Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 20, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 20, 1844 Page 3
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07- Mr. C. S. Chase tins been clcliverinp leclurcs hero for a week or Ion ilnj s past, on Mesmerism, Aniniul Magnetism, or, as he calls it, Pathethm, Not being skilled in lliis wondrous scionco, we are not capable of jtiilgicg how far ho lias iucieoded in liis cxnerinienis, or whether 1 ' I .i .i i . i t ..r .i. mrjy can jusuy uc reparueu ns irsi hi urn truth of the science. One thine is (run, ho has had full houses, night nfier night, and his audiences havo pulionlly striven, in the face of cvciy discouragement, to fall into tho pa thetic state. Some have succeeded, and been experimented on with various degrees of success , while cithers, donbllcst from n nredisnnsilion to skrnticisni. have remained X 'as usual." In spilo of ovciv effort. Wo Mr. f!. Iia nrndiiced narnl vsis of the jaw in cases, so that teeth liavo been extracted without pain. V havo not, ourself, enjnved that luxury. A gentleman upon whom Mr. Chase operated at Jontpn- lier, being accidentally in town, lias cxliiln ted through tho whole course, the most suc cessful and atisf ic:ory experiments. The closing lecluro will be given this (Friday) Evening at Sirong's Hall. P. S. We havo just received n commu nication from Mr. J. E. Brinsmaid, stating that Mr. Chaso has succeeded in pallatizing tho face of Mrs. B. so as to unnblo her to have two teeth extracted without pain, and also by the same means has removed a local pain which has afflicted Mrs. B. for several months. The length of the letter precludes its insertion at this lain hour. TEMPERANCE MEETINGS. A meeting of thosu in favor of circling nnti. limine, commissioners, will he held at the Court House this evening at half past six- COLCHESTER. The opponents of Lic.i'iisrs will hold n meeting at the Falls Meeting House on Mon day evening next, at half past six. JERICHO. A meeting of those opposed to the grant ing of Licenses, will ho held at the Meeting House at Jericho Centre, on Tuesday even- inn next at six o'clock I. M. E. A. Staus- burv will aililn-ss'tlie meeting by request. CONGRESSIONAL GLOBE. We refer tho reader to the prospectus of this niitilicntion in anolher column. It is the onlv workoflhe kind published at Washing ton. It gives a full report of the doings of Confess, tonelhrr with all the uocu- menu connected therewith; and this too, in n form convenient for binding and reference, and ut a prico too moderate to talk about. IlEUGtOUS NOTICE. Providence permitting, a Misyiunnnj Meeting will be held in the MeihoilUt E.iiscopal Clinrrli of this vill.i20,on Wednesday evening, the 25 h inct. Sorviena In cn-nllienco at 0 o'clock. Uev. Messrs. Converse, Stark.-, Meeker, Gridley, and Haslam. are invited, and cxpecled to address the audience. The citizens generally are invi ted tn attend. T. W. PEARSON. Burlington, Dec. 18, 1SU. Tea Party. TIIF, I,AOIi:.S OF IlUltMNOTON propose riv; a 'jv-i Miptn mi the i-vemmr ol JANuAlli 1-1 I3IV at til Pair! filled House for ihe Lenent of the OlIAlMTV SCHOOL ti,..,- mII le h.mnv lo ce all their fnenl-, at bl. ..'..I..I, i M. ..I.lll,ni'i....l .,nlrv1', ...... Or.STl.EMES 50es, Tiei.eis mav le ha 1 .11 ihe ISooki-tores and id the Pearl Si reel House. N. I!. Conlnliiilions to ihe Table EhoiiIJ be sent in belore noon on Ai-w-i ear s uay. Fair. The Ladiii nf the Episcopal Society will bold r Fair at Siron Hall, on Tuesday next, com. mnncing at 1 o'clock and -ontiuuin: during llio afioniiinn niul e.vetiiiiL'. Tickets 12 cents', to be had at the door, redeemable in articles for bale. Burlington, 20 h Dec. BOXER ENGINE. The members of Ihe llnxcr Engine Company Lare requested In meet at llio hogine lt''in on ISaturdav. the 21il inU at 7 o'clock. 1 . Jl. Uy lorder of LOUIS FOLI.E I 1, Cap'n, E. Smith, Clerk. notici:. A Meeting of persons in favor of suitable li censes lmin" rrranloil to innkeepers nnd retail ers will bo bold at l'rnuty's (late Howard's) Hotel, in U'lrlinton, on Tuesday nvouins, aitii inst,, at G o'clock, 1'. M. ed are invited to attend. persons hue rest 1 Maffiraca dl , In this lovvn, on ihe 13th inst., by R.v. Tlios. W. Pearson, Mr. F.owabd J. Fav to Miss Mabv Ann I'ETEnsON, both of ibis village. In Milton, on the llihinst., Mr. Silas Eabie, of Westford, to Maiiv Ann, only daughter of Dea. Al phcus Hall, of M. ID ii cflj, In this town, Friday, 13ih inst., CiunLOTTE.KLizi daughter of John A. and Charlotte II. Arthur, aged 17 years, inuusiown.onine loin insi., .urs. .iiabv, whbui Stephen Russell, nged G3 years. Printers in Conn. are requested, if-c. In Charlotte, 13th inst., David Wir, in the 29lli lycar of Ins age. In Jericho, Dec. 9lh, after a very protracted and fiislressing illness, of a cancer in Ihe breast, Mrs. i Pollv Rood, in the 09lb year of her age. She endured her last Kickncss, which was of a very distressing nature, with truly ciinsmn rurlilude. Her last moments were n (rue index lo her previous cxeuiplaryand Christian life. For nearly forlv years she a kirned tha professiun ora lollower ot ihe Savior, Comm. Windsor Co. papers please copy. Stoves. 7VKRV .uper or CQOK STOVES of various Sizes. A I.SO. a first rale Colter lor sale in exchange for Wood on ground. GI'OHGF. PRTKKSON, Ilurlingion Dec. 1814, 29 Taper, Books, and Puper Hang ings. THK subscribers, having purchased Ihe PAPER MILL in Milton, and intending to do mainly a country burines", would inlnnn Printers, Merchants and the publin generally that ihey are prepared lo make contracts for paper, blank and schoul books, blank., tc. &c. They intend aikling next season a Hock of Paper Hangings, and keeping a supply. Rags, Produce, and every article usej In their bun nest icceived in payment. .... 1 ' 6QUIK.R if O ATI'S. Mllinn, Tee., 1B14. 29 STATR of, vwuiON l" l.yon's Kstatc. , ryilV. Hon. thcsj'ro . t L Imte Court or til 1 linnet tt ohiitciuicn Dis'rict of (liiitrmlrn ! To nil ncr.nns concerned in the c-tnlt- of Asa L. Lyon, late ol Sliclburne, in sakl ui-iriet, deceased, viiikdtino. WiiEtir.As, F.lvirn 1. Benson, administratrix ol inc e-tateol snil tlucenoc1, propo-os to render an account of her administration, nnd prc-cnl her account ngainsi.said (stale for examination nnil nllmv-nncc at ,'?'"" of iheCiairt ofProbnic, to I e l-olden nt tho l?in l.lnid Mill.... in Hurt t Mir Inn . ,,, Hld UlstMrf. OnlllC ... '."