Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 6, 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 6, 1844 Page 4
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To Mcrchnnds and I'cdlors. rilHH sub-cribcr ftti nn harJ X 5000 Webster's Spelling Hooks 1000 Adam' Now Ar Ihuietie, 100 Key lo i'o do (liar Teacher-) 800 I'uier-on's First Class Reader, 500 " second , " 500 " thiul " 51)0 Porter's Rhetorical Reader. 1(10 Mitchill's Orography iind A'ln', jOf) ' I'riinnry fur children. 200 Smith's lirntiiniur, MO S-i i' " ( tis' !' li-lii-a.) 50 Parley's l irl and I Hook orilisdury, 100 K binder's S.iol'ing Hunks, 100 National " " 100 Noilh AnirrHin " 1UU 1,11111 irris AiiMiiMiui, ,,, i li-iile nil iIiimIi 'ercnl vermes of Schorl lJookiised i.. ".I.:. .in,, nml it,,, sln'o ofNo.v Vcirl.. -Ilch 1 Dl.'- tionarie, II Mom-, 1'cn.riaphv of llie Heavens if-e., vv Inch he Is bound lo sell ns cheap n I In? cheapest i i :., ..r,l.r tn mtiki. ii e.i-v fur I I'O ti'ireha-rr. I will t.i e Paper I! in- in payment fur any ol'lho al.oxe books, if " icrcd "l I lio rn ir-e of two or three week Irmn this time, nn lthe 1iUhel price paid for them. So sen I in vonr Hiss and Imy vo ir liool I rllns in . . ' - , t , n II , vrvi i vv V UiUkiuiui is.- . 23 tcr srhnul llurlington, Nov. 1, 194). I.OYttl.Y ft SliYMOUH. A DP. now reviving from Now York, lhclurgot ns -TV ortnienl of Dry Ootids, winch they have ever haJ tl o pea-tire ul'o luring lo the public, ALSO. they have received n large nddilinn In their stock nf Crockervand tiln-s XX are, Looking iia"c-, 1 arpe tin aud'Od Ololhs. AI-o,u gool a-sortmcni of Dry Groocrir-, all ol vvlit'h aio offered fur tale a- cheap a the cheapest, 23 Church St., Nov. R, 1S41. SANDS' S A 11 SAP Alt IL LA, KOIl TIIF. KKMOVAI. AND PARMAM5NT Ct'lIK or all i)in.srs ahihim" i iu-m a. impurf, statu of tin: iu.ood, or ii a hit oh" tiif. sv.5tkm. rF xvc read the hi-lnry nfMsonDfins we are atoii hhed that men live; ifofctint.s, we nro still moro aaloiiNhe I that lliey die. And yet in fact marly all diseases ha'-u n common origin, vir.: in the organs which prupaie and modify the Mood, with a remedy, directed to the scat of di-ease, will remove n hot of its phenomena. It fa the peculiar charaeltri-tir of Sand's Sar.iiaiilla,lliat its .cart lung operation reach es thecAtst.tofili'ea-e, and the cure" it perform nro therefore mil thorough. The health of the human svs'rin depends nlnint enlirely upon the -tate of lie blood. II the wlnlizim? Ibnd which per vaileeycry tiiie, every memlirane, til re, lilamcn', ?land, or o'lier erRan primary or Mihudiary iflhe body 'o charged with llie elements of di-ease, rdeli-iio- mii-l lelheconcq dice, mid until llie CAl"f.s of i iea-c txislina 111 the I Ion I. are crndienltM. no pcrmnncnt reliefcan I o expected. It i here that the powerlul liealilore-lorin'.' properneoi aaini' ara nanl'a nrem iiiife-lel ! and fur tliis icavon. in -cro- I ila. Salt Slieuni, and all ernptui' itiscntcs, aiwuii asm all deranaemciiN of thetetreting organ", it is ciimm 'eerd mfallll le. The f llowinsr intere-linir cac i iirccnled, and thercailei inviled to it eaicful perusal. Comment on tiicli evulenee inilnneceary. Nr.w-VonK. July 23. 1814. Si(ts Saxcs: d'enl 1 eon-iiler it bill nn act of HislK e to yo i lo tale the folimvinff lael in relerence leiellt I have received in tlio euro ofan INSURANCE. I TIIF. Kid Bcrilerbai ocled n j4u;ent lor the Mnn ItiMiinnce Company of HnrlfottlConnceticiit for more than tweniv vcnrn iia-t. antlcontiniiei lo innre n"-ninl lossest by lire, nml nil l.lndi of liiiildins" and 'Clonal properly, anu win revive appneniion ni tl ollleo in lliirlihffton.nnd Immediately Imio I'olieet for that purpcuo nl n low rate" of premium, as any private eompanycan n'lbrd, Tlie undoubted ropon ibililyof tbi Ctuiipany, insures fafeiy to tbelnu red, nnd their prompt, honorable, aid liberal eourfc in the niljii-imcnl and payment of loe, will be at levied by all with whom they have had nceaion lo do'e... WJI. A. UIUSWOLD, Airent. Ilurlincton, March 1, 1811. dOtf Crochorv. A N exlen-lve n-sorimeut ni-l receive 1 an 1 for l f r -ale low by LoVKLY SKV-MOlHi. 8ih Nov., 1811. '23 i1 New Boots and f";liocs. rtTlIIS day received, nt tlio Ma9nclinctlts I'ont I- and Shoe Store, doors nbo' e Lovely vt Sey mour's, a new t-iiptdv of llootj and Sliuis, of all kinds usually worn in the enunirv. cuns'ltni! of (cuts eoirseliont. fairpc?eil and finosevvetl IJoot, Hay's bonis and (jciii's and boy's brouans; Gent's velvet eilf pumpt; Ijmlies' nailers and Inlf Gnilers! Ibi'diiiis, slippers, and Toilet shoes t Jlisaesand ehiltlr"H liiuiees anil slmcsj Women s lacnlloolsi (tent's 11 ibbets t Iidies' Iluhber, plain lined Dili lurhound, vvlucli will be sold low fur casli or 1:0 nl pay. A. UU lb. Hurling on, Oct. 21, 'II. 21 If BUFFALO RO liliS. A I.AUOI: lot lor Mile low, by J. i: if II. Nov. C, M I. u. oooi.irri r.. 2.1C PLASTMR. IIli-i,ova rseritta I'l iter lor ale very low l,y P. & 11. II. UUOI.1T I LK. Nov. C, 1814. 23vl2 300 NO I IC10. TIIH copnrtnership heretofore crisling under llie mine and firm of II. 11. Iljlvviek it Co., is bv mutual enns-nt dissolved. All icrsuns having claims upon tin' late In in, arc requested lo present them nn mediate y for adjustment, and those indtbtcd are eat neatly solicited to nrilin immediate invnieiil. ns nil matters relating to the business uf tint iiini vxuU be speedily closid. II. II. MWTWICK. T. V. V. U S I llONO. Burlincton, Nov.'lh, 1S14. 21 HUAj & VAN SI ICIiUV, Attorneys and Counscttori at Law, and Solicitors in Chancery. F. G. Hll.l,, II. VAN SICKLF.N. Jericho Corner-, Nov. IBM. 21 SMW STOS8.K. nHF. suliM'nlcr would inform hi. Iricnds nnd the X niiblie llial ho has ml onened a Store on tlio turner of Ch'iieb and Hank Mrcet, opposite the old I'ank. where he will ell Ootids as ciiean atlicvean ho bounlit ebewhere, embracing a Miiall stock ol DRY UUOIJS, mi l n L'eneral nortmenlot FAMILY GIIOCF.IUKS. Pleave ea'i nntl look 1 elore hivum el-cvvbere. I'LtiUlt and SALT, by tholiariel.or in Icsquaii titv. I hall not 1 e undersold liy my neiahbors. June7,'44. 1 IS. W. GAOF.. IB a wholesale dealers in English, French, India and American DRUGS. Also, DKUGGIST'S GLASS WARE. nuiiiiisiou, vi. Funiituro lor Sa!(!. IIIAVR a lot of second hand Furniture left with mocnneialing nr. CHAIRS, TAULK- STitVn ltKH.VII?.l)S. TIN. CROCKF.RY, GLASS and HARD WAltlC, in fact almost every arii' le thai is wanted for Itone-kceping, which 1 will sell low. Fur further information at the .Massachusetts Hoot and Shoe Store. A. Oil VIS. Nov. 12, Ml. 21 tf Hass and l)ll. IJass Viols. WII are authorized to offer In rcpnn'iHIe Choirs or individuals line plain nnd binded Hiss Vids at much lower prices for cash or al four or six mouths Credit, all w ho wish to bnv are invited to examine our assortment, which will bo sold cheaper than any other person will sell. Mo'odnns, Aceortlians, Flutes, Flageolets, Cluop, cheaper, cheapest. 