Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 27, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 27, 1844 Page 3
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well anno J with firming, bltnlccons anil stones, nil Inuk possession of tho Pulls. 'I'lio 6cver.ll L. S. P. associations came down, both hnrso and fnot, and drove them after a desperate lijrht, from the pound, and along tlx neighboring Ireett. 'I heard pistol shots fired in all direction?, nd the "L. P. SV on returning, showed marks of the deadly nature of the striijjcle. t saw a fine young man, a son of II. Griffin, Esq., No tary Public, most awfully Injured by blows on the face aud head, and another poor fellow was hot through the neck, and has since died A youth of the name ol Johnston, was fired at from a house, and killed on the spot, and when the 93d attacked this building, its inmates had the hardihood to fire upon them. They nreall taken prisoner, and although none were killed, sonic showed must ghastly tokens of the rough hand ling the enraged Troops' gave them." Jack Downino's correspondent at Wash ington, SAitoeNT Joel, gives ubout as good an analysis oftho rorrespi'.ntlcncc between Mr. Shannon and the Mexican Minister of Statn hi we havo seen, and in much fewer words. Ilostjs: There is a ureal fliretiphere about Mexico icst now. I don't know as I have got trie riaht of the story nut it seems there's some letters come from our Minister to Mexico, that shows ihnl he's got into a quarrel wit"! 'em Ihcre. He told the Mexican Secretnry they tnut lei Texas alone, and not send any more troops there to fight, because President Tyler was thinking mbouljinine it on to the United Stales. The .Mexican said President Tylet hid no business to lie thinking nf anv auc.h thine i Tor Texas was their child, and they had a rielil In w hip it jest when they'd a mind to and aliho igh it had runaway from home, and slaid away ei-jlit y,nr ihpy n rinht to whip it back aiinin, anil make it come into the house, and 'iwas nobody's business. Our minister told 'em it teas our htiinrs Presi dent Tyler had made it his special business a Bond while; and moreover that our eovernmenl bad been Intending for twenty tears past to lake Texas into our f imily, for in fact the child was nearer akin to us than it was- lo Mexico. Then die Mexican Seeretartr said our nnvcrnment for twenty years past, had been telling ihein a pack of lies, and we was all a set of enmp, the whole bi ing oi os, except air Auttms nnn air. uiny. At that our minister. Mr. Shannon, tared riL'lit up. liken spunky feller, and told the Mexican that sich talk as thai was an oinracenns insult and he must cat his words and take it all back, ot be d havo no mote lo do with him. The Mexican Secretary said he wnnlun t lake a word of it back, nor eat a sincle letter, and Mr. Shan non tniuht go to grnrs and do what he'd a mind to. Then Mr. Shannon ahet no his mould, nod writ home to President Tvler lo know what he should do about it. There's wliere the mattsr stands now. and what'll be the end of it I spose we shall know one of mese uayi. STRANGE PEIIVERSION OF LANGUAGE. The Richmond Enquirer, in a labored ar tide urging immediate Annexation, makes use of the following, among other equally strange arguments: AH secti ins of the Union have a deep interest in the nnexanon ine iMirtn and ine Middle Slates, on ac count of the interest of manufactures fdiippina and commerce the South and llic Nest nre deeply con cerned, because of the safety which she brings with her, and the home which she is destined to open to ill our people. It opens, moreover, a new field for the extension of Liberty. The Enquirer goes by contraries. The idea of extending LineitTV by enlarging the bounds Had strengthening tho influence nf Slavery, is novel entmi;ti. Mr. Calhoun in his despatch to Mr. Kino, our Minister at Paris, telU us pi t inly enough that without Texas Slavery must ere long reaso lo exist in lilt! Union, but that with Tex is, it will flourish and be perpetual. By annexing Texas, then, wit extend tin; duration, if not ensure the perpetuity ol Si.AVF.ttY, and this it is that the Richmond Enquirer ralU open ing "a new field for the extension of Liberty" New IlAMPtlliir.. Tho llonso of Rep resentatives, of this State, have passed a Dill commuting, lo imprisonment for life, the lenience of William F. Comings, now in tiie jail, at Haverhill, sentenced to be hung. Yeas 150, Nays 84. A Bill has also passed tho House, abolish ing militia trainings, 187 to 51. This Dill provides for an enrollment of tlm niiiiita by the Selectmen of the several towns, on the 1st of April; that whnt aro termed Volun teer Companies shall perform military duty at formerly, under a compensation of $3,00 per annum; the enrollments of the several towns to be relumed lo (he Adjutant Gene ral on the 1st of June. TEXAS AND MEXICO. The Texas Vindicator, semi-official or gan of the Government, in reference to the present crisit, remark1! : "There arc tbiee nlternativrs now presen'ed lo Texas, one of winch she will shortly haveto rhuo'e, and in future to pursue. The first is annexation to the United Stales The scon t i nn a Ijiislinent of out tninciniies sun nicxiri, nv ine cu-'cuvt riicoiaiinii of a friendly power, liased upon a ptedie to maintnin ournMinnn i inner-euflenceenn iiiuivioiiiiiiiy. nnn upnu the fornmtmn nf c,nime,ciil (rent es extenrting recip rocal advantages lo the parties. The third and last. is the one presented in the despatch of the 10th of June, IStJ, nnnres eU Irom Hie Mate Uiparpnent throufh nur Minister alirond to tnnign friendly jov einnient-. nnnnuncinE to them ilini if Peace or a sat isfactory Armistice w'n-i not concluded uuh Mexico within n reasonnldcnetiod. "Texas would assume a newatti'ude," nndthat r, lying upoo bemwn sirength and resources, she wo-dd cross the Rio drande nnd raising the standard nf conquest, oil! r to ihe i lm ai ry and the enterpiio which imghl cane to join her tatidtrd, that portion of the enemy's eouniry lying north of the Siena Mndte Mnuntnins, nnd extending (roo the Gulf of Mexico lo the Pacific Ocean. "Annexation may fail Mediation may fail as thev have holh al'eadv done. JVntliinu in ihnl rwnl will be fpf, ms l,i Wnr. Thennlv qocp,in which can then arise will he "shn.l it hp defensive or of fensive mi's chiraeier 1" '1 Ills will be the sole issue before the