Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 28, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 28, 1845 Page 1
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4 NOT T II C C L O K Y OT C T3 3 A H HUT THE WBLTAKQ OF ROME BY H. 1). STAGY. J II It L J N (i T 0 N , V B It M 0 N T, F It 1 1) A Y, F E B R U A It Y 28, 1815. V0L.XVIII....X.31. Dr. iiunniiig's Spino Uteri Ab dominal Supporter, or PATENT LACE, nnM. Ih Unt roiitniitlnn linml bv Dr. John V V. I'mc.rt, i lvi, lie havinu purt'liai'il tif the original IMU'iitt'C the e.vclttsire rtsrht to make ana xtna tti(,iiiu', within ami lor Hi! (.-nimne or unit tfii'U-n, KrnnkliM,U..ii)(MlIe,nM'ltirnin1 lU'. t The 1MTI:.T I. ACT. lia-now 1 ceil Iu'fretlic ml. lie for a iinmlii-r of month, hnnilml- have 1 ri-n ap pluMin i-illl-mit p.trWof iliucttuntrVt mi l uitli a iik re never tefoie npia!I1 lv anv nsrent rsumerotH well iiulln-iitUiiteil fJerttfie it-('l it I ent'.i t'ialiiitliM'iit'cin tin removal ofih.e.ucp of Ions stand ing, infjflit lef iriiiFlietl from thiiinmchatevnMiity in a Union l Ihe Platement ol nw mill eertilicate-ofriire-tfrirnMied I y Dr. ITannin? anil other?. Hut tin it not decnicil iici-i,--nryn-.nt the pre-rni twin, re Icienee can lu ctven to inliVul mIs wearing thr ltacct in nearly eerv tow n in the Co-mty. l'h miliu liave long ft It Ihe nee'eny ofa Suppor ter iIiH'erent I veontiitreJ and more perfect in it-adaption to the hitnun form, than any lli il j,i I Iteen pre K'tilrd to the p'il he. The inve tit n of HnnniiigV meeu "villi their rntral upprol ntion, it i- de-mned lo relr a vvinpitnn-, and lemedy a e.n ol pliv-ical winch vtittitotl e re iehc 1 1 y MU'ilrint' (done. Tlie i)'.t-ent oriliplaeenienl ot ilie vi-mtm troin re laxation of the abdominal vuifiIcs, or other chits, tend tonlternnd deranireilie function ot everyoriran in ny-li'in. and, in many eai, tin' drvM tion Iron i the nitnrntlieilihy po-it'imi of part-, i the ho'eeaiientctfcr tUbility in MaV and Kem ile. of l)ipepttt, A ton 1 1 ilie Stamath nnl 1Atert Palpitation ifn I hart, Spinal Irritation, jitrrrt, Jlipocomttia, I'itcs. Protapit I'tcria, Suppression oflrinc the ttionrhitif ol Put tiepeaU'r, iuiWhci i)!ent ConU)intinnn ol w li rli will I e much iHiev. cl, if not eiitiiclv removed, t.y the nc of the Patent LacCy when their exrsvnce wcau-ed ly phy-ical tlc ranjemeni nnd a imi h di placement of pirt-, which can lercidilv a -cert ained hv oli't-rvinz the form nni symptoms .'I the person a!(Ccd. 'I In in-'iiiiiient h i-1 een ex.itnint I ly Dis. Mnt, Rosrer, rraneit an t flri-conih of New York the Kaetilty ofl'it'-l-'iruh, llartlbrdand New Uuw-n, aiul ha ol mined their tavoral lete-tini' ny. AppH ali n for tin Ine innv t onuV to the nh scn! cr, at K-scx, or Dr. 1IKINKUI IIs llirIinirtoii. Patient at a di-tan e wilt be vinii'l at their ic-idcnce, ji repurcd. JOHN W. UMI ItV. Isex, Jatmiry, IS I). 3M( THAT Inrce and eoiiiriiiKln n two Ptory MRICK DWr.iJJNd l!OUK A.VD LOT, -itiKitedon the vet . it'eof t'oIe;'e ( m ecu, at the I no! (,f (ollece Street, in this illaire. The Ilou-e I .'J? Iy -J j, wi'h nn aenioni -tory, w ilhUilchen an 1 provi-ion cellars, with a wins 32 "ly tli, exteii'iinir north on ('oMi-e Green, with voil ond sloie ho i-c 1 plow, and t h im bers and -leeptnc rooms n.1 m, A large and eom modion barn, cainae ho't-e, leo liou-e, nnd othtr out-houee",and a p:t-t(u- yard wet of tlieiiwellnijy hou-e, and a tfood d'ira! 1c w It of water of (lie bet quality in the villauc, and abink ci-iern. One and n mrter acre. d' land, i.f the firt rpiatiti, n larjre garden and clioiee Inn I tree, e-l (f the hon-eaiid ya rd. The bnildint nit constructed m mcujern lyIo, id the I e-t material and worLman-hip, weie erected by the hb"ril 'r for his own ne, and the location a lord-' a verv cxe:i-ie and pie i -ant pro-pict of the vdbie an I la!. eon the We-l, and I not surpa-sed by anv other in thw oft he co-intry. Purdii-eis nre iimtcd to call and examine for tliemelve.. Term mae'e known Iv the ul-ciil cr on theprcmw-. tfA.MUl J UVA-A). II irlhiston, April 18, lPli. -Ifl If FARM FOR SALIl IOIi SAf.K, n Itrm in I'liIeitiiM, eon X tainmtr one h ntdrel and lmtj--i acre, i' on one lnmdied at'ie of whicli , is under cnlnvalion, the remainder is covered by a good irrowli of hard w( od. On lite prcinic nre n eon veil tent 't lima Iioii-c, I nrn, -hcilt, i.Ve.- i. ad n -i tircl.urd td il rilty lea mm app e net8, tu:lieieiit for maMnfT some titty or -ixty Inrrcl of eider. Al-o, a far.n ei.iriiinni" one bundled acre, lyin a' o it one nii'e from theal ove,nl out sixtyaeie itt wh'i di t nnd-'r inipr. ement, ami has ( n it a capi eio'i l.trn, the remturdtr i- will wooded, principally with beach and nrijde. The at ove are M'tnanil near the centre td the iovn nnd o the main roil, are well watcrel and well lenrcd, a consider.!1 leportion of the fen e 1 mvi -uh-antial tonewall, and toeib t compose one .i the bet d urv farm in the town. The ahoe pienn rvill le .o'd to eo-e a concern lor m ifh b- than their n,ne, an I po-'eioti ivva on the 1 -t of April next. Kor furlln r p.Htfcn ldreiirpireof A. 100 I V Hurling'!!, Tcli. -22, IS 1 1 3Sif Iron, stool, Nails ami Hardware. 50 Tons I.MiirlisIi Iron from 11- to Ci inche wide 10 1 3 10 30 Vt I S I Ibi-Ma do New Sable do i'o Swede do Pern do ll( r-e Hboe do Kouii I from -i to 3 i.iebe do .nr. do 3 S to 3 do do Hoops 1-7 to 1 1.1 do du 15 ' II imr nnd Si-ridl. do 20 " liindf, an u A do " .N iyb.r & Co., Cat Steel, 3 " Ptir-onVvSjirin, do 2 " Suede, do 2 " American do 3 ' (lei man do 1 " laish-h llti-ter dj 12 " P S I Itn-sh Nad Itol-, 300 Patr Pdoods Ontler and S'eih frhoe. 3.1HH) ICejH Nad from 3 I to 201 200 ' Hr.uN tl 51 ' I'D I 200 11 S tiU- " 301 to (JO J 400 iloyed V ile and It i-p. Anvils an I We-, Sheet Zinc, Sheet I earl. Ac. I. Dec. Ml. (-23) J, A, J, U, VtXK Co. 4tl IPHR s-lll H'Tll Cr II I- IICH'il il .lirc ill Inr llio TVt.o -L IniiiiiinrcC'oniinny ol'ljiil"iilC(Niiniiicm fir mora ili-in twinty c:ir-i.i-i, nivlcuniiiiiii-. iu mviiie a?ain-t losses, t.y 1 1 1 , and all l,u,.. nfl.tuhliiis. nnd xTMHiai iriM-r-j-, u iii i win re cue ap'Hinilinn- nl ii oiTic-e in lliirlinirioM, nail iiuimvliniL'lv i.mji- for thai purposo nt a low' rJti' of iia-iuuim, us iiiii' i.riv.ilt. , in .1 Inr.l 'PI ..!.... I .V. ' IV. , -"r""! " "'1""HI'0.