Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 15, 1844, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 15, 1844 Page 2
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LAWS OF VEUM0NT-184I. Sr.cnETAnv or State's Ornee Monlntlicr. Oct. 31. 19l4f S, 'the f.itlnwine f npics or public nets of the t.'-eisla' tore of mid State nre licrohy designated for piitlif-!i-li in in III several newspapers printed in this lntr, nctvrablv In iib proviinn ol chapter fifili "f ih Itc viffj Statutes. ) MU McM. SHAKTKH, Secretary of Stoic. No. 1. An .OT loaltcr ihctinii-aofhohlingGoun. I Courts in th..f?ounlv of Windsor. (lit luTi'liv enacted by the General Asset lily of 42... rf i . . . inr in . n limn 1 1 119 iuhii w n . See. I. The county court fnr the county el Windsor shall lie held a follows i At Woodstock in said coun ty mi ill' fourth Tupsday of March and first T.ic.-diy of November In each var. 2. Hncti uf the provision of section two of chipt r furii-.thriin nf tin. llevisi'd Stntoti-. nml of section one nf" an act in ".Inendment of seeli'in two of chapter forty-three of ihe ftevised Statu'rs," approved No vember VI, 181?, as nro inconsistent with this act, are repealed. Approved, Oct-. 30, 18 ti. .No. 5 An AfIT fixine the time for holding Chii ln,l-. PriimlLi r'nti.l. tf lipfrll tf eiiaCll-d. itC. The County Courts' for ihe rouniyol Cltillendcn hull hehnlilen nn tlmlnsl Tuesday save one in March and on Ihe Tue-d.iv next after the. fourth Toes lay of r-Vptrmbcrofcach year, any law to the contrary nof wnn standing. Approved, Ocl.30, 1811. No. 3. An ACT relalinir !o parties in anions, in addition In chapter 33 seclion HI or the lleviseu aiai (ill. 1l 14 lii-ri-htf enacted. A-C. In anv action bronchi on s.-i-lion tiven'y of chapter ninety-five of ihe Revised Statutes, all persons, being patties or privies to s :ch fraudulent and deceitful con. veyancc", may be joined as party defendants in such o--tion. Approve.!, Ocl.30, 1911. No. 4. Vn ACT in addition to chapter 03 of the Rvied Statute, of offences againsi prtvateproperty. It is hercnv.enac.trd, if-e. See. I If any person shall wilfully and malicious tv et fire, with intent to burn, lo the dwellinu-house el another, or anv o nnuuuuitzs nuj nnms merci", ur to any other linlldintfi or if anv nrrson lmll-w ilfnlly and maliciously et lire, with intent to burn, lo any meetini-house,' church or court house, town house, collece, academy jail, school house, or other hmldinir, erected for public use, or lo any bank, warehouse, of fi'e siore, hop, manufactory, mill, or barn rifanoih er. or lo any vessel, culler, or boat, used on anv lake, river or ere,;1.-, in this stale, or to any hruk'e, lork.dani or flume, he shall be punished by imprisonment in the ante prison not more than fn ytats.and be fined not eaeeeilinu one tlliuisiiid dollars. 2. This act shall uke effect from lis paasigo. ApproicJ, Oct. 26, ISU. No. 5. .In ACT re'ilmr. to oHetv-cs niainst pri vate property, in ad litmn to chapter ninety-five of the Revised Sialules. It is hereby cnacled, .f-c. Sec. I. The county courts, within their respective munlies, hall have jnri-diction of ihe oll'eneis nun Honed inclianici ninctv-fne of the Itcvised Statutes, rmitled ' of offence' against private properly,' sections, si and seven, wbero the money or oilier property stolen shall not careen seven dollar", and iniysen tenee the person convicted to pav a fine not exceed inz twenty dollars, and to imprisonment tit ihe conn iv Is. I not nnre. than three months! Provided, ihnt no justice shall be empowered to bind over Sir trial ply the same to the payment of the expenses of the , insane poorui the neural towns in Ihe State, nt said Astliim. 2. Mich town shall share In Urn nnntnnrlntlnn made in section one, in proportion lo the number of its insane poor In Ihe Asylum, the cspense of train- i--iiiMX mem, in uiu nnu oi cigui cents per nine mi iho neatest practicable route from their respective places of residenco to ihoAsvlum, and the lenclh of lime, they shall have been there, al the rate of one dollar and fifty ceuta per week, during the yeitf next prccruuie, iiio nrsi uav 01 Aiinil'l annually. .. i no i ruaices snail annually, nn or iviorc me tenth Jay of September, report in detail their linings under the provisions of this act, to the Auditor of ac counts, who shall incorporate iho same into his tin linn repnri, 4. If in any year iho expense of supnortinc the n- sane poor of t lie Stale, nt said Asylum, at the rate per week above stated, including theexnencnf trans- nortatinn a afotpaiid. lhall be less than Ihrcn lliou- sann ooiiars, tnc I rusteea shall not, lor such year, lie entil'ed to a irrcatcr sum than tho aggregate amount of nch expense. S. The several towns nnd other corporations in the Plate, charcoab'c with the sunnorl of ihe poor. niav. nt their annual March meetiiiL's. make and a her such rcnulalions as lliey may deem expedient for the purpose of aeenrins tho benefit ol tho proiisions of tnisnci) winch rccuia inns may cninracc not only town paupers, but other persons dc-tilille of property und entirely dependent upon relatives, not bound by law In support them. C. " An act for the relief of tho insane poor." an proved November 3, 1341, and an net in addition therein, approved iovcmuci I, IBtv, are repelled. Approved Oct. 30, 1814. No, II AN ACT rctalina to licenses to inn-keep ers and retailers. It is hereby enacted, if-c. t Sec. I. Anv person who shall deal in the sellina of distilled spirituous liquors, wine, nle or beer, in ouaniltica of twenty callous or more, nl nnv one time. shall lie deemed to be a wholesale dealer, within the meaning nt this act. Anv person who shall deal in the sellincof distil led spirituous liquors, wine, ale or beer, in qtnniilics shall be deemed to he a retailer within the meaning or Hits net. Anv person win shall deal in the aelltnirof distilled spirituous liquors, wine, ale or beer, in quanli ies less than one pint, shall bedecmed to bo it keeper of a tav ern within the mcanini; of this act. Anv person who snail keep n house of puolic enter- Imminent, and shall therein furnish victuals, lodnintr. room or accommodation for cucsls, shall bo deemed to be an inn-kcepcr within the mcamna of this act. Sec. I'yerv person asliinu and receiving a li cense as hereinafter provided, for the sale of any dis li'led spiriluous liquors, wine, ale or beer, shall before the same becomes valid, pay therefor lo the treasu rer of tho County for the usu of the County as fol- ows : 1. For a license as a wholesale dealer, a sum not tesa than twenty dollars for one year. i. hor a Itrenso as a retailer a sum not less than ix dollars for one year, or three dollars for six months. 3. Kor a license as a keeper of a tavern, n sum not less than five dollars for one year, or two dollars and filly cents for six months. 