Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 14, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 14, 1845 Page 3
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5L Correspondence of the N. Y. Com. Advertiser. Washington, March 0, 1915. Tho tovcral Cabinet officers appointed ycf terday, by and lth tlio advices and consent of the Senate, havo been installed in their office?. Tho suspension of the action nf tlio .Senate on the nomination of Mr. Hincroft, of Massacluf eltp, as Secretary of the Navy, was ovi-ius to n ugircstmn that ho was an abolitionist. Tho 110. ition of Massachtisetts In reference to the sla. very question is peculiar, In the respect that both of the political parties in that state havo United to promote the fanatical power. I havo little doubt, however, that tho Whb and a portion of tlio Democratic Senators will vote for tho nomination of Mr. Bancrolt. There are a (.'real number of disappointed nominees hero, vhno nominations full thrmiizh In consequence of the refusal of tho Senate In go Into Executive session. The Senate were willing; to confirm tlio nnmimlioin for tho army and navv, but thrv Intended In eivo the to all noiinaliiins for officer. of tlio customs, for consulates and for Judgeship. It is not believed that Mr. l'olk will renew many nf these nomination'. The resignations of Senator Walker and llu chanau leave a Whiff majority in the Senate. They can, if they choose, proceed to elect their officers, but I have nut heard that they will. The Senate, at this session, ham been liberal to their officers. They caio Mr. Mangiim twenty thousand dollars, by resolution, for Ins services as president pro tempore, deducting from it tho sum he hail received by law. They have ordered an Immense amount of public, printlnjr. which wl'l benefit tho Intelliconcer es tablishment. Thev alo, very properly, provi. (led that tlio mail contracts should bo advertised in tho newspapers of the vvid-ist circulation in this city so that tlio Intelligencer cannot be again excluded. lint they have been illiberal and unjust in re. fusinff to concur with tho tlnusu in tlio appro, priations for rnmmenrine tlio much wanted new public buildings. Ninety-one desk' are now quartered nut in private houses, for want of room in the public, buildings, at great inconve nience and hazard, and, besides that, the Do partments of Slate, War and Navy, with allllieir books, records and properly, are liable, at any moment, to be de-t roved by fire. The tire of last night, Willi a fresh Risturly wind, would have endangered the St ite Depart ment. I. S. Tlio Senate havo jut adjourned for today. The following nominations were received from the President: Riclnrd Ku-dt, of Pennsyl vania, Minister Plenipotentiary to llnglind. Colonel William I). lSutlor, of Kentucky, Minister to .Mexico. Tho latter nomination was confirmed witlio'H reference. Tlio former will ho. The Senate confirmed the nomination of Mr. Bancroft as Secretary of t' o Navy. Louisiana Constitution. An important provision has lionn engrafted upon the new constitution of Louisiana, the convention to amend which is now in session in New Or leans. A clause has been nilopteil, after n very long debate, requiring naturalized citi zens to have resided in the: State two years after they are naturalized before thoy can ex ercise the right of voting. This provision i not, however, to ho construed as disfranchis ing any prison now entitled to n vote. It was adopted hv n vote nf "12 to 3:2, and as sonic question in iy he started hereafter as to the political character of tho body which lias adopted this principle, it is proper to state that it contains a majoiity of Lncofocos. Tun Illinois Lon. Tim Legislature is in session, and the Commissioners nro also there who proceeded to England to negotiate the loan of S1,G00,()00 for completed the Il linois Canal. It now appears, by the Gov ernor's communication, that the conditions ore that provision shall ho made for paying one per cent, of thn interest on her whole debt, for the 1st period, two per cent. 2d pe riod, tbrco for this next, until six per cent, is paid and then thn hack interest to ho put in to new stock. Letters say nothing will he done, as tlio debts will thereby he increased, in 1856, to IS millions, thus milling C mil lions to tho present debt. These terms, says thn Springfield correspondent, "cannot and will not he complied vviili, and the Ca nal loan iiiiiv he ronsideied as at nn end." m. ..c i.l.. .I..I :n , l lie iiiaEiiiiii.m in any io,mu.