Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 18, 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 18, 1844 Page 4
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IS. York Adv'ts. SILK OOODS." BOWEN &MCNAMEE, If. WILLIAM STKE13T, 7 Crnrncr of Heaver Street, Nrw-York, r KSPKOTFUL1.Y nntiouiirc llnl thcv have made i extensive arrangement-! for the Fall Trnde, w hirli will ennblo ihcin to present gtenlcr inducements limn tycr to merchants lliroiisliotit tho United States to visit Tins luntkct tho present season, for tlio pur chase or SILK AND FANCY GOODS. They linvo already received liy lalo arrivals, n grra, variety of new rend rich fronds, and will also rreeito by tho next Packets it ml Steamers, an assortment of the latest and lnot beautiful style of Fruich, Her man, Italian, and Hnc!ih Tiney Goods ever nll'ercd in this tnaiket t samples of which arc now rMiihitr-d and it is their determination, as heretofore, not only to bo constantly supplied willi a complete assortment adapted to nil sections of the country, btitto present tho nteef an I must desirable si vies, suited to the city or moat fashionable Iradc. Their stoik will be composed in put of the falloning nrlicler, viz 1 DUHSS GOODS. SILKS in every vaticty, consisting f llalim Lus trings, black and bluo-blai k Gnu do Suisse, Gross do Rhine, plain and striped Ispihiiis, Oros tie Kovals, striped and figured Oros do N'iples, l'ckin Silks, Oros do Messuic, rich Hrnctdo Cliimclnn, Bincho liuurod nod striped I'oull do Siic-, rich Olacc Stripe, Orosde Frnnee, black, hbte-hlack, an I cliancenhlc ptripts and fi jured Oros d'Afriques, plain and figured Satins, ite. &e. ite. CAS'IUKIM. dT.COSSK, of latest Paris POM PADOUR stvlcs. PARIS MOUSKL1NK do LA1NFS, entire new designs and various qualities. CRPK d'ORII'NT, lor Kvenittg dres?c.s--thc most splendi I nrti'-li" ever nll'ercd. CHUSANW. 'I P5SNS, Al. PACHAS, ROM .M'INI'S, IT.r.NCMl 1MMNTS.&C. Also, various tic styles of D'ess Goods, which will be strictly confined lo llieir own trade. The whole preseniiou an assortment, it is be'icteii, w hicli can nolbc surpassed in this r.ranv otlitr markit. SHAW LS. Consisting nf rich Clnnielon.Oitonion, Poult do Sole, fii'd Satin, Itrneade, i''C Also, splendid Bio 'he, Cnshmerc. Knihrii'dered Melville Kabvlo, plain, prin ted and embroidered Mintsoline tie Lame and Tliibcl Shawls. Mriuo, Plaid B.'lvnlere, an I vario is new styles Wo illen Shawls, ako, cry rich Cashmere Long Shawls. Lri:s. Knglisli, French, and German Thread Laces and K.igincs. AUn, l.isle, On pure. Alihntton and other styles low priced Fiii'iniis and Lues. M isl-n Trim mines, Swiss Mulls, Miliiip ,'iwns. Ilo.ik. Cninluio and Jaeooet Muslins, and cterv taricty of plain nnd figured Nets for Caps, (""apes. Vi, ,fc. GLOVES, ("onsislintr of Kid, Silk, Cashmere, Merino, Berlin and Huek, in ere t varieties, together with a full stock of Fancy Mills MILLINERY GOODS. Velvets for Hats, plain, uncut, figured, ite. ipc., en tire new stiles; llonnet Silks, plain, chatiL'tahlo. rhino nnd figured, a complete assortment ; Hat and Can Ribbons, entire new designs, and the most splen did assortment ever offered. Alo. certain style of Neck Itiboons. Phiu Taffeta nnd Satio do. bhek and colored, Artificial ('lowers. Fcn'liors. Trimming La ces, Rilihon Wire, Cords, Oiuips, Foundations, Crown Linings, &c. ALSO, Pocket Hdkfs. of Pongee, Spinlfiehl, Corah, Flag, Unndanna and Linen Cambric in every variety. Italian Sewings, Fenizio's, Rubin.acci's, Persico's Beam's, kc. itc. Fancv Ifdkfs. Cnva'ri and Points, Printed Mouse. de Laine, Thi' et, Palinarine, Floiida, and oilier styles of Dress Shawds, Ila'ian, tiros de Rhine and Lustring Cravat", of every size; --carts tor ecnitetnen, fit sum, plain, tig tired and embroidered, Gpis Orain, itc. itc. , Velvets, blk. b'lie blk. and coloreil, tnrinus quali ties. Vpsiings of Satin, Arniure, fashim-re, ive. Ac. Silk Screes, Sinehews. San nets, Levantines, India Satins. Elastic Suspenders, Mohair and Silk Coat and Vest Bindings and Colds, fjney liimps, Fringes, etc. Ac. Together with every article penally to be found in a fancv stock, w-liich they engage to srll on as fntor nble Icrnis as at any oilier eslal lislimcnt. II LATE AMUVALS OF Ni'.W FALL & WINTER GOODS Gentlemen's Fimifcliin;; rslali- Hshmciit wholesale ami retail. JOHN M. DAvTr.S & JONES. 10G WILLIAM STREET, (CORNKIt OF JOHN S I'UF.LT,) NF.W-VORK, RF.SPLCTFULI.Y announce that they have undo uch extensile arrnngnnenls lor their Fall Trale, that they are enabled lo present greater in ducements lhan ever to merchant'! vititinn Una mar ket the present season for the i purchase of O001I-, as their stock is mainly of their own Jinpoi tation or .Vjnuaifiirf. CIl.VVATS AM) SCAIiFS. Plain and figured lllaek Satin Armurcs, Corded, Barathea, Fancy and eoloied Salinn of entire new patterns; Silk and Mohair, figured and plain ; Plain Black Italian and Corded Cravats, all sizes and quali ties HO'ir.RY. Silk, Merino, Angola, Woolen and Cotton Hose and Half Hose. OLOT.5. . Merino, Cashmere, Woolen, P.erlin and Chamois lined Cassimcrc, I'.nck P -aver and Kid. SUPr.Dr.llS; Silk and Cotton (iiim I'latie, Willi Buck, Silk and Linen I'.nds, Colion Knil, liuek nnd jMnroeco with I'.laslic fvnds. Also a fow entire XewMylis of our own Manufacture. UNDF.itSIIIRTS AND I1RAWF.RS. Merino. Lamb's Wool, Angola, Savmv, Cotton, "Jhiker, Knil anil Flannel. e.'e. (Manuf icmre nil qual ities of Silk .S'hirn and Drawers). .S'iIK ofall quali ties of our own tinp'irlallon. To tho-e of our own manufacture we would especially call attention, n being something verv superior. Ladies' Silk and Merino 1'nder Vests. POCKKT II XDKr.ltCIIirF.-. Twilled and Plain Spitalfield, Briti-h and India t. oralis. Pollutes. Printerl. C-rdcd, and Damask, Linen Cambric, Plain and Primed, &c. CAP. Men's, Youth's and Children's Cloth, Velvet, Glaz ed, Silk and Muslin. PTOi'KS. Satin, Figured nnd Plain, and (Vrded Silk, Mo hair, Itombasm, Plain liowcd, Plaited Cravat, and Opera Ties, &e. A c. LIVFA I'OLLARS. Square. Round and I'.vrnn, Stitched, Plain and Cor ded, all Linen and with t'oiion Bands. I.INF.S I'OSOMS. Stitched, Plain, and Riillled, all qualities, with wide and narrow plaits. SI1II1TS. All Linen, with and without Collars, latest ylo Muslin, with Linen C ihrs and Wiisibands, with and without Cellars, of i ereat variety of qualities. Colored French nnd oilier Muslin. OII.F.D SILKS. White. Plaid, anil Fancy Colors, of various widths, and warranted not to adhere in any climate. Sffc Pursr. I'mlrrllnr, Prtttine Ctmrns, f up nnd Stork Trimmimr. StitptnJer BucUes, Cum ElnsHc Webb, nil nunlitiei. Together with e ery article that is wanted in the Genlfeincn's Furnishing Line, whi' h ihev engage to ell on as favorable terms as ny other esiabli-hmeni. ?"Caps, Slocks, Linen and Muiin, nnd Silk Shirts, made lo order. Wholesale nnd Retail. ' JOHN' M DAV1F.S coJOMX 10S Williams St., corner of John. 1 l-3n NEW FALL GOODS. DRY GOODS IlOl'SF-KI'F.PINO MtTICLLS. S. & I, tlOLMKS. No. 22 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK, (b'TWI F.N BROADWAY AND NAS-AU-ST.) nt' ....... ..,,. ,,,,,1,1.,. I.i.l LiflfBwI. fur llil-r.ll. A Trai'c. whii-h Ihov o'ler for -nle at the lowe.