Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 25, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 25, 1844 Page 1
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fvtt NOT THE GLOHV O F C JB S A R BUT TAB WELFARE OP ROME BY. II. B. STACY. HHHBKBBnnHBnnmiEaBanD W. York Adv'ts. l'tcy and Staph SILK GOODS. Williams, Rankin, &. Penniman, No. G3 WILLIAM STREET, COBNKK OP CI5IAlt NTItUUT, NliW YOIIK. YITOULD call the nitcnlion of Merchants visitins VV New York for their Kali supplies, to (heir ex tensive assortment ol entirely NHW STYLUS PALL GOODS. To their ordinary stock, which comprise a full and Ecneral variety of Staple and Fancy Silk Goods, they nve been making largo additions of F.NTIRI.LY KBW STYLR-. exnresslv adapted to the season. From the facilities which they possess in the pur- cnase ot teooiis at tno very lowest prices ineir unri valled and very extensive assorlmeni Ihey feel assu red that it will he in their power to offer extraordina ry inducements lo purchasers who desire nnd deserve to buy on the very best terms, and they are detcrmin ed to spare nopiins to make it for the interest of such to make their selections from their Mock, lit DRKSS GOODS , , they can show a great range of styles, in Rich Printed Cashmere D'Fcn.ssr. nf latest Paris nattcrns : Tiesans, Crape Do Lainrs, Muslin Do Laincs of Pans styles, never before offered. Alpaccas, Bombazines, Black and Blue Silks, low and man priced. SILKS Camcleon Brocade Silks j Cameleon Brochi Striped Silks; Plain and Satin Striped Hel leniennoss Black and Blue Black Sniin Striped and Brocade figured Silks s Salin Striped Gros Grnincs Black and Blue Black Gros do Sw-issj Italian Lus trines i Gros de Rheims! Gros d'Afriquess Black nnd Itlue Black Satins', Plain and Figuicd Satins. Also MILLF.NF.RV GOODS in nreat vanciv. comnri- eini? Bonnet Silks and Satins of entirely new styles, Bonnet nnd Cap Ribbons, rich Fnll patterns: now designs Runnel Velvet-, plain colors, black and blue tifacK, tigurcu, 6haucd, plaid ! cut and uncut. lacks. Cap Laces in great variety, nf now and elegant paterns Trimming Laces and Lacn F.dgings, black anciwnucj nnit, i.tsie, i.uipure, .ucciiiin, urusscis, cVc. er. Thread Laces and Fdginge, French, German nnd English. SHAWLS. Rich Cnshmete-nnd Brocho Long and Sqinrc Shawls i Thibet, Muslin dc Lainc, Kubyle, Plaid, W.uillen W.l An X f SILK Sfl.YWL.S-Dark Cameleon, Satin Sniped, Kigured, dc. niniTs An mitts. In pvnrv vnrietv. fur Gentlemen. Ladies, and Missrs, Kidi.f the most nporoved manufacture, Buck, Me rino, Woollen, Silk, Lace, Filet. Rgpytian, India ltub- uer, etc. Their slock will be found lo comprise n full assort ment of nil ilic various small items needed, and they invito the .mention or lluvers. with ihe fullest confl uence that Ihcy can supplv every want in their hue. 11 ni3 QUEEN'S" WARE." China, (5 lass, and Earthenware. SUM) nt Whoel-ale In Coun'rv Merchants thcap li.rra h or art entailers, aiWI Broad -f., I niwcc-n lVn.1 and Whips si.-. THOMAS I Fir.LlV IN N'KW YORK, To supply the City and Interior Trade, 1 y the Piece or Package, Removed ! From. 113 Pearl Si not lo 1 I (JIIDAIt ST It !' I5T. shah William Stnr.n. Tl-.r. k nUKWSTKR give, noliiu to the Denier J in Div tieiol-, ihat ilicy have removed llieir Wnre-htiu-e lor Piiii'el Cnliciv, Kxrlusnclv, Pearl, in 1 1 Cedar Street. Hyconfinins llieir al ten'ion In Prims only L, A: I!, are dial Iiil to exhibit nn n e.rlincnl far -u'rpa-sing any ever before oll'cicd in A'lienca and lo -ell at prreo- a- low and l.e-ncrul-ly Lower than wlio-e ntlunliou is divided union'.' a large vnrieiv of articles. The Stuck enn-i isofsr.vr.nALTiior'ANnsoF Pat-tei.N- asm Cni.oms-n-. embracing v crv variety of AMKIIICAX AND FOId.IGN PRINT In markel many ftvlcs of which are gut up exclu sively "or their im n' 'ah'-, nnd cannot lo had else where, except in second hand". Dealers in Print- will liud it for llieir irlere'st to ex amine Ihi- Slock I efore making iheir pin. due -e- ihey will b:ivc the ailvaiita'-e ol learning the lowe-l mar led prices and conipiiring all iheele-lral lc slyle- in niarkel -ide by -i !e. Catalogue of Price-, correctc I wilh every variation of the .Market, areplaced in the. hands ol Olivers. April 9, Ml. " 49 if L. & V. KIRBY, WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Foreign &- Domestic Dry Goods 4" Cedar Street, New- York City. RRSPICTTULLY announce to llieir Customers find Dealers penmallv. lhat thev have now on hand a full Btock of Fresh Dry Goods adapted to the Fall trade, embracing a full assortment of nil descrip tion nf Staple Goods, which have been selected wilh much care, and which they are enabled lo offer nt very low prices nnd on the most liberal terms. They are also Agents lor Barlow &. Co.'s American Manu factured Needles, which ihcy will warrant nfirstrato article. 11 'n't AIttBlXCAlff MUSEUM. New York Clty1. T. Itanium Proprietor. THIS Mu-eum lm G splendid ball- over 100 fcit in leng h, coiraininir upwnids of .100,000 curi cvity from every portion ol llie Glolte. Here are Beasts, fiians, RnrriLK-, IsfEcis, Fish es, &e, &c, of every j-pivies and kind- ever iviiown nr h,.ird of. A Grand CosMonAHA containing Ventttiful view.-of undent and modern cities, natural -cencry, moonlight views, if-c. A large nuniU'r ol new one- have just lippn recrired from Rome of the hrst nrii-t of France. Noveltics nnd CuniosniF.s, mcb as DwAnrs, ' ! Giants, Giante Ee, OonAN(iUuTAN06, 6Zc, are al ways eniraaed w hen opportunity oilers. Rich Diversified nnd Interesting entertain ments are ajway- given every evening, nnd every Wedne-day and Saturday afternoon-, by the mo-i talented performers. Kvcnv stbangeb, as well a- citizen, should visit thi-e-lablishmeiit, a- valuable instruction i- conibin ed wilh rational nmu-cmcnt. The price of admission i.- always 25 cents. August 31, 1814. Hi BATHS & iMASTIiltTON, 26 LIBERTY STREET, (BETWEEN WILLIAM ANI NASSAU STREETS,) NEW.YOItK, TI70ULD roll llie attention of Merchants nboul VV visiting New-York, lo their exlen-ive stock o Foreign and Donii-iic DRY GOODS, which they eillcrfor-aleonhl.t-ral term-, i-in-i-img in part of fcor-oni, a new iiriiele for dre-scs. ... I- .ln Arlottas Chameleon Lustres Alnacca Lustres. 