-,..ulu ..... , bo appiilliii" if no interest is paid, and that is ' ,, . , .... . , to ho added lo llm prineipal 1 Illinois must make sonio and the host terms, unless she determines lo repudiate. Ono of tho Loco Fnco paicrs linving re cently taken great cieilit for IM r. Polk, fioni thn circumstance that Im uuendi-il chnrcli in a plain caningn since his arrival in Wash ington, tho New Bedfiinl Mercury, very ap positely remarks upon this treat Dnuincralic glorification, that Mr. Adams used to go on foot to church while ho was President ofthe United States, vthiln nt this lime, it is coin sideretl a wonderful stretch (if " republican simplicity " to go to church in a plain car riage. Remission of Si;.N"rr.Ncr.. One of .Mr. Tyler's last Presidential nets was n remis-sion of so much ofthe sentence passed on Capl. Newton, of tho unfortunate steam fri-ite Missouii, ns was yet to ho arcnmplislicd. Captain Newton is thus restored to pay and service. The findinc nuninst him was probably cm rect on technical grounds, hut it was a case in which the enmmander of tho vessel cnuhl .not slriclly ho said to ileservo punishment ' ICTlt isreally to be hoped that the whigs will 'not bo loi severe in their remarks against the t'emnrratVc members of CniiL'ros-, for bavhiL' napsed ihV Tcxhs bill ; for the measure is effec ted tindrV','y'cr,B atlmhiii-tr-ition, and beside?, wcroll noi for three whig inembernnf IbiiSnn nte who voVed for it, tho bill would not have jia'tcd. A'iirrt tar. Yes, " under Tyler's iiduiiiiistratinn, " and three' Whigs vutetl for it, and only Ucenttj-four Locos. Cnnscquently it must tan Whig measure .'" (U Tho laws of Ohio forbid a negro lo testify as a v ittiess in nny casn where eilher of tho parties is a white man. Tho Senate of that State have just passed a hill lo repeal this relic of barbaiism and slaveliolding pre judice. Tho liill passed by nearly a parly vote, and thereupon tho Statesman, tho Lo cofo organ, abuses tho Whigs in round terms for voling for it. Such is modern Deniocra rv. with libert y and equality on their lips i . . t. I nnd the raiiKc-si ucspousm in tut-ir uuaus uim ' 1 lives. R' t, L iATE. Mr. M .ilin ofiers for salo a very pretty place, conveniently loca ted. Sec advertisement. COMMON SCHOOLS. A meeting of friends of Improvement In nur system of common fchool education, was con vened at Middlebury nn the conmg of the 21st of February, 1815, for the purpose of hearing an address on the subject, from Thomas II. Palmer, Kq, of Pittsford, who hid been pte iously in- vitcd to deliver the same. Gov. Slaiic was called to tho chair, and Prof. S. Stoddard was appointed Secretary, After the dullvoring of the address, tho following Resolutions wcro unanimously adopted: Itcsnhttt, That the thanks nf this meeting bo tendered to Mr. Palmer for his interesting and instructive address. Ilcsnhnl, That Mr. Palmer ho requested In visit, as far as practicable, the several Cnuiitii s hi tins rilalc. anil address the peoplu lor the purpose of awaking llieir attention to the im portance of improvement in common school cil. uc ition. Iteinhcil, Tint Dr. Porter, of Cornwall, Jas. M. Slide and Philip llattill, of Middlebury, and D.icl. Hire, of Dridiivrl, be a Comtniltec to raise 81(10 lo defray Mr. Palmer's travelling expen ses in accomplishing the above object. Itesnlted, Tint Thomas. I J. rainier, ltcv. I . A. .Merrill, Ilev. Joseph V. Phillips, Uev. C P. Clarke, and Rev. Aaron Angier, bo a Commit tee to address tlio Clergy ot the Slate, and in vito their cooperation in advancing the object contemplated. liesahed. That Mr. Palmer bo requested to obtain information, by correspondence or other wise, concerning the improvement m the school systems in oilier St. lies, nml publish the same in thn newspapers, for the information of the people of 'Ins tjlatc. licsilml, I the Editors of all llie newspa pers in this Slate bo requested to publish the proceedings of Ibis meeting. WM. SLADU, Chairman. S. STODtiAr.o, Sic'ij. T1II2 NATIONAL .MINIATUKB GALLE RY. Wo havo during thn vv inter noticed with much interest the progress undo by Messrs. Antiio NV, UliU'AKDs .Si Co. in Inking dignerreotvpa likenesses of Distinguished persons for their eollnclioii in Now Ynik. To most of our rea ders Ins is k'umnas the " Xtiliunal Minialurr dalkrij" a i d it h is tlrarted much notice from the pre-s of that ciiy as an object of very great interest. We line seen tlio various Mops in Ibo !nrin ition of this gallery, ns for three ses sions past Messrs. A., II. &. Co. havo been per. muled to occupy the iu.lil.iry coiniuilteo room of llie Senate, where tlio likenesses aie lo lie seen bcloro they are traiiMiiiited to New York ; and we cm hardly imagine an exhibition more attractive to the public than tho aceiiralo like nesses of all, or ne.n Iy all, the eminent individu als of nur rutin' ry. It must also soon bu of a great value, as one and nnoih,,r of tho.