Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 25, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 25, 1844 Page 3
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car 1 Are yot, who broko uway from those wlio ore willi you in nil but your organisa tion, prepared to nssiimo tlio responsibility of bringing mi Independent Slave Nation In to this Union t Wa ink, nro you prepared to lake this responsibility, for such is the real question, it being known that folk can only, if ot ail, bo elected by tlio votes of Whig Ab olitionists who nro expected to squander their guffragu upon n candidate who is playing in to lliu hands of Loco Focoism t Think well of this beforo you strike such a blow, not only' at us, but at yourselves 1 What then is the duty of Abolitioulsts in tins Statu ? Their Presidential nominee lias indentificd himself with tho Loco Foco Party. Tho object of their distinct political organization is defeated. Under such cir cumstances will tlioy not re-unite with their old friends 1 Whigs certainly did not be came Liberty men with a view to the suc cess of Loco Focoism, or to bo mado instru mental ti siio extension of Shivery. And yet in votinr for Mr. Bimey they are render ing the highest servlco to Slavery by secur ing, in the event of Mr. Polk's Election, the Annexation of Texas to tho Union. Pennsylvania. Wo arc gratified to learn that Joseph Buflington, Whin is re-elected from tho 24th Congressional District, by 54 majority. It has been reported that ho was defeated by 38, which wo supposed 10 be tho case. The Delegation therefore will stand 10 Whigs, 2 Natives whigs and 12 Locos being a Loco gain of 2 members. The Legislature stands Senate 21 Locos, 11 Whigs, 1 Native House, 51 Locos, 41 Whigs, 8 Natives. Official and unofficial returns are now in from all tho counties in this Slate. Sbunk's majority, according to their shewing, is 4,530. ' Hon. Samuel S. Puclps was re-elected U. S. Senator, yesterday. ' " LIFE AND SPEECHES OF HENRY CLAY. Wo would call tlio attention of our readers to Mallory's splendid edition of Clay's Life mid Speeches, in two volumes octavo. Who ever appreciates statesmanship andcloquenco of the highest order, will not fail to avail themselves of tho opportunity nouvprosent ed, to obtain a copy of this valuable work. Mr. Cam. n Hartshorn, at the American, is the Agent for selling this work. He will also furnish excellent mezzotlnto engravings of Clay and Frclinghuysen. PnoTr.CTMN to tug Luionnn. The editor of the U. S. Gazette, well says : "No comitrycan bn prosperous and wealthy which docs not prated and encourage ils own labo rers ; fur l.ibnr alone is the source of wealth and prosperity. Where industry is protect ed and encouraged, Mho poor man has a chance1 lo iniprovo his condition and that of liis children. Who are tlio wealthy, in this country 1 In nine cases out of ten, they are niiM who have once been poor, and have acquired properly by industry, prudence, and economy. Had those men been compelled to labor, when they were poor, for the same wages that are given to laborers in Europe, few of them would ever hate risen above the condition in which they found themselves in early life." Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. The receipts of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad for tlio transportation of passengers and mer chandise on the main stem of the road, in the year ending the 30lh of September last, amounted to SGjS,G20. The current ex penses during tho samo period amounted lo $311,073; not earnings $340,940. This is exclusive of the dividend of 0 per cent, which the main stem is to receive from tho Wash ington Branch, amounting to $01,950. From the above earnings is to be deducted the bal ance of interest amounting, to $50,491. fjy Brother Himes, or somebody else, lins sent tis the lust very Inst number of the "Advent Herald and Signs of tho Times Reporter," which appears to be filled with proofs not of "holy writ," though that the Second Coming of the Lord teas to take place on the 22d. These proofs do not loot; satisfactory. SIGNIFICANT. Mr. Willi im S. Miller, a Congressional candiilata of the Native American parly in New York City, at a public meetinp. of his party on Monday evoning, used tlio follow injr laneunge: I go not only for American principles for tho perpetuity of an American Constitution for the perpetuity of an American Republic hut I go lsn forihat. without which none of all these can Ion; continue, to exist go fur the protection nf Aixcr!can labor, and the preservation ot tne American Union. (Great cheering cries of ' that's tho talk !") I hope never to see our in. duslriom and enterprising people impoverished by further experiment in free trade. I hope never In see the debts and territory of Texas as. eumcd, for no better end than that of enrich in tho speculators in tier script and lamln. (Renewed ami vociferous cheering cries of 'fro it" "that's it.") I entertain thte view because nut American Republican nid I cannot well conceive that on these points any American Republican can differ from me. So thinking and po feeling, because I am a friend to the protection nf the labor of American citi zens and to tho American Union. I am there fnro friendly to the election of Henry Clay of Kentucky, to the Presidency of the U. Slates, (tremendous cheering;) and 1 should regret that anv man should bo induced to bestow on me his BiiiTragc, under tho impression that, on these vital questions of national policy, I could bo ad verse or indifferent. Now. my friendf, you have my wholo political faith; fori can consent to no dupHcity or concealment. All who vote for me will vote understanding, and with tho knowl-cd-ro that nv chmco in the Presidential contests falls upon th'at man, who moro than any other statesman of the dav or age, is the embodiment of Republican principles, and the great cham pion of American rights, American interests, and American labor. Themi'.nuous Galf. at Buffalo. Tlio calo on Friday night last visited with dread ful effect tho city ot IJnll.ilo, IN. Y., anu was destructive than