Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 1 Kasım 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 1 Kasım 1844 Page 3
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mar A I'lCTlJim of Si,.vr.ttv. Tho Ntnfulk. Herald of Wmlm-stliiy Ims n ll!rr frinit n friend in Clnirlolln, Vn., of tlio 9tli i list, wliifli tlio editors introduco to their lenders ns "Very interesting j" it relates tu tlio con dition of llio planters in consequence of llnoo successive ' liiid years." Tlio lettei says! "Tlio pales of negroes continue) nt every Court day, and it is to lie feared will continue for sonic time. As many as seventy wore sold at tlio last Cliarlotto court, and I loam lliat a larpo number willla sold at Uucliintjliiim Court on Monday next. Tlio public, roads (,'ivo evi. denco of numerous ualcF, and largo pangs nro wending their way to tlio South. I mot a gang of seventy slaves on Thursday las', anot'icr of thirty the day after, and on Sunday n third of twenty or thirty. A hundred in a single pang passed Charlotte court !miii' two or three weeks since, bound to the South. 1 ppoak of whit lias passed under my own obscrinllo'i. If 7'e.vas were annexed, or its independence guarantied by us, or tho great powers of Europe, I have every reason to believe that tho sticam of caii pration would flow In that direction ai full ns Uen. Waddy I liompson, in his first letter to tlio to the National Intelligencer, predicted would be the case. Another series of three succes sive bad 'years would deprivo Virginia of one. third, perhaps one-half of her slaves. It would bo well worth knowing how many slaves have left tho state during tho last two years. Tho number would almost e.scocd belief. Thousands upon Thousands of Wlilgs In HEW YOltK. Tuesday, 22 inst. was n proud day for the Whigs of New York. Tho cxtensivo pre paration mndo for tho miglily Muss Meet ing was only equalled by tho Thousands and tens of Thousands assembled from City and County. Boston, Rhode Island, Connecti cut and New Jersey sent their multitudinous delegations from tlio river Counties. Goor geous banners floated in all the public places in tlio City. A mighty procession was form ed and terminated its march nt the Park nnd its gathering thousands found themselves in tlio area in fiont of the City Ilnll whom three stands for Speakers had been erected Cassius M. Clay was among the most dis tinguished and applauded Speakers. INFORMATION WANTED. The New York Journal of Commerce, a Free Trade, locofocn paper, made a direct charge, a few days ago, that the Catholics of Boston went to the Custom house in that city and demanded that Mr. Ilogan "should be turned nut of office, as the only condition uroN which thhv wnm,i votr Tiir. cratic tickut !" Mr. Ilogan has been dis charged and tlio story put forth hy the Jour nal of Commerce has not been, to our knowl edge, denied. There arts some frcrbortt protestants in this country who would like to know if the charge is true. Marrmgr in IIioii Lirn. William M. Merrick, Esq., of Maryland, son of the Hon. William D. Merrick, U. S. Senator from that state was united in wedlock on last eve ning to Miss Wiokliflo, ono of the daughters of the Postmaster General. The nuptial ceremonies took place at the resilience of the father of the bride, in this city, and were at tended by a large party nf invited fiiends anions; whom were tho Cabinet o Hirers, the Mayor uf Washington, nfllrers of the Arniv and Navy, Sec Washington Standard. ' Latpu rnoM ISuc.vns Avnns. The barque Chancellor arrived nt New York, oil Sunday, from Buenos Ayres, which place she left on the 22d August. Copt. Beaunois states that when he left, things remained ns per last account'. The brig John N. Gois ter, from Philadelphia bound to Montevideo, when offlhat port, was seized hy the IJuenos Ayrean squadron blockading the port. The U. S. sloop-of-war Boston was immediately despatched to the squadron, to demand her release. Tho brig Catharine, from Balti more, arrived the same day, and entered tho harbor. Canada Ei.rctions. Tho Elections to tho Provincial Pailiament urn proceeding nioro peaceably than was anticipated. The Canada papers have returns of 12 Conservative or Government members elec ted in Upper Canada. I Radical or anti Governnient, and 1 doubtful. In Lower Canada 10 Conservatives, 13 Radicals, 2 doubtful. The number of members to which each Province is entitled is -12. Tiir dale at I'itfalo. Tlio Buffalo Commercial Advertiser of Monday evening estimates the property destroyed in value al 8230,000. The water rose to an height altogether unpreceden ted. It was thirteen feet higher than on the evening the gate burst forth. Coroner Harri informs u that he has held inquests on thirl v eight persons. Tlio nunibct will piobably exceed filly. B 5 fl, In Willislon. Oct. 23J. Eliza, wife cj Sardis U. Pine, ind daughter of Ilufus Walston Esq , aged 21 yeara. In Lebanon, N. II., on tho lGtb inst., Dr. I'ASEncnsT, at the close of his 8 3th year. Ir. I", was born in Plainfield, Conn , hut in early i-hildhood, bis father removed, with bis family, to Hoyallon, Vt., then a frontier fcltlenicnt. In 1777 he wss at the surrender of Hurgoyne, beina among the militia of Vermont, known at that time howecr, ns the New Hampshire grants. When tho town of Royatton was nitaclud, and inanv of its biuldiutts burned, Oct. 10, 1760, by a party of three hundred In dians of various tribes from Canada, in attempting to alarm the people on the caff eido of (he river, bo was shot by the first gun which the enemy fired after they cnUTcl the place." Tho ball enured his back, went through his body, came out under bis ribs, and lodged in the skint but itintmh lima oifritf unnm(i(l l,o rode sixteen miles, supporting tho ball which was of extra musket sue between his thumb ond fuiRcis, nnlil he reached tho bouse of ihonenrrst surpesn, Dr Hall, by whom it was extracted. This wound gavo him not only serious inconvenience, but even posi tive pain to the last ; nnd by a singular coincidence, lie died on the nnniversary of the da), tho lCih ofOe tober, on which be received it. Finding himself thus unfitted for the labors of a farmer's life, bo turned his thoughts to that profession which bo afterwards fol lowed fur nbout CO years wilh so much ddigenco and such a widely extended reputation. Dr 1'. was a rel- cw ui w luin now ten mil. no inu in u n i i iv if ihousht, word and mnnnrr, almost wholly iinatlec- n l.u ,lirt nhnnfrpa nf mrirtnrn sncinl