Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 22, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 22, 1844 Page 3
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1)ka-i a or Cai'T. JAtiA'rx Wo liave to record to.ilay Iho ilealli of Capt. Jahazcl Sherman, fiillior of Cnpl. K. W. Sliermin.r.otn. in anilor nf Iho stc.unnr lltirllnc'n'i Capt. Slier, in an died at his residence at Vcro-entice. t., on T huisilay, Or.t. Mst, "Red 71 years and three months. Capt. Sherman rimitnaiir'cd nne of tlio cleRatit pickets, nil tlio Hudson which was built soon after" the introduction of Bte.imlioits. He o nlisprjuenlly removed to tlic vicinity of Like Champlain, whero lio built tin) Phujtilx, tlio first boat adapted for passcnucrs on those waters. A company was then formed, called, wo believe, tlio " Like Chainpl.tin Steamboat Company," of which ho was the most active member. That company have built under the superintondaiice nf Capt. J. Snnrinm, and hta son, the present commander of the Burlington, of the most macninr-ont steamboats on mir waters. Capt.iS. has sustained llirotilin lonjr and ac tive life the character of an upright and honest man. We hive known him for nearly forty years, and during lint time have frpqunnlly been with him both on the Hudson and Like Cbamnlain, and no never heard an unkind word from his lips. A'. 1'. Coin. Adi: Isdian Possessions. The Oiinos own, at the latest accounts, a lariro tract of country cm the Dig Platte, west nf the Missouri ; I hey" are n poor tribe, and receive a small annuity of 83,300. Tlio Pawnees are a powerful body, and number about 0,500 persons, divided into bands under the name of P.uvnco Loops, Grand Pawnees, Republican Pawnees, P.iwnee Pics, tj-c; they are wild and furtive in their hubitF, nnd receive provisions and good. Tlio lamest .ar.tioti is the Piiltuivaltoinies," or tin "unitcil ' bands of tlio, and Pnttnwat toniies." 7'ney own five inillnm acres of prai rie land, along the Missouri river to the little Sioux, number about 12.000, and ret civ o 832, 000 a year for their lauds cold in Illinois and Michigan. They are a respectable body of In dians, are gnnil fanners, and educate their chil dren. The payment of the annuities is always n season ol festivity. St. Lnuitt Gazelle. Call at the Cai-'n's Uincr.. On board of the steamboat . a few dais since, soon af' tor leaving the wharf, the boll rang, and with it came the well known ciy: "All what haven t paid th"ir fare please call at the Cap'n's office andscttl l-e." Slmrtlv aflor tha sunnor l.o'l rant, a passoneer. not nllcircthcr catisfi'.d with hh fare, called out, ' Waiter, take, this cup of coffee to thu Lap n s ouicc, and it tot-il-l-pil!" The Annual Catalogue of the University of Vermont states llw number of students in the senior class at 23; in the jnuinr nt 26 ; sophomores 31, and freshmen 30, making n total of 112. The course of study nt this Institution U ecee(iinoy tliorousli, and tlio University highly prosperous. Boston At las. Ixdcpesbence. A wnvcrinir I.nrn i'oco nt the recent contest in this town, who a day or Iwn previ ous In tlip pler1ton declared that ''he rou'd nnl rprnn cite it in hi emseipnee to vote fir l!i mere apology for a fit.itevnan bronchi forward hv his party." ivai finally whiripM ia and vo'pd fur I tin "apology" nficr fill On ticinf! n,'t-'i'ined in relation lo ii. ho replied "Yes. I votpd wi ll thppa'tv, but, thank G id. we -hill have a wine Senile !" This rpinitidpil usnf ibe story of Jud'.'C Oollatner n' nut -he man who. to cpt lid nf the i'nnnriuniiips nf hi wife in takn medicine finally yielded ''Well, siil tip, I'll inks the pills, but they idivit npralp nn how.' We rut thp nhovp from llie ("larcmnnt F.ajlc. I' is o'nuihv so here. Not n few of the hvufneos are tifraid nfthe pvil they otnp.'l thcirnwn nartv will brine upon thp pnniitrv, nnd thpv nrp pnnnp,l ''V anmP nf thir lender wholcllihpin dip 'chirrs Iiavp enl iIip Senate. True, thpy will havp 27 Senators for iIip next two vear if D!pwnr.pntnpsn tt rj ,1it. tint tlu voting for destruction nnd I linn tiirnmp In Hip Whirls for salvation i somewhat singular. Cilcdonian. Tut: Rf.sui.t. The Trnv Whig states that a few weeks ago tlio foundation nf n largo cotton null was commenced nt tl'fi Co lions. When completed it would have been ono of tins largest mills in the Union. Since the election of Free Trade Polk it has been suspended, and it is doubtful when work will he resumed upon it. A large number of laborers are thus thrown nut of employ ment at the commencement of winter. Ur.rAr.Tr.r. "I'll tell you the tale as 'Iwas told to me." Givernnr , nf Ma!.achu- fCtlp, was formerly a leailiny; arlvocatn at tlio bar. One d iv, bavin? occasion to caui- i tic a witness, a Mrs , be Rpr-med willm?; to intim dite and confuse her by hi? close inter. yes noon porno delicate point. Iieinir more than iati(ied with her prompt and bold but con sistent answers hn rejoined, "Well, .1rs.H., I must pay, von hive hra enouirh in your face to mike a five piil keltlo!" "Ye-," returned the witness "and you'hive sap enough in your head to fill it." Ect.ii'si:. Then! will he n total eclipse of the moon on the 24lli of this month, visible here, heniuins; in this meridian 7 minutes be fore 5 ; total darkness 2 minutes past G; middle nf the eclipse 12 minutes before 7 ; end (if total darkness 25 minutes before 8 ; end of the eclipsu 17 minutes before 9. ID) ii o sls In Monkton, Nov. 13th, of Consumption, Macv Elizabeth, only daughter of Chester and Mary Root in die lOlh year of her nse. OilKAP !;i()(J(.'!i !!! AT THE FIGN OF THE RED LEDGER, on thp pn'iipr nf Church nnd Cnlp2 St., KA.MUI'.L HUNTINGTON Inn nnw reprivp.l from New York bis Viutpr npplvnf School llOOICS. Sintionery, nnd Bjjli !i 'lir'2 STOCK which be will splr Cii nt uriees tint SI I LL euil bis cusluiuerB-Call nnd see. Nov. 23 1,181k 25tt3 jnj, R. A few Rcimn nf Super Rluc Colore! Ruled, nnd also, letter paper, super. S. II. Moro Now CJ oods. Ln nddilion In the already hue smelt of Staple nnd I Fancv Dry Gonrts which tlie fmlirrihcra Imp nn land, thev will reccivp, hy tht days packet irtutlher apply, "Inch win render Ihfir nwirtment ns roir- Ilete ns cin hp inunu io nny boo nir r-i.ii.ti-.iiiicm, Bcini: dclcrminert not to lie tinnprrnin i.y nny imp in he inarliet. Uipy must rppeeiiuuv sniien ine ir iticuns iirl the nuhlic tu give I hem a cilll"fnrp ihey inoko Rpir purchases. C. F. STANIFORI) & CO. runv. IM. 1111. ' NOT I UK. T ESCAPED from liv premi-c or nocl. II. J Slielbnrne, a lliy lloise.wuh black fept. hhnrt mil. havinsr mi a kn'hrr hal'er, lielaro in I the neck. Said lior-e i Mipposnl to be 8 or 0 years ofai;?. Said liiiru'e-capednn ll civcnins f the 17th ia-t. Whoever will return Mini horse In the -ulwri-lir, or cue intormition where ne nny be (nund. -h ill I .. n mitl i' i nmnen-nle I. E. II. SPRAtiUI. Shelhurnc, Nov. 21,1811. 