Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 28, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 28, 1845 Page 3
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COMMUNICATIONS. Mb, KDtToni You nro probably aware, that much hos been said in your town upon iho Roll-road epila tion, and that it has nil hcen upon one title of that question, or in favor of what is called Iho Southern route. Satisfied ns 1 am of the error in judgment up on this point, permit mo to express a somewhat diller cnt view, through the columns ot your paper. While , "re oul fw 8" shorliijhlcd ns lo discard roads of this kind altogether, the great majority of the peo ple foresee the ndvnntagcs to be derived from one in tersecting tlie Slate in any direction. The voice of the people is plainly for a rail-road. The question of location, however, arises, and it is not strange that among the 300,000 inhabitants of tho Slate thero should be much diversity of opinion. Sectional inter est must of course be expected in various part', I ut justice and sound policy, rcqoiro that particular nnd local interest must bo sacriiiccd for tho general wel fare of the Stale. It is not, therefore, n question whether Burlington, Monlpelier nr anv other plarc is to !'e benefitted, but tho Slate. It would bo tho great est impolicy to suffer any such places lo govern the location, only so far as throiiali them the genernl in terest is subserved. Il N niilo obvious tint Hurling ton from its ciium-tniling piisition must bo tho west ern terminus of the road. Hut while there is n gene ral agreement on this point, there is a diversity of opinion as lo thecoutsc lo be pursued from that place. At present the peoplo tf Uurl.ngton nnd t lie Chain plain valley generally favor tho southern route which will he parallel lo an I in ihe iiniiicdhie. vieinitv of iho I-alie. while on tho contrary the people to tho F.ast of the Mountain ileire the route east by way of Mont- TI.UAn.ln , 1....I... 1... .I. csts of tho Stale and of thiprnprietnt!;of the rond. If vo u;n 10 ine topography 01 uie aiaie,nnu nouco nie facilities, those upon tho west side of tho mountain already no.scr, of getting oul by water communica tion, and the inland and isolated position of the cast i lo, llnre can be hut htllo doubt that the harmony 0 interests will be more effectually secured if tho cast em tome is pursued. This route will accommodate about 30,000 citizens of the stale residing in the North ern part of iho Conneclienl valley, who would nil lo left in an isolated position should the other route be ndopfid. This is an important consideration and bIiouM have a great influence in Ihe location of the road to the cast. The principal, nnd nlmost onjy ar gument advanced by the people of Hurlington in fa vor of tho southern road consists in securing tho trade ofthe nonh cast part of the stale. If this argument is viewed narrowly, there will ho delected in it a sel fishness quite unfavorable to oilier portions of (ho State, nnd hostile to eqinl rights nnd liberal views. This expedient of forcing the Irndo from this source to Hurlington is benefitting a few to the glent disadvan tage of the whole northeast portion of the Stale. This is a species of selfishness nearly nllietl to extor tion the unre-isonahh-ue-s and ilhbernlily of which will be apparent 10 those in every other part of the country. This very necessity of 50,000 inhibiinnts being forced hi co over inugh roads an average dis tance of GO miles to trans ict business is ihe most con vincing argument in funr of h.mngthc road pene trate, ns far as practicable with directness, their own territory. This is a ferule portion of tho Stale ami susceptible of great pro luctivcness, but rom its tin. foru.x.-ite position in relation to its access with other pans of the country, its resources nre ns jet undo veloped. So much' so, that wo find only a sixth part of Ihe inhabitants of iho Stato scattered over more than one fourth of us ana. Again. Ihe ndvucitc of Ihn other routcsay that tho Eastern road, in culling off the Northeastern trade from Burlington, wi'l ch inge their point of intersec tion with the road, from Burlington 10 Montpehir, and thus build up iho lalltr place at the expense of the former. Here, too, the sectional chara- ter of the armumnt nonears. fur them would he no eroHpr ah. surditv in Monlpelier drawing ihe people of Chilten- I den County east, for the bent fit of mat pi ice, than 1 for Burlington to require the Northeast lo build itself i up. It is therefore an illiberal policy that would bring the eastern side of the .Mountain tn any place west, I upon the lake, ami will impoverish any country in the f proportion that 11 prevails. But docs it nppenr that t Burlington will actinlly loso by this diversion of1 trade? Let us suppose that Mo'ntpelier is increased t to '20 000 inhabitants by being the depot of the conn- try north of it, it dot" not follow lhat tins is wrested 1 from Ihe present reuurces of Hurlington, or any por- lion ofthe line west of the mountain. The moment i tho road i constructed east, there will soon bo two j large places, Burlington nnd Monlpelier, both con- j Heeled with the great governing mntkcls of N. Vorl. j nnd Boston. Being about -10 miles disinnt fiom each other, nnil both nbout an equal distance from the ' mirkcts Ihey will avail themselves of tulier ns cir cumstances require. No one can tail lo see the nd. vantage in this peculiar relation of places and the mu tual leuiefit each will derive from the other. .Ml tho Boton trade of the western ploco pass through the ono while all ihe New Voik trade of ihe easieru must pass through the other. These considerait ins im portant ns ihoy nre 10 the .-late and all the parlies concerned nre not tho most important Hid o' vioiis. connected with the eastern route This coutso will s.'cnrf for Burhnginn tho whole iloineMio Undo of the Ch-implnin vallev with the coast of the I ike and contiguous country in New York and Canadi em bracing n territory of Ironi 15 000 to 20 000 square miles. If the southern route is decided upon nnd WJiitellall should be connected with the road at a p lint in or near Itutl-ind (which, without dnuht, would be done), the v. hula Hade nflhm.TU territory, winch is houn both for New York nud Boston, would be diverted from This would in duce a loss of 50 per cuu to Burhnton of till its do mesne, tia le, while there will belOO per cent loss ofthe foreign trade which will at some coy cross tho Si. IjAwrence from the countrv north of the great lakes. For the moment the road is con-ttuctcd parallel nnd near to the lake, thus involving it.elf with nn already ' existing lino of water communication, with which it never can succes.fully compete, it mu-t of necessity lose, upon an nverageahout 73 per cent of the whole fiircijn and dome tic mile of tins northern reirnn. Would your limits permit many oilier arguments might he ndvnnccl in f ivor of the route by Monlpelier. In brief, then we find, tint by the en-dent route, the interestsof the State will not only he equalized, but in lefinitely increased, the fertile alley of iheConncc licut will be laid open