Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 18, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 18, 1844 Page 3
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But now tlio end ofllicso tilings is conic Tlio solemn ii ml emphatic rc-ilurnlinn liy Mr Clay of tlio sentiments of his Knlcigti letter, Ills stilt more emphatic declaration of oppo sition to annexation, and his insertion that his two suhsrcpient letters worn hased upon nnd had referenre to that letter, and were in no wiso intended to controvert or depart from tlio doctrines there maintained, must ho re garded os settling conclusively this point) about which it is only Locnfocos who havo ever had or pretended to havo tiny devcrsi ty of opinion. Mr. Clay is firmly nnd de cidedly opposed to tho annexation of Texas to this Union, nttd nil ho intended by his two letters which have been so much falsified nnd perverted was, that in caso of tho possible and rcmolo removal of tho conditions, which lio interposed to his nssont, hut which ho did Hot expect to sco removed, he would not op poso his will to the general desire of the Uni on, and tho demands of national welfuro nnd prosperity. He occupies the samo ground lie has always stood upon, nnd nil tho mis representation of unscrupulous enemies can not change tho emphatic langiinco of his clos ing letter. Ho stands firm in tho unshaken devotion nnd confidence of his party, nnd that party will seo to it that ho is placed in n po sition where ho can represent their views nnd their policy with effect. THE OCTOBER ELECTIONS. Tho returns of tho elections held in tho beginning of this month fully meet tho ex pectations previously ontcriained by the Whigs, whilo they prove n very unaccepta ble doso to Locofocoism, New Jersey and Maryland had each been vociferously claim ed by 11 portion of our opponents, nnd par ticularly the former, where Captain Stock ton backed by Captain Tyler and his under strappers, were looked upon as sure to pock et tho lillle Slate of the Jersey Blues. In Maryland, in spito of the abominable frauds in Baltimore, wo lavo carried every thing, though tho Baltimore voto reduces Gov. Pratt's majority to about 550. New Jersey reverses the Majority of last year, throwing it largely with the Whigs, nnd giving Mr. Stralton about 1500 majority for Governor, In Pennsylvania there were but few wliigs so sanguine as to expect success at tho Stale Election, but they entertained and now en tertain the firm belief that that sterling old Tariff state will cast her vole for Mr. Clay. Tho majority of D. R. Porter (Loco) for Governor in I S-ll was 23,003. Last year the Loco majority was not far from 14,000 nnd now Francis R. Sluink tho Loco Can didate for Governor, gets all of about 4500 majority. On this promising result tlio Lo cos take courage vastly, hut the)' are doom ed to a sorrowlul disappointment when the returns of the election of the first of Noveni berjeome to bo counted, Pennsylvania goes for Mr. Clay. From Ohio tiio news is cheering. We carry the State handsomely, by from 3 to 5000 fur Governor, taking both branches of tho Legislature, nnd securing a U. S. Sen ator in place of Benjamin Tappan. From Georgia our returns arc as yet but partial, hut enough is ascertained to prove that the Congressional delegations will stand Jive Whigs to three Locos. The vote, for somn reason or other, is uncommonly small, but it will Qll up in November, nnd roll up n handsome majority for Clay. In Connecticut, tho elections for town officers have been held, showing about 3,000 Whig majority. All right in the land of steady habits ! Tims, including Connecticut, there have been held in Octo ber six State elections, of which the Whigs carry five, and the Locos squeeze through in the other by 4 or 5,000, whore last jear they had 14,000, and in 18-11, upwards of 23,000 I I f tlio Dcm'ocracy can extract any comfort out of such a state of things, let them go about it at once, " whilo the evil days come not," &.c. &c. VERMONT. orrici.u, vote. Tho official majority for Governor Sladc U 1,583 For Lieut. Gov. Eaton, For Treasurer Spalding, Avcrago Whig majority, For Congress. Hon. Geo. P. Marsh, has Hon. Jacob Col lam or, Hon. Solomon Foot, 1,890 1,753 1,742 1,531 1,290 1,813 and Paul Dillingham lacks 5GS of an elec tion. If any State will do better than that, re spect being had to size and strength, wu say let them do it with all our hcait. Wo mere ly take lcavo to say, with becoming modes ty, well dune Vermont. A SIGN. Nothing but Shunk's personal popularity, and his professed friendship for a Tariff, has saved Loco Polkism from utter ruin and de struction in Pennsylvania, as a fact or two will prove. In tho 13th Congressional Dis trict, Shtmk (Loco) has 534 majority for Governor, while Pollock, Whig member of Congress, gets in tho samo Counties a ma jority of 171 1 Hero is a diffeicnco of 705 votes in Shunk's favor in ono District. If any man believes, in view of this fact and others like it, that tho dug-up free trader of Tennessee is to bo swallowed whole by Tar iff Pennsylvania, lie must havo a largo bet depending on the result. Nothing clso could possibly make him so credulous. fjy'Will tho New York Tribuno pleaso to inform us how wo camu by tho impression that David Spangler was tho Whig Candi date for Governor in Ohio, whilo the returns aro headed " Hartley"? We incline to tlio opinion that that paper must havo a hand in the mistake. At all events wo supposed Mr Spangler was tint candidate, and as tho Tri buno is tho authentic chronicle of political events, tho presumption seems to bo against it. FENCE MACHINE. Wo invito ntlcntion to tho advertisement of Briggs' patent fence Machine. It is nn invention of rare utility, not only on account of tho cheapness of the fence produced, hut because it is composed of pickets which few nuimals will nltempt to overleap. It needs hut liltlu lumber, nnd is easily set up nnd kept in repair. It may bo used without posts nnd thus obviate tho great difficulties expe rienced on clay lands by tho heaving of tho frost. Few inun who liavo not given partic ular attention to tho subject, ran uppreciato tho enormous