country." Wuta vicrenv. Thu Whirs of Mob;lo are not all dead, it seems. Al llie Ule Mu nicipal election they succeeded in a contest ed election in fleeting, by an average ma jority of over GOO, a Whig Mayor, nn entire Whig Council, and a largn majority ot the Aldermen. The Lncefoco editors who liavn sinco the election, chronicled the deatb and buna! of the Whig party, will find, after all, that it will require something more than tho electbn of Polk and Dallas to kill it. tt7"Anotber trial took placo in Boston, nn Monday, 23d inst., for the election nf a Mayor of the City, and fivo Members oftho Board of Aldermen. It resulted in no choice of Mayor or either nf ihn Aldermen. Wet- more (W.) received 3.7G7; Davis (Native) 3,904; Greene (Loco) 2,208; Scat. 78. Annexation in North Carolina. In the House of Representatives nf Ihe Slalo of North Carolina, whose Legislature is now in session, thu adoption oftho following resolu tion was moved : ftWrrrf, That in our opinion the Territory of ought to neannexen to llieuniletl Kisies ns ...... ..,--., ... ,r w, mi, , nn y jinssitile, provided ihe-ninecan hHetTecled i oinpramisu ol ihe rights, mtcte.t and 'iJi'i'in. Vcuarded, this resolution, Hfier a FIRE AT IIINESIIURGI1. A correspondent writes us : On tho 20ili Inst., about G o'clock, P. M.,tlto upper Woollen Factory near ilincsburgli village, which whs four stories high tibovo the base ment, and owned by Messrs. Orrin Murray and John S. Patrick, took fire in the second slory, and in a short time whs consumed, together wilh nearly nil its new and highly valuable machinery nnd oilier contents. The loss is estimated at S10.000. Insurance in the Mutual Office, about $3,000. " Messrs. Murray St Patrick arc two gen tlemen from among our most industrious nnd valualilo lili.ens, nnd havo iho deep and, wo trust, abiding sympathy of a generous public. They havo acquired and carried on this eslablishmenl for some years by dint of their own economy, and iho honest industry of their own hands. This loss lias left them in very depressed circumstances, and thrown miny dependenlpersons out of employment at this dreary senjon. " Should the owners decide to rebuild, we will not doubt that a generous public will patronize, and tnako a libenl subscription." FIRE IN DANVILLE. About one o'clock tin Sunday morning last, a fire broke out in the large woolen factory, at South Danville, owned by Simeon Harvey. Eq. Two young men who ulept in one nf the upper tones, first discovered it. They were awaken ed by tho falling nf some of the burning frag ments upon the floor of their room, ami imme diately enritioing frr.m their bed, perceived that tho upper part of the building was all on fire, though how nr when it rommenred, is yet un known. 1 he young men rushed down stairs into ti e street, aud gave the alarm, which soon spread among the neighbors, and was communi cated to the inhabitants of nur village as quick a possible. Many of our citizens, including the Engine Company,' immediately repaired to tho scene, and rci.ilered all the aid in their power, hut too late however, to save cither the building, or the principal part of its contents, excepting a large quantity of wood, which had not been worked up, and was fortunately secured. We understand that through the indefatigable eflbrts of the Eugine company, the large water wheel, and t le shed adjoining the factory, vver.t also saved. Jut almost every thing else, including rmchinery, a large lot- of manufactured cloths, &c, wore entirely consumed. The loss is esti mated at from 9,000 to SU),000. and as there was no insurance, it falls very heavily upon Mr. Harvey, who has slways been one of nur most industrious, enterprizing townsmen, and who, in this hour of nfllictinn, it is hoped, will receive Ilia sympathy from the public, which a just sense of his misfortune is calculated to inspire. Slar CATII OP TUB IIemak Allem The Hon. Hi ninii Allen, formerly n member of Congress of Vermont, and Minister to Chili, died at hit resideoce at Burlington nn Wetlneslay morning, nged 33 years. St . . ,, . L l.-i: f .,Krnlc,l .IIICII WilS IHU Mill, WC llTTUi:!;, "I Uli: Lciurniii'i F.then Allen, nnd wnanno ofthn most distinguished men of Vermont. Jlorning A'turs. The -Vetcs falls ion, a complication of errors in llus hrief onrai'rnnli. Hon. Heman Alles who was once our Minister lo Chili, never was n member of Con gress and is still living, residing nt llighgate, Ver mont. Ethan Allen left no sons, nod, we believe, but one tlnughler, who became Mrs. Ililcncock anil .re sided for some years n I Mobile : she died a year or iwosin -eat Biirlini'ton. Hon. Heman Alloiyleccased, was, we bcli ve. a very distant relation ot l.llinn Ai Lii : llie cx-Minister was nuiiewhat more nearly re lated. One son of the la'e Heman Allen is now Pro fessnr of t.nogiiaL' in Newnik College. Delaware, and another is practising law in Burlington Cour. and Flvq, This correction needs correcting as well as its subject. Hon. Neman Allen of Iliyli tiiile, ex-iMinisler In Chili was nnrn a nteni her of Congress, from 1817 to 1819. Our t'slt-eim-il and Ihiiii'ihi i! townsman, claimed nn relation to Ethan Allen as wu believe, but the Ex-Minister is a nephew oftho Hero of Ticonderogr). Ethan Allen left two sons. Ilis daughter Mrs. Hitchcock, was the moth er of Hon. Henry Hitchcock who died at Mobile n few years ago. Hon. Heman Allen of Dorlingion, whoso decease has occasioned such heartfelt sorrow in our community, represented tins district in Congress, from 1832 to 1838. He was sixty-seven years old. TEMPERANCE MEETINGS. Tho citizens of Btiilington who are in favor of tint election of (irorgn B. Shnw, Truman Chittenden, and Tinman Galusha, as County Comniisiouers, nre requested to assemble one and all al the Court House this evening at seven o'clock. WILLISTON. A meeting of those in favor of electing the Anti-License Commissioners will bo held at the Town Hall at VVilliston, on Mon day evening next, at half past six o'clock. Lucius E. Chittenden, Esq. will bu present and address the meeting. MILTON. A meeting of those npiioiod 0 Licenses will be held at Milton FalN, on Monday eve ning next, al 6 r. M. V. Weston and E. A. Stunsbury Esqrs., will address tho meet ing. To WHAT ARE THINGS TRNDINO ? A highly ri'Mieclahh- f.iriucr. living; in llu: Inwn of Uuw, Hour the borili-rs nf Coni uiil, slates lltal nno tliiv list week hit