Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 31, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 31, 1845 Page 3
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COMMUNICATION. Alabama, A gentleman nf this village has just received a loiter from a friend In Alabama, which save, "The times In this slate are worse now than they over have been before. Cotton down lo D 1.2 tod cents, which must prove disastrous to the people, particularly lo those in debt." A I'olk and Texas paper, tho "Wutuinp kt Argus," was also received at the same time, which speaks of tho condition of thb Stale and of the means by which It can hope for pros, perity, In a tone so different from tho braggado cia of South Carolina, that I must naif you to publish the annc.vcd extract from that paper : PS,"t3 What is to avert the calamity which threatens our country I The culture of Cotton, which ha heretofore boon the e.vclusivo pro duct of the South, is now becoming valulcss Alabama U yet Asleep no regirds her agricul tural Interest not a society has been formed or a journal established for ihe advanccment of this-, the greatest and most important Interest of any country. Some thing must bo done. We must livo mure at home and depend less upon forego markets. Our lands, already exhausted by the excessive cultivation of Cotton, must bo restored, or In the course of a few years ue shall present a country barren and unproductive deserted by those who are able to leave it, and tenanted only by such as have not tho means of emigra. tion. The heavy cultivation of cotton so siren tiousbTf-rsisted in for some years past has not only depressed tne marnet, not lias exhausted the best lands in our State. The tide of emi gration is slill to the West, and there is little hope but that the increased production of cotton will keep pace with the increased consumption. Under theso circumstances we cannot hope to compete successfully with the cultivator of this article in Mississippi, Arkansas, and upon thr Red Hivcr. It is then high time that we should turn our attention to the improving1 nf our lands and our slock, and lathe establishing of domestic and home nnnufactories among us. The latter of these would disarm t lie North of her power to oppress us ; for the lory protection claimed by the North, would operate as a protection to manufactures in the South, which protection would attract capital from its present unproduc tive channels into that of manufacturing, there by producing a serious detriment to Northern monopolists. We do not adiocatc the foisting upon a country by forced means any institutions for nhich it is not prepared, hut ihe query is, whetheror not capital would he more profitably employed in manufacturing whh'Mit any protec tion, except that which is incidental to revenue, than in Ihe cultivation of cu'lou at I I 2 cents!" Alt. Argus. Senator. Benton. The minor circu lates, gathering strength us it goes on, that Mr. Benton is going to throw n summerset on tho Texas question lling himself clean over the heads of the men wilh whom ho acted at tho last session, nnd into tho front rank of the annexationists. Wc can discov er no belter ground for this relief than tho obviously studied ambiguity of his discourse on presenting the instructing resolutions of the Missouri Legislature. Eveiy body knows that Senator Bouton can speak out what ho means', when ho chooses lo do so; and because thero is an evident no-meaning in his speech on the occasion referred lo, it is argued that his inlaegihlc words were merely a cloak to some portentous design. All that may ho trim ; but tho design may bu something very different from what rumor ascribes to Mr. Benlon. Wo can scarcely believe, yet, that he will cut the lliroat of his reputation so fatally as he would by coming out now an advocate for immediate annexa tion. Spectator. Mr. Adms is represented to have made on excellent speech on the Texas question, on Saturday, in which he fully and liiumph antly vindicated Ins own consistency, nnd that of his fiiends, on this subject. The correspondent of ihe Tiibuno thus alludes to it: " In n short hour Jin demolished nil iho mUfrnb'r fallacies and historical blunders of I he spoulirs and drivelers who hive been hbnrinr lor weeks to de fend thepriip'-ised abomination. Tlie movement when he begin, nnd die rush for p'n-es around, showed thnt his power is ns thoroughly Ft It nnd thejnterest in his words ns strong as ever; nnd his voice, and nnnner, nnd matter. gave equal evidence tint his mind is as slrnngar.d hisns-iull ns temblens when, years nto, henftcn nlone rolled back the undent of the combined lesion of Slavery nnd I-ncn-Focoism. "Thnimh old nnd full of years, vet his eye is not dim. nor his mtnrnl forco nhited." p.vcrv sentence of his speech to-dnv was an important addition to the history oT the thp'omieyoT the civihz'-d world. Un der bis exposure of the ignnrnnce nnd dishonesty of the advocates of Annexaiion, none but fools were shameless, though they are many here." (L7 Virginia Tricks are not so notorious ns Yankee, but they are in a f.iir-way to be come so. Tim Whig Asspmhly of Virginia long ago passed a joint resolution proposing to elect a U. S. Senator on the 22A inst. It went to the Lnco-Koco Senate, and an attempt to have it there considered and con curred in was voted down 14 to 9. It was said privately and publicly, by Loco-Fucks-(hat thoy would not go into an election, as tbev were sure to he beaten. But lo ! on the morning nf the 22(1, two of the Whig Members were desperately ill and a third had gone borne to see Irs sick family. At once the Senate called up the Joint Resolution, and xissed it, giving notice lliat lliey were ready to go into the Election ! The Assem lily was not caught, however, but posponcd the Election to iho 1st. Tribune. fX7"IlAnnY BRAtiLr.v, of Burlinplnn, Vt lias sent S25 each, for himself, his wifu, and two daughters, to ilia widow nf Hon. James Barbour as a contribution to tlio fund for building a Monument to IIcniw Clav in Virginia. Tribune. A Stato Convention, of delega'es, without distinction of party, lias been called in Mas sacliusclts, lo consider the subject of annex ation. Cassius M. Clay, in a letter lo llto Boston Atlas, takes the strongest grounds against the admission of Texas into tlio Union, and heartily seconds tho movements in Massa chusetts acainst Annexation. Not Bao. A preacher, says an exchange paper, expounding on bis own authority, in a country village, remarked ihat "common tatois did not agreo with him." Next day he received a basket of kidney potatoes from one of lite rustic disciples, who remarked thai, "sinco common latnrs didn't agren wilh liini, he had taken the li'nerly to present him with some best kidney talnrs." St Albos, Jan. 20. A cnuplo of young men, 'named Alfred N. and David Schoolcraft, were arrested at Eden on 'I hursday last, fcr passing a cnunterlcii live dollar bill, nn tho Rank nl Albany. 