ininrnvpnipn! i i krrninir un me nnsn uauiv oi a new v sen en riends anil naucn s. mil. II mav trulv no salt , to nil. or ms nenri was laroe anu warm, nnu io ins unwii' ingness lo refuse a favor, may bo escribed many ol hnso heavy ostesnt rirotieiiv to wmcn no was sut- jeetcd. Asa physiciin, he wns known anil highly valued throughouta ery largo circle of practice. His quick perception and to mil judgment, being moro than a counterbalance fur any deficimcyin medical science, sinco bo was skilful, cxpe nenced and success ful beforo the estahlinhment of any medical school in tho country! and no man in New Knglund proba bly has ridden nnrqual number of mile. As a citizen lie wns ever desirous of the public rood i and though prevented tiy his profession from assuming public re sponsibilities, be cheerfully sustained bis proper bur dens, and paid largely and willingly for common in terests. Ilia political preferences wero influenced bv bis Revolutionary rrmenihraiices, and wo may even say prejudices. Though Im might bo consulerod n deri- i nartv muii, ,,w mn u Mmui. unu n he received tlio iionornnio appointment ol (Jen- nexpectcd as uuoii"ht for. As a neighbor, many testify In tho Iricncny iiucumi ne umn, nnu iiih fiiTiern lin rpn,ierpil t for hp never rtliiseit tune or agin or money, wnerc ms 'innc nm utvucu, nnu .. i .. ... i-1 i Ilin lown of inun, in which bo rci lr 1 fititji llic lime he coiiiiiiincod In profession In Ins death, had nnununiii cnusu 10 Honor linn ns a wormy ami alua bio mlnliiinnt. Without beinff called fl tirnfesscdle' rrlimnsa limn. Dr. 1' slill felt and ncliiiowlcdgcd fii oliligtlion to fear Rod and work righteousness. I la was always n willing supporter of religious institutions, and was oppose) to niiyiiiiim wlucli Ho thought might weaken or mcriumw' litem, An nrdent friend to liberie, rrlitrinn n well n on litical. any encroachment nlevnvs nu-nltmi'd in Imn nn iuihniintion which wns freclv cxtirossn . And while his faults, like some of Ilia excellencies, nroso out of circumstances anil nmuenccs, of winch tho present cciiciuuuii iuiow uui nine, nc wns, in iruiit, mm no bio work of find an lioncst man. Dr. I". married early, ond liecomo the falhcr of nino children, for whoso comfort and iinpinvemeiit he la'nrcd with an a loctionato diligence. All nf llirse, wilh ihn except nun oi one, no tniiowcn to me grave mol nl them in mature life! mid by tluir side bo In id hi long love IS and aged paiincr, but tbrco vtars since, nflcr a con. tii'vioii of fif y -even years, I'cw of his contcmpnrn rie. arc left to tell his o.-irh strii-rnh-. hi nniirintr nn. tivity, Ins prudence nnd economy by which lie nc ipurcii in pro peny, or mar generous wiu to niuigc, by which he lust so much that was enrned by enro nnd loil t still, tho large concourse of relative, neigh i burs and friend", even from tho adjoiniiigtow ii", who ns-cmlited lo lav the old man down to his rest, siifli I eientlv te-tificd bow widelv he was known, and how truly bo was tifpected. -A". . Patriot. FOR NOVEMBER. GRAHAM'S MAGAZlNi:, Lady's Hook, Arthur's " Lady's National ' Slliinan', American Journal of .'Medical Sciences, Christian I'ninily Mniazine, I.itlell's Living Age, Nus. 23 and 21. Merry's Museum, &c. &c. Received bv Oct. 23, Ml. V. IIAllltlNtiTON. RUB HE 11 SHOES. LADIK.ST Jlclnlic and Plain Rubl cr Over Shoes. Men's do do do do do ('lii'dreii'B Plain anft Tig'd. ilo do do Upper Missouri IliifTilo Robc, Kor sale low by S. M. POPI2. Rurlington, Nov. 1st, 1811. I'l NEW GOODS AND NEW 'FASHIONS 'tutf rr. t' "it A.X- ru3 MRS. M. FRASER HHS just returned from New York wilh a full as sortment of l''ahioinlile MILLINKRV GOODS, comprising Silks, Silk Velvets, Ribbons, Plowcrs, lVathers. Laces, Oymps, Fringes, Collars, Crnvatis, (tlovcs Mitts nnd other articles to numerous to spe cify. Alio, all the Latest Fashions fur CLOAKS, DRF.--SHS AND HATS. Also, a good assortment of Mull's, Hons and Neck Ties, all of which she will sell for a small advance on cot. October 31, Ml. 22 If cash T).ID for IlUCKWllKAT. at Rhelbitrnn Falls. I II. vhi:f.lf.r. Oct. 30, 1811. 2iw3 S A N D S' S A It SAP Alt 1 1. L A , FOR THE RLMOVAL AND V RMANFNT Cl'ItK OF ALL I'l-HAH-.S AltLSLNC FROM AN IMITRF. STTi: OF THK MLOOD, OR II A HIT OF TIM: SVSTI.M. IF wc read the hi-tnry nf ntsonnr.r.s we-are aton-i-I.e'd thai men live; H ofi uni.s, we aio lill moie :isiiiuilie I that tln'v die. And yel in fact ni'arly all distM-e-. ha'-e a cnintnou or'gin, viz: in the oriiraii' which iirepaiu an I inixlifv the libiod. with a remedy. ilirec'e I to the e,at of di-ease, will remove n ho-t of il piie-noinona. tt is the e harai'icn-lie nl Sand's S.irs.ip.iiill.i,ibit it- -can hincoucraii m re'arli es the CAtsi nl i!i-e.i-e, nn I Ihe eure it perform nro lliere'oro and tliornnuli. The health of the hiinnin h vstt-iii depends alnint entirely upon the state of he blood. It the vitiilizing lluid which per va lc every t i-tie, every ini'inlir.tiie', litre', lilainen', Slaiul, or (iiber organ firimary or u! .idiury; ifthe body e charged with ilieeleiiients of disease, siek-ne"-' inii-t leJliecoji en eni-e', nud imiil the e.ur.s of di-ea e riisnna in the I Im, I, are eradi-ateil, mi pcrunnt'iit relief can !o rxpecte I. llU hfrethai the tiowerful healih-re-lorin i pn perlie'sol Sand' Siii'mi paril'a are in iiiife-lel ; nn 1 lor this reaeui, in scro fula, Salt Shcum, and. all eruptive diseases, as well ns in nil deranirements of the tcereling organ-, it is eiin-iilecril infalhl le. The f HowiiiC iutere-ting ca-c i pre cnted, nnd there-a leriuviliil to it fateful pe-riiMil, Coniuieiit ou such evi.!eiieei?uniie''f'sarv. Nf.w-Vork, July 23, 1611. Me r.-. Sand : Cent I l ou-i ier it but an net of liislice to vo i locate the fci'lowiiisr lae m refeieneo to ihe jieal 1 eni'lit I have itveiwd in 1 lie cure of an olMiimto CANCKnues Ulcr.a on my breast. I waatte'iidel e.gbieeu month by a regular and sl,itfd physician, aiied by the advice and ci-un el of one-of 'our inot nb.i; and exierieneed Mirge-mi, wiilinut the le.i-l I enefit wh.veter. All ibe v.iriu is iiie'ihn U it treating cancer were re-orinl to; for live wick m s h'iv ion my I reast wa- burnt1 1 w uh to. tic ihrev limes a day, and for six it wn daily t-ynuned with a weak solution of nitric arid, and ibe i .ivily or uli er was -n larg.' that it held over an evince of ilic-ohi'mii. The Doctor probed tho ulcer mi I examined the bone, and sai l the di-ca-e wa-a I-Viiii'-iiiu- ra ii lly to the luiiirs, and il I did not pel pcritv rebel by iiiedii'iiie er an operation, there nit wiiii 'I In1 1 w-a-alvi-e'd tu hae iht lnea-t la'd (iii"ii nn I tin- lone- examined, but linduig no rel'i'f (rum whal hi 1 ! ecn done, an 1 feeling 1 was rapidly gelling w re, 1 nlnio-t I'e-paiieil of itvovery, eW si It-red my c ie nearly honeie. Set ing various tes'iuiouial and e-erlifieales of cure by tbeu-c uf "Sanhs' SAnsAi'AnlLLA," iiv i aes sim ilar to my ivn, I concluded to try n few bottle-', sev eral of which were ticd, but froni tho long de-ep se-at-edt'hai'aeiereifmydisea'e, preibiccd no eery deciikil ehangej e-on-idcring this a- ihe only pro! nine, cure (or inyea-e', I per.