering specula tion t Tlio various mass meetings held in every quarter of tlio Union during tlio Inst six months, largo in numbers, imposing in appearance and enthusiastic in feeling as they all have been, sink into iiijigiificnnco when compared with the overwhelming pop ular demonstration of which Rochester has bcon the scene. Tlio great meeting held in Albany on tlio 27tli of August, which aston ished us nil so much by its unexpected mag nitude, was but a small fraction of tlio gathering there. New York has seen nothing that could approach this glori ous rally of tlio Young Guam). Tlio Uni on lias never looked upon its like! Tho mighty gathering at Rochester pro claims the west aroused and marshalled for tho fight, and determined upon victory. Wines or thd East I 'Be vu also huady !' Alb. Journal. We have room only for tlio following ex tract from tho correspondence of tho Alb. Journal : Tne sun roso bright an 1 clear, its cheering beams giving brilliancy to the sccno ami impart ing joy and animation to thousands ami tens of thousands of true Whig hoarls. Before eight o'clock the processions from tho nearer coun ties of the Eighth District and from tlio different towns of old Monroe began to conic in. By half past eight a denso tms of many thousands had gathered together in front of tlio Fjnjrlo 7av ern, and cries for"Clav," "Gramicr," "Thayer," "Holley," "Sibley," "Morgan," &c, began to bo heard. Yielding to tliu impatient demands of tho multitude, lirst John M. IloLtcr, of Wayne, and then Morgan of Cayuga,, of Seneca, Stout, of O.itario, and others, ap peared on tho balconies and delivered brief, co gent r.nd eloquent addresses. 7'iiij continued until 10 o'clock, when all eyes wore attracted by the movement of the great procession. I will not attempt to describe this imposing pa geant, for language cannot do justice to the thrilling scene. In other parts ot llns State and of the Union, the political gatherings, lie they largo or small, are make up of delegations, but i 1 II .. .... l.l . A f -!. 1 iiuru enr. i 1.011.1-. iiiiuiineu. in iil'iss. is l juok- cd upon the interminable train of vehicles of every size and shape, which for upwards ofbur I hours continued to li e, in unbroken column, j past tho E igle Hotel, it seemed to inn as if the whole population of Western New Yurie, men, 1 women and children, turned out to do honor to the occasion. And such a population ! All ' reading, thinking, intelligent men. A popula- . tion of Fai'.meh'. earning their daily Iroul by t'le sweat nl their brow--, wedded to the soil j from which they derive their mean of subsi- i tonce and devoted to tho--c institutions of gov- ' eminent umh'r whn-e shade th( v have lived and I prospered. On they came, by terns and twen ties of thousands, their countenances beaming with onttiusMMit, and their whole deportment evincing a tniiilv self-dependence, the consci- ousne.-s ofmoiiT, the conviction of rower, and the detoriuiiMtnm to eu'rcise that power for the prom ition of the country's honor and welfaie. In the wh ile of the vast throng which made up the priire.-sien, obstructed the streets and filled the twvilyfue acre lot, where the gathering was held, did ivt sec a sinsrli drunken man. I venture to say that in no other point of the union, l Had almost said ot tlio Unucrsc, could mere ue garnered together, oven with the ul m ist care and pains-taking, a collection of One Hundred anJ Fifty Thousand People, so orderly, bo substantial looking, so intelligent, as that which came up spontaneously to Rochester to day to pledge their best efforts and promise their unfaltering support to the Wing cause and tlio Whig candidate. It was a spectacle which no Whig, no Now Yorker, no American, no Alan, could look upon without feeling his heart swell with pride and every fibre within him thrill with unalloyed gratihVation. God b'esa the Eighth Senate Distiiict the garden of New Ymk the habitation of thriftv indusirv and centime hospitality the home' of true and tried Ue- public in principles tho heart of ths Whig' party ! She bus saved the State and ibe Union I before, and she will do it again now. 7'iie des-1 tunes ol the Kepuhlic are in hei hands, and in better keeping they could not bo placed. She will do her duty, her wuoLr. dutv, in Novem ber. WELL PUT. Tho speech of Mr. Ketchum, nt tho Mid dlelown Convenli'jii, was ono of the best that wo have heard during the campaign. On thu subject of Texas, lie was neculiarh eloquent. Some of his illustrations told well ' upon the audience. Ate there, said Mr. K., any farmers in the crowd? j (Yes, yes, was answered by h indrtds.) Is there n Locofocu farmer heiu ? ("-nine one in tlio crowd an swered yes ) Very well, said .Mr. IC, you are just llio man I want to see. Now, my friend, let me n-k you one question, if you hid land enough for your chil dren, anil your children's children good fat land, would you wish to buy nny morel (The Loco lli-inglit not, and the nudience linghcd.) Well, my friend, wo ild you buy more land if tt had a mnrigigo on it? (No, no.) Would you wish to buy it, if, bcsiles hav ini! a mortgage on ii, the tide was in dispute, uiul jou had got to go to law to settle it! (No, no.) Would you wish tu buv it, if besides bit j ins a mnrtirnge and a lawsuit, you had to fight and quarrel with thu whole neighborhood lokcep if? (, no.) Well, ihcn, my friends, never vole for men who are in favor of the annexation of Texas. Her debt of 10 or 20 mil lions is a inurtgastc upon every foot of her soil, that, if annexed lo ihi counlry, must be paid. Mexico claims that Texas is hers that by pnsse'sion nnd by treaty her auihoritvcxlends of right from tho llio del Norte to the Sabine. The Idle is in dispute. More than all, Mexico and others chim that tho U. Stales have n.i business with Texas, and threaten to go lo war if it is annexed. We should have lo fight nnd 5tinrrel wiih the whole neighborhood to keep it. .V. area Cour, it Fkom the Pacific Tho (J. S. frigate United States, Captain Stribliug, from Calla July 10 add Rio Janeiro August a I, arrived at Boston on Thursday. She left at Oallan the U. S. ship Savannah and store 6hip Belief. The Savannah would sail in a few weeks for the Sandwich Islands, California and West Coast of Mexico. The Shark was daily expected from Panama. The sloops of war Levant and Warren wore absent on a cruise to the Sand wich Islands and the North West Coast. The United States sailed from Bio Janeiro in com pany with tho frigates Baritan and Congress, and the brig llainbridge, on a short experimen tal cruise. Tho United States storo brig I'io noer sailed from Bio Jcneiro Aug. 17, and the ship Cyano on tho 10th, both for Norfolk. On the 5th of July, martial law was proclaim ed at Callao, and in the whole province of Lima, bv Don Domingo Hlia, who was at tho head of affairs. On thu Oth, all business was suspen ded in tho city, and troops and volunteers were put under arms. Genera Castilla, with an ar my of iiOOO men, had approached within a few leagues of