83w3t i Win. Itay'n IMalc. s-i'A'rr. nr viillMOS'l'. ) 'PHR H"n. the I h.triet nf t'hittendpn. ' Prolate Court for Ibe Di-trici i.f Chuti'iidea : To all per.ons con rerneil in iho is'a'e nf Wdliani Itny, lale bflline burab, in raid DMlicl, deceased, lutctaie. Wtir.nE- John Ray adminisirnior if c-tateof said deccn-ed, nropo e. In reiu'cr nn account idliiit ndinin j.tralion, and pro-ent In- m. aiain-l h.aid e-lale for exiininalion nnd nllownnie ui a .c--ion oHhe Court of Pro' ale, Id l. holdeii al the Rcsi-icr - oince in Hurhmrion i said Ditlnclon the second Wednes day ol December nex.. Thcrcf. re, Vou are bend y nolifiol t" appear 1 clore faid c url at jhe tune an I place aloresaid, and -hew cau-e. if nny yon have, why iho uccouut cfnre.-aid fchould not le'allnwel. , ,. r (liven under my baud at Ilurbnglon Ibis 20:h day of November A. D. 1811. ,...c.i-r r r I 25w3 CHARLl-3 RLSSLLL, Jud't. -"n CARMINA SAUtA. OUU 300 llo tnn Academy' Collection, The Odeon, The lloHon Glee Hook, Tlio Geivleman'- GIpp Hon!,-, The llosli'ii M F. lucniion Sot.'s Cel. Thu Ho-lon School Sons Honk, Mat-on's Manual ol Voial Mume, Aco. &c. For sale by V. HARRINGTON. Want el m cxehanse lor HooW, 20 Took of Paper II 2 : Jnh No-.IBII. BOOTS SHOES, READY MADeTcLOTIIING, AT WHOLUSAIiH AND ItlCTAU,. fTMllJ subscriber respectfully informs theciliz"n of X. liiirliniiion nnu virinuy nmi on nns likpii hi" Store peiier lly known ns tint " Gtrman .S'ore," situ ated on Collrgo Slrcct, ono door cast of Perk iV Sppnr's, where haintendsto keep constantly on hand ns Rood nn assortment of BOOTS, SHOES AND JiUBBEllS, ns can bo found in thi4 section of the country, con Biitinp inpirt of ihn followma: MKN'S THICK IJOOIV, " KIP do " cowninn SHOR9, " t'iNi: c.u.F snwt.D hoots, " ' l'KG'D do 11 TAP SOU"l da UOV'S COMMON SRWRt) BOOTd, " PF.G'D do KIP " do YOUTH'S COWtllDF, " da " cAt.i.' niton AN?, " KIP do WOMF.N'S Si:WF,r LACK l!OOT3, " ii:g'd " " " " U'F.l.TS, " " I1USK1NS, " MOROCCO IVr.t.T do " LRATHKK M.lPPHItS & TIF.S, " Kill do do " IM'T. SFAV'DFpiinsnUSKINS, " SF.U'F,D " KID MOfK UTLT". MISSUS' PF.G'D SPUIIW IiURKIN5. " KID nnd MOIlOfCO WILTS, GENTS ITNI' KID DWCINrt PUMPS, " Vr.t.VJ-TF.F.N f-LlPS. MEN'S COMMON SLIPPERS. ALSO, Men's Women's and I'lilldrcn's RUBBERS Of every description. H-ninn mule nrranpemcnts with various Manufac turing establishments io Massiphusctls, the subscri ber "ill be enabled nt all times to supply the remilirs in tins vicin-ty with llieir Goods as chenp ns rnn be purphirpil In 'New Voik or Itoslnn, nnd liaiint' I'ci'H enjraced in thp Shop trndo for the last ten cnrs he Hatters himself that be is mister nf hi- business, nnd hopes by a closo npplieilinn to business to merit n sbnro of the public patronage. Ilis tnek nf RE a i) v-MAnn CLorinxa, which enns'sts of every, article in lint line that can be mentioned, was rnrelullv selected nnd purcbaseJ for rash, nnd will I n sold chenp for cash. Please ca I and examine. G FORGE W. I.F.E. A. ?. G. W. LF.E will tnKe in cxebmpe for nny nrliele nf bis Ho it nnd Shoe depaflmcnl. (tood Ilultir, Chrtfpir White IVnns, at inaikct prices. Il.irlmston, N'ov. 13, PH. 24 Gin i:i:PL'iii.n'Tio.N or the I.oiulou, Kdi'.itmi'Ei, Cos'eigu, A!IO Vi'estiijiiiiti,r iu:irlcrly It E V I E W S . rpiIF.F. Klnii'lar .1 wort- ec imie to I r rc-iepiint-i i,l in ibis Country, iinni tiaie'v on tite r ariinil by the Rriu-h Vti'amef, on I can iful while pnpi r nnd iii a elt'nr new tipe, pre-unlins in a n.'ai nit'l conve nient lorni rxnet eo,i. s of ti e Original IMrions. Eloh Review is pnhlidiel -cparntt'iy, en tint miI. -ri'i-r- ein pecl fiom the -crie- nny ihcy may ptp ler, or nny ta'.c the whole P'seiher, the jirt I einir so arranse.l as to make it ca o' jet to adupt the lat ter course. THUSIS. For anv one Review, 0301 For any two Iteview--, :" 00 For any ibree do, 7 0) Fur any lour do, 8 U0 V. HARRINGTON, Aent. R irlin'nn, Nov. 20, '! I. 2 j ran!el Itlctinril-nn'c; Ustnle. STATE OF VFRdOM", ) rp H K lion, thp Vrn msTnicT or ctiiTTr.NDr.s, -s. i L hale Court for the t)i-tr:cl of Chrtenden To nil nprnni concerned in the c'n'e ,f INII'L RICHARDSON, hie ol Weiforl, in DiF'rlct, I'epea-ed, Gnr.r.Tr.'O. Wncr.cAS, Kan;' C ha.c, Adunnl-iraloriefconisnon ol the I'-Mte of si I de 'iM cd. propo.e- to ren ler an account of his admuiis'raiion, and pru-ent Irs ae connl acain I ad e.taii- fur r.nmtnui.m and alio v ince al a -c-iion nf the t ourt of Pro' a'e, to he hidd en at the I'epi-lcr'- n'hee in t'urliniion, in slid ills. trier, on the -con I Wolncalay of Janniry nexi. Th"rcfore. vou aro lierlhy notifiel lo niipear leforp .ud court al tha tone an I place afore ai I, and -how ciu-e, if nuv yo.i have, why the utvouiil nfunaid ei.ou'd no! I u nllowe 1. Given in ler my Innl nt Hurling'nn, thi 19th d iv of N' Ncinher, A. D 1811. 23w3 VM. WKSTOV, Karistcr. Sccr.itary Kiw-oit's ICstatc. STATE OF VERMONT, 'plIE I Inn. the Pro-Dii-tricl of Chittenden, f-. 5 hate Court for lite Di'rict of t'hiuciclcn : To all per-nn- concerned in the'c of sSeerelnrv Ilaw.son, late 1 1 .lerieho, la s.n ! Di-trict, deeeaael. (intcTlso. Wiir.tiF.AS, Oran Rowc.n, ndnvid-iraior i.f -aid .lo -ei cd, pro!0-e lo render an aivoun1 of hi adm n itraiion, and pro.eiit hi- ae o ml aiinsi ru 1 1 mmic for ciimuia'ion and allowance at a -er-iou of the Court of Prohve, to 1 e ho'dea nt the Reji-icr o'hee in Ilurluii'on. in -aid di-trict, on the : cjond Wclne day nf De 'e'nlier next. Tiir.inror.r., you are hereby noiifil lo a'peir be fore -at I eoun "a! the lime and plaee af ur-ui I. and heiv ca i.e. if any you have, wiiy ihe acco.uit afore--ail .ho'iltl not le'r.llo-vei. fl v-n nn 'er my Inn I nt Rurlinqtoii. this 20 Ii day ofNovcm'er, A. D. 1811. 25 rn. WESTON, Heaislcr, CflOZii Ihnorftblc the Supreme Court ofjndioi. I lure nextlo lieho'thn nt Uurllnrlon. tcil.'iin anil for tin Cininly nf Chittenden nn Ihc Mmd "j nrrl prerttli'Mf Hiejimt 'I'ncntmj in J mumj .1. I). 1SI5 The hi el nl Ju'ii Thouip-nn, t Rieltmnn I lu the County of Chrtenden, hum' Iv complaininc, -hows lha' she was lawl'u'lv nnrried lo Daniel I.. Thump o,i. then of ? li I III 'iunoud, (I nt wh" nnw re-i !e a tlieli' ellnm I elieves iu tie s'atu of New Voikl on I he -eeond div of t me in the vear one ihou-an 1 e-eht h .n Ireland fonv one, at -aid Ilchuioij I hv die Rev. M. Lovrll, then u'ltlel inini-ier ol the te 3;'el i it siiJ Ric'i.u ml; that hhe, the -aid .In'n, live I Willi he -n'd Daniel in the o'l-crvance nf nil the provi-ems ot tl:e onrna'jc con'ract, nn her pari, until 'he fir-t eaj of September A. D 1811; that on the div and year la-t afore-ai l, the -aid Daniel L. wilf il v de er te l her, the -aid Julia, and from lint iinio io the pie- B"ni ua wiu iny re;,ee i to live wen li"r, or in nn way di-chnree ihe dulie- me imhptit on him by 1 tie marnuo eon'r.ict, pud ,1-irinz all thu mum to wit, fiom ill" -aid lir-l d.iv i,f Sent 1811. io thed iv ol ihe d.i'e hereof, ha- nejleciel and ref i-u I to provide her with any mean- ol Mpp it j V, herelore rie prav-tlntiholnnd- of ina rirnony lifiween her and ihe aid Daniel may I e dis-i.liel, ngrecal-lv to iho tat'iu in su di ra-e made nnd provide I, Da't'd nt l)urltii.rlon in aul county tins iiinih day ef NuvcmU-r A. I). 