-U IL-!!!.! rll'lltly of IliK C miinny, nisiiii s mfcly In Hkmiimi refund llii'ir proiniil, iionur;ili!i', nnl fonrM' in I ho mini. Uncut mi l naviiiciil cl" loe. u ill I... :.i. H'.lcd by all Willi whiini Ihcv have occa.iou to ilol nti... W.M, A. 'OKISWOLIJ.nnii. llurlin;loii, March 1, 1811, .jotf Dye st it Us. 400 Biirrols (Jampli'y Logwood, 2U0 do ni. lioimngo iio clu Cam ilo I no 2011 3UU- rii 75 no .25 do lo Il.iclie do do I' ll'tlC. Mad.l.r, ClllCi.( do do AIUIII, Vnrml. ilo WO(l. I'cacll wood. Q icrcilron l.arl.-. Sumai- L.ic dje, L'ulhcar, InJco, Nut Call-, Oil Vnrio', .Muriatic Acul, Murnli' i f Tin, (!iai Tin, (.'loihicrs llru-hcs, C'luihii-r-Jac-K, Pro-a I'jpirs Tenter Hook, C.irl T.uks, Ac. 4lh Dec. ' II. (23) J. &, J. II. ITCK & Co. STEEL. NAYI.OIIS a.oricd wzes, do lloill Icrcfilliil fihulr do Swiilc. do, Nnylur- i Oravcr (iennan do Spriiij - I'ni. (I.) do Suedes S.ccl lor tlugh ami Cutter thoc., Toe Cork ilo nl.o, ISO Sell Slot plated Slciirh and Omtcr Shoes Cro liar-, Viic, AnvilK, llra-s Kct-lci,hoel., Spa 'c-, I.ojraiidTraccCha'iis, if-c. Ac., which male mi lr nuionserB as-ortincnt complete, Dec. 4, Ml. () UTUONH8 & Co. JWNUY IIAI.K, .ATTOUNIIY .fe KIIUNSHM.On AT LAW, oitii:u., vr.itMoNT. Jjorrillards smill'mid Tobacco 4U4n J'MIS Macenloy f'nufT, fl'VrU 7011 lllndderi Scotch do J 10 llarrt'l Ohcwmir Tolmcco, 55 do Smoking do 4ih Dec. Ml. 23 J. Ac .1. II. PECK & Co. 2 CASKS Colored C'ainLric, I Jo Iri-h l.infi, .In ilrtUnn t'lnfTk. I-... .nl. ,v Nov. 29 1BU " VILAS $. NPVES. CoiniiiuiilfaUoii. C1I1UST STILMNC T1II3 THMPIIVT. 'Twas ?ilcnt nisht AH mture. hnshnl m fvtct, prufinind rcpre, U'n nji?elc?. 'I'lin glaring ?nn hid lone sinco Ltll the snnitncr sky. The ninon's full orb, O'er the bmh hills of eastern (Jahlec, OaM lie r nnl I light upon the scenes uf cirth, While, in the firmament above, myriads Of stars twinkled with dazzlmi: lustre .N len cc and auc reigned o'er The earth, Hive in the mstant wilderness Tho wnktful tnghtinualo iionrtd her sweet lay. The Innnt of men, w Infill thro' iho sunny hunts Of day rebounded with the footstep ol iho crowd Of Uiy m n, intent upon the iii2reao Of their wealth, ieted in Eilence. Unbrnitiu tlarKntss hntertd o'er iho cltv, Save here and thero the rnidniiiht lamp, beside. The Mck one's eonch, was Milling to and fro j And in the leinplo of Israel's Ood, The nharfire I nrned briijhlly. t The sea of Cinhhc tolkd on in peace, The a irhco of its mirror-waters skeining The fpTrklme counterpart of the dei p Azuic sky. " All things rested in Filence, In dorp nnd Muiim tilciice, such as fcctna To invito iho wuiry, curuoin spirit To connnunion with its (lod. (bit hatk 1 A distant sound foretells (he. approach Of a sliiiht bilk, jut merging into stlit, ykiinuitn with si!tne o'er the classy sea. Itutsecl here it npprmehe :" Within it aie twelve fi'lieriiien, I lira frun fs, The chosen friends of Israel's Meiah. And thai! the .Son of (bid, The h'i2h and lofty one wltoe Inbitnlion Is eternitj, eht'op nt-li its lhee for I lis diseiplc-, while lure on earth Ves, ( t n lie, the Ivinc ol Knurs, In his brief s ijourn hire below, lur the lU'demp low ot f-dh n, Miilul mm, did chooso Tittle ft licrnn n to sprrad the Itdnis of Gaul joy, u Inch sho dd be to ad pi oplc. And here tliuy are ; Thoitch He, thrir M'lMer, was (Creator of The Universe, jet here they are totlin; Throiuh the luiij nijtn, to obtain scanty yule-isieneiJ. Ibit behold 'i cloud riss aliove the We-tcin hunoti, d.iik, thrt atnnnjr, and Oinitmii'. The wind, whi'-h w is before sunk To a murmur, t.e", and the foreft le.ives Hustle airainst each other. The luoon Is now obscured by dark, porlenlous clouds, And all n Uure shrouded in deep darknes. The winds h no n-eti to a A.atlul height, And the tail eedirs and the rucd oak ItenJ lo their inline nee. Upon the .ea The waves ti?e f irioitly, and lint I'mil Inr'. is lossr-d to and fro, light as A falling leil in Autumn'- brerc. Tht"u stern men's lunrts Qmiled within them ns the fierce wave- dashed up '1 ho sides nf their frail bark, " etnini; the w hilu As threateninir to rnulf them in tho dtcp, I! it lol far Hinut the ro Appears a form as nf a man wall-iug Upon the waters, ner whom the wacs i'ossess no pnwi r. The fishermen ob-crve it, And, a it mys'etiDU'dy approaches, They rry on! in fenr. It speaks, nnd 'i-U n to its voire ; ' Tear not, 'tis I, ymir Sivior and your Hod." lie stepped into the sh p. " Pivo liord, wep'tih!" cm d tlnw iinlo him. "Why rhur I ye thus. O yu of Ittllo faith," lit turned he tint" them. Then ri-ini' wn!i rotrinnnditi" nil-n, lie sji.-ike, ' I'e-tce to yon. troubled waters, nnd Vc, proud winds, be tti I " They heard the voice of ihcir Creator, and OLiey ed. The tpmpet sunk llencith a miiimur, nnd the starry heavens sparkled a.iiu in biilh.iucy. ITtSULA. L'ast CharhUc. Dec. 1811. I'rom the Kennebec .lounnl. SA.imia. anj mi xt:i:i, visitaxt. It was the solemn niL'ht'tiine; The still, tl irk hour, when .Nature's form is clotheJ In robes of sombre lute, for this suelovniy world. 'Twis thus sbe mourned, methuiks, When our firs' innai's, pale and s.i Turned them ftoin Kden's lovely bowers, And with iiiiwilhns ftpp and aching hear Is, 'I roil tho lone pub tint bore the impress Of their first -tie'it sin. Yes- Xiirlit doib seem likesorinvv; Hut .Uii'Im'iit, Ldonous Morning, thou slult be An embli'iii u iIil- blisaful rest Tint every heart inav Inve, n'cr which The Srs or Itir.iiTi:ivsiMs doth rise. That .Von will evi ry st im Idot out, And let the u lfettered spirit fcoar To realms of lirtstht and uivcr-cndiuo ihy, 'Tuas dreamy XijiIii; nod m a t-pacious room Hat dimly bj'hted by a nper's thine. Whose Ihcln rui-r rajs upon iho an .lent wall Kasrived rmlo i.!inlows, mi:'ht be heen 'I wo .iimpl'ioiis cooehes l.ieh Ind its occupant. I'm mo seemed lusher than the other, Ami was sproid with a more gorgeous covtraig. On its downy pillow' laid a bead iirowii white w i haze. The brow wis stamped With furrows deep, which clearly told The soul th it dwelt within nnirb care had known, Thus cuisiiiy its fral tenement almost lo lull And he transformed to dust. The other couch was Wrapped in spotlo-s white fit nmblem Of tho pine, nnd ceiule spirit it enshrined, Thete slept n buy a blight nnd lovely one, Whose L'oldf a hair iu vvnvy rintjlets lay t'pon Ins i hi rub fice. i I is name wns Samuel ; In his inf nit days, wilh tears of j jy, Ilismutlur cave bun lo ilinnrvpp of her OoJ ISenialh wbo.