-t price at wtioleaate nnd retail. 1 bey lmve lately re ceivcd , , , , Rose an I Whitney Itlanlcisj do extra large, Real WeUh and oilier Flannel-, Silk warp do. F.ngli-h Canton Hanncl, Marseilles Quilt" and Coun'erpane-t, Iri-h Linens of the bet bleach, n n mnna r,.,4 rl.h Slirelmc. Irish and Barn-Icy Shi-eling Irr-nj 8-1 to 12-1 wide DamaK rat C-l O'lll- "no, Towellings of nil kinds t Crn.h, t O I. ... i . ami miollnrfd lifkt 11(1 n li t ina UHinn ouiriiMii'- , i, - Rtl Ticks; i.iu,,-li nivl American Lone Cloihs, Linen Ca.T:trio and Cambria Hand- kerchief-. . French Merinoa; Alpseea, ilarkPrmt, Rich fie'd Ca.hmere, Mouelin de Lame, Shawls t- u llno-tLiffinf.. f!rnn. fur Veils. &c. Black Silky, Silk and raw Silk Ilo.e, English Cotton Hosiery, . Drapery Mulint, furniture Dimity, nnd Cbmlz, Table and Piano Covers. Toilet Covers, Ac. Wool-dyed Cloths and Casn'uieres, rancyi.Bssimr,i-iMi-. With a variety of other articles in their line, for sale til John St., at the lowol irtee. M B. On nnn l genome- Kau ileCclog-ne. Also, vrt wlU P.i;.'a D ape's. !3'H N. York Adv'ts. Fancy and Staple SILK GOODS. Williams, Kankin, &. Ponniinaii. No. f3 WILLIAM STREET, coitMiit sTietsiri', nihv VOICCt. WOULD call tho alteiiliou of .Merchants isiting Now Vork for ihnr Fall supplies, lu their ex tensive assortment ol entirely NKW STVLI.S I'.VLL GOODS. To lltiir ordinary stock, which comprise- a full nnd general variety of Nap'rand Fancy Silk Ooods, they have been tnal ing largo additions of I'.NTIHI'.LV S'FAV STYLI2-, expressly ndnpled to Iho season. Front the facilities which Ihey possess in the pur chaso of (foods nt lheeiy lowest prices their unri valled ntid very pxlcnsjvo asorlincnt Ihey fed assu red that it wiil bo in Ihcir power to oiler extraordina ry inducements lo purchasers who tlesiro nnd deserve to liny on 1 1 1 3 very best tirins. and ihey aro delirium itl lo'spare no pains lo make it for Iheiutercsi of such lo inaku their silectious from their lock. In " DRI.SS HOODS ihey can show a groat range of styles, in Rich Printed Cntlinu re D'F.oor-se, of latest PirHpitl. rnsj Tit sans, Ci.ipe De Laines, .Muslin Do l.aincs of Pans si j Its, never before olVeied. Alieieeiis. llomba.inei,, lllaek and Blue-Silks, low and liiuh piici d. SILKS C.iinclenn llrncado Silks) Camcleon Itrnchi Sniped Silltsj Plain and Satin Striped Hel lenicnuesj lllaek and lllue Satin Sniped and llrncado figured Silks; .Satin Sniped tiros Oraines s llliek and llluo lllaek Oros do Swiss llali-in Lus trinirsi Oros de Rlniiut Oros d'Afriques s jllack and lilue Iliads Satins i Plain and Figuied Satins. Also MILLF.NF.RY OOODS in great variety, compri sing llonnet Silks and Satins of entirely new styles, llonnet nnd Cap Ribbon", tich Fall pajtcrns: new designs llonnet Vilvet-, plain colors, black and blue black, figured, shaded, plaid ! cut and uncut. LACKS. Cup Laces in great nricty, of new and elegant patcrnsi Trimming Laces and Lneo lylgings, black and white! Silk, Lisle, Guipure, Mechlin, Brussels, Ac, Arc. Thread Laces and L'dginge, French, German and I'.nglish. SHAWLS. Rich Caslmicrc nnd Broclio Long and Square Shawls j Thibet, Muslin do Laine, Kabyle, Plaid, Woollen, Nett, Ac. Ac. SILK HHAWLS-Dark Camcleon, Satin Striped, Figured, if-c. OI.OVF.S AJCD MITTS. In every variety, for Gentlemen. Ladies, and Misf-es, Kiiljr.f the luo'st approved nianiifacturc, Buck, Me rino, wuullcn, fcillt, l.acc, l net. f.gpytnn, inuia kuo bcr, Ac. Their stock will be found lo cnmprio a full assort ment ofall the arious small items needed, and Ihey invite the attention ol Hovers, with tlio fullest confi dence that they can supply every want in their line. ii m.) iAIH. Pare tlirotish the I.akt! reduced to S.1,00, (Mc.-ii cxira.) Till: STF.AMF.IE IIURI.IXGTON' CArr. n. w. sucnMAS, Will leave Whitthall every Si. Johns every 'lue-day, ' Mon lay, Tbursdiy, Wiilne-d.iy, Saturday. Friday. Till: STKAMKK S ARAN AC t'APT. O. I.ATltr.lT. Will leave Whitehall every St. John-every .Mon lay. Tue-ilav. Wediie-dav, Friday. ' Thur-d.iy, Satonl.iv. At one ii'i loek. P. M. from each end ( f the Lake. 'I he above t- llio arranireineiii lor riinntnir lor the season, unle-s notice i given to tin" contrary. TlieCoinp-iny intend to p'tu-o. t ho Sicauu'r While hall upon the Lipein-lend ol theSaiiiuac, early m Ju ly next. She will I e commanded I. y Capt. O. l,alhro). ltnrline-on. IB May. Itl. .rl Sherman's Lozeinres. For t'ouih-, l orii,iri lv. or For Headache, Loo-en,.-. f tie-! owI-, For Worms. I For I n.t.yi- tiua and I or Si re Throat. i u-ant ut'AmiH'ii,. and Hiiari iic , I Ac.'.'l'i.oib Pa-le IMaaicr.. til m .,.l,i. sal.-and retail by f.",! PF.CK A. Sl'i:l! Tin Pinto, Wire, &c. 15 "oxe-Tiu Pla'e, I-.T x an I extra sizes, CO JWU l,lk. irnn ,vii,Mi... I V- .1 sheet copper, tinii" I and I lk nv--, with a irenerai jock.. STRONGS A. CO. 11 ortinen' ol tinner a IS II. I'AIXTS AXl) OIL. TONS win e lea. I, dn and sroun I in oil, "No. 1 ' i:tri," an I "P re" .S,.ani-h whfe. ie.1 leail. Freueh jellow, Verhgri , Vi'iienau red, litharge, -pir- II- torpeniine, ,e. eie. Al-o. SCO 'J . Im-ei-l ml, nr. uui-ll, 'II. 2 by i'IIONGSeV Co. TIIL -nl... n'cr w. old inform In- Irxnd-and lhe p.iblie thai he ha- tu.t openel a Store on the comer of Cli'iirh und ll.iuk Mieel-, opposite tne old Lank, wheie lie will . -ell lintick n- idieip a-they ran be hoio'lil el ewdiere, cinl ra-ins a -mill blue!,- ol DRY GOOl'S. aula (,'eueril Ti-.ortment of J'AMILY (iltCH HRIF.S. Please ea'l nnd look cloie t in ina e cw here. t LOUR and SALT, bv l.or in le ouan- tlte, I -hall not I e under-ol i by my neiTlihors. Jimc7,Mt. I N. W. GAGF iV:ir firm. rTV. s ib-cril er- bate formed a! t'oparlnership 1 onder the firm of C. F. Stamford & Co., nt lhe -tore formerly occupied by Lovely A: SYjmour, here ihey will ho n' lo to show in a few day- a very a-.i-rtmeul of .Staple and Fancy Dry Grrcerie-, Paper ILingmsrs, Crukcry, fila.-waie, A.c. A.e., that will be wi rlhyibe nii-peclioii of Iho piiivhaius coniimi. mty. O, F. S-I'AMFORD. W. F. SUATTl CK. Sept. 2, 1011. 11 ID A- II. 11. liUOI.nTLIio.'errorr-aleu.ry cheap, J- .Silk and Cotton warp Aip.iecas, Lunelta-, Cashmeres, liouinelin-, Seniendri.ins, and -Mont, de Lame-, jn-t received from New York. Sept. -Hh 1PH. H New Goods. M. POPF. ha- just received a new mpply of s u'oiMi-inr ine i.iu ira e ; aoioiig ins nrrortmenl may I e found Cahnicio D i-'eo-t-e, Cliu-aus, Lunettn-, plain fi it'tl . Alpaceas, pr nt- &c. &c. Al-o, Itieh Wol len Vcliet and other Ve-ting, fur sale very cheap for ca-li. II. irlinstnn, Sept. 0 1811. 