Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 24, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 24, 1845 Page 3
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SEARCH FOR LO-JV TUEASUIU1. A vcsfd belonging to a company of gentle men of this city, fully equipped tvitli n iliving bell, cubmaritio nrmor, anil sufficient Immls tn work them, under tho Mipttriiitcn.liiiico of a pr.ic Ileal engineer, recently luftllim port for the is land of Sl.irgorita, near Cummin, Inr the purpose of recocrinir tho mililnry i-fiesl mill oilier tnaa. Ure andtorcs l,nt liy'llm fiiiiiiileriiiir nf llir Spaniah BO sun eliip "San Pol mile Alc.iiilnr.1." The San Pctlro was one of a law fli'i't of hipi.of.war and tMimporls wliirli tMili'il from Cadii early In 1915, with an army of 150(H) men, to reconquer the rcvnlli'il province nl tin' Spanitli Main. Heing the Admiral's slop hihI larfrmt In the pqtt I'lrnn, in Iht hitc cnlrusted all the treasure and military More? ociesfuiy for an expedition of c urli in.nxtiiltidi. The loss of tins chip occurred in April, 1915, at nnnndav, within a league ol the island, ami in 10 1-2 fjliiom? of water. 7'olhii (severe cA mi. itv arc to tie Mltrihuted the f.iiluru of the .Sp.iti isli arms under Mnrillo, and llm mliTqiii'tit in dependence of the Smith American Republic;. Since 1815 tho wreck has quietly slumbered at the button of the 50.1, its whereabouts known Only to the fuliermcii of the coast. The hull lies in ten and a hnll'f.iilinma of water, on a h.ird and sandy bottom, between the Mtiml ol Mar garita and the main land. The neihbnrins fea is ordinarily smooth, am! seldom tiolcntly agita ted. Authenti: accounts stale that she remains in the siine position in which she went down. Her decks trie, partially fallen in, cm-in:;, it is upposei'(.iMhc weih! ol her ariiMiiienl, ami the action of the worms on hei wood nnrl;. The present expedition h is a permit fnun Ihe Venezuelan Govcr nment to recover all Ihe Inst treasure and stores, wild Ihe sole cntiditiiiii ol paying inlo tin; Tica-mry of Ihe republic lit c per cent on all recovered. Unit. Amtr. Fbacds at Elections. Tin; (.pciclinf ihe linn. Mr. Clinetnrin, n tneiuhcr of L'nimrcss frmn Nor li Carolina, winch lias hcin irpulililiL'il in the j-nprcs. is a document Mm oui-lit In lie printed and fin-iil-iled throughout the Union, nml jihcril to the hinds nf every American nli7t'n 'I he (nets wlm ll ll t-ntiltiiiis relume 10 the lute pn siilrnii il 1 Ui-imu. ami llic Ir iu Is wliic'i it disrl'HfS, nslnvmir hi-en ir:n lisul 011 1I111 occasi it, iiimlit t'i he Intni-jlit m lln-turn., little nf nil the people of the Urn 111, If once Know n hy tlicin, everv mill who recards the cxi'cnfe mill mtiiiiIV of our Union and ('niiiitiiiioii, ami ihe mi fete of tie '' rrninent ami intiiit'iiu. 11011 In iil-inucd at the tlni. per wilt, m tiii h tin y tliie-iii ncil. Tlii'M-ilcim-iii. in lint f-neecli an' cnrrel, an I the i-li'dimi of .tlr, l'.ilk win ennied Iiv llit; inn-l loo- fiiiii'iiinn nml the most fool ami ai!t!r ivntcl t'riu l-j ami it ihp con stitution In-1 In en provi lot Willi tlo- powi r to 1 aua an I CMitini7.e etecit mi. thn wuuhl nnM mnpi. -iioo-atily liu fi a-l h and i-ieVel A it is the Vln.'8 are in duty hoiiinl 'o their emm'tv. a1 will m iheio lve, to enlli'rl 1. ninny will until 11 i'-at il f n'l- on the fint'j ti ri onv he, anil (mlili-li tloon, th il t'o' peo ple 111-iv lint tin1 lino who Imlil the nUii'i of Chi'-f Maei'tnt , if th" ,WiOi, n ci.nlil lie i'i c 11I1-1I lie. fircanv lei'iit iiihmnl limine jini- 'iciion of liie i-nsr, ln n 1 j it rliint to tin.' pi 1 iand is. in truth, no hit ter than a iiMirpi r. It is of the ere-iti'M importance that whrn n man if ileelareil to tie rt.-cti-d Pri'H lent of it p Untied t'lle, and Im attuned tint hunor Itv iiii'mm ulurli no lion est or lionornlile .i rin woutil n limit lo. i he nn liner in whii-h that event In heen an omphheil elioiild Pe made known 10 Mie ponip, and tmlili-lird to the world. Our m sum of I'overnoiem, anil our coimlrv. are in vnUc 1 in ihe iliirrnrf whieh oereaiil v attemli such a 51.10' of thni.'s. Itv Ihe aet! of the people alone cm ihe evil ho an:iled m fonire 3Ve liopi' till peerh, end other pilhlif! documents, ealculited toaroo-e I e nil, mion of iheeomr.mnity 10 this snbj-'Cl, imv hfcaiti ml fir ami wide, and 1 Im d in eiery nnir hind, thai all nnv mo how tl'Pihc t'on has he n eo 1 'ueO'd. and hv what means IIr Polk obtained Ins honors. A'. Y. Jlrprcss. A Nr.w U.K I.ecK. We 1 1 a.1 ihonjnt ilip bnrirhrs. who Inw; cultiva'od ibe ait of pickino locks till lliey h ive ahtio,-t uiaile il a scienee, the mofl ineoni,iiie (entile in the world, but t!ie truth is that llm leel,- linkers keen a little in ad. vauce of thern. We hive ju-f been shown i' Mmp'p "f N"we I's I'l'ent I'.inntop'ie llml; Lock, which strike, us a wnmb'ri'ol'v injeiii nits cnutriv.inee. So ore t n I'i" conli.l nn- of the propriolors, tint 1 lny ehallpiie the who'e world, pick'ocfcs mid all, lo open the I .! with (he key which bel;in;sto it, and oll'.-r the reward of a thousand dollars many one who will perforin the exploit The person necpp'inir the eb illeooe is lo have twelve hours tn evamitie the loci;, be fore attempting tu mine the bn't by means of the kev. The key i so contrived that it imv he chnej. ed in way-i iunumeralile. The litmll-rt, a they are called, ailipt tliciii'ehes to this ch itioe. anil the lock muM I") openc-d hy precisely the same form of key with which it' is shut, ' Kven the maker of ;hn loci; wln u Ihe key i om e out of his pocion ami a clnooe i m ule 01 it by liie person to whom it has been tn nsferrer1, is una hie lo open it. ! I.e other ailcant.ions are Iho.-e, tint burglars cannot ascertain the lu'cronl ar ranoemniit of t.'io lumh'er-1 eillmr hv iihophoric lights or external picture. A'. Y. '.?(.; Ci.a.mitv.