Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 11, 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 11, 1844 Page 4
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N. York Adv'ts. SILK. GOODS. BO WEN &MrNAMEE, lfi WILLI A iM STKliUT, ' Ccorncr of Heaver Street, Now-Yorlr, 1y K.SI'F.CTFIILLV niinniinrcili 11 ihcv Itnee mnilr V extensile arriingciiipiils for the Full Trade, liicli will enable llieni Id nresciil gtcnler inducements Minn rypr to tnerphauts 1 nnmalintit the Fnitcd States to visit this innthct tlic pri suit season, for the pur chase of SILK AND I'ANCY GOODS. ThfV hnv already Nveivril hy late nrrivnl, n grmi v.irii'lv nf new mill tirli gmuls, timl will also r e liy tlin next Pnckcts nncl Simmers, nn nnritiipiil (if the latest mid inol beautiful -Ivies nf Frmrh. tier linn, llnliin, nnd F.nsr'isli Fmic'v (linds cm r offered in this, mullet; simple of ehii li nte now exhibited nnil it is their ileicrniinntinn. ns heretofore, nut only to lio con'lantly supplied with n enmpleli' ns-orltncnt niliplcil to nil sections nf the nitintf v, lint to pii'srnt tin1 nuritl an I most desirahle lvlr, suited to the city or most fislii iinbte trnilc Tlioir s'nek will Ik' composed in pirl nf the folloeeinc n'lit lis, viz t nituss GOODS. SILKS in every vati 'tv, consisting of Italian Lus trine, blicknnd hluchlick Oin- tie Stiir. Ornssde Rhine, plain an, I striped Minimis. Gms de Rnvil-, striped anil figured Oros do N iple, Pekm Silks. Oros do Mesinc, neb Brocade Chum Inn, Hindi? figured and strip"il Poult de ni", rich, Clieo Stripe, flms de France, hiiek htmi-black. a'l I dimeeable stupe and figured Oros d'Afrupics, plain ami fuurcd Satins, etc. it p. etc. rtAS'lMF.RF. d'F-03SK, of h'est Paris POM PADOtlll ivlc. IMRIS MOUSF.LINF. do LAINF3, entire new design and vH'ti qualities. CIUPF d'ORFNT, Inr livening dresses--the most splcndi I article ever offered. ClltJSANS, TIKSXNS, AI.PAiJfWS. IIOM IMINBS FltFNCIl I'lUNTS.&r. Also, various new styles nf )pss floods, e liieh wil' lie s'rictlv confined to their own trade. The whole presenting an assortment, it is be'ievcn, which can not be surpassed in (he nr anv other market. JIIYLS. Consisting nf rich llii'iV'lnn,Ot (onion, Poii'l de Snip, fij'd Sitin, Ilroeaiti', ipp. AN". ppndid lito he. Cashmere, tjtnbtn dere.l Mclvill". Kibvlo, lilain. prill ted nnd emliroiderid Mnn-eluie de Liitte and Thibet Shawls. Merino. Plaid Blvulere, an I vario is new styles Woilltii Shawls, also, eery rich Cashmere Long Shawls. LACKS. Kn2li-.I1, rrcnrH, nm. fi'Timn Tlirrml T.-rr. nm. ICiltfins. Al, tiWiyCiiiipiiro, A!ilntin nnil ulltrr ntvTcs low nrirnl I l i n nn-I 1I -M'n Trim niinu!, Sui MuIU, Ui!itip Tiwn. Honk. Cnnilirif nml Jnrnni'i Muffin, nnd vwrv nri'(y nf plain nnd figured Nets for Cnn. Hnpr". Vt-it, Jc. (5LOVKS. Cnnistinff nflCid. Silk, Cailiniere. Merino, P,rrhn and liuek, in ijrct varieties, together ith a full stuck of r alley .Hills MILLINKKY GOODS. Velvets fiir Hats, plain, iineiit, funred, OvC. if-c, en tire new stiles) lionivt Silks, plain, chanicihle. chine and fiiiuriil, n cointilete asnrtinent ; Hat and Cap llilihoni. entire new ilciyn. and the most splen ihd assortment ever otleted. ANo. certain stle- nf Neck Kililiona. Plain Taffeta and Satin ilo. lih'ek and colored, ArMi'dil l'locr. I''ea'ler. Triimnlti!! I.a ce, Rililmn Wire, Curds, Gimps, I'oandatlunj, Crowr; Linings, &c. ALSO, Pocket HdkN. nf Ponitee, Spitalfield, Corah, Flap, Jtinuanna ami l.iuen Uainlirie in eiry variev. Italian Sewiims. I'etiizio's. Ilubinat ci's. Pcrsico's lleanxs, &e. Ac, t ; Fancy lldkfs. CravTs and Point1", Printed Mmie. de Laine, Thi1 et, P.ilniarine, I'loiida, and oilier slj les of Dress Shawls, Italian, tiros ile Ilhinp and Lu'lrins Cravat", of every si.ej Scarf for ceritleinen, of eatin. plain, fiy-1 tired and einhroidi red, Oros Orain, &c. ie. j Velvets, lilk.. Ii'ne blk. and colored, various qnali tie. Veilings nf Satin, Armiire, f n'hmere. &r. He. Silk Ser'its, Siuehews. Sar-net, Levantines, India Satins,), Elntic Supcnders, Mohair and Silk t.'nat nnd Vest Bindings ami CoriN, fancy (Jimp?, Frmgw, I &e. etc. Together with every at tide uniaHy to he found in ' n fancy piock, whieli they eiijxaire to sell on as f.ivor-! nine icrnis as at any unit r est.n us iiment. 1 1 li .inv milt, I pi. ti iifiinii-iit. ( ; : . ! '(n nntl It'CIJ and SHI pit. Williams. Unnkin. ifc, Ponnitniin. fi"? WIT. f .1AM JTHI'?."T ' " m . .... . . (if. n ........ a . ' YOISK. WOULD call the ntteniton nf Merchants veiling New York for ihcir Fall supplies, to their ex tensive assortment o( entirely NKVV STYLI'S FLL COODS. To their ordinary stock, which compriae- a full and general variety of ."ilap'o and Fancy SjIk-CnwK thev have been linking lame nddilinni nf F.NTirtFLY , NF.W ST LF.-, expressly nil ipteil lo the season. I From the facilities which ihey possess in llie pur chase of (toods at theveiy lowe-t prices their iinri- vailed nnd very extenivn "assortment ihey feel nsu- J red that it will bo in their pawer to offer exlrnorditn-1 ry inducements to purcliaet'' who de-it e and deserve ! to liny on thu very best term-, nnd thev are deternun-1 eil to'spnre no p'lins to make it for theinterel of eucIi . to make their selections fiom their -lock, hi DRKSt OOODS tlicy can show a crea. nnenf st le. in Rich Printed j Cashmere IVF.en-sr.. nflateoi P. inapattirni; Tiesans . Crape De Laine, Muslin De Laines of Parts slyles, j never netore nttereti. AlpaccT". II iinbazines, Illacle and LMuc Silks, low and high piieed. SILICS C.inif Icon llrnead" Si!k! Camelenn Tirnchi Sniped Silks; Plain and "-'ntin Striped lle. lenienne-i; Black and lllni' lllaek Saiin Siritieil nnd Brneado fiinred Silk- ; Satin Striped (irne Ornines ; Illick nnd lllue M'ack OroadeSwi Dalian Lu trincsj Oros dp Uhiim-; Oros il'Afriquru; Pdark nnd lllue lllaek Satins i Plain nnd Figuted Sntins. Also MILLF.NF.n Y OOOflS in preat variety, compri iiing Honnet Sdkiand Satin" of entirely newile-, llonnelniul ("nti Ribbon, rii h Fall pattern"! new desiuns lion net Velvet-, plain points, h'nek and blue black, figured, shaded, plaid i cut and uncut. LAHN. Cap Laces in creat varieti. nf new and eleiiam paterns; Trimtnun! Laces nnd Lace K bjuii'", black I nnd while; Silk, Lisle, tiuipure, Mechlin, Brussels, ' ftp.. A.P. 1 Thread Laces nnd I dgings, I rencli, Oerman nml F.nglish. SHAWLS. Rich Cntimete nnd llroehe Lang nnd Squire Shawls j Thibet, Mulin de Lame, Kabyle Plaid, Woollpn, Nett, A e. ftp. SILK SHAWLS-Dark Canieleon, Satin Sniped, Figured, if-c. OIOVF.S AND MITTS, In pverv variety, for Oenltenien, Ladle", and Mis-e". Jvidnf llie mnt apiKoed manufacture, IlurU, Me