-cvcred, until tho deea-ewas en lircly cured. It is now over eleven moiilli sinco I be cure' was eonip'eied ; there is not the sli'.'lue-t np-pcaram-eof ;i return. I, therefore, itronounct mystlf wei L, an 1 the cure entirely effected by " SAsns' Sah SAiARILt," a tool: no other medicine of any kind during the time Iicas usiny it, nor hare I any cince. Plc.wexouethis liingdel''edge inenl, wliu h I think it my duly to make. Your val uable Sarsapanlla e'lirexl me, w ith the blessing of Di vino Proviilenee, when nothing el-e e enild, nnd I feel my-elf under la-ling obligations to you. I can say many thiiv-'s 1 cannot write-, nnd I do mot respect fully invite ladie afdii'ted a- I have 1 ecu lo call upon me and 1 will sati-ly theui fully nf ibe truth a stated above-, and many oilier thing in refere-nce to the eae. NANCY i., SIB Sullivan t. The following U an extract lrom a letter recently received. Oali.atiw, Temi. Feb. 27lh, 1811. Messrs. A. It. if' I). Sands i (es'tlkmex I have iu-t rvce'ived a letter from my f.lllu-r in lfuelvi'le, Ky., who wMie to iurch:u-e, some iif your Sarsapanlla. I have no doubt he ran' bo the mean ot selling a great deal, ns it h.ts per formed n wonderful e-ure ill bis fimily. Last Dc eem'er I was sent for to seoiny si-ter teloreshediexl, she having 1-i-en in pi or health for some two or three year-, and at Ihe time I went over to see her, she wa at the point nt death, with I lie scarlet fever, and a eunccrou affection of the bowe'l, from which her physician thought she could not poibly recover. I carried over with me a bntile of your Sarsiiparii'a, nnd wilh the consent of her physician -heconinieiiccd Inking it that night. I remained with her three days, and left her rapidly improving. Her husband sent n boy home with me for mote of the Sarsapanlla, I sent one dozen bottle which 1 I clievc will elect nn entile cure. My fathi-r write me to that elleet, and withe through me toVrocure an ngeuety for selling your valuable medicine to that reigliborhood. ltepee!fully, J. M. OWKNS. For further particular nnd eoiiclus ve evidence of its stiiieTior value nud elTieney, seo pamphlets, which may I eobtniued of agents, ginlis-. Prepared nud sold, whole-sale nnd retail, bvA II, & D. Sands Druggists nnd Chemi-ts, 71) Fulton si., New-York. IM3CK & SPI3AH, Apothecariesnnd Druggists, nnd Geo. Peterson, Agems for llurlingttin ; Clark eSc Coflins, Monipelier. Sold nlo by Driurgists ge'ne rally ihroiighout ibe ITuituil States. Piico SI per bottle; ix hollies for S3. g3f-Tho public are re-pertlully rcque-teil to remem ber that it ia Sand's Sarsapanlla lliat lia and i con stantly achieving such remarknble cures of the mn-t diiriftille-lass of ili -cases tu which the human framo is S'ibjtvii therefore) ask lor Sands,' Sarsapanlla, and lake no either. NEW COOTS AND SHOES. riMIIS day rccchcd, nt llio Massachusetts Hoot i- and Shoo Store, 2 doors nbo"o Lovely tt Sey mour's, n new supply of Hoots and Shoes, of all kinds usually worn in llio country, consisting of tienlH I'u.irse boots, Calf pegged and lino sewed Roots, l!oy'si boots nnd Gem's and boy's lirognus; Gent's velvet slippers nud calf pumps; Ladies' Gaiters and halfGnnirs; lliiskius, slippers, nnd Toilet shoes ; Misses Al children's llootees nnd shorsi Women's laco lloopj Of nt's Rubbers i Ladies' Rubbers, plain lined and lurbound, which will be sold low for cash orgooapay. a. uitv lo. Iluibngton, Oct. 21, Ml. 21 tf Clove Anodyne TOOTIt Ai lit- I'ltl'il'S. AN IM iMLDIATI; AM) I'URFb'.CT Ctllll;. 'Ilio'ewliohavi! fell Ibe painbil llirobbing nnd cxiruein ting pangs tifilieiliseaeshnoling tlirnugh ibeir nw wilh mol lor tne'ntiiiB tiersevcrnnce.nnd n it is ofu'tt ibe i n-e, have received but lillle sympalhy from friends on ni h oi'i-nion, will nn doubt I e much plcam-d lo of u reinedy that will never fail to quiet lor ccr the unmerciful oden dir. The Clote Anmtyno is the bot i f all toothache rcniedit". It it iiuinedi.ite and certain in lis e:!ccis, curing llio iuol violent teiothacheor pain in Ihe gum in one minute. Lxperience has proved lliat lhi Anodyne composi tion wi I give immediate nnd perinntient letiefnfler Ibe failure of every oilier remedy j it i- plcn-nnl lo the taste and smell will not injure ihe teeib nrpiiins in nny way, nnd a few npplicn'lion will cnlire'y remove the pain nnd nieno liom n decayeil tooth, o lliat it may be filled an I reiidenvl as u-eiiil n eter. When the pa n proceeds from the fair, or fioin the gums around n loath apparently oiind, tin npplieutiou will guon speedy icliefby rubbing n fowdrop on the pari eitt-eied. Pi teo 3.1 cents. For snlo by l'l' CIi i SPKAIt, Apothecaries nnd Druggists, llnrbngton Vt. 3m22 David I.ewli' Instates STATIC OF VI-.ltMONT, ) TN Prol ale Court bold Lamoille Di-triet, ss, j X cn al Jnlin-on within and for said district on the 231 day of October, A. D. 1811. LYD1A MAVIS, AilnnnMrntrix on the c-tate of David l-ewis, I tie of Caml ridire, in mid dilriel, tie ceateel, presents her administration account lor settle mcnt. it i onlcred that Ibe samel e referred lo a Probate Court to I e holdeu at the Inn nl W. S. Mereh in C.iinl ridge, on ihe llh Morality nl Nnvemher A D, 181 1, tiir examination nnd nllowiincc, and thai nil e'ohecrned be nntilie'd hereof by the publication of disorder in the llurbngton Free Pre-, primed al H'irliiiglon in Chiitendnd Co.iuty, three week" siie-ecs-sively lefnresail lime of hearing, that they may ap pear if thev ec cause nnd obieol thereto. lly tho Court. C. L'YNDII, Jr., RegUtcr. 22w3 A NEW SELECT SCHOOL, MISS. S.VH VII IIUJiTINGTOV, Instructress. SCHOOL Room near the comer ofPearl andWh'te' Street. Lcsnns given in Fieneh, Mezzotint Painting, nud Pcule-graph Drawing, if reiiie-lcd. Terms Mode-rale'. Oei. 23th, 1814. 