-e radiant smile the child bad grown And waxed in sireneih till nine, When bis Almighty Parent chose him to succeed The erruiij I Hi who, ihousht a priest, had tliiuiil, And sadly, by luting all too well Iln weak and widied sois-sinco bo to llietn Ibid siven bis sTonjest, d-epi-st love NVIueli ho remembered not boowed To the great (iuJ who pavo them. Hut let us leave this mclincholy talc Turn we ogam to J'ainuel. A still small roice in the nir was beard, And llio heart of tho sleeping b iv il stirred, As it briallud in bis car a ) nnili ir word ".Sanillel, nrise The boy be awoke, but tho iiiuicil tone Had died away like a zephyr's moan, And again be closed Ins eyes. Onro more ho beard iho gentlo call, As it echoed ihruiiyh tho .pacious hall, And his fears vvero banished all, As bo listened to the try, He arose from Ins couch, mid weal lo the bed Where Idi slept, and in soft whisper siid ".My father, hero am 1," " I spo'.e not, my child," said llio aged eeer, " Hut if again the voice yo i bear, l!u fir ot cherish a boyish Let these be tho wold, yna say 'Speak, Lord, for thy servmii beartth noiv, And heloro thy fneo will hinnh'y bow Oh speak that I inayoley.'" Again be laid down lo sweetly drrnm, Itut a mellow light, like the sunset's gleam, And u voice as soft as the murmuring stream Thrice wakes the sleeping boy. Ile replied in the words hi father ha I given, And llio mild respiaiso bo hoird from Heaven Tilled his youthful hint with joy. " Samuel go forth 1 I charge theORO. As Isnet's priest ( us sons lo know That at my footstool they mimt how, I'or their father's (ind nm I." As a faithful priest he lived from this day, Till bis tpiril threw ofl'iis robe of day And soared to realms on high. Ye mothers of our land : Whoso sons ore f.iir nnd beautiful As e'en n patent's fondness e'er could wish, With minds and hearls fresh from lha band Of the same. Oi that answered Hannah's prayer. i in j-ij uui come, wun Mini nniinuiuiae iovc, And place lliein nn llio pure nnd honored shine Where Samuel oncowas Isnll Oh. if ye would, how soon nur cnunlrv's nnmo Would cease to tri m wilh scenes of guilt nnd blood. now soon intemperance, nut ehf rand pride .if (ji . V '.V.?.f? '"T ""."-P !,1,.',0.,,:C?.,?!X-. i (..-..Mm uicn iiiueco wuose i.oa is israei s noil VYJwMfututa home is Heaven. f, A. li. THE MINISTER'S DAUGHTER, nv Jins M.vnv is. hall. ' I slmll liavo wini) at my wrtlJing,' slid tlin litMiiliful iM.ty Fleetwood In lior yotitig friiiml willt lioni sliu wns chatting fiiniliar ly, nlioitt llio groit iii)ri)iicliinj; event. I wish you would mil,' ri'inou isnuei Buiiton, in it kind pi'tsitasivo tune. ' Why so, ls.ihrl ? then! ceituinty can no harm inivj fioiii il a lit I to wine at invcil dhiL' will never he the means of milking a drunkard, 1 know, lioiiiles, it seems lightly to liclong lo a hridil lole. Sly lallier used lo dt ink wine, and I well l enienilier when I was hut a lilllo child, of cieepiiig slyly into his sludv, when ho whs engaged in willing seimons, and .sooiclimcs he would fill a glass with tliu sparkling think, and I ahvas -io-tired that his pen moved with crertlur rapid ity allerwardis, than it ilnl lieloie. I liii is mil tho point in question 1 know ; hut 1 was innihiug in it my goon lamer n no was aim ,j . a ,.MnL.ui ot tin- puro lilom) ol our cnici woidd not deprive tnoorwine at my wedding, fi,., Kedeemer ! Il is in mv opinion, a foul besidisyotif temperance folksallow it loo.'; ,,,; nm ,), Clmrclt, whose loho should be 'I know and regret tii it this is the case ; fur,wj, spot or wrinkle.' I consider wine intoxiraliiig, and 1 feel that; You aro reallv an nnthiisiist, Miss liou a person is iu danger who indulge., in tlie use ( lnllii r,.,iCI yr .Sidnev ; ' the (pieslions jou of il. I liavu ollen wihed our I'ludgo pro- j !ls; .,, ,.1V(. ,, irr 1o ilirir ()r tj,.ljy . hiluled the use of w me. ' Yon would not get many signers if it did, and I am sure as I siid hcl'oie, a little wine occasionally, can iln no hitriit.' ' Is Heuiy in favor of jour wish ?' inquir ed Isabel, in a sad pensive tone. rts to mat, lie neitner approves or disap-iilt proves ol it; I tlate say he thinUs I havoivrrv ,,.,,v mmicr to icfnso a glass ; thus all wisdom enough to m iko such a iIucmoii my-ittj ,u gratified, and all will pass of well.' sell. However, hi' spoke highly ofa uod-1 1 , f vnr mn, s:,;, M,, j ,i, s)i,i1Sl ding ho intended, while absent at I!. Tlin , roncr-itiiltiliii-r herself upon the decision of patties were of tho most wealthy and iullil-'; r Sidney in her favor, ential families in the city, and no wine was vl. f., ,eeply wounded, and witli a permitted lo grace tho sumptuous feast. Ile heart aluiost hoisting with indigiiatiun and said it was decidedly tho best parly ho ever grief, she arose lo ta'j; heiilea.-. attended; still, when I made know n my in- l" You will comn to mv wedding, Isabel, tcnticin, he made no reply, and of course 1 .,,, y si,j,j M.iy, pl'iv fully, ' you would did not object. I m) nm,. ,lu unhappy hv slaying away for ' I hive no right to advise in this matter s t,ifijng ., allair 'promise mii, will yon that so closely concerns yourself, I know, comu ' I w ill come, and thus show mv re still I w Mi you might change your mind, he- Sentment, by not tasting vom wine,' .said Is foru next week; for who knows whit mm- :,,1. in ., ,;.f reiirnaelifn'l Inne. lis she clnseil ry might arise from sipping a lilllu wino at M... l.