1511. JULIA THOMPSON, I he turesning libel bavins 1 een procnicd to the iinuermiriic I, ono ol Hie J id?e-nl Ihe Sunreme Court, nnd ii a;ipeanns therein lint the fail Dinul L. Thoinp-on, lha lil u'lee ihercin name.!, re ide- without lln-Ma-e: II ordered that I lie -a d Join Thoinn mn, li'ipllanl, eiu-e lh -aid Diilie' L. to lie n iii icI nf rail libel, by p il,irliini ihe sime, toie'lvr w'rh Mil- or 'er, three -icce.ive wea is lu the "liuilnu't Free Pre-," n new-paper prime! in II irUnirtoii am tjiniieniien i-oinly, the last of winch piling lions io be al lea-t four week- preivvi- to ilia ncxi .-c-fioii pf.iiul Uourl in i-ni I Co uilv of Chillen ten. Given under my hnn l, at said I! irlmqlen llii iwenncm aay n iovcnmer, .. 1) 111. MII.O I,. I1I..NNFTT, Judge of Ihc Supreme Court, WILLISTON HIGH SCHOOL AND FEMALE SEMINAR Y. npiIE II7nr Term if tbi in-litutinn will com inence We luc-dav, Dee. 1 lib, under pronii in TheMdiool under lis pre-cnt arrauce ineni hi-leeu in pri sre--bul one vrm. The n un- Uer ot St ulent. during that lerui ba-1 een al oul nine IV i much birder than ivn, nntir.uinle 1. Thp iti-lrne. lion is nl ly conducted nn W the charge of J. Lynnn ... .... n-ci-ic . ey i.yman ami .iii,, ateau, uotn teacher- of huh reouip. Lecture. in Philo nphy, Themi-iry mid Astron' my will I e sivi n cratis, accoinnanuiUviih experiment. pns-n-se a Uirschclian Teleseopt of nivihuni size nn,i peueciioii, W illi o hci npparatu-, which he will ii-o lor the lenelii nf ilm .iu Special at'pniion will bo aivcn lo those propo an to teach. A plea nnl nndcoinnmjioi- loardui; liuu-p lias tieen opentil Tor ihe nccouunnlalion ol thu etti dents oceii led in pan 1 v 'he leiclierr. TUITION. For the branches ofeoininon -cliools, SJ.OO For lower Academic bran"hes. 3 50 " biahcr " " " Iansna7cs son The rullouini! are Ihe principal tcVt books n-el fur lltadins and Par-lnsr, for tho-e who arn (ifuen or over, I'or'erV Annly.i-j for Iho-e under that ase, PorterVReader ! Mitchell's and Wnodhri 'ee's larger (icoirnph.i's , Smith's Grammer; Siniih Aritlinie ti 'j Old for ihe yo inaer -rho'nrs nnd "New" for tho ea Ivnncoli Com. lock nnd Oliulpd Philo-nr.lni Com-ioo'.'K Chiiui-lryi llurriu'- Astronomy; Day' h;elra Playlair's J.' i Flint and Guuinicre's Si rveyiii'-' tor Ihe lancnac, tho same that aro useilin other similar institutions It is very dciiahle that llio-e deiimiiif to connect thomelvc wiib the school si o dd do so .it the becinninc nfllie titm. Wdhslin, Nov. 20,h 1 11. U31 '03 A'J.M M.II )IIIA W du opmu AJ.v!oJd ji ij oi faitii' pun Vautp III) lu do o.,iuu ol .ieilo Joj nuup -u, lino 'II V tiol nollii 10 J. lIIA 01 rvvunilnnq liuil" i0H.w'.i tiM o'lljo n.iucuiilUn.) u sil.npx puu ') oiooi.mi ut ot oSunoaiud UJ nqi oqi joj oi(pd ail oi'UD'l sit sJapn.ii -f lu ens ooiti.w pun ui(j A el 'hiiiO) on Jo Jjd dn.M flmii n.uo in.ilXo!iio.M'ii 'uiaiiit.ti:d.)) "11 l ill Jr!ill.inpi',t p) 1 ill oii -piltisl.ipuil oi.w nil 1 1 lit) uuiil DuiioX o Uii.jd.a.l '.uq.).ij Apill!( diiJjau -Uiid til '1,1'KI t:i puu 'MR pu.'.l no 'o mis s, U )oJ ' 'O nil-oddo dotioA puu itioot Jtuiiino u u.)'i!i Lq oq 1i'tl Xl'J,iuaS nl (lid oi1 puu noiJiiiiJntl A josu.iziiiaoqt uuopi Xnjiods.i.i J,tiNlA ill 'ItUltttlSfUQlMEisE CU).101JB3 AO IVAOKJIU (111 EA T IM) UCKMIWI S TO cash, pu i u: n as ii us LOVELY &ASEYM0UR'S At their NI31V STOUE S doors North or their Old Stand. WHO are now opening a Large assort ment or STAPLE A XI) FANCY DRY GOODS' Which have I edit boocht since the ureal Till of pri ces m m.ut.o'. Puridn-er- are invred to call mid 'all fy lhein-elve that lln-y will le-tiM at lower price- linn can I e bought m thu in.iikct, Among which aru FOR CLOAKS AND HRESSE.'S. Very rich pattern Ct-liinere--, ('a-hniero d' Eens-o, Ombre S'alm., Vloiort i Dania-l.s, Ci Imn-. P i-eilo A llnii Satuts, Cain.-leon Itroca U, Ve vet lie I.'iinP", Crnpo de l.tiines, Mil-lm de I .nines, I'l.u'tl and Figured ('bene Clri-nu, I'riiHe I Vlvet-, En'ians, rh'c and walr'd, Paranu'Mns, Rom li.i,Thl' ei Clo'h-, French und Enub-h Merinnc-, lll.ii'l; Fasbniere tie Keo e, Ilicli, I' am nn I Stripe I Al;iacea. Varin'is hade- 1'oh'ird ilo., Rind; nnd Illue II a.-l; do., Silk and Cotton U'.up-, lilac'; and Illue lllnc'f lloinlia-zinc- and Ahdius, S'tipel and Wn'ered Itlaeli S Ik, and l!l te Itiiicl; tiro ! Svvia-, Grode Rhine, Matiorn an I Ilnlun S l'., Fot'd Dre Silks, I'nwlir.l and Florcncedo. Gala, l!o-liu, Silk, Wors tel and i thcr Plnid-, (iin.diam-, t-c, i-e., iugelher with a fplcudid a-p rimcnl if CALICOES. Alo, Rilibrtu, I'ravai-, Haudl.erchief?, Giirps and Ftuiac, Coni and Trmiinincs H'ncU and Colo red Crape-, iierlm Wool, Wor'.imr C.inva-, Wor ld Pattern-, Nep I'cs, iV-e.. Hoiserv, tflnves an I n very estteti-ivo variety fall Good- n-iially enlled for, which shall bo -ol I at iho very lowe-t prices. Ch ireh iS'l., 2 door' norlb ol lboir old -taud. NovchiUt Uih, 21 HAl'.t'i'. ll'.'j Illumluatcit liiblc, Price. Io. I I, Thu American Abninic and Repn-itory of Useful Ktumkdfre, P.r ibe joar 1 8-1 J . 1,00 Neal'- lli-tory if thu Purilan-, coniilc:e in SNo- 23 tl-. ca-h. Ue.vitt'-IllustratelSlial.csnonrc, N...3L I2J My-icries of London, pan 7. l'-i Waiu'enn!'.Tev.,1 pan 8 (Wmcties'ci's cJ.) 0 r.i-t ami 1'rcsciit. hy iiiomas o.itiyie, new Ed. 2j 21 A. EDWARDS. Animals lor IB-i;J." 'TMIE Illn-iratcd Rook of Wii' IJallau?, i Roynl 600. Tile (':IH, wch pl'nlil Ensravinj'. The Diadem, lio. with eleven Icaotidl Illtts-tra-i n-. The Drawing t!oo:n iiiiuil 4lo. a prc-cnt fur n'l .ca-on-, 1G I m1 u'li-hineti;?. The Iteltslous Souveiiir. The To'.en. (t) l!y A. EDWARDS. Fur ni lure lor Sal.;. HAVE a lot of second hind F irnifre left wilb me coiwaiiiiir of CH , TI1L!:. STOVF., IIF.DIEAD.S. TIN. CKOCKERV, GLASS nnd HARD WARE, in f.ict nl n nt every nrude thai is wauled for hoiwedu'epuuj, which 1 wi I sell low. I' or tin titer inlormaituu niqu re at the i issiciiusetis lion nnd Shoij sr'iort.. A. ORV1S. Nov. 12 '41. 