1 lack and eolore-d. Moutclinc de Laincs, Crape de Laincs, Cathmeres d'Hcosse, Chusans, Taisans, Hosiery and Gloves, nn e'xle-nsive aorlment, ;Ygro Kerseys, Linseys, Kentucky Jeans, Flannels, frow low-prie'ed to superfine, Prints, of the newe-t nnd riche-t tyle-, liroun and Hleached Shirtingt and Sheetings. Spool Cotton and Thread, uf ill kinds, Cloths, Castimeres, Satin els, and Vesting!, lAnem, Lamm, Diaper, Crash, A I , a large a-sorlnienl of Whim Good.., eon-i-l-ing of Jaconets, L'ambries, Swi.s and Soft Mulls, Tap- and Lace, Striped and Check Muslin-, lli-bops Lawn-, Hook Mii-lm, Diinity, tic. &c. 12m3 REMOVAL. WILLIAM VATIUDGE & SON, IMrOBTF.ns, MANUFACTURERS ANI1 IIEALEU- IN DYE-WOODS. AIDS, DYE-STUFFS. &C. &C, IIAVK REMOVE!. FROM 34 TO 27 CLIFF STREET, .Year Fallon, New-York. r-on-iani v rn l anu una lor sain un on ncrniTiniodaliu? letiii-, mid war- b - e i iliiy. 10 Fiom the Vermont Chronicle. ATHANASIt. O spenk thou not of the shadowy tomb, T ho mourner ihe bier and urn, Nor dim young Hope wilh an awful gloom, And forbid the Passions burn Thou say'st the roses ol Beauty fall, Hath shroud nnd grave, then, a claim on au.1 No I No I O, Death, for the eovi is free I The imago of God lives there l And if ils temple be bright with glee. Or darkened wilh harrowing care, Still, stilt it Iivc3 j nnd the shrine offears May glow wilh joy in the flight of years. It lives i nnd onward and upward soars, Krom valo and did" where the cascade roars. From boundless sea and fhcocean waves, From woodland shrine that the streamlet laves, From gorgeous lull, nnd the cottage home, And solemn temple nnd lofty dome From earth to heaven, lhat distant star, Its brighter home m thc'icalmsafar. And what is Life 1 Is it not n spring, And pure though its earth bo gross Whoso depths with music arc murmuring, Whose borders nro fringed with moss, Whoso gushing slrear.i through eternity flows, Where blooms undying, the blushing rose. Be ours the boon of tho warm heart's sigh, When nalureis wan nnd sere, To weep the flowers that fade and die, And leave us to linger here, Not long; life flows from a living fount, And soon ilsbillows o'er barriers mount. Did-t say thou hcardst 'mid ihe leafless frees A voice of death on the Autumn breeze? It was not so yet it spake of change! And still that voice in ils boundless rnngo ' Mid ocean's rage, and tho tempest's strife,. And wild eommolion hath cuhoed "life!" Tor God nbhorrcth ihe Terror-king, And e'en front death bids the living spring. The pent-up song of thcice-bounJ stream Sounds not on flic arclic air ; Yet soon the Spring wilh her sunny gleam Doth tell thai it liveth there! I.'en llius, and not like n broken lute, In death tho music of soul is mule! Is mute! Tho soul haili a living voice, And spenliclh in tones so clear, l'.xalled spirits of God rcjjicc, While lingelh it on the car ! And frcught with bliss is the parting breath, And deeper, stronger it swells in death ! Oil I God hith gicn a nnblo boon, Which wisdom cliooscth, aye, chooselh soon, To feed the soul yes 1 'tU j ly d vino To treasure there nn cxhaii-lles mine! Around the shnnc of the heart beneath, To twine, of Hupp, nn immortal wreath, And I id those bloom, That moulder not in (he sightless tomb. Tnnsns. Manchester, Sept. lib, 1E11. WONDERS OF CHEMISTRY. It is now ascertained anil is capable! of flio clearest proof, that tho simple elements of winch nil substances urn composed, cannot by any conceivable means, ho destroyed. They may indeed bo so changed us lo pro sent not thu least resemblance to their previ ous forms, they may bo so mingled wilh oili er bodies that their identity cannot he traced, they mav he dissipated info visible vapor and ho apparently annihilated ; hut we learn from thu science of chemistry, that in every change tin; s unn olnmenls reiuain inextingiiUliiililuj Grand List--Messrs Hnbbell, Carpenter of Reads and unaltered. The phenomena of solution 'boro's .S'loddird, Lyndo ; Bogue, Bucklin ; Marim of ifr.inlc cmim nf ihr. most nlivlmic rnl-iilnnc of ltaelie3ler, Spear i Spencer, Johnson of Lincoln; .mortis somo ol tut most ol ions reunions. o , Uancoc(i Joil(,s. ,,elsCi i.l)lca. nnvey carpenter cotnplolo changes produced in bodies, with ofWaterbury j Darling nf Burke, Witunrths Weed, out causinc their annihilation. The solution I Iljl)' ... wilhur, Luce i Wheeloek, Hitchcock ; Sie- e ,. .- . c. ..i Ul il lllllll Ul aog.ll III tl lllj) Ul IL'fl, llldy uu adduced as a f.iniiliar cxnmnlo. Whoro a person to witness such a phenomenon for the ' 'r . i ,, 1 1 .1 i first lime, ho would consider the sugar total- ly lost, and ho might he elUposed to attribute its disappearance to magic. But the pros 1 , p , i i 1 , encn of tho sugar may not only be detected by tho tasto hut by the increased weight of the fluid, and it may he reproduced by evap orating the solution to dryness. If a pieces of silver ho immersed in diluted nitric acid, in a shoil time tho silver will be entirely dissolved. Its baldness, ils lustre, its tenacity, ils great specific gravity, all tho characteristics which distinguished it as a metal-are gone. lis very (orn) had vanish ed, and tho hard, splendid, ponderous and opaque metal, which hut ;i fow minutes be foro was immersed in tho mixture is appar ently annihilated. Tho liquid, however, re mains as limpid as before, it presents no dif ference in its appearance, to indicate a change. What then has hocomo of the solid piece of silver which was placed in the liq id ; wo must conclude that it was annihilat ed. Put somo pieces of copper in the solu tion nnd it will reappear, and fall to the bot tom of tho glass in small, brilliant, metallic crystals. I he solution is one of tho simplest processes of nature, hut tho limited faculties ot man will not permit linn to comprehend tho modo in which it operates. Tlicro is not one phenomenon of nature, that the mind nfman ran fully comprehend, and after pursuing Iho inquiry us as mental capnc it v will admit, lie is still obliged to confess thero is an operating power beyond the reacli of his comprehension It is of importance in our researches lhat wo should bear in ' mind tiio utter incapacity oi man to l .. i j i i f ,im I,' i :"e. I'",,',n mysteries ol nature, le. I mrlnni In mt.l.l.n l.n Ia.h 1......I t ponolrato est wo he induced to mistuka tho low level of human knowledgo for tho summit of omniscience, and should run into tho common error of concluding lhat whatever is incomphchunsible lo our limited faculties, must also be impos sible. ' To Young Men. Bo careful of that voung lady who runs from tiio wash tub to chango her dress ul your approach. Yon will want a long purso to support her. Al so, hewaro of her with half a dozen rings on iier fingprs, nnd who sits in church with her clove olf, that all sho has nf any value about her may ho seen to advantage ; sho will, if you wed tier, soon get the ring of poverty in your nose. A. Strike ..j . ,. . . , . : nous tu ruiur ii i" iiiu oiwu uu uiffii ii.,. ihi iiu -'I am I going to ho called.. nralntreo. introduced a resolution do a printers dovi any longer no inoro ain't," oxclaimcrj our imp the oilier day, in a terrihlo pucker. "Well, what shall wo call you t " "Call mo typographical spirit of evil you please that's all." BURLINGTON, VERMONT LEGISLATURE. Saturday, Oct. 12. Sr.NATr.. Prayer by tho Chaplni t. Mr. Thompson moved that a committee on the part of the Senate, (if throe Senators from each ("ongressional District, bo appointed by the Chair, to canvass flio votes for Representatives to Conarcss : carried. The Chair announced tho following senators a? committee : 1st Dist. Messrs Thompson, Hard, Tlutton. 