Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 14, 1845, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 14, 1845 Page 2
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5 CONGRESS. Pitt may, Jtni. 31. The Senate d.d iml cit. In tin' House nf ll"prrsonlntives Iho Orcein Question was debited 11 ril il 2 o'clorl;, when, in enmphanre with t lie resolution adopted nu a furnier day, the (IimmI'Smiii was brought In a close, mill the quest iuii was taken mi the amend inputs murder. A miiiiticrnl anioudinuitts, ma tonally t-liatiy 1114; the character uf thu bill, were adopted. A now fcrtinn, rrqtiPf.1 inij the I'rpxid "lit In lint. ilti ill tlie irtti TlluT..sluV, I'Vh. (I. In lhi Senate, nflor thu transaction or nine iiniiii)iirt.iiit business, they went into thn innsid. eratum of Ihu bill for the reduction of the ratcis if pllStarJO. The I lame resolved its-elf Into a cnmniittcn f thu whole (in the plate of the Union, (dr I in t cillcJ) iii tho spittu of 1312. linrly in 1913, the pnity ' nt A -.torn received news of ilio war between llie Uni i i... I,.. nn. I ( I llillnill. nil I in December (if lint year the llrilisli Sltwp-i.r-war Itaconn armed nl tlio mouth of the Columbia and enpturrd the fort and si I tie. will. A few vvcclis previous to this nccurri nee, nnd In apprehension ot it. those in charge of tlio es tablishment had sold ihrir whole flock of furs and incrch iudlo to the nticnts nf llm llrilisli IS'otthwi st inn In the Chur) and reaitinPil t lie roiiiili'r.itiiin , rj,ln)pany for the sum ofSIO.OOO. and taken payment of thu bill iiiakini! appropriations for the Indian ' jM n upon Montreal j an lint Captain lll.ick, of iho ll.-inn t mntil . mid fnr rutiillhi.f trnalv simulations ' 11 icoon. not onU' theeiutitv honor iifciiiliirmi!.! do- with Indian tribes. The bill was pissed; yeas KM, hays 1 1. 1-nir.ti- t'otl .Mr Mrll.nlie resume 1 his so it in the Smite fenceless and iiiircsislni; ivi, eronllv inriii'i and Is sud to hnvo exclaimed Willi uf i spli'ssiou that ' it wis n Oorrispoiidettcc ol Iho Courier and lhtipiircr. WasiiinotoN, rub. a, 1815. The Suproinn Court lltmni M row dud on Friday to hear Mr Webster's argument on the Alass.ichtisoltn License Iiivs. The absence of liii oratory from tho Senate joints thousands to the ('milt tn listen to liitn. His great aim was In show that the efficacy nf moral moans tn banish the curse nf inlumpcr mice was rrrealcr than nenal statute : a Position csislina foil. Tlio cnilant captain j )iL, 1rt admirably enforced, ed at Iho lossof Ins expected bootc ,. 1C jlcnl ()f hnf faU " ... - , , .. . ..s-.. .r ..i... i n... ' ur, "was every way sj.i.c-)riiiv aim oxrutiuui I... '....Ill . i . - ...'...i ......I.. trick t" The del nrtic'cf the Treaty of Pence Intwcen the .day. The principal business which occupied j IJnitnl Stales ami (Ircat llritaiu, timc'udcd al (Iheiit rj attention ol Ihnbuly Icviliy was the potaKo I i" 1'ccpiiihcr , ISH.'.lipiilntwl '-that all tcrriiory1.places II u hid, was ordered tube engrossed lor a , Xfr .'fcWtS of the joint occupancy, was agreed to by a nli (it U!J to U7. The conitnitleo alio nirped t" an nntpiiilinenl ibjcl.irini; that nothing in t its Act eh i'I be con. Ftrupcl tn ititcrfpro w ith the riohts of (lipat lint am under the !l I article of Iho Tiealy of H'J7, uiitil the mil nf three months after g ! v -in jl the ahme notice. Another amendment was adopted relative to the nhlFof the Indian tribes to the lands which the hill i;raiits to tcltleip. The hill and amendments were reported, and the pre ions (jtiestion was nrdeicd upni thciti, and tlie Hunts then adjourned to Monday. Satckday, Tub. 1. The Spnate did not fit. The fliuc, at an early lion", resnlvcd itpolf into a committee of the Whole, Mr Woller ol Ohio in the chair, an 1 re-mmed tin''r.i' lion of the bill ftaUliliniji a territorial sinyern ment in Orejrnn. Mpsrs Wmlhrop and l' II. -Alor.e ii,)pn"il ''io b-'l, mid Mps-r t3. Cnry, Ihrdie, and A. Ki'lttiPi'y supporlcil it. Al two o'clock the committee proceeded to vote mi t t.r: pendini; amenduieuir-, nf a Inch wore agreed tn ; aiming vylech was a proyiso reipiest ino the ('resident to (jive to the llntish iroycru ineut tho twelce innntlis' notice required by iIip treaty of 1818, of the tenrtiintimi ol the jam occupancy id' the coun'ry. Tlie committon m-e aid reported thu lull in the llou.-e; aril the preiious iiups'ion being moved and seconded, the House adjourned. M i-IIUY, l'e',1. I!. Ill llm Scwi'e, 'o div, Mr Johnson piesented reMilulliins u! tie egiM iture ol LniiHiana, e. prer?iii'' ihe opinio, i that III people of lliat Slate are in lavor of tho immediate annevation of Texas to tho United Hiatef. .Mr .1. tool; eeca thin tufuy tint he had, before he received these resolutions, avowed himself to inmy ;oiiii'iiicii in favor nl r,iineaiii'i!, if it can be done in constitution il tiiode. lie bail lis ilouhts as to w bother tlie pn j 'cl pi-Fed by the 1 1 nir-c for anne.Mnu' Te.v.H was the proper form in which it should he done, tlioujrh iiehul nut f'lllv in u: iii Ins mind upon the -n 'j.'Ct. Mr Ilirnrv, lor colle.iPiip, embracpil tu n casi.'ti to alow hi hostility to anne.v.iliipii, in any form in which t could possibly be pro-eu'eil loini Senate. Hi would oppose the ailm s-ion of th it ind.'pe id"ni olatc into Ihe Union in any tonn, re;irule the opinions nl tno pen re. IJe avow hi! h ivir poe to enlL'h'eu Ins constituency by a sp"pch nidi as would show that the admission ol Tex i would be destructive of Mm best interest ol Louisiana. .Mr. l'orter presented a p-titinn from Detroit, nriyiii'' tho annexation ofCniad to the Um'ed h'lalcs as a sole condition on w Inch Texas shall he annexed. Mr Foster and Mr. Hahy promptly duiiouncpd ibis aitpuipt on the part of Ihe abolitionists to bring tlio iiiijnrtnnt nutation of annexin ' I exas into contempt hv ridicule, anil warned them .'lynin-t tuirs'imL' th course, the tcnilencv of which was to disrup the friendly rel.vions existing between Il'i'.unl and tho United 'Slates. Mr l'orter defended tho petitioner in their prayer; in a speech of EOtnC lengtri. Tin; !..,'c t.alo will ln lioro- after ptiblMied. The petit on was finally laid on the table. The consideration of the pn-t office bill wap resumed, the (jooi'iion ppiid-nj' lorn" on Mr. Bmby's motion to continue the franking privilege to members of Ci.rasH. The question w as decided in the negative yeas 10, nays 24. Tlio franking privilege to the exo. culive, heads of departments, &c, was struck out ; but a million by Mr. Huntington, to strike out tlio 8lb rcclion, which reserves to members of Congicss the privilege of receiving letters, postage free, during each session, and for th''ty ihys bofuro and Ihiilyilays af'or each session, was rejected yeas 15, navs M. On Mr linn. lington's motion an amendment was. adopted yeas 21, mys 13 thn efTl'Ct of which will be to preserve to publishers of newspaper and peri ndicals tho right of distributing their pihlica. tions to their subscribers in vvhitevcr way they please, without being controlled hy tlu I'nst OlTico D partment, except so far as regard matter transmitted by mail, l'piidmg a mnvn.i by Mr Ashley tn provide from the trmsiiry 81, riUO.OOO against all contingencies of the experi ment of cheap postage, I lie Somite adjourned. In the llnise, the bill providing for the cstib lishinent of a territorul government in tho Ter ritory of Oregnn, on