expense of fencing a farm and keening tho fences in repair. It is ono of tho heaviest taxes of thu farmer, and nn cir cumstance forms n heavier item in what is termed the "running down" of a.f.irm, than tho decay and demolition of its fences. This invention promises to relievo tho ngiiciiltur ist of one of tho many drawbacks on his slen der profits, nnd wo hope it may receive tho earnest attention of those who nro most like ly to derive benefit from it. It was, wo learn highly rcccommcnded at tho Agrcultural f.iir.nnd decided to bo n great improvement in every respect on most kinds of fenco now m use, cither for Farm, Garden or ornamental fence. Messrs. J. N. & II. P. Dewey nro the manufacturcis. Their establishment is at the Falls, where they will promptly answer nil orders for tho patent fence. They nro the proprietors of the Patent for this Slnte, and Eastern N. York, which they will dis pose of on the most favorablo terms. GOVERNOR'S MESSAGE. Wo call attention to tlio nblo and com prehensive message of Governor Slado in this paper. It is long, but it handles with a statesman's pen the varied topics it discuss es. Its length prevents us from adverting to it more particulaily at this time, but we com mend it to the careful perusal of every fico nian, and wo aio suro no ono can lead it without n high admiration of the talents and patriotism of its distinguished author. 05" The address or Geo. P. M.nsir, be fore the Vt. Ifistorical and Antiquarian Society, on Monday evening last, was a ricli treat. Tho House was filled to overflowing, and never did we witness an intelligent au ditory bang upon the lips of a speaker with such ardent tokens of delight. The speaker was master of his subject, nnd handled it in a masterly manner. Many of the ideas ad- j vanccd were original, nnd all clothed in chasto and beautiful language. The allu sion to our pioneer fathers, tho original Green Mountain Boys of Vermont, was tonchiii!! and eloquent. Mr. M. has shown himself, in this, as in other productions of lis pen and his tongue, a sound statesman, i correct historian, and a ripo scholar. Wo trust ho will favor the public with a copy of his ;uldres, in compliance with the unan imous vote of tho Society. Walton's Dai ly Journal. Viin.Mo.vr Abt'i.UM ron thu Insane. By the Eighth Annual Report, which is just published, tho institution appears to bo in a prosperous condition. Tho buildings have been enlarged this season, furnishing greater accommodations, and improving tho means of classification. 232 patients have enjoyed its advantages tlio past year, 74 have been discharged, and 158 now remain. Of those discharged, 51 have recovered. The terms nro fixed at S2 per week, or SS0 er year, if the patient remain so long in the institution. Patients from other States are received on tho same terms as those from Vermont. VEH.MOXT CUXTItAL, KAIIj IIOAI). Nolice is hereby given lliat llio books for subserip- iiou to the Cnpilal Slock of llio VERMONT CEN- THAI. UAH. IiOAD, will bo opened on llio 29lb day of llns month, at one o clock, I'. 31., nl 31. Cotml! s in Montpclicr, and at Howard's IIoicI i i liurlington. CM AS. PAINE, JOHN PECK, WYI.LVS LY3IAN, DANIEL IIAI.DWLV, K. I'. JF.WHTT, ANDREW TRACY, LEVI 1J. VILAS. Ocl. 13, 1341. Clay Club. Tho next regular Meeting of tho ISVULINGTON CLAY CLUB will beholden nt the Court House on MONDAY EVE NING next, October 21. The members arc remicstcd to assemble punctually at SEVEN o'clock. E. A. STANSBURY, Secretary. if ffl, ' In this village, October 11th, at the residenco of J. Doaue, Esq., Joiin V. Iticn, in his 21st year. In this town, on tho 8tli instant, Copt. Sidney E, Lounino, aged 27 year. In Charlotte, on tho 12th inst., of consumption, Itoscu-s 31. Pease, youngest 6on of Sir. Salmon rcase, agee, it). SELECT SCHOOL, Miss. 1.. It. STJf'V WILL commence her winter term on Wedne-dav il.n p., i, .,r ',-,i .! in i. ' - IllbUIII "I t'UI V 1U . Ill, 11,111- 1 .5 Wl.'IV. niuLAviim i" riiit r m iiu uuiiiiiit'iieeiiieni of the term. Tuition. Fnihsh, 83,00 I'rench, i,of) 1 - .i .. -- School Ilooui' ono door went of the room' formerly Iliirhngmn, Oet. 18, IBM. 20 Tailoring KslalilMinicnt nt tho Talis W. McSOItl-KV OUI,f) respectfully inform tho inhabitants of , , "-"" .11 iniiy, i. itii nciins la Ken -iiuji nuiiipKii iieruiuii ro ny . ununn, where hi intends to carry on llio Tnilnrine lnines in all in various branches. From his evperienco in Ibo busi n.Ba In ill.. nci..;.nl .lf... f I' II - i, ma in r.uruie, Da wen as in this country, ho can assuro ail who may favor him Willi their nnlrnnnnn of lintmm ilmlr ..... and mado in tho most fashionable styloW workman- ' i iir"llill'lj ICIIIIB, Quttingdono lo order at ebort notice, nnd marked All kinds of produce received in payment for wo dono nt my shop. Accounts in Callan lift with i Tor collection, on which imincdiato payment is i ''"ir'1.- . n r, , Wm- WcSOItl.RV. liurlington Falls, Oct., 3. sOhC N. Il.-Olivcr's New York and London fashions for fall nnd winter of 1841-5 now on hand. CASH, nnd thu Inchett prices ior Sheep Pclt nnd Shipping I' urn by . . . 'uianoi muni, I I'lirlington, October, 17, 1811. 20 DANCING SCHOOL. pAIU.OS t:. HAt lir.l, would rcpcr.. v7 fully inform the citizens (if Ihirhnptun nnd llio adjoining towns tlmt he will rnsigrt hi' services the coming reason as Tiaclur of Nallzc, SpniiMi dan ccs, (luadrillcsnnd Contra dances, in the latest and most fashionable styles, nn reasonable term. lio will also furnih llio best, Into! and most im proved music for Halls, Cotillon l'atties, Ac, Ac., at the slwrlc-t notice. Ilavmij taken lesson of Mr. Oco. Saunders, n well known teacher of Dancim?. from whom ho received tlio following recommendation, ho feels confident of ncing alilo to give the hest s'llisiaclmn to ail who may wish" for disservices. It will bescen hy 3Ir. Siuntler's certificate that ho has given up tho business Ibis sen son to 3Ir, Hachrldcr, whom he recommends as wor thy of tho patronage of his friends. liurlington April, 23ili 1811. This 13 to certify that 3Ir. Carlos llachelder, the beater of this Idler has been tinder my insiruclinns both as a Violinist and Teacher of dancing. 