Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 25, 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 25, 1844 Page 4
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N. York Adv'ts. SILK GOODS. BO WEN &1lNAMBE, 1( WILLIAM STREET, Cromer of Heaver Street, Ncu-Vorfc, KF.SPKOTFULLY lliov have made extensive arrangements for the Fall Trade, which will cnnblo them to present gteater inducements thnn ever to merchants throughout the Unilt'il States to visit this mnikel llie present season, for tho pur chase of SILK AND FANCY GOODS. They have already received liy Into arrivals, n greni variety of new atid rich grinds, and will also receive liy tho next Packets and Strainers, nn ns.orlinotit of the latest and niot henntifnl styles of Trench, Ger man, Italian, anil F.nglish Fsncy Goods ever ofl'orrd in this matket samples of which arc now exhibited and it is their determination, as heretofore, not only to he constantly supplied with a complete as-orlincnt odapted to all sections of the country, hut to piesenl tho ncire'f an I most desirable slvfcs, soiled t lie city or most fashionable lrndoi Their Block will he composed in part of iln follnwinir articles, viz : DRESS GOODS. SILKS in every variety. conistine of Italian Lus trings, black nnd hloc-blacK Gin. do Suisse, Orossde Rhine, plain and striped Ipilnns, Gros do Uovals, striped and figured Gros do Naples, Pckin Silks, Gros do Mcssino, rich Hroeado Cliannlon, llroche figured nnd striped Poult do Soic-, rich Claco Slriie, Gros de France, black, blue-black, ami clnnccablo Hiriio it ml figured Gros il'Afriqucs, plain nnd figured Satins, tc. &c. etc. CASIIMF.RF. d'HCOSSn, of latest Paris POM PADOUR stvles. PARIS M0IJSF.L1NF, do LAINFS, entire now designs nnd various qualities. GRAPH d'ORIKNT, for Evening dresscs-thc most splendid nrticle ever oil'ereil. CIIUSANS, TIIMANS, AI.IMCCAS, ROM iU'INF.S, PltKNCll l'lMNTS, &r. Also, various new styles of D'oss Goods, which will lie strictly confined to their own trade. The whole presenting nn assortment, it is he'ieved, which can not bo surpassed in llu or nn v other market. SHAWLS. Consisting of rich f 'ha melon, Ol tuition. Poult do Sole, fig'd Satin, llrocade, tf.c. Also, splendiil Bto' he, Cashmere, I'luhroidcrod Melville. Knlivlc, plain, prin ted and embroidered Monocline do Lama nnd Thibet Shawls, Merino, Plaid Hclvidere, mi l various new styles Woollen Shawls, also, very rich Cnsluncre Long Shaw ls. LACES. English, French, nnd German Thread Laces nnd Edging. Also, I.ilp, Guipure, Ashbmtnn and oilier styles low priced Fdeings nnd Laces. Mslm Trim mings, Swiss Mulls, lliliop Lawns, Hook, Cnnibtic nnd Jnconct Muslins, nnd cverv variety of plain nnd figured Nets for Caps, Capo, Veils, f c. GLOVES. Consisting of ICid, Silk, Cashmere, Merino, Berlin nnd Ruck, in arcit varieties, together with n full stock of Fancy Milts MILLINERY GOODS. Velvets for lints, plain, uncut, figured, Sc. tf-c, en tiro new stvles i Honnrt Silk", ptnin, changeable, rhino nnd figured, a complete assortment ; Hat nnd Cap Ribbons, entire new design", and tho most splen did assortment ever offered. Also, certain style of Neck Ribbons Plniu TnH'cta and Satin do. black nnd colored, Artificial Flower", Feathers, Trimming La ces, Ribbon Wire, Cords, Gimps, Foundations, Crown Linings, he. ALSO, Pocket Hdkfs. of Poneer, Spitalficld, Corah, Flag, Bandanna and Linen Cambric, in every variety. Italian Sewings, Fcnizio's, Rubinaoci's, Pcrsico's Beaux'e, &c. itc. Fancy Hdkfs. Cravals nnd Points, Printed Mouse. ricLaine, Tlii'et, Palinarinc, Florida, and oilier styles of Dress Shawds, Italian, (!ros do Rhine and Lustring Cravals, of every si.o j Scarfs for gentlemen, of satin, plain, fig ured and embroidered, Gros Grain, itc. itc. t Velvets, blk.. blue hlk. nnd colored, various quali ties, Vesting of Salin, Arniure, Cnshmcrc, Ac. Ac. Silk Serges, Sinclicvv". Sar-nels, Levanlines, India Satin6,,Elastic Suspenders, Mohair and Silk Coat and Vest Bindings and Cords, fancy (!imps, Fringes, &c. &c. Together with every nriicle usually to be found in a fancy stock, which "they engage to sell on as favor, able terms ns at nuy other cstal hslimcnt. 11 LATE All RIVALS OF NEW PALL & WINTER GOODS Gentlemen's Furnishing' Estab lishment wholesale and retail. JOHN iT. DAVN'.S &, JONES. lOfi WILLIAM STREET, (CORNT.R OF JOHN SIRF.I-.T,) NF.W-YORK, RF.SPF.CTFeJLLYniindiincelhat they have made such CNtcnsivo nrraugements for their Fall Trale, that they nrc enabled to present greater in ducements than ever lo mei chants visiting this mar ket the present season for iho purchnsoof Good-, ns their stock is mainly of their own Importation 01 Mtnuf.uture. CRAVATS AND SCARFS. Plain anil figured Black Sum Arinnrcs, Corded, Baralhea, Fancy nnd coloied Satins of entire new patterns Silk and .Mohair, figured anilnlain; Plain Black Italian and Corded Cravats, and quali ties IIO-SIF.UY. Silk, Merino. Angola, Woolen and Cotton Hose and Half Hose. Gl.OVFA Merino, Cashmere, Woolen, Berlin and Chamois lined Cnssiiucrc, Muck Beaver and Kt I. SU-Pr.NDBRS: Silk and Cotton Gum Klistic, Willi Buck, Sill; nnd Linon F.nds, Collon Knit, Buck nnd Morocco Willi F.laslie F.ncU. Alsoa fuw euliro New Styles of our own Manufacture. UNDF.US111RTS AND DIUWF.R3. Merino. Lamb'" Wool, Angola, Saxnnv, Collon, Shaker. Knit and Kl.innc I, e. (Mannf leiure nil qual ities ofSlk .Shins ami Drawers). .S'llk of all quali ties of our own Importation. To those of our own manufacture we would esp'-eirdly call attention, ns being soinHliing verv superior. Ladies' Silk and Merino Under Vests. POCNXT IIANDI.F.RCIHLFS. Twilled and Plain .SVilalfild, British and India Corahs., Printed. Corded, and Damask, Linen Cambric, Plain nnd Printed, itc. CAPS. - Men's, Youth's and Children's Cloth, Velvet, Glaz ed, Silk and Muslin. STOCKS. Satin, Figured and Plain, and Corded Silk, Mo hair, llonibnsin, Plain Bowed, Plaited Cravat, and Optra Ties, itc. Ac. ' LINF.N COLLARS. Square, Round nnd Bvrou, Stitched, Plain nnd Cor ded, all Linen nnd wiih Collon Hands. LINUS BOSOMS. Stitched, Plain, and Unfiled, nil qualities', wilh wide and narrow plaits. SHIRTS. All Linen, with nnd without Collars, latest stylo Muslin, widi Linen Colars and Wristbands, wiih and without Collars, of a ureal vnrictv of qualities. Colored French and other Muslin. OILF.D SILKS. White. Plaid, and Fancy Colors, of yarinns width?, and warranted not to ncllicm in any climate. Silk Purse, Hnbrellas, Dressing Omen; Cap nnd Mark Trimminr. Suspender Duchies, Gum Elastic Webb, all qualities. . Together with every nriielo that is wanted in the Gentlemen's Furnishing Line, which they engage to tell on as favnrabln terms as any other establishment. SCj'Cnps, Stocks, Lin-n nnd Mniin, nnd Silk Shirts, made to order. Wholesale and Retail. ' JOHN M. DAVIF.S &JONIV 10G Williams st., corner of John. 11.3m NEW FALL GOODS. DRY GOODS HOUSF-KLT.PIXG MfTICLF.S. S.