4. Kor a license as a uroeerv keener a sum not less llian two dolt-for one year, or one dollar lor sir tnnnihs. And the said licenses bcini severally sinned by the presiding odiecrof the board of County Commission ers, as hereinafter provided, and by the Clctk of the County Court, and recorded in the County Clerk's oilier, moiii niiiiHirizc uio puny iiicrciii iiaioei, h,m:ii tha treasurer of the comity, for Iho use of tho county, us n penally, the i um ol len Hollars. IB. rue county court snail nave exclusive junsoic lion of IhoVfieiiccs naainst Ibis act, and the said of fenders liny be prosecuted by indictment or informa tion. 10. Anyjus'ico of tho peaco Is empowered lo bind over to the. county court, all persons chat mil with ofiencrs naninst litis net, nnd also lo recognise all wit nesses, who havo testified therein beforo hint. Provi ded always, that all assessments made on licenses srnnlcd ny tnesaiu commissioners in persona re-mini; within the city nt v. critennrs, snail uc pain over in tho treasurer of said cily, by said clerk, within thirty day from bis receipt of such assessments, nnd that Iho cily courts of sail city shall have jurisdiction of all of- len ces against this net, arising wittiin.tho mints oi snui city (.ovnriitnrn't nloctpil nfilcorp, fsblished cnttrta nnd h oc rd -r ii 1 n I it Cel. ' C.itllti nnd xlnck nf nil k in's firn nceutntila. tin!? and rapidly iurrcaslnn; under a in I It climalo and iinf.illitii! pasture, l'rivisiotis of nil kinds nro nbuinlant uf the most excellent quality nnd nt moderate prices. Air. Uilpin passed Ilia trading tori ol Urldg-nr &. Vnsquoz nn the 19th of Aiii'iint. This fort is 100 miles We-l uf (Ireoti Itiver, and exactly half w.iy from liidoponilnnco to lliu W'nllmnetlo. The American trappers scattered Aiming the mountains, had there collected to meot I lie cm- loranlH of Int-t sprintf, nn advanced parly of thir ty of whom, with their umjtoiis nml cattle, pas- 17. Tho several county courts, in their respectivo scd nn the 17lh, two il.ivs l.tUr than tho cnil dcr this act shall designate ihe house or store and ohilfl(tir"lWflWi CI!1!' n."y I"'""" whose case in hi Lceordine m the leims of said licenses and all lie'en- nnd seven. mirview oi sain section. e4 rnntcd under Iho provision of this net shall 2. T his act shall ta'ie crTecl from its naasirn Approied, Oct. 30, 1844. "'passage. No. 6 An ACT to repeal " an act rcliliui to the piini-hment of capital crimes," approved November 12, IS4J. 11 1 h-retiy enacten. e. See. I. When anv person shall be convicted of any crime punishable with d.aih, and sentenced to snfllr such punivim -nt, he shall at the same tune he sen. teneed in solitary ennfineoicnt in the stale prison until such shall he inflicted. 2. No persnn so sentenced and imprisoned, shall he executed in pursuance of such sentence previous to the expiration or one year Irnm Hie nay such sen fence was pronounced, nor until the conn which pa?s ed Ihe sentence of death shall have issued their war rant under the seal of said court, directed to the shcr ifTof Ihe countv where the state nnsjn i situated. rommandim said sheriff to cause the said sentence to he carried into execution. 3. Sai.l court shall, within three months afier the expiration of one year from the day or passing sen tence of death asatnst any person, isjile their warrant to the sherill of Iho county 111 which Ihe stale prison is situated,' agreeably to the provisions of section two f lhi act. an-l iho sentence shall, at the time diiccl- rj by the warrant, be executed within the walls of the orison, or in Ihe enclosed vnrd of the same, nil es. previ ins to ihit'time, llielegisl iliirc of the s'ale shall have commuted ihe punishment nf such person. 4. The eheiiffof said county shall he present at the jlico of cs'ciiiino iml" prcventcn tiy iu...- r other casualty, and also two of his deputies desina- counties, shall have power to ernnt licenses, nn such terms as lliey, in their diserclton may Ueeui proper, to expire on tho last day of l-'clirunry next, provided that Ihe persons receiving such licenses, Mian no iiuuic to all the provisions and penalties of this act. 18. Chapter ciahly three of the Kevi'rd Slatntea, and nil subsequent nets relating thereto are hereby repealed. 19. This act shall InUc effect from its passage. Approved Oct. 30, 1811. No. 12. An ACT in relation to the Mililii. It is hereby cnacled, Ac. Sec. 1. All acts nnd parts of nets requitinclhe en rolled militia to do military duly, nro repealed, enccpt in cases of insurrection or Invasion, nnd as proiidcd in Title seventeen of lite net of 1812. 2. The listers in tho several towns shall enroll every person lialle to enrollment, between the nges ofeighlceii and forty five, in their re-pcclivo towns, who arc not members of uniform companies, in the same manner ns captain of companies nro now requir ed tn enroll, nnd they shall correct such rolls annually in the month of April. And said listers shall make dun icatn returns of such enrollment to Ihe town clerk of their respective towns, nnnually, in Iho month of May, ono of which returns the town clcik shall annua v in the month nf.lune. transmit to I be Adtti tant and Inspector General, under n ncna'lv of fivo dollars, to ho recovered by Iho officer lo whom the return stioulil I v made, ns provided in seclion two hundred nnd one of the net of 1912, And said listers shall inakean account for their servtccsin mnhincsuch enrollment and returns, nnd the selectmen of such town shall audit and allow said account and draw nn order for the saoie on the Treasurer of such towns, who is directed o nay such order. 3. Them may be within the bounds of each regi ment, ns now cstahlisucd, six iinilortn companies, not to exceed one hundred men each, including officers, musicians and privates. 4. Should all Ihe uniform companies be called into acton! service at any one time, and it shall hecotnn necessary to call oiit a ercatcr number of .men, the A ijutant (icneral tinner the clitcctton ol itie Comman der in Chief, shall issue nnlcrs to tho select men of the town Irnm which additional men shall tic required, specifying Ihe lime and place of rendezvous nnd direc tum such selectmen lo draft such quota of men from the enrol ed militia ns shall bcncccssnrvi nnd he shall also order some general or field officer, who may he conveniently loenled for that purpose, to onMhire such quotn of men, so drafted, by the ejection of the neces sary officers, and such organization shall only con tinue till the time of service of siu'h men shall expire Ann when so organized, ine selectmen snail lurntsh such rntion, .vc. m Ihe manner provided tiy law. 5. The limits and organization of reaimenls, hris ndc, nnd divisions shall remain as lliey now are i nnd Jill laws and regulations cstahlishinsr'tho limits nnd organization of compinic of the enrolled militia, nre alimented and repealed. The commissions of all company officers of the enrolled inilina shall expire commence on Ihe first day of March or September, fr"in the passages ortlus act, and such officers shall and shall terminate on the list day of February and "'" be liable to military duly after they shall ho dis- BRJirajse snail oe cranica lor a longer tune man p-''K';! . ,";r "r '" , .. . ' v i .. f- AH f.enernl. field, and amA officers, shat liccnn- 3. rvo person shall receive a license until he shall . sidercd as ocinnmiic oi mo mnn ,i."n haie paid the s un in which ho shall have I ccn asses- be exempted from taxation as members of uniform ai d, and t lie s nn of fifty cents in addition ns fees fur companies, on ret iming themselves equipped, In the said license j and no license shall ho eff eiual until h town cleik, ns now provided bv law. Hut the cnroll sitch payment. The clerk shall receive all moneys ed militia shall not he exempted from taxation, paid for license and fees, and shall, witliin thirty. 