Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 1, 1844, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 1, 1844 Page 2
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of Luke Ward mid nthcrf, to folcrt committee I , Moniuv, Oct. !3. on liconss. j Senaix. Reports Hy Mr ('amp. from tlio Reports llv judiciary mm , in favor of Mil " ,,'' "1(,r 1,1 favnr lf f"r 'l10 ,"" requiring chock lists nf voter ! read n 2.1 lime I 'jof of the insane poor, with nmcndmontp, inclti. and laid nn tho table, lly mm. on education, dinjf, i"unt allowed to towns the ox- that Knos Cobb liavr lunvc In withdraw hU no. I"'"" of transporting tholr poor to Iho Asylum, titinn; firantrd. lty mm. on military afT.i r.. t "'" oMoniliiifr the benefits of llio actio other bill in relation to the militia, (doing avay with imligent porsnns than town paupers ; (ho amend, the enrolled militia, except in earn of insiirroe- I 'J10!"" vvnrt' aJoptOfl, and the bill passed, lly tion); laid on tlm tab!... lly mm. on built J'l.licmry com., in favor of bill relating to di bill to incorporate the A-ontnoy llmk at Wind-1 ordered In a .)! leading, lly com. on or: farts ftalod by sir Warner, t.nd the bill I agriculture, in favor of bill for preservation of was lust on tlm 'J I foadiug.-snbsonuontly this I ""'P- "V judiciary mm, in lavor ol Dill all vote was reconsidered, and tlm bill supported Ihorlzing hovcrnor to appoint a Comtnissinnor by Mr Hammond and opposed by Mr Webber ayes 1011. turns 8(1 ; the bill'thon hud mi Iho table, lly com. on agrirnlttirr, against petition for bonntv nn wheat, llv com. on road", lint it is inowiediont In alinr tl. I,w r.on -orniiiLf tho ! r1lni r r .1, .,,t i,r,.t n1i. 1 against assessing adjoining towns m the expen ses of roads. The i-'enalo came in, and tho following np pninlincntK woro made: Wm. T. lliirnliain,, (iurn ham 114, R It Itikor 71, II. Nult 12. seal. 10.) Chipuian Swain. Http't of tho Stale Prison. (Swain 12(1, Uiro 70, scat. M ) Itcv. Thomas Kidder, Chaplain of the state prison. The bill rotating to the militia, (this afternoon reported) was called up, when Mr Ncal moved to dismiss it, for Iho rcaon that there was not sufficient time to consider it as tho subject do served. Mr May opposed the motion and explained tlio views of the committee, lln said tlio great dif. Acuity of the present system was that the r n rolleii militia were required to do cither loo lit. lie or too much, and to obviate that difficulty, all services of this portion of the militia wore dis. pensed with except i'i cao of iimirroclion or invasion. The bill, however, provided for the annual enrollment of all persons liable to do du ty, and for returns to tin proper department, so that the military force of tho stale may he known and at any timn called out when required. Messrs Harlow. Stoddard, Howard, Whitte. more of M, and Rice of S, sustained tlio bill, when the motion to dismiss was withdrawn and the hill laid on the table and ordered to be printed. The hill providing for checklists at elections was railed up and ordered lo a third reading. 11UU Introduced. lly Mr Winslow altering tho term of county mutts in Windsor county, which wa referred to the members from th it county. lly Mr Porter assessing a tax of 10 cents on tho list for the support of government, making an appropriation for Ihe support of gov nrnnv'iit, and authorizing tlio treasurer to bor row a certain sum all which were ordered to a third reading. Adjourned. Satit.dav, Oct. 20. Senate, Reports From tho committee on education, a bill providing for the annual elec tion nf a town superintendent of common schools, whoso duty it shall be lo vi-it all the common schools in his town at Ina-t once a year, to ex amino into the progress, order, and government nf tho schools, givo advice to ho teachers, and generally to perform the duties now imposed on tlio prudential cutnmi'tee, by sec 11 chip 45 R S ; also providing for tlio appointment of a coun ty superiutendant, by the assistant judges of the county court, who shall viit all the common schools in the county, at least once a year, shall inquire into all milters pertaining to the gov crnmcnt, course of instruction, hooks, studies, and discipline of each school, and tlio condition of tho school houses, sii.ill examine persons of fering themselves as trackers, shall annually deliver an addict in eieh town upon tlm sub ject nf education, shall give an address before a oou my convemi.. , o leaencrs aiii u.. ,v u,o fn tlm nttr iinsn eh.ill iii'ii.-n : runnrl fit I n mil. learners anuuaiiv caned I ' , , i i . . . . dition of each school under rs s i, pervis on lo tho Statu supei-intcridan , and shall ever , , - I self in premole sound education, to elevate the , character and o.nliti.-alioiis .,f irachers, atid to nnniovo the nic.ins of m.-true.tion in scIiooIm of I , . , . , .i . .i 1 I.iu ..ritiiit, nlcn tirnviilini. I liit llin (iiivnrnor i shall r.v ntlicio be a Stale Siineriiiteiideiit. who :,,, u. ..o... niually si.b nit o Iho heneral Assemb y I. einbodvmg the reports or the county , tendan s, and all such n.H.rrs relafng j f li ill aniiii a report stitierinton 10 coinmon senoois as in: in iv o. ,011 -.;iii.-iii to communicate. The bill was laid on the ta. , 7,f , , . , . "7iH I mm Ike lhuse. To amend sec (ill, , 01 N,UA.S eiKlinent of tho act lo encour- chap 39. relating to writs of attachment again.,! "f" -!'"' I,r!"ln.(" i. " re ition to tho the Inldv : reforPrd to judiciary aiinmitfp. "" 1 f : "' ,'iv",rr0 : n,"1"1 nct JwrVwiW Hills. Appropriating a sum not I re '" ,h Uran(' j i-oiarally P'''!- exceeding 8:1,0(10 for the relief of UioinsineL ' ,e 'Hln'; of the benatc lo the bill por ; in relat to the Hutment of prirsoual ! f"r,.,, r'"-'f "' "IC l"S,"1 ''00r' wcro c"m:"r" """r10 I" I' "TH S3, "If I!', " 1 copies of Vt. Reports to colleges in this tJtate, i sumplive to Iho crown ol Hanover. P,A0'c'on..nnicatiot, was received from the ! L'""c,,rrC(l in I Gen Uniinski, who took so distinguished Governor, aiiuoiine.Mig that there was an iiiid's. Ucological Surrey. The Senate bill fnr a a part in the late Polish insurrection, at tributed bilance of the surplus revenue money Geological Survey was oidored to a !1J reading, tempted to cotnniit suicido last month at Spa, remaining in tho hatui-i ol the Treasurer, tine to iinorginiznd towns and gores. Adj.