&. L. HOLMES. No. 22 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK, A RK rccctvtns new anil ili-irnl le Goods fort he in. TV. Traile, wlncli tnev o ier ior mic ni ino i"r.i prices at wholesale and retail. They have lately re- LrRose nnd Whitney ISInnlets; do extra large, Real WVUh and other Flannels Silk warp do. F.n'.'li-h Canton Hnnnel, Marseilles wuiii"'i iinti in Iri.h Linens of Ibc best litcucli, 0-8 Pillow Cae Linens, 5-1 lil-h Sbeeting, Irish and Uarnley Sheeting tromS-l to 12-1 wide Dama.k Tul le.Cfoth. and Nspkins, Towellings of all kinds;, Cotton Shirtings and Sheetings, be-t qualities, Bel Ticksl Kin'1-!! and American Lone Cloths, Lone Lawns, Linen Ca-l'in and Cuiulrio Hand lerchicfs. French Mennosj Alpacon, ilark PrinN, Rich fia'd Cabinerc, Moni-ehn do Lame, Shawls French Bombazine-, Crape fbi Veils. &c Black Silks Silk and raw Silk Hotc, English ' Cotton Ho-irv, Drapery Mu-llns, rurniturc Dimity, and ( htnti, Table and Piano Covers. Toilet Covers, &e. Wool-dyed Cloths an I Cas.jnieref, Fancy Cassimercs nnd Vc-linir, With a variety of other rtMe lit their line, for inlo at 22 John St.. a! a lowest prices. N. B. On liand rcnuuie Rati ile Cologne. Also, extr'ft wUlo Uuxtia Diapers. I3m'i to TBAOirrns aijd school OOlVIiyiXTTEESs SWBTT'S GRAMMAR. QIVHTT'S MIIKIIAV. an Fnglfh Oram O nmr, coniprilnfi tho Principles ami Rules of the Language, 1II11. (rated by tipproiriate F.xcrciso, on lheh.iis of Murray." The above is ihe tide of n new Grnntmar, com. piled by Josiah Swell, Jr., M. A. 4M is deigiicl cx pre.sly for tl-c in coiumon Disliict fcln ol-, A''ndo mics, nnd higher n'liunaries of learning, thtouphoiit the t'nilc I Suites. It lias leen Icforclhc put he but n short time, yet long enough to nequtre a compara tively high rejiittnlion for excellence ol arrangement, great clearness nnd com l-cness ol manner, nnd com prebcn.ive fulness of mailer, well ndapted lo the wnnts of loth lonehrr nnd learner, ill everv slngo ol their progress fn the dillieult science to which it is devoid. The following are among the notices and commendations of the woik, received by tho Author and Pul li-hers i Front G. L. Limn, M. A., Principal of the Acade my at Hiucsbiirgh, VI, 11 1 have I'vntnitipd 1 In Grammar bv Mr. Swett. nnd consider It superior 10 most nnd inferior to noiieofthu Grammars now in u.p in our sihools." The Hon. CAntos,ol Wind-ov, late Speak er 01 Hie lloiiscnr Iicpn sentativcs ci verinoui, nnu K. H. Piir.ti's, M. I)., Professor of Materia Mctlicn nnd Thenipeolfc", Dartmouth College, remark 1 "The Knirlisli Grammar of Mr. .1. Swot'. Jr., con- strucicd on the basis (, Murray's Grnmmar, we regard ns a gieat improvement on nil the works that have preirded it, lor the iie of M-litiola aad academies, lis nrrangement, clearness, mid fulness, iiiiuiimiiiynMnpi it lor iiubhe msirui'iion. lis Orihrirr.iidiv mil Ktv- inologv have l een made to hatmonize wiih the -tan- lard DMiouarv of our aiiguagei ami this s, 111 our opinion, n great point gainedj forwecan hardlycoii ccivc of anything mote l.tiuenlal'lo 111 science ihan a lisercianev I elweeii our grammars and Iiclionnrie. The 'eclionsonPrcllxesnnd SulPixes, nnd the (ilos- sarv. Inueli enhance the value id' the work. The cl.npter on 'Verbs, and iho-c on Syntax, especially, we believe, are more full nnd accurate than any thing that has Icon heretolnre luinMicil. In the con fidence that the work we nre noticing will I e ap proved of, wherever it shall I c introduced, we recom mend us adoption into general use." From C. L., M. A., Principal of "Kiml all union icnilemv," .Mermen, II. " Vr.ur .scslcm of l'!n-rliti I used nn the standard work ol Munay, 1 have examined wilh some care. While I might withhold assent Irom some P'inls, introduced as impiovcmcnts, I do not hesitate to recommend I tic won; at large, as containing many decided excellences, I am parlu'id.irlv plcasclwitli the simnlioite ofvnur arrangement, tho distinctness ol voor definitions nud rules of svninx i nUo wit h the judicious nnd vnlual le selections in various parts of II10 work, mini Hie excellent Grammar of iN. Well. ser. 1 lie chapter on ( Analysis, nudjlie nddilional ebanlcr on Svntax. Willi llie veiv conitills cxerci-es in Svnla x, will prove a Mibs-lahlial aid 10 koi ii teacher and scholar." From AlI'Uonzo Wood, M. A., Instructor in ilicsaino m.-titiiiiou. "Swell's'isli (irammar. 011 the basis ol .Mur ray, has I ecu introduced by us, and is now u cd as lite text-book in dial deparinu lit in Kind all t'uinu Academy a fact which n ay lo regarded as proof, 'ial we think tl, on the who'e, superior to anv now in use. ALPIIONSO WOOD, Instiiielor 111 k". U. Academy. Meriden, Juno 23, 1911." The above work, with 11 genera a-sortment of .School Hooks, lor Mile in any quantities, lo Mer chants, Teachers nnd others, on' llie uiosl rc.isonal.Io term., by V. HARRINGTON. strongs' Hoihiinc, lliirlinirlon, 1., w here teaelici-s are inviicd lo calf for comes of the Grammar for ex amination, which will te turuitliod them gratuitous ly- 17 S CHO OTi HOOKS. QAfifl 1H.LM I'.NTAHY Spelling Books, tfJJJ 1000 ,l.uns .New Arithmetic, 1(10 Key lo " " fiOO Fnier-soiis 1st Cass Reader, 5110 " 21 " " 500 " 3 1 " " 300 Porlei'- Rclorieal I'eader, 100 CollnirnV Arilhmciie. 30 Burriii'.- Guigraphy of llio Heavens, 500 .Sind'Ts' .pelling hook, 100 National do do 50 Norlli American do 101) Swell'.- new Bngli-h Grammar. This is the lest F.ns.u grammar now u-is), and is introduced extensively into n hools, A great vari"iy of full lioiind mid half bound Ledger .louruals, Day Hook-, an I Menioiaiiduin-, Wrapping, Cap, nnd Letier Ink, Steel pen- I y the Gross, .selling Wax and Wafer- by the Pi. Ac. Vic, which will 1c -old for good whi'e or I rowu paper rags, of which 20 ton- are now wauled by the snhseiibcr. School Teacher- and Mcrohnuis will I e supplied with any of the above books at die publishers prices and iuo?l kinds of produce receive I in pi men!. V. HARRINGTON. B irlington. Aug, SStlt, 1811. 10 FOR SALE. A PAIR of Morgan B i-hrod Cells well broke to llarnc-s, kind and genlluaud ea-y..-nddlc horse-. Also, a coverel lour wheeled Carnage and a goO I -It'lgll. 10 BllIS'SMAII. it IlllOTIIF.nS. " HEALTH- ANDjSTREWGTH. I) II. S. O. UICIIARDSON'S CONCKNTKATLH Bb5j Warn ISsra 2 tCP 7'Af V are the unrivalled and tIRcacious com pound of a regular Physician and graduate of the .Veie II ' impshirc Medical Colleic1 rrhohas made the study nfmnlieint his profession, and they are hishh rfcoinineuded bt many of the most celebrated lhtsl- ciani in the country, as decidedly the iscii .lieiticino ever nnercii to mo rtilillr, I'or l)ispepsia, Jaundice, Liter Complaints, Hu mors, tc, and derangements of the stomach and bowels. For sale, Wholesale and llie Doctor's office, 1", HANOVF.R STRKI-.T, BOSTON, 15 For sale in Burhngion by I'l'.CIv it .