14 50 tiro s IIOUKS nnd F.VLS, 25 do Shaving Soap, 75 do Round Laeets. 150 do l.j-elcl, For rale by VILAS LOO.MIS &. Co. Aug. 22. 1611. 13 HEALTH AND STRENGTH. DR. S. O. RICHARDSON'S coci:ntuati:i XCIP" 'View art the unriralhtl and eflicaclatia com Voundofu regular I'hisician and graduate of the .Veic llimpshire Medical College, who hat made the study of medicine his profession, and they are highly Ternmrn ended lilt lllnn.i nf lhe inncl relrhrnlnl Til..... cians in the country, as decidedly the IJct Medicine ever oH'cred to tlio Vubllc, 'or Ditpepsia, Jaundice, Liter Complaints, Hu mors, c.,and derangements of the stomach and bowels. For enle, Wholesale and Retail, nt lhe Doctor's office, 15 HANOVER STRF.I.T. BOSTON. 15 For sale in Burlingion by PUCK it SPK'AR, .ipoinernries and liriiuciais, and it.MiAK &. All Ti II It, and by all Agents throughout llio State. Um3-' SALT. Bu-h. Turks Island Salt. 6,000 bus. Coarro Western Solar 350 libls. Fine Wotern do. 300 linns (2Hlh.) ground do, 40 Sack. Liverpool do. 60 Ul 1. t'rcunil Wc-tern de. STKONGS J- CO. in 1000 A'T e, Ml HW1 BtUGG'S PATENT FENCE MA.CH.INE, "ITOR lurning Fence Pickets and oilier articles of - wood ol a form. Tho undersigned continue lo opcrnlo tho above Mai hincry nl "Winooski City," wbcru Ihey would bo happy lo furnish purchasers with some of their vaiieues of Palm, garden or ornamental Fence. They will nlso work up Lumber upon shares or by the tod for thosu who wisn. , Owing in tho advantages which they derive in lhe use of lhe above improvement, they ate enabled to nlVirdn neat and beiuliiul fence for yards and gar dins, nt much less expense, than the same can be got up lor in nnv oilier way, wmio wt ourai in y n -not excelled by any 111 common use. This vahnbli improu'iucnt was 'first brought out in Western V Ins conn into extensive use and lias received the approbation of tho Mayor of tin) city of liiilliilo, with many hundreds of tho first agricultur ists nnd others m that part of the Stale, nlso ol uov Hubbard, Doct. Jnrvis, Judge Chun diill mil many others in New Hampshire. In fict wherever It Ims been introduced it has icon Irghlv apptnted. Asa Fnrin Pence it combines more advantages than any oilier fence ever used. It can I e used villiaiit ;i, and is Ihciefore not affected by Iho freezing and heaving of lhe ground. It takes less lumber than anyolber kind offence, isa certain protection nirninsi .ill' kinds of e.ittle. i not hablo to get out of repair, cannot br blotcn iloirn, s easily scl up, taken down an I rcniotcd, without injury, SCrNo PAftMBn sl.ouhl be without at least a suffi cient quantity to tlirow around his fields of grain and slack yatds. The undersigned refer with pleasure lo Col, Harry Thomas, N. 11, Haswell, lq. nnd Messrs. Btins tuaid and llrothers, llitrliugtou ; Hon. David Ri'td, Colehcsttri ltalplt Landon, Wdliston, and Win. Keele-r, E-q., Grand Isle. JNO N. DF.WFY. II P. DKWF.Y. Any person wishing lo encase in the above busi-nc-s in llio counties of Franklin, Orleans, Lamoille, Washington Rutland. Ilenninr'ton and Windham, tn ibis Stale, or nnv of 'lie lvistcrn counties in tho Stale of New i ork, wil. picnso npplv as above. JNO. N. DF.WF.Y, Agent for Patentee, Burlington, Vt., August, tPU. 13 Allohasi's Aiodiciucs. TMTF nl (ive Medicine- have I ccotno o honular, L whern ihey are known, that, to Inect the demand, the proprietor has adopted lhe plan of multiplying lhe A scne ie, fiirnndiins i-ach Agent with a neat etie-t, coninming TIIK llf.ACK (r AllehasPs.) SAI.VI3, ALIit'.llASI'S lll-.AIlll 1MM.. Alil.H HASPS TOOTII-ACIIi: UltOl's, AND AT.I.EIIASI'S POOH MAS l'I,ASTCn A ii I or of Aeeneins nre now e-tal h-hed in the villaee. fnrtn-lnd a- above, together with pampblets for ci-ucrnl di-tribution, -citing forth lhe virtue of the Medicine-, and coutaiirng cenilieate- from liiylily re-pei'ln1 le per.-on-, of muiic of the many cine- they have efi'ecleil. Families nnd individuals nieniii'ed to M'lid nnd get a pamphlet, and read, and if they have oecn-i' n, try the .ileilicine-, wlueli ate warrant ed n do all that is elaitnol lor them. Tho Agents br Burlington nro PF.CK c-SPLAll, Apothecaries and Druggist-, ceneral whole-ale and to tail Aecnt-i who will -apply Country dealer- at whole-ale, on the untie terms with the proprietor to New Yotk. Win. 11. Corn's. Ilenrv ilvdc & Co, Geo. Peterson, N. W. Gage, Harry Bradley, and Hagar & Arthur. 11 irlmgton, Alt'-'. 20'h, 1811. LY.MA.N W. G1LFF.HT, Proprietor, 13- )w 211 Fulton Street, New V( rk. NEW TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT. J A ill 13 s OUR. WOULD n spivifully inform the citizens ofllor liustou nnd public generally, that he has taken lhe establi.-hmeiit recently occupied by CtlARLKS HIvNNS, where bo will execiitcnll on'er-in the TAlLUItING HITSI.r.-5S on the shorn-1 notice, nnd in a sit I i not lo be surpass ed. From several tear- experience in tbcbiiMno-she lecl-conudeut ol iu?urin'J ircneral saiisfaelion. CIT'l l.NG done for others to make tip,nt a'l time-, and warranted lolit, if properly made up. Church.-!, Aug., 1311. 12tf. Hleel, (ilt, and Silvered TI) F. DS, of various -ize-, n.o Iho several 1 Hid--) Putso Mounts, ltuiff.-, and T.icl- Icauliliil .-Ivle-, Jtisl ree'd, and t.triou- other new Goo Is. IllilNSMAID & IIKO I'll KItS. Burlington, Aug. 30, 1R1I. 13 & Oros Horn Coal llntlons. do do Over Coat do 300 do dn Vest iho 150 do Oil! do do 75 do do Coat do 300 do Pant do 175 do Pearl rhirt do For sale by VILAS LOOMIS (f- Co. Aug. 22, 1811. 12 50 Boxes 1-3 I X Tin Plaie, 10 do Sq'.are do 50 B uidle- Wire as-'d No's. Fir side l.y VILAS LOOM I S iV Co. An-. 2.', 1811. . 13 ( ement for Cisterns. O 1 Q CASKS ofthele-l So'itlu-rn Cement, O I rj which harden- in a few hour-, nod ren-ier- ci-'eru- tiht aiel I'ree from leak. ic, fir -ale I y BlilNSMAID A; IlltOTIlF.HS; Aug. 30, Ml. 13 10 PS. KI.D 15 do PADDING, Canvas-, A 'pacu, Fig'd do Ping. e lldkf'. VILAS I.OOMIS it Co. 13 25 Co 15 do 50 do For ale In-Au-'. 22, 181 1. 40 Gro. f SSI NCI.S, 150' P.n-, 7'i lb-, llel do 100 M. Needles. For sale bv VILA.5 Ano-. 22, IS II. LOOMIS it Co. 13 CAAili-V .lincric in Punts, 1 case Irish Linens, 1 do Manchcstei fSinghanis, for sale by VILAS LOO.MIS ,f. Co. Aug. 22. IR Ii. 12 ITVUIWF.I.L'S Men's Pump, and Goal Sum Bootee-, La he' lllaek and Col'd Half Gaiter-. Walk- ing Shoe-, Kid Slip-, and Buskin-. Ju-I ree'd by 11. . UA I t.lA. July 21. IP 11. 8 P LAST Eli. A( TonsnfNota Scotia Plaster, just reccived.and l' I iiowerindiiiL' nt the Plaster Mill at Winooski Falls, and for tale by June 12, 1SU. FUI.I.KT, llllADI.l.V H Co. 25 Boxes Soap.