- Ilmv fieqneni. ly we linvi! been cnlli il upon to n-coiil, iht- rinc thi( present ;inter, the lovs of life by burnini: cnnsequenl upon the neelioent posai of Imt sislti's in out-hooses or wooden vrssels. Tito Oodensluiroli Sentinel ntlils another dreadfol casually to the lUt : On the morntnu r,f the 3Isr id'., ahoiii 2 o'clock, the homof Uoi ert Itarlor, of locie. lo this eiiunlv, was I urneil hv the careless exposure of ashes. Mis. taikerdicnvered the Hre riems in a leniporarv sliid, Ly the side of the li uise. and she and hf r huihaiid at tempted for some time to sub toe it. The honso va now envi lonedin flmie, nnd boili Mr and Mrs Ihr- kerrusliid throiiidt the flinies in ne tlnir three yoiinff clnldren, sleepniir in Ihe hntn-e. In efleetmz ibis iheir niyhr c were consumed on their per rnns nml the children wrre so itreadfullv hurneil tint Ihevni! enpired the same ihy. Itoth filher nu I inn'lur are so badly h :rned Ihal Ihey arc not c.xpec ted to survive. Tiro-iA: W, f'or,a. Tln Hoiiik of Hi-prp'piitativr ofKUndo lnhnd, en Kridav. iir l a snii-R nf riibi tioii", ni-rlnrins tlie .Sew lIvnp:r r n-ei-ni r' laiiVP In tin ini'rinnint m nf Onrr, dii!rart fn In liu li:ilntiirenf New IlntiiiLirp. nn t innltin In iht Govprnmrnl and people of Rk1 Snd, nrirtird a ibev arc by ibe r"ift fiiMbnnd. i-n'irtnre.ind tnv perttnenee; ind ininiriin- (be Hei rnnrv of Khod. Jtand In rpturn nid refnlutiona 'o ihe Onvernor of Hrw Himphirr. Tlo l'rniiaf-nre Jnnrnnl favfc 'W think that ihf General niMv iH pi nn art vu nA'wj par don to Tlmaii W n-rr on ibe -niir 0-im tint n hn be-n exlendi'd in llin infcrinr actors m the ticienn of which he w.i ihe head.' Thk Tbtatt with ''iitsa WV nn rntifiil in bt in? ahb tn fine tint iV'Tihiv Uuv rnnelinb d Iftween Ir, nhiH, Hivmv KttrTtrdimrv nnd Mini er IlnipfiieniMt Vi-f the Urn' d Stniri, nnd (be fTimiiiiiniipr of ilie R nnror nf Cii'ri, wph -eti r rliv ri'ifi! bv lb" Semi1, hv a on ini mm W thill ilon(flf -'! b-Miih'i'd t lav bifure our rniler n ri v "f ibi'Tmte. thouyli it olTo-il ue Iannii'n ran not ! nndi onlil nfit-r thoi'iu-ln 'pe of rntifieatiori birb, we iinderi-iand, is in take place in Chun. .Ytff. Int. Mr Yanriv, nf Atihvm, w lion ti limbm altnrk npia Mn.-a htiii In inllv rrndciid bim nn ol jt ( i of in nd rnnieiniL ri tid'n-t hi ibw riiv w h-n t h'v. was nlnrtn winder t f Williiniii('Ml-ur. nml nnti d far bis difiritdeilv nnd huh rnndnrl. lttitiL' tx prllM frnni thai inpti'iitinn fr.r flinl'ithinn pnb'ie wnrbifi bv Ih'owinira Inrril nfpK-Ues lbriuili ib window of a Mclhii'li! inn iips bou-, be donh'tfi has an nnnrnt crude nunnn ihe State in wh'th it is iiiuatcd. A retie neVr f-ll lln hnhrr draw, Willi rood opinion of the law. Troy HViis. Death or Mn. Uarnufn. WV pilnd tn annoiuirp th docrapn nf Mr, William F. lUrnden, of Hip firm of Harnden & C of thin ritVt wlm 1'P'I t In rpi doinp in Itedlnrd Mrr e tbii mnrnin; i f roniimplbm, lliat iiiiiiiiou i!ih cai-o that rarrios nflT imtiv lbnuand' of nnr citiznn. Mr- llarnden wan rf inirkahln for hi enlcrprtFf?. fl wan llto failmr nf thn I'vprnFP huftinrM, and it iff in him ihat tho world i in. dfLtetl fur llm woedpffol fap.ililips rnjoved hva1 classes of lh' romtnuniiy. Ifaston 'IramcripL The Smithsonian Inhti'tion. The li'l "In en. ...i.i,.t, tiM KiniihMiiiaii liiiitiitian. ife. wat Ma lerriay rpnr'iil birk In liie Senile frmn beLib'nry Cominiitf" wi'b amendinintf which I nve he mm feilnrpiiof n Nntonnl Library in tbu plan ofP (up. rroprintini 320000 annually lownrd. that objict.) IM lle Senate fit l.vday, intend of fldjirnins over to Monday, ihe bill wnnld have been taken up, iind probably passed ihat bodyto-diyt there appealing to he n tfw.eral difp"MtInn to it a it now Mand.. LiitJisiANA. TI10 Governor of Lotiisiimn lias sent liis iinnnul Message to ttio Legtsln luro of llio Stale. It occupies about liulf u Collllllll. The finances of the State are represented us in 11 very flomisliitip condition. Hit con griilubili's llm L00M, iinro that they will have 1111 Imublt) with tint Ranks. Tito stall! Pen itentiary is firmed out, nnil tho pi nt l s iltl to woil; wi ll ; wlii'llioi-the ini.uovenienl or puiiiilltiti'iit of the prisuners is cunsi'lereil, wo do not hear, tin recommend i-nconr-itixement tn the .sclienii! of iinni'xing Texas. At a lute Wliij! ineeline; in lloslnn, Mr. Mnrey rcatl 11 part ol u loiter fium Daniel U'i'hster. which wits ns fnllovts: "I look for no creat po'ilieil oood In thl enitntrv, which shall not he accomplished by the Wlii; : all theunod they can do thev can do as )Vites. 'Vhtre 11 110 reason fur c'nnei'nir. I hope they will not chance either ilncr principks, their mvasorcs, or tluir name." tVc stated some timo nan that the Whiz I ndtes of Cincinnati inlendul to prc-enl to Oov. t'orwin, of Olii i, n miive ilvcr piieher, ns n testimonial of their reeard for his services I'nrimr the Preidential cam paign. Ttie tireentalion took plice on the 8th inr.. in the pre "enee of a verv lirce rmnpnnv Mr (tnilford netinins the nrem of the ladies. Gov. Corwin'r re itvispoin of a "fertl. 1 nn I full of poetic fi'i' nud h-au ifol i incurv, hut tiivied with idn i nt ttieilis npoin'id hupes of patri nirt inilhons " Sal. Int. The two or three inches of snow vc spoke aboiil lost week, is now snnielliing over a foot, unlivery evitnly distriliuled. Jir.CIIAMCS IKST1TUTR. At llin anninl meetm; of the So.-i ty held on the Mill iost., the olfues were fillel for the year'enauins as follows ! PrrAiitrnl. 1). K. PANcconv. n!rrctos, D. K. Pansih im, S. neither, C. P. U'nrd. A 11 liwry, II. P. Iterrick, S. S. Sliinncr, J. T. Hencdiet. Tttnsmtr, Ine ptowj Frrrtlary. Klnrlier j CnlUdor, H. II, Itiisellj Librarian. D. K.; horn. Much f the rbht spirii was minif"ted nt the mieiimr. 