2nd " Messrs.!. lhrrett, Griswnjd, Murjrmi Oil " Messrs Read, Woodbriilsrc, Green. 4Mi " Messrs Calioon, Camp, RicliartNm. Resolution Hy Mr. Brlfr., that tho commit leo on roads and canals bo instructed lo inquire inlo tho expediency of altarins; tho law in rela tion lo tlicYollcctioM and expenditure of tho an nual highway tax, assessed for repairing high ways. To secure an accounting, by the person receiving a tax bill, for the amount collected and expended. 7b make provision for collecting an amount in teams' work, which may be neces. sary to nnko repairs. To provide for tho elec tion or appointment of highway surveyors, who are competent to lay out and expend the high, way fax in a judicious and suitable manner ; naF-od. Mr. Green introduced a bill in amendment of Chan. G!3 of Revised Statutes, viz that a divorce from tho bond of matrimony may bo granted for ivillul ueserlion for fliree years ; although sueli desertion Inpponed while lie parties v. re resid ing m another Stale or country. Provided the parly deserting shall have resided in this Slate two years after such desertion, and the parties and the Libellant shall have resided in this Slate as required by the provisions of Sec. 'J2 of Chip. 0.') of tho Revised Statues. Hill was read twice, and referred to tho coininiticc on the Judiciary. llrsnliiliuiw Prom the House, providing fur a joint commilleo of the tw o Houses to prepare and report joint rules ; concurred in, and Messrs J. Barrel, Noycsnnd Voodbriilge, were appoint ed Ihe committee. I!y Mr. Read, that so much of the Governor's Message as relates lo a u'eo. logical survey, ho referred to Ihe cotinnillcu on Piuancc, willi directions to report a bill prnvi ding for such survey. Mr. Rich irdscm moved to amend by striking out the last cUutc. After some remarks from Mutsrs Uriggj and C.inip, in favor of making llie clnracter of Iho report discretionary wilh the cotiuiiitloe, the amend ment was carried, and the resolution as amend ed, ad pled. The hour having arrived for joint assembly, tlioSjiialo repaired to the Hall of the House of Representatives. The Senate having returned from joint as sembly, the House resolution assigning Wed nesday next at 10 o'clock A. M.for the election1 of U. S. Scna'or, was called up from the table and concurred in. Mr. J. BarroU meted tint when tho Senate adjourn, it be to mtot on Monday morning; agreed li, and the Senate adjourned. Il'iirsn Prayer by Rev. Mr. .Manser. T'io Clnir announced the Standing Commit tees, to v it : flutes Mesr- Wliil'emoreof Milton, Rice of Som eet, Buck of jVorlhlield. tJ'ecthni Me-srs Staev, Smbnrn nf Kiiaflord, Kellogg, McLiuud. If.iker. F.iy, Dodeof F.onilond.iry. Wuysand Minns Messrs Porter of Harlforo, Wing, Hammond, Warren of Xewfine, Squires. Military .IJ'.iirs Messrs Harlow, Kiddir of Brain tice, llirius, .May, Howe of Sliorelmn. Jutlicittrij .Me-srs WhiltPin-ire of Milton, Howard, Ilildiard, Buck of Norlhfie'd, Maiston. Claims Messrs Grantly, Rice of ."-ol.icrset, Tilden, Clirk of M'ddletown, I'oswoilli. loads .Messrs Winslow, Baldwin, t'lnpp, Terry, Warren oI'Middlesev. Hanks Messrs Warner of MidJIebury, F etcher, Bhke, Hears, Giliu ire of liiitl.iud. M imifaetures .Messrs Harvey, Blnir, Merritl, Goodrich, Lee. A gncKrure Messrs Brigg.,.Nutter, Railway, Clark of Muretovvn, Wesmi estnii. srs. K.iton, Bradley, Whitelaw, vens, iirtti ol Minn Hero, llolcom! General '"ommittee Messrs Crowlev. Ruck of Ar lington, Aiken, lliniihain, Smilli of New Haven, King- "ian, Patrick, Unrk of Morelow-u, G.fTin, Driiry, lien- son, l uutli of Ilirlou, Howe of Lunenburu-. Reynolds, ;,;-ira;0,,-.Me.srs lluttott, Hownrd, Rieerif llrid- port, Wirren ol Vewfine, Kidder of Fairlriven. Hhlrilmtin; ( Cu.oifrlIc.irs Davi of Land- grocc, F.mery. Fuller, Web1 cr, Porter of Ferrislmrgh, Darling of Corinth. Hebirt, Smith of Marshruld, Ingalls, Learned, Whittcmoro of I'elvidere, llryani, iiuroani., i.a.iue. Hills Mesors Matthews of I'illsfield, Hawkins. Slate's Prison Messrs Warner of Jliddlebury, Fletcher, Neal, Waterman of Morrislown, Forbush. Committee oj licvision .uessrs islacy, jlarsion, llarrelt. Resolutions Tho subjects nf the Governor' .Message were referred by resolutions as follows by Mr. Kellogg, on education to the commit tee oneducalion; by Mr. Ihldwin, on the mili. tin, li id on thu table on motion of .Mr. Hi -c of S. who suggested that tha Mcs-ago did not touch this subject : by .Mr. Thompson, on usury, to in. diciary committee ; by Mr Ma.thaiu, on licenses, to a select committee ot ono Irani each county ; by Mr Whittemore of Milton, on slavery and Texas, to select eominillee of five ; by Mr. Dewey, on geological survey, to select commit tec of five; by Mr. Winslow em protection, to select couimitteo of five; by Mr. K'dor, on elis. tributioti, to tho committee ou protection ; by Mr Rice of llridport, on tho asylum for the iu- sme, to committee of throe. Hy .Mr Buck, for tiio appointment ul joint committees; on joint rules: passed. By Mr Rico of Somerset, to ad journ to 9 o'clock on Monday morning next j lam on tho table. Tho speaker appointed tho committee nf tho House on joint rules Messrs Buck, Rice of Somerset, urantly Tho petition of Theodore and Rebecca Webb, was referroel to tho committee of claims. Mr I'orter introduced a hill to charter tho the Woodstock bmk which was referred to the committee on banks. The Senate como in and iho joint assembly inauo too following county appointment : RUTLAND COUNTY. Jacob '"dgerton, Jr. Rutland, Sheriff. Abncr Mead. Hiqh HailiJT. William C. Kiltredue, State's Attorney. William Hull, Judas of Pro. for the his. of Hut. Almon Warner, Judge of Pro. for the District of rairhaven. Silas II. Hodges, William Hall, Charles Dun, Jail Commissioners. ORANGF. COUNTY. IVeTJielfsinilb: I A"'1 Ju" C' Cou"' Hoel Sayre, Thetford, Sheriff". Samuel K. Davis, High Haiti f. Jefferson 1'. Kidder. State's Attorney. J. W. I). Parker, Judge of Probatefor the District of llradlora, Thomas Jones, II. K. G. McLaughlin, I'lihu Nor ton, tail Corn's. FTho county convention nominaled Levi I) Vilas ns Judge of Prohato for tho district of Randolph, when Mr Ihrtholuinow inoveel to refer Iho matter back to itie convention, wan instruc ., . r.