vv Inch tho provi -us ques tion was moved and seconded on Siturdiy, was taken up, and Ihe amendments initio in dun. mittee of thu Whole being ((incurred in, th bill was ordered to bn engrossed, and then read too third tune and pissed ye is 11(1, niys .VJ. No other business ol importance was tr insacted Tuesday, Teh. 1. In the Senate, to diy, Mr nvans, from the Committee nu Finance, reported against the passage of the independent treasury bill, nnd gave notice tint wlrn it came up for considera tion he would move its jndulimiu p'H'pomnont. After the transaction of much unimportant bust, ness, the .Senate resumed the cons. deration of tlio postage bill; and, ai'tor some uiiiui,i n't int amendments, the bill was reported to the tv;n ate. Fending a question or amendment, th object ol which was to restore tho Irank.n ' pn. vilege to inomhers nf (.ongress in favor of winrii Air Allen undo a strong argument Mi Archer interposed to present to the H nilo the report of the Committee on Foreign llehtions on the suhject of the annexation of Tevas. The report concludes with two resolutions ; tho firM of which proposes to reject the joint resolutions of the ilous'iot Kepresimtatives.atid tho second to lay on Ihu table the several prop .sbions of Ihe Senate, as well as the resolutions nf State o-r-islatures, and the petitions to the .Senate, for and against amicxalhin. Mr. Morohoad moved to print 20,00!) u x ra copies of the report ; winch q aestion was relerred to tho Committee o.i I'r int. ing. Mr Jluclianan givo notice of his intention to make a minority report. Tho post ollico bill was then resumed, and Mr Allen reirnrks. Mr liuchainn next obtained thu lUr; unit ihu .i-uuu (nun ,iijniiri!c;t. The Ihusc ti ok iid. and rnm-iirrn.! in ,i. nltition of tho .Senate received ycttcrdiy for the nniinintrtinn, nf i 1..;., n ... ... ..,.r. ............ .. r,. uiiiiininjr., m coiiiil tlie i?'V's , i ' "'"'lJ,"t d Vico I'restdnt of the u uiieuiaiaies. ,vir I tbtiatls as kcil avn i i. blll mailing appropriations for Iho im main western rivers : and oh woveil tu suspend thu rules 'jl veas ' navstUI n" ' 'Omimltee iriitu.Hn the bill, third reading to-morrow The in iriiing ho ir in the House was taken up rece v ing and acting on reports from the s'and- inir cpnnnitlec ! after which, iho private calen dar was taken up, 'Il (.'oininitlee of the Whole, ami a iiuinli"r ot tnrsviaving Iieun lavoraiiiy con s dered by tho conimittee, weio laid aside to bo reported to the House. THE OBEGflMJERRITORY. Kxtratt fcin tl.c lATturo of Mr. Stukois on thu Oiun'iii Torriiory, .leltxetr.. by hiiti before tho ltoston Mure until! liibrary Aitciatioti, J m. J".1, :ml since piibli!ictl. ' Nrtt in fippnpv more time tlnn i tiToPMry, I nst liy Hem' parly vny.yes n iln1 Xorlli ' leiiii. tli ncpinint- of wtifi'h piMii.un a uuKture ot troth nml fic tion, but hum t tkti yfiii Inck to tho utti-r ul of iho Hti't'ntnrv, nl niucli tone it isaiumtlt'tt tint .nitf , ish nmitorM due 'Vcroij, an micltoruil in, iooti Sjuii I, fin 1 1 Nptutrd ihi'poist Irom (J.uifomn to thn i tirt-sftit llunn iMimthry, pliur to tin. Nori'nTii Voyii!'of Iho fi Iflir.'ttfil British rnvijitdf, (.int tm Co. ik, an 1 biifoiu lliu naML''itorrf of any other ti in m in l mMhI ihe-e tnorcs. 11 unsnpon iiih I uo, mxi the ponitifoitv of tcrntorv, tint Spain (h"i l.tindpfl I rr ul.uoi in tlitM,XPhtip poae t-inof all t'op Aoifri pinpoint, rioin lipr spiiipiiipui to i.uuornn to tn llKshn lit undirv. whn !i at tint tune ipvenl l-'iiiL't-s Xorili ant tt jf tin Inn' now pst'iMihp!i. Cnitt.ioi I'dkU (hsL-oL'ti 1 niitl ailchop'd in Aoutua S iuikI 1 3" -3. and iruvh the name ol " JTri Gpori!(,'s .Snnd," (which hualtorwiril-frlMnrd Ut " iXontki,") lot thi'ti Ivnowuii! Hi'U ttiu hpanisn couinnink'f, fp rvzt had nmdiored ihure tour ynrs bt lore, and cilhd i ' Port Sin riOrcn.o." Ciik hkuwue mw and snvcmoii'M to fevpriil prominent piitntt upon I lit i ist. hut di not anchor in anv oth'r place fso-ith of (hi prcpiit Rni?iin bound ity. All t Ii'itJ point-, ho w- vcr. Iii'l h"pri pM-MO'i-iy st'in, an i nimco, tiy me Stjinnr.'fl: s t h it the Uuiimi n'ned no title to nnv inrt of thus c-it. hv priority nt disctHcrv, from liip vttvane d nptain I'ook. i nepoii'jy oi spam, at that prno 1, di I not permit tin- tUcovrnos of her nivit;.itrir to he nn 'c putdic, and f ire it llnnnn h nl thertfoie ipp'ircnt unuind for p.iitnni' (a she did phim) the ih-poviM y nl Aooiua hiiim ior aprim voou; nno iIip event t whi :li I'd o.v I, o?jni m'd in part bv ihi- allfffcd diecot rry, hronulil ahout the arrannmctit he iwt'cn Crrat Duiiuu and Spun, of which I proceed to nn lcpotint. 1'itiui'di itfly after th p'dt'icatiiin (if Conk1! V'iv- n if, whrli v, ! i-'.iv'i nn tno nfjjmmn: oi ii3) mitki Stniiid hcc.mii th" ctimmon tpsnt ol' vcbM-la i nf dili'-int nntMii, pn m-e I m tlie fur trait. In1 17;R a Mr- Mt'ir. an In.!iii.nan, w1m poininandfd i tra V("t't from'o, al'f'a'd to hcloni! to I'ntnh pM th niyli nn !cr Portuocpe i-olors, h nl t a fun-ill esid -i' " rrinlly rnve," a emu h K linr within tho Sound and lint residenrr, in a hut nn diore. of tin person em ployed in hutld 112 this eel, w.19 the fxundiiion nf the Mulish claim to a sittle iiK'tit prior to tint m-de hy the Spatnr l, on the nne ihe follow mr inr. In May 176n, two puh lie piuUli -hips nnd' r the coinm md of Dun Ktp Inn y ittitH'Z, arrived in 1'iicndly Cove an.l immrdt Ttdy took form tl p is-esion of tho whole surrotindin j pountrya- pmi-h leniiory. Miorllv nfier lartnn-, pipture I two uf Urnr.V wssels fur aliened infraction of the Ooloni-iM uvs nf Spun. Me.irB immediately appeiled to the llritidi Oovernmcnt, an 1 hi emuae rntcd statenient pTtiseil trtat t M-itempiit in Hurnne; anil these proceediniM i'ive n-e to ihe f imioim " Xoot ki rj lesiion," ns it w s then pilled, tint in 1 7P0 enmo very neii involving Kurope iti War, fjr whrh reat prcp'iri ion, atnu immense t'p(no, were made hoth hy CJrear Mritim anil Spain. War, Iinvevrr, was im-ried by a rnnvcniion made in Op nber I7D0, hy which Sntiti agreed to eti'iipen-ito Meir, who re- J 3210 000, though tho aetinl d mi ie hesustim- iMliiitN in tho Atlantic rhimrd hv both, fhould I rest(red without dihy." I nder this stipulation "A1 torn," the port at the mouth of the Columbia, wa, in due form, delivered by 1 lie ttnlih anthorili-a to Mr l'revo"-! the niifiH of the I'nited State appointed to remvr; it. The net nf delivery i as follow : "In obedieneo to the poiiiumikU of In Royal l!ti;li ne thu I'ruipo llcrcnt, Hanifi'd in a despatch from thf Umht Iloivrablc the b'atl llaihurt, nddnsed to tlie pinner, or mienN of iho Northwest Cmnpr.nv, heartnir date 7th ofjatiuuy, and in obeli ncc ton nb?cninit order, dated the 'JG h nf Jul v. from W. lLSh'-nir, lisq, Captain of his Mij'.-ly's htp Andronnclie, we, Jlh nndi rmned, d 1, in conrornuty to the 1st Arlielo of tin Treaty ortiliriit, retorn to the (;.vcrnnujnt nf the Unitid Slates, thrmiffh in nnenl, J. U. I'rrvo.'t, l'si tho settleuicnt nf I'orl n.