1 2I1I mini 1 vviTeadileil 'o ihelit of mein lei. which i r 1 cr a veir hid heen eiaih, ally ili minishtn, tiy tcmival, if-p. T'ie ninoil naei 01 lit ol one doll 't- fir rieti nio'iih'T. 10 he , xpenil il in the I 101 h n ofhoolvH nml n s oalh r one 1,1 ih-fiav 1 11 lib mil 1 xpenes, were 11 n inuiini -I y voied. which. when eolleete I, will pay no tin "piiili- diln." lene n small lu'anei' in ilie tnn ury, and makua liaudsouii- aildilion In the hl.inry. The bonks and nnparalns bilnninc to the Iniitnie are kept in .Mr. P inlurn's Wire-loom on CallinV line, prnlnhly about ns eential nnd cnnviiiitnt 11 lo rnuon ns eonld be ohtaini'd. Hut what is ofirreat im portance 10 I lie society, in its present eirrmnslaneis, is the fact tin', by the liberality of the librarian En will tie relieved from any charre for room rent, which has hueloforc prund one of its lar'ist items of c.v pt nse. ?r More readers are wanted 1 s. n.r.Tnin:rt, Secy. IttttCII I OS .11 V ttKt T. Mmday, Jan. 13 At .Miukel 2S0 Ititf Cattle, 1200 Slurp nnJ 123 Swine. I 'nu es Hei f C 1 1 lie In eoni qui nee of the limi'i d niiuili'T ill milki I, an advince m i llei ted. 1 ,ira $i.i3 2i first mn'ov 817aS0lli second qo.ll Hy SI 2 a 4 MD; third ipnh'i SI i ) 2" Slnvp ''nil. ("omnioii shiip from 81.73 'o 2,23. We tins S 2.2 a 30. Swim Nu iota -okl to peddle. At retail, from ! tu Sc. H a if u a dl , In Sweden, Ti. V., on the 31st till., by the Rev. Mr. Illicit, Mr. A. ItcsoLr. to llm CmaLOTrc f. HieiiAKD formelly of tins town. In St. Allnns oi S.n hy, 19th inst., 1 y Hev Mr. Raker, Mr. TerAcn to .Miss C'imsl- tte I'nloii, all of St. Allnni. rl' I.. It. STACY will roinmi nee brr w'n'er 11 L term mi .ilonita v i lie J I ol I-1 iirmr v, to com no 31 12 weiti-i. cholirs are i xpccteJ to enter at the coinmeiicemint of the term. Tuition. r.nalish, ST CO r.eneli, 1 no Urn oi.', 3 CO School roo o ,,oe door wei nf romi fjrincrly o' cu- p'e I t'V Mi llimiev. up niii. Iturlineiou. J in. 2llll, ISI1. S. EA.JBy HOW.VItl) Clifit f'itslt nuiu.iNf.Tox, vi:rtvo.T. COM Pit I -n't one of the moil sp'indil and cencr al -Tl)f'irS in the All are sold strictly fir Cash, and of coutse Cheap. WAN I 12 )! Z(r I.'.-. Hrr' "r Spi-rel live, JvL'OO " Ihe,' Wax for '.i-h or m cvhui'v by PI'-'IC .t SIMIMI. 31 ll7iuo' DruircMt. CHILBLAINS ! A N JnxmttUatecurc fir lljMrout !su!ne comp'aint Cx r 'Hfl.imlv lid tain at 31 Grorsii I'rlmUr's nta'r, STAT: OT 17;MO.Y7 ) ' III. !I"n. lie tJi-iri-t oft hi vndi'ti, .. J I'm' n'e Co ri for ib I ifclnei of Cbn'outlen I To n'l 'ir-in eon- rerm-dm tbeis'n e f (IVMW i lUttMU.r. 'n eif (IlMrtttrrm -nl l)tM m, 'e ea-id. ucr.FTlS'ri. W'lir.iii.A. Iv. Ilrwitt, ndnnnnyr.Tnri f iliee- t ite i f saj 1 ('ei'i-a-ett, prnpu e tn ren er an aeeoonl t-f bis a limni-iration an 1 pre rat In mi-n in, asa'n-t Mii le'a'e turexainiiia-ion and aMowaru e ai a e i"n ot ilie i o-irt of I'm1 ale, to li- h .Men at the UeiM-ter fifice in It irhnsion, in pa-d l)iir'Ci( on tun l-itirtu WVdne'ay ol I-V r -arv nexi, 'I berel" re, Vn i are heie! y not '(!. 1 to ar-pfar telire aid oi tin at ibe tunc nn I dai-e alorrs rd, in id hee 'i i e. il nnv o-i nave, why ihu aecomit Rfure-aiU hhu dd mil I e nll'me I. ivi n mi Vr mv nan lat Uiirlmg'nn iln2lstiiayof Jii.ii.irv A. I'. 1H15. 3l.T win, i;sici. itenU'n: A;i Ithu i Is' i',.;iie. STAT: or VfUtMOXT,) ATnProhaie l irut uf flu leitiVn, ( ("o r behl al V t ru ti wnhin an I U r f i d iitM'l f Hit ten en ni mn'li (In irV. IS 15 ore enl the lion, lilt. - U-i-tII, J il.-e ol silt vii'TU rame Aiim ll.n i .mi I I'ai fnni Ji ni 8. Kief iorf ol 'be last will nn I i-i.i .-Mi' if Ii a I , lal'J ol Hl'-binon ' m Bid di lri t.i'ecen e I, and lilt ti) ai ' i o irt their t - i- iii ii, n until!, i-l'in? fonh tint i Ii ili Aa(hft e z I of i vemy at'ie of ai'l, i'n e' hi ai I It c'i miinl, rallfl In b -oie firnt. ant H'.' lliv nar ol ol I tu I in ai 1 Hirlmimi , eal'el ihf lroi;nt hot, mil de-i2i.a el in be will of Mm ai I 'ere i-e I I Hie hUt lot i ihu lln per'oual pr piry of Mie ai i itnvnifi, iii i-ii or i x e(t io in h ll thereidni hr(in-a be I neiermn h-jatte in -aid will men mtie', In hen nl I iindt r an order nf hip I Pro a v t'onrl for Ibe ny ineiit of the 'etit. allowed as.rii-l .lld i-iae, I, at ibeelami a?ain-t ai I e-ta i alliimtl y the eom iiii-lonrr-, nmo'int in 8133 1 03 J hat ihe ntd eie-rutor- have poll ibe ir Pto Lot, nraltd, under Ihe ii'ithorttv piven tbcm by irl"e i f the wilt ofibe aul ileieat-l, fir ihe mnif 3150 00; (hat ibe personal aet in the ban In of ai I exee i'or are in nifineiit lor Ihu nymenl of ihe debt- ;a nt aul ei afeifivl Ihe cxpeme of a hnini rati n, nn I ihat it w II I e necenry In ell a pfininn of 'lie home farnmf the Baicldeeeae.( lor Mnt pnrpo'e; tin' n pari oha'tl home firm i-aritnt lieudd wnh ml bipiry1 to Mm c in erevte I in Ibe remain lir and Mint it wn il l be I emli rial in Mme' interelt'l in ihe remainder lo Invo ibe wbt-te i f rad firm ol I, an I ma inrf ni-l eourt io irram them lnvne in fdl I he whole olV.iid bi'ine farm lor ihu p'irpn?e a fere ni'. ii'Jiea' Iv lo ibe ta-ute in 'h Ii eiMMiia Vand provided, W'here-ipnn, ihe rifirt nf re ai I doMi appoint Mie 4di day ii rul niarv, 1815. f..- beHrins and dici linx on -aid iieiiooii ai Mie otli'-e of die Hti.'i er of riid i-ourl in tai I ft irlnuMti, at ten oVtne'. in Mie forenoii, nn I doth order Mill all per Mfli intereoe lenoiified thereof ly publication ol tin order ihree woj' ihi e-riey in ihe II 'rtiiision l-Vre Pre-, a new p'tper prtnlel m hi id Jt irlmyion, ibe 'nut ot wbieh n iidn-alimi to be previous tu raid Hlb day (I To ruary A. P. 1S1. 3lw3 Aile.t, Win. WK3TON, flcghter. TABLE BUTTElt. FHW humlrcit poiinrU. Jin. n "11 I i' i iii Cnllln's Instate. STATP. OF VI RMO.NT, T .1 -eion of ll e Di trici ol'Chit'in 'i n, ss. V Proline Court, hcl I nl lioilinsli n, wiih u nnd lor the d ii-l ofCbiiten den, on ihelBhdav ol January, 1815. Piesent ihe Hon. Charle. Itus-'e I, Joile of sial Co irl, conies O iv Callin, V.xr 'uior ol Ibe last Will .mil tc tninenl of.MOSIS (JATt.l.V, late of lluilinslon, in fad ihlrii t, ilivu.isi'l, fstnte, an I filed ill nil cie rt hi pctiioii in u-ritiuir, tiinua Imth ihat ibe all lelalor lie I re zed of the lillnwius de-en e I red e-lil e, sit uate in -nt I Hinlhmion, vntt Inir vai re- nl Ian I. will tioili'ini? tbi'i-i'iitv I .'in . iti., l,.ii,!i,.i I i.f ilie if I to. l.lllir I.xir ,.., ..ri.... I I ...I I .. .. ii.rii il ii. iti.. i,! ,. i....'.. t tr lien . .i'v nt laud, wi b n hoi,, then on. e ilie I Ibe Zo liu.iu I plan-1 the l.'olU pmpcrv. m I I'in the uil I mill, a w null, lliriu I ri k b n'e , ami several leoi'iu.-iil-, li. p., i- ., with tin-i.n er pmi'ise , I'nm , t 't one b in Ire I eulitvliie ncie.oi Ian Ion lot. No. 10. 