20G MISS C. RANNEY WOULD respectfully inform tho Lad es of Hur lington and vicinity that she has just returned from New York, with a rich n-sortnicnt of WINTER GOODS. of the latest styles, consisting of ready mado BON NF.TS, and the latest fashions for DUE-iSUS AND CLOAKS, which she will make in the newest styles to order. A largo variety of Fancy Velvets, nnd plain llluo mac too. : oiiies. oi nn kiiius: itiouons. oi tic new est styles; Plumes and Artificial, together with Cap Tabs, Knglish and French Rouchcs, Hullion Trim- iniiL'n, eve. tc. - Miss Ranney has removed frem llio shop she for merly occupied, to the new brick building, opposite Mr Doan's, on Colleuo St.. and would lender her thanks to her friends who hillierto favored her wilh their intronane. and solicits a continuance of ihemme nt her now shop, a few rods from the one she former ly occupied. liurnngton, uct. 21, 20 tf GLOVES, CAPS, &V. TI1F subscriber, gintcful fur past favors, would re spectfully inform his friends and cu-tomcrs, nnd the public generally, that ho still continues lo supply outers for GE.TLEAIENS BUCK GLOVES, OF ALU KlSDS-l.lSEl) AXI) UXLIXIW. Having in bis employ the well known workman, Mr. V., Tracy, late nf Monipelier, who is unsurpas sed in his line, he will be able to furnish articles of the very best q lahty. ALL KINDS OF GE.VJXKJlIhVM A A I) LAD'S GAPS. M.nn ix rut: iii:stmaxxj:ii. EAST INDIA G R A;S S MATS, Made to order. 33-Dcilcrs will he supplied wilh Cloves and Caps on lavorable terms, nn application to tho subscriber or to II. . Catliv, llnrlniglon, Vt. Windsor, Oct. 23, Ml (20- trj L. TRACY, Jr. MISS. MARK HAM, iI I L L 1 N K It . S nn rtt'irnel from New 'nrk w lit fioi.ik nn-l l.'.tcl,- lon ol tl.e laie-l and ino-t ap proved st) It-, lor ll-innel-, Cup, ce. Shop on I Inl'ego t., sign ol the Hand l!n n few ren's easl of tlie Cinlrl llittio Sunn re Mi. Hunt, Drc-s Maker (at Jli-s. MarkhamV Shop) has icecived from N. Y. new Fashion lo ui'cs-e, ejtoau e.e. Oct. 2 lib, 1811. 2 1 II DOMESTIC GOODS. BROWN and bIear-lu-,1 Shi-eling-, Marine.' Shin ing, Canton Flnnnol, Ticking-, Cotton Yarn, Wicking, li.ttlmg, Wadding, etc. ce., (or ale low, by s. m. poi'i:. Oct. 2.1, lsjt. 21 RUSSIA IRON. (T IlI'Nni.F.S Rus.ia bhtel Iron, r or sale I v VILAS & NOYLS. On. 21, IS11. 21 Mew Ooods ! II. W. CATLIN, Y KSPF.CTFOLLY calls tl.e attention of purcha XI ser to Ins new anil a..eirriiieiit nf rail Dry lionu ami. nry urne-ene-, jiM receivtd at his stoie, Strongs' Building, neaily iiijio.tte J. & J. 11. Peck tV Co., nuiong whien iu.iy'1 o lound CLO VK'. DIIIWS, and FANCY OOODS, comprising : Rich Dres Silks, Rich Shawls, Velvets, Ciape., Ilninliazines, JIt-rino.., Alp.iccas, C.i.i, lie Laines, Ca.h De Lco-se, Repp, Cashmere, Mans, du Uiines, Itich LuMrc, Cmghams, Calicoes, 8.000 fard.s, very rich si vies. icn ria Plaids, Ailghan Satins, Ilo iery, Glove. , Handkerchief, Cambrics, M.nslins, Crat ats, Gimps and Fringes, Persian Plaids. a lso A large a-sor!incnt of (me and superfirc WOOL C.AItl'UTINtsS, some choice patterns, and tury low. I.liien Goods. 3-4, 4"1, C-1, 7-1, and 8-4 Dalna.k Diai)er, Sheei iugs, Shirting lmcns, of the mot npiuovtil fabric nnd (ini-h, lrom very low lo siitt-rfiuo for cullHrsj 5-8, 3-1 and 7-8 Nn kins, while mid colored damask, Doyles, liu.-ei.i Diapers, Scoteh do, Cra.h and Huck aback Toweling. I'lanncls, Of every width, from 3-1 lo C-1, nnd all qualities-, red, yellow, and while. Wool elu., ble-aclied nnd un blcachi'd Cotton do., Salisbury lig'd do, nnd Plaid elu. for f.tcing. v Wool Cloths. Plain blae-ktt blue bl'k, Ca.simere., Mixed do. Fancy do, n large va riety, 0 4 Fr. Cassimercj, Doe Skin, Cadet Snliaets, Mixed do. Plaid do. Fr.- bl'k llroadclotlu, Illue Black do. llluc do, llrown. luv. Green. llroad Cloths, V, Grey llioadclolhi, Illiiek Denver Cloths, llluu ll'ack do. Inv. Gri-en ilo. Ilrowu Heaver elo. Plaid Tweeds. Itbiu elo do, lll.iek Pilot Clolht. Illuu do do, Domestic Gas. itnercs, Dome-tic Gre-y Cloths, Domestic Flaiine-ls, Doineslie Satinets. Drab, Cudcl, d'k inixM, Cottons, &c. 12 Rales Shee-tings of every style and lexture, 5-1 Lawreneo do., 7-8 line Ilro. do. 3-1, 4-1, and 5-4 bleached Shining', Heavy Tickings, Apron Check, blc.iehesl nnd Itro, Cotton Dnllr J Halting, Wadding, Wicking, Yarn. Shoes. New York S'ippers, French Welt Tic, FrcusJU Slippers, flHsffid I'll.KIII, Hrwell's Ties, Slip pm, lliiskiii', Walking Sim's, half Gaiter, and Children's half Gaiters, Gents. Pumps, " Goat shoes, " Thick Hoots, Fur trimmed nnd lined Rul her slu es, now styles fe r Ladies. Gents, Rubber shoes. li.rwri Children's Slippers, I Chddreu'a ilo. Wishing tu ninUi all who call upon me regular cu-lomers wilh tin object in view, great eare and mention ha been given in soleciing ilie above named (iooels, which for variety nnd U-autv of Hye will not suffer m t-oinparison with any ever I efore ofle-red in tins market. II. W, C. llurlui'-'toii, Sept. 27, 1811. 17 JJXTHACT OF LUNfJWORT. Tn. . M&lX Tin: only cuiti: for CONSUMPTION AND LIVER COMPLAINTS. the aUHSTioN si:ttm:d. A MONO Ibe multitude of medicine nnd 'e-ure XI nils' which nreilaily palmeil nlf upon the un-ii iK'Cling, people so ol'len get di-appointed, llintlbey hardly know what to I e-heve when a really iiivnlua. ble meilicine is lir-t iiilristuctd into ihe eoiiimiiully. The medicine which we now bring belore Ihe pub lic is a compound not invented in a dav, bit' the ma tiiriiiir eif ve'.irs of reflection, on nil ili-cases which tiaea tendency towaids CnNsUMrxiox. Complninis of Ihe lungs, ebc.l, nnd liver, seem lo nrie from our varial lo climate, most dangerous to the iinnlnt, and tho-o of naturally weak enu.iitutioiis. Dr. I.aiboi's A'egetnblc I.ungwcrt IS of the mo-t I'Mranrdniary naturo in its operations upon me system, uoiu oi tun complaint nt oiii-c, nud no matter how long tho pulmonary oreon Mimptivn patient has I ecu stu'eri.ig, ifthe i-ombtion of tho lung" i such asimt to he nb-nlutely ineiirable, Ihe Luugwnri will eradicate every symptom ol dis ease from the body, restoring one as it were nernin to life. For tins re.i-ntt, people w ho have pulmonary e-omplamt should carefully select lint remedy at first which will cure', if there can be a cure. The Lungwort will do this, ifheallli is to I c restored : nnd the proprietor hesitate" not In say it i the sale-st me'ihi-ine in thownild lorlhose tmublcdwilh couoits nnd corns, uneiNciiiTis, wtinortxii rotiait, asthma, NtOHT SWr.ATB, nLKFOINO AT THE MINGS, OPnir.SSION ON TUP. tlli:ST, llllFtCCl.TV OK nnEATlllNO. Atn:c- tIonsop Tin; Lit cu, and pulmonary complaints of everv i inn. We have not room lo publish (he nninernut certifi cates til e-ures, but nil nru referre I lo a u edical pam phlet lo be had gratis of any nl'ihi Agenls. C. J. ltOOUVULTr Sole Proprietor, 27 llrnadivay, Albany, For sale by l'KCK & SPEAR, Apothecaries am! Druirei!, Burlington, V. 1 j-2l STOVE PIPE. I'S.flA, Kmtlish and Canada Slove Pipe. Xi. For.nloby VILAS & NO YES. 0,1.21,1811. 