7. All nctsnnd partsuf acts inconsistent uh this days afler Ihe "ranttn" of nnv hcense. nav over in act arc repealed. the County Treasurer Ihe sum received for such Ii-I Approved Oct. 30, 1911. cense, together with the sunt of thirty. ihrco cents out I NEW USK OK INDIA IIUIJBER. of the fees paid thereon ; and all licenses grained tin- tntnnllv, anil Brants of Ihe precndini; year, Two larue companies behind, ftilh.ui and dill. fun), passed Riihsntiunntlv. all ill ''mill time In reach Ihe scttlcnictils before the selliitg In of the winter. Nf.U' Mr.xtco. War had broken out belwoen tho Nciv MiiMcnus and the tribes of I', ill aw In. dians who live arotiml T.ios, Kirly In Saptcm- her six nf the Lulnw chief, nccoinpmiied by one hundred warriors, visited Santa Vo In obtain from Gov. Martinez restitution for depredations committed laid spring nn (heir people, by a trap- pfiiL' party nl Spaniards in the iiciliuorlioou ol lite ."-ait iMotinialii. The six chiefs beinrr in aitdiencn with the (jiivernor in his palace, expressed themselves dissatisfied with tho presents offered to them, am! the leader attempted tn pull the (invernor from his teat by tho hair whereupon Martinez, seizing Ins sahre, killed two ol them, and the other four were despatched by the, guard who rushed m. The hundred warriors in retreating to their village massacred twelve Mexicans, and a brisk war between the two nations was anticipated. Sandwich Islands. Hy three vessels whieh arrived in the t'olnmhia in May last front lion, olulti, accounts were received of great rejoicing in the islands, consequent on thu acknowlcdg nieiitof their independence by the Untied Slates and the rjiimpeau poers: Mr. Ilocord, a young hwyer from Now York city, who aceotiipiinii'il iho Oregon emigration of 1 8 tH, and passed ni.unnl to (he islands, had 1 ice n appointed Attorney (icneral of the band wioh Inlands by KiiiL'Tanineamah. The other confidential officers of the King are also Americans, as well as Ihe mot enter. prising planters and murchanlN of tint flourish ing lillle Kingdom. SI. L'litis Republican. Oc tobcr 31. Tnur. Soon after his estab lishment in Philadelphia, Franklin was offered a piece for publication in his nowspaper. Doing very busy, ho begged Iho gentleman would Icavo it fnr consideration. Tho next day the author railed and asked his opinion of it. ' Why sir,' replied Franklin, 'I am orrv to say that I think It highly scurrilous r.nd defamatory. Hut being nt a loss, on account of my poverty, whether to reject It or not, I thought I would put it this issue nt night, when my work was done, 1 bought a two penny loaf, nn which, with a mug of water, I supped heartily, and then wrapping myself in a preat coat, slept very soundly no tho floor till morning; when anoth. er loaf and n mug of water afforded mo a pleas ant hrnakfastiMMMMi can live vory comfortably Id Ibis manner, wny should I pros titute my press tn personal hatred or party pas Inn, for a more luxurious living ?' Ono cannot read this anecdote of our Ameri can sage without thinking of Socrates' reply to King Arcnoiaus, wrio nan presseu nun ia give tip preaching in the dirty streets of Athens, and come and live with him in his splendid courts. ' Meal, please your majesty, Is a liall-ponny a pei k at Athens, and water 1 can get lor noui Otirlalesl relurns- from Gcorgiu, however, ' L.rnor nt Guiiibiii was not utile lo furnUh any do not Imlicntn n sufficient Whig gain from , troops, on account ol sickness nniong tho ol- Iho October election lo civo us much hnpo 1 ":- ' l" garrison. Oiipt. W. Had sent to orro lor nid, and n brig ol war had sailed r lli..nn ll,.r.., f W I.. ft lllvnr sissippi nn.1 Georgia, ho would recc.vo Gan.hin. f Oct. 10.1 tho llr. brio of war Alert mnjoriiy of 29 in tlto Eloctoral cotlfgo, ns , ,H,l s.,iuj fron, (jnmliia for Uissno. Tito following Spanish it ml I'uiltiguesa Slavers I mil heen taken, nnd till the Spaniards and some of Iho others condemned nt Sierra t-l VIVOTO .V FRIDAV MORNING, NOV. 15, 1S44. VERMONT ELECTION. above. MASSACHUSETTS ELECTION. Tho result of iho flection yesterday, so , Galenas 23d Sept., no slaves on board ; brig' Constant!;!, (Sp.) two months previous, no slaves on board ; three Portuguese, names not known some of them hud slaves on board. N. Y. Courier. THE BOOK OF THE EXPLORING EXPEDITION. Tho returns received and published today show what no sane mnn doubted, thai tho polities of Vermont do not depend upon those of iho nation or tin other State Where sho nlwajs has been since the begin ning of Jacksonisnt, there sho is now, firm unyielding nnd unconquerable in her npposi lion lo (he schemes of Lncnfocotsin and all the devices and rnormities of the destructives, j When it was apparent evil councils had prevailed in the national election, and fraud nnd villainy had triumphed in New York Bnd Pennsylvania, the indomitable Whigs of Vermont camo forth on Tuesday nnd re corded at the ballot box their unalterable de tcrniinntioii never to fall in with the current of evil or swcive front the well beaten track of political rectitude. Vermont lias spoken, nnd the stern voice of the only commonwealth that has never deserted its principles, will tell with strong moral effect on the future. The green, fresh spot in llie desert is fresh fnr as it is known al the time when this iswrit en, equals our most sanguine expectations. This city, nnd the towns in the vicinity, have most nobly supported the Whig cause. Be fore this paper goes to press, wo shall re ceive them fro a much larger circle, suffi cient probably to be decisive of the result. Indeed, those already received leave very litllo doubt of it. It will be seen from tho returns given be low, that iho number of votes polled in this city exceeds 13000, which is much the larg est vole ever given here, and dial Iho Clay ticket has a majority over the Polk of 3904. It will bo seen, also, that there is u Whig gain in lite city of 1516, nnd that every Ward in this city, with one exception, has pivena Whig majority. Boston Daily Adv. of Tuesday. Kentucky. The following imperfect specimens of the vote in Kentucky, which wo copy from tho Cincinnati Gazette of the Gill, arc all the election news yet received from that State. There is no danger that Kentucky will disappoint tho expectations which have been entertained of Iter. Counties. Clay. Polk. Kenton, 1st day, Campbell. Newport, Mason, Maysvillc, Mincrvc, Waslunclon. Lewis, Concord, lloonc, Louisville, at noon, Bracken, Augusta, the town in which the person rrcritintr the simo shall Iienuthnti7cd lo pursue the business for which he is licensed, and shall mil be construed to author ize such business ((, he carried on by any petson or J in nny pnitu I'.-iccjusucii as suati uc ucsignaicu in ine license. 