Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 24, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 24, 1845 Page 1
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1 NOT THE GLORY O F C A! An OUT TUB WELFARE OF ROMS BY II. B. STAGY. B II It L I N (! T 0 N . V E It M 0 N T. F It I D A Y, J A N U A It Y 21, 1815. VOL. XYIII....X". M ITAUD WARE. STHONtlS CO. now oiler nn ex tensile assortment of shelf Hardware, consisting In part of, as Mlow., to wii i House 'I rlrimil ne;. ISO Doz. Blake' I.itchcs, ns.oitcd 330 doz. can nn I wroi iron, tnr. and liroail Bulls. 1200 nus American" 1'rcmtum" Scicws. Ul.iko's K-citclicon Latolies, with I rnss and rose wood knobs. Pierpoint if- Ilolchki's Mineral Knob-, a new niirl beautiful Roods, will! full plate, hall plate, and bronzed escu'ehenns. Illako's Mnrlice " O. IC 1 I.oek. P. & H.'s .Morlico Locks and Latches, Morucu Latches, and slop Laiclnn. Do. Collate. Locks and Latcho, and Cottage Latches wiih mineral nnd brass knobs. Date bock plated, I ra-s, bronzed, and Jet Key hole Bsoutchcons. . Patent turn Millions. .Jap'd, Mahogany, Brass and Glass Knobs. Brass nnd Janancd Cupboard Catches. Door pulls, for doors, entcs, drawers, i'-c. Axle pullics. various sizes. Window blind bulls and fas tenings. Window nnd door springs. Hell pull., cranks, staples, nnd sprinis. Tower s flat sprinr, necked and monkey tail butts. Hal pins. Hal nnd cloak do. Sash fasteners, cupboard Locks, brass fl ish bolts, ice. Also, Cutlery. Tallo nnd dessert knives nnd Porks, in great vari ety, in dozens, and setlsi'fjl pieces. Carvers, steels, Bread knives, I titcher knives, -heirs, scissors, pen and pocket knives, nne do, razors, .f-c. Also, t-adillcrv and Ilanic-t Tilintiiliics. Saddle trees", dig do, siirmps, raehllo nails nnd rinits. Hue' les, all s zc and pallcrne, brass nnd Jap'd. Ilini;-, Terrcls, Oi" and pad hooks, swivel". Pad loops and screws, ornaments. Harness lulls nnd annllles, tnn.s, curled hur.patin! leather Ilainmirs, nwls, neeillc, ten ins silk, punches, Hound knives, 2CU1 web, strniniiierdo, Are. AUo, Trunk .'lahi V llntdvtaic. Trunk loird, bras" n ids, trunk mil", trunk loeli., carpet ba" frame" nnd lo l. Arc. Also, t'.mlasc Hard Ware. Brass, plated ami nnlleiiblo iron hub ham -. Broid and narrow Lao and mill., Indi i Lubber Cloth hVd and pl.nn, Apnm rinc-. Knobs, Lacenails, Axle n nt, W-i.her-, Whiffle tree staples, bold-back Iron., Varnish, if-c Al"', . , , Jollier. I'.npfiilcr. niol ' abllict li'nkcr t.non PI na Iron., .male an I u-ui'i e k mar-, per., aui'er hilt., bevil., trv .flares fib-, cinipn-'-e.. dm h-rs, amrili is h uiini'-r.., piient hi-i.l awls plaled nn I iron brace, lull., Inn. I an I pun I bails iron q me-, lm wood rule-, band vices, tab c bulls, bid -crew . , i'. Also, Kllelicn Kiitnltuic. Kire irons, s-iuco pin., cri 1 iron., toiptinr: Irons enauieled pr. .-nun: kelilc. copper nnd iron tn al lies, s ill inin., mini s'ooi'.. nn.lm kettles "inlets iion .poons jip'd l ioiiis iron candlcslicks, steiljnrds, house bells, co lie null., &c. etc. A L SO, MNrrll.niriiii Cnod. Chest bingo, pew door bulls, back 11 ips, chest han dles, slimier screw., .Inbln ami plate., padlocks, f-linal l.irU.. i-oMmir,! lucks. WOOil S1WS. priming knin;., putty knives, lapo inea.incs, halter and trace chain., cut brads, lacks ciitiuiu nippeis brad awl", nut i-tac'icr", horse null file, brushes, plaster inn mJ liri.-tc Irnu-xl. lu-l'iUt'S nine". rnnniT WIIC, ra .i .l.,,l, I. ,.11. n.n 1,,-H.. brass and new- ter fa iceis inn s, I niter tryers, horse cards, curry combs, cloik mil., tiwl., auger handles, chis'il do, percussion cap., powder liik, tea Irays, hooks nnd hinge, books an I slaplcs slate", thermometer", stale. p dte -have, draw shave., sand nnper, clue fil. . nl.u n..,pE cl,rt ibrrnd. lltltnbU-s. mnll'-r., iri i nn'lbr.iss screw'pullics, ox balls, shoo It unmcrs -c if-c. . . , , The ab ve sinods wiih many not ntr-nlinncd "ill be n on vi-rv rcTSfim i i- lerol" ije'liers in iniiu W.,ri fiirni.bpil uiih 1) mr 111010002.. Hulls, Screws, nil I nn n v other uooJsbi New York and Boston prices iVuv 'JO, 11 1. -' t : ii 1 1. n it r.x. Tho rulldwiiiE be.iulitul line", which we copy from "The Opal" for 1913, arc true to nature's holies feelings. Sweet things! blest things! to look on you, Kycs that arc in their wane Grow I right and hearts at ebb of ago Kill with life's lides again. And you not ape, nor death should touch, If human lotc might sivci But sltonger is iho love which blights And gathers to the grave. Wo know thai you the nngels love (They love nil gcnllo thing.,) And often o'er you fondly stoop, And spread their viewless wings. And tenderly their slarry eyes Watch you by nighl and day, And sweetly as ihey'smilcon you, So you, on us, nlway. And oh ! thould Ho who smiles on nil. And lotcs both young and eld Should the dear Shepherd lake his lambs, And bear them to his fold Should He who cave these buds of love, Who gius and mal.cth lorn Leave us like withered stems till eve, And lake tlicui in iho morn: We stilt, oli! God, would trust Hi. love Who once, in form like them, Slept on a unmaii's je.irning breast, A babe in llilhlihem ; Who wrile", in llowtrs, upon iho canh, And stars, in beaten nbove, And smiles and tears In human scuts, Blest characters uf loves i Who Hope Inlh given to Death as dawn To ihickesi daik he gave ; And caused llial s i 1 the new yenr's flowers Grow on ibeold )eai's grave: Who joy can lning from nrnf, as calm Sueeteds the wind's Orce wars As