over beforo known iCommercial Advertiser reports friiclion of lifo and properly. imencrd about niiuntglit, nnu Hfic violenco lo 4 on Saturday :l, V. M. on Stituidiiy tho till threatening. ROAD .MEETING. A mcetim? of citizens to hear the rcnort of tlio Engineer, employed to survey tlio roulo from Underbill across the Green Mountain to Stowo, Is requested at the Howard Hotel on Saturday (tnmorow) evening at 7 o'cIock. Tlio report of thofilirvevor will bo moro favnrnldn thin that of the cuimiiiltco of citizens, and thin nicctlnir, it Is expected will take treasures to secure tlrovpce. y "peiiiiifr oniiis Biiort roau. Friday, 25 Oct. 184 1. U. V. U. An address will bo delivered bv llrof. Gkohoe Wvllts Benedict; beforo the U. V. M. Tem perance Society, on Tuesday Evening iro.t, M 7 o'clock In the Collceo Chanel. r:.!....f .. i .!.... uiii&unr hi uui niiiuii auu vicinny are respect iuiiv iiiviu'u in micnr. By order of President. G. If. PAUL, Sec'y. In this town on the 22d Inst. Sami-el, son of James nnd Delia Scott, oged six weeks. In this (own, on the 17th inst, Ctonae t!. Iiase, son of Ilimon nnd Jcrusha Line, in the 16th year of his ago. In Alburgh, Sept. 5lh, of pulmonary consumption, Saiuii Elviiia, daughter nnd only child of Frederick nnd Cecilia Hazen, in the 13th year of her aje. Her illness wns protracted, nnd extremely distrcs side, ycl she bore it with patience, fortitude, resigna lion, nnd sweetness of temper Hint would have done honor In the most devoted Christian. Deeplj deplor edj amidst the. tears of bereaved direction, her pure spirit forsook its earthly tenement, nnd winged its willing Might to its heaven, How sweet at close nf paring day, To think Ihnt right's darV sullen reign Must cease, nnd morning-) penile ray Illumes I he gloomy earth ngain. Hut sweeter far the Christian's hope, That points beyond the closing tomb, When dcalh must vield his vHim up To live Where fadeless pleasures bloom. In Woodstock, Ohio, on iho 13ih of July, of con sumption, Mrs. Ann Jane Winsiow, aged 32 years. A!ft, July 31, Mnv V. Raymond, only child of the diseased, aged 9 months. The H'oodstock Mercury and Age arc requesttd to notice. NEW BOOTS AND SHOES. THIS day received, at' the Mnssnchnsclts Hoot nnd ShncSlnre,2 dnnr nbn i LoielviV Sey mour's n new sun: 1 P ' Sh.'', of all kind" t -1 1 1 v w ii n i i , itm nf Oillti mat i 1 ti M -ii k -J- , mitr t-r-uitl Bills. Boy's hoots md Gent's nn'l hoy's bruginsj Gent's velvet shppers and eilf pumps! Ladies' Gniicrs and InlfCailersi Buskins, slippers, and Toilet shoes ; Misses nnd children's Ibmlces and shoes. Women's laee Hunts Gent's R'ibheis t I.idies1 Rubbers, plain lined nnd unbound, which will be sold low for rash or good pay. A. ORVIS. Burlington, Oct. 21, Ml. 21 If A NEW SELECT SCHOOL MISS.S.VUAH IIUNTI.NnTOX, Instructress. CjCHOOL Hnom near ihe corner of Pearl and Wlrte o .. i ... i .... oiujci. i i-st'ti uiicii in I' ruilt It jticxzoil III Term" Mrdcra'i nil-, ivmiiuiil VIUIIIU It It IC'IUU, Orl.2jth, IS 1. 20wG (VIISS G. RANNEY WOULD respectfully inform tho Lad cs of Bur- luiL'ton and viciniiy lint she has inst relurncd 1 fioni New York, with a rich a-sorlnient of WINTER GOODS. of the latest styles, consisting nf ready made l!OX NRTS, and I he latest lashions for DUIJ-stIS AM) CIjOAKP. which hc will make in the newest styles to order. A large variety of fancy Veliet, and plain Blue Black do. i Silks, of all kinds j Ribbons, of tha new est styles s I'lumes and Artificiil-, together with t'ap Tibs, Kuglish and French Rouches, Bullion Trim- minrs, c. cjc. i SIis Kannev has removed frem the shop she forW I.. .1 L...I I- ' . Uli-liy UL-LUf tun, iu nil.- iirw unui UUlllllll, uppOFIIO Mr Doan's, on College St., and would tender her tlnnksto her friends who hitneno favored her wiih l tic Ir pitronage, and soticilsa coniinuanceof ihesiuic at her new shop, a few rods from tho one she former ly occupied. Burlington, Oct. 24, M4. 20 if GLOVES, CAPS, &C. TIIK subscriber, crate fid for past favois, would re spectfully inform his friends and cu-tomcrs, nnd the public gencrallv, that he still continues to supply oidersfor GENTLEMEN' BUCK GLOVES, OF ALL KISDS-LIS'CD A.VO UXLIXIW. Having in his employ the well known workman, .Ifr. .', Tracy, lata of Mnntpclier, who is unsurpas sed in his line, he will bo able to furnish articles of the very best q mlity. ALL KINDS OP GENTLEMEN'S AND LAD'S GAPS. .VAnn r.x Tin: bestmaxxer. HAST IXDIA GRASS MATS,' jlrtfe tn order. TVDcalers will be sunnlied with Rlnvr on lavorabli- terms, on application lo Ihe subscriber or to II. W. Catlis, Burlington, Vl. Windsor, Oct. 25, '44 20-tf L. TRACY, Jr. MISS. M A It K II A M , MILLINER. HAS jut reloriiKtl from New 'ork w lb Good and Kash1 iuu of the late-l and mo-t an proved Mile-, for Uonucis-, Cup-, Shop on Col'ejre -t., sign ol the Baud Box, a few roils eat of the Court Hou.-e Square. Mt-s. Hunt, Dre-s Maker (at Mits. MarKham's Shop) has received from N. V. new Fu-hions for Dres-e., Cloak-, etc. Oct. 24lh, 1814. 2111 HOWARD. 'T'HR Peoplo's Agent of the Cheap Cash Store, ar-I- rived in town last evening from New York. The stock will bo one of the most splendid and gen eral in the .Slate. All Uoods sold strictly for cash, nnd of course cheap. Ocl. 21, 1944. 21 VERMONT CENTRAL KAIL, ItOAU. Notice is hereby given that tlio books for subscrip tion to the Capitol Stock of the VERMONT CEN TRAL RAIL ROAD, will be opened on Ihe 29th day of this month, at one o'clock, P. M., nt M. Collrill's in Monipclicr, nnd nl Howard's Hotel i i Burlington. OIlA-L PAIN It, JOHN fT.f K. Vl.T.Y- LV MAN, 11 '.MI L LM.DH'LV, I. I' Ji:v. LI'i, AiN'DRKW TRAOV, LEVI li. VILAS. Ocl. 12,1811. NEW GOODS. SU, POPF, has jut relumed from New Vork wiih a good assortment ol Staple Dry Goods, for the Fall an I Winter irade, eoiisisiing in part of Wool lived Black, Blue, Invisible Green and Cadet Mixell Broad Clo'hs. do do do Due Skin, Beaver and Pilot do riainanu rnncy ua-inieres, Silk and Woolen Velvet Veiingr, Plain and Fig'd. Satin do Silk and Colion Warp Alpaccas, Cit-hmcres, Chusaus, Bavarian, Medurn nnd Or leans Cloths for dresses, Ladies Cm vats, Gciu'p. do Gimps and Fringe-, 3-4 and 0-1 Plaid wr,ied Gocsls, Bro. Hollands, bro. Table Clolhsr III!;. Holland Cambrics, Hosiery, Glove-, &c. &c. The above with many other goods were purchased al the pre-ent redtlctd prices and will bo fculd a& cheap as the cheape-t. Burliugion, OctoU'r, 25, 18(1. 