Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 25, 1844, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 25, 1844 Page 2
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trinEi liark suirnr ami ( ! i httn nrticlra to adl on inc w.r nini in iitiini! iur n license in uo which, nn had pal I tho $50, nntl how clni tit r it liick un iheu.ound , that his business is mil peddling niihin the statute,) tho I ill w.i sustained by Messrs. Aikcu, Wiirri n f ' Nrwfmit iinil Stacy, npnosi-d by Messrs. XVhiilcniori.- ul M.nnd XVirtner, and ordered lo n 3d resiling, 15 lo'J , I lie r-cnatc came in nni. .uc.uunwuij;nppoiirtiuenls weieniidoi WASHINGTON COUNTV. fSViCT "t ll.ol-p. Court. Oro. W. Duller, .Moniprlier, Sheriff. Jnrob Scott, 1 1 i ill It.iiiill. Oramel H. Smith, State's Attorney. Atfl Spildine, Jiuixo nf I'rulnte-, Alfred XViiiniv.iuht, Cyrus Wure, Silas C. French, Jail ContiuUsiiuicrs. Il-SKX COUNT V. MiJWlU' tWCo. Court. 0.nrire W. (tiles, l.tinriilmriili, Sherifl'. John XV. Webb, llit-h llnlill'. XVm. Hevwo id, ir., Stile's Attorney. Moody Rich, JihIl"! of I'rnhnie. Imac Oiiminiiij;S .luliii Dodge-, .Innics Foh.nsby, nil Coniinisioncr.s. OAt,i:i)0.IA COUNTV. JXrKs.I Ait.JudMOf the Co. Court. Jo rph I'rrslnn, Danville, Sheriff. Nathaniel I'erkni'.'iu', Uiuh ll.ulill". Theron Unwind, Statu' s Attorney. Nsm'l II. Mittocks, Judae of I'roliaie. Ctmirirr XV. Drew, Seneca '.add, Joseph C. I' idler, Jail Commissioners. laxum.u-: cor.Tx XVm. II. Sawyer, tl until Tuner, G. A. Katon, Jail Ciiiimiiiinrrs. 'the-convention for I.imnillc Conwy tepnrled lint they could unite no nominations for other county of drn, havini; irie.l nuiucruus hnlloilini! mid no per )n hiviint receive la mijirity f-n-any ofii.-e. There upon the clnii iid that under this report any nnmi ostium in ulii would lo ri'iinritel na in on-ler. iXIr. XVhitteinorc of Al. mi'.'e te.l the rile n quiring nmiira nf candidate.' to he pierfe-nlc-d in eonveultoit before being acted nn in joint ns-emtdv, and eilled for the mines of persons voied ffir ns 1st assistant jude!. when Senator Moves read n list, in which wns the mine of Nathaniel Junes. .Mr. U'hiiieinore of JI. then nominnteil Nntlnnicl Jones as first asMstnni j mtice, iind he was electi d. In like niinncr Mr. XX". uoniina'ed linn. Mne Kisk Jr. as 2 I assistant indue, and Mr lletisnn nomi nated Jnincs M. Ilnti-hkiss, win n .Xlr. 1' unsch ct td t-'isk I6f), llolehliiss '21, yenttcrinir 3, 8. , Mr. Muck nonunnlcd Horace Power-, if .Morris town, for Sheriff, and Mr. XVdbur nouunaled G. '. Caldwel', when Powers was elected Porters 1DI, Cnldwill 18, sentletini! !. Mr. II lek then nominited f.. P. Poland Jr. .S'me's Allornev, mil Mr XVilhur noiniintcd H. II. I'uller. Mr Pola'u I was elected Poland 1711, '.-'idler V3, scat ti rinj! '2 Mr Waterman of M nominated Salmon Wires for Judne of Prohato, an I he as il.vted. Mr Hnck noininaied AUali Cliafl'co for Ilijh Hail iff, mid Mr XX'illmr iv-niniicd Muliion .f iffjid. Mr Cluffec was elected Clinlijo 133, Si :brd C, scatter inj; 9. OKANOK COt.'.YIV. Xlr Hue1.- call.d up the nomination of Hon. Levi II, X'ilas, ns jn.lau of pioli ite for the dis.rict of llin dolpli and moled to recommit it to ihe .Senators anil rrpresentatiu-sor that disinet. I I'e inolinn was sui ported by Mers. Hnck, llililnrd, and Seiritois J. Ilarreit and lirij!!, ami npjiofid I y Senators XnycM, Uriswold, and t'nlioou, and Mr S-iiiborn. Mr Sanhoru moveil to lay ihe suhjecl on the lahle neija'ived. The motion of .Xlr limit was carried. 120 lo nl. The joint assembly adjuurnid to Tuesday tuM, 3 o'clock, P. .XI. Adj. 1'i.jnAV, Oct. IS, ScNArn. Prayer bv the Chaplain. Tliceni;rosied lull providiiiy for a Ideological nr rv of the St ite wis teid the third time, and, on the question of its limit pissiire. MrHichardsoii c.ipres-ed Ilia determinalion to vole Ziinst the bill, bernu'c tl would seriously nicic.js-e the indebtedness of tlictnte. anil bccatiso tlie lull pro tides for Micrrasivr annual nppn priinions, theriby irsmmelin!! tlie action ol future letil.i urei. Mr Hilliucs favored the me isure, becttiM' he iheuoht it called for by his coniiuents, and MrGri-wnld and Mr Thompson, f ir rea-'oiu, opposid it. Mr Read said, they should n fleet tho wishes of the State, nnd not ol pirliciilir sections, He bclievul that the people .were almost umnimously in favor of it, and considered that the bill was aim fuuudrd upon reasons imperativo in themselves. The farmim: inter est especially, w-b ch is the bisia of nil other inter ests, required tin adoption of tlie mins.ire. Now was the lime for action, and hn hoped that every Senator who takes an culighlthcd view ol pu'.dic policy, would ustnin the bill. Mr XX'oodbtidire temarlicl, that coming as he did from a county eminently niirienltur il, he could do no otherwise than lmnc the bii Ins heailv vote. Mr Hriirira nbn'ricd, that il was the encral eotn plaint tint our IcuWalivi' business la Iransieted ton hhatily. llcdoiibtid whether the subject is so well understood by thepeople !enerally as to reeeiieiuii versal approbation, and hoped l lint they would piocced upon the matter wilh. all proper delibernt'on. Mr Camp thoiiL'h' undue importance wa siven to what was called ihe Slate debt. It was in fact noth ins niorc than a combination ofilthtor ami ereditni tn the same person. It was like one pocket owin the other. Thi rl lit is made the subji rt of hitter com plaint, and yet not a sinsle attempt has been mule, not a simile proposition advanced those who so L'rievously censure us ciislence. In t clnrilv, he would present injured fjentlcmcn.' with three schemes, anv of which would be sufficient to rid the wi rid nf this linn id monster. They iniahl eAtinpuish tlie debt by direct lax'itiou upon the peo ple. Or if they were ion elmy of lint, because they found it would bo somewhat unpopular, they niiuht annihilate the debt by epunL'iiiL'. the school fund. Or if this proposition uraied too harshly upon the sen sibilities of gentlemen, who were so humanely desir ua of reaeiiiuii our posterity from thedeplbs of barbarism to which they would otherwise sink, be would propose to satisfy forever the wants of tin's ravenuur hydra of n sta'c debt, by lhrutin into its maw the house, in which wenoweonducl oiirtlelibenrions; and tint we hereafter itinerate the st.ilefroiu town lo town, ns was done formerly without serious I'eittiuein to the pu lie business. Senomly, he sai l tint this state debt i nil a hiiL'bear, nnd he ttu-ted it would not influence their decisions either w- y i:p"n the subject. As for the objection to successive annual appropriation, this mode of appioprtalins w.i- frequently employed, and the nature nf tlie measure proposid. rendered it pecu liarly necessary in llii- eifo Mr No yes was ns desirou? as any tlnit nil our ef forts should be dirtcted towards the promotion of the public annil, but be did not believe the voice of the. people called for ibis iiiciFiire. XXV had neither wfn norheird f imy petiiions in favor of thi-object. IIu deemed lliat the people fener-lly would not riciive a benefit from ihe purvey, at nil eorresp. ndui!: with the expense incurred. The irrc-il mass of the people are. not scientific nun i they rdy upon what thy hive practically learni d, and cale not for ailieiuieal i! fi. nilirnnfiho various soils. XX'cnroan inland state, villi but slemler resoiircea. Anil shall wo prnaeetitcf thi work merely for the .'ratification of prienlific men, and . it the expm-e of ihe hborini; porliou nf community? Not. he hopid, until it una by them oniineity emeu lor. IH' loiieliutcil liy e.sprepsin "IT.:' . .. .. i. , ' fiiino-. ihiii io nny iiroicci, wine an in eon ci n a ion ihi.h.,i;,i..n r ,L r,i t, ,. .. . .1 ' ' credly set apart for he purposes uf cducu'iou, and .. ........ . i. i,u s-, Guam ever io oe Kepi invioiaie. .Xlr J. Ilarreit remarked, that as far ns esncems the itbnhtion of the school fund, ho was as sironiily op posed to it as any Senator. It was n fund solemnly sen, icstered hy the state, in consequence of which the people had lon been sul jected to increased lasa ion. A pledse had been civeu by jrnieinment to sacredly icte-rvc this money, for the purposes of education. 1 he people had ncrepted ihe pledge, nnd troiernment have no riaht to violste it. Hot, lie ilinueht thisques tion had uoihine; lo do with the mutter tinde r consul ernlton. The measure before llm ricm.n must be de cided by its own mtiiiisie nieriis. lielievms ns bo did. Ihnl.jhe benefits nrcrnins to the state by a ceo losienl 8urve v of it, would over nnd oier nanin cover nil expenses incurred (hereby, he must without hesi tation vole for thn lull. Il'state pride ouclu not In dictate in reuard lo the measure, state interest must nnd did dictite imperatively. Mr ltevnolrts bad bopid lliat the bill would I e suf fered In stiiul solely upon ns own merits. Personal ly he ns in favor of it, and his constituents had in structed him tn purport it. Hut if be was to under (land thai the nbolinnn nf li e school bind was in nny manner connected with the prefenl uicnsuic, he must vole nt-nhiM it. 'Mr XX'inn remarkwl that the ciiizens of his county had lone df liberated upon thi- subject, and they had concluded that ihe practical qtilityofn survey nf the stale would be creilly incommensurate lo the ex pense nee-essirily inciirnd. He fell liimulf bound to second the wishes of his constituent-, and must op pose the pa stare nf I he hill. Mr Stone and Mr Mutton observed that llieir con sti'iieuts were in fivnr of tin: measure, nnd thai of it self wnuld control llie-ir votes. Mr Oahfion said ihe subject had been but little as ililefl by the people of his county, nnd he wnsni a loss to decide whin llieir seniiments uerelin repaid toil, Ho wns not now prenared lo act upon the prn. posed measure, and moved to lay the lull upon the mble. Mr Cnmp disclaimed any purpo e of couplinu, "rnf nny wny conncctins measure Willi ihe aboluion nf he .ehool fund, liis remarks unon the Slate deb. bo had made in a nlayfnl stutit. nnd sunnosed lhal no Srnnior Iinil inKen nun s.. ii-.,,.l,l.. .1... .,UA io l,..-,r ,, ,t;......i iniit-i i-t-. n' rainredihenroon.itionto lav unon iho mhle. ' Mr. Novs wished to eon eel n mistake, under which the S'cnnlnr from Orleuns lalm.rd in Ins former re marks. XX'bile n member nf the Committee of XX'nvs and Means in the other House, be proposed, fiir the purpnwi of eMiiiEiiishinir our Slate Debts, lo raise the Slats lax to nine cents on n dollar nnd the dominant parly in the nnmmiltee overruled tlie proposition, Mr Richardson endorsed the recollection of Iho Inst Menau.r, and imlicaied a "";n"W nv inessuro fur Ihe aradnal exiincion of the Smtn debt, that did not nt ihcunio urn iconicmpldtc ll.cnhrn;' lion of the telirol fund. The oucsiion iidoi. lnini tlic 1.111 nn thn mliln wa iui - ,i. - u, uou 1110 iiiuuun unreiy prevailed, Resolution i-bom tiii: linen:, t'oslponlna ttic election of a U. 3. Senator to tnunday next, nl 3 o'- clock P. 31. Mr. Noycs desired n reason for llic chance. Mr J. -xlorin mated lliat two or three nltrnipt nil bi'cn made by his patty to nominate n candiclnlc ul" wuimm success. Mr Kevnolds desired n short session, and s the I public business wns dclavtd by the pendency of this I election, ho should vote nvninsl the resolution The te solulii n passed witli hul little opposition. , lttirs fno.M tiik llofsc, Tn incorporate Hakers I field Academical Inslitu'ion; referred 'o enmmiltee nn ediienllnn, To nllcrthe name of Kdiiar Harrison! referred tn judiciary eommitlee. Relafiic lo tho ili ' eharijeof inorlcnees siven liy the Directors of Danks j . referred tn committee no Hanks. I IIili. tNTiionrcnn. Ily Mr. Ilrifg?, nnthomine the Stale Audilnr tnnlloivor disallow, nnd lo oqualiietho accounts of the clerks of the County and Supreme wiiiia, itii'iiiu io uuiiioiiiiiu un I'niinee. Senato adjourned. Ilnt-SE Prayer by Rev. Mr. lialloii. Hills isTnonrcr-n Ily Jlr lluttnn, in addition lo chip. 31,11. 8. rtlalinir todepoitionsnnd witnes ses, referred to tlie judiciary committee. Hy .Xlr ICel Ilia?, to preserve fish in like Bombazine, referred to ceneral eointnitlee. Hy Mr Howard, in addition to the miliria net, (c)cr!.s of companies to return no. of men compiled lo town eletks in Jnnr.X referred to 1 committee ol military afliiirs. Hy Mr. Rich nf Hrid port, relatini: In Hank-, (amending section 21 of the , net of 18IH.J so ns lo nllow banks to keep deposits in Huston or New York.) rifertid to commit tee on batiks. Uy Mr Hiitton in addition to chip. '25 It. S referred lo judiciary committee. ! Petitions Of Oriurn Pmiih nnd others, , nnd of H, P. Seecer nnd others, to select committee ' on the lireuse laws. Reoi.l-tio:.-s llv Mr. XX'Intteniore nf M. prstpon ina thn election of II. S. Senator to Monday next, 3 P Mt passed. Ks-onossnn stria. In addition tnnet of 1810, inn tn banks, (nrovidmirfor release nfmnrtnnires, cel.) in incorporate Ihkcrsfield Academical Institution "n niter the mniea)f Kdunr Harrison ; srvrrally passed. To pay Silas Hirrett 50) opposed hy .Messrs Ilieeof S nnd'Whitlemore of JI nnd suppmled by jles'ts Stnddnrd, Crnwly, Howard, Aiken, Stacy, nnd nthers, and pnsscd, 112 tn 59. Tho Senate enme in for the election of Iicnorfr of the UfCiMons of the .Supreme Court, when Mr Porter nominated Peter T XX'asliburn. F.sq. of I.udlow, and "'cnator R clnrdsnn nominated Sainucl H. Mallorlts 1 .-r of Danville. Peter T XX'ashburn wns elected : Washburn 1 40, Mattucks 70, Oramel Hutchinson 8, R Hiilchmson 1. Rr.poins or committer". Hy connnilteenn limbs bill lo iiteorporate the Windsor Co. Itank (it XX'ood slock,) -Mr Trnev supported the hill briefly, nnd it was tmli rid to n 3d rendintr. On motion of Mr Stacy, the committee nf ejections had lo sit during the session uf the House. Adjourned. 2 o'cloci: p. m. Sbkate. Rill Ry Mr XX'nodbtidpe. to authorize Vt reciine to appoint a city attorney! referred to ju Hieiiry commiltcp. Kioni the Iouse, to pay Silas Ilarreit fiSOt referred to commiitrc on Claims. Resolution-. Hy Mr Cnmp, lint so much nf th.1 Gov, rnor'a messicc aa relates to the protection of Amcricnn labor, nnd In the distril iitinn of the proceeds oftho public lands, berefened to a select cotninittcc; pnsseu Thoonmmillce appointed by the Governor, todevise ' means tor niievianng ine ci'iiuuion nt itio ineurible insane, -nlinulleil liuir report In l ie Senate. The rc- , nnrt was retd.nnd leferrnl lo n se'eet ruiutititi, ,v ' The Chair announced Ihe appointment of Messrs ' Camp, Heynolds, and Hubbard, ns tho select commit-' tee required by the jib joint rule Adjourned. 