17, I mil lo nu I tni nnc- t f l.u A.t. 2m. m Hit unni'it n s .i tin? l!llKviiiir de rriln I re it t!e in n.i'rlu I it, Viz. iwi'iiiVH'u ii acrts uf I In- Mr . X I -1 i f t 1(L -iiimI'l'Ii 'i(v ntn. ol iht Jnlin on n , o m1I- cl, nntl vuv fi) ir irn'lniarl'of 'lie Iiil Iul, mkmII 11 autlif nnv ncrt- of ih l.iiral ti lot, wi t'nl.'cl, in I H-i'M Im lliu wf on rs'n't; of ihu ai 1 H'-tntnr, in miiorie !, mini mis to S3T3 3 1, wliich ru tl mi I per- ! Minut ist.Te ! iharl, lv ihf will of nnl tu-Lilitr, will liu Mppnn il l.uein U Citlni, ud'iw if said ti'H'nior, il irnig lier I j f o j tint iIk cl iim nl luwcil ty iliw t iMininiuiiT nvrninsl anl r-iire nnioiml to sJ;i,;)?2 J ih i tin' r'.iuiM tilNnve I In ( i vor (f fanl e-t Hr aiiiimnf o Uoj tlnl lx eiMti r, on ihe Oili iUv of .Mny, IH41. 'utlelnn nt- L'omt ol tn- al i-tralion ill -mil tn irt, wlnHi w.h tlnly nilnwe I, hJvlllI a I n'an -c il nt titm ol $1,40 37 ; tint tlie pnsontil e-iaie invi-ntoripil miMm- i.n (it-pu-c I of, anil llm pi'tsomil v e ol ihu Mini U'-tnUiri- in tillinent to p.iy i tie ileL:-nl t Mini I'-lati' nnd f le L'.xppn c ol":i'niini truion. nntl tint it 1. 1 cc s nry tiM'tl r.-nl c3 atfi.t t e a tl t r'j or lor ' 1 .to vt .tnd pr.iynu -at I coin I in pr ant li eiiM to the execut'tr in t-vY ti in li ol"ni ' rial e- tnien it in iv le iiovi'iV lo 'lit' p !( e frtni auii't.!1 Ij tu ilie ta u t in i,ch ea e nu te nnd proit led ; hen i nn. itie ftmr' nfirc aid i'"'!) nppnlnMhe neon I Wi-dne il-H in I'V! r my, I81j. I'r tie-innif ami de -i linjr nn iud 1 1 li h n al tlii ll ce of I lie Uiy i tt-r of Paul Court, in f-n d It itinutnii, al 'en o'clorlt in the ftrerio n, nnd th i ider all ptr utis mti r-i-"'e.l there u I e ti I fied tht retd I v P i' I' t ttnorler, contain n z the ktli tnnx oa d pitctn i lliltewiu'.HMietx ivelym llii-ltiirl nutoii Kieel'ie, a newop.iper pnn'c I in sail li rlintun, Ilie '.i t i I h cli p dihi'irii ii to le preiiu s to mi id se'-oni' Wedne ii ly ol I-Vbr :arv IS 15. U 31 Ales', W.M. UT.STOX, hJUr. ST TV. OV Vi; MONT. ) The ll-tn. ihe Prnhrr t)istiiit l niinifiid'-n. J Cutitl williin nnd I'm ttir Di-lrtri uf ChiMeiith n : To the cridiims and utlnr- eonn-iiH d in ilw e im iiT ,In-t'-i I allui l-ilu of llur litiL'tim in ii I I Hliifl. d i i'iM-tl. U'li.Tew (!U V I3TIJX f rulur nf ihe Inel w ill f Fin I ih-ri nM-tl, Ii i. in itfe app'ifili'Mi In ilu- t nui t. lo evli ii 1 ill.- ti iii h niif-.l f r in iKmj ntnil of ifn deh s atltl i 1 1 1 1 m lh"i--l ill u ii I id et"ii-iil, Iwt Ue month frmrt lln 1 1 h ihy n O tuhT. 111. mid ihe sirmitl Wultiet hv nf Kc'l nnry nel. h vt; nsiL'iinl (r a hiTiri-i in tin pri ini-e-, nl ihe Offi.-e ol ihi Ilci'istcr of iIih f oiii I, in ml Ihu hii-j Mm, nud il Ii i H heer hud ti it iwli e Ih.-ient !' Liw n iv puti li-hiu-j tin- duri" ihue ti K pie itii ly in Ihf Itil tiiiiHiin Fn-f I'irs. a inu p'ipfi priuit'l al linr lina'iin, hi'fori' ihe innc ici for li--nrit, TliiTi-f 'ie. uii aie hi-rt V nntifivil. inafpearti fn-e nd ' 'niirf, ni ihe 1 1 nn and pi n e f iira-ii I, -Im n nt thfre, li1) m die uf j.-eiiun if any v u 'rive tn ite s-iid timi- nf piytiteni ln-iti L.nhi-r i i ndd n nfnrr iid (Jiven iimler mv Ii nrl nl liitr liition (Ins 27 d) dav of Dei'embvr A. 1. 1311 31 VM. WINSTON. tli-'iMer. .Jamen 1Iar.Ji'-s (C-a'alc. STATK OI' r.IM10T ) 'IMIIMInn. the?ro- DlZTIUCT or CM ITTTNI)1 N s I a'c Co'ir' forttti I)i iri-tni (Jtp'tcn 'en : T' all per-on emuernedw the I, ti e ol JAM! S MAKSU Ia:e i f It ir intrinn, in sail I t n t, a rd, ('jfi. Wti'ii '.AS Da i I K-a Administri'or 1 ibee-tatr if nil l e a-od, prup'-.f, in hmi 'it an nc -o ml of h aiImiiiitralion, nnd preent In nrrnnt asaint ai ' es ate I'm aliowan -e, at a e-ion nf the Court uf I'r baie, iu b-Ir 1,'fi, to die JiV-fiV o Ilee tn -ai IJniltnelor, on tlie tccin I Wc ne day of Te r t-r m.vt. Tb r'fore, yn t ate I em' y mvilie I In a pt-ir I rfore s nd eo irt a it e true an I p'tre nl n-a'i', an I s'mkv ea i e, il nnv oi hive, hv ill- aa'uiint alurc ah bu Id not I'eai'oAol. I liven niiVr myhmlni 1 iilinjjti.n, thi- 13 Ii da ofJ.ui i.irv, A I). 1S15 31 Win. WT.STON, ftesUUr. SINGLE. DOUiiLiC UMIilUCAU A I.I, I mil. nt TIl'M; the .tl-lh-, lor -.lie, r R infire- inn Vni'i a in'i 'v n I rd. Pl.t K A: &Ii;.U. (tnialo 'I'riis-cs. "HIS ar i -le the invent n a-- in ninf i -I H' i I ItnM, -ti i .on Ii, i l ewrv it t mid li'tni. an I r a I ho o' r -of l- r whi-h - are ile-iirne I, i i n'ni ly re enni-ra IMS K A SlMZMf-. I'r mi the re mmm ii I icon ol n ir lown I'hj ieian Tid te i Vnt Pi ' li i"ii-r in ibi Sri e. a II it l!ie .Mo i".tl I'a tlni" i f Iti'i'ii-e nl New Vor' , Mn to i, Phil 1 1 1 ib a a-id It il i omre, e eammt lot -i--ire ibon ol ibe atfleel rla ol the In.tpv e which may le deiiviil 'v the u e t f ill- e in-lrt-meiiln. In ;e Oil of-inra' drv. ami panic 1 irly priee the are ivithin ttie n-nili of a!l. Tn 1'hy."' an and Ur i-.'-i-t who pun-hvol v i lie ili7en,tlie nan l-iconer uiei.iini is iii.i'V, 61 Dr. JJtiiiiiiiifi's Spittt) Ulcri Alt (lomiitul Stipporicr, or PATENT LAC E. XTTIfI. be Kent enii'tantlvon hand bv Dr. .Ions T. 1'Mr.av, ol lU-e, he havm? inrehal i f tbeori-rnnt Pa'eiree tie exrlitsire rehi to mnke and rend ihe-.ime, uillnnand lor the Co moe-ol Clnl leii'fii. I-Vati' Im, I.inmd'e.nn Miran l I Ir. The I1 TINT LACK In now ' before the pub. lie Pir a n 'tip er nl ni'UHlt-, H n ned- In ve ' ern ap plie I in iliToient ti irt'- of ibe en nrrv, an ' u Mb a sie ce nevi r I ofi-re cj i iPo t IvtiV iiIiic'iiI auent- .Numeni t a nhfii'i -lte-l ( vrU "it fi ' coch cniinl en 'em Mieremoval of loei e o( b n lan mir. in'Ldit I of irn tidied Irmn tin i imudiate vn,iniH in a Union to Mie at-i'emen' o oie nnd inrijiiere ofciire firm bed'v Dr. Pannnitf an I nibers. Itn I In i nol i eetnc I nere- .ar-,i at ihe me eir time, re le eni e can I v umen lo m lt 1 1 mIk wearing Mu Lacet in'V eierv lown in ihe i;o ml v. PliV'icjan have loni li UMn neceiiy of a R ipp'r terdiliWenMveo'i ir-icie-lnn I inniepi'rleci in ii a-lap t ton to the h im tn f Tin, than any lhai ha I been pre entel In ite iei he. 