to market nnd its resources de veloped, a nd its now slationarv village- be placed inn conbtlnnof prosperous ndvnncemenr. An immense trade will bo brought into Burlington from the West, which will not only pass through, hut will actually stop, be unloaded, stored nnd loaded n'-ain. These changes in I lie mode of transportation will furnish 1 employment lor a largo tiumtier 01 men, nnJ give the place the wealth nnd business character of our largest sca-pori lovns. , no uf Ainu n.o". Agreeably In previous notice, n larjo meet ine; nf the inhabitants of Slowe, Man-field, and Alurrixtuwn, wa held at Ihe Inn of fjenriro and A. Raymond, in Stoive, on the l.i'h day of Feb ruary, 1915, to take into cons deration the ma kin;; of a new mail through the Notch in Mans field Mountain, to liurlm'.'toii. Asauhl Ray mond, Esq. was chosen Chairman, and W. II. II. IltNGtiAM, Secretary. The propriety of tho measure was fully dis. cussed by Ivory Luce, I'.q., anil othcri--, who were well acquainted witli tho location of Ihe route. The fear of snow slides was suggested. This, with all other objections, was fully an 8Weretl and removed, by men who had been through said route, at all seasons of the year. Tho correctness of Mr. Benedict's rep'irl was numerously attested to. Col. K. II. Herricl;, of -Worristown, being call ed on, slated tint the people in his section, and also in Orleans and some portions of Cale Ionia Counlios were anviotis for the now road, and would contribute something to assist the town of Mansfield in making tho same. The following resolutions were unanimously adopted: llesolred, That we, of the east side ofthe moun tain, pledge ourselves to ihose nn the west, 10 build a Rood carnage road 10 Underbill east lino during the year 1315 ; provided those on the west side wilt meet us there with a road equally ns good. llsioltcd, That n coinuiitlee of three be chosen to circulate subscriptions for the building of said road, to ben corresponding committee, nnd 10 call future meetings, when deemed expedient. Whereupon, W. II. II. Uiughain, of Stnwe, John Ferrin, of Moiristown, Lynda Adams, of Mansfield, were chosen. It was considered by tho meeting, that inns, much as largo and oxponsive improvements were required in Sluwo and Mnrristown, to make their roads suitable for teams tint might travel tho now road, it was a liberal otter lo meet at Underbill cast lino j ami all worn anx ious: to have an immediate answer from the towns interested, lo the first resolution. On motion of Hon. N. Thomas, it was order ed that tho proceedings of this meeting bo tunt to the Hurlington Frco Press and Sentinel Si Democrat, for publication. ASAIIKI. RAYMOND, Chairman. XV. II. II. Hingiiam, Secretary. From the Sandwich Islaods. The Now York Journal of Commerce has a file of tho Polynesian and Friend, to the 21th of Septem ber, IBM. On the 123d of July last, the Chiefs of Railca, Huvhino and Darabnra tendered to Lord George I'aulet the cession of their Islands, for his Gov. ernment, that thoy might ho protected liom the French, Iyrd Georgo declined accepting the -nomi, nn tl,n trrntiml that the Frntich claimed 75io merchants will be interested to know that the government, in order to meet tho exi gencies of the treasury, intend raising the iin k)U duties from their present rate toft per cent, ad valorem. Polynesian. LITERARY NOTICE. Atncti;an Reiiew, February, 1815. Wo beg pardon of the publishers and of our readers for not having noticed this Journal be fore. Rut, lato as it is, wo congratulate Iho Whig parly upon Iho accession of fo valuable an auxiliary in the defence anil promulgation of tho great principles upon which it rest ils claims to tho National support. We hive long needed such an organ, nnd now moro than ever. Our principles wo boliovo to bo tho true ones by which American Statcincn should ho guided, and essential to tho national prosper ily. Rut unfortunately they nro not possessed of that ioco motiie power, for which those of our opponents are so remarkable. If wo wish thorn maintain ed, wo must have thorn fairly and authoritative ly sot forth ; we must toll the people what we propose lo do and ask them to help up. And there is no bettor way lo tin this than through Iho pager of a Journal of snfiicicnt scope to em bracewith dis scussiniiH of other topics of lite rary and soiiMitilic character a series of well digested nnd permanently valuable papers upon politxnl ctibjects, ami issued with siiliicicut fre quency to seize upon nnd discuss these subjects at tho appropriate tim". What ever may be said for the daily ami weekly press in other re spects, they look little to method or complete ness. They may excite tho faithful, hut they do little towards confirming the watering, in con. verting thnso who aro in error. Il is bv a full, fair and calm discussion, u-hen men arc awake to the subject at if sue, that wo may produce an eflbct which will bo felt when they ctuno to do their voting. Tho Democracy understand this point well. Thoy understand when to strike, and by a seasonable blow or two through Iho "Demo, cratio Review" they sweetened Ihe bitter pill of Texas to Ihe palafos of Northern Democrats, and secured Mr. Polk's election. To he sure wp can say nothing for the fairness wilh which they treated tho question (for wo never road ranker hvnocrisv) but whit of I hat 1 Toxat went down, Mt. l'olk up, and Mr. A. II. Kvorett to whose jesuilism the party are indebted for success will he permitted to sop Ins spongr in tho pap of the Treasury. We do not overestimate I lie impor tance of such a publication and wo ask our Whig friends in this quarter to lend their aid in pro moting its efficiency. Tito IMitor, Mr. Collon has shown himself competent to ils m inurement mid with thu aid of such 111011 as Webster, Chimin, Rorricn, Archer, Kennedy, March, Winthrop, L'dw.ird Everett, and niimerouo oili er Whig statesmen and scholars who aro p.. dg ed lo lis support, if he cann t make this ' the first .if American Periodicals" it will only he for want of that encouragement which he has a right to expect of tho Whigs of tho Uiron. Among tho papers in the present No. are "7 he result nf thi election" an extract from which will bo found on tho first page, am! which will be read with interest, as will also tho whole article which i powerful and well written. Roatl il ! "Jack liong ; or Lynch Late and Vengeance " "I'atcnt I'rniicrly," "literary prospects oldl.V "7'Ac liaren," ".Mwin History nf lhirojie." "(Inelhe's Character nf Ugmonl," "i'ost (.ire Ilrfnrm," with "Critical polices" ami I'oreijn Jiiiccllany." HARRINGTON, Agent for'Vt. Lilltll's 1,'uing Age, jYo. !