1 Hi est:. liEpenTs or CoMMiiTErs Ily judiciary cnmmittev, ngiiust petition 'of Jne-I Hnuimnud iinil others', and they had leave to withdraw. Ily commit-1 tee on roads, ngainst the petition of .Xlr Steel nnd! others, audit was dismissed. Hy judiciary commit tee, bill in relation to appeals from ;ourts of probate, nnd decisions of commissioners, nnd it was ordered to n thirl reading! lull in nddilion lo chap. 31 R S, ce.n cerning depositions and witnesses, nnd it was ordered ' to a third rending ngiinsl the peiilinn of Martha Wells, nini she had leivc to withdraw her tie il ion . Re'dli-tiuns. Hy Mr Hammond, direoing the ju diciary coniuuilee lo inquire into the expediency of conlmuiiig theehartrr of the Han'.' nf Windsor in force so fai as lo emble it lo close its business j pissed, ' llv Mr XX'arner, direciing the sime e-omiuittee to in-; ipureinto the expediency nf nliertng the piesent law on cmitol tiunisbinent i nasscd. IU- Mr llnrlun In. ! Sinn-ling the committee on military nfTiirs to inquire "'II' VV'MX.r.0:JV'"r?rnV," 'TTII,n,i V"" ""'.r"-! rul eu mi hit i : nasse.t li, .,,,,,; 1 1 nn ,i, innnirnln- ,1... -...Il . "f I -. , ,' " idtirin'lhe laws relating tn" the Ihhi'iiies ol low ns and town o.Tieersj pissed. llv Mr XX'hitteinore of M, ' to adjourn the lifislaturc on i-'rid.iv momim.' next, G o'clock; laid on the tilde. Hy Mr XX'arner, direclinc I the rnminiiiieon the (irand List in set t be rei esfit,, ofMiddbhurvin ihe list as returned bv .ho lls.ers .1,,. year; pissel. Ily Mr lliblwin for theappomlmcnl of committee to make up debantures ; pas-cd. Hills IxTtionrcrn. Ily Mr Rice nf S, rclntins o peelers, (repealiui; all laws nit Ibis subject.) referred lo committee on ways and memsj by the .same, rc- . nunc io iieens-s to sen liquors, (reppilmi all liw-s on thai s iljeci,) referred to select co niniitceon thai sub ject. Petitions Rkpbriied Of Amos XX'ilkins, to com mittie of wavs nnd mcins ; ofWm F. Iiek wood and nilu is, tn scleCi enmmiltee on licenses- of Lewis Tucker and others, reid, on motion of .Xlr Mntston, andnferred totheeommilleeof claims; of Win Ptrrj and others, to committee on roid-. On motion of Mr Buck, tho report nftholnnk com missioner was referred to the committee nn bulks; the rcport'of the dirrctrusof the Insane Asylum to the select i-ominiltco on that suljeet; nnd Ihe report of the directors of tho Stale Prison, lo the eommitlee on the state, prison. On inoiion of Mr Kidder, the report of the Quarter Mister Oencral was referred to the committee nf ways and means. ldjonrned.' S ATi-nnAY, Oct. 19. Scs-atc Prayer bv the elnplnin. Ilillii introduced. Ily Mr llri?s. lo amend act in. enrporaiinu 'he Chimplain and Oonneeiieiti River Unit Roid Company; referred lo commitleo nn Roids nnd Canals. llvMr llriiiL's, lliat in anvaetion brnueht on section -20 of chapter 93 of 1!. S. all peisons being parties, or privy to such fraudulent nnd deeeitlnl rnn.1 (evinces, may he joined as pirly defeiidcnls; refer red lo me iudieiiry committee. Hcsolulions Ily Mr l!n;ss, that the Ooverdor he requested lo appoint some persons in mike a dizo-led Index of nil such portions of tho It. S, passed in 1839 ns have been repelled or altered, and all public acis of this stale passed since said revision, with the public hw-s passed nt this session; advocated by Messrs Urines, Camp, nnd Cnhnon, and pissed iinanimoi-ly. I!y Mr Oanip, lint the eommitlee on K'ections bein slructed to inuuire mlo ihe expediency nf provi tins bv law, that on the third I allot for town repre-cnialive, n plurality shall lies itlieient to constiiiiie nn election Mr Camp remarked that the practical operation nf the present law was such as frequently t.i emble nn iiisiiinificnnt minority to depute n town ofilsconsii lirioml pritilrurnr representation. This wns unrea sonable, mid niisiht to be remedied if possible. Mr Richardson hoped that theeommiltee wnuld not be confined toihcou.ideraiionnf the particular rem idy nnmed in the resolution, but be at liberty to re. port nny measure dcsisncd to olivine Ihe evil. ir ,.,, ,, ," i . : : .' ; , t f, ,.,,tuiiuii neriu on me i.-ioic: carr cu. The Suiam wen. int,, lob,, n.e.i,t ...... ., . - ..... . un us ic'iirn, ine cnminitlee on education, to horn '"g inu puuiisuers hi niu i.iny juorn 11 in un was trferred the resolutions direciins them 10 inquire three of its pages with other matter than adver nno the expediency nf lepealins a portion of Sec 18, tisemonlt', or alter the title to Daily Advertiser ; .I., , iv, itini iru ,iiu iucApcuiciii.y ui luriuer lejisjitinn nn the tuhiect. tills l-'ron. .he House, lo inenrporite XX'indfnr County limit leferrcd to committee on Hanks. Mr llrt-jcs reporlrd from the judiciary committee, the Mouse bill rrlaiiti" to the judiciary, (disqualifyin" llic judne who pres-ided nt the nisi pri'ut trhl, from silting upon the same cafe on appeal) wilh their opinion il ouahi not to pis.. Mr Hriirj-s briefly explained the views which influenced the eominillce, nnd thobill was ordered to lie upon the table. The L'lnir announced (deselect committee upon so much ofthc Oovrrnor's messaeens rclnies In thePro leeiion nf Ameiican I.ahor.nnd the Disirihulion nf the proeeiils of the public lauds; Messrs J Morgan, Mar thall. J Ilarreit. Adj. Hovkf.. Prayer hy Rev Jlr Aspinwall. The chair appofnted the en.nmiileeof ihellnuse un der Ihe Glh joint rid Xfci-Frs XVhi ii inore of Milton, Pnnbmn r.f Sirnfliird, XX'irner of Midillebuiy, Ungrorsed Wilt. To incorporate Windsor County Hani; nl XX'nodslm-k, (in tdare or the present baule, af ter its expiration j) passed, nemo e-ontradieeiile. In relation lo appeals from courts of probate and com inissioners in eftairs pasted. Hum iNTHon.'rEi) llv Mr Neal. relatini? lo com- mon schools j referred to committee on education Hy Mr Stoddard. Mamend net in ninendine.-.tofchan. 1 71 Rh (on pedlar's licenns.) and lo repeal net of ,c,i io nuiiiiion inennp. 4it,. relerrcd lo commit, lee id XX'ays nnd Means. Ily Mr Kntnn, in addition lo Ihe several nrts on hinhwnys nnd bridees i referred locomiiuiieoon roads. Ity Mr Kinsman to niter the name of Wm llenrv Hosford, which wns referred lo him ireiicrai coiuiniitec. .Xlr Siuirek, nf Sears', had leave of absence nf. Icr Mnmbiy mnrnini! next. Petitions nm-snnrn. Of John Oilman jr to com ml. lee on military nflairs. ! Rrroins or roji.MiTTrr.s. llv indiciarv roinmii. lee, iijrainst bill in ndditinn lohnnS3 revfe'd slatulef. audit wns dismissed! hill relatini! io the bank nf : " "V'""r.. I''n"'.""e H in force lliree years so far n n0'p ""'ne",) anil II was mriered lo a 3d lead- nic neinl ehancfin ibo nflleo nf retmrler ofdrcis . 