'Iheinie lion .f I'.innimr1 meel with Micir ireneral n iern' mion, a it i 'e im-l I red e m mtvonifl. nnil icnifilv a (n of phK nnta-'ie which cannot e rea-'he I ' v ntfdmiie-au ne. The de-ii'iii i rbt a-rmeni of be vi cerra tp-mie-laxntioii of ibo nbdnntiiuit mttnrttit or m her ei'i i ., teiiil- toa'lcranil reruv.'e lil nimon ol in l heli no tn vieui, an K in tn tnv ca-i , I hi t cvia- li n Iroiu ihe n thira' In-d hv on i'lon o( pir'', f Mn o o t i i ii' ijencmt t'i bit t ni lne nn I (Ynit'e , of f;ifp(i, A i' 'ion- of Mn Stnmmh an I litfrA ilnHatiarntt M.o Heart 'ptnit f'rifntitii tf'trriri Iittwoudriii, 'iff 'r'kii fVerd, Sitpftrrssunt nf trine tht lliintr't'th i I P' er, nn wrf- nieni i (initnpiion n ol n cli u pi ' e m h rone v e (, if no- eu'iri-lv h-iiiomh), I v Mie n c of the itttenl lsr hen ibe r vk s i ik i- ic.ui ed I y phv "M ' i rairj'Htcnt an I a imrhan a tli olai-einen' of nut n-hi b can ten-i'ily a (enamel Iv o'-ervinj tin j'-in and aumvtam llbe eeiunn n 'tried. 'I hi. m i mii'iii b i I ivn rx imine 1 l y )ri. Mo't, Uojjcr , IVim-i an 1 fJri-i'oinb ol" ee 'u, 'In I'.ie (by of Piiib ireh, liar ford an t New Haven, ant1 ha o oiiiittiniri ivora ieteinn ny. A 11 Mi ii i i n-forihi- Li av 1 e -en 'e tn Mie mi r-rd er, at L m'X, or Ur. IIKIM'II1 It'. It irlimriiiti. Patient at a ilj -lair.-e wi.lbo vs'tol al her re l Vnre, ilrepnrel. JOMN W. KMHiY. I a ex, January, 1813. 33 ll VaJusiiilcs I! t ;tl LCslato for Salc. rPI1IS &:ii'Ti'iT tifler- in the pnl h-i 21 are ol L I Jin 1. -.unaicd in It'irbnzlon, a1 o it hall a iml n-iih of ibe ("o irt llo-"e Sinare. lately o c-need I v T. Conner, 'I hi? land is in a hitili -M'eof ubiiaiion, wi'b -nmiiionioio. Jarm :tnl a tinaH ovrlIiiiz-hoiie. I'or further iiiTiinei, i-a' n.i Ibe tubcriber al 11, J, IletnebergvV Co.V. At o'ht-earie-, IPtrlinjtnn. W.M. C. HAUlUNGfON. Jan. 9, M. 32 Paptir, Uuoks, and Paper llan- THIS mleri'cM, havini purclmrd the PAPF.U MILL in Mihon, mid mien Inn to do mn nly n country hi Hies , woihl mfotni Printer, Men hant an I the p d ho j.viieraMy Mn Miev aro nrcpiiello n ake eon'raet fir piper, h'ank and ebn-i hooU, bl.ui!;, ,Vo. .le. They inten I nlhn next teaoii a tock ( f Paper llaiiinf;, and tt enln n ripply. Uu?f, Pro 'me, and every article med in t heir b ii ncsi leeeiyud mi iumcnl. ' ' fiQVmi 4- OATKS. Milton, Pec 1811. VC 0 "i9 1 STATK OP VEIIMONT, phltlcmlpn rmiiily Cuiintx ol Cliiiu-iiileii, S VCourl of Chmiccrj Mjrch 7Vrm( 1315. WIII'ltRAS, Il'-nry RnnnltiMn ol OoIcIip-icp, in CmuilV. tins ft-iy (iiivl in ihe O.IUo of I hi' Clerk of nirl t!iul tii lull of co-iij1atni nirninst II miii Hi'nn mi.l Mnw wirornil HiMin, of it.Ki tin' nown in liu1 lu fii'limtd, ju-ilinir r nh in iili'nmf on llii'T I nfSefiKtir t r, 1313, the sii I rft'U 'n n W xn'ii'C I In tin' trnl r n ni(iilj;v;t' ti oiiu uikIi I VI tt uili n.if ofilif.tll .wiiiilccriled re-iii si'-. In wn t " All ll't p irt of lot iiinilrr one 'hl (Lrtl'.ov (1101 ("I OnlfiU'li-rt uliti'll 1'rR ll I' I lit bo III I I I uiii: in 'in n irhiiloii lit .lilion, I'xcoii! ibe fi Ihiwiii.' doeri' nl tmieel of Ian I. vizi I ejiiinimr nl n a' e stninlimr in the i line ol said r n I. a'.o'ii -10 link. Sn .th ol the ouiherom i-l lenee, t" i. on tl nl m,V 1 1 the run I win h inch ses the lot a '.punim 'he home fu ,w!jij!i the widow M m on 1 ate of Oo'i hesir, 'Vcea cl, tc.i'cd. rhcnieNor b-ixlv hi tr I'fL'MV- Vrl IX rl1ou-lo n .!!' ti nn Mil' tin! nnr tlu'lTiH.k ' Mnw the Itll-, the.ici Jjnw li il,t,n tli'.in-e- W i fiivrh itti3 t" tin iittnti line ol'tlti- r-ntl If.i from tl. Mill M MnUfl'B lt.iv: Tliemr f .1. Inwina tin Norilu'iUniirI Vplerly hue ol ihu roa I to llij'plmv of nmninma, incl nhnif ilie null, mill yarJ, fit N nhd nrivihite-t ol wa'er nowcr. Whii'h innr'pa'p vm t;ivt'n tn teenrc the payment of a no'cda'el l-t Sept. 1813, lor iliumm I one linndie-l dollar' pnvab'e to orntnr or onler in one year whi'-li iT'to wn Ftcnet by a d tlir.mi IJean. Thai nfir the ixeet'iui o) said nu ricare, hv a iWeunf itie Pmb.t e. C irt of the DxlriRt nf Chf 'eiuh'n, ihe aid pan-el oft in on the peinimi of .Mm W. Weivt r and Arleiiti-M In- wde, was divided I e Hveen the owner- and de-Teed to them tn evernlty nnetenlti put therool Iw nl d-cri-el tn feveral'y to ih'atd Mn rut'. It,nti uifenl Hiram Item: nndlhat thiTeal'er ihe ii I prenii e were d dv ilividel nn ler he nu lionlv f nitf pro' ate (. rt. I c'wti'ii the u-v. enl p-i?on- to wtmm ihe - ante na 1 I een de ree I an I i hat ihe InJ't. wins t'e-i-ritiel pivnt u weie -ipnn ich ihvi inn set o I'm ilie ntd Maria ti, llcitt wil)' f -a d Hirim, n ait' for ihe I lervli pari thereof o I ti (To t t'e ih'I in hpf in exiraltv nnd in h-e; tn wil : "lifj-iiinmc nl Lie nrtin-i -I ' oraer nt i lie imnt i ui ml iiiin.i. J O i Iiam .1.. I hzv v'U A . an I I h i V. It. (itir hi n. theni-t' Jalerlv nn the Sn'ith tine'i'theh ah vav t.ei-iit-ei'jll mI-j 'In n -e mi'li rl on a I ne par i W wi h the 1 ii' line of aid lat d el ntilln m I Inn rhnrei In the Snrh hue of ihe land Lre n I r r t ahnvi deM-ri' ed. thi'M'v W-ter'v tai a ih line to I he Smiiiiiip t t orner ot the lam n et ii it tu f-a-'t I aivj In re-, ih'"ni e Nurilirty on I lie Kist line nl Ilie linn so ei ll in p ii i I. .ins n ire. io uie plai-e ofiei;ttinimr, ei'iiiamtiis ciali ieu acre.' An Immiiic forth Mini the nnmey i-ie acc( r ims to aj I note bail never I et-n pud, bui wi tbtn d -e nn-1 n.vns an-l pravms Mial iih-mihi iiirain an I .nana ti. iiiav le iVereed 'o piv In the uaiur ihe ti'tt of inonev nn I nil intcic t d u an I In rin'e d u ll.erenn wi h "be ur itni' co-i-, an I in '.'(a ib ll.ereuf bai ihe -n 'il I In am and Maria C. may I e forever (uiee!o nl nl mi I 'mm all tttc, Ll v, an I eimlv f ledemp'Hm of. ii ii i i in. im i.i'iti1 fc n i iv i ureiniM't. u avi uui iu id .Mana C m f-everahv a aluri' ai I j I hi-ref re. it i ordeie I lli u tin nui Itinm Ilran I Miri'i I'tMii. In wife I ifr. the te nn- n' ! die (Jn-irl of h inery next tn I e hnl 'en nf 1! ir liiiytnn, wi bn I'-r ml C- lin'v t-f Cln' 'ti len, on Itela-'T C'd-iv Man-h A. D. 1315. bemir ihe 'jib ft ti Ii da of lie -iitne tnon'li, to ma'.enu- ii - hi- ma ii-r in 'he so I bill eon tame I, nud it i f rthor or 'i-red tint ihe p ud tliram ttt-aunnit Mar a . In wi'e, I e nnti ho I 'l I Im litnu ol huI 1 ill ofi in I rut, 1 p tdili iu lb t nn'trtii the It r'niylnn Trie Pii?-', a hewa er pmi ed at ail (1 nlitiiion, ill tee -e s ue. e -ive'v, ihe tat ol wlm h hall I eat !i i I nventy day" pieV.Oua it I tie cuinnu ikviih in i f -a,d l t'liiii Hi el il rj'irlins'oii in ?vd Thl'ien 'en Ooihity ibi ev.