winter's leir- bring Miiniuir lcaus, And night lliejoy of Mars! Who from these children's steps, the thorns Of grief, and doubt, nnd care, Can kindly lake it for lluir peace As kindly plant them there : Thro' regions sad with weeping storms, Dark wood and frowning lull, Or valley bright ns angel's dream., Can guide them at bis will. And lead them on in peace, with joy And singing on their wayj Till at the last, llieir shining path Is lost m pei b et day. KING ROB EUT UF SICILY. nv i.r.Kin hunt. King tlotn-i t nf Cicily, luntlier ofPnpc I iiihI us liki' Ins Iminer clfiis liu liniisull ivns tililiki', lull will) nimi! (lightly. MiilciiiH iiiipo.tcr !' oxel limed Uolicrt, nhliing- liirtvnnl to tear liim down. I'Iip court, at tin-1 onl ' hideous, rotirril Uiluin antl of llin Cinpciur ViilciiMinil, wiih cnvilcr l.iiiglilcr tliun licfurn ; for llic a I'liiici! of hi cut valni n ml icnow n, lint ol ! Uiim. in sotlo nf lii-t ii nlc, vnis al nil tinier si tiMliprr so ptouil anil liiip.itli'iit llial In iliil not liki; to lioiiil liis Unci), to Iimvi'ii it self, but would sit twirling Ins beard, ai.d looking with sonietliing vtoiso llmn inililll runru round nbout him, during llio grnvust services of tliu cliurcli. Ono day, H'liile Iio vas present at Vespers on llio uvu of St. .Toll it, Ids attention was excited to some words in tho Magnificat, in consequence of n sudden dropping of llio chorister's voices. Tho words weie these i " Dcjtnsittt potcntcs tie scilc, ct ctallaa'tt lumilics." (lie hath put down the mighty from their scat, and Iritli exalted tin! humble.) Being far too gieat ami warlike a prince to know anything of Latin, lie nsUed a chap- ini near him llio meaning ol these words . I . .. . r.i liantlMimo man ; ami mere was a siroiig ieei piesent that ho had never in his life looked so well. Robert, when halfway to tho throne, felt ns if a palsy had shuck him. lie stopped, nnd essayed to vent his rage, but could not speak. The figure on the throne looked him stead ily in the face. Hubert thought it was a wit. ird, hut hated far more than he feared him, for ho was o( great courage. II was no tinsel. lint the angel was not going to ilisclosn hiiuselfyel, nor for a long time. Meanwhile, ho licliucd, on the occasion, very niiirh liku ii man; we mean, like a man of ordinarv feelings and I eselitmeiils, ihoilgli still mixed Mid being tohl what it was, observed, thaijwilh a dignity liennd had been befoie such e.xpression were no better than an old nbseived in the Sicilian monarch. Some of Hut it was told them this fool was most per verso nnd insolent of men toward llio prince himself; unit then, although tho wonder hardly ceased, it was full ol indignation against the unhappy wretch, nnd ho was loaded with every kind .of scorn and abuse. I ho proud King uolicrt seemed the inih blot and disgrace upon the islam). The fool had still a hope, that when his Holiness Iho L'opo saw him, tho niamcianV arts would lie at an end ; for though he had no religion nl all, propel ly speaking, he had retained something even of a superstitious laith in tho highest worldly form of it. I he good pope, however, beheld him wilhoiitthe least recognition: so did tho emperor; and when ho found ihem bolh gazing with un feigned admiration at the exalted beaulv of his former altered self, and not with the old faces of pretended cood will ami secret dis like, a sense of awu and humility fur the fust time full gently iiiiou him. Instead uf gelling as far as possible from his coiupan ion, ihe n pe, he approached him closer, part ly Irum a reeling ol absolute smpa(hv, am shall have my hull team ami load for noth ing ; and ir Unit won't ibnv, I'll give oti my word I'll return tomorrow, and pay yon heartily for your kindness nod condescen sion. 'Well,' siid they, 'we'll take yon at ynnr word ; leavu the team ami provender with us and we wont require an) bail for your ap pearance.' Putnam gave up the leant, nnd sauntered about for an hour or so, gaining all tin- in formation Im wished ; ho then returned to his men, and told of the foe and liis plan of attack. The morning came, and with it sillied nut tho gallant hand. Tho llrilisli ucic bundled with rontdi hands, and when they surrenilei ed In (ion. Putnam, the clod-hopper, lie sar castically remarked, "fii'iillemen, I have kept my word. 1 (old yon t would call and pay you for your kindness and aindescen-sion.' song, since men like liniisell weie not so easily pulled down, much less supplanted by poor creatures uhnm the people called " humble." The chaplain, doubtless out of pore aston ishment and honor, made no reply ; and his majesty, puitly fiom llio heat of Iho woallier, and paitlv to relieve himself from til tho service, fell asleep. After some lapse .of lime, the royal " sit ter in the seat of the scornful," owing, as he thought, to the sound of ihu organ, hut in re ality to a great droning 11 y in his ear, nuke I lit courlieis atliiliiiied ii to a sort of royal instinct of contrast, excited by the claims of ihu impostor ; but others (by llio ange l's contrivance) had seen him, as lie (Mine out of llu; (Iiurcb, halt .suddenly, witli an ali.islietl mill vi.oiii.. Iiiifnn. I In. sin I lie 1 of St. Thomas, as if Miiiernatiir.illy struck rest ol . wiih some visitation Horn Heaven tor Ins piido and unbelief. The rumor llew about on the instant, and was confirmed, by an or der given fro in 1 1 1 1 ' lln one, the moment llie i.,..i.,. in ..r.c...c ;r r.;..,,,l ;,, it world, al least an .associate l.o