21 MA TC1IUS. r( Gross Matclie-, fur sale by VILAS f. NOVF.S. Oct, 21, 1911. 21 (J ocenes. HYSON, Hyson Skin, Young Hyson, and Sou. chong Tel.! I.naf. Itrnw., ,..,a ....o.. I'orl Rico nud Mu.eavado do ; O'd Java. Rio. nml Cuba Collee, Cnenn, Milnc, Rice, (iinser, Salera tus, Pepper and SjiK-e, Clove-, Nutine-g, &e. &c. ALSO, U inter Siramcil Sperm Oil, lor sale bv , . S. M. POPK. Oct. 23th, 1311, 21 WANTED. WANTF.I) in cxrhanze for Good., Table Hutter, Grev Cloth. Flnnn.-lu ALn n,..n It.... Oils, l,v 'Si Jl.'roPIC. Oct. 25th, llU. oi Flic Land of Israel, 4 CCOItDLNG to the covenant with ABRAHAM, r. wilh ISAAC, and with JACOB. Hy Alexander Keith, D. D. 21 by A. F.DWAKDS. Drtiwinir

Hooky. TDK Litllo scholar Diawing nnd Writing, i.'asy Li-uiis in Land-cape Drawins-, do do Animals mid Itu. tie Figures, Drawing hook nf 'frees, Smi'h's Linear Drawing, Shaw tmerit'nn Land.eapo Drawing book, Smith' IJIeuientary Drawing bonk, explained in n eries nf ca-y progressive Lcsons with Lct IcrPre. Insiriietion., Drawing boo1.- ol Fruit and Flowers, by Mrs. Ann Hill, author of enibeli-bincnts lo l'lora's Dictionary, Oxford Drawing Book. 100 Plitcs, -1 Hy A. KDWARDS. SELECT SCHOOL, .Ills'. I,. IJ. STACV 17H.L I'oiiimeni e her winter term on t the Gib of Not em! er, to continue 2 wis k. ore experlcu in enter at the coiiiiiii-nceincni of the term. Tuition. I iigh-li, S3.00 French, oi) Drawing, .apn School Rnniu one door west c,f Ihe room formerly o'-cupieu oy .in., iianney'. simp, up stairs. Iliirlmgloii, Oct. 18, 1811. 20 Tailoring Kslatillsliment at (lie I'alls, W. McSORLISY. "YT7'OULD respectfully inform the inhabitants of t iiurimainn i-aiisniui vicinity, ihat he has taken the shop occupied heretofore by P. Cnllan, where ho intends to carry on the Tailoring business in nil its various uranciies. l rom Ins experience in llio busi ness in the principal cities of F.uropc, as well as in this country, ho can assure all who may favor him with their patronage of having their garments cut and made in llio most fa-hionable style of workman ship, and on reasonable terms. Culling done to order al short notice, and marked for others to make. All kinds of produce received in payment for work done at my shop Accounts to P. Callan left with me for collection, on which immediate payment is re T'ncd. Win. McSORLF.Y. llurbngton Falls, Oct., 3. 20-6 N. II. Oliver's New York and London fashions for fall and winter of 184 1-5 now on burnt. Cash I'aid lor Sheop Pelts. CASH, and the highest price iuid for Shee-p Pelts and Shipping Fur by ,. VILAS & N0YF.3. Burlington, October, 17, 1814. 20 JAMES K. POLK. SPLKNDID of Clay, Polk, Frelinahuy sen and Dalln,. Price 2J eenl, for sale hv n , SAMUF.L HUNTINGTON. Oct. 10, Ml. 20w0 NOTICE. mitr! stisosriiinr li.a Tn- .-).. . X 1 Lumber Waggon, with cast iron axletrccs made of tho I est White Oak. 1 Lumber Waggon, wilh wrought iron axlclrocs 1 linn lln.DA I iimkn. 11-.. .'. i "ui'iuu .tllgUU, 2 Ono Horso Pleasuro Waggons. Tho above Waggons will ho sold cheap fer Cash or Grain or exchanged for good young Horses, or Wood. 11 VVHITN'FV Ilurlinpton, Oct. 12d, 1844. ' 2Ut ESSENCES Jfc. Of GROSS n..ences, Assorte.1, 0J 5 do Hritish Oil, ' 5 do Opodeldoc, For sale by n. . VILAS fit NOYI5S. ..'. ,1, I oi J, 20 COTTON THREAD See. 90O kll'S:. Coiton Thread, rssorted, yJJ y.i ilo Linen do 300 dnz. Spool do 50 do Roll Tape, 200 do Slick do Fnrsaleby n , ir ,c VILAS fli NOYKS. Ocl. 17, 1841. 20 COMBS. .P.n ,)0Z- Side Combs, UUU 150 do Twist do 200 ilo Ivory elo 75 do O. nnd Fine do 75 Gros Wood Pocket do 10 elo do Dressing ilo Ef "'B''V VILAS tV NOYKS. Oil. 17, 1811. 20 DROWN SHEETING. 1 K UALF.S llrown Sheeting, J 1 Case Bleaches! do 1 do Tickings, for sale Inu- hi I'll ih c. V VILAS & N0YF.S. Oct. 17, 1811. 20 DANCING SCHOOL. CtAltl.OS C. It.( IIEI,I)i:it would respect. ' fully inform the citizens of Hiirhngton nnd-tbo aujoining towns that he will cngago his scrvires the, Spanish dan ces, (luadrilles nnd t!ontrn dnnees, in tho latest and most fasliionnhle styles, on tcasonnble terms. He will nlso furnish tho best, Intent and most im proved music for Balls, Cotillon Parties, etc., Ac, at the shorlc-l nolice. Having taken leons of Mr. Geo. Saunders, n well knnivn lenchcr of Dancing, from whom he rrcrived Ibe following recommendation, ho feels confident of being nblp to give the best satisfaction to all who liny wish for his services. Il will he seen by Mr. Saundcr's ecrlificalo that he has given up the business this sea son to Mr, llnchcldcr, whom be recommends ns wor thy of ho patronage) of his friends. Ilurlington April, 2."tb 1811. This is tn certify that Mr. Carlos llnchcldcr, the benrer nf this letter has been tinder my instructions boih ns n Violinist and Teacher of dancing. 1 there fore reccommend him In all who mav be in wnnl of llis Services 11 bcinrf flllle roninplcnl n. n Vinliniet nml 1'eachrrof Dancing and Walking. Also, ns a voting genlleman oftnornl nm steady habits and ono who may he relied upon wilh perfect safety by nil wilh whom he may chance to meet. I also give up the uuaiiiis i oio, 1110 coming season. Most rcspccfully lo whom it mav concern, , , GKO. SAUNDF.RS, Violinist And Professor of Waltzing nnd Dancing. 20wG NEW GOODS. C? M. POPF, has in. I returnee) from Xew Vork Ot w-iih a good nortineiit nl Sniplo Dry Goods, for .... . ..nn,-! u ,,-iv, (iio-isiiiig iii pan oi Wool dyed Black, Illue, Invisible) Green and Cadet Mixed Broad Clolh. do du ilo Dot. Skin, Beaver and Pilot do I'lainnnii rnney i;as.tneres, Silk and Win den Velvet Vftuig., Plain nml Fig'd. .Valin do Silk nnd Cotton Wnrp Alpaccas, Cashmeres, Clnsan-, Bavarian, Medora and Or leans Cloths, Ladies Cravat, Gem's, elo Gimps nn I Fringes, 3-4 andfi-t Plaid wor.t,, Good", Ilro. Hollands, bro. Table Cloths, Blk. Holland ('anil rif, Hosiery, Gloves. Ac. &c. The iibove with many other gnes were purchased nt ino present reuuecu prices anil will be sold as cheat: as the cheapest. Ilurlington, O. toler, 2.", 1811. 