Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 13, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 13, 1844 Page 3
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'In tills village, on llic llhinst,, Mrs. VerxoxHaii 'Kiotton of a son. B fi ffl, 'In this'town, on Wednesday morning, the Hon. HF.MA'N ALLEN, former member of Congress from litis district, aged 63 years. In Richmond, on tlio 23th ult., I-iyY Steves?, daughter of Charles Stevens, dec-Cased, in llici 29ili year of licr age. Forbear my friends to weep, Since death hath lost its suing, Those christians that in Jesus slctp Our OihI will with him bring. !ln Shclhurn, on the 27th ulto., James Dunn, Esq., aged 73 ye.irs. 'In South Hero, Oct. 1st.. Wit. La.ndov, Fsq., aged 39. Mr. Lnndon's i'lncss was long, hut ho bore It with firmniss and died with n bright hope of cternnl life through Jesus Christ. Ho was a man uhowns worthy of the respe 't nnd confidence of tho commu nity, nndsmjoyed it tichly. Printers in Conn, are re quested, etc. COOICR, FfRLM) &CO. EXPRESS LINE OP U. S. 2VZAIX. COACHES, Krom BCRL1NGTON, Vr, to ALBANY, N. V. 'I'irougk in day and half. "MO OK 13. I'll. 1,1) Si Co. have etocltcd the J road with splendid Concord Conches, and six horse teams the whole distance, which leaves Bur lington every morning, (except Sundn))at6i o'clock, f lasses over the centre road ia. Vtrgennes, .Middle lurv, Castleton, Salctn to Trov t dint: the second day, sill in rives at Albany nl 3, P. M. V irgil it Co.'. Kxpress between Montreal and New York passes over this route twice each week. At Middlcbtiry ibis line intersects willi the Boston nnd Fiichburgh Rail Uoad line, via. Rutland, Bellows Tails and Kccne, tnrough from Burlington to Boston in 3 days without tiny night riJing. At Castleton this lino intersects wan 1 1 1 e liiiilamt an-l v lutcliall daily line. Cooke, Kii hi if- Co. have liken great pains to pro cure good Coaches and It' rues, and exticiienecd. gen- llcmaiily drivers, who will drive through half day's ride, si passengers will not he annoyed with shilling drivers and coachtsevcry few miles nnn niaiiyfiibcr roulcs, and we pledx'e ourselves to make ibis lino one ol the Dest coniliictcd luiesol stages m Inn rsew land Stales and every thing wi'l lie done hy our Agents and Drivers to make lho travilling public comiortaoicainj-fntisieu thai wo aro willing to mini all we advertise. Rxiras, for prna'e parties, furnished at all limes, fior.i two Horses to six. At Albany enquire of II. P. Donnis if- Co, and 'HaxDE.v it Co.; Trov, S. P. Whitnev. .UOjF.S L. CHURCH, Accnt, 23 If Burlington. TAS jusi adiled to bis former stock of ready made XI Clothing a good assortment of brnvy Oicr Coat Sacks. French Cn'simero do. All Wool Tweed do. Gents' Dress Coats, a prune article. As the subscriber contemplates connecting wiibhis pres. ent I irsincssa merchant tailoring establishment, be offers his present stoc'i of irndy made clothing at a email advance fiom cost. Purchasers phase call and examine. JUST RECEIVED. APRIMC nssnitim nt of dents' Fine Oaiicr dan cing pumps, and Ladies' Fine. Kid French dan cing shps, which arc ofijred cheap for ca-h bv 23 GKORGF, W. LF.F.. CROCKERY, Sfc. LOOKING Gln-ses, Crockery and Glass Ware. Also, n good nssortinem of Family Groceries, liijclher with Flour and Rjt is kept and uflcred lor enlelow'by C. F. STAMFORD & Co. rice. 12, '11. 2d nrRY(J"0 01) S . C. V. STAMl'Oltl) A Co. A nr. exh biluiff a larire sutelc nl FcireiVu and Do 'metic Staple nn t Fancy Pry Good I y I lie pteie or pui'cni an I .leeindui to their established rulo at triees .uitetl to tlio tuiu". nod thescnonn. I.a lies are pirnc iUrly invited to hm1; at ilieir n-.-tnrlintMt ol'llasliiiieri's.'iind l-'e I.aiue which n9 the ieaoii i advaueul will If o'lcied low. A I.SO, OaOimeix', llrot-ho and other SbawN, omethinc rich and well worthy attention will be ld very cheap. also, n good n"i.rlinent of merino nnd Pbilct Cloths, Woolen Va i 's, , Ip.ien-, for CloaU, Vehels, plain and lui ted fiHn, Calicce, and nlmost every varteiv of goo U in ihe lino of I.a he- A;'arel, Also, n tinge sine', ol I. men Goods. Also, C'lnihs, ( 'n-Minere-, Salinctl., Ve-tings, and olher cool, fur gentleman wear. ALSO, Brown and H'e.uhe.l Sheeling-, and Shirt-in-r-. of various s yle Ptid ipiuli'ie. Person- pu.elrising Dry lioods may find it to their H Ivantage to examino lho nbou toel w hieh will I e iiiii-I elieerfully huwn lo all uiilonier. I2ih 18H. 23 THE RESULT OF OUll cxim:kim kSt. SIXCF. lho esinh'isbnient of our llnn-cin this City, we have met with unprercJeircd nieces winch cuaMe- u to contemplate nnd male Mill further im provement. In sty'e and extent, wo are determined our ware-ho i-u (.ball not 1 o excelled, uml we think nol unequalled in tin. city. A- nn experiment wo established Jin asciicy in Kurope last ri.iring an I on we lime found it to operate coiupaniie'y well ; we baenow mai'e more liberal arrangements in ( rder t cany more fully into!on and lho better lo test lho cxjclicify of nn agency nl road. Tlio more Micco.-I'u'ly to carry out our plans aid iiial.c room for our rpringimportuliims wohhall com j inence a sreal -ale of our entire rich nnd extenu'vo (.toils of Fancy and Family Dry Goo l oh .MimhUv the lOih of Dee. ISlli Tfii will I e no ordinary selling r.iiaswu aro ile;crniined lo clo-e our entire ftK'l" early a- piiiMe, and we are nwaie todo mi, we mut o'ler our gooJs at a sAcmricn iianieularlv ir tanct htock; onr entire slock ha been kemaiikro at ibe Lowrsr po-s ble rate', mi that all to iv readilv ee we hdve ni iually madeii (iliF.AT D1.MINITION in price-. We o'icit your atieinion to our pi ices nn. -tvle-and sboiilJ yon not find lliem sati-faclory nnd go awav wiiboiii piir.'ha-iii'.', weaiM you we -h.ilPno' 1 eoffiii 'ed Vo employ none but I be nioM com Icons aifd nlleoiive alesmen, anil inn visitors will le sirVe of receiving nil jio-tib!e. atieinion. 1.0CKI.H& AKF.rtMMV. 00 nnd 92 Broailwiiy, and 3 Jaine- jj., All any, N. V. K. H. Our Ware, Booms ocner upward- of-1008 fquarfl feel. Our Mock con-i-i- i f upwanU of S100,- 000 wopli ol uefu' and Fancy Dry Geo I-. lu point 01 llichne.x, Variety and exienl id ! le, cannot le exirllcd in the Uniled Slates. Plea-e receolleel, wt1 cominence giving you ureal bargains Monday Dec. 16lhl814. Dec. II, Ml. 28uil STOVES. T11F. Mil stiI cr odirknt the tore reccnt'yocciiiii. el by II. II. Ilistwi 'l; & Co, oppo-iio Strongs dt. Co., Cln.reb Street, a rpleudid asoriment ot Cook ing, Parlor, Box and Airtight Stove-. Among which are the improve I Rail-way, Victoria, Parlor, Cook. and lho improMil Mo'lon Cooking Stoves, i T which he will fell (or eah at lower price- iban Ibey I ' have heretofore been o'.lered, tir will receive in pay ment produce or good lleech or Maple ood. AIo, will bo kept on band Rus.ia, Fnglisb, and Canada Iron iove nine, and nil arliclo wanted of Tin. Sheet 'Iron nnd Copper Ware. I.ikewi-o Cat Iron nnd A. Copper Piiiiip, Stove Furniture, l-cad pipes, Zinc, '&: &e. L II. POTI KIt. :l)ur!ington lOih Dec. 1814. 