- 15 do candles 12 do common and 1 pearl' Starch. 11 do ' Bonus' nnd other brand-Tobacco. 1 I Id. Lorilhtru's maecoboy snud. 15 ea-ks satcratu-. 40 b.i'-'s Java and l!io e( iTec, -pice and pepper. 100 malt- cai.i, ninincg-, ginger, alum, salt pctrc, us, muslani, ptcpaie I cex-oa, c. Aug. 0, 1S11. Ill K t ito.Mis t;u. HOARDING HOUSE. rplll! -ubscril er would respectfully inform the pub I lie that he still continue- to keep n Hoarding House, on Main Slrect, n few rod- fn in the Couri-Hou-c Square and Po-t O.liec, jit lhe house formerly occupied lit- Goo. I). Shaw, P.sri., and thai ho can ne- coniino 'alii n lew nun u I oarder- on as reasonable terms as can be obtained elsewbcjc. WARltLN sini.y. Burlingion, Vl.,Ang.7, IB Ii. 10 if J L'ST rccctvol at Iho Variety Sloie, a new supply, buiile and plain hair pin-. Steel twirzeis, silver Ihitnl les, travelling I ae-, of ihu lot Wilton Carietitii.', goisl fur Pedlar-, &c. Sept. 13, 1S11. I'niNSMAIn if- T UK NT- THF. Mono lltu-c, Ihero is a good well, Cistern, Wood House ttc. 10 Bni.NSKAID it IlllOTIII'RS. REMOVAIv. OABIWTET rUSir?ITURB. rnllK siib-cnbcr lias rvmovul from Ins old stand on 1 Church Street, to his new BHICK SHOP on Calhn's Lnue, twenty rods F.nstofthe Hurliugton Bank, where he ha-on baudnnd will continue to man faeiitre all kind- (.1 CABINET WARE, of the bet qunlilys such as SOFAS, SF.CRF.TA RIF.S, BKAURKAUS, Dining, Tci, Centre, Work ami Toilet TAHLF.S, STANDS it IIKDSTLADS, and all kind, of work in lii.line. IC7"Most kind- of Country produce nnd Lumber ii-i-i-tii-ii in JIUJ.I11UUI, or upprovisi crtHiit, onn vtry SAMUKL NICHOLS. Iliirlingion, May 23lh, IB11. 52 A ilk Pans. TO DOZ. iurllian Milk nan (or nle hy Sept. G 1811 II SAUDLFJtY. riTItONGS it CO. ofTcr to Saddlers and dealers in Itu., n l.nn,LA,.,U n0.nrl,Un. ..f 1- uou.. I J u.-UM'.-lll W( UIAJ III Ihcir line, on very reasonable terms. u GRIND STONES, A Pi CIIOICF. Nova Scotia Grind Stones Julv. 4. 5 STRONGS rv BALKS BROWN SIIEK'IING, 1 elo Mne do 2 do Drown Drills, for sale by VILAS LOOMIS & Co. Hurl.nglon, Aug. 22, 1P14 12 CiltliAT BNfiLISn REMEDY iron coucjiis. t'ei.iw. antiima, am) envciMMITIIiv I rpilF. ORFAT AND ONLY RF.MF.DV for Col l., 1 Couulis. A-lhtna, and CONSUMPTION, i-iho 1 IltlNGUMAN BALSAM Ob' LIl'l'. di-eoia redbv Iho cele! rated llr. H,l, ,. of Loii.'on. Kntrland. nnTl iulri-iliiced into iho Unite I Slate- under the immediate siiperiifi'iidanee t.f the nneiitor. 1 lie extraordinary muvc-s of this medicine, in the cure ol Pulmonary di-ca-e-, warrants the American Aeeul in soliciting for treatment the WORST POS CASL'S that can I e found in the comuiuuiiy cacs that -eek relief Hi v.iin front any of the com' mon rente-lit") nl tho day. nnd have I ecu given op I f tbemo-tdi-lingui-hcl l''iv-l"nn,ns CONVIRMF.D AND 1NCUU.M1LF.. The Humrarian'n has cuml and will e iruthe most dcsperati! of cases, ll is no ouack iio-irinu, but a standard Liifli-h uied teine, ef known and c-ta' li-hcd ctlieacy. F.vciy family in the Unite I Stale- s'houl I I c sup plied Willi IliiehnnV lliir.garinn of Life, not only locoijiitcrmi lhe eoii-iunptiu' li'iidencic- ol the ci.iiiatc, but lo I c u-elas a irccnlivc lecdirino i all ca-c- of Colds, Coitiib-, Spitting of Blood, Pain in the sl'V and Clie-t, Iirnatieui and -orene-s if the l.utii-, Bioik Inns, Di.Tieuny of Breathing, Hectic Fe tcr, Night Sweat-, Kir.aeialton and lieiicral Debdny, A-lhm.t, lulluenza, lloopingCo'igh, and Cioup. rCP Sold, in large I utiles, at SI i er I ottle, willi full directions for the restoration of Health. Pamphtc:-, containing a tn.i ol Kngli-b nnd A lucr um! ( erlifica'.c-, and oilier eviMciKe, showiiigtheun eqnalled merits of tin- Great Knirli-b Itcmedy, may t.c obtained of the Arron'-, gratuiton-ly. DAVID F. BRADI.I'l',, solo Agent for Iho Foiled Stale-, 111) Courl -tieel, Bo-Ion, AGF,NTS.-IIUItl.LSnO., PF.CIC it SPKAR, Apolheeaiie- and l)rucgi-t ; Montpcher, Claik it Collins j Braltleboro, Dutton ci Clnik Me'low Full-, N Harris i Rutland, Daivell- & Bell i Wood-took, S. J. Allen ; nnd l.y the Dnurgi-t- ireuer.illy. ll-ly HARD WARE. STRONGS i Co. hate received and oiler lo purchaser-a very general as-orttnent t.fllARD WAIIK, amongst tvliice may be found lhe following to tvit : Butl- and Screws, Norfolk and American Latches, Che-t and Window Blind Hinge-, Wire Check Spring-, MoiticeBellCranks, Curled Bell Spring-, Bull Crank-, llou-u Bells, Band, Tower, Flat spring, Square and Monkey Tail Boll-, Trunk and Chc-t Handles, Garden Rakes, Fire Iron-, Bench Vices, Bi.iss Button- on plates, Japun'd do. Screw l'ullic-, Hat and Coat Pin-, lllaek Hook-and Hi iges, Sh it'er Screw-, Slid b-mil Plates, Pad lwl., Trunk do., Cupboard do.. Till do., t'ho-t do. Long -b inked and Concave Augers, Urate-mi l Bills, llevils. Firmer Chi el-, Joiner-, Mortice and Socket do. Gouirc., Bras- Dividers, Giinbfit-, Sma'e ami dim' le Plane Irons, Couipa-s, (irnlttng, Hand and Ripping Saws, Knives an For!.-, Carver-, Steel-, Butilier Knivc-, and Shoo Kuites, Pniiiningdo. Pocl-et and Pen do. Taper file-, Mill do. flat Ba-lard do. half round do. Horse Ka-p-, Bra Bulls, Curtain rin-,'l'ea bell-, Tape Mca-ure-, Halter Chain-, Sad Irons, Tailor'- do.. Brad-, Tat le Spoon-, Table Hinges, Cmtiiur Nipper-, Bead Aw Sa.-h Fasteners, Nui t'rc.ckcr-, Cork Screw-, Hand Vices, Trowels, Steel Yard-, 50 to 100 lb-. .Grid lroii-,Suucepnns Knamel'd Mas'iu Kettle., Bellow.- Pipe-, Bed Itevs.l 'upper Wire, Screw pullio-, Axledo. Sa-h Holler., PI ite lock-, Iron Square-, Stub do. ui.d Saw- an I Frames, Pewter Co k-, Hung I orer-, But'cr Iryers, ,Sii lde-,C t Tael.-. Frying pan-, Hal Traps, Box and Ivory liulc-, Toy lice-, l.n bc.'dii. Scicw l)rui-r, Mahoginy Knob-, Sti:i Ilaiumeis, Carpel do. Screw Wicnehes, Ii r ad Hatchet-, S In hi' lu ir dn. Bra Skuumer-, Saw Sells, itc. c. Al o, I1KAVV IIAIIOWAItK. Anvil-, Vice, Ca-t --eel, Plnlcd an-l Iron Shot el an 1 Sp.i les, I) iiil' Fork-, ll.ty do. Cm Bar.', Wro'l, Nail-, Trace Chain-, Iron W'uv, Bras- Kenle-, ite-. May 22. 1811. 51