(). Has ils usual variety of selections ironi foreign periodical lite rature. We notice particularly an able paper from tho Edinburgh Renew, entitled "Church ills Life and Works." lilachwooil, January IS 15. This No. opens witli "Homer Danla and Michael Angelo." and closes with "Coleridge and Opium Eating," both pleasant enough nrlicles, but nothing more. Christopher nods sometimes. Knickerh'xler, February, 1815 Mynheer Dcidrifh is as agreeable as ever but soino of his boys aro III a bad way. exempli gratia. HRAVr.N. Often ns I strive to wean Prom this earth my htart nwny, Sost as ziphvr's hrenili beiwttn I.eae- nf flowers ni close of day, Something murmurs 111 mine ear ; Dom ihotistek where heaven may lie? Though Ihnn deem not, it is here, In the Line uf Maui's eye. The "Editor's Table" is alwas rich, but who would hate thought that tho staid Dutchman would have endorsed tiiii from a correspondent. "Woman ?" "My friend you kill mo dead ! Sweeter 1 '1:111 tho ruse nf Sharon, she plants me in tho midst of a tangent of raptures, and drives tninffiiilo ob-ietne! ,1y friend, if thorp i- anytliing in the world winch soothes my delin quencies, touches up tny good trails, chisels oul my character lo its fair properties, leads me back captite In IMiyloii like the children of Egypt, and sets me all upon ends, it is the spectacle of a captivating woman frying to exorcise a domi nation over me ; putting her soothing hand into mine, looking up to me with a pair of doves eyes, and with persuasive ability foisting herself upon my attention. It is the mint.julap of delight, and Iho sherry-cobbler of satisfaction." fXT5" TI10 dryness of legislative; proceeding is sometimes relieved hy 11 little fun, which is thu more welcomed when it conies liec-iuso of ils r.iritv. Quite a hearty Inngli was nro- ilticpd in tim IIoiiso of Iti'iresdnliilivi's of Ohio, some days since, hy the pressnliition of thu lollouiug memorial : Mr Combs, on leave, presented the peti tion of SS citizens of Miller township, Knox county, for a law to tax dogs. TI10 following is the petition : To the lljnoralle Central AtsemWy ofthe Stale .'J ll'IIU . Whereas, destruction very great Ily dogs, among ihe sheep of laic, And danger thai they wi'l tlo more, As they have often hcreloforcT Requires that something should bo dune To stop Ihe Rascals in their fun i We, therefore of your Itonorspray, Thai you'll enact, withoul delay, A law that shall impose a lax On doss, or on their owners backs, Of such amount as may suffice To make dogs moral, just and wisej And we'll forever nnd a day, When so inclined devoully pray. Fiiom Jamaica. Wo learn from the Kingston Morning Journal that Capt. Licit, of t Jin Royal .Vail Packet Company, accompanied hy nn cini. nent Surveyor, sailed a few days since from Port Royal for the Isthmus of Panama. Their object is to discover the readiest means of facilitating communications between Iho Atlantic and Pa cific, Should their report ho favorable, Iho nee- cssary funds lor the work, it is saik, are ready. The Governors ofthe Wind ware Islands are expected in Kingston about tho middle of this month- 1 neir meeting is neiu jor the purpose of establishing a penal settlement for these is land?. Rattan Island, in tho Bay of Honduras, is represented ns Jikely to bo selected. The Royal Mail Company's steamship, tho Tweed, arritcd at Port Royal on Iho 15th nil., with the European malls to tho middle of Do. cember. N. O. I'icayunr, Feb. 7. AGltlCULTUIt.U. NOTIUU. Tho Board of Managers of tho Chittenden County Agricultural Society aro hereby notified to timet at Prouly's (lato Howard's) lintel, in Rorlipgtnn, 011 Tuesday, tho lllh day of March next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, for the pur pose of settling tho premiums for the ensuing year, and such other business as may bo found necessary 7 'no following named persons, with tlio offi cers uf tho Society, constitute tho Hoard of Man agers: Messrs. E. II. Wheeler, of Charlotte; Levi Whitcomb, of Richmond ; Samuel Wells, of Underbill j J. W. Weaver, of Colchester; Win. Harmon, of Shalburno ; S. E. Howard, of Hurlington : J. II. Ilustwick, of Jeti'ho; J. II. Delano, of Essex ; Ilrigliatn C. Wright, of Mil. ton ; John Allen, of Westford : Ruins Patrick, of Iliucfcburgh; and Col. Smith, of St. George. Tiie members of iho Hoard aro requested to report at tho above meeting the amount of mon ey that may he relied upon from the members nf Iho Society in the several towns, to be expend ed in premiums thu present year. By order ofthe President, WM. WESTON; Sec'y. Feb. 36, 15 15. 39vv3 ROMANISM AT HOME. Rev. Mr. BuTten, of Burlington, who has spent two years in foreign travel, and six months in Italy and at Rome, will lecture on the subject of llomnnism, and tho present condition of Ro man Catholic Europe, in tho Congregational Church in Williston, next Sabbath morning. A collection will ho taken up in aid of Foreign Missions, it being tho day of the Monthly Con cert of Prayer forthat object. Tho well known talent and ability of the lecturer, and his thor ough acquaintance with this interesting subject, it is believed will Induce many to avail them selves of this opportunity of hearing him, L. G. BINGHAM Williston,Feh,27. MECHANICS INSTITUTE. Friday eicning, half past six, at Wellington's Court-room. An Address by Dr. Chantiing be fore a Library Company in Philadelphia will bo read, and tho question, Can American Manu facturers and Mechanics successfully compete with those of Europe, discussed. S. FLETCHER, Scc'y. At a meeting of the Grocery Keepers in this Town, on the 'J'Jd, Washinc-ton Vauoiian was called to the chair, and the following reto lutions were unanimously adopted : llcsalrtd, Thnt wo duly appreciate tho services of It. J. TVnnev nnd Charles I). Knsson. Fsa'rs for the nhle nnd lalenied innuner in which they sustained the propriclv of granting ns Licenses before Ihe Cuu my Commissioners, on the 20ih insl. t soc-f, That I he doings of I his mcr ting be signed by the Cliatrm in, nn I thai a ci py be banded to the publishers of each of the papers published in this town, Willi n request to piuuisu toe sauio. WASHINGTON VAUGUAN, Chairman. NOTICE. A meeting will he held ut Prouty's Hotel, in Hurlington, on Monday evening, March ;j, at half past G o'clock, by tho inhabitants of said town who nro qualified to vole in town meeting, mid who lire In favor ot Li censes to Tavern keepers nnd Retailers, fur tim purpose of selecting suitable c.indidati's for Town Officers, to he elected nt tho en suing March meeting. It is hoped that nil who feel nn interest ill tliut question will give their nttrnd.incc. Feb. 27, 1845. IIRIGII ION MX ItKKT, Monday, fib. 17. At .Market 513 Ileef Cattle, 025 Sheep. Prices Reef Cattle We ouote lo corresnontl wllli last wetk, nbout the same prices were obtained for a like qualuy, viz: Kxira 3V23 U 550: first quality S5 'i?3.: second quality SI 30 4,75; third quality S4 'a 4,30. Sheep Commonshcen fromS173 lo2.23: Wcdi- crs$2, 50 10 4, 50. Swine None at market exceptafew from the im mediate neighborhood. New Yonu, Ktb. 22 Ashes The sales of the wetk iiicluue nl out 500 barrels of nois ai 83.73 n 8"4 for old t3, Oil nSI 00 for new lulls. About 300 barrels of pearls have been sold nl SJ,12 n S4,ISj. Tho slock tit I he inspection warehouse is a hide over H.uuu barrels, including all grndes of both descrip tions. Flour and Grain Tnerc is rnlher more flour selling for a day or two pnsi, hut prices are not 90 firm ns lliey have been, ns ihcrenru lots of common brnnds of tlencsseo which can be bought at 81,871 the gener al price, however is SI 93J. There is nothing