4. There shall be constituted nloanl consisting of three persons, to bo denominated County Com niissioncis, lo he appointed ill Ihe manner followinc : A tneetineof ihe inhabitants of every town, who are voters in town or freemen's merlins, shall he holden at th usual place of holding town mcciinjs, on the first Thursday of January, nt 1 o'clock in the nfternoon, in each year, which mcctinz shall ho warned nnd coverncd in nil re-pects ns provided in chapter thirteen of the Revised Statutes, entitled " Of towns and vdlascs." C. A. I . ...w. . . L 1 . . 1.. 1 1. s-nre, one of the selectmen, hall preside and receive 1 ted by him. Ho shall request the stale's attorney of i 'm , of tila fr(,rmpn 'f.,r's.,,., m-rsnns as ihev the conniy and twelve citizen-, including a sunxeon w rc(, n ?U1., cumv Commissioners, nnd iho voles snail, hy Ihe constable or selectmen assisted About three years ago wo published an ac 'otint o! this interesting substance, detailing it history, tho manner in which it was obtained from the various trees that yield it, and thu uses to which it was then applied. Al that time its chief and almost only uso 'vas in the manufacture of Mackintosh's water proof cloth, tho fabrication of some surgical appara tus; in which elasticity and pliability were the objects desired, Iho rubbing out of black-lead pencil marks from paper, and a few other mill uto and unimportant application.. Now, howeicr, litis substance is employed in some highly important branches nf our manufac tures, and has become a valuable agent in the j 1,r! ' Held the rapid advatuc of science may open up A very natural curiosity having been ex pressed by tho public, both nt home and abroad, in regard to tho progress of the Narrative of lliu U. S. Exploring Expedi tion during tho vears 1838, '39, '40, Ml and 4 Uv Charles Wilkes. II. S. N .' and llllt littlu or nothing having 1)0011 published to ' aJ veidant still, and no man need indulge a gratify that curiosity ywo have applied to thu fear for (he lustre of the "star that never sets." iimni'i- source, anjl iuve been permuted to I Let New York and Pennsylvania fill inlo . I'VS'V " the current, ,.uJ vl,,o J.... K' I1U in at PlnuuehiliM in pi luting the work. It . , ... , . . .,, I, . . i- . r f . I -i stead of Henry C In y, but Vermont wi nev will consist, Inst, of five demv quarlo vol-, j nines of about fivo bundled pages ench.illus-; r so deeply disgrace liersell. blio sees in tr.ited very superbly with sixty eight sleel the great Clay and his principles, lint man plates, about lotly six steel vignettes worked mid the principles sho approves, i'lid let Iter on the pages of letter press, and two hundred g ,s ,cy m lhuy ca, ony ask lcr woou cms M,,ueitu 111111111:11 uiu wuii, un four verv largo mans and several smaller 392 169 347 1-24 225 mi, Got) 172 140 C9 217 92 W. gain. Ios. 136 79 97 ones. This edition is ordeietl by Congress for distribution to foreign powers and a few libraries; it will he a very small one. A second edition, (if such it may lie railed when both are simultaneously printed,) of oc tavo size, will bo published, and hu under the control of Lea &, ISIauchard, of this cily. Thu copy right of llieso belongs to and has heen secured by the author. It will contain the same illnslintions, the whole of which i verv forward state : nearly two vol- I....I. .,1iti,u, .en iicinllv nrinfed. nt nhimieim. nnd hall nerinit the counsel of the nri oner, such minister of the pospi! as the prisoner shall rleslre. and his relatives, to be tiresent.nnd such offi cers of ihe prison, deputies, con-tables and tnilitiry m,r,l ns hp onv deem licit, and no others. 5. When a-sheriff shall inflict the punishment of Heath upon anv convict m ohedience ton warrant as by such j'lsliecs of the town ns may be picsent, be' publicly Milled, counted, nnd declared. The town' clerk of each town shall bo present at such ineeline and record the names of nil 1 lie persoue voted fir at"1 such meeiins' for the office of County Commission ers, tOL'elher wilh the number of votes Riven fnr f.ireaii.l. he s nil return a coliv thereof, wi.h Ins do- i.. ,i .i,.n .;,i,: ,., ,i... ,-.... ,.: , - - -- . t Z . r.41.11, ill.u P , ni.iini iril uilt. I1UII1 INC a llll HIM mes thereon, in the office nf He hecreiary or Mate -pimrs.iaf j January, transmit n copy of such re us soon as may he. at; I shall also return tho original cim) m,y rer,iflcH; 10 ,ln ccr; of ,,e fjountv in warrant, with his rinnics ir.ercon. lo ine co ur iro n , which , filnlc,; ,, ihe Bevn wh eh sa d warrant issued, and Ihe clerk shall suh- i-, rtinrh. .i.-n n ,i. ,i.:.j tu..i r i... join to the record of the sentence, a brief abstract of nnry in rnf, ynT pU,yl(.y ranvn5s nn, ,(clnre'lho ths sheriff's retnrn upon aid wnrrant. voles so lelurned to them, and shall declare the three O. All laws ir ;nii. HI lllLiiininiilli ..mi i.i. provisims of this act an- repealed j provultd, ihat any conviction In ', or judcmenl, or sentence rendered, nei.nrrlincr In the tirnviionns of Slid laWS. shall be ricd into efl-ct in ihe same manner as if said laws had not been repeahd or llvs act passed. 7. This act shill laks edict from its passage. Approved, Oct. 31, 1SI4. It No 7 n ACT relalitij to common schools. is hereby enacted, A:c. See. 1. When .the children ol any scnoni nisiric i of ncIiJln, ,1(.y m .. n,,ts,s .uu ,.,,, in fw) shall have become n numerous, n;, m the opinion of M ' lep , , . Ihe prudenlial e.vninillec. to ro n ore man ooe s,m, rpPCivpy specified in section (wo ofllns act. teacher, the cleik of such dislnel shall, mi apphca - Kaeh en mly commissi iner, before enlerinsr up- tionofsnehcoinniillee. .'all a meelini of such d a- nn ,hedulics of his onicc, shallhe sworn by the eoun- tnel. for the purpose of asrcrlainu.g Ihe views of Ihe ly ,.erk or some jiislice of the peace, to ihe faithful . . . r , , , ,, periiirmanen ol the same j and no commissioner II ill mii n "ii" - i in-, hi 'j"i ii ; " ' . From what we learn wo should probably In fer tho appliance of materials hitherto consider- s,,f,i m slatino our belief that lliu wholo will ed as ne.t to uselo-s. ,,,.,., for pi,iiCi,i,m i ,,ruc mmiths. I nim its peculiar elasticity, lis impormcahthty s,0(.t, attention has been given to tho mere to air ami water, its being soluble only in tiaph. , . , , .i i tha, and from its great durability, it has been U"t "I'. o1 lllls ,v,,rk i,n " l,0I ul1' successfulfy employed in the fabrication nf va. I'sbed in this counliy. It is purely, in all rious cloth, besides that of Mackin'osh ; for air I i's parts, an American production ; lliu illus c'lshioiis, (..ifoty bells and jickels; liganiPiits tralions arn highly creditable to our nilisls and bandages tor gloves, stockings, bracelets, i and dr.iiuhtsineii, ami may ho classed wilh and other articles of dress; for hoots, stoppers j ,u )lisl ,(,. MVU ,,.;, r,.il in Europe; a for, and numerous other purposes.