-sl'L'AR, nolheearies nnd Druggists, nnd IIAGAR it AR- TIU'R, and by all Agents throughout the Stnle. 1 IinJ-" Grant's I'alrnt Fannin! ill. I 7011 s lie cheaper than ever, lo c!o o a concern, by 13 C. L. NKLSON. PKINCE'S Isinnacn Botanic Garden and Nurseries Flushing, mar A'iw Yuri;. HAVINfJ become AGF.NTS for this Kjtablisl,. incut, will collect an I forward orders for Fruit and Ornamental Trres and Plants Catiloguesand Prices of which may bo seen at their counter, IlenLlNOTON Vt. SALT. 1 fr( Bu-li. Turks Island Salt, 1 VUJ 5.0P0 bus. Coat Coar-e Western Solar 3i0 Fine Western do. 300 Bags (281b.) giouud do. -10 Sacks Liverpool do. 50 BUi. grcunil Wc-tcrn de. STRONGS .f. Cf. 10 Acir. C. '44. WANTED! 011 1000 lb-. Sptirml Rye, for which cash Jt(J , 1 o paid by PI'.L'K cv SPITAR. Itilj II, ISH. C JIOUSi: TO KENT. I'.nquire of VILAS LOOMIS & Co. Burlington, July IS, 1814. 7 FOR SALE. I WILL sell the place where I live consisting i"f a House and O.lice adjoining in perfect older. Terms, one thousand dollars in hand, I alancciu four vcarlv i.aviucnti.. ii cesired. To those who aic not'aequainlisl with the plaio it may I o well to Miy, it i minted on the houtli n,lt. of llie Court Ilo'e Square, having a large Irom and a large nud good garden attached to it. C. ADAMS. July 29. 1814, 3 Magnyiiies I'or October. GIBAHAMS Lady's and Gentlemen's, T Gule's I.adv'. Book, Columbian Magazine, Arih ir'" Lady's do Lady's National do Pack ii iiidI crofanyot the Reviews and Magazines on hand, or luMished as s-oou as possible. Rcccivtil by 18 V. jIAIlRINGTON. Plated tsloiyli and Cutter Shoes airs in store and (or snic. STRONGS & Co. Cod Fish. rfrFv 0tl. MTV superior, just received. ($J 1 ' STRONG sS & Co. GO MRS. 3 CASKS wood pocket Combs, 125 dcz. ivory do 1000 " side do 300 " twist do 100 " coarte and fine do ins receive! and for saleby VILAS, LOOMIS if- Co.' Aug. 5, Ml. ' 2 CASK Bleached .Sheeting, Tickings, 1 do Col'd Cnmhtics, for sale by ILAS LOOMIS .f. Co. BuilinEtoti,.ug.221 1 11., 12 HIIM suliscriler would inform his Irietids nnd the 1. piiblio that ho has jti.t cpcneil n Store nn the comer of Clriieh nnd Bank s'.tucts, opposite the old Panli, where ho will sell Goods ns cheap ns they enn bo bought elsewhere, einbrncing a small slock ol DRV GOODS, aula general assortment of FAMILY GROCHRIiy. Plea-e call and look I clore l.uvlng i l-cvvhere. FLOUR ami SALT, by iho barrel, or in lesqunn liiv. 1 shall not be undersold by my neighbors. June 7, '44. I N. W. G.VOF.' NEW FIRM. TIIF. sub-rril crs have formed a Copartnership under the linn ofC. F. Slamford it Co., nt the store formerly occupied by Lovely it Seymour, where ihey will he nl lo to show in a few days a very large .assortment of Staple and Fancy Dry Groceries, Paper Hanging, Crockery, Glassware, xc. iVc, that will bo worthy the inspection of tho purchasing roiniuu niiy. O, F. STAMFORD. W. F. SHATTI'CK. Sept. 2, 1011. M "ID iV II. II. llOOLlTTLKo.lcrforsalovcry cheap, I. Si Ik and Cotton warp Alpaecns, Lnncllas, Cnslimeres, lloumclins, Seincnilrinus, and Moiis. de Lames, just received from New York. Scpbllh 18L 11 . Tin Plate, Wire, &c " tf Boxes Tin Plate, 1-3 x nnd extra sizes, GO 5r ''! irml wire, nssorlcd Nos. sheet iron, sheet copper, tinned nud bl'li rivets, with n general assortment nfimiicr's goods. STRONGS & CO. Aug., Iflil. U FAINTS AND OIL. 5 TONS while lead, dry and ground In oil, "No. 1 " F.xtra," and " Pure." Spani-li while, red lead, French jellow, Verdigris, Vend tan red, litharge, spir its turpentine, &c. itc. Also, 500 gs. linseed oil, ;uir Jiiue 11, Ml. 2 by STRONGSifcOo. New Goods. s M. POPK has just received n new supply of goods (or the fall trade i among fits nrrorttnenl may I e found Cnshmcro 1) Fcosse, Clin-nus, Lunellns, iilain lig'd. Alpaceas, pr nts nr. ecu. Also, men oi len Velvet and other vestings, for sale very cheap for ca-h. Burlington, Sept. fi 1811. I t Looking (J lasses, &c. rHI! siib-eril crs have recciviil this day a latge X nssortincnt of Looking, Crockery, and Glnss Wore, in addition to their slock of Dry Goods and Groieric-, w hieh they nrn t'etci mined to sell low. C. F. STAMFORD & CO. Sept. 10, 1811. 10 ilrass Kettles. ALargcn'sorlimnt, by STRONGS & CO. Sl'l". '3, 1811. 16 JOSEF 11 MAILIIOT, HOOT AXI) SlIOK MAKUK. n F.SPr.CTFULLY informs tho mil lie. in nnd W about Bmlingtun, that ho will do all work that he may bo favored wilh, m the best manner, and on the lowest tetms possible. His shop in tinder the Office of II. Leavenworth, I'sq, and near the Oilico of Hie V ree l'ress. Burlington, 2jth July, 1611. 8lf FALL AND WINTER GOODS. j-) it It. II. DOOLITTLK have ju-t returned L fiom New Yotk, and arc now receiving a haudsi me n-sortmeut in new nnd de-irnl lc goods of the latest stjlcs, Mii'cd to the season, which must be sol I. 'I hose who want "heap goods will do well to give us a call Sept. -lib ISH. UwB Allohasi's Medicines. TMll! n' ovc Medicines have 1 ccomc so nooular, i where they nro known, that, to meet the demand, the proprietor has adopted the plan of multiplying ine .igcneie.-, iiiriiiMimg eai h Agent Willi a neat che-t, couiaiuiiig TI1H IM.ACIC (r ABcbail'si,) SAI.VI3, AM.ICI.ASI'S lll'.AII U Pllil.S AlJiHIJA!?rS TOOTII-ACIIli: UIIOI!', AMI Ai.i.rcisAsrs I'oon .iia.s ri..TKn. A nuiiil cr of Agencies nre now cstul It-licd in tin. village, luriilshid a above, together wi'h pamphlet" for general distribution, -ctiing liirih the vulue of the .Medicine-, and eonlniuing eeriilicalc-froin hulily le-pevtai lc lerons, of ,-omo of the many cures they have effected. Families and individuals nteiiivi'eil lo send nnu get a pamphlet, nnd read, nnd if they have occa-ii'ii, try the .Medicine-, which are warrant ed 'o do all that is claimed lor them. The Agents for Burlington are PF.L'IC JfcSPKAIt, Apothecaries ami Uruggisi-, general whole-nleand ic tail Agent-, who will -apply Country dealers at uholc-ale, on the same terms with the proptictor in New York, Win. 11. Curtis, Henry Hyde tV, Co, Geo. Peierson, N. W. Gage, Harry Bradley, and Hagar it Arthur. ILirlinglon, Aug. 2G h, 1811. LYMAN W.G1LF.FRT, Proprietor, 13 lw 2H Fulioii SiiQcl, New Vorkj. NE W TAILORING ESTABLISH ME XT. .7 A M US ) U I! . T70ULD ri siiccifully inform Ihecitizens of Bur. V liugton and public generally, that h- has taken ine cstauiisnment reeeiuiy occupied hy utl.Mti.i' IlICNNS, where be will execiilcall ordi r'siu llie TAILOItlNG IIUSINF.SS on thehorie-t notice, and in a s' vie not to be surpass ed. From several M'ur- expoiicnce in llio lni-iii--.