111UXSMAII) & IIROTHF.IIS. tinnte t"lANrr.nt)fs Ul er.n on IllvbrcnM. 1 wasntlt iulisl ej;h'een months by a regular nnd l.ilfal nlivcieian. aMt'd lv tlie ndvice nml cnin-e of one of 'our mo-t ul le and experienced snrgeniis vvuhoiit tlie least Iicnelit vvh.rever. All the viiruvis melho Is ol Irealiui cancer were re-oried lo; Hir live weeks in s iceeinn my hreasl wa liin ned w illiea'is. lie three times n tlay. and for six it was daily svrmaetl Willi n vvt ak solution t f nilrie neiil, nntl iheeuvily or inlernal ulcer was o larire that it heltl over an Oiince ofihesolutiou. The Doctor pro! ed the ulcer and examined 1 lie bone, and sai l llie ilc.vo vancoiL' ra"t i v o the muss, nnd II 1 uiti not re needy relief I v medicine or nil operation, the re-ult woii'd be fa'nl. 1 vvasadvi-ed to have iht bre-tsl laid open and the bones examined, but (induur no relief trt m whal inn I ecu none, an I leeun 1 was rapituy lettins wor-e, I aimo-t tiespaireu nl reeoyery, eon i 'ered mv case nearly hoiiele.i.. Sceiii" various tesiimonial- nn.l certifiea'e. of cure ylhcM e of" Sands Sns.irAntt t-A," in cacs sun dar to mv own. I conebided to try a few bolt i. sey era! of which weie u-cd. hnl from tho Ions deeu eat I'llehaiaeierofmydisea'e, produced no very tlecitled change; considering this as tho only prtil able euro rmyea o, I per.-evcrtv!, until the di-eaevvas en- lirtlv cored. It is now over eleven months silico the cure was compleied ; iheie is not the sli2litet ni pcaranceol n return. I, liicrrjoret pronounce myscl vv ell, uud ihe cure cnlirclv rfi'ecttd bit "SANns'.-AH- s vrAntLLA, as I tool: no other medicine of any hind during the time 1 icas usini it, nor have I any since. I'lea.cexcUM'this lougilelerredacliiiovvledue- ineui, vvhn h I think it my duly to make. our vid ua! le Sarnparilla eiucd me, vvitb the I lesiriu'of pj. vine I'roviilence, when noiliins el-e eonld, and 1 feel inye'fmiler la-tint; o1 ligations to you. 1 can say many llnnjs I cannot vvrue, nnd I do motnspecl fully'invitela lies adhcted a I havel tvn lo call upon nie' intl I will -ati-ly them fully ol" the truth as stated above, and many other things i reference to lhecae. NANCY J. MILLFJI, 213 Sullivan s. Thefi'llcivviiig i nn extract Ironi a letter recently rcceivetl. Gvli.ativ. Tenn. Feb. 27th, IS II. Messrs. A. 11. if- ). Sand: tinxTLF.Mr.N I have ut icccived a letter from my father in Uiis elvi le, Ivy., who vvMie- to purchase nine of your Sar-ap irilla. I hive no tlou' t he can 1 c the mean o( sellius a gnat deal, as it ha per formed a vvondeifiil cure m his family. Last I'e eem' er 1 wa -en! for lo -co my -i-tcr I elorcsheilie 1, lie havim I tvu in pi or health lor some two or three year-,audal the tune 1 went over to ce her, she was at the point ol death, wish the -cartel fever, and a cancerous afieciion of llie 1 oweN, from winch her physician Ibo'i'.'ht she emit 1 not po-il'ly recover. I earnel over Willi Hiea bottle of your Sar-apanlla, and with I tie consent of her phy-ician she commenced la'.mg it that nisht. I remained with her three tlay-, tnd left her tapi lly impniving. Her Iris' and tenia 1 ny home Willi me for 111019 nf the Sars lparilla. I sent one dozen Unites which I lelievewill eieclnn eiinie cure. My father vvri'e-me to that elect, and .vishe- Ihronah'me to procure an aicnoc lor lelling vour val'iaUe metlicine to that 1 ei?hlotlioo,l. I!e-liee fMl y. J. M. OWI'.NS. For ftrlher particulars and conchis-ve evidence of 1 simcrior value and iffieaev. fee naiimldel-. which may I c obtained nf nirents, cra'is. 1'iepared and sold, wholesale nnd read, by A. sain-, UMgil "nu sytienii-ts, ,y 1-niton St., A-Yorl;. l'RCK s'i SPnAll.AftheeanesnndDru.'iists. mil Geo. lV;er-ou, Agents ,..r lliirliiiirlon ; Clark & 'ollms, Montpelitr. Sol,' also liy l)ruii;i.-ts gene- iliy iiirniiziioui llie 1 t.itoJ &lato-. I'nec SI per llie: -ix boll e- lot 3. fCfThopul licare re-pcetlully reque-tedto rcmeni 'r that it is Sands Sarsananlla that has ami 11011- lantlv aclnevint-'siieli remarl'ar.ieeup'- of the ino-t hlfieiilt ela-s nf di-casc- to whieli the human frame is ihioci ; t hercfore ask for SandV Sar;aparilla, and take 110 til her. HUllBEIl SHOES. VDinSMctalic and Plain Ruli'er Over Shoes. "Men's do do do tlo do hildren's Plain and Fig'd. do do do Fppvr Missouri II ifiato Robes, sale low liy S. JI. I'OPK. nnrliiigtnn, Nov. 1st, 1811. 22 New Goods. SJI POPF. ha just rreeiml n new supply of good for llie fall Iradn; among his nrrortiiient may I e found CVliuicro I) Feo-se, Clui-ans, lamella-, plain fig'd. Alpncens, pr tils tie. &e. Al-o, Rich Wot ien Velvet nnd other Vesting", (or sale very eheati for en - Ii. II irlincton, 1811. II N. York Adv'ts. ltHL"GOOIC B0WEN & M'NAMEE, ,e iilltt ml C'I'IJ I,1 y 111 V ILtli llll'l U I Uliil 1 , rtrnrnpr of Itt nvcv Sllt'l t. Nl-W-Yorlf. T5 HSI'IiCTFULLY announeetliulthevhavo mntlo I fc . r., 'I'm, In t.ldel, xf CAieusivu ariiiiieiiieoi, io nit- "" "'""1" '"-' win pnn i n r up 111 in nrespni cieaier 1 t 1 ceuieiii? iiiiiu ever to tncreliants llirouahout Ihe United States to visit Tina tnalkct tho present season, Tor tlio pur chaso of SILK AND FANCY GOODS. Tliey liavo already received by lain nrrivals, n great variety of new and ricli goods, ami will also receive by tho next Packets nnd Steamers, an assortment of llie laiesi ami must iicauoiiii Myies , 1 ,ne Fsncv Goods ever ofTerrd in this inntkeli satnplcsnf which ato now exhibited ami it is their determination, as heietofore, not only to he constantly supplied with a complete as-orttneiit adapted lo nil sections of the country, but to present the newest and most desirable si vies, suited to the city or mii3t fashionable trade. Their stock will be composed in pirt of the following articles, wt : DHUSS GOODS. SILKS in every variety, consisting of Italian Iai irimts. Illicit and Idne.lihe t Guts de Siuse. Grossde Rhine, plain and slripetl Ipahans. Oros tie Rovals, NEW GOODS. SM, I'OPK, ha. j ii. t reliirned from New Yoik . wi h a good as-orlinent ol Slaiilo 1'iy Good., for the Full nn I Winter trade, eousiving in part of Wool dyed lllack, llbie, Invisible Gieen nndLatlel Mixe'd llroad Clotlu. do tto do I bi SI. in, Heaver and Pilot do Plaia nptl Fancy Cas-imcM", Silk ami Woolen Velvet Ve-lmg-, Plain and I Vd. Satin do Sdk nnd Cotton Warp Atpaeca-, Cashmeres, Ch'tsan-, llavariau, Jlodora and Or leans Cloths for dreocs, Ladies Cravats, Gem's, do Gimps and Fiinge., 3-4 andG-1 Plaid Worted Goodi, Pro. Hollands, bro. Table Cloths, lllk. Holland (,'aml ric, Ilo-iery, uloves, ive. etc. The above with many oilier goods were purchased at the pre-ent reduced prktt and will be told as cheap as tin" cheapest. Iliirlmglon. O.-lolcr. 2"), 1811. 