- I Hiium'. .'ugrosnv i' For the rr'ief of the insane poor ; tu--ed, ayes 171, noes 10. ! lief (ls. Hy general coinunllee, against .') bills in amendment of the grand li-t act; bills dismissed. I!y com. oirei'uraiioe, Senate bill , mt.ittiiir In roioouill r-ehools. Jaii! on the tabic. . ., , .' , ' ni-ii limn n.-in-i;iii(iinfn III o ut: rn.-iiieu UV il . I . 1 I , .1 rii lly judiciary coin., lull relating to divorce, (di- plurality ofvo'es, on iho third ballot, with 'the ' ih lust. . -mil nt daybreak the rulIuwniL' morn vorco may be granted when Ihe parlies are nnr- amendment that the ofiiecr shall forthwith close 1 l(" French Meet nppioached tlio English ried in this state, although tho cause for divorce 1 tlio polls, if there is no plurality upon said third , coast, anil the inhabitants of Portsmouth, lite occurred out of tho state) which was ordered , i.allot. Mr Read and Mr Camp opposed Iho great naval port of England, wcro curly on ,0.iI,f?''I.0',',"ljr" I atnenki ient, and it was lost. Mr Cahoon mov-1 Uio look-out for it, and made every noccssa- I ho Senate came in. and the following ap- c; , niPIi hy providing that if there bo ,, , rv ,iri.pllrll,IOn for the reception of thu d. pomlmont was nviilo : plurality upon the third ballot, iho freemen mav 1 ,;. ; 'ti ..;,;, Ool. Horace waiisworlli, iioncrai -ltli brigade 2d Division. I The amendment nf the Senate to the hill in addition to act relating In banks, for the dis. cnarge o, oonus or inorigages given ny itrec tors, nn rpitnin riliulil Inns. I vvnR ritnrltrrnl in. Uhecl; lists. 1 lie lull providing H, sts was opposed by Messrs Whillemore of M, Por tcr, llibbard and Warner, and dismissed The militin. The militia bill yesterday ro ported, was ordered to a !3d reading. 2 o'clock, p m. Senate, mils introduced lly Mr Head, fix ing times of holding county court in Chittenden county; referred to judiciary com. Also, in al trration'of chap 91 R S, to as lo make the own ers nf dogs responsible for tho sh?cii they do- ttroy: referred to com. on agriculture. lleporls. From com. on roails and canals, bill amending act incorporating Clianiplaiu and Con. nnclicut River Railroad Company; ordered to a 3d reading. mil from Ihe House. Making appropriations for tho support of government ; laying a tax of, 10 cents on a dollar on tho grand list ; referred to finance committee. Bills. To extend tho continuance of tho flank of Windsor threo years ; passed. Rola. ting lo the distribution of school moneys among school Uisincts ; ordered to ,id reading. Pro. viding that no judge shall sit on appeal in acase upon which ho presided at nisi rias trial ; ro fused a ltd reading. The House resolution, instructing our dele gation in Congress to favor a reduction of post, ago. was tasen up, and passed unanimously. Mr Iiriggs called up tho bill rolatiug to licen ses, and proposed to amend by adding sections, providing that innkeepers shall not sell liquors, to bo carried from thoir premises, and that ro. tailers thall not sell in quantities less than one pint ; laid on tho table. Tho sum fixed for li censes to, soil liquors was not less than $10. House. Report llv select com., against bill repealing all laws licensing tho salo of liquors; also agailist bill relating to innkeepers, &., as ann'her bill had boon reported ; both dismissed. Tho Governor transuiilled Iho report of tho committee appointed to examine Ihe papers col looted by Henry Stevens, Esq., and in his ines sae covering Ibis report recommended a small annual appropriation for Iho recovery of impor tant stale documents. Tho bill in addition to act relating to grand list, notice to bo given whoro now assessments or changes aro inane, was laKon up. ir now nnl moved an amonduient, requiring the listers . ! .1 I....1 I '.II .1... !.,. l .11. III OCSlgllcIO 111 U!tt rtpprrtitfrtl Iflll ill" rv.iiiii mr- tric.t in which each piece of land w Hitualrd ; adopted. Mr Sanborn of S. moved to dismiss tlm bill; motion sustained by mr S. and Whiitc rnore of M. oppord hy Messrs Rico nf S.. Uast ir,?s, and Howard, ami when tlir b II ij ordered to a third u '. A h to hold county court, in case supreme judge is unable, witli amendment perfecting the details, of the bill : liiil rcfiKcd a thin) reading. 18 to 8. lions' I'll!. To amend tlio act incorporating 1,10 -w oikan.l Uiamplam htcainlioat Com piiiv; rcfcrrcil to com. on rouls anil canal", I'heblll living the term' of Chiltonden conn ly uotirt, was (microti to .1.1 renting. An). Housr. liith dismissed To charter Trus tees of Vt. Annual Oonferoncn of tho M. 11. Church. 'Paving Vt. Central Hail Road Com puny. Altering chapter 8S U S. Report, lly com. on agriculture, bill in ad dition to the act to encourage and promote ag riculture, hill in addition to tho act encourage and promote agriculture ; ordered to ,'ld reading. Hy judiciary com , against bill in addition lo chap 110 It S, reducing the bounty on silk one half. Mr Winslow urged that this hill gave a sufficient bounty, while it would probably save S',000 to the treasury for the coming year Mr Stacy regarded this protection to silk a a very important matter to the state ; it is a busi ness wiiicli will succeed, giving a new and profitable branch of employment to tho people, but the lime has not yet come In withdraw so much oT tlio stimulus which the bounty affords. He was willing to reduco the bounty 25 per cl. Mr Stoddard moved ;o amend according to litis suggestion; motion lost, and the bill, reducing the bounty one half, passed to a 2iland;!.l read ing. Tho bill repealing the bounty on silk was dismissed. The Senate came in, and the joint assembly elected the Supremo Court as follows: CHAHIXS IC. WILLIAMS, Clif. Jusl. (itnan.) STKI'HHN IlOVt'l-', 1st Asst. (unanimous) ISAAC I'. KF.DKII'LI), 2d Asst. (unanuno is) MILO I1HNNKTT, 3.1 Asst. 'IJcnncIt 111, I.ius- Icv 79. 1 1' ltichardso'n 2.) WM HICHAM), lib Asst. (unanimous) The joint assembly then elected Directors of the State Prison, to wit : Aimer Field, (Field 120, Wm. Sanb-rii SI, scattering 3.) John Porter, (Porter 111, Win. S inborn 81, Daniel Biwcn 7, scattering 7.) Win. Sanborn, (Sanborn 122, A O Whit otnoro 75, Dan'I Donison 14, scattering .'