21 DOMESTIC GOODS. BROWN nnd bleached Sheetings, Marine.' Shirt ing, Canton Flannels, Tickings, Cotton Yarn, Wicking, Balling, WudJiiig.cVc, ike., lor alo low, by a. M. POPE. Ocl. 25, 18 1 L 21 RUSSIA IRON. X Bl'N'DLES Rn-sia Shcel Iron, l For sale bv VILA.S' A. NOVES. O J, 111 1. 21 EXTRACT OF LUNGWORT.' Tin: only cuiti: for, CONSUMPTION AND LIVER COMPLAINTS. THE aUKSTlON SHTTliED. AMONG the miihitude of medicines nnd 'cure nils' which are daily palmed off upon the nn-il" nicting, people so olien gut disappointed, lliat they hardly know what to believe when a really invalua ble medicine i Ii rst introduced into the community. The medicine which we now Lrinsr bclore the pub lic is a compound not invented in n dav, I ir the ma turing of years or reflection, on nil ifi-case- which nave a tendency toward" Consumption. Complaints of the lungs, ohel, and liver, seem to nri-e from our varial lo climate, most dangerous to Iho invalid, nnd tho-e of natiirnliy weak constitutions. Mr. I.aibov's Vcgctablo I.ittigwcrt is of the inot extraordinary nature in Its operations upon the system. 1 1 hold of iho complaint at once, and no matter how long tho pulmonary orooti sumpiivo patient lias I ecn ni'Ilri.ig, if I lie condition ot the Inn?" is such anot to be nh-ohitcly ineuralile, the Lungwort will eradicate every F-ymptrini ol dis ease from 1 lie body, restoring one as it were ngain to lite. For till" reason, people wdio nave pulmonary complaints j-Iimild carefully select remedy at first which will cure, if iheie can be a cure. The Lungwort will do tin'., if health i to I e restore I : nnd the proprietor hesitate" not lo -ay it is the alei inehi-ine in the world for ihie trim'1 lelwiih cot'oit" an I colus, bronchitis, wiiooriNu coeoii, asthma, nic.iit swt.ats, ni.r.f.iiisn at tiik i.iisg, orrni ssii n on tub Dlrnci'i.TV of nnr.Tuiso, Airic tios of Tin; Ljyi, n.i . nlnu uan i'. niplaiii s if Clrrv 'lit. We have not room to pul li-h ilie irnncrnin c rrlifi catc" ol cine", I ill nil nre rrferrol lo a lue.lical pain phlct to Le b.itl rati of any ot'Ou Airrnts. C. -I. ItnO-liVI-il-T, Sole Projirittor, 2" liroaibv.iv, All ilrtv. For il'.- by I'HCIv & M'liAIt, Apo'.liecaric" nil'1 Uniirsi-t-, lluilinmni, "t. l'2t STOVE PIPE. RUSSIA, I jivIUIi nnd Canada Stove Pipe. Kor -nle by VILAS & NOYT.S Oct. 2t, 18U. 21 MA TCHES. Matche-, for sa'e bv vilas d- Nbvr.s. -- r- I II I Oct, 21, 18 II. 21 TTVS0N. ' suw 1',, .i Sm. ''hone Tea-', Loaf, llrowii nnd t'rn.nnl Suirarj PH a"d MuM'avndo do; O'd Java. Rio. nnd Cuba Cciilce, Cocoa, .Moia"-e, l'ici', Gineer, Salrra- iii3, repperatui opicc, uiove-, iMitmcg", occ. cic. ALSO, Winter Strained Siierm Oil. lur .-a'e l v S. M. I'Ol'i:. Oft. 23th, 13 It, 21 WANTED. "A7"ANTRI in e.schaiiL'e for Good-. Tab Butler, V (irey Cloth, I-'lanneN. Al-o, Ci Join, live ami O.ii'. hv S. M. l'OPK. 21 Oct. -25th, 1 1 1 1. Tlic Land of Israel, A CCOKDI.NG loihecmenant with ABRAHAM, t wiih ISAAC, and with JACOB. By Alexander Keith, D. O ' by A. HOWARDS. iit Drawing Books, THK Litile wliolnrs Drawing end Wriiins, Kasy Lectins in L.ind-cape Drawiuir, do do Animals and KtMic Kigures, Drawing book of Treei, Siniih's Linear Drawimr, Shaw" .linerlcan LattiKrapc Drawing btiot;, Sinilh'- IJIeinenlrj Drawing hook, explained in a -cries of ea-y progressive Lcjsoih with Lei- terl're Insiruclinn-, Drawing lnjol; ol Fruit nnd Flower', bv Mr. Ann Hill, aullior of eiubelisliinents to I'loruV Dictionarv, Oxford Drawing Bool.-. 100 Plates, 21 By A. F.DWAItBS. SELECT SCHOOL, Miss. I,. Ui STACV WILL comince heXivinter term on Wednc-day IheGth of rovcml er, to continue 14 week. Sehnlar- are expected to enter al 1'ie commencement of the term. Tuition, Ingh-h, 83,00 French, 1,00 Drawing, 3,00 School Room one door wcsl of the room foimerlv occupied by Mi-s. Kanuey's shop, up stairs. liurlingion, Uct, IB, mil. jju Tailoring Establishment at the Falls. V. McSOltLEV. WOULD respectfully inform the inhabitants of Burlington Falls. md vicinity, r.ial hehas laken the shop occupied heretofore hy P. Cnllan, where he intends lo carry on ihe Tailoring business in all its various branches. From his experience in the busi ness in the principal cities nf Europe, as well as in this country, he can assure nil who may favor him wiih their pntronage of having their gnrmcnts cut and mado in the niosi fa-hionable style of workman ship, nnd on reasonable terms. Cutting dune to order at short notice, nnd marked for others lo mnke. All kinds nf produce received in pivmenl for work done nt rf shop Accounts to P. Cnllan Ufl wiih me lor collection, on which immediate pnvmenl is re quired. Win. Mcs'ORLF.V. Burlington Fall", Oct., 3. 20G N. B. Oliver's New Vork nnd London fashions for fall and winter of 1844-5 now on hnnd. Cash raid lor Sheep Pells. CASH, nnd the highest prices pud for Sheep Pelts and Shipping Furs by VILAS & NOVES. Burlington, Octoler, 17, 1814. 20 JAMES K. POLK. SPLLNDID lil.cne-.e of Clay, Polk, Frelinahuy sen and Dallas. Price I2J lent-, fur .alt- bv SAMUEL HL'NTlNGTO.t. O.i. 16, Ml. 20w0 NOT I CD. THEncscriq"r his for siIhj'--1 Luil'i-r Wissjm. with cist iron aTletfces--- nndn of Ihe . est White Oik. 1 Lumber Wigg in, wub wruught iron axletrces 1 One Horsy Lumber Wnggun, 2 One Horso Pleasure NVaggons. Tho nbove Wnggons will hi) s dd cheap fcr t'a-h or Grain or exchanged for good young Horses, or Wool. II. WHITNUY. Burlington, Ocl. 12(1, 1841. 2lf ESSENCES 4-c. Q(" GROSS E-seilces, Assortetl, ov s ao iinii-ii un, 5 do Opodeldoc, f'or sale by V1UAS Ci HU1 I'.S, Ocl. 17, 1844. 20 COTTON THREAD Sft. Olin IsBS. Cotton Thread, rssorteil, iGKJVJ 25 ilo Linen do 300 duz. Spool do 50 ilo Roll Tape, 200 do Stick do For sale by VILAS & NOVES. Oct. 17, 1844. 20 i AQf i tVjyJ 1 COMIiS. 