21 Plated sleigh and Cutter shoos Tl i tY airs store and for sale. A VW STRONGS & Co. rilllF. siib.criher havreinnved from his o( stand on I Church Street, to his new I1IIICK SHOP on Cntlin'.s Lane, twenty rod Fast of the Iliirlinglou Hank, where he ha oii handaii J will continue to inau ncture all Is t.t CABINKT WAR1C, of ihebe t quality! -uU a SOb'AS, SFCRF.TA 11IFS, HHAURIIAHS, Dining, Tel. Centre, Work nntl ToilelTAHLFS.ST M)S i HKDSTKADS, and nil kinds 1. f work in hi line. iCjMn-l kind nf Counlry produce nntl lainder reeeivetl in payment, or approved credit, and very cheap for Ca-h. SA.MUIiL MUIIOLS. ll.irlingltai, May 23lli, IBM. 52 Clioescmaii's Arabian T?On THE CFIllIof all kinds of wound. snrains X sore-, bum-, eouih, nrc lutigs( the hum de-per- ale piles, nnd rheiiniaii-m ol all l,uuN. It will prevent the 1001 hache. re-tore tormtl and oeri-hed Imihs. n!l' .Hunt-, niiintine , iVe.; and can be depended upon to re 'tevo soicnc n tin ca-es. This vnlual le medicine has 1 ccn very exten-ively ii-cd for the last ten vears. while ils increaing de'- mand, ihe imiver-nl sali-faeliou it ha-given, andtbe testimony of a multitude ol individuals of tho fir-t standing ill Ihe communuv. who have le-ied and in- falld y proved it i''licncy, liovv that it need only 10 Ipii-e'd 10 piove ils itivnluableexcellence; intlcednll who haveevt r tried I he Hal-am, tirie it mi high v that they will not I e induced itnderunv couidci.ition totlo without it. The lialsnm hasallrattel the at Ion 1 1011 ofiiicn of science, nnd Phy-icians and .Surgeon ol the greatest sclent, he lien tiit'ltlents. give it their un qualified approbation ; vv hde many ol them 111 difTer cut -cel'ions ofthe I'ni'el Male- now use it in Iheir practice, and have authorized the publication of their certiiva'cs. iCPPorchasers should inquire for the trncnrtHi by ii-ing the whole name Cliee-eman' Arabian l!al atn and see that it b is my name written in mv own h ind-writin.' ncro s the jirmted direction, on the wrapper til every notiie. ! For sile by PUCK & SPKAIt, Anolheearie and Druggist, iluilington, Vi.; Clark t-V. Collin.-. Jlonipeher, and throughout the country generally. 3ni22 fa per 1 laiifiinjis. ff I'.?. American an 1 Ften"h Paper Hang I 'Jlf i'ig-ji-t rece.velal the new l!rn k Store two doors nor h of their fnru er s'au l and for -ale lo'vby I.OVFLY &. SiJVMOI'li. 151 h Nov. 18)1. 21 WHITING PAPER. Onn R'-'AMS Ruled b'ller Paper, J' l) 100 tlo do Can tlo For ale al low prices in exchange for Rag, tte. Tho-e we lung to pureha.-e will find ii for their inter est n call. VILAS & NOYFS. O". 17 ISM. 20 (flf OS'S Hook, nn-l, 1 5 do " having ao.ip, 50 do I!o mil Latel-, 200 do F.jelet-, forn'e l y VILAS Hi XOVF.S. Oet. 17, 1811. 20 Shawls, Shawls ! RICH Ca-hmerc, Im. do, llrm li t Km' M Helvideie, C.oh red S,l'., Hlack Silk, Hlad nn,' , iNct. I'lai'' Kabvle. Florida, Ib'l;. and Co'ored .Mini. n Lame, clime, II' 'iicy Cum'. Pari-, Al ibnma Wnol, i win .i;.u oi.ii. eu v oo en .sinivi., lor nteciieau, t y I.OVI.I.V ,f. SF,Y.MOUR, Tvvotl. nrs n nh of their old Stand. Noveml er llh. 91l. 21 JMon: New C.ooils Iff addition to tho already latge stock of Staple nnd Fancy l)rv Goods whirh the stihsenlirrs linir, no hand, they will receive, hy tins days picket a luilher supply, which will render their assortment as com plete ns cm bo found in any sun lar establishment. Ib'ing di'tetmuuij nut to he undersold bv nnv one in the market, they most resneetfullv solicit their fd, nds anil the pubho tu ive them a call hi fore they make their purchases. C. F. STAMFORD & CO. isov. IB, 1SH. 23 500 ii g, Carpet Warp, WadJmgand jYfill' GOODS. Ti & H, II. DOOI.ITI'I.K have iu.t received JL lurr'eanl gentral mpdy ol Full and Winter viooo-, amon wtiicn, are American, French nndFnlish Hroadelolhs an 1 Cas tlmere, Ueaver Cloth, with a good assortment of ir Itiuiiliil,!' to mat' ii, A new am! fplcnJcd stylcof Calieoej, Cashmere., Alpatxa?, Rounielias Semendr a. A large .upjily 1 1 lllca'diod anil hrown Cottoni. l otion am, Wieliiuj Cotton Halls, They have on hand the t est of Hyson, lly.-on Skin ( Yoiiug Ityi-on and Pouchong I Si. Croix, "I Porto Kteo, ( SUG.MIS. Loafnnd f Pow tiered, J Teppcr, Spi e, Ginger, Cloves, Nntniei. ltm, ) Cut a and COFFKKS. Java, ) To which they ask the attention of all who wish lo titiy aneap. zawo Nov. C, IR11. TEAS. HAIlllIlL SALT. HAllllFJiS line Salt, at the lovve.t mar l;el price i y r. is ii, ii, uuui,i i 1 1, v.. Nov. C, 1814. 23vvC 10O JUST received. Sept. I'd, 11. Sheet Zinc. STRONGS CO. IS A FKW C0PII.S of ihe AMI.RICAN HKVIK repnly mbcrif ers, vvhti will all be supplied a.toou a. 1 niiwiay evening, V. lIARRlffGTOff. 7th Nov., Ml. 23 TJI.ACICWHOIJ for October, in advance of the Xj lixprea. V. HAIUIINHTON, f love liiodyiu TOOTH Al HF DIK IPS. AN I.M FAllM FOll SALE. f70It SALF, a larm in Undcihill, con J. taming 0110 liuudrel nnd lonv Ml PI ATI". AND PF.RFFCT CUHK. Tho-o who have felt the paoil'd throbl ing and excrueia liug pang ofihedisea-eshooling through ibeirjavv- Willi mo-t lor incntiugpcrscvcrnnctyitiilns it is open theca-e, have reeeivetl but little sympathy from friend on such occasion, will no doiil.t I e lunch pleased to know of a remedy thai will never fail to timet lor ever the unmerciful o.liu dcr. The Clove Anodyne is the het o all toothache renicdie.. It i. immediate and certain in its elects, curing the mot violent toothache or pain in I he gunis in one mimile. Fxperience has proved that this Anodyne eompo-i-lion wi I give iniinuliate and pcriiiauent relief after the fa lure of every other remedy ; it i pleasant to the m.le nnd me'l : will not iiiiure llie teeth or gums in any way, and a few application will enlire y remove the pain' a ml -orene- trout n decaytsl tooth, mi that it may be fillet! and rcndeicl ns 11-eiul a ever. When ihe'pa'ii proceed from the face, or liom the gums around a lo:uh apparently onnd, tin application will give a pecdy relief I y rubbing a few drops on the nart elected. Price 25 cents. t-or sale oy 1" .Jiv .si fi-.i.w.. rtpotnecaries and Druggists, isuiliiigloii t. inua SLEW II AND CUT'PEli SHOES OHO PAinS"llnotrs"let, fur snlentlhe 'South Uu wliart." Purchaser will tlo well to give 1 s a call a we will not lie'imler-oltl under nnv circmn-lan-,.e FOLLLTT HRADLF.Y & Co. O.ct. 0, IBM. lit iriofd nnd fimlred fjrna lie nnlrs. l'ckill Silks. OrtlS In Mcs.ine. rich llrnendn Clinlllfhin. llrncllO figlirctl nnd sniped Poult tlcjSnio', ricli Claee Stripe, Crosdc I' ranee, linen, oiue-uiacit. nnu einiiceaoie sinpu unu figured Oros d Afntiucs, plain and figured Satins, tVc. iScc. &C. , CASflMr.Rr. d'F.COSSK, of latest Pans PADOUIl stvle. l'MHS MOUSF.LINF. do I.Alfvl.S, entire new itecicna nnd various n'nlitics. CRAPF. tl'OlUI-fi T, Inr Kvcninz dresses llie most ententlid article ever