-e who have lived long enough to attain celebrity aro passing from tho stage of life. Ho." priceless would bo a good d.iguerrooti pe of Wa-hingtou, Franklin, or any of thn tit hers of our country. All the objections to "daguerreotypes" hale been obviated by these gentlemen, in vvlio-e hands the art has advanced lo a pnrfeclion tar ! -yond our expect t'lnns. Dor friends vv lie vis.t New Yoil; will do well to visit tlio "Nation al ,1iriiattne G illerv," at 217 Unndway: Ihoro is no i bargu for adoiissimi, Tho engraving of the Heinle of H VI from likone.-ses m tins g.illo. rv is making good p.-ed towards cninplellnn, .Old ill,' undoubtedly bu far superior lo any similar work of art produced in this country Sat. Int. oiinvr nun in Washington. Oiii ofthe grcntri fires tint hio over occurred in the nly, hroltc out in the Nnii'iinl 'I ln-atrr, Weilius tl.iy, 5l'!i itist., nliuiil S n'rlurk, ii the cv mn. There w is -in iinim ni nuilnMiei in tl.o thnirr. Int fnriu nntelv nil et-njH'tl, owtnj lo a-iniinihtc mnnntr in which tin thinlie was enlist ii.nru. i in tire iMimm in the nil mum. nntl in a few moint'iils ihuwhn'e Inck jnrl nfthu llioatre was nn lirr, nntl m om Imur the will )lo interior ni luc uuihlin. I ho tiru etcinHi tti tlio Cilnlin nlTiee, upon the ruht of the huiUhnir, whii-li was but sliahlly d iiuaiM'il, sml lo the comer ef 'I Inr- tecnih slrtTt, nnd three li'itlduis nn Thntirnth rtt wertMlc3trojcd, m all, six nr ciaht build msrs". The escape from theihentrc was nioM ni'irxelhms. Theru j was general fiizht and ruluni; towards ihe donr, but Inppily ihcre time lo ccapp, nnd wo hear (f no niienta f nny kind. Tho ocenpTiits nf th! luuises n 'joininir the ihratrc iml limo to pavn their fur nitu'e, but uiiieh of it in n dumgal entidllion. The streets were lined with furniture, nnd ihewrec'.-uf KontN removed from the cros shops nud dwellings. Tin; (llnbe ofliee had n narrow escape The tup of the II''rvnir, enutainms a time ojiantiiv of water, was covcrnl limes on fire. The otliee w-ns s;nn in ciiiiM'qup nco nf a fire protf I nildmz. Thcic wns n hundred ihonani! dnllirs wnrtli nf h oks m theofTirc. Onenf the Democratic balls wereffiven last nuihl at the N Utonal Thealrf, but moht of ih" fixtnri' wtre removed. TheThcttre was intired for $10 000. It wis boi.'trlif n few weeks pinee fur M l.pi00. Theirij innl nf lot nnd budding as 811000. The whole lo-s of nroneriv will amount, probiihlv, to jOOOO, i nml nerhans more, Amonir die houses destrocd was one nNiit'd anil oecunied bv Mr. Xotirsr a t-lerli in t.Tr,.lsrv Hni,,ent. Two of llie bou-cs wtrc nwnelbv Col. Hnknr. The file would hive In en put nut, in ISew 1 ntk. in j jtI ,!., mt Cre ibere was neiihrr nn-ilind in pnitinc down the lire, or uny head to direct its man- ageincnt. V. Y. Hxprut. Fiiom Mr.xico. Later dales from Mexico have hoeii received nt New Oi leans. Noth ing di.-finilo lias lieen dono in llie trial nf San ta Anna. Il is said diflii'tillii-s exisi in liriimins; the hill nf ueriisalinn ncninst liiui, tliere being doiiht uhether In arruign him as President nr General, being at the time neither. One of llm Santa Anna Iras given drafts lo Mr. Perez Salver, being a restitution of onn hundred thousand dollars, which ho had caused to ho taken from tho Mint in Ciiianujiiatn. He lias also appointed an ndvocnto to raise tin; embargo put on his property, and settle all tlio tl.iiiniges ins cunilucl has caused ilio iri linn to suffer. He is si ill at Perote, and had been denied tho privilegn requested, nf ap pearing hefnre the grand jury personally and delivering affidavit verhalK. A loan ufSlOO.OOO, al one Inlf ner cent, per mouth has been raised by tho Govern ment. Kuorninns perulalinus on llm pari of ron Iracturs are said to Ii ive been discoveied. It is tliiiuglii that tlio nflicers takuu uilli Saiil.i Anna uill lie lenioutly treated. PintrKs nt.ih -rur. Stiiaiuiitm of Gin- iui,Ti:ii. Capt. Thomas, nt Huston, from Gihi-r.ilter Jan. 25, llio latest dales leceivi-d in ibis cnunlrv, stales lhat several vessels nf war, including 11. li. M. sleamer Fl iuier, Il id sailed in pursuit of some pirates, spoken itfin the siihjiiined c.xtrurt from the Gibral tar Chronicle of Jan. 122 : "Wo havo been favored with an extract frnm a Cadiz letter of January 20. which