Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 20, 1844, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 20, 1844 Page 2
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CONOKESS. i Monday, Dec 2 l.i tlio Sennle, only 20 members were pres-nit, but this, tlimiili not h majority of tho whole, was a tn ijf.rity, oxclu dim; tlio vacancies liy float li ami resignation, ami tliit body projcudod to ths opening bust. IICU tlf till1 SUHSIO'l. Iii tlio House, 17S members aniworeil tn t lie? r names. On the motion fur tlio appoint, tnntof.i Uh.ip!.tlii, Mr l'ottil of la ol.joclcd, nu J in a studied speech proposed an amend, meat, tlut tliu Chaplain should be piid liy tlio members. Mr McCutmoll, of Al.i.. moved tlm previous i ii cstion o.i tlio amendment, and there waa .1 second. Mr t'ottit railed fur tlio ayes mid hops, and they were ordered ; ayes V.0, tmes 15'.!. Sb Iho ameiidnient was rejected, and tlio origitnl resolution ndnptcd. 'I ho mntiiiu of Mr l'ettit (who, it is alleged, is an avmvcd atheist, was virtually to dispense with relit: ous sent ess iti Congress, although Ids resolve wont fur tlio payment of the Chaplain by such members of Congress as chose to contribute. Tlio mines of tlio twenty mcinhers who voted for this re solve were, Messrs Anderson, Arringtuit, Men ton, II mini. Iluyd, Ituiki, John W. I)avi, Pick lin, c Hiiulles J. H. flu n't Jonl.s, Andrew Johnson, McDowell, AWi'j, l'ettit, llcding, Hit ter, .Shdell, Weller. Mr Adams L'tvo notice that tin would tn.mor. mw offer a icMilutinii In rescind tlio tli rule of the Ho iso, (the one relating to tlio reception of Alinlilion peiitiiuu-.) TlTau.w Dee.:. After tlio reading of Iho Mesige in Iho llouso. Mr Ad.tins ('..tiled up his motion in rescind tlio 2o'h rule, (excluding ah olition petition-,) and h.s motion, rescinding the rule, was adopted ayes MIS, nuns SO. Tin' motion was sustained by JV2 Whis and fifi Democrats, and opposed by lo Whins and Go Democrats ; ii New Hampshire members voting agiirsl rcpea'inir the rule. Nothing' of tnipor tani'O was lurther transacted, and the lloiite adjourned at hall pist two o'clock. The Senate adjourned at half past ivio o'clock, without tranfactuiL' anv important business. Wednesday. D"c d. The Senate, lirday re. elected the Rev Mr Ttisinn as their chaplain In tlio House. Mr Duncan, of Ohm, on leave introduced a hill In e.-t.ibli.h a uiiilorin 1 1 mi; for linMiiiir ttit; elections for electors of l'roi-ideiit and Vice President in all the States ; ami, after u slight d scussion on the question ol lofercur it was ro'erred tn the committee of the Whole on the slate of the Union, ai.d ordered to be printed; a'ul nlo postponed to and made the Kiocial oritur of tlio dav for Mniuhy next. The House, in pursuance of the joint resolution adopted on .Monday, proceeded to the election nf a c' anlaiu for Iho Moose, when, on the third Vote, fuiii voir,) the Itev Mr Diily was elected Thursday, D-c. & In Iho Sena'e, lu-d iv, no business of importance was tnnsicleJ. A' tur tho introduction of scleral bills of a private character, which woro forwarded to a second reading, the i-'onHo adjourned over till Monday next, as is usual on the lirst wool; ol tlio ses (iun, lo enable the 1'rosidont piotem.Xu main Ins appointments uf coiiiiuitlces. In iho House a number of notices woro given or bills to be introduced at a lutiire div. M Sieenrnd olfl-rcd a resolution iiro.idin for the printing of 1 (),()()() extra copies of the report of the beloct (.oininitteo at tin) last session, on the memorial of certain inemliers of the Rhodo l-l-uud legislature. Mr C.iusin objecting to the consideration ot iho resolution, .Mr bleeuiod moved the suspension of tlio rules, which mo tion was lost, yeas OJ, nay To, llicro no; bonis n vote of two thirds in tlio nlii-uialiio. 'I he resolution, therefore, lies over one day. The House adjourned over lo Monday next. Monday. Dec. !). In the Senile, tn day, Messrs Ilreese, Archer and M appeared in their seit. The Moo. Henry A. Fo-ioraud the Hon. Diuiol A. D.ckinsoii, appointed bv the (i lvernor of Nsiv York to till I ho ac..iucies in tVi U. S. Senile n.-ea-inncd by tlm le-ignVinn fthe Hon. Sili' Wrijiit and tlm lliu N. 1'. i'.tlliiii J.'e, appo ireil, were (.tahlicd, and took their seiN. Several lullsof a priva'e character weio introduced, and committed. Mr McDuffie gave notice of In-- intention to introduce a j nut resolution for the annexation ol Texas to the United States; and Mr Merrick, to introduce a bill In reduce the rales of p-'sUiro, and to abol ish the frutiktutj privilege. At the instauco of Mr Woodbury, the committee on Commerce was instructed to iiio,uire In Ilia propriety of ex. tending the present warcliousin' system. The poveral standing couimiltces woro also, announ ced by the president pro tan. No other busi ness of importance was trans-acted. The House, after the ainumnuoinent of Ihe standiii2 c. 'ininitlees. resolved itself into coin initteo of the Whole, and t ok up and discihsed Mr Duncan's bill for holding tlio election of I'rcsidont and Vice President on the s unn thy throughout the Union; which beinir passed over informally, iho Message of ihe President wus referred lo the appropriate comuulleeB. housl: commit rr.ns. On mictions Messrs Hlmpr, N .t ; A A Chip man, Va i II Hamlin, Mc j Ullis. N Yi Donjjlaas, Jilt in'is, Ky; Scluncl.. Oluot llnmn, IVnii. On ll'aiis nnd ins Messrs McK'iv. of iV Drnnicoiile. Vn ; J R lnnrroll Pa i Writer, Ohio Chapivll (iii llarnard, . V; jrils, r II; K.1II1 bun. N" V : Daiia Kv. On Cl.iimt Mcssis Vanrc. Ohm i T S lelh. Ind ; ftreen, Kyi Andrew Jolins.oi I ell 11 j lloivlm, Aloj Tlioitnsin. Kv: Strong, N V ; Cjrcy, .Mc; Ron cr. I'eonsylvuiii. On ('ommcrccVfors II dinin, S f'i Diudap, of Mc: Phtr.iix. N V Kinn, .V Vj Williinw Ms; J I' Kennedy, Md I. il.rmiclio, hit McClell.niJ, Mrhj Murri' I'ciin. On P'lblie hnmh -Mvsrs Pniis Ii; llnyd, Kyt llunl, N V; lltiln"! "'i t lloiulnii, Al 1 1 1 'I1117111 in, N I' 1 J.iiitcsjn, Mo ; McUlcriiau.l, Pi ; Palters hi. New Vnr'i. On Wmnfi'litrn Messrs J O. Adi ns M; Co. Inner. Vl s WondnarJ, S (3 j lluloii. Mt 1,'i'iip km, Oit Dirrah, Pa; llilu, .S II ; Mostly, N V, Crnnlnn, R I. O.i .U'riiii'iire Mi'fsrs IV.ierrv, X H ; Tarbe, N Ji St John, Olil is, Pa i O'ei ii, . Vi Hays, P.i t Ilnlv. Ii t riorence, Oliot Dicliey, Pa On lixdiitn Mo-srs CJive J dins in, Tejin; Th'vnpsnn, Mi; I'mis Vl t llidlick, Pit Until, Mieli t Hiker, Ms; lleuluii, N Y ; llcwcs, Mo ; Van ineier. Oii ,. On Mlltirii Atriirs Mesrs Haralson, fi 'oruh t Coles. Y1; Irvin Pi; liinck. .S'r"; McO.inncll. Mi; riinch. fi.i ; McPoaiII, Ohio; Seymour, Cl ; Pisli, New Ynrl-. On Vililln Mesrs IVnn of Ohio 1 Tililnl, Kv; Mnsslv. N Y; llonir. Mm Hii'ard V.i ; I'oote, Vl; Ilnv-, Pat I.yon, llirb t Hain'in. Ohio. On .Vurn Aft'oiri leiiir Pnnnenler, of Mnt Murphy, N Y; llarrniiaer, N 0; t'liapunn, Ahli ; Smip'nn. .ST 0 1 Pet'inn, Ttini; ntcwarl.Ci; Alkin eon Vn s Mnish, Vl. On furrien Afuirt Mesrs I' J Insers'dl Penn t Illicit. S G; While, Kvt Dawson Ilaiinnell, Mis; Snnnle, Ind ; ISailey, Va ; Wtnthrup, Mass; Kllis. New York, On I'oxt OfTicis nvd 1'att Holds Messrs Hon. Uins. Vs t A Kennedv. Ii ; tiiiunel. Ms ; Soles, (5a ; Hardin. Ill; Dam, N Y; Ilecd, N C ; Rolfc, .Mo; Jenks, Pa. On tht Pt'lriet of Columbia Missis Sirtnn, N Y Male. N II : Jo'nrs. 