was not an, follnBlnp description ol one of the man,! lactones ol the est : A CHAKITABLE RUSE. Dean Swift onrc prcachrd nn elaborate; sermon upon charity, which was much ad mired by his cnngieg.ilion ns a literary com- position, but which failed to loosen the purse ' ...! . . .1 .l . .1 Ti. . .1 mi iiil'5 io mo claims (ii mo poor, uisgusicu somewhat at his want of success after so am bilious an effort, the next time ho was called upon to preach a charily sermon lie made a quotation from the bible to the effect that " ho who givelh lo the poor lendeth lo the Lord, and it shall be returned to him seven fold," then lurning lo the congregation said, " My friends you have heard the terms, and those ol'you who like llio security down with your dust." This blunt ap ical tunnght ten timet as much lo Hie " poor In " us his great .sermon did. The fnllnnii ioe i- an improvement upon Dean Suit''-. 'i ' c iniich queslion if a great many peisoi . 1 not rather be considered by the cumin,., r in Ciinifiirlable nrnim.liim-... lv- T.u.l.inv M.NUi'OTitiii:. A coirespnn-j money. to be reimbursed M'voi.-fold in iinolh' dent of the .Springfield Republican, give s I er not Id, although the Lord stand senility enemy. It happened ihat day that it was llio eve of Si. John, the same on which, two vears for llio payment. We fii.d n translated from the French in ihe Savan- ii, Republican : '"'Tliern is one establishment at LifajoMe, I Indiana, which, from its uovellv, mutt not he ago, notion had lioaid ami srorned the1 ovei looked. It is a steam laciory ui lanow Magnilicat. Vespers weiu perlormed before and laid. I he whole process is this: A lot tho pone and the two soveioigns : the music ! uf entile are purchased and butchered, the and llio soft voices fell sofier as they came , hides cured, and the carcasses cut up nnd i KHlio words, and iloUerl again Heard, nut , thrown into immense cauldrons, into "I'tet' nn 'heir minds. He had already employed i. till till .iiiii.i i;ui ii-ci I iil;s, .1 " yl.. IC!( y1ii.iii... , liu. ?l..illl Illill ,i lr.ii. i'uni I i- v-wiiv. u v.t .,, j j tic scilc, cl Ciiillavit II u mi Us : "llu ImIIi bv w Inch means the lal is rapidly extracted I no (Magistrate ol l uido I. ad lonnded an asluin for orphans. O e ear when, ac cmdiiig lo his riislnm. u delivered a dis course in favor of his ;cf, he discoterrd that notwiihstanding di his eloquence, the appeal which he made tn the charity of his auditors produced but a. slight impression up- angel seated himself upon it, for a gill of I put down the miglily from their seat, and and drawn off; then the lean is dealt out to hitherto unheard-uf amount to the shrine D up ill innie Ih.iii his usual slate ol impatience; ; ilsen. and ho was piepaiing In vent it, when, to ' Since thou art royal-m id,' said the new his astmiMimonl, he perceived the church j sovereign, ' anil in Ii nth a very king of idiots, empty, livery soul was gone, eceptiog a , tliun shall be crowned and sccpleied w illl a deal old unman who was turning up the I cap and liaulile, and he my lool. cushions. Ho addressed her to no pmposu V I S T I It. A CARD. BRINSMAI1) & BROTHERS r.SIIU. lo inform their customer- and die public .tpmit.iMv thai lln ir winter sinck of (ioods will bo found unu.inlly, ood and cheap. Much lime and care has been -pen' in selecliiifr. nml liavui" made a varied and beautiful as-orlmeut nf the eliin-rcnt kinds of Good" which aie expected lo bo found ai our whilst we do mil expect to have every lbin dial is called for, we would say ihat mir asorlmi nl is bet ter than ever, we have added many newnilicli b nev ci be'ore kepi, nnd lln-y wero b-iuuht nt low prices nnd will be s ild dtcidcdty lot-, muc i lower than ev er sold in low ii. SVe would particularly imiie nil who wish lo huv the veiy best fiai-hed M-ihoaii) Irnmed Lookinu (tins ses, larce and small m'cs widi one i r two plates, to look at our aj.nrinienl, we believe we have die ir.osl extensive and die rny cheat" K. ti:a a.xd coi'i'Ei: pots. Tea Pots for a fuw slid ins". In ih.slmcwo shall of fer Tea l'ols, Cauillcliiks Lamps, Cuii", Spool .Snnds Cn.nirs andoihir llrifiiinia Meinli llrnf" nnd I'lr.ied liioil. . ry i-lt.- ip. purchaM-is miy make n satins by looking al mirs before ihev buy. fiold and Mlver WATCIIKS will be olleied nl . ry low prices according: lo pay. Our ii.sorlmeiil of La dles' and Gentlemen's Kings I'm1, and Biouclus, will be found viryallrnc-iie. Gold and Stone Brace lets of ve-rv nri'ttv slides Also, Hair Bracelets with (told cIifiis and snaps. A nrtal vnnely of Slime Brooches or Ladies nn 1 G nlleiiun, (!obl I'hunblcs, Snap.,, I'.ar Hoops nnd Iling, Gold f'bains nud Keys nf various pailein. A treat v ariely of Pins and Lockets for hair and miniatures. .IS'B' GOODS. A b. niiliful lot of Jel Bosoms Pun, Rings, Bracelets, Chains, Snaps, Clasp", Hnir Pins, ec. I1MII riys, yc. Gold and Silver, Gill, Jet nnd Iron Hair Pins Head nnd Xcck Ornaments, II dhon, Bugles, lieeils, Ac. Tor trimming Head nnd N'eek dresses, lioquct holdtrs,iI-c. a o i, i) p r. a .s . A fnv dozen at wholesale nnd retail. t'hOt'KH. 200 of tho very best " Geromes' " nnd " Terry and An drew's " Brass Clorks in finesl O. G. Mnlioanny Cn fes, warranled of Iho best quality made, sold by iho box or single very low. r. A N r. s . A new and splendid lot n Cnnes eif nil patterns, " Vou'rn welcome, Old Wioler!" tbeilcli man cries. With a bosom of pro-id con'enl, As round his caip-lcd halls his eyes With n meining glance are sent ; Tor die fires