-.-li leelseonlideutol insuring general. -a lisfaei ion. CLTI'ING done for other- to make up,at all time-, and warranted 10111,11 property inaueup. Cluiroh-si.Atig., 1311. 1211. vStecl, (lilt, and Silvered TTUADS, of various .ir-, nNo the rmcml Kinds J Puiso Mounts, Ring--, and leautiful ijie-,ju-i ree d, and v.inoiis oilier new Goods. B11LNSMA1D ft BliO'l'HKRS. Burlington, Aug. 30, ISH. 13 Cement for Cislerns. 3 1 ,) CASKS of the I est Southern Cement, I rt which hardens in a lew hours, and ren ders ei.-lern- ligjilnud free from leakage, for sale by BKINSMAID & BliOTHF.its: Aug. 30, '41. 3 1?Al(Wi:i.L'S Men's Pump-and Goal Skin Borneo-, Ladie-' Black and Col'd Half Gaiter-, Walk ing Shoe.-, Kid Slips, and Bii5kin.. Ju-t ree'd by H. W. CATLIN. Inly 21, IS) I. 8 F LAST Ell. Id fans of Nova Scotia Plaster, just rcceivcd.nnd M'-s iiowgtiudiiig at the Plaster Mill at Winooski Falls, and for sale by Jiine 12J9 1 1. FOLLF.T, RRADLI.Y & Co. 25 Boxes Soap.- 15 do candles 12 do common and ' pearl' Starch. 11 do 1 Bonus' and oilier brands Tobacco. 1 Mil. Lorillard's maeeoboy snull. 15 asks nilcralu--. 10 hags Java and Bio cofTce, spice and pepper. 100 malts cassia, nutmegs, ginger, nluni, Milt pel re, ligs, mustard, prepare I cocoa, be. Aug. 0, IS 1 1. Ill STJIONGS it CO. BOARDING HOUSE. rpiIK Mibscril er would respecifully inform the pub 1. lie that he Mill continues to Keep a Hoarding House, on Main Street, a few rods from tin, Court Hou.e S quaro and l'li-t Oilke, in the Iiohm. formerly occopicil t.y Geo. B. Shaw, Ksn., and that bo can ac coiuino 'ate a lew more boarders on us reasonable icrnis as can be obtained cUewhcic. WARRKN S1BI.Y. Burlington, Vt.,Aug. 7, 1814. 10 if Fl'ST nceiviil at the Variety Store, a new supply ofjet, bugle nnd plain hair pills. Sleel twii zeis, silver thimbles, travelling bags, of the be-t Wilton Carpelintr, goisl for Pedlar-, &o. Sept. 18, 1R4L BnlNSMAID if- BnOTiintts. m nT It EXT. rplin Mor-e Heu-e, there is 11 good X well, Cistern, Wool House itc. 1G Bni.NsKAIti & Brotiik.ks. REMOVAL,. CABINET FUZWJITURE. rplIF. siib-criber has removed from his old stand on 1 Church Street, loins new BRICK SHOP on Callm's Lane, twenty rods F.nsi of the Burlington Bank, where he has on hand and will continue to man- ijciure an 1.111 1- 01 CABINET WARE, of thehe-t quality, such as SOFAS, SHCRF.Tl RIKS, BKAURKAUS, Dining, Tel. Centre, Work anil .Toilet TABLBS.STAND.S A BFDSTFADS, and all kinds of work in lisline. iCJMost Kinds of Country produce and Lumber icve-ivra 111 payiiieni, or approved crcilit, nnd very SAM ULL NICHOLS. Burlington, May 23th, 1811. 5 Milk I'ans. TH "O. Farllian Milk pan, for falebv LXf S. M. I'OPK. Sept. fi 1811. 14 SADDLERY. QiTItONOS it CO. offer to Saddlers nnd dealers in O Saddlery n handsome assortment of goods in their line, on verv reasonable term. 111 GRIND STONES. A H CJIOICK Nova Scotia Grind Stones July, -1. 5 .STRONGS Co. Dried UeefT 1 Rfiif P s. diied Beef, superior quality. STleONtis it CO. I Aug. G.18U. Oil RAT ENGLISH REMEDY von coughs, coi.ns, asthma, and CONSUMPTION I rnilF. GRFAT AND ONLY RFMUDY for Cold 1 Coughs. Asthma, and CONSUMPTION, is the HUNGARIAN BALSAM OF LIFF, discoverelby the celebrated Dr. tliiclian. of London. Knglnnd, and intriiluccd into tbeUniled Slates under the immediate Mineriu'endanee of iho inventor. I he c.xtraordinarv success of this medicine, in the enroot luimonary ucea-c, warrants ine nmericnn Aaeni 111 soiiciiing tor treatment Iho wuiioi ito SIIILK CASKS that can I e found in the comuuiuiiy cn-os that seek re ic 111 vain from anv ol the com mon remedies of iho dav. and have leen given up by the ino-t distmgui.hed Pliy.-iciaiis, as CONFIRMFD AND INCUllABLi:. The Hungarian Balsam has cured and will euro the most lepcratc of cases. It is no quack 110-iriim, but a standard l-.ngllh tiled icinc, 1 f Known nud c-lal li-bcil ellleacy. Fvery family in the United Slavs mould lesup plied wilh Iliicliuii's Ilungnriaii of Llie, not only lo counteract the consumptive tendencies ol the climate, but to I e iced as a preventive medicine ui nil cn-cs of Colds. Cough-. Sniiting of Blood. Pain in the side and Che-t, Irritation and soreness of the Lung-, Bronchitis, Dilliculty of lircallung, Heclie re vcr, Night Sweat-, Fiuacialion and General Debility Asibina. Inl iicuza. Hoooiug Couch, and Cloun. ItCpSold, in large bottles, nt 81 l-cr bottle, wilh loll uuections lor the restoration ol iieailti. Paiiiphlcis, containing a massot Kuglish and Amer iean cerlifi -a'cs. and oilier evidence, showing the urn cqnalled merits of this Great Kngli-li Itemeily, may be obtained of the Agents. L'rntuilouslv. DAVID F. BRADLF.H, solo Agent lor the United Stales, 110 Court -trecl, Bo-ton. A G F.NTS. BL'lt LLN G1 ON . PF.CK it SPEAR, Apotheeui ies nnd Druggi-I-: Montpelicr, Clark it Collins 1 Bratllcboro. Diilton iV Claiki Bellow- Fall N. Harris ( Rutland, Darnells & Bell s Woml.-lock, S J. Allen; nud by the Druggists generally. ll-iy HARD WARE. STRONGS , Co. have received and oiler to pur chasers n very general a ortineiit of HARD. WAitL,amongst vvhicu may be found the, following lo wit .' Bulls nnd Stow--, Norfolk and American f.atelie, ('be: and Window' Blind Hinges, Wire Cheek Spring-, Mortice Bell Cranks, Omi'ciI Bell Springs, Bed Cr.lllk-.llou-e Bell". Baud. Power, Flat spring, Square nnd .Moid. cv I ml ll(. II-, Tiiink nnd Cbc-I Handles, Garden Rakes, Fire Iron-, Bench Vices, Brass B iltous 011 plates, .lapan'd do. Screw Piillie.-, Hat and Coal Puts, Black Hoiiksuud Hiugcs, Sh liter Screw s Slid lis and Plates. Pad Locks, Trunk do., Cupboard do., Till do I'ho-t do. , Long si, in1 ml an I Concave Augers, Braces an Bui Bevi!s, l-'irmer Chi cis. Joiners, Mori ice and Socket do. Conge-, Brass Dividers, (imhlcts, Single and duo! le Plane lions, Coiup 1-3, Gi ailing, Hand and Ripping Saws, Knives and FoiKs, Carver-, Slccls Butcher Knives, Bicadnnd Shoe knives, Priiuaingd Pocket and Pen do. Taper file-, Mill do. Hat Batard do. half round do, Ilorseti i-ii', lira Butts, (Jurtuin 1 mvr, I ea bell Tape .MeiiMiie-, llaller Chain., Sad Irons, Tailor.- do., Brad.-, Table Spoon., Tn'-le Hinges, Culling Nippers, Jc.ul Aw Sash Fasteners, Nut Cracker-, Cork Scriws, Han i Vices, Trowels, Mecl Van!-, 50 to 100 lb-., Grid Irons, Sauce pans, Iviamcl'd Miis'iu Kettle-, Bellows Pipe-, Bed Keys, Copner Wire, Screw pnllie-, Axlcdo. Sa-b Holler-, Pl.ilelocks, Iron Square-, Stub do. oml Saws and Flames, iVvvter Cock-, Bung hirer-, Butter tryerd, Sickle. , C it Tacks, Frying pan-, II, 11 Traps, Box and Ivory Bide-,