'IVnu t A .Vtcwart. Pn t Slc- ohrns. On MeCauslin, Oliui; Chilton, Vn ; Uowtr, Mn t Pnnsin, Mil. On 1'ie Judiciarv Messrs minders, N f!t Kren"'!, Kv; Dilliiiuhnni, Vt t Hurl, S O; Vinlon, 0; Pctlii, In ; Summers, va; U.111 jliss, ill s nrmlticau, I'n. On Hiroliilionary Claims Messrs Datis, N V l.iicns. Vat Kim. Ms t Slone. K ; South, lilt Dick cv, Pat While. Me; Sen'cr, Tenn; Preston, M I 'On I'ulilh ll.rventlititrcs Messrs rilinmn, N V Mri'thews, O; Wriiht, N J; l-Vler, Pa; Piirdy. N Yi Orider. Kvt S'vkes.N .1 1, (s Yoi, Pa Oi I'ririitr. Lnnd Cii-Mi ssrs SliVII, l.i; ('nihil, C. ; Delltl, Ala 1 llrnwn, h t (Ji'V, of N V I Poller. R I ; Yancey, Ala; bevcranco, Ale; Kojcrs, New S'ork. On 1'trrilnritt Me-sr Ilrown, Tennt Dnncnn O; fi.nndo, Vn ; Dinil,N't Pavne. Alat Tyler, N Yt Wcnlwnrlh, llll lllnek, (5nt Pollock. Pn. fin tltrnliitinmrv PcniionsVtm' Seymour, N Y t Wright! In t llrnwn. Tenn ; llnire, III ; lloliinson. N Y; Poller. Ohio; Gidduips, Ohm ; m-rrick, Me; fieversnce, Me On Inrnlid Pension Messrs UrinkprliolT Ohio; Russell. N Yt Ahe Tenn ; Morris. Ohio; TiMnts, Kv; Smith, N Y;Ncs, Pa; liillum, I emit fcpenro. MnreUnil On Armanis Messrs Tnvlnr, Vn; llunnerfnrd, N Yt llo'lney, Del t nienp. wiooi i-trM,n, On Milrnpt Mes' O1.M1. Oat Whcaiun, N Yl Jlinson. Ohio I Rii'e'. Pn; Motse Me. On nntrnrinr Messrs Suiuiin, Cl ; VWienion On Hrnrndittffin the A'nri Jfnirnirn-Mesrs linn, Kirkn,,l'i'-l, Vinmi ier. minimum mm denier On Uuadsund Cannlt Messrs Owen. Is Steeo- ti.m or tlto territury made the sulnit t ol 111 irmaiion rod, Va; t'nrioll, N Y; Uedini!, N 11 ; I'Vklm III; ''' nlmusi evity Alnimi-triilion for Ihu list tweiiiv N'e ton, Va ; Leonard, N Y liul crt, Miss ; Weill- years." This policy toceeded upon Ihe idea that I crcd. Md. was necessary tu us. "Tins hazard of a conflict ol On Pattnts Messrs ttintv In, Itnekwrtl. Mum no'icv upon ininotlant points Iclutcn Ihu United lllnek, Pi; Russell, N Y ; Itoilnev, Del. tJhlcs and one ol'lhn leadiuu Uuropenn Powers, since On 'nil. Carpenter, N V Pntdie linildinns nnd Grounds I'rnll, N Y, Poster, P.i' Abbot, Ms; J,mc ATrt.ate. Ihe rccopmlton of Texns. U-in tendered I he nemnsillon ones, Tenn 1 1 still more I'S-cnliil lo llieir safety anil uelfnie, and ni ciiruiiii iiiuienseu 111 iiiifiinjn tiiu 11m tsn y( ui On lltriscd and Viifinhhed Pnsincst Mu-srs. ' .icipurui2 it." Hence Ihe propnsil for Antiexnlii ii Kirltpalriek, N J; Sinuli, la; tlubbell, ? unnion, i-n 1 Aiotse, 1.1 NY; Duf- On 1'lvntnditnrrs 011 tht Public Httitdinirt Messrs D , King, Dawson, Taylor, W P Hunt, and 11.1 111 say. On the library, on tht part of tht lloittt- niirue. onrsn. and Ai'iclav. On litntnutt-tret in tht Trenturu Department Messrs Caldwell, Yosi, Tilden, Andetson, an I Ashe. On l.rntnditures in Ihe Ilnr l)nnrlmentMf rs Mcllvaiue, Kemudy, Arringlun, OtiJcl, and A John- 011. -Messrs TccsnAV. Doc. 10. In the Senate, several incssaoes were received from the President til the United States, through his private Secreta ry, nno of which pipers communicated the In formation of the amicable settlement of the in d"ninity duo from Venzueia in regard lo the brijr Morris. Mr lluntini'ion presented a from the American Statistical Association of Huston, nskine; a corrprlion of certain truss rrrors which they hato tliscovnred in the printed returns of the (itli census ; rclerruiJ to tliu commiueo on the On motion of Mr Woodbury, it was lltiuhat. That tlio Committoo on Commerce he instructed to inquire into tliu expediency of eslalitishino a 111010 cxlensiu) system of ware Inusinjj, with leave to report by bill or other wise. Pursuant to notice, Mr MfDuffiu introduced a series of joint resolutions for the annexation of Toxa, ratifying tlio treaty of annexation of the ltd of April last. I lie resolutions were, on .Mr Archers mo. t'on, rcfened lo the Committee on Poroin Ke I ttions. Mr Hentnn save notice that, on to-morrow, lin should intro loco a lull providuit; for the annex- iti'Ui of 'I oxas to the United Stales. The follmvino resolution, submitted by Mr Uitns yeslord.ty, was adopted, viz; Result cJ, That the President be requested to 'tiiii 11111 T1ic.1t 0 lo the Senate, if not iucouipatible with the public, inteiest to tin so, any further correspondence which may have taken place liitwoen the Minister of the United Stales to Mexico, and the frovornmeut of the Republic, as well ns any communication which may have been recoiled from the Minister of later date than those transmitted with the Message of the yd inst. The Senate then went into executive rcssioo. Housr. The States were callt'd for peti tions and memorials, a laroo number of which were presented. Amiing them was one by Mr. Ad.ime, from John I). Andrews, of Salem, Ms., praying Cuiiross to take into consideration the p opriety of promnliiif; universal peace throui;li out the world, as war is incompatible with Christianity, and opposed to the best interests ol nations; uliich was rclerrud to the Loniuut 'eo on Poreijrn AITnrs. Mr Bovd moved to lay the motion on the ta blc. Mr Ihrnpnl thereupon asked for the yeas and mys, which were ordered, audi being taken, re sulted voas 101, navs 70. Si tin: tntriou of Mr 11 iyd prevailed. inidi! to Texns by us. All I shall we now suffer her, after her nccc-ssion toil, nnd on Ihu rie uf itsconsuin illation, ilius to bo invaded 'Hid our joint purposes to bo defentrd ? The President, Mr. SiiXN.snssays, considers Texas in every respect, ns in 'epeiident as Mexico, and as competent ns she to dispose of part or the who'o of her territory. In pioof of ibis, her ni'iinlcuniire of her independence acamsl Mexico and iis recocnili 11 by lenduiL' civilized Powers tire refetred In. Indeed, Iho nruiitnetit used in whit lidlows may be said to place the lecitimaey of the Texiin Oovetnuieiit on mine fivnrntilc croumls thnn that of Mexico ; nhUh is i m i 111 n ta il In be a uuhi.iry uiitp.itiou.) uur very 11011. ir, lie nrir ies, oeiniiuis inepresctii in baibnrnuel Is it that the Ouvcrnmi ni of llic United 'tale is superior in diuniiy, or dots its I.erjaiinn pos ses) ihrtiulit ol rallim; short in so grave a manner, 111 ha iulereninsc with n Onvernmenl low bom it hns refused those observations, which are due, as a mailer 1 f emirii sy. to private inditidtials? Mexico could Willi jusiiee advance a clnim flir repar nimn nl thesii injiiiies, nnd would very ensily oblnin it, if ihe American Uovcrnincnt, in plnenoftlesirinKto eiiliivelc telstmns of cnoil tmdersl uiihut' nnd friend ship, did nut seik fur opi'orlnniliis lo shift or chance the issues provoking riiplnrn which Ihe Oovirn mi ni of ihciindcrsicncil tins eiideaxurril, nnd "ill still rndtntn'i toavoid. 