otlered. C11UHANS. TIF,sNl., Ald'AfXAfs, IIOM- UAINHS ITvl'.NC'H PRINTS, &r. Also. vnri.iiia new slvles of Dress Ootids, vv hirh will bo strictly confined to their own trade. The whole presenting an aorlmctit, it is bo'ieveri, which can not bo surpassed in mis 1 r any oiucr mari.ei. SHAWLS. Consisting of rich Chamelon, Ottoman, Poult do Sole, fig'd Satin, limeade, tf-c Aio, spienuiti litoaic, Cashmere, F.mbto tlered Melville. Kabyle, plain, pnn- teti and cmliroidcrttl Alimriinc tie i.auio nnu iiiiuei Shawls. Merino, Plaid Ilclviderc, and various new styles Woollen Shawls, also, very rich Cashmere Long Shaw ls. LAC ICS. F.nslish, French, nnd Oernnn Thread Laces and l.Minmra. Also. I.islc. Cninure. Ashliiillon and other ivTealnw tirieed 1 jlidnns and Laces. M -slin Trim- inings, Swiss .Mulls, nisiiop i.avvn", hook, i.amoiic am! Jacomt Muslins, ami every variety of plain and figuied ISets for Caps, uapes. ens, .) c. GLOVES. f'nnai.ilnir nf Kid. Silk. Ca-hnirrc. Merino, Herhn and Huek, in grct varieties, together witn a inn siocn 01 Fancy Mills VnlvflQ far tills, nlnin. Illlftlt. fi'Tlireil. &.C. if'C. Cn i n ni'W slide., llonnel rsu KS. II a n. ctnngcaoie. ehinonnd firnred. a comtilctn assortment! Hal and CViii Itildmiis. entire new designs, and llie most sidcn did nssnrtnient ever oflcted. Also, certain slyles of Xcck Ribbons, Plain Tallta nntl Satin tlo. mat i nntl colored, Artificial Flowers. Feathers. Trimming La ces, Ribbon Wire, Cords, Cimps, Foundations, Crown Linings, Lc. ALSO, Pocket Hdkfs. rf Ponat e, Spinlficld, Corah, Flag, I'andanna and Linen Cambric, in every variety. Ilalim Sevvi'igs, Fenijio's, Rubimcci's, Pcrsico 3 Heaux's, &r. Ac. Fancy Hdkfs. Crava's and Poaits, Printed Mone. deLaine, Thi' et, Palmarinc, Floiida, and o'.licr styles of Dress Shawls, Italian, Uros tie Rhine and Luslring Cravats, of every wo j Scarfs for gentlemen, of satin, plain, fig ured nnd embroidered. Oros Ornin, Ac. &r. Velvils, Idle, b'lio blk. anil colored, various quali ties. Vesiiugs of Satin, Ariuure, Cashnirre, &c. &c. Silk Sergis, Sincliews. Sar-nels, Levnnlities, Intha Salins, F'nsiie Suspemlirs, Mohair ami Silk font nd Vest ll.nditigs and Cords, fancy lumps, i- riuges, &e. &c. Together with every nrnele usually 10 110 tnunu in ancy Riock, whit Ii they engage to sell on as favor e it rnis ns it any other csta' hshment. 1 1 Mb 'Sfl,J. acres, al 011 one bundled acres of w'hich JLisii'Sl. is under eidlivalinri. the reinanu'er is covered by a good growth of hard wood. On the preiui-esnren convenient out 111113 iitiu-e, 1 am, sinus, li i'. and an orchard of thriltv I earing aim e Irces, siiilleient for ina'dng some fifty or sixty barrels of eider. Al o. a farm containing one hundred acre lying about one mile from the al out sixty acres 01 which is under iinproveineni, nnu nason ii- n cupa cioiis I am. llie remainder is well wooded, hruicii'nllv whh bench and iinnle. The nbove are Mtuateil near the eeutte ot the town and o' the mam road, are well vvalcred and well fenced, a considerable portion ofthe fence 1 eing stili-laiui.ll slone wall, an I togeth er compose 0110 of Ihe be-l dairy fanus inlhctown. Tho nbove preini-e will lo so'tl to cloe a conct-rn for inueli les.. than llieir leal value, and pos-t'ioii given on the 11 of April next. For further pirlicu-lar-enq lite of A. FOO'I F. Il'itbugloii, Feb. 22. IS 1 1 33 f X'Xx-S 1 11 e-t ;rzr- X-r Fiirms in Milton For sulo. I" FSII'IN'O in Ohio, the snVerilrr i de-irou. of - selling his hind- in Milton, and now t fl'er-f 1 -ale ono r arm of 130 ncics, one mile norih of the Fulls, catof .sTnal.o bill, of unequalled soil fororop or grata, lias two good liariis, an oreliaid, water, nnu ortluiary house. One harm of from 130 to 200 acres, one mile south ea-t of tho Fall-, and vve-t of Mrs. Plan, of some 30 n"res interval, and lialance in plain laiid,-good l.arns, oldt-h boii-e, and great advantages for raising our Milton s'ap'e, Rve. One Farm 3-1 mile norihvvcst of iho Fall', 130 a'TC-, "end 1 uildings. tirvbartl, and conveniences. Other panel of 20, 30. and dO acre-, for mch us inaychoo-on smaller p'ireha-e. Al-o, the Sure llnti-e and lot nt easf end ofthe Uridge, where, Willi the improvements nt tho Falls, i n very de.irable location for one vvi-hing lo open any I u-ine-s. Also, some Village Lot", vvilh and without dwel ling house-, 111 tlie 1110-t plea-nnt part of the village. Ity immediate npplicaiioi, some 500 vartU ot'do-ine-iie clolh may If hpplied, or nny of 'the parcels will I e std I fur a - mall portion of ihe purcna-o money down, vvi'h annual instalments for the I al.ince. BOO Hicep, Young Catile, Hay, &e., will besold with either of llie farms, if tle-ired. I shall leniain in .Milton ul out two weeks, after which n;iply to lieorge shley, at ihe Fall-, or to A. 1. vv mm mere, vve-t ,vtiiit n. 'Tu better to trade with the principal than wiih an agent. J. T. AlKSWUR I'll. Jlillon Falls, Sept. 2.",, 181 1. 17 I-'OU COUCiU. C.t I.DS. AM'IIMA, AM) C ONsmiPTIO' 1 TIIF. ORIUT AND ONLY RTMF.PV for Cell-, Co ighs. A Ihm.i, and CONsr.MPT.Off, i the HFNOAUIAN HA I.SAM OF I.IFI , di-coverclly tho eelcl rated Dr. I'lochau, of Lote on, laigland. nnd intriilucetl 111I0 theUui'e 1 siialc under tlie immcuia:e Miperiirenilance of iho niveiilur. I he e.xlraordinary ucces of this medicine, in tho cure ol Piilmon irv deea-e-, warran's the American Aaent ill soliciting for 'icatment the WORST POS SI1ILF. CASFS that can I e found in the eommuuiiy ca-es that nek relief 111 vain from any of tlieciaii ninii leine lies of the dav. and liavo I t en given tip I v theino-ldi-tim.m-he-1 Phv in in-, a- CONI'IIIMF.D AND IM URAHLF.. The Iluiiguiian Ilaisim has eured an I will e treibe most dcsperalc of cases. It i noquiit'k noiiiimi, hut a sintidiirl laivli-li ined icine, c f Ivnown nnd e-ta' li-bed ellieacy. I'.verv family 111 ilifUnitnl States -hotild I e sup id ed will, liuehan's llmignriaii Hal-am of l ife, not only tocouireraci use conumpiive lenueucic m mv Ci.male. I lit IO I U ll-co IIS a meveillivu innir-iiic hi .t'l ca-es t f Colds, Cough-, Spilling of Hlool, Pain 111 ,1... sit.. nn, 1 1,..,, Irrllnlltin and orenes of the Lungs, Hionchitis, Difilcully tif llrealbing, Ilii'lie Fe ver, ISigm Sweat-, inlion and nenerni ueoiitiy, A-,liin.i. Inttuenxa. 110001117 Co ltd), and C'toitn. ICT" Softl, in large I utiles, at 81 I tr bottle, willi lull directions lor the restoration ol iiiaiiu. Pamphlets, containing a ma-sol I.'nglili anil Amer-it.-an i cridieaic., antl oilier evi lence, sho.iing the un equalled merits , f this Ureal Fngh-li Remedy, mav I .. ftl.tiiincd i f tin' jlei'til-. rrnloilivislv'. DAVID I'. IIRDLIT., solo Agent for the United pJinte-. ll!l I'oiirt -tieet. I'.it'ton. AOUNTS. HtJUI.IMi'lON, PF.CIC & SIT. AH, nnd I Jriitr'ri-is : lVltaiti e icr. Ulan, e Collms ; Hrattleboro, Dutlon V.CIaik; liellows Fall. N. Harris; Rmlaii I, Daniell fc Hell ; Wood-tocl., S. J. Allen; and hythe liruggists generally. li-iy WANTED. "T7.NTF.D in exchange for Good V Giey Cloth, Flannels. Oii. I V Oi-I. 25lh, 1M1. . Table Ilurcr. AUti, Corn, Rve nml S. M. POPF. 21 COLORED CAMBRICS $c. CASH Hlk. Camlric.