- : ... ,i. -,.i. .i..-:n ... l..i Iciar!n (he nnminalion of Mr Vila las to bo in nr.. ;COrdanco with the 3d joint rule, and ought to bo confirmed. Aftor some discussion by Senators ,J. Barrett, Hrigg-t, ualmvi aim uamp, anil' if Messrs. Rice, of S., and S inborn, the subject . was laid on Iho tabid VERMONT, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25; 1844. WINDHAM COUNTY, Simncl F.lliof, Court. l.mer Russell 11 Hyde, Bellows Falls, Sherif. Pardon T. Kimball, liieh llattij. jo in K inuni . panic a Attorney. Rllcry Albeo, Judge of l'robatefor the district of M citminslcr. Lemuel Whitney, Judge of Probate for the district of Mirtbaro. Williim Adams, Benjamin Ormsbee, Nahum Ea ger, Jail Corn's. air. Rice, of S., moved to recommit the nnm inalion nf justices for tho town of Wardsboro' opposed by Senator Thompson ; ayes 71, noes 03. IJI'.iNiNliiti 1UA e.UU.Hl'1. tZn&J'ofCo.Ct. V. D. S. MeLowcn, llenninirton, Sheriff. Aaron Demo jr., High Haiti f. A. L. Miner, State's Attorney. Leonard Sirgcanl, Judge of l'robatefor the dis Irirt of .Winchester. O. C. Merrill, Judge of Probate for the district of Ucnmn elon, .1. 0. Roberts, Win. M. S-perry, Cyrus Munson,Jiii( Coir for Mincliener uislrict. .Linn S. ltobineon. Alexander Hiding, O. C. Mer rill, Jail Corn's for Itennington district. FRANKLIN COUNTY. Auguslns Burt, Junes Davis, Ass't Judges of Co. Ct. John f Foster, f-manton. Sheriff". Orson Carpenter, U'wh Itailiff"' Win. C. Wilson, State's Attorney. William Bridges, Jadienf Probate. Bates Turner, Joseph H. Hammond, Jasper Curtis, Jail Commissioners. CHITTF.NDl'N COUNTY. Rolla Gbason, Richmond. Shcrill. Horace I' ems, Higli Hiilill. Israel P. Richardson, Slate's Attorney. Clnrb's Russell, .liitl 'O of Probate. Win. A. tins.void, David K. I'.i.igborn, Isaac Dow, Jail Commissioners. The joint assembly adjourned to Thursday next, a r. Adj. 2 o'clock, r. m. llousn. 1'flitinns referred Ol James M. Slade and others, and James M. Gordon and others, lo tie select coiinnilloo on licenses; of Martha V ull. In tho Judiciary couimillee. The eominillee on Rules reported rules for Ihe session, winch were adopted. liewlitliims Ry Mr. Ilailov, inst rnct inrr our delegation in Congress to go for the repeal of n i.'..... .... .I...-:..;.,.. .t..n... :.. t. r..n.u:. r in i.i.s ,iu .in i; ritlVUIV III IIIU 1S1MIICI Ul Columbia, and al-o to go for the abolishment of I slave trade ; referred to the belect Committee on this subject. . Adj. ' mondav, Oct. M. Sbnatt.. Prayer by the Chaplain. MrJ llirret, from the enmmitlec nn joint rule-, reporled a H-rics amending last vear's rules i cerlain ,nricuUr and fho report, on ' mutton of ,lr. tj.iliooo, was ordercel to bo laid 1 upon the table. Mr llriggs presented the pel i- j timi of A ze I D.irl;oe and 'ii others, praying for tho repeal of all c.Msting laws' rostrie-'ting the ' sale of spirifniis liquors; laid on fho table. I Hrsliliilinns.lU Mr Read, that tho 41st I rule ol the Senate be so amended as to author ,7.e the Pre,i,lent in employ an additional officer . . . . 1 . .... of the Senate ; according lo rule, ordered to lie upon Iho table 21 hours. Ry Mr Harris, that b ilh Houses meet in joint assembly on Tues day next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. to elect a Ropor Ier of iho Decisions of the Supreme Court ; laid on tho table. The President announced tho appointment of 'A. C. Camp, Doorkeeper, and A. C. As ststant Doorkeeper of Iho Senate. Mr Camp introduced Iho lolleming bill, viz: In all Ihe counties of lhi Slate, where no office is fur nished by the County for the use of llie County Clerk, llie County courts are authorized to make in their el.scretion a suitable allowance to the several clerks for paTssais made by them for office rent, and mtv embrace in such allow- nice claims of this description for two years previous lo the first ihy of January nevt, and II give order tlierelor on tho Coiinly roas. urer ; reul twice, ami relerre.l to the commit, tec on Finance. Senate adjourned. y, Oct. 14. House. Prayer by Rev. l.h lhillon. 7 he S.irgnanl at Arms communicated a nom

inalion of edlicers of Ihe House, which was ap proved by tho Speaker, as follows: mirman, Uoor Keeper. I.uinaii Uublee, ) ('vrus Ashcrafl, VOffi l'.'B. Parker, ) cers uf l!ie'tfS)Use. Charles W. Bulger, Messenger. The Speaker appointed the following select ouitnitlees : On Stiticry and Texas Messrs. Whitlo. more of Milton, Sanborn of Straflord, Baton, .Merchant, r-pallorel On Ceohgu:l Sunns--Mt.te. llibhard, ln(,tjot of Mr Reynolds was laid upon Iho fable. Warren of Newf.ine, Dewey, Buchanan, Ldg.A biii ..... renorlci from tho same commiitoe. erion. 11.,.,' t. I OM'!.l. IJ.II , .. Of Ki ih Bailey and olhors, In select eominillee on license laws ; of M. V. Parker and others to committee on education: of Andrew Blair and others, lo land tax cnm mitleo ; nf Siinuel Williams for repeal of laws on pedlir's licenses,-to general committee; of Briggs,J. Barrel!, and Reynolds in favor of'th") 'NrV, 'j'" "tbers, lo general com,n!tleo;bi, up0n motion of Mr Camp it was laid upon of -Obadiah Spalding and ejthers, and Rufus ,i, Richardson jr. and others, lo select committee ou license laws ; of S. Thomas and others to general committee. Hills introduced By Mr Sanborn of Strafford, in addition to iho act to incorporate the Vt. Cen tral Railroad Company, referred to the general committee ; hy Mr Cowley, to alter the name of l'liebo Eliza Dow, referred to ihe general committee; by Mr Whittemore or M. relating to Iho judiciary, fprnvidiiiLr that nisi prius iuelir- j shall not su in review of cases of their own decision,) referred to judiciary committee ; by .t. II .