Toy Hoc-,' do. Scicw Drivers, Mahogany Knobs, Snap llammeis, Carpet do. Scicw Wicucbes, Broad Hatchets, Shingling do. Bras-Skimmer-, Saw Sell-. itr.Ae. Al-o, HI'AVV IlAIIIIWAIti:. Anvil-, Vice., Ca-t S eel, Plated and Iron Shovel. aul Spa 'c, I) ng Fori.-, Hay do. Cro Bar-, Wro'l. Nail-, Trace Chain-, Ii on W'iie, Brass Kettle-, itc. May 22. 1311. 51 AM IONIC AN II i)TKL. AND GENERA L S TAGE HOUSE, ItV S. XV. TAYLOR, - OounT Hocse Sqcake, BunetSGTOs, Vt. 21t it E MOVED. E.J. FAY TAS removed to the corner of Church and Bank treel.s,oppo- sueiiiu lianlt ot llur I ngton, where he has Jjn general a-sorimcnt e( HOOTS & SHOES made ol the best stock, and by the mu-t thor ough workmen, which will be sold as cheap as the cheapest. ,r3"All kind, of work made to order on the mos.t reasonable terms and at the shorte. t notice. Iluiliugton, June Gdi, 1S11. 1 tf I'AKMsi TO LIJASii "KOIl A TL KM OF YI3 IIS, A LARGI-: FARM stocked wilh a dairy IX. and sheep, and prcpaii'd for exien ISiS'KsL sivo sowing and planting. The person "lifjs applying must have sullicii'itt means to jrz3S carry it 011 and furiii-h the best revoin. mcndation fi r inlcgriiy and industry. Also, two other farms to let fur an amount agreed upon. Thc-e farm are situated on the Lake shore oppo itc Burling!' 11. Apply to C. SI. 4. W. C. WATSON. Porl Kent, Feb. 20, 181 1. 39 if J. TliYOiV WOULD respectfully inform his friends and the public that ho tins just returned from New York with the latest fashions, nnd that ho continues 10 carry on ousuiess at urn uiu sianu. tinvuig vim ted soino of the best shops in the City of New York ho trusts that, with an exnerieneo of twenty-two years, ho call compete with the best Tailors in this part 01 me country. N. B. Cutting donoal short notice, cheap for cash. 8, Slav 1814. 49tf TO PRINTEK S. IJutr.ilo Printing Ink Manufactory. WILLIAM lMlKSCOTT & CO. having re ccntly added extensive Slaehincry and appara tus to their Manulaeiory, they are prepared to furnish Printing Inksol all qualities, shades, and colors, which they are selling on as favorable tertrs as can be purchased nt any oiher e.-lablifhineiit in the I'm- let Sillies. To ihoe Printers who are daily in the habit of using our Inks, we uo not recommend it, ns their continued patronage is niflieient proof of their ap probation ; but lo ibo.e who re-ideal a distance, nnd are not aeiiuainiiil wilh our Inks, wedo earne-lty recommend il, nn l should il not in every respect an swer Iheir expectation, we will lake it back- and re fund the money. The News and Book Inks are put up in kegs con taining 20, 30, 65, and 150 lb-, each. All orders execu'ed on as favorable terms nliy dcrsoual application, AOF.NTS. II, B. Stacy. Burlington, Vl. G. F. Rood it Co, Stationers' Hall, Detroit. Salisbury it Baxter, lAgansporl, Indiana. S, N. Dicliuson, Boston, Mas. A. IL Armour i Co., Hamilton. I ....In. Brolhers. Toronto. De-I arats & Debi.hire, Gov't Printers, Montreal. N. Palmer. Market Square, Kingston. S t. lfoml. Milwaukie. Wisconsin Ter. Manufactory, No. 6 United State. Hotel Block, rearl street. 11 NEW FALL GOODS, U.ST received some verv rich new stvles Cash J meres and Velvet do Laines, Ladies and Gent's. Cravat, also, Atpicea Lusters, Prints, Ginghams, Hosiery Gloves, Ticking., Cotton Flannes, &c. itc., nil which will bo sold very cheap hy II. W. CATLIN. Sept. l'tli IB II. 15 11. W, C. will receive and open in the course of the coming week n veiy largo ntsorliiient if Fancy and Staple Dry Good. Sliennan's lioenrs. -I; For Diarrlaee. or For Headache, For Worms, For Sure Throat Loo-enes. of the bowel-. For Indiac-lion nnd want of Appetite, nnd Hoarseness, etc. ate. Sherman's Tool h Pasto Plaster', Ac. All at whole. Bale and retail by (5 PF.CK & SPFAR. I 8 I t. LAKH CHAMl'I-AIN. NKW-YOltK AND I1HSTON. IV1CRCXI ANTS' LINE. TMIF, PHOPRIKTORS ofthis Line have provided a. n c ass o irst ra e 10a s 10 o v 1 ic nre-ent ea- son between Lake Chaiuotain and New-York, forlhe transoortation o( Merchandise nnd such other prop erty as may bo entrusted to their care, and hone to receive, ns they intend to merit, n lair share 01 natronaoe. These boats go through to New York, and nre lo be lowed by steam on Hud-oil River, nnd on Luke Chainplnin when i.e-eossary. In this mode property is not subjected to injury by transhipments, and lots are kept together. I bis Line ot hoats connect at INew oik with the De-paich Line of Br-ton Packets! Contracts for freight 1 ctwecn Boston or New York and Lake Champlain, can he made with our ngents. Property passing 1 etwecn nosion ami i.auc iuampium, ior warded in cither direction via Western Railroad, when desired. rnonnir. Tons, FOLLKFI' it BliADLF.Y, Burlington, Vt. NICHOLS, BURTON if- CHITTKNDF.N, St. Albans, V a n r. n t 9 . L. A. Joiinsosj, 9 Coentics Slip, N. Yorl C. L. Waiie. 10 Long Wharf, Boston. 15 tf LAZS CHAMFLAX1T. 1'arc through Ihe T.nKc rcdurcd to S;t,00 (.11 on is exira.) THE BURLINGTON CAPT. n. W. SHERMAN, Will leave Whitehall every iS't. .Min every Tticday, Monday, Thursday, Wodno-day, Saturday. - Friday. THKSTHAMLR S ARAN' AC CAPT. O. I.ATIlll' r. Willleave Wln'eliall every St. Johns every Moil lay, T e-day, Wedne il ly, '1 hur-d.iy, Fn 'ay. ' Sat 1rd.1v. At one o'i lock', P. M. from c ich end 1 f iho Lake. 'I ho above is the arrangement lor running lor the season, unle-s iioiiceiscnen lo tho couiraiv The Company iiileud to p'nee the Sleanu r White hall upon the Line instead ol thiiSaianac, cirly in .In ly next. She will I c commanded by t-npl. G. L ilhro numngmn, iu .nay, itsu. on NOS. 19 and 2IJ of LiPell's Living Age, locale 1 Oct. 1-t 1B-1 1. 13 V. 1IARKINGO.Y. Sheet Zinc. Jl'ST Sept. 19, 'H. STRONGS CO. it; Ho! Ali Ye Tlint hrsl NOT a C.G 13 H VKT OU.M, BRANDY, GIN and WINP.S, of nil the L- quan lilies of one pint or more, nnd other FAMILY GROCF.I1IF.S, for ale 011 ren ISAAC Iluilinglnn, J ine, ISM. 2 N KLI AS liVMA. .M OItnh the Ladies ol llnrlinaton nnd vicinity, that SI. Osihcim has left wilh him in 'a'c- for ca-h hi- entire ns-orlmenl .f rich and splendid Cash mere Shawl-, and a large null cau'ilul assortment of Silk Shawls, ninong which are ihnc c'cganl Bine; Silk Shawl of .superior quality, which will 1 e sold for Tea DoIIts each. The above arc nVrelnl redoeid price. B .illusion, Strong's Buildings, Scut. 0 1 S I 1 " I saTo " D 0 " wV Minitifacliirtr f TIN, SHF.F.T-IRON, AND COPPFR WARH. and di ah r 111 coppnii pi'mps, i.i:.n pipi:, .j-c. Church strict, Biirlingleii. March C, IS II. . n PECK ""SP iSA'u,' wholesale dealers in English, French, India and American DRUGS. Also, DRUGGIST'S GLASS WARE. I'.iii lliigton. vt. CHAIR FA C TOR y7 A' T the old -land of NFLSON it GATLS 1 here i-thebc-t n- sortineui ol CHAIRS nnd will le sold cbcai cr than can be pit reliant) ai auyoiiiir place 111 lliirlinglon. MAHOGA.W. CU1LI I) MAPLI PAINTUD CANU SI'. AT, LARGK nnd SMALL ROCKING, DINING, CHILDltKN and LARGi: ARMKB CHAIRS, nt C. L. NHLSON'S, Church street ,opposiie the Old llank.or at his Facto hy three doors north of the Catln lie Church. IS BUTTS AND SCREWS. 