was culled iiiiiin by an itttliviiliml, with tlm inquiry it' there were anv iifisuiis in Ins lainilv willnijr i iin iilhcrsi in it lilicrnliiin, by furct! nf arms, ttf I litiiiins W. Uorr I A icoiiii;tiiy mi; iliu in quirv, thu iravi lh r inmle lint slntmiipiil that iu Wearn sixty had already banded fur the purposo ; others, in Iloiikinlun ; others also iu Dnnhartun ! Wu li'ivn all alnne ihnuplit Dnrrism mere bravaih) ; Inn this, if ihtt niutier really be so, looks as if tliero weie nifii in our midst wil ling to smell " villainous saltpetre" in tin in glorious and most daneerous cumr. This comes of men of influenco lending their sanction to what is utterly untenable. The Whigs of Concord, should lliey, vi tt armis, make n rush upon tlm Legislature, and ex pel its members from their sillinps, would bo guilty of no more flmriinl nulract! than would lm a forcible Mheiatioii of T. W. Dnrr. Tho Whim's of tho Union might as well, upon tho presumptive frauds in New York, and the palpable one In Louisiana, resolve that they would resist In death Ihn laws and every procedure of tho next administration, and lirini! nn a civil war nt once. Let ihn cootl and tho wise of all parties go for the laws, and all will over be well with us. N. JI. Statesman. fpeciAT. Election The Whigs as true as filerl I Wo hae the pbasure of annoiinciti? i .. 1 ts. 11M.!.. ... ! ",0 - Jr.n, nw.. " nip i i ",B cvaie oeuaie, in ine piatooi tne laiiieiueo I Foil rut an, who so recently ilietl wilh "bin hr. w The eleriimi inn tnn-t piaro in I'M! lerria at tire, on Wed. incsuav last. Ihe nth net. Mr Jnvner lias taken seat RaMg (fi. C.) Register. lUha&, In this village, on Monday, the 23d inat., after a long and distres-ing illness, Mrs. Julia Scrunch, aged 44 years. "Oh Godl our help in ages past, Our hope for years to come Be thou our suide while life shall last, And our perpetual home I" In South Hero, in November lost, after a abort but digressing illness, Wallace Mott, son of James and Thina Mott, aged 13 years. Ho was a bright and amiable boy, greatly endeared to Ins friends and young companions, and his unlooked-for departure has thrown his devoted parents into tho deepest affliction, thus showing that. "Tho brightest things below the sky, Give but a flattering light Wo should suspect s mo danger nigh, 1 Where we possess delight." In Dorchester, on the 13th inst. Mrs. Maav Qasd- neb, wile of Mr. John L. Whipple, of lloston, and daughter of Hon, Isaac G. llecd of Waldoboro', Me. ogcil 21 year-. In Essex, Dec. ISth, Ann Elizv, aged about 8 years and 3 months t also, on the 25lh inst,, ANdbew TiiAnoeus, aged 1 year, 10 months and 3 days, c'.ti drcn ol Hon. Thidteus It. and M. L. FMcher. STEEL. NAYLORSCasl Steel assorted sizes, do double refined Shcir do" Swedes do, Naylor & Graver German do. Sprinsr ft. Knz. (I-) rio Swedes Steel tor sleigh and Cotter shoe, Toe Cork do al-n, 150 J5!! S'e' pla'ed Sleurh and CnMer Shoe., t.'ru Har. Vi v, Auvill-. Itra-s Ket-le. Shovel .Spa 'e-, Co? and Trace Cha'os. f- Ac , whi.-h ma!.e an Ir nniiinrvrsas-ortinent com iictf. Dec. 4, Ml. (27) .VI RO.VfiS & Co, I'lcrce Stan lsh's ntatc. STATE OF VIItMONT. rptl K lion, the Pro pistbict or CHlTtr.Nnr.s. . t I I nip 'Jo in fi.r the District of Chi tenden, To nil ncrsnos con 'cruel in Ihe c-tnle .1 I'lIRt K STANDIsSIl, Hie of Hun linc'on. in said Dis ricl, ilwa-ed, C!hi.ktino. WiiencAs, R s-el Hron-nn, Ailniini'lrninr ol ihe elate ol sill nova eil, propo-c- to renter an ac co int of his nduonis rn'ion, and prccnl Ins account nirain-t a tl e la'e fiir exaiuinalioii and allow I nee nl a -c-sion nf the t-'o irt of Pro! ate, to In: hidden at llie Kcpi-'cr'.- inlicc in llurlinirlon, in Slid dtrict, on Ihe tiiinl We'nes'ny n,a January next. Therefore, yi u are I'oV V notiliel to appear lefore said court at ihe tune and place afore aid, and shew cau.e, if any ymi have, why llie account al'uraid should not he aiiowea. (liven under mv han I nl Iturlinglon, this 19th day ot uecemoer, A. u. IS) I. 30w3 W.M. WESTON, Ktgicter, Wood! Wood!! WANTF.D, good Heecli and Maple Wood, in ex change for bras'! and wood Clocks, nl the Vo' riety Siore. IIRINSMAID & BROTHER'S. Tea Party. T1HE LADIES OF BURLINGTON nronn.e triv Jl ina a Tea I'ttrtu on the evening ol JANUARY .t 1815, nt lh" Pearl Strttt House lor the Leneut of the CHAR. TV SCHOOL. They will l e happy lu sce all their friends at SIX o'clock P. M. Admittance.--.Ladies, 2) cl-.. Gentlemen 50cts, Tic!.ets may I K had at ihe Bookstores and nt ihe nrl Street House. N. B. "niitrihuiions to the Table eIu.iiIJ he iii before whmi on Aew-Vcar s D.n DRUGS & MEDICINES. The subscriber- are continu al y supplied with EVKRV ARTICLE ill the above branch, l oth ol theOdieini ancll'ateol Kimls: .ne.Urinnl waters from Saratoga from Caledonia, tnnada : .Medical Wines nn t-io'inr-, (pure) Leeches! "Mimical Instrument,! Min 'Cull, n.,.1 nil I1....IDI A .,;..!.,.. ' Gi"Prccripiions put up at shortest no tice. Q-Medicino delivered at all hours of the night. We a-,s ire our friends nnd dcilers in this lirnnch tint thev cm be supplied wi h Drum in tlitir nuriu nnd MtitMnt in their genuineness at Itiiilingtou, at as low rales as at any of the cite mnrleishv same quantities. PECK & SPEAR, Apoiacmrtci ana Uruggisls. E trlincton.NoT. 2Cih 1,1844. Iv39 N, II. Con tnntlv no han I como'e'e assortments ol rerloines, Soap-, llru-lie-, I iks, ll'acking-, Dye Ol , I-, t, IJCIKKi.i ,i v;tre, etc, ,(. TO PHYSICIANS. New Chemicals and Sundry Articles: The Acid, chemical. Iodide of Sulphur, bulide of Iron, Rinoxiile of Mercury, lly.rmdaled Liquor of Ar-enic and Mercury. Amiiioniacal Preparation- ttroiniue, Cyauuret of Potassium, Chlorate of Potassa, I'.iateriutn, F.rcot Fresh, Pulv. I.ecche, Heabhy Siani ami Mveetii-n, OilofTolacco, Pie Iriti. fit: &c. Sir. hihereal l'reparnttons, Kxlrael ol Opium, Kxtraef ol Rhatauy, HaiiMitiensor Kle.'trifier Kxiraci of Aconite, Vctatria. Vilra'enf Sdvecheinica .New si ie oi iiistrumen .'i,'iin, M iirue ian Fluid, Nnoh ha Wood, Oimsliile if Mercury, 22 Ai PF.CK fc SPEAR'S. PRINTING INK. BURR'S celebrated News an I Bank Printing Ink for sale al manufacturing prices, bv iirtu.ui rtii 1 nun. Uurlinsion, Nov. 19H. 27-6in SHEETINGS. C. K.. for sale hv J. & J. H. PKCK if- CO. 4ih Dec. IB14. 