't.i . i i no supreme ennri i nt-inns! nnv leL'tslntion on ,!".': Trt nfl,e IH'ililv of lownsnnd lowno(Tieer. j b II to incorporate the Troy Conference Methodist .iiioisiers iiiuiuai Au oelely, wiucli was recommit led lhal J. Sareeant hnve leave to withdraw his pe iiiioii, which as iirnnted. ItcSOL L'TIONH. Ill- Mr sTnnborn rr sj.. rtir.e.tnn ll,n treasurer In repnrt'ihe mm, and items, paid in 1842, J '13 and Ml, to the treasurer, auditor, nnd sereeant-at- nrnis: passed. Ily Mr Rewry. instruetiner the pen , !.. -" i: Zr npprais.l of real esll?in lt)ti. and oncJin three year thereafter passed. The Senate came in. and .hr folloum? rlec.inns eic made i Hon. HtLANii Hall, Hiiik Commissioner nnd In spector. Hall 130, Henry Adams 62, Sumner A. Webber 6, J S Pcllibono I. James McM. Shatter, Secretary nf Slate. Shaf fer 129, t P Poland G.l, C I, Knanp C, scallerine 2- Tho election of the officers of the slate prisnn, nnd of SerL,eantalArm sAns postponed to XVcdncsday next, 10 A .M, nnd the Senate withdrew. Adj. 2 o'clock, I SI. Sb-jate The Senate met nnd ndjomncd. Hocse Uncrossed Jlillt In ndditinn to chap 31 revisid statutes, relative lo witnesses and depositions) passed. I'ctitiont rrcrridOtJ II llenton nnd others, and Nathan XX'ood and others, lo select committeo on li cense laws. (solutions Hy Mr KcllogBj directing committee nf Ways nnd Means to inquire mlo the expenditures of tho serjeant-at-arms passed. Ily Mr Hcwey, in structing our delegation in Congress id go fer a re duction hf tho ratrs of postage; passed. fi' introduced Ily Mr Marston, to pay Richard V Abbott j relcrred to committee nf claims. lliporls ;lly committee of Ways nnd Mean, against altering lime for the payment of state taxes. Hy committee on education, against repealing section 13. chap 18 revised statutes ngainst petition nf Sam uel I.ivcrinorc, and petitioners had leavoto withdraw. Hy General committee, agninst petition of J Gregg and others, nnd the petitioners had leave to with draw t bill to annex pntt of Diimmerston to Putney, nnd it was ordered to a 3d reading. Contested Seat, The committee of elections re ported against the netition of Orcn Gamble for a seat from the town uf Harnard, for the want of sufficient evidence. Tho eommitlee had njectcd the affidavit nf K C Ativond, on tho ground that it was hear-ny testimony only, (ho testifying to what was prnved before the civil authority on tlie day nf election.) Krom this decision the petitioner nppented lo ihe House, anil the question therefore wns on recommit ting, with instruclinns lo the commitleo tn receive the affidavit. The motion wis sustained by Messrs Uncle nnd Wbiltentnre nf 31, nnd opposed hy Mcssts Stacy, Iliee of S, Howard. (Mr Howard hnving un successfully moved to lay the subject sn the table,) Hihbard. Ayes 37, noes 110 so (ho motion was lost. On mniion of Mr Hihbard, the matter waa re ferred back with instructions to receive nil legal evi dence and repott thereon. Adj. Motjay, Oct. 21. Senate. Prayer by t he Chaplain. Report From the cntnniitteR on education, In favor nf the pissnsre of the House hill, incorpn rating D il;er. field Academical Institution. Mr Camp thought that a special act of legislation on this Ftilijuct wns Miporcrnjiatory. A general law had been passed applicable to all such ca ses. Mr Hillings moved to lay the bill upon the laliln ; carried. Petition Of P. L. Castle and SO others, I praying that the Massachusetts system (if grant I ing licenses bo established in this State, referred , tt) tho select committee nn licensed. Uf.solutmns By Mr Camp, directing the ' fcrucant at arms to inqttiro into the disposition .undo if the old Stale House bell, and appara tus; passed. Ily Mr tt.V. Morgan, that the cinniriil tea nn education be instructed to innuite into tin; npr;dionry of so amending sec. 32, chap. I If nf 11 h, as tn require tin; public money to bo exclusively atiplied to the n.ivtnont of teachers : adopted. il., , .v-rnnni-r-Fti llv Mr T T riirrntt. that no director nf tho State Prison shall hereafter bo appointed keeper, assistant, or servant, by Ihe stipcrintendeMit ; referred to tho judiciary com. intttce. llv Mr Winn, repealing section U'J, chap 18 of It S, and providing that the proceeds ol llm tax assessed by tho selectmen, with the income in any town, appropriated to the use of schools, and all sums raised hy vote of the town, shill annually bu divided by the selectmen be. tween Ihe several districts; ono fourth part thereof shall be equally divided between such districts without regard In tho number of chil dren each district may contain, nnd the remain der shall he divided between sn:li districts in proportion to the number of children in eich district between tho ages of four and righteen ; provided that no district shall receive any share, unless, iliirimr tho nrd'cdmo venr. ll.oro shall I have been kept a school for two months, with j otlior monevs than those f.niti the town treastt-1 rv. nor unless the tnnuovs drawn from thetown ! IX', 0' treasury shall have been expended wholly for the payment of teachers ; referred to the tow mittee on eduration. Resolution rnoJI Tlir. Housr That our . ....... , ., . . , ,. . ... - i ocirnors in i.,.ngress no insTiiciPU nno our uup resentaliwis requested to use their exertions to procure the passage ol a lull reducing postage and abolishing thu franking psivilcge. . Mr Briggs doubled whether much benefit waste be durived from the passage of the rosnlulion, and therefore moved to lay it upon the table; car ried. Uti.r.s rnoM the House To annex part of Duinniersinn to Putney ; referred to the cotn mfttre on agriculture. To extend the charter of the Bank of Windsor three years; referred to tho committee on banks. In relation to appeals from judges of Probate and commissioners on estates; referred to judiciary committee. Bill provided that, if anv person upon whom a sub. poena, summoning him tn appear and make de position, shall be served, fails to comply, with out legal excuse, he shall forfeit ton dollars, and shall pay rll just charges to the party in whose behalf ho is summoned; referred to judiciary committee1. 7 ho (Jovernor transmitted tn tho Senate the report of the Quarter Master General, the ru port of the Commissioners for the deaf, dumb, blind, and insane, and the return of the Inspec tor General of Boef and Pork. These docu ments were referred to tho select committee provided by the 5th joint rule. Senate adjourned. Housr. Pravcr by Mr Scutt. IlEroirrs. By cnmmitteo of claiois, against bill to pay Horace Powers, (the claims having been allowed by the auditor,) and it was dismiss ?d. Hy general committee, asking lo be dis- charged from petitions for repeal of laws on ped Inr s licenses agreed to, and the petitions were , ruiuiiun iu iiiu Liiiniiiiiit-u in Hrtjp ami iiii-'iiic, against liill tn preserve fi.