stales that a Hpinieh brig Iml just ro-en'ered that port, from iv Inch she sailed a few days proviously for La. guayra ; the captain of which reports havinsr fallen in wilb, oflTapcSt. Vincent, three pirati cal vl (Help, a bark, a brig, and schooner, by one of which, tho brig, bo was chased foiiiu days-, but succeeded in ellerting bis escape." Tiir Nnw States. Iowa and Florid i being admitted itilo the Union, increa-o thn number of States in nur Confederacy m twentvught, without including Texas, Tho Senate vvilj hereafter comprise liO ineinbers, nr fiH iurludiii!; thosu from 'I'osas ! and the I louse 225, or in eluding llioso from Tevas, 'J27. Tho six new .Senators to bo chosen will doubtless bo Loco. I'oen. Tho Legislature of Iowa does not meet until 1 ' Tinnaru npt. anil uill rnmnritin 17 ; n.i I nra . i I and 99 Iloprctentativofj. I ho seat of covern- nient is at the tly of Iowa, hi Jolinsou County. -llxpress. This day is tlio " Fourth of March" for I'ollf, anil March forth for John Tyler. X. II. llulle. tin, 'luttdty. MANSF113LD ltOAI). Notice Is hereby riven to all norsnns Interest ed In tho opening id this road that a meeting will bo held to promuto it, at Carlotnn's In Un derbill, nu Monday noxt, at 10 o'clock, P. M. Auoiegnnon Is expected rrnm each town on the route from Iliirllngtnn to Mansfield, and it is hoped that the people of Underbill will bo in full attendance, and l'Ivo their neighbor?, corn ing on eo worthy an errand, a cordial reception, wormy an errand, a col J. II. TOWUR, ) I'BTBIt GII.K, M. HV'BVKNS. S Uommutco lor Underbill. Underbill, 10 March, IS 15. MECHANICS' 1.MST1TUT K. Meeting Fiid.iy evening, nt usual limn nud place. Quits rioN ll'rts the passage of the li cense law crpedient? nitlCIIlON MAHtfl.T, Monday, March 3. At Market COO Uccf Gallic, 930 Sheep, and 830 owine. Pmcr.s Hcrf Catlle The prices obtained last week were not for a like quality cent-rally sustained. Some hcniitlful Cnlllo wcro ni Market. We noticed 8 d-d by Messrs. M.isicr it llu-di, of West SprinauVhl, fit have been slaughter-il. mru regale tallow 1 1 00 pounds, ibe Iwo best aro not vet slauuhtercd, also 9 fi'd bv Mr. Dkki-rsnn. of Winn ie. Wo rnloln Extra S").2"i n j."0 first quality 8"i J 5,2 j t second quality SI 1,50 S 4 73 1 third nnilily 816 I 50. Sheep Sonic verv fine Welhcrs were at market Sales of two lots from 83 50 lo .1,50 j ono lot S3 00 ami another fs.j.bU. Swine Prune lots lo neiblle. -I for sows and 5 for barrows l.argo bo"s37-8au I 1 7-3. At retail 1 1-2 and 5 1-2. Aldvsv, March 10 Orders for small iotsof Gene' see are ill led lit 81.914. ,Nn ehunre in seed. Ilcrrvio, March 8. A lalo elOuObrls. mixed Mich. and Ohio ai if 1. Host'-n. March S. Flour Ibe nnrkrt hreentmto chaneonii Pridn's nriccs; 9 lies of Gt-nc( moderate nl 431 1 lot of 100 bills. 2,i -,e al t l 1 1 ptice Grain m-irkrt stiady prnno y How (lit Corn, for mealing, I9i30 ami while Jfiil per hnsliel--furnier price.! for cargo sales. Oals 33 a 33c do. In this lown, on the 3 1 in-t., Mr. Josr.pu II. San oonv, aced 33 years. Papers in N. II. and A". Y. are rcrntstcd, tfc. II v this dispensation of Piovidencea worlhv fainilv is bercfl of nn nUiciioiintc Inislnnd and lather, and sociely 0I0110 lis most benevolent and useful inein hers. Ye inonrnin2 friends, suppress the tear, Nor bo 10 frenzv driven ; The voito tint so-itbt-d vour sorrows here, Is turned to prusem h-aveu. A. II, In Swanlou, nu the 3 I nisi., OiuiEnT, infant son of Tbos. W. and Ilslber Irish, njeil 1 yeir. "Hre sin (out I blejlil or porrmv fade, Doslh ("one with friendly cire, The opeiimt' bu I to heaven conveyed, And bide it blos-oni there." nkw niiiii:iv v mi BRONCHITIS, II0RSRXESS, 77: lillOXCIIAL COMFIT. ria 11 1 I'reoura-tnn i nren le I lo nllav a'l irritr.iion I ol llie l,nrvii,q'rai-hea. or llroncli .il Tu'e. Ii wdl lo loind eu-lly erviee.ihto in ea-es nri-iiiL' from tlironn- inll on.uinn, nn I ibo-e -'im-ed by ibe i li'.iu-ienl e leeis of eold-. Its pr pi-rues are -n- b a to iuiiirt a kootlimr an-l iDollilj-ina sen-niioo lolln-' uiein' raioius -nrfaoo-, when eene I, wbellier l-y ibe e.!eeiof uill'.enKi, Orel i-n-i-onl exe lion in publie speikms, nnd oih-r use- ofthe ormu. X'T Olersyuieii, Fill lie and I'rivate Suijits, nn I i oilier person, s i luruii! fro-n AfV-eli n. of ibe Tluoit. ' In arM-ne-s, CoI.U ot longer or sb rler d iralion, or other iinpohuu-iiN of the v on-e, will tin I this a most iiupoiiant di--"ory. Il i i-niin-ly fiec fiom nlliU-l-eteiioii imri-cdii-iiis, nn 1 has ,ren prepared under llie he-t inedii-al upervi ion. I're-e 23 n-ni- per bo. Si-llat V. IIAItlUMiTON'S lliw!;-lore, lluiliin?. too, Vl. t NO 'VICE. A I.I. pernn ti'.l in ibi- hue Firm oflTateh, O ',-11 it Co., must rail nn I ,etlle bv Ibe 3ib i.l April next, or tb.