-, 15 ps, Silecia, 10 do Re I Padding, 15 do Cntiva--, t Case Manchester Ginghams, 1 do Iri-h Linen., for h I v VILAS f. NOYIS. Oct. 17, 1811. 20 r-.ifiU P.iid for Sliooi) Pelts ft ASH, and the highest price- p-id for Sheep Pelts w and Shipping rur. oy llurlington, Qelnler. 17. 1811. (J r VILAS & NOYF3. 20 TTYSON. lly 1 1 X chong Teas - COM IIS. FOZ. Shi.; Ct.tnls. 150 do Tvvi-t do 200 do Ivory dn 7a i'o C. nii.l Fine do 75 Oro Wood Pocket do 10 tlo do Urosing do Forffllely VILAS Oct. 17.1311. net! r it; s. n Skin, Young Hyson and Son l.onf. Hrown nnd Crn-livl Sugar; Port Rico nnd Mucavndo tlo ; O'd .lava. Rio. nnd Cut a (Vree. Cocoa, Molns-i-, Ibee, Cineer, Sa'cra tus, Pepier and Spice, Clove-, Nutmeg. &e. Arc. aiifti. Winter Strained Sperm Oil, lor sale I y o, al. -i-r.. Oct. 23th. H1 1. 21 &: NOVFS. 20 (Jroccrios. TFAS, Sugars, Moln.i", Co Vo, Rice, and every article in the line of Dry Groceries, lor .nlelovv HROWN SHEETING. BAI.r.-s Hrown Sheeting, 1 Ca-e Pleat lusl tlo 1 do Tickings, for ude low bv VI LAS & NOFS Oct. 1 7, 18M. 20 '8ih Nov., 'S41. LOVF.LY &. sr.YMOI'H. 23 15 u. T701II.D BUTTONS. Ofin finoss "" Coalllittens, rCJ-l 75 do tlo Over Coal do 3110 do do Ve.-t do 75 ilo Gill Coat do 10; do tin Ve.t dn 5C0 tlo Pant do 500 tlo Shirt do ror ale cheap by VILAS cfc NOYF.S. Oct. 17, 18M. 20 PATRUSON resniftfally inforni his cistemcrs and the led lie that he has just received from New York Fall and Winter fashion, and nil tho-e favorin him with their patronage may rely on having their work done on the lowed terms and in llie neate style. ALSO Garments cleanod. and cutting done on Ihe shone notice nnd warranted ni hi shop on the New Road, two doors, norih ol II. vv liilncy'.- .nop. ib'l STOVE PIPE. I5US.91A, Fngli-h and Canada Stove Pipe. V For sale hy VILAS & NO YEP. Oct. 21, 1811. 21 VIS.AS & NtTVES. Miccessors to VII, AS I.dOMIS .1.- Co. WHOLF.SM.F Dealers in Foreign nnd Dntne.tie Drv Goo I-. Tin Pla'e, F.ualisli. llula, and Canada Sheet Iron; Iron Wire, Wire Vellum, Shiet and lloll Cooper, Sheet Lead nml .mo, and nianu lacturers ofTin Ware. WILLIAM 11 VII.1M, HIORII.1.0 fvOVUH. llurlington, October, 1811. 20 F is a ( h q r s r.TI'.NS and Geese Feathers for sale by IJi . VILAS & Ni llurlington, O. l, 17, 1811. NOYFS. 20 TIN ISAAC! DOW. Manufacturer rf 8 ALPACAS S?c. PS Silk Warp Alpaca, 18 do (Vitttiii do do 25 t!o French nnd Kiighfh Merino, SHF.F.T-IRON, AND COPPER WAR I.. anil tit an r in copi'F.n pumps, 1,1: ad pipe, .f c. Church etruet, llurlington, March 0, 1811. ly-IO 10 do Fig'd Upiue, for tali al low prices hy vir ic tnvtJ Oct. 17, 1811. 20 ' ROLLS Paper Hanging for Kilohy 6yJkJ II. W. CATLI O i. 1, Ml. IN. 18 TVOTICR. TIIH iihsenlier lias removed Ins lltlieo over Strongs & Co's store, north of the Court Ilnuso u. A sat. ii, I. i.i . llurlington, .Sept. 5, IBM. 1 1 if EXTRACT OF LUNGWORT. k FOR SALE r K1 IT T large and ciuumodit u-two story MUCK X DWELLING llOIJ-i; AND LOT, Mtua'ed on Vi THE FATKNT LACE, INVr.STI.I) DT Iv. P. HANN1NG, M. D. Or I'lTTf CCRf.ll. rr.NN'sVLVANIA. TILL be kept con tantlyon bant! liy Dr. John W. Fmi:p.v, c f Fs-ex, he hav ing purchased of the original Paten'ee the errlusite rich' to make and rend the same, within and fur the Co uilies id Chit ten ten. Fi'unt.lin.t Laltiod'e. and lira lid l-te. I The PA'l'I NT LACK ha now I ecu before the pub I lie for a iimiiiI er of, mouth, lion bed have I is n tip ,t,., .,..i !.., ,,...,. f.r m ,i .. t n,t ni' c,,li,.e 1 idiiiliii tlifioic-iit oailol the t'oun'rv, an I Willi n sue , ...ii ti, 11 .Til,. .11 i,t, I ce-s never I eft. re euualled I v any reinvshal agent .. .'. ... r..,'.i. i.. i ...!.,., .u'.iin.. I Numeiou-well auihtiilicateJCerliri"ate-tfitlcncli .III .-,"lllllll , . '1 , lllllt)l llllll IIHH'.l'll ILII.IIf, .. . , , ct . uiil, a win-M'lv f.-i.,.,i5 norlh on College cial nil! tenco in theremoval c.f.h-ea-es ol long stand 7As fVt - Green, with wood and ,toie ho.ue ! clow, nnd cham ber and sleeping rooms al ove. A large and com modious bin n, carnage hoi-e, ice house, and other o it-boiise-.niid a spacious yard vve-t of the dwelling iioii-e, and a good dural lo well of water ofthe be-t quality in Ihe village, and abritl; cistern. One ami a quarter acres of land, of the fjr-t qoalitv, a largo garden and choice fruit trees vtnl of ihehou-eaud yn rd. , The buildings are constructed in modern style, of llie 1 est material nnd, weie erecied liy the -nhscril er for Ids own u-e, and llie luca'icit-i a I'ord a very exlcn-ive and plei-nnl propect ofthe village an 1 lake on the We1, antl I not surpa-scd by any other in ihi part of the country. Piircha ers are invilcd to call and examine for 'hem-olve.. Terms ma !e known ly the nhcril er on die premise. S.VMULL RF.r.D. H irluigitui, April l, 18 It. 40 tl SINGLE!. DOUULE. UMBILICAL. --fe:', -Ti TIIF ONLY CURR FOR CONSUMPTION AND 0 QQ AM; 3 kinds of TIU'l.S for Ruptures incident to u Male, for sale, and accurately nimliod, I y I'l- IC A- SPFAR. ing, might ! efuiitshed Irom thi-imiiisdiate vicinitj in ui Minim to I he sliiemenlol eases nnd certilicate of cure fiirni-hedl'V Dr. Panning and others. Hut tin i nol deemed iicto-siirvn tit the ore-en I tune, re le once can I e given lo indu id-nts wealing lilt .acf. in nearly evvrv town in the Co ml v. Phv- li-ian- have bint! till ihe iiecesitv of a S mnnr lerddl'crentlv eon-iruciednnil nn-re ncrfv'ct in it-adap Hon to the human form, than any that had been pre -ciiinl lo ihe nn' lie. '1 he invc Hon of Hanning' tneeu veil h iheir eencra iini'rol at ion. a-u is t'e-tgned I i leht ve svmniomp. and remedy a e.a- td tdiv maladies w Inch cannot I e reache 1 1 y medicines alone The de-tent oi disii'acemeni 1 1 the vi-cerra Irom re laxnuon cf ihe abdominal muscles, or oilier cau-es. tends toii'lernnd ilerangeihvfunciiou ol every organ in il.ehuman svleni. atei. in many oa-c. tlnstevi.i te n Irom Ihe natural beilibv lio ii'ion of pan-, i lb yo'o can-oof ?ner.i t'lbiblv in Ma es and I-emale of f)iiipcpsia, A 'ec ion of ihe Stomach and Airer, Palvitalion of I he- Heart. Spinal Irritation. Hysteria, "iltporoudria, Pilea. I'rolap'w Uteria, Suppression ot I rine, trie Ifroncliilis ot fid iicpeni.ers, nnu litre iifiit Com-urnvtion nil ofvvh eh vvilll e much reliev ed. if noiemiiely it'iiiovisl, 1 y the n-c of llie Patent l.nre. when theT exis ence iscau ed I y uhv-ieal lanty-'iiicin an 1 a nif haii'cal t!i ola' ctneni of tiart vv Inch can ium i'y a icpaiucd ly t.l -irviug the fnrm nnd xitmrttnm ol the oerson nl'lctul. 