- . , .,; f ,, . MV(! wnn Whun With these appliances tnot of our readers may .,' ... , r. ., ... ,- he familiar: nil few may know, nr mlM.t n,'. "u ,1,u Ullr """'I.I'"" "Her iho, persons Inline the ereatcst niiml er of such voles lo i1PCt mt it would bo employed lis a ' s'l!l" endeavor lo convey to our loudeis a c;nn1y,tCdl,"r, whim? At. '. thc TT. TT' ward lo racli of the persons so elected, a cer tiheate ofi , ii... ic ns u ;i.iiiniui v...... , ,, ... .... bis eleriioii. life boats ; and that it is also proposed to use it ' hy thu author, artists, anil llin scientifio gen ii. The county rnniintsinncra sha 1 bold their of-1 extensive v in t he lit t iiiit no of nur men of.u ar. 1 ,l...,...,i ,.ii.,el.,l ,,, ,1... ..v,...,i;ii.,., ,,. ,.,L i. fieefor the term of one year from tho first diy of . The Klastic Pavement Company have late'y ,1,;,.. ,r,.i., !., ,vrl- ' We ni'iicio ite its February tn each ycar.and ihe votes of a majority of prnln,i ,.,rUin,v f,,r h nrt,,, ,,f i I ln lv T"M tt0rlw . V " "1,,UI,'"L ,,s them shall decide nnv nueslion which shall come be fore them for adjudication, and they shnll have the sole power of "ratnins licenses under ihe provisions hall vote to have two or more schools in llin district at the same tun, such district may vote tn erect as many school houses in the district as shnll lie found n.u.r nnd ha hv vole, or :n such other man ner as thelesal voters pre ent may determine, fix cn ih li.eniinn nf such school house or houses. 3. Any such district so composed of several schools miv hv a vote of a mai iniv of such district, nt any nieelini leua'lv warned for that purpose, direct the teacher of the likdier or central school of tho distri-t, lo teach any of the sciences oi hiulier branches of a ihnroiish education, which may not by existing laws have heen nulhored. 4. The prudential committee of such district, or n nmin:iieMnnn!nted for thai nurrose. ,lialt have pow er to examine ns In the aie and qualifications of the children, and designate the school they shall encn nt- tnd. 5. Chi'dren, r.ol rcsidinc in such I'istiiel, shall not he. permitted to atteod Ihe Inrlier school ol sucn ois th ihe consent nf the nrudential com mittee, who may prescribe the terms upon which they mar h sdmuieii. Approved, Oct, SO, 1841. Vo. 3. An ACT rrlnline to Common Schrols. Ii is hereby enacledifcr. Pec. 1. Al anv ineeline of any school district, lepab l .rned iIm leeal voters in such district may in- ihe nrnileiiihil cooiniillce to omit, in makineiiD the tax hill for the support of schools, the names of such persons as are not ai te to pay tneir proportion ofmch'axi two tntrus oi ine voters present nsseui- ine thereto. 2. Thiiart shall lake effect from Us passage. Approved, Oct. 26, 1814. Tin. !). An ACT to provide for a ceolojical sur vey of the State. It is hereby enacted, &C. Ree I. The Governor is hereby authorized and di reeled to appoint a State Gcoloeisi, who shall have a competent unnwieojre oi srieniute nun loncucni ki-iu-nev and mmeraloay, nnd shall b subject to the or ders or the Uivernor lor tne urns leuig, nnu reuiova 1.1 a ni lit, ntenanre. 2. The stale peolorrist, with the approbation of the Governor, shall, Irnm limelo lime, appoint all proper and neeessnry ss-islams, tlx inetr coiiipeosauone, m ....I it, em io iheir labors, and remove them nnd np point others whenever it shall be found neeessnry or 3. It shnll he Ihe Holy nf the State fieolceisl, as soon as practicable, to commence and prosecute a Ihornonh ccnlnsicsl and mineralngical survey of ihe State, embraeine therein n lull and scientific exami nation snd description of its rocks, soils, metals and minerals t make careful and complete assays and tcrial for these important purposes, and can pro. duco it, it sennis-, at a price suflkiently mode rate to admit of its general adoption. As a pavement lor stables, the caoutchouc preparation is t-aitl to be unequalled, preventing the lodging of stable matters, and their conse quent nuvious exhalations ; requiring liltlc lit lor : and nrcvcirim? the knees and other narls shall act in nny manner in which he is personally of the horse from injuries which are apt- to be ally interested. I ..,!.i ; ,,,,,. -,i ml -tal.W 11.. a In, to rn 8. The county commissioners in ench county shall .- .i ' ,- , - ' . meet resularly ai the office of ihe connly clerk in , Miuior, mo aii uioni a. wiiicn now cxa-ncs loine such county, on the first Thursday of February ntH j nJl,r.V "l0 horse s health, maybe collected Aii2us in each year, snd shall at their first meeting and sold for manure, at from Iwo to three pounds elect a chairman from their number, nnd from lime per horso per annum. The stables of tho coin. loimic adopt such rules for their government as they mjssjonem m Woolwich dockyard havo been nuiill ,i.-- iii ii iiyvr. I lie county clerk in each county shall ho thc lls niblication, in common with our mtintrv men, with nnnsiderable inipatieiicc. Smith's Journal nf Jielles Letters. 9 clerk of the board of commissioners for such county and shall record all their procecdinns. and baie the custody nf all papeis relating lo their business. 1U. I lie county commissioners shall receive Iho nun often cenis per mile for all necessary travel in t he discliarpe of the duties of their office, nnd toecih er with the county clerk shall receive tho stun of one dollnrendi per day during the continuance of their session. I he accounts ol the clcri.s nnd cnmmis sinners tinder this seclion, shall bo nudited, allowed and paid nut of ihe county treasury, in llicsame man ner ns nre oilier accounts neainst the county. 11. No license heretofore cranled or penalty in curred shall be affected hy the provisions of this net. 13 l-.very person licensed according; to tho pro visions of this act. as a keener of n tavern nr an inn keeper, shall at all times be furnished with snitnhlo provisions, indtrinss nnd accommodations for scan ners nnd travellers, nnd wilh snitablo stable room, liav, and provender for their horses nndcaltlc, and wiiti n suitable Hied or t overmtr lor horses near lo his house, with conveniences in tho same for feedins such hnr-es. And if Mich keeper nf n tavern nr inn-kcepcr shall neelecl lobe so furnished, it shall be thedutv of the commissioners lo vacate or annul his license, and such beeper of a tavern or inn-keeper shall bn Ii ahlc for all the penalties nf this net, if he proceed to sell afier written notice civen him by said commis sioners that they have annulled nnd vacated his Ii cense as aforesaid, tho same as if no liccn-e had been granted. 