Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 14, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 14, 1845 Page 1
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. , - v . - NOT T II H GLORY OP CSSAR BUT THE WDtTARB OT JCt O IYI II BY II. B. STACY. I1UK LIN G TON, VERMONT. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY M, 1845. VOL. XYIIL...N". 37. ITAUD WARE. STKONliS it CO. now niter purclia'crs nn ex tensive assortment of shelf llnrdwarc, consisting in pnri of, as follows, to wit House Tt lmmliig;. 1"0 Doz. lJlako's Latches, nssottcd sizes. 30 doz. ci! nnd wroi iron, tnr. nnd hroad Hulls, 1200 irross American" Premium1 Screws, Make's l-jC!itclicon t.ntctic!), with trass and roso wood knob. Picrpoint if- Hotchkiss's Mineral ICnnli-,n new and beautiful goods, with full plate, liall talt-, and bronzed escutcheons. Hliko's Motlicc "O. Iv 1 Locks. 1'. &l H.'s Moriico Locks and Latches, Mortice Latches, and slop Latches. Do. Cottne Locks and Latches and Collage Latches wall mineral and hrnss knob.. Plale Lock plalcd, I ra-s, bronzed, and Jet Key hole, l's"utchcons. Palent mm Pultons. Jap'd, Mahogany, Urass and Gl iss Knobs. Tras. and Japancd Cupboard Catches. Door p'llls, lor doors, elites, draw, rs, f-c. Aslo pullics, (arious sizes. Window blind bulls and fas tcninas. Window and door springs. Hell p'llb, cranks, Blaplos, and gprtnira. Tower's Hat sprinc, necked and monkey lad luitts. lint pins. Hal ami cloak do. Sash fasteners, cupboard Locks, brass flush bolls, ccc. Also, Cutlery. Table and dessert knives and forks, in great vari ety, in dozens, and sctls of ol pieces. Carvers, steel", llread knives, t t'Uteher knives, slunrs, seizors, pen and pocket knives, shoe do, razors, dc. Also, Saddlery and Harness Trimmings, paddle Irccs, Uig do, stirrups, saddlo nails and rinus. ll'icMcs, all s zrs and patli rns, 1rass and Jup'd. liing-, Terrcts, Oin and pad hooks, suiwls. Pad loops and screws ornaments, Harness bills and snallles, moss, ciir'cd lia r. potent lea'hcr Hammers. nwl, n'edles, S'witig silli. punches, Itound knives, zcin web, strainiiiL' d o, i c. .Uo, j Trunk's Itai Trunk board, bras, nails, trunk riv ts trunklotks, carpet bag- frames and locks, Ac. A'so, Cai'iiasc Hani XVatc. Urass p'ated nnd lunlhuli'c iron hub bind. Hroad and nairow Lto and ti in., India Rubber Clotli lip'd an I plain, Anron rincs. Knobs, Lan nails, Axle in. tt, Washers, Whillle tree sli pies, hold-back Irons, Varnish, if-c. Also, Joiner, Cai pentcr. ai it f'.-ililnrt inaki r's tic oils IMidn Irons, s ngle nn I douVe, Chisels, gi'ics, un pen, atiijci bills, devils, iry -qaaic Ides, cuirpasses. divi.brs, iriiiiblus, Inmnnrs, pilcnl brail awls, plated nod iron braces, b.tls, Irintl an I .mcl saws, back Mws iron sq'iaio-, ho wood ru'e-, band vices, tab'c bulls, btd screw.. .Xc. t e. A'so, Kitchen Iiiii'l(urr. I"irc irons, saii"p pin", grid irons, Mist ng Irons eiianu led preserviiii; kelt'cs, copper and iron lea lai ties, si I irons, grin I s'oiic.. niisho kettles, spiders iion spoons, jip'd lamp., iron candlesticks, steelyards, house bells, co Ice mills, &c &c. A I. S U, MIsccllaiirnti' Coed". Chest hinges, pew doi r butts, back llaps, chi st han dles, shinier ecnws, stubbs and p'alis padlocks, chest hnk, eubboard locks, wood siws, pruinni; knives, putly knives, tapo intasiiies, bailer and iracc chain., cut bnd.. lacks, ciitiui!i nipiii., bradawls, nut cracker., hor-c nps. mill files, hrulies, plaster ing and lir'n-k trowels, bel ows pipts, coppir wire, rv nnd in i is' trip., sleigh In lis, ica hclla, brass and pew ti r f i icet., nioliis.e- git' s, I ni tnr tryrrs, horse cards, curry eoiiib., rlo.ik nails, :ivvl-, linger bandies, dossil il i, percussion cap., pow ib r ll i.k-, tea trays, hooka mil Inugc, hook. nnd siiples. elites, tbermuinclcrs, s'lal.'s. p ke -h ivea, draw shave., sand piper, uhc po.s sho,' tack., shoe pincers, boe thread, ibimbhs, flntiftbr, iron and brass screw ptilbcs, ox balls, shoo li on 'iters, pe f-p. Toe ab ,ve aoolsvvMi nnny not ininH'oici ill be sold on very rcisinilile terms Dill' " " Hard W.i-e fiirni.liM will, Onor iroinnin''.. Pulls, erws, nn I iiiinv oilier gooJs at S"ew ork and Uoston prices . iv. ,'iO, HI . MX MOTIIUIt. i.v i'asny ronnr.sTEn. Give tne my old scat, mother, With my head upon ill y knee) Pie pa'srd through many a changing scene, Since tints I sal by ihce. Oh let nic look into thine eyes Their inetk, sul'l, loving light Tails, liken gleam of holinc, Upon my heart to-night. I've not been long away, mother; Few suns Inv rose and set, Since last the tear-drop on thy cheek 3Iy lips in kiscs met s 'Tis but a lillle lime, I know, Hut very long ii seems, Thoui:!i every night I came to ilicc, Dear looilur, in my dreams. The wottd has kindly dealt, mother, lty Ihy child thou lov'sl so will j Thv prayers have circled round her path. And 'ivvas their holy sjcll Which made that path so dcuily bright, Wln'cli.slrewed the roses there, Which gave the tight, nnd cast the balm. On every breath of air. 1 beir a hippy heart, mother, A happier never belli Ami cun now new b'ids of hope Ale bursting at my feet. Oh, mother 1 life tiny be a"drcarji,n Hut, if such ilrcnnia are given, While at the portal llitis we stand, What aie the truth' of Heaven. I bear a happy heart, mother, Vet, when fond eyes I see, And hear suit