-l I, !.! .. J I. Alay l leetwoods wedding (July Hunk, , llenrv thus iiMluenced liy von, mav in time I bo led to di ink dee ily of tho cop ot death !' ( j, .. ., i,camifi nvoning in September. ' Von flighted me, Isabel, but bete comes A ,.1))V ,.,im1!lnv ,.i assembled at May our worthy pastor, .Mr. Sidney; I shall lay, rieetwdml's elegant mansion, and every eye the case beloru him and abidu by Ins decs-, .;ls tnrnC( ,vi,, atliiiir:ilioi upon the young uu'- Icoiipl" who stood plighting their vows of fi- lieforo proceeding fatllier, a concise do- ( ,yily ,! UVI,. .li, il, reigned in oveiv sriiplion of Iho individuals connected with t l(Mr, (,, onp( !llu ,,.lt I, i.iinlully in the this talo is deemed necessary. May I'h'ol-, bosom of Isabel. In doe tiinu the sparkling wood was the only surviving child of a cler- . n);l,I0 its appearance, and the fair brido tymaii, who resided in the largo and heaulifol i,la triumphant soiilo, received tho over village of S . She was i eared amid wealth 1 nujng luss, nnd drained It of its contents, and luxury, no pains Im.1 been spaicd in giv- Henry returned his wino lint .Mod ; hut Mr. ing her a thorough eibicattoe, and !' pri---1 y,,),, ,;s , ,. , f!l ,;, ilogesshe enjoyed, but compai atively fewMjr. Ob, well might angels veil their face's cm hoist. About tlnee years hefuro our 1 ,,,,,1 ..,, .,, s,., ., cii,i t pi,ii,;m,,i... talo commences, May bad been called to pal t with her excellent mnther, and in less than one year after, her father too resled from his lahois. May was now an orph in, hut not lonely and tiluue, Inr weillb purchases ma ny fiieinls, mid ol'lho dross of earth sbe pn- sessetl a goooiy snare, sue alsn possessed inly and charms which givo her, superiority over many o tho.e, who vveio prond lo call themselves her compinions. Irom among the many suitors who had so-, hcited her hand, .Mav mado the wise choice ol Henry Martin. Aouiein minii, generous tn leeiings, ami- inn; 111 disposittou, and in cliaracter strictly morni, he stood an honored ono amid his as sociates. Ilo could not boast of wealth as in iiiheritanco from Ins father, hut he ios - sessed a competency, and by bis profession, , vvinc.i vv asi.nv, tie was last rising , anil socu-, ing to iiiiiisi'ii wu ii many tieoni Ol suc,i vast ( impoitance, namely, a fortune. And thus hu wooed mid won the fair May Fleetwood, ind their nupital day was fist appioachiog. Isabel lienton was .May's most intimate fiietid. Like her she hid never moved but! in tho bright circles of wealth and fashion,! but bur mind had not become intnxicated 1 with the di'Iosivo draught, tint flows from the fountains of pleasure she Mined above the' beaten path, whero prido and vanity lead their willing volaties, and sit upon a sum mit that far o'erlooked them nil. That sum mit was moral ptiritv nnd wot ill. IJerslan- d ird excellence vvas liigh. Sin; ev il- stood ready to engage in tiny benevolent unlcrpns", that would li ivo a tendency to olevato thu character and improve tho con- lition of mankind ; consetpienllv, when tho fust temperance refurinalion look place, Is abel was among tho fust who actively and hearlily engaged in tbo heaven, born cause. I'lio l'ledgo adopted by the tempuranco societies in thoio d ivs, tliough good as lar as it wont, could t:ol s illily a mind like Kiln I's, i ixl tbo moment sho commenced a wai fans igainst King Alcohol, ho held no fellowship with any of his foul ainb nudors ; however pleasing their exterior might be, sho was well awaio tint there was rottenness and con op ium within. .May and Is ibel vvero intimate from childhood, and Henry M irlin was a fa vorite of both. Indeed, it was often a mat ter of inquiry which would at last becomo llio vvifu of Henry. Hut the extromo beauty, and perhaps wealth of May, uriv havu had something to do in deciding the case; at anv r.ilo the case was decided in her favor. No one would have suspected that Isabel felt any regret at this, I'or tho samo calm smilo played upon her hps, and tho rose yet lingered upon her cheek. Sho was not a person tn yield to dis ipiioiiituient, though a thorn might rumilo in her heart sho cuuld well conceal the pain. IS n t it is 1 1 it i n to iutriidtico Mr, .Sidney, tho clergyman, whom wo mentioned as hu was I itst favoring tho ladies with a morning call. Ilo filled Iho vacancy caused by tho death of May's father, and as ho vvas an old iicnuaint - ancn, May did not hesitate to ask him almost And at that gay and happy company cast a abruptly, if do thought it improper to have, pitying look upon the pale and suffering Isa vvino at her wedding. i l,t., sadness seemed to have cast her mantle ' I cannnt think it improper, Miss Fleet-1 over their hearts, and mirth mid happiness wood,' teplied Mr. Sidney, 'at least I seel departed, liven Henry's faco woro a shad- no reason w hy it should ho. Our Savior up- . j ........... , i w . i. 'willina to gratify tho wedding- miosis, enough nriivi'ii in ii i iii'ii iiiiuii minii. ini i iv, i i vnn , , - i r i , c i I lo perlonn that vvonderlul miracle of Chang. ing water into wine. Hut soma peoploarn becoming uiser in these days ihan our 'mi ni iculato Savior ; yet these samo persons, to use Scripture lannuago ' strain lit n gnat and swallow a caim I.' 1 IS nt I would ask, interrupted Isabel. ' if von li ivn liny le.isun to suppose that tho wine 1 our Sat inr caused lo he made from water, abel slt ivo to convince Georgo nf his folly af was intoxicating 1 Would the Lamb of God i ter their relurn home ho repelled her kind- deal out to his followers the waters of dam- nation ? Would he put the cup to their lips, when ho knew so well th it ' wine is a mock er, and strong drink is raging?' Can you prove that tii it wino was stronger than the water from which it was made 1 Was not this miracle wrought merely to shew the. pow er of him win) graced tho marriage feast ! And would our S iior, were be nuw on earth sandhill the use of the poi motif, soul-pnl-liiliiii, soiil-destroying beveian.,s wo now call wine? ! answer nol --iVi'ir-l consider it a pi-ofi nnl itni of tin; s icted ordiuam o of tho ,,mis Supper, lo sip the intoxicating draught onx'qiieiiuv wo must no contented as it roads; whether tii it wine Has intoxicaliut' I or not, is not iu our power to prove. Ifl people see lit to abstain entirely (root the use ol utile, I hive no objection, anil when thev are present wuere it is passed ; lor instance, jjjss Fleetwood's wt(!dir,i', it will boa ,1,,. ,m. .! returning home, sho sought her 1 1 e ' . chamber and gave vent to her sortow in i,.iir ol suul lie permitted to enter tho abode of bliss, suiely such a sight as this would draw toais of bloud fiom the angelic host ! To see a m in whose holy calling places him high upon the walls of Zion ; ready to givo tho alarm when danger is near; lo veo liini, in- sloal f .,;,, ,. ...f.wl vvorsbintieis of ;,C(:, r,,() destruction awaits ilium. n).1(v flir;ir, ;, ,, vl,rtox of dissi- ,,,:., ,linv ,.,.., !,illlsl.lf .....i ...,,,,1,;,, ,,.,i srllli,i,.,1.1.. :,, lm.i .i i,..i ,i,r. t,., t,;c corrupting 'infloeoco inlo tlie san.o foul snare, surely this would hid huinaniiv'weeii. nnd is ...inn,.!, m ,lr.,w f,j, ,t,,w ..n.l.,.l iv,,,,, .l, sh diops eemer's wounds, and pierce his soul Tim. il,,,,,l,i l ,i,t m t:i,i,. , !,.,: ,i i.lec ,T, ,i,;,,i ,,',', ,' ,i :, ' . ,,,, !llt her cmiul, vv,ls Sl)()ll .n,.,! , iimlur object ! this was her brother ier object ! tins was icoige. ' Georgo llentntt, hut two yt .its before was a diisipited young man, but thiougli the in fluence .f Is ibel,aud the entreaties of friends, hfliad at length abandoned tbo use of all in toxicating diiuk, wine not excepted. He was fast recovering from the shock his mind and body bad leceived fiom profligacy and intemperance, and was becoming vigorous, h ippy, and a useful jneniber of society. Is abel rejoiced at thocliingo and hopo shed her IiiiJii ray upon that domestic altar, Is abel lejoiced at the change and hope shed her blight ray upon that domestic altar. Is abel informed George that temnlation await- ed him at M iv's wedding, and slinvu to for- much attached loher. May was nnvv sel tily bis mind for the coming ti ial. doin to ho seen. Sho spent her time in her She hud received his piomiso that ho ('h iinhur alone, and for a great part of the would not ho In! astray, ami she felt ipiito time w as in a state of insensibility. Henry sure th it he had strength eiinugh to resist all , was truly a wrclhcd being. No friendly templatinn. She saw him boldly refuse when I greeting or pleasant smilo welcomed hint as thu wino cup passed that way, and her heart ' bo returned home, if May was to be seen at leioiced and nrnlidlv hoot lis sbe u.i',.,l ntwi.i ! all. her bloated face and inininilecl .'inne.-ir. her brother, Itut alas, for Hour weak hu- man nature ! Genrgo sat sipping tbo puis-' ened at heart. His homo which might h ivn onotis draught ! A fiiend who sat near, h id been a paiadiso, h id becomo a hell ! Ho placed his cup to his lips, and bid him just , now felt that .something must bo dune fur his tasto thu delicious wine. Tint taste was children, and succeeded in gaining thu con enough. His power of resistance fled, sent of Isabel, lo receive tlieui under her and he vainly summoned it to his aid. He care. They vvero accordingly removed and no longer refused, ami when Isibel first dis-1 in tills ntiblu git! they found all their hearts covered him, hu was already swallowing Ids 1 could desire. ihhd glass. His eyo now seemed to havo! Soon after their removal, tho wretched caught a slrangu unearthly firo as il wander-1 May vvas thrown upon a bed of sickness. For ed listlessly to and fro, and glowed wilh a somu time wild dclhiuui rucked hor burning wilduess upon all present, s ivo tho horror- 1 brain, hut at length, reason sat upon her stricken Isabel. Ileroyo alono ho catefully ! totlering lliiono. Isabel vvas her constant avoided. Soon as sho could liini way In her attendant nothing could draiv her from tho brother's side, sho exclaimed iu tones of an- bedside of her deluded and now dying friend, guish: ' I'or heaven's sake, (Jeorge, let us ' It was evening. May had lain in a death go homo !' at llio samo time his hand like stupor during tho day, and it was ovident with a convulsive grasp. 'Home, Isibel I jsliu could not (.urvivo many liours. Mr. Sid no not yet, why, wo havo but just come, nii.'ney entered tho room, and approached llio no, don I Hurry nio home, yet I enjoy my- sell linelv dearv. ilon't von ?' nml ilmn h,, gave a wild maniac laugh, whicli aluiost froze.' tho ciiclini' blood arounitlhu heart of Isabel. A litllu w inu h is produced a struugo ef- feci upon Georgu (teuton,' vvas whispeied by One and another in various n iris nf tl,., mmn ow of gloom, and May inwardly ropenled of inix t.tiin ..,! inr.,, r r.. ...:ir..ii.. 1 1 i innv. nun in m net uui auii . lurwillllllv hriooinr. ,,icb -rlef noon her ilea,,,., v,.,,,!,'. i - . w " . ' --.-.. j - fu fnend, and jdneas upon dor assembled guests. Mr. Sidney wns the only ono pres-1 out, who full satisfied, that till was passing olT, to tho gratification ol all concerned. At length 'ho evening wore away nnd with a Mrango feeling of disappointment, w hich i.... 1-..1...1 i.- i ... .I....... .i I i nuiiu uui 1S.1UU1 itiiiiir nuw io limine, tins , brilliant coiiipanv separated. In vain did Is- ness hv his sullen manner, and when harsh words from him fell upon her car, sho felt that all again was lost. Years passed away, and Georgo IScnton wiu lost to thu woild and to himself. His thirst for strong drink re- turned with mcreased ami fca, ful violence, j ftoni lint awful moment when he first ueld- ed to tomotalion. I'raM.'is. mid tears of tnenilt wuro slako liti iitKiii of no avail, ho continued to ouch ihlo thirst in the stieims nf death, and maddened by despair, lie left i hu lather j house, and was a wanderer, hi friends knew not whore and thus wo leave hu lo follow for a nhilu, tho fortunes of iieuiy ami Mny. llonry was succestul in business wealth scattered her glittering treasures in his path, and ambition pointed him to the summit of faint; and glory. Two lovely children, a son and daughte-, now prattled around him as ho tettirned home, and strove to aniuso him with their innocent mirth : as ho sat down they would climb up. on Ins knee, and entwine their linv ii ins around his neck and express their joy at his return. Iio kissed lliein alternately, and pressed them to his bosom, in a warm pa ternal embrace. The careless observer who witnessed lliu scene