01 "l0 Bookstore in this village tin Tuesday evening previous. Th"y wore brought hack, committed for trial al Ihe nexl term of tbe County Court, ono under 831)0 and tho other under 8100 bonds. It appears Ihat nno of them t..i...c in Pannda. the other in Kden. A coun- ierfcit" two dollar bill was laken from one of Time ami Space. Tho following ex cuse, sent in tho other day, to one of the masters of tho University School, shows the onward progress of t lie limes in which wo live. Hud such menus of transit existed, when the impatient lovrr invoked tlio gods to nnnihilato both Timo nnd Spare, nnd mako two lovers happy, it might bavo dopii ed that impetuous class of gentlemen of the original of this favorite quotation. This dining nt Springfield as staled, could only have bcoti done, sinco the completion of Iho new route to Albany nnd Boston, by way ol Now Haven. IV, l . inter. Pbipav Mon.vtso, Dec. ?0, 184 1. Will Mr. Cromwell nlens.a excuse the absence of Ling from school yesterday, ns I took him with mo to clincnlSpringficlil, Mas. ) which may not prevent his attendance nt school in the morning, when we cin Irovcl Willi electro nnanclie speed j but in lliesoidi; times, wo were only able sinco yesterday morning, to perform our engagcim nt t dinner at 3 o'clock, nnd reiurn hero this morning" hivinir but 54 hours to en joy the hospita'itie of our friends, the reiiniiiini- 17 hours we were absent biing occupied in going and re luming, miles. License Law. It is contended by many that the new license law of ibis State is unconsti tutional. If so, wo shall have an opportunity lo le.trn it from high authority shortly. Mas. sachusntls has a law similar to ours. In Ihe county of F.ssex, in that State, Benjamin Kim ball and William 1'erley, bavins been convicted of a violation of tlio licenso law, and sentenced to line and imprisonment by the Supremo court, tho case has been taken, by writ of error, to the Supreme Court of tho United States, to try the iiiestion ol its constitutionality, wo observe that a resolution has been introduced into the Mass. Senate, authorizing 'he Governor to cm- ploy counsel in the case. IV. Patriot. Anecdote of Dit. Rush. When he wan a young man, he had been invited to dine in com pany with Robert Morris, I'.sq, a man cclobra ted for tho part he took in the American Revo lution. It so happened that the company hail waited some time for Mr Morris, who on his appearance apologized for detaining them, by sayinu that bo had been engaged in reading the sermon ol a clergyman who had just gone lo nnsland to receive orders. " Well, Mr Mor ris," said the Doctor, " how did you like the ser mon 1 I have heard it highly extolled." " WJiy, Doctor," said he, " I did no't like it at all. It's ton smooth and tamo for me." " Mr Morris," ir-plicd the Doctor, " w hat sort of a scrmiin do von like!" "I like, sir, replied Mr M., that kind of preaching winch drives a man into one corner of his ticw, and makes him think the del il is after him." LECTURES. Pnor. Tonnrt and Rev. J. D. Bi-tIeb arc now dc hvering n series of Lecture- nt Strongs' Hall on Tuesday nnd Friday evenings nt half past G o'clock. Mr. Butler lectures upon a variety ol European Topics. Prof. Torrcy will lecture en Art nnd English l.itc rnluic. Tickets Tor the Series. For a Gtntlcnian, il.OO " " r.nty, ,50 Evening tic'.cts, ,25 HRinil I ON ill A Itlir'T. Monday, Jan. 20. At Market 500 IScef Cattle, 773 Sbcip nnd 250 Swine. I'nicr.s Ileif Cnllle rxtrai) a 5 2i first quality S1.73 nS50U; second quality 81,23 a 4 50) third quality SI a 4,23. .Sheep Common sheep from SI. 73 1 o 2,23. Weth ers S 2,23 a 3.50. .Swine one small lot to peJdle, 3 a 1. At retail 4 lo 3c. M 5i it i? n cs dl j In Wind'or, on the 27ih insl., by Rev. Worlhinglon Wright of Woodstock, Rev. Fcanklin Hitler, lo Miss Mauv, daughter of Hon. Carlos Coolidgc, all of Windsor. 10) il m c3, In Ibis (own, on the 21th in-l., Frederick Saxton, son of Orange nnd Cornelia J. Hill, aged It yea's, 8 monih", nnd 20 days. Bishop Oiidcnlonk's Trial. PROCT.r.DIXnS ollhe Court onnuncn'cd under I Ik; third Canon ol 1RI1, for the Inn! ofllieltl. Rev. IS. T. Ondordmik, I). l).,ol Xriv York on n p,e--enimeni made l.y iho Hi. hops c.f ihe Pio'es nnl Cpiscopal ChuKh'in Virginn, Tenne-see nnd Ceor- gia. 1 vol. 8 vo. afoul 3jU pages, price jQ els. A I.SO flislion Oiiderdonk's Slaieiiienl of Pacts antl eir- ciiin-l.inces loniiecled with the trial, prwe !2 J- si i l.y A. lilJWAIlDS. '-pilli:ll' life of Nanileon, No. 1, p. fic L llisioryol the Uoiisttfnte and the eiupiie under Napoleon. Ilv M. A. 'I bier'-, lrnn-laie,l from ihe 1'rench by 1). F. Camfilell, and II. W. Uerl ert, with N'o'e- and a Idiiious, This great work will be complete 1 in ten numlers nt 12J cents each. AUo, a fine Edition, nt 2.5 cent. a in i 1 1 rr. A. 1 DWAllllS. 35 No. 1, Peck'- iSuildiug. riiHH IJoston Almaiisic for 1815., with n eom- X plete Map of ihe city. 25c The Church Almanac lor S!5. 0- " Whig Alinnnne, (tirccljV.) 12u I'nilcil Stnies Almanac. ' 75j Pocket Alinaiiae. 33 Ry A. RDWARDS. Git x II M'st Maeazhie for l'tb. 25c Wandering .lew, ,u. 13. (i Thtrvv all's Greece, No. 0. 25a I.iur.e Twld or the fielders in the Wofds, ,y joun v.oit, n new i.,i. wiin preiace, l.y urant Thorp. I urn. 25c iCX-Valentlnes. by A. KD WARDS. STATE Or VERMONT, ) Chittenden Co. Conn uiiilienucn i-oiiniv, s.-. ol Chancery ) Octolcr Term, 1841. TriIERIUS, nl Iho Term nfoie-ntd. Heinni, Al len, nihiiinislraior of ihe estnle of DAN DAY, la'eof liurl 'iigton, in llie County of Chit'cii'len nfore- sai.l, lile.1 with ihe I leik ol said Court hi-1 ill of lore clos re ogam-! John O. Frederic!, and Horace S, Frederic!., of ihe .nine II irlinglou, setting forth tint on the 1th day of June, A. D. IS I', ll.o sail John O. nnd Horace S, Is-mg ju-ilj- indebted to the said Dan Day, ilci-ea-eil, in the sum of six bundled dollar-, spe cilied in eight promissory notes, nil Icaringda'e on ihe fourth day of June, A. U. 1811, each for seven!) -luedollnrs, nnd payable in said Day or order, vv-uh iniere-t annually, on the M1 Inlay ol Jinu iry ind July in the yenrs 1812, 1813. 1811, nnd 1845, re'peetively, the snid Horace S. and John O. lo securo ihe pay men t ui sum ciKni piuiussuiy uuics, i-sce IIC 1 IO sail! 11.111 Day, dece i-ed, a niorlgage deed of ihe following de- .crit ed premises, viz : ' I lie lot ol laml in said Bur ,'inglon, at the tall-, bounded asfullovv-; Beginning at Iho soulhtvcst corner ol n lol of Ian I purchased by said Day ol one llenrv W. Cailin, l.y deed da el the lifthday f April, 1637, theme norihvvnrdlv on Ihe line of t.'ie road leading down ihe bill lo ihe bridge 32 feet, thence wciwnrdly nl right nngle- to suld road 100 feet, thence so .ihwardly nl right nngle-, nnd on n hue pnrnbel with said road, 32 feet, tltoueoa-t. wardlynii lal fighi angles 100 feci lo the place of 1 cginniug, I eing the .nine part t-1 of land convcjwl to said Dan Day by -aid H. W. Cailin, by tlie above naiued deed, together with the buddings on said lol i" Which said mortgage deed was eondiiioned for ihe payment of ihesaid sev.