AMKKIC N il T1,L. ini) c i:nu L N T It7: house, ItY r. V. I'tYI.tllt, CouaT II ousn S i" tn -, i:i.,.ic.tos-. V- 2 ll KEMOVIiD. I'j. J, FAY UAS removeltnthe corner i f Church, and Bank -tnci-, oppo site the Bank of jlur .lin.'lon, where lie ba- a genera a-sorlnient i f hoots & snons niai'o ol thu I c-t -look, "lid bv the nio-t thor ough tvorkmen, wliieh tvill bo sold as cheap a the lic.ipest. Irij'-All kind- of work made lo crJer on tliemo.t roa-ouable lerms and at the -bono t notice. Burlington, .1 tne C'b, 1811. 1 If IMIIMS TO I.KASK KOU A Tit, KM VUMIS. LlRliK FARM s'oeked willi a dairy anil sheep, and prepared for cxten- im.Ns, . """ ' ' r " I-""" ll f iWW applying in i-t have sulllcicnl ,2ri.13S.S carry ll on and furni-li lhe best reeom men lation f r intcgruy nnd industry. Also, two otticr i.irtus lo ie-i lor an amount agrieu upon. I lic-o tarni- arc srnaioii on lite L,ai,e snore oppo site liiirliugt u. Apply lo ('. JI. it W. C. WATSO.N. Port Kent, Feb. 50, 1811. 30 If .1. Til YON . , , , VOUI.D respectfully inform his friends and llio public that lie has jusi returned from New York willi the latest fashions, and that ho continues to carry on business nl his old stand, tinting visi ted some of tho best shops in tlio City of New York ho trusts that, with an experience of twenty-two years, ho can compete willi the best Tailors in this part of the country. N. II. Cut ling doneat short notice, chcop for cash. S, May 1841. 49lf TO PlflNTEItS. ISuflalo I'rlntliic Ink Manufactory. WILLIAM IMIUMIOTT & I'll, bating re (cully added extensive. Jliiehincry nnd appara tus to their Manutaeiory, tbey are prepared to furnish PriMiinc Ink- ot nil iiualitic-, tiaiic-, aim color-. which Ihey aro selling on ns favorable tern s as c,i be purcha-cd at any other establishment in the I'n in purclia-cu m "ny oiuer c.-iauiisuinciii m uiu liii led Slate-. T tbo-e Printers who are daily in the habit of using our Inks, we do not recommend it, n their continued patronace i- a sufficient proof of llieir ap probation ; but to ibosc who resideat a distance, and are not acquainted with emr Inks, tveilo earnestly recommend it, and should it not in every respect an swer Iheir expectation, we tvill lake it back and re fund the money. The News nnd Book Ink are put up in kegi con taining 20, 30, G5, and 150 lbs. each. All orders executed on as favorable terms asby dersonal application. AGKNTS. II, B. Stacy. Burlington, Vt. ti. F. Hood it Co. Stnlionera' Hall, Detroit. Salisbury it Baxter, Logansport, Indiana. S. N. Dieliiisou, Boston, Ma-s. A. II. Armour it Co., Hamilton. Lcs-lie llrothers, Toronto. Del arats it Debi-hire, Gov't Printers, Montreal. N. Palmer. Market Square, Kinpston. S.I. Rood, MilwauUe, Wisconsin Tcr. Manufactory, No. G United States Hotel Block, Pearl street. 11 aff!t DOVCKN TWIST CO.MUS, 500 do Sidu do 75 do Coar-e and Fine do 200 do Ivory do 75 t!ros Wood Pocket dn For sale by VILAS LOO.MIS it Co. Aug. 22. 1841. U Uried JJccf. fZnn lbs. drWUecr, superior qualily. OUU 1 STRONGS .t CO. Aug. cieii. ii I I 8 44. fiAKi: CHAMl'I.AIN, NUW-YOUK AND ll()TOV. XaSBlOBSilBTTS' MI!. 'rtlK PliOPUILTOIlS tifllii- Line Imvo provided A ii elns of llrst rate boats in ply be iire-cnt sea son letwcen Lake Chmnplnln and Ncwvnrl , for the tran-porlntlon ol iMereli.uidi-e and such oilier prop erly ns may lo cnlriflcd to their cari', and bopo to receive', as ihey intend to merit, a fair sbnru of palronace. The u I oats go through lo Now Vork, and nre to I c towed by steam on Ilud-oii R tcr, nnd on Lake t'hauiplain when . ceo ary. lu thi- mode property nut sol c 'tel to inj try by Iran-hipnienls, and lots nr.' kepi io"cihcr. I ' i- I, me "1 luMti connect at ietv i . r; Willi the Dc-iuiclt Luie of Hi -ii.n Pac' c'st Ci.nlraei- for tretulit ictween Bosk n or New Vorl. ami Lake Ch tmplaiu, cut be nn k Willi tvir n ji ul -. Pn pcrly ii, i- uii Utwccit llo-lon and L'tku t hini;dain, lor' wan'cl tit euber diieclion via Wes ern Railroad, when ik-iteil. ptioptn ii t o n s , FOl.LKIT it llllMn.KV, Burlintrlon. Vl. NICHOLS, BURTON if- CIIIT'I F.NDF.N, Si. Albans, Vt. A n r. N T s . L. A. JntlN-fON. 0 (Jocnlies Slip, N. York, C. L. Waiik. 10 Lona Wharli lln-ton. d5 If Uo! All Ve That Tlii-sl ! .-VIII Ii .t.lil VIVI'I R UM-. "HAN I)Y. GIN and WINKS, of all the LXi ?"ml nmlrJl "J rnc ,'',,, "r n,orc' "nil itlicr I MU, GROCLRI LS, for sab' on tea. s ? '"""i "V .... ISAAC WARNKR. lliiilinglon, June, 1811. 2 A ItAltr; CIIANCI'. IN TIIK CI'NTIIF. OF TIIK VILLAGI ?Olt sale, the two Houses JL and Lot plea-anllv -itua ted on Cherry stun. 1 cttvecn Mr. William I, Seymour nnd Mr. William Wc-lon, l-I-qr-. The House new, wilh nn excel- cnl we 1 ot water on t in nrelll tes. For terms inquire of the sub-eril er on I In pivmi-es. JAMKS MAHTIN. Burlington, Amr. 21, Ml. 3lf FARM FOR SALE. .i iii at t j frra taming on a l.irm in I'ndeiliill. con una bundled nnd loriv--ix flfasVaii uwi-, ii mi uni: iiMiiuiiii ncrr- oi wuieii U.2il. is under cultivation, the remainder covered l.y a good growth of bard wood. On the preini-cs nrca eouteniciililtu lima hoii-c, lnrn,beds, iVc. and an orchard of Ibriliy I caring npp o Irees, .-tilhcient for mnkinff some tidy or sixty barrels of i cider. Al-o, a farm eculnining one hundred ncre-, lyiucnoout on'- mile irom thcal oye,al out sixty acre of which is under imprnemctit, and has on ll a capa ! cious I am, the remainder t- well wooded, principally with beach and maple. 'I he nbove ale -iluatcd near the centii! ol the town nnd o' the main road, are well watcied und well fenced, a considerable portion oi nn- icnce t cing -iio-iannai stonewall, nn I unci c cr compose otic of llic bc-1 dairy farm- intbclown The nbnvu prenu c- wilt le so'il lo cjo-e n concern for much le- than their real talue, and poe ion given on lhe 1-t ol April next. 1 or lurtlier particu tar-enq lire oi a, I-UUII;. Biirlmiiton, Feb. 22. 1811 3S'f ISAAC DOTir. Manufacturer nf SIIKKT-IRON, AND COPPF.R WARE. TIN and in nt r tn coi'i'i:n pumps, i.r.An piph, .r-c. Church street, lliirlingtun. March G, 1811. y.o P E C K & IS P E A It , wholesale d cnl era in Jtiglisi, Irettch, India and Avicrican DRUGS. Also, DIIUGGIST'S GLASS WARK. Htirlliigton, Vt. COTTON TlillKAD, &JJ 50 do Linen do 300 (loz. Spool do 0 do Colion Tnno f-ncM 150 do do dn (rr '1) For sale, l.y VILAS LOO.MIS 22, 1811. it Co. 13 Aug sappi.i:, itAixnss ,,xp Tirsi maxu- fautuhuh, uui.hi:ai: hti!i:i:t. ALSO, keeper of LIVERY STABLE Kast of the Courl House (.tic chante's Row.) Application made at the Shop or Ham will riccite prompt nf tendon. Burlinr-ton, Vt.. ) 2G - -'.-c.a.i 23 Nov., 1SI3. $ Wauled a J-nirnovman Sj ld'er.iud Carriage Trim mer. A good mechanic will find employment. S. S. M- T2- BAT6 5E?5T & CO DRAPERS TAILORS, No. 2, Peek's Ilmlding, HAVK retiiruisl fr "in New Vork with their Spring Stool , cntnpri-niL'nu ns-i rinictit of earelu'ly -e-livlol VF.vriNGS, a le.v cIiokc CASSIMKliKS, and an extcn-iie :i crliiiftit of TRI.MJIINGS. M. G. llATtir.u.v, C. F. N'Atin. May 23, Ml. 51 CHAIR FACTORY. K T the old sliud of NKLSO.N co GA 1 1.-- therm- I Ite I c.-l as sortment nf CIIAIIIS nnd will le sold ( l.em er than eun 1 e purcha-id a' an v oil r r place ill 11 tI Helen. .t.ll()' A V. nriil.l D MAPI I Sl'MNTI'.l.CANK. ,' -d - ,; I i III! I'l.'l N all I LA 1 ClMlIl,a. fl I' M N'TI'.l ( 'ANK -KAT. LAHGP INC. DIMNG Ml'. I Alt-MKD C L. nf: SON'S. Church -trii-,oiposi.i il.c Old Mink, era' In- Facto by tbri'c door-in i.h if he Ci Ii Ii Ch ireh. IR UVTTS AND SCREWS. Qff") DOZ. T.i'le, Back dap, Narrow. Broad, 0"W Win-low Blind and Pew do. r Bulls, from Wruiiaht and Cast lr. n. 1,201) GKOSS American " Premium" Screws, a-sorie.l size-. Dealers sutudicl nl New Vork pri ce.. STRONGS it CO. Aug. C, '14. 