21 f Buss ant! 5)1)1. I)ass Viols. WE are nuth nixed lo oflcr M responilile Choirs or uvlividii da llnp tdnin aid h inded Ihss Vt ds it much lower price- fur ca-b or nl four or si mouth Credit, nil who wish to huy nrc invited to examine our assortment, which will be sold cheaper than any other person will sell. Mulndians, Acordians, riutcr, Fbjcolets, Cheap, cheaper, claapi ct. I1KI.N5.UIU fit UltU l lll'.itn. P ipor I itni'jiii'is. c- ? fCAf P.5- American nnl ! I French Paper lime- J'J iiiii i il receive I at ine new nri'lit-tore two doer-nor. h of their foru'er stand and fur -ale lo v hv I.OVELV & SKVMOFR. lj.b Nov. IS II. II C10MMUN10N Fliesoni Plato Cp, &e. sold ' by llRINMAtt) it RltOTll ICRS. Curls, Plain Hair. PI.MN Hiir and Trout Pi res with an I without Turls, Rimjleis, in Cnmbr, Curbim and Quilling Irons, Sh.H, Iron. IIi.'ii and all kinds of Combs, I'rushes, ipc. fit file hv lIItlNSM WD RROTllF.RS TlicroiiiomcKM-H. APUPPLVof il.fl'reul iz d Thcrcmonietcrs at lower prtci s, f t de by PIlINtM tin f: RROTIlER. Shawls, fl53iwEs ! 0 ICII Cn-lunere. 1 'it. do. Uro In Em' 'd llelvidere, 1 Golored Sd .. I'bi"1; S'Ht. I!li'- ".Tin. Hamas'.. Net. I'hiit Knhvle. Fh rnla. Ill'k. and (Vorel Mou-. a Li ine, Clone, Money Com'i Pari-, Alalnma Wool, Plata St.ileJ Woo'cn Shawl-, lor -ate cheap, l,y 1.1.1 ij. si;! jiuui;, Two doors n rib ol the.rolj I. Novemler 11 b, 1311. 21 Jelly Moulds. I J lied Pail". Wash llnwlsnnd Pucher, Foot llaih- ina Tub", II in I Shower It nhs. Small Selves, t'npoa Dippera, ( luthes Pins, Mops iwli Iian le-i, ! lour liriishis, ('heap NipUin lbna, Work Has els. Cup Mats, and many oiher nrticles. I1RINSMAID ii IIROTHERS. Violin Siriims BY ihe Handle, I Wen or S nule, Itass Vial, Guitar and oilier Slrmes for -nle hv l!RIN.S'IAIl)t IIROTHERS. (iciitlcmoirs ("ioods. MF.RICVN, Fnnli-b, Fiench II ael; nnd Rim r, I ,iv. (7reen, Illue, Drown. Ca 'e' and Ox lord M xM. Ilrond and lle.uer Clnihs, Pilot do lilac! nn l FiincvCnn-inieresPuiel-, .S'i'iinui-. Ca-lnnere Valentii. Rich Colore I and ll'T k Sill Velvet, Rich Pa n Wnlerel mil Cb'a. Sotin-, Iloi ery hirt- and Driwer-. Cravats, Sioel; mil Cellar IldlifV., J-c. 6-c. For -ale ehean bv LOVI LV.p SEYMOUR. Two north of iheir old ianJ. November 1 1 b, 1311. 21 iNolice to Farmers. Q W. TAVI.OR is in want of a quantity of Fire O. Wood, Hay, Oa's, Polaloes, nnl most olhei kinds of produce in exchange for the latest patterns of Conking, Pallor nnd Itox .Sieves, al tlio American Hotel. 21tf Darlington, Nov. 13, ISM. .l5liHCT SCHOOL. j,TR. J. M. HUELL will commence Iho Winter LiJ- Term ol his Select ScuooLfor Girls and loyt, on Wednesday the Mill of December. Titltljii. ' For Enulish Pi tulips, S3 00 Greek, L ilm and French, 4.00 Chiroernphy, (Extia ) 50 Sphool rooms over II. Majo's Store, west side tho Square. 21w3 STRA YED. AIIOIT ,ix week since from the i i st'iro of J- S. Stoics, a three year old red It ill, had on one born when he mi n buiion nr lull. Any per.-on who will leave information where he may bo fuund, with Geo. Pe er oil jImII ho iii'nhlv rewarded. Hurlinnw, Nny. Uih ,1 8 y. 21 MA TCllES. 1 Cf Gross Matuhe ', for sale by lyjyj VILAS if- NOVES. Pel, 21, ISM. 21 SELECT SCHOOL, IllUs. Ij. ij. stagy WILL commence her winter term on Wednetdsy Iho G h of Novcml cr, 10 enminuo 12 vvc k. Schn'nri. aro expected In enter at the commencement of the term. Tuition. Fnzh'b, S3.00 French, 1,00 Drawing, 3,00 School Room one door west of the room' formerly oeviipipI by Mis. Ranncy's shop, up Hair-. I! iiluipton, Oct IS, IBM. 20 INOTICIS. rPHE eopartnershlp heretofore cxistins under the I. nam and firm of II. H lljslwick oi Co., is by muluti! consent dissolved. All persons bavins claims upon th lute fittn, aie requested to present them hn mediately for adjustment, and thasu Indibled nrotar ncslly tnlieitcd to make imiiicdhte piyincnt, ns all in it It ra relalinr lo the business of thai iii in must be fpeedtly closed. II. II. IIOSTWICIC. T. F. if- W. L. S'I RONO. ISnrlinzlon, Nov. 7lh, 1PII. 21 II I I.Ij VAN Sit Kl,KN Attorneys nnd Counselon at Late, mid .'i'jllcltoi' In Cltnnccry. F. G. 1111,1., E. VAN SICKLEN. Jericho Corner-, Nov. 1E4I. 21 Tlio Boston Almfuiiic, I'or 1815. rpllE Proprietor rf thu Almanac respectfully In J. fnrins ibe l'ul lie that it will be ready for sale cirly in Deccoiher. 'I ho lorbcnniiui number will be the riche-l nnd the mo-t tnlily pot up volumo ol any vet ptlblishi". A sp'cn hd new Map of ihe Ci.'V of llo-ton, nearly a foot itpiare, has I em rniravc! ex-prc-lv for I lie work. The Almame will coiitaln a Itutlness Directory of all llie llnsinc s People In Ilusintt, elnoeiln- us al under their appropriate In-sines- In n U. All iiFclnl infornia'ion tn-pcetinir P'd' 1 c convevnncts in nml from the cty, and nil local mailers o iulerc-t tt, tic Public, in "r n il ol llo-ton, will be fut'id in tins Mni.tiru" Or ler- may 'e -eul lo Me-sr-. Thomas (oioom ft Co. f2 Stn'c St., Ron ton. or to tlrj o'.K'tf ol the Pin ir'tMur, S. N. DICCERSON, 52 Wa hitislen street. EO s a AS TNFORM hi- c ui'o'ncis III 11 he has lettirned from i. ew ink, where he p irchase I an exten-ic a snrtiuent ol'IrvGool w Iti -li ad te I lo hi- .-toe'; tin hand, make-hi-a--oriioc il vervlanre. Il i-iinnee-ee nrylo en iiiierv..' article-, but w ui' I invite hi friends and eu-totners in mil and f..r Iheiii selves DRV GROCER! V.. Also, a rencnl a sorlment ol Dry Groceries, Tea, Smrar, Co ee, Stii e-1 o'h prouud and not around. Ilox Kni in-. K'iv d i. Tobacco. Col mid .Vnt'ihirg do. Wiinl ey". I ist Lmif S i.-nr, Ea-t IIomou do ll te He llneil do. Cr i he I nn I II lV.ina Wltitu Sujir, Itiowu do. Lijeiirn, Java, and It in Ci fiie, Saleratus, ite. &u, A LSO, Carpel Warp-, f'i t'r n Vnnt, 'Wi king, WaiMing1, llatls. &c. A Inr 'e x-.i.nuipnt "f ItUFFALO ROIIKS. Sirens'- R il hn.'-, C llejre St. Nov. 15 1S41. 21 A CARD. IJRIXSJIAIJ) & H ROT HERS DESIRE lomfunu their customers nnd the public cener.iily lb it llmr winti r nock ol Goods will be fuund iinu"im'ly cxti nsivc, pood nnd cheap. Much tune nod cure has hecii spent in sclcciins. and Invitii: mule a v.iii.d nml beautiful asorlmetit of the different kinds ol Goods which ure expected lo be found nt mir wbil-st we do not t xpect lo hue every thins; tint is railed fur, we would tiy tint our assortment is hit ler than ever, e bale addtd many newailieley nev et bo ore kept, and Ihey were boucht at low prieis and ill be sild decidedly low, much lower than ev er sold in town. JLOOCTET: G3LASSIS3. We would particularly inviic all who wish to btiv the vcty best finished M.ihnzanv framed Looking Gins ses. lame and small ci7."S with one or two plates, to look at our nssirniiPiit, we belleVo we have the most extensile and llie rtry cheapest. TEA AND COFFEE POTS. Tci Pols for a fe sbi! fnr. In litis line wo shall of fer Tea Pill", Candlestick, Lamps, (Jini, Spool Stands, t'n-to-s and oi'ier llrilnnnia Mitnl; Hints and Plntnl 15 "oils very ch 'rp. purchasers mny make a mvuift bv lookinr, ni ours befjre they buy. Gold and Silver WATCHES will be ofleied at itry low pries nerordms to pny. Our nssorioirnt of La dies' nnd Gentlemen's It ins. Pins, nnd Rioocbcs. will be fuund vcrvnitnetive. Gold nml Sinnc llrnee lets, of very preitv.Etyles, AL-Hair lirneijeta willi Gold rbirps and pi''ip A crrnt nrrelv of Stone Hroocbi s for I.'id . s ptul G nileni, it, Gobi 'I'hinib'i'S, Snips, Clasps, Ivir Ho. ps nnd Riifs, (',( f'hiins and Kevs of var.ous pittern. A creat variety cf Pina and I.ocl.its for Inir nnd ifiimiturcs. A beautiful lot of .let ilusnnts Pins, Rings, Rracelets, l bains, Snaps, Clasps, iJ,,ir Pms, &c. ILMil 1'IX.S, cj'-. G ld mil Silver, Gill Jet nnd Iron Hair Pins, Hcid nnd Nick 0'iiauient, II iliion, l!iees, llpeds, Ac. for tuniniiiig Head and N".'k dres-cs. Hoquei hulJirslifae. a o 1. 