23ui3 Stephen lloxsle's Iilalc. BTATn OI-' VJUIMO.W, THK Hon. the Hi-lrict ofCbilleuden, 5 X Prol nle Court for lho Di-triet of Chittenden I To nil perron eon errned in tbeeslale f Slepben llux-ic, late of Milton, in mid Di-liicl. deceased. GueetiNO, Wiiebea-, Tirzali lloxsie odininisiratrix ofctale of sai'l deceaed, propn-e to reiu'er an account of her ndminMration. nnd lirc.-eut her account aainM uiil cHale lor exaniinalion nnd allowance at a re.-Monuf the Court of Prooate, lo tin noiclcn at the ilcgi-lcr ollice in Biirlingion, in suid Di-lrict, on the second Wpdne.dav ol January nexi. Therefore, Von arc hereby notified lo appear I clorc ,anl court at tne iiineiyi pince aioresaiu, uuu micw came, ifnny you Jrtve, why lho account ufore-aid I, until nnl lo allowed. Given nniler my tiaml al lJurlinglon nils itn uayoi lergmlier A. IBIl. 28W3 WKSION, HtgWtr, Dry Groods AT WHOLF.SAl.F.! VILAS & NOYIDS. fAVK Ht received a large slock ol DRY GOODS which were pur.ha-ed at very will be M ol a rom cost, Tlioe wishing to purchased wliidonle lire m . J in call und exam no Condi and I'rieet, a we vi va " . . ...KC,n inakean object lo Ihoso who ;-f.,dcn;,oek. It irluigl""! Nov. 23, ISH. iO P.T l 1 PATENT PLATFORM SCALES.. WARRANTED. THIS nrticlcis too well known to need commcm dntion and tlio experience of ten years has demonstrated to Hie commercial community, that for accuracy, convenience nnd durability, they t:i unrivalled. Coal yard scales to weigh from 3 to 0 Ions. WS?!1.1 Warehouse do, to weigh from 1 lb. to 5000 lbs. Portable do. to weigh from oz. to2001bs. PortableCoiinlerdo. tn weigh from J ox. Io40lls. J. t J. H. Peck & Co. Agents. Iluilington, Dee. 4, 19fl. 28tf F i s li . 200 Quintals Cod Fish, 100 Boxes: Herring'. tin Dec, '-ll. (23) j. d j. ii. pixie &. Co. 300 Keys 1'owdcr, 100 Bags Hiol, 100 M Pen-ninn Cups, 300 doz. Corn Broom-, Ith Dee. 4 1. (23) J. .f. I. H. PF.CK oVCo. Salt. 12,f 00 liusliols Solar, COO) " Turk. Maui:, 3,0110 " F.o Western, 1,500 Barrel do do 250 " Solar, 50 " Ground Rock do. COO Baa A-liton- I.iverpiKil, 2,-1(10 " T.ible, 23 lbs. cadi. 4 h Dee. '4 1. (28) J. & J. II. l'KCK & Co. Oils. 11,000 Gallons Pino Bleached Winter nnd Fall Sperm. 2500 i!a do do do Whale, 2,000 do American Lin-eed, 1,000 .1.. Olive, 500 do Laid lib Dee. Ml. (23) J. & J. II. PF.CIC it Co. Iron, steel, Nails and Hardware. 50 Tons English Iron from 11-8 to-li inche- wide 10 " i' S I Itn na do 4 " New Sal le 'do da 8 " Swedes do 10 Peru ,lo 15 " llooeSboe do 30 " Kound from 1-1 to 3 i.ielic do 12 " Sqr. do 3-8 to 3 do do 5 Hoops lift l- in 1 1.4 do do IS " Hum- and Scroll, do 50 " Bindfrrm to 4i do 1 " nylor ifc Co., Cu-i Sfeel, 3 Pen-on'.- Spring, do 2 " Sedes .fl 2 " American ,(, 3 " (iciman do 1 " Fnsli-h HIMer do 12 " P I Ku.iui .Vail Rod., 300 Pair- Bloods Culler and S.'eigh shoe.-. 3,0110 Koirs Nad- from 3 I lo 20J 200 ' Brad- " 51 to 201 200 " Spike " 301 lo COJ 100 di zed File- and Ra-ps, Anvils and Vice, Sheet Zinc, Sheet 'itesd, &c. jib Hec.'-ll. (23) J. & J. H. PF.OK & Co. Jlach'mo Cards, Vr.W'UFACTI'RLD at Springfield Vcrmmt, and LlX Springlield Ma-nebu-eti-. , i r, ! & 3- "' VV-CK & Ce.-Astnls. Ith Dee. Ml. gg n studs;. 100 Barrels Camph'y Logwood, .VW l.w ' i . iuiihiuju iiu ui) 100 do Cam i , 200 do llacho do 300 tlrt I-'u-iic, 50 i'o Madder, 75 do Coppera, CO do Ahnn, 25 do Vitriol, liar wood, Pe.uh wood, QMerciiron hark. Sumac, Lac dve, Indira. Nul Gall-, Oil Vitriol, " 1. ,,,'u'rJni l'rc8 i'apur-, Tenter IIooltN til 1 ( IV t uv, 4th Dee. M I. (23) J. & J. II. PF.CIC & Co. F lour. 1500 Barrels superfine Flour. SO.) Half ,'o do do 20J 111.- Buckwheat, ,0 Mi Dec. Ml. (23) J. & J. II. PF.CK oi Co. Tobacco. 50 hljls. Bonn's cavendish Toh, 50 Ilnrri- do lo 30 D.ui- Micr-' J.ICk.Kll's do do do do do do I'mJers' do do Mi Fee. Ml. (28) J. & J. II. PECK .V Co. Coal. 100 Tons Lehigh, lb Dec. Ml. 23 J. & J. II. PF.CK 4 Co. Glass, (?,S3f50 !l(""'s ""rlington F.xtra, Burlington iCJV Verinonl. nml l.nb. J. & J. II. PF.CK & Co.-gfns. l h Dec. Ml. "23 Groceries. lIhd-. Port Rico and St, Croix Sugars, 30 I'arrel- Wolsey U Wol-cy' Loaf, Crushed and Powdered do. 110 hb ls. Mo'a-e-. 00 Chests Ily-on -S'iin Tea-, i00 Half " Young Hyson " 75 llaa- C. Ilee, 00 Malik Cn.ia, 3 Barrel- Cloves, 2 do Nutmeg-, 25 Bag- Pimento, 20 do Pepper, GO Keg- Puro Ginger, 10 Ticrie-'Kratus, 130 Bnxe- Bar Soap; 50 do Pipes, 20 Kegs Salt Peter, 30 Boxes Starch. d.liDce.MI. 23 J. &. J. H. PECK & Co. Fruits &,c, 250 boxes Raisins, 100 H'll. do do 200 ir. do ,'o 15 (lags Madeira Nm, 12 " oft helle.1 Almonda 10 " Brazil Nutj, 15 " Filberts. 50 Bo.e. Mould Candles, 10 " Patent Sperm do 111. Dec. M4. 23 J. & J. H, pECK & Cc)i Paints. 12000 Lbs. Wetherills Pure White Lend, 10000 " Sauzerlies do do do 100 Kcgi do do do ground in Oil, 50 Hl,r. Spanish While, ' 25 " Venetian Bed, 30 " . rench Yellow, 2 " WvivP:?"1'. iviiroioe 1 1'iiow, Chronic'Oroon, Finernld do Saxony do Paris do Ifrun-wlcli do 4lh Dec. MI. 23 lnuninn 111,,,. Blue Smalt, Sand Paper, Glue, Paint Brushes, J.&J. H. P'UCK&Co. Plaster. 200 Tons ground Nova scotn, 4lh Dee. MI. 28 J. J. J. II. PECK & Co. 7 'fi )Rnf; (j"m'.1' Brewer New England Uuu, J 100 Bids. Anierieau Brandy, 125 do do Gin, " 10 H'lf. Pipe- Scijnette Urn'ndy. 10 do Swan Gin, 10 IIIiJ. St. Croix Hum, 20 Hid. Sherry Wine, 10 " Madeira do 20 " Malaga do 5 " Port do lih Dec. M 1. 