'Iho (owtiiincnt would have been able lo n luru tiisull for insult, employed Ihe same nnunncc, hiiuiiht ly di enurienus, whehehar acterir.ed the two former noli s of Ihe Ameiicnn Km bnssy. inure particularly the last nne; hut it knows loo will what is due Mil-elf. ill sei kiiiL' to shield ilelf from iipprnbiium in the eves nf ihe vvntld on 11 ipies lion in which jistiee mil reason are on ils side. If Mexico has been compelled lo refer to important aci hv which lo show Ihe disloyalty of Iwo Admin istrations nnd nf the Sinithitii pci hie of the If lit ed Sinies, il wis because no nlher tieonrse was b ft by terposilion ; for, if Mexico is olli'ioled by Ihn propo- which tn tnako her ti.oiis pnlpible, ns well ns Ihe in scu Annrxilion, ire nto tlm ofTenders t it' was we who . jtiliec by which it snuithi lo wtcsl from her an hit proposed it to Texn9 llumanily ripially demands pnrlnnl portion oflu r terrilorclhe 111 qnisilion of vhii Ii had I eeu ttuuichl nccesirv by all parlies nnd Admin islrntions nf the American Iteptiolic lor twenty years, as is proved by the note of the Amcricin Lcioilion nf the 14th of October last Nevertheless, the Mexican Oovirntucnt has aimed m limit itself to that which xvns necessnry to make itself timlersiood in the mat ter, tnanifesiina always in its discu-sions ibeennsidc rnlinn due to the mnjirily of tlio American people, from whese rcprrscntatites it looks for satisfaction for Ihe want nf respect exlnbiied in this matter by the netted Piesidi'nt of ihe Ri public, nnd w hose respecta ble Senate, and disttnitiushed men, like Adams and Clay, hnvefjiveii lo Mixico proofs of tlicir justifica'ion of ils course. Tints the Gnvermnrnt nf the iindersiened, far from findmsnny mmivc to willi.ltaw the note xvhich it ill tectrd 10 the American t.rintion on ihe 3 1 t nit., ihe more ihe subject is considered, the more it isconxin. ceil of the necessity ofallowincit lo stind in the Icrms in which it was transmit cd, feeluiL' thai il has nol ex ncernled those facts which it has Usui 10 expose In the wnrld the system nf falsehoed which bis been pursu ed lowirds Mexico for twenty years, nnd wbich ihe note ol the American Iccaium of Ihu 1 1 h of October abundantly corrobnr tea Kor the'rensiins above expressed, the iindersiened Ins iustrue'ions to insist upon his note in evet v par ticular, and at I lie same lime to repeat llnlifit linubl happen that the nUinl (J ivernnicnl nf the Uniled Slntes, by encrnnebments upon ihe fiuhis of Mexico, intrrrupls the relnlinns of friendship which ihe Gov ernment nf ibis Republic has snunlit and will seek in cood faith to maintain, the Mexican Adininilraiioii. ncerpunL' the hnril condiiions which it so forced Jo adopt, will repel Ihe uupi'l airqressinii nnde upon il, and hold ih" covernmeiil uf President Tyler responsi ble for all the evils which innven urp. The iiiulersimied nilerales wild these reasons lo bis r.xeillenev Mr. Shannon, the assurances of bis very distinguished consideration MANUIX ciinscnNcio nrjo.v. MORE OF THE MEXICAN MATTER. thai wu should nnlnllow Mexico to commit Ihe "at trorilies which she proposes." If any tliini; can add lo ihese obieclions. " it is Ihe fiction, reanrdlcs of Ihe senihl nice of reality, lo which ihe Ouvernnieiil of Mexico has, as a pretevl for the decree nf I7ih .tun -, 1813, nnd the order of Gen. Woll on the 20lh Juno last. Pulling nothing in Ihe conduct of tholloierniiiriit cr people of Texas to justify their birbinitis character and palpable violation of the hw of nations nnd humanity, it Ins assumed, in wording them, llm there is no such O ivernnicnl or eoinniii' nily ns Texns ; lint iho individuals found there are lawless in'rudera ami usurpers, without poliiicnl ex istence, wlio liny lie righllullv Irealeu ns pirnles nnil ou'.cnsis of sie icly." In plnceof hcuiK these, the ar gument goes nn to snow lint they came mere ny uie invitation of Mexico herself, nnd unon her assurances, The lit lorvol'iheir settlement iheieis britllv sketch ed, and the mailer then summed up 111 the following winds i "The Govt rn lilt n I of Mexico nnv dt Illicit- selfby its rflions, hut il cannot delude Ihe rest orilie wnrld. It will be lit Id responsible, not by wbnt it may choose in tegnrd as facts, tun by what are in reality such and I nuwisaud nikltowlcdgid solo be, by all, save itself." In view of all this, and nl the "Moody and Intba tot), plan nf iuvision prnetaiined n Mr. Shauiion savs he is instructed to tin. teal ngninst it all, "ns highly injiiriiuis and olli nsive to tin; Uniled Slates." Sill, nothing nf n hostile spirit was meant by the proposed treaty with Texas ; and, when Annexation shall be consiminnted, ibis Government will be disposed to settle in the most liberal mannir any question of linunitary ot llie like. The reply of SVnor ltejon is nf about eqinl length with the inner nisi aiinlwetl. It set- 0111 thus : "As thenhjeet nftliHiiotc. reve ling ihe lalsehoo 1 with which Mexico Ins so long becndcall wuh, is to force us to suspend our lulendid huslilit.esngainst theTcx an setth rs and tcvolicrs lint I the work t.f Annexa tion shall be completed, ihu under-igned will bo un der the necessity of exiiniuinc its positions." Ho ihen prociedrd 10 give the Mexican version of the hisory nf the settlement nnd lighisnf Texas, and or 1 heconilue nr the IJm eil Slates nnd its citizens in TM, ...... .,, ...l. ....Iw.cti., ihestriigslebilvveenMexi.onndTexns. These (acts I Tl" rc r0 Itlilliy poisons wlio, llllliesit.l he connects wilh the open declaration now made by j lingly. express tlioir opinion lliitl Mr. Slum llic I ei n'lii, ,11 II lliu iiiiiii:, .mw nit; dim lit IHU ,iu 1 s, , e ted Stales have been for twenty yearswlnl these pro- "on whs sent lo Mexico, Willi it View ol crt'it cecdings were fit to nccomplish-tho Annexation of , .j ,l,e vt!.y J s t u r lii I C ! wliieli lias resullfil Texas. 1 1ns ingenuous confession tsla conies ton ' f . . valndinn which may also menu "romantic" nrlfititn Ills Mission. A ntmrrtd Willi Mexico ;;,arireSo,,;'Ta;:,'(al;r fts , ' 1.... n... ..,.0,, i.r soldiers being drnwn fioin the United Stiles.) her de cl at a' ion of independence, and all the tesl, ale the de li'icrnte work of ibis country. I film bo so, what re ality can there be, ho asks, in nnv of the reasons of justice of humanity now urged ? If such things can beavonid, why tiny not any country foment an in surrection in a lit ighhornig one, si nd its people timb er as citizens, ihen stimulate it to declare itself inde pendent, and proceed to annex it 7 In such a plan it may prove " Hint Iho Uniieu Males iieiuues itsell Willi thusetta ugninsl the arrest nnd imprisonment ot her citizens in Suutli Carolina, ugninsl whom the com mission of no crime is alleged. The t.egixlnluiu nf Mnsiirhusetis has recently passed a resolve, authiir- Iho Uoveruor of ihat Sale to appoint an agent "lor 1 110 purpose ol coilertinrj ami transmuting accu rate information respecting the number nnd the names of citizens of Massachusetts who have liarclu fore been, or may, during Iho period oflho engigo ui'iit of the Agent, impri-oncd wiihout Iho allegation nl any crime," The Agent is also authorized to bring nun prosecute one ur more suns in betiiil ol nny citi 7en lint may be so imprisoned, at the expense of Massichusells. for thenufpose nf having the legality of such immisonue nt tried and determined in the Su preme Court of Ihe Untied Slalis. Tliu (Jiveinor i f Massieluncits ha appointed mn Agent ol Sit it Slite, lo execute the purposes ntiovc men iomd ; and I arrivi d tiillusiiiv this iiiorivug, lor thai piirp ise. I do nol know tit it your P.xeellen ey w dl consider il proper in nny wav to notice Ibis siihj.'cl, yet propii-ly seemed to require this coinntu- 111 -anon. With great nspect, Your F.xctlleiiev's nS't srv't, SAMUIX HOAR. To His Excellency J. It. Il iminon I, G ivernor of Soulh Carolina.' Whereupon llm Governor sent llie follow ing; Messayi: to llie