-i.nd day Lf Januarv A.J) 1SI.1 KDiV'iKD a. .vr.xmitv. 32 v3 Ihpuhj CUrk. Daniel UiMIns n-lalc. II nin srnSimiHK bavinirleen appoint- cl I v I lit- lion, the I'rnba'e (Virl iir tbodoiri-'i f fl'nMeii'Vn, cotniiii-maer 10 ro -eivo. vx 1 mine and id) i-t the ctaim a'"d dem in I- o' all per ons nyain-' l,uc ta'eol DA Mi:1. UOHItlNS, la-eoftheti nl. in ail Di tri -t, dii-ea-cil, re,refire I inolveiii, ani nl o all r,lainn an I ilenian U i xlii fed inobo: there an I p- in liith from ibe d iv ol the Oa'e berei-l, ,2 nltinveil bv ai I i'o trt f-T thai nnrno e. wei'o tberefi-re hert-liv iie iionee, v. will attend to i be I iiine four a-ni in inenf. ai the ihe dwellm;: il 'frel Oane, in Ktotinioiid. in aid Diiri'-i, nn ihe nrat Unntiax ot April an I July tic.t,nt 1U otioch ,, a., on e i -lint m i lay. Da cd this 1 11 li dav "I '.'nii'iarv. A. H. 815. KO' t. r.. i: bO.V, Co'iiini- K. lb I'liKI .. iont-r fi-'SJRV N()Tlfli:. Pill: Sel er I. M VP. ITK. ( apt. .V. II. Wis- 1 Ten eiiinnieii" d riiiitiiti:i teween It 'i lini: nn in I I'or' K"in 1 11 I'r' l iv l.i-'. i 1 nl 1 e nf the -1 if, u'lu-li h 1. n i 'Uf I ii-r tri fur the ,iMim I t'lii'. riiirlinmn at 1) nYl -k, A. M , an I for1 'Cen, '2 I1. .M., and will eun'.in iu until the elu e nf ft IVt'.'lltlli'l. IIir'in'.'lnn..lan. It. I3lt. Ml3 TIIll nlw -nber will ply mh (in delivery at their r ll p tnr lun iii i'. 1 nifiieleir pme l.iiinucr, rOiifl 1I.1 1 1 ., iln tin .',f00 .I., li do do do r.i'lill 1I.1 1I0 tin ito "MO iln J il 1 do do K'OO tin 2 iln H i em it. J. ,1- II I'. IH'.ltltlCh', & Co. II 11111.11111 Jin. Ilt li, t-l. sj ; Plin i'mt hi t-aie in 'I bf.a-il their minors I aie mipa-ifnt f,.r th,.r pa. Tl eir loeati of 1 1 iiM-itt are l i Ilie tnn.'n l lher t'tblor Thev tioni' oay I -it I v beiii! n.od, and diev on I I e p dd 11 on ib'e diem ilvu lo yet out ol dt ht. Tliev are the inure in irnesi in eon e ifiive . f the tm i.iejt irn-jnv: iil'tln eonnlrv ar.vniff "nt ol ihe tledioii -I'I..!.- anil Dal a-. Dor nhho Hh ihey are I enio. ri .'velin ihe w nl, iln y fear tnat the poll V of ihe ap lroaehinn a I'iuni-iralion may opera'e Ii a no i-ly uon Ih- tr bn im-s, and they areileler nine I to lie o-it of drbt befoie the Whi prophreie nf ihe de- r i'iion of ihe inn V, lln' a hm moii of IVx a, nn I lint binrntiy and r int con-e-pient upon tin e ineas -re. , f h ill Ite Willie I. I I.e mi' TibtT- itiert-fore -rive notice to alt persons indelite I to ibeni, thai Ihey mn-t le pai 1 bv the 15th I I of .Ian lary next, or oo'Ie.-tmn will ' e fe-rallve'i-tor-ed. .IAS. MOliSK & l(llOTUKIt It trlmalnn. Do. 1. ISlt. 2D l'ti)itr rli'iiiu IJoiliti A

XD irnnl Steam llnx for S'eaining on theTliotn' siiiimu :? stein, tnr -.lie tv 27 llitlNS"..MD it UltOrilF.llS. Poriodiuiiis fur I '. Cit'nSCItini'lt-ttn nnv nf the fol'mrins Pnbllen O linn - wlm wiili in rnniin- e a no' her ear, ean tin ii ' v Ii tnn n r th" ri'ii'i ml m -ili.t riptinn to tlie mi' I'er.m'K't bfjre the .t ol January 2'l V IIAIIIUXOTOX. Aineriean Jn irml of Jle.'i 'al r-eit, (J ar'erlv. 83.C0 Aineil -an I'i leei ic and Mn-e 1111 of For- eiiii Lnenltiirc. in n'bly. COO .Am.'iiMn IteviMw n Wti'i'. Jo irml 5,00 III ie .win I'. I'. In' nrtfh Maciznie. 3 00 I'cli'. Mubeal l.i'nry. Q'nr etlv 5,00 llriii-li a iv I l't rei.'n ' al llvvicw, Qniri. rlv. 5,00 Iotin Me.henl an.l Snrxieal Jo irnal, Slmithlv. t .1,00 Itiailew.iii'. Ite'ro pee'. Semi-annually. l,no Itrown-i n'. (J eirierly Uevi'w. 3,00 Cimp' ell Seini.niKi'itlily .Magazine of Knreiin l.iiera lire. 5 01 I .x.i in r, llbinonlhty. 4 fO Cdtivatiir, Munibiv. I 00 M.i'.'nz;nc. Mnnthlv. 3P0 I'e nin'in'ic Itrvivw, Mnnllilv. ' 5 00 I'tlin1 urjili " Q irerly. (Reprint.) 3 f0 1'iireijn Qnirerlv It iie-, " (") 3,00 Ur.i'i iin' t.nlv nn j Oeiitlenians Mag. ne, .Mcnlli'y. 3 TO nuley'. I.a h lliiid.-. Mnnthly. 3 00 U nit-' Men linir'. Miinz ni',' .Mnnibly. 510 .In imal nf the Fiank'i'i In-llliitf, " 5 00 Kniel erl n. kt-r Magazine, " 5 00 I.nw Kepi nr, " 3 00 Luiell'.' t.ivm j We," S.-ni.Month'y. C "0 Lilly1 Cniipininn. ' 3,00 I.t'ii '.in Q 'nr't'ilv Iteview, (Iteprmi.) 3 00 Jin i' H.wiew, Q .arttily. S00 Jlerry's Mu c nn. Mi ntlilv, 1.00 North Amerieau Iteview, Q laHcrly. 5 Oil -New F.iii;liin'!cr, " 3 00 iiepnn's ol I ho l.imilnn, liintuir:li. tut. eiannnl'r, Q larterlic. Sillunaii'. J Southern I.iter.irv Me..enipr, Monthly, Sici'lie'ii (jii.irieilv R"vM'. PC0 COO 5.00 5.00 ru UK. XT. (IttllrSa A Convenient Itnrk thve'linir hnii i'liitrj Kiiq ur. of V.AS.f.NOVI. Dee. 6 h 1811. 29 Fish. 200 Quintal Cod Fish, 100 Hiixm Merrill''. 4 h D-., 'A 1. t?i) J. .f- J. 11. PECK & Co. To Let, rpill! leantil'l pretii-e. immediately nnrlliof the I i.olle.-e It 'il hnir-,fnriiurly nwneil met iH-euphd by the lai" Prof. J.inii' Mnruli, i nii.i.iiii , an am. ole an I I'ouiuiiiditiiiii ilwelluiZ'hou'O, i ffice, carnage bi'U c, lirtrn, and oilier o tt-biulilin?., two frnr'eiiB Imni S'H1 iinlnnl.. and several aere cf xt rl'f nt land tor grn or li'lajjt. Term, low, and porvioti given iinui'.'Jialely. , WILLIAM WARNER, Treu. Corp. U. 17.. It irlmstrjii, Jan I, 1315, J COOKIO, F!RBiB) & CO. EXPRESS LINE or u. a. m a. l coaohks, I'hom CfUt.tNGTON, Vt , ro AI.HANY, N. V. VViruii?i tn ilwj and. 'Kill". CDOlCli. I'll-I.I) ltd. Ii.ive stocked tlio ruiil with filemltil f.'tincurtt dnchc?. nnJ aix linr.e temns tlie whnlo 'Itsmnor, wliu It li-ivnHtir-liriL'iiiii every inormiiu, (exrept fjiiinliij)atCln'i l'icli, iiiiim'J ncr the i entii' runil n, V. ri'iinuK, Aliilillc li.irv, Cn.tlitnn, Salim In Trosf tn iltne ihr si-coiid (I iv. nriil ntiivcsnt Alli.inv in o son tn uliu tlif train nf (Jim fur H,iriiiruld and Ni'ivII.ncn. at Inlf pmt i'np, 1. .M., and nnive nt Ntw Yorl. at 5 uVIudt. A. JI. , nn llin third mnrnini:, iniUitig 'urysiJ hntin rrnin llurlinutnn tn Xt-w Yoik. iri!it iV. Co.' Iixptc9 bilwicn and New Ynrlt passes nvi'r tlni ruute (wicp enrh wcik. At Mulillt Imry thn line intrrseeti Willi iln llntun and I'nrhliurjh Rid Hind tttif, Mi., llrlluw I-all atin Iviriir, liiriiiili frnni lliirlinuton In Itmion in 3 dim tvitliout nny tuu'lit ruiina. At Capllrlnn tlni line intirsects uiih thi! Kiniind and Wlnti-lnll d.iilv line. Cniike, Kit Id it' Co. hive taken iMent pains tn pro