1) p i: a . A rw ti'jzon at whi-l'sile nnd n.lail. C'MH'K--. 200 of iIip very best " Jeromes'" iti.l " Terry and An drew's " I'.iiss Clucks m finest O. f!. MuhoVitiy Ca ses warranted of the best q tility made, sj!J by the bo:; or ti.ijlo v.-ry low. c a e s . A new and splend.d lo nf Canes nf all pattern, Crooks, lvoty and Silver llenl-, Lmdul IfpuN, Sv.ord Cams, ifre Ferules for Cines by the dozen. in..c:;:;a .f. nuusiins. Day nnd Martin's L:ipnd lllnekiiij;, Paste I'laching, F.I ulie Water Proof lil icltimr. tl'Sirisiiutif ft.'ift'.v Vcar's Prrjuoiits. A crp'it variety of pleasing Toys, Gimes, Puzzles, C uiveisinon Cards anil Fancy Articles will be open ed in nine tor se'i 'Hit". Rosewood Wnik llovtw will be sold much lower than vc ever lrot ihi m helore. .7fr"- Sfiop.f, Sfr. Olenplnne, Chinese and Ver'uni Creiin. Naples, old brown Win s,r. whi o WniLUor, Ca-ti!e, Oxy CHiintpd, Naval and Mihta.y anJ all the most appro ved Soaps. n AXOUS if- STRAP", Of most kinds iii use, cluaprr than ever. BRUSH ES nf Ml km Is. TEA TRAVS AND WAITERS, of new nnd beauti ful patterns. TAULt: MATS. Oil Cloth and Willow Table Mats, Ci p Mats, ite. VA RIETY. Nursery Limps. Woo.lcn Spoons, Uuiter Lidle'. f'hepso Tonttprs. Ilresd Tnisters, Cnrlin" and Cuil hm; Tunes, It'itannii and F.irthern Rpd Sick Cups for fepdeie Ihe sick, Soip Cups and Di-hps, I OTh llru-li Dishes, Innbirii and llrilannn Spit Cups, lliinnnii Sputirs Gravy and Soup Ladles ami Spoonc. EVP "LSSE-- AND WICKS, For most ail hinds of Limps, includm" the Chemical and Cauiphe -e. A ci en I unnv new articles not spoken of which nnkcsoiir stock very full and complete and wc ore anxious in si II it out. Nov.G. 23J WUNSMAID & BROTHERS. LAND AT AUCTION. ILL be sold nt public vendue to iho highest bidder, at the Mnsirhuclls Sbuo Smrn. , n w Church Si llurliiu'tou, on Friday, Nov. 13, at 2 o'- loel.,P M all ihc hml in iho town of Iluntiniiion, V; bel insiujrto lluesiiie of the lite Richard llur ins.', of Purcliie, Wcstcbestpr ("o. N. V., coii-istitii; if five lots of 100 acres each, and one lot of 30 acres, leseri'ied a- fol nwsi Lot 1 )7, 100 acres, ninth nf ihe first minister lot, earners on Daniel llhiichsrdj No. 131. 100 acres, north nf tlharle- P-miles. I'. (55, 100 neres. cast of Charb s Unifies; No. 20C, 30 acres, sfimli of Cnmel's Hump; No. 172, 100 aerps j lininr; Thomas Whitrnmb's. eat cf Int m n Itolinn ; No. Ill, 103 acres, south past corner of old dinner. En ipiirpuf Chester Int'rabain, Ksev, Vt. nod Win. P. Ilri-es, llnrliiislon. JOHN ICIT.SE, Nov. 2, 'M. 3 vv2' Asenl for Executors. Clieosomaifs Arabian 85 A 3 .SAM J70R TIIF. CERE of all kin 's of wound., sprain., L ore-, burn , eonsh-, lure bin?., ihe 1110-1 dr-per ate piles, nml rbe inn i-ni ofall I m l-. It will prevent Ihe toothache, re-lore torpid and perohed I i 1 11 1 s, hj f Ininl-, minibiie-i-, &t: t nml lan bo depended upon to re'ieve soreue '11 all 111 cs. This valuable inidieme ba- 1 een very extensively u-cd for Ihe last ten years, while iis increj-mif de' maud, ihe al.f.ictiou it ba sivcn, nn I llie te-iiiiiony of a mulliliido nl individuils of tho lir.t p'nnilins m Ihe couiiiiiimly, ulm and in filh1 Iv proved it- edicaeyj .how llm il need- only to Ion-ill In prove its invaluable rxiel'eiice; indtedall who haveevir Intillbe, prize it mhiuhly thai Ihey will 1101 I e induced imderpny eon-idetaiion todo wiihout it. The has attr.icle.1 ihe ntleiilioii of men of science, nnd Phy.iei.iu- and Sureenn nl Ihe irrc'i'esl s "lentiiie ner) liieineuts, nivo it their tin q lablleil appmbntion ; w h le many nl them 111 ibficr enl .eciions nfllie Euro I Statei now use , m iu-ir praclice, and havo authorized the publication of their ccrnll -a cs. ICyPurelnsers should iaq dre for the true nrlide by ii-ing Ihe whole nunc Chee-eman's Arabian Hal ,nm and seo that ii Ins my name vv rilien in my own ncro-s tho primed directions, nn the wrapper of every bottle, E. Ciieeseman. For sale by IMJCIi & SI-I3AII, Apoiheearies and I'menisi-, iturlmutoii, Vi.j Clark vV Clhns, Mon'pilier, und throughout iho country ginenlly. 3 ii22 (iroctTics. f pF.AS, Sugars, Mo!ave, Co Tee, Rice, andevery Ji article In the line ofOrvOrncerib, for rale low ' l.u l-uit.UV Ct SEVMOIIR. I Pih Nov,, 81l. 23 Now Full &, Winter Goods. IDAMRIi KBIIN WOULD respectfully solicit the attention of per si.ns wMiing to purdia'C (loml-to call nnd examine hi-stork of NEW GOODS, just reccivtil an I receiving Irnm, ol the vcr iichcstnnd latest style.. i'ojs liAinEs' nisnsKrp. Alpine, I French D'Laine, Alpaecn, leopard do. Ilonihazlne, I A 'ghnn Satin, Vtb 'nan Cloth, Cah. l)'Een--c, M. D'Laine, Canicleon HrecaJi, Crape do. .S'lriped Chally, FOU SIIAWI.s!. Thilct, M, D'Laine, llroche, j Satin Slrip'd, Cu-hinete, I Ilmicv Comb, Slriii'J Silk, PUid'Wool, ALSO, Muds mil Iloai a (rood assortment of Gimp!, Fringe-, ll isle., Cut Heads, de. N. It. The iib-erii er ha- on hand n (joodnn as-.-nrmicnl nl WOOLLEN CLOI'ILS, n can be To i id nany Siore in town, whicli ho will sell a owa nil I'c I ouaht el-e-vhere of the i-aino q talilv, no mis tai.e. I'er-ons wisbmi lo iurclusu Cloiiis, plea-e call and examine my flock, Al-ii, a trnoil n-orimcnl of IMMILV GROCE RIES, 'lea, Co lee, S lira r, Molnscs, &c. All of which will be Mil I nl Ihe lowe-t rate, for I will nnl I e under-old I vanv one if I know il. T.vodoors -oiithof Ilo'vard, Church St. Nov.G, IS11. 23 DAMEL KERN. BUFFALO UOBES. LArtOEloi (or tale low. by P. ,f- II. II. DOOLllTI.E. A Nov. C, '11. 23B BARREL SALT. 10O RARRELS lint: salt, ut llie lowest mar. .rn.e by 1'. iV ii. 11. 1JUU1.I Tl I.I.. Nov. 0, IS-H. 30 PLASTER. fjr A RGNova Scotn Plaster for a!e very vvx (nv ,y i'. cc, it, ii, uuuu I t 1,1. Nov. C, ISM. 23wl2 I'o iMcrcliiuitls and i'cdlurs. rRIHE .iih-eribcr ha- on hard .-,000 Wo'-ier'-Spcllunt Hooks 1000 Adam-' New Ar.thmeiie, 10.) Key lo do do ( for Teacher-) fnW F.imr-oii's First Cla-s Reader, WO " second " SOU " third " 500 Por'cr's Rhe'orical Reader. 1P0 .Mitchell'- Geocraphy and Ada", 100 " Priunry for children. 201) Smith's Grammar, IliO Swell's " (his' pu' li.