Legislature ! GOVERNOR'S MESSAGE, No. III. Execctivc Depabt-mcnt, Columhia 30lh Nov., 1814. Gentlemen of the Senate and Ho. of Hepresenlatires: Tlicncroiupanyinp communication was received by tlio Inst mail, and 1 deem il proper thai ithould be laid before you for your infornnlion. Il will bo seen that the Slate of Massachusetts has appointed a Spe cinl Agent lo reside in this state, for the purpose of contesting, bv a series of lawsuits, along standing law of a peculiar character, which is deemed of vitai importance to iho security of our property, and the peace of our citizens. She has also approptiited n fun I for ihe purpose of defraying tlio expenses of the liligntion. These facts I gather only from Iho coin tniinicilion of her Aitent, which is transmuted In you. I have received tin nolification from the nnthniilies of ihe stale. It is fur vnu to determine whether nnv. nnd what measures sin uhl he taken to main'nin llie police regulati ills of this slate within her limit. J. II. HAMMOND. Tlio ticlion of llm Legislature will tio found in llie following report and resolutions. SOU I'll CAROLINA LKCISLATURK. Report of the Coinuiiltceo on Federal Relations upon the communication of the (Jnvornor, transmitting a letter from Samuel Hoar, un incut from llm Slate of Massachusetts. The committee on relations, to whom was relerrcd the comniiinicatinu of his Hvcol lency Ihu Governor, transmitting a 'etler ad dressed to Into by Samuel Hoar, an Agent of the state of Massachusetts for certain purposes, submitted the lollowino report : Ily an Act pa.-cd on the PJih day of Decem ber, 1SI33, the General Assembly endeavored to iruard aoainst the tiitroduclion of free negroes mid persons of into this stale, upon principles of pulili : policy itllecliut; her s.tlely anil her m impudence ii only equalled liy licr consum mate folly ; nnil tliu lime lias arrived when both should tie lit-ttl up tn general contempt. Courier anil Enquirer, Great nxcitninnnl prevailed in Charleston, nnd in escape tliu fury of tlio mnb Mr. Hour left tlio city privately, nnil lias relumed lo Mass icluisells. Wu shall shortly hour from Iti (ii. FRIDAY MORNtNO, DEO. 20, 1941. County commissioners.' TICKHI'S. KI.ECTlOiV -Thursday, January 2J, 1815, at one o'clock, 1'. M. In favor of Licenses. SAMIini, Pi.RTOIIEIl, of Shclburnc. JOHN VAN SICKI.IN.ef Iturlinslon. lt-ItCDDItlCK FM'IXIII.It, Undeibill. Against Licenses. nHORKR U. SHAW, of Rurlinnton. TIIUJIAM CIUTTRNOKN, of Williston. TltUMN (.AI.USIIA, of Jeri ho. territory, lint tlm liitelliai'iicfr liolds thelolloiving lungiiiiiic, with rcfeionco to the instructions tu the Uniled Suites Min ister nt I'liiis : FRANCE AND THE UNITED STATES. Tlio fhsirttciions lo nnr tlto Own of interests. The ntiht of cvcludinjj from her territories conspirators njjainst t tin public peace, anil tlisi.ecleil persons uhue presence in IV be d luserous to her safety, is t'sselilial to every overnment. It is every where exercised by independent states, and thcic is nothing in the Constitution ol the Uniled Slates which for bids to South Carolina the riolit, or relieves this MASSACHUSETTS AND SOUTH CAROLINA. The chivalry Iiuvo luttl to mount guard once moro on tlm black Mill red ramparts uf slavery. Tlioir papers arc full of the inso lenco manifested towartl tlio Hon. Samuel Hoar, the agent scut by Massachusetts to guard in a legal manner the riglils of licr colored citizens who are imprisoned by tlio laws of South Carolina for no oflonco but that of coming within her territory. A per feet tempest has been raised in tlio Southern (cn-pot, and Mr. Hoar has forcibly driven out ol Charleston, and threatened with the tender mercies of a shivery mob. Now let us see whether the Bunker Hill breed is quite extinct in tlto old U ty State. THE TEA PARTY. In another column will ho found llm wel come notice fin in tin: L idies of our Town that they intend lo hold iinuther of their tie lighlfnl parlies in aid oflho Chaiily School Of nil the financial oxpedieuls, to recrtnl exhausted resources, ever fell under our l.'iris a lire ot mc uu y oi prov u ng tor me . , .. ., . . . ... . r, c ... 3 1 1 observation, this is the wittiest and most un IllbllC Fillet'. ' .Massachusetts has seen fit to contest this exceptionable. Il n just such us woman nab', and has sent an nooiit to reside in the hv ,-uniJ invent or execute. It is in ai.l of lM j',n holy and l,h,sed enterprise as Mr Adams presented a pe itiau from citizens , its own fictions, but will be able tu deceive nobody of Aovv nrk. tiravmo for the abti ution nf s a. i cic. very in the District of Colombia and asserting 'hat sluery is a national disgrace, and that ('onuress has the coustilutional power to nbol. 1 1 it : anil he moved that the potitinn be re- toned to the Committee lor the District of l.o- llllllhn. Mr Illicit, of G.Miraii, immediately arose, and raietl ai lestiou as to the reception of the pe- 1 1 1 Mill. .Mr Drown, nf 1 1.. moved to lay the question nf reception on the table. Decided ill the neg ative yeas )(), navs '.ID The tiuestiou n. iw recurred on the reception of the pet, tion ; and llie yeas and nays bavin;; been ordered, the Clerk proceeded to call the toll. .Ur tiicnrsnH. j I,, ,) vote, "ir. It was subsequently announced that tbn pe tition was reteiveJ by a vole of yeas lOi, nays HI. Mr Adam moved lint tlio po'ition bo refer red to the Coiinnittnc fur t lie District of Colum bia. After sfimi debate, the motion was carried. Mr J. 15. Ingnrsnll presented a memorial from Pennsylvania, asking foi an alteration of the

iiaiiiiiilaition laws, and miking tvver.ty-ono years residence, after an alien shall have de clared his intention to become a citizin a pre requisite for his participation in the Inestimable rijhts ot native American?; .1111 he move,; tint Iho memorial be referred to the Committee on Iho Judiciary. Carried. can, and such as it is somewhat rcpujjnanl to 11-11 u ' ajont comes here, not as a citizen ot the United , tails especially willnn her pi uvinre ; anu tut only to express, but even ta eiiitriaui. iiui 1 e 11 no- sj,,,,,,.., bl s me eniis-ary ol .1 loreioii gnvorn- success It mel with last year, together w illt (. "- - fi 1 .1 .... 1 1 lent, 11. sine 10 our uniir'siio niiiiuicui-, uihi ,111. 1 .1 . 1 .1 1. 1 10 beollercd, however uu,ll,n..y, o he e-,m y. I . . . ()f Mlbl(,rl,.f r i,lt(,r , llie abundant good that has thenco resulted 1 tie piner in ipies I'm uet "Ma 1111:1,1.,, hi,,,,..,- I nolice. We sliotihl bo insensible to every die- tale of prudence, if wo consented to iho resi- Ho afterwards refer- tn the decisive authorities nnd pledges against the present course win :h are affor e I by the declarations nf I'resi Ictils .lai kson and ran llureii and oilier Presidents and Administrations. Me then pisses in the examination of llic supposed riahls ol Texas under t'le former federative system of Mexico. We nee! not and Invn n it liino to follow the irrju. incuts nppoc I lo Mr. Simmon'-. TV Mei'-nn Minister expresses iho confidence of Mexico in tlio rii'li I ness ol hex cause, in ilicjnstice. feelings and pur poses of tlio n inliern pirt of this t'tiiiiii, an I siys thai "he is directed to repel (rrc.'i'tritr) tlnprotesl of fered, ami to i.iforui him tint tlio l'fesi lent of the Uuile I Stales greatly mis I'.es if he thinks lint Mexi co will yield lo the llireits which, exceeding all the conslitulioii'il powers vented in hen he Ins nddresseil to her. Mexico wishes 10 see no inlerriiiiou of her friendly relations wi h ihcUniied .Stales, in -p leeven of the serious breach nf ih.