-h in lake Bombazino, I anil it was rejected, uy committee ot claims, i against tho petition of Daniel Putnam, and he- had leavoto withdraw. Uv land tax committee, against petition of Win Blair, and the petitioner had leave to withdraw. Resolutions. From the Senate, for a digos ted index of acts since tho revision of tlio Stat icu tnuox ol acts , ,. n si tin-, i . utcs concurred in. Ry Mr Wbitclaw, rcnttest . . n -i.. r i ... i-ti a hint which was received by the House in good natured way,and agreed to. By Mr Aiken, in. quiring into the expediency ol assessing adjoin, ing towns for Iho expenses of roads inwhich thov are interested : passed. Engrossed hills. Relating to thn bank nf Windsor; lo annex part of Dummerston to Put ney, severally passed. Bills introduced. Ily Mr Button, in amend montof section 1 and 2 of rhaptcr57 R. S, wheh was referred to the judiciary committee. Ily Mr Drury, relating to elections, (representatives to be elected by a plurality on the third trial,) which was referred to the general eommitlee. By Mr lllake, relating lo common schools, (pro. vlding fur tXvo or more schnnls in ono district when necessary,) which was referred lo the committee on eduration Petitions referred. Of A. P. Roscno and others, to select committee on licenser-. Ro- nionstrnce of Richard Burroughs, to land lav eommitlee. Petition of I.uther Stonell, lo committee on manufactures. Tho Governor communicated resolutions frnm other states, on Texas, on an amendment oftho constitution so faras relates to tho representa tion of slnvery.on tho TarifT, on claims for Prptu-h spoilatiotiF, on repudiation of slate debts, on ex change of laws of tho several state, on the frank, ing privilege and reduction of postage, on the West Point Aradcmy, and Resolutions', frnm Rhode Island, protesting against thu interfer ence of other stales in her all'.iirs which were severally referred to a joint committee of both Houses under the joint rules. On motion ol Mr Harlow, the commitleo on military alT.irs was discharged from the petition of John Gil. nan jr., and the petition was referred to thn romtnitleo of claims. Contested heat. Tho committee of clec. lions, on the petition of Klias Blair against ihe right of Mr Bailey of Fletcher, reported that (hi re was not sufficient evidence to support Iho petition, nnd recommended the passage of a resolution declaring Mr Bailey entitled "to his seat. The resolution was passed. Adjourned, U o'clock, r. .v. Senate Ri mms oi ConvnTris. Vwm the judiciary committor, against ainondinj sec tion io, map ol lite it a. f rom tno same committee, against tho bill in nmnndment of the

act relating lo the settlement of the accounts of executors, administrators, guardians nnd trus tees. Mr Wooduridgo hoped that the rnpnrl of tho commitleo would not bo accepted. And the question being whether tho bill should be en grossed and have a third reading, after remarks hy ilir Woodbridgo in favor and by .liessrs Ca lioiui, Camp mid J, 11 irrclt in opposition, it was decided in tho negative. Resolution--Tho House resolution designa ting Tuesday next at 3 o'clock P. M., for a joint assembly to oloct Secretary of Statu and Judges of tho Supremo Court, was taken up, and nfter being amended, by sinking out t Ire j words "Sec of State," and by inserting Thursday in the place of Tuesday, wns concurred in. U. S. SKNATOR. At 3 oVInck tho Senate proceeded to ballot for U. S. Senator on Its part, wilh tho following results, it lining understood In every caso where more than one vote was given to the same per son it is not included among the scattering : 1st hoi , 3d 3d 4lh 5th 6th 7th 8th Dili Ulh 12th S.S. Phelps, 13 13 138 7 7 4 8 8 12 10 9 S.S. Ilrown, 8 8 8 1314 1112 6 7 6 7 7 HilandHall, 1 3 6 Clins. I.inslcy, 3 3 2 3 XVm. Slade, 1 2 Scattering 57777779 10 7 5 6 Blanks, t After the antinuncemont of tho result nf the twelfth ballot, Mr Nnyes moved to adjourn. Thu Chair decided tho motion to bo out of order. 1r Camp appealed from the decision of the chair. I ho chair upon consideration re versed his decision. Mr Hriggs appealed, and after a warm discussion between Mr Camp, Mr pCahoon, Mr Noyes and Mr Richard son in lavor'of the decision, and by Mr. Briggs against, tho question was taken, and the decision of the chair was tinanimonsly sustaincxl. The Senate accordingly ailintirncel. House. Ilepnrts Ily general committee, in favor of hill and resnlutiiiu authorizing towns to nominate justices of the peace for tire action of tho general assembly ; laid o-i the table, liy committee on mads, against the petition of Win Perry, and he had leave to withdraw his peli tion. Hy enmmiltee of ways and means, against the bill repealing all laws relative to pedler'a licenses, and it was dismissed. Resoluliims Ily Mr Wilbur, instructing the committee on mili'ary nfl'iirs to inquire as lo the expediency of providing that the enrolled mili tia may not bo called out of their towns to do duly; passed. Uy Mr Wtnsloiv, authorizing the cninmitleo of ways and moans tn send for pt'rsnns and papers on the ex iminalinn of tlie accounts of the Sargeant-at-arms ; passod. Ily Mr Sanborn of S, directing tho committee oil the Slate prisnn to inqtiiro whether the super intendent had been furnished with liou.-e rent, fuel, or money, in addition to his salary ; passed. Hy Mr Dunklce, inptrncting committee on the Insane Asylum to inquire as to the expediency of supporting tho insane pnnr, at the Vt. Asy lum, at the espouse of the Slate ; passed. Mitts iiitrixlucetl. By Mr Puller, for the pres. ervalion of niitskrats, and by Mr .1 itthews, to exempt fowls from iiliacluneiil ; bntli roferred to the general rointmttpc. By Mr Mcl.oud, as sessing a tax of SO cents on tho dollar of the list of '44, l o pay the Slate dnbts; referred to com. of ways and moans. By ,nr Buck, amend ing the election law, mi as to elect town repre sentatives by plurality on the 3d ballot ; refer red lo gnneral minimi lee. Petition. Of John II. Tower and others, to select com. on licenses. ELECTION' OF U. S. SENATOR. 7'ho hour having arrived for the election ol nn:it r t,, ,,-.... t il., v-i,n i ,l,n f of the United Slates for six years from tho lth of March next, the tisuar.ness.ioes were ex- clnn.rod. and ibo IIiuipp nmrpodml nn lis mn - - - i ..... to make an election, and on the first ballot made- an election, as ful Inn's: Whole number of votes, IS Necessary for a choice, !)4 Samuel S. Phelps had 1)5 Stephen S. Hiown, fi'i HilatiiHIall, 10 Charles K. Williams, 9 William Slade, 8 George P. Marsh, 4, 1 Caleb 11. Harrington, 1 Silas II. Jettison, 1 Robert Pierpmut, 1 Paul Dillingham, 1 .1ajt.rify for Phelps, !1. Tho Hnitso having wailed snmo time fur the action of tho Senate, Mr Wilbur inuved that the IIouso adjourn ; ayes 51, noes 59. sA call of thu llouso was ordered, but before its completion the Hou&e tulj-iurnid. Tuesday-, Oct. 22. ELECTION OF U. S. SENATOR. Tho Senate lO'itinned their ballotings for U. S. Senator, wilh this following results : 13th 1 lib llih lCth I7ih Bib 19th 30th 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 S S Phelps, S S Ilrown, lldand Hall, Win., Chs. Litifley, I 3 3 2 3 4 I 12 9 10 9 12 II 11 11 acaltcnui;, 21sl22d 23 1 Still 23th 26th27lli 23th 201. ii IS 13 13 13 13 13 11 13 S S Phelps, s s ilrown, lldand Hall, S. Royce, 2 O. I.insley, 2 K I) Harbor D A Sinallev, I) Kelloisir, ' Scattering, 10 2 1 5 7 I 2 11 10 8 II 8 11 11 II At the 30ih ballot, Phelps bad 13, Brown 4, Royce , unu oca i leriu jr j. Upnn tho auunutifcinent