1 there fore rcccnmnicnd him to all who may be in want nf his services as being fully competent as a Violini.t and Teacher of Dancing and Waltzing. Also, as n young gentleman of moral and steady habits and ono who liny he ribcd upon Willi perfect sifcty by nil with whom be may chance to meet. I also pivc up tho business to him Ibo coming season. Most rcspccfully tnwbom it mav concern, GF.O. SAUNDERS, Violinist And Professor of Waltzing and Dancing. 20nG fit HE Refugee an! Jonathan Frock, translated fiom JL llio fleiiiian. 121 Wandering Jew, No. fi. Cj Sylvester Sound, the Suinnnb ilist. 37J Tom Uutke complete. 25 Ej On tale, 300 CAl'.JIINA SACRA A. EDWARDS. 20 No. 1. I'o k Huilding. SHOOTING MATCH. THU Sportsmen oflluiituiatuii nnd ibo neighbor ing townsnie heriby notified that the subscribers iroosc holding a Shooting Match at I. It. Dike's Inn in Huntington nn Wednesday and Thursday the 23d and 21th days of October inst., at which lime and place they intend In liirnish one hundred Turkies to be shot at, or rallied for. All who relish this kind of sport are invited to call and try their lurk. Joseph duck, pliny swift. Huntington October, 1-lth 1SI1. 20wl VILAS & XOY ES. SncccsMirs to VII.AS LOO.MIS ,Ss Co. rmtOI.KSU.r. Dealers In foreign nnd Domc-tic V Dry (lood-, Tin I'lair, English, Russia, nnd Canada Slieel Iron Iron Wire, Wire Vellum, Sheet ami Hull Copper, Sheet and Zinc, nnd manu facturer ofTm Ware. WILLIAM R VIMS, 3IOHILLO .OVF.S. liurlington, October, IS II. 20 SHAFT. OR AND PECK, Attorneys anil Counsellors at Law, And Solicitors in Chancery. JAMES 31c 31., Wl I.T.I AM V. PECK. Peck's nuiltlinB, Ao. G. 20w3 M- G- IfiATHItUiX & CO DRAPE IIS .y TAILORS, No. 2. Peck' Huildmrr. HAVE relumed from New Vorl. with a superior assortment of CLOTHS. RASA.MEIIES. and VESTING,-', together Willi an oxlcn-ive us-orimcnt ol TIILMMINGS. Also, nnin. Collars. Tailor' Cravon. Mea-. ure, Ac. Ac. M. ii. liATiinrs-, C. F. Waiid. Oet. 17,1811. 20 SCHOOL HOOKS. WAVLAND'S S-n-iii-e, I'lnyCuV- r. it-li.l, Fo-lerV lloiil;-lCn'piii!r, Oreenle.ilV Arnlinie tie, Andrew' Lnlin ltculer and Le-son, SupbiK'le' (iieek Grammar, Anlhi'ii'-- &'.illu-t, .Mr. I'lielpO l'l'lnoiiy, ()linysleair I'lnlo-npliv, .Newinan'- Itlie lorie, Sinilb'i Arilbnielii'. D.ivie-' Siirvennir. (.'don er'-, Virgil, Coin-toek's l'bilovophy, Ac. Ar tor sale by SA31UKL HUNTINOTON. uet. Hi, .11. 20wli FRUIT. APPI.I3-, both fall and winter fruit nf tlio choir ett (iratit, 1 1- tlio lariell or bii-bel : (Juiiiees. Or- nnso-i Lemon-, l!,iiiu, Figg, D.ilo-, Cuul'eclioncry, .weei roi.uoi-, e. Also, 0Mrr. by the llarrell, Keia or hundroli Clie-inut, Wallnnls, AlmoiuU, llrazille,3Iadicra .tint Pea Nut-; Soda mid lluun Cr.ieker-, .f-n At-., lor sale cheap, by 1). 1JI.ACK.MAN. llurlinaton.Uct. 1U, MI. 2UmU F c a I h o r s , HI'.NS nnd Geo-..- lcnther. lor salely VlU-i A XOYIW. Hnilinpton, Oet. 17, 1S11. 20 BROWN SHEETING. 1 ; HALl'.S llrowu Sliectimr, It) 1 C.i-0 lileaehi-l lo 1 do Tickiuzs, for sale low by VII..VJ& NOVF.S. Oet. 17, 1811. 20 COLORED CAMBRICS Ac. I CASK lilk. Candrie-, L l.ri p-. Sileeia, 10 do Ke.1 l'.itlduic;, I.', do Cnuva, 1 Case Manchester Ginchamg, 1 do Iri-lt Liiien, fir sale bv VILAS . NOYl'3. Oet. 17, IS II. 20 ALPACAS Sfc. 8 PS Silk Warp Alpaca, 18 do Couou do do 2."i do 1 ii'iieb and Kuu'lMi 3Ierino, 10 do 1'ig'd llpiiic. for sale at low prices by MLAS A .OVi:s. Oct. 17, 1811. 20 BUTTONS. Ofin OliOSS Horn Coal ll itton, vUU 7.1 ilo do Over Coat do 300 do do Yet do 73 do Gilt Coat du 12.5 do do Vot do 5C0 do Pant do 500 ilo .Shut do For sale cheap by VILAS & NOVF.S. Oct. 17, 1811. 20 WRITING PAPER. Onn UKAMS Killed Letter Paper, OUU 100 do do Cap iln For sale at low price in exebainri- for Uap'. Ac. Tho-e wi-hing to pureb.isc will Ibid it for their inler- ,1 lo call. VILAS A NOYLS. Oet. 17,1811. 20 ry fT OI!0,5S Hooks and Kye, I J 15 do Shavins Soap, 50 do liound Laetls, 200 do F.yulets, lor sole ty VILAS A NOYES. Oet. 17, 1814. 20 COMBS. DO'. Sido Combs. 500 150 do Twi-t do Ofin An linrv iln 75 do C. and Fine do 75 Gros Wood 1'oel.ei do 10 do do Dres-ins do For sale by VILAS A NOVKS. Oet. 17,1811. 2Q ESSENCES Ae. OI OHOSS F.-sences, Av-orlud, OVJ 5 do llnlish Oil, 5 do OiicJildoc, For sale by ' VILAS A NOVKS. Ocl. 17, 1814. 20 COTTON THREAD Ac. Ciif Cotton Thread, rorted, JJ 25 do Liiun do 300 diz. Spool do 50 iln Hull Tnpe, 200 do Slkk do for sale by VILAS A NOVKS. Oct. 17, 1841. 20 JAM US K..POLK. SPLI.NDID likenessc tf ("lay, Polk, Krt-linghuy-sen and Dalla-. Price I2J eenl, for sale by SAMUUL HUNTINOTON. O-t.IG, Ml. 20C Toys, &c. AOUIIAT variety of Toy nnd other article for pre-cuti. meh n Magneiic Fih, Swords, lloals, Au , for sailuij ill waier, Kid Wood and Wax Doll., Maks, .Marble, Tin Stou anil Annuals oi ail una i'l.n' Whip, Whislles, SwonN, Giin.l'runipeU, and MuMcal Toys, and n great vmieiy it Aiiitrlcan, French, Ocrmnn, KSU,U h ncy ..rl.clo-. ihhj-"am vw ?i Oct. 10, 1811. 1 HUIUU'S PATENT FENCE MACHINE, TTIOll lurnint: Fenco Pickets nnd utlier articles of wood ol a cylindrical form. Tho undersigned continue to operate the above Mnihincrynl "Winouskl City," where they would bo happy to furnish purthiscti with some of I heir xarieties of I'ntm, (inrdcn or ornamental Fence. They will also work up Lumber upon shares or by the lod forlhoso who wish. Owimr In tho ndvantancs which they derive in llio uo of the above improvement, they ate enabled lo nllordn neat and beautil'ul fenco fur yards and gar dens, nt much less cxpenso than the same can bo pit up for in any other way, whilo foi ilurnl ility it is not excelled bv nnv in common use. This valuable iinprmcmtnt was 'first brinish! nut in Western New York, whiro it Ins conuinlo rxlenivo use nnd hn received the approbation of tho Mayor of llio city of IhiUhh), with many hundreds of the first agricultur ists nnd others in that patt of tho Slate, also of Gov Hubbard, Duct. Jams, .Indue Churchill and many (ilhcrs in New Hampshire. In fact wherever it has been introduced it linslecn highly approved. Asa Farm Fenco it combines mote ndvanlncci. than any other fence over used. It can bo ued without jo. nnd is therefore not nlleeUd by thu freezing