-iu in ihe uxireiii,. ,,rn. untie to her lint he Ins bieo fiiihltssly ileill vy.ib r.,r iwenly y-irs. This the willpasaovcr; , .,,,( Kms, ,,, ourselves under their prntec- lias expressly reserved all powers not delegated 1 cire of a pious inspires them and 11s with the hope that nliiiiriiie cniifcreiieo has been held between our En vo) nnil the Ercnch Monarch, in which ihe I titer dts- tale ol prudence, il wo consented to llie resi- : jj.,, r,!sw cruwtl their charitable efiutts covereo senninenis not nut. iviirnine i" nif uftisii, 1 nonce ol siicu a tiiissti nary, or sum our eyes to . . tins AlmiinsiraiioniipTexas and 10 the I'residcnt s , (.l,RgC(.uun,.es I)f tli3 mterleretice with our . " 'S 1,10 coihiiil' year. i...u'a nf tin ri'Iiiitins. 111. in 1 114 noint. iK'twe.ti I nil . . 1 I ...... . mtnirvnnd Mexico Thee good distmsiihns the Uoinestic. concerns. ... Somen, ing HKe a Imntireil tloll.ti s was rc insirucli ittt are meiiit lo enfoicc, by plying thai Sov- 1 he union til these hiatus was lormod fur the njzej fcom ,(J piry ,lst ..(M . .,nj ,,js creign wuh argunieiits in lavor of sluery, w uh in-i purpose, amon other tliinss, of ensuring do- . ' ' ' . fininiiins ugiinsl the poimcai aims tu ureai iiruain, i nicstic, anil Drtividiti" lor the com-1 ""I" "r " .ll",uli ' " an I vvuh wlntever nny induce I'rance lo become a t ,,, ller0CC) alf j,, c.u.sideratiim thereof this ; of poor aiif"dust itutc chihlren, u horn the let ttnrtv to I u IV-i fchnue of l hose now in power. . . . ... . . . , ,. t 1 The country cannot fad to be struck with the fact ! '"' y'oM'-'d Hie right to keep troops ,,r ships-1 a,ml(! icv ()f lu Dis,rict Sc(UU, SVM(,n nfstieli nn appeal lo an lairopcan I'ovvirot -ucn an j to "tii iti iniie iii peace, vvitteioi too ctmsLMii in , - r ... , elliirt 10 irocute its countenance in phn- fir which ' Congress, but while thus consenting to bj tits- j woulu have lull to lilleliess, lieggury a we should never Invudesunel lo wish aid from any ! urtni'il, tdio Ins in no p irt of the ronsiilu'ional , lelleclual if not physical starvation ipiiiter. ifiheyhid!V'fnwrihyofus. Ibis is. ccr- ' Ci ., 8llrromurej ,f.r ri f imnruil gov- , , , . ', ' , ,, mxiiy. i. iiti oren.Mn, ainee our very childhood as , , , r, ,.. ,r been cat hered tone her iindet- Iho " n niiioii. when we were ever reduced lo sno for iho 'eminent and police, and on Iho contrary thereof j . " .. , ', P if on her siin;dy exerting her own c'eirriebl to her ov'.'ll lerrtutrv, vvitnoiit tiny suit ni tiiieiice, lite unueti States please ui alter the exi?ti'ig reliltons of peice, the respons'.bilnv will nol be Mexico's." This note is d tied nn the list October. Tlio an swer of Mr. Shannon is of llie 3 1 November. It ex exr.ressps his snrnris i invsilnt letbl noeotn- J mntiicalion wild Mexici but in terms respectful to ' ivattls himself and Ihe intion ho represetiis: llm ihe , lingingeof Senor Il.'j ui is gro-slv niruiivt! lo ihe I people oflho I'nitcd Stiles, ac 'Using then of f ilse i hood, artifice, intrigue, tlishnnornhle designs, and ini - p i.leul usurp ilion, .tc. In slinrr, nfer several rcprt I sils In the way of incivilities, he says lint the Idler is grossly insulting, coulu hive neen meant for nothing el-e, and that ho Ins no nllern nivn bit to ask its withdrawal. He is about in send ofi'n courier home, be siys j as ihe further relations of the two O ivcrn innts may ilenend on whit he is about in teporl lo hismvn, he begs for nn immediite reply. On tlm Gib Seii'ir R.j in replies. He'is nntasinn ishe.l, he savs, lint Mr. Slnnnon, ifler si repetledly styling llie Mexicans harhiiraus, shoit'd now lake re. fuge in the pretences nf a eontiesv lo which bcsoeius lo think lint he nnd his Government were alone enti tled. He (Mr. H.) In- employed without sunt to RUPTURE WITH MI5X1C0. Mil. SHANNON'S COllUF.Sl'ONDF.NCi:. Tlio National Intelligencer of S tiunlay collates from its files nf Mexican papers just received (tier Sll lliau) tlio following sum. t wards Mexico language nf which il would be easy In V 1 ' n I nl,ii ,li nnniir. r..i,.rntii,n tut I it u'nan hm I mt niary of the recent Correspondence, ending i,y who sent him tlcsireil not what was the proper- in a 11 iro up, between our Embassador, Mr. ! "''i'ut " d'p!'"iicy, (peice,) but a .quarrel. On his 11 ' oivn pirt, he ineint lo give linn no right grounds for Shannon, ami the Mexican Secretary of one. Hcis hound, llicrelore, to petsisi in what he roreigii Allans. W'n copy the summary be- J Imv. It will bo seen tlut Mr. Sh union has contrived to commit our Govcriiniont, ns , milit Invn been expected nf him, in the' iiiosl enib irr.Ksinsr in inner, by proclaiiiiing tli it the Annexation of Texas has been a j leaTing object wilh our government for the ' last twenty years during which limn wu , Invn mailt) a solemn treaty with Mexico, re-. cognising Texas as an integral portion of thai country, and h.ivn repeatedly and emphali- ; colli disclaimed all designs upon it, and all as said, and is instructed lo repent it, Tliu following are the concluding letters of the coirespontlencc. Knibassy nf ihe Uni'cd Piates, Mexico, Nov. 4, 184 1. 5 To his excellency JI. C. Ilejin, .Minister ol Torcign liel ilio'is, tf-e., nf iho .Mexican llepiib'iot The subscriber. Unvov Kxiraoithn iry and Minister I'leiii.iolei'iirv of the Uniled Slates nf America, has received anil read vvuh sutprise life little of his excel lency M. (J. Iltjon, Minister of Foreign Helalions of 1 devoted lath, and uhil to the Un.ted S.utes, nor proh.biled by it to the 1 1 ic have received mentnl culliiit! suited ihe pit' ho informaiion, far loo hide. Il greatly im- pons lliepeop'e lo know the whole length and breadth of this novel slop ; to sound the precise depth of this' new huiuil atioo ; to know substantive vvlnt it is, t how it cmio ah nit, wh it preceded it : what is nbso- bib ly involves, both lo France and ourselves. i It iniisi, at trice, necur lo evetv one as impo.sileV, thai n ilis 'rcet Minister, long nrnciied in nnblic af- fiiis, hk" Mr. Iving, should have held with ihe most nolili ofieigniug Princes, on a subject so ileltcale antl s i i'linortaui. n eonversrion i f soch mouienl, unlets o ni Massachusetts denominates as ' . 1 . , ise persons for whoso protection her' agtinst the approaches of Vice, and incited to itudo has devised this extraordinary j i,c praclicu of virtue. pra When such is the object to be attained would it be necessary to niakn a loud nppr distiiiLllij authorized py fie President In do ta There mcern- tliu country can Inrilly tall, ihen. lo hive been orrrem struclions. nnil , Ihen. to hive been orrre mg in- ! . , ,, - mn Ih is tor a tenor which f gr-i'.iv more , .Ma-sichu-elts her.