300 DOZ. Table, Back flan. Narrow. Broad. Window Blind and I'ew door Bulls, from Wrought and Cast Iron. 11 (10 GROSS American " Premium" Screws, a-sorted sizes. Dealers supplied at New York pri ce. STRONGS it CO. Aug. C, Ml. 10 SPRING GOODS. A Large and Choice Assortment of STAPLE AND FANCY GOODS, Ju-t received Irom New York by BOYNTON & BU1UHTT. SATIN and F.mhroidcred Shawl--, Plain Do Lane do., Muslin de Lanes, Fring, Gimp, Cambrics nnd Mu.lins, Printed Lawn and Muslin, Alpine Bomba zines, Hosiery, Gloves, itic. '200 P1F.CFS PniNTS, Choict Patterns, Very Low. BleeehednndSiriped Shirtings, Ticking, Sali-hury FlanneN, Plaid., Gingham., Irish Linen, Brown Holland, a large a-soriineat of Summer Cloths and Cambroonsnnd various la ney artiiles not meutiortsl. A very choice selection 'of Biioao Cloths and Vestings. Groceries. Mola-se-, Rrown Sugar, Loaftlo., Young Hyson, Hyi-on, Ily-oii Skin, and Imperial Tea-, CollevGin gcr, Rice, Rai-ins, and Spices of all Kiinl-. CroeKery nnd Glass Ware, Nads, Salts, Flour and Fish. Also Will keep on hnnd a good assortment of HOOTS anil SHOKS of all kinds, and work made to measure by a workman that need, no recommendations. Hineslurgli, May -lib, 1811. 51 Gut N.B.-l 0,000 lbs liUTTKR and .10 M. H1N GLF.S wanted in exchaugo for Gocsl-, at the liighes market price. Also, cash paid for Cheese, INSURANCE. TMIK sal serilerhas ncteil as Igent tor the A'Ana X Iiisiiiance Company of Hartfotd Conneciiciii for more than twenty years past, nnd continues to tn-iire ngainsl losses, by tire, and all kind- ol buildings and personal property, and will receive applications nt lilsoilicein Burlington, nud immediatidy issue Police for thai purpose at as low rates of premium, ns any private companvcaii nd'ord. The undoubted re.pon--ibililyof this Cunpaiiy, insures safety to the mm icd.aiid their prompt, bonoral te, aid Id eral eourc ill the ailjiisimcnl and payment of losses, will l e at tested by all with whom Ihi-y have had oeca-iou to do I i'es. WM. A. GR1SWOLD, Agent. Burlington, March 1, 1811. 10 II" CHAIRS! CHAIhSI! CHAIHS ! ! ! DAGGETT 6c STUART I ; KSPLCTFULLY ini'orm the public that they 1 will hereafter carry on tho CHAIR making bu siness, at Ihe old stand of TiiAvcn, Stvaiit it Co., on Church St., two doors south of llie Counlv House. and feel warranted in saying that Ihey can fuinisli ns handsome and durable an aniclein this line, as was ever offered in Burlington, and on as low terms. Plen'e call and examine. All kinds of Chairs, Settees, Settee-cradles, nnd Stools made to order. Old Chairs rrpairil nud painted ul slmil not Country Prvduccofiill kinds lal.111 111 1 xilunge for chairs. JOHN G. DAOtiBTT. CHAIILIS R. S'lLAltT. IS irlingioii, May 1, 1611. i'j For Couirlii OFFICE F IIEAI1 IB WITH JlAVr.TT'.S .MLDICINI s, nv . jr. twsvm, , , AT hi. re.ulence, Cbamplnin St., a low rods north of Mesr. Follcll it Bradley, Burlington, Vl. In lenileriug his most grateful acknowledgments Hi his Irien ls an I patients, for- the eiieourngemeut and support they have given him the past year, the Doe tor would leg leave to stnle thai, Ins nieces., has tliU" far, leen equal to his mot sanguine' expecta tions) for it ha. seldom I con the ra'c, that tho merits ol 11 news) stem of inelienl practise, has I eon more lully tiMod nnd fairly (tabll-hed, in to short n time. Indeed, Dr. Sninli ilocs not hesitate to my and the medical gentlemen ill thi place will not deny it thai he liascilectcd nunc signal and important cures, even whore the patienls had I cell given over by other ph'isieian.) and therelon; he feels confident, that, could nc 1 0 oaiieii 111 season, wnen inc paiieui is uri taken, more frequently than he is, a cure would ho inueli sooner e'lcetcd, anil Willi tar le-s cxpeti-e nnu ullcring, lor the sick, thin When they hrsl employ other means, till the patient is nearly dead, and then all liiin. For in all eases, since he has ndopti clouted the' use of Jewell's medicine, where he vva thus eal'iil, has the recorery ofihosiek, been so rapid, a. almost to induce theni nnd their Iricnd-to lliinfc but lUtlcwas Hit mailer, though lo nil appearance J hey were as slot; ns thn-e who employed tuner practice, nnu soon died', or were tree,, nnd perhaps, months, in getting up again, first having lo nl nndon their Doctor's 111111- ! ' ..." .....'l.. I .1 I.I nil Tl,.. I' ills, entirely, ili'uu nn ) tunri uiu , ' fact is, wbciicver .Ic.vett's remedies l.ave been fairly tried and I ecame fully known, their lcnllctal ellects in curing di-ease of every tvneand forni, have been iacknowlcilgcd by the most skilful physicians and the most critical oli-ervcrs. The followine lestiinonv. was niMrossed to ( ol. Jewettbvtwn highly tlisiinguished iihyMciati", who ny liieir nssiiiiuty, laitniuincs. nnu skiii in praeucc, end ntmcil I hem", el ve. in the tneinorv nnd nllectinn of many in this p'aee, who useil to employ lliem j and wiiOjthoiigh ueau, yet speau. iiiartncm, ItunLtNOTON. VI.. .lan. 0, b.iu "Col. Jr.ivr.TT Dear Sii I have received and read vnur nalnohlcl with Inueli interest, and am high jy pleased with your plan of overcoming dise i-e. V oil nre iruiy carrying oiuinc priueipics 01 ur..iiicii son and others, which lliey have so ably advocated. I am confident that a relorm in llio practice 01 medi cine is indispensably necessary. JUIl.N I'UWI.IIU), M. U. UunMNOTON, Oct. 25, 1S37. " Col. Jr.wr.TT Dear Sii I have dcpo-iicd intbe I nnk here, lifiv dollars more lo your credit, on nc count of medicino sold. So far ns I have 11-cd them in my practice, they have proved far more eflicciciis than I had anticipated. They nut readily on the sys tem, nnd overcome disease in a manner I never 1 e- lore witnessed, nnd I do not hesimie to give my full approbation to vnur system. 1 have sold and 11-od nearly four hundred dollars worth since I lirsl receiv ed an assortment from you. "i am most truly vnur oiu incnu, 'TRUMAN POWT.LL. M. D, Dr. Smith is hauny to stale that he called on Dr. Pomcroy, a tew inon'ths 1 efore his death, and found him still firm 111 the same opinion, lie snid, "Jew- elt siloing llie me now, mat v.iiuen 010 in in. nay, And." said he. " I told Dr. Atwater he was not the greate-t man in the world, and am not, but if I was, 1 should suocomb to Jcicelt, for hts sy-tem is correct, and his medicine the best in the world; mull re. qne-lcd him to go to Dr. Smith and get 1110 n bottle of licnd-aclii; liniment, which he dil, audi find il ea-es my bead veiy much." When physicians of the fir-t raim, w lui-e cducaliui and talent-do honor lo their profession, and every imlivt lunl who has given lliem n lair trial, conic 0111 in favor 1 f Jewell's medi cines, in language uneimivocai and decide! a. the a I T practice, pr irc'i'.iui 1 1 e n. . ,i, t mi en , 1 .nrc ami iruin aim 1 all ihe r nrr ..'nl . line -, ml tl o c oulv ! Dr. Sui th In- nil receive I a fre-li -ipplv of few c't's mcdn iuc, u,M ui term- 1 1 1 1 1 'will enable him lo srll, wuioic a'c ir iciail, lur ci-b, 2.i per cent lc. ihan it was -i Id for lust year; and be invites p'njsic ians and nl' invalids, to the trial of it. tf SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. ALL kinds ol TRt'SLS lor i'upturcs incident to the Mule, tor sale, and accurately untitled, ly I'KCfit SPFAI.'