tones, olid vviunini words, I ever thin', of thec. And then, the tear my spirit weeps Unbidden, fi Is my eye; And, like a homeless dove, I long Unto thy breast to lty. V'ifii, 1 am very sid, mother, I'm very sad and lonct Oh! there's no bent whose inmost fold O.ies to me ti' e thine own! Though sunny .miles wreathe b'nouting While love-tones tncel my car i My mother, ore fund glance of lliinc Were thousand times more dear. Tlun, with a closer cl.i-p, mother, IVovv hold me to thy heart j I'd feel it beating 'gainst my own Once more before we part. And, mother, to this love-tit spot, When I am far away, Come oft foa oft thou canst not coinc- And for lliy darling ny. GEN. SANTA ANNA AND HIS A I DDE-CAM P. In the licclniiinc nf April, 1S33, Senor 1. , it wealthy Mi' iiii'ii'lnilit, win suddenly c.illi'd hi Kurnpu liy business ofini porlnncr. As it was protmulc! Ilis nli senco fiinii his unlives country illicit fur a period of sonic duration, Iir diitoriiiiniMl on Inking liis lady nnd family with lih"- I'ro viotnly to his" di-paittiio from Vein Criir,, whuro ho pioposed to enitiaik, lie reqiicsled an iiitoivievv with S.inla Anna, tliu Prosiilonl "f lliu Mexican Kepnhlir. The inquest "as readily granted; for Santa An na was easily ncressilile to visitors. On be ing introduced to the President, Senor f, fui.u.IIiiinself in the presence of a tliiu, inus nitiii, iifdail; olive complexion, and a keen, penotratini: eye a nun whose ch ir nclcr was accurately delineated in his fea tines : Santa Anna's countenance exnresed the cautions riiiiiiini! of the Spaniard, i'iist i thusoldierof I''uiiliii:ind VII., then a levoln lionaiy lender seekiiifr power fiinii vanity rather tliiu from selfishness alternately hu mane nnd cruel ns the impulses of iuteiesl happened to prnnipt liiiu. Such was the man vvlioni a buhl rmip ilc mitiii invested with the supreme power in Mexico, to wield soveieisn sway over the conquests ol'Fern.iudo Cortiz, and the inheritance of Philip II. Santa Anna was ahum with his Aid-de- of liiimclf that all possibility ofsiispiiion was averted I'loui him. lie liad lour; borne, nn excellent rhainrlcr, and iho liistiniony of liis neiohliuis pinved that I its had not quilted iM.-Mcn either on Hit! tiny ol lliu robbery oi , I . . . . T , . .1 on several ila.s pieretinio u. in sunn, lite innnceiicn uf Veiinont was unquestionably established, and ho was speedily lilier-ited ; hut everv elfnit to trace out the real iiitui mils proved iiiclTeetnal. The excilement occasioned by this event was scaieelv lieciniiing to sulisiitu III Alexii'ii, to olTer a Iriho of 30,000 pi.istics; hut Cap-1 rushed forwiudaiid wrested the weapon from tain Olozugo indignantly rejected the offer, her hand, 'Dolores,' said he, 'you lit iv though in the melodious voice and fascina- tinjj grace of his veiled visitor he recognized die heaullfiil Scnor.t Donna Dolores, the President's sister. Scarcely had n week elapsed from the I i mo of this interview, when Capt. Olor. ii;o was suddenly taken ill one niiirniu after live Willi Honor when lie is ileail. Yam, had taken Ids death potion that nioiiiing in a glass nf Xeres wine, in which had been poured a few drops of one of thuse subtle poisons known to the Indians, and which never fail to destiny life within cer tain iuteivals. This poison was the list In sell off the merchandize they collected. They went on font years, at llie end of which the family had aiuasiril Oil florins! As, however, their riches increased, the young; men grew independent in their manners, and disputed amongst themselves; one ii c c u -shit; the oilier of not winking haid enough, of selling too cheaply, or of extravagance in tiealiiiL' himself to a run of nine rather Inn breakfast. He soon expired in violent pain , proof of love which Yanez received friini efien. Poor old Sclimid 1 do all he could. and ronvulsions, nnd his niedicnl iittendiinlsi Dohiies. His lifeless body was carried toi,evvas unable tin sumo occasions to settle entertained no doubt that his death had been the sen Hold ami consigned to the execution, these discussions. when a leport hernine current that n murder i caused by poison. I er, in the presence of Antonio, who met hisl iniing seemed likely to euro the evil but had heencoiumilted in open day in the house Meanwhile every scciet initigne that rould fate with unshaken firmness-. separation ; and addiessing his sons, he said, of the Swiss Consul, iM, Maigret. The I tend to ensure the acquittal of Yanez was liy the payment of a coiMilorahle sum of , Take each of you one hundred florins, nnd Consul resided in the C.ile.S. in Cosine, not actively set on foot. Seduced by the nfTer money, Dona Dolores pievailed on llui inch- j sn(,k your fortunes in the world: industry fir from the residence ol'lhu former Viceiov, ' of live hundred ounces of gold, the vxeribente bishop of Mexico in Mow t'.e remt'ns of Y .nn-. In he interieil in the garden ot lliu monastery of San Fernando. 