Lima. Negotiations wore pending between Blias and Castilla, and hopes wero entertained that armistics would bo agreed up. on, and arrangements made for a free election of President by tho people, so as to put a slop to tho frequent revolutions. Gen. Vivanco, whoso popularity was on the wane, was at Arequipa. About tho Ulh of June, an embargo was laid on all the vessels in Callao. It was raised about July 1, and the British packot steamer J'eiu was permitted to sail for Valparaiso. As airs continued unsettled, business ol all kinds dull. The Brazilian Minister, Senor Lima amily, look passage in tlio United Slates, JIU ItlllUUU ill .'Ulieillu. . I L1D.US' CHARITY SCHOOL. At the head of Water Slfcet in a tiico now building the objects of this best of all charities aro daily assembled, tinder a competent nnd ue voted Teacher, for Instruction. An enquiry usually arising hi the minds of those who sco this school homo for tho first time and learn its objects, Is, Can neglected and destitute children In Bufliclont numbers bo found for such a school ? A gentleman passing last spring, when the building was going up, tnado this inquiry, nnd was told to look down Water Street at the mo. incnt nnd count up the children in sight who irom llioir ragged and dirty appearance might bo considered neglected and uiilnstrnctod. He did so, and reported thirty-two, who, he had reason to suppose, never entered our crowded district schools and would not bo welcomed there, growing up in ignorance nnd lice. Thinks to the Lubes, these children aro now gathered out of the streets and put under in struction. Will not those who have formerly met them at their kitchen doors, bag In hand, asking for cold victuals', do themselves the pleasure to call at the school, luok at their smi ling countenances and present tidy appearance and greet them and their toachor with a word of encouragement 1 Said a Lady a few days since, " When I came to Burlmgton two years since, I could nut leavo my kitchen with the door unbolted for a moment, without finding these beggar children there on my return. Now I never bolt it in the day time and rarely see a beggar child." She had watched the ope rations of the school, though not as yet a ci n tributor to its support, but now from the convic tion that it had produced the change she has noticed, resolves to bo among it future patrons. This school was commenced nearly two years since. The children attending average furty. The Teacher is boarded gratuitously. Tho ex pense of the school is limited to tho wages of the teacher, rent and firo wood, making the an nual sum of about ono hundred and thirty dol lars. Tho children aro not lorn from their pa rents and Eccluded from family and social inter course, but after a few hours assembly for daily instruction, return to their homes to act and react with all the kindly influence of virtue upon those who need instruction there' as much as themselves, and who can bo reached to raise and elevate them in character and in society through llioir children, and m in other way. This school is affecting for Water Street what Mr. Lane, our worthy constable, never can. Go mi then Ladies, raise your funds bv wavs that commend themselves to your own judgments. Get up another tea party ifvou please, and be assured your labors will stand inquiry, anf secure an increased attendance. Comm. Howard's Hotel. Wo wero surprised yesterday with the information that the .Messrs- Howard's had sold out their spacious Hotel and retired from the business. 7'hev have been most popular and successful hosts, and will carry into their retirement the respect and good with cs of thousands. Howard's Hotel. Wo perceive by a morn ing p iper that tho Messrs. Uu yard's hivo dis posed of their interest in this splendid etab!ish mont.and will retire from its management on the 1st of January. Wo regret their retirement, lor innro skilful, obliging and popular busts can be found no where in this or any other city in the Union. When that spacious hotel was in progress of erection, a general doubt was expressed of its being adequately supported, as no hotel on that side of Broadway had ever succeeded. And the immense outlay to build up the establishment, (it costing, we bijlieve, morn than a qumtor of a million of dollars,) albo had its weight in cans, ing doubt of ils success. But krowiug the men, their origin, education, &c, ho never doubted. Our friend Captain Iticlnrd W. Sherman, of Lake Champlain, and ,1r. D. D. Howard, were educated together, and early in life gave ptoni io of what has been fully realized. The ono is uiiivcisally admitted lo have no superior as n steamboat commander. The other has no eu. perior as manager of a hotel. It i well known that the Messrs. Howard's gave the hotel a character, from its commence ment, which bestowed upon it a groat populari ty throughout the Union, and (he Canad.iF. Vo regret to ndd that we shall probably lose them as citizens of New York. They retire, we presume, to their native village, one of the most bo.titil'ul upon the face of the earth, Bur lington Vermont. Commercial. Howard's Hotel. This bouse, it is said, will cl lauge hands after the 1st of January next, Messrs. L. & J Howard having di-po-ied of their interest in the establishment and all tho furni tore to Capt. Stephen Roc, of tho steamboat Umpire, and Mr. Thomas, formerly of the firm of Thomas & Matvin, United Stales Hotel, Sa. ratoga. The price wo have beard named is somewhere in ibe neighborhood of 50,000. The Howards aro bound to start no hotel in this city for three years. . Express. Tm: Episcopal Convention nt Phila delphia was organized on Wednesday by the adoption of tho rules of the former Conven tion, and the choice of Ilev. John M. Wuin wright, Secretary. After nn exchange of messages lo this affect between tho Conven tion and (he House of Bishops, and an order for the appointment of llio usual committees, tho Convention adjourned to tho next day. Death from the Bite of a Rattlksnake. A considerable excitement has existed in our village during the past week in consequence of the death of Dr. Stadlin, of the firm ol Seebald it Stadlin, from the bito of a rattlesnake. The facts as wo have been enabled lo gather them, aro these: Dr. Stadlin, from some strange in fatuation, his for several moot is past, kept in a small room in his dwelling some 00 snake, of several kinds, about 35 of which wero rattle, snakes, and with which he used to mingle with perfect unconcern, and handle and pet"witli as much fieedum as would the more cautions per son a kitten. Tho Doctor had so much confi donee in certain preventives ho had prepared agaiiwt their biles, that we believe ho paid little regard to this important point, as will bo seen by what follous. About a month since a person caught 8 or 10 of these dreadful reptiles, which he brought to this place, and sold lo Dr. Stadlir i which wero placed, in their wild and native state, with those he had before collected, one of which was a monster in size. On the l'Jlh