! ) Capitol I'tmkhmeiil. Tho judiciary commit tee reported in lavor of tho bill repealing tho act of IS 12 on capital punishim nt, with a pro viso to exempt cases which have arisen undo." that act; proviso adopted, and bill laid on the table. 2 o'cr.ociv, r st. Sr.SATC. ll'pnrla From judiciary commit, tee, in favor of resolution to deliver a copy of each volume of Vt. Reports to tin; University of Vermont, with an amendment to include oilier Universities; resolution adopted, as amended. Also, resolution requesting our delegation in Congress lo endeavor to procure tho removal of .1 : r,i.f: . ..I t ..... lilt: r'L"rioiir' in iiiu vjiiiuit .inn iiui,.i viuum (j Sjy' t() loo lo llurliuglon and Montpolier; resolution adopt- i fioln N.l!l(,s s.() ,nl loy ox ' 'mil. For the imprnveinont of the breed of P"ct "l"'r W f Vesuvius The horses; for triennial appraisal of real estate ; crater is full of lava, anil the mountains and ordered lo reading. springs no longer give their usual supply ol esulnl inn. Postponing time of adjourning water. Cenoral Assembly from Wednesday to Thurs- 1 The Gazette of Tuesday notices tlio fur d.iy at 9 o'clock. i,r i)rnni"alioii nf Pailianieut from Thur.s- bi ,. , nf lgK . . ' . . o:i punihinciit, was nn tho table, (rhLv ju.hHary com., bill reducing the . J o . , crilMtip . ,,, , ronilm ..Mlucation, against bill providing kr . , ... . ' . ... . ... low ii suoer tj oiiui.s in m on s, a n l w .is t s . . ' .. - . ' i missed. lly com. of ways and means, bill rel.i tinj, ,n pedlrrs licenses (licenses from .?.! lo i ordered to 3d reading. Hy general com., . g , 5rai..l"lit ; Pip.1. 1 . j R B , . ,;.,,. t,, ., -nt. -.ri 1 ... Tho Senate resolution fnr .he distribution of ' :mw oo, ami ptsbeu. vij. Mon'PAV r.vr.MMJ. f-'t,TK. I'llition f)f tho trustees of Nor. wich University, praying that its nitno liny bo altered to Noithern Univcreity ; referred to a select committee. ; To amend sect 11, chap 1. nf R S. so lmt i. ...... .. i. i vote till such plurality is obtained; carried, and tho bill was passed. Tlie hill relative to common schools was called , ,,v M(, c Amendments nrooosed-llv Mr j narrott to provide that Ihe appointment of I .. . ii-.n mi JUIIIIItllllUlll IIU II Uitlllll , IMIIIUUt n ,.. r... .!. tlin frill-M ciinnrnilniii nn (.. ! I.i .,1 n.l I V.',lllr, Ml ll. LIIU III'IAHIIUIIIS IJI illiri oidiu I snperinienuant s compnnsalinn at HUD dollars per annum; carried, lly Mr Kcad, to strike out tlio clause limiting the maximum nl compeu satinn to county eupcrinleudants; carried, lly ihe ri-inc sun, far nnd near i us symmetry nnd beau Mr Camp, to fix their allowance at two dollars ! ,ifl11 workmanship, excited the admiration of foreign. - :., .i.. i:.. ... . i i, m crs, but to the Chinamen its erratic movements and a. 'ay including expenses; carried. lly Air , .J,. Vnrv,-K po-i:ion. tm.ntin3 north nntl then south, Noycs to empower tho towns of any county to j-,.SCr,a'y Casi and to-day west, were porten dispense with the provisions of 1 10 act ; lost. lly ' tons of evil: dark forebodings were raised in the Mr Rich, tint tho bill take eHoct from its pass- I minds of the superstitious and excited people, in ago ; carried. My -Mr Hrh"rs, that the Secreta-1 wbi. li nnuy Hoiik merchants nnd mandarin parti- ' ry of State bo State .Superinlondant instead of Iho Governor; lost. Refused a third reading, yeas 10 nays 15. j Ihirossed Hill. For the improvement of tho breed of horses; passed. JW from Ihe .'. Relative to divorce (identical with the Senate bill ;) concurred in. Adjourned. Housr Geoh'rienl Rurieii Mr Itirr of K ,. I. I, .1 Tm i 7'7T ico.'" moved to lay tho bill on Iho table and make It Iho ordor for Monday morning next equivalent .1: : 1 oi.:, .! ..... i i... t(1 a dismissal. nit, motion was sopporiuo ny living animals and natural curiosities : rolatiti to licenses lo pedlers ; passed. Adjournment. Tho resolution of th" Senate, postponing tho day of adjournment to Thursday 9 A M, Mr Dewey moved to amend by striking out 0 o'clock -lost. Tho resolution vcs then passed. Capital PunishmentMr Whitlemoro f M. called up tho hill repealing tho act nf 18 U! nn this subjnet, and the bill was ordered to a 2d reading, 87 to 65, and to a .1.1 reading, 00 to 60. Tho resolution from the Senate, relating In accounts of county clerks, was ordered toa!3d reading. Adjourned. Tueshav, Oct. 29. Sknatk Prayer by tho Chaplain. Tho bill relating tnlicnntes was taken up nn motion of Mr Rich, ;lfr ('amp moved to amend llio bill by providing that thu board of ennunis. sinners shall consist of threo persons, to bo an. nually olectedon Ihe first Tuesday of January ; carried. Tho penalties for vending without a licon-'c wero fixed as follows: For a quantity of tin fallnns nr nmm. R"fi. f,.r n Insa nimi.titv. , .-.. ",. " "7 . . . '. . 810. Tlio bill was again laid nn the table Tho vote rejecting iho education bill was re considered, and the bill recommitted to com. on education. Adj. Ileust". Hills from Ihe Senate In addition tn i rlnrirriog tbr ("honnli'ii nnd C nnrrti. 'it 1"! ver Ra '. -,.) r i,, ,i,v , rri d ' i i no Air liowarn am! opposed liy ftlessrs Winslow ' onuu, wimiiok .vnio io inoiii.iiiiiioiio oi and llibbard; ayes 60, noes 10.'), so Iho motion I tbopi-iple, deeid.d to taU .1 .wu iho nrn w, and for ...ol..t. mm ii .i i o,., I,., I III" purpose einvnved n nuniher of siilors.i while Ibex- was lost. I ho I) ill was then passed.Oii lot)'.'. w(,r t.nn),,, j t.ria ,,o lop-ninst of ihe H.j. IW'rosseil Jlills. Relating to exhibition of -mil: 1 ..