'I In-in-trumi'iil ha I nn examined l y Drs. Mntt rti.rrcr-. I'nnci nn I Gri-cnmh of N'evv York the Faculty of Pitt-h iri'h, llnr fonland New Haven, and has urtaineil their favorai lete-iim ny. AVpli'nii n for tin Lace mav 1 e made to the Mih crdcr, atF-st'N,or it Ar'l.ur, Hitrlingtoii. Pat cut nta ifi-tance will be v see I al Hieir re-nience, it rt-riirc 1. - JOHN W. F.Ml'.RY. l.s-ex atarcli ii, t? 1 1. -uu WITH JLWHTI'S MKDICINI-.S. r.iTAnLisnr.ii nv A This re-ldente, Champlnui Si., a lew rods north 1. of .Messrs. FollettA. Hradley, It irlingtnn, Vt. In ten lering his most Rrateful acknowledgments to hislriends an I patient., for ihe encouragement and support they have given him the past year, the Doe tor would leg leavn to talo that, Ills success, has thus far, been equal lo bis mot sanguine expect" Hons; for it has seldom been the ca-e, (hat tho merits ol a new M stem of medical practise, ha been mora fully tuttM nnd fairly e-tahll-hed, in so short a lime Indeed, Dr. Smith docs not hesitate to lay and tho medical gentlemen in this place vvbl not deny it llial bo haseilecled omo signal and important cures, even where t lie pntieuis uau i een given over liy oiner oh"sieinnst nn.l Ihcreloie he feels conRlvnt. that. eouldheloealled In sea-on, when Ihe patient is first laUen, mnro Ireipienliy man new, n cure wonia do mtirh onnor elected, nntl wiih far le expense and -I ffennn, for the sick, than when they lirst employ other means, nil llie patient is nearly dead, nntl then can nnu. l or ill hi case?, since he ims ntioptcu ino use t f JeweO's medu ine, wle te he was I lun called, has the recovery of the -ick, Leon n rapid, as almost to ind ice them nnd Iheir friend- to think bill little vat the matter, though to nil appearance they were as sic', ns Iho e who cinplovcil oilier practice, nnd oon died', or were iceehs, and perhaps, months, in gettinjr tipnsam, first having to abandon their Doctor's 'med icine, entirely, leforo they could gam at all. Tho fact is, whenever Jo.vcli'. remedies bivo been fairly triel and 1 e.aine filly known, their fcnfieial crtccU lit fining di tn-e i f every lytic nnd form, have been iacknowle 'god I y tlio most sktlfu! physicians and the most critical nioorvcr-. The following le-umnny, was ndlre-sed to Col. Jewettlytwo hipldy di-imguished (ihv-ician., who y llieir as-i inity, laittii iiness and r-Kiil in practice, in' aimed ihcin lIvu- m the memory and nllections many in this p'nee, vvlioti-ed to employ them j and lio,ihiiugh dead, yet pcak. Hiartheni. I uni.I.snTO.N, VI., .inn. 5, ISab. Col.. Jnivr.TT Pear Sit I have received and read your pamphlet with much iu'eret, and am high- ple.t-o I Willi yiuir plan oi overcoming tiisea-c. on are truly carrying o it the pruici do of Dr. Jack on tiii'lolher, which ihcv have so aMy a Ivocaied. I am conlident that a rehum in tlio practice of inedi- einuUiudispetahly nee -ary. .,,s- rrs,l l',,,,. S. T ,1 .HIII.S l'W O I .111 I 1 111, II. llfnl.IMGTOW. Oct. 25, 1837. " Col.. Jr.vvr.TT - Dear .Sir I have t'epo-iled intho I nnk here, fifty dollar more to your credit, on ac tum! ol medieino s,ol I. 5io lar ns 1 nave tt-eJ ttiern n mv tiracticc, thev have moved far more effieciou than I ha I anticipated. They at:' readily on the sys tem, an I overcome disea-e ui a manner I never le lore vvitnecd, and I do not he-Hate to give my full approl alion to your sy-tem. 1 have -old nnd used neatly four hundred do'llars worth ince I lirst reeciv- 1 an n-orlininl Irom you. " 1 am mo-t truly vour oi.i inentt, TRUMAN l'OWF.1.1., M. I). Dr. Sniiih !s happy to Hale that ho ended on Dr. laneroy. a tew inon'hs lettue tus denlli, nnd lounu inn Mill' firm in the same ot, initio, lie -aid, " Jevv- ett'-doing the -ame now, thai Cnllen did in his day. Aii'l," -ail he, "I lold Dr. Atvvaier he wn not tho gica'e-l man in llie wurltl, and am nol, ti it it I was, I -ho'ihl uecomb to Jeirett. for iisv-tetn is corrc.. and his medicine the best in the icorld ; and I re. qtic-lcd liim to go to Dr. biiiuh and get me a bottle ol head-ache liniment, vihich he di I, nnd I find it ca-es my head veiV much." When physicians of Iho firl rani:, vv h"-e eluea nn and talent-do honor to their profes-iou, and every indivi llial who ha given liem a lair trial, come (tu m i.ivor oi Jtwetf nieui ines. ui language unci itvocal nnd decided as the a1 ove, who wi.l doubt the trudt of what they fay 1 Tin se who think P for iheir interest to i ppo-r a nir practice, nnd vvho-e mind- have I een blinded and prejudiced ly tho o whose srlf.ihnesi and pride, prcdiiininaie over their -en -e of jnntice and truth and all Iheir lenctolint feelings, ant! tho-e only I l)r. Smith, tins ut received a ire-n supply oi levve'l's meihcine, ii'ion Krms that will enable him to sell, vvho!e-a'e or retail, for ca h, 25 per cent less than it was n Id for 'as: year ; and he invite physic ians nnd at' inralws, to the trial ot it. lit r it i LIVER COMPLAIjNTS. TIIK aiM'STlON SKTTIir.I). AMONG the mobitui'e of me In me and 'cure alls' which ure daily paluiL.l oil upon the nn-ii-- 'cline. oeut.le so olien ltd dt-amiouitet . tlial lht'V liaidly know what to lebeve vv hen a nally invalua ble inedicinu i first introduced tuio llie community. 'I he medicine which we now I ring be'ore the tnu- lie is a compoun 1 not nivciilcd in a day, I u the ma-1 luring ol years i l letiect on, on nil ui-ease wntcii nave a tendency toward- Cossi'MI'Tte.v. Coinplainls of Ihe lung-, chel, and liver, seem to nii-efiotn our vatial le climate, most dangerous to the invalid, and iho-c of uat'italiv weak con-titiiiion. Dr. I.irhoi's Vegetable l.uitBwrri is ofthe mo-l exirairdin irv uaturo m it operations upon the mMoiu. It takes hold ol Iho eoiuplainl nt once, an I no mailer how long tho pulmoiiaiy oriou. Miiup'ivu patieul has I etn Ml 'en.ig, li the condition of the lung is (U"h ar iml to he ah-olutely ineural le, he Lungwort will eradicate every symptom ol in case from ihe body, restoring i ns it weie ngam to lile. ror tills reiist u, peopio vv no inn1 p niu.mii . eomplauils fhoiild carefudy .elect that remedy n firU wliieli wilt cure, n ineio cull ue .nine. n Liiigworl will do tin-, if health i to I o restored i and tho proprieiir hesilale not to ,ny it Is the safest mwheine ui the world for those lieu' led vvilh coughs and COLDS, LnoKCIIITIs, VVIIOOI'INl! COUCH, ASTII51A, NlnilT bUT.AlB, IlLKI'dilsO Al Till". I.VNCS, OITIII SSIOK ns Tiin rncsr. OICPICL'I.TV OF lUll'.Al II INC. AIFI.I'- tioss or tiiu lavi.n, ami pulmonary complaints oi every Mud. Wo have not room to pnl li-li the numerou eeriili' catcs ol cures, 1 ut ul tire refenol to a medical pain. ptiiet to oo nan gran oi nnv oi ni j .i-i-ni-. C. J. ROO-FVF.l.T, Sole Proprietor, -7 I mnuwnv. A anv. For a!o by IMU.'K "I'lSAH, Apothecaries and Druggt Is, liuilinglon, l. 15-1 PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. YARF1 ANTED. rnillS articlets too well known to need common L daiion and the cxperuncu of seven years has deiiioiistratcd to the coiumtrcinl community, thai lor accuracy, convenience nnd durability, they e'a unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 3 to 0 tons. Dormant Wnrehottsc do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. lo 5000 lbs., Portable do. tu weigh from 1 2 m. tu 200 lbs. Por tablet .oimlerdo a nevvarticlo tovvciyli from 1-2 oz. to 10 lbs. .1. it J. II. Pecic it Co. Agents. Hurlingtnn, June 30, 1813. Hf l' It U I T . APPLF.S, both fall and winter fruit of Iho choicest Grafts, by the l arrell or h i-hel ; Quinces, Or anges, Lemon-, u.ll-lus, l lggsjaiev-oiiictiioeer, Sweet I'tituloes, -Vo. Also, Oy-iers. l y ihe llarrell, hegg or iinna e ; Clie tiuits, Wallnnls, Almond-, llrazi.le,.la He a no ea Nut: Soda nnd llo.