-ir deniantN will be lefl wuh an Allorney fur i-ollct-lion. lliirbnv' mi, Man Ii Kllb.lSIS. Ilu3 FOll SALF. Q(f mrsiir.r.s of nnsii-h lied rhnn lWd OVJU SIMIINO WIIFAT, nsupi-iior anW,., for OF.O. KOGCI'MIIK. Ilurlinston Fulls, JIarcli 11, M.. 41 0 Farm for Sale. fiff Mil OH inl a fnm in Cli u'nttu nniam Rrl1 ",J-r a0,,t a,u' h'tndrwl .ind tweniv ifWrfi&X !cre-, u' nut one Inn hed aeres of winch il " l- under cullivatiun the remainder i- -Pa. fuwrol by a food thrift y ffniwthoI'tine, InMnlo.-k and hard wond. On thf premi-e nten i-on- emcnl 'He Irnj lmti?o one an I n ha't tnry huh twemy-s' I y ilur'y feet, a p'od I ,irn thirty ly (iirlv feet, ejiri'.ioe" ho ie and wood -lied whli n mmd well i ui p ire water al o, a vomiir on-h ml of n! out ixtv Irees jus' bei-uiiMn lo I ear. 1 be r.bove birin is tit- iia'i-,1 in the ipt Ii part ol one nn I n'-oui iwo nud n ball' mile toith Irooi .-s7t,elloirn iiiivtln" Ipmi-c, i- iintler n iroo I -late of i ulpvalion and is vi-ell kneel. Al-o ab, nt iwenty-liu- Ion ol un Iny nil ot vvliich Wl'l I e sold fir a I'nr pri.-e nml p. s-e Ion -.'iven im mediately. For Inriher parli' inq -ireol m:wit,u Shelburn, Mjreb li, IS 13. J For Sale Cheap. s--l rpiin -nt t-cr.ber wi-lnns to ten ve town, 'ifi.S i Here-for Mile Ibe iveo Ho i-es mil HlK-j lot nh ,in e ellcnt well of waier, plea - fiy- null" .itiia-etl on Cherry St. next lot ,-asi of Win. We-to'i lis p For lerni- en pure ofthe sub-M-riU-rnn ll.e premises. J.VJIUS MAIil'I.V. N. II. Iloeelo let. Iltf xotici:. Pally, my wife, has left my 1 od nnd YTiMIF.ItF.A' hoard and refti-es toretnui nnd live with me: 1 tlu-refi ro for id all persons harboring or tru.lins lier on my ni-i-onut, n- I will pay noilebls ofbereon Iraetiii? ufier llii- dale. AKF.N'A IIA'i:.. North Hero, Mar--h lib, 1SI5. 4l CliHinistry of I'lanis. A TUl.ATI"!'-on tho Force whn b predtire lite V Organization of I'lonts, with tin Annenilix. contiiiunir evlr. Metnoir- t'apillnry Attraction, Kleetrn-il-, nnd tho Chemical Uliun 1 1 liglil, Iy .lulili vv . Draper, .11. II. S'.',75 THF Flower tlirden, il - riil-intion, Arrnnijemeul, and general Maiiiigeiiieut, with lllnsirauoiib. TIIF new American Oanlner by Fe-.enden, TUP. Flon-i's (tude, eoniaiiiinz Praetn-al direo. lions for ihe Culuvnuon of Annual, lliennial, and PeienlitJl I tuiccrtng Plants. 'Ilin Como'eto KUrist nnd Manual of Onrdcnimr cou'.iiliiiitf praclieal In-lriieiion. for ibe Maiiageiiient i ..i.e., ,i,ii,u, irtiu-, .iirion ery, ive.ixc. 'I NF Kiletien fiir.lener'- In-lriieior. eontainin; P.nalo? ,e ol Harden niid Herb Seeds, wilb praetienl lorei-noii ior ineir iv"iiivnii"ii 41 For alp Iy A. FDWAItDS, It A HI 13 Ifi'S Itliiiniiiiit.Ml Slialcespenio, .o-. 1 1 .V I J. TIIH leaotifiil tshnon of ibe wriiimr ofSbale. I .peare edi'ed I y Ci iban O. Verplanek, 1,1.1)., nnu in eoni.iin neiiriv itiiirieen niinuiei illtl-irilTlciiis e laraved by II. W llewet, will berealier Im publish ed inilonb'e iiiinil er , ai iwenlv-hveeeuti each. The I nek number- may now I e ohlai ed, and nil ihould lake llie first oiinrlunilv of i-onioletliie their set-. n the earlier itupre-idons of ibe engraving nre by far Ibo uest, 41 XOW ItllADY .NimilF.ll XX. OF Till'. IMMMINA Ti:i) lllltl.F.. mill! oresenl i deioii i aekiKiwIiiiff-d by coiniieleni 1 oidei io I e fiieailv snoerior lo nnv oilier of ibe Sacred Word ever pobh-bed, wbellier llie beamy of llie im per til" i-'cinine ol llie lypo-ropny, or uie pro r.ioiRitl iiia-riiifi-enceril llie llbis'rntioin. nro eon- idered. The pnli'i-lieri- are uoin? evcryiiiinjr inn money can eo land and sieam occoniiilisb lo render il pirleet in every respect, and lo complete il, ilpo-s-die, vulh.n the pit sent year. No. XXI. will lepub li.hnl next im-i- Ily A. hDWAIIDS. No. 1, Peik's llnildimr. 41 Villov Wnggotw, CtlHIItS, Cradles, tl i-t'art. Sc.. lor sale t-v ; ' llltl.NS.MAII) & IIUOTHUIIS. March, 1815. SMALL EY &JJJJGLPS, attoi'iuna (e (Cott 'smorM ai anto SoMofifcoirB fim. IhsiKtotsiryo I). A. fmalley, Udward J, IMiclps. Ilulliiigion, March 1st, 1313. 4fhv4 PRINCE'S Linnacn Dotanlc Garden and Narsory flushing, near Xtte York. PECK &TS1'RA1 RAVINfi become Anl.-Vr.-s On ,!lis F..labli.b. menl, w ill ei llrrl nn I f"Td orders for Fruit and Ornamental Trees and Plants Catalogues and rnccsoi wmen may 00 seen ni llieir counter, Ht-HLlN'OTON fT, I "If t M. Bond Pine an I Sprit -e Shineles, lor Mile lJ by UI.O. I'UTKllSO.V, March 4, 181.3. 