- nml, i.nb, red round, firsl ihrowinL' stoin s. on roids. In amendment of chap (K) It S, rein ling to dirorre, refused a 2d reading. Fixnu time of holding Cliitlondon county court last I'uosd.iy savo onn in March and tho Too-day next after tho 4th Titcsdayin Sep'einbcr ; o dciedto lid reading; in addition to chap 01 R S; refused a 24 reading. Tlio resolution of tho Senate for the removal ol tho Circuit and District Courts to furling. Ion ant! Motitpelier. Mr Rico of S. moved lo amend by striking out Montpalior and inserting Womlstock ; carried, auu tlio resolution was concurred in. Adj. 2 o'clock, r M. t Scn'Atk. Report From com. on roads, in favor of tlio lull amending act incorporating tho New York anil Chaiuplain Steamboat Compa. tty; bill passed. From com. on agriculture, in favor of amending act for tho cncouragoniont ol agriculture ; bill passed. Uncrossed Hills l.mpir.vonng plurality to elect tow,, representatives on Iho !IJ ballot; passed, It) to (i. Providing I hat all persons, par ties or privy to fraudulent conveyances, be join- cm as (lolemlenis ; altering name of IVirwieli University ; Providing for triennial appraise ment ol real estate ; in addition to act incorpo rating the New York and Chaiuplain Steambuiit Company; severally passed. The Senate refused to concur with tho House In substituting Wcothtock for Motitpelier in the resolution for removal of Circuit and District Courts. The license bill was taken up, and the fol lowing amendment!) were adopted : fixing the price of a license lo a tavern keeper at S5 in stead of 810, to a wholesalo dealer at 820 in stead of 810, to retailers at SO instead of S10 ; lull ordered to bo engrossed to a !id reading. House. Uncrossed bills To repeal act of 1812, relating to capital punishment: passed, 97 lo 85. Relating to common schools, (for one or more school houses when necessary,) pissed. Report lly military com., against bill rela ting lo militia polls ; bill dismissed. The lull lelalive to tho election of town rep resentatives by a plurality, was called up, and, on motion of Mr Whitlemoro of M, dismissed. Tho House insisted on its amendment to the resolution lur removal 'of Circuit and District Con i ts. Adj. i:iGUT DAYS LATER FROM EU ROPE. Arrival ill Ilic Stcam-hlp (Jrcat Western. This popular and fast sailing packet ship nnivol nl New link Saturday evening, the 2(1 in!., bringing Liverpool dates to thu 12, being eiylit later than our previous ad ires. 1 lie news liioughl by the eslern is un i m I i 1 1 r ) I . The cotton tiiaikut was ipiiol nnd .stenily, Accounts Iroiii the iManiil.tclu ling Districts wen; favorable. Then; was u tremendous storm in Iie- laiul on I Ik; Stli and Ulhiust., in which sevr. livis wero lost. I'roUaulv tlio sumo storm which was felt hero on llie Gth. A Treaty has been concluded between France and Motorco. On lliuSlh lost. Dr. Symons, who was op posed I'V the L'useyiles, was elected Vice Chancellor of Oxfurd University by a voto . J J day, Oct. 10, to Thursday, the 12th of Do comber. The Pupal Government has rejected the proposition of an English company to con struct u railroad between Civita Vecchi nnd Rome. The King of tlio French, through his Ex- C(.1i(.ncv Count L C' ,E,,lor be' ' t be l.beri.t donation to I itour IMaiiburg, French Court of Rome, caused a ho presented to the com mission constituted in that city for tho pur- .,-.. r .1... r - . ... .i - memory oHIm crlebnileil poet Tasso. The Augsburg Gazette mentions tho prob ability' of a nialrinionial alii. nice between Prince George of Cambridge and tho Grand Duchess Olga of Russia one of the results of tho late journey lo England of the litis- m Car. Tho young Prince is lioir pre where Ho lias ueen tesiiiing some time in great poveily. Heing nriestetl for n trilling debt, lie opened a vein in each arm, nnd had almost bled to'dealh when discovered. Louis Pmi.iiM'n l.v England. The King of tho French and suite embarked at Preport for England on tho evening of tho Till-' HIOT IX CANTON. The New Yoik Evening Pot publishes the fol lowing Utter from China : Cantos, 2Cth May, 1814. On Ihe fi h irt-tant we hail a row wiih the Chinese, no foreigners lakini; part in it tint Americans. The new llii; stall' was ornamented with a vane in the form of an arrow, tril led, which rcllcclcil the rav of bonds who swnpn about Canton, whoso fears wero less e-.ciled than llieir hungry stomachs and love of plunder. .Simultaneously witli 1 tic appearance of the gilded arrow, caiiui dry Wenlber nnd a sicUy season net in. both in lluieity nut! eoiinlry, nnd lo the charmed arrow w as ascribed the deadly tli'ects of ihe cholera then The. attention of our consul, Mr. Forbes, wnsrnllrd men!!!. to the cireiiinstnneo hy n or very resneelalil,. , IJ.,,,,2 nieiclmnls, nnd lliey rrnue-lrd him to have the (ll1fat)W amoved i at llio .attie lima nppenred an . inil iniuiaioiy iihenrd, a-eribiiiK llio euis eiiuineralul 1 . .i i i i . lo ine ituoeu .iiiiiw, then rnhins in nnd ruttim; Ilic ropes, in consequence of w hich iho upiiint ennio down '"hv the run." The mob ran od'wiili ihu InlvanK Ac. linn brine wire- sislanec olU-retl, ibc luiuiill inrrtnsi'd, and I In ro was every oppeamnciilhat it would end in a not, when the lactones woniu ncauavKeii. Tliudc-tructivtj riots ol lSfJ besan in n iinilar man ner : no nimdnrins w ero now present to dispel the riot crs, nnd imnicdiito action was ucccess-irv. At this juncture our Consul, with a dozen Ameri cans, repaired to tlm square, nrined with uiuUc s and pistols j tlio moti retreated, I ut throw hai k a volley nf stones, upon which ono or two of llio more excitable of iho Americans fire ), wounding three of llio rioters but iho Consul restrained ihe men, usiti;; bis exer tions In confine them lo acts of a strictly defensive ehnracler. Tho -qtnre was now in possession of tho Americans, who reuniiie'd till four P. M., when nbout two bun. drrd toldieis armed walh Iho tunndariim. A sliabt tUirmi'li look plnro, upon which the soldiers, aimin; nt iho mob, fired in llwnir, nnd under cover of iheir shields, charged upon the Holers, who wero ilius dis persed. Fnrlv on tho followins morning tlio squaro was nsaiu filled with rioters, notwiihslnndinailiepresonee of the soldiers, nnd it was nr ecssiry ojrain lo raho the Il lu-smlT, that the flat: might be hoisted in front ol the Conr-iilnip. Tlio Anierirnns nRnin turned nut with miis'.rls, clenred the rquaro in presenronf the Mandarins, nnd remnined on uuard till all dnnnurs wero repaired, the topmast of Ihe Ihi-dnfrrnised In its place, nnd the Hay oneo innro nnfuilrd lo ihe brrra Mr. Lay. tlio l'ritish Consul, nppreliendniB trouble, b-vl . ni o Wlinnipoa for Mnnnest fifteen were sent - 'i I- ii mi i r i-i . ' is a i'i 1 1 s . reserve in ea the Americans wero overpowered t but tliti Marines were not called out The Has being again in its place, Iho American' retired from tho square, and till remained apparenlly quiet. Tliorcsiillttndoutiteilly produced a good effect nn tlio Chinamen, first in sliuwina tlieni that the Americans wero ready to ropeet their prejudices i second that thoy wero ready nnd quick to defend themselves