10 SI' RINK GOODS. A Large and Choice Anrtmcn of STAPU: AND FANCY UOODS, Just received Irom New Vork by BOYNTON & BURR ITT. SATIN nnd Kmnroidered Shawl-, Plain Do Lane do., Jlusliu de Lane-, Frintr, Gimp, Caml ric- and Mu-luis, Prin'cd Lawns and Muslin, Alpine Bomba zines, Hotterv, Gl ve, i: '2U0 PIKCKS PIIINTS, Choice Patterns, Very how. Illeivhednud Stripe I Shirtim.-.Tickmi', Sali-bury Flannels, Plaid., Gmghatu-, IrMi Linen, Brown Holland, n larse a-sortmeat of Summer Cloths and Gainbreions and various laney article not ineuttcred. A tcry choice selection 'of BaoAD Cloths and Vestixgs. CJroccrles. Jlol-i-se-, Brown Sugar, Lo.ifdo., Voung Hyson, Hy.on, Hyson Skin, and Impcriil Tens, Colli-.', Gin ger, Bice, Raisins, and Spices ofall kind.. Crockery and Glass Ware, Nail-, Salts, Flour nnd Fi-h. Al-o Will keep on band a good assortment of BOOTS and SIIOKS of all kinds, and work ma le to nu-a-iirc by a workman thai need- no recommendation-. Hini'sl urgb, May lib, 181 1. 51 Cm N.I!. I O.000 lbs BUTTKR and 50 SI. "I11N GLKS wanted in exchange for Good., al lhe higbes market price-. Also, cash paid for Cheese. IXSURTE. rpIIK sul scril er ha- acted n sttrem lor llic tnn X In-uiance Company ofllnrlfotd Connecticut for more than twenty year- pa-l, and continues to insure ngain-t losses- by fire, nnd all kind, of building- nnd personal property, and tvill re-eivo application- al lii-oilieein Burlington, and iminediale'ly l-sue Police for that purposo al ai low rate- of premium, ns any privnie company cm all'ord. The undoubted re.pon. sibtlilyof tin's Company, insures safety lo ml, and Ihcir prompt, honorable, aid liberal cour-e ill lhe- adjiislinenl and payment of lo cs, will ,e a. ti-stcd ly all with whom they have had occasion to do business. WM. A. GitlSWOLD, Ascnt Burlington, Mnrch 1, 1811. 40 if CHAIRS! CHAIhS ! ! CHAINS!!! DAGGETT 8c STUART 1. F.SPKCTFULLY inform the public that they ' 1 will hereafter carry on tho CHAIR makinr. bu siness, at the old stand of Tmaver. Sri.,...(.nc. on Church Si., two doors south of tho County House and feel warranted in saying Hint Ihey can furnish ns ...,.m.m. u .......o ami ii-in i ins, nno, ns was ever olfercd in Burlington, and ounslow terms Pleaso call and cxatnine. All kinds of Chairs, Settees, Seitce-crndlc-, and Stools made to order. Old Chairs repaired nnd ennui-win suuri iiuuii:. uouiiiry i rouueuof all kind tnkeii in exchange for chairs. JOHN C. DAOGKTT. .. ,- . . , , niAHLIM R. S1UART. Burlingion, Mny-1, IS 11. jrj LEAD PIPE, if. ium i.eou 1'ipo J to Ii iii. borei 3 mils Sheet ...'.' li cwi.Micci cj iv nacs Mho! assort ed Nos. by STRONGS ,f. Co. June 11, Ml. o , NOTICE' r-T - til' , .1 :i i , iir. Buuntiuu-r uas cniotcu Ills UIHCO orcr X Slrongsit Co'c store, north of llio Court House llurlinglon, Simt. 5, 1844. ' ' ' ll'if ' OFFICRIOP llIOAIi 1 1! WITH JLWKTT'S MLDICINl.S, rsTAntlttir.!) nv . W1 BIB. J. OSflETO, , , T Ills re-idenee, t 'lminplani St., n lew rodsiinrlh JX. of Follelt ft. Brndlev, Burlington, VI. In tendering his most grateful acknowlcdgmcnls to his Iricmls nn'l pnlicnls, for the enco iragcnienl and support Ihey have given him th ptsl, thu Doc tor would leg Icavn to stale that, his success, has thus far, liecti equal to his tno-t suugulni; oxpecla lions for il has ppldnni I ecu llio cne, that tlio merits ol a new'sts'em of mc-llcal practise, ims I ecu moro I dly te-tcl nn 1 fairly o.tabli.hed, in so shot! a tune. Itc'eed, Dr. Smith does not hesitate to ay nnd the! iniilionl gentlemen in tbi- place tvill not deny ll in ii tie Lit-e 'ecu ii f me t. rn, . imnnrinnt c-res, ven vdiete tin i, i"i-i.,-Ii id i.n . i.f d oilier If sic an- nn. I the clue he Pels conft i. ul, that, i1 ild be I ii ca' i'. lu sea mi. vln-n 'ho n I'lent i- tirt lukcn, more fi-qm-iitly than he is, a cure wo 'd be nn eli m oik r e IcMed, and whb fir e exoeo c nil I tifP'rina, for llic -ick, than when they first cueiloy .il.ei- Weill", till the patient I- nearly ilea I, an I then all bun. For in all cases, since he'has adopted the ii-e if Ji wen's midninc, where be tv.i-thus enl'c I, ha- the recovery of 'he -Ick, been o rapid, a- nliiio-t to inrb eel hem and their Iricnd- tn think bit lillle was the mailer, though lo nil appearance tbey were as sick ns ttio-e tvtio empi nc I oilier practice, nun soon died l or were wtel:, nnd peril ips months, In gelttnz Jii ngaiu, Hist having In nl andon their Doctor's luiil icinc, entirely, leforo tbey ceiuld gam nt all. The fact is, whenever Jccell's remedies l.nve lecnfnirlv lrir-1 nnd liccniiio filly known, Iheir Icnlictal eilecls in eurintr di-ea-c of ctery tvpeand form, have been iacknowlcilgcd by tho most skilful physicians and llio tno-t critical on-crvers. rhe followinrr tc-ihuonv. was nd Ire-scd to t.ol. Jewell I y two highly di-liugiti-hed phy-ician-, who ny ttieir as-iuiiity, i.iitlilulni'-s and -Kill pi practice, etui aimed ihetn-clve-in lhe memory nnd nllcclions of many in thi- p'nee, whoncd Inemploy them ; and wiioiiougli acaa, yel speik. Iliarlliem. I L'nl.INOTOS. VI.. .i.'in. ;. S,. " Col.. .Ikwctt Pear Sir 1 hate re eivcd and read your pamphlet with much nilcrc-t, and nm luzh Ivplca-ed with your plan of overcoming disen-e. t on are truly carrvitig out the princiu e- ol lr..taclt -on nnd other-, which ihey have so nWy advocate I. 1 am eoiiiident lliat n lelnrni in no nrac ieeol nicui- emu isindispen-nbly necc--ary. JUII.X I'U 11 1 .HO 1 , ill. II." BunUsoTOM, Oct. 25, 1837. " Col.. Jr.tvp.TT Ptar Sir I have iVpo-ited lulhc I ank here, fifty dollars moro lo tour credit, on no. eounl of medicine sold. So far as 1 have it-ed them in toy practice, ihey have proved far more efncacieie tban'I bad anticipated. Tbey nei readily on lhe -y-lem. and overcome disca-c in a manner I never le lore wilne cd. and I do not he-itate to mvo my full approbation to your sy-lein. 1 have sold nnd tfod ni-iirlyfour hundred dollar.