1)07., Side Combs, 150 do Twist do 200 do Ivory do 7a 110 U. and f ine 75 Gross Wood Pocket do 10 do do Dressing do , For sne bv VILAS & .NOVES. Ocl, 17, 18 M. 20 BROWN SHEETING'; BALES (Irown Sheeting, 1 Cnse Bleached do 1 do Tickings, for sale low by 15 VILAS it NOVES. Oct. 17, 1811. 20 i-O-.V'rl A DANCING SCHOOL. CtAltl.DS J. IIA( would respect. ' fullv inform the cili-rtis of Burhnctun nnd Iho ndjoining towns thai he will cnKigo his services the coming renson ns Teaditr of Wulizes, Spanish dan ces, (luadrilles afid Contra dancrs, in the latest nnd most fashionable styles, oti reasonable terms. He will nlso furnish the best, InTCft nnd most im proved music for Bulls, Coliltdii Parties, &c, Ac, at the shorte-l notice. Having laken lesnn of Mr. T5co. Sannder, n well known teacher of Dancing, from w hom he rcciivcd the following rccnuiuiiudntiun, he feels confident of being nble In give tho best satisfaction In nil w ho liiny wish for hiss rviccs. It will bp Men by Mr. Smndci's certificate thai he has given up Ihe bii"incs this sea son to Mr. Bncheldcr, whom he recommends as wor thy of tho patronage of his friends. Burliiigtnn April, 2.'ilh 1814. This is to certify that Mr. Curios Bachtldcr. tho bearer of this leltir has been under til V instructions Imth ns a Violinist and Teacher nf dancing. 1 there fore rtfccomnicnd him to all who may be in wnnt of his services a- beinif fnllv ennineten! n's n Violinist nnd Teacher of Dancing nnd Wniuing. Also, ns n young gentleman ol moral and stcauv mints anil one who maybe rehed upon with perfect sifcly by nil wiih whom he maV chnnca to meet. I also give un the business to him iho coming season. .Most respecfullv to whom il mnv concern, GKO. SAUNDF.RS, Violinist And Professor of Waltzing and Dancing. 20w6 rpHF. Refugee and Jonathan Frou!;, tran-latcil from 1 theCeininu. 12 Wamreringjew, No. 0. 0 SyKe-ter Sound, the Soninab.ilit. 37 Tom Burke complete. 25 rOu fa!e, 300 CAHmTnA SACRA. A. ICDWARDS. No. 1, Pe-kV Building. 20 SriOO i'ilKG xJATCfl. TIII5 Sporlsmeil of Hunlinglou and Iho neighbor ing towns ntc hereby noliftpri that ihe Slibscribers nronosn holding n Shontllig Match nl I. II. Dike's Inn in Huntington on Wedncs lav find Thursday the 23d and 24lh days of Octubrr inst., at which time and nlace the v intend to liirnish one liundri d Turkic to be shot nt, or rattled fur. All who relish Ihis kihd of sport arc mviud to call and try their lin k. jiJM.rtl ijim;, PL1NV SWIFT. Huntington October, 14th 1314. 20a t Mlcrcsor lo vii, s i, onus cn. A7"n''''s 41 ' fn'crs mV rei.'n and Dnme-lic I rv OoO I , 'I m 1' n'e, r.iu-ish, It i la, and Canada Slicci Iroui hull Wire. Wire Vellum. Sheet and Bolt Clipper. Shte! Lead and Zinc, nnd nianu- l.iclurer, ol Tin Ware. WILLI .M R VII.S, JIOItlLLO .NOVFS. BurlinilOil, O.-ti bcr, 1511. 20 SilAFTKIl AND PKCK, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law, And Solicitors In -Iianccry. .1 M KS Mc M. SHAFT F.R, WILLIAM W. PF.CK. Ptcli't nuilillnps, Xo. 0. 20w3 M CJ- 85 A TH BUN & CO DRAPERS TAILORS, No. ', Peel.'. B'lil.liu-r, HAi I-, ri'tiiruel from ?sew 1 or!, with a Miperior as-oriincnt of CLOTHS, CASAMKKF.S, nnd VRSTINO., logclher with an e.leii-ie as-ortnienl ol TJIIM.MLNGS. Also, llo-oni-, t'ollurs, Tailors' Crayon-, JIea. lire-, Ac. &e. M. O. IIatiiih-k, C. F. Wap.d. Ocl. 17, IS 11. 0 school noons. WAVLAND'S Moral Science, Playf.iir'- F.ueli I, Fo-lcr'- Book-Kccping, Giccnlcal's Arithme tic, Andicw' Latin Ilc.idcr and Le-son-, Sopboc'e Givik Giamniar, An'h"ii ,?.illu-l, .Mr?. Phelps' Pldusoplij', Olmysien I'- Philo-ophy, .Newnian'.- Rho toric. Sniilh's Arilhtnctic, Dav Surveying, Cooper'- Virgil, CouisiocUV Philn-ophv, itc Ar.. lor sale by SAMUKL HUNTINGTON. Oct. Ifi, Ml. 20nG A PI'LF.-, I olh fall and winlcr fruit of the choir est Oral s, bv the litrrell or bu-licl; Quinces, Or- auge-, Lemon , Itai-in-, , Date-, Confectionery, .S'ivccI Potatoe Ac. .Iso. Oysters, bv the It irrell. KVgir or hundred: I Che null-. Wallnuls. AlniouN. Brazille. Madiera and 1 Pea Nut-; Soda and Bo-ton Cracker-, tf-e &t. (or -ale cheap, by I). BLACK MAN. Iti.rlmgton.iVt. 10, '-II. 20.I.C F c a I hers, "TUN'S and Gco-e Feathers for sil by JLJ Duilington.Oi't. 17, ISM. VILAS & NOVFS 20 COLORED CAMBRICS $c. CASK Blk. Canilncsj 15 ps. Silccia, 1 10 do Red Padding, 15 do t'nnva--, I Case .Manchester Ginghams, 1 do Iri-h Linens, f r sale bv Vlf-AS cf- Novia. O.'t. 17, ISM. 20 ALPACAS s PS Silk Warp Alpaca, 10 tin i olton ilo do 25 do Fiench and Kngli-h Jlcriuo. 10 do Fig'd .ilpiiie, for -ale at low prices ,y VILAS & NOVIS. Oct. 17, 1811. 20 BUTTONS. r'nSS Horn CoaiBitl ns, iCKJkJ 75 do do Oyer Coat do 3011 ihA ilo Vest do 75 do Gilt Coat do 125 do tlo Vc-t do SCO do Pant d 500 ilo fihiit tlo Torsnle c heap ,y VILAS & Oct. 17, 1311. NOVES. 20 WRITING PAPER. Onn KKAMS Ruled Letter Paper, OUU 100 do do Cap ilo For sale at low price- in exchange for Rigs, ifce. Tho-e wi-hing to purchttte will find it for their inter-c-l to call. VILAS & NOYF.S. Oct. 17, 1841. 20 ry CT GROSS Hooks and Eve-, I J 15 do hhaving Soap, 50 do Round Lacets, 200 do Eyelets, lor sale l.y VILAS & NOVES. Oil. 17, 1844. 20 Farms in Milton For Sale. T3 ESlflING in Ohio, the sub-cril cr is de'rous jJTV selling bn land- in Mihon, and now offers fo site onA Farm nf 130 acies, one jnile north of ihe FiilN, ea-t of nal.o hill, of uiiequnlle I sod for crops or, h.' iwo good barn-, nu orchaid, water, aim orihnarv ho 'Si', Oi e Filrm offiom 130 to 200 ndris, one mi'e south ea-i 1 1 'he Full-, an 1 .iM 1 f .Mr-. I'bitt-, of .nine 30 a 'res interval, an I b d uu'e in nbiiu land,-goii 1 1 arns, ilh h hou-e, mil great ndvanugt?, lor raising our .M1I1011 '.ii!e, Re. One Filrm 3-4 mile northwest nf the Fa!l, 130 a-re-, good I uilibni's. orchirtl, arid convenieni e-. Other parcels of 20, 30. and 40 n'cre-, for such u maychoo-i'ii smaller p ircha-e. Al-o, ihe Store ltou-e nnd lot at casl end of the Bridge, where, wiih the improvements nt Ihe Fall-, is n very diirable location for one wi-hing to open nny bn-irte-, Alio, some Village Lots, wiih and without dwel ling houses, in the mo-t plea-ant piirl of ihe village. By imniethaie application, some 500 ynrtls ol dome-tie cloth may lie hpplicd, or nny of the parcels will I e sold for a soiall portion of ihe purchase, money down, wiih annual inslnluients for the balance. it OO Sheep, Young Cntllc, Hay, 4c., will besOld with either ot ihe farms, if desired. I shall remain in Milton about two weeks, alter which npplj' lo George Ashley, nt the Falls, or (o A. G. Whim oh re, West Milton. Tis belter to trado wild the principal than wiih an ngenl. J. T. AINSWOHl'II. .Milton Falls, Sept. 25, 1814. 17