10 Tlio Mother's Medicine. A UKI.IKF and Cure lor Iielained, Irresnlnr or i. I'.iliil d Meiis-rinlion, eoiiedaints olien inn-urr ins amen-.: the yooiitrer port un olTeiiialc 111 eold nnd vel tliinale-. How fi'-'pienlly 1I0 we bear orihepaleeo inlciniiee, ,-i,iif il iit-neiile. lo-s of vivaeiiv, an I not unfrtmien Ihj ofthe eouiih vel ibe r-ic means ofMirinonnlin the-c nesleeie 1 : 1 ir-i i-inait-aie uie caiitc, llien the euie will sorely lollow. The medicine i" m bottles al 81 each. For -ale by I'KCK & SPF.AIt. Merchants ami I'bjsieiaus Mipplied nt the whole alo lenin. 3!) Cil lies. A TCRWnnd leninifid assortment of Silver and Ivory be.i-ted Cane, also, Cn-nk- nn-l oilier Canes, the I e-l ns-.-rimenl nnd nl lower ore-e ib 111 ever. IllllS.MAIH .p IllUllIli RS. M ircb, ISJ3. 41 Spi' nllKISCOlMf!. Coie ave. nnd Onnu-j S,ve!a;lt-. L a larco ll.orlltent 10-1 opened, bi-.i-itilul flni-hed ono. liKI.NSUAIIl 0c IUIIMIII It-. March, ll", II l'iiit! (lold liendH. Il'l.l. J finer qna'i'y of Cio'd II, an any ea-tcrn inn ! Head- eau I e o1 liiue I ol IlKIXSMAID A- ItliOTIIF.ltS. A fine lot jusl linisbed, Manh l!43. 41 Shot l);icl;inir and Hriishcs DV it ilAIMI.N-M nquni ninei.mir in varioi--ie,l Jar-, Thonm-on's pn-te IP.1cl.in2, eoml q 1.1I1IV, al-ii, Vnrni b It .o-kin-j Slirs- Ilru-hes fine and common. IIUINSJIAII) .p lll!()l'III'.lti. Manh, 181.3. II MAIl'IIN'S liquid llbu-,,n IEIOVAL. I (M.I. x tOMUT , M V iu'oiui In- fr'fudt and cu ll it he h rem vv I to 'he Hn le nt the enruer ol (,ti! '( an ! Cdi 'rcu S reel formerlv "f e'ine I I y J air n -i On ery Suiie. The fllwel. I.ii wn a- the Wirk'v.ire I uif 'iny:-, II iviusr thn ro'iiihly required ihe . Store an J uile 1 ilit- li.t -k rnnm (or (rot erie-, n lets ft r "rile an e'en-ive asornnent tif I'amily (iro-erie-i of piiperror i -hIiiv, n-'ec'cd particularly for retmhny. (nrtitii'i ctl O.d Mjoti, Vi'tinir 1 1 ynnI I yi .SVin-and Wnel; Ten-. J.ivn, Lnq-iira. tliu. nnd St Deminffu Co !i IVpper, Spi- e, ( in tr,( -'in in iuon,t bve. Nlllme, ViKd-ep Doul lu leti. ud Lo if Sugar, Ka-l lio-ton Ilroun S inr. White Navann.i Cr-shed do. H i' er lli'ft No I Clii-ci 'n:e nnd Shells. Sik'Mlu-, Iti'-e, Il.irr Si-ap nlad q mline. I' alley II' se and Almond I'tineSoap. Candles Are. A'l ol wditch are nlleriil at the mol rel icetl vr i fort'.ish nreie'ln, r.trtuer are inf rniel that as he now h t nmm (or torma "heir prod uv. Itno-t any arlii Icnfflriiin.'lteaus, Pease, IIuiut, Cheese, Maple Sasrar Ve will I c ret-eivetl for (inul-. DRV coons. Many nrliele of Ins extensive -to d; ni Dry (tnod he n ler al en-t Inr Ca-lt. Tin- wdl a Uml a line a nortuniiv f.r t ioe vi himr to nurehite to unrdv thenist:U'efi nt red tee I pri t". to hunt. Illin nlpuniirj Store in tho caret the "fieninn Store." Wickwnre Possesion nioek given iininetlia'elv. llnrhmrton, VI 1 Feh1y, 16 3. 39 50 Tons of Hay OK the hrst qualiiy, for site ni p'r Ton, dp Hatred nny whfre in the MiHe nt ihe nhoc price. G. pimilON. Hurliiiffton, Fih.lSth 115. WAITED, BY ihe s ib-erihers in ex'-hanae fur earriaee work at their Sbo.i on "slu-lburn S'., a lew thon-iind feet ol'lir-i ra'u s,.L-(;nd -roivih Whi-eOil. and All limber, se i-oneil, -nimble f r Carri.i-.-o Mnkintr, lo rdlier with a I bo is.nid i.r Iwo t f -e.l-uneil stioke.-. ALSO, A Ind 111 or 17 vears of aje, a- appren-ii-e to ibe P.liiitin-J I u-me-s, one Ilia' enn I rum euod ris-eoiu-nifiihtiori-. SP.M'I.DI.NT. & KtJSSF.I.I.. Ibirlinston, Fee. "J'th 1 -s 15. .law I 'I'O PEDLARS. Ilrass Clocks of the finesl 100 quality. 10, Drilled eyed eodlrs, 5110 Paeks ,olid llenl Pins, 111, (puip-e Pin-, 50 llez Fancy Smps, 5 l.ross (icniian Pipe, 2 " Tin Trim, el-, 100 loe- Fins-cr Itin'-, i5 o llosoni Pin., 5(1 Cro Wml Co-nl.s, 21) 111 ,-.o o 20 50 111 10 plated mid I't-nnan spoon, (!!or-e: and lluol Laee-. Fyelel-, Tboinii-on'. Ill u kins, Spool Thread, Side and tvi-1 Combs, Spcelai-bi-, Mud-, Spei-iacle Case-, Sli el 1', IJerinan silver ware, nil kinds ofThini bles an I inativ other ood. lor Pedlar nt llie lowest markei oriees. All are invited lo look al -.roods nnd buy or not, n- they ehoore, ao ot ligation lo buy I incurred by lookinp. Illil.XS.U.WH cc ll ku ill J li-. Feb. 13, 1915. 