28 J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Lorrillards snufl'and Tohocco" A OH JAI(S Mcrahoy SnuiT, H'VJU 700 Bladders Scotch do 40 Barrels Chewing Tobacco, 55 do Smoking do 4lh Dec. Ml. 23 J. & J. II. pj,VK & Co. Insepll Miner's I'.statc. STA TV! OF VERMONT, AT a Prnliale Di-lrict of Chiilenden, Court held nl Burlington within tin I for'lhe di-lriet of Chittenden on lho focon.l day of Dceeni'er, 1811, eonio Elijah llerrie'f nnd Sally Miner, nilminitrnior of the etnte of JOSEPH MIXEIf, Into or .Milton in -aid ih-tricl, deeea-c I, nnd tl'e in said co irl their petition, in wri llijg, 'citing forth that the rlaiim allowe I ntrain-t the e-late of the sail dece.i.nd amount In 3178,00, there i due to nt I ndininitr.ilor, on settlement of their ailininis'ralion airo'int, one dollar nnd eghty four cent" J ihat the ninount of personal properly onhniiil, ns iineiitoiicd,nmoiintsto$S0,90 lint there are debts nirninM tbee-lato due In the e-taie of Sally Miner, nuinunling to fix hundred doliarnndiiriwnrd, which are seeun;il by inorlsncr ol tho homo farm, so called, of the said deceased, vbieh debt-were not pre sented to tho commi-sioner. for nllowanccj ihat lho sni'l intes'nle died seized of hi home fnrnt, -o called, containing ithout one hundred and twenty-five ncro of land, which i mortgaged n nl rive -tatnJ, and nl-o one bun Ircdand .event v acres of land, known a the Mnnley nnd HtirlhuYt (arm-, iinineuinbcreil, which land- nre all -iluatl',1 in said Milion J that Ibe personal e-tate i ius'iffic; to pay the debt- ng'.linst ni I es tate and that it will be ne-rsarvto tell real e late for the payment ol the debt, due Iriiui said estalo.nd lho expen-cs of ndmiiii-lralion that no part of either of -aid farms i-n n ho -( 1 1 without Inpiryto thoo entrust ed in ibe remainder, and praying nn'i I couft to licen lho tnid adniini-tratrrs to .ell ciiher of said farm- for the purpo'c nforo-aul, agreeably to the statute 111 slieh o.i'O inndo and provide I. Whereupon the court aforesaid doth appoint the sceond'Weilne-dav of January, A. I). 1815, (or hear ing and deciding on raid petition nl the ollice of ibe Regi-ter of said court in -ai I Burlington, at ten o'clock in the forenoon and doth order tbnt all por-nn inter e-tedle notihed thereof by publication of lhi order, eontaininirthe -nti-tince til tai 1 peliiien, throe week s icies.iveiv in the Borluislon Free Pres n newspa per rinled in -aid Biirlingion, the In-tof which publication- lo be prei mi- to the said second Wedne-day of.Iinu.iry, A. D. 1815. Given under my ban I nt said Biirlingion this fee on I day ol Decern! er, A. I). IP 1 1. 23w3 Win. WF.STO.V, Heeltler. 1 845. COLUMBIAN MAGAKINI3 f r January ISIS, And a great Variety of New Cheap Publication? received by express last evening nt F.DWARDS Dec. 13. 29 Book Store. Wood ' IfANTED, twenly-fivo Cords of WOOD, in ex- chanire lir CiO.iurl work, at the new Brick Simp on Culm's Lane, 20 mil- ea t of ibe B irling ton Bank. SVMUEL NICHOLS. Burlington Dee Oh ISM. 2S-K Wood! Wood!! WANTED, good Beech and Maplo Wood, in ex change for brass nnd wood Cluck, at lliu Va riety Slorc. imiNSMAID it BROTHERS. ICHASrUS Itl,IS-, ITATI3. STATE OF VEIt.MONT, T a session of the I!iltict if Chittenden, ss.'J fV Probate Court,liu!d al Burlington within and fur said district of Chitten den, on the 26lh day of November, A. D. 13 1 1, prt'sent the Hon. Charles Russell, Judirc of said Court, collier Truman Sheldon, ndministrntor of the csnteof Eras Ins Bli'8, late of Jericho, in said district, deceased, in testate, and files in said court his petition, in writing, setting forth that the inventory of ibe personal estate of the said intestate amounts loS")72,49, of wliicblwo hundred dollars has been nicned to the widow of the said intestateas her shareoftbepersonal estate) that the claims allowed bv the commissioners against said estate amount lo f5779,33; tiiat the residucof the per sonal estate of said intestate, nlier deduciing that put so set to the widow of said intestate, has In en sold nnd the proceeds of such sabi applied in payment of the clniujs so allowed against said estate anil the ex penses of ndmi'ii-iration ; that there remains unpaid of the claims so allowed aaninsl said estate lho sum of S)13,00, and inlerest thereon j lint ibe following described real estate, situated in said Jericho, belongs to the estate of said intestate, viz : seven acres and 93 hundredth- of.nn acre of land, I cing that part of a parcel of land set lo said estalu by the commissioners nppointed hy -aid court to set out the widow's dower in said estate, in a division of a parcel of land which the -aid intestate owned in common, nt tho lime of his decease, with Jnsper Bliss also 19 acres nnd 71 rods of land and fourteen and one fourth acres of 1 nnl, which last two parcels of land were set lo said estate hy said commissioners of dower in lho division of lands which the said inteslalc, at the lime of bis de cease, owned in common wilh Amos Illissj that there are buildings thereon nlso set to said csiato in said division lint fourteen acres and len rodsof laml in one parcel and threcand three I'mirths acres of land in anoihor parcel, with buildings, ne been set nfTto Rhoda Bliss the widow of the siid inneiaie, ns her Mower in I ho real estate of lbs paid inn-Mate; that the personal eslntctsinsiifficii-nl lo pay tho dolus nllowed against said estate nnd the expense's of administra tion, and lint it mil h-necessary to sell the whole of sai l land nnd bnililings, together with the reversion of dower therein, fur lint purpose, nod praying said court to grant license lo the said ailiiiiniira1or"to sell Ihe whole of said lands and bnildiius. together with the reversion of dower therein, for tho purpose afore said. WiiF.nneros, the court nfuresa'd dolh appoint the Minf U'cdntidaij of December next fur hearing and deciding on lliosiid petition, al ihe Office oj" tb" Reg ister ol said court m said Burlington, nt ten o'clock in the forenoon, and dolh older that all pers ins interest ed therein be notified thereof by publication of this order, containing the substance of said petition, three weeks successively in the Hitrlinston fWc Prtss, n newspaper prime I 111 sail Iluilington, the last of which publications lo bo previmsio the said Mirrl II ednesdar of December, 134 I. Given under my band nt said Burlington this2Glh day of November, 1814. 2o-w3 WM. WESTON, Register. Iti.PUHI.ICATIO.S OIriiH IiOiidoii, UdiiibnrgSi, Foreign, AND Westminster Quarterly- R J3VIE VS. THESE standard work-continue in I o rcn-print-ed in Ibis Country, inline baicly on their nrriial by the British Steamer, on leau'ifil while paper and in a clear new type, pre-enling in a neat and conve nient form exact copies of tho Original ivli-ions. Each Iteview is publMiod separately, so that Mil,, scrner- can sclecl from the scrip-any they may pte ler, or may tal.o the whole together, the price- being so arranged as lo malic it an object to adopt the lat ter course. TnitMS. ! or any one Review, " 8.100 For any (wo Review., 5 00 I' or any three do, 700 For any lour do, 8 00 ,. Y. HARRINGTON, Aqent. Riirlinglnn, Noy. 20, 'II. 23 GREAT BARGAIN IP-oaH BOsHaii i?ir SaHo, rnllE subscriber, wishing to closo up hi- mercban 1 bnsinese, offers for sale the following val ual le properly, viz t n lot situmcd in lho csnlre of the beautiful village of Clinlonville, and is (hilly feet in front, one hundred nnd eigli'y feet acros- from River street to Main slrcel, nnd (igbty-nine feet on Main St., on which is a ihrco sinry brick store, covered with tin, thirty feet m breadth hy Torty-four in len-ib, lho upper two stories finished in order for a dwelling house; nlso a brick store house, covered with tin Ihirly-six feet by twentv-eiglit, Iwo stories hiM, . n cow nouso nnd barn iweniy-six feel by eighteen, and a wood-house twenty-right feet by eighteen. Terms, nne-fourlh down and tlio remainder in three annua instalments.. MATTHIAS HELLER. Chntonville, N. Y., Dec. 1, 1841. 