rino. Woollen, Silk, Lace, Filet. F.gpylhn, India Hub ber, &c. Their stock will be found to comprise a full assort ment of nil iIip various mnll item- needed, nnd they invite the attention nt Haver, with the fid'est confi dencc that they can supple every want in ihcir line. II in3 NEW V LL OOODS. DUV GOODS IIOFSF KI F.PINO MMICI.I'S. S. &. I, IIOL.MI'.S, No. 22 JOHN STKI'ET, NEW YORK, (OKTWF.F.N OROAnWAT A Nil NAS-AII-StA ARK receiving new and dr. iral led ikI-fnr the I'nl TrneV, wlne-h the-y ivler for -ale at the Inwe-t price- at wholesale and retail. They have lately re-e't-iveil Rose nnd Whitnev Klnnl els; do extr.i large-, Real Wel-hnn I niher Flannel-, Silk warp do. F.nsli-h Canton Klannid, Mnr-eille- Qoi'l-antl Con n'er pane-, lri-li Linen- of iliebe-t, 9-8 Pillnw Cn-! Linens, 5- Iri-h Slicelins, litsh nnd Barn-ley Sluvtiiin lr"inS-l to 2-l wide Pnina-k TMble.Clnili- nnd .Napkin-, Tiiwelliiia-"f nil kind-; Crn-h, Cntton Shirting- nnd Sheeting-, be-t qualitie-, lied Tick-; IW-h nnd Aineriean l.nmr Cloth-, Long Lawn-, Linen Cn '..L"ie, nnd Ciunl.rie Ilntul kerchiefs French Merinos; Alpan'a, dnrk Prin, Itieli fiu'd Ca-hnierr, Mnii-elin dr Lauir, Shawls rrcncti Itiiinl-ix'iie-. Crane f r Veil-, fte. Black Sill.-. Silk nnd raw Silk llo.r, Knglitb (Tmti'ii Ho-i'rv, Drnperv Mu-lins, Furniture Dimity, anil Chintz, Table nnd Pinnn Cnver-. Tnilel Cove, ete'. Wool-ilve I Cloih ami Ca iniew, Vnnpv Ca imere-and N'r tino. With n variety of ntbcrnrtiele- in their line, fir nle at ef .If.lin st.. nt ihe lowest nriee... H. i. On linnil senuiiio Kan ele Cologne. Also, extra iviele Hu-ia Ompers. IJmi FRENCH AND ENGLISH DRUGS. rllFMICALS ES-. HI., ANATOMICAL mFPAIlATIONS or F.vF.nv pEcmrTioN, itufumkiiv, nnusiir.s. fpt. JOHNSON NOORH S- TA YLOIl, JN'o. 23 Liberty-St., JNcw iork IMPORTF.RS l)f the nlme iirlides, which tlicy have on band, nnel rnnnnnlly receiving by every packet from their Hou-cs in Pari-, nnd London. The iinality of these ar'i' le they will gtirantre-, a they are all inanefaelure'l by the liM Cheinisls in Kurope, nnel they orttr the u for sale at the very lowot ra e-. ' II m 3 CHAMPLAI1T. 1. 1 TVne 'V) O-JV Fare (lirottgh the l.nkc reditccit tn SH.OO, (SlenN i-x(riii) TIIU STF.A.MKI! lltllll.lNf.TON cArr. n. w, fiieiimn. Will leave Whin hall every Jnin every 'l iie day, I Mnmlay, Thursday, Wii lite -day, Satnrd.iv. I Friday. 'I UK STKAMFll SAIIANAC I'APT. o. l.ATIItll r, Wi'tleave Whitehall every St. John- every Mon'av, Ti'e-d.iy, Wedne day, 'I'htir-tlay, IVtd.iy, Satnrd.iv. At one ti'cloek', P. M. from each end t f llie Lake. 1 he nlmve t the nr.Mtisreincul Inr rmnnn? lor I tic season, un'e-s notice i niven In llm rnnlrnry. The Ct'inpnny intend to p'a.-e the Stc.iniir Wlu'c h.ill i.ptm llie Linein-tead ol tliuSiranac, earlv m -lit-ly net. Shu will 1 1' ctiinnianded I y Capt. O. Ltthrop. Ilitrlmj tii, III May, 1811. Ctl Sherman's liozonjfpf:. PtT t otljll-. I I tir I t.iiil.tee, or j Lon-eiie- nf the I o-?!. F. r Indice-iiou and I want of A'vietilo, I Ve. l'or lleadaelie, Tor Worm. l'or re Thrt nl, aim iitnr-ei Mierman'- I h P.ite Plas'er-, . All at whole. .nriiuii re-au ny oj ri;UK & SPKA I!. Tin I'lnto. Wirp, &c. 1QO ""x' I'l.itc, 1-3 xand etra -ires, CO Auv t m U iron wire, nnr'c I Ao. lieei iron, sheet enppcr, tiiine.l nu I l.l'k rive'., with a ireneral ii nrliifn' nftiiiuer's gooj-. S'l'RO.MiS As CO. A-w., IS 1 1. n PAliXTS on.. CZ lOhwhie lead, drv mid urimmlin oil,' Xo. 1 I i.-.l i.xtr.i, .inn i- ire npniwti wl i ii-ii' u yi-iiun, eniiirri-, etieiiait re I, iitiiart-e, -pir-It- turpen.iiie, oce. &v. Ako. .",00 linked ml, ;nie. June 1 1, '.) 1. 2 by STliONOSit Co. rpllL viliM-rilpr would inform Ui- IneniU and the' i- piddii' thai he ha iu-t t'ienel a Stole nn the 1 rrrniT of Ch'iieli e.'iJ M.tnk street--, oppt see tm- nl.l Paul;, wheio he will n-ll ftnmN it. cheap a-they can I be ho-iglii i-l ewhere, etn' ra-in a m ill stoek ol OIIV OUODS. an 1 a a .-nr'nii-n; ,.r I ! FAMILY OROCFUIIX 1 I Plei'r i'a'l and look I eloie I in ins e ewhere. 1 ; I'LO'JII and SALT, bv tlielnriel.or in lu.qnan. ! 1 tn v. 1 .hall not u mider-nld by inv nrie-hlmro , '"' "i'-M. 1' 'N. W. liAOI-V ! ii:v ivii.v. "yllK si 1 i.ndcr -en' er- li.ive (ormel a Copartner-hip -lure Inrliii rly neeopte.I I y Lnely ,V Se lllo ir. w here they will be nl le to show in a lew ilav- a very Itir.o anrtment nl Sinplr nml l'.ui"y Drv Orneer Paper ll.insiinr-, (trmkery, iil.i-wam, r. ,Ve., tint will be worthy the in-peetinn of t'te irnvli,i-m? cnmmii " C. F. STAMFOlil). W. F. SHATTICk". Sept. 2, Kill. 1 f - . . ,,,..,,,.,, ,. - , . . J ov II. II. lOOI.ll If.l.o er fur-ale erv eh.-tp' ,. ' '"' Cnttou warp Alpaecas, l.niipit.-i- Ca - limeie - , Koundia-, Sriui-n 'n'in, nml Mutis. do I Lame-, .in. i reenved from New York Sept. 1, IS U. 1 I Now Goods. ' 1 l'1'i. in- mst ieeete.l n new -lintdv r.r (h1- for Inr fall trat'e : nuinnir his nrrnrniiciii j inav I r in iini I a-tiuieie I), (;h't-atis, Lonetia-, tdaiii i lia'd. Alnae.-as, t r til- &r. &r. Al-n, Kick Wnl len A elvet and cither Ve-ting-, f,rfale very cheap fur I cn-h. ll'irlinctrin, 1841. i r- 0i o s HOOKS and iTyTf 11 WV!.i no ShiviirrS 'MP, 7a do I, at 150 do, Fur n'e y VILAS I.OO.MIS & Co. 13 Aug. 22, IS II. HEALTH AJ0 STRENGTH. wi. s. o. coci:.vntATi:n tVl'T' 'Hint nrr. ttir iinrirollal and tTirariovs enui- jtnimtlafn rcsutar 'ii.i'r'oii and "uulaatc of thr' At ip nnpthirc Mtdicul Collarc, ir'in An mnit Hie study nf m'dlt inthis irofissi'on. and Ihnj ai r. hiohly rctommcndid by many nft'ir. wot celebrated Viisi- cuius in I'tcruiiiury, at ricciilrtlly lite .tledleltir ever nlli-ri'il to Hip I'libllp. For Jvp't"'". Junndire, Liter Complaints, Jlu mo) s, if-c.,nii( itiransemenls of the Ffoinarh and borels. For salp, Whnlral. and Itcrul. nl the Daetnr's nfliee, 1 STIIFI.T. BOSTON, lo For sale in Bnrhnaton by IT.l K it --PFAU, Apotliecmies nnd Druggis-p, mid IIAOAll et AR TIll II, nnd by nil Agents throiuhoiit ihu Male. Iltn3- 500 , 1000 lb-. Spurred Ihe. fnr which ea-h .liil II, IS 1 1 HOUSE TO KENT.. r.nquirc or VII. S I.OO.MIS it Co. Burlington, July IS, 1SI-I. 7 1 nOfi ""' Turk- l-land Salt. 1 JJJ 5,0r0 lei. Cnir e We-'eri Sola 3,'.0 III Is. Fini- We-tern do. 300's (28 II.) simiiid ilo. "10 Sack-'rpnnl do. 0 Bl 1-. gn uiel We-tern dc. STRONOS .1- CO. in Ai-sr. fi. 'II. FOll SALE. T WILL sell il.u p'nee where I live J cnuM-lmg nf n Hou-r nnd Oilict noiliiiiim- in neileel nnler. I itiiis. one Uiii th and dollar- in hand. I alnnee lu four yearly I'ayineni--, it iv-ircei. in inobe who aif not nclptninlel with the pl.n e II inav l well to ay, II i-ittMicd on the Mi-uli -idcof llie Court lloo-e Square, having u large from and n lare nnel .T-.. r'j- t . . ... good garden nt'adied tu it, C, ADAMS. .Inly 50, 1SU, !) WII1TIS 1.KAI). 