when attacked. , Many of tho inot rcspcetablo of tho Chinese- have expressed their approbation of Ilia conduct of the Americans, coiisiilorini! Iho interference of tho mob unwarranted, and their attack wanton nnd unprovoked. NATIONAt. WHIG TICKET. FDR PRESIDENT, or KHXTUCKY. FOR VICF, PRF.SIDF.NT, TIIE0. FREUNfl IIUYSEN, or xr.iv JunsEY. EM3CTION, TUHsn.VV, NOV. 1. FOR F.I.F.C'l'ORS, .Tnlnt)IAII II. IIAHHIS,? .,,,. .ioiiv risen. " ''irgc 1st Dist. CAI.VIN TOWXPIiliV, 2d Dist. i:m.o tiooi.tnci:, 31 hist. Hi:..I.V1II V StVIKI. llh I)is. Kit VSTU' IMIHIIAMCS. FItlDAV MORNING, NOV. 1,1841. ELECTION! "TO THIS POLLS!" ON TUESDAY, NOVEMHER 1 2TII. lie prec'ulcd irlli giintl trams, nnd let nn man stay at Imme on arrount nf Ihr rain, or for any other rcasnn. I. it E V ERY VOT V. HE I'OLLICD, and Locnfuroism will lake, a " tall defeat." Remember, oni.; iini: wr.r.K ritoM nt.xt Tor.sii.w. VERMONT ELECTION. Thu election for Electors of Piesidenl and Vico Piesidenl in this Slate, takes place on Tuesday, November twelfth, one week from next Tuesday. Wo exhort our friends to coma out one and all, rain or shine, with the same zeal and spirit as if the whole issue depended on the result of our vote. It has been hinted that the Locos aro on the " still hunt " and enter tain the hope of catching us napping on tlio 12lh. If such is the fact, (and such things have happened) let every whig voter bo al his post mill do battle in the good cause from this time till the election is closed. Muko no allowances on account of tho overwhelming defeat of the enemy in September ; like eels, they sqtiiim after they are put into the fry ing pan, and therefore need to ho watched and taken euro of. Let us have 29,000 voles out for ilr. Cl.iy, and then let their " lllllt " bo " '" " r nnis,' i.ic, !" please. It's till one to us, if wo do our du ty, nntl go, every man of us TO THE POLLS. Thither every consideration of honor, duty and patriotism calls us impera tively. Whatever may be the course that our sister Slates may think proper to pursue, il is for iniconqiiored ami unswerving Whig Vermont to maintain her piotid position, without turning to tho right or left, nnd un

moved by every "wind of doctrine." In the daikest hours of tiitimphant .Tacksonism, Vermont kept the faith untarnished and pure, and when tho storm had blown over nnd the sunlight of political Until again dawned on tho nation, Iter banner it was, that foremost in the onset, led on thu truops of freedom to battle and to victory. Whatever then may bo the issue of this momentous tiiul, let us seo to it that the Whig firo burns brightly among our hills, ready, if victory should fail to crown our of. foils now, to reliinio tho extinguished torches of nor sister States, when another day of conflict shall arrive. Wu owo it to ourselves, to our history, lo the causuofgood government, to rally with determined ener gy at the potls on tho 12th of November, and roll up a triumphant majority for Clay, Fic linghuysen and the Constitution. Let it not be supposed that we doubt the issue. Wo do not. We cannot permit our selves to doubt the result of a trial beforo thu American people between Clay and Polk, between Whig principles and Lncofoco prin ciples. We have elsewhere given our belief as to the details of tho result. Hut we wish only to urgo thu consideration that tec ought not to bo intlucnced in our vote by whatever may happen in other States of tho confede racv. TO THE POLLS THEN, VER iMONTERS ! TO THE POLLS ! ! CALCULATION. Mr. C iv and Mr. l illmoro will cross Cayuga bridge with 15,000 majority, and il Silas and Polk can rake up as much as that on thu East sido they will do boiler than any body believes they can, unless limy get at least three thousand majority in the Cily nnd County of Now Yoik. Whether such thing can bo dono or not, must bu decided by the result of tho Locofoco fiauds which aro on foot there. A lair ligiil will give us 1000 majority in the city and county, and of course settle the preponderance in tho state A few spoonies, misled by Argus bragging and Plebeian bluster, have bet on 10,000 for Polk. A fow days will show these gentry that they havo pinned their faith on poor teachers. Our own opinion is that the ma jority either wny on Governor in New York, will not much exceed five thousand, though on President it will probably go higher. Wo ask ton thousand plurality for Mr. Clay, i nd can't takoless till tho votes are counted I'coplo talk about majorities for this man or tint, win n it ispr' jb'. lint in half tlm northern states no man will gut a majority at all, A plurality elects tho electors in most of tlm Stilton, nnd when people speak of ma jorities they mean over the principal oppos ing candidate, nntl not over nil. Ry tho way, speaking of Now York city reminds tis that tho Plebeian tins just found out nntl begun to acknowledge that Mr. Clay is not so bad an enemy of naturalized citi zens, but on tlio contrary, nfter nil the slan ders of Locofocoisni on that head thesn ma ny years, ho is, s iys tho Plebeian, quitn nn ndvocato of tho rights nntl privileges of for eigners. This sudden change in tho spirit of the Plebeian's dream, has of course no con nection with tlio existence of thosoitgly cus tomers, the "democratic natives" who bother that paper nnd its brethren so sadly 1 Oh no I of course not ! It is only that the Plebeian is a little pricked in its tender con science nbotit tho wrong it has dono Mr. Clay ! Good soul I Mr. Clay ought to feel grateful ! Doubtless he docs, nnd it may bo that such tardy justice rendered at a timo which makes its appearance seem so disin terested, will do him great good among the naturalized citizens. The Plebeian certain ly must havo intended it so, and wo ore obliged to him for his kindness. Next week we shall learn what luck Mr, Slamm has had in thridding his way througl the hot ploughshares. Wo aro afraid wo shall have a rueful account of burnt hoofs. THE BEGINNING OF THE END. Tho groat battlo is no longer future, but present. To-day is the timo of the first on set, and the shock of the conflict mav bo heard among tho heavy columns of Pennsyl vania and Ohio. In one event this day's doings will be decisive of tho result. If, as wo firmly believe, thu State of Pennsylva ilia casts her (doctoral vote lor