2Tin3 London Porter, " FEW dozen real London Porter, in Pints and "r. V.: b? STRONGS .f. Co. Dec. 4, Ml. 27 Notice. aWIS may certify, that I havoj relinquished all J claims lo my son, LnFayetle, for fifty dollars nnd shall pay no debts of his coilraciing after this da'f- . HARVEY BEECHER. Huntington, Nov. 10, 1814. 27-w3f Daniel Richardson's nutate. STATE OF VERMONT, rpiIE Hon. the Pro PISTRICT OF CHITTENDEN, ss. j X bnlo Court for lho District of Chittenden, To all persons concerned in the o-iato of DANIEL RICHARDSON, laie ol Wesiford, in said District, decea-ed, (inr.KTiNn. Wnr.iiEAs, Isaac Chate, Administrator re ionfsiion ol tho e.-iate of sai 1 deceased, proposes lo render an account of his administration, and pre-ent his ac count ngnin-t said etate for exaniinalion nndallow ince nl a session oflhe Court ofProbate, lo l bold, en nt Ibe Hegi.ter' ollice in Burlington, in said dis trict, oil ihe tceond Woilneslay of January next. Therefore, you nro hcrdby noliliej lo anpear before said courl at lho time and place nfore-ald, and thow can.;-, if any you have, why ihe account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my luind at Biirlingion, this 18lh day of November, A. D. 1811. 23w3 W.M. WESTON, Kegiiter. Sheet Zinc. Copper tinned, 1-oad, s Hf.LT do Bar do .In Till, Slmf. salehy . ruhMvi r, ijhadlkv it Co; South Wharf, Nov. 23, 1311. Scotch I'ig IrotK GARTSIIKIIRIE No. 1, Pig Iron. For sale nt the South Whaifhy FoLlBTT UKADLKY if- Co. Nov 28, 1811. 26 A CARD. BIUNSMAID & BROTHERS DESIRE to inform their customers and ilia public generally lint their winter Stock bfGOods will bo found unusually extensive, good nnd cheap. Much thno nnd care has been spcrt'. in selecting, nnd having made n varied and beautiful nssortrheiit nflhc different kinds of Goods which are expected to'bo found nt our TAB.IETT S.T0RS, whilst wo do not expect lo have every Ihing'lhat fs called for, we would say Ihat our assortment is bet ter than ever, we have added many new-articles ncv el be'ore kept, nnd they wcro bought at low prices nnd will bo sold decidedly hit, much lower than ev er sold In town. , EaOOOH .LASSES. VVo would particularly invito all who wish to buv the very best finished Mahogany framed Looking Glas ses, largo nnd small sizes with ono or two plates, lo look at our assortment, wo believe we have lho most extensive and the rery cheapist. TEA AND COFFEE POTS. Tt-a.t'ots for a few shillings. In this line wo shall of fer Tea Pols, Candlesticks. Lamps, Cun, Spool Stands, Castors and oilier Britannia Metal Bra$3 nnd Plated Goods very cheap, purchasers may make a saving by looking nl ours before Ibey buy. W a4olhoa9 (OHooTs-a & 3-7lxy, Gold and Silver WATCHES will be oll'eicd nl very Into prices according to pay. Our assortment of La dies' nnd Gentlemen's Rings. Pin", and Bloodies, will ho found verynttractive." Gold and Stone Brace lets, of very pretty slyles, Also, Hair Brncelcts with Gold clasps and snaps. A great variety of Stone Brunches fur Ladies nnd Cnili-inen, Gold Thimbles, Snap", Clasps, Ear limps nnd Rings, Gold Chains nnd Keys of various pattern'. A great variety of Puis and Lockets'for hair and miniatures. irr coons. A beautiful lot of Jet Bosoms Pins, Rings, Bracelets, Chains, Snaps, Clasps, Hair Pins, &c. 11 A III P1XS, tf-c. Gold and Silver, Gilt, Jet nnd Iron Hair Pins, Head nnd Neck Ornaments, Bullion, Bugles, Bceds, Ac. for trimming Head and Neck dresses, Borpiet boldcrs,if-e. a o j, i) l' e i s . A few dozen at wholesale'tind retail. CTjOCKS. 200 of the very best "Gcromcs"' and "Terry and An drew's " Brass Clocks in finest O. O. Mahogany Ca ses, warranted of tho best quality made, sold by the box or single very low. C AN ES. A new and splcndiJ. lot Of , 'Canes of nil patterns, Crooks, Ivory rind Silver Head, Loaded Heids, Sword Canes, Ae. Ferules for Canes bv the dozen. H1.ACK1SG .f IIIWSIMS. D ty and Martin's Liquid Blacking, Paste Blacking, Elastic Water Proof Blacking. Clirislnms ft,mv Year's Proscnls. A great variety of pleasing Toys, Games, Puzzles, Conversation Cards and Fancy Articles will be open ed in lime for selecting. WORK BOXS. Rosewood Work Boxes will bo sold much lower llian vc ever hiid them before. Shaving Soaps, $r. Olenphnnc, Chinese, and Verbena Cream, Nap'e-, old brown Windsor, w hile WmdsOr, Castile, Oxy genated, Naval and Military and all lho mbst appro ved Soaps. RAZORS UTRAi'", Of most kinds in use, cheaper than ever. BRUSH ES of all kinds. TEA TRAYS AND WAITERS, of new ond'bcaull. ful patterns. TABLE MATS. Oil Cloth and Willow Table Mats, Cup Mats, Ac. VARIETY. Nursery Lamps. Won.len Spoons, Butter Ladles. Cheeso Toasters, Bread Toaslrrs, Curling nnd Quil ling Tongs, Bntaiinia nnd E irtbern Bed Pans, Sick Cups for feeding the sick, Soap Cups and Dishes, Tooth Brush Dishes, Fnrlbern nnd Britannia Spit Cups, Britannia Spittors, Gravy and Soup Ladies and Spoons. LAMP GUSSF.S AND WICKS, For most all kinds of Lamps, including the Chemical and Campheee. A great many new articles nnl spoken of which makes our slock very full and complete and we are anxious to sell it out. Nov. fi. p.MI BRINSM MP St. BHOTHER3. Jl-Eo 'HSI 'OS -vo.M M.H!)I1IA :s , , lti .ipinii Aj.idoid i i;i ol oiuejjnw pun '.ouui pi lu do .veiii oi -j3iiY Jo; nnop ii,iuo ""11 'ST ol popoaitnoq cqs i3iip'. lies -iqijo .i.rtii iiuiiuo.i e sii.upn pun 'poAi.-Mii oiojot.ijaq -uq ,iq nuuoJltiil uj -o'qi nip jo .! i I d oii oi-iieii siq -jApiui - uie.ii lnoqii.w mi ei( Aq si 'ncai jjonJ jo I -dni.n suiiina jo iii.ihX-oiuo.r -H -iu.aiiiiJi-iI.ap -p I ni ill 3iiijope,i,ji) i lu nip --'iiuisj.iiiii oqw oim uiii ' 'iimu'siii.oi o iii.i,)d-ij u 'joi.a.) .ipiie( diq.j.iu j Ul'll III I.l'lll -Ul pilll IU l. III! 'Alois s(.lJOOC - jnij-oddn ( !- ka pun iitoij Siititn u ii.Vui -cq oq ll'-qi .(UJ.iuo.a .Mlid oql llu iinisuiJi.( ii o-u.izill.).iqi -iiuiipij Xpiji3Ji..ii AIIHUIAV iW .10 nvAoa-u J Secretary ItnwsuuN M-tale. STATE OF VERMONT, ? 'lHE Hon. ibe Pro Dutrict of Chillcndeu. ) L la'e Court for the Dis-nei of t'hiltcnden 1 To all per-en concerned in the e.tnte of Secretary Rawson, late ol Jciielin. 111 said Ditriet, deceased. (tftLETIvo. ' Witcur.As, Oran llow-on, ndinini-iratnr of said j docca-eil, propo-e to render an account of bis admin-1