-1 1 -...! I, r J on U.U..JW, i.icueponieiog iiiu village oi .spring field, referred eominillee. Adj. 2 o'clock, p. M. Sknate. Mr J. Barrett called up the commit tee on joint rules. Mr Gaboon moved to strike out tho rule which provides that no bill shall be sent from ono IIoiibO lo tho oilier fur con currcucc, upon either of tho two last days of inn session, Mr liarrctt opposeu, and mutton was lost. Mr Calioon moved to amend, so as to make the proposed rules ir'onlical with tho joint rules of tho last session. Aflor some remarks by Mr Calioon in favor of, and by Messrs. J. Ba'rrett and Woodhridgo agsinst the motion, it was put and lost. The question recurring on tho adop tion of thu rules as proposed by the committee, they woru adopted. I no annual report 1 1 tiio Auditor ol Accounts was cuminunicated lo tho Senate, and referred lo Ihe cominttteo on Finanro. Mr WoodDridge presented tho petition of .linos Harrington and others, praying that James M. Greoly bo resto. red to tits legal privileges; leferrcu to tho ju diciary couimillee. Mr Read offered a joint resolution, that both Houses go into joint assembly on Friday next, at 3 o'clock 1. M, for tho election of a U. S. Senator, and that tho resolution which has be fore passed the Senate, assigning Wednesday next for the sanio object, be rescinded. After sonic remarks hy Messrs.- Read and Camp, in favor, and hy Mr Bnggs in opposition, tho yeas and nays were demanded, mid ihe resolution was adopted. Mr Griswold introduced a bill rela I tivo to tho 5lh excepted case of an act relating to the Grand Lut, approved Nov. 11th, 1H11, winch was referred lo a Select Committee. 'Adjourned. committee on joint rules made report of tho rules of the last session with amendments on motion of Mr Sanborn of S., laid on the table. Tho report was subsequent ly taken up. An amendment reported, rcqiiir ing the nomination of judges of probate by tho members and senators of the probate districts, was opposeu ny sir smoorn of s., on tho ground that if tho prnbalo district could not' agree, this rule would bring tho selection of tho jndgo be fore tho joint assembly instead of by tiin countv convention. 1 he report was sustained hv Mos. srs. Ruck of N., Whittemore of Milton, llibhard and Stacy, as necessary lo rcgulalo the action of tho joint assembly, and In protcrt the rights of the peoplo of tho probate districts; adopted 14U to OU. Petitions referred---Of J. Woostcr and others, David Carpenter and others, II. H. Thomas and others, and David Hinman and others, to the se lect committee on licenses ; of Harzillia Slow, art and others to the trenerat committee ; nf Samuel Whitney and 22C others, N. M. Puller and others, and Benjamin Abbott and others, to tho select committee nn the license laws ; of Charles Miller and others, to the judiciary com. miltce ; Remonstrance of selectmen of Dutii. inerston, to general committee. Hills introduced lly Mr Fuller, regulating tiio Inspection of beef and pork, referred to general enmmitlec ; bv Mr Weed, to alter the name of Joseph Randall, referred to the gene, ral committee ; by Mr Siacy, to amend see. 1 chap. 13 of the revised statutes ; referred to the judiciary cnmmitleo. Resolutions lly Mr Rico of S providfntr for the nomination to ihe legislature of justices of peace by tho several lnwn, referred to the gen eral committee, lly Mr Fuller, instructing the judiciary cninmitlno to inqtnro inlo the expedi ency of making provision for tho protection of lur; passed, lly Mr I Helen, directing the committee of elections to inquire whether any otiiccr oi mo iciierai government is Homing a scat in this house ; passed. Adj. Tcr.sri.w, Oct. 15. Sr.-cvrn. The follnwine is the subsianccof thcbtll yestenUy iniroduced by Mr. Griswold : Sfc. 1. All personal nsta'e in the hands nf an Kxecutnr. Admiirslrator. A'-ont. nr Trnsten. a. i- . , r , , ,i. ,.r ...i.ii, ... i :.i , :.i I womm nr other person, shall bo asses-ed lo such i ,.,nrrin,l .. nr norsnn in ll. In,,-., nf which she is an inhabitant, lint if niicI, m.irrin.1 ... . i-.i . " ' ,, . ' J " ' , V . . . . " .' ' .' .' ! administrator, agent, or trustee, in tho town where ho resides. Sec. 15. It shall bo the duty of the L'slers in the several towns in this state, on being convinc ed that such personal estate is assessed in an- c ' ' P f i tel I ?, iw in such Slate, to strike such assessment from the list of such executor, administrator, agent, or trustee. Read twice and referred to a select committee. Prayer by tho Chaplain. Petitions Of Fletcher Rirholl, praying tint s rerlain sum tiny ho refunded him from tho Treasury, referred to Iho eominillee on claim f G';nr-,u R bll'V.v: ad ' 1 hcrf' ("- P''f 4rrn tt n Ir.iv nrnvi. im, Tri tlin f.lntir.,. . tl.r age of a law providing for tho election by the people, of a County Ci ininissinnir, whoso duty it shall ho to grant nr withhold licenses at his discretion, referred to a select committee. Of Horatio M Groves and 6j others in favor of same object, referred to the same committee. .Mr Iiriggs moved lo refer tho petition of Amos T):ir kce and others to the same committee ; carried. Tho Senate then pro-ceded to dispose of the several subjects of the Governor's messnge, as follows: so much as rolales to iho granlini of licenses was referred to the select commilteo raised on the petition eif George 11. Slnw and others; so much as relates lo education, lo commilleo on education ; so murh as relates to the evading of unlawful interest, tu a select committee ; so much as rolales to the Vermont Asylum for the Insane, and lo tho insane poor, 1 V,ral V ; ,comlnl"'-'0 education lo inquire to the commilteo em finance; and so much as ';0 o evpedtoncy of repealing so much of sec. relates to the subject of slevorv and tho annex- . 'ap. 13 of thu rovi.-ed statutes as rolales to ation of Tovas, to select committee. I "'."" n,""p' fl,r 1 s"l'l"'t "f schools on the Hills-liym Camp from the committee on scll7 ; ,af!i0, 'V V "'""'-''"iX Finance, directing the Governor to appoint a . roP?rls "'0 auditor, bank comnitssionor, su State Geologist, whoso duly it shall ho in com-1 1'onntendent of the state prison, ard trustees nf monce and prosecute as soon as practicable, a I'v As-'1'"" f(.,r. "'" '"" i as.-ed. By jir geological and inineralogical survey of the stale. 1 V arner' '"r a J""'1 assembly, on S it u relay next, and appropriating S!000 a year fof the term of 10 O'Oct bank commissioner and inspec thrco years, for the completion of (he work. i lor.'..Jj!,!" . Mr B. F. morgan moved to amend by fixin" the L ,' '''''''' .By Mr llibhard, imking nn,,,,,! nnnrnnrlr.tmn 1 idnnilfl M. ...,,., I further rOgll latlOIIS 111 lliO illlllciarV. (Et,BX J. Barrett favored the amendment ou the round ct"!"t-', "Usines In be done horealler at D.iuville, of the inadequacy of the sum proposed by the1""'1 ;ller"'!f ,n,leii. "f couris in Oraugo and enmmitlec, to secure competent services. Messrs ; " snmgtnn counties ;) referred to a select Camp, Read, and Billings opposed it from the conviction that tho safely and success of tho hill required the appropriation of the smaller sum. 