-nrite. on the Columbia River. Hiven under our hand-, in tripheale, at Tort (ieo'P, (Columbia Rivtr) this Glh itay of iJcflfcr, I IIickf.v. Cipt of If, .V S'lip IJhssom. . tCntr 1. of fit Xort'uccit Vommni" Tn winch Mr. Rrpvct, returnetl th s acet ptince: "I do hereby acknowledge to lne thi div leceivid in hclnl'nf the Cnvetn-nent of the Unitrri Atnte, the tioie-citin ot the "eltlement tlpi2tnlecl nltovc, in con I .. .t. v 1., rii1A 'P-.m .,n:iirni Cliven under my hind, m triplicate, at F.trt (Icorye, (Columhn ttiverj inn u 11 01 ijjiikit, ini J. It. RnLvosT. Aicnt for the Cmted Stat fn this transfer the nlaco t de.ii:n Hcd na "I'ort 0irL'c," tint bin? tie mmo btslowid upon It by Cant 1111 Plac' of the llicoon. at the tunc of s'rikiii" tlie A titer ten n and hoi-tmi? ilie Mriti-h fl j. This un conditional restoration of Antorit is another circum (ni'v if rm in sttjiport of our cl'iim. The fir.t allempl loseitle, hv neotniion, the boun dary between tcrnmry claimtd by the Mrilisli find the United State"!, West of Iho Rocky Mountain, was nnde at Kondon. in 1819, bv Mi srs. R nh nnd Hai ti 1111, Conitiii-ioner- 011 the part of the United Snte and Iee?r. (iuiillturn and Roluuon, on the pirt of (treat llritaiu. Thene (imnu-toii-ajrped in l.ikmy ! ihepinllel of 19 as llm bo uiJiry line from tlio Lake of thn Woods to the Rocky Mo-mtim, a it now M.ind, and ft propof-ition wnHtnadeby Mesr? RuMi anilOdl.itin to continue the Mine to the Pacific Ocean, as between the enntrattnm pirliep, with a res rrv.ilioii as to tho ri-dits of otliT el'iiunnt-, hiving leferetice dotibth-'Si to theclainm of piinand R11 la, al lint time. This was deelmeJ by the Ilriiifdi Com-mt-ionrrs, nnd the nc2tntion, upon thi-- point. ended m the follow 1115 stipulation, which is the 3J Article of the Convention nf ISIS. It m affrrcil that any cottntry tin' liny bo claimed bv either party on the TVorllnvest Cnat of Amrriea. westward oflhp Stonv Mit ininiu, -hill toireilur with its harbor, bavs and crerk, ntnl the uum;ition of nil rivers within tlie panic be free an I open for the term uf ion veais, from iho dac of tho imturo of the prcent C invention, to theveels, citizens and s th jncts, t f the two powers; it bt tni web understood lint lb s taree nenl h not to be construed to the prejudice of any claim w Inch either of the two biub cnntracitmr pirlies, in y have to any p irt of ihe ud country, nor shall it be taken In nflec ttipclatms nf any other pow er or State in nny part of the nnd comilrv; the only object of the luh eontrictitiu parlies, in that re-peet, 01 mi? to prevent di-pntes and dtllrcnces among ttietn-stive-." In 1319, the ''Florida Treaty," tn it is iimllv rill ed, wis ponc'uded between Spin and the United Siitr-; by tho 3 I Article nf winch Spnin cedes to the United Stntcs all ripbts claimud pretensions lo nny territory upon the Vetiti ' 'mt nt America north nf 111. 12"'; ami t'111 csiiin form another rround nf njiv tltihn In !m (iicijnn Terrion. Rv n CotiVf n- I Stites nnd KU--11, -t.mcil at ... ' . 11 'tnrm. r.r il...... .... . i ,n,irn nm. no intelligent ami iriiious niiiiil c mi douht. Their ellieary tiny ho more qtieslionnhle. There lire those who think Ihu Temperance lie- form a chir.i'.teri.stic. ol our age, as it haii its iintii in sentiment, not in coercion, owes also its wonderful progress and will owe its ultimate and complete success, o tho same cau-e. I ho Fpirit nl tlio lira seems to lie against sumptuary Uwe, and against carrying l.'gtkla t mil he)oiul tho ranra of nocial and rclattiu do- I iff. Uthor (liitice-, it is bohoveil, may no lieht cntorccd by the powerful application of moral 1110 uifi My learned friend Ins quoted the noble do- c I ion i 11 I lie .Massachu-ett.s II 11 of ItyhtK, that a frequent recurrence to fund iniental prin ciples, constant adhurence to piety. juMico, mod eration, temperance, induMry and frugality, are absolutely necessary to pre-cne the advantages of liberty', and to maintain a free goierninent, and tlie same article urges the observance of all these principle? on the attention of tlie pen pie, and all lawyers and magistrates. This if an appeal tn intelligence, wisdom and con Fcienco lor thu promotion of these general vir tues, and not a denned fur pains ami penalties. It admonishes law givers and magistrates to be true lo the people, and with euiial gravity and force, it admonishes the people to he true to themsehes, It announces tho great truth, that all public prosperity re-is on the same irtucs which uphold private ard hippiness. It ia nut yet suppos-cd lo bo ascertained, that tho temperance cause Ins in ide greater progress in States in which the laws hue been changed in tlio hope of advancing i', than in some otheis where no miteriil clian '0 Ins taken place. Hut if our observation of things aio'ind uf. and near u, lea'.'"-- at y (I'll)' ol the i hick el 111 ir.ii ineans.that doubt will he eoled when we lnnl; to Ireland, nnd contemplate the character, tlie ell'oits and achievements of tint great ben efactor of Ins age and country, Taihew Mat hew. II 1- he converted thnu-Mtids and bundled-, of thousands fimii sm, and re-cued them Iphii mis ery, by crying out against the vice of intemper ance, th it'll is- agairsl the statute in siuli cases mule and provided.' lias lie strewed his way with acts of parliament an.l billn of indictment ! lias ho threatened temnnral iiiinsand penalties, lines and the j ill to tlmfo guilty of this ollence, this great crmio agtinst then duty and themselves-, their aiders and abetters ! l-'ar, far crwise. Tins great apostle of temperance Iris l lifted up his vuiceiijl)' ignorant and deluded, I not in the mmo of human authority, Iril rely ' ing on a Irglior and mightier p ivver. I be the ' apostles of other times, he has gone forth to preach, not the law but the gospel; to arouse 1 the deaJenod consciences ol men, to summon 1 them to a jut sense of rc-po-isib.liiy, to im press them with the fear of (, and now- con I victions ol the duty wh,ch llieyo.veto them selves as enlightened, moral and immortal be iogs. lie has attempted to take, anJ has taken, a stronger grasn on the human heart, than that of liiitnin law. lie has sei."d it by the power of religion, of revealed religion, and that con. scioiisne-s of being born for something belter, Incidkn disagree ciy tunny to an nut the p.,,,. ' much amused at tlio ingenuity "V.' VB KKC'." Ilrooklyn, who was entleavorii,,, ,,, I," ,l,",n' '" couple of stray pigs. After trvin., il l'",llltf.a drive them, ho caught one f tl.cti. i iV,lin and, after carrying him a few0'" nun neau ursi into a snow ilrin, W liito rainr tiiirirv ivna U'nflrinrr ti n... i. . . ' l -' , ., , " ",' . ' '""( i aiiily went oacH auer ilie oilier, wno, in ins uim took a cold hath, and the process was repeated until i0y Wore both safely ensconced at home. I'xrrcls V U 1 1) A Y JIORNISO, Ojui-ltuatoiw) i-'r.n. 1 1, iai. Nii:X.VTlON. cent, on their stock, nml will coniiicnco ope rations in the spring. The reemt nclion of the New Hiiitipsliiro legislnute has tilsn nvvakcneJ tlio dornialit I'neip'u of tliat Slate, nnd very energetic measure- tc Iii'tn- liikcn to secure n road from 1- icliliurg.i, through Keeno. to Hollows Fall. Should tlio lie- cessary charier lie olilnncd ft out Mussncliii setls tit llm present sosinii, it Is not iniiiv.lia liletlialtliisroad tu may tin liuill viilliin n Very short period This would iliorlen our end of the route .ome thirty miles, nnd point so distinctly to no ultimate, and speedy re- I imn TKXAS Ki:i'OUT. The following report from tlio Judiciary Conimittee in tlio last l-egislalurc, is appro prlate lo lite present ctisis, tind will bu road with both inlerest nnd profit. It discusses the subject with that manly independence nnd liruiness so characteristic of our State, and nt the same time presents the real points involved in the rontrnveisy wtili u ilcarncss and force which can hardly fail to command the assent of all right minds. 