27 COTTON Til 11 HAD Ae. Otr IMS- Cotton Thread, rorteJ, OV CS do I.iuen ilo ' 300 du. S.ikI tlo id do Roll Tape, 2(H) do Slick do For sale I, v VILAS .fsOYF.S Oct. 17. I3t. W Tin I'laies Ac. I fi Boxes Tin Plate- I 3 X nnd extra sizes, 1 JJ 20 pac.'.-s It iia Shed lion, 40 Entrli-li do a.-'J. Nos. OO I ill's, ns orleil Iron Wire, 100 Slice! Copper, 100 II ie- Canada plate--,Sheet lea land sheet Z'ne, with a full asorinenl of tinner- sroi., hv Nov. '44. 57) STRiiNGS J1. Co. 'aiiils and Oil. 7 TONS Whi'e la-ad. dry and in Oil, ' Pure,' "Ex-ra," and "No. 1." I no r reiicn 1 enow, 1 do Em:. Veoc. red, 1 i'o Whittle, 2 Casks G im Copal, Chrome Yellow, Furoi ture and Carriage Varnish. V .'rJigris, Pol y, Litharge, lie I Lead, 500 G's, Lm-eelOil. 5 Casks Spt's. Turpentine, 20 Doz. Paint nnd Varnt-h br i h's. I y 27 S TRONGS & Co. A GAUD. THE Subscriber has sold all his Books, Stationery, Book Rinding Establishment Ac. lo Mr. Stevens Woods who will continue the business of Book-selling nnd Binding, Blank Book Making nl the Stand for merly occupied by myself, (on Ihn corner of Church nnd College Street.) I would invilenll my old friends and customers to give Mr. Woods a call believing that be will be able to tlo as well by them as any one in Ibis vicinity. I shall remain with Mr. Woods for ihe present nnd shall he most hnppy to see nil my old patrons and friends, nnd I will take this opportunity to relnrn my sinrerest thanks In the people of Burlington and its vicinity for the liberal patronage they have bestowed upon me duiing iho last ciahl enr. SUHJEt. HUNTINGTON. N. n. All peasnns having unsettled arcniiots wilh S. II. will have the kindness to call ond have them adjusted, S. H. Ilurlington, Dec. lCih 1844. 304 Flour. 2500 HIiIp. supnrfino Flour, 500 Ha'vra do do 100 11 I-, extra do il fioiuh Whirf. FOLJ.ETT.I'RVI LKV&Co. Do-. IFt'i l'44 n Wanti'd. A FEW thousand ltsh's OATi at ihn Somfr Wharf. FOLLETT, BRAOLEV & Co. !). 18th 1841. 19 mtj Asa I.. I.von's Estate. STATU OF VERMONT, ) 'PHI? Hon. the Pro- Diitrit-t or Clultcnden. s. i - l ate t-ouri lor inc Di.irir.t nf t 'hiitemten i To nil ner..nns concerned hi the e-tale of Asa L. I.yon, late ol She'burne, in said Ul.trict, cleccaret. , uhectino. Wiikreas, f.ltira ai. Benson, auminfiratri. in inc taleol aiidlei-ea-ud. nropnres to render an account of her administration, and precnt her aecoont ngains'isaid estate for examination and allowance at a session ot llicuourt 01 rronate, tote noiueo hi inc Reaisler office in Bnrlinginn, in said district, on the secooil Wednesday of January next. I IIEncriiBE, you nre nereoy noimeo to appear oe fore said court at the time and place aforesaid, ond shew caii-e, if any you have, why the account afore said should not lie nllowc I. Givnn under mv hand at Ilurlington, this I6:n day of December, A. D. 1811. a a w m. vvr.a lu.'ti termer. rnttP! Knttnritipra nrn in tlcht. nnd their creditors Jl are linnntient fur llieir nnv. Their mvan of nuvment nrn in the hnnds t( llieir debtors, Thev cannot oav Inn hv heioir onid. and ttiev milt Iv Daid -..!.( .1 I .7. ......... . I .I..U. '!!.., nM m .niii,ic ii,vil,.ri ,u- IU KCI uiu ui iti.i. .uvy ... the more In earliest in con-eo, iciiec of llie bu-ioess prospccin oi inc country prowiog ui 01 me eiecnou ofl'olk and Dal as. r'nr allhoogh iliey are Demo erats tttil in the w. ol, tluy hare fear thai the poli cy of the approachioa administration may operate ilin-lro i-ly upon their business, an I they are deter- muie'l to uu fin ,u ocoi ueioce ,ur ,nif irtiiiiir,-i- of the dc-intciion of ihe larill', llie adoii sion of Tex as, and the banLrintey nnd ruin cou-eq ient upon these measure-, shall be vciified. The sulcriheri- therefore give notice to all persons indcMed lo them, thai Ihey tnii-t be paid by the 15th ihw of January nexi, or colle.-non will le leiriilly en loroed. .IAS. NORSK & UnOTHKR-s. B irlinetnn, Dec. 4, 1811. 29 Oil. 4000 Gallons Winter sperm. do do Whale, 2.W i'o Lln-ee". 2500 do Leal Lar.1, 1003 do Olive. ''outh Wharf. FOI.LRTT, BRADLKV & Co. Pee. 18 li 1511. 23 iFor Sate, JhsjaA A .-mall dwellinz-ho ise and lot situ Wfm -- n'ed a! the junction ol the new road 'j!:H with North street. Tne hoi-e is well tin ZJJUm. i-he I. an I nearly nev, with a soihI cel lar under the whole. For leitnsnnd f inher particu lars apply to tho a lUcri' er on the premi e-. rll.UNUlo M. nuiiiu.n. B irlimton, Pe-. IC, 1111. 23-"3 A C'oi)or Steam liniler AND sroo.1 Steam Box for Steaming on the Thorn sonian System, for nle by ....... . . . r niw.TI (I'll fl 27 Dltlviu ot niuior.aa. Periodicals for 1S45. SUBSCRIBERS lo any of Ihe followins Publica tions who wish to continue another year, can do o by handmi flu- amount r -nbscriplioo to llie nil lersinne.1 before the 1st of January. TJ V. IIAKIU.1UIU.1. American Journal of Medical, (J larlcrlv. American Eclectic and Mtt-eum of For- 35,00 COO 5.00 3 00 eisn Liteiatnre, in ui'hly. Anieticnn Review a Wh'ia Journal lilac'. wood'. E tin' urirh Masnz:ne. Hell's Me lical Li' rnry, Q lar'erlv Driii-h and Foreign 'MeJical Review, Q larterly. Bostiui Medical and Surgical Journal, Monthly. Braitewaii's Reiro-pect, Semi-annually. Brown-ou'. Q larlcrlv Review. Camp1 ell' Seini-inoiithly Magazine of FnreiL'11 l.iieraure. Chri-iiao Fxamiuer, Ui-monthly. Cultivator, Moiehlv. Colinn1 ian Mnsnzine, Monthly. llemiK'rn'ic Review. Monthly. ' 5,00 5,00 3,00 1,00 3,00 500 4.00 1.00 3 00 5 00 Fdinl ur?h ' Q lar'vrly. (Reprint.) 3 00 roremii Qnar erlv R 'view, (") 3,00 L. rail nn Lady and Uentlemans Mag azine, Montli'y. Goiley's Lailvs Bonb, Monthly. Hunt-' Merchnni'- .Matrazine, Monthly. Journal of the Franklin lo-lilute, " Kniclerl ocker .Magazine, " Law Repor er, " Liilell's "Living Age," Semi-Month'y. Lady's Coiiipamon, " " 300 3 00 5.(10 5 00 500 3 00 6 50 3 00 3 00 5 00 1.00 B.00 3,00 8 00 000 5.00 5,00 I.on Ion Q larlcrlv Review, (Reprint.) Me 'i Ciiiiurgicnl Review, Q tarterly. Merry's .Miceum, Monthly. Norlli American Review, Q mrterly. ISew Euglander, ' ltetirims of the London, Ediuburch. For eign an i We-tniinier, Qtarterlie-. Silliniau's J'uirnal, -Soul hern Literary Me--enger, Monthly. Sii'i'be-ii Quarterly Review. TO RENT. A Ccnvenienl Brick dwe'linir house. r f.oo rr or 1LAS if- NOVE; Dec. 16ih 1844. 29 Feathers. GF.F.SE and HEN'S Feathers. For sa'e bv Dec. 17th 1944. (23) VILAS & NOYES. nOOTS AND SHOES AT WIIOI.ESAI.R. MERCHANTS Ihnl are replenishing their stock ol HOOTS ami SHOES will do well lo rail nl the snl"crilrs one door east ot Peck A .VpearV College St. CEO. W. LEE. WANTED a almve, 50 Cords of Wood and 10 good IIore in exchange for Boots and Shoe-. MEN'S prime Thick H'v at Retail, From 81,75 to t?2,25 per pair. AI.0, an iis-oriuient of Gents., I.n lies an I Mi-set Rubbers, which the suhscnl er ofltr.