13. The commissioners may license one or more persons in each town in their respective counties, whom thev tnny deem mot suitable, lo sell wine, nun, brandy, or other spirituous liquors, for medicinal chemical, or in-chanieal purposes, only, who shall ro. ceivefrom said commissioners n license for such sale and no other, nnd every person so licensed shall make report tn said commissioners from lime tn time. ns they shall direct, and on a violation of the terms nf license, or on n relusat to report a9 aforesaid, Iho sain tioaru oi commissioners snail annul such license, and such person shall he suhiect lo Ihe same nennl. ties as are provided in the fourteenth section of this nc. 14. If anv person, without a license tWrefor, as nrovided in this act. shall huenfter deal in the sellim. nal sea of the same, ami annually, on or befoie the of nny distilled spirituous liquors, wine, ale, or beer, first day of October, to report lo the Governor the I he shnll forfeit and pay to ihe treasurer of the county .... nr thi work, the most sfficient and ecminm ieal manner o( eonduclinq it, and an estimate of the emense for Iho ensuinc year. t. For the nurpnse nf carryns into enVcl the pro visions of this set, the sum of two thousand dollars unniisltv. for lh term or Ihrce years, is hereby p- 'sf'Alfciaims under the provisions nf this act shall he presented lo the auditor of accounts for allowance, who shall draw orders on the Treasurer nf ihe stale for the amount he shall find due, coual to, bin not e-eeediiie, in any vear. thc annual appropriation. Approved, Oct. 28, IBM. No 10. AN' ACT for the relief of th Insane Poor ll ih 'ehy enicted, .f-ci Foci 1. A mm not tcedin three Ihousan-I dol lars m iv hedra'wn from ihs treasury of the Stale, in th' month of Amruat annually, by the Trusters of tie Ternont sylum for ihj Insane, and tVy shall sp- for the use nf sai.l county as n nenalv Kor each quantity of twenty gallons nr more of either or said aruclcs, tne suinnt tucniy dollars. Kor each quantity nf less than twenty nallons nnd not less than one pint of cither of Boid articles, len dollars. For each quantity nf less than ono pint of either of said articles, ten dollars, iranv porson snail no gnu tv of more than one distinct nffenen as prohibited in this act, he may he prosecuted and subjected lo all such penahiesat the same time. If ny nerson, with nut a license therefor, ns provided in this acl, shall hereafier become an inn-keener, and shall therein fur nisli nny victuals, Indeinz or accommodaiion fnr clients, be shall forfeit nnd nav In Iho treasurer nf said county, fnr the use of said county, as n penally, Ihe um nf ten dollars. If any person, wilhoul a license 'hereof, ns nrovided in ibis net, shall heareafier keep my victnaliii-x hntise, ihnp or, and shall there in SHI any nctuals or fruit, he shall forfeit and pay lo paved wilh this material for upward nf two yeais, and arc allowed to be superior in point of clean liness, freedom from smell, and healthiness, to what lliey wcro previous lo the laying down of the elastic pavements. Ii has also been laid down in the Admirably court-yard, and the carriage entrance court to Windsor Castle, where it has given much sat. isfaction. " With respect to its application lo marine purposes," fays the Iliihvay Gazette, "a lifs'-boat is now being constructed utt tho company's premises, (thirty-four feet length nf keel and twelve breadth of beam,) which with the exception nf the keel and eonio iron braces, will he entirely formed of India rubber and cork planking. Sho will weigh but one Ion and a half, an ordinary lifn boat weighing three tons ; and it is the opinion of all naval inunnnd engiu eers who have seen her, thai it will he almost impossible lo sink her under ordinary circtim- stances, and that, when driven on a rock hy the action oi tne waves, sue will rebound like a ball, without fracture. It is also proposed to use the caoutchouc preparation for an inner lining between the guns in var vessels, to nrcvent ihe ellect of splinters for hammock netting, and bulwarks, to save the crow from canister, grape, &c, and for other useful though less obvious purposes" Such are tho numerous purposes to which human ingenuity can apply a single, and to all appearance an insignificant substance the ex. uded sap of a tree ; showing ncicuce not only supplies our more obvious wsnls, but creates others, and calls into uso hitherto neg. lectcd materials lo supply them. Nothing in nature is useless; if we cannot now- see its value, let us rest assured that Iho tunc will come for lls profitable application. Chamber's Journal. NEWS FROM OREGON AND SANTA FK. 'Ihe Western Expositor announces the arri val of Mr. Win. Gilpin, from Oregon. Mr. Gil pin passed Iho winter among (ho American but lleinents of iho Wallametlo and Ihe adjacent sea coasi, aim iiu uescriiies lliem as enjoying pros purity when he left them in April last. The emigrant pirly of 184H, which ho accom panicd, arrived at their destination in Nm-nm ber last, " after having braved and overcome un paralled dangers and difficulties from saiaoes. from thirst, from hunger crossing parched, irceiess plains nerce, angry rivers, and forcing their wagons through a thousand miles of moun tains, declared impassable by tho moil experi enced guides and voyagers."' This accession swelled thc population nf Or egon to upwaids of H'OOU, andlhey had lorined i KeiiARKAOLF. Rock. One nftho most re mirknbla rocks of which we have any know ! edge, has been lately discovered in the middle nf that great island sea, 1, the Superior. Hy a gentleman who Ins recently returned to this city, from Copper Harbor, we loam Ihat a shaft of I rnppe rock lias very lately been discovered rising in the i. iKe irotu nnu hundred and lilly lo two hundred miles from land, and ascending above the surface of the water, a distance of not above four feet. W hat renders it more extra ordinary is, that it stands alone, and all around it, so lar as examinations have been made, no bottom has been reached hy any of the lead lines used nn Ihe lake, and the point of the rock itself, does not exceed an area nf more than six or .seven feet square, and, so fnr as observations of it have extended, it does nut appear to enlarge in S-Z-! as it descends. It lias already, lie states become a source of alarm lo tho mariners who navigate the lake, who lake special care in pas sing, to give it as wido a birth as possible. It is too small, too remote and dangerous, to admit of a light, and therefore its removal has become a matter of serious iiiipnr once, and will doubtless pertain to lliu duly of Government. A single blast from a bore nf sufficient depth, would proba bly do it, but the surlace'of the rock being so near that nf thc water, and the space so narrow as to forbid any regular lodgement for workmen, lliey would have to bo attended constantly by a vessel of sufficient size to resist any sudden storm of the lake, and would also Inyo lo be kept constantly under way, as no harbor orevpn bottom for an anchor, is within a day's sail. The discoverers relate that tho rock appears to be a place of general resort for the salmon trout of those lakes, as they found them there in almost incalculable nutnhcrs,liaving during their short stay' caught several barrels with no other instrument than a rod ol iron, on ono enuot which they turned a honk. They tried with all their lines mi board, lor soundings immediately around the rock, but without success. Such a vast col umn, rou'd it be exposed to view, would laugh into ridicule Cleopatra's needle, Ponipoy's pil lar, Iho colossus of Rhodes, or any production of ancient or modern art. 1'iUsunrg American aid, when lliey engage in the contest for the right. Sitl down six votes for Henry Clay by from G lo 10,000 majority and set down also ns many votes as Vermont may happen to have for any nnd every future Whig Candi date who conies fairly tip fur tho suffrage of the people. CIIITTKNHKN COUNTY. .Sepienihi-r. November. Slade, w. Kellogj, I. Clay, Polk. Iliirlnisloo, maj. G