would at once pronounce Henry a happy man. Hut sorrow had left deep traces upon lib manly brow, and now the gloom deepened upon his intelligent face, and the hot tears glistened in his eyes. O, j tell nio not that man never weeps that it is below the lolly dignity ol bis nature, to suf fer (ho duik fountains of sorrow that ato de luging his heart, to flow from his eyes. Tell me not lint woman alone may weep for joy or grief; that to such weakness man should never yield ; for there .vut: times when even man may how his bead and weep. There Aitt: scenes through which man may bo cal led to pass, that havo power to dissolve ins art into drops ol bitterness. Let the vib serpent of Intemperance enter tho domestic ' .. . ..! ..... hower coil itself around a beloved object, and fasten its venomous fangs into its wiiih ing virlims wild a deadly grasp let il tear from tho larerated and bleeding heart is most cherished, earthly idol, and sink it into tho depths of dissipation and disgrace let the deep fountains of alli'Cliun bo broken up, and embittered with the foul miters of death let hopo shine with n I's tut and yet fainter light, till her bright ray is obsctiied by disappoint ment anil gloom ; sorely this is enough to draw tears ol'anguisli'lfbut'ti.o .f !an ! Through such scenes as this," had Henry boon called to pass ! and as he pressed Ids bribes lo hu Losuci, sho who gave them birth, who should have been their protector in in fancy, their guide in youth and riper years she was lying inseiisihlu from intoxication! Let tho blush of shame mantle your faces, yu fair daughters of Colombia f The De stroyer has breathed upon some of the love liest of our sex tbo young and the bountiful have alike fallen and like thu ftagilu flow er in the tempest, hive yielded themselves lo its desltiictivo breath." His ravages aie not ennfi 1 to the low, the vulgar, the illite rate, hut ho st dks abroad and finds his way into the highest nicies, w here beauty, vveullli and talent preside; and thus it was wilh May. I'l'ooi tho hitih of her first child she began toihiok something sltooger than wine, nnd before Henry was willing to acknowl edge il, even to himself, his lovely wife was a sol. Ho mado use of every ell'oit in ids power to win her hack lo solu'iely, but failed in every attempt. Hu then resulted to re striction, hut in vain. The setvanls were not allowed to bring a drop of intoxicating drink into the house, upon any occasion whatever, even at tho command of .May her self. Slill sho managed lo obtain Ihe accurs ed poison, which like a serpent was spread ingsiich desulution iu her Eden. Her chil dren vvero enliiely neglected, or given up to the management of servants, and May had becomo so hardened and indifferent, that sho l.aidlv took the trouble lo inquire after llietn! ! .p.- ,,, . ', ., 'In 'V seeuieil to shudder at the sieht nf ibeir I uiolher, and fled lo their father's hosoui for1 refuge anil happiness. Isabel often called to spend a II I tlo limn with thu worst' than moth erles babes and they vvero becoming verv ancu disgusted him and ho turned awav sick- bed and began gently to offer some cunsola lion lo tho invalid to cheer her dying bonis, and itiqitiro respecting her hopes of tlie fu ture. May beard Ins voice, and opening her eyes, fixed upon him their glassy gaze, and witli almost, supernatural strength and voice, said 'Art thou a man ot iod t uook and behold the (.'fleet of thy influence ! I shud der when I think of that dreadful night, when you drank our health in a glass uf wine. I tlio'l it safe lo follow you I followed, and am lost ! That night sealed my falo in this life nnd I fear for that which is lo come, Oil ! that I bad not asked your advice that I had listened In tho voice of my friend and ,. - . .. . r , ,, my conscienco ! Hut ills passed ! Talk not to mo of death or eternity, you can do no good I Away, man ! I cannot hear to seo you airaycd in tho robe (hat designates a priest of the most High.' Situ then closed her eyes n hilu Mr. Sidney, doubtless with J J an artow ot conviction Listened in Ins lioarl, silently withdrew. Soon after, May opened her eyes and said, 'oh Henry, calTiny chil drenmy noor neglected babes lot me nn- ploro their forgiveness, as I tlo yours, which be bail to bequeath. Uflus ragged army, Where havu I been, what have I been doing i the impediincnlr, the vile b-iirgnge, fell 10 our since that fatal night ? The past looks like I "'nre the arumry and military chest were l.e-al'iii-lnlul dieani Hum whiih I dread "-ayel to our eneuiiec. This position of tilings awake. Mv children 1 ono embrace, the.e 'Hl''-dy unparalleled in the rouree of poht- that's enough, Dear Hen ry Is the., I am dy tog, Oh God forgive' Tho cold hand of deal h now nasseil over her framn mulLm 111 I'll- 1 ed from her heart, life's last (lickeiing sp nk. Thusdied tho beatilifnl and accomplished i May. Wealth and refinement did not her Ironi the ly rant s gnsp, or rank place her above power. This is no picluie of fancy, drawn up and decked with daik col ors of Iho imagination to excito the sympi they nf the reader; hut a picture of teal life and thousands of similar instances might ho produced, enough to furnish every one who has power to wield a pen, with 11 'subject. Tom we now to a happier scene. Two ytais havo passed awav and Henry and Isa- , , i ... - , lei lire mtiitml in I ....... ...irtrir 1.. , " m"" 1 I"11 i ' i uere is a very fouiiu ami Ftroiig article on sbe who acted so well a mother's pail to the I , tent I'mporiv,' in winch tho h'e mo,l extra h ippy children now fioliching around ilium, ordinary judgui'niit in otic of our Courts in the Iris heroniu their mother, indeed. rase of 'I!inerin is. Krini'suti' is handled as it At this moment a voong man is ushered "bould bo. '7'hc Kiven' isa poem which would into the pallor, at Iho' first" si"ht of whom, ''"'o enriched IJ.arkw.o I Mlison's History of Isabel exclaims. 