doing in wheat for want of sup plies. A lot of live was -old of future delivery nt 67 een's. Corn is 45 1 451 cents for Southern per 5Gibs. delivered. Canal Oats rclad nl 33 cents. IJoston, Feb. 22. Flour Continues nt same pri ces ns previously slated. Corn market languid, with iiioderntesalis. Villow flatal 49 a 50, nnd while 17 a 43c per bu. Oats 31 a 3G do. Msiffirl HS In Ibis town, on the lOih in-t., by Rev. T. W. I'ear-on, Mr. GnorViE R. Hiciuiuvox, to Mits I-.'liza Nasii, till of llii- village. Hy Ihe sanie, on the 19th in-tnnt, Mr. Claiik V. Walker to M'ss Maria Tow, lev, both of lliU town. In Ibis villain', on Ihe 2O1I1 iii-i., by John U. Hol- leuUt k, K-q., Mr. Nelson M. Nav, of Milton, 10 Ail 1'oLtr IIeeman, of tins p'acc. fi dlj, In Windsor, Tuesday, 25th insl., of consumption, Jlr. SnvMoun J. Hcrn-uam, nged about 24. "Tis finishej, 'lis done, I'.ie spirit's fled : The prisoner's gone, t lie Christian's dead, The Chri-lian's living llirnuuh Jesus' love, And gladly receiving a kingdom above." In tins town, on Tuesday morning, leb. 11, of Pleurisy and Lung Fever, F.doar O. sou of Ojver Sheldon, in the 19th year of his age. At Hurlington Falls, Feb. 24lh, Marv Ann-, dniigh ter of Willant nnd Khza Thatcher, nged 2 yeais and j months. Printers m -. II. and -V. V. are rcques. ted to notice. At llarnel, Fib. 19, Mr. Frederick T. WooDS aged 52. Mr. W. lived respccled hy all who knew him. JI;i"iiziiies for March. GRAHAM'S Mssnzine, Action's l.nlies tlo Ci'lumWiu tlo l.adjct' National do 39 25 ets 19 25 I'l EDWARDS. By A. HARPER'S Illuminated llil.le, No. 19, .Miss MnrtuH'.mV Letters on Ale,-ineri-m, The Maid of Honour, nrthe.Mas-a- 25 tac ol nl. Iiartliolomew. 25 Feb. 20. Ily A. EDWARDS. REMOVAL. IV MAS I. YUAN informs h.s friend, nnd tu. I-i tinner-, that he ha. removed lo the Sit re at llie corner ol cje ana iii'ircn rsireets lurmeriy eujiieJ by J. Wait a. n CroeLery Store;, The IJIikI. known a. ihe Wnkware buikling.. Having tho. roughly repjirct Hie alore nnd tiile.1 ihob.t k room for ilroeerit'., o'lers for sale nu exlen-ive a-sortioent of Family Groceries of superior qualuy, se'ecled particulnrly lor retailing, t'tin.i-ting of Old ll)un, Young llyroii.lllysou Skin nnd lllaek-Tca.. Java, I.oqoira, Itio, nnd Si Dtuiiiugti Co le. I'epiier, Spiee, dinger, Cinnamon, Clove-, Niiimegs, WtKibevs Double reli..ed Loaf Sugar, Ka-t ttostou Sugar. Itrown Sugar. White llnvnnna Crushed do. Maker. Host Nol Chocolate nnd Shells. Saleram., Uice, ftarr Soait ofulf qualnics. Fancy Hose and Almond CnkcSnap, Candles Ac. All of w Inch are ollired at ihe ino-i reduced pr're. forcush or credit. Fanners are informed lhat as he now for storms their produce, -lmo-t any arliteofGrnui,;iieans, Pease, Duller, Chee,e, Maple Sugar eVc will I e received for Goods. IlltY GOODS. Mnny article, of bis exlen-ive stock of Dry Goods he o lers nt co-t lor Cah. Tin. will a ford a line op pniiouiiy for tho-e wishing lo purchase to eupply themselves at reduced pri e. TO ItRXT. 'rillE adjoining Store in Iho 1 cul'tlihu 'German Store." inline halcly, Hurlington, 22 I Feb'y, 1815. Wiekwarc Block Possession given 39 THE MOTHER'S MEDICINE; AKKLIKF nnd Cure for Helamed, Irregular or Paiuf il Mensiruaiion, complaints often occurr ing among the younger portion of females in cold and wet (lunate. 'I low frequently do we bear of the pale eonniena nee, want of uppeliit lo of vivacity, and not uqWtuen tly oflht" touuli ( yet ihe ( means of surmounting llie.e neglected! First eradicate the cause, then the ture will surely follow. The medicine in hollies nl 81 each. For ale by PECK & SPEAR. Merchants and Phjsiciails supplied at the whole snlo terms. 39 WANTED, l,.eriberi in exchange for carriage work rjVthe t al their Shop on Shell urn St., n lew thou-nnd c.-.i ni'fir.t rale seeonil urowui "hueUili nnd Ash limber, sea.oned, suiinhle for Carriage Making, to gether with a thousand or two of seasoned spokes. A liSO , A lad 10 or 17 years of age, as apprentice lo the Painting business, one thai can bring good reeeom mendnlion.. SPAULDINO & RUSSELL. Burlington, Feb. 23lh 1315, 39w4 Calvin Hny's Estate. STATU OF VERMONT, j A Ti Probate Court Dislnel of Chittenden, s". 1 holden at Burling ton, within and for the District aforesaid on the 26'h 1 day ofKc'.rnary, A. I). I84j, an instrument purport- I - .'sr.,l I 'I'.-laltlnnt ..f r-al..:-. It... ni tu 00 nie ini , in " .V -..-" ... ... .-i.ui uj, late of llincsb'ireh, in said di-lnel deceased, was pre- M-nteil to tho Court here it itoi aie, t.y j'lnio Kay the executor, therein named. TIIKItl'.l'OltF., itis ordered by said Conrl, Ihnl public notice be givcU0"" Pcrnns concerned, there in tonppcar Pciore stun t'uri, t ma uiereoi iu I... Ih.I.Iaii tt tin. tti-t-i. tor's otlieo in said Hor'iuirtnn. on tho thin! We.lne.ilay of March, A. D. IS 15, ami eonlu.tihe probate of mikI Will, and it fs fur ncr or derc I llml this order I e p ibli-lierl lliree weeks suc cessively in Ihe lluilinatcn Free Press, n ncws pnper nriiiii-il 111 II irlnifton. in this .Slate, the la-t t f which pilUltC'lllltill Minn re previous tu tile u.ijr ua-igitcu, a aforcsni I fur hcaritiff. Given un ter my ban I at the llcrstLr's O.Iiee, this xutu 'toy 01 1 curuary, .1. 'a,'', . t .,. I' l... t tl IQI. WWJ v.u u t'.o 1 yj.t cristrr. Plilllii Wheeler's Mstnte. SPATE OF VLUMONT, A T a Prol a'c Court Di.lrit-I ol I hillend ss t lieli! at liilrluiglon, wilhm anil fur said di-in-i ol I'hiileii.leii.on iht-SC'h il.t v ol Fthriinrv. A.I) 1815, ci.ines riiilniiilervviitc! ..r tint. nl' iho heir lo the t-talo of r'hllln U'liecl- cf, uf Miitun, iu -ni I ih-lnet, tie ca-ul, nud li cs in said Court hi netiliim ill willing, ptayuig saul Court lo order partition of said e-la'o to I e made pcron entniei iiictoio; WI-r,.iiiioii. ihe Couil aforesaid doth .innnint the itiir.l W,i nes lav in March. 1815, fur hearing and deciding on said feliiitin, at the-oflice of llie Itegt-ler of nii4 court, in -nil 11111111131011, 111 luoeioeu 111 nu- forenoon, and dulh onler ilia' nil per-tins inleie-led in saul t-stait-1 1- tnereoi uy put iicnnon 01 mii order tin in wtelc .uece-sivt Iv ill llie It irllozt'.ll Frt- i'li'-s. a iiea-inoer nrinled 111 -aid Hurlnutoii, the Irt-t olwhiili pul lieation. 10 ho previous to the day nppnm'eil its itfore-nni lor iioirnir. 1 .t... 0.1. 1. .1 re.i....... t-ticii 1111 lei my t'- -it", ,i-, -n . ""i ...j. IS 1 1. WM. W I..S I ON, Ilcgiter. 3U.v3 Tin: Hoxrr Eiighir Coinijaini. rnllE .Menil cr. 1 f ihe I'nvr I'n.'int-1' n,n mo J reu te-tt-tl lo luctt ur 'he l.'fi in- Itutiui oil Snt urday, Mulch ls:,r.t t u'elo , 1'. d 3'J STRAYED, XJMIOM llie nrlosiire o dm sul tiIkt, oh tlie 20 li in-l,, a niM'iliiiu' MKcd IJAUK lUtOWN KAlMiOU cow with a small while lnp runi anl oni while under ihe I illy, ttbo'it 7 nr S yeir iM. WlHevr will re'nin irl Cow or pive inlorm ilicii whemver ftie nnv I't! roiiii'l hall le inlu ly rcwtinlol. FKItlUSDUKfJII AOADEMV. rTMIE Spring term of this Institution will commence X on Jlomtnv, tho Jif of .Mnrch, uniler Ihe 111 it ruc tion of L. . Chancy. A. H , the former Prectnlor. The experience of the two precedinu terms fnllv iustifics the limh tesliuionials lu ihe character nnd qu.iimcutions ol .air. ( nancy, with which Ihe Trustees were t iriusncu iroui sourtes 01 uie first respectability, ami nlbmlsn satisfactory gurnuteethat this Academy nnucr mscnarce, win coniinuuioo term van aiccs no surpas-eil by any other institution in this part of the country. JOXATI1 N CI1A.M, ( NT1I KF.ESi:. Trustees. johx wiii:f.ler, j Fcrrisburgh, Ktb. 10, 1313. 