Slu-ihuru, Milton, St. UeoiRc, Charlotte, Huntington, Colchester, Kssex, H'lHiston, Underbill, Uieliuiond, Itolton, Wcsiford, Jericho, Plurality for Clay, in 13 towns, 5D1 in .September, 593. MidJIebttry, llridport, llraiidon, Cornwall, - Wallhaui, l'anton, Verncnnes, Wnodsimk, ll.iriKird, Si. Albans, Georsia, Swanliui, Hightail', Randolph, lU-rlin, Calais, Middlesex, Mon'pe'ier, Wtitcibury, Greensboro, Norllifiuld, ur 5G Gl 21 113 14 92 49 30 89 20 G7 oa 115 5S 7fi 3S 104 63 40 15 G 10 77 0 Do fjr Sladc STATE OF VERMONT. A PROCLAMATION, BY TUB CJOVEHNOIt. The homage of a grateful confiding hearl, i duo to God from every creature under heaven. Ho is great and good, wise and holy, just and true. All His wotkB praise Him. 7'ney pro claim His wisdom and His power ; while a senso of His goodness is impressed on Ihe heart of man by o.i cry object which meets his eyes, or minis tors to his wants, in the creation which surrounds him. And this impression is deepened, when he considers his own menial and moral cnnsli. tution his capacity of knowing God, of delight ing in His perfections, of relishing the beautiful and sublime of His w orks, of perceiving the ex cellency of His Irnlh, the glory of His justice, and tho riches of 1 1 is revealed mercy to man. I o these mottles o! gratitude which press upon every individual hci.rl, , there are superaded those which demand an acknowledgement of God's godliness from Us ns a community. lie has favored us with a government, founded on the groat truth, that 'all men are created equal.' Ho has permitted us thu ptivilece of selecting our own rulers from among ourselves. Ha has enabled them tn enact wise and good laws for gmcrnment. lie has given us the lliblo com missioned His ministers to proclaim its truths, and so impressed them upon tho hearts nf tho people, that a sense of responsibility to Hun, as the great Lawgiver, takes tho place of that forco which otherwise, could alone secure obedience lo law. These great blessings, with the unvarying alternation of summer and winter, seed tirno and ban est, ami the possession of an earth, yielding to the labors of man an unfailing and abundant supply for his wants, are the fruits of tho goodness ol our Heavenly Father, w ho mak. etli His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and seudeth His rain on the just and on thc un just. I do, therefore, at the close of this year, which has been signally crowned with God's goodness lo us as a people, appoint THURSDAY the fifth day ol next, to be observed an a day of thanks-giving and ft.aise throughout this State. Let the people, on ihat day, with ono accord, suspend their accustomed labors, and in their several places of worship, anil in the joyous gath erings of ti.eir fiiiinly circles, pour out tho thanksgiving of full hearts to their Heavenly Ruber, for His multiplied and abounding" mer cies to them Let ns linn for the gener al health He has permuted us to enjoy, during Ihe pabt jcar. Let us h ol; upon our gathered harvest of good things, and surround our tables, loaded with 1 1 is bounties, and thank linn for tho S. N. Dickinson proposes lo jmblish, in ! farl,l ho atr. the ram ami the sunshine winch his Boston Almanac, a complete List of all vall0 ,,0 fpiritual' blessings lie has bestow the Newspapers printed in the New England 1 ed on us : that we have the Holy Scriptures, States. And, will, a view to carry the i11"? 10 ,n!,K ,!S w,!"! m!' stivnin.ii, ine aau- , i, - a- t-.i- , ... i uatn, made lor man, the living .Ministry, to thoroughly into effect, hdtlors and Publish- rCach Christ crucified, and the example for ers are respectfully requested lo send him, as our imitation, of His spotless life, His active soon as thev possibly can, a copy of each 0f ! Rn'l"ess and Ills self-.s.-n-rtficmg love. Let us .' ' ' J give thanks that the truth is inailu mighiv, in their respective papers. Such a list w ill be . working out lite results of practical relorm in found convenient for reference, and must, mo ' individual character, and in the condition of hu. think, from the very great circulation of the 1 "'"J lM " lh!,,,k ',' "'c M,,"CCM 1 t? iiii i. iifiinnrnnen l!iliiriii fur llip inerp.-m nrr Almanac, be of no little advantage to the regard forthe Sabbath for the growing, though papeis iliemselves, inasmuch ns It will fur- ' reluctant interest for the oppressed fortlio nise to the public a ready way of finding such I adval"'',."-, "lrit of Peace, and lor Ihe active and .: , . b 31 "I successful cflhru In dispel the darkness nT heath- papers as they may wish to subscribe for, or , enism, and substitute for its burdensome and f7 A letter was received in this town by boat on Monday evening from While Hall, stating ihat a report bad just arrived there, thai Pennsylvania had gone for Mr. Clay by 11U minority, tins news was ol course electrifying to our Whig friends, nnd a cir cular was issued staling (he fact of such re port. It is now stated that the story was a Lo coforo Roorback originating in Mercer Co. Penn. and sent on by way of Buffalo to cna lile'lbe Polhocr.icy to g"t hots. Wesdnn'l know how they succeeded, but we under stand one of llie democracy here did not think lht party made much hy it ! Clay. Polk. Abo'n. 3V2 151 43 ,20 32 1 J17 40 137 S 29 21 G 1 49 7 191 90, 17 GG2 149 32 174 212 3 2'4 222 52 1G7 73 1G maj. 15 maj. 175 111 79 121 101 Hi 30 137 9 112 72 5 230 3G2 f1 53 153 173 13 55 51 33 212 165 22 Death or Gov. Run.i:i.s. The Brandon , (Mississippi) Advocate says thai Gen. II. G. i Runnels, formerly Governor of this Slate, who emigrated lo Texas about two years1 since, lias met a violent death. Kennrlsuts ho was assassinated by a band of lawless rns- 1 cats, who waylaid and shot him. It is said that Runnels, nnd some other respectable 1 gentlemen, were sent by I he civil authority i to arrest a parcel of men who were commit ting vniious acts of violence under l ho an-, lliorily of " Lynch," or, as they styled them- j selves, " Regulators." They, or a part of THE PRESIDENTIAL CONTEST. The intelligence which has now come to hand settles the question that the 3G clecto ral voles of New York will bo given for James K. Polk for lite Presidency. The probabilities aro now every way in favor of his being tho next President, but the matter is not yet quite settled to a certainty. The result is vet in the hands of the doubtful Slates, as will bo sen by the following ta ble : Number of votes 275, Necessary for a choice 138. Certain. Clay. New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Oluo, Michigan, 6 12 4 6 7 8 23 Feasting a Compositoii. A letter from Hiiniburi!h of tho 14lh October says : "Last Saiindav all the persons engaged on tho daily journal,' lliu Correspondent Impartial tie Hambureh. celebrated by a dinner llin sixti eth anniversary of llin entry of ono of the compositors, named Hem, on lliu paper. During that long puriod hit hud not missed bis work u single day. Ho is now eighty eight yeais of ago, enjoys excellent health, and does his work liko a young man. There wero 220 pei sons present al iho dinner in cluding all thu master printers of tho place. One of these gentlemen, M. BodecUer, sent one hundred pine-apples, 400 lbs. of fine grapes, and an unnu'iiso quantiry if (lowcis I'm l hu I'e.isl." Delaware, North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, Maine, South Carolina, Alabama, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, G6 Probable. 