21 VltLAS & NOTES. Successors to VltTiAS LOOMIS Si Co. XtrnOIiKS LK Ica'er3i'n Koreisn nnd DoincMro - - 1 lun, 1jIIII9II, I.II--I.I, tlll'l rTlinniln S ii1l Irnn Imn Wli.,. V... Bl . urir tmiiii. t ,n inm.. i.-..i:i. :.. .1 nml Holt Cojiper. Sheet Load nnd Zinc, nml mnnii- MOKILLO .NOVF.S. Ilurlington, October, I8U. 20 SU AFTER AND PECK, Attorneys and Counsellors al Law, Anil Solicitors In riianccry. -LUIF.S STc M. SHAFTKR, WILLIAM W. PECK. Peck's Jluildings, Xo. 6. 20w3 M- G- Q AT SIB UN & CO DRAPERS tV TAILORS, No. 2, Peek'. Building, HAVE rclnrnesl from New- Vnrk wilh a superior ns-nrtincut nf CLOTHS, CASAMF.ltES, nnd VESTING..", together wilh an exteiuive as-ortment ol TliLM.MINGA Also, Do-niii., Collars, Tailora' Crayons, JIea lire., Ac. etc. M. G. Katiibo,-, C. F. Wjinn. Oct. 17, 1841. 20 SCHOOL BOOKS. WAVLANIVS .Moral Science, Plavfair' Euclid, Fu-ler's liiiiik-KevinuEr, Gre-e-nlcal' Arithnic tic, Andrew's Lalin Iteader and Le-son.. SnnliiK-lc's Greek Grammar, Anileui's S.illu.l, Mr... I'liclp.' Pldn.ophy, Obnysiea I' Plnlo.opliy, .Newman'. Itbc- inne, .-iniin iiiiiuiieiie, imvii'.' surveying, i oop er's Virgil, Coiustock' Philo-ophv, iVe. ,vc. Inr ale by SAMUEL HUNTLNGTON. Oct. 1C, Ml. 20G FRUIT. APPLET both fall am! winter fruit of the choicest Grabs, by the I nrrell or bu-licl ; Quinces, (Jr aimes, I a-iitiiri, KaWii., Figg, Date., Confectionery, .S'woct Potatoes, Ac. A7so, Oy.ler. by ihe I'nrrell, Kegg or hundred i rtlii'.lnnl. Wnllnnlo ...;....!. 1 1 p.. Ml.. M..I .....I , ,.-... .i.Ki, iiuk-i ii dull Pea Nut; Snda and Bo-ton Cracker., if-e &c., for .all, nl... ... I.,. , 111 . , I - , . . rU1v.m.,,.,.iJ u. IJUlll, Ilurlington, Oct. 10, Ml. 20uiG Feathers, HCNS and Gce-e Feather for saleliy VILAS & NOVES. Ilurlington, Oct. 17, 1S44. 20 COLORED CAMBRICS tj-c. I CASE Blk. Cambric, L 1.1 p.. Sibs-h, 10 do Red Padding, lj do Cnnva.., , 1 Case .Maiu-he.ter Ginghams, 1 do I ri -Ii Linen-, fir ..ale by VlLAS if- NOVIS. 0 -1. I", IS 1 1. 20 ALPACAS tj-c. "- PS Silk Warn Alnae.i J 18 do t'nnnn do do 2.1 do French nnd English Merino, 10 ilo Fig'd .llpmc, for sale al low prices bv VILAS &. NOVIZS. Oct. 17,ISII. 20 BUTTONS. QHO fi''HSS Horn Coal ll ittens, JJ 73 do do Over Coat do 300 do elo Ve-t do 75 do Gill Coat do 125 do do Vest do 500 do Pant do 500 do Shirt elo For sale cheap by VILAS & NOVF.S. Oct. 17, 1311. 20 WRITING PAPER. Rr-'AMS Hnlt-tl Letter Paper, OUU 100 do do Cap elo For salo at low price in exchange for Itags, tVe, TIulc wi.lung to purchase will find it for their inler est lo call. VILAS it NOVES. Oct. 17, 1811. 20 75 GKO.SS Hook and Eyes, 15 do Shaving Soap, 50 ilo Kouiiil I.aects, 200 do Eyelet,., lor sale by VILAS &. NOVES. Oct. 17, 1811. 20 Farms in Milton For Sale. RESIDING in Ohio, the subscriber is du.irous selling his laud in Milton, and now eflersfo sale ono Farm of 130 acres, one mile norlh of tlio Fall., ca.teif Snake lull, of uneipialleJ sod for crop or graia, has iwo good barns, an orehaid, waler, anu ordinary house, Ono Farm of from 130 to 200 acres, one milesomh ea.t nf llio Fall", and wel of Mr.. I'lutt., of mhiic 30 acres interval, and balance in plxiu land, -good barns, oldMi hou.f, nnd greut advantages for raising our Milton staple, Kyi'. One Furm 3-4 mile northwest of ihe Falls, 130 acres, good buildings, orchard, and convenience. Other parcels of 20, 30, nnd 40 acres, for such as maychoo.ea smaller purcha.e. Al.o, the Store House and lot ateasfend of the llridgi-, where', with the iniirincmens nt the Falls, is a ve'ry desirable locution lor one wishing u open any lwme. Also, some Village Lots, with and without dwel ling houses, in the tuo.l plea.ant pan of ihe village-. lly immediate application, tome- 500 yard, ol elo me.tio cloth may be hpplinl, or any of the parcels will be sol I for a small portion of the purena-o money down, wilh nimunl instalments for llio balance. aoo Slurp, Voting Catile, Hay, &c, will bet-old wilh e'ithcr ol llio farms, if deirtil. I shall remain in Milton about Iwo weeks, nflcr which npply lo George Ashley, al the Falls, or to A. O. Whim me re-, West Milton. 'Tut belter lo trauo willi the principal thnn with an agent. J. T. A1NSWOR I II. ;uiitou rails, aepi. aa, loll. 17 Brushes, Brushes, Combs. A FULL assortment of beautiful Ro-eu-ool-hacUsI Hair Brushes. Infants' Brushes. Toolh. Natl and Comb brushes, dollies and Shoe finishes, Floor and Hearth Uru-lic, scrubbing nnd Hesh Brushes, Mezo. Unto liru. lies, line comb cleaners, ol several kmjs, broom llriisbe-. du-t and crumb brushes. in short. nimo.t every kind otbru-h in use, lor man and beast. Wo have them for brushing horses, doilies, hair, shoes, eVe.. for scrubbing and cleaning house, for hats, for tables, and for most uses. Abo, Ibe very best and finest ivory Combs, ihell, horn, wots!, brass, and German silvrr Combs. iui received. III11NS.MAID it III! OTHERS. Aug. 30lh, Ml. 13 IIOWAK1). fll Hi: People's Agent of llio Cheap Cnsh Store, nr rived in town last evening from New York. Tho stock will bo ono of the most splendid and gem rrnl In I ,k Vmln All Goods sold strictly for cash, and of course cueap. Oct. 21, 1811. 21 VERMONT CENTHAIj ItAII, ItOAD. Notice is hereby given that the books for subscrip tion to llio Capital Stock of llio VERMONT CEN TRAL RAIL ItOAD, will be opened on tho 29th day of ibis month, nl ono o'clock, I. M nt M. Cotirill's in Monipelier, and at Howard's Hotel i l Hnrlinglon. OIIAS. PAINi:, John pi:ck. wvllvs lvmav, danif.l Baldwin, I'.. P. JHWF.1T, ANDRF.W TRACY, LKVI Ii. VILAS. Oct, 12,1811. BRIGG'S PA TENT FENCE MACHINE, IjlOIl lurning Fence Pickets and other articles of wood o a cylindrical form. The undcrsisniil conlinua to oncrnlo the nbnvn Machinery at " Winooski Cty," wtiero llicy would iiu u.ipp iij iiiiiiiii purcii ipt-ia wii 11 aoine ,11 uitir varieiics of I'nrin, garden or ornamental Ftncc They will nlso work up Lumber upon shares or by the lod for those who wish, -Owing lo llio ndvnntnges wbicb they derive in the lie of the nbnve improvement, they nte enabled lo nlliird a neat and beautiful fenco for yards and gar dens, nt much less expense than the samc can be got up for in any other way, while for durability it is not excelled by any in common use. This valuable improvement was first brought out in Western New Vork, w hero it has gone into extensive use and hn? received Ihe approbation of the Mayor of thecttyof Huli'alo, with many hundreds of the first nnriculiur- ists and olhers in that part of the State, alto of Gov" liuiitnru, uoct. Jama, .luuge Clitircmtl ami many others in IS'ew Hampshire. In