and henvingof the ground. It tikes hss lumber than any oilier kind or fence, is a cirlnin protection ngainM .ill kinds of cattle, i not bablo to got out of repair, cniiiioi be bloicn (WiM easily setup, taken down nn I removed, without inpiry. ?j-No FAnMr.ii .oh( lie itUUnul nt least n suffi cient ipantiiylo throw nroiind Ins fields of grain and slack yards. Tho undersigned refer with pleasuro to Col. Harry Tlnuins, N. II. llaswill. F.'i. and 3Icssrs. Ilrin maid ami llroibcrs, liurlington: Hon. David Held, Colchester j Ralph Lmdon, Willis ton, and Wm. KccUT.K.q, Grand We. j.o N. DF.WKY. II. P. DIAVKY. Any person wishing lo cngnnein tho nbovebusi-nc-s in llio counlii'3 of Frnrklin, Orleans, Limnillc, Washington Rutland, llenninglon nnd Windham, in this Slate, or any of 'ho I'asicrn counties in tho State of New York, v. 11. p'.easo np,ily ns nhove. ' JNO. N. DF.WKY, Agent for Patentee. liurlington, Vt., August, 1311. 13 NEW YORK BOOT & SHOE STORE, VAroULD respecifully infortn bis fiicndsin Hur v hngion and vicinity, tint he has just rcturmd from New Yen It with a full assorlinenlol BOOTS AND SHOES, of all snrls, viz : French calf llools; Waier proof lioois; mp minis, oi an sons) .'icn s Lall llools. coarse and line; Thick llools, nan's and hoy's i Thick lirogiins, coarse and fine; 31en's Isavy Tiesj Ladies' Gaiters, of all colors j Ladies' half (Jailers Ladies' light Inlf Gaiters ; Ladies' Hiiskinsj Ladies' kid Pumps j Ladies' Slippers j Ladies' Laco Hoots, sewed and petrged ; Cackofall colors, sons and sizes. A supjrior atliel of India Rubber over shoes. 1 h ive spaieil no tiains ill making a choice selection of the above named articles, which I mean to sell on the most reasonable terms, for cash. I go upon the principle that "a nimble sixpence is better than a slow shilling." I still cnniiiHie to manufacture limits nnd Slims at my new shop, opposite the old Hank nn Church St., where nil applications for custom work will he 'promptly attended to. Uuilington, Vt., Oet. 10, Ml. 10 WANTED. GOOD Table I! itter, Oils, Corn and White Rcans for which llio highest tiriee will I p paid in Eoods at very low prices by O. 1". STAN1FORD .f- Co. Oct. llih, 1811. 19 Administrate!' Sale. IJt'lll.lC NOTICK i hereby -riven, that agreeably to sin order of (be Judge of Probate for the dis trict ol Cliillein'eii, that the iKulllilg house and lot ol hind, eoiitaiiiiii: :ii out half an acre, silu.iled on ihe ninth sideot'3Iain Street in -ai I Ilurliuu'ton, belong, in to Ibo Cytale ol'Louis Dervillic, latoof said llur linLlon deci a-iil, will I e sold at Public. Auction on the premise, a lore-aid, i n llio 311 day of October inst. nt 3 o'clock P. M. links previ ly sold at privale S.i'e. Terms of payment in.uki known in llio time and place ol'Sile. Win. A. UlllSWOLD, Adm'. Iliirliiiirlon, Oet. -1, 1811. 9w3 MBSfiUH. IlllINSJJAW ,- It llO'I IlliltS A Rl) riHciving a great variety of new good lo rV l.eeii their n-sorinicut very complete, ever vary ing and ever now, among tlieiu are new patterns of iliriiig i in aeen oiiu.i none, Weildini lliua-, Solid bead Pin. ivory iniiiiis, Niel. ('(iinb-, Ivory Tabids, Memorandum Rook, I''ies, Adelaide Hair Ilrushes, II I Hair Pin-, Jew Harps, vv oiHten i- onilis, Tvvisi Combs, ( Pipe-. White Huslo Hair Pin Olyph.llne Soap, and a general variety of oilier article-. v c have received a lot nfline toned 8, 10, and more keyed, superu.r made Willi tliepcail work sei'eweil on to the key, and which are warranted good. Flutes Irom S35 down lo very low price-, Mass Viol- fiuiii 135 itownwnrds, Doul'le His- Viols, per S75, S."l) and -o on. Melohan per S25 and 8 10. Clarinets, File-, Flaireolet-, and mo-i oilier Instru ment, Sword-, Pi-tn-, Pi.tol and Rule Flasks, Plume, S.i.hes, Lace, Siar if-c. Plaliil nnd llritannia ami llra-s Candle Slicks, Snullers, Tray, do., Looking (!l.i es, various size-, llevel Looking tila-ses rhe.iper th in ever. 11IIINS3IAID A UltOITir.liS. Oet. 10, 1811. 19. SLEIGH AND CUTTER SHOES. flnft PAIRS"llocl'.li-l,l'orsalentlho 's'ouih ivU" wharl." Pureli.iM r will do well to give a callus vye will not be under-old under any ciri nm-i on ce. FOLLLTT IIRADLKY A 'o. Oet. 10, 1811. 10 jVIOW b'l'OK E. rMIK suh-crihers have fnrmed a copartnership tin J der the firm of CATL1N .f- SPKAIt, and have taken ihe New Storo in the KxehntiL't- Hotel, nn Wa ter Strict, nct door ninth if F.dkit, llrndley A Co.'s, where ihcy are prepared to slimy purchasers a will selected assoriiueut of Dry Goods, Groceries, Ac. Ac. which they will sell low for cah nr most kinds of country produce. G. G. CATLIN, W. P. SPKAR. liurlington, lOlli Oct., 181 f. I9wG DISSOLUTION. rp II I : firm of Hatch Odcll if- Co., is ibis day dissolv L ed by mutual consent. The books and accounts are left f ir settlement with Joseph Haich, at the Old Stand where all indebted 10 us are requested to call and liquidate their accounts at the earliest posildeday. JOSKIMI HATCH, W. J. ODI'.LL, T13IOTHV CROSS. U. W. HYDII. liurlington, lOlli.Oct. 1SU. 19w3 HAiti'iiifs ii.i.u.iuxATEi) uini.i:, Nn. IO. 2jcts. Tho M'orks of Hcv. Sidney Smith, complete, 3 volumes in ono. 5Q l'cter l'loddy, and other oddities. My Joseph C. Ncal, with illustrations. 50" Tnm Iliirkcol'Ours, Part 2, and last 121 " Isabella l or the Pride of Palermo, 25 " Oct. 10. Ily A. F.D WARDS. GOLD AND SILVER PENS AND PENCILS. LADIF.S' nnd Gentlemen's Gold nnd Silver ever pointed pencil-, of tho new nnd old Patents, with and wilho'it ring. ALSO, A now supply of the very sn eiior Patent dhuiand Pninliil Gold IVn which nre now in u-e by abno-i all tho ,e-t Penmen in the country, they are the best and cheapest auJ most durai lo Pen ever made. lllflN'MM .11 II X. nnrfnir-.-r.ri n.. in .on --u,ur.iW "Vh "( lv.ll 10 JKTBUOODS .p mf IJ have just opciifiln new .1ontu1 lot.Jei Hnir 1'iiia mill nilit-r If p.'iil itpni. ... m I... , : n.V'T "r . "V .-" ".'J",'""". '.--".i-ieei anil m "en uujiies, a ioi in i iMuuiui eut need, Korchcnd and Neck ornament, llr.ieulet, Jet Ihisom Pius some beaiitirul patterns cniirely new, Comb with Je! ornaments, Jet, Hilt, Silvered and Steel Ileal.. Jel .......usw, s, um.. ...... nil.l I-, , Bl( (,y r, . m .o.. "HlNSMAlllA IIKOTHKUS WWI. tsF, IQlIt 10 W AC All & ARTHUR, AKKnow receiving new supplies of SADLER Y,