- worth since I lirsl receiv ed an assortment Irom yon. " I am most truly vour old friend. TRI'.MAN I'OWLLL, M. D, Dr. Smith i- happy to -late that he called on Dr. Pomeroy, a tew inon'lis I efnrc hi- dealb, and (i.utul him still firm m the -nine opinion, lie -aid, "Jewell'-doing the mine now, that Cullen did in his day. And," -aid he, " I told Dr. Atwater he was not the ereatc-1 man in the world, nnd am not, but il I va, I should suecomli to Jewell, for hit sy-letn i- correct, and his medicine the best in the world; audi re. que-ted him lo go lo Dr. .Smith and eel me a bottle ol'hcad-ache liniment, which be di I, nnd I tin I il ea-es my head vciy much." When phy-ician- nf the fir-t rank, tt hoc educa'ii n nnd tali nt- do honor lo their profes-ion, and etery mdivi lent w ho ha-given them a fair trial, come cir in favor of Jewel's inch, cities, in lanauasu unequivocal mil decided a the above, who willdoubt lhe truth of what they -ay 1 1 letr inc. i nope wiio tiimi. it lor llieir interest lo onito-e a new , practice, and ttlio-e tniiid- have I ecu blinded and , prejudiced by Iho-n whose selfishness and pride, man, Jericho; Wm. Rhodes, K. B.Green, Richmond -prnlominale over Iheir sen-e of justice andlrulh and .1. B. Dike, I liuiiincinn ; Mnn-im it Dean. Bristol' all their tcncrolint feelings, and tbo-e onlyl Mon-on iV. Dean, Lincoln ; A. P. e New-Ha- Dr. Smith ha- ju-t rcceive-l a frc-li siipnlf of ten ; It. Sanderson, W. Milieu C, Drake Millon lewett's mi-hcinc, iipcii term- lliat will enable linn , Geo. Ayre-, JMton Falls; Mnr in Wires ij'riswolil i-i s 1 1 1, w nm i. .1 1 cr ri iirii, lor ca-n, per icui ic limn .1 I, !l. ...Irl Tn. tnul i-,.sr . nn-l lis t. ... than it w a--iddfor last j-ear ; and he tuviles phy ians and al' invalids, In the trial of it. ID iic- 'f SINGLE. DOUBLE. U.MBILICAL, ALL kind- ol TRFSSr.S lor Rupture- incident to the Male, for sale, and accurately PKt'K it SPKAK. ' TIJE TA'I 1CNT LACE, iMrs-Trn nv K. P. BANNING, M, D. op ciTTf nrr.r.u, it.vnsyuama. W"w: be kept con-tanl'yon hand by Dr. Jons I Mr.r.v. ed l.s-cx. he bavin? nurebascl i.f iheorijinal P.itenii'0 the errlnsice rifht to make and rend the -ame. within and for tho Co'intic- ot Cliil leu 'en, Franklin. I I. imod'c, and Grand Me. The PA'ITNT LACK ha- now I ecu before the pub. lie for a iiuml crofmonlh-, h ui'ied- have I ecu ap plied in ilifli'rent partsof the country, nn I with n -nice-.-never I efnrc ci-iali-d by any rcmeihal atrcnl-Nunierou- well nulhe-uttcateil Ccrtift 'ale- nf p.-1 eneti mil 'ciiceni the removal ofdi-ea-cs ol Ii tig stun 1 'ng, might I ef 'Hushed Irom thi-iniin.ihatc vtcmitt in nd.liiinu lo the spitement ol' ca-e- and eertilicu'c-ofcurc-furni-l cdl y Dr. Bannins and others. Bui ijii- i- not deemed neec-sarya- at the prc-eni tune, re Co cnec can I c sitcu lo Individ tals wearing till Lace, in iica rivet cry town in the Co inly. Phv-iciaii- b ive lonn felt the necessity of a Suppor ter'! I'cren'ly i O'l-M-ncti d and m. re i-rr'ccl in il-adap. lion I' t.c ii ilium nn. I1 in inv 'Ii 11 ll i i be" n - rc etile' ti-lie i ,r. 'lit. in c" n -ii it ijanuuiL'' ini'i i - w th 'I--ir (-k rat a vr-V Ti.ii.:i-ii i- V icni-l I . reb tc '. P'.coips, .in.' ri'inc b-a i la-- ol i-liv-i. :tl tna'a 'te- w h ch r in not ' c rea -he 1 1 y me-d'.-ine- ah no. '1 he de. .-cut i ri-i-o ai enieni of 'lie vi-ecrr i tn-tn te l.ixatiiui i f the abdominal muscles, cr other ca-i-es, tend- toa'tcrand deriii'.'eihef neiion ol every nriran in the In tnaii sy-tctn, and, in many cn-( -, thi-i'cyia-le n Irom the n'alnra' heal'bv tio it'ion ol par'-, i-the so'eeau-cofediicrn d( bility in Ma'e- nnd Fcni lie-, of Pysprpiia, A is"i(in- of lire Stomnth nnd hirer, Palpitation ofthe Henri Spinal Irritation. Ifyleria, Pipocondria, Pilei. Prolnptu I'teria, Suppression nf Urine, lhe llranrhitis ol Pul lie-J-ici' cr, an ' inci pient Consumption 1 ofwh eh willi c m.,ch rehcy el, if not entirely remoted, by lhe o-e of tho Patent Pace, tvlicu their exi-rcnce tse-au-i'd by phy-i(il dc fanrrement and a meehanie'al ili-placc'mcnt of parts, which can I e readily ascertained by ob-crviug the form nnilsymptoms ol the person alecie-l. I 111 in-iruuicnt lias i ivn cxamineii t-y urs. .uoti, Itojrcrs, Francis and Gri-comb of N'cw Vorl, the Faculty of Pntsburch, llnnfordan 1 New Haven, and i ha- ol laitu-llheirfavoral lete-timi ny. Appli'Mti'.n-forlbi- Laic may I e made to the ftlb- -crilcr, at l-.-se, or Ilasar A-Arlhitr, Burliniton Patient- nta distance will bo visile I at their ic-u'ciu c ll re-nired. JOHN W. F.MKltY. i-.s-ox Alarcu 'J7, is 1 1. l.itt FOR SALE. riUIAT larsc and commoilie.u-two story BItICK X DWKI.I.INC. HOUSK AND LOT. silnn'cd on the tve-l sideof College the bead of College Street, in this vdlaire. The Ilou-e i- 32 I V 43, with an a-emeut sory, withkilchen and provt-ion cellars, with a wins Si l.y ti), ex cnuiug norm on t oliege Green, wilh wiukI and store home I clow, audi bam- her-and shvpiug reioms al oti', A large and com modious bam, carriage lion-c, ice house, and oilier out-houses, and a spaejon. yard west of Ihu dwelling house, nud n good tlnral le will ol water ol the best oualilv in lhe village, and abriik ci-icin. One and a quarter acre-of land, of ihe first qunlili, a largo garden ana cnoice trull iree-i west ot lite hoit-e anil yard. The buildtiuT- are constructed in modern style, ot the l est material and workman-hip, were creeled by the siibscnlcr for his own me, nnd the location adonis a very e.tcnive and pleasant pro-peel of the village nud lakeon iho Wet, aad is not surpassed by any other m this pari oft lie country. Purehascts are iuvilcd to call nnd examine for tlteinelvcs. Term- made known bv the subscriber on tin-premises. SAMl'F.L ltKKD. lliiriingtPii, April IS, 1811. 40 If DRUGS & MEDICINES The subscribers nre conlinu nllv supplied with F.VKltY Alt'l'ICLK in the nbove branch, both ol ibcOtticini aiuti'.iieni 1.11111-: .iiniicinai water.-lrom Saratoca do. from Caledonia, Canada; Medical Wines 1111 Liiiuor-.tPiire) Le he's; Sure teal lnslruinenl.i'Min- eral Teeth, &e. Sj-Prcseniilions put up at sliorle&l iioiii e tCJiStoi) open at all hours. PKCK it SPK.1 ARj-rlnoMrcanVi l3L Cirlinglnn.Fcb. 1,1813. NEW FALL AND WINTER GOODS, T it II. II. DOOLITTLK havo just returned X from Nvw Yoik. nnd art now riceivin;. n haiid.-i me n-sorlineiit 111 new and dcstrnl le giKkls of I In lale-t s'j les, sutti-J to llio season, which 11111-1 be sold. Tluo who want heap goods tvill do well lo give us a call Sept. -jib. ISM. llufi Vvhitis i.kaT). IJ TONS ''.Vew York anil Saugrrties" while lead, I dry ond ground 111 oil. 'pure,' cxira,' and 'No. I,' n jusi riv'd. 'I ho quality i.fihts lead i-tiarranliO qualund bi'lieteil to be superior to nnv manninc. lured in tho United Slates. STRO.SGS A CO. Aug. 0, M I. 1 1 SMOKED BEEF. rXCF LBS, Superior quality smoked Beef by tJUU July 4. 5 STRONGS it Co. t305s WltlGHT',? INDIAN V KG LP A 11 LK PILLS) OR INDIAN PUtKI TIVIJ. THOUGH mane medicines have lecn lirlnrettie pitblie lor u much longer period limn Wiiioht's Indian i:or.TAiii.i:Pui., yet none stands now In lllfiliEit iinr-UTi:, or has more rnpidly nltnineda firm hold upon popiilnrcsl inalion. The tiiou.!,, thai lintu ti-ed them llirnugbout llic length nnd breadth of the Republic, nil I car cheerful Iclnnony lo Iheir thorough rflicanj and mild operation when employed ill the most distressing disorders " winch flesh is heir to." The theory of dt-cae on which Wbimit's I.iniAN Pills tiro founded, I. tin-, viz: that there imnlyrine primary cause of all the disorders that r((. 