7 TONS " .Vfte Yurk and .Sniiytrllet" while lead, dry and -.'round in oil, 'pure,' eiia,' and 'No. I,' i- iiisi ree'd. 'I he quality of thi- lead i- warranted equal nnd believed lo be superior tn nuy inaniilae tore I in llie I'uiteu. ia'c, o et uii. ,eg.C,Mt. 11 SMOKED DEEP. PC( LBS. Superior quality flunked Beef bv July 4. STRONCJS & Co. cnutxn stojXes. CIIOICH Noea Scotin Oiind Stones July, 1. 5 STRONGS 4- 40 Co. li.UF.S PROWN SIIF.IVIINC, do line do do Brown Diills. for sale by VILAS LOOMLSetCo. BurKngtnn, Aug. 22, 18)1 12 NHW PALL AND WINTER GOODS, Pet. II. II. DOOLITTLF. ju-t relumed frnm New Yoik, nml lire now receivins n hand, me n-sortmcnt in neu nnd de'iral le gnol- of lliriate-i h je, miiici lo iho frasnn, winch iniirt Ir F'd I. Those who want '-heap gexids will do well lo yivr us n run Sept.4lb 1811. UhO i- Strongs & Co's store, north of the Court House i -iiv biiuscriiicr nas remneeii ins iiitien over L .' K mm fl i"ifi! niil'iK lit) U'-ii U, A SJMI.l.KY. uutlineton.fcpl. 5,1811. H if ilriT'il Ilcof " ,'l'e'' '!,'''i Mipermr quality. . ..... STlloNOS ft CO, Aug, C, 1811, i nniaa's patdnt FENCE MAGI LINE, IjOlt turning Fence Pnltets nml other nrltcles nf wood o n cylindrical form. The, iindcri!tird pontiiinu tn operate llie above Maihinery at " Wtnnoski City," wlicrn they wniihl ho happy lo furnish pureliists Willi soineof tilt ir varieties of Putin, cnnleii or ornamental l''enec. They will also work up Lumber upon shares nr by tlin lod for those who vi.:i. Owum to the advantages winch tlicy derive in the use nf thenliovo improveiiient, they nto enahleil to alfird a neat and beautiful fence for yards nnd trar ileus, nt much less e.vpcno than the same rati be mil up for in any cither way, while for duraliliiy it is mil excelled by any in common ne. This vnluahle improvement was first biunuht nut in Western New York, hero it has L'one into extenivc ue nnd has received the approbation c,f llie Mayor of thocttyof Ihilfilo, with many hundreds nf the. first agricultur ists and others in that pat I nf the Statp, also of Oov Hubbard, Duel. Jams, ,ludi!0 Churchill Jtid many others in New Hampshire. In fact wherever it lu hei n iutro bleed it has lien Irchlv nppiovcd. As n F.irin Fence it combines mnri ndvantages than nny other fence ever used. It can I u used without ;of, nnd Is therefore nol alleclcd by thu freezing nnd braving of the ground. It tikis Itss lumber than anvolhrr kimi offence, is a certain protection ngainl ill'kinds of cattle, U not liable to net out of irpnir, cannot be blaicn itoirn, l raily tct up, taken down an I removed, withniit injury, f:l-No Fa el.ouid be iclllioul nt least a suffi cient quantity to throw nround his fulds of grain and stack yatiN. The undersigned refer with pleasure to Col. Harry Thomas iN. II. Haswell. F.q nnd Messrs. Iltins maid nnd I'roihers, llurllimtoii i linn. David Held, Colchester t Ilalpli Landoii, Wtlli-ton, nnd Win. Ivetler, F-ti , Oiand Isle. .t.VO N. I1UWI V. ii p. niAvr.v. Anv person nihing lo rncace in the nboc lnisi-iip-s in the cmml'ir of rrnnkhn, Orleans Lamoille, Wnsliington Hulland, lienninmon and Wiiiilham, in lliH State, nr anv nf 'ho lvatern counties in the Slate of New Votk, wii. please tipplv n above. JXO. N. DF.WFV, Aj;cnt fur Patentee. Ilurlinglnn, Vl., August, IS) I. Ill Allt'bnsi's jMcdiciiiLV. eiIIi: n'ove Medieine. haw I r nine fti popular, I. where tbev are kluAvil. ilia', to meet the demand, the nrimrietnr has a k nted ll,e n'lin nf iniiltiplying the Aceneic, fiini.-hni',' each Agent with n ehe-t, enula ninir TIIU 151,A('K (ir AlKhnsrO SM.VH, AI.I.HHASI'S IMIAIIU IMI,l,s. AE.I.KISASI'S TOOTIS-ACUU DltOl'.-, AMI AM.nuAsr-; ronii ii.vsTi:n. A niim' er ( f Asene:c tun n"W e-tal li bed in tlu vill.ige, liiriiiln.d a- nl iive, toL'ither wi h pamphlets for ireueral distribution, mttins finh the vi'tuenf lie; Medicine-, and eoiilainmi eeni'ieate- from hHily n'-peeinl le pcr-ou-, nf Kiine nf Hin many clue- they have i ffeeted. Families and linhvid' ul ntemi'etl lo .eutl nnd av n pimph'ri, mid trad, mil if they have ncra-n n, try Ihi'Meib' tin'-, wh eh am warrant nl m do nil ihat is rlaimed Inr tlirin. Thr Agent- for lliirlniL'lim :ne PUCK ASPFAII, Api ib'var.c. and Driig'jitj'-, ireueral who'o ale and ie tail AL-ent-i who will -upply Couitry dealer- at whole ale, nu the -nine term? Willi the prnpiietor in New Ytnk, Win. 11. Curtis, Henry Hyde c. Co, tiro. Pettrson, N. W. Onge, Harry llraJley, nnd ll.iga' it Arthur. 11 nliiiglnn, Air.'. 2f. h, IS It. LYMAN W. OILKF.IIT, Prnpr.etor, 13 l.v Sll Fulton Street, New V rU. i7: i VTATLonTixTnYnuuJ- .i a .ii i.s i) it it . W'OIJI.D r'sp'Vf illyinfnri!' theeiiizen- nflier liuitnn and pnMie crnei.illy, thai lis liastakeii llie e'nli l-liment reeentlv neetipiett I'V I It Ul.l. I nij..., w nerr in- win eM'."!!!' mi in i r- in io I TAlLOIilNli llFSIXF.S ' nn the -horie-t nut'ce, and in a s(Ij m t in be -'irpn-R-ed. From eur- experience in tlietu.-ine.-- lie 1 led-confident of tn-iirinir cimiit il .-aiisfirlKiii. CITI'INO l'one fi r other- to m ike up, at a'l tune-, and warrantetl lotii, if properly ma Vup. Ch ireli.-t.Auu'., Id 1 1. 1211. lecl, (Jilt, and Silvered BF. 1)S, of vaiious i.e-, nl-n t'ie -eieral l.lud Pmse Mounts, Rins-, mil T.t--el 'eaulifid fl'Ic--, Jil-l ree'd, and Wiinu- niher new lioo.'s. P.IMNS.MAII) & 1III0II1F.HS. I! irlmten, Ans. :0, 1311. I'i 200 Orn-s Horn ('oat Buttons, 100 300 do do Over Coal do do do do do do Vest do Oill do do do Coll do do Pe'.arl -hirt do VILAS LOOM IS .f- Co. 12 no 7 1 300 175 du For sale by Aug. 22, 131 1. 50 Boncs 1-3 I X Tin Plain, 10 do Siiaie do fill B. indies Wire as-'d N'o'h. Fi r -ale l.y 1I,AS LCOMIS Aug. 22, IS 11. eV Co. 13 C'oiiicnt for ('isionis. O I 0 t'ASICS nf ihu 1 e-t Southern Cement, O I w hn li harden- tun few hour-, nn 1 reu der ei-teru ti','hl nn I free from leak ig", fr .;,lc I y Iilil.NS.MAlI) ii: BliOrilHllS. A us. 30, Ml. 1:1 10 PS. 13 Jd-.D do PADDINO, Canvas-, A, Fig'd do l'niisrp lldkf-. VILAS LOOMIS ft Co. 13 23 i'o 13 do M do For -ale by All.'. 22, Mil A I Gro. FSSI NCliS, LiiJ nO'Paek- Pin-, 7.5 lb-. -Mixed do 100 M. .Needles, Fur -ale by VILAS, I.OO.MIS & Co. Am.'. 22, 13 1 1. 13 11 CASF.S' .linencaii Prints, y 1 case Irish Linens, I do ManchcMci riinglinm., fur sale hy V1LA.V l.OOMIS ,f- Co. Aug. 22,1811. 12 r.WKWF.LI 1 I.a l .l.'ri .Men'- Pump- uud Buot- dir-' lllaek and Col'd Ha'f Wulk- Slioe.