. THE TA'I liNT T7AUE, iwiNTrn nr V.. P. BANNINCi, M. D. or iiTTsnei-.oit, tr.-i.ssvLVAMA. it; lli.l. He i.ept enn-tautivon Hand liy Dr. John V W. I'Mr.nv, 1 f l'-n'., be having tcncha-ed of the original Palcniee the evrlusive righl to make nnd vend the -nine, within mid for the Counties ol Chit tenden, Fraiil.lm,l I. imod'e, and Grand I - le. The PATL.NT LACK ha-now 1 1111 heforclhe pub. licfora ii'tnd er of luoiilb-, Iruilrcd- have I ccn ap plied in ditrerent p irtsof the country, an I with a vic cc never I eforc cquallcl 1 v anv ictiiodial agent-Niimcrou-well ant he 11 Ilea ted Cerlificate- of 11-1 encli iiilbicuceiii tlicreinoval of di-ca-es of long stand ing, might 1 efirnislied Irom thi-i'iiuudiatc yieuntv in addition to the statement of ca-e and certificates ofciire-fiirni-bedby Dr. Baniimg and others. Bui this is not deemed necessary a nl the pi e en I time, re fe ence can be given to individuals wearing the Lace, 111 nearly every town in llie County. Phv -ici.nis have long fell the neees-uy of a Suppor ter il if iercntlycon-tritetcd nnd more perfect in it-adaption to the human form, than any that had been prc--cnled to the pul be. The invertion of Banning' meeliwith I heir general npprot alion,a-il i- de-igued to reli-vc -yinploins, and remedy a cla- ot maladies w Inch cannot I c reached by medicines alone. The descent ordisplaeement of ihe vi-cerra In 111 re luxation of the abdominal musiles, or other cau-ts, tends to alteram! dcrangciliefuneiicm ol every orgnn in theliunnn system, and, in many ea-i s, this I'evia ti' n Irom the natural heabliy po-inon ol part-, i-ihe stdeeuu-colVfiicra dtbdiiy in Ma'e. and Female, (iCPyspepsia, A 'iv'ions of ihe Stomach and Liver, Palpitation ofihe Heart Spinal Irritation. Hysteria, Iltporondria, Piles, Prolapsus Uteria, Suppression of Urine, the llronchitis ol Pu! licSpcal er-, and inei pient Consumption all ofwh ch Willi c much reliev ed, if notcnliiely removed, by the u-e of the Patent Lace, when their cvistcnee iscau-cd by physical de rangement and a mechanical di-plaecment of part-, which can I e readily a-ecrtaincd by oh-crvnig the form and symptoms ol the person ai'tVied. Till-iu-trumcnt ha- I ccn examined by Drs. Moll, Rogers, Franci- and Gri-coinb of Vew York the Faculiy of Pittsburgh, llarlfordnnd New Haven, and has obtained their favorable le-timi ny. Appli -ations for this Lace may I e made to the sii' -seni or, ntKsct,or Hagar it Arthur, Burliugton. Patients nta distance will be visilcil at their residence, if retired. JOHN W. I'M FRY. -Fs-c .March 27, 1S11. d.Ut LEAD PIPE, .yc. 3 TONS Lead Pipe to 1J in. borej 3 rolls Sheet Lead j 12 cvvl. sheet Zinc; 30 Bags Shot assort ed Nos. by STRONGS if- Co. Juno 11, Ml. 2 NOTICK. TIH3 subscriber has removed Ins Office over Strongs it Co's store, north of the Court House I). A SM.1LLI.V. Burlington, ScpLjj, IS1L Ulf FOR SALE. rflHAT large and commodious two story BBICK I nvvi.'i 1 ivn iinii-ii' ivn r rvc -it... 10,1 ovc, who willtiouhi the irutn 01 what ttiey say t I sv. vo., iiuriinston ; 1 ran is i.aciarc, t;i iclie-ter: hose wdio think it lor their interest to rppo-e a ncic Mor'ou .fc llnil-, V.illistuii Lorin Tyler, Fj-cji : nud who-e minds leen blinded and J, II. lower it Son, I iidcrlull; A. Barney, J. Ly. ejuaiciti uv nin e wnoic ciicistt, ana priue. "i 'iu,.icnciiii: , 111. uimcc-, 1.. 1,. uncn, (t,ciimond ; (lie wr.( sitteof College tl.e head of College, rTIHIS articlets too well known to need commen Slrect, in this village. Tho House s 32 by , wiih dation and the experunce or seven years has mil asemenl story, with kitchen and provi-ion cellars, ' demonstrated to the commercial community, that with a wing 32 by 05, cxienumg north on College tar accuracy, convenience and durability, they are rir.-un Willi n-nrnl 11 till ilnm liriii. t 1 -tnt- n n 1 i-li Ml i unrivalled Coal yard scales to weieh from 3 to 6 ........... . .. - , hers and slcctiing rooms above. A large and com modioli barn, carriage liou-e, ice house, and other out-house-, and 11 spacious yard vve-t of thedwelliug house, and a good dura! lo well of water oflbe bet qualityiu the village, and abriik cistern. One and a quarter acres of land, of the first qualiti, a large garden and choiee fruit tree. el of the house and yard. The buildings nre constructed in modern stj le, ol the I est material and workmanship, were erected by the subscriber for his own ice, nnd the location n. lords a very extensive and pleasant prospect of the village and lake on tho Wet, nnd is not surpassed by anv oilier ill this part oflbe country, Ptirclia-ers are invited to call and examine for ihcin-elvo.. Terms made known 1 v the subscriber 011 the premises, SAMFl.I. RF.F.D. Burlington, pril 18, 1811. -1G if xfDRUGS & MEDICINES? The subscrilers are continu al, v supplied with LVLKV A If I ICLII in the al ovc I ranch. Lolh ol ibcOilicini andPalcui kiudsj MtHsiciual watcrsfrom Samiogu do. from Caledonia, Canada j .Mistical Willi's nn Liquors, (ire) Lectin's; Surgical InsirumcutsjlMir1. eral Teeth, itc. iCrPrescnpiions put up at shortest not ue. irrh'.SVioii 01111 at all hours. 1'F.CK it Sl'll.' AR, Apotheeariei ly3t B.irlingtnn, I eb. 1,1813, WHIT 15 UAI. rf TONS 11 .Vrtr York- am! Saugrrtics" while lead, I dry and ground 111 oil,, ' pure ' exira,' and ' No. I,' is jiisi ree'd. I lie tpiality 01 mis lead is wrranttM etjual antl belii-vetl to be superior 10 nnv maniilac. ' .red in the Fnited Sta'es. STRONGS it CO.'ll. II SMOKED REEF. !X.r( LBS, Superior quality. inoktd Btif bv JUU July 1. 5 STRONGS Co INDIAN VKGLTA Bl.i: PILLS) OR INDIAN IOK TIVU. rptlOUOH inane nicdiciiies have leen lelorcthe J. public for a much longer period than Wkiomt's Indian Vr.riBTAnt.r. 1'it.l.s, ycl none stand, now in lltotlEii tiErt'Tt:, or hit. inoro rnpidly nllnineil n firm hold upon populnrest ination. The thousands that havu n-ed llicin throughout the length nnd breadth of the Ili-public, nil I car cliccrfiil testimony to their thorough efficacy nnd mild eperntion when cnii'loynl In the must distioing disorder, "which lle.