COACH AND SIIKLF HAItDWAUE. in all its varitirs. A Lbl), DRUG.VA 31KDC1INKS PAINTS, OILS, VAR NISH US, Ac. Ac. liurlington, Vt s-s VCl, I, ICSii. ) NOTHKK Tnr e of that S.igar House 31i.nsse by II. W. CATLIN. Oct. 4, M4. 18 Ocl. 1, l&lt. FI m JJMAiS L Y J A N O' I'I'IdlS for snlo nu cx'ensivo ' sc rtinent of Dry Good. I'llllsihliliD I. I'll (Mi'iit l-.' i.l' ll..i 1M..H. Sit I,.. i,r(j,i,i. in i .. I. i ,1. ,1 i ,.i ii... - 'i ' , Y. i , i nu iii 1 1 m i- ii, iiiisiiiii uii'l New 1 ork, wlmdi arc- nilc-rt-1 for salo fur i-nli or credit at reduced pii' i-, aiming w Inch will be liiuml n variety n Alp.n i n nnd new style Good lor Lnihe' Cloaks, Plain, Snipy nnd Plaid. Also, tialla I'lnid-, a new nrlieleol wnojlcn goods lor ( hml,, C.iniebon, M.I). Lntnc-, Alipnu, !?ilks, Ae. Ac, lor Ladie,' Dres.e. A bcimliful vnriely of American Print. An exleii'ivunssortinent of llioadtloth nndCas siniere. Water pmnfTvvcil, S I ripeil uVi. Plain nnd Plnid Salinelle, superior rj-ialuy. A leaiilifnl nnd (iii-he nsMirunvul of Winter Vi-ting. SilmnmlSilk Velvet do, Cotton Cloth n grenl variety, Wadding, Wickiiio, Hailing if-c. lmbri lias. Superior fjiialily of Scotch Gingham WWe Hone tick.. AUii, lllack Silk Oiiil.rilla. AIo,Oinghjiiii do L'anu Stick. Shoes. An fx'eiiiye assortment of Low Priced Shoe, mining which nre Colored I'lmh lluskin nl 50 cents per pair. Illack do do nt 73. Together with a general assortment of Shawls, IMI.f.., Cravat, Glove, Mitt Ae. Ac. Iluilinglon 2 I October, 1811. 18 SALT. riMIF. B'ihcrilers an- prepared to contract with JL meiehaiit for their winter supply of Salt, and oiler upon tin-11101 ndvaiitngcoua lerins, 15,001 bushels Solar, 2,(100 do Turk Island, 1,000 do ltonnirc, 5,0110 barrels Kino Western, 5,000 sack Dairy, 23 et. each. They plodgu theiii-elve they will not 1 1 undersold. I'OLLKTT, IIRADLKY A CO. South Wharf, Oct. 3, 1811. 18 Furs, JUST received mill lor sale, a Inrsro norlmcnt of llulliilo Rube-, .Mull's, lloas. Cap and Collar, by Oii.jlthl8ll. 13 II. W. CATI.1N. OIL. WINTER bleached Sperm Oil. Do do Whnle do. unbleached iki do. Leaf Laid Oil, 11 superior nrielc. For sale at the " South Wharf" upon lerin w Inch shall 1 c made to soil, by FULLKTT, UltADLEV A. CO. Oct 3, 1811. - 18 It- PATEItSOJY WOULD respectfully inform In cu-icmcrs and the put lie that he'ha j 11-t nveived friiin New Voik Fall and Winter ta-hion-, nnd nil those favorimr bun with their palronasu may lely on having their work done 011 the lovve-t icriu and in the neatot slyle. ALSO liarincnl cleancl, nnd cutting done on the shortest nolice nnd warranted nl hi hop on the New Hond, two doors north of II. Whiinej's shop. 18 f MLMOIR ot llishiip Griswold, one vol. 8 vo. Huleri Temple nud Country Pnrs -n ni-eived 1 y, , . V, 1IARUINGTO.N. Oct. 11, 1SI4. B NEW GOODS. FALL supply and cheap for Cash at Ocl. 2d Ml. 13 HOWARD'S. A NEW FIRM. THF. subscriber having formed 11 copartnership under the Firm of VAHNLV A ZOTTMAN at the hop formerly occupied by I). 31. Varney, on College Street, at the ign of the tluriecn foot gun, where I hey wd' dnall 1 u-iness in their lincof While--milium!, Cutler.-, Gun Sinilh, Diu .fuikeis, lira Fiinndeis, Ivory Turners, .Maebiiii-t and 111 short nbuo-t evervihiii!!. Work done lo order, nnd all orders promptly attended to. D. M. VARNKY, HF.MtV ZOTTMAN. Oct. M, 1811. 18 NEW FALL GOODS. rilllK sub-cril crs have jiisi received n very larcc J. s ipply nl rich Fall Uoods, among whieh'are the following articles. Goods lor Fall dresses. French mous de lames, of all pattern, cashmere d'Kcos-e, chaineleiiii bi-ires, Pnrmeliar, fancy plaid alpaeca, brow 11 do, bluck and l ine black do, black and blue blaek alpine, a !ar?ti asorimeut ot black and blue blaik and laney silks, striped qud lauldo, Atlgh.iii saiin-, winter I nlznrinc. Illbbous. Hal, cap, nnd neck rild 011. plain tail'ctas, iatin do. I. aces. i'nglish, French, nnd Ocrman thread laces and iilging. Lile, tiiiiiupure, Ahhurlon fig'd qrid jiUui Nells, and white. riliaivl. Camel' hair, Itroche, ilainask, ca-liiucro d'Keosse, and Scotch plaid shawl-. CI loves. Ladie' and Gentlemen's blaek and while nnd col- ored kid Glove, Inns, while, kid, and -ilk bit;, while and colored silk, I laik and col'd .Mills, black and blue blaik veil crape. Ulotlis. P.!ae'; and 1 luu Mack Knirli-h cloth : 1 rown. crcen nnd invisible gicen do ; bit; nnd blue blk cassimercs ; lam iiii'i sirioeti no; mk an 1 npie one -lain vt'tiug-; Ik and blue blk -ilk velvet do : silk vilvels of all col. or.-, lor Ladies' bats. l'Maiintls. While, red, and yellow 3-1, 4-1, and G-l Flannels, bleached and nut leached Cuiiluu do, plain and printed Salisbury do. silk, merino, ami cotlon shirlsand drawer-. lllack nnd I luo I lack nnd cplM Girdles, cotton nnd worsted hosiery, linen and wor-tivl table cover-, dia per nnd linen minkm, 1 leached and unbleached cot tons, blaek nnd colored cambrics, linen nnd silk hdUs, Ladie-' and Gentlemen' cravats, llaik, whilo, and col'd paper 3Iii-lins, plal n, stuped and bair'd do., cloth, fur nnd hair seal cap-, velvet and fur trimmed now uo, i)oa- aim uu into role-, lioor man, ami Uxl cord-. To llio abovo will Ic weekly added every thing new. f.i.-hional le an I dc--irable, nil of which will he oils-red at tholowot maikcl prii e. '. F. SI ANIFORD A Co. ll.irlington. Sept 19, 1311. 1G RICH GOODS. T'IF. siib-cnber ha j list returned dam market with a larse a orimeutnt fall pood,eonipriing, Alpacea, Alpaeca Poplin, Alpine, lloniliazinc, Or lean Cloth, Velornin t'huh, 3Id Lainc, very rich Leopard d Lame, L'ameliaii llrm nde, Ae. Also, lirocha Shawles, Ca-hiucre, Thibet, Damask, .Mil Lame, mid Plaid Shawl. 