37w3 Inferences. Rev. Dana Lamb, Rridpnrt ; lltvnrd 'vmour. !.(!.. v emetines : Kcv. (jinr cs I eve ami. Shelhurnj Faculty of Iho University of Vermont, ourimgton. I lords Grass and Clover Seed. OF Superior Quality, Ly STRONGS & CO. Feb 20, 'to. 33 Trunk Lost. TAKION" Irom Ihe American Hotel, Hurlington, Vl. on Ihe 23ih ol Moveinber la-t, a square bl.atk leather Trunk fastened with Conner nails On no,. cud a card was fastened with the name "R R. Stone. ttiMUMi, ,t. wTiiieu uj-oii ii ; anu on uie oilier enu t hp nf piper wiih the words "From Junes' lintel, Phil nutip'iin, pnnieu. 1 ne irmr. contained gentleman wearins npparrtl. A suitable reward will he paid for the return ol said truiiK in ine American noiei, Hurlington, VI. Plntisburch, Feb. 13, 1943. 3? Dissolution of Copartnership rpiIK Firm of JaO. .V. DEWEV and II. P i. l)Mlt,i I this tlav aissolied. ii. p. di:wi;v. Iliirhmrlon, Teb. 18, 1813. 33 sui,t:cr sciiooi, i'or giki.s ami iittrs. I!- J. M. HUELL will comnien-t- his Sprin I' term t it '1 Imrsdiy the 2701 "I Pel roilry. In .Iruelions given in all the brjiicbe usually laufhl in Atadeiiil.s. Tuition. . For Enslish Dram-he, 153 00 " l.aii'.'uai.'es, (Greek & Latin,) 4,0J " Willing, ,50 School Rooms over II. Mayo's store, we-t .ide the Square. 33 ...noes :. Pierce's Instate. STATE OK VERMONT. rpilEIIon. the Pro nizTHiCT or cittTTRNDrN-. s. I I I ate Cour- for the Di-iru t of Cliiiien leii : T-, nil per-on. coincrnttl in

the E-tate of JA.MI.S C. Pli:itCi:iaiec r llniiliiiginn, ill slid Di-iri'-t, I'e-cea.eil. Gkhltino. Wiiiukab, Daniel It. Tucker, Administrator 1 flhc c-lule of-ai'ltiiveast-d, prop'.e. to render nn aecoiuil of hi. ndiuiut.trntiou, nn I prt-.t-ut hi. ncco-tntnirain-l tnid cs'ate for evaillilintion nntl nlltiwnm-e'nl n seion nf the Court ofPrt bale, lube hidden al llie E.i-.-lt- Hall 111 said district on the third .Monday ol March next. Therefore, you nre here'iy nolifit-l to appear 1 efort aid court nt ll e linn- an I place 11 1' ire .an I, and shew choc, if any you have, why the account nlcrcs.ilJ should not I c allo.ved. Given under my hind at Burlington, ibis 13th day of Feru.iry, A. D. 1SI5. 33w3 Wm. WESTON, fiesUler. .lolm Deverrauv-i Hst-. sr.vri: or vniiMoxr, r a session of Disleiib of Chittenden, ss. J ty. Ihe Probate Ooun liel.l nl llurhnslon w uliin and fur the district of ( iniienuen on the Iwelfih day or February, 1813, present the Hon. Charles Russell, Judge, comes Amos It. Cooper, administrator of the estate of John Devei. eauxja-e or Richmond in said district, (lecenecl, and files in said Courl h'u petition in writing, selling forih lhat ihn personal csialcnr the said inven toried nnd appraised, uni. mots to Ihe sum or s xlta-n dollars! lhat the debisallowed bv ihe commissioners ngninst said esiale amount to SI22 5C, nnd that Ihe said Drvercnux tlittl seinl of nbout thirty acres of land, siiuaied in ;n I Kielnuoiid, appriel al one hun dred nnd eighty dollars, and that 11 will be necessary to sell nil of said real esiale lor Ihe payment of the tit his ittlowrtl m."iio. sod estate ami the exeneanf niliiiiuislrniion, nn 1 prating -lid en 1 r I tu grant bun licensee lo sell nid re-ill 1 slate lor ill II puepo.e, nsrec ably lo Ihe siatuie in such ensp nn V and piovid,-tl. Whereupon, ihe courl ufou- 11.I doth nppi.iui the second Wetlnesday of Mnrch. lo'l. for henrin und deciding 011 said petiiion nl the otlieo of Ihe Register of said court in said llurhiigioii, and duih' order thai all persons interested be notified thereof by piiblicaiion of Ibis order, contniningthc substance or said petiiion, three weeks successively in the llurhiigtnn Free Press, anew-paper p-inied in said Hurlinglnn, the last of which publications lo be previous to said second Wed nesday id March, 1BI5. Given under my hand this RJih day or Feruary, 1$43. 33 Win. WESTON AVgi'.fcr. Henry rirld'n lls.ale. STATU Of Vj:ti:o.T, I 'pill: Ilonornhle District of 1'hittcnden, sa. j 1 iheProhnie Court within and for the district nmiiitipn.len 1 T. the creditors and nlheri eoneerned in iho estate nf tienry i-ieiu, laio oi jencnoin sntJ Distriel, deceased. Whereas, l.aura 1'icH, ndniinistiatrix of Iho estate of slid ib-ceiM-d, his undo application lo tins Conn, lo exien I Iheiimo hunted for initinj payment of llie debts and settling the eslnto of said deceased, Iwtlve uionihs fiom iho 2dlh tlay nf I-Vbruar), 1813. and the tieeouil VVednesday ol March next, leiiiu assiuned for a ho-irini; in the preinises, at ihe o lice of Ihe Hecisitr of this court, in llurlimrton, and it hatm" been order ed lint notion thereof he civen, by publishing this de ereo three weeks successively in llie llurliuston Kree Press, a newspaper printed at Hurlington, lnforc the lime fixed fir hearing. Therefore, you arc herehy nolifitHl, lo appear before slid Court, at ihe li no nnd pl.iee aloresoid, then and there, lo make ohjeciiens if nnv you have, to the said Hint- nrpayment heme emended as nforesild. Otveii under my band at llurhnuian, Ibis I9tli day of I' t hroary, A. D. 1 B4 . ' 33w3 Wm. WESTON, UeSUt,r. Hoiiry 1'lpltfx Instate. sT.yvnor yr.iniosT,'ynv. Hon. u,e Di.tru-I of Lhillrnden, I Probate Conn for Iho Histriti of Chittenden : To nil per.ons eon-i-ernediii ilm estate of IlKXltV PIKI.D. Inn-of Jer icho, in aid Di.liit-i. tletrascd. OaerTio. Whereas, l.aura Field, administratrix of llie e-tate of said ilevenK-d, pn)iu,-e. in reni'fr an aci-oiinlnf her adniini.iriilion, an I pro-ent herat-tnin, asain-i raid p-tate. lor exnininalicin and allowance al a e..nn nf Ihe Court of Pro1 ate, to hi hidden nt tho IIeut-ter' odiee in Hurlinirion, in said Di.tncl, on the; second Wednewlay ol March nexi, Therefi're, Vounro heieliy notifieil In appear lelorr aul court at Ihe tune and place aloresdid, and hew cau-e, if any you have, why Ihe account aforeraid should not I e allowed. Oiven under my hand at llurlinglon this 9ih day of February, Ai It. 1815. irasiti IBsureanmis 2 SM. FOI'R would respectfully inform his . friends nnd Ihe liubliuthat be will sell his re- mnln n? stoci of Dry Goods nt reduced prices for eah, many of them nl prime cof. Ileing ueierm ncu 10 sen out nis goon, uciore ine opening of navigation, Iho-e warning good Goods cheap will tlo well In give bun a cull. Hurlington, 1 en. m, icia jo Grass Seed. 1 rifi nUSIIRLS Herds Grass Seed, rahed upon) new' land in llie north part of this State, nod entirely tree from foul seed. Al-o ,l lew bushels o lied Top GrnsSced, for sale hy r. ct. it, it. uuui.ii 1 1. 