-ral promissory noie. nciord ing lo the lenor theicof. And turiher setting forth that the whole sum spe. cilied in the eight proiing-ory note, together with the interest iheieon accrue I, i- tfue nnd unnnid to the said Dan Day, or ihe said Hcuian Allen, administrator as afiire-ai'l, not having been in any manner paid, satis lied or ili-i barged. And praying ihe said Courl ihat the said John O. and Horace S. liny be decreed to pay unto the snid denial! Alien, ndiuini.trnlor ns aforesaid, ihe said sum of money in ihe snid promi-sory noie mentiontd, with ihe iniernst thereon due nnd hereal ler to grow snd become due thereon, by a short day to leselbysaid Courl, and that in default of such payment, Ine said John O. an I Horace S., and nil person-claiming by, fioin,or tinder them, may he for ev, r foreclosed i f anil from nil right, lide nnd equity of rclcmplion of, in or lo the said mortgaged premi ses or any part theicof, and that Ihesaid Heman Al len, administrator us, nfore-ai I, may bold the same free nnd clear of nil eq-uiyot re lempiion ol iho snid John O. and Horace iS., or any per.on claiming by, from or underlhem. And it appearing in said Court thai the said Ilora e S. Fre leri'k has noi li d per sonal notice oftho pendency of Ihe said bill of com plaint ; It I- oaDr.RrD dv the Court, thai ihe said Hor. ace S. Fredernk I e noiiliod of tho pendency oftbe snid inn uy pin ii. Hum nit, huosiance uiereoi in ine nur bngton Free Press, u newsnaoernrinled at Burlington afore. aid, ihree wccl,'s. successively, the Inst ol which publications shall I e at least ivvelily day Lefore the IICM iriu, ,,i mis lOilll, Dated nl Burlingitn, January 23th, 1815. EDWARD A. STANSIIURY, Den, Cltrk. 3jw3 Itcman Allen's Estate. WK the subscriber, having been nppointel by the Honorable tho I'robnlo Court for the di--I rid of Chittenden, Coir.mi-sionersto receive, exam ine nnd n liti-l nil elniins nnd demands of nil persons ngnuist ihco.utooT Hcman Allen, late ol Hurling ton, in i ntd di.triel, deceased, represented insolvent, nnd nbo nil claim- nnd demands exhibited in (lT-fl Iheicto! nnd nt months from iho diy of tho date hereof, beinsr allowed by said court for that i inioe, we do Ihoicl'oiu hereby give notice, that wo will at tend to the liimcs ofoir appointment nt ihe ulllcu of Joeph W. Allen, in Burlington, in said District, on ihe second Tuesdays ot April nnd June next, nt 10 o'clock, A. M., on each ol said days. uateit mis Villi ilav or Ileceml er, A. U. 1844. I'IIIt.0 DOOLITTLE, ) JOHN IV, I'OMEROV, Commissioner.. ui:o. H. siiaw, 33w3 rn. MAnsiutxs INDIAN VEGETABLE Black Plaster. THIS Piaster i iinrivilcl for curing scrofnlus swelling K'tirvy, sore-, lame hack, burn-, pains in the sfdes. hni or iiinh.. nnd seldom fail- lo g.'vo rebel in ca-e" of local rheuuntism. If applied to the ii'e, it will nitre many of tlio common liver eom plaints, and it is found to 1 1- equal if not imperior to nnv corn plaster, lor corn- on Ihe feet, II iitime'ti alely npphed to a fresh wo tnd it will prevent sore ness, nud cai-t; it quickly to heal. rami ie in the of using (hi- plaster, find it belter thm any thing else for all p'lrpo.e- lor winch a piaster or siiHe i wanted. lis virlues hive I ecu witnessed I y thousands of respoeml le individual, in var'o is parts of Ihe United Stales, who have lesled its citlcacy. PRICE, 35et. per box. iLty.Mnny corliiicntes mny Is; had, showing its extraordinary cflecl-. Beware of Countercits .- All ihoe wishing to purchase the genuine article of Mar-hall'. Plaster should purchase thai ol which II. O. (Jridley, Middlebury, Vt., is the General Agent and no other ns I manufacture personally the Plaster -old ,y said Oridley, DR. MARSHALL. I certify lliat the above nrtit-le was executed in my pre-ence by Dr. Marshall and thai his signature thereto i genuine. DOItASTAS WOOSTI'.R, Judge. Middlebury, Jan. 11, 18(5. Sold whole-ale nnd by H. C. Oridley, gen eral Atreul, .Middlebury Vt. PF.CK .f. r-PKli, Wholesale and Retail Pruccists, Horliimton, Vl. And by Druggists generally in the United Smtes and Canada. 3Vly There is no excuse for the Headache when you can obtain the Ghn- INH M.MtSIIAt.LS AntUHTIVE Catauiui nnd IIi:ai' aciic Snuit 1 1 THIS snuff i n ceriaiu and pcrfe il cure for Ire entarrh, and common colds m ihe Head an. I the Headache nnd is an excellent artic'e. for .sore an ! weak eyes. Il open-and p-irgesout nil instructions, strengthens the jrlans and gives a healthy action to theparl.s ai'ected. Rcicare of Counterfeits t All ihosc wishing lo purchase the genmne article i f Mar-li.tb's Snu'i; rhonld purch.i-e I of w-hith II. C. Grtdlev. Mttlilleb'irv Vi.. is the proprie tor, 1 ni il no other," nl mantilaciure per.-onauy, ine enu I oll oy saw urnuey. I'll. .MAIVsSII.-vl.l,. I rerlllV that lite nbove nrlicle was excelled in my proem e nnd (bat In- signature ihereto U genuine. IIUU1."S i u." vvliu-sijii, llUifC. Mid.llebiirv, Jan. 14, ISI5. N. H. 'I he nnme ol II. C. fSrid'ev proprietor will he found noon every buttle, of the genuine Mnr-hall s Improved Sivilt. si I I wholesale nun remit ny n. C. On Her, M.d lel'tirv Vt. I'I'.CK SI'KAK Wholesale and llctail Jn!gis(s, H irlmgton, I. An I l.y Dwggi-is generally in the United States and Canada. 33-1 y Jomn A. Jcssr-ii, ) Chittenden County Court r. Jonathan Hart. ) Oct. Term, 1814. WHF.KKAS nl I ho Term afhrt-nid John A. Jcnncr of llurlinglon in snid Counlv of Chittenden I rough! hi- action again-t Jonathan Hnrl ofihenme placi in an nciiou on I ook lo balance Look necouuls lietween the sot I panics ; demanding in damages in hi action ufo,e-aid ihn um of two hundred dollar-; and it appearing hy thereiuin of llie officer serving the writ in -aid Court that the said Jonathan Hart, Ibe defendant bath not bad personal notice of the pen lency ol said suit; riietefore it is ordeicit by ihe Court that the said cnu-c be continued mini the next Term ihereof, and that the sanl Jonathan Hart the defendant be notilied ol ihe pendency of said suit by puWishing the sub stance of snid Declaration in ihe B irhngtoii Free Press n newspaper printed nt Burlington uloresaid three weeks successively, the la-l c.f which publica tions is lo bo nl least twenty days before the nexl Term ofllus conn. Dated al said Burlington this th January, A. u. 1845. , 33w3 K. A. STAN'Slll'l?.'. Deputy Clerk. For Mlfflr Sale. T MIV. Riddle place so called, on Norih St., con taining H acres of land, wilh a Iwo -tory plus- tcrcd house, Bam nnd Shed, is o 'ered forsnlentn n low ,rne and e.i-s terms. Apply lo STRON'US it Co. Jan. 31, '41. 35 Asa Ithoails' r.slntc. STA TF. OF VF.IIMUST, ) A T a P roba le District of Chit lenden, ss. ( m Co-in held at llurlinglon within nnd lor said district ofChillen 'en on Ihe ninth day ol January, 1815, pre-ent the Hon. Charles Hu.-ell, Judge ot'siil vo trt, came Amos Baltey nnd Hansom Joins. Execttois ol ihe last will and icsiatotnt of Asa Kb' ad , Intc of Hii-hnioiid m said d.riel,deiTn-e.l, nud tilt.