fact wherever it has been introduced it has been highly approved. As a Farm Fenco il combines more ndvnntngca than any other fence ever ii"cd. It can lie used without posts and is therefore not nficctcd by the fri'czing and heaving nf the ground. It nkca Ices lumber thnn nny other kind offence, isn rertain protection against all kinds of cattle, is nol liable to cct out of rcp.iir, cmirtof be blmcn dozen, is easily setup, taken down and removed, without injury, jrXa FAnMF.n should be without at least a suffi cient ipiantity to threw around Ins fields of grain nnd stack yards. The undersigned refer with pleasure to Col. Harry Thomas, N, II. Haswcll, F.sq. and Messrs. lirins mnid and llrnibers, Hnrlinglon; Hon. Dnvid Reid, Colchester i llidpli Lmdon, Williston, and Wm. Kcclcr, F.ici., Grand Isle. JNO X. DF.WLV. II. P. DKWF.V. Any person wishing to engage in Ibe above hnsi-nc-s in tlio counties of Franklin, Orleans, Lamoille, Washington Rutland, Bennington and Windham, in ibis State, or nny ofjbe Eastern counties in the State of New Vork, wil. please "apply as above. JNO. IS". DF.WRV, Agent for Patentee, r.urlington, Vt., August, 1814. 13 NEW YORK BOOT & SHOE STORE. Vl"OULD respectfully inform his friends in Rur- liugion and vicinity, that he has just returned from New Vork with a full assortment ol BOOTS AND SHOES, of all sorts, viz: French calf Boots; Water proof Hoots j Kip Boots, of all sorts; Men's Calf Boots, coarse ami fine; Thick Ibots. nun's and boy's; Thick Brogans, coarse and fine; Men's Kavy Ties; Ladies' Gaiters, of nil cnlors; Ladies' half Gaiters ; Ladies' light half Gaiters ; Ladies' Buskins; Ladies' kid Pumps; Ladies' Slippers; Ladies' Lace Boots, sewed and pegged ; Cncksof all colors, sorlsand sizes, A sup.'rior Tirticl of India Rubber overj shoes. I have spared no pains in making a choice selection of the above named articles, which I mean to sell on the must rcasuiiahh' term0, for cash. I go upon the principle that "a tumble sixpence is better than a slow shilling." I still continue to manufacture Boots nnd Shorn at my new shop, opposite the old Bank on Church st., w litre all applications for custom work w ill be promptly attended to. Ilurlington, Vt., Oct. 10, Ml. 10 WANTED. Cl OOI) Table It itter, Oils, Corn nnd White Reans T for which the highest price will I e paid in soods at eerv low prices by C. F. STANIFORI) if- Co. Oct! llih, IS 1 1. 19 Administrator'. Sale. IJt'BI.IC NOTICE i. hereby -given, that agreeably loan nrder nl" the Judge of Probate for thi'dis. Irict nl Chittenden, llio dwelling bouse and lot nl land, ennta inns al out half an acre, situated nu the north sulenl .Main Street in snM Burlington, belong ini' to the I'-tateof Lou's Dert illie, hileofsiid llur lington ilci-cascd, will le sold at Public Auction on the premise nlbre'.aid, nu the 31t day nf Ootid er inst. ut 3 o'clock P. M. miles, previrai-ly sold nt private Sa'e. Terms nf payment male known nt the time mid place nl'S lie. Win. A. GRISWOLD, Adni's. Burlington, O -t. I, 1311. I0iv3 "sleigh and cutter shoes. Qf)t PW!tSoBlon,P.le.t,fi)rsatenithe '.iomh wVJ' J wh.irl." Purcha-er- will do well tu give ns a e-allas we will nul be unde'r-o'd under any eirciuu.inn ce. FOLLLTT BRADLEV & Co. Ou. 0, IRIl, lu IV SOW STOIfiK. 'IHE sub-cribcrs have formed a copartnership un Jl dcr the firm of CATLIN .f- SPEAR, nnd hate taken the New Store in ihe Exchange Hold, on Wa ter Street, next door north nf Folletl, Bradley & Co.'s, where ihey nre prepared lo show purchasers n well selecie'd assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, &n. Sc.. which they will sell low for cash nr most kinds of country produce. G. G. CATLIN, W. P. SPEAR. Burlington, 10th Oct., 131 1. 10G DISSOLUTION. THE firm of Hatch Odell Co., is this day elissolv ed by mutual consent. The books and accounts are left for settlement with Joseph Hatch, al ihe Old Stand where all indebted to us nre requested to call and liquidate ibeir accounts at Iheeirliest possible day. JOSEPH HATCH, W. J. onF.t.I.. TIMOTHV CROSS, R. W. HVDE. Hnrlinglon, 10th Pel. 1SII. 19w3 GOLD AND SIL VER PENS AND PENCILS. " ADIES' and Gentle-men's Gold nnd Silver ever m-d poiulesl pencil, ol Hie new and otl Patents, with nnd without ring. ALSO, A new supply of the very su crior Patent ihaniand l'muled Oi I I Pen whie-h aie now in u-e by aluio-t all the le-t lYnmcii in the country, ibey are the lol an I che-upet and most diira'ule Pen ever made. 11KINSMA1D & BROTHERS. Oct. 10, 1S14. ia JET UOODS &c. VsyE have just opened a new splendid lot, Jet Hair ... , ,, ' , V . V . Jl, f,ei and Ll iich lliigle, a lot of beautiful cut Heed, Forehead i,,i, i.v. iaui,-iti-, i.i.itirit-i?, jt-i uosom rms, some beautiful patterns entirely new, Combs with Jel ornament, Jet, Gilt, Silecred and Sieel Heed., Jet Net klace.., Jel Clasp and Snap, ail sold by U1UNSMAID& IlKOTIlERS. Ocl. 10, 1811. m IIAGAR &, ARTI1UK, ARE noev receiving new supplies of SADLIJIt Y, COACH AND SHELF HARDWARE. in all its vanties. ALSO, DRUGS tt MEDCHNES, PAINTS, OILS, VAR NISHES, eVc. &c. Ilurlington, Vt. Oct.-l, 1814. j ANOTHER Tierce of that Sugar House Molasses by II. W. CATLIN. Oct. 4, Ml. 18 Herring. floxe-i ju.t reveiveil and lor sale very low, lly FOLLEIT. BRADLEV. d". CO. 100 ouuiii ivnari, ocpi, .u, ion. 17 Brown Havana Sugar. 5 TONS Brown Havana Sugar, just received and for sale nt reduce! prices, by FOl.LKTT, BRADLEV it CO. Sou S-Wharf, Oct. 3, 1844. j 18 kl I W-n ELIAS L Y M A N j OFFERS for sale nn ex'ensite i ssfirtmcnl of llrj Goods, ennsl-llng of n great Variety of the New Styles nf Guilds lo I e found Irl the marl,6t of fltntoii and New Vork, which nre olercdfur sale fur ca-h or credit nt reduced pi ices, -among whfeb will be lound n variety nf Alpaccas nnd new slyle tint! fpr Ladie' Clonks, Plain, Stripe and Pin Id. AIo, (lella Plaid-, n new article ol woollen gnmls for Cloaks, Ctujelionsj M.I). Lames, Aleplnes, Silks, etc. etc., lor Ladiei llrcse. A bcaiillfnl variety of American Print. An extensive as.nrimenl of llroadclotlu and Cat" simcrt's, Wnter proof Tweed., Striped do. Plain and Plaid Snllnelte, superior rpiab'y. A Icaiitiful and ixeusive assortment of Winter Vesting. Satin nnd Silk Velvet do, I'miii'i Cln'h c great variety, Wadding, Wickine, Balling if-e. IJmhrella. Superior Qualiiy of Senieli Gingham Wha'c llond tlck. Al.o, Dhtek Silk L'tnUellu. Also,Oingliiil do Cane Sin fcs. fsliorii An ex'ensive nssorlment nf Low Preeil Shoe, nuinug which ure Colored Cloth D'Ht-m at SOccntii per pair. Black do du nl 75. Together with a norinieht of SliawWj Hill.l"-., Cravat, Gline-, Mitt ite iSc. Biirlinalon 2 I October, 1311. 