Mr. Clay, tho wink is done, and tlio struggle over. If, however, she shall prove that she has forgot ten lier tuny ami Her interests, and given her weight lo the sc. do of fine trade, annex iliou nntl l.iho uYmnrrnrv, we shall thru turn with hope and confidence lo the mighty strife pf I ucsd.iy next, when New Yntk de dares her preference helwnen the candidates ofi'eied to tho choice of tho nation. Upon these States together, bangs the issue of the battle, and wc uiu-iu-tho midst of the solemn decision. lo-niglil, in our opinion, thu Union, by tho casting vole of Pennsylvania will havo sot tho seal of its reprobation upon iho disgraceful scenes enacted at Baltimore on tho 29th of May, nnd washed its hands of II participation in the finud there attempted to be palmed upon the people. It will have announced its determination to reward with its highest honor tho great statesman, who in thu dark hour of trial and difficulty, was the main pillar of its hope, the strength and support of its victorious arm : the statesman who from thence hitherto has made his conn try's weal his guiding star, and '"ho, more all other living men, has contributed to extend the fame of his native land through out thu world, and to nerve the arm of strug gling freedom in every climo under the sun With him Las our national brad, wo 'give mo woild nssiirancn of a man" ; man whom thev know and honor none the more for tho possession of official station a man whoso name presents itself first of all lo the memory of him who turns his eyes westward to our glorious land, in search of those among tho living who " weio not born to die." Our next paper will probably givo our readers iho grand result of thu conflict. Enough returns will probably como in from New Yoik and Pennsylvania to show wheth er wu aro to bo blessed with the joyous lea h iliou of our hopes, or bo defeated and dis appointed. In iho meantime lot our readers keep as cool as possible, and await the ver dict of tho grand Inquest. HOPEFUL CASE. The " Coon Hunter " a little six by eight sliooiing-iroii printed at Woodstock hy the gifted Charles Grenville Eastman, and filled with small wads and mustard seed, after ex horting its victorious brethren to get their Polk votes ready against tho I2thof Noveni her. says " the only thing then remaining to bo done, is to put 24,000 of them into tho ballot box " I If that remaining thing is n't a tough job fur Polkatery in Vermont, then wo are no judge. Al thu late election that hopeful par ly polled u little over twenty thousand voles with tho name of Daniel Kellogg, a resident of Vermont nt their must head. It is now given them to put in nearly four thousand more voles lor a free trade, ami tariff, pro slavery, annexation, small pntntoo locofoco away down in Tenncsseo, where by two sue ccssivo verdicts, the peoplo who knew him best declared him to bo no fit man for Gov ernor of a Slalo ! Locofocos of Vermont this is your stint, this your labor; and only twelve days given you to do it in ! With majority against you of between thirteen and fourteen thousand, you arc requited loin ciease your vote about fourteen per cent ! You will then, if you are so lucky as lo suc ceed, ciime within four thousand of Govern or Slide's vole! Veiily, llio prospect is cheering nnd wo can Wit wish you joy of it. MR. BIRNEY. Wo havo had liltlo thus far to say sinco our election to our old fi ionds w ho havo join ed tho Liberty Party, respecting their votu on tho Presidential question, becauso wo wero convinced they would mis. interpret our motives, and had made up their minds as to their course. The lato developments ..r m. it:-.,,...'. ,.,,,,,.,;,... ,t. r ,r U i-li. uiiiiii a .uiiiibvii'in Locofoco- ism have of course astonished us, and wo have taken it for grunted that our Liberty friends knowing tho facts, would mako their own conimonls without our aid. How they could , . ... , , , . ' J vole lor inruuy uuueir iiiu existing stale ol things, without abandoning their principles, and especially tho Whig principles which they mostly still retain as ecMd'irv to aboli- lion, wo confess wo could not ami cannot ve ry well see j but wo supposed they know what consistency was ns welt ns nny body, and therefore left tlieni to reconcile mullets in their own way. We havo just received the following letter from n gentleman of high standing in Roch ester which shows a strange state of things. James G. Birney the Liheity candidate for President, lecturing in n " Young Hickory Cabin " looks queer enough, especially nfter nil the grief that has been poured out because the circumstances of his nomination hy tlio Locos of Saginaw, Michigan, wcro publish ed nnd commented on by the Whig press. Wo conless our surprise at this, and wo call attention to tho fart that Birney in his speech there admits that ho was nominated at u reg ular Locofoco convention, and that tho story so industriously circulated by tlio Locos, that the nomination was brought about by Whig management, is merely a lie. Let every man, every Whig liberty man, read and make his own comments., N. Y., Oct. So, 18 1 1. IAMBS G. MIHNnY AT TIII3 YOUNO IltCKOItY CA1JIN. JAMES G. 11IRNEY. the Abolition candi dal for President of the United States, is now speaking at tho Youno HtcKouv Cabin nn rront street. He arrived in town in tlio i! o' clock train from tho cast, and immediately re- paired to llio (Jatim, where a crowd had been expecting him for some hours. I ho whole bur then of his discourse for tho two hours that I havo been listening to him, was an attempt to .lfi.. I.!. !.! : I... ... iiuiiou ins iiuaiuoii in ruiai uti in ii s nom mat on to the Legislature of Michigan. Ill answer to a ouestioo tliat one of the audi ence put to him, " Was you nominated by the regular convention ol llio party!" bo replied, " No nounT of it !" Ho then took up a copy of tho Detroit Free Press, and road an article sotting forth that ho had been uninitiated through Whig influence. I Ins ho showed to he UTinnr.v false, declar ing at Ihe same timo t lint ho hail boon riomina ted by a majority of 17 to li in the resular Dem rralic Convention, which was constituted in thu usual manlier. ours in baste, PENNSYLVANIA WHIG ! Although on state' questions and with tin' aid of Sinink's "rent personal popularity and professions of friendship to piolection, the Locos have managed In get off with the lean majority oM200 on Governor, thu voto on Congressman, wlicic national politics were llio test of orthodoxy, the Whigs and Native Americans together havo polled a majority against Polkocracy of47Sl! Here aro the figures; let every man read and then niako a guess how Pennsylvania is going as between Cl.iy and Polk. The dif ference between Stale and National politics as shown hy the vole, on the same day, is over 8900 ! Belter " guv' em up !" Districts. Wilis. f.o"o. Districts. g. Lorn lit, GO.ti 27)1 I3lh, 7312 71 2d, 3d, 4th, 5lb, Hill, 7lh, 8th, nth, 10th, lllh, rih, 819s mi 5011 r 72.U fiO'l 910 3iI3 1I0 42Ti -.? 