inst. wo believe, the Dr. accompanied by several persons, entered tho room in which these bor riblo creatures wero confined, and as usual, commenced handling and petting them, for the purpose, wo suppose, of domesticating them; and in attempting to take hold of the largo one, was bitten on the right hand between the little and the adjoining finger. Although as quick as thought, tho hand commenced swelling, and boforo the preventive could bo applied, the place of the bite was swollen to the size of a bulter. nut, and so closed the wound, that the medicine, if ihero was any virtuo in it, could not take af feet. Within ono hour after ho was bitten, ho was so overcome by its effecls, that ho could not sit up ; went to his bed, was bled as often as once an hour during the succeeding night, lin gered through the next day until 7 o'clock in the evening, when bo died, a victim to bis own fob ly, in making companions of the most to ho detested and avoided of tho snake species, and tho bito of which has always been considered certain death. Saratoga Whig. The Woolen Factohv Bov. In his early boyhood, Millard Fillmoro was np pieuticcd to n woolen manufacturer, in Cav- uga County ! Ho purchased ono yoar of lus time, taught school, and, by his unaided efforts, acquired tho knowledge which has enabled him to earn for himself the f.tmo of a statesman, nnd which will have led to his elevation to the high oflico of Governor of the Stiilo of New York. How true was tho remark of Mr. Granger tlio other ovoning, that tho only aristocracy in this country is tho aiistocracy of intellect nnd virtue. Jloehcstcr Democrat, . Clay Club. Tho next rogulnr Meet ins; fi tlio CLUB will huliolden at tho Court House mi MONDAY EVE NING nrxt, October M. The members aro requested to assemble punctually nt SEVEN o'clock. 13. A. STANSnUItY, Secretary. IMHCHTON MA HKKT, ,luiiittj Sept. 30. Uopoitod for the Daily Advertiser and Patriot. At Market 73 Dccf Cattle, 200 Stores, 3S0OShcc, tmd liW j Swine. I'niccs Iteif Gallic Snte wore quirk, al n small ndvanrc. Wo uuolcn fow extra 4,75 n S5j lirsl IV 4,50) second quality 4,85 I thild quahly i!,73 n 3,73. Store Two vearold from S10a813t three year old from $15 toSIO. Sheep Hales from 31 23 In 2 23. Swine Ohio shoals 3o t New York shoals from 3 3-1 to 4e, half barrows j n choice lot 4 1-lc, half harrows) n lot of Ohio old hoys, 3 3-8c. Al retail, Irom 4 to 3 l-2c. IIOl'S. A lot of 40 bile Vermont Hop?, arri ved this vvcik, nnd sold al 8 1-2 cents per pound. A sale was maile bv a dealer, deliverable in October, ni 'J cents per lb. The retail sales hive been nt 9 nnd 10 cents per IH , for immediate delivery. Uoston Court tr, Sept. 30. Hops sell freely on arrival nt 10 and llcenlper lb. I 1G0 bale g'inri Westeru sold for shipment at 10 1-2 cts. per lb. .V. Y. Jour, of Com., Oct. 2. In this village, on the Eth inst., by Rev. J. IC. Con verse, Sir. AsuitL 1'aiincs, Jr., of St. Ilyacimh, Providence Hast, Canada, U Miss Sci.Ina A. Non Timor, of this plncc. In Willistnn, on the 2Gih tilt., 1 y Rev. I,. O. Ding ham, Mr. Thomas II. Canticld, of Arlington, Vt., to Miss Kuzaijetii A. Chittenden, only daughter of Hli Chittenden, Ksq , of Williston. In Newbury, on tho 2d inst., Mr. GsonoE f-Evsn-ance, of Windsor, to Mrs. Acnr U. Hiiock, of N. In Shelburnc, on the 2 lib inst., nf consumption, Miss AnioAtl., eldest daughter of Frederick Maecjj, aged 20 years. In Shclburne, on tho 7ih inst., Mts. Anna, wife of Mr. 1'n.vsTi-s TnAcv, aqcd Bfl yiars. Ihr death was occasioned by iiilhmmation of the stomach, which wns produced by nil enlarged nnd indurated liver, which onjan was much disc.iicd. Al so i be biarl was creallv enlarged, nnd the aortic valves near the beirt were obliterate 1, which occa- I sioncd ureal sutlcring Tor many years ot lirr tile. Mie Imj lonn been direcliiu' her attention to this imnor- tant period. She has endured much pain, especially , m her last Mckness, which she bore with Christian ; forlitu lo anil resignation. Her end was peaceful and , happy. "Blessed are the dead who die in ibe I.orJ. j Printers in Michigan, Illinois ami Indiana are ie- quested to notUe. OIMTU.VUV. J Al Wtslport, N. Y., on tho 30th ult., William ' Hunter Aiuens, late of the University of Vermont, I second sun of the Hon. Aa Alliens, ni;cd 20 years. j This talented, amiable and interesliiiL' young man Ins been cut down in llio midst of bis collcpiato 1 course by that fainl v, the Consuinptiou. It is i about a year tince the insidious disc.ibc which was : ili'Stiucil lo prostrate in llio dust llio niioyint nppira linns nf ibe vouib nnd the fond linnes nf Ins patents and fiicuds, began to manifest ilsell in the decline of his health. And, allhounh bo bad been placed undi r I the special caio of eminent niedica1 pcmlcmcn in ihe city of .New Yin I;, no exertions of theirs nor hopes or prayers of his numerous friends could tave him, ' ami they are lift with no other consolation thin that ! Ins cleiutcd spirit siirimu not at me piospoet oiueain. tie cieiuy saw mat me nouriu ms 11153011111011 w.n at hand, nnd, rcMcmng Inmtcll in Ibe will or Ins Heavenly rather, he met llio curly summons with tho fortitude and calmness of the Christian. At a meeting of the Junior Class, called up- on tho reception ci 111c inicmgunco 01 .Mr. 1 Aikc.ns' death : laolced Tint in ibcdcith of lite chss-nnle, ; William Hunter Aikcns. wc have lot an associate t of distinguished promise, nnd en.'carcd to us by his many noble qualities 01 Heart. I.esnlrctt Tim t the death of the voimn is nlwnvs mournful; but 1 pcc'nlly so, when the highest hopes arc bligb eJ, and the closest bonds of friendship sun dered. llcsolced That, while we tender lo the friends of ibe deceased our smecrcst sympathy in their alllic tion, wo rejoice wi'h iliem in the consolation that, thoui'h death sought him so early be was found pre pared 10 IllC't-t it. Itcsotrtd That these resolutions bo published and a copv forwarded to the fiiends of the deceased. U. V. M., Oe.. 8, 181 1. NEW YORK BOOT & SHOE STORE. JEfflaibo'ja 3Baiio!hsIl(io.7 WOULD respectfully inform his friends 111 Ilnr hmtion and eicinity, that ho has just returned from New York witti n full nssortmenl ol BOOTS AND SHOES, of all sorts, viz : French calf Ilools; Walcr proof Boots j Kin Boots, of nil sorts; Men's Calf Ilools. coirse and fine; Thick Bonis, men's nnd bov's; Thick Brojiins, coarse nnd fine; Men's Navy Ties; Ladies' Gaiters, of all clan; Ladies' half (J. liters Ladies' li.'bt half Gaiters; Ladies' Buskins; Ladies' kid Pumps; Ladies' Slippers; Ladies' Lice Pools sewe land pcftgrd ; Tacks ofall colors, sons and sizes'. A snpjrior articl-of India ilnhber over shoes. I hive spared no pains in tonkin;; n choice selection of the above named articles, winch I mean 10 sell on ihe most reasonable terms, for cash. I en upon Ihe principle that "a nimble sixpence is better than a slow shilling." I still continue to manufacture Boots nnd Shois nt my new shop, oppitsito the old Bank nn Cbiirih st.,w here nil applications for custom work will be promptly attended to, Builimjton, Vt., Oct. 10, Ml. ID WANTED. GtOOD Table II itter, Oils, Corn nnd White Ileans T for w hich the bishest price will lenaid in enoilu at eery low prices by u. t. o I ANJl'OKD if- Co. ucl. tun, mil. ig Adiiilnlstratoi's Sale. PUBLIC NOTICF i hereby siven, llinl aurecablv it,'. it, , 1,'ottiuior litems trie! ol Chittenden, that the dive Hnif; house and lot ol i.iiio, ei'iiui'iioiu .ii inn nun .in acre, siiiiaien on the norm sioeoi iujiii oirrei 111 t.uii iiurunion, liclon-. iiig to tho e-tnleof Louis Dcrvdlio, laloof said Bur I . .... , mi .!....,...! -.011.. ...1,1 1I..I.I-. ....... ' l'"Olu" .