3 Polk. 7 36 26 17 5 91 11 12 12 Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Chances best. 6 13 123 9 9 9 9 7 3 10 6 152 in which lo insert their Advertisements. I bloody rites, the simple and the true God. worship of the living them, wero secured and bulged in jail, nnd, t it nt ii ii Anil while enjoying the Ilih'e, and thc insti tutions of freedom, of whose continuance tho incu'ratiun and griming inlluence of its trulhs are the only guaranty and pledge, let us think of thc in 1 1 1 tons in heathen, and nominally chris tian Imds and even in our own laud, who are destitute o! those blessings onvelopod in tho darkness of ignorance, and crushed beneath the foot of npprersiun ; and let us proie our grati tude to Got), by bearing them on our hearts to throne of His grace, and cheerlully and liber ally ministering of our abundance lo their wants freely giving as uc have freely receivi it from the benevolent father of us all. And let not the poor whom we have with ns, be forgotten, but let us excite in their hearts emotions nf gratitude to God, by becoming the almoners of Ins bounty to them, in their loneliness and ues- And finally, let the toy of this festive season be chastened by the recollection of our mortali ty, of which the failed, fallen glories of tho ex. as Runnels and his associates of law and or- ' ler, wero returning home, they were fired ! Oil, atlU several Olliers UCSIUCS lllmscll, kll- 1 V""'H u impressively ruunuu us ; anu ici h.d. I. wa honed that tin, letinr. u-nnhl ' lllls '"vmenlo nf our own dissolution quicken' prove unfounded. I l. ........ U. 1,71.... IIJ, UIIM ..lV us to work while the diy lasts, for the good of pur fellow men regarding them all as our Important from PEBU.-TI.e following aro I brethren-laboring to make them better and extracts from letters to which access has been !aPPle anu "!"' ou' "Sn? our 'iven us hv an nbliojn.r friend : I liands fil!d 10 do- ln aiding onward to ils consiim. B .. . - . B I Ilia rfiiiiin r nnnrn Mil narlh mill trni l " lima, Aug. n. l lie last sleamor from the , 1 b inlnrmmlina hrmii.lit II. ll.n i,n-c t,Ua l,il ,!o. I 10dril llldll. feat of Gen. Vivanco by Gen. Castilla, near Arenuina. The former arrived on board thc same steamer, with the greater part of his offi cers, as fugitives, and has been exiled hy the here-existing government, which ha4 declared I in favor of thc Constitution of 1835, and the ie-1 gal authorities instituted by the same. It is not yet known what course of policy Gen. Castilla will pursue; but as he has always declared him self to be the champion of said constitution it is expected he will submit to the legal Vice Pres. ident proclaimed in Lama. I his last political change has been brought about here in all or der, and without the least noise. Don Domingo Elias, finding that public opinion was in favor of said constitution, himself convoked all the authorities, and resigned thc executive power to the party designated by llie law to till Ihe of. ncc of Vice president. I he Congress is con Given under my hand at Middlebury thisCth day ol iNovember, in the year ol our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fc.rty.four, and of tho independence of tho United Slates, the sixty-ninth. WILLIAM SLADE. By the Governor, Geo. II. Heaman, Secretary. Sandwich .Islands. A mercantile homo in this city has received a loiter fiom a cor respondent al Tepic in Mexico, who sayi that despatches has just been received from General Miller, and vto aro happy lo say that everything seems to be going on with iho utmost harmony at the Sandwich Islands. We have reasun to think that the United States citizens established there, and iho yoked lor llie ym oi ueceinuer, and wo aro in , . ,,:-.. ,;ion;iries aro much s.u'iafiRrl hopes it will settle all the disputes among the , . candae. w knovv ,lilt ut. deiira is lo be impaitial, and to be influenced by no party. At Tahiti there is considerable Should Mr. Clay receive the votei of both corgia and Mississippi, lie would havo n vote muio than is necessary for u choice. pretenders, as the nation is quito sick of these continued civil strifes. " August 10. ln politics there is no'hing new. Gen. Castilla has not acceded to the pro posals of Domingo bllias for an amicable ar rangement, and was preparing lo come with his army from Arequipa to Callae, by sea. However, wo doubt whether ho will be able to do so, and still expect ho will, by and by, como to terms with ihe existing govern ment, which would tranquilizo the country at once, as we have at present no other parties to fear." Later fkom the Coast of Africa. The brig Francis Lord, Capt. Howe, arri ved at this port yesterday from tho Coast of Africa. Capt. H. states that previous to his leaving tho River Gambia on tho 13th til t. ho was informed by Capt. Williams, of tho bark Imogeno, who had been chartered tiy thu Portuguese Governor at Bissao lo go o the River Gambia for aid, that a war had broken out at Bissao with tho natives, caused by a quarrel between soino soldiers and na tives, und which resulted in tho death of ono of the later by a bayonet wound. That eve ning tho natives attacked tho town and fort, mid partly plundered the (own. When Capt. Williams sailed from Bissao, the principal merchants had romoved the greater part of iheir goods on board of vessels lying tlioro troublo ; the French havo attacked the peo ple, and considerable difficulties have occur red between the French and English Com manders on that station. A despatch has been received from ihe British Consul, al Upper California, in which he says as follows : " I have this moment received a courier from the frontier of the Sacraments, inform ing mo of the arrival of a parly of emigrants, part of a caravan that left the United Slates lust season for thu Columbia. Those who have removed to the Oregon are preparing to leave for California during the autumn, not liking the Oregon." iY. Y. Sun. Thrilling Incident. At a meeting of the friends of Colonization in this city, on Wednes day evening, we wero spectators to one of the most intensely thrilling incidents connected wilh tho departure of a small ban of emigrants, just bruught lo the cily by a gentleman of Shel by county, by whom they wero manumitted, and placed under the rare of Rev. Mr. J'inr.ey, an agent of tho Colonization Society. Of the num. ber, eleven wero children of one man, who was present, and appeared lo bo verging to llie age of three score years and ten. This patriarch was not of tho number manumitted : he belong ed to another slate, but had permission tn ac- Georgia and Mississippi, lie would havo ono m(j 0 npjphhorjng Mand, mid llin natives company his wifo and children to this city, and had full possession ol'lbe town. Tho Gov-1 here bid them a final adiiu. tMicn Ibis laci

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