eure enml Coirdiesand Hi tse, nndexpiienri'il, L'en lleininly diiwrs, who will druo Ihrnnsli lialfdiy's riilc, si patenL'trs will tint bo annnyt'd wilh sli'lnni ilrieritand enaelii,ieerv IWv tnilea a nn inniy ntln-r r null's, an-l we i!i'di'tmirelw tn tnal.c tins line one nf llit! Iipsi ciiniliielid linetnf stiues in tlie New Hni! lanilNn'is ntid every thirti! wi 1 Iih tltmu by nnr AL'ents and Drivers In in il;j Ilie travidun pn'ihr eitinriirtalili'nnd latiiHcd that ( arc willing tu I'nllil all we advertisf. I'.xiras, fur privi'c pirlies, furnished at oil times, fini.i tw.i llnrs'S to At Allnnv enquire nf H. P. Donntv if- Co., and HAnNncN t.V Cu. i Trni'. S. I'. Wimtscv. .MO-n f.. CtlUltCII. Aeir.1, 23 tr It'irliiiBinn. STOVES. fipiir. .ti' sti' er o'er- at the .tnre reeenl'y nceupi- II ellvll. II. Iliis'wi-''; it. t: ,vin-i c'S r'nus it Cn , Ph ,reb Stri ct, a plendt'la nttnu'iit nt Coi.te intf. Pnrtnr, ltn nml Air'r.'lil S'live.. Ainnn:; wliu li ire the ini'ir ivn I It nt.wav, Virtfrn, P.irlnr, Cook, atu! In iinirn e I Vuni.t-i' Nn inn I'tm' 1112 Stoves. w liirb lie will tr I fur en h nt hi'icr pr 1I1.111 lli"y Inve titiv'i.ii' brcn n rrttl, nr wil irei'ie iniiy- nie-.t prml icn t-r trm-d H Ii ( r Maple V"i'd. Al n, will be 1 i-pt nu li-inil R s 1.1, I'lte'isli, n iir1 t-iina 'a Ir n uive ni ie, nml ill nrtif'e- w nretl nl Tm. Shed Irmi nni Cnjipir War'','e t'a-t I run an! Copper Run,!, Siuve Furii.tiire. I ea 1 niec. Ztne. Ac. &e. L. II. liitr niton Dee. 1311. . 23 n'i S S4rfi. COI.UMlllAN' MAO.7.1NKf r .raninrv 1 S1 1. And a sireat Vnriiiv t'l'.Vew Cheap Pnh'i'' ui-ini net ivkiI 1 y express Iit 23 at KliWAKDS Dee. 13. tnre. DRV (J00DS. T. V STAN! ' 'it ' s A nr. eb tiitinrr a lar'e snel, nf Foieiffn nnl Do- l iiie-iif Siaplt nn I l'an'y 1'ry G oN I y ilieimie or pni'ern nn 1 1 . ndniM l" I heir etV-.ilte 1 rule al nrifti Hired to Die inie an I ilie season. I n lies tire panic tlarly ineited to oo!; at lhetr a ortnieiit of Cilinn-ria -and Oe h-Hiie- which n the ea-on i- ndvanud will I v o It-red low. -A I.SO,-(ia-hnicrc. I'rofhe and odier ShawN, 'Omctlnne rich an I will wonliy aiientioii will uu ud very iheu,).,- a con I nir'tiient nf .urmo an 1 Phil ct O'nitis, VooIen PLii 's, Iptc.i--, Ai1., for CluaU, WIveH, (lain mid Vw ied Calic e-, nnd almost c VC nnetv i'f ano 1 in the hn1 ofT.a lie Apparel. Also, n l.irHp'oeU o' I, men Gnfuls. A t so, Chi h.ntmerc-, Saimctlh, Ve-lin?,and o'ber oo U f r tenllenian- near. ALSO, Itroun and lleo-liei Mieetmj- and Shirl iiv ofv.irioi'f" s yh' an I q iah'iex. Person p i eh is'iic Dry ioo U itiav llnd it lo iheir i tvant.i!:e me.inne tle aboe U which will I e m-M ebit'ifilly -liown tu all e.t-tonier'. IVp 12-b I8U 23 DOCT. B. J, HEIMEBERG ONCK MO U K A T II O .M E. I.J AVIG Income cniv ileseonl I bea to ofP r ni I L ?vtcv to ihe cointmiiiitv nt lati'e, my In'-illh Mill heiii!.' prt cnuoin will not allow ine t enn r initi ilie arduous d inaofa pnbhe praciieo, I Inve tin re fire npfiit'tl (with a deN-rninnlion nt es.inldihma niion a piiiind basi-) a DliLi. S()I!L nndtr itu1 tr ine 1 pellui .11 rf It J HI-:iI-:tii:!in ,t Co.m ulneh . . 1 1 . 1 . . .t . . t . tt . I tm vr nttaehi'd a (Tonpidilni! Otfice, whrrcntl perrt'nis errtii is wi-hina ttiavad iViiii Ives of my pmtes i'nal adice nnv (MiimiII inel'i'iween iiieitonrsoi y nun u. Hid '2 and 9 i. M, MV n edieal career is in i well liiiown lit Ittifbni'tnn. &eM lo rq ire romniPiii. The felteiinn-of tlie nimierom 1'rna", Cbeinialf". TiiciiiinwiiiK. &r.. hnve been tuadt! Iiv tn vflf from the first anil nnisi f nnneni linii-e in Xew-Vork i mv purehnesi betna eniin ly for i'a h we s-hall he enabled toiitl-T to me pir ne nouns nni i-nnnm oh 'irpt?eu in quality, and nt Mich prtt isnn nneni laii o pu-afe. tlavma entraired the nH.ian'X' nf n at-nllenian a Lu-eniiale ol the ninoribb Onipmv o.f Xpnllnca 1 ma London, nnylind, l'hy(iaii pneriptinris and 1 Kniiulv lu-eipea I he ih-penttu wiili neatness ami aemrney. It. J, lleindtcrs Sc On. mni pnllrMv iniitc die Lnd'i" to tnepecl lluir ihiabi nnd rhmre I elions of I'e fniiiery nbiantpd from the fesi Parii in tiniie 1 'H-ir afoortnu in oi t inir, i ooin, ami ia:i ifruMit" areof superior nniiiif.ietiip'. Medical Wim and split's of superior quality and rhoife vnritly. ritljS".H. .Mile an I hi-maic on ll-e most imnrov ed prineipli-flrrt tYirU thly b' prii'.. A i.inetv of I lie mnt vahiTltt" I'atenr inpnifini. Chemical preparations of all kinds warranted yen nine. , selection nf Domciiic Warns, mHi Maeeanni, Virniicelb, Si'.ad Oil, Sinhni, Oliver, IVnne. rieiirti nnd American Choeulate, Coeoi, lb fluid Isincl.Ts, Keielum nf vari-nn kinds, I'ict.hd Lob tter!, triih Mofl, Preiich MtiFlnrd. Lvi ry attention will be particularly paid to ensure tli jjooil crapes of ibe pnbhe. TI. i. II-'iiulierL' it On invite Ibe public! tn nnfee an cir!y rah nnd vi-w tin ir e-iahlihnieiit, im filled iii without re.'ard tn plndniu. ft ronnins the nioi Hipenor quality of gtiuda to beobtamcd in Iho lilirket. The store is acccssablc at alt hours of mailt and div. 0"cl. H. .1. Ileineherjr lakes thi opp rlnnin in reinrn hi-" 8inceie iharik to the inhatunn's of llur linmn anl hiritv for the numcrnu fiors rnnfi rred upon hint, nnd !nuts be is not now in be fdtjruii!! bv hi old frirnd. N. It- The Store i nit in'e I net lo Mrws rin ninUi' Itroilu'r-Vane'v Storp. Church St., where ihe Do-Miir enn bo rnnulod daily. liurhnzton, Pee.-lth, 1311. 27 Nw MnIand Hum MAY be had, for nudlcinal parpor, of IJ. W. C'.n.TV. Jan. 9. MV THE RESULT OF OUIl i;xim:ui.u i;n r. INCR the ejen' 'ihuien' nf ivr IIomt in llii "i , 3 we haveiiut w-itli unpre'eVn'id u"ira wlri'h em'-1 n In coirenip -re and mate Mill I rlir ini iir-'Veioeio, In &v e an 1 extent, we are ih-ii-rtuineil tinr w aie-ho t-e tml not I e ttnelleil, an.l we thiol tot uuequai'el in lln city, A an experiment eiah'i-hel Tt n-zency in Kirope In si S.iruii; nu 1 on (rial wehaxe In uid it in mein'e pumpari'M ely well ; we bie novv mi Ut m re li' era I nrraiijjeiuen's in or 'er o carry nmre d'y into ojier-uinn and ibe better tu test the expo tieney uf nn apem-y a' road. The innre "'lv m carry 'it onrplan nnl mi' 0 room for n r pnua importation wehatlcom menre a !.reat nle of n ir eniirerioh an I ex enive In k of Kancv an 1 Kinuly Pry (ioidL on Moud iv Ihe IGih of Dee, 1814, Tin will'te noorbuirv nelhmt o n a we are ile ermmcd to rlo e imr entire tiKt a earlv a po-d le, and we nrenwnie IoiIomi, went it 0 "er Mir piods al n sAcntFiCR inriieiihrlv a 'rrACT I ek ; our eniire h'o-U In bet n hem tRKEn nt ihr 1 niVF.sT p" bti rale-, o "hat !' mn roaddv ee w r b.nea luallv made a (JHKT PIMIM TION iu pri re, Wn n'jfil ynnr anention tonur pitfc mi l -tvle nii'l sbniil I yon' not find them Batijfacio y an I iro awnv w phnu, iein b3inr, weane on we ball nol I oolp'n etl We ein-iloy none Imt ihe mo ctiioieous an I nnemivo alcBmen, nnd ini visitor will 1 c sure of reetivur all iiuiblo alten'mn. tOt'KL & AKHRMAN. 