-lun Cracl.rr-, il-.t ive., tor ale rhean, by D. lll-AUKM N llurlington. vi, Hi, -il. -uu'u J.TKVON TTTOUI.D resneelfullv inform his friends and I V niiblie tint ho has iust returned from New- York willi the latest fashions, and that lio continues tu carry on business nl ins old btanu, iiavmg visi ted some of the lies; shops in the I ity of New York mill! PICTORIAL IIIS'IOHY OF THF. UNI I , Soups is nnw eomiileie. It may lie seen nt Sun'l. Iluniinglon's vvlio is duly authored to fill all ord-rsin telatioit to ihisvalua' 16 work. Fvery Amer In.. .. til To,.! nrniul In lie llinovvner of till! History. He who may have orders left with them will do mo a favor by iran.niitting ineni iiuiiiinaiiMi. i- w Itlni.d, II i.f Ver.rennes. is an authorized ogrnl, All tho counties ill llie stale will I e visile.! as soon as practicable for the circulation of this unrivalled Amer' ican lllstoiy, I). KI JIIIALL Jr. special Agent for t. Burlington, Sept. 9lh IBM. 15 ho trusts that, vv illl an experience of Iwenty-ivvo irv Ihi-.Medicine-, winch are warrant' ed to do all llial is claimed 101 iic"i. .., The Aents fur lliirlingtoi! are i-iaiv noi i-.iu, Apothecaries nnd Druggists, general whole.aleanil le lad Agents, who will supply Country dealer, at whole-ale, on the same terms willi the proprietor in v...,. vii- win ii i 1 1 n I h. iii'i rv nine v vv-. i:eo. IVleis'on, N. W.Uagc, Harry Ilia Hoy, nnd Ilngar vX: Arthur. II ir uigtoii, Aug. gu ii, ioi i. LYMAN W. GILF.F.RT, Proprietor, 13 lwMy 214 Fulton Siren, .evv 1 eri.. ron SALE. I WILL sell Ihe place where I live cousi-ling of n House ami Oilice ndioiuing in oerfect order. Terms, one thousand do' in hand, I alancu in four v early tuivineul-. ii te.ired. To those who are noi'aeuuninted with the tdato il may ho well to hay, it is situated on Iho molh iikof ihe Court Hou-e Square, having a large front and a large and good garden ntiai bed lo it. u. AI'AMa, July 29, IBM, 3 Furs, JUST received nnd lor sale, a Inrge assortment of Ho 'kilo Robes, Miitl's, Hons Caps nnd Collars, by Oct. 4th IBM. 18 II, W. CATI.IN. Canada Box stoves. .r. ev so. 31 and 30 in. itv lc and di td le Canada ! Siovo , Jit t received and fur sale low. Pent. 19. Mi. STRONGS & Co FOIt UAXII ONLY. THE unprecedented rail for Goo Is, make It neces. arv to again replenish for Winter, which will soon lw done .tiihat no articles however fashionable will be hehl for high price, therefoie, to cash buyers the inducement is creai. Crockery, Glass Ware Jand Paper Hangings, are al-o reduce! in prices at HOWARD'S. Nov. 8, 1811. 23 Ilo ! All Y 'Hint Thi-st ! NOT (JAGGED Y UT I HUH, I1RANDY, GIN NEW TAILOR I NO ESTABLISH. MENT. 3 A III 13 8 O II II , 1T70UI.U risneetfidly inform llieeilizcns ofliur. VV lington nnd oiihlic generally, that he hnainkeu llie i slalilisliinent recently occupied by ClIAliLKS lir-V-.TQ ...i...... i.. ii 't.. .1... HHSiSSJ, ... ... us. . ,,, , -i--iiiu utl HI I 'IT 111 111U TA1LORINH IIIISINF.SS on the shortest nonce, and in a an lu not to bo turpnts ed. From several years experience in Ihebux'ne.she feels confident olin.uring general .auslactton. UL'tlliXli PRTNCE'S Llnnncn Dotanic Garden nnd IxJnrsotica Flushing, near Acta Yuri;. r n n.K fir. s i IR A It TTAVINC beeoniH AtiUNTrf for tliis Fslahlish ii ment, will rolled and forward orders for Fruit nnd Ornamental Trees and Plants t Catalogues ami Prices of which, may no seen ai tiieir counter, IIVIlLINaTON IT. jLi. vnriousnunlities.innusntitiesof ono Dint nr more, done for others lo make all limes, and warranted nml oil,. M il.v f iiinrtpnie r,.- --i - :l.i:. :r ..,-i m.i ......s. . , u.sws...... (Ul PUIU (III llll' I (Ulllfll ,lUIV,l)f I.U... sonable terms, hv Iluilington, June, 18(4 JSAAO WARN Ell. 2 Churcli.,t, Aug., 1811. I2tf. COMMUNION Fhigons, Plaleif Cups, &c. sold by 1JR1NMMAIO & liltOIUFits. Urass Kctllns. I.arce a.-or'in.-n!, by STRONGS it ("fl -n- sept. 18, 1844, 16 AM 101. ICAN II DTRL. AND GENERAL S TA GE HO USE, lis n. ir, lATMMt, C0VT HOV-I bqi'ABE, BinilNOTOfJ, Vt. 2Gt sjfs, ..vr- C ftri-rrxrn?v '"-IHLUl I s - FOR SALf, I1Y TIIF. CiROSS, also AT It FT A I L II lly VIXK i Sl'CAU. Allolmsi's Modicino.s'. tt i- i.... m..i ...... I.nv., Ice. .me so noiiular. ,.'.l!.. nr.. hllnwil. llial. to lotet tho ..,,i the tiionr.eior has a-l P'ed the plan cf miiliiplymg Iho Agencie-, foinhui- each Agent xv ..-i ..1,,. i. ci inn ii.ii' TIIH Itl.ACK (it- Allelia-sl''.,) HtbVL, AI.I.i:il M Ii MI'Il IMI.l.". Alil-KHAM's TOOTII-ACIIU Dl'.Ol'js, AND ai.i.f.hasi's l'otm .ha'. ii,ASTnn. A number of Agencie are now e-tal Ii hcl in tlu ,..n.,.. rr sl.,,1 n nl nvp. lotrelher wi h iiamiihlets fni- .M.ncra! di-trihulion. selling Kir'h ihe vi'lue.. t f the Mislieitu,nu lciiiiaiuingieriiicatefrom highly re-ptvial.le person., of some of the many cine they i..... . ir I'.n.ii,..- nnd individual aremvucd tti M'nd ami get a pamph'ei, and read, and if they years, ho can compcto Willi tlio best l auors in tins part of lliocountry. N. II. Culling donont shott notice, cheap for easlt, H.JMav JBJJ. 1'" A It. MS TU 1,11AM: I'OII A TI'.ltM IW YHMtS. A LARfi F FARM stocked Willi a ilniry zV ami .heep, antl prepared for exten sive sowing and planting. Ihe person amilviii's must have sullieient means to KTKsiiisi carry it on nnd furni-h the lest recom inendalion for m'tegrily nnd Industry. Also, two other larms in let lor an amount agreed Upt'll. The-e farms nro situattsl on the Lake thore oppo .ile llurlington. Apply to . al. (S. w. U. HAiMia. Port Kent. Feb. 28, 1811. 3'J if 30 Oct ESSENCES .J'c. GROSS F.ssenres, As-orled, 5 do llriti-h Oil, 6 do OiiedelJoe, For sale by VILAS il JS'OYI?S, 17,11641. . 20 1IKNUY uau; ATTOUXP.Y .H t:UNSIil.l.On oitwr.i.h, vkhmo.x'i AT LA.V S. ,N. I'XIt.XIAl.ICi: ATTORNEY AT LAW. .Vo. 7 Counsellort Halt. (Peck's Uuilding.) 