1'.. Feb. 18, 18IS. 33wl2 Nnihnnicl Il'iiekinan's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT,? rPIIR lion, llie Prn- liisirit'l ol c;hitlenuen. s. J- i ale i.o-irt mr ine District of ( hi'lent'eni Tu n I ner-oti concerned iu thu t-iali- ofiSnlli.iniel Hlnckiunn, lale ol Jericho, In sai l Di-tricl, deceased. tini.KTtso. whereas, r-elini f. lllncKtnnn executor m Ihe last will ol -niM t'etra-ed. nroiio-es to ren'ler n.i nta-ouni of hi n liuini-lratiou, nnd prc-cnl his aeeo ml ng tins! suit t'Siait- lor rxaniinani n anu niiownnte uia kcs ion ofthe Court nt Probate, lo It- holden nl iheKeaf ter o'lice in IturtitiL'tnn, in nid district, cm the second weune-iiay ol .vi.arch next. 'Ilir.ncronr., yo-i nre hereby notified lo np;.ear be fore aid courl 'nt the lime and place ufnrc-tiid, nnd -hewcau-e, if any you have, why the account nfore ail -honltl not Icnlhmcl. fliv-n niider my h in I al lliirhnglon. this I9:h die of .March, A. D. 1813. Wm. W I.VI O.X, emitter. sv.i ri: or vnriMusr, i a t a -cssion tf Di-trict tif Clilllenden. p I l the 1 rn h it It- Court held nl I ! 1 1 r 1 1 1 i u ' n wuliin nnd for said district 1 1 1 .lultt nui n on Ihu lOih day of February IS 13. comes Sfhui I". Hlaekman, oiit-nf iheihvisees nnd It gales of Nathaniel Hlac'.m in, lato of Jerielio in said district, ilfCensed. testate and application to said court in writing, tint partition of said estate be made amonL' tin- -iveril persons entitled tloreiii under the list will in I lestaincril iirihe said testator, nnd proving said eourl to order parlili'm then of lo In made nnd to np- ut c iiii-iuseioner. to mnke such p trlitton, niiree l hlv lo the statute in such case inn JV and provided. Whereupon, the court nfiresnid doth appoint the second Weducslny in March, 1313, for hcaiimr nnd deciding in Iho premises, nt Iho olfiee ofthe Register of said court in said Hiirlinirton, nud tloth ortbr thai nil persons interested be notified thereof by publication of tins order, containing the substance nf sa'd nppli cants' petition, three weeks successively in the Itur luigtnn l-'ree Press, n newspaper printed in said llnr liuitton, the last nfbi'li pul lieations to he nrcvious lo the sid si-cond Wtilnes-lav of .March, 1FI3. Given under my hand ibis Ifllh day of February, 1913. 3S.v3 Wm. WFSTOX, Het-Uter. TOSRPII W. Al.I.KX ha. remoifil lo llie of- I Ilia-formerly in-i-up cd l-y llit-hrm of Al. I. F.N tfe PLAIT, nnd now oct upies the same with Mr. Pla'l. .Mr. Allen will nllelid lo llie settlement ofthe Mo k of llie late firm, nnd will here iriie oolite that in the setlleinenl of the E-late ol Ileman Alh-n, llie Itooks of ilie- partnership should le immediately closed. Feb. 2Clh, 1813. 38 CARMINA SACRA, OK, Ihe Hostein Cnlleciion of Cliuren Mu-tc. David's Harps or llo-ton S.iblaih School Song Hook 1 T.,.,...l.... ,r.l ,-.,,.,.,. ,,- n' "intioneiy, Hiank Hook-, Itv., lor sale by Ihe subs'tii-1 ncr. Hook, of any variety of pattern, and ofthe li'-lfapcr, made to order. O'tl Hook rebound, Papers, Pamphlet, nnd Peri od cals bound in a neat ule, t-u short n'Ui.-e. ' &IEVi:.N.t WOODS, .Strongs' Huildinir. Rnrlington, Vl., Teli. 20, 1813. 33 Fresh Oranes and Lemons TUST recei- cd nnd for sale by G. PETERSON. 33 Hurlington, Feb. 8lh 131'. .10 Tons iS'ovascotia Plaster FOR salo hy G. PETERSON, llurlinglon, Keb. lSdi 1545. 33 Buck Wheat Flour. A VERV superior nriiele of fresh uround lluck Wlicat Flour for sale bo G. PETERSON. Hurlinglnn, Keb. 13lh 1815. 33 100 husliesl Wheat hran, 1710K sale low bv Hurlington, Fd: G 18th IS 13. PETERSON. 33 50 Tons of I lay OK the best quality, for salo nt $5,00 per Ton, livercd any where in the village at llie nl de- IOVC prii pr.Ti:i!S().N. Ittirlinginn, Ktb. I9ih 1815. 33 EST 11 A Y. CAMIi Into ihi-inelo-ure of the fub-eril er on the lOih tlnv of Jan., iu-t. n while or I is lit (iruy Mure, well shed, nnd .iiipo.ed lo te t-iirht or tilno vc-.irs old. the owuc r i. rei'.t--ied topruvc proven v- n.iv ehnrirc-- ,ind tal.eher nwiv. HKXTI.It PI.ACi:. Shelbiirn, Jan. Pith, 1813. 37 TO PEDLARS. 100 Brass Clocks ofthe finest (jtiiilit v. 10,0n0" Drilled eyed Xt-t-dlcs, ."00 Pieks -olid Head Pins, 111 iiiintt- I'm.j 50 Vfi. L'.incy Soaps, 5 Oros.s rterni.iii Pipes, 'i " Tin Tniin-n-, 100 loxe. Finrer ltin?, 25 ' Itiisfiiu Pin-. SO tiro-. Wool Couilis. 20 10 p'altil nnd (terman spoons, Ot r-et nnd Bool l.iec., Kyelel-, 'I bomp-on's Hlaekinj, Sool 'I'lirend, Side nnd nvi.t Conib, Hpcitiiele-, nil kind-, Spe-ine'e Case-, (terinnn nler ware, nil kind, of Thim AO 2 211 50 10 10 Sleel IV ble, and many other sriiotl. lor I'edl i at the loveeei iniikei prieef. All are invited tn look at u'Cind.itnd nuy or nol, n. they eiioo-e, no uilisaliou lo I uy t incurred by fookinij. HHINaMAID it nitOTItr.K's. Feb. 15, IS 15. 37 GREAT BARGAINS f It II V. subscriber, vv-isliinir lo close un In. uierchan. L tbiins tuisinese, oilers lor ile the folloWiu-- vab ua1 le propt-riy, viz : n lot tutu-iied in ihe enure t.f ihe henitihil vilhe of Cluitonville, and is ibitly feel in front, one hundred and eiuh-y feet neros- from lliver si,. -ei in Iiini si net, antl eight v-nuio feel on Al.iin si., un which is n ibret- story brick store, eoveretl with liu, Ihirly feel in brendlh by foity four in length, the upper two slorie.s finished in order for a dwelling house; nlso n brick store bouse, eoveretl witli tin, llnrly-six feet by twcntvcblht, two stories high j n cow- bouse and barn twenty-six feet by eiahleen, nnd a wood-houso Iwcniy-eijlit feel by eiahteen. Terms, nne-fourih down and the remainder in three nuiiiial instalments. -MATTHIAS IIKLl.Klt. Chnlonville, N. V., Dee. ). 191). 27ui3 Bally Miner's Hstate. STATF. OF VKUMO.NT, ) rjllli; lion, the Pro district or riiiTTLNDrt. s. j 1 bnle Conn for llie Dislrn-I of Chillentlt-n Tn all persons eoneerned in Ihe c-iate cil'SAl,l,V .MINI'.ll, Inie of Jersey County m Ihe Slate uf Illinois, decea-ed, leaving e.tnte in .,ud di-lnet of Chittenden. l.rtr.ETiMi. Wiieiieas, So on H. Ilairlry, Adiiuiii-lrttlor ol ihe e.iiuuiii 8 tin tieeeii.eo, 10 renuer an ac-i-oiin t of lus ndminisiMtion, and pre-em bis account utrain-t saul t-t.He for examination and nllovviuee nl a t.ion ofthe Court nf Prol nle, to he holden at llie Heffi-ier nilice in Hurliusion, fn s.iid diirict, on ihe -eeontl Wulntsluy of March next. Therefore, vou are hereby notiiied to appear before Mud court nl ihe lime and place rtfore-aitf, and tltew-cau-e, if any yo.i have, why llie account uforoaid .hnu'd not be allowed. ttiven under mv hand at Hurlington, this f I th day of February, A. I). 1813. 37w3 WM. WKSTON, Register. .