- . - " ' second Wednesday oi January next. TtirBrfntir. fnti nsn l,rilil' notified In nnneir tie foro Nil-? court al the limo ami place afuroaiil, and 'hew ca i-n, if any yon have, wny ine ncco.mi awro .li.l .linnll lint lin nllntfr. I. ' Oiv-ii under inv hand nl Burlington, this IG:li day ofDereiu'ier, A. D. 1SII. 20 Win. WF.STON, limlsler, nrsT TMIH Subscribers aro in lUlit, nil I their creditors puviuciit ate ii lie hauls ol llicir I'lblor-. Tlu-V imiiiioi nay I'm hv heimr rj.ii-l. and thev inn I lu naiil In enable theni-clve lo set out ol dclil. Thev nro Hit- inure in earnest in eon-en 'ciu-o of Hie bu-iuess propoes or I Ik- eimnlrv crowing out nl llic cleclioii of Hill.- and Dnl'ns. For nltho igh they nie Demo erats ded m ihe w ol, liny have fears tho poll' t-y of i he npproacluug administration may operale di-n-trou-lv ui-on llu-tr hu.incss. and Ihev nre deter mined lo lie oiil ol dent hctnro Hie wing propnectes of the delriieiiiin of ihe larid', ihe n-luii sum ol Tex as and ihe bankrimtoy and ruin consequent upon nice incisure', hnll lie veniicd. The stil scribers therefore mve notice In all persons indelilc.l lo them. I Imt thev inn. I be nil I bv Ihe 15lli u.w ot .lanuary next, or eoiiiviion win i e icznuycn loreed. .i.s. .uuti-ji. oc ui.uiiii'.h-. Birlington, Dec. 1, ISti. 29 Flour. 2500 Hbls. supnrfinc Flour, 500 lla'vos uo no 100 llhls. extra do do - Smith Wharf. FOLUTTT, IIRAI1LKY it Co. Dee. lSlhlSII 20 Wanted. APF.W thousand bushels OATS at the South Wharf. I-'OLLF.TT, BUAOLLY & Co. Dee. 18lh 1811. 29 Oil. WOO Gallons Winter sperm. 31WU do do Whale, 250(1 ,10 2500 do Leaf Lard, 1000 do Olive, c-oolh Wharf. FOLLETT. URADLKV & Uo. Dee. 18-h 1511. 20 iFof Sale, Asin.ill lUvellins-ho'isc nnd lot situ-n-ed a' ihejum-tion ol Ihe new road with North street. Toe hn-i-e is vcll I'm ihpd, and nearly new, with n irnod cel lar uo ler Ihe who'e. For lei ins nnd f irlher p irtieu lars apply to the s ihseri' er on the premi-e.. rls.i;ia .ii. .wii ni.. nurin :tnn, Dp-. 1R nil. 20 v3 A t'opior Steam IJoiler AND sool Steam Box for Steaming on the Thorn soman Sysle n, for -ale hv 27 imi.N-5"..MD .t niUTilF.ItS. Periodicals for IS45. SrliSCi:ini:ltSto any of the fol'tiwinp Pnl.liea lions wlm wish lo eniilinue nnn'her ear, eau d o hv hantliii'j tin- aino-int ol sutiscriptioii lo the no- der-isne I befure the 1st of January TJ v. IIAIIUI.MJ l.i.. American Journal of McJieal, larterlv. 83,00 Alneriejn IVIeelie and Mu-cim of For- eiqn l.iiemtiire, m iii'hly. COO Anicni-an Itevieiv a Wh'ia Jn irnal 5,01) HI leVwood'-F. Iml urrli Mazaz ne. 3 00 l!eli' Me-lieal Library, Qiar'eilv 5,00 llritish and Fureign .Medical Review, Q larterly. 5,00 Boton Medical and Surgical Jo trml, 51onthy. 3,00 Ilraitcw.iii's l!elro-peel. Semi-annually. 1,00 Browii-on'. Q nrierly llev.ew. 3,00 C'.iinpl ell's Seini-moi'iihly Magazine of Fnreiin l.nera'ure. ' 5 00 Christian r.vnininer, lii-tnonilily. .1,00 Cultivator, Monihly. ' 1.00 Columbian Magazine, Jlonlbly. 3 00 Deinoeralic Review, Monthly.' 5 00 i'llinlursh ' Q inrlerly. (Reprint.) 3.00 Foreign Qinr:erly U-vie-, (") 3.00 (i rah mi's l.nlvs and Gentlemans Mag- iizine, .Mnnth'y. 3 00 Go ley's l.a Ivs Hook, Monthly. 3 00 Hunt-' Men-ham's .Mairnz'iie, .Monthly. 5,1.0 Jo'irual of the I'raiililin liistiiule, ' 5.00 Kniol.i-rl oilier .Magazine, " 5 00 Law lleporer, " 3 00 Littell's",ivuvi Aic," Semi-Monlh'y. C.ri0 l.aly's Companion. o 306 I.nii Ion li mrieily lieview, (Reprint.) 3 00 Me i-ii.Chiur?ie,il Review, Q larlerlv. 5.00 Merri's Mu-eiim, Jlonlhlv. ' 1,00 N011I1 American Renew, CJ larterly. r!lK) Nt'vv r.nsl iinler, 3 ltepnnis ofthe London, Ijhuhiirnh. Fit- ' vigii nnd Wctiniiisier, Q larle.lie-. SCO Silhinan's Journal, ' gpf) Southern Literary Mes.enger, Month'y. 5 00 Sn-i-lu-n Quarterly Revu-w. 5 00 TO RliS'l Cfiivenlenl Brick dwe'linir ' s i.nq nir ol Dee. IC1I1 1811. 29 Feathers. Gnnil'.nnl II ''N'S Feiiiiers. Forsi'ehv IVe. 17ih 1311. (23) VILAS &. NOVHS. BOOTS, VXD SIIDLS AT WIIOI.I2S l,U TV rF.IICI vll NT.S Ibat me rep! t ni-bing their stock Xl ol IIOOT.S and SHOFwilh ill dowel to ca I al Iho Mil' one door e,i-t ol Peek & .S'.iear -. Colteu'c St. Ul.O. W. LI.L'. WASTKD as nl ove. 50 Cords of Wood nnd 10 good llor-es in exchange for Boots and Shoe.. MF.N'S prime Thick B"ots at Retail. From SL75 lo t?2,2."i per pair. AI.-sO, nu ns.orimeiit of Gents,, l.a lies an 1 M.-ses Rubbers, which llio suUcritcr oflir.- al 10-1. 29 GIU W. I.KR. VI A? n('Jt''1 10 '"s former stock of ready made J - Clothing a good assortment of benvy Over jon isncus. i-rencli Cnssimeie do. All Wool Tweed do. Gents' Dress Coats, a nrimo nriicle. As the subscriber contemplates eoniicciiiig wHilns pres. cnt I usmessn inrrehnnt "tailoring csiabhshment, he oilers his present slock of icady made clollung nl n small ndvancelrotn cost. Purchasers please call und examine. JUST RECEIVKD. APRIMl. nssottment of Genis' Fine Gaiter dan cinif pumps, and Ladies' Fine Kul French dan. cingslip", which are offered cheap for cash by 23 G1CORGF, W. LF.F.. CARM1NA SACRA A Further supply received by 29wl F.DWARD3. ri. Dec. 19. A Oliristinas and Nou'-Vears ttavp. lppn i,sr, ..(,. fir.,:: j 11 jnicing, ns suitable periods tor lendeiina nnd in- iPirhaliL-iiiL' the kimllv L-reelini's of Fnendshin nnu afTeclion, fir civiug tokens of remembrance and for rcheiotis worship. All these vviys of observing these Festival occasions are good nnd pleasing in ineir appropriate places. to enauie inose who uesire a nicies su tan e lo nre sent to Gnilamcn nnd Ladies, to Boys nnd Girls, to Parents and Children, lo hired belli eilher Mnlo or eeuniin, we nre opening a greater variety al much re di ced prices, suitable for ibem. Articles purchased for Pu sents will be offered low, lo induce MANy to make Presents during iho Holy da vs. We have Gild Watches nnd Chnins, Gold Pencils nnd Thimbles, Gold Spectacles nnd Glasses, Rosewood Work Boxes. Rosewood P,i,tnr.... with cm bottle, silver. n-nrl and shell curd .., apieniui ,crordinn, Aieloilians. Cake Baskets, Gen. llcmen's nnd Ladies' leal Stone Pins and Bines. A neautiiiit London mnde I'ntenl Lr.VEll CLOCK, Beautiful Canes wiih Eilver and oilier heads. Silver ware of nil kinds. Silver I utter triers, nnd childrcns Forks, Diamond pointed Gold Pens in silver nnu gnu cases, for presents we s'inll sell the small UUL.U rencils wi n Kings lor utl only. FOR CHILDRKN. Our assortment of amusing articles nnd ns we un nerstand tho lerm "useful" articles loo aro far better than usual and will lie ollered low. 29 BRINSMAID & BROTHKRS. To Bookbinders. 