-elt treat as citizens per. oitniry lo know, than ih" i'eraiiou nf nl this class ro.Miliu within h.;r hunts, i,,M theories about llm true designs nf .hil inihropy. "1 he j ,jm.p. )llt ,, tits- our r.uv, t lev were subject- nnhtie. in a word, is lit ollft! sensitive nil the S'-nrt! nf, ,,, , .' t.:..i. , . .i our just infernal pride, nnd cautious as to whatever regirtis men nun inngepeis pom-s m our itirriun pol icy. 1 1 will, llicrelore. tleniind lo kn ivvexietly whit Ins been done, anil in w hit position we hive been placed, bv Ihese proceedings. It will des're lo see Mr. King's ilespileh, detailing whit pissnl helwien him anil Iho Km.' nf Ihe Fieiich t ihe aulborilv upon which be wenl inlo iich a conference; nuil niijlnn. lieitv antl innsibihiy of any tdelges nblainetl nr given ; ihe prtitncols, if there were any ; nnd any subsequent comniiinicaii'in from our I."galiou at I'atis, that con cerns the present aliunde of the mailer. MASSACHUSETTS AND SOUTH CAROLINA. Another cloud lowers on the horizon. Massachusetts, has resolved to contest, peace fully and legally, iho constitutionality nf the laws of certain slavehtildinc Stales, under which colored Seamen of Freti Stales, not ,t ... . . 1 tin in mmsc l mil in ue govern it'll a tu peep e w 1:11 connexion nr sympathy with lis insurgent m-' j," i,ns'ho i,nor lo icpreseni. The nine nf his excel habitanls. Souur Ill'.JON tines nof hesil.ito , lency Senor lbjon accuses, wilh teiicration, in tcrins to walk into Iho gap ihus blunderingly open- ! United States wilh tbieii, anifiee, intrigues, nnd do- ,J ijij, .j . I sign, ot a dishonorable elnrneter, una nl siiauu lcss ' j usurpation. I, further imputes to General Jackson, Mr,uiiANN'OS sets out in tho first and main letter ' lhal be sent lo Texas, vv hilu he was President of the. (ofO.'to'ier It) by informing .Vechgtiiiv Ukjon lint Umled Slates, (Jen. Houston, wuh Ihe secret purpose the l'tesflent of the Unuol -ilales "instructs bun lo ami tlisii inoraiuo uoogii oi oxcuiug uie penpte to re ptolest. in lite most solemn form, hoih ag.'mst tho in. 1 voll, wilh the view nf procuring the annexation of the va'ionfof Texas by Mexicnjal this limn ami the nnn-1 slid lerrirory lo iheUiulcd States. These inipiilalions ner in which il is prooosed to he conducted " Hn re- nre foiintlid, in pirr, upon inisrepreseniaiion of ihe fcrs lo ihenrder nfOeneral WoLi:, issued on ihe21ih noleof Ihe undcrsii'iieti, sogrossand palpable, and it June last, andfiuniled nu a foverninenial decree nf is repealed with suc'i frequency, nnd in lingiiago so IbelTtli or Ihesamc monlli in 3M. Tlial tinier an-1 ntlenixe. nsio inaniiesi a iies gn oeiinernieiy toiiisiiii niiiinei s the renewal of tho war against Texas, di-1 Ihe people and government of t lie I'mied Stales. To reels all eouiiniiniealiori- in cine, antl denounces as i lliose imputation, so uuiouiiucii, iieiue in language so Ira'uors. punislnble under ihenriiclennf war. all who instilling, nnd wilh the simo object, (lie undersigned imv btiilcieciedin nny inlercotirse. It furiher pives 1 cannot reply ho has, therefore, no nther alternative llie Mexican ltniiblic. tilted the 3 1 si tilt., which wis1 ..I,.,-,.,,, I ...ol, ,,r s,isi, nf imv eriinn urn doiiileil ns a reply to a note of Iho subscriber, of the I , '. ,- , o 14ih nfihe same month, protesting ngninsl iho pro-j imp) isoncd on arriving wilhri lltoso blales, posed inva ion oi texas uv .uixico, tnu ag;misi tne in inner in which it wis to bo conilucnd. The undersigned cannot hold cointii inication with Ihn government of Mexico , except on terms respect etl tn varintis dts ibilities Iroiii which her other nth iln t .i nl weio exempt. Your roiiiuiillee cannot hut regard this extra ordinary iiuivi'iiient as pirt of a deliberate and ennretlcd sch-iue Insuliverl the il.iuiestic insti lutums of the S itithern States, in plain violation id the terms nl tho' ciunpict, and of Ihe o I f.titl. which ouolit to subsist between the parties theieto, and to which they btund sol euiofy pledged. Your coininilteo recommend the adoption of the following resolutions : 'Cl.n in.lril.ll.ill. , r It,, a e. . .. .... r. ..n ..... niiifli; in every olher, fir pohiieal prudence, nnd for , -,,,, S,, f M.-flniselts dennmlnate, as lhe,r IK'e(1 haVU l"'R" C1,r,'l"y "nu citizms tho tender solicitude mission, let it it were admitted that they are citizens of that Stale, your committee cannot snppo-e that she will ch tllong! lor them Great er rights, immunities ami privileges within our1 l0lile nnblic heart, even if a rnoie direct (tin lorrilniinj ll. i.l it 1,1, I In. ii,.ri.,,i,i. llm ' , s..: n ro inn tribu.ioi. woro .1." n.tido for ol.laining llm nt llu' your cnniitnttei! deny ihat thev are citi-' cosstiry means ? Vo hope not; wo lielievi zens wiihin tho iii-aiiin nf ihe constitutio, i, nor I... , n,, ,,. ini'eiiuiiy of woman has pre i red a method iif iiiiimling pleasuro will he S.eietarvnl Stale's ilogm is nbotii slavery, or Ins eitle'r lit tho ailoiilion nl the cnnlitiitiim nr'diitv: and tl V Contributions nillOll" tltolll t tie sinen: hut till the e.on' r.irv. t inu it'iirw Mobi..l , ., t . i I : .1. selves, lliu Ij tnies uavi? so iirrnngi-u ii in. when wi! 'jo In the appointed place to deliv ur our oireringi, wu uru coidially invited in, to spend n delightful evening witii them, and j iho risl of our nidgliliors and fellow contrib utors, and are stolfud, "free, gratis for noth ing," with all tlio good things that unbound ad liberality can supply. This certainly is enough to say, to make every good man resolve without delay, that if a dollar is honesily to bo had, hn will go to the parly wilh a lady on each arm. All who cherish benevolent feelings all who have llic noblo wish to help thoso that cannot help themselves ill who desire to see ihe childion nf poverty reclaimed fiom the perverting influences thai loo inevitably surround thoni all who prefer the rescue of one undying spirit from ruin and ship wreck, o the possession of a few paltry shillings all in short, who have in them the true heart, ihat feels in every puis it Ion , that solitary selfishness is rebellion against (he design of Heaven all such, nre included in the ear nest invitation of the Ladies of Darlington, lo incut litem at tho Pearl Street House on the Evening of New Year's day, and spend a few hours in lite interchange of kindly feel ings, and for the furlhoranco of a sacred ob ject. Friends! fellow citizens! ono and all, come up to tho gathering. nnd what general objects nru lo ho sought. Ho is instructed furthermore, lo protest oganstlht! renewal of the war ngainsl Texas," nnd especially against tho barbarous manner in which il is totm carried on; nnd, in litis connection, Mr. Calhoun urges upon him a greul variety of motives for pursuing with en- rgy nnd prudenro tlm project of Annexa tion. Lvery linn nf this document bears cv- loncc that il was intended to ho a privalo loiter of instructions, for Mr. Shannon's guid ance. It was Ins business to uso it, as op portunity offered, to present tho several views which il coniuined, as his own pru- Jencc, nnd discretion might diclulc. He was furnished wilh n plan of operations, nnd ils success depended entirely upon the caution antl Ingenuity wilh which it was carried into effect. His vnrv first sten is to submit tho whole thing to tho Mexican Secretary ! Ho coolly copies Mr. Calhoun's letter of instruc tions, signs his own name to it, and despatch es it to the Mexican covernmcnt ! All tho private directions which Mr. Calhoun has given linn : the revelations of the secret policy and intentions of the United Stales ; iho whole scheme by which our government has long