i-lratinn, and pre-cnl Id- neeount against siid i slate j fur cxainiimiinn and allowatue nt a ,es-ion of the! f!i urt of Proba'e, to le holden al the I'eji-ter- olliee in Biirlmgiiin, in said district, on the second Wednes day of December next. TiliinErom'., you nfo hereby notified to appear be foro snid court at ibe time and place nforc-uid, and shew cau-e, 11 any yon nave, way me account alore sail should not l'c allowe I. Given under my hand at Burlington, tlns20ib day ofNoveniler, A. 1). IS 1 1. 21 Urn. WESTON, faultier, David Lewis' IC-tatc. STATE OF VERMONT, ) TN Prol nle Court hold- Lamoille Di-lrid, . j Jl en nt Jobn-011 williin and fur -aid di-lrict on the 231 day of October, A. D. LYUIA LEWIS, Admini-tralnx on the c-l.ue of David l'Wi, hie of Caml ridge, in said district, de- j eea-cil, pre-cnls her nilmini-tratiou account Icr settle-'ro.v it i-ordered that Ibe same 1 1-referred lo a Pinhole Courl to I o holden at the Inn ut W. S. Mcoch in Cambridge, on the -lib .MonJayol November A D, 1811. liir examination an I allowance, nnd that nil concerned be noiih'cd hereof by ihe pil lic.itiou of Ihiani-i'er in thu Burlington Free Pre--, prime I at Burlingioo in Cliiitended Co iuiy, three week- siicvc lively leforo said time of hearing, that they may ap pear if they .ee e-iUseniiil object thereto. By the ( !ou rN C. LYNDE. Jr., fagister. MANILLA Rigging, common anJ Hawser Hid, Tarred do do do Marline, Iloinbrnline, Spun Yum, Deep sea Line, Cotton Yarn, Sail do Bagging do Seine do Whipping do Oakum, Tar, Pilch, . . Rojin &c. Sic.. )dr sale hy c , .... roi-I-IHT, BRADLEY &. Co. South Wharf, Nov. 23, 1811. 20 '1 ohacco and Snufl. THE siib-crilier- o I'er for sale n large and complelo n orlmenl tit Tobacco, at n small niteniii. Irmn cost, among which may be found lho following cele- uiaicu LT.IIIUS, . Bonn's 5-1. Do in fifteen pound boxes, Ward's 8s. do do du Chamber's 811 S'anley's 8s. Maloiie's Sy. Irvine's 8. Anderson' J, Ll-e 10.. Crump's 1 0, Tempter's IBs. Decn 1 & Urown'. superior Cliewing tohacca, J''n'nn's dd do "0," ,. ilo do tliapmoii's do do The NL PLl.'S OLTIlA Ca'iendi.h SmoLingdo to which we would irivite particular attention. ALSO, Roome t Rose scented Moccohoy SnntT, an extra Scotch do Bonn's du dn . do o , s. TOMsWT, llRADLEV 4. Co. South Wharf, Noy. 28, 1811. 20 Sheetings; LAWRENCE , do do Exeter. A c K Massachu.etts Mills, Boston, A heavy stock ol the above favourite brands for ale ,ow, l y, .... , , t'OI.LE'lT, BRADLEY f- Co. Soulh Wharf, Nov. 28, 1811. 26 j CASKS Colored Cambric) I dn Irish Linen, I do Cotton Flaggs For ule bv Nov. 28, 1BH. (26) VILAS k NOYF.S. DOGT. B. J. HEINEBEflG ONCE MORE AT II O Al E . AMiNG becomo convalescent 1 beg to offer my services In itin rnlnmunilt nl tiirinv nit tinnllh still being precarious will not allow mo' to enter into me nruuous ii ties or a public practice, I havu there fore, opened (with n deterniinalion of establishing upon a sound basis) a DUUO S I'OHE under the appellation of B. .1. HEINEBERG & Co., to which 1 linvo attached a Consuliing Ollice, where nil persons wishing toavail themselves of my profcs ional ndvice mnv consult me between the hours of 9 and 12 A. Al. and 2 nnd 9 P. M. My medical career is ton well known in Burlington. iVc, lo rtq nro coin men c. The selections of the numerous Drug, Chemical, Instruments, &c, hnvo been made by myscll from the first nnd most eminent bouses in New-Yolk ; my purchnscs being entirely for ca-h we shall bo enabltd ty oiler to the nul ho Goods that cannot be surpassed in quality, and nl such prices as cannot fuil'to (dense. Having engaged the assistance of a gcnileinan n Liccntialu ol the Honoinblu Company of Apotheca ries, London, England, Physicians prescriptions nnd Fnmily Recipes will be dispensed with neatness nnd nccurncy. B. J. Heihcbcrg & Co. most politely invito the Lhdies lo inspect ihcir valuable nnd chmro seb etions of Peifumery obtained from the first Parisian house Their assortment ol Hair, Toolh, and Nad Brushes are of superior manufacture. Medical Wines and Spiti'S of superior quality nnd choice variety. TRUSSES, Male nnd Ft mala on the most improv ed principles iinreuiarkably low priced. A variety of tho most valuable Patent medicines. . Chemical preparations of all kinds warranted gen uine. . A selection of Domestic Wants, such as Maccaoni, Vermicelli, Salad Oil, Sardines, Olives, Prunes. French and American Chocolate, Cocoa, litfintd Isinglass, Keichup of varietn kinds, PiclJul Lob sters, Irish Moss, French Mustard. Every attention will ho paruculntly paid to ensure the good graces of ihe public. Ij. J. Ileineberg & Co invito the public lo maltn an early enh mid view their establishment. It is fitted up without regard to splendour. It contains the most superior quality of goods to beobtained in the market, Tho s'ore is accessible at all hours of night and day. Duel. B. .1, Itcincbcrs' takes this opportunity to return his sincere thanks to tho inlnbiiants of Bur lington and vicir.ity for the numerous favors conferred upon him, and trusts ho is not now to be forgotten by lii.sold friends. N. B. The Store is situate I next to Me-rs Ilrins mall & Brother. Vnrietv Store. Church St., where the Doclor can be consulted daily. Burlington, I'ee. ltb, 1811. 27 I u Tor mat ion Wanted rJ'ESMXTI.N'l! a boy hy the nameof Rkbex Wiso L who left Troy, Vcrni'inr, about the tenlli of July a-t. lie is about Iwilvc years old, anil when ho left he wore a Feal skin cap, strait Jacket, and h id n small blindlc of clothes. He left here in compiny wilh nu mber hoy some three or four years older than himself. Any information, hy letter or otherwise, will be grate fully received bv bis friends nnd alllieied Mother. (Tireet In Rnv Davis.) HOY DAMS. Troy Vl., November, 23, 1344. 27w3 Chainplain Transportation Company. v . . . -"-.v- -i-. i-V"- ... 1 1 - IfMio'dcrs of the Cliamplnin Transport!--a. tion Coinpnnv, ore hereby notified that the An nual Meeting for tho election of Directors ol -aid Com pany for Ihe ensiling year, will he hidden nt lho Hotel of A. Proutv ji., (talc Howard's) in lluiliogtoii on ihe nrsi i uiiisoay oi January next at one n clock I . By order of PII1LO DOOLITTLE, Cleric Clianiplaiii Transportation Company. Burlington, 2nd Pec. 131 1. 