1I7ANTEI). a cool Konkl.inder. n,, ... V gooil workman, and of regular lint its, may fud u periiuiiieni si-uaiion, ly, UUUUHICII. Ilurlingion, Dee. 17, 1811. 29 Look Here ! FIRST rate Lumber Sleigh, lor sale by SAMUK1 SAMUEL RKF.D. !9 Builington, Pre. 18, '41. -IIE4DY MADE CLOTHING. TIIF. snliscrilu-i h is n i.v m u i , id is continu ing tn mimifictii'i' a gener il a- ir ineni of lieidv At .1.1.. nliilliintr. In lip mldt! Welt and strum'. In vinir the ndvantate of lhoe nndn in (the cilv Slop shop, na the uh.nrihpr manufactures him Mf, be save, llic liiml p'ofil paid to the wholeaa'e denier, ami is tin rrliy enililril to sill ns enenp ns em lip tin inlil plci-u-hprn. Onp prp l! In-lnreilirnl til niir cbao of Ihe snhscribrr. t tbnt his clolhinr i nil made here, nflorilina crnplnympnl to our own citizens, and thus practieillv carrying out in part tho impor tant American Systsi of Protection to Home Industry. Rins. if nnv. Reived on eratis. Garments mndo to order, ns nsual. nnd warranted in every particular. JA.uhi .IIUUIII.I.I.. Uurlineton, 20ih Dec , 1311. 29 Christ inns is Coming ! A ND the Annuals nnd n creat variety nnd n of other A Holiday pre-ent in ri -h andclezant bindin-j l.avc come to Kdv.ird' Cheat, Cn-li Ptore. Anion? thebe-lnre Nature's Genu ; or, Ameri can I-lowers in llicir wanve iinuni ny u. I-'mdubt, with twenty plates, carefully colored after Nature j and Landscape Views ol their loenhties from drawings on the spot. Fortnins one decani Ojinrto Volume printed on the finest paper nnd richly hound in Silk. I'riec. $7,50 The Leaflets of Memory ; Edited by Keynrll Coates, Illustrated with twelve fine Plates ciiEra.od nn filppl. rlciinntlv linnnd. ' -1.50 I lie iiinucm; a spicnuiu uuarto uouna in .-tint, 12 enaravinas. " X&p The tint; 3 engravings, nlrong Jiorocco innuins. 3.50 The Hook of Christian llallads; Edited by Rev. H. V. GniswOLn 2.7.) Tile Token for IS IS! 'i Tlie I'lillapacno for 1815. " 1.50 The Itclle'ous ouvlucr. " 1,50 The Pr.nvInK lloom Annual Quarto. 3,30 Giiswold's American Tocts.; richly bound. " -1,50 ttrwiitc's F.ditinn of iho Iloak of Common Prayer with upwards of seven hundred beautiful Illustrations in supeili limning. o,uo Xj-AI.SO, n orcil inriely of Miniature Books riehiv bound in Silk, Gilt. Juvenile and Children Uooks; ect. ret. A. KDWAUDS. No. 1 Peck's Ruilding. 20 Hat-pei'si Illuminated llilile. No. 13. llcn'elt'M do Shakep--aic. No. 37. VVandeiins J'', New World F.I No. 10. 1I.1 do Hirpei's F.d No. 7. The Seitlersin Canada wtillcn for young I'copte In C.ipi. Mnrryat, 2 v-nts. My I nele Hie Clock .M-iKcr nv inry iievvni. Skelehes of Irish Cliaraeter lllustrnied by Mrs. S. C. Hall, No. 3-lo be completed in 20 No's, l'.j ola rnrli. History of France from the Kirliest period in me present time by by M Miehelet, IV o. 1, price io cts. 1 He wiiole to tie completed 111 nooui u no s. Thirl vrnll's History of Gicece, part 3. 2.)C, to lie completed in 8 nn'-. Talcs lroin tlie iJcrman specimens 01 ccienraiea Authors. 12i,c Arthur Arundel a talc of llio Knglisli Revolution. 25 The Silver Bollleor "Little Marlbors" in search of bis Father. 12c St. James or the Court of Queen Anne, by Am- worth. 12Ji! History of Ihe Trnlv Honorable Col. Jar.-. 2"ie The Distiller's Diushlcr or the Power of Woman. Received by wic 23 A. r.DWARDS. The Jamiiiry Magazines Are all Out. Godey's Lady's Book. 5 Hnrrnvings. 2.', els. Graham Mmnzine. 5 do 2", " Arthur's Lukes' do 0 do 19 " The Ladies National do. Plates. Polka Ores: nnd Greek Cn.tume for Fancy 'Hills, Culoted. 19 The Columbian Mimzme. 3 engravings and tin Fashions. Received by 2ic 20 A. EDWARDS. rrtOSI'KCTI'S FOR THE CONGRESSIONAL GLOBE AND APPr.NDIX. TllKSn works havo sk-Ii n wide eircu'ation, and have been -o nnivei-allv approved mil so-igbt nfier by the public, thai we deem it neces-ary onlv in this pm-peet'is to say ttiat thev will I u eonlinued nt the nei -es-ionof ( onare , and to tate, suei-iiictlv their con'ents, the form in vvhn'h they will be printed nnd Hie nrice mr iiu-in. The Cinizn'ssional Glo'e is tnai'e up of thediily prneet-tings ol iho two 110 i-e 01 i-ou-rre.-. i u,. spee -he- of ihe ineni' ers are eon 'en-ed to bring them in'o a read.di e length. AH the resol-ilmn. o cii-l, or iiio'i'uis ina 'e, 111 e -riven in ihe mover's own word ; an I lbs ve is 1111 1 nay- on nil ihe nn n-nani q e-tii n. It i- pru'ite I wiih sinall lype rev-ernnl nonpareil 011 a do 1' le royal bei", in i -arm luriii, each 11 nn ler eiiii'niiiui'.' IG ioviI i innn "O ri'-. 'I be Atipeu h 1 111 lib- op of iln- Pie-i 'en1'- nnu in I mes-age, the repoiis 1 f ihe -u 1 a1 nlTu-ers if ihe government thai nceoii'ti.iuy 1', an I -dl 1 lie Iiiiil' peeehe-of niein' ers ot Cnmrres., wiitien o 11 1 r re. vie I bv ihein elves. i is priutel 111 ibe Mime form as 1 1,. Cniii;re siotril Gn' e, nn I u-ually makes about llic .anie 11 unlier of pa'-e. Now lb-re is no -o ireeb-it the Congressional Glo'e nnd Appendix lroin vv Inch a person can obinin,a f ill hi-tory ofthe prore.Miuir ot t'ongre s. Il is now re cozui-el hv re-uhrion a- ihe a-itbeniie re.iort of proceeding-, Ihe earlier volumes h-ivinz been purchasel for the 11 f niein1 er-, and for the Con-rre-sional library. Gales if. Se lion's Regis erof Dehale-, wlm-h contained 11 history, wa su-pended in the year 1537, an I ha not since - een re-unieil. It cos' about live t lime- ns nvich lor a se-s:on ns ihe Con-rressional Glo'e mil Appendix, and did not contain mi e pl-M nmi'unt of mailer, a gieat portion of the current pro cce lings bdiu-r online I. Comuleic 111 lexe. to both the Congressional Glol e nnd the F.ppcndix arc prinio I nt the i lo.eof each tc. sinn, and sent to all iiu--rii-er Mr inem. The .eporls ol ihe Consre-sional lilohc nnd the Appendix nre not 111 the least degree a'le ted by Ihe parly li.inl the elilors. They are given preci-cly as written out bvthe reporters nil I the meinhers ibem selves, and are subject to the revision and correction of ihe speakers. 