-lied.) GO Parley'- I'ir-tnnd Second liouk of History, 100 SiuiiiVr's Spul'inj! lionks, 100 National " " !00 North American " C0 Co'burim' Arithmetic, I etude- all ihe di 'erenl vtirmes of Schocl (looks used m tin's -late and llie -la'e of New Vorl.. Mich ns Di -tiouarie-, Ill-tone-, Gtosraphv of llie Heaven- if-c, whicli he I- bound to sell a-cheap a- llie cheape-t ; iiii.I .in nnlei io make it ea-v for the n ireba-cr. 1 will la e Paper R tj- in pavrhcn' f ir nny of Iheahove- lniol;s, it oierco in ine rnir-eoi iwo or iiircc wec'i Ip'iu 'his tune, and the hinhe-t price paid for them. So S' ml in your R is-and buy i o ir boo'.-- f ,r llie win ter school-. - V. HAltlilNG I ON. liurlinclnn, Nov. 1, ISM. 23 LOVBI.Y & SEYMOUR. ARE now receivmc from Now Vork, Ihc target as. Mirlmcnt of Drv GoikIs, which they have ever had tl eo'e-iMtre ofo lerm-r to the pal lie, ALSO. llicv have received a lar-re nddilion to their -trnk of Oo kery and t il.i-s V nre, Looking G1.T-C-, arpc i in'-' and Oil Cloth-. AI-o,a loo! ,i nnmem of Hn Gro"ciie-, all ol whi"h nre cffereJ for sale a.- cheap a' tl.e rheapei. ' 23 Church St., Nov. 8, 1AM. VKM)IH5 ADJOIJItNUI). 'lUll" Sale of the I tons,, nnd Lot bc'nn;int! to the I Estate of L'lEIS DF.UVILI.I I', deceased, w inke p! tco. nl Proulv's, lilo Howard's Hotel, on the I 111) uay ol Auvemi'Pr next, nt - o ciopk. r. .vi. W.l. A. GR1SWOLI), Adm'r. O2U 31, ISM. 233 L AMI'S. tlP.lTANNH LMPS. of varioae pitlcrnr, tor i- burning Oil, with round nnd fiat itk. LRI) LAMPS, Ciiniphene and Chemical Oil Store Limps, ind Re flector L-imt's. of new nnd improved styles, cheaper thin ever. Thee L mips nre nid to bulit a store or chinch cheaper nn I better thin Oil Limps. Small co to-be I L imps. Clnmher Limps, Pras- t anillcsuelts, very cheap, rnicil unmlicstic s. nlso Itrinnnia bib nnd low Gnncltcsti.-Us, Clk-n l.nnpi. in short, we Inve Ihenrpitcst asaorlniPnt ofLimpi nnd 'and!eti(l.s llmt we ever opfiipd, Wirks foi Chemical, Arunn, Affal. Rni's Lard, and rdl l.ind" f Limps. Also, LAMP GLAS?I-"S ol mnsi all kind- wauled, anJ nil nt ihe lowest pn in town. IIRIN&'MAID & RROTHI'.liS. Nov. 7, l?M. 23 A FEW COPIISofihc AMI !!ItN REVIEW n. ret renel la-t evenMiz a' i ut linll cnnueli to -iipolv i-uo-eri' er-, who will nil be -upplieJ a-oon as Th ir-day evenius, 14;h. V. HARRINGTON. 7ih Nov., '4 1. 23 J.ll,VClvM t)01 l,.r O.m r, iu advance of ihc HARRINGTON. FOIl CA-1I OXl.V. rPHE mipreee lo iieleill f .r G i ' s, nnVes it neee L farv io ii-Min reoleoish f r Wurer. which wil soon ' edone -nihat no article- ho v ever fi-hionaWe will be held for luirh pricv- iherefoie, to cash bujer. thc induceineti' i- cren'. Croc' ery. Oil Ware faiul Taper Ilanctntrs, nre al-oied ni-1 in price-at HOWARD'-. Nov. S. ISM. 23 jus'i nr.cnivr.D, f) TON'S iif.New Vor'. Sole l.e.ubcr, for 10. 1 7 and p" 13 cents lirst c i.iluv. Al-o a new -to.-', nf l-a-ls E. C. LOOMIS. Poul S'reet, Nov.7, 1311. 23w-3 Crockery. N exten-ive a-sor:meut in -t rceivc A 1 nnl for R. 23 6 h Nov 1911. New Boots a nil Shoes. THIS day received, at tho Massachusetts Root and Shoe Slorc, 2 doors abo-e Lovely & Sey mour's, a new supply of Roots and Shoes, nf nil kinds usually worn 111 ihe country, consisting of Genls coarse hoots. Call pegged and fine sewed Rools, Roy's boots and Gent's and boy's lirocnn; Gent's velvet slippers aim cini pumps; 1, nines tinners nnu half Gaiters; llnsktns, slippers, and Toilet shoes ; Misses nnd chililrtu'a Booties nnd shups; Women's lace Rools ; Gent's R ibheis t Ladies' Rubbers, plain lined nnd Inrbound, which will be sold low fur cash or cood pay. A. ORVIS. lUuliiiK'on, Oct. 21, Ml. 21 If DANCING SCHOOL. 1AltIjllS C. IIA( Iir.l.DIMI would respect fully inforin the citizens nf RiirhiiPton and the adjoining tnwns that be will eneaun his servipes the romt'iii season as ivat iirr 01 vvnuzps, pamsii nan cps, Quadrilles nnd I'outra damps, in the latest and most risliionalilo styles, uu teasonnble linns. Hp will nlso furnish the best, latest nnd most hn proved music for Halls, Cotillon Panics, Ac, Ac, at the sliorte t notice. Usriut? taken lessons of .Mr. Geo. Saunders, n well known teacher of Dancing, from whom be receired iln, follow intr recnmnipndntion, he feels confident of brine nhlp lo eive t ie best sntisbiclion to n't who nny w ish for his services. It will lie sent bv Mr. Saundf r's cprlincaie lint he lias eiven up I tin luisiness tins sea son to Mr, llachelder, w'tDin be recommends as wor ill) of tho patronage of his friends. Burlington April, 25ih ISM. Tliis is to certify that Mr, Cuius llarbebfer, the nearer 01 una letter 111s open iiniiPr my instructions both as a Viol nisl an I Teacher nf tlnncinir. 1 there- foro rcccommcnd him to all vvbn may be in want of tin servt 'p n- liemn fully cninppient as n 1 lohntst nnu Teacher of Daneim.' and Wallzinc. Also, ns n youtii! ceollptnan nfmornl and steady hahiis and onn vvdin may bo relied upon wi'h perfect sifetv bv all vvilh whom he may chnnen to inept. I also civo up the business in mm uip commit spnson Most respecfullv lo whom it mav concern, OFO. SAUNDERS, Violinist Professor of Walline nnd Dancing. 20w6 ESSENCES sS'c. Or GROSS K'-n-nrcs, Ass-ortsd, t)U 5 do Brili-h. Oif, 5 do OneJfl loc, Forjnle'br VILAS" A: NOVF.S, Oct. 17, 1814. 20 9 ri--iHtisTsmrr NEW GOODS AND NEW FASHIONS, MRS. M. PHASES It HAS jail returned from New York with n full as sjrinicnt nf Fa-hlonahlo MILLINERV GOODS, enmpmine Silks, Silk Velvets, Ribbons, Flowers, Feat hers. I.ices. (Ivinns. rrmecs. Co nrs. Ciavalis. Gloves Mills and other articles to numerous lo spe- cuy. Also, an tne i.itpsi t asiuon lor uluaivh, uitissi-.s iiiu ii.via. Also, a enod assortment of Mufl's, Ifois nnd Neck Ties, all of which she will sell fern small advance on cost. October 31, '11. 22 tf CASH PAID for BUCKWHEAT, at Slielbnrne Fnl!.. H. WHEELER. Oct. 30, 1814. 22w3 for novTwTber. GRAHAM'S MAGAZINE, Lidy's Rook, Arlhur's " Lidy's Na'ional " Silliinan's Join nnl, AniPtican Journal of Medical Science, Christian Family Slner-atic. I.tttell's Livmir Abc, Nos. 23and 21. Merry's Museum, fee. &e. Reriitpilby .23, Ml. V. HARRINGTON. Oct, RUBBER SHOES. LADIES Metabc and Phin Rubl cr Over Sheer. Men's do do do do do ("bi'drrn s Plain md I' 12 d. i o do do Vpptr Missouri H..H1I0 Kobe, For sale low by S. M. POPE. Hurlinnton, Nov.M, IS11. 