'Genree !' and III.., in meet the embrace of her brother. The bright Washington! in sun had tisen i in me uori.oii, wunso ciazzeliiiL' rays soon eclipsed tho fust lone temperance star, that then but faintly glimmered ; and George had permuted its soul-cheering beams to shine on hit daik pith, and llio poor inebriate was redeemed ! I will not attempt lo describe the jay of Isabtd at this unexpected meeting. one had long consnlerei her brother an in- habitant of Kleriiity, and as she now gazed ooco more into his face and heard lnni relate tho talo of his refill in, sho blessed llio holy cause, linn nnt iinlc nronm, I. ;., ,1 ir,.,t lushing inadlv into tlie road to death hut snatches those who have almost run its length ind aheady stand upon tho dark and fearful prccipicu that oveihangs eternity, and stores the repentant piodigalsto their fath er's house. Tin: a.miirican movir.w, Wine, Journal nf Politic, Littraturc, Art and Science.' e lnvo hesitated ta speak earlier of this, work as our le:arts dictated from an aonrehen. sion that it might not ultimately justify the hearty commendations we desired to bestow on it. Its projector- unt! Iid'tor being a young intii who had never seen much in Political controversy, wo u dtiril'v fircd tlr.t bin ct-liCD- tied ability and devotion to his enterprise tnh'ht not be sustained by a corresponding discretion and a clear percept if all the responsibilities and dilliculties of tin; po-ohmi lie had so boldly assumed. We have so much nftener been led astray hv our kindly feeluiL's than nur annrohen. sinus tint wo determined lor once to wait until iv e might speak with a confident The second number of the new Wlii" .Maa , , , . ii. is cuiiiiriueu nur iiopes anil dispelled our fears. ! he Amor.can Review ' is tie- wo k which the Whig p irty havu long- need id. It is able, it is judicious, it is dig-nilied. It is nnt engrossed by Political discussion, but mainly devoted to topic-of general interest, as it should be. Tho loading' piper is Political a review of the late Presidential contest, forci ble, truthful, and worthy nf general attention. A few passages treatnut opponent more harsh. ly than thu l.icts therewith adduced, would seem , daug'hur of .Mr. O., leave the hvtise of her fatb to justiiy an error which should be avoided. or iln, Pnter ,,e ,,rivy. rjrovvn had a r.fle, fired Tbo mnliiforui knaveries by which .Ur. Cliy I nt the privy, delilerately restnio his ..un across w as defeated are tn gross t bo believed by thoso I a log. The young men then passed on, amus. A I ---"'s.'.-... in- i) ,.i ; them, and the testimony should always bo ad- ilueeil when those iimpidies are spoken of and , characterized as they deserve. The article is not always sunicieutly careful when il does at. tempt tn recito Ihe facts. It siys, for io-t.aore, that there vvero more votes cast lor Polk iu I'll quemine "tint the entire populition of men, wo men and children. I ho vote cast thero for Poll; is 1,007, while tbo white populition of t'ie Parish is about l,."il)0, and tbo number of legal voters some 3"itl to lot). Tho fraud is abtiu- 'I'"'"-? aJ only ren- dors it incredible. I'lio following etract from this able article will serve to indicate its rbir.ii ter: "The history, of provisos Xatimnl Elections shows, tint the active force of the ptrty in pow er, uei essanly incident to its position, combined with the natural in inert ix, when the people h ivc been at all closely div ided in political op u- j inns, hw not only served as an important make wo glit in tbo scale, but has generally proved decisive in turning it. The same history also teaches that when the party in power, iu despite of the advantages of its position, has been in fact supplanted by its rival, it has Iipcii overborne a much by lis own inisdee.'a and the accession of negative btrei'g'.b, which liiey gave to the oppo. sitiou, as by the proper vigor derived by Iho latter from its own positive principles, lles'des, thu opposition has always relied much upon the ui of change, over an elrectivo eleninut in all pop. movements much more upon the,selli,h arguments which the prospect ol now political arrangement always offers to the largo and ap. pirently increasing holy of voters who make politics a trade. These influences compensate somew hat for llio capital of the actual possess ion of power, iu winch tho administration, of course, have tho advantage. 7'i.u '-Outs" havo a vast utecuhilhe capital, upon which they can issue abiiinhnt permissions', to bo redeemed when success shall Ii ivu furnished the moans. The "las" hive cUiiustud their resources in the satisfaction of past service. ; they can alarm with the fear of 1 sing, but can allbril no stiuiu lus to the hopo of gam. "The application of these remarks tn the p isitiou of the two great parlies, relatively to .Mr. Tyler's Administration, will exhibit tho re m irkablu influence which tho latter, so utterly feeble and insignificant in every moral point of view, vvas enabled to evort and did exert under the novel circumstances of tho case. Neither tho Whigs nor tbo Democrats could properly be called the Administration parly ; neither the Opposition. Itut iu irk how unequally tho qual ities of these antaguoist positions, so ioio.-taut for tho battle winch we were approaching as tn have often aloneiecided the field, wurc divided between thu two parties. The Democrats had all tbo ;wirer rf administration, all the prestige of opposition i Iho Whigs, all the burdens of adiuinislralion all the obstacles of opposition. If John Tyler could lnvo thrust upon our oppo. nonts all the imbecilities, all tbo iuefl'iblo perfi dies and scarce imaginable meannesses which compose tha history of hisdynany, by the same transfer which convoyed to them tho whole re sources ol government inlluenco anil patronage, ie should hate been for oiii o Ins debtors. No trcngih ulucli ho could havo imparted with all Ins iicdd"iilil firmer, would Inve sufTe-otl to bear up the load of inbred ami accutnul ted sin winch would thus bate devollcd upon bin luck loss legatees. 