90 an 1 92 llnn -Svuy, and 3 Jatne- St., AH any, N. V. IV, 11 O .r Ware Woouib cover upwanU of -1000 sq'iare feet, O ir Uk-U -r)ni-(K of opwntiUof i$lUi),- 000 wor h of ii-i-f i' nnd Knney Dry t!io-U. In ptimi 01 Hi h'uor, Var t v anlcxteni id ft le, eaunnt I e excel e I in the Uutiel Sia-e. IMea Vpcrolle'i, we commence, givingr yi crent tarydins .Mon lav Oee, lfilh 1611. I cc. 1144. 28mt dtOCKEIlW Ac. LO0KIN0 Ulawp, ( Voi-kery and Glaus Ware. Alo. a cwid nsmultnent of Fnimly f!toreiip together with Flour and S ill i kppi and nhVrrd Int bale Inw hy C. K. STAMKOHD & Co. Pec. IZ ML ?8 Glass, ffff fioxes Itirlinpion Kffa, n.irlinfitoit, vUU Vermont. B-n and Lake. J. k J. IJ, PEwtt i Co. Agnt$. 93 Iron, stool. Nitils nntl llnrdwnm 50 ToriH Eitirli?l Iron from ll to 0 nielioi vii '.' 10 4 8 10 IS 30 12 I S I tin a Jo t'f) dtl New Sal Ic i!u Swedes Peru lliire Sboe (In Hnundfriitn t-4 lo 3 laclic do Sqr. dii 3 6 to 3 i!o On Hunp9 du 1-7 In 1 1-4 do do 15 " llime nnd Serull. do 20 " H.indfitin U tn 4i du 1 " NiijInrA Id., Ciist Steel, 3 " Peit-on'-Sjiringi l" 2 " Ketc do 2 " Anicricin do 3 " du 1 " I'tuli Ii I'.li lcf do 12 " I' S I Ru hh Nail UnU, 300 IMir ttlnnds t:.tiiT and S'c qh tioe; 3,mn) K'nic Nml. frmn 3 I In 201 ano ' lirnii. " si sni 200 " S i'.d " 301 In GOJ 400 Hi nil l''ilf mid Ri-M, Anvils nnd Vin--, Slu-el Xme, Klf?ei Lead, ec 4 lb I''-. 'It. (2') J. A .1. tl. I'lltJK "... Dvn stum;. 400 Barrels ('amj)iry Logwood, 200 do S'. Itumineu du (!.. 100 200 300 50 "j CO dr. do do r'o do tin Cum lllelie t'.i' tie,, Cciper.T, A 'inn. du do 1 ' (In Vi'rmt, lljr wor.l, I'i'.ieli wnrd, Q 'crei'rnn !ar''. S imae, Lie dye, Cn'lu'ir, lub-.-ii. N'ut (tail . Oil Venn, Muriatic Aenl, M iniifi.f Tm. i.intii Tin, t'ln'liiis llr i.litp, fi lthier. Jacl., s, ' '.ir I THis. 4 h Dec. '-I I. (23) J. & J. II. tT.CK & Co. iMiii.liittt! ('nni. XANLTCTI'lll:l) at Sptinsfiell Vcrmen', nnd tli. Sjiriitgliel.l Ml-ni'li ieiN. .1. J. II. PIXK &. Co.-Ar:n!s. 4ih Dec. '41. '23 STEEL. NAVI.ORd Cn-lS'trl ed 'its, tin din' hi refined .ilieir tlo Fiveile d.i, N'tylt-r- 5c Ct-.tvcr Gi-rni in tlo. S,iriiiL-A- I n.'. (I.) du Suvdc. Sieel tnr tU.qii and Ciller shoe -, T.m Cur'; tin :,l o, 150 -V"l S'e.' pl.i'ed Slee.'li .mil ftui'er Slmc. t'r" r-, tit's Anvill., lir.i ICet le-.unvtl , Spn t.iir amrPrai'i'tlh ru. tp . Occ , whi di nuke nn Ir nmnti'jer ns.nrt'iK'iit vom detf. Dee. -1. '4 1. (27) .VI'ltO.VGS A Co. fierce Stmi:tNli I'.tate. sTTr.or vntMo.NT, ) rrtiit:ii,.,.,i,.p.-r,. msTtiiCT ov cuITTr.snfis. t L I .lit i;n n li r the Di'ti'ift nf Chi teiiil'm. 't'o n'l iiernn i-iHi'ernel ui the c-tate , fil-Rt I? SIAXDISII, li'e ol Hun. Iiu'on, m'l Dis net, t'feca.ei1. (!nr.i:Tis'0. Wiicr.RAA, 11 'S'i'l lti"u-i n, Ailnimi T.riT nl ibe e'ateiil sltl de-en eit, propn e. lo rell 'er an ne on int ol Ins nd'ti-ii-t r.non, nu I pre-eu' h .1 leem 11' air.ini n tl e tn'e liir ( xnmu.i'i"u nml nilnu nu e nt 1 ciii'l of the t 0 irt nf I'm1 .i'f. In I e hnI'Vii 11 1 'lie Itt'iver- uthce in Ittirliu'j'fii, 111 s ud th-tricl, 111 the limit Wo'ne3 ny ot .Inrmry next. 'riieretnrt'. vn nre here' v n-i'itu I to anpeir 1 e'tire aul ourl nt the tune ami phee ill'ire ii'l, and Iihv ea'1-t', if nnv vn lime, why tho account ufure,.ntl ho i'd not I e alto t e t. (iiven tinder mv Inn t nt Nmlin'on, lln- 15th d.iv of Di'i t'iuber, A. U. 1911. 30v3 W.M. WESTO.V. Kesttter. Wood ! Wood ! ! WANTED, 2T)il Ileecli an I Miple Wood, in ex elnnae fnr bn and w Clofk", nt the Va riety Store. IHII.'SMAII & HltOTIlKRS ill MOVAL. PECK & SPEAR TTAVE tentoietl to the new e shu ent nt their I JL lit. I) f 11.' J. It. Pe..' & r llur I i.'tnn, 0 1 1 Jan., '13 DRUGS S, MEDICINES. iberil er are eontin1?. uppl,el with KVl.KV Oil ll 1 L- ... .1... ..I.,,.... I l I . . n .. MM !. Ml llli.- (.- I I il IK II Oil I lit' I I ,1-1111 ! an.i raiem mnn-; water- from trat nan ; v. - 1. in. ij itint-o fl ti.i. irom aieioina, t nnail.i j Mt Wint- l'u V.Hi. 's i iriiK'al I ns-trunivntf ; M . iT.l I I I't'tll mi I ill! I I'titlll t rt i...t . - - ' CrI,rp-pripii inn pui up .it elmrtrst no tire. flc.!n-ine i!ehere.t al a! ho-irofihe ipght. We ass ire our friemn an I d.ihra in l,rr.n.i, that ihev ran le sanpld W h f)ru3 in thnr nuritv and Medirinr in t'teir genuineness nt Unthnaion, rft .n biv raits asal any of the phv mar!.cis bv same q.tamuu'S. I'l.LK v St'AU. Apolhecnnci ow 1 Druggists, V. irItucton,.nr. 2Cth I,1SII. Iy30 i. n, uon inutiy in inn I conin'c'c anrtinenls of PVrlhniee, Siap, Urn-be-, I it.., It licking., Dve- t.. I. i. I Ik i.rrri. t- f :i . . V' . ... P. r . ro I'jysit'uxx. New Clicinlcals and S' I llclct : The Acid., chemt'-al. Auiiiinii acal l'ie,ai a:inn Itroimue, Cyanuret of potahiuiut if Po,aa, -h crcmi, Krot Krfb, Pn'v. I ihercat Pie.iar.ilions, 1 x'rai-t of ( ii im, I'xiMet ol Itbatany, Han Hitieitor I le iriCer I'A'rai-t 4f Aeim:C Veiutru, Uino lido f Mcreurv, ?2 lob Vnf d.ih'ir, I ',( 'eoflrmi, Itiuoxi'V ol Mrcurv( ty r.od.rc t l.npior rf Ar cnif an 1 vim nr. e-ibf, Ileal bySj.a.i nun erun, )il ol'To' mi-o, ' e 'rin, Ar. ir, Ap, in'i'of' Siler,'-henora New M)Ieotlntriiuiui. p 'Im, U une iau KI u 1 Ni di li.i W..,.t, P-'' K M'T.tR'- A UJ.X !ti BJ!. 'pilRSiilifMilii'f i'n. ..lil i I hi- It nl... Smtlonpry I Hunk lliiiilin; Iv-iiMrhiiii nl .Vi- tn Wr Sii vri'i U'liulf utm w.ll inn nun' ill-l.iijini j i,ri!....U.s llui nun l ii.ltii5. i'i .UK lii'i'k .Itkini! nl Hi? 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