1io, a good as-oriiucnt ol Uroad Cloih, Heaver Cloth, Cas-iuiere, Salinell, Votings, Ac., latest tyle of Gimp Triiiiinins-, &e. Ae. The abovo goods were seleeied with care, Imught low, and will be sold low no mistake. Those wisluiiL' tn purchase will io well to call two door south of Howard's. DANIEL KI RN. Church siroct, Sept. IS, 1811. G Jlard Ware. STItONdS A CO. are receiving frequent additions to their stock of lieavy nu t shell Hardware, tp winch tho attention ofpurclniters is solicited. Sept. IS, '41. J5 Canada Box Stoves. J 30, 31 and 3G in. single and double Canada it Stove, just receivednnd fur sale low. Sept. 18, '1 1. MTRONOS A Co. m:v goods at wholesale. Ort M Drilled F.yed Nmlle-, ZJ 100 Parks solid headed pins, 500 Cakes shaving Soap, 300 doz. linger Rhus, 100 iIim. It. soni Pin, 10 Gross Stay Laceis, 20 do Hoot and Shoe Lacet, 50 do Hone and .Metal Kylct, I do Stil'eiioe-, 1 do doxc. Knitting yellc, 1U do Sido anil Twi-t Combs, 10 do Fla-lcannd Slides, I do Seis-cr and guanl chains, 20 do Cheap 'I tumbles, 20 do nerinan Silver, Plaied, Ilrittann'm Sdvereil and Iron Spoons, 1 do Toy Wntihc, and Children! Lockets I do Sniill'Hoxes, tOQ do Hooks and Kc--, white and black, 3 do Victoria Diaper Pius. 3 do Pocket Rooks, 3 do Watch chains and key, 3 do Masks, 100 Hrass and Wood Clocks, 3 doz. Willow wnggons and cradles, 3 doz. Willow Go-carts and choirs, We are receiving these and various oilier good to mat.o our assortment very eomplite, one of our Firm i now in 3Iarkei and any Good wnnicd by any ol our cu-tomeis will be speislily forwnrdul. Person desirous of laying 111 their fall mid winter slock cheap for cash will save their pcnnie by sivini 11 nn early call. 10 IIRINSMAID .f-ItllOTHFltS. Hroad Cloths ami Cassimercs. G1F.NTLF.3I F.N may avail themselves of Ihe op T porlnniiy ot purchasing n cheap and goo, I mil of i loihe if they will call at lliu store formerly oc cupied by Lovely A Seymour, where they will (md a line nsso'riuicnt to seltx-t (rom. C. F. 6TAN,FORD & CO. Sept, 19, 1811, IB Jfew (woods ! H. W. CATLIN, "I? LSPKCTl'ULLV calls the nltcntioii orpureha J.i. n'rs to his new nnd i'Xlensie itorrnient of Fall Dry Good nnd Dry Grocerie, jut received nt Jus store, Hirougs' lluildin'', nearly opposite .1. A. J. H. peclt A Oi., muting wlih-n nny'l c found CLOAK, Dltl&V, nn.1 FANCY GOODS, coniiirislng! Hu h Dres Silks, Cnlienes. 8.000 Vntd Kicn .-inn wis, Velvet, Crnpe, lloinl nziiic, Merino, Alpaccas, Ca-h. Do Laine, Ca-h De Kco-se, Uepp. Ca-hineie, 3Iou. du Laines, Rich Lustre, Gmghain, very rich slvlcs. ic'oria Plaid, A'lghan Satin, llo-iery, Glove, 1'aiidkerehief-, Cambrics, 3IiiIhv, Crinnt, Gimp nn-l Fringe, Persian 1'l.uds. A lso A Inrrr) norlment of line nnd up"r(ir.i! AVOOI, CAItl'IVriNliS, some choice pattern-, nud ury low. I.lticn Cinods. 3-4, 1-1, 0-1, 7-1, nnd 8-1 Dama-k Diaper, Sheet inss, Shirting Linens, of tho ino-t appiove l fabric nnd liiii-h, Iroin.v'eiy low 10 iiperfius lor collar i 5 8, 3-1 and 7-8 Na kins, white and colored dama-k Doyle, Ifu-si.i Diapers, Scutch do, Crash mid Huck aback Toweling. Flannels, Ofevery width, from 3 -1 to C-4, nnd nil qualities, red, yellow, nnd while, Wool do., I leached and un bleached Cotton do., Salisbury lig'd do, and Plaid do. for facing. Wool Cloths. Plain black A bine hl'k Caiincrc-, 3Iixtsl do. Fancy do. n large va riety, G 1 Fr. Ca-oiincre, Doe Skin, Cndet Satinets, Mixed do. Plaid do, Fr. hl'k llroadcloth, Illuu lllack do. illuc do. Ilrown. 1 11 v. Green. lima I Cloths, Vt. Grey llioidelolh, lllack Heaver Cloth, lllue II nek do. luv. Green do. Ilrown Heaver do. Plaid Tweeds. Illuc do do, lllack Pilot Cloths, llhio do do, DoineticCninicrcs, Dome-lie Oiey Cloth-, Dome-tic Flannels. Domestic Satinets. Drab, Cadet, d'k mix'd, Cottons, ec. 12 Bale Sheeting" of every style nnd lexlurc, 5-1 Lawrence do., 7-8 line llro. do. 3-4, -1-4, and 5-1 blent hed Shirting, Heavy Tickina, Apron Check, bleached and llro. Cotton Dnllt i Halting, Wadding, Wii king, Yarn. Shoes. New York Slippers, French Welt Tic-, French Kid Slippers, I'rench Kid Hii-Kin, Fnrwell's Ties, Slip per, H-i-Liii-, Walking Shoe, hall Gaiter-, and Gnncrs. Clnldicn's Slippers, Children' half Gaiter, Gent. Pumps, " Goat shoes, " Thick Hoot, Fur trimmed and lined Rul her -In es, new siyles for Ladie. Genls. Rubber shoe. Children's do. Wishing to mal.e nil who call upon me regular customers with tip obiecl in view, ereat care and attention ha been given in se eoiing the above named Good, which lor vnriely mid 1 eauty of tyle will not sutler in comparison Willi any ever I elbre uttered in ibis market. II. W. C. Iluru'iigton, Sept. 27, 1811. 17 Tin "and Sheet Iron. lloxe Tin Plate 1-3 x and extra size, to gether Willi 11 eoinolele assort inent of sheet Iron, just received ami lor -alo low, by FOLLiriT, IIRADLKY, A CO South Wharf, Sept. 20, 1311. 17 Herring. 1 C( lloxe jut received and lor sale very low. 1UU Ry FOLLF. IT, HRADLKV, if- CO. South Wharf, Sept. 20, 1811. 17 Female Trusses. THIS article ol tho invention nnd manufacture of Hull, and also of .Marsh, of every sio and form, and fur nil the purpose lor which they urc designed, constantly receiving at PECK i SPEAIl'S. From the recommendation of our town Physician and re-ident Practitioners in tin Stale, a 'well as llu- Medical Faculties of the cine of New York, Ho ton, Phil idclpht.1 and Haiti more, we cannot I ut a--sure llio-e of tho nlil.ctcd cla-s of the happy eilcet which may be derived by the u-e of tlie-e iu-tni-menls. In point ol'durability. nnd pattieularly price, thev nre within the reach of all. To Physician and l)niygils who pureha-ebv the dozen, tile .Manuf.icturer'.s discount is made, 17 Firo! Fire!! TUT. Members of the V CI! MONT MUTUAL , FH!F. INSlTlANCi: C031PANY are hereby notilied that the following as.e-siucnls have been made by the director, c.n all notes in force on the following day, to wit : Augu.t 31, It'll, l.'i nf one per cent. Scpiemlcr 11, 1313, 1-4 of one per cent. Octoler, 7, 1813, 3-1 ol one per cent. Nnumler27, 1313, 1-1 ot one per rent. Dei-cmler 20, 1811, 1-1 of one per cent. February 12, 1811, I-l of one per cent. Felruary 20, 1811, 1-1 of one percent. April U, 1811, 1-1 of one per cent. May 29, 1911, 1-1 of one per lent, June 1), 1311, . of one per cent. July 2, 1311, 1-4 of one per cent. Mnkiuz 3 1-2 per rent, for the year. Said per rent ngolote cat on tiie original amount of premium note, without reference to nay endor-cmeni, and 10 le paid to the Treasurer, at his oilice in .Montpclicr, on or before the 1G b day of Oeiol er, 181 1, I ring ihe day of Ihe annual niecin'i!' of snid Ciiinn.inv. A h.i ofper-on in.ured in hi- town, Willi the amount of n.