'in. human family, and that is corrupt humors j ..r, in oilier word Impuriliof Illcod. Thi- prinei plo I- now -ii gencrnlly ndiniiicd, thai n may in fact , ,-.,,i 1.. , i- -u-,iinu..ij i,y nn universnliiy or opinion, the le.ydis-enicrs con-'iiutine hit n, ml. r 1 1 v. It i it-c e tin Tei (( III ill. en. O It... .m.n.l. lies-ill Ibis thorny in tin- placo and connexton. Til p. ovn DisCAsn Piiinc-Icu: long ndiniiml, the mode of altacl; ptn'es-ed I y ailpraetilioner I ecotnes the. nine namely, pumotion. But many of (he so called -pccifies now leforn the public, produce only nno form of Piirsratiou J lliey arc pi'lu-r Sudorific. i uiliartie, Ui-iruiii or I-xuci toi-ini. II Vint i'- tn.t: i'csrclalile I'IIIa rani .i , i : , " (" I'1 ' i"-"t twin uic Ihcreloto calculated lo nltnck the element, of di.ea-e at all point-, and by n harmonious and combined one. ration to expel it radical y Irnin the .v.i.,n, rri.'..:. o.iH lisalmo-t rnngcal, mid i. iiolcs.nslonis'htn'r for rs mildne- llian its elllcacv Path nx,,. n...T n apes mnv employ Ihcin, nccordiua lo the direction- wiiuoio icir, nir win to iuuvnrcfrain to cure all tilt. east that nre remedial, lliey ncrtr inllictnn injurv upon tho system. J J I lie pertel sa ety ol lhe medicine is nnother all important rpiallly, nnd one which ha Contributed nn re than any ilinig cl-o to its extension andpopu larily. In a word, this medicine rommenih ittrtr ,lrnnl to the patronage of the public, and its use bids fair iu fccyric urc tunLr, tnmoii universal. t AUTIDN. The citizens of Ne v England nre respectfully in formed that in ci n-cipicncc ol lhe ureal popularity winch ria-hlVIn ban Vegetable Pill-havecartieilby their n-lonislimg iroodnes-, a Gang of Counterfeiters, aroiiowindu.trio i-ly enaaired In pa'tning nn thcun sii.pectinsr.n raluelcen nod iierhaps dan gerous tnedl eiue, under lhe name or Indian Veietable Pills. This is lo inlorm the public, iha thu genuine tncdi ' ine ha on tbeboxe., " 'rlght's Indhn Vegetable Pills. (INDIAN PI'ROATI VF.) op tub Ner.Tti Amcuican coi.i.p.nt: or" And also aiuima ii,0 I order of lhe lal el will be found tn small tvpe, " n"'.rr!lm- I" Act ofConsre-., in tho year 1840, ly Will an; V i lain, in lhe Clerk- Olliccol nn; lji-inet t-ouri oi ine La-tern District of Pennsvl yauia." ' The pul lie will nlso rememl er thai all who sell tho genuine Indian Voicta' lo Pili- nr0 provided with a cerliiiea'c ol ntreucy -nrne-d I v William Wright, 'wD lreslilcnt Or TIIK SOUTH AMinicAN COLLrfiT. OP HEALTH," and that pcllcr- nre never in any ca-e allowed losell the cenu.iiemeilicmc AH trnte'lmg A -rent- will I c Provide I Willi a cerltlieate of Age.icy a- above descri lie ' ; and tho-c who cannot show o'ne tvill be known a- ba-e impostor-. 1 he folb.-wirighighlv respectable persons have been appoiniedacent- for 'he -alcf lhe ahotc named Wright's linllnii Vegetable Pills. OFTItn Sl aTH A.MI-.RILAS COLI.IOE OP HEALTH. It-..m -, l'ci-1, it S,icar, S. K. Howard, I). Datii it Co., Biirlinalou j Fran is Laelnre, Cdchester; I Mor'ou & Clark, Williskn; Lorin Tyler, Fs-ct i J, II. Tower & Son, Underbill ; A. Barney, J. Ly- j ,v r-miiic. ijainiiriiiire; tv. .s. ct C P. Wood West f. .t . O 11 ,.. I. I- n . I" p ' .. .' 1 . lird;S. Brush Co., I airf.ix ; II. Cook, Shel burn: Wm. II. Vicl-e, Hmc-I irL-h; S. II. Barnes l-l,r,..f. . T.. ....... .r. It., ..I ....I i.. I . 'I'm ' '"use, ourK-ooroiislis Shale- it Web I , Ferr.-' i The only O li -e in lln.t n where the Indian Vege. table IMIs can ' e i b'.a ine 1 1- at U9R TUEftlOiVT STRERT. 1 9 Pr n up.ll O'hceniid General De-pot, 109 Km c-ircet, Pllll 1'Vlphl.l. JOyJ TO PHYSICIANS. New Chemicals and Sundry Articles: The Acid., chemical. Ainmiiiitncal l'leparalion Biomine, Cyanurel of Potas-iutn, Chioratc of Po:a- a, I-'lalcrium, Kraot Fresh, Putt-. I 'thereat Preparations, l.'xtraet ol Opium, F.iiract ( Rhatany, Han-Mitieiisor l.le-i Irilier Fx'racl ( f Aconite, etatria, Binoili lo . f Mercury, I loili 'e of S dpliiir, I. dide of Iron, Ilmo. mi'c ol'.MiTcnri-. II y rindated l.upior cf Ar-cnte and .Mcriury. I.ecclie.-, Hcalihy Spanish ami Swccdi-h, O.I of To' ai-eo, P e Irin, ."sc. Ac. &r. Nitraleof Silvcr.cheuiirn New stj le5 ol I list rumen. I.opidin, Miiuue-ian Fluid, Nutihilia Wood. l l'Kl K Jt SPKAK'S. iii:nrv iialh, ATTORN PLY Ct)UN--i:i,l,t)R mi if;;., vr.nMD.xr. AT LAW, s. . p i:r,iAi,t:i; ATTORNEY AT LAW. So. 7 Counsellors Hall. i"s Il.-ilduisO 13 PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. YARR ANTED. TIIILSnrlieliisioowcll known to need commen ila'ion nnd lhe ctpcrk ncc of seven t ears has i demonstrated to the commercial community, that for accuracy, contenienco and durability, tliev arc unrivalled Cool vard scales to weit'li from 3 to 6 tons. Dormant Wnrchouse do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. to WOO lbs., Portable do. lo weigh from 1 2 02. to ! 2001bs. PortableCounterdo a new-article totveigh from 1-2 oz. tn401bs. J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Agents. I Burlington, June 30, 1S43. 4lf " " flEMEDYFO FOR SALF. BY THF. GKOSS, also AT RKTAIL 11 By PLlK iv SPKAR. NEW ROOT AND SHOE STORE. II. I5ATCfiIB0L.DKR TTAS remote! to the new shop opposite 1 hi- old j J.l Bank, where lie is prepared to meet the calls of Ids customers, on ine stiortcsi noinennd in Ihe latest and mist fohionable style, lie h.l-no empty loa-t to make, nor ran bo say but that In-work may some time partakcof the imperfection which characterizes all things of human slriiclme; but this he will sav, Ihal 30 year- experience has gi)cn him some coni ilciiee, so that he Ihinks he can compete wilh 1110..1 ef In- n.ighl or-, wilh the last and awl, if not triin llio sef praising pen. At alletents. Ins onsli iner shall run no riA-, lor if work I. not good he will make it pood. Now n Heretofore, be warrants his work to give good sati-f.ienon, or ho will 111,1 l-e satisfaction. JIOOTS AXP SHOPS Of every description, constantly on hand, and manu factured to order, i f gocxl stock aad superior work maaship. Burlingion, -May 25, 1844. j TIIK PICTORIAL HISTORY OF TIIK UNJ icd tflnles is now complete, il may be seen st Sam'l. Huntington's w ho is dulv authorized 10 fill ill orders in relation lo this tnlual le work. Kvcry Amer ican will feel proud to be iheowncr of ibis History. All who may have orders lift with them will do me a fator hv transmitting ihcin to .Mr. Huntington. K. W. Blaisdell of Vtrgenncs, is an nuthorizcdacfnt. All the counties in 1 tie stale will le visited ns soon as practicable fo the circulation of ibis unrivaled Amer ican llistoiy. D. KIMBALL Jr. special Agent for Vt. llutlington, Sept. Dili 161 1. IS (Pei I .1 i'( ..iy.Sfim

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