of the result of the ,'K) I. balloting, the Senate adjourned. House. The treasurer, in compliance with a resolution of tlio I lous, reported the pay menls made ty tho treasurer and auditor, with the items Tor the year -PJ, '43, and 44. The amendment ofthc Senile to tho resolu tion fur Pi! election of the judges of the mi prcme court, was concurred in, eVinrt. Ry select committee, bill appropria tinsi 82,000 annually for lliree years for a geo logical survey of tho Suto ; laid on the lab'n. Justices if the Peace. Mr Rice called up the bill authorizing the nnminalinii of justices of the peace by Ihe towns In the legislature, tho ques. tion being upon tho second reading. Mr Whittemore of M. doubted tho polity ot this bill. At the last constitutional convention the question of giving the election to tho people had benu fully discussed, and was solemnly de cided to be unwise, though Mr W. said ho him. self was favorable to the proposition Now, however, it was proposed substantially lo make an alteration of th? constitution itself by the mere force of a legislative act. This was absurd, and as unnecessary as absurd, Il'lhere is really any change desired by the people, they will have tho remedy soon at hand iu an amendment ol the constitution in the proper form. Uo also objected to this bill, that it left the nnmitialioii to bo made at tho March meeting, when a con. sidrrable pnrlionnf the freemen of Ihe slate have nn right to vote, nut having paid taxes : the consequence of w hid. would be, that this portion ..e f. !. I ., : I ..f .1 ? in inu iiuuiiiun MiioiuuB uepr.iuu o. ineir voice in tho selection of magistrates. Mr. Rico of S. replied that tho hill merely gave tho towns tho -right to nominate, and was therefore no infringement of tho constitution or of the power ol the legislature. Tho only change would bo that the freemen of thn town's would make the nomination, instead of tho rep resentative; and he argued that it was desira bletn make tho change and proven) these ap pointments being controlled, as they now arc sometimes, by thn interest of tho representative or some clique of his friencr, 4ud by party con siderations. Mr Stacy concurred in tho objections of ,1r Whiltemnrr, and argued that the change unu not be for tho better in any point whatever, while in some ot the towns it would doubtless bo a source of much uilfir.ully.,ln any caso of sity, tho towns might nnw nominate without this art, and bo was sure they never would find the' legislature unwilling lo hear them. Mr H. also agreed wilh Mr W. in favoring nn amend ment of iho constitution, giving tlie elections to Iho frecmun. After further objection by Messrs Dcwoy and WinsloH.iho bill was rejected, lf7 to till. Stale Prison. Tho commitleo on thn Slate Prison reported that Ihe superintendent lives in n houso belonging to tho prison, and bnsJ- 'e office re, nini is furnished wo'- pii'Vlsions ami fu el by tho Sin'" i .bat tno services of his wife and daughter in housekeeping are paid for by the state, wltilo tho superintendent is charged hy the state fur the board of his children. 2 o'clock, v. m. Senate. -Hills reported. From the select committee raised upon so much of thoGovornor's message ns relates to tho exacting of unlawful interest, hill repealing lid, 4th and 5th sections ofcliap.72 R S and providing that, If any person, upon any cuntract,tnorlgago and assurance, shall take above 0 per rent, interest, tho debtor may avoid the excess abovo tho legal rate; or if al- ready paid, ho may recover tlm excess by nn nc tiou of law, if commencoil within two years ; laid upon the table. Hills introduced Hy J Ilarreit, authorizing the Governor to appoint a Commissioner to hold County Court, when no Judges of the Supremo Court is able; referred to tho committeoon the Judiciary. Hy J Barrett, in amendment of chap. 1 of RS so that a plurality, upon the third bal. lot, shall be sufficient to constitute an election ol town representatives ; referred to tho commit tee on elections. A communication was received from tho Son geanl at (rtns, relative to the old Slate House bell ; informing thn Senate, that, without his permission, it had bcon removed to tho Court House of this county, and was there destroyed hy fire. ELECTION OP U. S. SENATOR. The Senate proceeded to the elt clion of U.S. Senator. Upon the 111st ballotling I ho votes wore as follows SS Phelps 13, SS Brown 0. S Royco 5, scattering 2. Upon the 33d, 33d, 1 It li and 33th the results wore alike, S S Phelps 13, S S Brown 0, S Royco 7. Adj. House. Tho Speaker made tho following appointments : iXlr lluck of ISorllifield on the committee of elections in place of Mr Bailor. On tho communication of this morning from the treasurer Messrs Sanborn ofS. Porter of H. and Tilden. Resolutions. Ry Mr Whittemnro of M., that no bill or resolution bo introduced after Friday morning next, except by committee ; pissed. Ily Mr Hall, that not more that 12 justices bo al'owed to any town aflor this .ses sion ; opposed hy Messrs Wittom-iro of M. and Rico of S. and rrqor.tcd. By Mr Whittomnre ol M., to hcarT H Palmer Erq. on Education, at an evening session to-morrow evening; passed. The Senate came in, and the following elec tions were made : Oitt.r.tXS COUNTV. .iSy S'iixtr" '' I Wt J"4'esof the Co. Court. John II. Kimball, tonics' Attorney. Oeoritc Nye. Jud"c of Probate. Thoina- Jameson, Moody tl. Kimball, l.uke Spencer, jail lyomimssioncrs. OIIANB ISI.F. COUNTV. XVmlVI'.'l.ymin, As"'1 ,,",(:c, of ,he L'- Uour'' Abel Brown, Grand Isle, f-'hcrill. I'nidon Dew eh, lli2b llaihn". XX'ui. W. XX'hitc, State's Attorney. J nbez I'add, Ju.lae of I'm. for the' Ui-l.ofOran I Itlc. Aimer Lidd, LVihu Parks, Augustus Knight, jail com- nmsioneis. ADDISON COUNTV. je;"sn?aiuir,cr,lA,iju',-9of,iiccu'cuurt' Dawd S. Church. MiiMlchury, Hicrill'. Asa Chapman, Ilili ll.nlifl'. Oiias .Seymour, State's Attorney. SI is II. Jenison, Judno of I'ro. for Uist. of Addison. Harvey Xluusill, " " New Haven. Nnliinn rarker, Ira Allen. John I!. Uoptlnnu, com missioners for ihe Jail nt Mid llebury. John Pierpoint, I'.lliolt .Sherrill, .S'iniiiel Morgan, commissioners for the jid al X'erL'cnues. WINDSOR COUNT'. I)aud Pierce, Relll en XX'nsI Wnshliurn. I awi Jiiuijesoi me uo. uuri. ZenasF. Hyde. Cavendish, SheiifV. Orrn Paul, lli-th Julius Converse, .Plate's Xtlorney. Thus. P. Hammond, JuJe of Pro for Dist.of Windsor Oeo.P. Wales, ' " " llarlfotd. .S'niioii XX'nrren, Lyman A. Marsh, Nahaiu Haskell jail commissioners. RUTLAND COUNTX'. AudiroseL. Brown. 