7fi2l Slj3 oOOT 7307 7fi07 72fit 7700 llih, 15th, lCib, 17th, lSth, 10th, 2(lili, 2kt. 22,1, 2,1, 21l!i, 7015 CilO soot S207 G570 6110 KtfiO 7S-9 503 fi'233 0311 7101 fit B 190 7S(il G-.IO Sc'i GI2I 4l7i 110.' ' GOiO 5127 ' Total, 5530 G(i7G G2G I.-9(i:rt 133,815 us an VERMONT ASYLUM FOR THE IN SANE. Wo perceive by the annual Report of the Superintendent of this Institution that il has steadily progressed in its good work, during the past year. A large proportion nf the un happy persons given lo ils-charge have been sent homo to their friends quite cured of their afflicting maladies ; and it needs to bo ob served that the reason why many more have not been also restored to reason, is (hat they havo been stifiorod to renriiu insane too long beforo being committed to tho Asylum. From our knowledge and information in re gard to tho mode of treatment, and course of discipline at this Institution, wo aro convin ced that every victim of Iho fearful curso of insanity, wlio"o caso is within the reach of euro by human agency, can bo restored to reason, under the humane and judicious care of that excellent man Dr. Rockwell tho Su perintendent. He ha succeeded in many casts supposed incurable, and wo advise all who have fi ieuds or acquaintances of unsound mind, to lose no time in placing tlieni under his care. A voice rnusi Onto. The Whig Slate Central Committee of Ohio, thus conclude an animated Address to the Whigs of thai State. Heed it, Whigs of the Green Moun tain Stale, ns mado to you : Whigs of Ohio ! On you devolve a groat and solemn responsibility. Vou havo just corno out of a contest with your banners unstained. The shouts of the country, from the St. Johns, to the Sabine, aro now heard "as tho voice of many waters" ascending to Heaven in gratitudo for the noble victory you have achieved. Tho work however, is not yet complete. Another battlo is to bo fought. The enemy is is the field. His forces are thoroughly organized nnd spurred on by iho hlingin; lash of recent discomfiture and defeat, the leaders, teeing the spoils the (iod of their worship receding Irom Iheir grasp w II fight w ith dcsporation Iho most mtPiM-e. We again admonMi you lobe on the alert. Watch well every post, a not taken by sur prise. Let not a uiDmont bo lost in thoroughly organizing your lorees. While any re til mis to be done, 1 1, ore is no safely. Impress this trulh on llie mind ol every voter in cierv tinvu-liip and in every school district. Action is now the word. J,"t ibis bo Iho watchword akini' Iho whole line, and all will be well. He true to yourselves, inula d ly nf triumph, glorious and final awaits you. Arouse yourselves. Organize Organize. Without instant and en. crgctic organization, defeat baco and inglori ous will bo yours. Sleep not on your posts. The citadel of your hope, and of Constitutional freedom, is in danger. Will you bo true to yourselves 1 What say you J In llio ii.itnu of I'hilanlhrophy and tho Rights of Man by tho memory of tho sainted heroes of tho revolution, anu the solemn duty you owo to that posterity, i. ...nt i, ,.i.i ,.,, ....,.,. ii.i.. r- i.a,.,,;.,,, to them unsullied and unimpaired the glori. ' oua inheritance ynu now enjoy, we call upon you ! to como to tho rescue of your Country and its violated Constitution. MunocR of U, S. Troops. The Lancaster (W, J'.) Herald, of the 12th iost., says :--"We a'a n a" 2MT3 arr"ieJ al V'rT (In Chion, from Fort Snellmg, with news of the murder, by a bind orhoosatong Indians,Uen of Iho detr.tchmcnt of Dragoons lately scFm from Port Atkiiifon. foi the nurposo of ferreiintr ouv i no perpetrators n tno laio muruers to inai quv'ov XI3W UOAI)MEKTLG. Pursuant to previous notice, a meeting of citizens was held on Saturday last, lolioar Ihu report of llio Engineer employed to sur vey tho roulefrnni Underbill across tho Green Mountain to Stowe. After being duly or ganized. Hon. Wm. A. Gntswoi.ii in the chair, the Surveyor made his report as fol lows : Tho following Iteport is submitted nt (he- remiest of the Itond Cotmiuliec : An examination w-ns mmln i,-nt, il... . r Iclermintn'' tlio feasibility of n rnul ul,.l, min onen n tnoro direct commumrniirm l,,,i,...., ,!. ..,,- cm declivity uf.Msnsn-.ld, with the mijiccut country, nml Itnrllltntnn. , t tin .-l.. .1. ? f tin- valley, fechn? tho nccesily of such a communi cation, proposed nnktntra road to lend from the town ol Slnwo through Mansfield lo tho settlements in Un derbill, upon Iho west side of the mountain. Tho roan was constructed, Lut rrom iho little attention paid to selecting the most feasible location, Ihe erodes wcro so steep as to render it quito impracticable for tho pasai;o of loaded carriage'!. Tins load has grown up with in second growih of timber, nnd Iho object for which it was undo is still unaccomplished, only so far as it Ins furnished n path for Ihu towns men u,.,ii timer mie 01 mo mountain to pa-s nnd re pass on foot. Commencing nt Stevens' .Mill, nbout two miles cast of Union Villnee, tho 'old road' runs mtitliwist nearly parallel to, nnd distant two miles from, the southern spot of Iho 'Nose.' It follows tho summit or a ridsc two miles, which is from two to three hundred feet ahovo tho branches of llrown's river, upon either side of it. The first mile it attains tin (Icvolion of G30 net, by erodes varying from a lc,.v,''Ll? 6 0 ,ccl m,le- Tluro ' ""m a descent orlOO feet m EO rods, from which point it rises unin terruptedly to the summit, which is 900 feet above tlio mm. I o the cast, tho descent to thn (In is nt the rate of nearly 1,000 feet to ihe mile. Tho great disparity which characterizes Ihe grades tliroiighuit Iho road, rendered it quite unfeasible, white llio elevation to bo overcome would prove no obstacle to iho construction of a good road, were it so located that the grades might be uniformly distrib uted through its whole cxlcut. With ibis object in view, n second route was examined, wliii h, commen cing nt the same point, and keeping in tho volley be low Die obi road, gained the summit nt tho "lea House,' 200 feet below iho other road, hy ono uni form rade of 20 feet to the mile. Tins docs not ex ceed ino grauo ot man street in Iturlington, for ono mi o from llio Lake. From the Ico House. wl.iM. i. ,00 feet nbovo tho .Mill, there is a descent of 115 feet in 10 rods, to the level of tho sttenm mnniim -,.. which it follows PO rods wiih n rlic.