'in Count d" (jalv-s. At first lliu gaitieil lillle cieilil, lor the L.ille b in LOsme is one of the most fieqiienteil sheets in Mexi co, mid is crossed bvan aqueduct, which do huts on the delicious promenade, the Ala- liieila. iS'evei lliele.s, the story was hut too true. The nssissin having eiiteied M. M iirret's house liv ill" Mum I diiiu, .lit. i' .ill! miir deled Ids liidiiu Movant. Dealing a dis tuihance, .M, Maigiei i iislii;d out to the cor lidor, and thus taken by surprise, was over come by his assail nil, It appeared, how ever, that he made a powerful resistance. A die.idl'ul contusion v,tsisl le on his tem ple, one of his arms was hioken, nnd there eport ' ('"lei k) of the iinliii tiina'te I'lM'al ronseiiti'd wttliilraw the ilocuments which iiiculpateil Yanez. Ititt he hud no sooner succi edtd in elTecling their abstraction, than a feeling of remoise took possession of him, and he made a disclosure of the whole to his ronfesnr. Tho piiest refused to grant him absolution unless he lestored the pipers to till! place fio.n whence, he had leiuoved them, lie could not, however, restore the five hiindii'd ounces of gold to the nivsteiionr donor, nl whose name and place of abode he was ignorant. Til III FT, O It NO Til IX (5 IS USBI.KSS ruo.u Tim cicilman or .sciiokki:. was an old soldier with a was so poor, that for some John Schiiiiil I wooden leg ; he 1 years he was obliged to solicit alms fioni doin to door in the villages near to that in which lin 1 1 v ... I ilitclt vt'.t. it, llin I L'i Led. Don .lose Calve, who succeeded Cap-1 5(- Conslance. iN'nvv, however, old John tain Oloz.go in the post of inihlarv, .Sl.,n,i(l .,t ease in his ai m clnii; In- is was a man til high coinage and n.legiity. jn independent eiri'iimstiinces ; et few pen lie was by hntli a Spaniird, and had seived ,,i ,,.,. i,,.. i, .,, i. t.;. .",..,i,i, (iM lln ins that lie ihscovereil a secret Iteasiire; ihlv lite wars of the Peninsular. vveie two ileep and lalal stilis on Ins lelt camp, Yanez, a remaikahly handsonie young I side. In the clenched h nil of the murdered man. I lie Uolonel was examining some i man thei e w as loiiml a brass button with a Ho was not lilind to the ilillienllies vvmcli at- mlrs h ivn gone so far ns to hint lint he despatches with profound attention, and was I fragment of blue cloth attached to it. 1 tended an honoiable discharge of his duty in1 m.,, ., compart with the Evil One When so earnestly oi-cnpied, that he seemed not j .n aclive investigation was immediately I ll,."."r.,ir."r Yanez. Thoiigli Santa Anna, sllch hints me dropped in mv presence, I fail tlio entrance ol lliu .Mexican sct () fl)0) ,,. vi(,w of.lHceveMnc .,(! perpetrators of this crime. Suspicion light- lips. even to notice merchant. .Minor I. exn linen to t ie uencra ...i i i- .i... i.i. : i. -i ; wl (l ul,,,,ull .tlu legiilieiii, v uu, Hint tlieliequunt rolilienes anil assassinations n. ., eondilion of pov."v, that is to say, ers, iniluceu fr,., subsistence on his unv. bad siiddenlv w illi his liabitiia 1 know heller tinil eeoiK.niv al.v.iys prosper. 1 he rest ol the capital shall leiiiain lit the hands of tliu hanker, in rase that any unforeseen misfor tune should fill on any of us so as to need it, I'm while it lemaius un'ouched, the interest will he added to the principal.' To this the Miuiig men agreed : and taking each liis ap portioned sum, hade iidieu to their father. They took their departure, each in it differ ent diiection. Pierre went eastward, Ga briel westwaul, and Cieorge towards the south. John Sclimid grieved to part with his rlnlihen ; hut he knew it was for their good, and bore his regrets in silence. Years rolled on. John Sclimid grew old and weak, but he would not touch a Ureulzer of his children's At length lie fell ill; and some nf his neighbors, pit sing his lonely stale, sent him relief; others declired I that they had poor enough of their own to support, nud though he had lived in their i village for twenty-ono j ears, threatened to send him awav as a stranger. Upon this old A CARD. BR1NSMAID & BROTHERS DINIItK in inform their customer nntl tho'juililie ifi'ntn'lv tint th ir winter kiocU nl' (moils will In- f tn til unumlly rtfMiivi, pmn nml H.prtp. Much nmr nml cirv !i u t h-- n t t n in prctin. nnd lnvui2 m ulr n vain l n ti t In au'iiul npsnrinu lit (tf the cl)lV'r'iit Kinds ol (iouds wl.tcli Qie cxptctcd to bo found nt our whilst ;u do not pxpi'Ct to hucivcry tiling lint i rallfil, we would civ tint nur npnirtinrni i Int. t( r than ecr, we hao nddul ninny nownrticlcs nev ei bu ore kept, and tliv were bounht at low prices anj will be a Id dcc'uUdly luxe, niuc.i lower tlmn ev er eutd in tnwn. We would nirticularly min all w tm w U tu buy lln- eiv .iest li. allied MiIki mil fr-inied I.i)okin' (lias- pi-, larao and small ,.vi witli one i r two plates, to loil; ai our iiorunem, we uei:ce we uac the most extensive and tne rery rhi apt Pt. Ti)A AND COFFI'JK POTS. TYa I'ots for a few pliil ma. In this lino wc shall of- fi-r Ti-i lui.. CandUsiicKp. I.nmi s, funs. Hnool fa'tand-, fastors and otlirr lintntniia 3!cial i Itrni? nnd Tinted ids v ry einnp, purthascrft may malu n sivinir liv iOJKini! n oms in-iuri' un v uuv. (J il.i anil hilVL-r IV.v i IH.S vi tic untied in st lew pnri'. nrcorJai l'i piy. unrii.sfcoriini nl nl I.n dips' nml (Icniletncn's ltuif, Pine, nml ltinerliiF will lit? fiiiind v rvattrnctivi'. (Joldnnil .Slum; Urnrr let, of viTV nn liv elvl's. Also, Hair llr.uili is will (i)ltl clippa an I snap.. A tirral vnnclv of Slum' ttr,tflii .lilies nml ( iillriuin. (tulil Tliitiililr n. Snans., Kir Ilui'ps and Kiiif.", Itolil Chains nml Keys of virion. pillcru. A ureal vaticly o( I'ins ana l.ociU'i'' ur nur