burn hrtcht and ihe casements tall Are curiaiiud vvith drapery rare The winds may howl and llio -nows may fall, But what doth the rich man care 7 " Veiu're welcome, 01 1 Winter I'1 the gay lad eric", A" be phi'its into ihe mow, Or o'e r the ice-bound siieamlei Hies, Like a shaft from the twanging how ; Tor cariiKiils warm are about his form, And his sji irt i" rich nnd rare! Old Winter may bluster and tine nnd storm, But what do the urchins care? "Oh ! Winter is dreary !" ihe poor man cries, As he wend, along tho slie'el, While the snow in his frost-nipp'd visage flies And benumb, his uni-hod fe-i t ! " Oh Winter is drear !" But lime's none lo hear The pica of tho poor nnd old ; Slrnieiht on goes the creiwd with nnlistenine car Who cares if die be-sgar is cold 7 "Ala", jt is Winter! And wo is me!" The Widow e-xclaiins, nnd cla.p. The sh'ncring Orphans mound her I.nce, In n wild nud phrenzied grasp ; Through die misled pane on the hfe-lhronged way A laughing crowd idle sees, And merrily ringlo the sleigb-l ells gay, While ihe Widow and Orphans freeze ! Ay! Winlcr is eircar ! O, ye rich ne'er smile Al my simple and homely Mu.e, Nor the tale of I lie poor man's woes revile, Nor a helping hand lefusc; IVir Heaven his blest you with stores of gold, And how hliould your thanks appear, But by shielding the poor from hunger nnd eol I, And making their lives less drear! C. M. S. llousr. or Ksnv. Titr. Krmr.Mnn. In the narrow tl rent called the Nelherbuw, 11 liiiliurgh, stands the h nisc of tho reformer, Kuo.x. In this liouso ho lived for yearf, in it lie (lied, ane! out of that little balcony,' liu is said niton to luvo addressed the ast-enihled people. A srns.ll stone effigy of Knox is Mill lo bo seen nt the comer of Iho wall, and rear it aro cut iho word., ' 1)hh Gid.' Strange to fay, tins liouso is now a gin Ehop, and as it was in the evening 1 entered it. I hail "real difficulty in making my way through the crowd of noisy dram. drinkers who ("rooks, Ivory ami rsiivcr iirnu, i.imuiii ncui, mien us iniricaio iiuiu rooms .inn passages, n Sword Canes, &c. Ki-rnles for Caws by ihe dozen. j0m t;nl,x cmla return to Ihe Nothorbovv, i "lVAI.N -i hi,;;' , i.V" illarliin- ho would have alioiuiinitioiis and desecration I)av and Mar in s 1. oi d 11 ack ng, 1'aste macKing, i , , , , , diJL.i. u-.V. iir..,.r iii-ii.iiin . aL'.iuist which to litunch his tlmnderf, quite as ho spoke louder and louder, and vvaspro ceediug as well as ragu and aina.euient, Hiiuld let him, to tiy if ho could walk mil of the church without a dozen lords befoie him, when, suddenly eatihing a sight of his face, the old woman nlleied a cry of " Thieves !" and slmllled away, fust closing the door be hind her. King Robert looked at the door in silence, llien round about him nt the empty church, then at himself. His cloak of eiiniiic was gone. The coronet was taken from his cap. The very puvels from his fingers. ' Thieves, verily I' thought the kiiiL', tinning while, for sh lino and rage. ' Hero is conspiracy re bellion I I Ins is lb it sanctilied traitor, tho Duke. Hoises sh ill tear them all to pieces. What ho, ttieie! Upon the door for tho king I ' For the constable, yon moan,' said a voice, through the ke hole. ' Vou'ie a pi city fellow ' Tho king s lid nothing. ' Thinking lo escape, in the king's n ime,' said tliu voire, ' afier hiding lo plunder Ids closet, We've got you.' Still the king said nothing. The Sexton rnnld not ridiaiu from anoth er jibe at his piisonei : ' 1 see yon, llieie,' said he ' by the big lamp, grinning like a rat in u trap. How do you like your bacon V Now, whether king Hubert was of the blood of (hilt Norman chief u ho felled his en emy's horse with a blow of his fi.t, wo know mil ; lint certain it is, llial Ihe only answer ho in. nil- the sexton was dashine; his etiur- moiis foot against llio door, nud huisiiug it open in tils leelli. I no seMiin, who li lt ti ll a h use had L'lvcn him a hhiw in llio lace, fainted away ; and the kiur, as far as hi. sense of dignity allowed bun, bullied lo hi p.ilace, which was cIomi In. ' Well,' said Ihu porler, what do ynii want V ' Siand aside, fellow!' retired the kill'.', pushing hack the door, wiih the same gigan

tic foot. ' Go lo tho devil !' siid tho porter, who w as a stout lellow too, and pushed iho kni!! back before ho expected lesistance. The king, however, was loo much for him. lie felled him lo the ground ; and half strode, half rushed into the palace, fullowed by the exasperated janitor. ' Sei.n him,' cried the porter. ' On vour lives,' cried the king. ' Look at me. fellow : who am I ?' A mad beast and fool ; that's what you are,' ci led the poller. ' And you ro a dead man, fur coining drunk into iho p dace, and hilling the king's servants. Hold him fast.' In came the guards, with an officer at their head, who was going to visit Ins unslress, and had been dressing his curls at a luokiug-ghiss. He had Iho looking-glass in Ins liuiil. 