13 NEW FIRM. THF, mh.criherii hnving formed a eoparlnrnhif under the Firm of VA1INF.Y & ZOTTMAN at tho shop foriiR-rly occupied by j), ,M, Vnrncy, on Collego Street, at Ilia .ign of ihe thirteen foot gun, vvhero tht y will do all I usiucss in llieir line of While .millim;, Cutlerr, (inn Kmiilis, Dm .S'liil.cis, lira.. Founders, Ivory Turners, Alachinhu and in bort olmnst everything. Work done to order, and all crdem promptly attended lib rAnNEV hf.'n'hy'oi'tman. Oct. hi, 18M. IB I1AGAR fc m ARTUUK, A HKnow receiving new SADLER Y, COACH AND S 1 1 11,1 IIAUDWARIi in all its vanties, ALSO, niUT.Sst MF.DCHNFS, PAINTS, OILS, VAll- NISHF.-s, &c. tie. llurlington, Vl, Oct. 1, 1811. irrmiilo TlMlSSt'S. nun! nnii-fx of tlio inx'fntK.n and 1 inanulielnru of Hull, and also ol Marsh, ol every sizo nun lonu, aim fur all the purpose for which they arc doigncd, constantly receiving at 1M.I K .x: SI'HAIl's. . ni i.'r i here'ommeii nations oi our lovvu i-ii)ie.un ,ud resident Priietnioiiers in tin- Sure, a. xv ell as he Faculties if ihe cities ol N,vv ork, Hos. ton, Philadelphia and Haiti more, we cannot 1 ul as sure tbo-o of the articled ela of the hnppy ei.e.-t which may le denviu i y ine u-e "i ip- '"".i"- ineiits. in point oiouni' iii'i. "!.-. i-."- i i i .i.... .. ..i.i., ,l, r.., h of all. t ri nn, and I'r i"gi.ts who pureha-el v the dczen, the, Manufacture!' di.couut is made, 17 BOARDING HOUSE. m it i." s,.i,i.rr would res neelfully inform the pn'i L lie thai he till continues to keep n Hoarding it..... r, Mnm SiriM-t. a few rod fr in tho Cnnrl- Home' Square and Po-t Office, in the ho formerly i.-i i.,. n..n ll slmw. Fsa.. and that ho ran ac eoniino'nte a lew mnro I oarders on at rea.onal le .erms aa ean 1 e obtained evv.u HurlitiElon, Vt., Aug. 7, 1811. 10-tf INDIAN VnGFTAHI.i: PILLS; OR INDIAN I'UIIC XTIVU. TtlOIjniI niani' medicines have I een lelorrthe public Inr a much lunger period than Wiiisiit's Imdias Vi'.r.r.T.viiLn PitL-, yet none -tand now in ' iiir.iir.i; tinpuir., or ba inoro ratutlly allained a firm hold upiai p'ipularest maiion. 1 he tiioU'ANDs that tiavo ti- ed them throughout the length and I readth ol tlie Republic, all I car cheerful le-tmiony to their thorough r piracy nnd mild rperaM'on when imployed in the mo.-i dietruKing " which f.e-h is heir to." The theory of dt easc cn wh .-h right's I.ndiak Vr.t.i.TAEt.E P.LLs are fouii''ed. i ilo-, v.z : that ther$ isonluone primary cause of all the disorders that ujr.ictthe human family, and Hint i-corrttiu humors ; . -.f In.-.,..'!.,.!' lllI 'ri.i. nrinni pie is now so generally numuiiu, mm " "'v in I e said to I e s'i-Iauus'by tin univer-aliiy of npiuion, ilielewtlis-enier-eon-iiiuline I ut a vervice'ie un noriiy. It i- u-cle-s then ft. re lo th-cus the -ound-lies-ot Ihi Ihciiiy in tin place and ct nnrxton. Tnc one DisnXsr. Pi.iNciru: le ng a. in ttetl, the mode of attack pro'os-cd bv al pra. tilitmer- I eeoraes the -ame namely, pumallon. Hit many ofthe o-i-alled specifics nuw I c fore the pill be, province only ono form of Purga'ion ; they arc ei' Smlorifie, Cathartic, Di 'relit or Fxpcctorati!. li'riphl's Indian Veritable Pills nml ino all the e proptrne-, and a,e therelote ab'iilated to altnck tlie element nf di-ra-e at all point, and bv n harmuniou nnd combined ope ration to expel it radically irom ine y-iem. i ueir ect I- altno-t mag cai, and i no le-- osioio-iinig mr i q nn dne.s 1 Ii in Us. eiucnev liom sexes, anw au aces mav employ tin in, ncctudiug to thedireelions, VV'iIIIO'll lear, lor xvillie uicv ureccrmn, iititu .... -casrs tliat are remedial, lliey nerrr inllician injury upon the -ylem. ... , I he nerf.ct sarelti of ihe me 'cine is nnothet all- important quality, antl one which ha contributed m rc ilrcii any thing cl-o toiinfon antijiopu tarity. In a Kird. this medicine commends itself stronely lo the patronage of the public, and its use bids fair to tecimc uyore lonz.aiinnn uniccrsui. ACTION. The ei'izens of New laiglan I are re-pectfidly in formed that in eon crp ence ol the great popularity which Wriglit' Indian Vcgeta1 lePdl have earned Ly Ihcira-ton sh ng goodnes-, a (Jang ol Counterfeiters are now iiiim-lrui'i-ly engaged in pa'ming on the nn-su.-pecim-',a valueless and perhap dangerous infdi eiu", under llie name of Indian Vegetal le Pill. 1 his i to inlurin ihepul lie, tha' Ihe genuine mcdl etne ha on tlieboxe-, " IVrlglifs Indian Yesetiihle IMlls, (INI IAN PI ltUATIVl ) or Titn Ntrtrii AsinnicAN coi.i or Hcaltii." An lal.o around tho Lordcr of llielal e! will le loiind in small type. " Fu ered according to the Act of Lougre-s, in tho year 1610, ly William Wrigb'.in 'heCleiks Oiliccol the Di-irul C'oiiit ot the F.a-tein District ofPetuiivl vatoa." The p il lie will al-o remem' er lint all who sell li e genuine In Inn Vege nl le Pill- are proviled with terliuea'e 1 1 agency .ignm y William ivrlsltt, virc l-rrsiuctit Or TUS K'T.TII A VII niCAN COLLKOi: OF ItEALTII," aad that poller- nreiiever in any ca-e allow eJ torell theeta i ne medicine A'l 'lavvllintf Agent-will le provide I vv lb acerniicateol A gr. ify a- ahovei'tseri be.'; and tho-e who eamil show me will be known a- ba-eunposior-. Th ' follt'wuighighlv re-pectab!e persnnshavcbfa appointed a miiis for be -ale of the above named "IVflgllt's Indian Vcprliihle lMlls. or the N' mil amkrican coli.i oe i r health. (ii:NTS Peck vx: S.icir, M. K, Ilowarl, D. Darn it Co., Hiirlinpton; I'rain is I.aclate. Colcbeler; .XL i on .C Hark, Wdbsnn; l.orin Tyler, Vttrx ; J, II. Tower & Son, l ie'erhill h A. Harney, J. Ly inan.Jcrieho: Win. Rhode-, I.. II, linen, Richmond; .1. H. Dil.c, lb moon; Mon-on it Dean, tlrr-io! ; JI, uon .Si Dean, Lincoln; A. IMbfcte, New-Haven R. Saii.leiS"ii,W..Md!fn; C I- Drake. "Milton: lieo A vies, Mihon Fa'l-; Mar m Wires, Oris wold vt Sin lo'. Cambridge; W. S. ,t C. P. Wood, We.t f.rdjS W. nrnshiX; Co., Fairfa; II. Cook, Shel burn; lVm.H. Viehe, lline-l nrgh ; S. II. Harnrs, Charlotte; Tupper if- IVark'ndgc, Si irksl orouth ; Shale & Wibb, Ferrisbiireh. i he i n'y O lire in Ho-t'ui where tho Indian Vege. lal le Pill ran le. hiaint.l i. at HOC TREMONT STREET. "1 OS W. S ' . 1 ,s .11 - , r.f II . Pr ncui.n u.liceniiuueiicrai I'cpui, iuj iwitmicti. Phih'tlpbia. 3Jyl Salmon Trout mid salmon. I y STRONGS Co. Sept. 18, Ml. 10 M. It AT II KIT N & CO DRAPERS TAILORS, P.-.C's llmldiiig. I-TAVP. rei,n-J from New Vorkwilh a Miperior I I". .. ,,,,..,., id" CLOTHS. OASAMHlr-s, an vV.STINn.s?. togelhcr with an extensive ossorimenl ol'IRlMMIVC.s. .. Also, Husfiiis, lo'iarf, laiior. vi)u,.r, ..... 1 r.w , I M, O lUiiiriK, i Oct. 17,1611. C, V. Wakp. 20 SliGriniurs Lozoiifics. 4 SfEMMAN5l . H .tttrfjlTrV'!r..-. For Coug hs. For Headache, Fur Worms, For S. re Throat, antl Hnnrierc, Sherman i .irrliasri or LoO't-neof thelowel.. j,r Indice-lion ind want of Appetite, Ac. & he. Allalwhola- ,'. Tooth Pa.le P!.trrs. AllalwhoJ ,sle nnd retail by 4l"l " 1 W BAtM M'T' H. W. CATLIN, O'l '41.

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