-essiiieni Hue Irom each, will bo Iran-niillcil 10 Hie Representative elect to the Legislaiure, who it 1 boped will llcl nu interest in having all from whom assessments are due send in by bun in nay thu same: an t 11 is desired nud epceicd that yveiy member of uie (.uuip.iu will improve llns opportunity to send, us 11 a ionisn ciieap, satu ami convenient mono liy which he can Iran-mil his money, .Meinl cK should reeolkvl, that it they neglect lo send by the llcpre. se Unlive, it may aui! f'rei iently doe. cost them more lo send tho money foi their ii-se inent, by oilier mean, iban the n-se-iiienl, nmoiiuts to. Let no mend er of i)iq Company, therefore, neelei t 10 ward the ainount due for'in-urance by the Rcpre-en-talive. The credit of the Compaiw mu-l he su-lain-edi and the only way tin-can be done cfleetu.illv, i by having each member pay hia--cs.ineni proinpily. There obilion 01 ihe Directors, pn-scd in confof mny with ihe 81I1 siviion of llio net of incorporation, 111 relation to the collection of aso-incn,i. sliojild le reineml eriil. There have been allowed the pa-t vcar, one hun dred nud one torso, amoiniting 10 S-21,782, 21. J. T. TIll lsS'l'ON, Treat. Insurance Oilier, Jlonlcelier, ) 1Sw3 Augu.t 13, 1611. 1 Itohert .Moody's Kstatr. STATU OF V Kit! MONT, 1 qIIlillon.lhePro nisTittcT or ciiittemu.n, sfi. j X ha'u Court lor the Disirict tf Clutieniten : To all perons concrncil in Ibo e-lale of ROHF.KT .MOODY, late of Itiirliugton, in said di-l(iet. dc. ea-cd, Gni.ETIsn. WiiF.r.tAS, George II. Shaw, adinini-tralor of the etate ol'.aiil dccr.i-rit, propo-e tn reudei an account of ki administration, and pre-ent Ids account against snidc-tute for cxamiiialtou nnd allowaner at a -e--sion of ihe Court of Prohaii-lo bo bolden al lliellrg. ister Oiliiv, in aid Hnrlington, on ihe tHcnty-nmth day of Oeiol er, 181 1 : Therefore, you nre hereby not hod lo nppear I cfore sunt court at the lime and place aforcmil, ami show cause, if nuv you have, why the account aforesaid -hould not ho allowed. Given under my hand at liurlington, this 3d day M October, A,. D. 1S1I. 1S'3 WM. WK'STON, Register. Magazines for October. GRAHAMS .Magazine, 25 Arthurs Ladie do IS) The Ladie. National do ISi liodej s Lady Hook and do 5 Coluuiliaii do 05 Hlaekwood Magazine for Septcni'er, 25 Hy A. LDWARDS. No. I, P,rk Huilih'nir. 13 ' SCHOOL TEACHERS ATTEnJj MOUSE'S NEW fJEOfiltAPIIY. ASVSTF..M ofGcogrnphv tor the u-e of school-, Illustrated with moro than lifiy Gerograplucal Map, and numerous Wood-cut Kngiavings, by Sid ncy K. lor.-c, A. 31. This i d-idnlty the be-t Geography in print and i sold at tiio low prico of fifty ccui. Teacher, aro iciiiirlcJ lo call and take copre for rxainiiinliou. A. KDW'AllDS. No. 1, Peeks Riuldiiig. 18 Urou'n Havana Sugar. 5 TONS llrovyn Havana Sugar, just received and for sale at reduced price-, by FOI.I.KTT, IIRADLKY A CO. South Wharf, Oct. 3, 1811. 18 QOr. KOLLS Pa-r Hanging for sale by &y.J H. W. CATLIN, Oct. 1, Ml. 18 1 K( "AGS Dairy A'all Ay ,,, II. W. CATLIN. O-i. I, '44. is Ssalmon Trout and Salmon Cy STRONGS & Co. Sert. 16, HI. Farms in Milton For Sale. J) FSU'INO in Ohio, tho sub-enter i di'-lrou .i- selling his hind in Millon,and npvv oiler fa ah1 one F.itm of 130 ncirs, one mile north of tho I'nll, rat(if .'s'liiiUi lull, of uncipinllcd sod forrron or iX'ii.i, hn two good bnrn, nnorehn!, water, ami oriluinrv house. Our Farm offroiu 130 to 200 ncn, r.rm inihi ort,'i cnt if Ibo Fall, anil r-t of Mr. I'bill, of some 3) acres interval, and balmier in plain lnnd,-gnnd 1 1.11 us, oldi-h hiiii-e, nnd great ndvantngcj lor railing out .Milton staple, Hye. Our Fiirin 3-4 mile northwest of the Fall, 13.0 a-re, good binldinirs, nrihird, nnl ccn,ven;r(Ce,' Other pnn 4 or 20, 30. and 40 ncrc,, for such tu may choo-e 11 iniilh r i ircha-r. Al-o, the Store Home- and lot nl uwf end of the llridge, where, with the liiiproveinent at the Falls, i n verydeiral le location for one vvi-husg-Vu open, nuy bii-ine-, Also, some Village Lot, with and without W ling house, in the mo-i plea-nut pan of ihe village.. Ily immedin'e nppli-nliou, oinn 500 yard ol do ine.tie rlolh may le iippli-'d, or any of iho parcels will I e ol I foni small por.ii.on, of tlypmcove money down, with annual instalment for the baiinif. !f(H i-hrcp, Young Cnlllo, Hay, Ar,,will be sold, with ruber nt the farms, if deircil. I shall remain in Milton nlont two weeks, after which apply to George Ashley, al the Fall, or K A.. G. W hilti mi re, Wot Milton, 'Ti better to trade with the principal than with an nuenl. J, T. AlNSWOltl'H. Milton Knit-, Sept. 25, 181 1. 17 TO TBAOHEIIS AND SOHOOIt GOIVIIVIITTEES. SWETT'S GRAMMAR. ii SWICTT'S MiritHAYnn F.ngli-h Gram, nmr. (.oninri-inn the Prmcii'Ie nd Rule of the Language, illu-iraled by itpptoptintv Kcrcise. on the ba-i nf Murray." The nhnvr i thr title of a new Grammar, coirs piled by.lii.inh Swell, Jr., 31. A. It is designed ex,-. pre-sy Cor u-r m common District chiiol, Ai-ade-, inies, and higher sciuuiarie of learning, Ihtoughout the I'liilcd Stale. It ha I ecn, I efore the fuilifc,-. but 11 short lime, yet long enough to rn'iyu're n compara tively high reputation fir rxcclltnie ol arrangement grrat clearne-s and ronei-ene of masvicr, and rom-prelicn-ive fnlni- of mailer, well to tho. want nf I oth teacher and learner, in every ige ot llc-ir progress 111 ihe dillieult n-icuce to whiiliit h ilevotul. The following are among the notices nnd roinmciid.,liau-of the work, received by the Author and Put li-her : From C. L. Ltmajt, Jt. A., Principal of the Acade my at Iliiic-bnrgh, Vt. "1 have examine I the Grammar by Mr. Swell, and cou-idcr it superior lo mo-t nnd nifernrto none of ihe. Grammar now in 11-c 111 our school." The Hon. Caiilos Cooudcie, ol Wind-ov, late Speak er of the llou-eof Repr sriitntoe nf Vermont, and, F.. C. PiiKii-s, M. I)., Professor of Materia Jledica nnd Therapeutic, Dartmouth College, remark : "The Kngli-h Granimar of 3Ir. J. Swei', Jr., con-strui-nil on ihe ba-iol 3Iurra' Grammar, we regard a a iniprovcment on a'd the work that have prei'itV.l