1 lie npproicn 01 n 1 nniress wnien win oisciiss ior ihe American people a 1 ihe niu-t nnporlai.t questions ever entertained bv Ihe national councils, and new and exlracr-huarv ineis-ires never liefore full-' ven tured upon, ha- induced die pul lishers of the Glol e lo make grea-er and i-etter preparauon man nereioiore fur rejinriins an-l publishing; tho speeches and pro-ceedin-r of ibe next es ion. All person, who may de-ire either, nr both of llie-e works, should s ib-cri'l a for ibem by Iho IO1I1 of De cern! er, el-e they may fail lo gel them. Pcr-ons are slitt sol S'-rd in- fiir ihe Congressional Glo'ie fur ihe la I e.siou (it'Con-jre , and we have nut been able to fiirni-h a complete copy of il siiu-e earlv in Ihe -esion. We will send the Congrcinnal filo' o for Ihe ap proaching e-sion to nny person who will return In us all the ivinil ers ol II liir'tbe lal session. Wo 11-ually print po ible n many c(pies as we have .tih-cril ers at the commencement ol a .esion, and then perhaps, in a l'e-v week- ihev will nil le exhautl. We say asain, lhal Iho-ewbo want theCongre-sional Globe, orlbeA(ipendix, must siio-crile an I send the money tor Ihein by ibe 10th of Decern! er, else ihey will nut pro! nl ly gel ihein. Per-on. Mib.eii'ung for Ihe Congre-sionnI Glol e, or ihe Appen hx, shoul I bo caref d to name the Stale as well as ihe po I olice lo vl li b (bey wi-h the paper sen', n- ihereme ninny po-l nlllres oflhe snme nauie in dulierent S .11. Purls, for example. We receive money from Paris, in nneof ibe Sm-e., many years ngo, and we h ive no! been n'.le, op to ibis day, lo liud inn from win -h 'ate 11 was seni ; and the person vvho sent it liaslo.t hi- iiionev. The rule' of ihe General Po-l Office require tho po.tmaslers to en l,ir-o the name of I lie state on ev ery letter, but many oflbeni neglect In do 11. Kveryman in tlie country who de-ires to be inform ed of the pul lie liisinrv oflhe public men oflhe cnnii Irv. shou'd read ihedeba'es cfConere-s. Our foreign affair, and ihe dome-lie concerns of every section of the country pnss mirier review tn v.onirre.s. 1 neuis cu-sions ein'-race men nnd llunss. pre ent and pa Iii-tory; nnd the he. tacubtes and highest attain ments are direelel 10 their eluc datinu. Ills impo-s-idle to le fined for ibj poliiieal arena without al inti mate knowledge ofthe annual consres-ioaal debates. As some' persons who may receive llii- pro-pectus may wi-b toanb-cril etor our regular papers, through which We speak, we will here slate that we pudlMi a daily paper nt 810 1 a semi-weekly paper at 95; and a weekly papciywilh a complete index to il, at 82 a vear. payal le in a' l.niice. We p-ii li-li our pro-peetu. in llii. form, so I lint our I 1... ..L ....... .- I. inrnu won limy imcrrsi inein.eives 111 uniniiiiiii sun scruiiions for us. may cm it out and attach writing paper to write Ihe r nines of subscriber;) upon1. VVe would tend them a siparale prope-lu, prin'nfnn writing-paper, 11 It were not itiat many pounnirr charge letter po-tage on ,uch. Pcr-ons 01 mining nib-cril ers for us may retain every sixth dollar ihey (ilec -ilm it, they may ,end to ns only $5 for six eop'ei of either worl or for six copies mnde tip of J tioth tay lor itiree copies oi enenjor nr one, two, three, four, or live, of one, nnd one of tho otiier. I ermsi For Ihe Conircssionnl (ilol c, $1 fer copy. Kor tho Appenlix, SI per copy. S.x copies of either of ihe above work, will be sent l'orS5 twclveenpies for 810 j and lo on in proportion for ii prenler numlt-r. , , , Payment may le lranwilled by mn,potlagepaM nlour r"k. II y a rule ol the l'ot Ollicc Department, po-tinatcr nre permute I to frank letter- ritlen by Ihein elvc, conlalnin money for subscriptions. The no'es ofnny l ank, ciurrnt v-hcre n ktrrilcr re-i lea, wi 1 1 rei'eivcd I y u. at par. To insure all I lie niiinl er-, Ihe mi' scriptions fhoutd he in Washington by the 10th of December next, nl brilii real iCP'.Vo attention uill btpald to any order unless the money acommtuies (. J iii.Air. & mvns. Wa hinjlon City, Noven her II. 1311. 20 COOKR, FII3I.B) &CO. EXPRESS LINE OP U.S. IVZAII. OOAOIIS7R. Fno.M BURLINGTON, Vt., ro Al.HANV.N. V. Through in day and half. COOlvH, FIKl.n & Co. have stocked the road wriili fidenilTd Concord Conches, nnd six horse teams ihe wholo distance, which leaves Bur- Imiilon every mormnit, (except hunUnyjatulo elucu, passes over llio centre road via. Verjri'iiues, Middle hurv, Caslk'tnn, Salem to Trov lo dine the eecond day. nnd ntrives nt Albany nl 3. 1'. M. irjiil & Co.'. K-cpress bilvvecn nnd l-ew 'N'ork pisccs over plus route twice each week. Al liuokhuryjliis line inlersects with 1 tie Boston and Fiichburub Itad Road hue, ia. ltulland, Bellows Falls anil Iveene, tnroiK'h from llurliimton lo Boston in 3 dais without any nmhl ridinc. At Cnsllelon this line inlercecls with the liti 1 in nit an-l i lutehall ilr.ily line. Cooke, Fii Id if- Co. Imu taken nrrnt nnins to pro cure good Coaches nnd 1 1 rses, nnd experienced, lien llemnnlv drivers, who will drive llimuoh balfdnv'i ride, si pa.senairs will not bo nnnoyed wiih shillmz itrivcrsanu coacln-s every lew miles non inanyoiiier routes, nnd we pledi-e ourselves to oinke ibis line one of the best conducted lincsof staces in the New F.112- land Ssta'es mid every thiiiH wil be done by our Aucnls nnd Drivers lo nnku Iho Iravellini: public eomrorlahle nnd f 0 lis lied that wc nro willing to lulul nil we ndveriise. I.xtras, for pnva'c parlies, furnished at nil limes, finr.l two Horses In siv. At Albmv enqune of R. P. Dor.ais if- Co, and UAnNDEN ot Co. i I rov, h. I. V IIITNEV. MOsRS L. CHURCH, Aacnt, 23 tf Burlington. CIOCKIUIY, $c. LOOKINO Glasses, Crockery nnd Glass Ware. Also, a cood nssorttiient of Family Groeeiies, to-.'cther with Floor and Salt is l.ept nnd oflered for sale low by C. I-. STAMFORD & Co. Uec. IS. -II. m DRY GOODS. C. I'. STANU-OKI) A Co. A RF. exh iitin:: a arco s'oel; of l-oree-n and Do V mesne Slanlt an I Fauev Drv Goods I v iheineee or pat'ern aim .ii-eiiKiinir