7o ic Urn. Haute n llepracntdltrtmov imtttton. ina r-nor! omnnlUc nppmntwi to rnnidcr u inch of lna r..xc(llincy's ilio Ouvcrnoi's Mtssige ns i ,. f . i . , - ..... (tines in ihu -null ci oi ")inv(ry aim itm Anticxniifm tl in ti rli,i 1,1 nsl union rlf.sirct. Ill it W(! ..f -i ... .i . .... . . .. -iilll.ull'Jn ... " im . . a in inu j iiikij oiaics, rcpori, reel n hnost nniind to caution our readers to nni nicy iiavc mo snort rpare of tinio nl , , lowed llu'in, to Iho consideration or iho rcsohition. " clear till track wlulellie engine is iassitij:. nml lament tint upon a nmitc-r of udi cimcnncnco io u. c M-osptn,iy ami txis'cnce ol thi Union, ihey Sftntr or CoNmtt-ss.-Tho House 'u Z'TZ of Representatives a few days since, passed J nnn Is. , ale, Moieliead and Iliichannn lias re-' " resolution lo have laid upon the table of ,;an tint in n inond nml mliiiious ww r-lim-ry is on This vile nicasnro cannot prevail, at tliit session. Tito committee on (oreigti rela tions in the Senate consisting of Archer IvIlO ported against the joint resolution from thu Ileportcrs lor tlio r.cwspapets, copies ol tints House, and tho signs of thu times justify tlio inlrouiiccil into tlio House anuoi too c.iien helief tliat no me.-iMiie of annexation islikelv to receive tlio sanction of th'u Senate. Mr. teuton has introduced a hill of two sections, providing for ihu annexation of Texas as n state, and to he represented ns such until the taking of tho next census; hut certain pre liminary steps are to he taken bofuro tho an nexation takes place. Commissioners are to ho appointed hy tho President, to negoliatt' will, Mexico and wilii Texas, for which put pose thu hill appropriates one hundred thou sand dollars, who are to tepoit to him, and lie is to recommend to tho next Congicss tlie mode of annexation agreed upon either by treaty or otherwise. This, however, will fail, and Denton himself, il is believed, will vote against the House resolution. OIIEGOiV. Wo refer llm reader to nn inlcresting ar ticle on tills subject from the pen of the Hon. Willi nn Slurgis, of lioston, than whom no one is better qualified to speak of the cailv ... . . i .. n, . IT tier. I Ho nliject ol the mover, nir. nop kins, of Virginia, was most laudable, to cm lilu tho press to present accurate sketchrs of tho public business tn thn people nt large, who desire all their knowledge of tho public legislation finni the newspaper press. Tlie enormous evil and a sin, vet it istliitllv in its iiolitical nspeci mat ii rtq-i rcaiu oc cunsiucriu on the present occasion. Tie! system it elf is founded in inj itieo in tho physical power of Btronsri r, to suhject tl.c vvenkcr. lis origin and sithg. rpionl litstmy nbtindmtly prove tins. '1 he black linn was stolen from Africa nnd trnns planud to lies comment nnd its islands, to fill the va cant place of the Indian, who had li-cn exterminated hy the avarice of the while. . who!" nation of ihcso iiioflcnsive red men ha I been enslaved and sweot j from theeaith hy ihe exacting nnd intolerant ipan- nril ; and ino snores ol .vtrica depopulated uy vio- liionosal was so obviously lironer tliat it was encenm robbery in order to s-ippl)-hvinsr nnchin?s adopted without opposition, lint lit tler ntitn til cmfltro (lit- rinrr.n. nn 1 i.i.itir.rrnt.1.. ,1a. i . . " " ilio nexi mauds in me siave ovvm r. day Mr. Houston saw fit to move a reennsid- ', 1 " 3 ",,0S " ' !? S. l'i conpi:s.sio. oi-' Muunr.u. rrl woniil bivcli-pn ninnle co.nnr iitilctl bv n ip.ntti pirt or lint sum. i'ie in w unportini leatinc ' f i-"11 'niipn omits nnd ureal Un'atn. this eonvemion, nt the present inn", ! one of ro- vi 9.0 .ia of Uic J.i nrticle, iipm vhtcli (jtlmi Uritain ii'iw relics one of .ihe t'ou points in support of her rlaim to cqml rijhti vvuh the United Sntei in the wil'jijii ifrrituT). io 1 1 1 1 1 ! 1 1 irit it u ii i'imi tint their reppectivo subject' shall nut be disturbed or innle-tnl, ei'luT In mvtjilinnr carrying on thctr t,..ii iM iw en Hie I'mi... hntes and Itnss, ,, -ne.1 a , B!ml(,,1ll!r ,,,t,r tlio heart comes to M IVter-biirs m ISJI, the lat of l 10 was agreed i r i . .1 i., .j . 1 ... upon as the nlarv. (cntrolhnii Hie li-luof oinking feel it-elf possnssed of, when the letters of ig- setll'.mcnts,) between territory ( laioicd hy the cr.n-irnciiiii- parties upon ihe orthvvest Coast (if the Aineriean (oiitinenl. We have sie'eceded lo all the ri-'hts of S inin, nnd iho ( laims of Uus.ia beui! ml j 1. led iln el-otnants ns before rcnnikeil lo territo ry H'esi of ilie ltoekv 'Mn.oilaiii, Ivioi bctvve-11 the par 11 .'is 01 i 41 ami .4" iu, were reduced tu t.vo, viz: Moinlicis, moreover, have repeatedly voted themselves from the public treasury books, to tlie amount of over $800 each, and followed up this 'economical' niovcninnt concerning repot ter, by giving themselves some SIjO each in newspapers. Vol under these cir- history and character of this region. The , cumstances, aim witii tnetr notorious Utrc House bill, providing for the immediate no 'B""1 of "cononiy in oilier mailers, they r.;n nftlm leinlnn- nml lb,, rsta blisll. ' thought it WOrlll wll'l!." tl) DpjWSe giving tile ment of a territorial government, has p issed lint body by a vote ofldO too9. Il'is very cer tain, however, tint tl is bill will not piss the Senate. It would he a most tlagratit vinl.i- (olonits of r.nciand, and in the end, with slight rmti- "atu.n or Its original horrors, b"caine lncoiporated into 1 heir conslitulions, and a sum necessity com-p-lied its acknowledgment in Ihe constilulion of tho L'nion Prom its (iift on hurised cstah'iiliment on the continent or islnrd nf A'te ilea 10 A. 11. 1511 to the prrs'.nt time, Miviryhns been rlitinsuilird hy iln -tune t:en. rnl eharacleristtes. It rnjinrrs the un rewarded and ci inpittsory labor of tlio slave, to sun- Iho .rn-, .t .1.1 . and s are destroyed by members, Iln htand strenct'i are exhausted wuhoat hopeof nnd ten times thn number" are thrown awav. ; tT I?! I r"Ii"''" 'r:i!LT..Ln.hi,"';- oration, which was earried, on the plea of economy! No man can ho so ignotant as to suppose for an instant tint this was the real motive for litis: petty act. Tlie number ot repot lets at Washington is about fifteen. More than twice lint number of these hills lion of a solemn treaty stipulation with Creat llritaiu, providing tliat tlie joint occupation, now extstmtr, should only bo broken by a year's notice from tlie party so inclined. v olPFb it 1 c t: "iTc foII.m. Thero is now some reason to believe that wo are to have a grand expeiiment in this matlcr. A hill has passed the Senate by a public pras some dozen of their hills and calendars, documents necess reseiitalion of thn doinsi of Conrress, and which would not cost tlie treasury a dollar. This was an exhibition of petty meanness which, we flatter, could nut have been found ehewheie in tlie country, out of thu House of Representatives. IjiruisTA.vr Vrttutrr. Wo learn from the Albany livening Junmal lliat in lite case of Ch iiiucey Hitler, vs. Artemas Houghton, Dinh.1 C. Sherman, Knos Si. John and John Oietz, Jr. tried before the Circuit Court of volu of 38 to 12, niakint.' all lellers not ex- j Albany County on 1'iid.iy, the Jury lelurned Tlio Hartford Cour.ani contains a report of the trial, before the Superior Court in that city, of the convict Dennett wlm was indicted for an as. sault vvllli intent to kill Mr. Norton, nno of the nvnrennre r( tlm ( ill MPet ie lit t-ililln Prison. nlrrady occupied f 1 tho purpose of carrying on ihur I .mi.. .iru1)11Pr il,...m,.d the of fonnsel and eTnmsree with lb-n Hives of ilti c.itintrv, or n-. 