'Pl.n !,nmlmn,lt 1,'aa hut ntwl tlin lilll n,.i ,l,n iinnn.i;-aiiin n9vrr:n ni.L. .,- i tir,..,.. ' -'l '"J " w" i, i.riui.,. ' , to striko out tho words "nivninou n,n i i, ,i,," . Mr ' It , ,n,.a.i , amend, so as to make Iho bill prospective only in its operations. Mr Scott favored Iho amend. mont,and it prevailed. After remarks by nessri the table. Resolutions Tlv MrJ. Barrett, tint the Libra. rian be directed to deliver a copy of the l l'.h volume of Vermont Reports In thu Represenla lives of such towns as havo not received it ; referred to judiciary committee. Mr Reailoilled up to tho resolution, amending thu -list rule, so as to authorize the I'ro-idcnt lo employ an addi tional officer of the Senate. After remarks by Messrs Read, Iiriggs, Gaboon, mid Noyos in fa vor of the amendment, and by Mr Camp in op. position, it was passed. The enmmitlec to which was referred tho po. tilion of David Gray and others in behalf of James Greely, reported that relief was not in the nrovinco of the Legislature ; petitioners had leavo to withdraw. Memorial of C. Carpenter and others, praying for a division of tho funds arising from' the County Grammar School lauds in Orleans Conn, ty, was read and referred to tho committee on education. Senalo adjourned. House. I'rayor by Rev. Mr Aspinwall. Petitions referred O! John Gregg and oth ers, to general committee; of B II While and others, Amos Tower and others, l'liny Saffird and others, Levi Thompson and others, Truman Galusha and others, to tho solcct committee on tho license laws ; of inhabitants of Avery's Gore, and of Simuel I.ivernioro and others, to committee nn education The Speaker announced tho following com. mittees : On Protection and Distribution of the Public Land. Messrs. Buck of Northfiold. Rice of Sotnorset, Winslow, Smilh of Glover, Sp.ilTord. un too license laws lor tiio sale of spirituous liquors .Messrs. Button, Batchulder, I.ynde, Hoynton, i iiuon, Kidder, Marston, Fletcher, ll.nvard, Uriiry, I'arlin, Waterman of Morns. town, Beknap, Reynolds. Judges of the supreme Court. Tho judiciary committee reported ilia bill ro- lating to the judiciary, (nisi prius judges not lo sit in tho Supremo Court in review of cases uf thoir own decision.) Mr Hibbard opposed this bill as an experiment wiucn nau ueen once inea am: laned. Mr Buck of N. said this bill merely carried : a principle which always had prevailed as to I jurors and other judicial olficers, and which is 'essential lo a fair and impartial trial. Much complaint had been made by suitors, and by the I on i by Mr. Ross, to clfct f-'err iary of Miafp. Sar bar, of tho present system, and tho committer! lcni" 1,1 Arm-, nnd Reporter or Decisions of the Su rcgardcl tho bill as correct in principle and ' 'r?"'u "'.""J """J'T' ?C,V c'? y ;?,'" ' i, . .. e i. i . 1 1 he lull, yc-icrdiy inlroduced by Air. I hompson, such an one as would give satisfaction. w.' ,,t.dutM 81 from the list of members of the uni- Mr Whittomnro of M, nl--n supporlod tho bill form militia for taxes. Adj, upon similar grounds, and urged ils passasn as I 2 o'clock, P. M. lending to secure purity in the fountains of jus. Sns.Tn.-r;o.-From Judiciary rom.. in fnvor tice. J Jig purest men arc fallible Ihe best of the resolution relative to ihedistribuiion of Ihe Hill judges mav have their decisions warped by pro-1 volume of the Vermont Ri pons, wilh nn nmciidiiieiit conceived erroneous opinions. In reidv to the l'1'1'0 nmeiidiuent was ndopted, nnd llie tesolnliort nbieclion nf Mr llilihard, ho argued that the ov porimont had not been fairly tried, and that the roanns given for ils abandonment were such as confirmed him in tho opinion lhat tho law should bo restored. Mr llibhard replied that in Irs portion of tho state thors was mote salisf.iction with tho rule proposed bv this bill than with Ihe present sys tem. Mr II. went inlo something of a hi-lnry of the judiciary somuwlnt in detail to ihe argil, menfa on the either side; finally appealing lo tno uniiso in eiolermino Hie case rather upon ,, . , , , e . , - ., ', lll"ir KllOWlcdgO Of tllO WlthOS Of thO people, (iiiiii oi i no lawyors. Vho hiil was ordered loa second reading. 1") to !30, read and ordered to a U.l reading. Vsnry Tho judiciary rnmmillrd repnr'ed tliat in their opinion no furtlier legislation is ueccsi-ary em thi subject. Hilts remrteJ. Ry general committee, bills constituting Ihrna Cool; heir at law of Ilirna A Cook, and alloring the mine of i'linhe P.lizi Dnv, which were ordered to a lid rending. Ilcsoliitinni. lly Mr Mivlinm, altering the time of paying state taxes from June to Oeln. bor ; referred to the committee of Ways and ,1oan--. lly Mr Ingalls, in reference to nliering Iho listing law so laras it provides for deducting debts owed from peisonal property; rejected. Hills introduced. Ry Mr Thompson, to amend llie llin section of the militia act, so as to ele duct 81 from iho li.-t of members of the uniform ' iiiihli.i referred to coiumittec on military af- fairs Adj, , !" O CI.TK, r. M. Sr.XATr.. The Chair announced the appoint incut ol the following select eominillees : On the pelitinn of (Jeorge li. Shaw and oth- ers, Messrs, llnggs, Head, Reynolds. On ln.rt nf 11,0 'VeTT i J If. V' " cl "'"'Srs. oodhrillgf, Philips, unlawful inter- .1. Morgan ." r',)vory and annexation, Messrs. Sahm, oiiiii i, ocou. iii 1 1 in rciaiion in mo e.ratiu Lis', Messrs. (Jnswold, Chittenden. Winn. lihe Chair also aniiouiiepd tin; standing com mittee on Hills, Messrs. Thompson and Rich ardi-on. The chair announced Ihe appnin'inent of Ii. I). Cln.i.hcrlain, as messenger of tho Senate. Resolutions. By Mr II iss, that the ronutiiftoo on cdticatian bo instructed to inquire info the expediency nf repealing su much of sec. IS of c.hap. 13 of It.W. as provides for the raising of moiiuy on '.he scholar for the support of common schools ; passed. The hour hiving arrived for Ihe joint a--nni. lily, the Senate repaired to the Hall of the Huu.-t' of Representatives. On return of the Senate from joint assembly, on motion of Mr ('amp the S'jn.ito Adj. I louse. Petitions rrfrrred. Of officers ol tit. Tabor Total Ab-linence Society, of Samuel Bennett and others, to tho sclcct'rnmmittcc on licenses; of Joel Hammond and others, to the judiciary r.ommillea ; of Rev A S Cooper and others, to select cummitte.' of five ; of James B, to cmnmitteu on claims. Tho report eif Iho Auditor of Accounts was referred to the committee of Ways and Means, Report of Committee. Bv general committee, bill altering the mine of Hiram and ot i ers ; ordered to .'1.1 reading. Resolutions. From tho Scna'n, postponing Iho elec ion uf U. S. Senator to Friday next, ii V. m. -concurred in bv Iho Honsp. Be nr im- committee of file. 11 Mr Whillrnmrc of M, ill nmeudiuant of chanter (33 rei.