-h is heir to." Tholheorv of ill-ease on which WntnitT's Lnoiam Vr.nt.TAiil.E Pil.t.s aroloundiil, l tln,viz! thai there isonlyone primary cause qf all Ihe tlisordert thai ajjliellhe human family, and that is corrupt humors j tir, 111 other won-lmpurityqf lllnod. This princi plo i now so generally admitted, Ibat it tuny in fact I esaid to I e sustained! by nu universality ol" opinion, thefowilisscnlers constituting but n very feel le mi nority. Il is ti-clt.'ss therefore to uVcii'S the sound- iies.ol tills ttieoiy ill nils piacenuu connexion. Tub onk Disease Piit.vclrLK I euie- admitted, Iho mode of altnck prores-cdbyulliraclilioners leeoincs .1 ............ r.i ... ill' -null Il.1u11.1y, Jiuruuiivii 1, ill m.iii wi nil; sw ell Uc I specifics now leforo the public, pnsluco only one form of Purgation j they are eiilicr Sudorific, CnlliartiiDiuretieor LxpecloranL l right t Indian Vegetable Pills oiubine all ihc-o propetliev, and a,u therclore calculated to attack the elements of diM-ase nl nil point., nnd by n harmonious nnd combined ope ration to expel it radically liom tin- .y-tem. Their e lect i almo'tlnng cnl, nnd is uolesnstonishing for its mildness than (Is efficacy Ilotn cxrt.nnA all ages may employ them, nceordius lo thed'ireciion." vvitliout tear, for while thcynrccerVim lo cure all dis eases hn. are remedial, ttiey nerer inllielnn injury upon tho system. I lie pereel so eiy til tne ineilicinc is nnothei off imporlant quality, and one which has contributed more than any thing el-o to its extension antlpopw larily. In a word, this medicine commends itself strongly to the patronage of the public, and Us use bids fair to become before long, atmot-t universal. rAUTIIIiH. The citizens of New Lngland are re-nectfullv in formed that in coifcipieiico ol the great popularity which Wright'. Indian Vegetable Pi ha vv earned by their nstonislung goodness, n Gang ol Counterfeiter nrc now industriously engageil in nn'ming on the tin- su-pecting,n valueless and pi'rhaps dangerous medi cine, under the name of Indian Vegetable Pills. 1 lus is lo iniorin 1 nc public, tlia' the genuine medl cine ha on lb.' boxes, " Wrlglit'i Indian Vegetable. IMlls, (INDIAN PIIRGATIVK) op the NonTti A.MEnicAN coi.t.r.c.r. or Health." And also mound the border of the label will be found in small type, "Knicr'cd according to the Act of Congress, in tho year 1840, I y William Wright, in Ihe Clerks Ollicc ol ihe District Colin ol llio Katcrn District ofPennsyl vauia." The pul lie will al-o remcml er I hat nil who sell tho genuine Indian Vegetal le Pil nro provided with a eertiiicale of agency signed by William Wright, Vice President or Tttr. .NonTii AMfntcAN coi.leoe of heaitii," aad that pcdlcrs are never 111 any ca-e allowed to sell the genu, nc medicine. AM travelling Agents will lo provided with acertilicateol Agency as above descri be I; and tho-e whocauuol show one will be Known as hu-o impostors. The following highlv re-pcctable person shave been appointed ngents for tin- -ale of 'he above named Wright's Indian Vegetable IMlls. or tub north AMr.p.tevx cou.v.or. or health. AOLNTS Peck it Spear, S. K. Howard, I)., JL n-iui it Dean, Lincoln; A. P. lit c, New-Ha- 1 veil ; Ii. Saic'crsoii, . .Milton i C. L. Drake. Slilloii: ' Geo. Avre-, Slilion rail-: Marin Wires, tiriswold it Simile. Caiiibridgc; W. . & c. P. Whim!. V,-i. jfurdjS. W. BrushiVr C"., Fairfax j II. Cook, Sbcl biirn j Win. B. Vielic, Hine-I urgh ; S. II. Barnes, I rim-liitte; Tuppcnf- Bcarkindge, St irksburoueh : Shales ,: Wcb I'crri-biirgh. ' The only O lice 111 Bo-tiui where the Indian Vegc. I table Pills an lei b'ainc 1 1- at 9H TREMONT .STREET. 1 9g ' Priiu-ipal O.liie and General Depot, C9 llaicsireet, I'lida'clpbia. 32yl FA iFjFfoii SAIsE. Oli SALH, a larin 111 Fudciliill, con i lainiug one hiuidml and luny.six . ncr,.s. -,t ,, ,.), I....I .. ".I.;.. I. -s -53u is under ciilt'V.i'.ion, llie rcmaue'er is covered by a good grow Ii of bard wood. On llio prcim-p-aica convenient dwelling bou-e, I urn, -beds, iVc. and nn orchard of iliriliv I ivirii, mm iro -udieieiii for ma! nig some lili'y or -ily barrel, of eider. Al 0, a far 11 ci naming one hundred acre, lying al o n one mile from tbcal mil six I v acre of wlii. h is mid'r impr'.vciiii nt, and bason 11 a rapa cio'is I urn, the remainder i vet II wooded, principally wiih 1 inch nud maple. 'I be alum- me simarcil near the ecntie ol the loivn nolo ihe 10. tin road, an: well wnlercl nnd well fenced, a consnleral It-portion of ihe fence I cms Mih-1an1i.1l stone wall, tin I togeth er compos,; one of ihcbc-t dairy farm- in the town. 1 ne niioyc prcmi-e-will te soil lo concern for much le-. than ibeir leal vahic, and po-e-ioii given on the 1-t of April next. For further purlieu larscnqiiieof A. FOOTK. II irlington, Feb. -22. IS II 3S f TO FHYSICIANS. New Chemicals and Sundry Articles The Acids, chemical. Ammouincal Preparations Bromine', Cyanuret of Potassium, Chlorate of Potan, Flaieriiim, Krgot Fresh, Pulv. L'lliercal Prepa rations, Lxtract ol Opium, Fxlract ol Rli.unny, Hnir.Mitieitsor Fltvtrifier F.xtraet of Aconi'e, Vciairia. I Iodide of Sulphur, Iislule of Iron, Binuxide of Mcri-urc. Ily' riutlate.l Liquor cf Arsenic and Mert ury. Leifhcs, Hcalihy SpanisQ and Swetsli-h, Oil of To! acoo, Pie Irin, 4'c, &c. Ac. Nitrate of Silver.chcinica New slj Ies ol Iiisiruiiien. I.iiptililij Magnc-ian Fluid. Ilintshdo of Mercury, I Napli.lia Wood, Al PIX'K & SPKAIt'S. IIKNIIY MALK, ATTOItNF.Y COUNS m.I.OH AT LAW. . OinVI'.LL, VEItMOSV. S. N. l'AUSIAI.KK ATTORNEY AT LAW. So. 7 Counsellors Hall. (Peck's Building.) 13 PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. ,.,. V.-l .1 r , n ,1 "in". A'uitiiiitu t. iii iii uuse uu, iuh eigu irom 1-4 ID. to 5000 lbs., Portablo do. to weigh from 12 01. to 200 lbs. PortableCounterdo anewarticle to weigh from 1.2 oz. to 40 lbs. J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Agents. Burlington, June 30, 1843. -llf s' .M-'lVfrVKt. . . CrVl FOR SALF. BY THIS GROSS, also AT RF.TAIL II By P1XK & SPFAR. ! mill. PICTORIAL HISTORY Or TIIF. UNI- w (it fulfil Si I -I ted States is now complete. Il may be seen st I O....M II. ,.,,;, ..' ...I. . J..1 .u.:' a ..rlll .11 S.iin'KUuminxton'n who is duly fiuihoiizcd to fill -t ' orders ir, 'elation to this vnlual le vvotk Kv " f''el j,r01"' ' J1" " nrr onlusj All who may liave otders lift vvtih' a favor bv transmitting ihrm lo Mr! K. W. lllaisdtll c Vcrgcnncs, is an ail Ac Ihe couiillt. ill the slate will te vi lirnenenble foi ihe circulation oltlns ul iriii, tltitnrv. D. KIAIH U.L Jr. special Al Uu iiigtiiii, feipi, ytn isu. i .1. ii. i'ii.c, iiiiiiiiuiuii , .iuu-t,u iv eenn. 1 risir.i ' WBii)..