mui nun muris. jiura' .' IIS. A benulifut lot nfjet li.i.nius Pins, Hings, llrocdcts. Chains, Snaps, f"h!.p., I loir l'ms, iVe. II Mil I'l.XS, ,1'c. (Jnlil nn l Silver, flill, Ji l nml Iron Hair I'ins. Ilr.icl nnd .Writ Ormrnenis, II illmn, Himh's, litcil., XTc. for triniiuiiiL' llwl nnd AerU ilirsoe., liuqnci hulJvrs.i a o j, n j j: a . A fi'W dozen at wht'Itsale nud retail. CJ.lll'lvS. 200 of the very best " i :i roiniV " and "Terry nnd An rfrevv'. " truss Clut'he in finest O. ti. Mnliocanv Ca scs, vvarranlod of the Lest iptality made, sold by the box or finale, vary low. A now and splendid lot of Cnnrs nf all patterns, Crooks, lvorv nnd .Silver Heads, Loaded Heads, Sword Canes, A c. IVrults for Canes I.v the dozen ni.rKixn a. iiiisii:s. Day nnd Martin's Liquid Itlackinp, I'asto Mucking, Elastic nier erooi niaeiviuir. :iiiistin:is AXriW Vein's Pr.'SPiUs, A artat vnnclv of tilc'iisinr Toys, (.allies, l'uzles. Ciinversaiion Cords nnd I'ancy Articles will be open ed in tunc lor nueciimr. ran!!!t noxs. llosewood Work ltaxe will be sold much lower than wc ever Ii'ad llieni before. Slnimii" Stxins. A'r. Olenphane, Chiuesi) and Verbena Crenni, Nnp'c( nlil hmwn Win lsor. vvhila Windsor. Castile, Oxy prnntcd, Xaval and Military ond all tin) most appro vm! So.ips. HA'MllS tS- STUM'", Of most kinds m use, cheaper than ever. ItltUSII HS of nil kinds. , 'ITU Tlt.WS AND W.UTT.llS, of new and beauli. ful pattrrns. TAIILi: MATS. Od Cloth nnd Willow Table SlntHi Cup Mats, &c. VAIlinTY. Niireery Lamps. Wooden Spoons, llutler Ijndlcs, CIiceseToasicr, llread Toaster?, Curlinif nud Uuil tmrr Tonns. Ilitlaimii and r.iriberu Hcd Pans. Sick Cups for fmltna ilio eirk, Soap Cups and Oislies Too'li Hni"li Disbf, J'artlurn ond llrilnnn'm Spit Cups, Itriiannia Spitlors, Gravy und Soup Ladles and Spoony NJ W,CICS For most all kinds of Lamps, including the Chemical nnd Cnmplieiie. . Acrrat many new articles not spoken nf which mnkesour slmkvery full nnd cuiiijileto anj wo are ToTc? TSf "i'.ltlNSMAin & imOTIIF.ItS. ' " Oils. 000 Callous Piiro Blenclicil ' ...t I I .11 SMnnllil I'Vom the .Middlesex .Standard. t'WNLTJII, IIAl.l.. Written on reading the call by "A Massa. cliuseiis," for a nicotinif in I'jnouil Hall of the r.itizons of .Massachus-etts, without Iislinelinu of part), opposed to the annexation of Texas and the iiimrcsioiw of South Ct rolin.i. and ill favor of iIcci'mvo action .i;i iiiut slavery, ev joii.v o. v.-iit men. yUn ! if manhood soil je claim, If the N'Htl ern pulse enn thrill, Housed by vvronir, or stun" by shame, I'leely, stron-jlv slill, llie e' unds of tiauicdic; fshut die inill-L'iti h ave the stall rhn ll enxe nnd hammer by, . Throng to I'.incuil Hull 1 Wroncs, which ficmen never brooked: DaiiKPrs, piim nnd fittce a. ihey, Whith like crouchin lions looked, On our fallut's v.n ; The-e your iniant zeal demand, .Sinking vviihlhcir eartlnjuakc-call Lvery rood of pilgrim land Ho, to r.iucuil Hal! ! I'roin your rapes and sandy bars, Tram your niounta n ridges cold, Through whoso pines the westtring stars Kloop ihiir crowns of rold, Ct me, andwith vour loolsitpswako ni.hocs from that holy wall : Once again for fnotoin's s ike, Itock vour falhct's hall. which were committed on travi him to solicit nn escort for his journey from Alex ico to era uniz. " Ite.dlv," said Santa Aun t after a mo ment's reflection, " if yon intend tuUini; with you run propel ty of rnnsiderablu valuo, I would not riieoiniii(!iid you to Invu nn escort, for our military, as you mo doubtless aware, are not to he trusted. They aru fieipioutly depredators inMoiid of defoiideis. Tho best plan would ho to si t Vermont, tho French saddler, in tho Cille du Lis Cailenas, to ui.ikii a truuls with a double bottom, in which von may eoneeal vonr inonev, Mad.tmn j 's di inionds, and nny other objects of j vinli.,,. value. !sinulil on liu attaikoil, open jour trunk witlioiit hesitation, and lesion all its visible contents, which, of course, will not be of any "teat value." This pi in, though hazirdous, appealed to Senor I. tho best ho could adopt. lie tool; leave of tho Geneial, and ivlijt.t hi "'"5 nnvi'i t'i to door .X" the anailowiil. Colonel V.lliez. w ho ilili ill" llie coiiveis.itioii had appeared intently occupied ( ,jm (i,Nii,,itily icfuso to avow in tlio perusal ill Ins papers, iiirurii ins iii-au almost iinpeiceived, and cast a look at the merchant. .Senor I. ininiedi iti ly proceeded to llie sluip of Vermont, and trave the lequisiie orders for the trunk. Ilavini; packed in it his money and valuables, ho left Mexico that siino eveniiiL', himself on horseback, and his wile and childien homo in a Tal'impim. The Ijiiiriiano was strapped on tho backs ol nudes, which were ridden bv arricroi. I'lie little caiavan nriiveil s ifely at I'ue- bla, when- it halted for two d. vs. On tho third day, at sunset, the journey was lesuni ed. Tho tiavellers beheld in tho distance tliu toweling peak ol Mount Oii.iba, whilst they slowly traversed tho plain of Acaole, whete Santa Anna so basely doomed his fiieiid, General Mejio, to he shot. They reached without disaster the coice at the ex tremity of tho plain. It is a nariow, 'jloonn lavine, termin iliiii; in several diverged p iths. The drowsy (trrirrm, seated on their mules, were sinuinj; ll Culiitllti, a l ivonto sunt; ol the Spanish imiluteeis. They weio