1 Captain Fiaticivillu,' said ihu king, ' is the world run mad? or what is hi l),i exalted the hnmbl Robert was still tongue-lied. He tried in vain lo speak lo roar out his disgust and defiance ; and half mad, indeed, with llio in ability, poinli'd, with his quivering finger, lo llio inside of his mouth, as if in apolugy to the beholdels fur not doing il. Fresh shouts of laughter made his brain seem to reel with in him. ' Fetch the cap and bauble.' said the sov ereign, ' and lei ihu King of Fools have his coronation.' Robert felt that ho must submit to what he thought the power of the devil ; and began to have glimpses of a real though hesilating sense nf I lie iii!vallla"l nf seem inn fl ii-ndshlll j on lite side of Heaven. Hut lageand imlig I nation wei o uppei mo.t ; and w bile the alteu I d nils wero shaving bis head, fixing (he cap, I and j ingly dignifv iug him v till the b iiible- I sceplte, he was racking his brains for schemes eif vengeance. Whit exasperated him most ' of all w as In ohservu that those" w ho had t.ied him in, i,i when i S-'cwro llio loud est in llieir contempt, now ihat ho was the coiiil-.iuy. One pompous hud in particu lar, with a high and iidiciilous voice, which continued in laugh when all tho rest had done, and produced peals by the con tinuance, so exce.stvely provoking, that liohei t, vv ho fell his vocal and uui-ciilar pow ers restored to linn as il tor tho occasion, mild not help shaking his fi-tat the grinning lave, and crying out, ' Thou beast, Teir.i- nova ; winch, in all hut Ihe pei-ou so ad- diesM-d, only produced mi-iiiiueut. At length the king oideied the fool lo be la- ken away, in order to -up vvilh ihu dugs. (illicit was stoiielieil : hut he found hiiii-ell hungry ng'iiust lik will, nnd kuavved the hones which had been chucked nw.iv bv his oolites. The proud King Roherl of Sicily lived in this w iy'lwo yeais, alw i s raging in mind ilwavs sullen in his manlier, and subjected gnily that his iiiaudam favoiites Ins pathetic powers. Nevertheless lie was drawing near to the conclusion, and if lie r.itb,d In ,i,iri, llw.l l.n ..... Tears gushed into his a lot of hogs, which, to a considerable extent, ,ir ..,. .,nnroi,.:n ,",?!.: ,,M yes, and, lo the astonishment of the court. 1 are fattened on tins refuse of llio carcases of nm.. tn i. .,,, i,.,, Then Im ino nio stinen aim oiuiai tool was seen witu uie came. I lie nogs are servcu in me same , ,0,rtr,t f an oratotical ruse which merits ins li:i mis reveieiitty clasped upon liis iiosom way, anil alter tne lam is extracted, uie car- in prayer, and the water pouring down his' cases aro used for ihu same purposes as those face in floods of penitence. Something of. of llio cattle. This proj-' t, though an ex holier feeling than usual had tin ned all beans' periment, promises success. 1000 lings are that day. The King's own favorite chaplain ' expected to bo kept in this way. Cattle in had preached from the text which declares abundance, f ittened on the prairies, may be chiiiiy lo he greater than failh or hope. ' had for 5 to 10 dollars each.' The emperor began to think mankind really i his brothers. Tho pope wished that some Tun Lw. An old fellow in new council of the church would authorize Rankin county, Miss, lately made tho follow liim to set op over tho Jewish Ten Com- ing argument in opposition lo llio law : ''I'm matidments, and, in more glorious letters, I agin it, because suppose a man s gol two dol Ihe new, eleventh, or great Christian com mandment, " Heboid, I give unto you a new commandment, i.ovc oni: anotiicii." In short, Rome fell that day like angel-guv-erned Sicily. When tho service was over, and the sov ereigns had retired "to llieir apartments, the unknown King Robert's behavior was le pmled to tliu unsuspected King-Angel, who had seen il, hut said nothing. The sacrtd iiitciloper announced his intention ol giving llio foul a trial in .limn belter office, and ho sent fur him nccotdingly, having first disuiis so,! every oilier pi-i son. King Robert c.-.iiiu in liis fool's cap and hells, and stood humbly at a distance beloie the strange great chanl recital, as it may serve others ulio are pla crd in similar circumstances. " Friends," said he, seriously, " 1 havo touched your heaits and your undei standing ; the attention with which you have honored me, tho emo lion winch 1 see depicted on your counte nances, all prove to me ihat I have attained my object far beyond my most sanguine an ticipations. 1 have but one fear, that of hav ing solicited your charily with too much eag erness, and which may cause you to make larger donations than your means will allow. My duly, then, is to temper your too gene rous dispositions, lest, when loo late, you re proach me for having surprised your feelings. It is gnod to be generous, but it is much bet-, ter to ho reasonable. All I ask of you is, that y on bestow a small portion of jour worldly wealth upon these poor orphans, yon can easily it by a little economy. I ask no more. We will begin the collcriinn. I humbly beg of those who are in indigent circumstan ces and are unable lo piv llieir dehls to nut nit he stood upon the broad no lung into the lionu." Discipline, and wished to Tho collodion began, and not a single au- Never had tho lars, and ho wants lo liny some sugar nun coffee for his wifu and children. Now ho can't buy less thin a gallon of rum, and that costs two dollars. Well whit's his wife and children lo do for sugar and cofieu V Tnr. Hisiiop's Ilieiu Piir.nonvTlvK. At the lain meeting of the Viiginia Annual Methodist Conference, bishops Soulo and Andrew were both present, the hitler by in vitation nf the former. Hishop Smile siid be invited bishop A. in full view of Ins te- spoiisilnlilies, nl ill'm iii ofll bear along llio consequences of Ins course. 