------., ...I. - n, ,1, I UlHtti nilLIIOIl On Ibe premise- n foresaid, on Ibe 31st day of October inst. at -J -..!,' 1 M ,,nlr nr,.ii..l.; ... u u . tvru.. i.Uli(m I'riVIIIU Sa'e. Terms of payment mai'o known nt ihe lime nud placeof Sile. Win, A. GRISWOLD, Adm's. Iiurlnision, ucl. 4, 1311. iyw3 MEssns. nithXSjJAw ij- nito'iwns A RK receiving a p;reat variety of new poods to AV keep their n-sortnient ve-ry euinplite, eur vary- ins and e-ier new, anioiiif tlieiu are new patterns of Snrin? Tot aeeo Suiill', , Wed tins Rings, Solid head Pin, Ivory Combs, Ivory Tablets, Neck Combe, Memorandum Book-, Wooden Combs, Kluslics, Twist Comb-, I Adelaide Hair Brushes, German Pipe-, Jet Hair I'm-, White Bugle Hair Pin, Jews Harps, Olypbninc Soap, and a general variety of oilier articles. We have received a lot of fine toned 8, 10, and more keyed Aeronlians, superior mado w-itb the pearl work -crcwed oil to ihe key-, nnd which nro warranted pood. Flules Irom $35 down to very low pnce, I)a. Viol- from 635 downward, Double Has- Viols, per S75. 850 nnd so on. Melodiiuis ner 82s mnl m Clarinets, Fife-, Flageolets, and mo-t oilier Imtrit- mi'iil", aworu-, I'l-lol, ri-toi unel Killo 'lak, Plume, Sashes, Lne-e, Sinrs if-e. Plated nnd Britannia nnd Bra's Candle Slicks, Sunders, Trays, &c., Lookm; (ila-cs, various n'zes, Bevel Looking Glasses cheaper than ever. BIIINSMAID & BltOTHF.RS. Oct. 10, IBM 19. SLEIGH AND CUTTER SHOES. OHO f A"lS "Wood'-" ben, for tale at the '.scniil, CJJ whirl." Purchasers will do well to give cs a call as we will not be undersold under anv circumstan ces rOU.JTT ltRf)LKV ( Co. Oct. 10, 1611. 19 I jVRW STORE. i rTMlK sub-cribers have funned n copartnership un X dcr the firm ofCATLIN n Sl'F.AH, oiul have taken Ihn Snw Smrn lii the KxchniiL'O Hotel, on Wa ter Strict, next door nntth if Follcl!, llrndlcy & Co.'s, whero they nre prepared to show purchasers n will selected assortment of Dry Goods, (Iroccnis, Ac. ifcc.. which ihcy will sell loiv for cash or most of country produce. O, O. CATMN, W. P. SPF.AR. Ittirlington, 10th Oet., 1811. l!)fi DISSOLUTION. rpiIKfirm ofllalch Odcllif- Co., is this thy dissolv L cd by mutual consent, The books nnd Accounts nru left for sellleinciil wilh Joseph Hatch, nt llio Old Stand where nil bubbled to us nre rtqnesled tocnll nnd liquidate their iiccuunts at the earliest possible day. JOSUl'lt HATCH, W. J. ODKt.f., TIMOTHY CllOSrf, It. W. I1VDH. llurbngton, tOth Oct. IS4I. 10w3 HA H IT, It "S II.I.UMIN'ATK!) Ilim.E, No. II). 25 cts. The H'orks nf Itcv. Sidney Smith, complete, 3 volumes in one. 60 " I'clcr IMotttly, and other oddilies. I)y .loicph C. Ncal, wiib ilhi-trations. CO" I'nni Ulil kenlOiii o. Pnt I 2, nnd Inst 12i " Isabella i or tho Prido of Palermo. 25 " On. 10. Hv A. UnWAlttlS. GOLD AM) SILVKli PENS AND PENCILS. LADIES' nnd Gentlemen's fluid nnd Silver ever pound penal-, tif the now" nnd obi Patents, with and without rui!.. ALSO, A new s ipplv of the very siq enor Pn'e..t diaituuJ P.untel 13. hi Pen which arc now in u-u by niiio-t all llio I c-t lVnnien in tho eonntrv, tbcv nre ilia I c-t an I cheapest nuJ most durai lu Pen ever nia.1i". DltlNSMAII) it IIIIOTHKRS. Oct. 10, 1811. I'J JET tJOODS &c. WK have ji'sttipcncl a new -plendid lot, Jet Inir Puis and oilier He.ul orniincn s. Jcl, Siccl nnd 1,1 HchJh't;lo-, a lot of ! e.uilil'id cut llcel-, Forehead and iVecl; oriiiiuienl-, Bracelet", Jet Ibnoni Pius, wane beautilul patterns eiiiiielv new, Cuinlw wi h Jet ornament-, Jet, (,'ilt, Sdveie I nnd Sleel Hco.l.-, Jcl Necklace-, Jet Clas, and Snap-, nil sold bv uRiNSMAil) & uuorilr.its. Oct. 10, 1611. la & ARTHUR, A RR now receiving new xjl supplies of N A I) 1, 12 II Y, COACH AND SIHU.F riAIlDWAUE. in nil its vnritics. A Le o, mirn.vit mhdciinis, PAINTS, OILS, VAlt- Nisw: &v. Ac. l!urlni!!ton, Vt. Oct. 1, 1811. ) BLIAS LYMAN OI'KKItS for -ale nn eVensivu 'i r'ment of Pry Good-, coiisi-tius of 11 variety 11I' the New Stylo off, mil to I v I'oind 111 the 111 irl,et- ol Bunion and New York, w-bi h lire o erelfi.r s i.'e forin-h or credit nt ri'dui'cd piiee, iiniMiir which wdl be loiuid a variety ol Alpacrni and new tiylv (IuchI- lor Lndp-s;-, Plain, Snipe mid Plaid.' Al-o, (inlla P.'nid-, a new ar'udeol woollen grmids lor Cloak-, Cimi'li"!!-, M.I). Lame-, Alepinc, Sill.s, &u. lor Ladies' Dre-.-i'. A leautiful variety of American Print. An cxlcu-ive i-intini'iit of Uiu.iJclnlh anJ Cu-sinierc-', Water pionfTwvcl-, SlripcJ do. Plain 1111 1 Plaid S.itine'te, -operiur q-ahlv . A linutiful and i.xut-ivc ii--tilunnt of Winter Ve tiiii;. Sinn unci Sill; Vchctdo, ('ntlon Clo'b- p ureal vnr.ety, Wuddinj,'j. Hniiinir -: Umbrella. Supeilor Qui'ily ol" Scotch Ointjliam Wlnlo Roue .slick-. Al-o, Ulaek Sill; t'nil iell.i-; AIo, (Jmtiaiii do L'nnu Slick . Sliocs. An c'inive assortment of I.e,w Priced Shoe, ninnmr which lire Colored Buskin- ul 50icnt per pair. Blac1: do do in 75. To2cthcr wilh n ccncral n--oriineut of Shawl-, IIdl.f-., Crnvnl-, (ibne-, Mitts ie CsC. 'Uiirlinplou 2 I October, IS II. 18 IS m , . 7 iTr:-12--'--5---'".? A ,1 TO-MORROW, AT I O'CLOCK, P. Rl OCTOIiKR 12, A VAIMP.TY of MOUsnflOI.I) FL'RN'ITUUF., xV consistin" of Sofa-, Bei.t-ii'ads, TuMe-, Chair-, Also, Ciiokimr nnd Box Siove-, Ki'chvn t'te-n-iN e-c.eV.". Bool, (bat-c and Uninos-, one Sle h. The properly of ii cenllein in b-iviiia town. 0,1. 12th 1814. IS 11. 1 nu.i.s. SA L T. riHi: sib-crilers nre niepircd to contract witli JL niereb.inl- fi r their wurer supply of Salt, 1111.I oner upon uie 1110-t niiv.ininscous trrnis, 15",000 bushels, 2,1100 .'ii Tur.s Ifland, 1,000 do Bonaire, 5 001) I nrrels I'iue Wc-'eru, 5 000 -acks 1) i,rv. 23 ct-. each. They pleilye Ihciu-ehe- ibey will not I e uiu'i r-idJ. lui.i.i.i r, iiii.iu.i,i i it), South Wharf, Oct. 3, 1S11. IS I' HI'S, TUST re-criviil and lor ilc, u liir'C n-crtment of u mi. mm, .nuns,, t;nps ami Collar-, I v Oct. -lilt 1841. 18 II. W. CATL1N. ' OIL. WI.VKR bleached Suerm Ol. Do do Whale do. iinblcaLlied do 'n. 1 Leaf I.a.d Oil, a Mipepor arii-lr. For s ale nt tl.c " S0111I1 Wharf" upon trims which -ball I e made to "lib, by FOl.LKTI', BItADLKY & CO. Oct 3. 1811. 18 I WOULD respccif.illy inform bis c i-trme'r and Ibe put lie 1 bat lie' has just rcieive'd fmni New Yoik Fall mid Winter la-lnon-, mid all llio-c favorm? him wilh their ii.itrouacu nnv n lv un bavin - work iloiic e.11 ihe lowiM terms .iud m the ncaltaiJ .