lepuat iii; tliu Chm us eiiri! on Ins pav, acqiineil an abunilauro of money, whicb bo scattered away It: profiii.ato e.xlravaganre. This iiiin, whose tiitiii! was Antonio, could iive no s iii.sficlory account of llie way in which this money was obtained. Seaich Invinj: been seciellv in.ido in his placn of abode, suspicion was converted into certain- ( ty by tho discovery of a blue coat, fioni, whiih a hiitton had been torn, and on com-1 paiison tlio hiitlons of this coat weio found to correspond precisoly in size, pattern, and make wilh lit H found in the hand of the nmr-1 tleretl Al iii'tet As it lieiiuetillv liatiiiens, i uses, the murderer h id neelecleil to conceal or destroy the most positive pi oofs i of his unlit. A meat miss of circiiuistan-, lid evidence added wciidit to this proof, sol thai no doubt leniained of Antonio's parti-' cip'itiiin in tho eiiino. Still Iiowcvit -ill tliu e flints of "I"' fiscal to draw disclosures from hio; were -J ... .. .1... I....... ..I,..' ..Ii.,.. ..trTichniiint 1 1 1 1 ill I r, 1 ' ' . ... ?.. : " .; : a iinn. so i in- iii k nit tn ii miu rum 'i UH.V..UMI, unii Uis accum-1 pi ices. Iii .Mexico, criminal justice is not maikedj by that low and (Minions progress vv hich at-, tends ils course in the tunic civili.ed nations of Ilurupe. The liiil speedily terminated, in the condemn ituni of the ciiminal, and on , the following; day a ylooniy procession enlei ed olio end ol the L.1II0 bin 1 1 in 10 r eiirovi! 1 e soea ku s. iiulillerericii to lliu result ol lliu trial, yet ,I)C!ln J)V which tho old soldier rot licit, John w rote to the iiierchint who held llie Calvo well knew the feelinc of close friend- wj (,y0 ,ow jt w as. " I monev, savin.', ' Send me 300 florins of tho ship suhs,,llgl,Hv.een the I'.esideut and his ' ( lp capital I di'posiied 111 your hands , for I am aid-de-cauip. I ho l.iti, ol OI07. ,po who.l , , f , . aie. and weak, and for lourteen jears I have I lorn was ill (, teasoll 10 noun, it HI oeetl . . '. . . . -. not ii.nril 11 mv rlu niron. lloohl est 1 hev 1 , , e iv . t.. 1 lor no 1101 oinv 101 iiimiuu III! .ll V. III! lillll .11 iimsoneu o a cup 01 couee, was Leiiainiy . , . . , 1 1 1 n 1 , i,i ,' 1 .. .ni ,. ! vice but w nil a qooil example, anil siillertil ., I, lie-. nianv pi ivattons that he inti'ht send them to pen, anil ho resolved tn laco It. , in c .1 11 1 , ' v 1 11 .1 school. Uuo minnini; 111 Sprinj, 113 tho old As to 1 anez, ho (!iioved 111 prison nil the ,. . ,. ' . ' , , , ,. ,. ,' , ' , ,,. . mini was dividinj; amnnsst them the bread coin oris vv iic 1 couhl have attended linn in , , , , 7 ,. . .. , , .,, , . , o .c 1 .that was to break their lasts, he said, "Mv his own house. Secret liieuds w ero conlin-1 , ., , , ,, , . ..,,, ,,,:... I,;,,, ,.,r c,i,i. . ,. I clnhlri'ii, yju aro now old to gain your ., ,. , h, ' 1 1 .1 "'.1. 1 own livelihood; but you must not h"t; while pilliv ami uiiercsi. wnu unv nis jiiioi in-- . Itvered to him a lillle note, III wiiirh were " r'.! : r 1 . 1 1 .1 1 . .1..: 1 " ""' llll'll III It'll) no 11 11111 110; Hiinis, .iiiiiiii', (tutor, rsj)crcinza III 111! IS, learned nut you must not ii"t; vv iro oilier means nf ohlaining it that he taking bread out of lliu mouths of those who want it inore.tliaii you. 'I'ierre,' Up, nnd Head beneath your ftct Kvtry cord by pany spun ; I.ct your lienrls toyethcr biat, As the bean uf one; I'.i iksand land's, slicks and trade, 'hem iNe, or lit ihem fall ; PncrnoM nsl.s your common aid Up 10 1'am.ii.l Hall ! T'p, and let each voice which speaks, Itin from llicnco to Southern plains, Simply, ns llie blow which bleaks Prison bulls nnd chains I Spinks as will feci mcs the free: Dreaded mure than sled or ball bhall jour calmest ulitraiice be, Heard from I'aiieml Hall I Hnve Ihey wroiiEtd us 1 I.c u then Header bai l; nor llireats nor prayers ; Have ihey chained our trie born men 7 I.r.T vs UNCHAIN THCIns! Up! Vour banner leads llie van, lllazomd, "I.ibcrtt ron all! I'inish what your s.rts began Up, tu I'ancud Hall ! ot the U1II0 fcm Losme. anil Ii, illeil befoul iho house in which the mur der was coniniilled. The criminal, with his le ad shaved, his neck and feel bale, holding in his light hand n lighted taper, and atten ded by a single Franciscan, was directed to fall on his knees at tho thiesliold of tin: door and beg fugiveiiess. The first act of e.xp'ntion being performed, llie piocession again advanced amidst in creasing crowds of speclaltns, who pressed forward through tho gate of Sin Agnstiuo, tho (j'oldsinilf's street., imIjv street of Sao Finscisro, until thev re iched the AI imed i. llie same seciel channel that llie accusatory timers bad been 11 islrarluil. and doubtless deslroM'd, 111 the alisi tbero was iiolliinr tn rouvic idenre of Antonio. Vanez douhted not that when brought face to faco with him, 0:1 the day of tiial. iho diiiL-non would retract his statements'. I le certainly could have no w ish that two victims should be sacrificed iuslead tit one. lanez was Inline up by this conh ami No sooner was ho conducted into court, thin Antonio appeared, followed by six of his accomplices, who hid been successively put under arrest. As if by an involuntary impulse, Yanez stinted hack wilh seeming ,.' , r ' use them to seek euiiiloi nee (if . hese. proofs, j ... a r - iv 1.1 him hut the -, ,11.nls5l,1 