18 HA L T. riHE s ibscrilers nre prepared lo contract with A iiicrchnni fur ibeir winier supply of Salt, anil oiler Upon the ino-l ndvnningeous lerinl, 15,000 bushels Solar, 2,000 Turk Island, 1,(11)0 do Bonaire, 5,000 Irtrrel Fine Wrs'ern, 5,000 nck Dairy, 23 lbs. each'. TlieJ" pledge themselves I hey will not tie undersold1. ,., FOLI.HTT, URAULEY fit -CO. South Wharf, Oct. 3, 1841. 8 F u r s , JUST received nnd tor sale, a large Bsorifnent of Ho'lalo Hole., Midi's., Can and Collar., by O t. 4th 1811. IS II. W. CATLIN. OIL. WINTER bleaihcd Sperm Oil. Do do Whale do. unbleached elo c 't. Leaf Laid Oil, n superior arlefe. For tale al thrf " South Wharf" upon linns which .hall le made lo suit, by FOI.LErr, BRADLEV &. CO. Oct 3, 1844. )8 R. PATJBllftSOJV WOULD respecifiilly inform hi. cu-tcmer and ,. , toe public that be has ju.t received from New ) oik Pall and Winier la.hion-, nnd all Ihn.e favoring him wuth their patronage may rely nn having their work done on the low-ct terms rind in the neatest -tyle. ALSO Garments cleaned, and culling done on the shorlest tirilif... n is. I ,l-nrrnnll nl I.!. .l.n.. .1. ' ,,. , ... i.p uiciiuivnimui two doors north ol II. W liitney'. shop. I8:f MEMOIR ol Bishop Griswold, one vol. 8 vo. llu' en. T. iiinl,. n,,d r-,.. ,,,,, r . ,.., ''V. . V. HARRINGTON. Oct. 11, 1814. 13 NEW GOODS. FALL supply and cheap for Cash st Oct. 2d Ml. 19 HOWARD'S. NEW FIRM. THE subscribers having formed it coparlnerthip under Ihe Firm of VAIiNEV & ZOTTMAN nl the shop formerly occupied by D. M. Vamey, oil College Sireet, nt the sign of the thirteen foot gun, where I hey wil' tin nil I u-incssin their lineof White niiiliins, Cuilcr, Gun Smith, Die S'inl.eis, Bra ro-iuilers, Ivory Turners, Machinists and in short almost everything. Work done to order, and all orders promptly attended to. D. M. VARNEV, HENRV ZOTTMAN. Oct. 1811. 18 NEW FALL GOODS. rtjllll. s-ih-cril ers have ju.t received a very large -I s'ipp'y ol rich Fall Goods, among which are Ibe following articles. Goods for Fall dresses. French mous dc laine, of all patterns, cashmera d'Ecos-e, chameleon luMres, Parmeiiar, fancy plail alpaeca, brown do, black and nine black elo, black and ! hie blni-k nlpine-, a largo assortment of black and blue I laik and In my sill.s, striped and plaid do, Ailgban saiins, winter 1 alzormes. Hlbbolis. Hat, cap, and neck ribl on, plain taiTetas, satin do. l.aces, English, French, and German thread laces and edging, Li-le, Guimpiire, Ashlurton fig'd and plain? Nells, I laek and while. Shawls. Camel' Inir, Broche, damask, ca-hmcro d'Eeois, and Scoleh ilaid sliawl. Glove. La lie. and Gentlemen's black and white ond col ored ki I Glove-, long, while, kid, nud silk blk, while nnd colored sd, I laek and e-ol'd Milts, black and Hub black cil crapes. Chillis. R'ai''e and I lue 1 lack Engli-li cloths ; brown, preen and iueisiLIc green do ; Ilk and blue blk ea.simeres ; ..)..:., n.. 1 .... l .1.. . I II. nn.t t.l.... ,11. . ..: .: . I M .1,1.1 ,111 , -IIIIS1I u,i i hi iv .nr. oeiu in i. -anu Cllll, ilk and blue; Ink silk velvet do ; ilk vtlveu of all col or-, lor i.aiiics nats. Flannels. White, red, and yellow 3-4,4-4, and G-4 Flannels,, bleached and mil leached Canion do, plain and printed Salisbury du. silk, merino, nnd i-otlon shirt. and draw er. , Black nnd I lue black nnd eol'd Girdles, cotton and wors't'd hosiery, linen and vorll table covers, dia per and linen natiMu-, I leached and unbleached e-ot-loii-, black and colored cambrics, linen and silk hill. Is, Ladie-' and Gentlemen's cratais, black, while, and e-ol'd paper .Mil-bus, plal n, striped and barr'd elo.. cloth, fur and hair -i'al cap-, velvet and fur trimmed' bus,' do, Boasuitd Bu'lalo rol e.., floor matt., and bed' cord. To tho above will le weekly added every thing new. la-binna! le and ile-irab'e', all of which will bt' odered al tbelowe.t market price. C F. STANIFORD & Co.- Ilirb'ngtnn. Scpi 19, 1311. 16' . RICH GOODS- rP'IF. sub.cribcr ha just returned from market' 1. willi a large a.crtnient of fall gond,cornpriing,' Alpaeca, Alpacea Peiplin, Alpine, lioinliazine, Or jean Cloth, Velnriuu Cloih, .Md I. nine, very rich' Leopard d Lnii.e, Camelian Broe-ade, eVe'. Alto, Brot-ba Sbawles, Cn.hmere, Thibet, Damask,' Md I .nine, nml Plaid Shawl.. Also, a good a-ortment ol Iiroad Cloth, Beaver Cloth, Ca..iniere, Saiinett. Vciings, &c, latest lyle of'Gimp Trinumng., &c. ete-. 'Ihe almvo gneid were selee-led wilh care, bought' low, nnd will be o!d low no mistake. Those wishing to purchasu will do well to call Iwo doors south of Howard's. D.MN'IEL KERN.- Church street, Sept. 18, 1844. 16 Hard Ware. STRONGS iS: CO. are rccciiing frequent aiWin'ona" lo their slock of heavy nnd shell Hardware, to' which Ibe alie'iition ofpurcliasers is solicited. Sept. IS, Ml. 15 Canada Box Stoves. T fl 30, 31 nnd 36 in. sinele and double Canada1 C"W)l Siove-, ju-t lee-eivednnil for sale low. Sept. 18, Mi. STRONGS & Co AfilV GOODS AT WHOLESALE.- Q( M Drilled Eyed Needle, fCJ 100 Parks solid headed pins, 500 Cake's shaving Soap, 300 doz. finger Rings, 00 eloz. Bi sum Pin, 10 Gro.s Stay Laceis, 20 do Boot and Shoe Laccl, BO o Hone and Mela! Eylel,' 1 do Siil'cttoe'., I elo doxes Knitting .Needle,' 10 elo Side and Twil Combs, 10 do Ela.lcsond Slide, 1 do Scisscr and guard chain,' 20 do Cheap 1 nimble, 20 elo German Silver, Plated, Itriltlnniif Silvered and Iron Spoons, I elo Toy Watehes, and Children Locketa' 1 elo Snull'Boxes, 100 do Honks and white and black, 3 do Victoria Diaper Pius, 3 do PeH-ket Botiks, 3 do Watch chains and keys, 3 do Ma.ks, 100 Brass and W'ood Clocks, 3 doz. Willow waggons and cradle; 3 doz. Willow Go-carta and chairs,! , We arc receiving thee and various other goct tit make our assortment very complete, one of our Firm is now in Market and nny Good wanted bv any ol our cn.ioiners will bo speedily forwarded. Persons de-irons of laying in their fall and winier slock, cheap for cash will ae iheir renaie by giving u.iin early en'l. 10 filllNSSIAlD 4- BROTHERS Broad Cloths and Cussi meres.. GENTLEMEN may avail themttlre of-iho op. porlunity ol purchasing a cheap and goad tuj. of cloihes, if ihey will cal at Ihe store ftrmerlv oc. .'. I I... r Avdlu Ar S.AI MAh. uk. .1,... s-u ists .-j - win uaq &' fine assortment to select lrom. v.. r. aiAnitunv efc CO. Sept. 10, 1844. tH,