-rd slalules. re lating to divorce, (uimlar lo ihe bill introduced in the Senale;) reterred to Ihe judiciary com. mitlee; by the same, relating to hank--, (banks chartered previous to IS 10 nny come under Iho provisions uf Hie act of lb 10 under certain cou- ! ditions ;) referred lo Iho commilleo on banks. I ho honate came in ami the fulluwm.r elec. lions were made : Hon D.ivid Pierce, Woodstock. Auditor of! Accounts against the Slate. Pierce, HIT, Ira n.,. j,.r v ,. . . n i v,t ,iuiim.,i, I J, CU1. . .-. Oil1 u. I Hon. Joseph Berry of Novhurv. Auditor in Iho Treasury 1) partment. Usr'rv MH, Roval Hatch of Strafford 70 scattering G.'j Adj! Wednesday, Oct. 1G. Pr.Nvrn.- Prayer by Hev. Dr. Ilriahnm, nf X. V. JlillsViy Mr. J. Ilirreit, lo amend I h ip. 25 of It. S. hy adding a proviso, tint execution shall not be stayed, unle-s llie party against whom it would i-sue, shall file a bond to the oilier parly, in doublo the nuiouiit recovered by s-iid oilier parly, lo pay nil dainiaes and costs occasioned by s.ich stay of ee'c.. lion i read twice nnd referred lo thu cuinmitico on ju diciary. From Ihe House, bills, nlteirig llie name of I'hcho r.kza Dow, of Hiram Hunr and others, and constituting Harney Conk hcir-ai-law of liaruey A. Cook; referred lo ihe judiciary committee. evolutions Mr. Harris called up the resolution, assigning T'tesdey, 10 ..'clock, A. M., for llie eleclion of a Urporlcr of the Decisions of the Supreme Court, and moved to amend by substituting the same hour of Friday next! nnien.linenl was adopie'd, nnd icso lulion passed, From ihe Huu-e", assuming Saturday next, 10 ei'clock, A. M. for llin elf.-tion of a Hank of a Hank Cotnniutee ; pns.-el. Hocse Prayer by Hev. K. J. Scolt. The Speaker nppoinled tho following selecl com miilies : On llie bill unking further regnlaiinns in thu judi ciary department Messrs. Hibbard, Wihnarihi thick, of Xorihfi.-ld, Itiirhank, Hiribolomew. On ihe Asylum for iho Insane Messrs. Ilice, of Ilndnott, Rice, of Somerset, Ilainmond. litis intrs-durcdny Mr Hammond, altering the listui't net of 18 1 1, referred lo iheticneral I'ouinnllee. Hv Mr. Whittemore of M , lo pay Cnssius Douglass, re ferred in committee) of claim. Hy Mr- Mnrston, in addition to iho act re'nling lo binks; referred loeoui- nnltee on banlts. Hy Mr. I d. fen, lo nuiemf chap, us nflt. S Matins lo divorce, (bbelhnl required lo live in litis Slate one lull year before eliu.rcc,) refer ml to Judiciary committee. Hy Mr. Lee, in nddiliou lo net relating lo Brand list, refer red lo Oenernl Committee', lly Mr. Ornndy, lo alter Ihe name of 1'ilgnr llnrri son, referred to (teneral cnmmitice, lly Mr. Marsion, laying a lax on the county of Washington ! icferrcd lo members of Washington coiiulv. Petitions refcrrtd-QI II. F. Leavilt nnd others, (for a law ngainst seduction,) referred to select com iniliee on that s-ibj-cl t of Hev. II. M. Hall, lo tlicJu diriary comniijteei of Silas llarrelt and others, lo Oeneral cnmmitleo. The remonslrancenf David Owen, nga'nsl iherisnt of Mr. Hosworih, of Ileihel, to a sent inlhia House, was referred lo the commuted nr eleclion. Rngrossedbills Altering the nnnn of Hiram Hoar nnd others nliering Iho name of Phebe I.lizn Dnw i making Harney Conk heir-at-law of Barney A. Cook severally rend a third lime nnd passed. leport-tty General committee, bill altering name nf Joseph Unndall, which was ordered loa third read- '(solutions Hv Mr. Kflloce, for a joint assembly Saturday, 10 A. M., to elect olltcetaoi inaoiaiorns VOL. XVHI....N0. 21 nasscd. Jliltsfram the House For a joint assembly nn Sat tird ly next at 10 o'clock A. M., to elect Superintend ent, Clinplnin, nnd thne Dircciors of I In Vermont Slnfe Prison concurred in. For n jotnl nscmbly nt the same lime for ihe eleclion of Secretary of State, Reporter of I ho Decision ofibc ."-tipreine Court, nnd Snrgennt nl Atm-j laid nn the table. The pclllion of Daniel Rinsnnt and olhers was pre sented, and referred lo the selecl coiumitieo on the Grand Li-t. Hcolution By Mr., Cnmp. direrling llie Judi eiarv couimillee to make certain inquiries concerning the j)iunals of b'ilh Houses; adopted. Adj. iiuini,. i,ji!.-,urHU ifiiiT I hi; inn it-ii,ll; Hi IIIU i,l.hrv. Iilld.'is f Ihe nm.rrniP rnnrl nl In .il nr. I locsr.. Hnaroetrd tlilts The bill relating to iho cases decided by llu-mse-Ucs in Ihe emirt below.) wns read ihe lb rd lime and passed) altering the nalnu of Joseph Randall, passed. Petitions referred Of Robrrt Royrennd Almond S'nitb, lo comiuitlreof Ways and Means; of Sanborn Hatch, to committee of claims j of J, -nrecnnl (prny-. ing repeal of llie law authorizing llie arrest of debtors' on the oath of creditors that they nre about to nb scon. I 0 on nio'lon of Mr Mnrstun, rend and referred to the Judiciary committee, ( IJtllt introduced 11 v Mr tVnlrfnim, of Morris town, l-.pav Horace Powers; referred to the com llllllee of claims. ImnlutionfHy Mr Kid ier, refeiring so much of the Governor's messio ns n-jntes In school bouses, i';c, to the committee on t'.diicnMon J pnstri. From Ihe Senate, for n j .tut assembly on Friday next, K) A. M., I i . led n Reporter of the Decisions nf the su preme couil ; concuricd in. lly Mr Sanborn, of S., iiisirueting the Judiciary ronuniitcv lo inquire wbelh er the ollice e-f Urporlcr of decisions of supreme court shoiilil not l-cnboli-licd, or lliesnlary redin ed parsed, Hevorl Mr Sanborn, nf S., from llie cuiiiuiittee on elections, on llie remonstrance of Orcn G.iniblo ncnin-i ilte riaht of iho inember from Bunar.l lo a, n iiorinl lhat iheie was not sufficient evidence of lean I nolle o to the sitlins member thai his seal would be contested. It appeared that llie evidence erf notice was a copy of the notice sereed, wilh a certifi cate nf its service sworn to hy theoMicrr. A major ity of the coiiituitlcc decided that ibis is notlhee.i drnce re-ouired by llie si .ttttp. Mr Whiltcinorc. of M. moved in Willi instructions dial llieev i leni'e is suiri'denl. This mniiun was sustnine'd by Mes-rs. Staev, Ituck, Krlloit anil HibbartI, oppnsr.1 by Messrs. cianborn, uf S., and McLouel, nnd car ried. Ad. Tnt nsnAT, Oct. I", ISii: Sbvatc Prayer bv Iho Chaplnin. Uk-olctions llv .Mr S.