1 djtnr refused lo .contribute He thus e I lims for tho I.piscnpacy, says llio j collection been so large. hie unknoH n, looking on the tlnor and blush- Chrisiiati Advocale, nay, for any'ntio of the ui!. lie Had Ihu npu liy tho hand, w ho had i,jjmn ., ri"bl lo derido on the leu-i MV oft any act of the (leneral Confluence, and to Compound roil I' Cattix. In the veto il, if in his judgement it is not in accor- third volume of the American Farmer, is an . . . , is t . -. i I 1... V ..l... t 1 c I . i i i I il ince won lite oisci nine oi tne iviiurcn, arucie ov iviin iii u union, oi Liiiciiueiu, it, long com led his good-will, ami who having now obtained il, clung to his liiim iu friend ina way, that, to a Rnman, might hive seemed ridiculous, but to the angel, was af fecting. Ait 1 1 to (i slill a king V said tho angel, polling the old question, but without the word ' fool.' ' I am a fool,' said King Robert, ' and no king. ' What wonldst ihou, Robert ?' returned the angel, in a mild voice. King Robert tieuibled fiom head lo fool, and said, ' I'.ven what thou wouldsi, O mighty am Tho Advocate speaks of episcopal claims of on the subji-cl of feeding entile with cut this nature, as moro lo bo feared in the Melh- , straw, oil-cake, and (1 ix seed. He saja ho odist Episcopal Church, than high church fattened an ox and a three year old heifer, nrel ilical pretensions in the Protestant Upis- 1 with less expense, even, than that of com- copal Chin cii. Host. Post. to everv in . . . r .". . . 1 . 1 I ".11 ...!.. .1!0.. !. . 1 1 i.; . .. I. .1 . could heap on linn, willioul the power liimni siitiueniy uiuusi; iisen over ins w nine lescnt it. For the new- mnnairh seemed being. Ilo knell down, and clasped his unjust lo him only, llu had all llio hiimilia- hands lo thank linn. lions, without an of the ptivdeges, of iho ' Not lo me,' in a grave but sweel voice; cap and bells, and was the dullest fool overland kneeling down by the sidu ufRoberl.he heanl of. All Ihu notico ihu king Inuk of I said, as if in church, him, consisted in his asking, now and then, in full court, when everything was silent, 'Well. fool, art thou still a' king V Robert. for some weeks, loudly answered that liojup, and the angel was gono ; and then the was ; hul, finding that the answer was but .king knew that it was an angel indeed, a signal for a roar of laughter, enlivened his And his own likeness relumed lo King speech into the silent dignity of a h inghlv ' Robert, but never au atom of Ills pride ; and and roval altitudo ; lill," observing the I after a blessed reign he died, disclosing this laughter was greater at this dumb shuw, hu history lo his weeping nobles, and requesting sly adopted a manner w hich express-I that it might bo recorded in the Sicilian An num keeping, by the following process, lie says: " I boiled about two quarts of (Ijx- Anpuooti: or I)n. Rush. When he was seed, and sprinkled on lo cut slr.ivv, which a young nrni, he hail been invited tn tlinn in h ul been previously scalded and seasoned ciinipany wiih Robert Morris, Esq., a man vvilh salt, together wiih some oil-cake and celebrated for the part lie took in tho Aincr- o itiueal, working ihem together in a tub with lean Revolution. Il so haiinened llial the a short lutchfoi k. till tho whole became an good stranger, whom 1 know not how lo company h id waited some lime for Mr. Mor- oilv mush. 1 fattened the heifer first she name, hardly to look al I ris, who nn his appearance', apologized for was of ordinary si.e, and in gond order to The stranger laid his hand on the shoulder detaining them, by saying that be had bren ' winter. I gave her about three pecks of the of King Robert, who felt an inexpressible j en".i"ed in reading a sermon of a clergyman mixture, w. ich sbo ale voraciously, and in who bad pis gone to England to receive or- the course of four das, when the seed was; ders. "Well Mr. Mori is," said the Doctor, gone, she was visibly altered. I fed her "how did von like the .sermon ? I have heard icgul.iily in that way about two nuinlhs, in it highly extolled." "Why, Doctor," said which time she had eaten about one bushel he, "I "did nut like it all. It's too smooth of boiled flaxseed, wiih the other ingredients and lame for me." "Mr. Morris," replied in proportion : when she was butclieied she the Doctor, "What sort of senium do von weighed 5S4 pounds, SI pounds uf which ... ..... ... ..... . i ,i . oi. ... ..ii i ii..- kol "I like, sir, leplied Air. .i "111111 was lauow. ono womu uoi nave soiu oeiore 1 Let ns prav. King Roherl prayed, and the angel pray. :lnis1iii:!s ,V.i!tV Vonr's I'rfseiits. ' bid as those nf niperstitiou anil popery. It the A great variely of pleasing Toys, Gaines, Puzzles, 1 Kdinbiirgh m igistratcs have lint enough author Conversation Gards and I'nncy Articles will be open- j,., chase gin-drinkers and llieir profanations .! t ,l.,. I... .alclinn J ., . . ..l!..l I... ,1.. I.... I ad in time for seleelin?. WORK DOXS. ltnsewood Work Boxes will be sold much low er than vc ever bad them before. Shrining Simps, cyr. Olenphane, Chinese and Verbena Cream, Naples, old brown Windsor, white Windsor, Castile, Oxy penated, Naval and Military nnd nil ihe mosi appro ved So.ips. KAOKS.t- STRAP", Of mom kindsin use, cheaper than ever. UM S1I F.S of nil kinds. TKA TIIAVS AIM' v.u ( j.iio, oi new nnu ueaun from the house once sanctilied by the lite and death of a great reformer, they ought at least lo remove from its walls Ihu old effigy and inscrip linn, which form so reproachful a contrast lo its use and condition. Kohl's Scotland. SvMrATHV. A good deacon, making an of ficial visit lu a dying neighbor, who was a very churlish and iniivuri-ally unpopular man, put tho usual question. " Aro jnu willing lo go, my friend !" " O yei," said the sick man, " I am." " W'ull. mill a sininle.liearteil duai on, " I am ingeniously adopted a manner w Inch exprc ed neither deliinco nor acquiescence, and the angel fur some lime let him alone. Meantime, everybody bill lite unhappy Robert blessed tho new, or as they supposed him, the altered king : fur eveiy thing in tho mndn of government was changed. Taxes weiu light ; tho poor hid plenty ; work was reason iblo ; ihu nobles themselves weie ex- ed, and afier a low liniments Ihe king looked i i;,,,! 