been seeking to dupe and cajole the government of Mexico ; all nre thrown open, deliberately copied, and, with the sfi:- dor affixed, aid hefnri. llm Si.rrnini.. nf il.m government against which they arc directed ! This, it must he conceded, was a most re markable beginning. Hut il is quite crlipsed by what ensued. Mi. Rejon, iho Mexican Secretary, replies to (his loiter from Mr. Shannon, far less angrily than was to bo an ticipated. Air. Shannon, repeating Mr. Cal houn's private information to him, hud in formed Air. Ilejon that fur the last twenty ..r l...r 'n , i ., , . ihij, tii V.UHISU, iieture i exas unci inoiignt ol rebelling, wlulo Us rightful connection wilh and submission to Mexico were undis puted,) ihe United States has been secielly striving to gain possession of her territory! Mr. Kejiin replies, that this is a virtual con fession that Ihe United Slates have dealt treacherously wilh the Government of Alexi co, inasmuch us the fact now confessed, has lerelnfnro been tepealedlv tlisavowed hv our Government. He presses llii. fact tinnn Mr. Shannon's attention very forcibly and wilh "real ability. Indeed, his desp ilch is ono of tho ablest diplomatic papers ever is sued by Mexico, anil it not answered will bu considered by tlm civilized world, as placing llm United btates in a most dishonorable po sition, as having conquered Texas, first by colonizition and ihen by exciting insurrec tion against its sovereign. Air. Shannon, lifter having heaped upon Alexico epithets far more opprobrious and insulting than any he receives in return, complains that this response is disrespectful ; and, in offended dignity, nnd without deigning to reply to its reasoning or to expose what ho calls its "misconstruction," dcmrinis that it be with drawn ! To which Mr Sejun very properly rejoins that, so fir from withdrawing it, ho is instructed lp repeat and insist upon it, in every p midline. And ihus Mr. Shannon is left, in tho most pitiable predicament ever en countered by a diplomatist. Ho cannot go on wilh his correspondence, without with drawing his own demand and thus make him self doubly ridiculous; and if he nltempis lo carry out the game, and plunge the country into war on his accounl, Conjress will soon bring him to his senses in that particular. Courier. DEATH oF II UN HE .IANAI.LK X. At a moeling of tho Bar of Chittenden liesohtd. That the right to exclude from their ter rilniks seditious persons or others, whoso presence may be dangerous to their peace, is essential lo every independent. Htsolecd, Tint free Negroes and persins of color arc not citizens of ihe United States within tho mean ing of ihe consolation, winch confers upon ihe citi zens nf one Stnle the ptivileges and immunities of eit zens in the several Mans. Itesolred, That the emissary sent by the State nf Massachusetts lo the State of Soulh Carolina, wilh the avowed purpose of uilerfciing with her institu tions and disturbing, her pence, is lo be regarded in lite .wl in i-,il until their vessu is real V to -linoclt-r l.o lias a,su,neu, nnu to uo tieauu accoru "-I j nolice lliai all who may be found ihree miles beyond the east bank of the ltio llravo will be trcatednsnc cnmulicis wilh the revolier-, triitors lo Mexico, and liable In siiuituiry inililirv mil anu p imsiiiuent. What may ho expected lo hedone in the 'Pet inns under ibis order nny, he siys, bo inf-rred furu the fateof the stiaugers who lauded niih General Scs'T man t. rroiu that ncl, in limn of peace, (says our Minister,)" some f.iinl conception may be formed of the bub. irons and inhuman spirit in which General Wail's order may be expected lo beexeciiicd. ll was," he continues, Omitler n decreenf a sitnilerehar acier, but not sn comprehensive or hiiharous in ils provisions." that Fannin antl bis parly were execu ted. The pre-cnl order, he inils, amounts to tie cluing a war of exnrininnlion up in Texas nnil all found llirro. " Such is l:o hitharniis mode in which lite (i.ivernmeni of Mexico has pinelaimed lo the world it her intention In conduct the war." Vel what can holier nhj-cl 7 The conlesl "hns tieen virluillv suspended fill eight years, and her te sources nre knnwn to bn so exhausted ns to .cave her without the means nf fulfi'ling her engagements. -One nbieel nnly e m he ,. signed, ant that is to defeat the annexation nf Texas tn the Ihiiied Slates. Mie linnws full wi-ll thai llie measure is slill pending, nnd dial ihe rejeeiion nf llie treaty has I nl posii nned it, She kunws that when Congress adjourned it was pending in hnth Houses, ready In he tnken iipnndnct nil mi nl its next ineetinp, ami Tm il is nl present ac tively canvassed by the people throughout ihe Union'! "hrj is nnl intern nl thai lheileeiinn w ill in all proln biliiv he in iis fivor, unless it hntild I e defcalcl bv some movement exterior In th" I'niicd Slates." Such he islies ibis of Mexico ni niennl lo be. " The United Slates rnnnol," he says. " vvhiln ihn nietMr of Annexation is tending, sinnd quietly by npn permit sneli results. It hns been n measure n! r.. nilllure, tn Iho Po ORre O'linrtment I linliev I ntf eberislied. nnd deemed in lisnelisih'e In J,.ssr.r Harper, D J Heed, Tno. Sinilh, Jfte. Urown.l iheir saf Iv nnd welfare, and hat neenrdinely beenan stid Sis'. .bj.l scadily pursued by all panics, and ihescrpiiei. than lo renuesl ihat the nnle bo withdrawn. Tlie undersigned, proposing to despatch by n spe eiil messenger, who wili set nut from here imnieihi' telv, convniiiucitions lo his (iovernmeni, and as ihe future relations which nnv subsist between the United Stales .mil Mexi 'n inav depend on the represenlalions which inav then gni lo bis Covernmenl, he begs that an immediate replv may be nude lo Ibis num. The under-I'.'ited, tie., WILSON SHANNON. National Palace, Mexico, Nov. 0, 1BII. To his Kxeellencv Wilson Hiiannon, ordinary of ihe Unite I .S'lntes nf Ametiea t The undersigned, Minister of Foreign Ilelalinns. ,f-e lias leceivetl ihe nnle of his F.xcellencv Wilson .S'hinnnn, Hnvny l-'xlnnrdinary, &.C., nf lb- 4 ll inst., relative lo llie teller of llm undersigned dnletl the 311 of October last, tepelling the protest which his F.xcel lencv imdengainst t lie invnfcion of Texns by tho Mex. lean (ioveininenl, and the mode in which it was in tended to be leenniphshetl. The courso of conduct pursued bv the Onvernmenl and Soiilhe'ii people f ihe United Sla' ihentii'S linn of sail provider, belonging In this Republic, ha v. itirr been verv irregular, llie onder.igttf tl ha" not been surprised ihat when therpiestion was placed in ils lino poinl nf view, snipped nf the enilnrrnssnienis in which Ii bus been stunlit In disguisn il, lite American Lega tion has not chosen to enter upon it selling up iho pretext tint It is nnl perutilleil In miininin roinniiiui oniinnn wilh ibis Onvernineiii except upon terms re spi-clfnl in llie .senium, and Iho Government nnd .,onln which it renresenls. ArTd. in ficl. lo whal nili. er rinse can be nllribtiled this exclusive nlicitude L. f.M...llA..H.. IViLtn tsltnnnn,, in,iiir.i. In WHICH III- r,iri"M .......i-.