-oit, lint llie elect com-initti-emi the flrmd List be directed in inquire into the) exp. diencv nf so altrrinir the tfslinu hw." lhat an ns' sessmenl of real e-statc be made April 1R-H, nnd every lliree year-iheieaf'er; passed. From the Honsp, fof n joint assembly on S ilurday next, nl 10 o'clock A. M. lo elect Spcrelaryof Stale. Ke-porler of the Deci sions of the Supremo Courl, and Scrcrant-at arms. Mr Hriirirs moved to strike out the words "Heporter of Meci-ions of SiiprcmcCoiirl" the nine-ndment was ndopied. and resolution eonpiirre-d in. Iln.i.s iNTconee i-.n lly Mr Uriss in amendment of Sec. 'I. ehai. of It. S. so as to make the attempt lo commit arson nsn liable to the pen ilties of said section; re-ferrcd to judicial- committee. Hv Mf Green, rrpenlniL' Pec. 3". Chap. 23 of It. S. nnd pro viJins lliat wh.-n PNceptions to the opinions of tho County Court sljnll be la''en by nny parlv, the nite-n hnspri'sidinif iu.Il'C sbnll make out'nnd simi sueh hill of exceptions, and shall drliver it to ihe party taking such eveepii.ins, and if such party sh.ill not, wilhirt ihirlv days after sueh i!elierv, .lelivpr it to the clerk nf such court lo be filed it shall be the duty of the clerk, nt ihe re ipioi of the parly in whose favor the judemcn' is rendered, to erase any entry of exceptions which maybe made on the Docker, and to issue pio cess of execution nn the judgment s referred to iho comniiil.-n on tiidiciary. Mr moved thai llin committee nn Finance be ill elnrsrcd from the further cotisidcraiion n( that pin of the Co.'s messaai" rclTini.' to the Vermont Asylum for the insane, and the Insane poor, upon tha L'rnunil lint n couimillee appoinled by t lie Governor in pursu nice of n resolution passed last se-ssion, was about lo report on (lie same subject ; lost. ""Mr llrii-i's called up ihe bill lelatiim lo a ecological survev, Mr. Reynolds rccoaniztiiu the principle that the Uepiescnmivp should obey the will of his consti tuents, cxnrc-sed his in'enlion in vole for llie bill ; and Ihe bill wa- ordered lo a third reading, wilh but one di semi, 111 voice, I'ili. isTnonccED Hy Mr Wondbrid;e 'o nmend former acts, so as to make ihe administration of nn oalh by the Judio of Probate, to executors, nilmims tritnrs, nnd irustees, upon renderin!; ih.-ir accounts, pi-remptorv in-lead uf opiional; referred lo iho com milteo on Judiciary. Adjourned. ITousn l'raer by Ucv. Mr. Manser. 'Iho Speaker nnnouneed ihe commilleo on petitions ora law apiunst si-dttelion Messrs (Irnndev, Ithodes. Dodyeof Andove'r, Clark of Mtddlelow-n. Thompmn. Hesiii.vtioss. Ilv Mr ISroun, to i lectjudg-s of tho Supreme Co'lrl on Tuesday afternoon next ; laid nn the table. From the Senate, for elilributien of one cotiv of the 1 lib and sul sentient volumes ot Sunrnnin i Cotirt reports to each tow n which has not already been supplied s c. ncurred in. An amendment of Iho Senalo io a resolution for she eleclion of reporter of pei i-ions nf supreme court, pic, was ccneurre-il in. M.micii meetings. Mr .Marsion, from the judicia ry eoiiiini'lee', reported against the bill relaiing lo q.nliliraliofi of Miters in tow n inepling. (This bill provides lint nil persons nf 21 years of ase, who have been nssvsspd the year p reeed i n 2 and paid a tar, nnd persons who haxo been exempted from taxe- bv ren -on ol'nge, shall be eulille'd to vote.) Mr. Whitte more of M. sunnorlfd lite hill on the orminda thnl ,r conforms in ihe principle regulating voting in town nieenns, ami unt it is necc-s iry to prevent a species of fraud which Ins been ptncMced lo some extent to ! w it. of entering the names of persons upon the list. uieielv to make them voters, and afterwards abating Ihcir taxes. .Mr. Howard objected thai ibis bill wonlj exclude many old and respectable churns from voting who were never rc.piiml to pay lo.xes, on necount of poeerly. Ilemiuhl perhaps consent lo exclude the liming nr foreign population, if it could be done with out reaching I his olhcr class of freemen, bin he thought the finii'is complained of were tno iti.ial or too limi ted in exlenl to require a remedy like this, which would deprive others of tis'ils which their towns rud always cheerfully conceded. After a feiv suggestions from Messrs lluck and Itice of S., the bill was laid ou ihe labia ou motion of Mr. Whittemore of Ht, Petitions sErEsnrn. Of David Putnam, to com millee of ehims; nf William Sii-il nnd olhers, lo com mittee on road-j of Lucius Kimball and olhers, to. eominillee on education. HitLs introduced, lly Mr. lticc of S., io addition to ncl lehiing lo grand list, referred lo General com miltce. lly Mr. Carpenter of Waterbury, to pay Sam ii-l Lyon and Kobcrt Harile'.l, referred lo commiiiee on claims. Hy Mr Wnrner, nsesing a lax on ihe county of Addison, (except Vergenncs,)riferreil lo members of that county, lly Mr. Aiken, in addition lo chip. 5J It. S., referre d lo judiciary committee. Ketorts or Committets. lly general e-onimittce, ngiiusi bill lelaling to the inspection of brefand pork, and il wns dismisseil. By cotiimiliee on banks, bill in addiiion lo aci relating lo banks, (treasurer lo dit charge any morigage &.c. cien for llie good conduct of bink directors, on receiving oilier good nnd suffi cient security by bond or mortgage)) orderrd lo a 3d reaJiug. Adjourned. Senate 2 o'clock P. 31. Tho Senale Ibis nfiernoon afforded an impressive illustration of the I run otium cum divnitate. Indeed thero wns no bu-iiiess to be Iran-acle-li nnd nfier sil ling one full hour in pel feci silence, and wilh Ihe ut most gtavity, while deep on ils front engraven-, Deliberation sat, nnd public care, ihe Senate repaired lo the Hall of the other Hons--. and spent the nfiernoon in joint assembly, Hocse Petitions Rtri'iiiirn. 01" Kdward Halt nnd others, andlsiuc Hovey and others, lo comnnl- lee on license laws, Mr. Slaey called up ihe bill relating lo voters in town meeting, (winch was Ihrs mornin considered,)' and on hi- motion it was dismissed. On motion of Mr. Howard, tho judiciary committee was discharge1.! from the resolution relative- lo ihe protection of furs. IUpoiits or Committees, fly general comminr-e. bill lo annex part ol Diiiiiinersioii to Purnry, which wns recommitted on motion of Mr Wairen of New fnue. lly couimillee no education, a bill establishing the HaLertfletd Academical Institution, which was or dered lo n 3d reading. Hy couimillee on hanks, asninst iho bill in rciaiion lo hanks, and it was reject ed. Hy grnernl com mil tee, bill to alter ihe name of F-dcar Hattison, and it was ordeiedto a 3d readme; bill lo tf food io Silas Hairell nf Giafimi ISO, Mr. B. is a teamster, who buys produce, carries il lo Boston