-, Ki I Slqi-, and llu-kin-. Ju. ree'd by II. . CATI.IN. July 21, 1611. S P I.A ST Ell. A ( "l'0"9 if Nova Scotia Plaster, just received, and -i" now "iinuinL' ai me riaster -mi at tMnoosM ! nils, nnd for sale by lune 12, 1311. I'OLI.F.T, BR VDLF.V Co. 25 Boxes Soap.- 15 ilo randies 12 do common nnd ' pearl' Snrch II do ' llonus' and other brand-Tubaicu. 1 ill. Lorillaru's maeeo'.iuy siiuil, 15 ' a-k- t-aleratu-. 40 hairs Java nnd U'o ri ffer, fpii c nnd pepper, 1U0 matt- e'.ii.i, nutmeg-, ginger, alum, rait pe-trc, lu-, luustaru, preparo I eiK-nn. Me. Aug. fi, 1811. Ill STRONliS ft. CO BOARDING JKHJSE. " rpIIK -iib-iiil er would re-peet fully inform the pub I lie that he -till enntiniu to kee-n n lloaidins House, on Main Street, n few rnl- fr. in ihe Courl-llou-e Sauare niel Pn-t O.lice, ju the hnit-r formrrlv nceiipii'd l,y Geo, B, Shaw, Lsq., and thai ho can ac commodate u lew more I naiiler- on a- ren-ouat e terms as can I e obtained rbewlicje. WAKIiKN SIBLY. Burlington, Vt., Aug. 7, 18 1 1. 10 if FUST received nt Iho Vurieiy Store, a new i-uppiy of jet. buglr nnd plain hnr niii-. Steel twei yeis. -dyer linnil li-s, Irneelhng bag-, of Ihu le-i Wilion u.iri eting, gins! lur I'eJIar-, fte. sept. IV, tail. IIhinsmaio if- ItnoTitciis. TO It 13 NT- rpilK Mnr-e Ileu-e, ihcro 1- il goal X well, Cistern, Wool Iloisr itr. 1G Iliii.NRKAlii et BnoTltnis, REMOVAL,. CASirJTET rUSlTeJSTURSS. rpIIK Mib-eriber hn-re- veil from his nil stand on 1 Church Street, In his new BltlCK SHOP on Catllll'i. Lane. tWeiltV mil- Kafll nl' llie llnrliitirlni. Haul (wlierilie baon lianJntid will I'ontintH- u jnnn failure all Kin I CABINET WARN, of Ihe be-t qunlity; such ns SOFAS, SKCRF.Tt R1F.S, IIF.AURF.AIJS, Dining, Tn, Centre, Work nml TndelTA!ILi:S,.STAM)S et DLDSTF.ADS, mid all kind- nf work in hi-line. iCJMost kinds of Country produce nnd Luniler received in payment, or approved rrevhl, nml very SAJIULL .NICHOLS. Biirlingicin, May 23th, 1811. 52 Milk I'ans. T fi 1'OZ. Furlhan Milk pan-, for mUt by 1 II S. M. I'OPK. Sept. 0 1811 II SADDLERY. STUONOS it CO. oiler lo Sndder nnd denlers m Siiddlcry n hindsomt nsulii'"nt if '-'ouds ui Ihrir line, on very reion ihle leinis. lu (MIT! AT BNGLISIJ REMEDY FOil COUCJIIS. ATIIMA, AM) .';.niTioN i 'IMIF. ORFAT AND ONLY UHMF.DY f. rCnld, . i o il'u, ,-1 imi.i, alio uUiNSif.iii t iui, i- itiu HFNO MtlAN BALSAM OF Lll'F, di-coiere ll.y the relet rated I'r. Huclian, of Loir'nii, l.'ngland, nnd intri duied into ihe I'ui'e I State- under the nnine'diale -upi'rin end.incr nf ho iineiilur. 'I ho eMrnori'iinry -iieco nf this medieine, in tbo I cure ol Pulnioii.iry'di eve-, wnrrauls ihe American A arn t in snlieiiing for 'leatnicnl llie WORST POS SIIILi: CASUS Ihat can I e found in the eomiiiuuity I ca-rs tint seek rrVI in Irmii nuy of the ectii-1 luon remedies of the ,lav. and have I ecu uiven up I v j Ihe mo-lili-tiiisui hel Phy-i nn-, u- CONFIRM f-'I) , AND INCIJIi.MlLF.. The lliiii'.'aiiiu l!aliin has, cured nu I will oiroilie most desperate! of cases. It i- no uiiai k no-iiiiin, but a -lundat-.l l.'nf li-li nievl icnie, 1 1 known mi l e-ta1 li-heil etlien-y. j Leery Ihimly in the United Simc- rlirtil I I r sup pled euth Hi chun'.- Ilumrariaii II il-n.n of Life, nut only loe'eunter.iel the eoii'iinipliie tendeuei'e- ol the , rl.'um'i', but to I r ti e I as n meyen'ive ircilienie in n'l , ea-e-if Colds, ('(.U2I1 , Spi'tiiii nl lib o I, P.1111 in the st'i' nnd ( lie.l, Irrila'i'.n nnd -orcne-i 1 f the Liinir-, Bioneliiii-, Di.iieutty nf BreatluiiL', Iliitir IV ver, iM'jhi hweal-, I.11 acmiion ami Iteneral IJe! il"y, I i-tluni, Inlliicnzi, llenpiutr Co' fib, and Cioup. UJ- nolii, 111 large ottles, at 1 I er I utile, wit 11 lull iliireimn-for the re-terirmn nf llenhli. Pamphlet-, containing a m.i-ol i.ngli-h and Anie-r- I lean 1 eriitie.a e-, ami other evi.lenee, alio unir tlie mi- I'qnnlled merit- 1 f tin- tfreit Fmrli h Remedy, may I e ot't.nun n the A'.'eni-. crnluitoi-lv. DAVID F. IJRU)LF,F., sole Ageu'l lur llieFniied, 1 til 1 ourl -tie'et, Bn-tnn. 1 iiui'iimo. 10 in i,,u 1 u., ri-.e.j ec . Apulliecnt ie- nml Dr nrgi-l-i Mi nil 1 lur, Clnri. it I Collins; lin'tle' nro, Dultnii iV (.lark; lie low- h al.-, ' .N. Harris s R ill 111 1. Dan 1 . fe Hell ; Wood-tod., S. .1. Allen; and ly the Drug: generally. ll-iy HARD WARE. STIIONOS , Co. have reel tied nnd oJer to p.-r-cha-ir-n very eenernl n--orlineiit ufllARD- WAUK, ntn jngat whieu m.iy he lb. in I the following to wr : B itl- and Stcw, Nitrt'i II. n-id Atneii an La'ches, ( In--! and Window Blind Ilinc-, Wiic Chec', Spring-, Mnrln e Be I lanl.-, C 11 'cd l!dl Spring-, Bell Crank., Hi.u-e Bell-, Band. Tower, Flat sprini', Si tare and Monkey Tail Ibdt-, T11111I, nnd Che-I Handle-, Oar 'en Ila'.is, Fur Iron-, Bctedi Vice-, Bras-. I! ittnn- on plates, JapunM Ju, Screw P illie-, Mat an I Cnai Pin-, B'aek Honk-ail I lit ige-, Sh liter Seic'.v-, Slid li- nml Plate-, P.t I I !!(-, Trim'., do., Clipboard do., Till du., ( 'he-t do. j Long -h mt.ed an I Cnmave Auger-, Bruce. 1111 I BiH, Bevl's, FiruirrClu el-. Joiner-, Morlicenud Socket do. tini'a'., Brns-Dlvi-'ers, liiiliblet-, Smg'e nnd doul le Phnr Iruns. Co iipa-e, Uta'tui, Han 1 tin I Ripping Saws, K'niee- uud F"rk-, C.irvrr-, Steel-, I! iteher , Knives, Bread an I Shoe Iviiiee-, 1'r.iunnigdo. roc ,1 1 anil ret! on. Taper fi'rs, Mill do. flat Ba-tardi'n. half rnind i'n. llni.-clti j, ,lba - llie s.Cmi tain rinir-.'l ea In II-, Tape Me.i.iire-, liulier LI1.1111-, Sail Iron-, 'I nil- or'- 'In., I'.r.vl-, Tn'.le Spoon-, Tn' Ir Hinge--, Culling Nipper.-, Ileil Aw S.ith F.iblencr-, Nut Crne'.er-. Cor'. Scriw-. II m l Vices, Trowrlp,

Steel Ynr I-, WI lu 100 lb-.. Orel Iri-n-.Saiieo pan-, IvitamelM .Mas'iu Ketili--, Bellow.- Pipe-, Bed Kev. Coporr Vire, Serew imllio-, AnIoiIo. .-a-h Roller-, Pli'eloe-, Iron S j inre-, Stub do. Wood Saw- an I Fr lines, rVwtcr Cod,-, Bum.' 1 1 icr-, Bmter Iryers, Sii'Me-, Cut T.ic'.-. Frying pan-, R 11 Ti.ipi1, Bux and Iviuy Ro'e-, Ti y 111 e-, l.adie-' do. S.-rew Driver-, .M lling-inv Knob-, Strap H-iinmcip, Carpel do. Sciew Wienclies, Brnml llatdiel-, Sliiii-r'ui'di . Bra4- Skimmer-, Saw Sells. &V.&C. A I o, HFA V llARDWAlti:. Anvil-, Vie,-., Ca-t S ec I, Plated and Iron Shnerl- 1111 1 Sp'e'es, I) ii? Fur!.-, Hay do. Cm B ir-, Wro'l, .Niii'-. Irieri liam-, Irnn Uire", lira KetUe-, ive. May 22. PI I. 51 AMKIMCAN il T!'.L. AND GENERA I. S PAGE HOUSE, IIY S. V. TAYLOR. CoenT Iloesr. SquAan, BcisLtseiTON, Vt. 2(it UK MOVED Ii. J. FAY remove' to the 1 tier 1 f Cll in h ami Bank -tree'-,oppn-s ie the I! ink nf Bur- n , I 11-Inn, where he I1.1- n a-sor incut i.f ; --Za uuu ny 111c uio-i imu- 0112I1 wiirkmen, win h will be told at cheap a-the cheapest. 5rjAll kin I- nf-ynrl; undo to rr'ernu the mo. t ie'i-oii.i!ile lernis and .11 the -luirte I notice. Burlington, J me 0 Ii, 181 1. 