- in ,nld courl their pen' lion, in writing, selling forth thai ihe slid A-atbel seized of seventy acres of land, siiualt-l m satd Itich mond, calltsl In- home farm, an I another parcel of I in I in -ni I Uu hmond, called ihe I'roipect .of, nnd de-igna'e.l in he will of the -ni Ideceisel as iheu lot; tli-it the per-oiial property of the sail deceased, inventoried, en epl so much ihcrcol a- i- bequeathed lojccrlniu legatee ill said will luen'ionel, ha- bei-u si. 1 1 under nn order of slid Prol ale Courl for Ihep-iy tnenl of llie. lebt-allowed agatn-l said e-tatei thai iheclauiis ngnin-l snid e-in e, allowed I y the eom-inis.ioncr-, amount lo 81331,00; -hat the nid exe entor. have soil the hill or I'm pect l.oi, soenlliil, under the n ithoritv given tliein by virion ot tne will oftbe snid deica-ed, f.r ihe sum 'of 150.00 ; Ihe personal a-,es in the binds of sai I eecinor nre insti'lii-ieni lor Hie aymeiil of the debts again-t said es'ate and i lie expen-e- of ndiumis rnii.,n, and iliai il will I e neco-nry lo -ell a portion of the home farm of purpose) a pari ol -ai I Inline farm eai-noi be sold without injury lo iho e in terested in llie remainder nnd that II would be I cnefi eial in liiO'i- fntere-iej in the remainder lo have Ihe whole of said f.itnl sold, and praying said court lo grant thorn license lo sc'l the whole of sai I home farm For tho purpose nfoi-esiiid, sgienllv tothesiniute in such case ma leatid provided. Whereupon, the court afore-ail doth apiioinl ihe 1 lib day ot February, 1815, fin- bearing nnd dividing on said petition nt the ouVe ol the Kegbier of said couil in snid Burlington, at leu o'clock in ihe forenoon, nn I dolh order lint nil per sons inierc-iel lenoiilied ihereof by publication ol llii- order Ihree weeks succi-sively in the B irlinglon l-ree 1'iess, n new.paper printeil in saul llurlinglon, the Inst of which publicntioiis to be previous to said 14th day 1 1 l'elruary A. D. IS l. 3lw3 Alle-I, Win. WESTON, Register. :enrgc I'rlmllc's Estates STATF. OF l7JW.lfO.V7', rIMIE Hon. the lli-lriel of Chillcndcn, ss. J I Prol ate Court for the Disinci of Chillcndcn : To nil persons eon- cernedin lliuo'n'e of GEOlinE PRINDLE laieof tihirloticin snid Di-niel, ileceascd. C.ukktixc. Wiif.bk as. I'm E. Hewitt, nduunisiraloror the c late of snid deccnsil, opipo-es to reiu'er nn ai-coiint of Ins n'ltiuulsiraiion nn i pre-eiu ins nnnuiii uuuiu-i sl'l'l loretaiiuiiaiioii nun nuowaio v a, u ,csNu of llie Courl nf Pio' nle, lo b holdeunl Iho Register's oilice in llurlinglon, in slid District, on the fuiirth tVeiliii'sdnv ol Fel riinre nexl. 'I hcrcf. re, Yo i nre beret y nolifml to appear 1 elore .aiu court at llie nine aim piatv nioresaiu, mm sucw-cau-e, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not I e nllowed. tiiven under my hand at Burlington this 21st day of January A. I. 1815. 3lvv3 Win. WESTON, Renter, SliLLCC V SUIIOOL. Mill l II. STACV will commence her winter term on Monday the 3d of February, to contin ue 12 weiks. Scholars are expected to enter at the coinmenciment of the term. Tuition. English, S3 00 French, 1.00 Drawing, 3,00 School room one door west of room formerly occu pied by Miss Ranney, up slabs', llurlinglon, Jan. 2llh, IBM. WANTED! mr I.I,.. Krtfoi nr Snufreil Rye. OUU 500 " lice,' Wax. for Cash or in exchange by VV.CK & SPKAIt. 31 Wholesale Druggists. CHILBLAINS . AN Immedialeeure for Ihintroublfsnme complinl coiisianilv (or alc at ,.. c, 31 IT.CK &, SrEAHS'. Moses Cntllu'i Estates STATR OF VfRMONT, I ATi session of tre Di-lncl ofCbtttentlen, 6S. I XI. Probate Court, held nt Burlington, within nnd for Ihe dislriel ofChillen den, on ihelSthday nl January, 1813, Present ihe Hon. Charles Huse I, Judge of said Court, eomes Ony Cntbn, I'.xeeulor ol the Inst Will and Ic-lamenl of.MOSI.S CATI.IN, lale of llurbngton, In aid dislriel, ireec.ised, leslale, and filed in Mibl court bi pelliiou in writing, Uling liirlh that Ihe said te-lator died seized of Ihe lollovving deeril ed real tMnif, sit uate in fnid llurbngton, viz i thirty nercs of Inn J, wilh buildings Ibereon, hcing the home-icnd ol the Slid les talort four neres of land, nnd a house lliereon, inven toried ns Ihe place where Mrs. Uller hve-sMx ncies of hind, Willi n ho i-e thereon, called tho Zoltnmn place) the Falls properly, including Ihe gri-t mill, saw null, three hri k htitl-rs, and several tenemeiits, sliop., if-c, wilh ihe water privilege-, dnm, &c( one b mdre I acre, of land on lots No. IG. 17, an I 18 an I two acres of lot JSo. 20, m the svvnmp; also of the folbnvmg de-crihed real u.late in Colche ler, viz.- Iwenly-scveii acres of the Mrs. Ilolh.ter lot, o calle I; nlty acre-ol theJohiisot lottfoenlt ed. nnd eight fo irieenih parl-nf 'be .Mill lo'-, soenll- e I j and of liltv acre- of ihe l.arnl ee lo', -n called, in Rssi-x; li ll the in-oil l' es T , t f he liltc ntt'r, juiientoi led, nmo ill's lo iu.i i 1, Inch r m I pt.r sonal estale is charged, hy llie wilt of -aid testator, wilh the -oppori ol l.ueiiela Cntbn, widow of said icstnlor, d irmg her natural life j that Ihe claims n. lowed fy the Commissioner ngninst said esinie ninoinl to Hf3,932 39) lint Ihe claims allowed in In vol of mid e-litc ninoitnt 'o 8319 OGl lint said E-ex-iil i r, on the 9th day of Mny, 1814. teltled nn ac count of lit- a hmnistratton in snid cotirl, which was duly nllowe I, bowing n bnlan -e due hini ol 31,405 37 that the personal e-lnle inventoried remains un dipcise I of, nnd that Ihe personal estate of tho said tc-talor i- insufficient lo pay the debts allowed again. t .said estate nnd the expenses of admini-tration, and thai it is nee s arylto sell real cs'alei.f the said testator for lliat purpose, and praying said court to grant II cense lo the executor to sell so much of said real es tate as it may be ncc nry to sell lor ihe purpose aforesaid, agreeably to the sta.ute in such case made and provided j Whereupon, the court aforesaid doih appoint the second Wedne-dav in Felnuary, 1845, for bearing nnd deciding on snid petition nt 'the oihce of the Reg ister of snid Court, in s.iul H irtington, nt len o'clock in the lorenoon, and doth order that all per-ons inter ested therein he nt'lifted thercol l-v lil hellion of tin- order, containing the sub-tance of snid petitio',, three weeks -wooes, jvcly in the tliulingtun Kite Press, a new-paper pruned in Baid It irlmgton, the l.i-l ot winch publtcntion- to le previous lo said second Wednc'iiay of February, lrilj. 3l3l Attest, Wll. WKSTO.V, Itcgistcr. SIoscsi Citlln's I'.sla'c. STATF. OF VRIiMONT, ) The Hon. the Probate Dislnct of Chillcndcn. J Court williin nod for the District of Chittenden .- To ihe creditors nnd others concerned in iho e-tate of Moses Cntbn late of Bur lington in said Uisiriet, deceased. Whereas GUV CATI.IN, cxicutor of ihe last will of paid deceased, his made application lo this Court, to extend the lime btniird for making payment of Ihe debts nnd settling Ihe estate of pnid decensed, Iwclvo months from ihe 1 1 111 day of October, 1314, nnd tho second Wednesday of Fcl.ruary next, being assigned lor a hearing in tlio premises, nt ihe Office of Iho Register of ibis Court, in said Burlington, and it hav ing been ordered ilia I notice theicof be. given, by pub lishing Ibis decree ihree weeks successively in Ihe llurlinglon Free Prcs- a news paper primed at Bur ling'ou, before die lime fixed for henring. Therefore, you arc hereliy notified, to appear before said Court, at the time nnd dace nforesniil, then nnd there, to make objection lfnny you hnve, to the said time of payment being further extended ns aforesaid. (liven under my hand at Burlington tins 27ih day of December A. I). 1941. 31 WM, WESTON', Register. .Wnjinzines for Fel)ruary. COLUMBIAN MAGAZINE. 23c. GODKY'S LADY'S BOOiC. 2c. LADY'S NATIONAL MAtlAZIND, 13c. ARTHUR'S MAGAZINE. Received by A. EDWARDS. Jan. 23. 