Brushes, Brushes, Combs. A HILL ns'Snrtment of beautiful Ro-ewootl.hncl.eil Hair Brushes, Infants' Brushes, Tooth, Nad nnd j Comb brushes, Clothes nnd Shoo Brushes, Floor and I Dearth Bru-he-. scrubbing nnd llesh llrushes, Mezo- nun iiru-ui", uiio eouiii cleaners, 01 leveral kuiJs, broom Uriihc., dust and eruinb brushes, in short, nliiio-t every kind of I ru-h in ue, for man and beasi. Wo have them for brushing hor-e-, doilies, hair, shoes, &e for scrubbing nnd cleaning house, for hats, for lal lo-,and for most uses. Also, the very best and finest ivory Combs, e hell, norn, wood, brass, nnd German silver Comhs, nisi received. , finiNSMAID X IIItOTIIEItS. Aug. 30lh, 'II. 13 JUllUU'S PA TENT FENCE MACHINE, IpOR turning Pence. Pickets nnd other articles of wood of n cvlindrical form. Tho undersigned continue to operate tho nbovo Machinery nl " Winooskl Cilv." whetu Ihev would bohnppy to furnisii purchaseis with some of their varienes of Farm, garden or otnntiiontal Fence. Tlioy will also work up Lumber uport ehlrts Or by Iticiouiorilinscwiiowisli. Owing to tho ndvnnlages which they detivo in tho no of the abovo iinprnvcinenl, they ate enabled lo afl'iirdn neat nnd beautiful fenco for ynrdsnnd gar dens, nt in licit less expense than the samo call bo got up for hi nny other way, while for durni ility it is not excelled bv nnv in common use. This vnfuable improvement wns first Nought out in Western fsew Vork, whero it has gone into cxtenfivo use nnd hns received Ihe approbation of tho Mayor of tlio city of Bullhlo. with many hundreds of tho first agricultur ists nnd others in that pail of the Slate, nlso of Oov Hubbard, Poet, .tatus, Judgo Churchill mid many others in New llnmnshire. In fact wherever it has been introduced it has I ecu highH' npprnved. Asa Fnrm Fence it combines more "dvautnges than nny other fence ever used. Il can bo used icillioul po'ts. and is therefore not nfTcclcd by Iho freezing nnd heaving of the ground. Il takes liSs lumber than anyothcr kind offence, isa certain protection against .ill kinds of cattle, i not hablo to get 'Out of repair, cannot be bloxsrx ioifM,ti caotly set up, taken down nnd removed, without ititiry. rfNo FAnMnn should be ullticfot at least n suffi cient quantity to throw around his fields of grain nnd slack yards. The undersigned refer with pleasure lo Col. Harry Thomas, N. I!. Haswell, I'.sq. nnd Messrs. Biins maid nnd Brnihers, Burlington ; Hon. David Iteid, Colchester Ralpn Lindon, Williston, nnd Win. Keelcr, E-q., Grand Isle. JNO N. DF.WLV. 11 P. DIAVUV. Any pernon wishing to engage in tho above busi ness in Iho counties of Franklin, Orleans, Lnmoille, Washington Rutland, Bennington and Windham, in this State, or nny of 'ho I'aslern counties in the State of New Vork, wii. jxase apply as nbovo. H JNO. N. DF.WF.V, Agent for Patentee. Burlington, Vl., August, ISM. 13 NEW YORK BOOT & SHOE STORE. ViroULD rr spcctfidly inform his friends in Bur v hngion an I vicinny. Ihnt he has just rcturnid fiomNew Vork nh afull nssortmcnt ol BOOTS AND SHOES, of all sorts, vi? : French calf Bor.tsj Water proof Hunts) Kip Hoots, ol nil sons; .lien's (all Moots, coirrt) nod fine; 'I hick Units, men's nnd boy's; Thick Brogan,ronrsc and fine; Men's Amy Tics; Ladies' Gaiters, of all c lors ; Lubes' half ti.iiters ; Ladies' thlil Inlf Gaiters ; Ladies' Buskins; Lidiis' kid Pumps; Ladies' Slippers; .'idles' Lice limits, sewe I and pegged ; Cacks of all colors, sorts and sizes. A superior nriicl of India Rubber over shoes. 1 h lve spared no pains in making a choice selection of the above named articles, which I mean In sell on the most reasonable terms, for cash, go upon the principle that "n nimble sixpence i heller thntm slow shilling." I slill continue to manufactiiie Boots and Shoes at my new shop, opposite the old Bink on Church sl.twhere all applications for custont work w ill be promptly attended tn. Burlington, Vl., Ocl. 10, '14. 19 WANTED. GOOD Table B liter, Oils, Com and Whilo Benns foi which the liighest price will I p paid ill goods al icrv low prices by C. F. STANIFORD .f. Co. Oct! Uih, 1S1I. 19 Administrator's Sale. TJt'BI.IC NOTICKi- hereby gucn, that agreeably B. In nn order of the Judgi of Probate for ihedi" Irict ot Cbilteni'cn, that ill'! iKvclllug house and lot ol laud, conta ning nl out half an acre, situated on the noi 111 sideof Main Street in Mi I Burlington, belong ing to the e-tateol'Lo'iis Dervillie, hue of said Bur lingion decca-ed, will I e sold al Public Auction on the premise- nlbre-aid, n tho 3Ul ilay of CV.tol er inst. nt 3 o'i lock P. M. mill s- previou-ly -old al private Sa'e. Terms of pavnicnt made known nt ihe time andplaceofSile. Win. A. CRISWOLD, AdmV. Burlington, O-l. -I, 1811 li)v3 MICSSMS. DHIXSJIAIl) ,r- IlIiO'IIIEItS ARC rceiving a great variety nf new goods to keep iheir assortment very complete, eu-r vary ing nnd ever new, among them are new pattern of Spring 1 onacco rsiiUii none' Wedding Rills', Solitl head Pins, Ivory Coml Ivory Tablets, .Mcnioraiuliul Boo!;s, Elastics, Adelaide Hair Brushcr, Jet Hair I'm-, Jews Harps, and a general Var.'ety of Neck Com! WoikIcii Cumb3, Twft Comb-, German Pipe-. White Bugle Hair Pin-, Ulypliatiie soap, other articles. We have received a lot of line toned 8, 10, rind more veil .lcconitaiis, superior inauc Willi the pearl worK ...i .,i..: i .... ...i . ..i..i i good. Klines Iroui $33 ,).,, , iery low price-, I B!ac..' nlld 1 lUe 1 lack l.ugli-h cloths ; ! rown, green Ba-s Viol- from S35 tlownwnrtls, D011I le Bass Vio's, 1 and liivi-d.le green do ; Ik and bliie. bll; ca-sinieres ; per S75, ill and -o on. per 25 and S 50. 