jn,,.,,, tl) .,,, are dead. It will not be long ere I follow litem to tho grave.' Tic- honest merchant promptly replied to the old nun's demand. ' I return you,' lie wrote, ' the sum yuu as!. Tliu halance re maining is perhaps greater than you imag ine. It has increased, lillle by little, to more than 1000 florins.' When iho money arrived, tlio peasants stared with wonder, and declared that John Sclimid must bo a conjuror. But the old man himself, in spile of his riches, was tin happy, lie wished to join his sons, whom ho thought to be no moie. lie would often i,..v laiie, 1 sli ill dm 111 solitude; no son is left to close my eyes.' However, he recov ered fiom his illness, and it was destined that ho should not die alone.' Oiiu Sunday evening lie was seated witli other pcasauls under a linden tree, when a servant on horseback rode up, and inquired he continued, turning to die eldest, 'ynu are fourteen jcais old, and have sharp eyes use them to seek employment. You," G.i- yonnger, havo strom? ai ms sel 51110111 tu worn. 1 011, l.enrge, though only eleven years, have stout legs profit by them.' 'Hut what,' exclaimed the threo hoys at once, 'would nu have us to doi' .iuhu facnniid answered, '1 know that von 1 on the ,1 iv ho was arraigned he- nave ne iner lar.u to cuii.v.iie, woon to en, ., , , . . , , fore his judges, lie in .infested in hb whole hocks to lend ; but titers are many things ' Juln Sclimid ? The villagers, full of aslon hear.iig, and in his replies to the rpiesiions llirown away as useless, but which will, a I UhlwlU tu.,UetU ,Yoll eed not see him in put to him, tho utmost coolness and presence ','V ',7 '""r. i C" uT house, for ho is here.' As thev stared of mind. I imifitahle. I y and by I will show you how. ; , ...,,:,.,,.,..., :..:.;,.., , 0110 another as to I) not spend tho money which you will earn 1 wl).lt , C)n(. ,. ,.1(lsume Cilr. in obedience In your wants, hut economize lt (.,ll(,r(., ,io village, and stopped before lor the uecessdi s ol the future, he It even so ()M tichm-s ,00r. Tlir,.u wt.l.dresSed gen lillle. Could you save only a b.lz a nay, ,it.mun ilm ,. 11(I,eS descended fioni tho each wo Id amass at tbe end ol the y.'-ir, c CC, anj . old John m ido Iks appear- disgiist, and fixed his eyes on Antonio with twenty-lour tlorins . 1 mice, threw llieniselves successivelv into his a look expressing more forcibly thin winds, U" this John Sclimid set annul showing ... dear father,' said tho eldest, 'can his indignation ami contempt of tho culprit ' "lls '"nv ,ll('.v "'i-'" ,Mr" llllMI' hread. it )(, p,sif,u ,l;lt vim MVI. forginten us 1 xx ho had helr.ived his accomplices. The 1 U desired ihem to go 111 dilleieiit directions , . j j,., r,.t 1 ,;ivi, bocomu a wholesale! bandit shrank m'ider the glance of his leader., to collect the follow ing articles : fust, bones, roct,r il( Vassovie, in Poland, and this lady lie appeared siupified, and iiiiild onlv stani-1 the largest of which they could sell 10 tiie l4 111V jf,., Then tho second spoke: 'I iner out a tew nidisiiiict answers.lo tlio tpies- i'iic-', "" """i" ' "'i''" osi nn lions andressed to him. Then turning palu articles, while the smaller and red bv turns, he struck his h ind violent-1 ,uro reipiired by farmers for manure. Sec Iv on the inr.nnd said, ' I can disclose until-1 ondly, pieces nl hioken glass, to he disposed in.'. I know notiiiiiL'. 1 caio not for mv of to the gl iss workeis for recasting. As it was spring, no cuargeii iiiem 10 get togeiner life ! You may take it ! Yanez thought ho was saved. Ho litt! knew that tho letters abstracted hi the clerk " Mi iinjfr y mi ra'n'lo lto iiiurieMti 1 11 1111 tiunio." when, to their surpiise, some unknown voi ces mingling with their own, took up the conclusion of tlio stair.. 1 : The ciiminal was then observed to gaze . , rn,1L.,.d ; the Fical's nort folio anxiously through tho crowd, as if looking ., ,1,,.,.,.,,,, contented himself wilh ascoin for some signal of intelligence; hut ho was M (- rMr,., m),, ngainst him, eviilei.lly (lis ippuinli d, fir his ejehds fell, .lf( u.( Cl). c.dvo dwelt on tho ennrniltv and ho bit his hp wilh an expression ol an- f ,, eiinie of devising plunder and murder, g( r. This was tho only ui.iik of iiiilaiiuii .n, tempting other s to porpelralu tho d Is, which escaped him; for tho natives ol Yanez replied by a smilu uf cool iiidilfer thosu soiilhern regions, when under the 111-1 l!nC,. tliience of their violent feelings, hold life in I ' n j j1)S(. Cilvo ,lon jrmv fl)r,, t. crjm. utter conlempt. I hey murder wiiiiout re morse, and dio without fear. L ,)r,'.s(.rit. The transient doulil which hat On reaching the scaffold, Antonio once J , js(.n U, jr) ib,. miiiils of the judges now twenty brigands, who darted out as if In uiuuh final tho lucky recesses on either side of tiie ravine. In spile of tlio slniejss of Ids wife and chil dren, Senor L was in no way discon certed. He hehelil without emotion tlio lob lii.'is laying hands oil his baggage ; and when they soi.ed tho trunk ho coolly presented . 1... 1 .... it.,. ...... ..r ,i... ...,i.i.... 1. su nil 1 nificant gestu.e, dri'iv out a long knife, and '" ''" ,Jri,:,J"1 M "', "inserting il between tho sides and the bottom '""'. 'I"' llu 1,a'."J 1)1 ,l,".u ..I- .1 1... i .1 1.. ,t Anna. "and. as tho voice of scandal wins- I'M million. s,.iu . u, j ...i,.