31 Wandering Jew, i'o. 6c 23c Kendall's Life of Jackson. No. 7. Thier's Life of Napoleon, No. 1. Illuminated Btnle. No. 17. 25c Thirvvall's Greece, No. 4 nnd 5. 25c Lovei and Hus' and. 50c Jan. 23. 31 by A. EDWARDS. lames Marsh's Instate. STATE OF VERMONT. ) TMlF.IIon. iheP'rn. DizmicT oi cHiTTKNorN. ss. L 1 ate Court for the Di-tnei of Chitlen leu : T-. all per-ons concerned in the E-tate of JAMES MARSH late if Burlington, in said District, decea el, C.hEF.Tio. Wur.RCAs, Da .-id Read, Administrator i f the estate of-anlileetasi-d, propo-es to render nn account ofln ndminlstratinii. and oresent his accoint against snid es-ate for nllovvance, nt a session nf the Court of l'rt oaic, tone hoMcn nt the Itegtsiers oilice in sain Biirbnglon, on the second W'eJne-day of Fel r.iary next. Therefore, vn-i are heroHy notiiieil to appear I efore said court at tl-e tune nnd plac nfore-aid, nnd show cau-e, it any ou have, why ihe account aloresaid sho dd not l nllowud. Given under my hand at Bufliiiglnn, this 13th day of Jnimarv, A D. "1613. 34 Win. WESTON, Register. SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. A LI. I ind. Xlhe Male of TRINSES for Ruptures incident to , for sale, and acenraielv au-died, bv PECK & SPEAH. 33 Fomnlc Trusses. THIS nrti'-Ie of the invention and untiiifif! r ot llti'l. in. I nls i of jr i, e try i nl ' i a ' I for nil the nttrnost-.s lor which they are designed, constantly revefving at l'EI K SPEtR'S. Vmm the recommend.! lion-ol our town Physicians and re-idenl Practitioner- in tlii- Stn'e, as well as ihe Families "I ihe cine- ol INew ork, Ho inn. IMidHdclnhiti nnd Baliimore. we cannot but a sure those oi llie alllcted cI.ts ol the happy e lei-Is which may le derived ly llie u-etf ihe-e instru iiienls. In t.oint ofdurabilitv. and particularly price, thev are within ihe reaih of all. To Physicion and Druggists who piircba-ebv the in zen, llie .vtanulaclurer's discount is indite, 31 Dr. Hiinning's fpino Uteri Ab dominal Supporter, or PATENT LACE. tT7"ILIibe I.ent coiT-iantK'on hntul bv Dr. John V. Kmkrt, rl Ktx, lie linvm ptirrha-etl tf thenriirnul IMU'nire the crcluslre risnt to mane ana rena ihcauH, within nnu for Ihe (o-inlie ol Chil- len U'ii, hninMin,1 1,.intoil!et miiHiranl Ue. The PA'I'I'.NT LACK ha now I ern lieforellie pul Ifi for a n milierofinonlh-, hun lred have 1 een ap plietlin tlifTerent parlt-ofllie I'LMinlrv, aivl with n sue ee never lefore eti'talleil 1-v nnv retneilial njrent-Nunifro'i-iwell anllit-ntiented Cerufn-ate (f it leneH' etal iiillieneein theremoval ofoVea-ea (fIong stanJ i 11 if. mifilit he furnished from thNi'iiiUvilmte viejiutj in a lt iiion lo ihe statement nl raises and eertifieaie. nfiure.furni-hedliy l)r, Hanmnsr nud others. But thf ii ut Heenied ncee.arva nt the nre-eni lime, re- le eneecan v ijiien to indi'viduals wearing tht Lace, in nearlvewry town hi the County. Pliv-ii i.ui. Iiave long fill the iieee--ite of a Suppor terdifIereniyeoiilriu iei.and more perfect in iMnl.ip tion to he h'iman form, than any ihat had been pre sented tt. iie pn! lie. The invert inn f Uannin!;' meet wilh I heir goneral approl nii'on, asit i designed lit reli-v)"Vi"ptom8l and remedy n c-a ol phv'Val ninla'he which cannot I e reaehed ly niedieinenlone. I ue ae-eeni oroipiai emeni ui me vietTra n- laxaiion of the abdominal muscles, or other causes. tend" to alteram! tleransethe funelion ot every oryan in ihehuman syMem, and. in many eases, ihi-tlevia-lin Irom Ihu natural heilihy po-iiinn o( pari-, i ihe sn1ei'an.entnrradtbiliiv in MnV undremale-, if Dutnemla. A ef'ionjt of ihe Stomach and JArer, Palpitation off he Heart, Spinal irritation, iiyUria IFipocondtia, Piles, Prolapsus Uterla, Suppression olIrinex the llronchitis oHuhlieSj.eakern, amlfncf tjiVwf CannunvtinniiU cfwh eh will! e niiieh reliev ed, if not entirely remoi el( liy the n-e of the Patent I,acc, when Iheir exigence ideauei iy pn)ieai ue ransrement and n mechameal dinlaeeinenl of parte, whi' hean I e readily aMt-rlained hy ob-ervins the iirm nnd aumnfamt oi ihe Hereon a eeiui. 'I hi-iiuirumfnt ha Iwn exammeJ hv Drs, Mott Uni;er, rrnnei nnd Gn-eomb of N'ew York the Kaeulty of Puii-Ktirch, llartfordand New Haven, and na OMHinHiiiieir lavorai ieie-nmcny. ApplK'nlitinsfortliiIjare mav I e made to the fub m er. nt Dr. IIKINF.UHtC. Iliirlintrion, Patient ala Ji-tmu'e willbo vianeil at their re-idence, if reriiirel. JUKIN W. tMMlV. Ks'Cx, January, 1815 33 1 f S. HAUL HOWARD'S Clump Cash Store, BURLINGTON, VERMONT. COMI'IU-ES one of the most splendid and eenr al STOCKS in lha Slate. All goads' arc old strictly for Cash, and of course X3J Cheap. STATE OF VERMONT, 1 tlilttcndcii Comity County of Chittenden, ss. ( V-CourtofClliicery ,,, March Term, 1915. VTrill'.RKAS, Henry Hoardnian ol Coh-hc-ter, in V V sn'd County, Ins tin!, .lay I'dod in ihu Office of Ihe Clerk of-nid Court bis hill of complaint ngaimit Hiram llenn and Mnrin C. Ilean, wife of. aid Hiram, of place unknown in llie Sl.ile of Iiiibniin, selling forih in substance that nn the 1-t ofSepleml er, 1313, the said defendants exeeute I lo the orator n mortgage of one undivided tenth hart oftho following dcx-ribcd premises, to wits "All Ihal part of lot iiumher one hundred forty-six (IIG) (in Colcne-ler) which lies wc-l of iho road leading from Burlington lo Milton, except the following deserd ed parcel of land, vial beginning at a stnl.e standing in the west line of said rond, nhoiti 40 links So'ith of the southernmost fenc, post, on thnt side ot iho road which inch ses the lot ndjoining llie hotee In which the widow Miin-on lale of Colchester, decea-ed, res dcd. ThenceNorth sixty four degree- West six chain- lo a slake on the ll-u near the brook below the fall', thence South sixteen degree- We-t fivechamslo the north line oftbe road leading from Ihe Mill lo Mallet's Bay j Thence fol lowing the .Northerly nnd Wc-lerlv line ot ihe road lo the place of beginning, including the null, mill yarJ, fill mi'l privihge- of wa'er power." Win. h ot. r ,are wts .iven lo sec-ore the payment of a note dated 1st Sept. 1813, lor Ihe slim id one hundred dollars, payable lo orator or order in one viar which nine wa signed by snid llirnm Ilean. I line nuer ine cacciiioii m sinu iiiuricntre, ov n decree of the Probate Co irl of the District of Chit lenden, tho said parcel of land, on the petition of John W. Weaver and Artemisia hi- wife, vv-ns divided be-ivv-een ihe owners and decreed In them in severally one tenth pan thereof being decreed in severally lo tlio Mini Maria C. llenn vviieot inrnm nem j ntviinnt thereatlcr the said premi-es were duly mviJel under i .i...