- at co-t. 29 GEO. W. LEE. VTAS just ndded to his former stock of ready made O. Clothing a good assortment of heavy Over Coat Sacks. French Cassimere do. All Wool Tweed do. Cents' Dress Coals, a prune arlicle. As Ihe tsiihscriber contemplates connecting i li his pres ent liisioessn merchant tailoring establishment, he oilers his present stock of lead y made cloihimr at a small advancefrom cost. Purchasers please call and examine. JUST RECEIVED. APRIMEnssottinent nf Genu' Fioe Gaiter dam cing pumps, nnd Ladies' Fine Kid French dan. cing slips, which are offered cheap for cash bv 2R GEORGE W. LEE. CARMINA SACRA. A Further supply received by Dec. 19. 291 A. EDWARDS. Christinas anil Now-Years fTA VE been observed ns days of Festivity and rc i ji icing, ns suiiuble periods lor Irnrieiins and in leichanging Ihe kindly sreetinsa of Friendsbio nno nffeciiott, for giving tokens of remembrance and for relijious worship. All these wiN'sofoliserving these Festival occasions are gooil anit plea.sinc tit their apprnprine places. To enable those who desire articles Suitable to ore sent lo Genilaincn am.' Ladies, to Boys and Girls, to Parents and Children, i'.o hired heln either Male or remale, we are opening a g.'eatcr variety at much re' di ced ptiees, suitable for them. Articles purchased for Piesents will be ottered low, to induce many to make Presents timing tho Holy da vs. We have Gold Watches and Chains, Gold Pencils and Thimbles, Gold Spectacles nnd Eye Glasses, Rosewood Work Boxes. Rosewood Perfume Cues. with cut bottle, silver, penrl and shell card cases opienuii aceorumns, nielniti.ins. Coke Baskets, lien llemen'a and Ladies' teal Sloae Pins and Hincs. A ueauiiiui Lamrton marie Patent Lr.VEIl CLOCK. Beautiful Canea wilh Slier and other heads. Silver ware of all kiods. Silver loiter trier nnd children Forks, Diamond pointed Gold Pensin silver ami goii cases, for presents we shall sell Ihe small GOLD Pencils u i h Rings for $2 00 only. FOR CHILDREN. Our assortment of amusing articles and as we un derstand the term "useful" articles too are far better man usual antl will ne ottered low. 29 UIUNS.MAID & BROTHERS To Bookbinders. WI AJtTI.ll. n COO-I Bookbinilpr. On . VV ems' workman, and of regular ha iis. may finj n perm tie ni s tunitoo. c. GOODRICH. Uor mg on, Dee. 17, 1844. 29 Look Here ! IJMRST rate l umler S', lor sn' SAVI SAMUEL HEFD. 29 Ilu-insttin, I'ec. 18, '44. Stoves, 7VERV super or COOK S'lOVES of various Size-. ALSO. a fir t rale Culler lor' sale In exchange lor YVnial or grain. . GEORGE PETERSON. Rmlinginn Dec. IJ.h 1844. iHlfi REOV MADE CLOT IJlNC THE lubscnliei tins now m n ui I. h.i.i is eonttnu Ins to manufaettue a ecnernlassorooenlof Itciulv Hf.rl.1 Pbltliinr ivn.f.nln.l in I... mtdl, Well 80(1 sltonp. having ihe ndvanlnce of tho.e made in ihe cily Slop shops, as the subscriber manufactures bun self, lie save- die usual p-ofit paid to the wholcsa'e dealer, ami l therctiy enan cit to sen as cnp n nn be ho igbt elsewhere. One cteit inducement to pur chase "of the subscriber, t" tint his clolhinp i all made here, nflbrdinn cmplowncnt Ioourownciti2en. ami thus pr iclieallv carrying out in part the impor tant American System nf Protection to Home Industry. Rins. if nnv. cpwprt no (Wilis. Onrmcnts made to order, as usual, anil warranted in every particular. .TAMES MITCHELL. HurlinEion, xuth uec , ian. J Christmas is Cumin" ! AND the Annuals anil a great variety of o'her Iln'Mtv nre-ents in ri' h and eleinnt biiulliiir have come to Edward'- Cheap Cn-h Store. Among the be-lnre Nature' licnuj nr, Ameri can Flower- in their Ni ive Haunt-i by Kmma C. Fmocbt. wilh twenty plntes, carefully colored niter Nnturct and Landscape Views nl their localities from drawings on the spot. Forming one ele?aut Unarm Volume punted on the nnest paper nno ricniy nramu in Silk. Price. S7.50 The Leaflets or Memory; imiiicu oy kbvnell Coates, Illustrated with twelve tine P.ates eneravca on steel, eleinnllv bound. " 4.50 The Diadem: A splendid uuatto oouna in iik, 12 rnaravintrs .3,o0 The Gift; 8 engravings, Strong Morocco tunning. " 3 50 The nook nf Christian Ballads; Kdiml by Rev. R. W. Griswold ' f ' The Token lor IHIG; " i.'-u The I'hllapaeno for 1815. " 1.50 The Itcllglous -oiivlncr. " 1.50 The Drawing Itoom iniual Quarto. 3,50 Crlswolcl'g AmcrlcanPocts ; richly bound. " 4,50 trmvitio's r. liiinn of the Roak of Common Prayer with upwards of seven hundred beautiful Illustrations in suprrh oinding. o,uu O"AI.S0, a ureal tnriety of Miniature Books -ricirv hound in Silk, Gilt. Juvenile and Children s Uoolisj ect. eft, A. EDWARDS. No. 1 Peck's lluildine. 20 Il.irnev'si lllomloalrd llllllc. No. 15. Hewed' h tlo Sllakespeafe, No. 37. Wandcrllig Jew, New World El No. 10. rio do Harper's Ed. No. 7. The Settlers in Canada written for young People b Capt. Marryat. 2 vols. My I nclti the Clock Jlauer nv iary new,,,. Sketches of Irish Character Illustrated l,y Mr. S. C. Hall, No. 3 to he completed in 2U Ad's, iii els. eat h. . . . Hilorv of France from the Earliest period to the present time by by M Michelct. No. 1, price i cts. The whole to be completed iu about 20 no s. Thirlwnll's History of Urcece, part t. ic, iu uu conipielril in 8 no's. Tales from the German specimens of celebrated Authors. ,. , 2Sc Arthur Arundel a tale of tho English Revolution. 2) The Silver Bottle or "Litlle Marlbots" in search of his Father. . -2.c St. James-or the Court of uucen Anne, ny am--worth. 12J ! History oflhe Truly Honorable Col. Jae'.-. 25c The Distiller's Daughter or the Power of Woman. Received by l'-io 29 A. EDWARDS. Tlie January Alagaziiu's Are all Out. Godcy's Lady's Book. 5 Enpravings. 55 cts. Grahams Magazine. 5 do 2i " Arthur' Lube,' tl.) 6 do 19 ' The Ladies National do. Plvtes. Pol'ia Dress and Greek Costouie for Fancy Hills, C.iloied. )9 The Columbian Magazine. 