37 RS TRA Y. CAMn into i!uim'louru cf lh' Mib'tn! it nn ifit 10th rteiv oi Jim.. nit. n while or Iiuht (imv .Mart1, wi-1! slii'tl, nnd jiipO't'il in le fiiitit or nine ears ttld. tin ciwn r U nil w-lt'ii (o tirute provenv imv chRrp-f- nnd i a i nt r ii w.i v iTiAii-u iwi4.ji ShHI'Mrn, J;in. 15'h, 1S15- 37 For fllS Sale. f iiUI 11111111 pi nro n cultri, on North St., eon -1 tninni'-' li lu-itN oflutiit. wiih a wu torv u.i-- It-ii'd houdo. ll.irn and 5Utx. o 'ered fur it'll ntn n low prit-f nnd fit itrtn. Apply lu STItONliS TO DENTISTS! PANT supplies of Smcktou lale-i styl J Mill ir, Urns.iid and Inci-orTi-elh, lle-l Oold nn 1 tin l-oils, i He , fori iler llot's. tVe. Ae. ,.e Ltlneel-, l ooili-I'ow Ilemviug ai VV.VK & SPF.Mt'S, 35 H'holetale PruuqUts. if on"!; LlSairffatmtS J a 31. l'OI'H wonll res.-c-ilillv inform In O. triend. an I -be o-iblioihni be will icll Ins re- iii.iiiiiuir locrf ofltry (liols ni reduced prne lor e.uit, many 01 inein ni prune ccsr. Ileiii deierm ned lo .ell oat Ins jroodi left re tin (ipenin of naviir.tiion, iho-e wauling goo.1 Good: tlieap "Vlll tin wen lo etve hull a can, Ilurlinston, Feb. 20, ISI5 39 Ions. COPNTUV packed Vonng Hy-on, O d Hy-on, u rplendid article, II v son S1 in, Voitn? Ily. on in caddies, Pnuchon:;. Tho above Teas are of ihe latest Importations, and have htcu seltiied with ureal eare, and will be oilered al a very s-uall uuvanee Irom eol I.y FOI.I.I.TT IIUADI.F.V A. Co. .South Wbart, Nov. 8-t, SH. 20 hi:i,i:tjr mciiooi. foit :nti.s ami HOYS. IM1 II. J. M. 11UFI.1. will eoinineneo his Sprinir Term on rh irs.lav the 27lh ol Febronry. In- .triii-tions given in all Ibe branches usually taught 111 AlMlH-luu-B, Tuition. For Eihsh Ilranehes, 83,00 " Loiiruases, (Oreek & Latin,) 4,00 " W.iiuiff, ,50 School Itooms over II. Mayo's .(ore, west tide th. 3liar it New York Adv'ts. DRAPE 11, ALD1UCII &- MINK Wholesale dealers III STAPLE & FANCY DRY GOODS. A'o. 07 A6ery Strut, Itelwccn Hrondrtny nnd the Post Office. TKNDRHINa thnnLfiil aeknnwtolirinenls lo our Veiinont eiitoiners for ihe Id cral palronaae berclofore exieudeil to u( we olielt an earlv and pariieu'ar exniiiinatlon of our de-irable and almo-t entire new cck of SI'ltlNO GOODS, embrai in-? a enniitle:ea-urtnienl of Staple nnd Fancy nriieles, both i f Poim-lie met Foreim inanufaeiure, im ludine ibe newe I -le of rolore-l and riio irnini He I.Alsr.s. I.awns, Hi.i.ziiniM;-, lUncr.oi:-, St-M.Mr.n Coatiso ,1'antaI.oos Stuifs, llttOWNIIIld ItLrAtll nn Cotton Cloth, Ca, Vmism nnd Ibe l e-t styles of AMi'.ntcA v I'iiInis. 'I Ik-m- -,'ood. have all I een seleelel with pciTil reference lo the wants of Ibe Vr.nuoNT TiiAhl:, nml will be sold at Mit h pri ce a bnll luaui'ai 1 the rep-ita'ion ue have ri -quired ol o Icring: the caoi e-l indiitcmmta to the rlmetl huycrs. mt.UMdt, AI.KIIICAI & I'ltlNK, 07 l.iberiy Street, near I'roadwav. JamHs W, llfnLaTT, lea- lo inform Ins Vermont friend- lli 11 be is in ibe employment 1 1 Mc--rs. I. A, .V F..iOid re-pn-l fully (beits n call when Ihey iit il. , .in3 V. 11 PALMER'S AM KMC AX SEWS PAPER ADVERIISISO AUEXCW A CUD.- BY tho recent deMrtict on r the Tribune ftuilit 1 nirs Kai .tia zttrcet, New York, the Coal U.llceol V. U. Pain i r, Auent fr Country Newspa pers, was destroyed, tosrether with all hw file- of uewpnper( hi- I nok i f area uif, fur.iitnre, ttt:. The peaiiiary lu tntlinir, and tin tncoiivrnf nice to which n ha s ihj'vtcd hint may, in a cieat meavire( he -pi-ehly re,aireil hy prompt acn'on of Hie p it Its'ier of nev-i:Kipf r fnr which he'i nsfiil, in mrwnrdina a ropy ot earh nf their paper to him in Stw Ynr'., containing a notice of hit agency, terms of adcrtiiiw:, if-c. Tlm-e to whom he lias ecnt ndvertisemenls from ln ("v Ynrli Agency, durmff Ihe pnt year nro earnestly requested to forward In him paper contain .nio:( advertisements, thai he may once inorepUec them rin fl'e. Tlri'i1 well whom lie ha had account, whether r'lh-d or Mfi-eited am repe'tf'ill r'qtitted to Inr ward to him a transcript ot them, that he .nv I c en a'-!e I to enter every thmi to a new jt or hno!,?, nn 1 th preerven n 'ord of all meoatit" pertamnito hn areueyiu .Vcw York: ltespecit ill v. V, II. iAI,MKIt, A'ent for Country Ni-w-pper in theeittrt of New S'ot'm Philadefphn li.iliinure nnd llo-ton. No 30 nit ( ndomiiii! ihe iresent Trihnne ofiee. New YorV, IV ruary 7, IS I j. 10 PhI Inher- tit New-jiciperi fur which he is theairent wiil o1 bar hrn, nud promnle the nltee' ol iho Aircii ey, hi iiwriimr thi Card in the r res pective paper-. .MniatiiT, rt.Y&co., lMpi Rtr-tis nd wiioi.f;ali; nr.ALcus in STAPLE GOODS, i:MmiAtis(i the LAnnr. t v.inlr.TV or PRINTS, DRESS G000S, HOSIERY AND DOMESTICS, Nn. .10 and 3 2 H II, 1. 