(..I.. . 1 t- (".irmcnts edeanc.l, nnd 01 itt In tl done on the shorlc-l notice nnd warranted nl bis shop on Ibe New Ron I, two doors north ol" 1 1. Whitney'-, --hop. jS f yrF.MOIR ol Bishop Griswold, one vol. S vo. HX lluletls Teniiile nnd Country Pars 11 re ciicd by V. HARRINGTON. Oct. ist, ien. IS NEW GOODS. FALL tupply nnd cheap for Cash nt Od.2d'll. 18 HOWARD'S. NEW FIRM. TIIII subscribers bavin; formed n copartnership under the Firm of V.U1NKY & ZOTTMAN at the shop formerly occupied by D. .M. Varney, 011 College Sire'cl, al tho sign of the thirteen foot t!n, where ihcy wd1 donll I u-incss in their line of While sniiibinj, Cullers, Gun Siuiihs, Die Sinkeis, Bra-s rounders. Ivory Turners, .Machinist and in short nlmost everything. Work done to order, mid all orders pftmptly miended In. D. M. VARNF.Y, n , , 101, IIK.MtY ZOTTMAN. Oct. 1st, 1611. 18 Green's Patent Fanning Mill. I?OR sale cheaper ilia 11 ever, 10 clo-o a concern, by 131 C. L. NKI.S'ON. Broad Cloths and Cassiinores. GKNTLKMKN may nvnil themclves of ibe op portunily ot purchasing a cheap nnd good ,iit of cloihes, if they will call at iliu store fotinerly oe. eupie.1 by Lovely & Seimour, where they will lind a

fine assortment to select Irnm. c . m i. C- F- STANIFORD & CO. t-ept. 19, 1S41. jg PRINCE'S Llnnacn Botanic Garden add Nanorici Hushing, near New York, PECK & SPEAK HAVING become AGKNTS Cor this Kilnblish ment, will collect ami forward orders for Fruit and Ornamental Trees and Plants 1 Catalogues and Prices of which may be seen nt their counter, Bcblixoton Vt. Salmon Trout and Salmon. Sep.. Ml ST"-N0Sl,fi II AC All WZD New Cwoods ! H. W. C A T LIN, RKSPKCTI'UI.I.Y calls the allention ofpi.rcba se'rs to his new 11 ml exten-lvu ii-orrincnt of Fall Dry (lumls tin I Dry Oroeerie-,.tit leceivcd nt his store, Slrnmrs' lluildiii!;, ncnily oppo-tte J. A, .1. II. Pi-ell di Co., iiiiioiitr whieu niaj't e found CLOAK, iuivss, nnu r,ie;i ueimis, couipri- iul Rich Dress Silks, I Caliercs, 8.000 Yard-, liieli Shawls, Velvet', Crnpc, Itoml aziuc", Merino-, Alpaccns, C.i-h. De Lame, t.'ash Do Fco se, Repp, Cn-hnieie, Mini-, de I .-.lines, Rich Lujlro-, Omghaiu-, vcrv riib lvlls. Yic'nri.i Plaid-, A'ljjtnn Satin-, Ho iery, Ohne-,, I'nii'lkcrchicf-, ('aiiilinVs, Muslin-, (,'rnvnt", (limp, nnd Fripsu-, Pcrtiau Pl.iidj. A L s u A l.irite u.-nrltncnt of line nnd fUperlilu H'Ot'I, V. ltl'liTINUH, snine choice pattern-, and ei y low, I, lorn (.'nods. 3 4, 4-1, C- l, 7-4, nnd S-l Dai k Di.tiior, She-el- mas, Shirting I.intns, of tlio mo-t nppjoved fabric nnd lini-h, Irtiui very low in -opaline liir collars) 5 8, 3-4 nnd 7-8 N.i Wn, wdiilc and colored d.nnn-li Doylcs, Rtosia Diajier.-, Scotth do, Crush and Huck nb.iek Toweling. Flannels. Of every width, from 3 I to 0-4, and nil ipialiiies, red. yellow, nnd while', Wool do., I leached nud un bleached Cotton do., Salisbury liij'd do, nnd Plaid do. for facing-. V.'oul Clo'.ln. Plain Mack it blue bl'k, Cassi'tnrie-, Mixed do. Fancy do. a large Mi riet v, 0 I Fr. Ca'simeri'", Doe Skin, Ciulel Satinets, Mixel do. Plaid do. Fr. bl'k Broadcloth-, Blue Black do. Blue do. Brown, Inv. Green, Drab, Oudvl, d'k ini.x'd, Broat Cloths, Vt, Crev llioidelotb., Black Beaver Cloth-, Blue B nek do. Inv. Green do. Brown lleiver do. Plaid Twieds. I! ic do do, It'aek Pilot Cloth", ll'iie do do, Doinc-I ie''aiiiicres, Dome-lie Gicy l.'lotlu, Diunc-lic Flaiiuels. Doiucttie Satinets. Cuttolis, Ac. 12 Bales Sbi'etins of eeery tvle nnd texture, 3-1 Lawrence do., 7-S tine Bro. do. 3-1, 4 4, and 5-4 blc.iibed Shining, Heavy Tiekins-, Apron Check, I Irnehel and Bro. Cotton Drill' ; Halting, Wnddiuj:, Wiekinj, Yarn. Minci'. New York S ippets, French Welt 'I'm-, French Kid Slippers, Fiench Kid Bii-Lfn-, Fur will's Ties, S.ip-per-, Do-Mi-, Walking Shoe-, hill Ciailer-, nnd ti.incrs. Cliildien's Slippers, Childreii'- Inlf Gaiter-, Grills. Pumps, " Ooat -hoes, " Tlit"'. Boots, Fur Irtuimed nnd lined It'll bcr s-Ii, us, now aiylety fi r I .a he, tlruts. Riib' er shoo. Children's do. Wishintr to make nil wdio call upon me regular customers wilh tl b ivt 111 view, ari'.u 1'are anil attention has I ecu eiven ill e ee'iu the above named Good-, which for vnrii'ty and loa'itv of -lyles will not si,I'rr in coiuparisou with any ever I elbfeo 'rrcd in this market. H. W. C. liuriiiilon, Sept. 27, IS 1 1. 17 Tin niul Sheet Iron. Boxes Tin Plate 1-3 .x mid c'r.i size-, to ceiher wubu I'oinplete msnrltiient ol'shi'et Iron, just icceivi-t md lor -u.'e low, by FOLLirtT, BRADLI.Y. & CO So uh Wharf, Sept. 20, 1311. ' 17 Herring. 100 Boxes ju-t rccciyeland I r sale very low. liv rOLI.KIT. BUADl.r.V. ,r- CO. So'ilb Wharf, Sejil. 20, 1811. 17 Female Trusses. ' rpiIIS nr'iclc eil iho invention and 1 maiiulaeture of Hull, and also til Mar-b, of eiery sie nnd form, nil I fi r nil the purpose- for w hich they 111c de-igncil, constantly receiving at PHt'K SPEAIl'S. From Ihcrccoiniiien lationsol our town Physicians 111J rei lent Pracli'ioncr- in tins State, as wi ll as llie .Medical Kaenllics 1 fibe citie- of New York', llos lon, Phil 1 k'lpbii mil Ikil'i more, wc cannot I ul as. Mire tho-o ol I lie a lllcie'.l e l.-s nl the hippy e Ici'ts wbieti may le deiivcd ly the n-c f tbe-e inlru nients. In point ol'durahiliiy. and parlieul.irly price, tliei are wiiliiu ihe reach of all. To Phy-iciaiis anil l)r e.'iri-ts who piirohvelv ihe dc itcn, llie M.inuf.icliuci'.s ili-count is made, 17 Fire! Fire!! Tlir. Mcmlcrs of the VF.RMONT MUTUAL ITUi: I.N-;I;R.NCIC COMPANY nte hereby notitied lint the fiillowimr n e.sincn's have bevii mailo by the dnector-, 1 11 nil note's in force lii the followim: day, to wit : AuKu-t 31, 1S13. 1-2 c( one per cent, Septem! it U. ISM, 1 1 of one per tent, f.'cto'cr, 7, ISM, 3 1 ol one per cent. Nmc'in'cr 27, ISM, 1-1 ot one per eem. De. eniti'r 20, 1813, 1-1 of one per cent. 1'V ruarv 12, Is 1 1, 1-1 of one per cent. I'e'ru.iry 2ti, ISII, 1-4 of one per tent. Ami !l, I -s 1-1, 1-4 of one percent. May 23, HI I, 1-1 of one per cent. Julio 14, 1811, 1-1 id one per cent. July 2, 1S11, 1-4 of tine per cent. Makin-i 3 1-2 per cent, for llio year. Sai l per cent no tu be ca-t on the originaramonni of premium note, without reference to nny endor emcnt, nn I lo le paid 10 Ihe Treasurer, nl bis nllice in .Monipelier, on t r before I he 10 h day nf Oemt er, 1R11, 1 ennr ihe day of the nnn i:il mceiihir of said Comnanv. A lit of per-on- ni-ured 111 hi, town, with the aiuo'uit of is.csineiit due Irom each, will le Irun-nutli'U to Ihe'alive elect to thu Lcpislnture, who it i hoped will feel un mtere-t in bavini; nil from whom usscmetits lire due send m by huu to pay the saiiie ; mi I ii isde-ired and expected tiiat every member of the Company will improve ilvs opportunity lo semi, as it n 'oriU a cbeip, safe and conveii'eiit mode by which be can Iran -11111 In- money. Menil crs -hodld recollect, that if they neileel to scud by the Itepre se .tntive, it tnay unit I'req iciitly does cu-i tiicm more tc sj.iJ tho money lot their ii-sessineut, by other means, than t ho n-scuicnt, nmounts to. Let no ineniler of ihe Company, llicrcfiie, nesltvt to for ward the amount tine for'nisiirance by the Represen tative. The e-rc lit nl ihe Coinpau mu-t be s i-tain-edt audtbeoiily way tin-euu be done rfTectitaMy, is by ha 1 in 1? eacli meinU-r pay hisa es-mcnt promptly, 'I be re olulinn 01 the Directois, pa-sed in coufor mity wilh the 8 b section of the act :f incorporation, in tchlion to the eullcciion ofassossnicnts, should le reincnl cred. There have been allowed the pa-t year, one bun dled audonelosse-, ninoiuitiiiL' to -121,72, 21. r J. T. THURSTON, Treat. Insurance Oilice, Monipelier, 1Sw3 Augu-t 13, 1811. 