11a-; ' e P"-""er ut 1111n.11 nn. a. 1 01 v onnsei, anil king Bclllemivtalhrie." I must nsl- your particular I witnesses were examined only on behalf of the niten-ion to llm siipulation, as Circai I' main relics -tate. I he case having been clearly inado out fi.llorits. in llto Vaetfie Ocean or in the South Sca, or in Uudinsoa tlie coasts of those sens in places out tman il for resi.uni! our claim to the exclusive onuses. sum of nny p irlion of Oregon ns derived from Spain; nnd it a'liinld bo rememliereil thai nt this period wo In J iMrlai'ti v Int. ver to any territory West of ihe f! ii'y .lliiiinta.iis, hill sutwijnenilv obtained nil that -is th 11 eniitl'dlo. In Miy 111: Cannon flo'n'it (trav, in Ihe tlnp I'olumtna of lioston, dis. nerelnnd enterul a ereat river, neirthe lat. oflG0 .Xjrth, up vvhii-h he proiceh"! nbootiO mi!. -s, and to which he nave th" mine of bis s't-ti. eat ini( it ' t o- linnlea Htver," a nam., that is seuerall) Mill rtdaincd, an I w-'iteli ouiilit, nod I tru-t will he ictaincd"h npts have been made lo elmiuc it to ''Ore-ion It is the diirusinn of the reh(,'iou of lite llihle, it is the ptiipit, it 13 tho lecture room, it i.s the in calculable influence of a religious and moral press, it is the cxamplu ot tho vvte and rjood, it is the power of intellii!cnt and well. directed which, under Ood, the vice of intemperance is to ho exterminated, if it is to bo exterminated at all." This is but a brief extract of Mr Webster's rreat argument on the subjecl but it nny he an indication, tlintijrti ebht, nftho merits ol the whole. lie epoko to a t-rowded and dc!ij"lited aud'ence. Some of tlie notninatinns now bsfiire tiio Pen ale will bo disposed of Ibis week, and to some of tlio nominees I winld say with John Jones, wlion lie niUresi-es him-elf lo thu ' Globe and its clique," " I'reiuble, ye tyrants." The Sen- Tim char-rcil nn nss.iotl uuh inirnl 1.. ate is not ihspo.-ed to he merciless, l-it will he mid have chareed me with murder. I ! obli-red lo disruis'! vvi'b rather ailver-e action, of ' ... struck him iltree times (one more than was le-iiHel tome of tlio t.ames before tli"in. I still adhere I "clu cll;lr"lng ' 101 woo me inuni 10 iiiiirncr. 1 naJ lour, cr m tnv , 1 . ....: 1. .. n.:,. 1 .. heart j and as iho liible -iys, "ho who sbeddeth .....'...mi .nl it.i.,1 .',,., nr.. liner, inn. -nn. His amizin" succe-9 sutVn ienily proves, tliat ceedinj half an 07.. chargeable with five cents a verdict against all tlie defendants of iMO,- l.e lias not mistaken Ins meins and such only, nnd so in proportion for additional , 000 ; it bavin; been proved that thev wcte moans will he found mo.-t elictual everywhere. .,,,, -,-,, rr.,l : ,!,.;in is -.Imli.h. ' nreseni .v!,i. i 1R11 ,1 t .:...:n , ll.l- . 1. ...... I. ...j, J.. ..... - ... .- . w . 1. .t ,11 11, 11, ,1. IHIB liors of f'niiTiess. and the against liini, ho proceeded lo address tlio Jury his ppcccii was a very rcmaruablo one. He he."an hy rcmarki"a lliat he had nnthinr; losay in his own defence, hut on the contrary washed n. us tify naamst himself. The imhctuunt did not charco a ci 1,11c ov aov nuans a-ereat as lint which lie pn I coiuniitiel kill II eil, except lo memhers newsnaners to "o free GO miles fiom plan; of publication. Magazines to lie charg ed two rents, nnd other piiuled matter two and a half cents per oz. unsealed circulars, two cents each. Thero is much reason lo believe that this hill will receive tlie sanc tion nf tho House, and heroine, a law. Let us have the experiment, by all means. Mr. Senator Foster, who was appointed by Gov. Ilonck, to fill Senator Wtij-lit's va cancy, but wlio lias subsequently been sup planted by the election of another individual, is nut in ihe Hichmoiid inquirer with an ar- slmriiT it nc li'nr.1,,.,1 I,.. n I I ...It . .... j - ...... iti. 11 .iiim 1,1 it., 111 1 1 it. 1 1 1 1 for attompttn,' to seivp a legal process in the j town of Hern, anil that tici did tint in nn; wanner discountenance tin proceeding. It 1 will be thus seen that 1 1 its law in such cases ma';es no distinclion between the designing mill who are tlio meie instruments in perpe t luting an outrage of this eli tr.irtcr, and tlie j in n who, by tlieii piesence, and b a word, anl sinilu or a nod, encourage or counte nance tlie outrage. All arc piincip ils, alike I go. Ity, and subject to tlie same punishment eviu of death, if a murder is committed iL'lit, ri.igg and l)ix, with to my former op.nion, tint White, Consul at 1 a conspiracy to del' at him, on the ground of man's blood, by man shall Ins blood he shed," I 0111I1I iliver." It certainly oujlit to retain a name lliat I 'j' " ccive the puni-lim.-iit of a murderer. I demand Liverpool, will bo rejocted, on good and sut'i c.ient round At wood, and perhaps a few otb leads lo confirm ihe fact of us d.scovery hy one of our own citizens a I icl ilia! lias been denied hy -nine llrms'i iholoiiusis. ancouver. a ilismujiu-hed llm- ish mvi-jalor, win vvns cnav'ed in siirveyin; iho orihwe-t c .as! of Ameiiea at ihe lime the riv-.r was discover -il nv flray, d.-.i.'naies il, upon Ins chart of IllO C last, ( olnill' II ItlUT!" Ihen bv .lolllS Mallei! of l ie fentiiurs u hieli ,,!,, ,..,,! I.. en.,t.- lt,n 'W.rA.irfe'ru ! "f lie prfe,sed .0 have met whi-i ho Ihen coojectiired 10 lie Ihe niooih ofa river; , ",' i!1i ,r n- , ' ' "u,aS" ' but no certain drcovery had h-en male, anl na vr "hould ho released this minute, freed from all el h id entered ilia river pr or to iln entry of 1 ho Co- ' puni-hment, I would not be willing to go. I had lllnltli I 10 1792 (!-!( thin IV ttlf SrailHdaftittr nrfntnt I rnllini. tint-rt fl.n ,n ,,1 r..l .. n. , . .... .. .... , ' - inv ... '-. ... rui.l ll, llll.l tlt.1 t.' ..ii 111 tn .. Irfftlnrii 'I I... . I,.,.. ...,... f . !.... . ! - . . . ... Ihe punishment a'lolled hy tl.o law- of (ind nnd not crs. I lie generality will pass, lint aiven bv ihe law of man. This is n Court of , Vou may expect with mmo confidence tlie "" and I am -flad. of it. I want j.isiico done 10 I re,nnva f William?, the Collector of llastou, me. ihe jnrv b-nr- in n verdict accordms to .. rnsn. ,..,, .,,,., .,.linsl , , rei iteonsne.s. nml 1 h ha he a ish, 1 . .1 . ... -t n ,, ' ... ... , Well substantiated, show him in a iocs . .t.- tt oiii 1111 io ",iv o an accooui to .119 (lie, .1110 ' 1, unfavor lit: dcrojrato conchisivelv from Ins clt tr actor as a gentlei'i:i,'and demand mi the ground of public policy his immediate removal. 'Die I'retident, if ho retain any i-eiiso of personal honor, or is iiilluenreil by any legard lor Tin: U. S. Patent Oitict. seems to be in a nourishing eonditinn. In 1814, as we le irn Trim. f.iiitniJcshtiine t'llcif. ,, 1 1, ll,..rn r.,... . it. i- 1 ' V " VJ, .' , ' " ' . T" , "" 30-' P-Honts issued ; oW patenls liave -ll'iih1 3 11 nvill mill tyll, II I ' KOCH uuM'a 1. 1 .- I I I . , , ex nreii ; 10-Ki applications have been mad oT seizing upon and rnntrn ing Polk s ad- I r. c . . , , r, , 1 ' , " ' 1 1 Jr patents; obO caveats have been filed iiiiiiisiraiioii. 