22 S A N D S' S A R S A P A R J L L A , FOR THE REMOVAL AND IMRMA.NENT CERE OF ALL M-EES ARISING FROM AN IMPURE STlTE OF 'I'll E I1LOOD, OR II A HIT OF THE SVSTI-.M. JF wc rcarl the bi-lory of ptsotiDrns vvenrei-ton i-hed that men bvei' if of rrsr-s, we nre -til' m re artoni-he I that thev die. And je' in fact nearly ell disea-e ba'-e a cnnmoii o-'ein, viz: iu ilienrenir- which nre , aro an I nn ibfv the I l"od. with a renie.iy. directed to the et of di-eise, will remove n ho-t nf its piienomenn. It 13 the peculiar eiiarn; eri-tic nt Sand'sSarsipari'lajbal il--t-nri binso'iera.i 11 rea' li es IheCAfsr.siifdi-ea-e, mi l the cures 11 perform-aro therefore radical nnl ihorouuh. The health nt' the human -vs'ein depends olnin-l enlircly upon Ihe -tale of lie blood. II the vituliins fluid which pervade-every ti 110 every tneuilr.iae, li're, filampn', ;land, nr ri'lier orrr.iu primary nr mi' snharv j iflhe body ' e cbarce I with the elements of di-eise, -ick-no ' mu-t I e Ihe coti-co etiee, and uii'il die Clears of di-ci-e cxis'iti'j in llie I loo I, are eradicated, no permanent relief can I c expee'ed. It i- lime lbap llie powerful beallh-re-torinr proper' ie of S.111 1.' pinl'a are m mile leij an l lor 11113 rca-on, fola, Salt Sbcuin, and nil er.i,,tive diseases, as well as in all dcranictncuts of the Uvrctins; orfMu-, it is cnn-l leenl inlalli! le. The f Ibiwitis inlcre-iintz cac is nrc cn'et. and 1 the reader invi'ed to it caref d Coinuient ' on uch evi lence 1- tiniicee -ary. I New-Vor.t:, July 2i, ISM. Mps-r-. Savds : Gpnl- 1 con-iHr it but nn ect of; titott. e tr, ,-, 1 u,-tr,l llio InC'.-in'r lael- tr, refetenre I enefit I have received m the cure of an 1 oh-tria!e C.vKCcnoes Utccn on my! rea-l. , 1 vva-attended e 5b ecu month- bv a reuular and 1 -kilfd nbvsTian. a i-ted l,v the advice rnd C' un el of one of our ni"-l al'.e ami experienced surge. n, wiiboui the lea-t benelt whatever. AM the vano is , meiho I ol trcatiu? cancer were re-or'cd to; I'o.'ltve. vviek- in s icce ion my I reas' wi- I urned w iibciiis- I tic three limes a day, nndfors'i 11 wa-daily -yrinced , with a weak -obilioa 1 f nitric acid, and ihe cavity i-r internal ulcer vv as so hr.-e that it held over an ounce ofibe-o'utioii. The Doctur pro' -cd the ulcer in I eximincd ihc bone, nnd said the di-ca-e wa-aj- 1 v.ineimr rapidly to the liiue-, nu I il I did not evi 1 pecdv rcl'cf by inedi.'ine er an operation, the re oil I won't! be fatal. Iwa-alvi cd to have tbebre'i-l laid I open nn I litu lone- examined, but lind'tn; no reheM Irom what ha 1 1 een done, an I feeliu? I was rapidly j eeilins wore, 1 a'nto-l de-paired if recovery, con- , -i lered my cue ncsrlv hiv-elc-i-. ' j Si cin vartou-tes'tuti nial- nn 1 eertifica'c of c ire ' y tbeii-e nf " Sands' SAns.irAniLn," in ca-es -im-ilir 10 fin- im-e. I con -b-ded l.t Irv 11 ni-.v- bollte.. scv- I eral ofwlueh were u-cd, b it from the Inn: deei-cnt- ' ..1..I ..Ct,,,. J,...-, .. .1 1 m, . I 1 clnnej cnn-iileriu this a- ihc only pro' nbe c ire lortnyea-e, I pei-rvered, nnlil the di ea-evn- 1:1-iir.cly'ciin-d. It is now over eleven mnnih-sinre Ihe core wa- con.p'e'ed; there is nr t ihe .di:(i c-i ap-pe-iranceofa rcttirn. ,lherefore. pronounce myself ivr,t.L, and ihe cute entirely eiTettrd tnj " Sands' sar. svpacillv," a- 1 took no other medicine of any kind during the time I teas miny it, vor hnre I tu.en any ninre. lMen-oexe i-e this lony de'entslacl.novv ednc meiit, whicli I think il my d ily to unite. Votirvnl in1 Ic Snr-npardl i eurel me, vvi'b the I le ins of Di vine Pmvtt'cn"e, when itoilun c -e could, nnd I fee! oiy elf under hi-tius oMi'anoiH to you. 1 can say ninny ib:n.r-I cannot wr-'e, audi do mo-t rcepect f 'l!y invite la hp- a fib '"e I a- I have 1 een to call cpon o'e'-iiul I will -ati-ly them filly in tb. truth n-'n'e I above, and manv fit her 'Imps in reference to the ca-e. NANCV J. MILLER, 213 S.i I van -t. The f 'llo.viiig i-an extract tioin a letter rccen ly rcceivid. Gali.ativ. Tcim. Feb. 27.b, 1311. Mettrt. A. It. if- ! i-'and't (nSTtr.Mr.N' I haveiu t received a letter from my fa'herm Ru--e!vi le, Iv v.- wtm wi be- to porchi-e -ouie of yo ir ar-apirilla. I hive no doul t he can 1 e the ineiii-of sejhii? a sreat dell, us it ha-per-forniel a won.leifnl cure in Ir- family. Li-t I'e- m1 er I wa-,cnt for to .ie my -t ter I elote-hediel, i. 1,, ,.,., 1 . i,.i,hV... -.1 .. 1., ,1... 1 ,., 1 1 ailhepomlol death, wiib the -carlel fever, an I n e.inccro 1- nffeciicn of the bowel-, from which her . ibv-ic.'an 'ho i.dit she eo ild not po ihly recover. I .e.irr e I over wiib me a bottle nf your S.11 .ipnri la, and wi'h the consenl id her phy-ici in -hecommence I Inkmir tt that tiiaht. I reiuainel wi h her llm e day-, uu 1 lefi her rapt Ily improving. Her bus1 and .-nil n : ' oy home will, me for more of Ihe S.iraapinMa. 1 sent one di zen I ntile-vvhich I I ebeve will e'eel nn eu'uiMure. My f.i'her vvti'c- ine lo thnt elite!, and wishe- lliroiiih'me 10 procure an acence lor telling vour v.ib able medicine to that 1 eialihi.rhno.1, ' Re-pec f.:ly, J. M. OWI'NS. For f'iriber pariiculars and c'liclu-ve cvidcn e of i's Mtpeiior value and ifiicaey, ,cc pauijihlci-, which liny I e ol tnino t of ntren!-, cra'i-. Prepaa'd nnd sold, vv hnlcsaleand re'nil, 1 v l!.Tc D. I-, I) and Clieini-t-, 70 Fulton St., New-York. I'nt'IC esrr:n,Ar iheciresanlDruss'-'s, and Geo. Pe'cr.on, Agecs mr liiirlinzton ; Ckuk& Collins, Mnn'pelii-r. So' ' al-o by liruiri-'.- gene rally throiiuho it ibe I ,.ite.l States. Price SI per 1 mile ; ix bnttle- I'.u S5. li'Tliopul lieare le-pi-tlully renuc-tel to remem ber 1 lint 11 is S iiul'i- Sarsaparilla that ha- and i-cnn--Iniilly aclnevinir Mich reiu.irl.nbleeure- of the mo-t duliiaili elu-s of ei-ease- to wbi,,h the hum in frame ' a il-jix t ; therefore aU lor Sands' Sarupari!!a, and lake 110 oilier. WANTED. GIOOD Tnblo B titer, Oils, Corn and White Reans T foi which the highest price w ill 1 e paid in eoods at ver low prices by C. F. STANIFORD .,' Co. Oct. Mb, ISM. 10 SLEIGH AND CUTTER SHOES. onn p uRs "n ,,iv' 1 l'' c" 'a,ent 1,10 'fowh J' whir'." Purelm-ir-will do well to give 1 a call a- we will nol be iniler-o'd under nnv ein tim-ian-ee-. FOLLLTI' UK ALLEY & Co. Oct. 10, 1311. l'J 'IHE sub cribers have formed a copirliiership un 1 tier Ihe firm of CATLIN if- SPEtR, nnd have taken the New Sioro 111 die Exchange Hotel, on Wil ier SirePt, next door 11011I1 if F.dlelt, (irndlty it Co 's, where they nrc prepared to show purchasers a well splecled assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Ae, ecc. winch ihey will tell low for cash nr most kinds of country produce. G. G. CATLIN, W. P. SPEAR. Ilurlin;lon, 10th Oct., ISM. lOwC 75 tX tlltO.S'S Hooks an I Eve-, 15 do --havini: Soap, 511 no Itn 111,1 t.aceli., 200 do Eje'eii-, loralr by VILA'S & NOVES. Oct. ty, 1311. 20 COLORED CAMBRICS ifc. I CASE lllk. Cambric., L 15 p-. Silei-h, 10 do Red Padding, 15 do i'nnva-, 1 Care Maiichf-ier Oinghatns, I do Irt'h Linen., f,)r ,a!e hv VIf.A3 rf- NOV FA Oct. 17, 1811. 