-,ii..i, el t IX Itho piece of wood which Vermont's in- J pcreil, the paramour of Ins sister U m.r U.i . ti.. t, ..I .It.fic.til f..r .,..',.l,... 'l'i... ! hncsi- was a highwav rohtier, a sanguinary II.N.ioo Itr.ucir.sTl.0 Hindoo religion nmrcl,;.,,., lor a f-w mou.enu stood motion-' ... wr.J.-r. r ! l.u. i . ,.. ' tlio whulo eaith. There aro less iw iisiimiiiiiieni, aim men gavo ulle- , i'u..v.... ........... , - rancn to violent expressions 01 rago. 1 liu bandit held up lliu bright blade of his knife, and said 1:1 n Calm and subdued tune " At tempt no useless lesistance, Senor, if jon valuo your life !" Then tinning to .Madame L , who, palu witli teiror, was silting up all the lose leivesand elder blossoms which fell ill tiieir way, and for which npolhecaiics give good prices. He also reminded his sons by a lillle nupiiiy tho chemists would point nut whit other plants and roots they reipiired. Upholsters would pnrch ise cow s j h iir, sadlers, co ich makers, and chair m ikers horsoliiir. HcsiJes these articles, ho meii- tinned rags for paper makers, bristles for brush mauufacliiiers, ipiilb, pins, hedgewood, hiidiveed, and several other things which might ho turned into money with 110 other of seeking out and collect ing them, T110 sous did as thev wen; desired, under I tho guidance of their father. Dining the to l'i,;.. ... ,. ii ,l,.,i.,,h Hue muji'r, y que iiciuonin VA cabailaislo 0 .csii'iiio."t i..r .1.... 1.1 .1... iirioir nii'v coiiiii lecovei lllllll llie amaze- I v 11. 1. ...1. .1 1. .1... 1 '. ... ....... 1 . e. .. . 1 . . 1 . .1 1111111! cast an eiger inois u ins iiiiuugn um 11 aco 10 ios 1 ve cot x ici 011, auu auer inonl created by this uivsteiioiis incident, the .. ' . . , 1 ,.,,,. 1,: . i,,,.,,! u ' ,. .-, , . . 1 . , , cir.ivin was siiriiiiinihd bv a piiiv of about ' .. . . .. ', .', . "1 , 1 ' r .' . v'., I spring and summer thev collected and sold 1 . . . 1 . . 1 . . . 1 ...... ... ' 1. . lie turned tn llie .Xlgu.izu who sioou near ., Iu ins seven acc iipnces. . piercing him, and in a distinctly audible voice, snd ; ..male shriek rang thioiigh tliu court on tho 'Senor, my prinripd accomplice, the delivery of tlio sentence. Yanez, however, chief of the band of which I am one, is Col. j niaiul.tlnfil his fiimness. Yanez, the aid-do-ennp of his Excellency , jj ( con,omiHi !lnl Ood absolves,' said the I'lesidcnl.' . U ,,,. am bowed to till) judges. This asliitiishiugdU'los'irj? excited at once ''lrl.,. d ns after the termi .atio'n of the mil disirust. Win. could lielieve . , . ci,.rlL.ll . earlv dawn spread oxer signs of it in every northern country mid in almost every system or worship. In Km,' laud it is obvious ; Slotiu-bengo is evidently one of iho temples of lioodh ; and the nrilh inetic, nstronomy, astrology, tho holid i.vs, games, names of tlio stars and figures of the conste lations, and tho ancient monuments, in tne p....,., tier ciiililren in her laws, and cuius, tlio languages of tho dilfer- j ;.r.i.s-'' Ho no. alarmed .Sonera, said he, out nations, hear tho strongest marks of tho wo aro Citballcros, ,,d know tho respect saniii oiiginal. Tho liragliniius, 01 mu . n which is duo to ladles, Casting aside all objects of worth, tho lobheis collected tho money and Mad- unio L 's jewels; among the latter weio some magnificent black pen Is uf California, of greal value. Senor I. uiado tlio best of his way back to Mexico, and thoro deposed heloro tho Fisc dlhe p.iilirul irs of the extraoidiua- 2 sno -2.000 1,000 SOO lib Dec. , n...l " 1 1 Slnellll. do do do d" Whale, do AnieriiMii, do Olive, 2Jx' .' J- I'l'CK &fo. .tf Itriilioia. unrn tho true authors of tho I'lolemaic system ; tlio Uoodhists, followers of Hudha, tho authors of tlio Copernican sys tum, as well as tliu doctrine of attraction. A westeriNcditor, speaking of tho now doctrine of repudiation, valiantly says: ..1! .1.. .1... 11. . I...I .1.t..'t .' llieni - i igui inn in nun , '" 1 ,, . . ,. 1 .1. 1... 1....1 i..... ,1,,. .... .1 I...O rv roiioi'iv ill , iiilii liu ii.ii. 111 ii. ii.u .iliiiiii nay every cent vvo owo tiiuiii, auu nn.11 " 1 y ..1111 Ihem like blazes." " "-vi.leiU llin Hllacb had been pro- . j UH'IIII.U.'U, I I1UH1 WUIU inn ii.iauii9 t p.i.:,,,,:,,, M.annrn'bnsidfH Hruor Ii wlio knew tlio exist- 4IJ1.ISII.IIII, nw .Jt III. .1. ...... : . .... . 1 ? 1 ..1 .1... .1.,.. hum whom lie learned tlio nrsl lesson 01 wis dom. "From tho blind," replied ho, "who never take a step until they have full tho ground beforo them." A ltiiiiu.i'.. If an honest man is tlio noblest woik of God, what is a dishonest mail 1 A solution is requested. euco ol tho double bottom 111 Iho trunk ; those persons w re General Santa Anna and Vermont tho s iddler. Tho latter was con- seiiuenllv itriusled. hut on his examination lie (5.1V11 so clear and satisfactory an account 1.. .firni.a iiiu tu.rf.rt linlti died ill one day. t Wlnt a wifdl ititat a turiniaaitt! 1 mourn for my horn, and not fur her. trial. 111 the plain w hich siietclii Cordada and the I'asseo Nuevo. On this plain seveial scafliilils were erected, and on llie right of tho scaffolds there was an altar. In tho streets leading to tliu pl.ictr of execu tion the balconies were occupied by elegant- il.. .1.. l.wlu.o.. and ainonir 1 hem Dona less, deemed expedient. Acciiiilingl lliu t )o(,r(.s ils conspicuous, alike for her beau e.xuciition was suspended, and Antonio was . lt.r doiilll-Iik paleness. ciinducli'd back to prison. Jose He la g(i() .