27 SELECT SCHOOL. iT" '""-''I' "ill comuienefi lho winier ... fn" ,"rl"'' '-i-'-CT School for (lirlt and Hoys on Wednesday the 1 lib of Deccmbor. Tuition. lor Englis'i Ptudies, S3 00 dree';, Latin an I Fiencb, 4 00 Chtrograpny, (Extra.) 50 School room over H. .Mayo's Slorc, west side the Square. .j-)w3 Iron Stool &.C. TO.Sassuitp, r.nglish linn, 1 1-Giii to Qui 3 " Old Sable Rii.s a "P S F" do wide 3 " Assorted Swetdes du l0 " Band do 1 to 3m 10 " Nose, Ilame and Scroll do ns-'d. 2" " Round di)3-Gto2J 10 ' Square i'o3-3lo2i 2 " Flai Bar do 2 " Eug!i-li I loop, assorted 3 " Nail rods, from best old Sable Ilussi 1 Iron, warranted, 8 '' Horso Shoe as-orled sizes, Iron STEEL. NAYLORS Cast Steel assorted sizes, do double refined Shear do Swedes do. Najlors fv Greaves German do Spring & Eng. (L) do Swedes Steel for Sleigh and Cutler shoes, Toe Cork do nlso, 150 Sett Steel plated sleijh and Cutter Bhoes, (.'ro Bars, Viss, Anvills, Brass ICeiiles, Shnes, Spades, Log and '1'rae Chains, i'-e, &c which make nn Ironmongers nssortnietii complete. Dec. 4, Ml. (27) STRONGS e Co. Dry Groceries. 250 BIII.S. superfine Floi-r, in III, I.. Si. Groix. I' 1! .V N O. Sugars. 13 Paeliases doul le reliueJ loaf, crushed and pow'dered do. fi do Wbi e Havana do CO I'lie-ls Hwn, Hy-oii Skin, young Hy. sou and Pouchong 'IVn, 10 Bags Isiguira and Old Java Collect, 40 Boxes l unch Rei-nis, 10 h'ej- pure Ginccr, 10 Ilbh. St. Croix audCit'-a Mola-ses, 30 Boxes and h'egs plug an I Cavendi-h-To- ba-co- ol fu erior I rand-. 10 Bl I-. line out To! aeoaiiJSnmr, 40 Boxe- T.illow Caudle-, 30 Buxe-Bar Piap, 1000 (-. puro Sierm Winter an I spring, I leached and 1111 leached Oil. 5 Boxe- -prni Candle-, 100 Mat's Ca-sia 10 Boxen Starch, 10 C-is1.-, 1 do Silt Pcire, 5 ilo Rice, 100 Qll-. Cod Fish, a llbl-. oorlheni Salmon, 10 Ill-Is. Me- Pork, dear, Tho above, with other good-, are ofercd to pur chasers, in rtuanlities to suit on ndvanlngcons terms, l,y 27 S I UONGS ec Co. to pir7sicrAis. New CI cmlcals and Sniidi y Articles: The Acids, rbemieal. Aniiiiomncal Preparation Bromine, Cynnuret of Potassium, Cldorate of Potassa, Elaleriiim, Ergot Fresh, Pulv. Ethereal Preparations, Extract ol Opium, Evir.ict ol Rbatanv. Iulido of Sulphur, Iodide of Iron, lliuoxide of Mercury, llyonodated Liquor cf Arson 10 nnd Mercury. Leeches, Healthy Spanish and Sweedi-h, Oil of To I ami, Pieilrin, Ate. &u. eie. NilrateofSilver.ehemica New styles ol Iuslrumcn. Lupulin, ( Mngncstan Fluid, Nanhiha Woinl, HairMitiensor Klivtrlfiers Extract uf Aconite, S'emtria, Biuislide of Mcrciityj Al PECK & SPEAR'S. DRUGS & MEDICINES. MTI10 subscribers are continu ally supplied with EVERY ARTICLE in the above branch, l oih ol iheOilicini and Patent Uind-s Meiheinnl wau-rsfrom Saratoga do. from Caledonia, Canada) -Medical Wines an LiipiorsjipurOI-cec'icsi Surgical Instrument) Min eral Teeth and all Dental Article. iCrPrcscriptions put up nt shortest nolie e. j-Medicino deliercd al all hours of ibe night. Wo assmo our friends nnd dealers in lhii brnnch, Ihat ihey can bo supplied widi Drugs In tlieir purity and Medicines in their genuineness nt Iluilington, nt ns low rates as at any of the city mnrl-cishv same quantities. PECK Si. SPEAR, .dioMecarm una Druggists. EjrliuRtnn.Nov. 2Cth 1,1844. lyJO N. B. Conilanlly on band complete assortments of Perfumes, Soaps, Urnjiesi luksj Bhickings, Dye SluHs, Sir., Druggin's Gla Ware. Arc. Ac. JNotico to l'lirniers. CJ W. TAYLOR !s in want of a quantify pt Fire p. Wood, Hay, Oais, I,')V01r9i(i"l. trlost other kinds of prodiico infcicHndgefor lho latest patterns of Cooking, Pallor and Box Stoves, at tho American Hotel. oJ1 21tf Burlington, Nov. 13, 1811. l P luster. 100 Tons Nova Sco.ia Pla-eei" be Nov. Ml. (27) STRONGS ei Co. Tin I ln les &c. 1 ( ( Biixch Tin Plalc.s 1-3 X nnd extra sizes, L Jyj 20 p.mU Itu-ia Sheet lion, 40 Euirli h , do u-sM. No. (10 bill's, ns-orted Iron Wire, 100 Sheet Copper, 100 II ixcs Canaibi plaid, Sheet lea I nnd 'hoot f.'mr, with a full axririmenl ofliiuurs irmul-, by Nov. Ml. '(27) STRilNtlS i(-Co. I'nints nnd Oil. ry TONS White Lead, dry and 111 Oil, "Pure,' I "Extra," mid "No. 1." I do French Yellow, 1 do Eng. Vcne. reiJ, 1 do Whiting, 2 Ca-k- O 1111 Oo.ial, Chrome Yellow, Furni ture and Carriage Varnish, Verdigri-, Put y, Litharge, Re I Lea I, dull li''. I.m-ec I Oil. a disks Sot's. Turpentine. '20 Don. Paint ami ' iirm-b I r-i-lien. I v Nov. Mi. (27) STRONGS ti Co. COTTOX Til HE. AO .!(. QOfl l,ll?- Col Ion Thread, rtsortel, OXJyJ 23 do Linen do 300 du'z. Spool do 50 do Roll Tape, 200 do JJn'ek do For -ale by VILAS iV NOYHS. Oct. 17, I3J4. 20 Heavy Hardware. &v. A NVILS, Vi es, llrns h'ettlc, Iloot.s and Hin 1.x. ire-, log. traeu and halter chains. Gnldrnn kel- ilc, ainve l.etllo- nn I po s, inii-1 n I e.llo-, ero bar-, sleigh nnl cut'er -hoe-, wrn'l mil-, hor-o nails, 11.11! rous, ca-i -ic-ci PIIOVOI-, iron 00, scoop do, pn-le, nianiiro and hay furk-. nick axe-. I rn nm iron u-ire elnlb, hoe-, cast steel nxe-, co 'i-e null-. Rat trap-, lead pipe, grind n ne-, I ed cord and linker mpe, hoop iron, w bile wa-h, paint, Move, dti-i and'currii r- 1 rii-ues, iirooin-, wi 011 pans, waggon ami sleigh malts, nx'o nulls, waher tin I Inn I-, hollow ware, plough ca-tings, -love., canad.i box do, a-h kettles, grid iron-, copper nnd iron lea kettle-. I orr.v, shovel nn I, litng., iron pump-, jrrn -inl,-, andirons, counter scale, I each screw, mi'l (an-l 'iiu-s. Sic 4e I y STRONGS .f- Co. Nov. 30, Ml. 27 Ama Miuiumi's I3mip. STATU OF VERMONT, ; IMIF. Honnrahle nisTnicT or ciiittendes. ss. J I Ihe Probate Court for the District of Clutienden : To all tieisons con cerned in the E-tate of AMA MUNSON. lale ofl'ol chcsler, in said District, deceased, Gncr.TiNO. Vnr.HRs, John W. Weaver, nilinini'tratnr of said deceased, nropoccs to render nn ai-i'ount of bis ad ministration, nnd present bis account against saides tale for exailiinallftli and allowance nt n session t f the Colirt of Probate, lo I 0 holden at ihe Register's office in Burlington, in said District, on the second Wed nesday of January next. Therefore, you aro herein) notified to appear hi fore said court at ihe time mid idaco aforesaid, and show cause, if any you have, why tlienccouut nforcsii-i should not be. allowed. Given under tnv band nt Biirlingion, this 23th day of November, A. D. IB 1 1. . . 