1 I'1.""1 ",ri.".,'d ' i'! bk and blue blk satin ve-ting-; Clarinet-, File-, Fl.igeolels.and mo-t oilier In-lru- hlk and blue htk -ilk velvet do ; -ilk velvet, of all col ineiils. Sword-. P1-10I.. PiMul nnd Itille Fla.-ks. ors, lur Ladies hats. Plumes, S.i-hc.s, Lace. Siar- if. Plate I and Briianni.i end Bra-s Cand'e Slicks, Suuller-, Tray-, &c, Looking Glas-es, various size.-, Bevel Looking Uas-cs cbeaiier than cVCr. BlilNSMAID & BUOTHF.IIS. Oct. 10, ISM 19. SLEIGH AND CUTTER SHOES. OHO -AII!S "Wood'-" I e-t, for salent ihe 'South wUW whari." Purcha-crs will do well 10 giie 1 a call as we will not be undcr-o'd under nny ciriiim-lan-it-. lOLLLTT BRADLEV & Co. o.-i. 10, ism. ia IIIE sub-cribers have formed a copartnership un 1 dcr the firm of CATLIN if- SPEAR, and have laken the New Slore in ihe Exchange Hotel, on Wa ter Sircet, next door nnitli of Pulled, Bradley & Co 's, where ihey are prepared lo show purchasers n well selected assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, &C. etc., which ihey will sell low for cash nr most kinds of country produce. G. G. CATLIN, W. P. SPF.AR. Burlington, IO1I1 Oct., 1311. 19w6 DISSOLUTION. TH E firm nf Hatch Odel if. Co., is this day dissolv ed by mutual confeuli , Tile books and accounts nre left fir settlement wiih Joseph. Hatch, at the Old Stand where all indebted to us nre ri quested to call and liquidate their accounts at ihccnrliest possible day. JOSEPH HATCH, W. J. ODF.LL, TIMOTHY CROSS, R. W. HYDE. Burlington, 10th Oct. ISM. 19w3 HAItl'ICU'si Ni'. IO. ILLUMINATED IMItljE, 23cts. The Works of Iter Sidney Smith, eomoleie. 3 volumes in one. 50 " I'ctcr noddy, and olhcr oddities. By Joseph C., with illustrations. 50" Tom lltn kcof Ours, Part 2, nnd last 12 " Isabella : or the Pride of Palermo. 25 " Oct. 10. By A. EDWARDS. GOLD AND SILVER PENS AND PENdlLS. LADIES' nnd Gentlemen's Gold nnd' Silver ever pontic I pencil-, of the new nnd old Patents, with and wilho il rings. ALSO, A now supply of Ihe very sin error Patent diamauJ Punned Gul l Pen which are now in 11 e by almost all ihe I e-t Penmen 111 the clinnirv, they nie ihe I est in I eheape-t and most durni le Pen ever made. BlilNSMAID fc BROTHERS. Oct. 10, 1811. j JET (IOODS &.C. WE have just opened a new splendid lot, del Hair Pins nnd other Head oriramcn s. Jel, Sieel anil Li ach Bugle-, a lot of ! dutiful ( fit Hee.l., Forehead and Neck ornament-, Br leek-Is, Jet Unjoin Pins, some beautiful patterns entirely new, Combs wMi Jet ornaments, Jet, Gill, Silvered nnd Steel Becd., Jel Necklace.-, Jel Clasp- and Snaps, nil sold I v BIUNS.MAtl) & BROTHERS. Oct. 10; ISM. . la IlAfiAR & ARTIIUU, ARE now receiving (few supplies of sADtiln v, COACII AND SHELF HARDWARE. in nil its virtues. ALSO, DRUO.S.& MEDCIfNKS, PAINTS, OILS, VAR-NlSHE-s, Ac. Ac. liurlingion, Vl. ) Oct. 1, 1844. Ivicer filial fugnr Ifpun! MolsnCs by II. W. CATLLN. Ocl. 1, 'It. If ELIAS LYMAN OFKK1LS for sale mi expensive of Dry Goods, consMina ofn great variety of I lie New Slyles nf Guuds to, I e found ill llioni'irl rt ol Boston and New Vork, which nro o li're I for sale for ca-li or credil at rcdiii'ed pii(V, among whieb will be lound n variety ol Alpninis nnd newlyle(l(iiiil lor Lndi'.'-.' Cloal., Plain, Stripe and Plni.l. Aim. tLilla Plaid-, n new nr'ii'lcot.Woulleu goods lor Llonl.-, Citioehon, M. D. I -ii ne--, Alcpines, Silks, &c. ttc, rd'r LaJieV Dreshe. A bcaiiiiful, variety of American Prints. An oxlcn-ivu ns$orltueiit of Bruadclulhi ini Cat simeres. Wnler proof Twrol-, Nlriped do. Plain nnd Plaid Saliiiette, Miperiur qoali'y. . A leautiful nbd rxenlie ns,nriineut of Wihi'T Ve-ting. Silln nod Silk Velvtl do. t'lillon Cloths c great variety, Wadding, WickiiuL Balling c'-'. UiiibTell.iv. Superior (Juallty of Si olch Oingliam While Bone -ticks. Al-o. Black Silk t;inl.ielln. AUo,tlinghain do Citiio Slicks, !hofs. An ox'enshe nssortub'iil of Low Priceil Shoes, niiiong which nre Colored Cloth Bu!il,ili nl anient per pair. I' do do nt 75. Togclher with n general nornneiil of Sliawh, Ildl.f-., Craval", Cloie-, M IN &.o &v. Builinglon 2lOctobcr, let). IS SA L T. rilHK sib'crilers are prepared lo i-onirtet with J. merchants for their winter supply ofSalt, nnd oiler upon tin" most advantageous terms, 15,000 bushels Solar, 2,000 ('o Titr'.v Maud, 1,000 lo llon.n're, C.OtlO I nrrels Fine Wc'ern, 5.000 -neks Dairy, 23 ct. each. Tr.ty pledge ihein-elvi- tbev w ill not I undersold. t OI.I.F.rr.'BRADLF.V ii. CO. South Wharf, Ocl. 3, IB 1 1. IS V u r s , JUST received nnd Inr sale, a lur.-e assnrtmcnt of Dull'iilo Rule-, Midi's. Boa-, Caps and Collar-, bv O.-t. 4lh 1811. IS II. W. CATLIN. ' on,. WI.VT'F.R Meaihed Sperm O.I. Do ito W ale do. unbleacliid t'.i do; t-af La.d Oil, a superior ancle. For "nlo at titr hull I e made to "So'ilh Whaif" Uv ii tirms which -tut, by ().t 3, 1B44. FOLLI3TT, BltADLF.V &. LO. 18 E?. PATBiESOJV WOULD respectfully inform In- cusirmcrs nnd J tic pul he that he'has jut reeived from New Voik Fall and Winter la-hion-, ami nil lhoc fnvoriuir him with their patronage may rely cm having their work done on the Idwe-i terms And in the ncate-t -tyle. ALSO Oanu'ents cleaned, and cutting done on tho shorte-l notice and warranted at his shop vn the New Itoad, two doors north of II. Wlutnev'.s -hop. iS f 1TKMOIR ol Bishop Gnsw'old. one vol 3 vo. JjL Ilulerts Teltlplu and Co uitrv P.irs"n iceivod IjV 'Oil. 1st, 1841. HARRINGTON. 13 NEW GOODS. A FALL supply nnd cheap for Cash nt 0,-i.2d'4t. 13 HOW, HOWARD'S. NEW FlilM. rntn." ...I.....I..., i, r. i - ..,.,.,.,..l.; i . rarai.i t,i ....... JL under the 1 inn (,f ' VAItNLV & ZOTTMAN at the shop formerly occupied bv D. M. Varney, on College Street, at iho fign of lliu thirteen foot gun, where they wil' do alt I u-iness in Iheir lineof Whiie- ' Founders, Iviiry Turners, Machini-s and in .-hurt -itiii lm3 , Cutler-, Gnu Smith-. nlmosi evervlhiug. Woik ilono to Order, find all order.