it, lor Ihe u-e of -chools aad ncademic. Its arrangement, clearness, and fulnes, admirably adapt it lor public instruction. It Orthography an I Ety mology have been made to harmonize vviih the stan dard liiUmnnry nf our language; and thi l. la our opinion, n great point gained; forwecan hastily con-, ceive of aiivlhtng inoie l.iincnta,blu in science, lha-n a, ih-erepanry I etwii-n our graininar and dictionaries. The -ecllons on Prelixe nnd Sullixe-, and the (floa snry, inui li rnhancu ihe value of the work. The chapter on 'Verb-, nnd tlio-o on Syntax, especially,, we believe, are more full and accurate than any-, thing thai ha been herelolore furnished. In the con-, lidencn lliat the work we are noticing will leap-, proved of, wherever it shall be introduced, we recom mend us adoption into general me." From C. L. HitiiAhns, 31. Am Principal of "RimbaH Union Academy," .Meriden, N,H,X " Your system of Kuglish Oinmm&r, hated1 on the. standard work of Murray, I have examined with some care. Whilo I miglii withhold nsseul Irom some, p'uils, introduced ns improvcjiients, i do not hcsilaVo lo recommend Ihe work al large, n containing many derided excellences. I nm particularly pleased with the simplicity of your arrangement, the njisiinrine&s ol voiir definition' nnd rule of syntax j alo will, tho jiiuieiou ninl viilnnl le selections in varum pari of the work, from the excellent Grammar of N. Web sler. The chapter on Grammatical Analysi, and thu additional rhn jitrr 011 Syntax, wilh the very ropiou r.erci-rs 111 false Syntax, will prove a, substantial aid, to both leather and scholar." From Amio.vzo Wood, 31. A., Instructor in ihesam institution. " Swell's F.ugli.h Grammar, on Ihe. ha,i ot Mur ray, ha been introduced liy 113, and i now ued as. the lext-l 00k 111 dial deiartnitni in Kimball Union, Aeademyrf-a fact which iray le regarded a proof4 that we tliink il, on the whole, superior 10 nnv now in 11-c. ALPHONSO WOOD, Instructor in K. U. Academy. 3Icri Ion, June 25, 184 1." The above work, with a general u-ifumnt ot .sc hool Hook, for sale m any riiHnliiitSj 10 Bier, chant-, Teacher and otheon ihe most rea-onable-term., by V. IIAHUINGTON, Stri ngs' Heildinir, Hurliiiglon, Vt., where teacher are invi'ed to rail lor ropie. of tlio Graminnr for ex amination, will bt-(urui-hed them gratuitously- 17 Jlculamln Crimth's Estate, W'c I the siil,-cnber, Icing appointel by ihcHoa- Onlble the Probate Cnllrl fnr llm ilislrii-l nf Grand l-le, ('oii.iiu.sioncrs to receive, examine and ndpist nil claims nud demands of all person neninst the e-lale of lienpiinin llrillith, tale ol Grand Isle, in -aid di-lnet, itccea-ed, rcprc-entrd insolvent, and iilso, all rl.iiui- and demands exhibited in oft-ei therelu, nnd six moulds from ihoiOih day of Augu-t, 1844, bring nlhnvcd by -aid conn for that purim-e, we do therefore hereby give notice ihat wP will attend to Ihe liusinr. at theiilwelliiip-hnii.p of Widow Olive (irillilh, in Gran I Isle, on the lat Toes lay ol Derem't-r next, Irom nine o'clock, A. M. unul o'clock, P. M on said day. SAML'KL ADAMS, Commit 11 RS It Y SMITH, ) sioners. Grand Me, Aug. li, 13 1 1. 17W3 NOTICE. Til 13 is tn certify ihat I havo thr day grven my son, Itojnl II. Tell, hi time, and shall tlu-reloro riy no del l of In, eonlraeliug, nor claim any ol hi turnings, after Ihisdnie. CHARLES TEFFT. Hiiniinglon, Sept. 10, 1811. SCHOOL BOOKS. 3OO0 KI.KMKNTARY Spelling Hooks, lnOO Adams .New Aruhineiy, Itiu Key 10 5C0 F.meron lt Class Reader, 500 " 2d " 500 ' 31 " " 300 Poriei' Rrioricnl Reader, 100 Colliurn's Arilbmelic. 50 llurriii's Geography of tho Heavens, 500 binder-' -pellmg Uook, ll'nl ,:ilion:il ih, , 50 Ncrlh Anurican do 100 Swell's new I' Gmuman., Tin. i the I e-t Kugli-h granunar now ued, and, is iiilrmluetil rxlen-ively into -ihnols, A gieal vaneiy of (till hound and half hotibilLulgcr. Journals, Day Hooks, and Mrnioraniluiiis, Wrapping, Cap, and l-iicr panrr. In'-, Sirel ien by Iht-Hrns, Sealing Wax an I Wafers by Ihe pi. &r. Ac, which will I r -old lor good wlu'r or brown paper rags, of wlueh 20 Ions arc now wanted by llj; sohsrriher. School Trnchrrs and 3Ierrhans will I. uppieil wilh any of the aUivr books al the publishers prices and most kind of produce received in p ivmenl. V. HARRlNUTON. Burlington. Aug, 23.h, IS 14. 10. FOR SALli. A PAIR of Morgan Hii-liro.1 Colls well broke to ILirne-s, kind nnd genllrnnd ea-y saddle hor se. Also, a coverel lour wheeled Carriage and a. goo I sleigh. It! Hnls'ssMiL & IIrotiicrs. FOli SALE- THF. su'j-iriter.s o.t'er for sale, thru bviaretin tho two brick stores in the village of llnrlincloii,, I" rmcrly owueil by Gideon Lathrop, and in pari oc cupied bv Lathrop if- Potwin. Tluir interc-t being nineteen hiindreil and sixty-five, six ihou-nnd and live liuniliedlh-, (IPG5 C500.) Th abovo will be sold lor Ca-h, or approved rmlit, J a .atisfictory priie iso.l'crej previous 13 the Win No vriuler nexl. Per-on- dr-irou of purchasing will please commu. nicate with the subsctibers by mail. WILDI.R &. IILEECKFU. ICttO 53 Sinle Street, Albany, N. y. ISrushcs, Brushes, Comb?.. A FULL assortment of beautiful Ro-ewoml. hacked Hair Hrusbcs, Inhuiis' Ilrushes, Tooth, Nail and Comb brushes, Clothes and Shoe Itiu-lu's.'b'loor and llrarth Hiu-lie-, scrubbing and llesh Unit he, Mexo linto liru-hr-, tine cimli cleaners, ol several kniilis, broom Driolie-, du-t and crumb briislns, in.fhortk iilmosi evety Kmd ot bru-h in u-r, lor limn and beasu Wo have them for bru-hing horse, rloihe, hair, shoe-, sVr f.T scrubbing nud cleaning house, for hats, for la I le,aud for mo-t uses. Al-o, the very best and finest ivory Combs, shell horn, wood, brass, and German tilyrt Combs, jut received. HIIINSMAIU & HIIOTHERS. Aug. SOih, Ml. 13 KLJAS LYMAN INFORus ihe l.iiilirsui liurlington and vicm iv, that 31. Osihcnu has left with him on sale.. ,r ensh hi entire ns-orlinent of rich and spvld Cash liiere SUiwls, niidii large and l-au'.ifid aasortmrnt of Silk Shawls, among w hich are ibree elegant B c Silk Shawl of superior quality, which will be told for Ten Doll-rs each. The above are oilere.1 at reduced prices. Burlington, Strong' Buildings, Sept. C 184-' ;