0r nreacbin" which drives a man into fattening tnr moro than S10. I sold two i.i. i - i .1. .i... ' . . - . .. , . .- .- a .... n one corner ol bis pew- and makes him think quarters ol tier met lor c lo u. sno cost the devil is after him." me not moro than S10, exclusive of the hay and straw she ale, which was chiefly scalded A N.itivi: AmuiiiCvN The last Joke. as above. An Irishman who had emigrated lo these j On ihu first of February I bc;an wiih tho parts, found bore a wife, and was blessed, j ox. I fed him about tlm e months, but not in due lime, of course, vvilh a family. His altogether so well as I did tin- !c ;l'er. lie nals. iddesl son. Patiick. hivim? been burn on 1 digested about one piul ol b i' ' fl.x- i a your rebels pietend not even to know mo ? peeled lo work after llieir fashion lo study, Go heforu me, sii, lo my rooms.' And as Im : lo watch zu iloiisly over llio interests of their spoke, the king shook r.lf his assailants, as ti lion does curs, ami moved onward. Captain Fraucavill-i put his finger gently before ihu king to stop him ; and then look ing with a sort of staring indifierenci! in Ins face, said, ill a very mild tone, ' Some m id-nian.' King Uolicrt torn tho looking-glass from leu. nils, o Havel, ami hung home new hunks and innocent luxuries. Hall ihod iy through out Sicily was given to industry, nnd hall to healthy anil enjoyment ; and the j 1 1 Ii i lii 1 .1 ii I s becamo at onco the manliest and (enderest, the gayest and most studious peo plu in tho vvoild. Wherever the king went lie was loaded with benedictions; and lite the cap! tin's hand, and looked himself in tho fool hoard them, and began lo wonder ichtit face, Jt teas not his men face. It was an-1 the tlct'il the duvil had lu do with appearance TABI.i: MATS. Oil Cloth nnd Willow Table t . j u , for ,i!t the nehhlmrs are willin p.. MntH.iVr. . ' ' " ' VARIETY. Nursery Lamps. Woo-len Spoons. Butler I. miles, Cheese Tonsicrs, Bread Tonslers, Curliuc nnd Quil lin Tunns, Britnnnia nnd I'.irlhern Bed Pans. Hick Cuns for fecdmt! iho sick, Soap Cups nud Il'ubes Toolli llni'li Dishes, I nrlhern nnd Brilannia Sim Runs Britannia Spillors, Oravy nnd boup Ladles I C ns BUU nASHr WICKS, . For most all kinds of Lamps, includins the Chemical 'IKJt new -nicies not spoken of which makes our .toe, k very full nnd complete and we arc anxious io sen ( o in Nov. c. mi mtiNSMAin et BROTH 3,000 2 500 2,000 1,000 WO 111 I'ec Oils. Gallons Puro Bleached Winter nni Fall Sperm. ,lo da do d" l"lei do American Llnteed, do Olive, ' 11.'' (23)"1 J. ' ''r'0K -('0' Tun WAV to i.o-r. a (3oou Name A distiu. guished citizen of Rhode Ul-ind, who wan asked io stand as a eauilidalo fur (Jovernor, replied lint lo had enjoyed a good character among his fol low citizens all his life, (as was proved by his bavinir been chosen Treasurer nf llio Slato for moro than forty years.) nnd ho had no notion of losing it now in Ins uldage.iyniiiniHirirO'iii- erimr." This is a capital commentary upon partizau politico CniiT Vm-nr. The .'.iL'nolia arrived yes- tereUv, with Thirty-nine Hundred barrels of Hierin and vv halo nil. She has been out tvvon ty.fivo montliF, and brings a clear prufit tn her owners nf twelve or filleen thousand dollar. Cantain Summing, and several of her crow, are Vnrinnnlers. Ii takes the Green Mountain I oilier man's face, very hul nud vulgai ; and had some-thing in il at once melancholy and l idiculoiis. ' It y llio living Ood !' exclaimed Robert, ' hem is witchi'i.ifl ! I am changed,' And, so extraordinary. And thus, lor tlm space of liniu wo havo mentioned, ho lived won deling, and sullen, and haled, and despised. At llio e.pir.iliiui of lliesu two yeais, or neaily so, ihu king announced his intention for llio first lime in Ids life, a s"iisalinn of of p lying a visit to his brother ihu popo, and fuar came upon him, but nothing so great as Ids brother the emperor, tho hitler agreeing lo comn lo Rome for tliu purpose. Hu weiu accordingly wiih a great train, cl id in the most magnificent garments, nil hut llio fool, who was arrayed in fox-tails, and put side by sido with an ape, diessed liku himself. Tho peoplu poured out of llieir houses, ami fields and vineyards, all struggling lo get a sight of ihu king's face, and lo bless it, the ladies strewing (lowers, and tho po.isanls' wives holding up their rosy children, which last sight sceiued particularly to delight the sovereign. The fool, bewildered, camii after the mint pages by tho sido of his ape, inch ing snouts of laughter, and, in some, not a little astonishment, to think how a monarch uers. li takes ino urei.ii mu........ , . , . . ,f f . f , . , r,.,i1,r.1, ,nH ,l, rest nfthn W ntjj BlttZ o"'tr Ki"S Robtrl.uMeA on his throne, ' wo.ld, should be so hard upon a sorry fool. the i age nnd tin Ihat remained. All lite vvoild had still morn certain pioofsof tho ex istence of drunkenness and madness ; and the king's household had seen Ihu kitigcumu I'm ill I'ioiii church as usual, and weie ready lo split their sides for laughter id tho figment of this raving impostor, pietendiug to be king Roherl changed! ' tiring him in biiug him in !' now ex claimed oilier voices, tho news having got to the royal apartments ; " the king wants to sen him.' King Robert was brought in ; and there, amid roars of laughter (for courts wero not quite such well-bred places then as thoy uro i I l.: Iff... ... c . '.i Gi:k. I'urxvM. Amnrg tliu worthies who figured during llio era uf llio American revolution, perhaps there was none posses sing nioru origin ilily of character than (Jen. I'liluaui, who was eccentric ami feailess, blunt in his manners, llio daring soldier, with out the polish of a gentleman. Ho might w ell bo called the Marion of llio tVonli,llioiigh he disliked disguise, probably from tho fact nfhis lisping, which was very apt lo over throw unv liickerv ho might have in view. At the time a stronghold, called Horseneck, some miles Irom iNew tork, was in posses, sion of iho Itiilisli, Putnam, uillia few slunk p iliiots, was linking in its vicinity, bent on driving them from tho place. Tired of lying in ambush, Ihu men became impatient, and importuned the General vvith questions, as lo when ihev wero going lo have a 'bout vvilh the foe. One mnrniug he made a speech something to Ihe following clfecl, which con vinced ihem that sonietliing wgs in the wind 'Fellers you've been idle loo long, and so h ive I. I'm going down to Rush s at lloise neck, in an hour, with au ox team nud a load jifcoiti. II I cuine nick, I will lei you know ihe particulars; if 1 should not, let them havo it, by llio liockiiy ! Hit shortly after mounted his ox-cart, dress ed as ono of the commonest order of Yankee farmers, and was soon at Hush s tavern, which was in possession of the Urilish troops, No sooner did the oflicers espy him than they began lo question him as In his where about, and finding him n complete simpleton (as Ihoy thought,) they began to qui, him, and threatened lo seize tho corn and fodder. How much do you ask for your wholo concern V asked they. ( Fur inerrv sake, cenlleinen.' replied the s,n-nnsi the PnAireins It is estimated that mock clod-hopper, with the mosi deplorabhi'about 47,000 olieop luvo emigrated to the west . 1 ... cr i ' .l . ... look ol entreaty, ,omy ici me on, onei you me pi?i m"" Liberty s sou, deVmeil liimsell a iNallve American, and as such he joined llio proces sion of 1 1 io Xntices, His father saw him ill the tanks, and became enraged. When I'al came home to get his dinner, his father seiz ed him by llio Collar, and raised tliu cow hide over bis head, exclaiming ' I'll larho yo how lo oppose yer parents, and tn be perambulating the sticcls vvilh ihem Natives,' and down caiuu the cowhide with savage seventy. Pat, disconcerted, ran from tho house, and narrated tho tale of his woes adding in conclusion : ' I dun'l mind the licking, but the idea of being whipped by a i.iscally foreigner is more than I can stand !' A. 1. paper. (TJ7- A reveiend lecturer at the East ro renlly said no man could beroino an ' estab lished fact in .snciely" unless ho got married. Tho Cluvelidd Herald goes a slep further: " Ho c.iunnt become an 'established fart' unless ho surrounds lum-elf by a cloud of lit tle witnesses." A widower who marries again is a ' corroborated fact.' At the close of the levolulionary war, the valuation of .Massachusetts with Maine, uni ted, was S-'O.OOO 000. Now Ihe valuation of Massachusetts alone is SUOO.OOO.OOO, of which the city of Huston ownsSI-!0,000,000. Uorill.s.TloN op Di-.ritoir. An unofficial census of Detroit, taken by Mr. Willing., a gentleman in tlm employment of llio buaid of education, estimates the population of that city at 10,l)48,an increase of 1812 since 1840. d iy, prepared as above, wi.i I v-Mrnse, formed halt the lat in these two cut .i i nt ox was shun, girthed seven feet two tin. s. and when killed weV'ed 10S2 pound, and bad 1S2 puunds o! tallow. He cost mo while fatlening, t we lit -f vo cents a day: ho had pieviously cost me ihirly-fivo cents. My noil gain in fatli oing these i vo cuttle was mine than all I Live cleared before In fattening oxen and vvs, in fifteen yeais ; and this is owing, I i. uk, chiefly lo the use of flax-seed. 1 m r fattened cattle that appeared so calm, so hearty, and digesled all their food vvilh so much natural ease and regularity, as these. I kept my cous in the same way in tliu month of March, for one third tho expense of hay. It makes excel lent milk and butter." War. "Now look aside," says Jcrrofel, "and contemplate Gnd's imago with a mus ket I Whit a lino looking thing is war .' Yes, dress it as you may, diess and feather it, daub it with gold, hu., i it, and sing swag gering songs about it, what is il, nino lime out of ten, but minder in uniform ? Cain taking tho sergeant's shilling I Yet, O man of war! at this very moment, you are shrink'. ing, withering like an aged giant. Tho fin gers of opinion havo been busy nt your pluines,- on aro not tho feathered thing you -were; and men lius little tube, I lie goose- quill, has sent its silent shots into yout huge anatomy; and thocurroding ink, even whilo you look al it, and think il shines so brightly, is eating with a tooth of iron, into ) our sword.' F.xriHoiimvrtY I'mns. Mr. Blackford, of lllocl.ley, Worcestershire, gathered a few days since, from u small tree, 55 pears, weighing 361 bs ; I wo alone weighed 4 Ibr.

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