1 Itobcvt Moody's Mstatc. STATK OF VI UMONT, ) rpm; Hon, the Pro. njsTKitr or cutTTr.NliCN, ss. 1 1 bate Court for the Disliict of Chittenden : To nil persons 1 oncerncd ill Ihe e-iale of ROIH.KT .MOODY, late of Iturliie.'ton, in -aid di-iriet. do e.i-cl, (iai.cTis'c WiinnEAs, Gcorpo B. Shaw, admini-iraior of the c-iale ol'snid decea-etl, propo-e- to rendei an aeco'iut ol 1 1 adminblrntion, nnd ire-enl hi- account aiain-t saile-tate for examiuatioii nnd nllowance at a -c -ion of the Court of Probate lo bo bolden nl ihe Ren iterV Oilice, in said Burlinirlnn, on ibe tiicnty-iiiuib day of Octoler, 1814 : Therefore, you nre hereby nol'liol to appear I cforo said court nl the lime anil place aforc-aid, an I show cause, if nny you have, why Ihe account nfore-aid should not I e allowed. Given under my .baud at Burlington, tins 3d day of October, A. 1). 1S11. ' 13w3 WM. WKSTON, Register. JMagazines for October. GRAHAMS Magazine, 25 Arthurs Ladies do 1SJ The Ladies National do 1S (Jtile) s La lys Book and do 'Jj Ccluiiil iau tlo 25 lllackwood.s Magazine for Feptem' cr, 2,"i By A. KD WARDS. .No. 1, Pecks HuiMin sr. IS SCHOOL TEA CIIEHS ATTEND MOItSIi'S NEW C'KOGKAIMIY. ASYSTI'.M of Geography lor the nso c.f sHiool-, Illustrated with mnro Hian lifiy Gerogrnphical .Map-, and iiuuicrous Wood-cut Kngraviiig-, by Sid ney K. Mor,e, A. M. Tins i decidedly the be-t Geosr.ipby 111 print and is sold nl the low price of fifiy mils. Teachers, nre requested lo cull ami lake copies for examination. A. EDWARDS. No. 1, rtvl.a nnililing. 18 Urown lluviiim Sugar. j 5 TONS Brown llnvana S igar, just received and ' for sale at reduce I price., by I FOI LITT, BRADLEY & CO. South Wharf, Oct. 3, ISII. 18 Onfl ROLLS Paper ILniging for sale by UU II. W. CATLIN. Od, 4, M I. IS 150 I1AUS u,lir iS'"x Oct. -I, '41. II. W. CATLIN. IS a i'ifi' 1 11 r -e 01 uiai r-ugur iinii.e .1lolase . .mrllL'll ','..-... . 1. . f.. .. . j v py O l.'l, 'ii W. CA I I IN. let Pnrms in Milton For Sale. RLSlfllNtl hiOhu, Ihe uh-cri'er i de.irou.of sclhmr his hinds in Milton, an I now oilers for sale one Faun of I.T) ncies, ono mile norlh of tho Fnll, e'.t-tof .S'nako lull, ofuueipiatleJ sod for crop or emir,, ha Iwo good I urn-, tin urcbaid, water, nnd ordiunrv Im ise. One Furni iifliiitn 130 lo 200 acres, 011C mi!o -tiulh en-t ul" tlio Full', and we-l of .Mrs. Plutt., of .1,111c 30 neri-i interval, nmi bal uii e 111 pbdii Inudtruo 4 turns, oldi-li Ikiii.c, nn I rrcat itdvanlngu, lor riiisinii our Milton s'np'i', Rye. One Kami 3-1 mile norlbwc-l of the Fall-, 130 nres, riiikI I mldin?s. orcb ird, Hnd convenience-. Oilier pnrcels of 20, 30. nnd 40 acre-, 1'jr Midi ns lujyelioo-e'ii vinalh r p irclu-e. Al-o, ihe Stole Ituii-e nud lot nt enil end of the Undue, when', with the improvements nt the Fall", i n U'ryilosiinble locution for one wishing lo open nuy bis'uie-s, Also, some Village I,iit, wiib mil wilhoil dwel litis houses, 111 the mo-t pled ilut pan nf the villaire. By linuii'dm'e nppben'iu 1 , ionic BOO jnrd- tl do-ine-tie rlwh may In hpplid, or nny of 'ihe parcels will I e sol I for i small poriioit nf he ti ireua e money down, wiih annual inilnhni'iils lor the I ul nice. a (M Hievp, Y 11 C.ilile, liny, ite., will be'iold Willi either ol ibe farms, if ile-ue.l. I -hall remain in .Villon nlo it Iwo weeks, nl'er which apply In ticorsc sldey, ill the Fall-, or to A. O. Winn, n,( r,., Wr.-t Miln n. ' l is beller In tnuic with the than wi b itu uienl. J. T. AIN3W0R I'll. Jll'lnn Fiill, Sept. 25, IB II. 17 TO TSAOHIias .&H3 SOIIOOL SWETT'S GRAMMAR. CIVHTT'S MITIilt A Y, an Knidi-b Gram. J mar, cotupri-ins the Principle mid Rule of the Lait2"nge, dbi-lrnlrd by upprupnatu Kxereise, 011 iho ba-i of Murray?' The nbovo i ibe mle nf a new Grammar, com piled I y .lo-iab Swell, Jr., M. A. It is ile-ipiusl ex-pre-s1y for u- in common Dislrid -clu nl-, A''ade lilies, and lusher seiniuarie.s of le.irniuir, Ibtouffbaul Ibe Unite I States. It lin lent I el'ore the public bin a short time, yet long cno nh to tiequire n tuely hili repiitniioti for excellence nf amusement, great clearne. and eonci-eues nl manner, and com predion iie fiilne of mailer, we. I adapted to the want of loth teacher nnd ner. in eeerv -mire ol their progress m the didicult s iencc to which it I ilevoted. Thu fulhnvintr uteumoiigthc notices and eoiniiienilalioii- of the wcrk, received ly the Author and Pul li-her-: From G. L. Ltmav, M. A , Principal of the Acale my at Hincslnupli, Vt. "I have examine I the Grammar by Mr. Swell, and con-ider it superior to mo-t nud inferior to noneofllic Grammars now in u-e in our schools." The Hon. C.inLos Cocudok, ol Wind-ni-. bite Sputt er of the Hnu-cfif Rcpr sen'ative- of Vernionl, ami ):. C Piir.Lfs, M. D., Professor of Materia Mehca nnd Thirape itie, narlmo'iili ColleL'e, rcmirh t I ne i.nirli-li Uraminar 01 .nr. .1. hue:', Jr., eon--trucicd on the I a-it I.Murrai'-,werei'tird ns a greit iinprovcment 011 ad Iho wink lb it btivu prcc'ol it, for the tee of -cbools ncndeniit". It nrraugeincnt, rlcnrnc, nnd fulurs-, nduu'iablyn '11,11 it lor public instruction. Its Orthography nn I Illy moloL'y have I ecu ma le 10 Irnmnnizo w I'b ihe -tun-I'ard lliiiou.iry oftiur lanit'iaire i nud tin i-, in our opinion, n point ciine I j for we can hardly con ceive of anything 1111 to l.iuieutublo tu s -icnce ihnn n discrepancy I etivei'n our irrainuiiirs nmi diciion irle-. The -ectionsnn Prclhes nnd Sndixe-, and the tilos- nry, much tuibanee tlie vnlue tf lire work. The el.aplcr tm 'Vet !i, nnd tho-e on Sj max, especially, we be'icve, nre more full in I ttcour.t'c linn nny thin? tint ha I ecu bcrctolore lui ni-liod. In the eon lidcnco that iho work wo nie noncinc will I o ap proved of, wherever it -hill I e iu'r.skiced, w e recom mend its adoption into general ttc." From C. L. ItitiiAuns, M. A., Principal of "Kim! all Union Academy," Meridcn, N. 11. " Your -ysiein of Cir-'lish Grjimnar, I nsed 011 the -landar I work ol Murray, I haveex.iiiiined with -nine cure. Wlnlo I inislit wilblinl 1 asc:il Irom some p'iuts, iiitrnduce I a- improvement-, I d i not hesimte lo reciiiitmend the work al larire, a cotitaiuius many dcentisl excellence-. I am parlic ibirly p'o.isel with ihe simplicity ofyotr nrramrrinent, the di-tinclncs-ol dciinition- and rule- of -yntax ; nl-o witli the judicious nud valuable selctions m vanot part of the work, from tlie excellent