- promptly attended lo. I). M. VAUNKV, IIENRV ZOTTMAN. Oct. 1-t, ISM. 18 NV FALL GOODS. rHlllK sub-cril ers have ju-t received a very large - sopp y ol rich Fall Gouds, among which arc Ihe following articles. CJootts for Pall dresses; French mutt, da laine-, of all pattern-, cashmere d'Kcos-e, chameleon lu-ircs, Parmeltar, frincy pliil alpacca, brown do, Mack and line black do, black and blue bl.i''k alpine-, a larjo assorimeut ol black nntl blue 1 laik and fain y silks, striped and plaid do, s.uiiis, winter I nlzorme-. Itlhb'ous. Hat, cap, and neck nbl on-, plain ta lelas, satin do. I.nccs. English, French, nnd Gernnn thread laces and edgings, Li-le, liiiinipure, Asld urion fig'd and plain Neils, black und white. Shawls. C.iml-1'- hiir, Brocbe, ilamask, cashmero d'Kcossc, and Scutch plaid iaws. Gloves. Lndie-' and Gentlemen'- block nnd white rind col ore.l ki l Glove-, long, w bite, kid, and silk I II.; w hue and colored silk, I laik and c-ol'd Milts, black and blue Mail; veil crape.-, iiiui-.. -!..!... PlaimcN. While, red, and yellow 3-4, 4-1, and 6-1 Flannels, bleached and mil leached Canton do, plain nnd printed s-alisl.tiryilo. Sill., meriuo,nnu cotton suirtsamiiiraw-er-. Black and blue I lack and eol'd Girdle-, cot'on nnd wors'ed hosiery, linen and worsted table cover-, dia per nnd linen, I leached nnd unbleached eol tons, blnck nnd coloreil I'nmbrics, linen and silk lidkls. Lndie-' and Gentlemen'- cravats, I laik, whi'e, and eol'd paner .Mu-lius, plal 11, stripeil nntl bari'd do., cloth, fur rind hair teal cap-, Velvet fir trimmed boys' do, Boas and ISuTatu relies, floor matt-, and led cords. To ihe above will 1 e weekly a ided every thing new. fashional le ami de-irable, all of which will be ottered at thelowet market priii-s. C. F. STANIFORD & Co. Burlington. Sept 19, 1311. IS men fioons THE subscriber has just returned from market wiih n large asorinient of fall good-, comprising, Alpacca, Alpacca Poplin, Alpine, Bnnlazine, Or leans Clolh, Cloth. Md Lame, veiy rich Leopard d Laii e, t' Broende. Ac. Also, Brocha Sh.iwles, Cn-hmere,'fhil etj Damask, Md Lame, and Plaid Shawl. Alsb, a good as-oniuent ol Broad Cloth, Beaver Clolh, Cn-rimere, Saluieti. Ve-liugs, tic, late-t style of Gimp Truniuings, fcc. ifce. The abovo good wi-re sclecicd with care, touch' tow, and will be -old low no uiista' e. TKose wislu'ng In purchase will do well to call iwo dm rs .ouih f Howard's. DANIEL KFILN. Church strc-t, SM. 18, 1811. 10 llanl Ware. STRONGS iV CO. nre receiving fien, ient ntltliltons to iheir s'ock of heavy and shell II nr. 'ware, to which iho nueiition of purcha-crs is solicited. Sept. IS, Ml. 15 Canada Box Stoves. IV .10. 31 nml 3fi in. single and double Canada sft Stove-, iu-t received and for silo low. Sept. 18. 'M. STRONGS iV Cr. AEH' GOODS AT WHOLESALE. 20 JI Drilled Eyed Nceille, 100 Park- solitl headed pin',' 500 Cake- shaving Soap, 300 doz. linger Rings, 101) doz. Bt som Pin-, 10 Gro-s Slay Laceis, 20 do Boot and Shoe' Laccl, 60 I 1 10 10 1 20 20 1 100 3 3 3 3 100 3 do do do da ti do tlo do do ilo do do do Bone ami Metal l.jlcl-, Slil etloe., dose- Knitting Netsllesj Side and Twii Combs, Flasi e nnd Slide-j Scisscr nnd guard chains Cheap 'I hunlilt-, German Silver, Plated, Brittannia Sdvtretl and Iron Spoons, Toy Wnli hc, and Children Lockets Sii'ul)' Boxes, Hooks nud Etc-, while and black, Victoih Diaptr Pins, Pocket Books, Watch chains and keys Mn.ks. do llra- end Wood Clocks, doz Willow wnggons und cradles, S tit x. Willow (io-earts nnd chair We are receiving the-e nnd various otlu r goods to mate our ns-orioiem vny complete, one ofonr Finn is now in Market and nny Goods wanted by any ot our rustoiueis will le speedily forwrinlod. Person, de-iious 0 laying in their fait and win'rr stock cheap for cash will sae iheir rcnine- by giving u-an early e l. 1G BRINS.MAID if-BROTHERS. Uroad Cloths and CassiiTtores. GENTLEMEN may avail themselves of tne op portuniiy ol purchasing a eheirp nnd goil sun of clothe-, if ihey will call nt ihe. store formerly 00. copied by Lovely & Sej moor, where Ihey will find n liiica'sjoriment 10 nlcct Irom. C. F. ST-VNIKORD ft CO. fpf. fy, is u 16 New Goods ! It. W; CATLINj r) I' SPKCTFllLLV calls ti e nllenlion ornirchv t .si rs u Ins new nnd ex'en.he Hsmrriiienl of Fall Dry Goods an I Dry GriK.t ni-.ju;! rei-nved t his soie, Strong Building, iicarty oppo.ire.J. A, J. II. Peck V Co., niuong w luco in iv I e found CLOAK Dltl'WS.and FANOV GOODS, coiopri-liig I Rich Urc-s Silks Calicoes. B.UO0 Yards Rich Shawls, Velvets, Crapes, llouil asiuc, .Merino-, Alpaccas, Cti di. De Laiues, t'rt-h De Kco ic, Ul'pp, Ca-lunere, Moii. iTe Lnines, Rich LilstfesJ titnghnm-, verv rii li -t les, Vico ria PIjiJ, A'lglnn Sain, 11,. r-ry, Gloves; l'nnilkercliiefi; CHinhricsJ .Mm.Iiii-, L'r.ivnts, Gnups Hud Fringes, Pcrtinu 1'laid.. ' A t'sii- A lirre nssnrMnenl of line Arid fuperfirc WOt'fy OA Itl'IVriXtiS, ome choke pailirn-, ah3 wtf low. Iiincn f.'oods. . i 4, 1-1, 6-1, 7-4, and 8;4 D.nna.k Diaper, Shl inus, Snlrtint Linens, of the most iippiovel fabrio nnd llni h, from very low- to superfine for collar; 5 9, 3-1 and 7-8 Nit kins, whi'e and colored itauiak Doyles, Itu-sia Didper-, Squlc hdu,Crah and Huck aback Toweling. Flannels; Of every width, from 3,4 lo 6-1, nnd nil rjualiiief,' red. yellow, and white, Wool do., I leached and Un I leached Cotton do., Salisbury lig'd do, and Plaid do. fur facings. Wool Cloths. Plain Mack Si blue bl'k, Ons-iulVre-; Mixed do. Fancy d'd. d large vn- Broad Clolhs, Vi, Grey Bioidclolhs, Black Beaver Clolh-i Blue B nek do. I it v . Op en do. Brown Beaver doi Plaid Tweeds. IJl-icilodo, Black Pilot Cloths. Illuu do do, Domel ie ' 'a iineres. Domestic Grey Clolh'i Doinc-tic Flannels. Doinetic Satinets. riei v, fl I Fr. Ca-sirderes, IJoc SKIII, Cadet Satinets, Mixed do. Puiid do. Fr. bl'k llromWoihs, Bbie Black do. Blue do. Blown. I n v. Green. Urah, Cadet, d'l; un.x'd, Cottons, ic. 12 R.iles Sheetings of every tv'e nnd ("xturcf 5 I Lawrence do., 7-S lino Bro. do. 31, -1-4, ami 5-1 bleat lied Shirting-, Heavy Ticking-, Apron Check, bleael el and Bro. Cotton "llrills ; Balling, Wa.Miiijf, Wicknif, Tarn. filiocr. New Vcrk S ipcrs, French Welt Tie-, French Kid Slippers, French Kid Bu-Lins, IVirwcll's Ties. Slip pers, B', Walking Shoe-, hall Gaiter-, and Gni'ers. Childicn'- Slippers, Children's half Gaiters, Gents. Pumps, " Goal -hoes, " Thick Boots. Fur lrinuned Rndjined Rubber .