- s i'i i i .,....,. ,i, eral persons' lo whom Ihe -ame bad I ecn dei-reed and thai tne loiiowmg ne-eriDen premises were upon siicn divi-ion net n.l'io ihe snid Marin C. Rean wife of said Hiram, as and for the snid until part ihereof so hv said Court ilecrecd lo her in severalty and in fee: to wit ! "Beginning at the Northeast corner of llie bind set out lo lannta, J, C , William J., F.lizal elh A , and Julia V. B. Lnngshorc, thence Kasterly on the South hne;ofthe highway twcnty-eiaht ro 1- j llience South erly on a line parallel wfib the Knst line of said land et out lo said Langshorcs lo the Soul hi ine of I he land herein first above descnl ed, thence Westerly on snid South line to the Sootbwe-t corner oftbe land -o set out to sasl Langshores, thence Northerly on IheKist line of ihe Innd so set in to said Langshorcs, to the place of beginning, containing eigh'cen ncres." And setting forth ibnt the money due ncct r ling to snid note bad never I ecu paid, but was ihcn d ic and owing and praying that the said Hiram and Maria C. may le decreed lo pay lo Ihe orator the sum of money and nil inlcre-1 due and to grow due thereon with the orator's costs, and in I'elh'tll thereof that the said Hiram nnd Maria C, mny be forever loreclo-cd of nnd Irom nil riah, lit'e, nnd'equity of ledeinpiiou of, in, nnd to the si id I a t described premises, so set out lo said Maria C. in severalty asnfore-aid ; Therefore, it is ordered thai the -aid Hiram Bran and Maria C, Bean, his wile appear lefiire the hono ra! le the Court of Chancery next to Is- ho. len nl Bur lington, williin and for said' C"tinly of Chu'enden, on the last Tuesday save one,of March A. 11. 1815, being llie t igh'eenth dny, of Ihe same month, to makenn swer lo the matter- in the said bill contained, nnd il is furl her ordered that Ihe said Hiram Bean nnd Maria C, hi- wife, benotiliel of the liling of nid ' ill of com plaint, liy publishing this order in the Burlington Free Piess, a'newspaper printed nt -aid llurlinglon, ihree weeks successively, the l.isi of which shall I ent lensi twenty days previous to the commencement if sard Term. Dated at Burlington in said Chitlen ten County this second day of January A. D. 1815. EDWARD A. sTANr-IIFIlV, 33.v3 Deputy Clerk. Daniel Itohhlns' Kslale. WF.TIIF, srilSCRIBIIRVinving I cen appoint ed llie Hon, the Prohale Court for the district of C'lilten.len, coiimussioaers lo receive, exnininennd ndpist the claims a-d demand- of nil persons, against the e-tate ol DANIEL ROIIBINS, late of llichinond, in snid Distri"t,dei'eased, repre.senitsl insolvent, nnd nl-o all claims anddemands exhibited in o'lsci ihefe 10 ; and sx months from Ihe day oftbe ilato hereof, being allowed by -aid Conn for ihnl purpose, wedo therefore bereby'cive nonce, that we will nuend lo Ihe I u-iness of our npp'.inuiionl, nt the ihe dwelling ol Alfred Crane, in Richmond, in said Dislriel, on the first Mondnjs of April and July next,nt 10 o'clock, A. Al., on each of said days, Dated Ibis lltbday of January, A. D. 161?. KOt.t.A Gl.EASON, I Commis 33w3 E. B. GHEKN. sinners KKIIKY VOTICK. THE Sch icr LU'AYEITK, Cnpt.N.II. Win ter, coininencid running IsMwecn Burlington and Pori Kent on Friday la-i, in place of the Sara -nac, which ha- disc ntinueJ her trip- fur the sea-on. Ix-ave- llurlinglon at 9 o'clock, A. M., and Port Kent, 2 P, M., and will continue until the clo-e of nav-igntlon. llurlinglon, Jan. 14, 1811. 33w3 THE subs -riCers will pay ca-h on delivery at Iheir shop lor 10000 fi. 1 inch clear pine Lumber. 5000 do 1 1 do do do 5C00 do 1 j do do do 5000 do 2 do do do 2000 do J do ,lo do 1000 do 1 do Biiilcmul. J. &. H. P. HEIIRICK-, sfcCo. Burlington Jan. 101b, 1813. 32 if, HUT. Subscriber are in ilcbt. ami their creditor L nre iiniiiitient fur their 11.1v. Their menu- of pnyment nre in the baiuls nl thtir tleblor-. Thev e.-iniiQt nnv hut liv bemir n.lid. nnd ibev mu-t I e paid to enable ihcm-clves i0 set out t.l debt. They nre llie more in enrnest in enn-eiiuencc tf the business prospivts ol the country srovvinr nut oi ine ciccuuu ofl'olk anil Dal as. Kor although they are Deino crnts ily m tlie wool, thtv bme fenrs Unit tlie pnli- y of the nppronclunz atluiinisiMlion may operate !i-astro iiv uton ineir nusiness, auu mev- aretn-icr- inmcvl lo bu out of debt beinre the Wilis prtiphecic nf tbe ile-lni'-litin of ihe tn nil', the a'buission ol'Tcx n-.nnd ihe banUrimtcy and ruin ciinsequeul upon . i i. -ii i... Ull-sc IllC.IIS'ire-! Mlilll tit Vs-lllicu. The ul scriher- tlierefnre sive notice in nil per-nna inHelite 1 In I hem, thai they mu-l be piid by the 15lb ill t'f.ianuarv nexl. or co'lei-tion vvill I e leirnllyen- Inrced. .IAS. MUHSK & tlilOTHKItS. II irbntrtnn. Of- I 1111. 29 A Copper Stuiim Hoiler A ND srooj Steam Box for Sieamins on tbeTbom- XX atmiail svstctu, Inr -ale ly .1 f 1 1 1 1 I S" l .11. . T. .1 f l-Tl I I I. CI XI DIVI.s? ItVIL Vlt. II1VVJI lir.lVfl Periodicals for 1845, nllnSOIIirtl'nSln nnv nf llie fd'o-vmo Pul.lica O tion-vvlio wish to continue no ''i-er vetr, can do to hy hnndut? llie amouni nfMitist-ripliou to the un dersiirneJ before the 1st of January. i'J V. ll.lllll.MJl-'.. Amcricnn Journal of Medical .Sciei.ce, Quarterly. S3.00 American Eclectic and Mu-eum of For eign Liiernlurc(ni'.nthly. GOO Aniencnn Review a Wht2 JournnI 5,00 Bluc!.vvood' Edi'nl ursh Masnzme. 3 00 llellV Meiln-al I.ihrury, Q tarierly 5,00 nnd Foreign Medical Review, Quarterly. 5,00 no-inn Mviliral and Surzieal Journal, Monlbjy. 3,00 Ilraitewail's Iletro-pt-ct, Semi-annually. 1,00 Urowii-on's Quarterly Review. 3,00 Camp! cll' fseiin-montbly Magazine of Ftireiun l.itera'ure, 5.00 Gliri-Han Examiner, lli-montbly. 4,00 Ouliivatur, Monthly. 1,00 Columbian Magazine, Monthly. 3,00 IJemocratic llevievv, Monthly. 5 00 Edinburgh ' Q iarierly. (Reprint.) 3,00 Koreizn Quarterlv Review, (") 3,00 u ran. inrs undvs nntl ueniteinana .nag- uziue, Monthly, (inley's l.adv s Html.-, Monthly. Himt's' Merchani'i. Mazazine, Monthly. Journal oftbe Franklin Institute, " Kniekerlocker Mazazine, ' Law lleporter, " Luiell'"Livinz Aire," Semi-Monlh'y. I.ady'tt Coinianion. " London Quarterly Itev-i'evv, (Reprint.) Melico-Chiiiirzieal llevievv, Quarterly. 3,00 3 00 5.P0 9,00 500 3.00 G.50 3,00 300 500 1,00 5,00 3,00 8,00 COO 6,00 5,00 aierry s flit'iiliiiv Nortli American Review, Quarterly. New Englander, " Hepruits oTlhe London, Edinburgh, For eign and Westmin.ier, Q inrterlies. Sillimau's Jiinriial, " Soiiibt-rii Literary Messenger, Monlhly. Southern Quarterly Review. TO RENT. IlililiL A Convenient Brick dwelling house. ijiifH J-l. l-:iitUirr ol VILAS NO VF.S. Dec. IGih IS44. Fish. 200 Quinlals Cod Fish, 100 Bones Herrings. 4ih Dec., Ml. 1.28) J. if- J. H. PECK tt Co. To Let, THE beaiililul nremi-es immediately north of the College Buildings, Tormerly owned and occupied by the laie ProT. James Marsh, coun-ling ol an am ide and commodioiu tlwelling-hou.e, cftice, carriage Iniu.-e, barn, and other ont-huiltlings, two gank-ns two good orcbartls, and several acres oT extt-llent land Tor grass or tillage. Terms low, and possesion given immediately. WILLIAM WARNERi , . . , Trras. Corp. V. Vt. Rurlington, Jan. I, (645, 31 COOKK.FIULI) &CO. EXPRESS LINE OF V.S 1VT ft XL CO ACHES. From UCRLINGTON, Vt., to ALBANY, N. Y. Through in day and half. COOKE, l'li:i,l) Co. have stocked the rond with splendid Concord Couches, nnd sit horse teams the whole distance, which leaves Bur lington evcrv morning, (extent SundayJnlGl o'clock, :i.- .