-nt rr 90 r... . tbenee -100 rods to the ' Heaver .Meadow' by a grntlo of about 121 fee t lo the mile. From this point Iho descent is very gradual lo tho town of Stowc. The fu st nh'tnclo appears at the summit, where tho passage through the Notch is obstructed by roclis de tached from a perpendicular ledge upon the South. They have accumulated in this narrow dc hie until tho ileccni to iho first Hat for 40 rods, is D00 feel to tho mile. This mav be ovircnnio bv an excavation in the r ii ks i f "0 f ct in length by 23 feel in depih. By 'mis dm i. iiliiiig ihe elevation nt ibis point from 115 feet to t'Ofeet, rind extending tlio grade from 40 to 60 rods, the dceent will bo reduced to 10 feet to ihe mile, which fills within the grades of mnnv roads in New Kiigland. The amount of excavation will not exceed 720 cubic yards which may be lemoveil to form llie road below for $00. The second and last grade which render-, llio ro.ul in the lent drffi 'It, is comprehended in the mile west nf the Heaver Mead ow. Tlio di.'tauceof this, however, tiny be incrciiscd so as to cs-i. niially alter the character of be grade, nnd I ring it within mo t if not nil of the roads in the male which pass the mountain. All the features of Ibis lat route are more favorable than the one which wis once nbnndoned. Il follows the North side nt the valley tthcren southern exposure is secureil; tho e.iMci grades aro upon ihe west side of Ihe mountain, which will be n-eended most frequently with loans; tlio most diiri.-ull grades ore at iho base rnther llun the summit, which is nlso mo-l fnoraide lor Ihe pas sage of loaded carnages j die summit is not so high bv 200 Icet. while the grade- are more extended nnd uniform nil of winch circumstance- render it n pecu liarly feasible route for a mountain rornl. J. T. lil'NI'DICT. Whereupon resolutions were passed as follows : 1. Iltsolrtd, That in the opinion nf Ihe meeting thcltoad through .Mansfield lo stowe ought lo be opened. 2. Itaohttl, That the cnrnmii'ri" appointed on ths -Ol h Seplemb'r last at the meeting held in the IVoich of the Mountain", eoinpo.-ed of persons resubnt in the ecral towns inlcrts-rid in the opining of ihu road, be requested lo take such nica urrs bv raising subscriptions or ollurwiseas thev idmll ju ce best, lo seruro its li-iiii; une'e, nn I that, early and thon uglily. 3. AVorcr. Tint the r, Onrl irth..'iirwe,r. t..nAa nt thi meeting, be published in the village new mantra tojteiher wnli the p'oce'idrngs oltho iiKiimn. Mr. Renedict brought nwav from tl.o mountain specimens of Granite, some of which he polished, and may be seen at his office or at the store of Mr. S. E. Howard. This rock ahaunds, and can bo obtained at the foot of the mountain on this' side in any qu itilities wanted for building, thus saving forty miles of land carriage on that brought from the present quarries. It is of he dark and best variety of Granite. Various enquiries wero made of the sur veyor by members of llie meeting, the answers to which served lo elucidate his report nnd to show the feasibility of ihe roule. With regard to the road lo be made either way from llio Notch, ho was asked, what would bo the expense of making ? His an swer wa,lliu usual expense of a road through the woods wheio the oh.sti unions are few, which he regarded as S2,o0 per rod. He was asked if in computing llie grade willi Main St. in Iiurlington, he referred to the street as il is, interrupted by tho hollow, or supposing it a regular rise. His answer was not as it is, but supposing ihe ascent to be regular, thu ascent of the mountain being re markably even. He was inquired of, as to tho nature of the soil, and replied that it was well calculated for a good and dry road. With regard to tho rocks to bo excavated at the Notch, ho was asked if ihey were solid or loose. Ho replied that they were loose, and in twn parcels, thus facilitating their re moval when broken up. A blast put into a largo rock threw it into pieces, showing that gun powder can bo used in breaking them up to great advantage. Ho was asked how this routo would compare witli others across the Greon Mountains for difficulty, and answer ed that he regarded it as the easiest of any within liis knowledge and that he could hard ly conceivo of an easier route and get crow tho mountain, nnd for beauty and romanco it was not equalled. Thus it aiinenrs that bv making four nnr! - one half miles of road, the whole valley lying east of Mansfield mountain may be brought into llio neighborhood of the Lake, anj Stowe and oilier towns which aro now about ns unknown to tho inhabitants of Burlington as the far west, may beconio us near and well known as Georgia on the North, or Vergennes on the South, places lying as far oil", and with. which wu are all familiarly ac quainted. The committee referred to in the second resolution, it is understood, will, be foro long, bo called together, and it is hoped that they will have well considered what to do and hit on tho best plan for raising tho means to mako a first raloTurnpiko road, which, when mado will bo the chosen route to Bur lington ol the wholo country to bo accommo dated by it. Iiurlington, 2Sth October, 18-M. Tho terrili'd "democracy" of New Hsmnshire di- obeyed a constitutional law of Congrers, and refused to district their S'nic, fur fear the Whitf would get PAIR HAT. 'I don't wonder," siid a whig the oilier day, "th Jlrt .olIl sholli,j he for ,n(.utn,0 protection, II a ll i- '(T ' '-tr" S (i-zttte

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