to ineir esni-iiEiieu ruiu .u nriees Milieu io uie iiiiils anu me season. ' I I" .1 l.. 1 1 ... I I. nl ... n. ortment ol'Cashineres-'niul De Laiues which as Ihe I. a lies nri- n.i i c u.iriv iiivneu in uioi, .u inn - season Is advance il will I e o itrod low. A I.SO, (ia-limere, Brnehe nnd other ShawN, sonietliinR rich and well woilhy attention will he sold very cheep. ALSO, i good Rcsdriincnt of .Merino a ml Philet Cloths, Woolen Plai Is, Alpacas, Ac, for Cloaks, VjIvcIs, lilain nnd liaiued Silks. Calicno-, nnd nlmost every variety of goo l in the lino of La lies Apparel. Also, a large sloeu orijiiien Goods. Also. Chubs. Cn-simerc-, S.iiinctts, Vo-lings. nnd other goo ! fi r geiillcnians wear. ALSO, Brown and B e.n lie.l Sheetings aim oiiin intrs nf various s'yles and fpuili-ies. Person' pn.cli lsing Dry Goods may find it to their a Ivanlane lo examine Ihe above sto,-; which will le most cheerfully shown lo all cii-tomcrs. Dec. 12 h 1SI1. 23 Till: RESULT OF OUll ijxphkim 1. nt. SINCF. the es'nli'islimcnl ofour lloii-ein this City, we have out with iitiprecci'cntcd success which ena' le- 0- to conlenipl He and make slid huihir 1111 provemcni. In stv'e an I cxleiil, vie are determined our waie-ho i-e shall not 1 e excelled, and we think 1101'cl in this city. A- an experiment we e-tib'ihod nn npreney in Furniie last S.iring and on we have liiund it to liberate coinparilively well ; we have now made li! eral nrraiigeuienls'm or.'er loe.iirj nunc filly iulo nperalion and llie belter to test the expediency of nn agency a! road. Tlie more -iiecclu'ly tn carry out our plans nn I make room for o ir spring impi. nations we -li. ill coin nience a -Jieat ule ofour eiitue rich an-l extensive so.-k ofFiincv an I Family Drv Good, on .Monday ihe IG1I1 of Dec. 1811, Tin will 'le noordni uy selling out as we are ile-ermined 10 clo u our entire .-lock ns early a pos-il le, nnd we are nwaie to do -o, we m it o er'our geods at 11 e.vcisiucb p.inii ul.irlv o it r.ANCT -t el. j our entue stock In- been hbmaiiked at the po-s hie rile-, -o tii.11 all 111 iv reniiuv -co we have a -luallv iitaden GREAT I 1.MIM TION in price-. We o'i-n vonr nlti ution loour piic es and -lyle. an I sho'dl you' not lind ibem b.iu-l.icloiy nn I go mviiv wi linn, pundii- yj, wi-ih-n-i-' v 011 we - hall 110' I eoll'en 't-il Wi- eui.ibiy none Inn the luo-l com. Icons an I u-teniivc - all siiien, n ud o"t visitors w ill 1 c sure ofieeiivni.' all po-ib'c- nl ion. I OPKI."& A MA IV. 90 an 1 92 Bro" Iwny, nnd 3 Jan e- Si., All any, N. V. N. II. O r W.iie Rooms covers upwards id -1000 sq't.ire lee'. O ir sioek i nn-i s 1 f npw.ud of l-JIUt),-0U0 wnr'b ol u vf 11 und Fiiney Dry Good-, lu point of Hi line, Vnretv and extent ol siv le, eaui.ot le exrel'ed in the United Sl.rc-. Please reccollect, we coimiiciice giving von ere.11 bargains Monday Dee. lflih 1614. ' I'cc. II, '11. aSml STOVES. TIIF, sii! s -nl er o'lersnt the store recent y occupp el by II. II. Bostvvick & Co. oppo-i o Sirongs it Co., Chi.rch Slrwt, n splendid 11-sonineiil ot cool. P.irlor. Ilov and Airlishl Stove-. Among which .ire the niipr ivc I Rill-way, Victoria, Parlor, Cook, and the unproved Yankee Notion Cooking Sloves, which be will -ell lor ca-h nl lower price. 1 list li they l.nve Iieri-'iil'oie been o lered. or will nceive in pay mer.l produce or good Beech or Maple Wood. Al-o, will bo kept on baud R'is-i.i, I nglisli, ami l anmla Iron .love nine, nnd nil articles wanted nf Tin, Sheet Iron an I Conner Wnie. Lil.ewi-c Ca-t Iron nud Copper P.unii-, Stove Furniture, Lend pipes, Ann; &e. &e. L. II. PO'l-IKU. Ilurlingion 10th Dee. 1811. 2Sni3 Stephen lloxsle's I'statc. STATE (r VnilMOST, ) rMlF. Hon. ibe Di-lrkt of Cbitienden, s-. J X Prolate Court tnr it,.. District ot Cliuieiiden : To all persons con cerneil in the estate of Stephen, late of Millun, in nid Di-llici, deceased. Gbcktixg. Whebeas, 'I'irz.ili lluxsie aduiinistratrix ofe-lale of said deceased, piop i-e. 10 render an account of her n and ore-cut her account against said e-iale lor examination and nllnvvanco at a session of llie Court of Pioliaic, to be hnlucii nl tlie i(egi-tcr s oilice ill Btrlington, in said uistnci, on llie secouu Wdne-i .iv ol J.inunrv next. Therefore, You are hereby notified to appear I elore .aid court nt Ihe lime ami place nioresaiu, mm snuw came, il'any you have, why ihe account ufore.-uid should not I e allowed. Given under my band at Burlington this 4tlx dayol Uecemuer A. i. 1011. 23w3 Win. WF.STON, llegMer. PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED.

millS articleis too well known to need common I dation and the experience of ten years has demonstrated to the commercial community, thai for accuracy, convenience and durability, they a;e unrtvaiteu. Pnnl vnrd senlea to wciph from 3 to 6 tons Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from lb. to 5000 lbs. Pr.rlnl.ln .In In ,lfU (mm OI. Ill2001hs PortabieCoii'nterdo.'tovveigh from i oi.to401bs J. & J. It. Peck & Co. Agents. Burlington, Dec. 4, 1844. 28tf Fish. 200 Quintals Cod Fish, 100 Boxes llerr'niv. . 4ib Dec., '41. 123) J. if J. H. PF.CK & Co :H)0 Keys i'ovder, IrtJ Baas i-hot, 1(KI M Periiis.ion Caps', 300 doi. Corn. Broom., 4lhnec.'4. (28) J. if. I ii. prcK a Co. Salt. 12,000 Hushels Solnr, 6.000 Turk. I'lnnd, Western, do do Solar. 3,000 " 1,500 Barrels 250 ' 50 Ground Rock do. 200 Ban A'titon Liveruool. 2.400 " Table, 23 lbs. cni h. 4lli l)ec. M4. (29) .1. oi J. II. 1'F.CK St. Co. Oils. nnnn nnnna i tire Bleached Winlernnd Fall Snerm. 2,500 do do do do Whale, 2,000 do American Linseed, 1,000 do Olive, 500 do Laid -1lli Dee. M t. (23) J, & J. II. PF.CK & Co. Iron, stec Nails and Hardware. 50 Pons English Iron from 1 1 8 to C inches wide " I' H I Kmsia do " New Sable do do " Swedes do 10 1 " s " 10 " 15 " 30 " 12 " 5 " 15 " 20,V 1 " 3 " 2 " 2 " 3 " 1 " eru ilo llorv Shoe do Round froi.7 1-4 lo 3 ladies do Sr. do 3 b I" 3 io i o Hoops do 1-7 10 I 1-4 do do II vne nnd Scroll, '" Bandfiom U to4J o Naylor . Co., Cast Steel, Peii-on's Sinng, do Swedes Jo American do Geimnii do Fnnli-h Bli-ter do P S I Ru.sin Nail Rods. 12 300 Pairs Bloods Cutter nnd Sleiirh shoe. 3,000 Ifess Nail, from 31 to 20d 200 ' Brnds " 51 to 201 200 " Snike " 301 to COd 400 dozed Files nnd Ri-ps, Anvils nnd Vice-, Shed Zine, Sheet Lead, &c. 4lh Dee. '41. (23) J. i: J. II. PIX'K ii Co. Machine Cards, IXTANUFACTI'ltni) nt Springfield Vermont, and ltx csprmiie 31as.nehusctls J. & J. II. PF.CK & Co.