- . sail, when tl ey uru liberated only on the payment of costs. We have already an nounced tlm appointment of Hon. S.vmuix Hiun. of Concord, Ms., as Agent of ALinsa chtiseiis, lo reside in Charleston, S. C, and his acreplanct; of tht' post. Section 2, Aiticlo IV. oflho Constitution of the U. Stales is in iho following words : '1. The citisent of each Slate shall be entitled to all privileges und immunities of Citiztrii in the sev eral States." In Massachusetts nnd in several other Stales of tho North, frco colored persons are made citizens ; anil it is cluimcd ihat ihe Constiluliiin makes no distinction between colored and white citizens. South Carolina, however, refuses lo rerognizo colored citi zens of (Massachusetts as citizens in the ac ceptation of llm Constitution, and nnl only wiihout the "piivilegi's nnd immunities" which it is contended llm Constitution of llie IJ. S. secures In them, hut passes laws im prisoning them whenever lliey come wiihin her jurisdiction. To this Massachusetts ob jects; and being n law -hiving Stale, and til ways ready to asceitain her Constitutional rights in tho mode pointed nut by the Con stitution itself, sho has determined lo appeal io tho Supremo Courl for its constriictiun of-j tho provision of tho Constitution which wo have quoted. In pnrstiancii of such deter mination, she has appointed nn agent to 10 sidu in Soulh Carolina and lake the neces sary steps lo bring the question heforo thu Supremo Judicial tribunal of ihn country. Thai agent is tho Hon. S.imiirl Hoar, who, arriving at his post, addressed the following demand for himself, his Government and his pviple letter to the Governor, diverting niicntinn fintn the tree question those Chaulmtos "Slh Nov.. 1811 tokens nf respect which he has tlenicd to ihe Mexican 'A'";"0. f" 0 8"' Republic nnd lis Onvernmenl. which he his sn manv1 Stnt-Vour Excellency tj already informed of re limes in l.i, note of Ihe Hlh of October, ricnominn.d moasltJiu-f mi le by the t.omnianwtallh of Mi-w iit'dv. Itesolred. Tlm his F.xcellrney the Governor bo re quested to expel from our Territoty the siid Agent, after duo nolice to depart, nnd that the Legislature will sustain the Kxccuiivo Auihoiiiy in any measures il may adopl for llie put pise aforesaid. WM. F. DE SAUSSUKU, Chairman. Dec. -lib, 184 1. Tho foregoing report and resolutions were this day agreetl to by the llouso of Representa tives, and vvcro concurred in bv the Semto. WM. H. MARTIN, Dec. Slh, ISM. Clerk of the Senate. Hero it will he seen that the Slate of South Carolina, which is forever pretending to stand by tho Constitution, assumes, as she has heretofore done, lo interpret that in strument according to what she considers her own interests, regardless of iho interests and tho rights nf others I Instead of quietly re ferring ihe subject in dispute In thu only tri bunal which can constitutionally lake cog niz men of iho question at issue, she imou denllv places herself abovu that sacred in strument, and gravely expels iho agent of M issachuselts from her territory, and huils defiance at tho whole Union ! Willi an ef ficient fighting population equal to what is what is cnniained in two or tlireo of our wards, sho neain resorts lo threats nnd at tempts to bully the whole country after llie most approved stylo of gasconade. It il were not thai this wholo mailer is a very grave affair, which may compel other parts of ihe country to leach " nil tho chiialry" thu full extent of their impudence nnd folly, wo might ho disposed to laugh at the impo lency of licr threats. But this may not be. Shu must ho taught, nnd that quickly too, that Soulh Carolina is not llm United States, hut a very inconsiderable and unimportant part of il ; and that it is no part of her duty MR. AMBASSADOR SHANNON. Shame for our own country is an extreme ly unpleasant sentiment, and one in which Americans seldom have reason to indulge. But il is impossible nol to feel it, in view of iho recenl diplomatic correspondence be tween thn American Ambassador " Exlrn oidinarv " in Mexico, and iho Mexican Sec retary of Foreign Relations, Senor Itrjon. Wo say nothing, at present, of the part whicl Air. Calhoun has hoi no in the matter, or of the strange attitude into which hn has forced llm government of thu United Stales, to wards (he nations of Europe. But we find il difficult to believe, that there is a Justice oflho I'eaco in the country, who could not have c inducted his part of tho negotiation better than Air. Wilson Shannon has done. He seems nnt in havo erred through wilful ness, hul from sheer ignorance nnd slupidi- .... sv . rs ly. When appointed Minister, mr.oecraia ry Calhoun gives him a letter of instruction, directing him what topics are to be brought te " provide for (he public sifely." Her lo the notiro of the .Mexican government, County, at I'rouly's Hotel, on Wednesday, tlio lllh day of December, A. D. 1S44, IsnAHt. P. RluiuitDsoN, Esq., Stile's Allor noy, took the Chair, and Bcnj. J. Ten.nxv, Esq. was appointed Secretary. The chair having annoiiiited tho fuel of tbn recent decease of the HON. H E.MAN ALLEN, onu of tho tildes! members of llie Bar, and that it was tho objf.ct of the meet ing to take some suitable measures to show our icspeci for the character of tho deceased, A Comtnitti o of five was appointed to report tho sentiments of the Bar under this aflliclino tlispensttion of Divine Providence. Tlm Committee consisted nf llm following gentlemen : A. Giiiswoi.o, Al v..m Foorr., Wvi.i.vs Lyman, Charles An AMsaud John N. I'omciiov, Enquires ; who, afler retiring, reported tho follow ing reso lutions, which was unanimously adopled : llesolveJ, Vhat it is with feelings of deep gr'ef that we rcrcive the it.telij;ence of the decea-oof our late beloved and respected broth er and friend. Hem as' Allen. tlesolieJ, That we sincerely sympathize with the atll.c.led widow antl family of the deceased, in tlio groat and irreparable loss which they have sustained in the best of husbands and of fathers. ItesoheJ, Tint on the decease of .Mr. Allen, the bar has been deprived of nne of its most re spectable members the poor ami dependent of one of their kindest Iricnds society of one its pillars and ornaments and his country of ono its best citizens, and thn world of a MAN. llesohdl, Thit in lnl;en of respect for our ilecea-etl friend and brother, we will attend his funeral in a body, ami wear the usual badge of mourning for thirty days. ltesnltctl, Tint a copy of theso proceedings bo presented to the widow ami family of the deceased ; Ihat the Courl bo requested to enter them upon their Records, ami that they le pub. lished in the pipers of the town. 1SRAKI. I RICHARDSON, Ch'n. B. J. Tkn'vf.v. Sec'tj. Railroad hctwitx Portland and AIon TREAL. Air. Hall, ihu Engineer appointed bv ihu authorities of the city of Pottland, to reconnoiter the route for a Railroad between Peril ind and Alontieal, his returned, hav ing found every thing favorable to tho pro ject. The Sherbrookii Gazelle of Nov. 14, slates that a Railroad Survey has been com pleted from the Si. Lawrence River oppo site Montreal, by Air. Crocker, nn able En gineer from Massachusetts, by the way of St. Hyacinth and Shcrbrooke, to the line of Vermont nt Stanstoad. The Porilund re connoisHtice, wo suppose, connects with Crocker's survey at Sherbrooke. The Sher brooke Gazette says " tho route is not only practicable, hut uncommonly favorable." The Governor of Canada, in hit Uls message to Parliament, recommends the ap. propiution of monty lo build it In e line.