Grammar of N. Web tcr. The chapter on Analyst-, nnd the nddiiionnl ebap'er on Syntax, wiib the very eopiou-excrci-cs m filse Syntax, wt pioie 11 siib-Uiluial md to bo'b teai he'r and scholar." From Au'iio.x'zo Wood, M. A,, lnlrti.'tor in ibe same m-titu'ioii. j "Swell's r.n?'i-h tiratninaron the til ol Mur ray, ha I ecu iulrodti'-ed I y us, mil i now u-cd a Ihe text-book in that I'epnrilucnl in Run! all Union AcaVeiiiv a (act which iray lu rejirdtd a- proof, lhal we ihink it, 011 the whole, superior to nuv now in u-e. ALPHO.VSO WOOD, lii-tnictor 111 K. U. Academy. Metikui. June 2."), IS41." The n' ove work, with ti general a-sortnicut cf School Books, for sale 111 any qti intuic-, 10 Merchant-, Teacher and other-, on iho most ica-nna' Ic term-, by V. HARRINGTON, Stn ni-' B ildinir, Burliiglon, Vt where teachers are iniri'd in call for copies of ihe Grammar fir ex amination, whi-h will !.e lurni-lied the 11 gr.ituit' Us- ly. ' 17 Heiijnmin Grillitirs tCstatc. WI! the -ubscri! cr-, leins nppointelby the Hon orable the Prola'c Court for the di-trrt of Gland l-c, Commi-sioners to receive, examine and a Ipi-t all claims and demand of all per-on- neatn-l the c-Mle of Pcnjiiniii Grillilh, laieol Grand Is'e, in aid di-liict, decca-cd, rcprc-enlcd in-olvpnt, and al-o all claim and demands cxbibiicd in i lTe: tbercl.., tin I -ix nion'h- from tlie 20 !i day of Align t, 181 1, I euip allowed by said court I'or that ivir c we do therelbiu hereby give notice that wc will ii'tcnd to ibe I ii-iiic-- of our at ihe dwelling hou-e of Widow Olive Grid'uh, in Granlls'c, 011 the la-t Tucsi'ay ol Dei-em! cr next, from nine o'clock, A. M. until lb ir o'clock, P. M., on sud day. NAMl'KL ADAMS, Commit IIC.NRY SMl'lll, I Grand Me, Aug. 20'h, 1911. 17w3 NOTICE. njHIS I h.ue tlii- day given my son, I!. Tcfll, In mne, and slnM Ibcrcfore iay nni'eirf b . eon'ra -ii,,,- nor claim any ol hi earnings, after tin-da e. . CHAItLFS TEFl'T. Iliiniinglon, Sept, IC. ISII. SCHOOL HOOKS. QOr&fl F.Lr.MLNTARV Sj.n!ling Books, tJUUU 1000 Ad tins .ew Antluueit , 100 Key to " " 500 nmcrsOns 1-t CIii's Reader, f.00 " 21" " 5P0 " 31 " " iOO Por'ci'- Rrmrical Ileatbr, 10(1 roll urnV Aiitbmcic. JO It irrut's of to Hcavcap, 500 Sindcr' -pclling bonk, 100 Naiional do d.i 50 Norlh American tlo 100 Swell's new Kngli-h Grammir. l'liis is the u''. Cngli-h grammar now n-cd, and is introduced exten-ivcly into hoe)!. A prcat eariciy of full bound nnd ba'f bound l.cJcr Journal, Day Books, and Mciiioraudum-, Wrapping, Cap, and belter paner. Ink, Steel pens I y theGro'-, Sealing Wax and Wafer by the I',. &c. Ac, w hich will I e -old I'or goal white or I rowu paper r igs, of which 20 mn- nre now wanttd by the subs'iiber. School Teachers and Mercnniits will I e supplied wit'i any of iho above I ooks nt the publishers puVe. and most kinds of jirodu 'e receive I 111 nn nienl. , V. llARRINGl'ON. II irlmgtim. Aug,, 1311. 10 FOR SALK. A PAIR of Morpin Bu-lirod Coltswell broke to llarne-s, kind atitl gentle and e.i-y -addle hor se. Also, a coverel lour wheeled Carnapn and a guoJ leisli. IG Ilnlx-s.suiL i'c BiioTticns FOBS THR 'iib-cril er o!er for snlo their intcre-t in the two brick stores 111 the Village of Burlington, f irmerly ownel by Gi Iron Lithrop, nud in part oc cupied by Lathrop if. Potwin. Their inlere-t being nineteen h 111 Ired and -iMy-llvc. six Ihou-Hii 1 mid liiehundieilib., (lf05 GjOO ) The nboio will bcsolJ lor Cu-b, or appn iel enslii, if a satisfactory price is o.lcrej previoa to the 10. li .No vein! er next. Peron de-irou ofpnrehisingw.'tl phra-c eoniinu nicate with thu suUcnber- I y mini, WILDI R & BI.F.b.CKTR. lCwfi S3 S ate Stree', All nny, N. Y. nruslies, Briislics, Combs. A' FULL nssoriuie'iit of beautiful lln-ewnnl hncleil ll.iir Brushes. Infants' Brushes. Tooth. Nmi and Comb 1 rushes, Clothe and Shtsi Uru-be-.'Floor and inarm lliu-lie-. scrnlil ing nnd I'c-h Brufbes, .Mczo linto Bru'ht', tine ceuib clenner, ol several km I-, broom Bru-he-, du-t and crumb brushes, in short, nlmo-t every kind oil ru-b in on', lor man nnd beast. Vie have them for bru-liiiig bor-t-, clothe, hair, shoe, iVe., fur seri bbing nnd cleaning house, for hats, for iuble,and for mo-t use-. Al-o, the very be-l nnd finest ivory Combs, shell, born, wood, bra-s, nnd German silver C oils, tn.-t received. I1U1.NS.MAID et ItKOTHERS. Aug. 30ih, '44. 13 jxruui.t, the Ladies ol Burlington nnd t iciuily, that M. O-theim ha left with bun on sn'e- for cash hi entire ns-onuieni of ritdi and sntendiil (?.-,. h mere Shawl, anda large and Isau'.iful as-oriment of biik stiawi, ainong which are thrte clrgant BIck Silk Shawl of surerior quality, which will be sold for Ten Didl-rs each. iiiu-fliii'tt un, rcnuct'ti price; Itiirlingicii, SliongS tiuli1tig, Sept, (1 ISII. 11 NEW FALL GOODS. 'lllll'l tiib'Crilcr I nve (u l rerun! n very lirnf J s ipp'y t)l rich Full Go !, ainong w hich'nro tl ". following nriicles. tiuods foT I'.ll1 itrcsscs. Fiench moils dc l.iine-, of nil ptitlcrn., eiihuiei 1 iPKciwt', iliaiiuleoii I i-ires, PnruielWri lam y plilt alp ice 1, brow 11 do, I lack an I the I l.lck ilc , black and hlui' li'n'li nlpute-, a largn assortment ol black and hliiebbii k n lid lain y 91II.S, -tilpeil tllld I'l.ilddu, Atlgh in siilin-i winter I n'lzurine. Illbbtlli. ltnl, cap, nnd neck rd.l rJu-. pljiu In !tla, miIiii 1M1 I, act si Fhtrlish, i-'iencli, and Gcrmiii thteiid lace, nud edging", Ll-le, Giiinipiire, Alhlufloil fig'd and ji'a 11 Neds, I lack nnd w hue', ShnUt.i Cdint'l's Inir, Itrm hei, cisltiilvio il'li-'oSscj nil J Scotch phlid s!l.twli (iloVf s. La lie' nud Gentlemen's black nnd wdute and en! ored ki I Glove., long, while, kid, and silk bit, w hint nnd colored ill,, I at It nud ced'd ilitls, black and Hull blu k eed crjpe-. Cloths. Il'ne'i nnd I lue I link Fugli-li cloih-l I hcvii, urtt n nud luu-ible (jicen do I I Ik and blue bill eu-iiiiercs ; pluid nit ! -Irincil i! 1 j I Ik 1111 1 blue I lk -aliu eestiug-i blk and blue 1,'t silk velvet do j silk vilirelj of all toD UrS lor Ijadics ha's. I'lalini Is. White, red, nudjcllow 3-1, l-l. nnd lj-I Flalilieb, htenclicd nud tin' te'iiched Canlou do, plain nnd print, -I Salisbury ilo. sill., uieniio, nnd 10:1011 shin aitdtlrnsv er-, Black nnd blue I lack nnd enl'd Girdle-, eotlnii mi l wors'ed hosiery, linen and gnr-lel till le covif-, dia per and linen 11 nil, in-, I leached and nnh'e.vhcd et,i ton-, b'licli nil I cohircil cniill rics, linen nu I silk bJI Is, Lndie' ond tienitenieii' craai, I,, wlti'e, uii. eolM pnper Mii-hus, plal 11, stiipisl ami liarr'd do., ci th, fur nud hmr cap-, velvet nnd fir triinniel buys' do, Unas and Itu lalo ro! os, lloor ni.ill , and Ll cord. To the abnie will le weekly aide! eicry thing new. la-hiona' Ic nil I t'e irable. iill of which w. II he o.ieied ul tbeluwc-t tnirket price-. t'. F. S'I'ANIFORD &. Co, II irbuglon. Sept 10, 1-311. 