(.trull A, I'lrinon's IXatc. WnVheS.ib.c-ilers. bavins teen appointed by llie Mondial e llie Probale Courl foriliH lli.lrut ofChiili-iiden.Coniini.s-ioner.loretfue, nxamineand adjti-t ihe claims and tb 'ii.ind.of all per.ons tifiiii-i lliuc-laie id Aaron A. Firiiuui, lalec l llinilinuion, in aid Doirict, decea-txl, reprt-.t-ntetl tu-olien', and al-o all claims and deman Is exhili'ed in ollset I hereto nnd m'x inoiiihs from ihed ly of the dale hereol, being allowt-d by aid Court for thai purpo.e, we do there fore hereby give notice, lhat wi- wilt attend In the bii-ine.. of our appointment, al llie dwelling of Wid ow Mary l-Vmou, in Huntington, in slid Dislri-i, on Ihe lir.t Monday of May neXI, nl 10 o'clock, A, M. Dated, llu20ih Huy ol Deeeml er. A. D., 1844. ai evivneii i-nnmr,... , joiin i..,', ... .', t Comm 37 TO DENTISTS! COSSTANT mpidies of Slocklon's lale-t styles Molar, Hi-uspiu and Incisor Teeth. let Gold and Tin Foils, Files, Forceps, I.ancelr,Tooih-Pow-tier Boxes, etc-. Ac. An. Beceirinj at PECK A SPEAll'S, 35 H7iolaf Druggists. DOCT. B. J. HEINEBER6 ONCE MORE AT HOME. HAVING become convalescont I bcgtoofTer rny services to iho community nt lnrirc. my hcnllh Bltll being preennous will not allow me lotnlerinlo ine nruunus u ities ot a public practice, t nave inerc futo opened (with a determination of establishing upon a sound bnsisl n DIltIG STORE under iho appellation of II. J. IIEINEIIERO & Co , to which I bnvo nttached nConsiiliingOlIicc, where nil persons wishing to avail themselves of my profes ionnl ndviee mny consult incbelwten the hours of !) nnd 12 A. M. nnd 2 nnd 0 P. Jl. My imdiciil enreer is too well known in Hurlinglnn. etc., to rcq iire comment. The selections or the numerous Drug", Chemicals. Instruments, (cr., have been made by myself fnun the first nnd most eminent tiousesin New-Vork 1 my purchases btjng enlirtly for i-n-h we shall he enabled to uirer In Ihe ml he Goods thnt ennnot be surpassed in quality, and nt such prices a cannot fail tu jilen'p. 11-1 inf? eneaeed the nssistaneo of n pentlcuinii a Licentiate ol Iho Itonotnblo Company of pothecn rits, London, Ennlind, I'liysici ins prescriptions nnd Fiiinily Recipes wl.l bo dispensed with neatness nnd neeiirnev. H. J. Ileineberg & Co, mns! poliiely invite llie I, nines to inspect Iheir vnluaiiie mil c Itotfc s, t riions nf Peifumerv obininerl from the first Pnrisian hoiisci Their iifsorlineut ol llnir,Toolh, and Natl Uru.-hes are of superior matuifaeture. Medical Wines and Spin's of superior quality and choice- vnri. ly, TliUSSES, Male nn l Keniale on llie most improv ed prineipltsre n irkahly low priced. A variety of the most' valuable Patent meili-ines. Chemical preparations of nil kinds warranted gen uine. A selection nf Dou'eslic Warns, such ns Mneeanni, Vermicelli. Silad Oil. .Sanhn"?. Olives. Prune French nnd American Chocolate, Cocoa, Refined Istrclass, Ketchup of various kinds, Pickled Lob iters. Irish .Mess. Krench Mustnrtl. Every nttcniion will be paruculatly paid lo ensure the cootl nraees of Ihe public. 11. J. Ileineberg tfe Co invite llie public to make nn enrly enh nntl view iheir esinhliahinetit. lltsfitieil mi without reznrd to splendour. It contain the most superior quality of goods to beoblaincd in the inaiket. Tho s'ore is accessible at all hour of night and tlav. Doct. H. .1. Iffintberg takes ibis opportunity to return Ins sinceie tlianks lo iho inhabitants of Hur linglnn nnd vicinity for the numerous favors conf-rred upon him. and trusts hois not now to be forgoli.-n by his old friends. IS. H. TllcSlorn is situate I next lo Messrs lb-ins-maid ec Hnilher. Variety Store. Ch irch St., where ihe Doctor can be consulted daily. Hnrlineton, Dec,. tb, 1841. 27 H. J. ItciNEOCao, W, C. IlARntNGTON. IltiKItliMlTO.V FEMALE SEMINARY. THE TERM in this Insliiution, will couimrnce .March 3d. IS 15. and continue two Quarters or 22 uciks. Il is clesitalile that nil who intend entering Ihe Seminnry during the ensuing Spring, enter nl Ihe comtnepeemenr id llie Term, as tlino!a?sesnnd plans of study, forhe whole Term, nre then rorinetl. This Seminary in nil the Departments oflnsttuc lion nnd thseipline, is under the immediate care of the Rev. J. IC. Converse, who resides in ihe Institution, nnd will tnke a faithful and over-iahtof such pupils as shall he committed 10 his care. Mr. C. has associated willi himself, four experienced nnd thorough Teachers. In connexion with moral culture and exte rior accomplishments, it j, (he aim of Trustees and Teachers to conduct llie pupiK Ihrough such n course 1 eacners to conuuet Ihe ptipiN through such n course ol thorough sludy ns shnll be produclite of mental iiieoiiure nun menial -irencm. Instruction in the French Langunge will he given bv a Gentleman, who speaks Ihe French as his ver nacular tonane. From 23 to 30 youns Ladles can benccommodnted with Hoard. Rooms, and all the conveniences f"r study in the Seminary, under the immediate care or Ihe Teachers. .-uch will enjoy peculiar advantages. Tcrnui half payable in advance. Tuition. English Branches an I Latin, $3.00 per Qr. Piano Mu-ic 8 00 Instrument for practice, 2 00 Drawing, 4,00 French, 3 50 Board including Fuel, Lishfs, Washing, nnd nil the conveniences ror study in sp icious nnd well furnished Rooms S3, per week by tho Term, or S23, per single Ur. of eleven weeks. J. W. HICKOK, Secy. February 10, 1843. 37 INKS. BLACKINGS, &c. BLACK, Rlue, lietl and IiulelibV Ink-, Ink Pow der; Wuleri Wnxe-. Pa-tc, Ve.rm.h, and Water-proof Hlai-kim: i Slove Hhn-Ling; Puli-lung Paste and Powder, fur Silver and Hr.-ss, li.uh Driek, Hool, Slu e nnd Stove Urn-he.. nt PECK fc SPEAR'S, M UVioesule Druggitts. JWHU.XGTOX IRON FOUNDRY. THIS Ks'alil-.-iinient inow- fitted up in good ordtr fur making CASTINGS, sieh e.. Mill Oeerinj,', Sleiah Shoe-, W.ignon Axe aud Hoxc. Caldron and Pota-h Kettle., kept constantly on hnitl. All ihepa'einB formerly ti-nl and owned by Me r.. ft.iv cc I'llvv.uds are here' ready for use. I baveiakeu bold ofthis ctimt-rn, for ihe p irpo.e of tloin ihe I e-i of work, ami I mil confident 1 can du it, by u-ing the tie. cif.luek. Ca-liug. niadeoii low-lerm-, for reatlv pay. All orders addre ed lo P.. It. I'no-ssiA.-c, ll.irling Ion, Vl , -ball I c- promi-tlv nl ended lo. Hurlui-.-lon, Vl. Ftb'y.'li, ' 13. 37n,fl Stoves. rf Vi:itV .u,,er or cook siovrs of variou. Size-. t I.SO, n Hi f ra-e Colter lor ale ii exehnnirt- for Wood or urn in. -0 1' VS. iAs7,!a Cl'OKOF. IT.Ti:ft.-O.V. l;urluu.-ion Dee. 13, Ii 1511. eaf&DhUGSfc MEDICINES.? The sub.erilers are eontinu- m? al.y .uppbed with KVl-.ItV hSB AliTICUl in llie ubove branch, boih ul ibi-Oinc-ini and fulfill kind-; Medicinal vvnlcr. from tlo. from Caledonia, Cun.itla ; Wiiio an'ior-,(pir) Let-ehes i --'nrgieal Instrument; Mm eral Teeth and all Dental Article.. Jj"Prescriptions put up at shortest notice. 3j-.ltxheiuo delivered nl all hour, ofthe night. We assure our frienas and dealers in this branch' lint ihep can lie supplied wiih Drugs in their purity ainl .Medicines m Iieir irnuinrncM at iiumngion, al ns low rales as al any of the t it v uiarkeis bv same cpiantttics. 1-r.v.h tv. i-r..ui, Apothecetrice and Pruggists, P. ir!inaton,.Nor. 2Gih I.1SI1. I3'J N. H. Con inntly on hand comiile'e n-t-orliuenls or t'erluint-s, nonp., nru-ne-, ini,t-, ii'ticMiig-, u)v Sluil-, Ac-., Drugg.t'i.(i.o Ware, Ac. ic. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. ALL kinds ol TRtHSL:S for Rupture, incident to the Male, for sale, nn l aivirn'elv 33 PKCK A SPFAIt. WANTED! cr lr l.l.s. Kreoi nr Snu'reil live. JvU 500 " liee' Wax. for Cash or in exchange ny PFCK A SPIiAH. 31 Wholesale Druggists. (Dsialh paid fo? jLusalboff. 