1 tie Auuisonuii cnilurses tins 1 Thu dlseoverv ex.-iied little aiieniiiio in Ibis cotmiry for smuo ears afler 11 w is eia le I In vet., fore renin ked, itttnii tiu-ii 110 ei o,o 10 any nrriiory west ol ilie lliekv Al iiaius. In 1-Oi we a-qiured f.oui-iaua, the .V jnh western liaand 11 v of vvlncli h,n never In en clearly rf.-fioi I, nnd we maintained that II extended in lint direcii in In the shores of the Pacific. At the lion of Mr. Jetlerson, ili-n President of iho as I am, a merciful (.oil lias vouchsafed to me. 1 than to bu freed. I am a murderer. I cannot I lie. I lm rather luvo this arm struck oirtiovv, t than tell a be. Ouco I fell by Milan's rnge, , but now, I am raised Ity the l.raco of find." I 1 hebeve that my wicked heart is taken from me. 1 If I know myself, 1 would not kill a man now, Unii -d S ales. Ciiuress auihorii'd hi n to send 011! 1 ,"rll 1,10 world and -ill that is in it, or ever was Min tide per. ,ns tnetplnre the country in ihe Pa -ifie; I in it. I say tins under the exportation of meet an I in Mu-, HOI, I.mvisand Clu k tiaiitd upon iheir , in.' another Judge al a greater and tnorc awful tve l-l-.tiown cv-iedtti,);i ncrosj !l:e C'oiiniiciii. trial." 1 1 ...-loner. iho, nuer i-roMii- Ihe Kocky Moun- j ..,,,-. ...ry , 1, nu 10 uue 111 mo upper oranene- oi the " Cohmihu." upon winch ihey emhnrkid in canoes ard reae'itd the I'ncifi Ocean in the course of Ihe fo lovv ine inonih. They remain, d nt Ihe month of Ihe Coliiniliii ditrite; the u iuier of bq Q nn, re-en ss- !en e ml ,' rtl ,1 T ', " m . but as you liavo coino forward without ma- rtepifiiiiticr, ltUj. I tita tame flrt txphiatlonofanv tie i r i 1. i bnimh of 'he ' Co'nmbh" team th. interior L I "hi , '""!' ' ofenro and confcsscil jour guilt, and in public, vvcllare, will he persuude.l ... iinuied.alo a i s.i p pui n t t-c! action; and the Henite of the United Slates ' ' . will apjiruve his conduct in Iho premises, when 1 "'' nny v"r,V nn suspicion, but expresses a very decided con viction, tliat tho Ynrkeis have caught a Tar tar, this time. We diiulil nol Ciuv . Wiighl wants "fat sleek headed men" wliomho can the tely upon and control ; and we shall bo verv 1 if ho xolunieers to Mr. inipoilant aid till ho h is une quivocal ass trances as lo tlio succession. MUCH A MC'S I NSTIT UT P. Tlio Jury liivinj: rendered a verdict nf 'Guil- , i.'tho Court nroceededlo sentence the nrison. . I cr. Tho Judoo said : " On this indictmeiit von can bn iiupriauned hut livo years. Tlio Court ' would i ti il ct on you tlio leverest penalty of tlie o-wn, nml it onr nft'ir. qrointh up irW, ,r4 rMf I consideration of the contrition ami repentance ntrcl.iiin In 1R00, Simon, n member of iho j tiiantfei.tcd, which I hope is the result of a llniisli Northwest C.nupatiy, crossed iho llocky , ch ingo of heart, the Court remits one year and M jtn'ri-n ' 8'vf rot d. Xort'i uf !.ev,3 nnd Clnrl.'s i sentences you t" il ipri-nmiuoiit in thu State route, nnd mad -their firei rsinbh-hmcnt vv.-siward of , ir,, t... fr vn.,ra lint range, at tho lt. rl-j but is noevi- 1 r J i' n . . deuce tint nny liritish subject was upon ruber hraoeh Ileuncli, save the Cnurant, " is a nativn ol ofiliD Cilntiibn previoosio lail. in which v.-ar a Mr. I Maine, and i.s now in prison on afentcuco of (if- i initiipson, in me service in ion iirins.ii .xoiinvvesi teen v e irs, s'. ol vv null navn n vpired, lie was Ci.mpriny, enmo down tu the mouth of that nveraiid fonn I it m po-session nf Auiortcin cii.zens, who hail reeently arrived lliero from thn United Sialef, in es tabhs'i a settlement. This sitilemenl was projecied l.y John J. Asior, of New Vork, who in 181(1 filled out the chip Toii(iiiu. for ll-c purpose of founding il. I had a gund deal of cnrrespondtni-e upon ib.s sub jict at lliol lime vvuh Mr. Aslar, who olFereil in nn (merest in Iho concern, nnd itiviied me In take coor confined in the New. Hampshire State 1'riMiu twenty years ago. He his since ihen been iu Sing-Sing, and is now in the Woathor-diold pris. on for Iho second lime, lie is about -W years old, of a large, vv ell-proportioned frame, and a countenance by no means indicative of a despo- rate or abandoned rlnracter. liisbead presents it finds what imperious considerations provoked it. The report in tlio Senate against the Innov ation of Texas oil the plan of Milton lirown's ' bill, will ho siiliinitted to-morrovi , and be con. eurred iu by four nf tho live nil the committee. Mr lluihanau may introduce a minority report. There is no elnncc of tins bill passing the Son ate, and but little for any bilk A t'twinni rr.ojt Penac- o:;. Walking Vaiiibtv axiiT'i;uviion Sioan An old lady, ahout fill years of age, genteelly dressed, w'lth cloak and mull; was brought Into the New York police office, on Saturday last, upon a charge of attempting to steal an ilinhrol la. Upon searching Iter, tin" follow-nii; articles were I mud secreted in her mull, viz : two la. dies' caps, ono Ii it feather, one worsted hood, two pairs of worsted u i 's, one dozen spools ot cotton, into geiillcnnn's ove, nno worsted cull', two cut irlass tumblers, and four business cards. Tied to her waist, beneath her dies, vvern four I mcnl 0( tWSL. 0l,jecls n j!lnirv, of some ox I'iriTii tiiinbnln 111.!.. liiili if urn fnmiil llirnn I " ' la. l.m nvstrrs, oi- boiled crab, one sleik of fresh, ,cnl alul v.triely, seems iiidispensahly nu-ciiilli-h, sevi n I itio led mi Has, two very largo eessarv but the available funds of tile In. stilulion have been entirely absorbed in lay ing a fiiiind ilion of some hundred and fifty volumes. Under these rirciimslnnces, the Hoard uf Directors have come to the con- that tlio receipts nf tho Patent Office have i been in amount 811,220, from which are to ho deducted $10,040 repaid on applications i withdrawn; tlio ordinary expenses of the ollico have been &21.22S01, to which is lo J be added S2.07C 4!) for libtary and .agricul ture, and leaving a nr tt balance of SG,l"o 73 ' to tho credit of tlie patent fund for the y car : I 2,822 fiG Ins been paid for the restoration J of models, records, nnd diawings, under the ; act of iid March, 1837 ; the number of np- licalinns for extension of patents was 12 Wo nro happy in saving that this valuable institution Still maintains a healthful o!l. ' lun tenr., n-r.-inl.-il Inn ri.inrli.d ! seven enco, and is doing something -much, in pro portion to Us means to promote the impor tant objects of its creation. Its design is to elevate the aims of mechanics, to invito and promote investigation, lo creato a taste for reading, (we say create, for iho evidences of its cxistencu have heretofore hern quite too equivocal,) and, generally, to eliven tho path nflhe iirlizan by something of that sun-light witli which teason and philosophy invest the humblest avocation. patents have been extended since thu act of July -lib, 1830 ; the whole number of p items issued up to 1st Jan., 1815, is 11,021. Tlie two Houses of Congress have ordered, to gether, 15,000 extra copies of the report. . in ii inv oeo me n. (ai.e cn i- 1 .... .