1 if I'WRMS TO MS A si: FIIK ,V Tlill.M Ol'' VI! MIS. LAROL FARM s'oeke'dwiihn airy nnd -In ep, nnd prepared fur even nvo -owing ami planl'tiir, Ihe pe'rnn 1 1 ! iKT'V apptving luii-l -uiiicicnt mean-10 .teryisit carry it on and fiii ni-h il.e I e-st leeum men '.itinn fur integrity and industry. Also, mo other firm- tu let fur an amount agreed lipnu. Thee firm-are s't'eatelcin the Lake .-bore oppu ,-ite ll.irliugt 11. Apply 10 '. M. et W. C. WATSON. Port Kent, Feb. 20, 1311. 30 If .B. TRYO.V TjTOUI D re-pectfully inform hi.s friends and the public that he has jusi reiurncd from New York wilh iho latest fashions, nnd lint he conliniies to carry nn busiiiess'nt his old stand. IJaiing ii led some of the best fchop in 'he I iiy of New York lie trials tint, with an experience of twenty-two years, ho can compete with ihe best Tailortn this pari of the country. N. B Cni ting donent shun notice, cheap for cish. S, May 1811. -10lf 'TO IMUNTEKS Iliiff.ilii I'rintlng Ink Manufactory. WILLIAM PltHSCOTT .t I'O. having re iciiily lidded exlensivr Machinery and nnparii-In- to their .M.iniitaciory, Ihey are prepnrciHo furiii-h Priuling Ink-e l nil qimluio, shade-, nnd i-olnr-, which they nru -citing on u- f.ivnrablr tern s ns can be purcha-e'd .it nny other e-talili-hinent in llie I'm led State-, Tn tho-e Printers who are daily in the habit of ti-ing our Ink-, wr ilo ml leconiinend it, n their ciinliniieil patronage i- a -ullii'ieut proof nf llieir ap probation ; but to tho-e who ic-n'e nt a di-tanie, nnd am not ncqiialnteil with our Ink-, wedo earne-tly recuinnieiid it, and si Id it lint m every lespeet nu- -ever llieir eipcctalion, we will tn'.o it bad; and re fun I tlir money. The News nml Book Ink- are put up in kegs con taining 20, 30, 05, and 150 lbs, rath. All orders exoeu'ej on a- favorable terms nsby application. A0F.NTS. H, B. Stacy. Burlington, Vl. O. F. Hood it Cu. Stnlieners' Hall, Detroit. Sali-bury it Baxter, l.oganspnrl. In 'iana. S. N. Dickinson, Bo-ton,Ma . A. II. Armour it (J"., Hamilton. I. e--ie Brother-, Toronto. De-bnrnts & Drlu-hire, Ouv'i Piinte r, N. Palmer. Market Square, Kingston. S, I, Hocsl,, Wi-eonin Trr. Mannf.ielory, No, C United Stale Hotel. Blink, Pearl trcet. " D07.FN TWIST COM US, 500 do Si'u do 71 ,ln Co.r-e nnd Fine do 200 do Ivory . ''" , 75 Ornes Wood Pocket do F r-nl-l y II AS LOOMIS et Co. i::::tit Aug. 12. 164 1. 13 II R A. A. liAKIJ CHAMIM.AIN. MiU'-YOItK AM) MOSTON. Pill: PROPlill.TOllS ofthisLiiie have provided 1. n cla-s tifllrst rntr bonis to nlv the nrr-enl n'n- -on I clwren Ln1 r Chainphiin itn I Nenvi'nrl , fur the irniisportniion nt iiiercnaiini-e niut -licit oilier prop erly ns may lo cntrii-ted to their care, nnd hope to receive, a- nicy iiiieuo in iiieril, n l.ltr fcliutel 01 put runner. The-e I ojlsgn through to New York, nnd nro to I e tnweil by stenm cm llud-on R.ier, nnd on Lnke e tiauipiam when t eep-siiry. lu lliistnoite properly i not bjivp,l to Inj iry by Iranthipinenls, nnd lots nro kept together. i I.I- I, me ol boats connect nt New 1 rik with the De.paieh Line (if Hi -tun l'nel,ets Contracts for Ireialit letween lloslun or New iork nnd Lnke Ch.iiniilain, can be made with our iiircul-. Priuierty pa nig leteieen llo-lon and Lake Clianiplain, for- wnrueo in rttiier iiircctiou Via es crn Railroad, when desired. rnopntr.Tons, FOt.LIMT ft BIIVDLUY, lliirlintrlnn, Vt. NICHOLS, BFRTON if- CIIITI FNDKN, St. Alhntt", Vt A (I r. N t s , L. A. Joits'iON, 0 Corn lies Slip, N. York, C. L. Waiiu, 10 Long Wharf, Boston. .5 If Ilo! All Yo Tlint 'I'hl-sl ! not : w.oi'.o vrr i nUM, BRANDY, OIN nnd WINKS, nf nil the . v.iriuiisqiiauiies.inquautiiiesni one pint nr more, nnd other FAMILY (IROCF.RIF.S, for ale on rea- soniii e terms, ny ISAAC W.IRNF.H. Iliitlingtnn, June, 1811. 2 A It A It H CIIAVCM I.N THK CKNTIIF. OF Til F. MLLAOF.. OR -ale, llie tevo Hnu-c-nnd Lot tilea-nntlv sitnn- led nn Clierrv street, I etwiTii Ass? f?lt sir. iiiam I. beytnour inn Mr. William We-ton, F-qr-, 3" Ms---- J-carjs; "-t.i'J,-i..s-:ii'' 1 ne IK use new, Willi tin ei' i't. ent We lof water on the iirem I'cs. l or terms initmre of the sol-cnler nn the Ptemt'es. JAMliS .MARTIN. Burlington, An?. 21, Ml. 3tf FARM FOR SALE. Er?iK. 70R SALF., n linn in Unleihill, eon 'fffrvrt taming one liimdiel nnd loriyi! '.ijgfrf "''res, itou one hundred ncre- nf which l..Jj:&. IS tim er en liva'inn. 1 n MimmiVr envercit l.y a gonil irrowili nf hard wood. On premeo-aiea eunieuienldwillnia linii-e, I nrn, -lied 0.0. nun nn 1 reliant (if tlirlliv I earing app v tires, -ti'lieieui fur innkingsoiue liliy or ity bands of enter. Al o, a lar.11 ei iitainmg nnr bundled acre-. 1 lii'-'a' out one mile from the al nve,al out siMy ai re nf wbrh i-iiihLt impr vcmenl, nnd Insnu it ii cam ruin- I nrn. I ir renin it Per 1- evill u-m..l.l i,rm. .,!li w th 1 em h ami nia.le. 'I he tihoee ate -ituatel near Hie eeniie 01 the low 11 nnd 11 the main nnd, are w-o vuicie.i iiuu wen ten ecu, a eonsniera1 le nor hot id the lenee I e-iug -tone w all. nn I tierr'li. ereninpnse one of the he-t dairy farm- in thetoevn 1 nu iinnvr pu 1111 c-will le son tn elo.c ,1 concern for niiteh e.i than llieir real nhie, an I po-e--ion erivru on the I-t nl April next. For firthi r partcii inr-rnq ure 01 A, 1UO I K. B iilington, Feb. 22. IS 1 1 3S f ISAAC? DO "vT, Manufacturer if TIN, .SIIF.F.T-1RON. AND COPPFR WARH. nml 1I1 all r tn corn: ti pr.ui's, i.i:m ini:, .f-c. Ch-ileh .trt't-l. ISHrliiiTifni March C, IS 1 1. " IvIO P E C Iv & S P !? A wholesale dealers in i: English, J'miri, India and American W R "J G S. Also, DRCOOLST'S CLASS WARF. Ittirlliigtnii, Vt. ( ttf ''l,5' COTTON THIiF.AD, 50 do Liten Co 300 i'i 7. Spool i'o 2-"t) do Cn Tape (-li-' ) 150 do ilo do (rn'lr Forsae ly Vll.AS LOOMLS ft Co. rtllg 1B1 1. ; se e s $ r n. sappu:. ir,u!xr:?s .xr .mxu. pactum:!!, cou.pcj; srui:i:r. M) knper nr LIVKIJY STAULE r. 1st of the f'ouri House ( ite-chanic'- Row.) Applica ion tmidenl the Shop nr Barn ill receive prompt at tention. tliirlinrrlon. Vl 1 '?P. '- i-c-s'nwj m-;" o5 xov., is 13. j Wan'cl a .1 'iiriieynnn Si 1 ller.m I C.trn.iic Trim mer. A irm-.l mechanic will find cinplnvmi t,t. S. S. sk;nni:i:. 3J. fi. B ATE? B?UTV Hz CO DRAPERS TAILORS, No. 2, IV'.V 11 id 'tug, HAVK retiirirlfr m New Ynr'. with their Spring Sine' , eoni,ri.inu' an ns i r'mcnl i fi'nicfu ly.r- If -to I VF.-TINn.S, a level e CA.HSIMI IiFS, and an ex'en-ne -i i rtnieitt uf TRIMMINfiS. M. O. I.'atiisux, C. F. W,i;n. May 23, Ml. .