-hoe.-, now styles ft r Ladle-. Gent-. It'di'-er t-.ces. Cluldien's do. Wishing to make all who call upon regulnr ' cu-tonier with tin- ib.ect in view, prcal care nnd i nlteution ha-been given in se'ectinc Ihe above named ;(ools, which lor variety and I eauly of styles w)tt noi -i.iier in conip.irifeou vi:n any ever i eiore unereu in tics market. H. W. C Bilrdngton, Sept. 27, 1811. 17 Tin and Sheet Iron; i (f)T) P,x-'s Ti" Plate 1-3 x nnd extra sizes, io l sA gethcr with a complelc assortment of sheet v , , ...,. J"' ,l"";V, V ...VVLVW ,,, W r 4 , op laii ' Su '''' lia. S(--l;1- 1311- 17 Herring. f Of It Co-es just receive! and Mr sale verv low 1UU By FOLLEIT, BRADLEY, ( CO'. So uh WHa'rf, Sept. 2C, 1814. 17 Female Trusses. THIS nrliele of tho invention and manufacture uf Hull, and also of Mar-h, of every size nnd form, and for nil the purposes lor which they ere de-ignel, eonstnnily receiving al I'ECK & SPEAR'S. From' life recommendations ol our town Physicians' md resident Piaeiitioner- in this State, as well as ihe Medical F.iculliei of ihe cilie- ol New York, Bos ton, Phil 1 lelphn and Haiti mote, we cannot lutas-.urelhd'-e 01 1 lie alll cte.1 cla-s ol the hippy e leuts which may le tlciivcd lv the 110 of these instru ments. In point iliiy. ahd particularly price; ihev are wilhiu ihe reach of all. To Plit'slci.lns and Dr I'gi-ls who jiUrcltdscbv,tne dr zen, ihe vlan "f.ictorcr's ilist-nunt is made, 17 FOEC SALE- THE snh.cri! er-o !er for -a'e iheir interest in the Iwo brick stores in ihe village of Burlington, formerly owned I y Gideon lulhrop, and in part oc cunied by Latbio i'tf- Potwin. Their intere-l being ninetepu hnii'Vcd arid ixivfivc, sit ihoii-nnd and Ihe hiiiitlieitth., M005 6300)' The allnVe will He -dltl lo.' Ca-b, Or rijiproieil i-retbt, if a sdlisficldrv price i 0 IbteJ previd is 10 the 10th No vcinl er nt'Al. t Persons di-irou- ofpurcnisinV will p'ea'.e odrrtmu nicaic Willi the s il scttber- I v mail. WILDFR & BLEECKER. Itiwfi 53 S a'e Stree'. Albany. N. V. . Fire ! Kire ! ! rTIHE Meinlcrs of the VERMONT Mt'Tfili I PIKE" INSl RANGE COMPANY are hereby untitled lliat the following a- e-sineu'S have been' made by the dliccii r-, 1.11 nil notts iii Ibfce on thrf tullowiug day, to wit ; ssAugu.i 31, ISM. 1-2 of one per ceni; Fepicmler 11, 1813, 1 4 uf one per i-ent.' Ocluler, 7, 1S13, 3 t, ol one per cent: Noiihl er 27, IS 13, 1 4 ol one per cent. Decern' er 20, fS 13, l' i of one per cent! Fc' ruary 12, 184 I, 1-4 of oiie per ceni. Felrurtr'y iC, tSli, 1-4 of one percent. April 0, ISM, 1-4 of one per rent. May 20, tall, 1-4 of one per cent.' June II, ISM, 1-1 ol one per cents' July 2, ISM, 1-4 of one per eerif.' Making 3 1-2 per cent, for the year. Said per ecnt. ngclole cast i n the original'ninouni of premium note, wtdioul reli-reiice lo any endot-tmenl, and 10 le paid to the Trea-urcr, at his otliie'jn Monipelier,' on or before ihe 10 h day of OelM fr, 1S44, 1 eing lha day of the anrcial mteitha o'fsa'id Company. A .11 of pcr-ons ui-Ured in In- town, wiih the mno oil of .1 essint'iit doe from each, will I e Iran-milled lo lha 1'epre-entsti" e elect lo the Legislature, who il is, hoped will feel an interest 111 having all fioin whorrt' assessment- are duo send in by hull to pay ihe same f an I it i- desired and expected I every member of the Company will improve ill s opporlnniiy lo send,' as it a lord- a cheap, safe nnd convenient mixle bv which lib can Iran-mil In- momy. .Mhnl crs should recollect, lliat il ihey neglecl to -end by the. Repre." e iiative, il may unit I'rt q iently due- cost tlvfiti fnurfc' lo send llie money foi their ii-sessnieiit, by other mean-, thill the assessment, amounts fo. Let 110 niemler of llin Company, therefore, neglect to fur ward Lt- amount due for'in-urance by ihe Repre-en-laiivc. The credit ol the Compan .- must be sustain ed : and the only way tin- can be done effectustlly, li by baiing each mend cr nay ItUa es-ment prompily. 'Ihe re obilio.1 01 ihe Directors, pa-setl in confor mity wub the B'li Mviion of tho act of incofpofatior; in relation to the eolltctioif of nssessnienisj shotilJ l reincni! crol. There have been allowed the prist ear, one hun dred and onelossi's, amounting to i?21,7S2, 21. J. T. THl'RSl'ON, 7V.asi Insurance OiTiee, Montpelttr, 1S.3 Augu 1 13, 1814. 1 Itobert Moody's (state. STATE OF VERMONT, ) rpHEllorf.'tfiePrn. oisrnicr oi- ciiittf.ndks, ss. ) Jl ba'e Court for ih' District of Chittenden s To all persons centerned in' iho e-uite of ROBERT MOODY, late of Burlington, in -aid di irici. dc -ea-p.!, Gki:ktiso. Whureas, George B. Shaw, adini'nistraior of ihe e.iate of said dece.i-ol, propo-Cs to reudei an account uf lis administration, nnd pre-cm bisiiccouuf iigain-t for exammition mid allowamv at .1 ses. siou of ihe Court of Probate 10 be 1 lit- Reg ister's Oilice, 111 .aid B irlinglon, on the luen'y-ninih' 'ay of O.-to! it, ISM : ThcrcloTe, you are hereby not Tied to appear I dure taiJ eo'irl at the lime anil place afore-uid, and show cause, if nny you have, why ihe nivount nforesmd should not I e allowed. ,. (in en under my hnud nt Burlington, this 3d day of Octoler, A. D. ISM. tSw3 YM. WESTON, Register. SCHOOL TEA(JilERS ATTEND MO USE'S NEW REORRAPIIV. AS VST KM of Geography lorih'e u-eof st-hools, rlhistrated with more iliah liTiy Gerographienl' Maps, and numerous Wood-cut Krigravings, hy Sid ney E. Mnr-e, A. M, This" is decidedly ihe bes Geography in ptirrt--and i-soklnl the loVv price of fifiy'eeuts. Tedcliers are rci)'ie.-ted to call antt lake' copies for' exyimiaiion. A. EDWARDS. No. 1, 1'ivl s Building. 18 Hrown Havana Sugar. 5 TONS Brown Hav'nna Sugar, just reeeivec. anof for snle at rcd'itisl puces. In- F0ILETT, BRADI.Ft tt CO. South Wharf, Pel. 3, IS44. NOTfC 'TMH i to' certify thai I tune this day given I son, lloynl II. Tctl't, bis tine, ril ,h,ff herefore ,ay no debts of his confaciim,', nor'cUiw any of his earnings, after thi , char ns Tr.rfT Huninlgtfii, Sepl 16, 1811,