-Asrents. 4th Dec. 41. "23 Dye stufls. 400 Barrels Camph'y Logwood, 2110 do St. Domingo do do Hill 200 300 50 do do do do do do Cam llaelie do do I- osti'c, .Madder, Copperas Alum, Vitriol, ro do Bar wood, I'e.u b wood, Q iereiirnn bark. Sumac. Lnc dye, t'ulbear, Indnro, Nil I (.all-, Od Vitriol, .Murialic Aeid, Muriate nf Tin, Hiain Tin, Cloihiers llrn-hes, Clothiers Jack, Pie-s I'd per-, Tenter Hooks, Carl Ticks, to.,..-. 4:h Dec. ' H. (23) J. &. J. II. PF.CK it Co. Flour. 1500 barrels superfine Flour. 300 Half do do do 20J 111'.- Bud. vvhe.T, do lib Dec. Ml. (23) J. i J. II. PUCK & Co. Tohacco. 50 hoxes Bonn's cavcntlish. 50 Ilairis' do do Davis' do do iMvers' do clo J.ick-oii's do do I'nders' do do 30 25 15 20 -1th Pec. Ml (28) J.,& J. H. PHCKiCo. Coal. 100 Tons Lehigh, l'h Dee. M 1. 23 J. & J. II. PF.CIC Co. Glass, Boxes Biirlinslon F.xlrn, Burlington, ernini, 1-. ,.x nnd Lake. J. o; J. II. I'l.C'K Co. Azrnts. 4 h Dec. M t. 23 Groceries. 20 Mbd'. Port Rico and St. Croix Sugars, 30 l arrel Wolsey K Wol-cy s Loat, Crushed and Pouderoldo. 10 hh Is. Mo'as-e-. 100 Clu-s's llymi Skin Tea, 200 Half " Yinng IIson " 75 ll.i-'s C. Il'.-e, 100 Mnlt Ca-ia, 3 Barrels Cloves, 2 do Nutmegs, 2.1 Bags Pimento, 20 ilo Pepper, CO Keg. P ire Ginger, 1(1 Tien e- S.ilT.r.ilus, 1511 Boxes liar Soap, SO do Pi 0 Kegs Salt lVer, 30 Boxes Starch. Idi Dec. '41. o3 J. it J. II. PrCKA.Cc. Fruits &e. 250 boxes Raisins, 100 II'll. do do 200 qr. do i'o 15 Bags .Madeira Nui, I a " Milt -helled Almonds 10 " Brazil Nuts, 13 " I'l bcrts, 50 Boxes Mou'd Candle-, 10 " Patent Sperm do 4lh Dec. '4 1. 23 .1. U .1. II. PF.CK & Co. I'itinls. 12000 Lb. Wethen'ls Pure While Lead, 100JO " Sntt-rcrties do do do 100 Keg. do do do ground in Oil, 50 111 Is. SpanMi White, 2.i '' Venetian Red, 30 " French Yellow, 2o " Spirit-Tonientine. 3 " Copal Varnnh, Chrome Yellow. I'rustan Blue, ('hroine Green, I'merald do Saxony do Paris do Brunswick do 4lh Dec. Ml. 23 I Blue Small, j Sand Paper, I Glue, J Paint Brc-bes, J. & J. H. PKCK & Co. -Master. 200 Tons ground Nova seoln, -4111 Dec. -4 1. xo J. ,f. J. II. PUCK iSc Co. 75 IIHDsS. Gardner Brewers New I'ngland Rum liiu in i. American liraudy. 125 'hi do Gin, 10 H'lf. Pipe. Sciqneite Brandy, 10 do Swan Gin, 10 Hlid.. St. Croix Rum, 20 Bbl. Sherry Wine, 10 " .Madeira do 20 " Malaga do j " Port do 4 b Dec. '44. 23 J. it J. II. PKCK & Co. Lorrillards snuff and Tobocco infl JAKS Mnccal oy finwY. U'UU 701) Bladder. Scotch do 40 Barrels Chewing Tobacccr, 55 do Smoking do till flff. '41. 23 J. A I. II. PECK t Co. BROWN SHEETINGS. I1ALF:s Brown Sheiling, iwt 2 do Ti -kings 2 Ho Brown Drill, Fer sale by Nov. 28, 1841. (28) VII. AS & NOYES. AMERICAN PRINTS, &c. Of? CASKS Amercan Prints, 2 do Uleacb'd S heel in F'or salelnu- ln VILAS ct NOYUS. Nov. 28, 1814. 2G PINS AND NEEDLES. 1 e:o p(,k I'ins, LsLlVJ 50 b mixed do 75 M Nee He, For sale by Nov. 23, 1811. C) VILAS & NOYES, coitus. GRO. Wood Coinl s, 10 do Dressing do 50 300 doz. Twin do 500, do Side do 200 do Ivory do Nov. 28, 1844. (28) F'or sale by VILAS 4, NOVKS. TIN PLATE, ye. IOO 0KS 1-3 IX Tin Plate, IWV 35 do IX Square do 73 Bundle- Iron Wire, a.s'd Nn. Slieet Coppyr. Bolt Copper, Sheet Lead, Sheet Zinc, Wire Vellum, Rivet, etc. ror.nieiy VILAS & NOYICS. Biiriii5on, Nov 29, 1811. rfi 2 CASKS Colon-d Cambrics, I i'o Irish Linen. I do Cotton Flazc. F'or nl I v Nov. 28, 131 . (26) VILAS Ii NOYES. DOCT, B. J. HEINEBERG ONCK A10IIK AT HOME. TI AVI.NG become convalcseont I lies lo offer my J X services to Hie coiiiinunilv nl larcc, inv bialtd still being precarious will not allow nio to cuter into 1110 nruilOUS (l .ties Ol a ptiuiie pmcuuc, t iuiv.j nieiu- fore opened (with a determination ol establishing upon n sound basis) a DIIUG STORK under tho nppellalion of B. J. IICINKBHRU & Co , lo which I have attached n Consulting Olbce, where nil persons wishing lo nvnd themselves of my profes iotial ndvico may consult inobclwcen the hours of 9 nnd 12 A.M. and 2 nnd 9 i'. M, My nicdicnl career is too well known in Burlington. &c, lo rcq nro comincnt. The selections of the nuinerniia Drugs, t 'hemlcnls, Inslruinciits, &c, have been made by myself from ihe firsl nnil inns! eminent houses 111 New-York I 111 V purchases being entinly for ca-h wo ehall be tuabled to oner to llio pji lie i.onos uioi cnunoi uo euip laseu in qunlity, and nl such price sns lantiot fail to plense. Havinj encased tho nssistnnco of n gentleman n Licentiate ol iho Honoinblo Company ol Apotheca ries, Lund m, England, Physicians pn scripttons nnd Family Recipes wi'.l bu dispensed with lantntss nnd accuracy. B. J. Heincbcrg & Co. most politely invito the scb clious I i.auics to inspect tneir vauuioio nnu c iioto sci- cnuns nf Peifimiprv uliiaineil ft i mi ihe first Parisian liouei. Their assortment ol Hair, Tooth, and Nail Brushes are of pupeiior maiuifnetiire. Medical Wines and Spiri's of superior quality nnd choice variety. TliUSSF.S, Male nnd Funalo on the most improv ed principles nnremarknlily low priced. A variety of the most valuable Patent medicines. Chemical preparations of nil kinds warranted cn uine. A selection of Domestic Wants, such ns Mneeaoni, vcrniteelli, Salad Oil, Sardines, Olives, Prunes. f'rcticli nnd American Chocolate, Cocoa, Refund Isinslass, ICeichnp of various kindo, 1'icMcd Lob tiers. ii;h .Mo, Fieiieh Mustard. Iwery alicnlion will be pirucul.itly paid lo ensure the guild grace-; of ihe public. B. .1. Ileineber.' ifc Co invite the public. In m-ikn nn early cnli nnd view their establishment. It is lilted up without rcirard lo sptindour. Il enuiains ibe most superior quality of golds lo beoblained in Ihe nrnkct. , . , , The 9'orc is accessahlo at nil hours of night nnd dav. Doct. 11. .1. Ileineber lakes thi opportunity to return bis sincere ihnnks to the. inhabiiauls ' Bur lington and vicinity for iho numerous f.ivnrs conferred upon bun, nnil trusts he is not now to he forgotin bv- his old friends. N. B. Tho Storo is situate I next In Messrs Brtris mai I & Biothers Variety Store. Church St., where the Doctor can be consulted daily. Burlington, Dec, 4lh, 1314. ' 27 Chainplain Transportation Company. JL . f-sv ii-.:..T- MIV. Stockholders of the Chainplain Transporta - lion Comnanv. nre hereby notified that the An nual Meeting for the i lection of Directors ofsaid Com pany for the ensuing year, will tie tiolden nt tlie Hotel of A l-routv ji., (pile liowarn sj in iiuriinginn on nio Thursday ol January next at one o'clock P. M. first By order of PI1ILO DOOL1TTL!', Cler': ("haniplain Tnnsportalion Company. Burlington, 2nd Dec. 1311. 