'Wl J"d' o( C"- Couft' The joint assembly adjourned lo Thursday next, 3 o'clack P. M. Adj. FOREIGN. We- nro indebted to our onlerprking friend C. K. Lewis, of thu Roston nnd Montreal Express, for :i copy uf Willmer a nil Smith's European Times of the 4lh iust. The most prominent feature iu tho intelligence.! is, tliut ii treaty liutl been concluded between the United Stales and tho Celestial Einpiu', based upon tho snmo priui-iplcs us dictated that between England and China iu which America will cnjov all tho udviintacos which Great Britain, by Iter anus, secured after an iniinonso outlay of blood und ticasure. Iitnt.ANii. Tho groat Repeal Banquet to O'Connell and tlio other state prisoners took place on tho 20lli nil., in the Music Hall, Dublin. Wo make tho following extract fiom O'Conncll'a speech on the occasion. IIu said : There cannot be one amongst you who sup poses that I rise in order to pour out some sweet words to express my gratitude. No, I do not rise to express my gratitude. I rise for r.nuthor, a better, a nnbler purpose. I rise to instigate you all, and through you to nrouso all Ireland in renewed exertions for the repeal of the un ion. It is ery good tn cheer it is very pleas ing to bo cheered provided it does not last too long hut cheering alono won't do--words won't do uc must hate actions. From this spot I call upon every man, of eierv creed, sect, or persuasion throughout Ireland, to rally for Ire land. The illustrious Gran an well said tint ho stnod by the cradle of Irish Independence t lat hn fiilluwcd her In her grave. Sho is not dead, my friends she only sleeps, and hero am I cal ling upnn you to sound Iho trumpet for Iwr res. urrectiun. Yes, sho shall rise sho must rise, u her native dignity, majesty ; she will rise, glorious and as far immortal as any thing earth ly can bo. Gracefully she shall proceed in Iter career of liberty and happiness, gently bowing the head of allegiance to tho English crown, but inserting firmly her right to bo governed by her sons. Ours is a country that ought lo bo Irce, and must be free. Sho has been too long sunk n provincial degradation sho must bo the sis ter and co-equal of England, and not continue the slave of any land. And are our prospects darkening ! Is the vista gloomy through which we behold the coming dawn of Irish freedom ? No; wo are triumphant to-night woaro cele brating our triumph it is an ovation for Ireland and freedom, and Ihe glorious prospect of liber ty shine-, bright and iteady bofnro us. We are celebrating a triumph. A colobra'ed French general has rightly asserted, that difficulty does nut consist in obtaining a victory, but in profit ing by it. We havo gained a victory certain ly without personal difficulty to ourselves, for tt came at a moment when least expected, and whon we anticipated that the dark bolt ol min isterial injustice wns shot closely on the door of our prison. At that very moment thore came an unseen hand that shook to pieces every ob. stacle tho prison door was opened, and it was declared that Ireland had a rijjht lo tako her measures to obtain legislative independence. How are we lo profit by il Ily redoubling every exertion ; by increasing every eflort j by organizing every peaceful energy ; and by ono and all heitio prepaid! to approach the P.irlii- "I"" j1.1 11,0 iininciicoiiienl "I Hm nex session embodied in our petitions, giving England to understand that us there is not rest for the wicked in tho proseiu-u of the Ahniglitv, so Ihero shall bo no rest frnm agitation until Ire - la..d is righted. W bat is our lirst duty in that ao-itattmi .' Our first duU isle, combine togeili. U...IW ...... .... . . .- . - . i, nl ..iinil, ,n ii mi atrri-n iviiii lis in inn inn,. I otic thing nee csary llic repeal of Ihe union , .'"lAr a-,nnoitowllanA.oH?i?eTt I and highly respectable getilletnan, whoso occu-1 patinn linn periodically to the principal I nr:i,fc : will, or.c.isionally"contain Gortinn News, which i cannot Mil in interest the American reader. Amongst other matters contained in our friend's letter received this morning, wo learn that tho emigration from Germany to Ihe United Slates is continually increasing, and that next spring it win be conducted on a largo scale, and with greater regularity man iiiincrto. riioro are two companies now forming, the first of which Is under thn auspices of the Prince of Solms, and other German noblemen, who havo the in tention of buying lands either in Texas or in tho United States, and then regularly sending out such persons who cannot find work, or are dis contented in their dominions. Tlie Prince of Solms is now in Texas, and. so soon as ho re turns, it will ho decided whether tho hud is to be bought in Texas or the United Slates. Tho second company is organized by Mr. Mark, the gentleman who took so active a part in the Zoll Verein Treaty, and who, in conjunction wtih some landholders in Western Virginia, arc forming a largo company nf emigrants, mostly farmers and merchant?, with capital enough to buy the land on which they settle, and they in tend emigrating soon, and to call their settle moot " Now Germany." Although tho lands in Western Virginia are sotiiowhat dearer than in States beyond the mnuutnius, they rrc rep resented in health, higher prices for produce, and other advantogeii, to bo very favorable to emigrants. There appears every prospect that from fifteen to twenty thousand Germans will emigrate during tho next year lo tho United Stales. European Times. NATIOriASj WHIG TXCKST. FOR PRESIDENT, Or KKXTCCKY. tor vice pit ns inn nt, TIIEO. FRELINfJHUYSEN, POR ELECTOR-3, JOIIV ;Kl'K. j.Xtl.irse. 1st Dist. CAI.A'IN TOW.NSI.RV, 2d Dist. cia i! i. os cooi.uxn:, 31 Dist. miN.I.VXIIX SXVIli'f, lth Dist. Elt Xr4'l'U I-'AIIttJAMiS. j . - V It 1 1) A X" MORNING. OCT. 23. 18-11. THE CONTEST. One week front this: day the great battle for tho Presidency begins with tlio votes of( tho two great States of Ohio and I'onnsyl- j vatit.t. 1 ho State: elections are now all fin ished, and the result ascertained with tho ex ception of Smith Carolina and Atknnsts, concerning which liltlu interest is fell, as they arc predestined to go Locofoco, and havo so been classed from thn beginning. Tho pre liminaries nro settled, tho premonitory syntp- j touts aro past, run the matter in hind comes now to ba decided upon. Let us " calculate eclipses " a little. Tho States of Vermont, M isiaclmsetls, Rhode Ibhnd, Connecticut, Now Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Louisiana, Ten nessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana, cast ing; 123 electoral votes, are deemed certain for iMr. Clay. About Georgia, rusting 10 votes, there never has been much doubt un til the re-cent Congressional election, in which tho aggregate of thu popular voto is rather against its ; hut it is apparent that the vote is uncommonly small, and in tho strong Whig districts, our friends, secure of success, have staid front the polls. Wo havo no doubt however of the vote of Georgia, anil there fore class it as certain for Mr. Clay, giving him 133, five less than enough to secure his election. The Stairs then which hold the result in their power, arc New York and Pennsylvania. From tho result in Pennsylvania at tho late election, wo aro inclined to place impli cit rolianco on tho assurances of our Whig friends that tho Stato will cast her voto lor Clay. Mr. Shiink, confcsseelly tho 'most popular man iu m party, and an open and strenuous advocate of a protective tariff, ge's but about 4900 majority, nnd in order to do this runs largely ahead of his ticket in almost every county. 