20 WRITING PAPER. Qf iH H'AMS Rule letter Paper, OvJU 100 do do Cap do For tale at low prices in exchange for Rag, 4;c, Tho-e wi.hing to pnrch will find it for' their inter est to rail. , VILAS" A NOYri. tXt. 17, ISM. 26 Nnw noons. , P fir II. It HOOI.IT I'LL have iu,t rci-ni-d a I X large an I (rcnera supply ol Kill and Winter Good., ninonjf which, nru American, FienCh an I Loutish I!ro:vtcotlis ami Car ftneip.. IJiMVi'f CI .Ii-. Wi.h sc jl.i1 ss-orttnent At ttiniming- lo mat' It. A new Bin' -pleu 'cil htylo of Caheoe., Cashmere- Alpaeias, Rouincbas Semeudra. A larce 'iiply f IJIeiebed and brown Cotlon. Cultoo arn, Wickinj, Carpel Warp, Wadding unJ Cotton llatls. Tl ey have t,n hnnd tie test of Hvon, Hyson Skin ) a Voun? Hyson and Pojcbons 1 St. Croit, ) Pcrtoliieo, ( i,T;ar.?. Loaf an'l Powdered, J Pepper, S i e, Ginzer, Cloves, Nutmegs. Rig, ) Col a and COFFEES. Javr, ) To which they n;k tt e at'.ciit i n tf all who wish to trnv obcap. 23wC Nov. C, IE-tl. David f.ewls' Instate. STATE OF VI'.RMO.NT, 1 TN l'rol n'eContt bold.' Lamoille Di-trii", s, ( Jl pn nt John on willun and for -a:d dilricl en llie 231 day ofOcli.ber, A. I. ISM. I.Tl .'A LEWIS. Admint-tralrit on the ctate of David I cm, liln of (jam' ridce, in mid ilisiriel, i'e-iea-ed, pre. ints Iter oJinii'iLtruliciii account lor settle nirnf. WtinnntTiw il i on'tred that Ibe ntr:c I e refer tcJ to a Piol ate Court to 1 e bnhlon ul Ihe Inn ot W. S. Mie -h in Ciml riden, ,,n the 1 h Mini lav ot November A !'. 1811. for ejtntntmlimt nn I allnwaticp, nnd t! at all ei ncetned be noiilicd hereof by the p d licilltui of 'his order in Ihe I'uiliiicinii Free Pre--, nrintu.1 at I! irbniTlotl in Chiiteii''pd Co uity, thus! wtiv.- -ucec stvely I '.'lore sail time of hcarina, that they miy rp penr if thev -ee cause anJ nl te-t their'.o. Ily tl.c Court. C. I.YNDE, Jr., Htri-ttr. 22 3 shoel AM. S1RONUS TEST re-eived. J Sep!. 10, '41. CO. 15 A NEW SELECT SCHUUL, ISISS'.SAH VII HUNTI NGTON. Lut'uclrtsu QCHOOL Roim near the corner of Pearl nnd Wleto O Street. 1 1" ni' riven in Frrn di. .Mezzotint Paiutinv, nnd Pen'.esraph Drawing, if reijuested. ' Term- Modern'". O ". 25th, ISM. 20.vf, mTs s g, ran vi TOELD rcrpeclfully inform the Lad cs of Bur; V Imoton and vteintiy that she has pm relurncJ fiom New Vmk wiihn rich a sorlment of WINTER GOODS. nfthclatsst Fljles, consistins of ready made RON NETS, and the Litest lasbiuiis fur l)ItISliS AND CLOAKS, vvbieb -b'.' will make m 1I13 newest styles to order. A hrce vari.ty ol Fancy Velvets, nnd plsin Illue lllack do.) Silks, of nil kinds; Rihlions. of thp new est styles i Plumes and Artifivi il-, together with Cup Tibs, English and Ficneli Rouchcs, R11I ion Trim mi mrs, ccc. c";c. ?disi Ras'nrv lins removed frm the shop she for merly occupied, to the new brick building!, opposite Mr Pom's, on Colhve St., and would tender her thinks to brr frienns who hitherto favored her with 'e'r I'i'ror.-mc, alio souci sa contimnnceni inesimo llcr new shop, a few rods from tho one she foriner- '' ' llur'msion O.-t. '-11. 20 tf GLOVES, GAPS, &C. T'HE subscriber, erateful for nasi fivore. would re- JL spectfuily inform bis friends and ru-tomers. and ihc puhlt eenernllv, that he still continues to supply otdcrsfjr GE.NTLEiMi'"N' BUCK GLOVES. or all laxns-usnu and t.VL;.v;:n, Ilnvins.' in his employ ibe well known workman, Mr. J', 'I'rricy, late of Mnnipeher, who is unsurpas sed 111 his line, lie w.ll be aid j to furnish articles of lh vcrv b;it tt ml.ty. ALL KINDS OP CE:TEJi:;tiEjK'.-j ash ua's .iLiJz; ay Tin: ;csr.v.i.v.v;.v CAST INDIA GRASS MATS, Made lo order. 3J-Dei'crs will be sunnhed with Gloves nnd Cans on lav ira'd terms, 1.11 application to the subscriber or 10 II. W. Catlin, ilurbnttton, Vt. U',nrU-i- . e, 9 Ml .rl T Wtndsar, ct. 23, 'M 20-tf L TRVCY, Jr. MISS. MARKHAM, MILLINER. TTAS iii.t retnrnel fiom NW X X 'ork w 111 Good- and Fashion-r the litc-t and mo-t np proved .-tjle-, lor Runneth, Caps. Snor on'i 'oI pic t., siin ol the Raie' lh" a few- rods t-a-t of the Court llou-e Hf.'T, Dre s Maker (it Mi-s.'s She .) h is le.-eived from N. 1. new Fa-hum for Dres-e-, Cloak-, &e. Out. 2 Mi, 1311. 2lt( DOMESTIC GOODS. rJRO'.VN andblea-hed Sheeting, Marine.' Shirt y ine;, Canton F anncl-, 'I'icl.iiis-, Cotton Vnrn, Wic'.iac, llatliiif, Wad Imr, &c. for a'e low, by ' " S. .M.POPE. Oft. 23, IS 11. 21 RUSSIA IRON. - - .M'l.i.a itussia hici Iron, VILAS J: NOVES, 21 l or-aieiy O.n. 21, I!i41. Mew wkkIs ! Ih M. CATLIN, T-) I MrHBTI'"l!LLY calls tl e attention ot'p rchn-ser- to Ins new and c.ven-iio a orrment of Fall Dry G ods and I'rv Grocer. e-,jal received l h.s -loie, Sirotig-' Uuildin, nearly oppo-lle J. it J. H. Peck i- C anion.,' In -n 111 ij I c found CLOA K, UltES, anJ r AU liiiui'a, compri-ini; Rich )rc Silks, Rcli Shawls, Velvet-, Ciape-, It. mil nzinc, Merino-, AVaccas, Ca h. Ee Lame, C.i-h Oe Fo sp, Repp. C.i-bmeie, Mo Liines, It ch Lustre.-, lillljjll.llll', Calicoes, 8 000 Yard, very rich -Ivies, Vie'nn.1 PI ild-, A ielnn S.i iu.r Ilo ierv, Glove-', HaudkercbiLf-, Cnnibt icr, Mu-liti-, Cravat-, Gimp- and Fritijtv, Pcr.-iau Piaids. ALSO A I iti" r.'sor'ntenl nf line nnd nip-rilrc "iVOIT C A It lMiTINKS, some ekciie patterns, and virf low' . . -. , I.lncil 3 1, 4-4, C-l, 7-4, an I S-4 !ama-l; Diaper, Sheet incs, Shirting Linens, of the mo-t appiovel fabric an I lini h, Irom very low in superfine for collar; 5 S, 3-4 an I 7-8 Na'i k'lis, vv b''e an I colored dama-k Dovles, H 1 hi diaper-, fccotcb do, Cra.b aui Huck. ab.ick Tovre'iiii. rianncls, Of every' width, from 3 4 to G-4, and all quali'ies, re I, yellow, and while, Who! ilo., I leache,! anl ua lleiuhe.1 Cotlon do., Sal sb try liy'd do, atij Plaid' do. I'or facing-. Wool CIollw. Plain Mailt A bluebl'l-, Ca imere-. Mixed do. Fancy do. a large in net v, 6 4 Fr. Ca-simeres, One Skin, C.idcl Satinet, Mixed do. Pi.nd do. 1'r. lil Ic Broadcloth, Blue Black do. Blue do. Broa 1 Cltuhs, Vt. Giev Iboadcloth, R'aik Beaver Cloihv Blue I fact; do. luv. Green do. Brown Heaver do.. Plaid Tw-rals. Ill ie do do;' B ack Pilot Cloths. IPue do ilo, Dome-lie Ca-siintrcs, Douietic Grey Cloths, llniiie-lie Flnnnsls. Dbmestie Satmets. Brown, Inv. Green, f Drab, Cadet, d'k mix'd, T Cottons, Ac.' 12 Hales SbceliniTs rf every style and lexturc, 5-4 lawrenee do., 7-8 nne Bro. do. 3-4, -1 4, and 5-4 bleaihed Shining,-, Htavy Tickings, Apron Check, blenched atvt Bro. Cotton Unlit ; Ualling, Waddini.',' WicUinir, Yarn. Pliocs. New York Slippers, French Well Tie-, French Kid Slippers, French' K.d Mii-Wn, FnrvveU's 'lies, Slip, pcrs, B, Walkiag Shoe-, ball Gaiter', nnd Gaiters. Childien' Slippers, Children's balf Cailers,' Gents. Pumps, ' Gnat shoes, " Thick Boots, Fur Irimmeil and lined Rtil ber sbi-es, new styles for Ladies. Genls. Rubber hca Children's do. Wishing in ma e all who rail ujkmi iii regular niislniners with thi- i ecl in view, sreat ears and Allention ha-1 ceo fivn inse'ecijni; the above. namreT Uiiod. which for variety and iMily of nyle. will not sntTvr m eotnpansou wnh apy eier I efore olfi-i f J m this market. H. W. C. fluraniiton, Sept. 2", ISM. )? Mi 1

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