-,1 CHAIR FACTORY. T the old -mid of NFLSO.N et (SATIN 1'ierei-tin-1 e-t a For'nunii. CHAIRS and will le H Id i Lent er ll an eun be prrrhaml al tu v o'her place in Burl ir'tnu. MAIIOOANY, CI RLI 1) MAPI I', I'.MNTF.I'CANi: -I'.AT. LAHOF. ami SMAI L l.'OCKINO, DIMNC (1111 Dlil.N and LAROK .Mi.Ml'.l) CHAIRS, at C. L. NF.I SON'S, Church -met, opposite the O'd nil hi- Facto by three doorMiorlh uf ihe Ca h lil'hirch. IR 1WTTS AND KCURW.S. QOn ,()Z' Tatle, Bad; flip, Narrny.-. Bread, tj''J Win low Itlinl and Pew do. r t-, from Wrought and Cn-t Ir n, 1,'iOO CROSS Americin " Premium" Screws. a--orteJ -ize-. Dealers a.iiijIu-1 nl New York pri S1RO.NOS et CO. Aug. C, Ml. 10 SPRING GOODS. A Large ant Cliulce Assnrtmpii' of STAPLE A XI) IyCY GOODS, Ju-t leeeived Innn New York I y BOYNTON & BUR RITT. Q-Vl'IN and Hint mi lercl Sbaevl--, Plain Do Lane O do., Muslin de Lane-, Fring, (tinip, Cuml'ries nnd Mubns, Prin'ci' Lawns and Muslin, Alpine Bond a zincs, Ilcoiery, Ol ve-, .c. '200 I'lW'IS PRINTS, Choice Patterns, Very I.oic. BleechediiudSiriie.l .Sliinmg-, Ticking, Sali.l ury Flannel-, Plaid-, Oiiighim-, Iri-h Linen, Brown Hollind, a large nortmeat nf Summer Clnlh-nnd Oambroon- and variou- lancy si rt it le- nut mentinred. A M iy choice M'lection "of Cloths and I Vestivcis. (!rorerlc. .lion e-, llrown ?-ugar, l.oadio., 1 oung Hyson, lly-nn, Ilv-uu Skin, aid Itnperiaf Ti'a-, Co.Ii.'e,'Oin ger, Rii e, Rai-ins, and Spiers of all kind-. Crockery and Ola-s Ware, .Nail-, Salt-, Flour and Fi-h. Al-o Will keep on hand n good as.nrtmenl of BOOTS and SHOF.S el all kinds, and work ma le to measure by a workman that need- no re'ebiuuiend.uirns, Hiue-lurgb, May . lib, 181 1. 51 Cm N.B.-l O.000 lb- RUTTFR nnd .10 M. "IIIN OI.F.S wunted in exchange fur Oood-, at the liighes market price. Also, c-.i-h paid furChce-e. THIJsiiIscrilerha- ncleil ns Agent lur the TJtnn In luce Company of Hartfoid Connecticut for more than twenty year-'pa-t, and continue- to in-me agnin-i losses- by lite, and nil kind- of building- nnd per-uual properly, and will ri-rne npjilicatiniis al In- oilh e in Burlington, and immediately i ue Poliee for purpose at ns low rate- of premium, ns any private cnmpaiiyciin aTurd, The undoubted re-poa-hibilnyof ihi- Cnmpaiiy, insures snfety to ll:eiii-ii-red, am) Ihcir prompt, honorable, aid liberal cour-e in the adiii-tuietit nnd paymenlof lo.-c-, will be at- le.-ted by all with whom Ihey hair had occasion lo .i.. i . ee'ei t i-m-ivvcit li e...,. lllf lill-llll---. .1.',, J. ...k. -' ..j.' III. Burlington, March I, 1811. -10 if chaIRsTTchairs!! chaiiisTTi USPKCTFULI.Y iniorin ho public that they ' will hereafter carry on the CHAIR making bu siness, at the old etanel of TiiAvrn, Stuart et Co., on Church St., two doors south o( Iho County House, and fee! warranted in saying that they can furnish ns handsome nnd durable nn nriidein this line, ns was peer offered in Burlington, and on as low terms. Plenso call nnd examine. All kind- of Chair-, Settees, Settee-cradle-, and Stool- made to order. Old Chairs repaired and painted at short nonce. Country Produce ofnll kinds taken in exchange for chairs. JOHN fi. DAOOKTT, CllAKLIJS li. SIUART. Burlington, May 4, 1314. 49 LEAD PIPE, ic. 3 TONS Lend Pipo 1 to 1 in. bore; 3 rolls Sheet lead; 12 civt. bhect Zinc ; 30 Bags Shot assort ed Nns. by STRONGS ,r. Co. June II, '4 1. 2 officer op fi to a i i'r n a Willi JIAVHTT'S .MI'.DK'INI.H, Tr.tttir nv A This te-ideiiee, ( hulnpl.tiii Si., ii lew rods north JY nf, Follett ft. Urmllev, B irbmrK ion. Vl, In tendering his most Grateful nitinnwledgnieiils tn hislriculs nnd patients, for the rneo iragemeat and innoit thev havo mien him the nal the I)oe- tot would leg leavo lo -Inte that. Ills nt ees-, has thus far, been equal tn his mot Mingolne expecta lions) for il his seldom I ecu iho c.i'e, thai iho merits ol n new-svs'eiii of inedicnl iiractise, Ins I e'en tnoie lolly !-1 ivl nnd fairly c-tnbli-hrd, 111 o short n lime. Iiideid, Dr. Smith docs not hesitate to my and the medical gentlemen in this place wid not deny it that be hasrilecled -nmc sitmnt nnd iinpnrtnnl cures, even where Ihe patients had 1 een giienover by either plivsieians ; nnd Iberclme In; feels coufile'iit, tint, eon 1 he I o ca toil ill -ea.nn. When t in natlelll shr-t lnken, innro freqiictiliy than he is, a cure would be uiiieii -unner c irr;e 1, anil Willi lar le-s expen-enna siifT'-rinn, fnr thr -iek, than when they lirst employ other means, till the patient is ncnrlv elead. nnd then ran nun. rnr in mi cases, stneo he na- niioplci Ihe 11-e of Jewell's Imdieine, where he wa-thus enlV-l, has the rcrorcni of the ick. I een -o tnm'i. as nlino-t to ind'icellieni and their Iricnd- tn think b little iras thematttr, lliooah In all nppearance Ihey were n -let, ns ttio-e u ho cmpfivr 1 nttii'r practice, nnu non died ; nr were iretkt, nnd perhaps, montlm, in gelling ti'iminin. firl having lo nl nndon their Dnctm'.- nnil ienie. enlirdv. I eforn Ihevcoiill irnin al nil. Tin1 .n t is. whenever .le.vetl'- remeoie- iwe 1 een niriv tried nnd I eeaine f ill v known, their Iculieial etfecl- in curio? tli-ea-e nf every Ivor nnd form, have I ecu iackniiwlrdged by the most skilful physicians and the nio-i critical nti-ervcr-. The fnllowini! le-tinmny. was nddre-scd to ol Jewell by two highly di-tuigui-hed iihy-ieian-, wlio ny their ns.i'iuiiy, i.iitiiiiiines nml -Kill m practice', cmlnlmcd tlicm-elve- in the Inemory nnd nllectiuii' of tunny in thi- p'ace, whou-e-d Inemplny them ; and wno,iiioiign ueair, yet spe.u,-. mar lliem. rent inciton. t.. .1.111. ft. la.O. "Cel.. Jr.wr.TT Pear Sit I lune rcccic.l nml read ynur pamphlet with tii'ich intrre-l, nnd nm hiirli lynlea-ed with vmr idan of overcoinin" disra-c Von nro truly earn mi 0 it the nriiieinlus of Dr.'nrk ou nnd other-, winch they havo so nVy ndveip.ile.1, 1 am roniiernt tint a relorm In the practice! ol nic 11 einei- muispen-aliiy ncee-.nry. JOHN POMLBOV, M. D." BfnilNT.TOS. Oct. 25. 1837. " Cot.. Jf.w riTT Pear fiir I have iVpo-hcd lulbe I nnk here, liflv ilullars inure tn our credit, nn ne- count nf nic heme sold. So far ns I have it-e 1 them in my practice, Ihey have prnied far more erfieicii'ii ihan'I In I nntieinati',1. Thev net readily 011 the'-. tern, and nverconie dise'a-e ilia manner I never le lore witne ed, nnd I do not he-itato lo give my foil apprnl atlun 10 your bv-Ioiii. 