27w3 ('IIS. IHJ-SELL, Judge. HOW TO GET HEALTH ! rpHOUSANDS ol person-continue In cure them L .fives of ei)iigh-,ci.d-, lua I.u-hi, rheuiualic a !iv iimi, -mall pox, mensle-, co-tiveness, inil ieuzi,anil the ho-t of iho-e iiuhciiiion- oflhe I ody of lho blood being out of order, -imply 1 y per-evcringly 11-ing Urandrellis Vegetable I'niverml Pills, so long n :iuy -yinplom- of" derangement in any organ remain. Glial, hy a lo itmg this co ir-c, whi -h experience I1.1 nroed i- according 10 nature, it I cing merely n-si-t- lug her, have many in a few day. I ecu re-loied lo health, who 1 ut lor iiranuryiirs rills liadlueu -nk for iuoiiiIh. The va'tie of thi- medicine is indel ' e youd price. Agents. . 27oi0 S. E. II -wnrl, Ruilinlnn, E. B. Green, R1ch.11.1nd, J. Tiiii'c, F.-.c.v, Geo. B., J, rich'o, J. II. Tower, Underbill, Gen. Ayre-, Milton, R. Sam'i r.on, Wu-t Milton, II. B. lime, We-tford, Morion if- Clark, Williston, Marcn- Hull, Iliiiesbiirsh, J. B. l-lrini, Shelb irn, J. M. Staph", Charlotte. BRLXSMAID Sc BROTHERS WOI'LI) inlorm the public- that they have -pent iiiikIi tuiu-and u-el gnat cai'e'in 'se'eeiing their winter stoe' nl Goo I- which will he fnii'id uuu--ually ex-cn-ive, nlti.aetue, good and cheap. Wo Ii ive ad 'ed many new a rude- ne;cr kept 1 e fore an I will sell them at the erv lowe-t market pri -e-. We keep Watches, Cluck's nnd Jewelry, Lamps, Caudle-lick-, Looking Gla , Dn-dile aii-l Single I! i- Viol-, I'riiinl one., Melodian-, Aecordi ans, and must Instr inieut-. Strings an I inu Mercli iuili-c, Brushes and Comb., Pin-, Neellc-, Hoo'.-and, Wi-odcu, Iron, Pewter, Britannia. Silvetel, German Pi ver, Plated, Buuc, i'eirl an I Silver .-pooii. O ir Silver Spoon-, Guld It-a Is ami plain Ring-an-ma 'oin our own -bopat Burlington Vl, Wede-ire lo ,e I Gnoils al -uch price- a- will in duce every person who wi-be- Goods 111 our I. lie In '.ill upon ns or send in 11-, nn I eu-toiiicrsjcan ntiLV upon tibiainins jii-l tin- article enquiiel for and of such quality as leconinicni'i-d. We are not in the habit nl'ribli-hing pri-C", but to -hew oin- cu-iouier- ami others nt n distance who cannot cull 10 enquire and 10 convince lliem that by ending lo u y ihe Tcams-cr- and Singe Driver an I other- thai "they can 111 ike a saving I-Ml.oir purchase-wo will name price, to a lew nniclc, nnd would here -ay that a'l our good-Are sold lower than ever before, w 1 ero we Uml it practical le to rei'me the iiriee. We sell ihe be.t Bras- I. lock-in the I es! lini-hed O. O. Mahogi ny Ca-es nt S3 a4 warrant Ibciii fur 0110 year. Sihcr Patent Lever Watelic- nl SS2.5. nnd 830. Qiarlier Watches 810 and SI2 Lci.iuc-SI 3 nnd SIS. La he- Gnl I Watches wilh 8 holds Jeweled, and Gold Cap- nl 5 10 and S 30. Gentlemen-heavy Guld Let or- SflOtoSrO. Gold Vc-t Chains 85,30, Feb Clni-i- wilh Key nn 1 Seal 1J9 10 313. Ladie'- and Gem'- Gild Guarl Chun-, l'r"in SO and CIO t higher pri el one-. Gold Specta-le-S3. Sihcr Special le- all Pattern- 2 wilh ca-c- j -onie even lower. Woo 'en Clock- S3J to Melodian- S2. .g Viol-SIS t 20 made at Concord N. II. DoubV-H.i-Slj. Lam:.-pr. Iiglil ing Churcbe-. Store-, &e S2J to S3, lliese Lamps give the I e-t light ofany we ever seen. Look ing GU-scs nl much lower priie-thau ever Ilook and Eye- 111 2ct-. per box or 23 c's. pr Gro of pair-. ll ffond. will be solda- low it nul a little lower than nt any oilier place, our aim will I e lo tell so that no one can sell lower. No obligation to I uy is incurred by examining good- nn l price-. 'I'o llo-e who will Club together and send for a CASE Of CLOCKS containing Six, a farther reduc tion will I e made. redlnrs nnd Merchants Supplied wilh Clot-!;-, tanking G!.i-es, P-n-, Nee. dies, Soaps. Cor-ct art I Boot Laco-, PI lied and Ger man Hder Spoon-and Specially nnd .ill kin 1. Pol. lar- good- at New York price-. Britannia Tei Put- ut 13 el-., targe one. Co.lce IVt- Sl to S. Tojs at Wltolcsalc or Itelall, Cool goods an I low nrice- at the Variety Store. 27 BIUNSMAID & BliOTIIKRS. WATCHES nnd CLOCKS cleaned nn l repaired 111 the best manner by ourtclve- or experienced Workmen. n ........ ...i.r...... , ., . . . . 1. -ii-id ,(viiuin m-m-iiii mis Auveriiseineni mann ed will pullli-h if they please to ibe nniouut of I'no Dollar- which will be' paid in any Goods that we buy "t Yv'',ll-' - IV C.M.. I'llll. Clocks and other goods packed to go safely any iltiLni... li;n..,.,,l .,!.., '1 r- .l.i ...... .-:i.. ' ..,t,i,.,ni, fuiiiicii ui-n, icii! iiu uvar Case and Pencils price S1.30. Tlierinomciers, SI . n,v .iui.ib lutver .man uie puces nameo, oui 1110 pricus named are for the best, made in the United Slates. Wesnll sell the MORISONS PILL made nt the Britisli Cullego of Health London, wholesale and retail. Burlington, Dec. 1, M I. 27 Tin Plate, Iron &c. 1 f( BOXKS Tin plate 1.3 X and extra size-, J.x-lvj' Iron Ware aorted nuiiibers, nn la sucei iron, do do do Fug, do do as-orlcd. Im. Canada Plates, Crawshay, Thorneycroa 2-1X21 Park Gale inside- and outside, Tinned and Black Rivets, ALSO, One cato "True Mexican Jet Lend." For al by , , l'OLLLTT, BltADLF.Y it &o. South Wharf, Nov. 23. 1811. 20 PRINTING JNK. BURR'S celebrated News an I Book Printing Inks for sale at Manufacturing prices, by ,. , , 1 1 AG All & ARTHUIL Burlington, Nov. 184 1. 2T-Gm SlIEETJNdS. h i; (T Bales Lawrence it Clo.'s, for sale hy J. & J. II. I'KCK 4th Dec, 1811. CO. 27 UhnU of Uui lington. , NOTICU is hereby given that a meeting of ilio Stockholders of lho Bank of Burlington will bo holden at their Banking House, in Biiilinplon, on Ibe the Second '1' of Jainlnry next st H.u'clocK, A. M., for (he piirpose ofchoo.-tug Seven Directors for the year next ensuing, By older of Ihe President and Directors. It. G, COLK. nuriineton. Dee.fl'' i, V 2 HARD WARE. STRONGS ili COi now oiler purchasers nn et lenive assortment of she f Until ware, con-islir J in part of, ha f illnws, to wit t ..lllltlsl; I Tllllllllllgs. 1.30 D07.. Ill'ai.e's Lalcbes, nssoiled s .rs, 330 do., cast an I wruj iron, n ir. and brnail Butts, 121)0 gross American "'I'rcmtum" Seiews. Blake's E-ciilcheon Lairhts, with I rnsj and roe wood knobs. Pierpouit if- llotehkiss'n .Min rnljfCnoIi-, n new nnd beautiful goods, with full plate, half plate, and bronz"d cscirchrwuis. Bl ike's Monica "O. IC ' Lnrks. . .. , , P. &. Il.'s Mortieu Licks nnd Lltchc.', Morficu Latches, and stoii Laichts. .., , Do. Cultago Locks and Latches, nnd Coltago Latcln-s wi Ii mineral nnd I rnss knobs. Pinto Lock plated, I ra-s, bronzed, and Jet Key hole b's -uti heons. t t Patent turn Buttons. Jnp'il, Mahegany, Brass an! Glas Knobs. , Brass and Japincd Ciipbo.ard CafeheV, Door pulls, for dours, gales, diawer, if-c. Ajje pullies, various sin-s. Window b'lnd bulls and I'm tellings. Window nnd door soring. Hell poll-, crrnks, staples, nnd springs. Tower's flat spring, necked and inonkcy, Inil butts Hatpin- Ilniamj cloak do. Saab fasleiltrS, cupboard Locks', bra" II ah bolt, &c. Also, Cutlery. Table and dessert kniie nnd Fork", in great vari ety, in du7.