10 IMGII GOODS' rP,IF. ub-criber ha just icturiied Iroul tn.trkti -L Willi u larii" as-orlini'ut ol fall gin d-, eonipri-iiii, Alpaccn, Alpncca Poplin, Alpiue, B inlnzine, Or lean-Cloth, Veloruiu t'loili. Md I.niuc, veiy ntll Leopard d, (' BriK'ude, tVe. Aso, Brocha Sli.uvles.Ca hmcte, Tilde", Uam.'t.k, Md Lame, nud l'liid Slnwl. AUo, 11 good n-orinient ol Broad Clotli, Benvtr lolh, Ca--iuicie, Salineli. Ve-ltugs, iie, Inlet styles ol'Gimp Truuniini:, Ur. coc. 'lie.' ti'-ovti gtiod were sclecicd wilh cure, lougl.t low, 1111 1 will be -old low un iuita' c. Those wishing t" putt base will do we'll to call Iwn dm s sinth U How-aid's. DAN1F.L KI It.N. t il irch stre", St-pt. 13. ISM. JO "I'lM-TKI 'l I'S OF THE AMERICAN REVIFW; A Willi! JottnS'AL Of l'ullllcs, l.itciatiiic, Art ami Science! IT having I ten de'e'rinuicd to esml li-li n Political mi l l.i'rr.irv Mon'hlv lleview, 10 lie ccJivl icfcd 111 thcciiyorNew Yoik by GKOUGF. II. COI.TON. l'sij., nnd deio'cd to the permanent tn.iiii'eiianco ot Winu principle and improvement ul AMCnic.iN luo' rat'ire: Tin" under-ignnl, Whig niembcrs it ihe Twentj eiglilb Congie-, from the several -ection ofibeCn ton, in con-ider 1 ion ofibe great imiior'ance' f s icb a work, do mo-t cordially nppr.ivc of llie deign, it..d 111 ire il upon the Wing, of ibe Re,"iMi'' for (heir t 'ce tive and unwavering - ippori. We I el eve il 10 tm mo-t tixiigdy ilemanded by lltepcrniaiieiit m'e' nl iheeoiiniry.' an I Iheilppral 1 made In iho-c b.uini. t!iee intcicsls nio-i ut bent. And for the sike M prr'L' -t cnii'i 'ence tu it political course, nssiirmce . hereby given, that the emum inl a, j-tniieu 1 f leadirfg men ol'ilie Whig party ha-1 cen -c 1 r-. I, nnd Mil trust i reposed in the View and at ilin.'s oftbe Kdituf, .Vcuiocri of the Sennle. Wllbe P. 1111, A'. (.'., President of Senate. u George I'vins, Me t J. .1. Crilieudcn', A'yt J. Macpbrrson Berrien, fr'm; .lame F. Sinimnn-, 11. It James Alfred Pc nee, Md ; Ri.di ird II. Bayard, Pel ; J. W. Hiiiilinjton, Cnnn.; Saiucrl S. Phelps, 17. ,' Alexander Barro,-.-, Li. ; .1. T. Morcbead, Ay. ,- W. C. Rive-, III.; WiHium Wo dlintL'c. Mich ; hp hrnim II. Ft s er. Willi. W. L, Davtui, .V. J.) John Hen elcrson, MUs. Jfetnbtrt of the llouic. Garrett Dit'i-, Ay.,' Charles Hul-on, Miss. I George W. S imiMcr, In.; Samuel T. Vinton, Oh. 1 John Win e, Ay. ; Daniel P. Kiua, ; K. Kay- ncr, .V. C.i George II. Rodney, Pit.; S. C. Samplry Ti.; F. II. More, M:.; Mi'iou'Brown, Wnn.; Wa-li-ingtoii Hunt. .V. Y. ; Henry Y. Cr,in-n 11, II. I j Charles M. Reed, I'u,n ; John J. Hardin, til.; C. H, Carroll, A'. Y. ; Jame Delict, Ala.; William A. Moseiy, A'. Y. ; Ro'erl C. Scbenck, Oh.: Alexander II. Stephens, Geo.; .1 Phillips Pbiciix, ,V. Y. City. Fnrne-lly approving oftbe plan of -in h a national' organ, long meted and i f m uiile.l iuipurinnce, jjn undei signed ngicc torontriliiiii' for ils pagcs.froin iinic to 'hue, such coiiiniitui 'irions ,1 ni.ty I c rcpiisi'e et for h and I'el'ond the doctiine- held by tile Whig Party of tlie L'uin i. Oc r5e P. Marsh, Vt ; D. D. B.irnarl, Albany 1 J. R. Inger-oll, Philadelphia: V.. Joy Morn-, Phihdel. "liia; T. I.., A'. C; John Macphcr-ou Beiricn. fr'.i ; Daniel Wcb-lcr, Rol l Cboalc, Rolen C. Wiulhiu 1, .1is.; 'Iboina Boiler King, Geo f Ilauu'tou I'i-h, A'. Y. city; .!. P. k'einiclv. IMti more; J. ( 'oll.imcr, Vt : .lohn .1. Ilnrlin, 1:1.; W. . Archer, V17.,- Alcvauder II. Sie.ihens, Cfa. This peri jdi -al will be published monililr in tho cily ol .New ork. to be called " The Amkiucx Itfi- vikw .1 II dig out Science." Journal of Politics, Literature, Art The price of iho Magazine will be Five DoeiAns n year; to be paiJ on receiving tlie first number, sin gle numbers lliiy ct iris. It was tbcoiiginal design, for reasons of permanent' nnporiance, that this periodical should rrot conimcnce till January, after the Presidential election. 1rnvt subscribers, boivcver, may see, as nnny may desire, what I lie v are called upon to subscribe for, nnd lint three ur four articles, of a pirlicuUr cast nnd weight in the crisis of ihr; tiuiis, may bo spread befme tho people previous In .111 1 lection of so great incincn', llio January number will some time in Septem ber. F.ich number, cnn'nlning from onf hnndrid nnd twelie 10 one hundred and Iwcivy-crgbr pages, prin--eJ in double columns, on fine paper, will consist of n leid ng poliucal article, wiih n xanety of literary mis cellany, hi hismrv, biojrnpliy, ciiticism, fiction, poe try, s'ntislics, science and Ihe nrls. The first number will conliin a sketch of the life and character of Mr. Frelinghuvscn, with finely en graved portrait, both ofCliy nnd Frclitighuvscn, Vj" r.n cmin-nt arnst from Pans ; and every second or third nuinbcr afterwards will present a hkeness of some distiiiuiliel ruin oftbe Republic, c.iccutetl hi the highest style of the nrt. together wilh nn enrnen nnd truthful biography, which may stand as-a part of the history of tlie nation. In addition to ihe Congressional mines above, a' number of wriieis, both nn'iiicnl nnd literary, from nil sections, nnd acknowledged 10 be among the nblest' in the community, have been secured ns permanent contributors; nnd it is confidently believed ilia' this periodical will he inferior to no other at any time is sued i i tlii country. The conduct of the Review w ill be under llio con trol of George II. Coltou, associated, howcer, fspt' chllv in the political department, with other genllev-' men ol known standing and aiininmcnls. That no person miv hesitate in llio miller of sub-' scription, nssutnnco is unreservedly civtn llinl nr ranaemcnis nro miliing 10 put iliiprimanent appear-' ance of this R'eviaw bcond eontingcricy. Subscriptions received by V. Harrington- where tho work may be obtained ns soon as published. New York, ftept. 1S14. Mif Hani Ware. S THONGS A: CO. are re-ceiling fieniiCrit addition to he r slorfc of heavy nnd shell liar ware', to which the .mention of piir.'lia.ers is oliciied. Sepl. IS, '41. fS Canada Box Stoves. aft 30, 31 nnd 30 in. single nn I double Cam 'a Slovo-, ju-t tecciveduii'l for site low. S-pt. 16, '4 1. STRONGS Ci Co. m:v aoovs at whom-male. 20 31 Drilled KyeJ Ncclle-, 100 Parks soiid headed pin-, 100 Cake's sbiving Soap, 300 iluz. linger Ring-, 100 tloz. lb om Pill, HI e,ros May l.ncets, VU no 50 do Boot and Shoe Lact't.,'1 Roue mid Metal Klei-. 1 I in 10 1 20 20 do Siilvnce. ic doxV Kinjting .Net-die., do Side and Twi-t C b-, do I la-l e nnd Slides, do Scicr and giinnl cbains," do Cheap Thimble, do German Sdivr, Plnte.1, Uriita'iniiV Silvi ml and Iron Spuon.; do Toy Wntchc-, and Children (xickctil do' Snutriloxes, do Hook and Kj e'-, white find Idacin do iciuria Diaper Piu, do PiK'kct Books, tlo Watch chains all 1 keys, do Mnks. I 1 100 3 3 3 3 100 Bra- pud Woo.1 Clocks. 3 diz. Willow wnezi nsundciadl,..; 3 di z. Willow (io-cariS and chair., We are receiving llie e and vanum olhrr gisvl. f make our asonment vny e'oinpltte, one ofnur I'irnl is 111 w in Market and any Good wauml by unj- 0 our customon will le , entity forwanleil. IVmuiO do rous of laiiu in thl-if fall and in'cr .lock chrA for cash will llmr 1 cnnie by givmc 11. an c.u'v ior e, call. . HKOTHfU.