11m political lestatin nt did not so cquitalily proviuo ; lie to us nil Ins tnon- uro is dohiF, to n'licr.s all the tuibolantial value 7 I'X'IL" ' The ' deS ,.,rcilf, , Tv!ertn bred a pulitiral pc-tilence. (.miirnii ml In I lm t it it if ..T I ..wi . I. .c..i Bn. a... I throve upon it fital to hcaltbierurgan?, anil tee were enfeebled by I lie mnl.irif, Thcics uf l li is case transcend the wi.'ilntn of the apiilnguo lie- dead Art his hero triumphed over the lit' ini ban. "The prcri'c weight in the determination of the, which tins imvol and unhappy influ euro was enabled to oert, wo cannot pretend to es'iiiHle ; but wo hay with confidence, t tat, all oilier things remained as they were, litis dixiurlmiy? catifo rendered lb? light any thing lint a fur one, anil would alono h.ivo accounted for a vatlv mure unfavorable result than we now have occi'inin Inilenlurc." r i ' .1 :. - iiiiiM inn linger in ur uiutc nmi paces, .... : " ''""".-' uv.ewcJ 1 1 a tru y American spirit, and tho lla'rant sins of the author against I Truth, l'hilnsophy, Frecilnm anil Hutnimty, rep- r.'lien leu ai they d serve. (Why wm.sMhe Writer ilnit'ltll A tsnnVs liit rTrniiunnr IV Vl-wlf Long,' a Kentucky ttorv, a Mcr on 'Guethe's l'.guioiit,' a r ul m -ii i u ethers ot the clas we have not yet loutid time to read ; but the longest and u'-'m iimciu iu inn unmoor toy ino uniinr, we behove,) treats nf 'I'osl Office Unfurio" just as ably, sen-ilily, and with such an array of facts as the importance and imminence of the suhjec I -....I.. :.. .1 1 i .. .1 f, , . . ilnmamb.,1. Th l,;.inr f il,n ltorr. nir...., . to (Jreat liritaio is lucidly summed up, with the gratifying results, and the conclusion is reached 1 a"'1 forcibly sustainoc that one uniform Hale of fne cents for each kltcr or packet u-eii'ltini' less ''"X "." "'" """" '' composed or I what distance conveyed, with live cents for each h i.f ounce or fraction additional, pro-paid, is the true TanH'of Letter Postage. I'rin'rd Matter he would charge one cent per ounce. This need, some modification, especially in the case of newspapers conveyed but a short distance ; hut the v iew s of the writer are generally sound, and bis aiticle sheds a floud of light on the whole sucjecl. ' The American Review' is now in the hands of the Whig I'arty. A- the IMitor pertinently remark-', hu has already a li-t of subscribers which will enuro its continuance, but its etli- cieii':y and usefulness must depend entirely on to piy the best wrilers for their best I "-crvii es, and so lo rejed all articles, no unlter fml" bow valued corrcs) o ideuls, w Inch are not jin'-ftl'di a? the vimbjc'Hursii. LeUbe Wljii, "isuly, generously step lorward, and place the "uview on a basis ul security and conscious i power. Ten thousand Fub-cribers would do j a fourth of the number have already 1 volunteered. We trust the remainder will soon I follow. A. 1 . rdnine. l)r.rt.or.A!ii.r. Affair. One of the most de- ntiir.ahln tl ,lrs w inch pi-it necitr-od i i-lntn. , ny look place at Tvlervillc, about ten miles fr, tins place, on Thursday last. The circtim. stances as related to us hy i. Alundv, Esq.. coroner, who bold the inniie-t, are briefly these: Three young men, (Jeorge Ilro vn, aged 13; Ii'onard Hodge, about IT ; and Augustus Porter, over 'J'J years of ago, had been out a gunning. On their return, and when about Jo to 30 rods distant from the tlwnliin" of Simeon ( 1 it-e Ffn f 'I'd,. rv die. tnev saw Miss.I .on t n. m.V i ineiuscivcs awiiue in tiring at a mark, and re- - turned to their homes. The shot was tired at the, privy ul about t! o'clock P. M, and at G 1 2 M,s tiaks w-..s r.nm.l . rr.., i, I lm,t have died instantly. On examination it 1 annevred tbattbobill took oiruct.mssintbronK the left arm a little below tbo shoulder joint, thence directly through the lung-', pericardium, severing the artery, and lodging on the right s de, between tbo ribs and muscle. .Miss Oaks was in tho lOili year of her age, amiable, accomplished, and tbo idol of her par ents and friend-. Her death has clothed a neigh, bothiniil io sorrow, the more so that it occurred under circumstances so peculiarly heart-rending. Voting Hrown vvas examined on Saturday, be. fore Judgo Chittenden, and bold lo trial for man slaughter. Ilo was admitted to bad in tho sum of 81000. U'ufrrtoirn Jejfersanian. S1000! for this most deliberate and dastard, ly murder ! Melancholy- Wo aro informed by Mr. Fuller, one of the Canton stage drivers, that on Tuesday last, three young men, named Prior, residents of Pierpont, started on a hunt for deer and after having killed one, started in pursuit of -mother, which they followed without success till nearly inlit, when they abandoned tho pur suit and returned tn the spot where they killed the first, w Inch they secured and then started for home. The storm raging with great intensity, their progress was alike impeded from vv earl, ress, arising from tlis chase of thu day and from tbo snow, which by this time had fallen to a considerable depth. At length one of the broth ers halted and sat down to rest and being urg ed by his brothers not to givo out but lo follow on, declared be could not. The other two broth, ers continued their march awhile, when a sec ond ono sat down overcome with fatigue. Tho remaining brother now increased his exertions to reach home, which he at length gained al. though completely exhausted. A man was then sent back to lend assistance to the two young men left behind, and after much search, tho last one who gave out was found stretched at full length, with his faithful dog retting on his body. He was apparently dulled and bad sunk into a sleep, and efl'orts were made to arouse biui by rubbing his arms, legs and body, but without avail. Ilo expired in a short time. Search was then made for tho remaining brother, but prov. ol fruitless, as bad all subsequent efl'orts down to the time of the latest accounts from that town, tho unparalleled depth of the snow ren dering tbo search painfully uncertain and slow. Ogdeniburh Republican, Feb. II, Loss or Life The steamboat Pathfinder was burnt on tho Sth hist, between Oram! Gulf and Uodney, on tho Mississippi, with the loss of eey. en lives, ,1ossrs. S. S. Caldwell, llu.'giin and llutlor, of Grenada, Miss., Mr.Carletou. of Tal lahatchie; Mr. Pinchbeck, of Illinois; the Stew, ard of the boat, and one of the crew, main unknown.

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