-ns, and setts 1 f 31 pieces. Carvers, steil Bread knives, luii-her knives, shears, scisiors, ptli and pocket knives, snoe do, razor, if-c. AIo, Saddlcrj' ami Harness Trlmmlnss'. ( Saddle trees, Gig do, stirrups, saddjn nails anJ rings. I'uckhs, nll.sze and palicrns, brass nip! J.ip'il. Ring-, Tenets, Gig and pad linok, swiyel-. Pad loops nod screws, ornamenls, Harnes. bills aa I snalllfs, moss, curled Intr, patent halbcr Hammers, nwls, neulles, sewing silk, punches, Round ktlivYa, zcin web, straining ilo, cie. Also, Triinl; .Maker' Hardvrarr. Trunk board, brass nails, trunk rivets, trunk loi k , catptl b.i frames nnd lock, cVe. Also, Carrlago Hard U'are. Bras', plated and nnllenhln iron hub band'. Broad nnd narrow- Ltd nnd mills, India Rubber Chilli lip'd nnd plain, Apron rings, Knobs, I.a'f e'hhi'.-. Ale nulls, U'as'iirs, Whifila tree staples, hold-back Irons, Varnish, if-e. Also, .Joiner, Carpenter, anil Cabinet maker's Good Plain Irons, singl,. an I I i ib'e, Cais-ls, g niges, a'u g"ra, auger bun. bet il. try sfi iare. file'., comnass. divl-ler, giinblois, Ipniu'i'ir.s, intent brad awls, plate i nun iriui unices, inns, moo nn 1 panel saws, n.v-i. iw-, iron square-, box wood rule-', hand vice, tab'i bulls, bid screws. Ac. e. c. Alio, Kitchen I u tii It 11 ro. I'iro iron, sauco nan, grid iron, toasting iron enameled preserving kclilc, copper nnd iron tea kel- lies, s in irons, gimu s'nnes. niasim nellies, spiocr, iron spoon, jap'd lamps, iron candlesticks, steelyards, bouse bells, co llu nulls, ocn. Ac. ALSO. Miscellaneous Gooda', Chest binges, pew door bulls, back Hips, chttt han dles, shutter screws, stubhs and plales, padlocks, chest locks, cubboard lock, wood saws, pruning kniie. putty knives, tnpo nieaoiie, bailer and trace chain, cut brad's, tacks, culling nippets, brad awl, nut crackers, horse rasps, mill files, brushes, plaster ing and brick trowels, bel'ows pipes, coppir wire, rat anil mo"se traps, sleigh bells, ie,a bells, brnssand pew ttr faueefs, molasses gaiss, butter trycrs, horse cards, curry combs, ihnk nails, awls, aur Iiandle3,'chrscl do, percu-sion caps, powder flask-1, 'tea trays, hooks and hinges, hooks and staple, -bates, thermometer , siates, spoke -haves, draw shaves, find .paper, glu-t pols. shoe lacks, shoe pincers, sluie lliiead, lliiifilmr.. Soulier s, iron nnd brass screw puliic's, ox balls, "shoo h 1 miners, if-c f-c. The above goods wilh many nol menlinned will be sold on very reasonable terms. Dealers in Hard u.ire riirnisheil willi Door trimmings, Hulls, Screws, and many other goods at New York and Boston ntices Nov. 30, IS 11. 28 Hy Express. (' DOZ. Thermometer, 0 doz. Boys' ,Bell, 0 dn7. U Suspenders, 3 dnz. Gap Front, 3 Am. pair Pantab on Simp, Ladies G il.l Pencils, g.nd qnrsfor 51 an I S3 30 j Shell Card Gas--, cheap 1 Heavy Gold Pencils wilh diamond pointed Gold Pens'i Diamond pointed Gold Pens with cnes and Pencils fo- 83.50, ibe Pen and Ca-cs for sa'e separate or logither. All Goods sillingcbeaner than ever before sold. BR1NS.MAII) & BilOTHRRS. Good Thermometers for St and upward. I.ntlier Carpenter's F.statr. , ST ATI: OF Vr.RMONT. rpiiV. Hon. the Pro nizTiutT or ciiiTTr.NDt.v 1 bale Co ir for the Di-lriet of Ghitien leu : Ti- all nr-on. cnniernol i.i the K-ia e of, late of Hirn liugtuu, 111 sail Di-triet, decea el, uile-liVe, , t!hr.FTin. Uur.nrts. John I . Finnan, Administrator f -ail deceased, propo.c- to re 11 '--r an nivo ini of hi- nil-mini-irniou, and pre-eat hi- ncco-tnt again-t sail esiale for nllnwaniv, at a e--ifin of tjie Court of Pn bale, lobe hidden 111 David Fren -h'- Inn, in Wil. Ii-ion, in sai I D, strict, on the third Monday of Janu ary nex'. Then-fore, yn 1 arc l-ere'-y untitle I lo a-iprar I 'efcS--aid cii-ti at tl e lime and p'ace al'.r.-.aid, an I show can c, if any yoi have, why lb- acco-int alore-all slio 1 1 nut he allowed. Given iin'cr i v Inn I at B irlingtnn, ihii 21st day of Nuvem'er, A.D. HII. 2S-23 CIIS. RL'SSF.LL, .uifge. IN" li VNKItl'PTCY. XJOTICF to shew cii-e why farther prowling in 1' ihe matter of Gustavo- A. Deninurtir, a Bank r ipt, ol Mdion, I e nut -'nvcil.niid hi- petiiii 11 in Bank r titey di mi el, al Ihe olli -o of S iiiinel Prentis., D -lriei Judgeiu Montpeher, in sajd Di-lrict on Sat'ur-d-i)M'ie23th d.iyof Dc.v.uber A. D. 1311, at lOo'cIot-k Wsi linn's Vermont Register. 1 S .1 r jVrr.RnnANTS' and Poller- eiippbtil by 1.L "i- ";, II. V. IIAHUI.MiTON. Vermont Almanacs, for 18-15; A Neatly pniitcil Regis er. It "X Nov. 23. IS It. n I, for sa'e hv . HARRINGTON; r. BUTTONS. ISO n,t0- Horn Coat Union lJJ -Kill do ,l-i Vest do 73 do Gilt Coat do 2'V) dn do Vest do 3J0 do Pant ilo SOU i.o Sinn do Fdr sale hv Say. IS, 1511 i.'t!) VILAS it NOVKS. (JIIKAP KNOUCiii !!! A T TIIF. SIGN OF TIIF. RHD LKDOF.R. on J 'ho corner of Church and College t.. SAMini; HUNTINGTON ha now reeried from New York his Winter -tipply of School. HOOKS, Siaiionery, and Bonk binding M OCK which be will sell for Cash nt prices that SHALL suit his customers Call nnd see. Nov. 23d, 184 I. 23w3 N. B. A few Ream of Super Blue Colored Ruled and also, letter paper, super. S. II. COTTON Til RE Al .-c. Tr Cotton Thread, 0JJ 23 do Line I do 3000 sks. Soring Silk. , 1000 Sticks Tw-i-t-, Iura'e by Nov. 23, 1311. (20) VILAS & NGVK. COMES. OGRO. Word Com'., 10 do Ihrssing dil 300 doz. Twi-i dd 500 do Sida do , 200 ilo Ivory . do For .aV by s j Nov. 23, IS1I. (iO)' VILAS Si NOVM.' TIN PLA TE, .ij-e. ff BOXIIS 1-3 IX Tin I'iate, UU 33 do IX Square do 73 B in.llo- Iron Wire, a 1 Nn; Sheet Copper. Bolt Copper, Sheet Lead, Sheet Zinc, Wire Vellum, Rnei-, &r. For sale by VILAS & NOVF.S. Bniluiglitn, Nov. 23. 1311. 2(i 15 VS. Cnntiiisl, lOdoltcl PrtiUing, 25doAlpocca, 12 do Aljiaecn Serge, For sale hv 2S, 1314. (20) VILAS Sl NOYKS. CASH PAW FOIl PELTS AND FUIiS. CASli paid fo'r Sheep Pelts arid Shipping FurstbT VILAS 4- NOYrj. Iliirlingtori, No. 23. ISM. 2G ISIIOWN SHEETINGS. QX HALF.S Brown Sheeting, tJ 2 do 'Pickings 2 do Brown D'dl, Fer ol by ., . Nov, 23, 1811, (28; VILAS NOTES. , AMERICAN miNTSi ice. OK CASKS AaiVercan Print-, -. s5J 2 do Blea'ch'd Sheeling. For .ss'elow-hy VILAS & SOYF.S. Nov. 29, 8,i. M i'iNS AND NEEDLES, 1 ICl VVK lOJ 50 lb mixeldu 73 M Niiilie., Nov. 2?, 1811. (t) For sale bv vilas (k'Novna. ' .7