-. , ' t, I'itsscs over ine centre runu via. Tcrgeooes, .miuuii; nirv, Castlcton, Salem lo Trov Iodine the second d iv, nnd m lives nt Alhauv in 'ayum to take the train of Cars for Springfield nnd New Haven, nt half past one, P. M., nnd arrive nt New York nt 5 o'clock, A. M., on the ihird morning, making forty-six hours from Burlington to New Yoik. Virgil it Co.' Express hctwein Montreal nnd Nvw York passes over this route twice eneh wick. Al Middlebury ibis line intersects with tlie Boston nnd Fiichbitrgh Rail Rond line, via. Rutland, Bellows Falls nnd Keenc, Inrotigb from llurlinglon to Boston in 3 days without nny night ridinj. At Castlcton this line intersects with ihe Rutland nnd Whitehall daily line. Cooke, Field if- Co. have taken great pains lo pro enre good Coaclusand II- rscs. andcxpeiienced, gen tlemanly drivers, who will drive through half day's ride, si passengers will not be anuuyed with shifting drivers and coaches evcrv few miles as on many oilier routes, nud we pledge ourselves to make this line one of llie best conducted lines of stages in the New Eng land Sta'es and every thing will be done by our Agents and Drivers to make the travelling public comfortahieand satisfied that we are wilting lo fulfil all we ndvcrlise. Extras, for private parlies, furnished at all limes, fior.i two Horses to -. At Albany enquire of R. P. DonniM if- Co., and Harnoem &Co. ; Troy, S. P. Whitney. MO-ES L. CHURCH, genf, 23 tf Biirbnglon. Stoves: THK Mil S'Til-er oTer-j at the -tore rceent'y occupi uJ hv M. II. Bostwi'.'k & (?o. nmio-i e Siron'zs & Co., Cht.rch Slreet, a -plendid a-".ortment ot Cook in?, Parlor, Hox and A irtiirh I Slove. Anions wliudi are the itnprnH Riilwny, Vrctom, Parlor, Cook, and ihe impromi ankee Motion uooing hlovrg, which he will -e!l for ra-di nt lower priee- than they have heretofore been o lered, or will rcreiie inpay ment produce or good Iteech or Maple Wood. AUo, will be 1-ept nn hnnd R-tsio'a, rnn'ish, and (nnada iron -love pipe, and all article- wanted ol Tin, Sheet Iron anil Conner Ware. I,ikewi-p Cat Iron and fJopper Pump-, Stove Furniture, Leid pipe, Zme, iVe. Ve. L. II. PtH'l Kit. llur in:rton 10th Dee. 1814. 23m3 1 845: COLUMBIAN MAOAZ1NK f. r January IB4S, And a creat Variety of New Cliein I'liblicatiuns received by express last evening at EDWARDS Dec. 1st. za Hook Store. DRY GOODS. :. I'. STAMI-Oltl) & Co. ARK cxhibilmz a Inrze siock o( Ftirei'zn nnd Do mestic. Statdt an-l Fancy Dry Gutuls I y the niece or pat'ern and .iceordinz to their estibitslied rule al prices suite.1 lo tti innc- anu itieeaon. Ladis-s nre pantcnlarly invited lo look at their as sortment of Caslimeres.'dnd le Laines which as the season is advniuttl will le tillered low. A I.SO, fiasbmere, Hrocbe nnd other Miawts, soinethinc ricli and well worthy atlention will be Mild very cheap. A 1. S U , a zood norimcnl of Jlcrino nnd Pbibct Cloths, Woolen PLii'ls, Alpacas, fur Cloaks, Velvets, I.Iain nnd tiiiured Silks, Cabcries. and nlmosicverv variety of good- m the line of Li lies Apparel. lso, n inrfre sitit-k of i.inen uikkis. Also, t-'lothf. t'nssiniercs, Satinelts. Ve-iinrrt. and other coo U ft.r fjenllemaus wear. ALSO, llrown nnd I! encheil Sheetings, and Shirt-inz- nf various style- and qualiiie-. Persons pn. chasing Dry l.oods may find it to their advantace to examine the nbove stock which will be must cheerfully -liovvn to all customer Dec. lith 1811. 23 DOCT. B. J. HEIMEBERG ONCE M O It E AT HOME. HAVING become convalcscont I beg lo offer mv services to the community at larcc. my health still being precarious will not allow- me In enter into ine arniiotis u -lies oi a puuuc practice, t iinve iiiete fore opened (with a determination of establishing noon a sound basis! n DUUG STORE under the appellation of II. J. HEIN'EHERG & Co., to which I have attached a Consulting Office, where oil persons wishing loavail lliemsclvcs ol my prntcs lonnladvice may consult ine between iho hours of 9 and 12 A. M. and 2 nnd 9 P. M. My medicnl cirecr is ton well Vs.... ... ltt.rli.,si,.,ii. Ac, lit ri q .ire conllliclll. The selections of the numerous Drugs, Chemical. Instruments, tSrc, have been made bv mvsejf from the first and mo&t eminent bouses in New-York ; my purchases being entirely for i n h we shall be enabled tu oflvr to llie iul be Goods that cannot be surpassed in quality, and at such prices as cnniint fad to please. Having engaged tbe ns-ismnce of a gentleman a I.iccntinie ol the Hunoinlile Company of Apotheca ries London, Engliml, Physicians prescriptions and Family Recipes wi.l bo dispensed with neatnissand accuracy. . II. J. Heincbcrg it Co. most politely invite the Lubes to inspect their valuable and choice sel clions of Pet fumery obtained from the first Parisian houses. Their assortment ol Hair.Toolb, and Nail Hruthes are of superior miuufaeliirc. Medical Wines and Spirits of superior quality and choice varit ty. TliUSSES, Male and Female on the most improv ed principles rem irkibly low priced. A variety of the most valuable Patent medicines. Chemical preparations of all kinds warranted gen uine. A selection of Domestic Wnnts, such ns Macenoni, Vermicelli, Salad Oil, Sardines, Olives, Prunes. French nnil American Chocolate, Cocn-i, Refined lsini;hss, Ketchup of various kinds, PicMctl Lob sters, Irish Muss, French Mustard. Kverv nttentiou will be nnnicularly pnid to ens-are the good graces of the public. !!. J. Heincbcrg & Co invite ihe public to make an early cab and view their establishment. Ii is fitted up without re.ard to splendour. It contains the most superior quality of gooda to be obtained in the mirkct. The s'.ore is accessible at all hours of night nnd .loo Duct. If. J. tleinclicrjr talirs this opportunity to return bis sincere thanks to the inlnbiinnts oT llur linglon and vicinity Tor tlie numerous Tavors conferred upon him, nnd trusts he is not now to be fomotien bv his old friends. N. II. The Slore is situate I next to Messrs Prins mail it Brother-Variclv Slore. Church St., where the Doctor can bo consulted daily. IliirliiT-'tnn, Pec, -1th, 1844. 27 B. J. HeINEBEBO, W. C. IlABBtHOTO.V. Ni'v England Hum H IT AY be bad. for medicinal parposcs. of 1V1 , II. W. CATLIN. Jan. 9, '45. 32 THE RESULT OF OUR kxi'eimmunt. SINCE the esiab'ishnieni oTnnr House in this City, we Iiave mtt with unprecedented uctess whith enal-le- us to eonti.'iip'iie and make -till tunhcr im provemcnt. In siv'e an I extent, we are determined our vvaie-ho'i.e .ball noi 1 o excelletl, and we think not unequnlleil in ihiciiy. As an e.-voerunent we established nn ngency in Europe last Spring rind on Irial we have found it to operate comparinvely well J we have now made mere lit erai arrangements tn onier lo carry more luuy imo opcr ilitiii and the better lo test the expediency of an iieenev nl road. The more Micce-sfu'lv lo carry out our plans nnd male room lor our spring imporianons vve spall com menee a greal -ale of our entire rich and extensive stock of Fancy and Family Pry Good-on Mondiv the 10th of Dee. 1811. Tin- will 'Is.- no ordinary selling out as wo are determined in clo-e our enure Mock a's earlv a- ros-il le. and we nre a ware III tin so. we mu-l o'ler our goods at a sachifice pnnicularlv our fasci ti'ck; our entire stock lias been remarked at ihe possible rates, ,(i ihal all mav readily see we have a iual v uiaileu tlllEAT PIMl.Nl TION in nn ce-. We .olieil vtnir atleniion toour prices nnd -Ivies and should you not find ihem s.iti-l'.ictn y an 1 go !.! I II . ttvv nv w n iivjin pun. -nasiu, v as-tt-c v vil w e snail tiui I etiffen led. We einjdoy none but the ino-t t-ou, icons ami attentive salesmen, anu out visitor, will te sure of receiving all poMble attention. LOCKE fe AKEIIMAN. 