27 Joseph Mliicr'-i ICstate. STATIC OF VEItMOST, ) A T a Proliau- Di-tri'l of Chittenden, s. S t ourt held at Butlington within an 1 for the district nf Chittenden on the -eeonldiy of Decern! er, 1811, come i:ii.iib Herri'"' and Sallv Miner, admiin-traiors of the e-lale nfJOSl.i-'il .MIM.II, l.iloof Mil'nn in said di-lncl, dccca-c I, and fi e i,'l said court their pennon, in wri ting, silting forth that the -lamis allowed ntrauil llie'e or llie sail decea-cl amo-iot loena.uu, inn there i H ie In sail ndinim-lr.ilor-, 01 settlement of ibeir admiuis'raliou aeco'int, one dn'lar atnll-ghtv four cents j that llie amount property nn baud, as inventoriei!. nmo'ints lo S0.D0 : I nt there are debts 11 trains! the e-inio due lo the e-tato of Sally .Miner, ninniiiiiinir to t Imnnrc Ido'l.irs audu,waid-, which nre -i nil by morlaacp ol llic home (arm, so eallel, ofthe sni!iloi'ened, which debts were no- pre--ente 1 10 the coniini-sioiier- for allowance; lint the -aid nites'aie d.ed seizeil ( f his home larui, -n c.u'ed, eonlainiu-' a1 o it one hundred and twentv-five acres nf Ian I, which i- mortgaged ns nl ove sta-cd, nud nl-o nut- bun Ire! and -event v acres ol'hii.l, known a- the Mauley and llurlh-irt hum-, iinincnmheiiil, which I inds rire all -iiin'e I in said Milton ; lhal the personal estate is ins iffic ent In pay the debts niaiusi -in ! es tate nnd that P iv I l e ne es-nry to -ell real e tate lor the invinont ol the debt- d ic lroin said Csta'c an I tlie expen-cs of adiuini-iraiinn j llnl no pari of either of aid t irmsi-nii nn -1 1 1 wnnoiit inury 10 iikhc entrusi lni the r main 'er, and praying -ni 1 co-irt lo license the -aid a Ini'iii-lraiors to .e'l either nf -aid larnt- for ihe purpo e nfore-aal, ngrcc.ildy to the statute in -u -b ca e ma 'e mm provi it-1. Whi-re ipoii tlie eonri nfoiesaid doth nnpoint ibe secon'I'Wedni-duv of January, A. 1). 1815, lor bear iner nnd deciding on said petition nt the olbce of ihe Ri-'d-ler of-nid court in ni I Biirtin-jiou, nt ten o'clock in the forenoon and doth order that al! per-ons inter-i-.ledle uolllied thereof I v i'dillcation of thi-irder, con'aiuiii'j the snti.t.ince ol ni petiticn, ibrce vvi-cks s ic es-i.-riv in the 11 trlntuion Free Press, a new sjia- ier 1 rmted m llurbngton, ibe 'n-l of which pun licntions to be previ -u- to llie -aid m-coikI Weduc-day ol'Jinuary. A. I). 1815. Given under my hail I nt sin! Burlington this ec on I Hay nl Decern! er, A. D. 1111 2sw3 Win. wi;;ton, llesitltr. 1 845. riOLUMBIAN MAGA.INi: f. r January 1613, w And n great Variety of New Cheap Publications received ly express last evening at EDWARDS Dee. 13. 23 Book Store. 17ANTI'D. twenty-live Cords t f WOOD, in cx- v cliange li r Cat met won., at the new Iln !; Shop on Callin's Lane. 20 rt d ea-t of the B -rling- 1011 It ink. SAMIXL NICHOLS. Burlinuton Dec 0 It 1311. 23-tl Wood! Wood!! WANTF.D, good Beech nnd Maple Wood, in ex change for brae and wood Clocks, at the Ya tiety Sioie. BRINSMAID it BROTH BUS. itLPi'TiidCATioN Of T-il-: iiouiioii, i:UiiImii-ii, rorcisii, A Ml 1 Qiinrtcrly V. oslniiiisitci li K V I E W S . TIIF.--F -tan lar I work- rou'inite 10 ! o re. reprint ed in 'bis Co-iiitry, unuichn ely on their nriival by ibe Brili-b leamcf, on 'e.i'i'ifil whi-o piper and 111 a clear new Ivpe, pre.eiitiim in a ileal nn I conve nient form exact copies of llie Original lldi inns. ICacli Review 13 puhlr lie I separilely, so that mi1--srnier- can select from llic -erie- nnv ihey may pie 'er, nr may take the whole together, the price. I ring so arranged as 10 make 11 an objo.-t to adopt the lat ter course. TR U.MS. For any one Rev iew, $3 00 For uny two Reviews, 5 00 For any ilnee do. 1 00 For any lour do, 8 00 V. HARRINGTON, Assent. Ilurlingion, Nov. 20, '1 1. 25 GREAT BARGAIN rilHK niihscriher, wishing to close tin his merchant 1 dizing h'isinese, olK-rs t. r sale the following vnl ual le propertv. viz I n lot situated in llio cntre ofthe beautiful village of Clinlunvtlle, and is thirty feet in front, one hundred nnd eiulry feet across from River street lo Mnin sircct, ond ciglily-nine feet on Mnm St., on which is a ihree stnrv brick store, covered with tin, thirty feel in breadth by forty-four in length, the upper iwo stones timslieit In order lor a dwelling house: also a brick store house, covered wiih tin thirty-six feet by Iwenlveiglii, two stories high ; a cow house and barn twenty-six feet by eighteen, nnd n wooit-nouse tweniy-cigiil leel hv eighteen. Terms, one.fourlh down and ihejcinnniler in three annual insinlininls. MVTTHIA3 IlKl.I.I'.lt. Clintonvdle, N. V Dec. 4, 1S11. 27m3 London I'orter, A London Porter, in Pints and Uuirls. Uy STRONGS ... Co. Dec. 4, '41. 27 Notice. 'IIIUS may certify, ibat I have relinquished all M clnims lo niv son. LiF.ivcite. for tiftv dollars i and shall pay no' debt' of his co itrac'inii nfier this uaie. It AlsVl-.Y lIUl-:citi;it. Hunlinglon, Nov. 10, 1911. 27-w3 Sheet Zinc. SIIKKT Copper tinned, do Lead, Bar do do Tin, Shot. For sale by F'OLLKTT, BRAULKY & Co. South Wharf, Nov. 28, 1814. Milieu to r'armcrs. SW, TAYLOR is in want of 11 quantity of Fire Wood, Hay, Oais, Potatoes, and most other kinds of produce in exchange for iho latest pnlierns of Cooking, Pallor and Box Stoves, at the American Hotel. 