1 lie precise amount ot tlio excess of Skunk's voto over tho average of, the other tickets cannot now bo exactly as certained, but it is confessedly very large, and is estimated at enough to about balanco tho parlies on tho ether tickets. A number of influential democrats in different parts oft the Stato did all they could for Shunk, at the sauio time openly avowing their intention to suppoilMr. Clay in preference to thu free trade gentleman of Tennessee. Under these circumstances, notwithstanding tho expecta tion that tho City and County of Philadel phia will not do as well for Clay as for Mar- kle, wo havo an abiding faith lhal enough of tin: people of Pennsylvania will discern their true interests on the Tariff question, to cast the voto of that State decidedly for tho Tu - riff's great champion. Then wo como to New York. Ileio tho signs afo all in our favor, notwithstanding the boasted strength of Mr. Wright. The name of Fillmoro will call out every whig votu in tho great west, und ho will appear at Cayu ga bridge with a majority largo enough to bury nny lliiiicr that ran bo brought there to meet him. Mr. Wright will poll al least 5000 moro votes than Mr. Polk, and Mr. Clav at least as mmy as Mr. Fillmore. Tho third party vole will not all bo drawn from tho Whigs, hut a largo number of tho Locofoco paity, taking tho suggestions of: Itrviint. Barker and others ns their basis of nct'ioiv. will flee from the coirupt parly which 1 j , 0, ...jpciples for their President , 1111 ,,s u,,t "', ' . ' , r n and another fur their members of Congress-, i, IV III II IJ 11 IJl'.ll (t KM'. I count, nnd llm Whig buuic un lv llic cniliti- (e il,,am ,of r,,l,Um" wi" 1'" Vnl(! "iy Hu vo got. Wo Itnvo no tlnuht limn respecting either inn.,i.,i or now Y.,rk, nn.i u.eM m lo tlio Stales set down nhove, givn Mr. Clay 193 votes, ngainst 80 for Itis hopeful oppo nent. Willi New York, find without I'unnsjlvn- pin I'olkgols 11G votns. Willi Pennu'lvn- ni;i nnd without Now York lie gets 10G. It will he seen then llittt ho must carry bnlli tliosd Stales in order lo ho elccled, nnd they would then only givo him 142, or nine ma jority, provided ho hoops Mississippi xvlticli our friends threaten (o tuko nwny from linn. If both Now J'ork tind Pennsylvania wero to go for him, nnd Mississippi for Mr. Clay, tho latter would have 139 votes or three ma jority I Thus stands tho hattlo. und two short weeks will give us tho momentous result. THE SECRET UNDERSTANDING. In n late speech in South Carolina, tho Hon. Henry L. Pincknoy, a loading und ablo Calhoun, disunion, Free trade Locufo co, told tho people that Mr. Polk was obli ged lo dissemble a little to the Northern peo ple, nnd that his Kane lettnr was directed to Pennsylvania, and intended for effect there. He said, however, it was WELL UNDER STOOD llut ho (Polk) still his former views on tho subject of tho Tariff, and had given assurance to Southern gen tlemen that Mr. Calhoun would bu continued as Secretary of Slate in case of lis ( Polk's ) election ! Here wc have it ; and if more proof wero needed than has already been adduced, that the Polk administration, in caso he should bo elected, would bo an ultra free trade, South Carolina dynasty, hero it is in suffi cient abundance and directness. Docs nny Vorir.onter, nny New England or. any Now Yoiker or Pennsylvanian sup pose a Tariff that had the savor of protec tion upon it, could stand an hour, exposed to the harpy clutch of John C. Calhoun ? Yet, if tho recently discovered magnate of Tennessee succeeds, this same Calhoun is to bo tho ruling spirit of his administration ; for the Sentinel and Democrat itself in an arti cle quoted Inst week from the Herald, makes Polk out to bo a mere man of putty, to bo moulded as necessity may require, by tho plastic hand of Calhoun, Cass or Van Bo ron. How then will an administration lean, on tho subject of protection, with John C. Calhoun for its Secretary of State, a blank for President, and a subservient party ma jority in Congress ? Brethren of ."ew England, of New York, of Pennsylvania, awake, nriso and survey tho abyss before you! ?xol thu Taiilf of 1842 alono is in danger, but a measure im pends over ou, which, once ronsuniinated, pills il into the mouth of this same Calhoun and his allies to toll you for all time to conic, what sort of u Tariff you shall, or whether you may havo any at all ! Your hopes aro slaked on the issue of ibis struggle, nnd that issue depends on your selves, A few days must decide the com mon file. Wo beseech you especially our brethren of New York to let those days bo totally and freely given tip to unremitting toil in pet feeling tho Whig organization, nnd doing all needful labor preparatory lo the great bailie. Wo have done our best, and dune well. Do wo ask too much of yon, when wo beg of you lo bark us up ? Let not tho shouts of victotions Slavery over iho result in your great State astound and dis may us, but let its have a report which shall fill us with joy and security, nnd cover tho annexationists with confusion and defeat. So mote il he. I5IRNEY FOR POLK! James G. Hirnny, tlio Abolition Candidate for President, and whom the Loco 1'ocos of Saginaw havo nominated for the. Michigan Legislature, is i,ow upon a Mission East ward, favoring thu election of Polk ? This must be regarded as one of the strange things of Abolition. Mr Birney represents a Par ty that aims at tho Abolition of Slavery. Mr. Polk represents a Party that seeks, by his nomination, to extend and perpetuate Slave ry. And yet Mr. Birney labots to elect Mr. Polk ! And now for Mr. Birney 's reasons. Ho says that ho picfers Mr. Polk to Mr. Clav bccatiso tho former, from Ins imbecility and unfitness for the high ofiirn of President, will ho an instrument tn tho hands of his parly, while tho latter, from his talents nnd power, will control his party. And henco Mr. Bir ney infers lhal Texas is more likely to bo Annexed under Mr. Clay than under Mr. Polk ! Now Mr. Birney is a very shallow man or lo holdslhe People's intelligence very cheap. Mr. Polk" is tho candidato oftho South. The South demands the Annexation of Tex as. Now if Mr. Polk is an imbecile, to bo led by his party, as Mr. Birney says, what is to prevent tho Annexation ? Does not Mr. Birney confound and stultify himsclfl On tho other hand Mr. Clay is tho candi- jdato oftho North and of that portion of the South that is content lo sland by the Con stitution, without extending its Slave boun daries. Mr. Clay himself is as decidedly opposed as Mr. Polk is in favor of Annexa tion. And even if ho wero not, his party will not and cannot go for Annexation. How shallow nnd falso then is Mr. Birncy's reason for preferring Polk to Clay. It is a misera- I bl rprctcxt (or doing an inexcusable thing. And what say you, Whig Abolitionists, to 1 this reasoning of your Presidential nominee? Did you leave your lug Iricnds to bo thus i . transferred to Lnco Foroism Will tor sacrificing othrr principles and sundering other lies, ho instrumental in enlarging iho boundaries and perpetuating the existence of Slavery 1 .,,i t ., ics anil la .1 ...... .... I. .vm ItUfl,! iborers, nrotinrrd lo I in.., iu !:' ,W" uluVli hinds tin1 Tnilcd N.iU'