3 engravings nnd tlie Fashions. Received by 2"c 29 A. EDWARDS. rnosrFCTi's. ron the CONGRESSIONAL GLOBE AND APPENDIX. THESE works have sn-h a wide circulation, and have been o onivei-allv approve 1 nnd sought nf'cr by the public, that we deem It necenryonlv in 11.11 pro-pec iu to say tuat tuev win i e couiio'ico ai the net ,is. ion of Consre. nnd lo state, siiccioetly their contents, the form in which lliey will be pnnleil, anil the price lor them. OIL. f! n,l,!t..l. !. mn.l.. ,.n r.C , t. .tilt.. 1 lie v. , ... .. orocee lints of the two Ho ies ol Congress. The sneeehes of llie mem1 ers nre condensed to brine them into a rendah e lenaih. All the resolutions o 'ertsl, nr tnoiions inaile, are gnen in llie mover s own wonl and Ihs yens mid nays on all the imporinill n'ie-iion- It I-priiiUM Willi small type ' revier nun nonpareil on a doul le royal sheet, iu quarto lorm, each ntitn- ler con'ninimr IU rnynl q-tartn pa ires. 'I he Appen lix i- made up of llie Pre-iVcni'- annua! tncs-age, the rcporl- of llie pr ocipal officer "f ihe covernuieni thai accompany i1, and l the Ion'.- peccbe- of meni'ers ol Comrre, wrii'en O 'l 'r re voed by ibein eUes. Ii is prime I in the same form as the Congressional Gol e, an I u-ually make- alo'ii tho same it iniber of pai-e. Now there is no .o'lrcebot iheConuressionn! (ilo e nnd Appendix front which n per-on can obtain f ill iii.lorv ot ine proceimzs ot , oiojrc h, ,i (. no.y re co'.'ni.eil bv re.ul tion n Ihe a iihen'ic re.iort nf pro- ecu ling-, the earlier ynbioie Inyin r been puri'linsel for Hie use or tnenj.' er, an I lor Hie t oojressionai library. Oiles if- Se eon's Re -is er of Debate-, wlooli con'nineil n Iii.lorv, wa- su pen led in 'he yetr 1 337, an I ha- m I since i veil re onied. It cos- nhoul Ihe tunes ns in ich fora se.souasthe Cooiressionnl Glo'eaol Api-euhx, and ibd not enieant nn epfl noKuni of mailer, a gteal portion of ihe current pro eeelinxs henej online I. Complete in lexe to boih the Congressional Gin' e and llie Eppendix nreprin'ed nt llie ,-lo e of each ,es. -iii, ami -cnl lo all ulisenbers fir them. Ihe reports ol the Conire-sioual lilobe nl tlie Appendix are not iu the least degree a le ted by the parly lia- ot the e'Uors. They are given preei-ely as vvrifenoii by the reporters an I the members them selves nn 1 are mbject to llie revision and correction of the speaker-. The approach of n Congress which will discuss for ihe American people a' I the mo I iiuporinnt questions ever enterlnineJ by (he national councils, and new an I extratr linary measures never l-trore Pitpr ven ture I upon, ha- induced the pu' lishera of llie Glol e to make grea er and It'tier preparation than heretofore for reporting and publishing the speeches nnd pro- feeding of the next ses ton. All per-on who may ile-iro eilher, or both of lhn-e works, should S'lb.frtle for them by the lO.h of De cent' er. cl-e thev niav fad lo get them. Pcr-ons nre still mi! s -nl ing fiir the Congre-sional Glo'e for I he la I .e.sion ot Congress, and we have not been able lo furnish a complete copy of it since earlv in the -e-sion. We wtjl send the Congressional Glo'e for Ihe ap proachiog session lo any person who will return lo u all the numler ol n (bribe la-l session. Wo o-iially print pontile a many copie. n we have ni'i-cril er lit ihe comineiiceuieiit ol a seioo, nod then perhaps, in a few week- thev will nil I e exhausted. We -ny again, that tho-cwdin want theCongre sional Globe, or the Appendix, 0111 siio-cril e an I and the money tor mem t y ine iu:n ot lreceimer, else niey win nut pro' al ly get llieoi. Per-on subscribing for the Congressional Glo'e, or Ihe Appendix, should he enref. 1 to name ihe State as well a the po t oifice to wl leluhev wi-h Ihe paper sent, a there nre inany pot oitlce oflhe same name in dilliereni Siale Paris, for example. V receive money from Paris, in oneor llie S a e., many yeir ago. nnd wevhave not been able, op lo i hi day, lo find out from which scale II waenl j and llit-rer-on who senl II lm lo.t hi nioney. '1 no riles ol ine ticnerai Po-t Office require the po-tmalcr to en lone the name of the stale on every leiter, but many of them neglect In do it. Every man iu the "ountry who de-ire lo be inform ed of the pal ho hitorv oflhe public men oflhe coun try, shou ,1 rea I ihedcba'es efCongre.s. Our foreign affair and the dooie-tic concern of every section of the country pass under review in Congress. I hedis-cu-sion env rnoe men ami things, pre ent anlpnl hi. lory aod the be-1 Inrul'les arrl highe-t attain men t-are direolol lo their elucidalioit. It is il e to I e fitted for lb - political arena without al mil ma'tf knotvlc Ige of the an mal emigres ional del'nte As some persons who may receive ibis pro-pectus may wt-h toanhscril elor "or regular papers, thro ish wbiih ire sneak, we will here slate that we ru' li-h a daily paper al 810; a scini.wcekly paper at t5 ami a wtvKiy paper, won n coiupirte iiiuex iu n, at 94 n year, naval le in advance. We p'tl li-li cur prospectus in thli form, so that our . . .J L I.... . . ., ..I ..l.. irieOOs will, Iilil) IIIIUI vs, 1 ncnisri, r' n, u"in iiimiu cnpiom for it, may cut it out and nllach writing inner 10 write the lame of sub-crihers upon. We wou'd teinl them a uparaie pro-pcin-, prin'ed on wrhing-paiar, if it were not ilial many potinter charge teller po tage on nub. Persons 01 laming .iibscril ers for us may retain every sixth dollar Ihey . ct.llesr-i .that is, they may irnd to its only tS for sis copies of either work, or for six copies made up of both (say for three copies of each) or for one, two, three, four, or live, of one, nnd one of tho other. Terms. For the Ci nTrcsiionnl (ilol e, 81 per copy. For IboAppenhx, 81 per copy. S'x cipies oreilher of the above work, will le sent for 3 5 1 twelvecopiesfor810j und au on in proportion fora greater numler. Payment tnav le trnnswitted by mail,poja?epattf at our r'slr. Ily a rn'e ol the Post Oiliec Uepariment, lio-tma-lcrs are permute) to frank letter-w riltcn by them elve-, containing money fiir Mib-criplions. The note- of any I aok, aiurent where a sub-eriler rei les, wi 1 1 e received by us nl par. To in-iire all the luiiul er-, the -id scriptions s li onl.l lin Washington by the lOili of DvcuiiiIkt uexf, at fart her. 'St t3".Vo nlltnlion iri'f bepaid to any order unless the money aaompaniet it. J IILAIt. & RIVES. Wa-hinitton City, Novcirbcr II. 1844. 