1 have nhl nutl'ii-ed nearly f mr hundred dnl'ar- worth ince I lirst recciv eunn n oriineni 110m yo t. " I am mu-t Iru y vmir nld fr'cm . TRIM AN POWLLL, M. D, Dr. Smith i-happy to -tate that he called on Dr. Poincrny, n tow litonth-1 efnre his death, nnd luiind bun -till firm in the ame opinion. Ile -aid, ".lew-ett'- tleiiinr llie Mime new, ihat Ciillen did 111 hi day. An '," said he, "I told Dr. Atwater he wa not the nna!e-t man 111 the world, ant nm tint, bit il I y.v, I n dd -iieeniub to Jcirelt, for his sv-tcm i- correct. and his medicine the best in the icorld ; audi re. ipie'-leil 1 1 1 1 1 ) to co to Or. Snii'h atul eret nm a Imitle ol head-aeliC Imimcnt, winch he di I, nnd I find i' ea-cs my veiy in ieli," When pliy-ician- nfllie lir-t rniiK, wlm-e e'llucn'tui nnd inlent-do hoiufto their pri.les-iou, nnd eeery iivlivi Inal who ha- given Iheni a fair trial, cume emi in favor 1 f .leweit'- elites, in hina'iii!;r line puveal mil deenlel n the a! nve, who will doubt the truth of what Ihey ay 1 These who llimk it lor their interest tn 1 nno-e a ncip practice, nnd uhu-e imnd- lne teen blinded and prejudiced l.y tno-r. win se seifunness and prute. priilniiuna'eneer tin ir-en-e of jiistice and truth nnd all their benevolent feelings, and tlui'i'mily! Dr. Smith ha-'ju-t ieccived a fre-h supply of lewett'-meduiiie, iipun ttrm- thai will euali'e him lo si'll, who'e-a'e nr reiuil, for r.i-li, 25 per cent le. than it wns m Id for last year ; nnd ho Invite- ;i'ifc inns nnd nl' invalids, to the ti ml of il. llf SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. I ind. uf TRI'-il S f. !' re- 'iicn'cnl tn .Male, fur -ale, an I e ira'e'y a eif, d, I j Flit i: et SPHAIi. THE I'A'I fCNT LACE, iservrn nv F.. P. UANNINO, M. D. Or I, 1 r.'NSVLAN . hr kept con-tauilvon hand hy Dr. John F'lr.nv, uf I' e, he having porch i-rd e f thenrigiiril P e'en'ee the errlusirc righ' lo make and rend the -amr, w ithin anil for the Cn ume- ul Cint ten 'en, Frnn'.lin.l LamoiPe, and Ornn l Lie. The PATF.NT LACF. In- now 1 ecu befureihe pub. lie for a mun' er nfinunlli-, h ui bed- have I .rn ap plied in different p irt- ofthe enun'rv, nu I ith a - leer-.-never I eforr i'qialh'1 I y any rt me lial ngent-.Nuinero'i-well nulhe-nnentiil f'eriifi'ate-1 fiileueli cialinll iciiecin the removal ofdi-ea-es ofh ni stand ing, might 1 e f ini'slicd frntu ihi-i'iiuivdi-ite ytcuiti in ndib'inn tn the sta'enieni of ca-e- nnd irrt'uic.i'e-nfcure-firni-hed I y Dr. Banning an I other. Ila tin- t- nut deemed nece sary n-ut the pre en i limp, fe te ence can I e given to in. livid inks wearing the .ace, in nearly eeery tnwn in the Cu uity. I'hv - ii ian- have lung.ft-b the nece it v of a S ippnr terdiHi'rently con-iroctedand inure perfect in it- adap tion to Hie h iman f Tin, than any ihat lial been .re n'titrd to the pu1 he. '1'he invi- tion of Banning' incet . Willi llieir general apprnl atiou, a- it i- I'e-igued I i reli-e -yinp'oms, and remedy a cla-s nf phy- cil ma'a lie- which cannot ' e readiel I y iiirdiciue- n'i nr. 'fhr de-ccut nrd'-p'tiepnieiit nf 'he vi-cerra In-tn re laxation nf ihe abdominal muscles, rrother ciu-cs, tend- loa'terand iVrangeihefuviiou ol evi ry organ in I In h 'man sv-tcm, and, in iiianv ea-i-, Ihi-i'evi.1-li. n Irum the ii iiiiraMieil'by po itinn cf pan-, i- ihe -n'eiau I'nt'encral debiluv in Mn'o- iind Fenvile-, nf Oynpepiia, A i" inn-nf the Stoniarh and Liver, I'alpilatinn ol the Heart Xpmal Irritation. Ilyiicria, Ihnorondria. Piles 'rooisus Clerta, Suppression of I'rine. the llronchitis ul Pol lir-uieal er-, and fnci- pftii! Conntmption .'.ill nfwh ch will! e ni'ich reliee--p I, if not rniirely iri'ioecd, 1 y the ice ofthe Patent Lace, when llieir ex'-'ence t-cau-eit tiy phy-ical ee rangenient and a incihanical ili plai e'meni r.f part-, which can I o readily a-eertained by nb-ereiug Ihe form and symptoms uf the persnn a 'ictod. 'I lii-iu-irumetit ha-I ivn extiniiiel ly Drs. Molt, Roger-, Fr.inci- an I Ort-comb of New York the Faculty nf Pitl-bureh, llariferdan I New Haven, and ha- oftaincdilieirf.u-orat leie-tini' ny. Appli"aii"n-fnrlhi- Lace may I r made to the tu'i--crdcr, ntK-sex,or llagar et Arihur, Bnrhnglon. Patient- at a eli-tanee will he visuel at 'heir re-ulcuce, ilrrpiired. JOHN W. IJMI RY. l's-ex March 27, 1811. -13 1( POR SALE. TIIIIAT large and rotninodii u-two story BIIICK JL iiwr.l.i.lN'n HOIISi: AND LOT. -iiiia cd on the we-l sii'eof College Orceii.nt li e bead of College Sircvt, in tin village.' The House 1 32 I y 43, wilh an a-einent -lory, Willi Kiienen unci pruvi-iuu cru.irs, wilh a eying 32 1 v C, ex enunig imrih on College Orren, with wood a'nd slote home I e!ow-, andeliam I, it. nml .leeoing rooms nl ne. A large and com- modioli- barn, carnage hou-e, lee house, and other niit.liiiiist'..nnd a snacinu- yard we-l of the dwelling iinti-e, and a good d iral lo will of water of Ihe be-t quality in Ihe village, and a brick ei-tern. One nnd a quarter acre-of land, of ihe fir-l qoalite, n large I'.irJen and choice fruit trees vee.l of the lioiife nnd .,, ..i The buildings are rons'rueled in modem style, ol , theli'st material and evorkniau-liip, were erecteu I,.. ,1... .litis -nl ,.p fnr to- nu-il n-e. and the localic n ., i:,l n i.i.m. n,i, titca.nllt liro-l'Cl't of lite I village and lal.e;on the We-l, ana I- nol surpntseu u nm. nlltcr in this cart nflhe Country. Pureha-ers nre invited to call nml ex inline fur thein-elves. Terms made known I y the -nb-cril er onll,rpieini-es. SAMCLL RIJI'.D. Burlington, April 18, 1811. 40 tf DRUGS &JVlEDICINESg The snb-cril er- are contlllii- nlly -uiiplied with Lit. li ARTK LU in the above brnnch, 1 ol li ol tbeOthciiu and Patent kind-; Medicinal w ater-from Saratoga ilo. from Caledonia, Canada; Medical Wine- nu Liquor-i(pur) Leeches ; Surgical Inslrumeim-.'Min- eral Teeth, etc. Prescriptions put up at bliortrst nonce. iLjt'Shop open at all hours. ' PUCK et SPKA JAU, Apothecariei I!.irlingtnn,Feb.l,lS13. lyji ARTHUR, " AUK now receiving new supplies of S A 1)1. EH Y, COACH AND SIIIJLF HARDWARE. in nil Us varities. ALSO, DIUtO. et MKDCIINFS, PAINTS, OILS, VAU NISHF.S etc. etc. Burlington, Vl. ) Nov 10, 1813. 5 0 d Q LL V the 3 j m m II AGAR & WlUGHT'iS INDIAN V HOLT A II hi; PILLS) OR INDIAN rirnoTivij. rPtIOUC II man'' medicines have I een Irlorethu J. led he lur tl Itiueli lomrcr ricroiil than Wrnmrr's IsniAN Vr.cir.TAmr. I'tLt.s, yet hone stnnd- now In Ittnnnii nr.pUTr., or hn moie rntudly ntlnined n llrm iiuio upon popui.iresi inaiinii. -rue TiioUfANlis that liavr ii-cil them ihrniielionl the lenmli nml I I, .r me iiepuuite, nil 1 rnr t cheerful li-.