- , mm,! r ii, .....od,-,.,,. i,,, .ui.i..i, i ,i.i.,....i ti... a nuzzle lor ril re noiogisi s, tioini' very detective slop nirive lai iho mo'iili of The Columbia i Jlarch. I in the organ of Coinbativcness and iu the organs ,it, ..J r .t. . i i ;.' : . ....1 t.. 1 1.n ...!.... I i. i . , .. ., unit too "Lei. i in- in nt etiTiicun'iii nilfije i.v- ( I V II- izi'd people ii ion ilie Cohiiohia Itivcrt and thit i aut'irr "round nfmir )irrrnl vtaim. The undcita Kioj iirovid highly nsisiroiu, nn I it was fortunate for in-, dial I di I nut neeipt the propisilof Mr. As. lor; for Ilie ii"h mv cxpern nee iiinilil have nvirlcd me .r at inidfortune vet ih wan! of success was Dutch turnip-, olio apple, one orange, one pota-1 to, three large pieces of tally, four doughnuts-, two mullins, two fancy po itulcakes, and a copy of Oudurdoiik's trial, Large Hlrcikicai. . Machine. Tlio British Mechanics' .Magaanc, gives an account nf a iniinmoth Machine, of extra. appropriated tn tlio animal propensities ; vvTnlt ordinary power, now coiielructing in Lngland fur Iho organs nf Iteveronre, ConscientioiisneB', 1 the United Stales, it is paid it will bo ablo to &c, are extraordinarily developed." 'tribune. produce asp irk of thirty-six inches: tucoat Ibrco , 1 1 1 1 mi i iml live hundred feet of metal lie surface, Pint: AT Salem, rv. J. Wo learn from the in ahillnrvof forlv eieht I.ovden iars. oftwn Philadelphia Sun, that on Saturday moriiiii'Mhu feet lie.h hv ten inches in diameter. I his shock i . e .1 i . . . . . . ..... will kill a Ihousand men in an instant, it it were fljfHnv.nii HoTM,, N. V. This highly popular establisliment has passed into tho hands of M. J. Tno.itvs and S tti'iit:N IX, Hon gonilonien well known to tho howling Po tlio accomplish-1 nublic as admirably qualified to discharge Ilio duties whicli they havo assumed, and who will no doubt fully maintain the high reputation won fur thu house by their ttuly "illustrious predecessors." Mr I'oo will lung he remembered us the efficient and obliging Captain on the s'eanier Umpire, and we have no doubt that this connection with mainly owinir to that ecu d not h ive been I noor linuso al Miein, iNew-Jersoy. was coin ieseen or i' ar led nnta-t. J he i ariieulars of this n etc v i ostroved by lire, which is sunnosei to 1 ms.nd .1. ....,!. c,,., ., rhnin. 'I'lua miebinn is Ijjrxp. Jiiion may bi found in y.ishiti2ton Irv-' .,vo .'.riirinateil from the. rliitnnev. When iho I,t n. IV ,!. t... nnd t rvy sahje't dnf irioKJI'lFioseot ' c""n X"'M"" !0,li l,,a(-u ,l,cr0 lver0 not lcs3 ''' I il"it four Ihousainl five hundred dollars. It read ilio vv ru cannni f I io bo """ ioin.ief. win very soon bo ready lor sliipinont. I. Thepn ieidir in I mil vv hat rem t'rcil tno srono nno nl unusual; ilhai mi-lit havehr.-n ocitenient and terror, was the fact that several! DrhtriTiis nr ' (Inn Pillows' Hall." at Por.-isMouTH. tn V'rtd.y uveniug of last weok, a new and olegaul Kail, recently fitted up by thu OJ.I Pelhiws of Ptirts'iiioiith, was dedicated in ancient term. I lie ilediraiory cereiuunics jVp T'.nii'iiii.nni! iV,.r lunatics, nnd cii'ii('( " m thiir cells. ii.iK. limine. .. ,i.i ,1.,, .i.... , I Ilie a ....oiit , linn i-iini in l.y nil. f Uilscl l(. 11V. is., iii una u'liiiuiy iii leasi, ami nave seen and hoard It asserted that such was tho fact. Iiithis iiatance, had it not been for thu humanity nnd lii.i.iu to funio ui .no eiiizens anil liecpers. . al great per I, rushed into the cells and lib the iioor sullerurr, tho results of the lire io lieen liorritilo in the extreme. One Uioen thus rhalni!i for twenty years, roecuors entereil his cell the parted hark iu a'ariniind cowed Hints of Ins chain. When told Jarin nml excitement were k.w-s . .rated, he ikuhed k! " ' . nd has not rhajiil o -es were 'iljcil tc r irir 'v in chisinn to make an appeal lo tho liberalily of i tho Hole! will ho equally aJvanliigcons to our citizens for tho contribution of such suit- I himself and tho public. The house has been able works ns they can consistently nart i thotoiiehlv renovated and repaired, and uverv tions. come from IrntTic n Im inn 11 h s ind-scritninato commerco betvvten iho ...xcs rncntrncej lliat Ilio otr-prinn may incrnsetbe vv-tabhof the niasleri and ihe hoiiei sympathies nf iho liii'nrtn lieirt tortured and tinnihilateJ to sittite ihe slaveholder-. htt for vveahh nnd power. The inevitable consequence of such n stnte of ihmi", is, that ihe mnstcr becomes a tyrnnt nnd the slave coniparalivilc a brine. l! i.i'"ds b I telle perception to discover that where s'i h n "date of ilun-rs exists, thecnerL'ies nf n people, and the (npneiiesof n St ite, cnnnol he devdoped ; and when wo survey ilio-e Stnhs io wlm It Ihe insti lutinn is allowed, we hud that our infetcnecs htcomo renldy. lmincnc tracts of '.and once cultivated by t lie lie sro inee have Ions been nlnndoned to the tisnmniion nrv lo II f lir rep- '' brnnibl- s and unih iwond ; pnormciisr s'ntrs of no c'r, , rr. fit to the ow ner i firms half-feiicid and linT-nllrd uy Hi" I nnds of'! slaves, ns hcedle s of their tnitir'.i interest ns the teams ihty drive laodsooco fertile, now reduced m value lo two nnd three Hollars nn nerc, which, if cultivated by free lih.r. would rise to twenty i commerce lancmshinzi the slave bcine; unfit, nod the mnsler too proud or loo idle to enlace in it i Ihe dtstnnl iKvelliiiiis of ilie whites nn 1 the more f.eiiu.nt hovels of the ncTots (fiuallv dr.ipid.aled nnd decayrd j Rvv nnprovemints in llicnrts of civilized life, the'pir.t of enteipuso and progress which -o distin guish every land cnl ivand by fret men, ulicrlv extinct, and Ihe land envelopcn in a calm of apparent dtsela non, undisturbed save bynn occasional fancied or real siati of servile inserrretion. prescnmi" to the puilly una.'inaiion of tlio slave-hold, r the honors nfmerilcd retribution for centuries ol oppression. Sudi is but a faint pit lure of ihe i -m-il .-onjilwn of those States in w-liitli tlio tlovc intntutiuns liave taken the deepest root. 1 r.irreitine ihe merei'u! ,,'ecrce of nn all-wise Prov deuce, that mnn shall not prcuprr by injustice nnd nnvv.lling lo.itlri!itilelhe(vrs nf hiscnndiiion lo llnir iruo cuise, to his particular institutions, and lo re tnovi ilm hy n crndin! or iminediiie manumis-iyn of h s f How man, tho slive-holdcr deonnds ihai tho nniioml I aislvn.n shall he dirceted loilier, lief ..fl,; eoiiiluiun, ns if Iminan cmetmcnts could r.move or nrv nt evi's meutah'y tl ivv ,nj from iniquitous tn siitioions wnhout iliMrnbohiion or nmenduient. Tho liistory or tint legislaiion provis tint whenever Iho South have demanded laws for the nroieelion nfihrir nleresls. ihe deuinilll his been eh... rfi.llv , 1..1J,I l,u Ilie .Norlll. mid Ihe .nl. under it tn, !, ll,o s.,,,1, hnve liibored are noi removod or palliated ; an I whilo ut- .,.,,t- .-.aiea r-.-ii.iiin ptntiiiti iry or re'roirnde, i lie rep Sial.snre ndvaocin-.' .a pm-fieri'tv htyond nny timI-in the history of ilie luiinnn'rnce. Unah'o o account for ihnt nms'itniv bv eonsiderm.. thn is uwin-: to the indii-irions bnbiis and uniir ine iii'rausrf freenirn who own Ihe od which ihcv w-oiK. an i ine uoods II;. v make, ilie Southern statesmen sek ttscauxs in thepretendid partial Ire-mln-nn of C'uinfress : rnd foithwith dtnniid n upenl or mo bliea'ion of ill law s proi etin-j Nnnhrrn in ter, sts j nnd nt the same nine c o'tinus not indisluib Iln aws pr.te 1,117 ilnsi- of the South. Accustomed 1 1 obi .bt nee nl home, and icsnvr it n fu-il or deliy, tbcv nss med a thrcntinme lone nnd point Ion dis S..I1.I11.11 of ihe Union is n remei'y for 'heir intolera ble, 1111.I11 ilitd ills. I'ron a lore of .he t'liioii nnd a drtad or civil vvor, lh North hesitiue nnd concede. Concession is followed by more irr lint demands, until nt list we nro r quire I to viilj nor aseni lo n ineasuie vvhith will at once deprive ihe Xonh nf a'le proporiion of iiilluetn e n die naiinnal eounci.s, and brina tor at the ftet of ll.e South. We h ive so ofic.i, 1 to the n.