90 and 92 Broadway, nnd 3 Jame- St.. Albany. N. V. N. II Our Ware Rooms covers upwards of 4000 square icei. unr siocu con-ls ot imwartuoJ 91UU, 000 worth ot u.efii' and Fancy Dry (Sood. In point ol Hi' hness, Variety and extent ol Mile, cannot 1 e excelled in ihe United Slates. Please reccollcct, we commence giving you areat liargains Monday t'ec. lGlhlBlt. Dec. II, '44. 23ml CROCKERY, &'c. T OOK1NO Glasses, Crockery and Glass Ware. Also, a cnod assortment of Family Groceries. together with Flour and Sail is kepi nnd oflered lor ate low hy U. K. STANIKOHD & Co, Dec. 12, '44. 28 Glass, fTflflfl lloxes lltirlington htlra, llurlinglon, ""s w vcrtriont, K-slx and Latce: , 1. J. II, PECK & Co.-Arsitfi Dec. i '44. n KEADY MADE CLOTHING. Tilt; subscriber has now on hand, and is commit inistti minufacture a penernl nssnnmenlof llcndy Made Clothing, warranted lo bi made vvclj and sironir. bavint; the advantage of tho-e made in tbe cily Slop shops, ns the subscriber rhanufacturet hirrt" self, be save- ihe usual profit aid to the vvholtnie dealer, and is iht-rcby enabled to sell as cheap as can be boiiubt elsewhere. One jtrent inducetnrnt to pur chase of the subscriber, is that his cloihinp i all tmde here, nilordmg employ men I to our own citizens, and thus practically carrying out in part tbe impor tant American System of Protection to Home Industry; Rips, if any, sewed up gratis. , Garments made lo order, as ustnl. nnd warranted in every particular. JAMES MITCHELL. Burlington, 20ih Dec, 1941. 29 fierce Ktandlsh's Rstatc; STATE OF VF.HMONT, I m HE Hon. the Pro nisTnicT of eiitTTrsnErt, s. f L bate Court fortha District ofChi'lcnden, To all persons t-prieerncd nt Ihe c-late nl I'll-.RCE SI ANDigil, Iiite of Hun-tin-Mon, in -aid Dis-ncl, decra-ed, OftccTiNO., Wnr.nms, I!u?sCl l!r(in-nn, Admini-lralr cl the etnte ot said deceased, propte- to render an ac count of his administration, aiv present his account against sa-d e late tor rxamtnation nndnllowince af a tssion nf the t o irt ofProlnte, to be hidden at the! HcgisierV oiiice in Ibirbmrton, in aaid dilrict,nrr the' third Welncstny of Jaiiunry next. Therefore, you are hereby notilied to appear before said court nt the tune and place nfore-aid, and shew cause, if any yon have, why tbe account afure-aitl should not l.e tttlmt ed. t'.iven under mv band nt llurlinglon, this !9th daf of Dei-ember, A. D. 1814. 303 WM. WESTOW, Register. Wood! Wood!! WANTED, good rieech and Maple Wood, in e change for brass nnd wood Clocks, at Ihe Va riety Store. liltlNSMAID tt BROTHERS. REMOVAL. " PECK & SPEAR TTAVE lemovfd lo the new c-tib'ishment at theit AX OLD STAND, one door cast of Messrs J. J. H. Peel, tt Co. Burlington, 9th Jan., '4F. Paper, Cooks, antl Paper Hang ings. TII'I mWrilj-rs, liar.'uc piin-ba-ed the PAPErf MILL in Millon, rn'd intending lo do ma.nlv 4 country bu-inee-, would inlorm Printer-, Merchants and the public generally tint they nre prepared to innke contracts for paper, blank and -chonl books, blank., ttc. etc. Thev intell I adding next season si tne!; ufV.vt Hanging, and Keeping a supply. Rigs, PrO'luce. and evcrv article ifs.l irt th-ir hitsi. ness icceived in payment. Millon, Dec. 1344. 29 rJNS AND NEEDLE St 150; PACK Pins. 50 lb-, mixed do 7? M -Needle., Nov. 23, 1844. (29) For sale by VILAS & NOVKS. TABLE BUTTER. FEW hun bed pounds. Jin. 23, '45. STR0NCIS A Co. DRUGS & MEDICINES. The slbcriber are eontiriu- nliy hunplied with h 1.11 V All I lui.r. in ine nt.tive rrancn, I otn ol iheoilicun andPatent kind-; (Metbciiial vvatersfrom Saratoga tin, from Caledonia, Canada; Medical Wine- ani Liquors, (pure) l.ect lies j Surgical Instrument',- MM' eral Teelh and all Hental Article-. 57VI'rescriptions put up at shortest fio lice. j-.Mctb'.-ine delivered at all hour-of ihe nigh. We assure our friends nnd dealers in fhts branch, tint ihey can bo supplied wi h DrUgs iii.llicir purity Bind Jfetirints in their genuineness nt Bm'linslon, at ns lnw rales as al any of the cifv marl-is hv same quantities. PECK it SPEAR. Apothecariei and Druggists'. B.irlinglon,NoT. 26ih 1,16-14. y39 N. It. Conilnntly on band comolete assortments; ol Perfumes, Soaps, llru-lie-, Ink-, Rlacking-, Dye-' Stu'U, stc., Druggi-i's fills Ware, ttc. Aw. TO PHYSICIANS. . New Chemicals ami Sai, dry Artrclcs! The Acids, chemical. Ammoniaca! Preparations, Iodide oT Sulphur, lislide of Iron, Binoxn'e of Mercury; .. Hyi.ritidaled Liquor of Ar-enic and Mervury. i.eeche-, Healthy SpanisB and Sweeib-b, Oilol'Tolavvo, . Pie Irin, Ac. &e. &e. Nilraie,oTSilver,cheinic New style ot liisirumen.' bupnlinj Magne-ian Fluid; Nnplulia Wood, , . llroinine, nnurct ol roiassium, ilnraie of Potassa, Elaterium, Ergot Fresh, Puly. l.lhereal Preparalioni, Extract ol Opium, Extract ol Rhatany, llairMilieusor t'lei Irifier F.ttract of Aconite, eialria, l)inibde i f Mercury, 2i At PEfKWi SPEAR'S. A CA!tl. , . rpHR Subscriber bns sold ali his Bcok, Slatjonery,' X Hook Binding Eslablishmenl Ac. to Mr. Steven Woods who will continue ihe business oT (look-selling nnd Binding, Blink Book Making al the Slantl.Tor mirly octupictl by mystlf, (on llie corner of Churrh and College Slreet ) I would invilen'l my old (riendi and customers lo mve Mr. Woods a call he will 1)3 able to do as well by them as any one Id this vicinity, i . 1 shall remiin with Mr, Woods Tor the present and shall be must happy to see all my old patron and friends, and 1 will lake this opportunity to return my sinccrcst thanks to the people of Builington and its vicinity for the liberal patronage they have bestowed upon fne duting the last eight vears, SU11IF.L HUNTINGTON. N. B. All peasnns hiving unseli!ed,accounta with S. II, will have the kindness lo call and have them adjusted. S H. Burlinct "i l ee, lCih IB44. - 3Pw4 GREAT BARGAINS rpHR subscriber, wishing lo close up hi- merch'in 1 duinB husincw. offers lor sile the followni sl- ual le properly, viz : a lol situated in ihe centre of lha beautiful village of Clintonville, and'ity feet in front, one hundred and eigh-y leel acros- from River street to Main street, and eighty-nine Tret on Main St.. on which is a three sinry prick, store, covered with tin, thirty leet in oreicitu ny torty-lour in length, ih upptr two stories finished in order for dwellintr1 house; also a biick sisre house, covered with tin,' thirty-six ftet by (vventy-rigbi, Iwo stories high cow house and barn Iwenty-six feet I y eiehtern, and' a wood-houfe twenty-eight feci by eigjilcen. Terma.; one-fourth flown and the remainder in three annuaV insialtnrnis. MATTHIAS 1IHL.I.IK. Clintonville, 'V. Y., Dec. 4. 1S44. 27mJ Stovds.. 7Vi:V" .uiwr or COOK STOVES of Various Sue-. ALSO, a fir-t rale Culler tor sale in exi liange for W ood or grain. UFOItGE PETERSON. Burlington Deo. IS h 1844. W MOO Kegs rodder, 100 act Shot, 100 M Pen-ns-ion tapi, 300 iloi. Corn Brooms,. . .. 4ih Dec. ' 14. 128) J. f- 1 H. PECK V Co. Axes. TITE have a few nice wa,rranlel Axe forale M VT Che.,. i b. cheanaj. "V HntTTHF.F. Jan. I, 1MJ. them. Wtstngcr.

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