(p)(.ari.,i m view a train ofl Luirtini, then uoverniir 01 mexici, uiiuiu-u . . . f t ul! in black, wilb largu while the military Fiscal, Captain Ulo.igo, I". n,,ck rl,.r,, ami armed wilh huavv blunder- busses. Thev weio billowed ny tliu nroiii- . , e r 1 r make a visit tu III" resuiencu 01 x-.ui. .iov. This visit led tu soino veiv iiuporlant (lis coveiics. Tlio papers of Col. Yanez were seized, und among them was found a myste rious cnrresponiloncu, consisting 01 leuers written in cyphers. A vast number of val uable objects of every kind wero found in ilia house, and manyjuwels were recognized as having been iho propeity of Senor I. , who bad been robbed about n month pievi ously, on lliu road liom Mexico to Vera Cm.. Yanez was arrested as ho was coin ing mil of llie (iiiveriinienl pdare, and im mediately cer.ited in piison. Whilst tho interest excited hy these events was still at its height, 11 lady whoso figure concealed beneath lliu folds of a black silk mantilla, ami whoso faco was coveted witli a thick veil, mado a visit to Iho military Fis cal. All tho resources of talent, cloipienco, and teats wero employed by this lady to mavo tho Fiscal' sympathy in behalf of Col. 1 anez, and to imlucu him to destroy tho ac cusatory dociimi ins which wero to ho pro duced on lliu trial. Tho lady oven ventured rhnod of tho Agoni'. intes. Next appeared a Capuchin, barefooted, and lopeating 111 a low solemn vnico tho prayers for tho dead ; then canio Antonio and the other criminals, each carrviiiL- a crucifix. Yanez having swooned u'n being reiiinved from prison, I ij on the hack of an ass, and was supported h one of tliu executioner s assistants. As soon as lliu wandeiing eyo of Dona Doloies raivlit llie lirsl gllinpso 01 me awiui (i,,,,,,! piocession, sliu convulsively ran ner lingers ,.ied over a rosary, and wnen n :111c; appruacneii . l0 balustrade, uazed eagerly at her lover, am on ohservimi his fixed I'W'S and livid Co draw ing herself up in a transport of triumph 'Yanez, 1 am sitished! Then drawing ,1 poniard from raised her hand us if to pi he. 111. when her husband .1 . I . I. . 1 .. c on iiiiiiii. won sioou ai 1 Courasi tovc) liopr 1 with such success, that their profits daily augmented. Whuii autumn came, ihey sought things of a different kind, Wherever thev could ub tain permission, they gathered wild fruits, some of which could be mado into vinegar and other useful articles. From tho woods thev obtained quantities uf acorns and the seeds of other snecies of trees, fur which thev ool befoin tlu' I nln.iini'il a mmd mice, sometimes from fores ters, at others fioni grain dealers. They al so got together heaps of horse-chestnuts, and took them lo tho mill to bu gionud. The miller thought they wern gii'ng to eat this hitler ltour, and 111 ide himself merry at the expense of their curious taste ; hut John Schuiid's sons let him laugh, and took their horse-chesniil flour lo the hook-bindei s, ouil-board make is, and others w ho 111 ike use of piste, Iho gluliiioiisness of which it in croises. Ininiedi itely afier a warm shower, llie young Schmids sought fur mushrooms, which they disposed of to tho epicures of tliu iieighhoihood. II. iv ing s ued a quantity of birch twigs, rushes, and osieis, llie old man and Ins occupied tho whiter months 10 brooms, chair bottoms, and bask (lu.Ir fnlt.iirii :i mieari'il bolt I ,,l ,. .I, It am your son G ilniel, and also bring a daugb-ler-in-l nv. 1, loo, lesido at Vassovie, and deal in cm 11.' Presently the third son came forward. I, ho siid, 'am George. I have recently returned from India, where I made a furluno by commerce. Seeing, by llie Gazelles that un brothers were in Poland, I joined them, ni.d we all agieed lo travel hither to seek you and lo make you happy fur the rest of jour life.' J0I1.1 Sclimid w us quite overcome and shed tears. lie invoked blessings on his children. 'To you,' exclaimed one of ihem, 'wo owe all iiur good loitune. Had ynu not taught us thai nothing, ho it ever so despis ed, is useless had yon not made us indus trious, ier.severing,und economical, we should slill h ivo been mendicants.' The resl ol John Schuiid's life was spent in Ii ippiuess, for one or tin; other uf his sons always remained with lilm. The money which had accumulated during their long absence, win drawn from lliu merchant in whoso hands il had so much increased, and emphned in building a frhool for the gratui tous education nf pour children.' To those, who liko me, wero nivaro of tha means by which tho Schmids grew rich, their rise in Iho world is known to bo the certain result of integrity, industry and perseverance in turning to account things generally con sideied useless. Spite, however, of all I can urge, one or two nf the more prejudiced vil lagers shrug their shoulders when John Schuiid's name is mentioned, and insinuate that ho must have made a compact with a certain nameless person. NvTi'itvL. It's natural for water to run down hill ; and il's natural for man to incline 10 cii or. It c 11 iliifil r,ir fit i iirinnn fAH Uijallti" in ii ti'ison ot Witter, t It n,iliir;il fur :m1 In t . 1 1 1 f 11 i ii:iinr.ii mr n It's 11.1

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