-u-uniions of that msa- 111b e losiuuiiiin, Ihai our fub.-nju.ns have becoino p-ovcrbial. Wo need only inra-nn ihe Missouri ques tion, ihe ripeal of iho T.atill of jaja, llm nf SVi, lha (.'ouiproiiuse net of 1815. the nhoiisl iinbr.'krn sue 'V;' 'n "rs '"il.ern l'n slrlenis, p e sc,.etion of most of the officers 111 tin- land nnd naval set nee, nnd lunds uf dip iilmenis, from the Slave Slates nnd ihecounf I. ss nul'ioes of the pul.lie Ir, itire .,v ,sh"d upon the nvnnies of ihoe .-'tales m t'ie slnpe of salirio, in c . 'eat il prn-ions, homily lands, revohuionnrv claims, Ac. Ac. We aro soil i'isp,,.,., , cnof,e lo lhe vtiee ol dansnr nnd rui.i in order to preserve the in teuiity of the I'u on, Inn at 1I111 poioi we shall pauss eoiK-es-..on will ihen cease lo tea --iriiie, nnd will become a entne. When we are r quired lo taken step which may prove fatal and cannit be rnrarid, whiih vv. II surrender forever all pjwer to cmct laws essen tial to our prosperity nnd CM-ittp-c r. n free people, without Ihe cons, nl nf llus -live instilnlinii 1. I,. ( oines our duly 10 resist nnd rein I tin-insolent do- mind. It is now lime to ns-itine t'lal lone of detcr nii'i mnn on iho part of tlie Nonh, win. h, when ut t. rid bv a free mid viiroious ne.n,!. id d.a n ... heeded hy Jhn oKuiessor. let i,r, nnti voice lie raised hy Ilie people nml lejislitnrs ofihe fn . Mates, nn I ihe inf lernhle ,1. omnds of thai insti mtion will ci a.e I., ohtaiii n n. m.- ht leqiiiremetit of Slavery is ihe nnncxiiion nl three liaodred and twenty-four thousand innii.nil.. territory to the t'oion, creeled into n covrrnmrnt s--tiimii.' to he independent and eipible or formiiiL' seven Stntisns nreo ns Xetv V.trL 1 .k.. shvtry is nheidy planted, nnd if admitted into the, Union slavtry must he ndontied with it. Tho rrpre sennuon of tl.o free and ol -lie fbiulinhlin" Smes in ine .nnonni nenaie is now cqnilly divided. The ad misvonof one slave Sialo chanses iho balance of power m tint in favor of Slavery. o free Slnle could afterwards he admitted without ihe con sent of some at least of the slave Smtes , nd should interest dictate to them a lo prevent the ad mission of a free Sniie, it is exiremcly preb,l,le ihev vvou d be found unite I The odious and itnrqual iv. tcm "f hve represenialion m fonjrc s, neiinst w hirh .he rvorih have been obhsed always .0 conYcnd" .ni baexiendedto the new .Vintes. 'i.nvs esse , I ial to Norihern prosperity will be denkd es. and a sh.rne. fill d pend, nee upon their mercy will c 1hcres1.ll. his iiifsmons pn.ject of nnncsition can only be nm. (lueedby a v million of tho compact hy which 1 ho Slates nre bound toseiher, and yet slavery, vvuh an nrromnce equilled only hy the ntrnntycf ii dfien requires the .or.h to aid in .he violntion. and in hre- with. Wo trust our townsmen will bo di- posed to cast their bread upon tho water, un der tho conviction tliat 0110 industrious me cliantc led to habits of investigation 'and study, or a single youth won from tho pur lieus of dissipation and vico to 11 jusier ap preciation of his opportunities and duties, would bo an aiiiplo return for many a vol ume which has not been disturbed perhaps for vears. , .1 ... 1 '. 1, . iuilroao l Evnn ine mania lor new itm w-nv were perioruieii uy 1. ... r. "i r rauc s, as- u i,,,,,,,,,,, lo ,,p B,nld 9 r,,i, in , ,Slio 'u risit.-;. iiy t.t.-t.iytj ,,,, ij, .o t . uoti I j4 j( ('liapliiu, (ieorgo W. Towle, N. (J., J.iiueR .M. I'arr, V, (I., llhas Ayors, P. (i., nml Samuel Smith. W. An address was delivered on thu nccattoti by llr.vioorge W. .Montgomery, vv hicli was iiliiquent, iinpresive, ralcuiaieu to advance the interests of iho Order, and wo believe was well received by the brethren gd.erally. The Hall is beautifury lilted up. and rellncU great Honor rm those roncerneu 111 u uii.iuso..ioui llii!itnnd. I'Viim Ivventv lo lliirtv nelilinns for new mutes, tu thernstnf millions, lire. now ptiijiili 1 tlote our i.tvi.iaiure. notion .mm. A rrcciit statement shows the rail-roads of Massachusetts in a most nourishing con- 1 dilion. They havo paid all expenses, re- 1 sutvid a contingent lund, and divided, upon an nverage, i per cent. The Western Wo learn tint t'.e Order in Portsmouth is 111 a road, which vvoilh only 50 cents on the I very tlmnsuior nt,., the r scinaipi,. iiVu , ..., i.t H i, .d brin-s constant- years since, is nun quoted at US I The l-'ttili' tnji and ll.iill'eboro' arrangement inado which can he necessary lo tlio comfort and convenience of visitors. Co.Mrosirio.v ot Tin: Ohio I.t:nisi,Tunc, Tho Ohio LegUlutiiro contains 0110 hun dred anil right members, who nro profess ionally divided 11s follows, viz: Farmers (10 j Lawyers 22 ; Mechanics 11 ; Mer chants G; Physicians 5 ; Preacher 1 j Ed itor 1 i Innkeepet 1. The bittli. places of iho members worn ns follows Ohio 29; Peniis)ivani,i 1 j New York 1.1 j Connec ticut!); Virginia!); Maryland 5 ; Ken lucky 1 ; Vermont 7 ; Maine 1 ; New Hampshire 1 ; New Jersey I ; Distticl of Dolunibii 1; Hiiropo'l. All tho mujiibors am married but cigfit, nnd nno of litem i engaged ! As lo their ages, one is betvv ecu 70 and SO three between CO and 70 eighteen between 50 and (10 forty belween -10 and 50 futty-fotir between '10 and 10 and two between -'0 and 'JO. in.; n, rr. .. 1. ...1. : .: ,n". 1,1 ''c- .1,7, ii-.,, i, ii Vi V " '. , r futimiss'on to he South. If -tlexico s houtj dnre to oppo-e this measure, war n to be made upon her ShA, l,.n 8 by of nbohshin, slavery ,P. he, dom nlV, e"n in Texas, our irea.tes vvuh Ihai power are lo be "m auunder our nat.onalifauh larnUed ant I reproached arnon, nil cuil-ied nn-ions.n,, un,oM d ,,Ts,irnrf. and It he r-ovcrnmen, , become Ihe patron and pro lector ofa -rani of speculators and land jobbers, and ol ih s, , the igU,ge of Mr. ralh.iuJn. is " n'ade SfTCl I n'.lenr7,JOr,, Pr""rV,e ''P""' "-'!"-" iiut onS 1 m"l"'y P( 'l'riT "VnlUe con. ''prospent y." ",cd cf8e,,"al "'Cir safety .nd .hotr'n?'., lllc ro",9llnV'1:"""i "f "us project il is the .il. i 0 l,e0.?'e"f Vermont to ulier and record neir so emu and tinannnoiu protrst, and declare to the world ihai, with her assent, not one inch mora of slave territory shall ho added lo what we now possess, n,i I I list the incorporation oftinnibc nation into Ih l nioti t- unconstitutional, and will justify the secosst.m of thu or ot any oilier State. Tint a design Im teen conceived in reme nf ihe Svilhern States in raso Texas is not annexed, io dis solve the Union, and form a Southern cenfedfraey, enitirarins Texn. ihe coiuminee hive reason lo be hevo. If such a derisu should succeed, lis ennse quencis vvnidd rxcted Ilie stretch of humsn imaina Ism. Ilesides the blood and rrtitsurc vvhch would bo wast.vl in the ucccnipli.linieiit ol the treason, ths proximliy of two nations with in-tiinimns so dis.ioii lar would he a p'oldlo urce of rnmhaliiin anil of vvir. The ftee Stales released from cotisiilininnal iinpelinienis inishi proc'ann Iho action ( f universal ronnctp ition, and open their hnrdert to the opprrssnl ol " ii I i ais and e,i'er S-riil, m urrccii mi iiiiht fu'low ti a uiviiuiioii, and the .ilattialid slave mlder

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