23 COOK 10. FIHI,I &CO. EXPRESS LINE or it. s. m ai i. oo aches, Fhom BURLINGTON, Vt , ro ALBANY', N. V. Through in flay and half. COOKE, I II 1,1) At Co. havo stocked the road with splendid Concord Coaches, nnd six horse teams the whole distance, winch leaves Bur lington every niorninu, (except Sunday) ntGl o'clock, passes over llie centre road via. Vergetincs, .tiiuuic bur v, Cnstlcion, Snlrm to Trov to dine the Eecond d iy, nnd tit rives at Albany al 3, P. M. i rail & Co.'s Express lntwccn Monlrcal nnd .New York passes over this route twice each Wrck. At Middltbury this line intersects wilh tho Boston nnd Fitchhursth Rail Road line, in. Rutland, Bellows Falls and Keene, loroiigh from Ilurlington to lloston in 3 da) a without any nmht riding. At Caslleton this lino intersects wilh the liuilnnd and Whitehall daily line. Cooke, Field, if- Co. have taken ereat pains lo pro cure cood Coaches and II rccs. nnd experienced, gen tlemanly drivers, who will drive through.half day's ride, si passensers will not be annoyed with shilling drivers and coaches every few miles as on many other routes, nnd wepledt'e ourselves to make this line one of the best conducted lincsnf stages in the New Eng land Hta'cs and eery thing wi I he done by our Agents and Drivers In make the travelling public ciiinfortnble and. satisfied that wo aro willing to fulfil nil we advertise. Extras, fur priva'e parties, furnished at all limes, fi o i.l two Horses to -j. At Albany enquire of U. P. DonntN if- Co, and IlAn.s-DEN &Co. t Troy, S. P. Wiutsjgv. MO.-F.S L. CHURCH, Aser.t, 29 tf Burlington. CROCKERY, ifc. I- OOKING Glasses, Crockery ond Glass Ware. -i Also, a E"od nssorlment of Family Groceries, lordlier with Flour and Salt i nnd "Ib-red for sal- low by C. F. STAMFORD & Co. Dec. 12. '41. 23 DRY GOODS. C. V. NTAMl'lHtlJ & o. A RE exh hilios a lario s'ocl; ol Foreign nnd Do- nie-ticStnpIt no I Fancy Dry G .ml-1 y thei nece nr oanero nn I .ua oulins lo their eslal lisheJ icJ ran at prices -uilcii lo tne titoc- nnu ine sea -mi. I..i lies me ii.irnc. ilarlc invited to loo!. at their as nrlment nl'Caalitneri-s-'iind He Laiues which a the ea0Il is advaucd will It- o lered low. ALSO, (la-limere, Itroche ami oilier ShawK -cme hing rich nnd well worthy alleiiliou will be old very cheap. A L s o , cood a irunent of .ileriuo nnd Philct Cloths, Woolen Plat !s, alpaca-, fitt:, for Cloal.-, V civets, iilnin ond li'ercd Silks. Calicoes, and nlmo-t every varieiv of goo 1- in the line of La lies Apparel. Also, a large slock o' I.uieo UntHis. Also, t'loihs, Caswinerc-, Sntinctts, Vc-tings, and oilier goo Is fiT ccnlleoians wear. ALSO, llrown and II ea-iuil Slieetingi and anirt-inir-nf various s yles nnd quali'ies. Persons K Dry Hoods may find it to their a Ivaoiace lo examine the above stock which will Le most cheerfully shown lo nil customers. Dec. 12 h 1811. 23 TIIE RESULT Of OUR EX P Kit I. U P. NT. SINCE tho es'nb'ishinent of our House in thiCity, we liaM met wilh unprecedented success which cnaMe- u lo contemplaie nnd make still lurthtr itn provenienl. lit stv e ami extent, we are determined our ware- ho-fu -hall not I e excelled, and we think not uiiequal'ed in tlucily. As an exneriineut ue e-tahli-hcil an .agency in Europe last Spring nnd on trial wo have found it to operate comparilncly well j we have now made more lil cral arrangements' in nn'er to carry more fully into operation and Ihe heller 10 lest llie expediency 01 an a neiicv nl road. Tim more -ucce I'u'lv lo carry out our plan and male room for our -pring importation we shall coin nee n creat sale ofottr entire rich nod e.xtenivc tin I; of Fancy nnd Family Dry Goods on .Monday the lultl Ol Iter. le-H, I UI will IC nu orunirtry svoiii out a we are ilc ermined 10 elo e our enure lock 1 enrlc as 11 le. nnd we nre awate In tin we mul n 'eronr nnnil nt a sArniritF: o.irlicutarlv our FANCT sink; our entire stock ha betn r.EMAnKEO at the towEiT P'fS hie rati-, so that all ma readily -ee we h.tvea tually made a GREAT LIMlM TION in pri- e.. IV.. nlieil V our allenlion to OUT oricCS Blld -I vie- and sboid I you' not find litem sali-liicloiy nnd go awnv upborn purciia-ing, woa-u-e ion we sunn no letiflen 'cd. We coiplov none but ihemo! coo. Icons and attentive salesmen, and 0111 visitor will be sure of receiving all possible attention. lOCKK"& AKERMAN. HO nnd 02 Broadway, nnd 3 James St.. All anv. N. 1 I. 11. j t iv .ire uoouis cover opwnro oi ucuu nuare feet. Our stock con-i'ls of upwntdsof S100,- 0(10 wnr b ot u cfli' aod Fancy Dry Goo I-. Iu point I III ine--. Vanity nnd exlenl nl stv le, cannot le ex-el el to the Uinie.1 Sln'e. Plea-e rcceollect, we comiiieiice giving you bargains jlemiay lice lfilb 1814. Ice. 1 1, '44. 2Bml S ' O ES. rnilP. .nl sen! er olcrsat tho store recent ynccupi I el'v II. H. Ilostwi-k & Co. oppo-i e Sirongs Xr Pn.. Ch..reli Street, a -lilelldld a-sorllllent ol Cook ing. Parlor. Ilox anil Airlighl Slove. Among wnicn are ibe nopr ve I Rnl-wny, Vaioria, Parlor, Cook nnd be unnrove I Van lee Noioo Coo'.inn Stoves wtue i lie wi I -eil lor ca l at lower once iiuui uicv haveberi-ofiaHtrccii o lered, or will receive in pay ment produce or good Beech or .Maple Wood. Al-o, wi tie ken I on inuil lfis-ia. rngiisn, aim uiiwh Iron -love pipe, nnd nil nrlic.'e- wanted ol Tm, Shert Iron and Cooper Ware. Likewise Ca-t Iron and Coooer Pump-. Slove Furniture, l.cad pipes, .inc &c. &e. L. II. PO'ITEU llurington 10:h Dec. IS11. -sou Stclilicit llnxsle's Instate. STATE Of VENMOXT, riHK Hon. the Di-lri-t of Chiitetiden, f. 5 -L Prolate Court r,. ,l,e Distnci ol Chiiicnden : To all per-ons con cerne.1 in I he estate of Sieplieu lloxsie, bale of Millon, in .mi lli-iiici. icceased. Wiiebea, Ttrzab lloxsie administratrix ofctate nfsni.l ilecenseil. uroo .e. to reu ler an account of her n and ore ent her account against said n.iaie or exaimnalioii anil allowance at a se iuu y ,i;..,. ,n ilirliogioo. in said Di.-lnct, on the second he i;o irt iu erooaie. to uo ui.iucu ui, ill .liiiin.irc nex,. Thcreb re, Vo i are betel y notifieil M appear I clore ...i ni ,t,e tun, noil itbiee nloresatd. and shew ca ee. ifnny vim have, why llie account aforesaid should not I e allowed. Given tinder mv hand at Ilurlington this 4tH day of Dei-ember A. 1. '1814. 033 Win. WESTON, Register. PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS artieleis too will known to need commer.. diiion and the exptritnre often years has demonstrated to the commercial community, that lor accuracy, convenience and durability, tney e.e unrivalled. Coal yard senles to weigh from 3 lo fi tons. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from t lb. to 5000 lbs. Portable do. to weigh from I oz. to2001hs. PorlaWeCounlerilo. in weigh from J o. to40lbs. J. & J. H. Psck it Co. Sn'; Rurlinglorr, Dec. 4, IBI4. 29tf Fish. 200 Quintals Coil Fish, 100 lloxea Herr'ngs, 4 h Dee., '44. t24) J, 4. J. H. PF.CK A Co. 300 Ko I'ovvdor, 100 Bars hot. 100 M Percussion Caps, 300 rios. Corn Brooms, 4lhD-.'44. (14) J. ft. FECK A Ca, Chomplain '-r',ta.,rJortaUon flTHE Stockholders of the Champtain TransprU i tion Company, are hereby notified that the An' nual Meeting for Iho election of Directors of said Com' pany for the ensuing year, will be holden at the Hotel of A. Prouty ji., (late Howard's) in Ilurlington on th first Thursday ol Jnniinrv ne.xt nt one o'clock P. M. Uy order of PHILO DOODTThK, Cr Chan-plain Transportation Compiny. Burlington. 2nd Dec. 1S44. 27 Joseph Miner's ICstatci STATU or VlillMOSV, I ITl Probatu Di-tri.-l 1.1'Chiltenden, vs. Court helJ al Builingtnu within and fur the district of Chittenden on the second day of Dcccml cf, 1611, come Elijah1 Herrict, nnd Sallv Miner, a hnini-tratorsof the etate of JOSEPH .MINER, late of Mihon in saiJ district, decea-e I, nnd file in said court their petition, in wri ting, setting forth that the claims allowed aiam-l lh e-taieof the sail deceased amount to -0178,00, that there is d re to xai I admini-tralor-, on settlement t.f their a linluia'ralion acco int, one dollar and e'ght four cents j that the ninount of per-nnal profiertf nnhand, as invtntorle'!, ninrionts to S50.S0 i that ihcrti nre deb's neninsl the t'siale due lo the e-tale of Sally Miner, ainountiiig to six hundred dollars andopward-, which nre ecoti'il by iiiorlgaire ol tho home larm, so calle I, oflhe aid deceased, which debt- Ws-re not pre' ente.1 to the coouni-sioners for allownncet that Ih-i sni I inies'ate died se zed of his hnoie farm, so called, coninlmng nbout one hundred nnd twenty-five acres nf laud, which i- inorigagt-d a. nl ove .stated, and al-o one hunlredand seventy acres of land, known asthi" Mauley and Hurlhurt farm-, nninemnhered, which land- nrt-all situa'el in Slid Millon i that the personal e-tnle is ins ,ffic ent to pay the debts azainst ".aid es tate and ihnl it wdl I e no es-nry to jell real e late li. the payment ol the debts due Irom said estate ond tl.a etpen-cs of a bnini-iraiinn ; that no pan of either of aid firinscnu he -i 1 1 wiihout injury to those entrust' elm ihe r, main ler, and praying saiJ court lo licensS Iho said administrator,, ,, ,ci ruber of said fnrms for the porpo c nfiife-aid, ngreefibl y to the statute in su' b oae ma lo nlid provi led. Whcrcipr.n the court aforesaid doth appoint tl.' secondiWedne-dav of January, A. I). 1815, (or bear ing nnd deciding on said peinion nt the rifice of the Reiri-ter of said court in sai I Hurliuirton, al ten o'clock in the forenoon and doth order Ihnl all persons inter-e-ted le notified thereof I y publicatton of this order, mn'aintntr the ub-lnnee o'l -al ' petition, three week sucies-i.'oiv in Ihe B irliugion Free Pre--, a nt-wspa' per rinied ui -aid Iliirluigion, tlie lastof which pub lications to he prevb'ii to the said second Wednesday of January. A. D. 1815. Given under mv han I al said Ilurlington this sec ond day ot Deevml er, A . 1). I'M I. 23w3 Win. WESTON, ? 1815. COLUMPIAN MAGAZINE f r January 1845. And n greU Variety of New Cheap Puh'ic.Vieni received 1 y express Inst cYcuin' at EDWARDS' Dec. 13. 23 Hook More. Wood tTANTFD, s change wi on live or s 1 1 WOOD, in ex r Cu' i el 'vnr'i, a the new Brick Shop ui Catlin' Line 23 ' -d- t-a t of the Rurlinc' loo Han'.-. -AMUI I. NICHOLS. Burlinstan De- 9 h H!4 23-tl Toliacct). 50 hoxes Bonn's cavendish. 50 " Harris" dJ do 30 " Davis' do do 25 " Mver' do do 45 " Jackson's do do 20 " Enders do do 4bCee. '44. IS) J.. &.V. H. PECK & Co, Coal. 100 Tons Lehigh, 4!h Dec. '-14. 2S J .& J. H. PF.CK Co, Glass, 2000 Roxe9 Burlington Extra, Burlingtoai Vermont. Es-t-.x nnd Lake. J. Js J. 11. PECK & Co. Agents. 4th Dec. '44. 23 Groceries. 20 Hl.d. Port Uico and St. Croix Sugars, 30 HarrcN Woisey U woltcys t.oai, orumeo too Powdere I do. 40 bin's. Mola-ses. 00 Chesi Hy-on Skin Tas, 00 Half " Young Hysoo " 75 Hag Collce, 100 .Malt- Ca-13, 3 Barrel- Cloves, 2 do Nutmegs, 25 Bag I' men'o, 2o do Pepper, CO E.g. P ic t.nieeri 40 Tierie'F.Miits( 130 Bo.xe- Bar Soap, AO do Pipes, 20 Kegs S t i'e er, 30 Bo.xe Starch. 4 h Dec. '4 1. 23 S. & J. H. PECK 4t C?Si Fruits &c. 250 Ijoxi-s Kaisins, 100 H'll. do do 200 ir. do 'o 15 Hags MaVirn Nut, l i' " soft iie'.'eJ Alinons! 10 " Rrail ?iiits. 15 " Fi berl, 0 BoM-'Mou'd Candles- II) " Patent Sperm do 4th Dee 'M 9' I H. PF.CK Co. P.-i till:. 12000 Is'"- Wethen'ls Pure While Lead, 100)0 " 3ainerlie do do do 100 Kris do do do ground in Oil, 50 BI I. Spanish White, 25 ' Venetian Red, 30 " French Vtllow, 23 " Spirit Ttrpciitine, 3 " Copal VariiMi. Chrome Vcllow, I Prn-sian Rlue, Chronic Green, j Blue Small, Ftnernld do I Sand Paper, Saxony do I G'ue, Pan- do j Paint Bre-hes, lirun-vviik lo 4lh Uec. '41. 23 J. & J. H. PF.CK & Co. IMastnr. 200 Tons ground Nova scoln, 4lh Dec. '41. 23 J. if- J. H. PECK & Co. typ: HI1H5. Unnlner Brewer New England Ruin O 100 III I. American Brandy, 123 o do Gin, 10 ll'lf. Pipe Seigneiie Brandy, 10 -stsrdo 1-wan Gin, 10 Mild-. St. i roix Rum, 20 III .. Shcrrv Wine, 10 " Ma'eird do 10 " Malaga t!o 5 ' I'nr' d.) 4 ! Dee. '4 1 IS J. ,t II. PKCK it ro. Lorrillanls snull'and Tobocco ' fl JARS Vaccaloy I'mrlJ iUU 70) Bladder Scotch do AO llariil Cnewing T. bacco, 53 do Sun kmc 4th Pre. Ml. 2S .1 . I II. PECK A Cn. JiRO VN SHE E TING S. 25 BALE- Brown Sheeting, 2 'n Ti" mg 3 do Brown Drill, eersae'V Nov. 23 1311. (28) VI . S A NOVES. AMERICAN PRINTS, Ac. CiK CASES Amereao Prmt AtfJ 2 do 111 K-h'd Slicetmr. l or saV'ovt by VILAS A NOVES. V6 Nov. 23, 1811. PINS AND NEEDLES 150 No.:5 PACK Pin, 511 1, mike 1 d 1 7i M .Nte'le., 1611. I2) For sa'e bv VII. VS A NOVES. COMBS. Cf GRO. WoulComlr, O" tO do Drcs-ini; do 500 dor. 'I wi-t do- 500 do Sii'o do 2ti0 tin Ivorv do lorta'eby Nov. 23, 1811. CO VILAS tt NOVUf.- TIN PLA TEi tVe (CW POXES 1-3 IX Tin Plale, JJ 35 do IXSiuaredo 75 Bundle- Iron Wire, amM Nos. Sheet Copper. Boll Cupper, ihett Lead, Shut Zinc. W ie Ve him, Rivet-, dec. Tor sale bv VILAS A NOYE9. Riilington, Nov. 25, 1841. 25 Ck OASLS Colonxl Catntno, w I do Irish Linen. I do Cotton Macgs, For rate 'y VILAS k NOW. Nnv. 28, 1641. 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