'TxII K nibs.nbers will pay ca-h on delivery at iheir J hop lor 10000 fi. I inch clear pine Lumber, 5000 do 1 1 tJo do do 5COQ du li do do do 5000 do 2 tlo tlo do 2000 do i do do du 1000 do 2 do Huiiernui. J. A II. P. HI'.lilllCK, A Co. Burlington Jon. 10th, 1 a t5. C2tf S. HAUL. HOWARD'S Cheap Cash Store, nURLINOTON, VERMONT. COMPItIKS one of the most splendid nnd jenr al STOCKS in Ihe Slate. All goods are sold strictly for Cash, and of course Cheap. Boots Shoes nnd Rubbers OF all sorts and desctiptions, for nle very low by GF.OK.ai2 PETEllSCiN, Hurlington, Feb. 18th 1615, 33 For Sale. rilllE Riddle place so c alle.', on St rth Si., Con Jt mining 11 ueie ofland, Willi a two .lory plu lercd house, Ham nn 1 Sl-t-J, Is 0 ircl for nle nl a n low price and ei-s term. Apply to aiiewus & Co. Jun. 31, Ml. 35 Hit. M AP.SMAt I.'S 1XDIAN VEGKTAllt.E Black "Miistor. rpllt3 Plnsier fs unnvalel for e I'iug sernfcbis i. swelluiffs, scurvy, Sore, tain-1 ae',-, burn-, pains iu tho sije-, hip- or limb., and se 'nni fail- to relief ill ca-e ol local rhe iinaiis-u. 11'npphe.t lo ilia n't', il will turo many ofilie e-o'iitnon lifer cum ,lninl, and it Is found to I e cj al if nut superior to any corn pla-ter, lor torn on tin- 'eel. It tuuito'h nlely nppht-il lo a fresh wo nid it will -ircient -ore-nes-', ami c.i i-e- it quickly lo hi-al. Fani' i in the halm ofu-ing this pla-ter, fin I it he. ter than any thing else fi r all purpo-e. for whit'h a pl.t.n r or mlu- is w-aii-e.1. lis virtues have I ecu wittie-c 1 1 y itio-i-nteU eif re-pet-:iil It- individn il- in var;o i par a i-l ihe rnitel s-tn'es, who have testetl it-clli'-acy.- Pltirl;, Bj-U. per box. tCrlany ceriuk-ate may le had, showing ils extraordinary effects, lleicare rtf Counterfeits i , All llio-ewi lung to purelin-e the ffntiin article nfMnr hall's Pl.i-ter .houid pnrehasi-it nt ol w -hi'-li II. i;. Gri Hey, Middle! ury, Vl., I- Ihe General Al'i-oi and no olhrr n 1 mnn ifjeture personally ihd Plaster sold l.y said GriJIey, D!' M MfiHAt.L. 1 eertif thnt tin- abovenrtie-le was e-xeetiiH,! in my pre enct- by Dr. Mnr"h.ill nn I lhat hi siguatnr'ti tliereto i geuiiine. l!ORAST WOOSTEH) Jadqs. Mil.llelury, .Ian. If, 1813. Sold whole. ale and rcail ly II. C. Grulley, gen' ernl Agent, .Miduleluiry Vl, pf'K .r- spem:, M7iolestilc and Hcfail Drtlpiiists, P.iirlinslein, Vl. And by Druggist. Efner.illy in the L'intil Stntes and Canada. ' 33-1 v DRY GOOD tS. C. T. STAMl'OIM A f. AUK exhilnlinff a la rir strn-U ol Fcrcizn nirl Du- uieMi'J ritni-U nivl Fan-'V lrv GuioU tin int'. or pal'i'rn ami .i'i(irtlii.:r to thfir -t'ilis!ifJ rule at prffiT -uiltrl t" the lirH" nirl llu pt'i(n. Lndifoi nrfpipiicularly invited tn lio'; nt their a--orlmiMit (if CfistnmTt's 'iiihl ttv Iininf- winch n tli4 caon 1 auaiutd will I c (i.tertd low A I. SO CtaInnrf, Urot'lM nnd other SlwiwN, ooinplliina rich nn J well worlliy attention will De bold ery chtap. A I. S O , n troo I nM.rtnient of .lerino nnd Philcl CJf,tlis Wniilcii I'l-if's, .Mp:-ra, Ac, for Cloaks Vlvvl-. i.lnin and llnrerl S1II.9. Califi1, nnd almo-l exery arleiv of coo I- in ihe line nf fn tf Apt orel. AlpOi a laiye stfirk of Linen Gikx's. Also. ll(th.t'a'tiiiere. Satinutt'. Ves-tmirs, and oilier c'to.U fur yentlcrncin ALSO, Itrown and II eached frJheettms and Shirt mir- of various- .tyle ainl rpMlWe. I'erj-on Dry (inotls mav (tnd it to Uvt iidvantnce 10 exaniine llie n!oe -tork which will Li 1110-t cheerfiillv -hown lo all cii-tonitT" Dec. I -Mi 1SU. 33 Paper, Books, nnd Paper Hang ings. TIfK .iilenler-., harms' purfhaed the PAPKL' MILL in Milton, and intendini; to do inn.nly i eotintry Int-ines-, would inlorm Printer-, Merehani and the p iMk penerally th it they are prepared to make contract for paper, blank and chotl hook-., blank, Ac. Ax. They intend adding next season a tock of Paper Hansinir-, and l.ceMn a Mipply. Itaff, Produce, and ecry article ied in their bust iK's leceiveil in payment. SQCIKR if- GATKS. Milton, Dec. IS-I J. 29 Fenialo Trusses. 'TMIIS nriiele of tlio invention and X manufacture of Hull, and nlsoof Marlt, of t-u-ry size nntl form, antl for all the purpose, lor which they are deigned, constantly reteiving at I'RL'K A SI'EAIl'sij From the reeoininentl.itioncif our town Physicians and re-ident Prai-lnioner. in tin- State, as wtll as llie F.icullies of Ihe t-itie. ol New York, Hus ton, Pluhdelpbi-i mid Hihiinure, we ennnot luta.- .urcllio.c ol tno niucitM t ia-s oi uiviiappy e- ts-ts which rnny le derived ly the u-e . f the.i- fn-tni" inenis. In point oftlurability. nnd particularly prire, thev aro itliui Ihe reat li of all. To Physician and Druu-i.t who pureha-ebv tho Irzen, the .Maniif.iciuiet'. eti-couut is made, 31 New ChciiiicSTs and Sundi j ArHclcsl Hie Acid., ehemiiMl. I Irelit'e ofH ilphor, Aiiiinouiacal Preiiaralion-,! bshde of Iron. Ilrcmine. Hinoxit'e r,r ercury, n.,,r,.t nrr.,i..inm. 1 1 1 r,t,if ate.i I.itiiiorit Chlor-itt- of Pota.-a, 'c nn l Mertdrv. ' e'ithe-,IIeal'hySpahh and Swceih-h, Oil ol Tul mi c, Pie 'rio, c.e. At-, tic. Xitra-etifSilvt-r.ihemtfsi New sl le. ol I ii-truinen. l.-ip-din, M.ignt-ian Fluid, N.ndiilia Wool, I. hiermm, F.ruot Fresh, Plllv. litheieal Pieparalions, LWlracl ol Opuiui, Kxir.n-1 ol Ith.itauy, II. ur.Milit'iisor Fdrclrifier. Kxtraei of Aeunite, Veiatria, Hintslule t.f Mercury, Ai PKCK fi SI'K.AIt'. There is tw excuse for the Headache ichcn you can obtain the C!r..N ixe AlAitanti.i.s AmiMVTivE CaTARIIII "fill IIUAI" Acitr. Sxerr ! ! THIS .nulT i. a certain and perfeui cure for tret, and common c-okN iu the Held and llie rtnd is nn excellent article, for fore anJ week eve.. It open. and p irge. out all olMructions, irengil'ien. the and give- a healthy action to the part, al'ecled. lleitare of Counterfeits ; All'those wi-hmgio purchase the genuine article of's Snu i; .houid purch.i-o llml of which II. C. Oridlt-v, Midd.'ebury Vl., is ihe proprie tor, "at d no other," a. I manufacture per..onall, the .nul roldbysaidOndley. MAKSHALL. I certify that ihe above article w-a. executtxl in my nre.-cin e and lhat his sn-naturc thereto i genuine. HOUASTUS WOOST1.R, Judge. Mfdillebury, Jan. 14, J S 13. N, H 'I he name ol II. U. Oridley proprietor will be found upon every tmiile of the genuine Marshall' Improved SnutT. St Id wholesale and retail by (1. C. nridley, Mid. leburv Vt. PF.CK A SPL.Alt lio!csalcandl!etail Oruagitts, Hnilingion, l. An I by DrugnWS generally in iho United Males and Cann.1.1. 3-lv TABLE JWTTEli. FEW hundred pounds. Jan. 23, '15. STUONGS A Co. Tens. COl'.NTRV packed Young Hy.on, Od llvsoii. a splendid article, 11)9011 Skill, Vituni: Hy.on In caddies, Pouchong, , , The above Teas are of ihe latest imnortitiotfs, and have I ten scire led w ills great c-are, and will I e oilered at a very .-nail advance trtun cost bv FOI.LLriT URAI'LKY V Co. South Wharf, Nov. Ii, 1844. 26 .WO Kes l'owcler 100 airs Shin. 100 M Percii.-ion Capi, 300 ttoz. Corn llroonis, 4lhLfc.'41. (5S) J. cf- 1 it. PFCK A Ca. PjyS A.VD XE1WLES. 1 PAt'K '"'""'j IOVF50 lb. inixnldo 73 M Nttxlles, Nov. 79, 1614. f!a) For sale b VILAS A NOVKt. Cash paid lor Wool AT all times at Burlintlon Mill Co'a. Fsrorr. 35 SIDNF.V HARLOW, tnf. CHILULA1N8. N Immediateeurt for this troublesome complaint 11 ce coiisianily lor sale at 34 PKCK A SPFRS. REMOVAL. PECK & SPEAR HAVF, iemotrd to the new establishment at their OLD STAND, one door east of Meturi. J. St, J.U.l'rck A Co. Burlington, 9th Jan., '45. s