2ttf Burlington, Nor. 13, 1814. Ama MtiiionN Hitate. STATi: OF VldlMONT, I -IMIM Honorabln iiiSTnlcTOK cuiTTr.NDF.N. ss. L the Proline Court for Iho Dtstnel of Chittenden I To all persons con cerned in the Kstntoof A .MA MtJNSON, l-itn of Col r.l,..t.,. in .ni.t ll.siiipl. ftni',.nr-fl. Gnrr.TtNQ. WiictiEAs, John W. Weaver, ndinlnislrntor of said deceased, nropoees lo render an ncrotinl of Ins nil- lniuislrntion,nnd present bis nccounl ns;ainsl saides Inlo (or examirnlion nnd nllownnen nl a session df the Court of Probate, lo I c hohien at the Register's office in Burlington, in said District, on the second Wed nesday or January next. Therefore, yon are hereby notified to nipcnr before said court nl Ihe lime mid place nforesaid, and show cause, if ntiy you have, why Ihe account nforesaid should not ho nllowed. Given under my band nt Burlington, this 20th day" of November. A. I). 1R11. 27vv3 V J13, HUM 31.1.1., JUUjt Information Wanted rr.SPl!('TIMi a hoy by the name of Rcnr.N Wivo-V- who left Troy, Vermont, nboul the lenlh of July la t. He h about Ivvilvo years old, nnd when be left he wore n seal skin cap, strait J teket, nuj Im.I a small bundle of clothes. He h ft hero in enmnanv with on- other boy some three or four yinrs older linn biinsell. Ar. -ninrniaiinn, nv iciicr or oiuerwise, win lie graie fill' eeeived bv Ins friends and afflicted Mother.' (1)1. ct lo Rov Davis) ROV DAVIS. Troy Vt., November, IX 1B44' 27vv3 HOW TO GET HEALTH ! rpHOUSANDS ol persons continue to cure them-- Ives of cough-, inlds, binda- ln, rheumatic n'lei'- lions, small pox, measles, co-tiveness, hill icnzn, and Ihe ho-t of tlniM- indieations ofthe I ody of tho blot d" rii.l nl nfAi.r- silltnlu til . ,p. lisinrf UrandreMs Vegetable L'nirersat fills, so long a. nny svmpiom. ot derangement 111 nny oman reinatiir Ofien, I y a.lo iliug this ro ir-r, whi Ir experience ha proved 1- neeordiiig lo nature, it I ring merely assist-ni-j her, liave niaiiy in n lew day- I cen re-lored lo liinltb, who lot tor Br.iiidrelli's I'dls had turn i' k for moiiili-. 'I he va'ue of tins medicine it in 'cd ' e' vonlpriie. Agents. 27uifi . 11 . ii r ', i- 11 .. 1 B'irliiigtoiif Ricbioand, F-r.X, Ji ri bo, Underbill, Milton, We-I Milton, Westford, Wilbston, Iliiiesbiirgh, Sbelb irn, Charlotie. 1", li. Gici'n, J Tutt'e, Geo. B., J. II. Tower, Geo. Acre-, H. San Vr on, II. B, lime, Mnrlnn if- Clark, Marcus Mil. I, J. B. l-ham, J. M. Staples, eavy Hardware, &.c. A NVILS, A CCs, log Vi es, Bras, Kettle-, Hooks and Hirt , trace' and Inker chains', Caldron ket s'ove keltic, una no's, tna-bn keltic's, cro bar . s'cii:ll an! cut'er shoe-, wiu'l mil, horse na!, nail rod, cast sjeel shovel-, iron do, scoop do, spade., manure and bny fork-, pi'k axe, I ras and iron wirrJ cloth, hoc--, cast steel axe, co'Ve mill-. Rat trap.; lead pipe, grind sli tie-, led cord and halter rope, hoop iron, white wash, paint, stove, dust and curriir. I rushes, brooms, wi od pails, waggon nnd sleigh milt", nx'e nulls, washers and bnn-ls, hollow ware, tilouirii c.i-lmgs, cooking stove-, Canada box do, a-h kettles, grid iron-, copper nnd iron lea kettles, 1 orr.x, shovel and longs, iron pomps, ire ri sinks, andirons, counter scale-, bench screws, mill nnd X saws, &c. fcc, by STRONGS if Co. Nov. 30, ML 27 Hank of Burlington. NOTICE is hereby given that a Slnckboldcrs of the Bank of llu meeting cf lfi of I ! li r 1 . 11 r? ton will bo holden nt their Hanking House, in Buihnglon, on Iho Ibe Second Tuesday of Januarv next al II o'clock. A. JL, for Ihe purpose of choo;ing Seven Director for the year next ensuing. By order oflhe President and Directors. IS, G. COLE. Burlington, fet. Cih 1311. 27 w4 Dry Grocerie--. 250 BULS. superfine Flout', 10 !I!id, St. Croiv, P R & N O, Sugar., 15 Packages doiiMo refineJ 0 if, crushed and powdered d 1. 5 do Whi e Havana do 60 i'he-ts Itv-cn, lly-on Skin,;voifng Hy ,on nnd Poucbong Ttas, 40 Bag3 Lairuira an I Old Java Codecs, 40 Boxes I nneh H.'i-iu, 10 Kcis pure GiAzer, 10 II b l-. St. ('mix an 1 Cuba, 30 Boxes and Ke.'s ping nn I Cavendi-h To bn-cos ol superior I rand.. 10 II1 1-. I orillar !s linec it To! araanJSauT, 40 Boxes Ta'low Candle, 30 Boxe- Bar Soap, 1000 (is. puro Sperm Winter and sjirraj, I b'.ieiied nnd 1111 leached Oil. 5 Boxes s,rm Cntvlles, 100 Mans Ca-sia 10 Boxes Starch, 10 Cis'.s Salen-u -, 1 do Silt Pel re, 5 do line, 100 Q'ls. Cod Kisli, 5 llt'l-. norihcru Salmon, 10 151 1 -. Mes. Pork, dear. The above, with oilier uood-, are oTercd 10 pur clnsi rs, 111 iptantitics 10 suit on ndvaniazeoiis term., bv 27 STRONGS &. Co. P.? Canv.i'S, 10 do lie I Padding, 25 do Alpncea, 12 do Al.iacca Serge, 23 1311. (20) For .file t v VILAS & NOYF.3. Iron Steel &.(, TON'-! assorted F.nglijll Iton, 1 l-3ln to2in 3 " Old Sab'e Ru'S'a "P S I-'" do wids 10 3 10 10 Assorted Svvccdea do " Bind " Nose, llame and Scroll " llound ' Siiinre " Flat Bar do I to 5 n do nss'd. do 3-6 tn 2 do 3-S to 2i do " Knalish Hoop, assorted " Nail rods, from best old Sable Russia Iron, warranted, ' Horse Slue assorted sizes, Iron (27) S TRONGS it Cn. Nov. Tin Plate, Iron etc. 1 f ROXIvs Tin plate i-j a him extra 1UU Iron Waie n-soite.l number, Kus-ia siieci iron, Im. lo no oo Pn". (In do asvoriej, Canada Plates, Craw shay, Tlmrnrvrroft 24 N 24 Park Gale inside- and onttlJcv Tinneland Black Rivet, ALSO, One cae "Tri e Mexican .let Lead." For ! by Onccae FOI.LF.TT, BltADl.F.Y & Ao. South Whaif, Nov. 23. 1311. K i ir ii i i ti &c. ANII.I A Ki-'iiug, common and HvTer ItiJ, Tarred do do Marl lie. il.iinbrolinr, Spun Yum, Peeprcn Lme, Cotton Ynrn, Sad i'o Bagging do Se ne do Whipping du Oakum, Tar, Pitch, R0.-111 ic. iVc. lor sale by FOLI.F.IT, BRADLEY 5t (To. South Wharl, Nov. 23. 1814. 28 'I ohacco and Snufl'. riIIK 'ib-criU-rs o ler (or sale a large and complet I assortment ot Tobacco, at a small advance iron) cost, among which may be found the following cele brated I rand-. Bonn 5'. Do in fifieen pound boxes, Ward's 8s, do do du Chamber's 8. Stanle)'s 6s. Malone's 5i. Irvine's 8. An'er'On's 5. Lee'- JO.. (trump's 1C. ' Tempter's 1S. Decn & Brown's superior Chewing Tohseca, Dtinenn's do do Room's do do Chapman's do do The Nl PLl'S ULTRA Cavendish Smoking do to which vre would invite particular attention. ALSO, Ronnie's Rose scented Moccot.oy Snufl", do extra Scotch do Itiiu'a do ilo do FOLL1HT, BRAULKY it Co. So ilh Wharf, Nov. 23, 1844. 26 i-hectings. LAWRKNCK do do A c r: r.xrter, Massachu-etls Mills, Boston, . A heavy stock ol the atwive favourite brsnd fer sal lowly KOILF.IT, BUAI'LKY if- Co. Hn- I'l Wlmr-; Nov. 28. 1-144. 26 S. otch Pii Iron. "lARTSHKR'-IF. No 1 rig iron. Tor .ale tvt v-i ihe tout 1 .vear dv FOLLETT B ADLKY Co, Nov . 1344 s