-IHiii-.riy in their Iharouuh effirucy nnd mild cperntion when employed in ino moi ui-tres-mg iiuori'er-"wlneii iievli i- heir' lo." The theory of i i-eae on evlnd, Wiiii.iit'. Khu-'I'il.Li ate lounded. is tins, vizt that there isnntyone primary cause ef all the disorders that Xliiciine nnman jamtiy, nn t imt is corrupt luiiniirs; r, in outer worn imjiurilinj llli.od. Hit-pnnci lo i- now so geneinlly nilntitteil, thai it may hi fact e -aid lo I e -n-mine'd; I V tin unie-cr.nliiv of ntonuin. the few dis-enters cnn-'itiitmg but a very fen! c im liurity. Il i- ii-elr s to di-cii'S Ihoounii-lie-sol tin-theoiy in tin- place nnd cnime.Mdn. IIIE0NR iit'CASR I'rincIplc Icing ndinitteil, the de o( nttnel; pro'es-rd by tillractiiinner I peonies : .nine namely, imrsrnlion, H it manv ofthe so- called spc.'ifie- now I efnre Ihu public, prnduie only one form uf Purgation; tlicy nru ri'hcr Sudorific, Calhartic,)iiuitii or Fxpi'ciorant, Wright t Indian . cytfuioc i-uis i iiiuinr nil inc-c properne-, nun n,e thereloie calculated lo nllnck the elemenl- of di-ra-u nt nil poinl.-, nnd by n hariiioniou- nndcombineil ope- ' . -f.-i n i.i'ii'-iioy irum inr sy-iern. 'I ii'ir e 'eet i-nlmo-tmag cnl, nml t nole.iisloiiifhtng for i s nuldiie- than its efficacy lloth sexes, nnd alt aces may employ them, nceording tntlioihrectlnffeLl witbo'il tear, for while t hey nre Mrdin to cure allditL eases tint are remedial, tlicy never indict nn injury" mum llie system. Tins purre Ki'clj of the medicine is nnothei oil important ipiality, nnd cue which ha- contributed mure than nny thing eho to its. extension and popu larity. In a icnrd, this medicine commends itself strongly tn the patronac-c nf the public, and its use bids fair to tecime before lone, almost universal. AUTIO.N. The citizens nf New Lnslan I nru re-pectftilly in formed that in run-crt'icnee ol the sreat popularity which Wriglil'- I iidi.iu Vcgetu' le Pill-have c.irnodby their a-louislnni st o lues-, n ol Cnunterleiicrs arcnnwindii-triou-lyencai:cd in pa'tninc on the int. sn-pectincr.a ralnctesi and perhaps dangerous medi eine, under ihe iiaiiicnflinlian Vei-etnble Pill-. Tlnsisto inlorm Ihe public, iha' the genuine medi cine ha- on tlieboxe-, " Yrlglit's Iiiillin Vege table I'llls, (INDIAN PrRUATIVF) or Tim NtiiTii A.mi.rican cuM.cnr. or Ilr.Al.Tii." Andnlso atomul the I order tf Ihelalel will le found tn -mall type, " Entered nrrnrdinu to the Act of Congre-s, in tho eeariatn. I e WiMinin Wr, 0. ,1... CM...I-. ri u..... ihe Di-triet Court ot the Fa-tern Di-tricl ofl'cunsyl a." The pul lie will nl-nremcm1 er that alhvho ell the o-enuine Indnii Vegetal Ie Pill- are proiided with a eertineaie nf nrency -lined I y VVllllnm Wriglil, A'ice Irciduit or Titr. s-nieTii amuiican cot.tccr. or health," nml that .e Iter- nreneier in any ca-e nllowe.1 lo-ell the eenu ne medicine AH travelling Agent- will I e provided with n certificate of Ageueyn- ubovedescri iie 1 ; and tlm-e whoeanni.t -how uiie will be known a-1, l-e inipt'Stur-. 'I he fullnwiitg highly re-pectalde person shave been nppuinted ngcut- for 'he -ale of the nhoee named Wright's I ml in n Vegetable I'llls. nr Tin: N' tiTii amuiican coli.i.p.e or health. AOL.NTS Pel. it Spear, S. II. Ilnwar I, II, Dads & Co., Burlington; Fran is Laelare, Colche-tcr; .Mor'on et Clark, Wilbs'in; l.nriu Tifcr, l.'--eT ; J, II. Ti '.ver e S m, Fnderhill; A. B.uney, J. Ly miii.Jenclin; Win. Rhode, P.. B.Oreen, Richmnn.l; .1. B. Dike, lliintiiiu'ion ; Muii-i n eV Dean. Brt-tnl ; Mll-uue Dean, Lllicn'n ; A. P. Rn-ci e, New-Hn-ven; R. Sam'ersiui, W. Mdion ; C. L. Drake, .Milton; Ceo. Ayres, Milton Fall-: .Mnr m Wires, i;riswolil it Sinilie. Cambridge; W. S. &. r,. P. Wood, We-t-f.,rd;S. W. Bru-hiV Co., Fairlax ; II. Conk, Shel biiin; Wm. B. Viel.e, lliue-l ; S. II. Barnes, Clnrn.ite; Topper if-'.'ndge, Sl.irk-I oroiigh ; Slide-et Web'., Fein-I i rgh. The on'y O Ii e in Bo-ton where the Indian Vege. table P'M-can I ei b'ame' 1 1- al J9P, TRKiNIONT STIJEKT. 1 9 Pr ueip'il Odi 'ennd Oeneral Dejini, G9 U.t r-ireet, Philadelphia. 32yl " TOlu'lYsfciANS. " New ChcmlcaU and miii ley Artldti! llhc Acid-, ehemi' al. Am macal 1'iepn ration Bruuiitie, Cyanurct ufPotas-iiun, Cii' e.f l'u.a-ti, F.laien on, F.i-gn' Fie-h, Pitly. Fthereal Preparatiuns, Kx'ract el Opium, Kxiraet nl Rha'auy, Ilaii'.MilieiiMir I Ie Iritier I'.x'raci i f Aeunite, W'lutn i, i f Mercury, bite nf S I,.Iiur, ilde of Iron, B'un.x.i'e ol Myelin , llyiiriud.i'c,! I. i,uor i f Ar-eni" nn ' Mi'n ury. Leedie-,'h) Sj ani-h an.l Sweeh-li, Oil ot Tul ae.'u, P e 'rin, ee. etc, etc. S le'er,' heuuen New slj Ie cl Iu-.'rumeu. Lepidin, Mngtie ian Fluid, Nu'drha Wi isl. l PUi Iv & SI iJAR'S. " IIIJ.VUY IIAI.n. ATTOUNUY .fe fOUVIJIil.OU AT LA1Y, OltWni.L, Vi:i!MO.T. S. N. IMIl.tlAMJi: ATTORNEY AT LAW .Vo. 7 Counsellors Iall. (Peck's 13 IX PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. rpHIS articleis too well known to need commen I dation and the experience of seven years lias demon-trntcd lo the commercial community, that for nceitmey, convenience and durability, they are unrivalled Con! vnrd scnles to weigh from 3 to 6 tons. Dnrmnnt Wnrehouse do, to weigh from 1 21b. to 5000 lbs., Portnbie do. to weigh from 1 2 oz. to 200 lbs. PortablcCounli rdo a newarticle to weigh from 1-2 oi. to 40 lbs. J. II. Peck et Co. Asrent: Burlington, June 30. IS 13. Uf tf ii' ;tir' Remedy foa ,.0R SATjn BY THIJOROSS, also AT RF.TAlI. 1! By PFAK et SPF.AR. NEW BOOT ND SHOE STORE. HAS removed to llie new shop opposite the old Bank, where he . prepared to inret llie rail- i f hi- cu-loiner-, on the -liurlcsl no ieennd in the latest nnd niuit -t)ie. lie ha-no empty loa-t ! to make', nor I'an he -ay Imt that hi- work may seme timej iiartnkeof the iiniierfcetiuii wdm h chnraeter zes 1 all thing- of human trncluie; but th - he will i ay, that 30 year- pxpeiiciice has gieen him come cxnili- deuce, 6 ihat tin lliink- he can compete wilh ino-l of lu- nJighl or-, with the last and airl, if nut wilh the self praising pen. At all eietits, hi-ru-ti mcr- shall I run no n, lor n woru i- not pvoii ne w in mai.p it pood. .Now a-ncretnfnre, be warrants his wor'e to ghe good snli-facnon, or lie will inalcntiffaetiun. hoots asp snoi:s Of every i!c.-cripiion, constantly mi hand, and inanu fhetiireel to order, ef gooil stock and superior work ir.ninlup. Burlitigion, May 13, 1811. t rt y ii fT pictor i a l i i i si ory of ti i iTunn J ml Slates is now complete, il may besem al Satn'l. Huntington's who is dulv nulhotipd lo fill nil a ir. mlnlinn I., ,1.1a . 1 . I. t' lilunoiu - " " 'ma ..nti.,. ,i- i.uiie i.oi I .inn,. ' .. oi r..t ... 1.- .1 r .1 1 t... i-sii iu ne-, piuuo iu ue- iiieuwnpr oi ims m-iury, All who may lime orders left with iIipiii will du me n favor bv transmitting ihrni lo .Mr. Hiinlington C V. Blaisdell r( Vcreennes. is nn nillhnrizt d ncno. Alt the counties in Ihe stale eeill le listlnl as soon ns practicable for the circulation of inss unrivaled Am lean uisioiy, I). KIMBALL Jr. special Agent for J Uur'ington, Scpt.ytli itm. I I" . In 1h A d 1