1 A M STKCUT, (lletween Wall nnd Pin,) 40 n3 KKW YOltK. Oeorre Jlerritl, Charles Kly, William M. Uli-s. FHKNCII AND 1"NGLISH DRUGS, CIIKM1CAI.S, r.S-, 0t.S, AS'VTOMICAL 1-itEPAU- atIons or i:crv im-cr.irTio.s-, i-er-reMcnv, cnL-sur.s, utc. etc. A LSO, e I. a t I n a w a n n i-1, a in, and r o i r. . JOUXSOX, MOOHF A TAYLOR, So 83 Miidtn line, in Stairs, Sew York. TMPOIiTPUS ol the thrive nrtiele-, win h they have on banl. am.eonstniulv rt,H-eivin? bv ewv naeLei from llieir Ilim-e'in Pari-, nnd London. The ipialiiv ol'ibo-e arti -'e-lhev will srtnrantee, as Ihey are all ium-if.iriiire.l bv ihe first (-h.-nuIs in F. iropo, anil ihey o ler them fur uale at Ibe erv Iowet ra'e. -10-n 1 NEW YOltK AND LAKE CII AMPLAIN srn i iioat, OW & DOW, Proprico r-, 29 Old Slips N. Y AOK.STS, le.-r-. Tatbew-on it Sinelnlr, Montreal, " Ita-conl A O.iylord, Whitehall, " Ja'on O. Pieri-i- if- Sou, Si Johns, " Win. Coo e, K-o. J C. H. LOW iV IiOtY haviiis eompleted tle-ir arr.i.ipe oienl f'-r 1941. for the Iren-norlailon of fiHi.-bt lo an I Irooi .New- Vorl,, Lake Ch.ini.dniu, and Cm- t.i, during Ibe -eason of mviuation, are now prej-nr-1 to eoniracl freiuhl in any aino tin may e ie- rpureloti ihetr roue. They Inu- twelve first ela- boils in their line iti'-iii'iimr Muee Meainer wlueli will nlyeon-innily I eivveen Xew Y rk nud Si. John., I.., and win iriu-porl llieirearziK-'-vviHio-u relilp itient Th. ir experience in ihe bo-ine-i. enable- litem onlitlenily lo -tire llm they o ler laeilitie- to -hipper- po--e e.I I.y no oilier line. iran-ient i-H ppers will nntl iiiometr inierei lo all on l It-in. I,tU-ral a Ivanees m.i le on prod n-e and inerL-han ize shinned bv thi line nn 1 cnn-mied in Low low. Al-o, eood nureha-ej on eoiiiiiu-ion l-v I.. & I). 40 HARDWAI & CUTLERV. IIALSTEDS & DASH, No. 57 CKDAIt STIir.P.T, three doors IJasl nf the new i-'OJi HAVK now in Store a very lane ami Complete Siouk of irools in their line. Comnri-iu-r all the varie'ie. of Shelfand Heavy IIardware,towh'eb thev re-peelfnlly invilethea tcntion ffrountrv Ilr eiiaui-. v.ut nnilivv rouiriit Aai s. Anvi - aii'i ice Hooks an I Unite-. Tr.ue I,o and ll.llltr Chain-, Axe an I Jlatch-:!-, luood an I other eelebrated ma. ker-. Grain nnd lirii-s Sev lie-, Mill and Cro out Saws, Shovel- nnd Spades, llav ami Mnnure Porks, Rope Cord- if-e., whieh Itley will tll at the loue.-l price lor l.a-h, or npprove.l eredit. .new 1 orit, aiarcn ii, leu. iuwj NEW SPUING GOOD.S-18.15. I'KCK, MCOI.SON & WIllfiHT, 13'J PE MIL. nnd 90 ItllAVHIl STtlKHTS, NHVV YORK, I XVITH Ihe intention of Merchants in nurlinrinn ami viimiiy, vvlio Intend vi-ilnn- the .New Vork' et. to llieir new nml choice as- rluienl of SII.K and P.V.NCV COODS. eeii-i-tins in pari ol DIU SS GOODS. Ilicb Printisl IHrey:e3 and Hi z irncs. Priiiteil .laeonct and Uinb.iiu .Mu-liiis. Printed Uii.liuile l.ione- of alt stj le-. Hu h lig'd I41(. and blue 1 lack S;l ,vnd Hunll a- zincs. l.irse a-snrlnient of Uroche. (.ashmere, Alpacca, and Muslin de Laine SUA WI.S. 1UHBO.NN and .MH.M.NKIIV ARTiri.r.. Hal Sillcand Lawn, Paris Cords and Trimming, Glares. Milts, .l-c. 40oi3 All of which will he -old n the lotcest market prices. PRINTS & WOOLLENS. ' So. UO Wl 1.1,1 M M il I-: IVr, near fo.lar HI. NHW YOltK. BKOOKIS .t Mi:umi.l. vvo.,l, Invite ihe alien.1 lion ofdeiler-in IIIIV GOODS lo ilicir-loek of 1MIIVTS AND IVIIULI.RVS. (to vvhii b Ihey illlen I In devote nirlicul ir allention) loseiner vv-uii a ener.u n oriiuent ol iiry liooua, cuiii-islnii; in part ofthe followinir: mvslisj nn LAivr., l-iiiNTr.n HUFLiss, AIPVCCAS, si-MMen sTt-rr, BIX l. MCsLiN-, vr.-Ttso-, ill.k AVD COTTON IIBKI-. OIN'GIIVMS, LINENS, IACF. OOOIX, uu-ir.Bv, C.IATE's COTTON, SEVIa, ETC All of vvlneb will be sohl nt Ihe lowe niarl.ct price fur CASH or a-iprovel ere lit. DEVl.KIIS IN PUI.NTSiind WOOI.I.PN GOODS will lind it to their advantage to examine our stovk lirevioii 10 making tin ir purchases. d0.n3 GREAT BARGAINS ISoall EdOiiQiita !Tff SaE. rplll. uhscriher, wishing 10 close up hi merchnn 1 duinc hnfiuiese, otfers for s-ile llie following val unhlo properly, viz 1 n lot situated in the ciilre i f llie beautiful vilhjioof Cbnlnnvillc, and is llinly fret in front, one biindred and cluh-y feet acres- from Itiver street lo Main sircel, nnd cit-hty-ninc feet on Jlnin l., on vv Inch U a three story brick store, eovered vvitli tin, thirty feel in brendtb hy forly-four in length, ihe upper two stories finishcil in order fora duelline bouse; ntso q brick store bouse, covered with 1 in, lluriy.six feet by twenty-eight, Iwo stories hiuli a cowuo-iso and barn Iweniy. six feet hy einhtee n, nnd n wood. house I weniy-eishl feet hy eighteen. Terms, one-fourth down nnd llie remnin-ler in three annual insmlmenls. MATTHIAS Clintonvillc, N. Y., Dec. 4, 1911. 27ui3 100 Whole and Hal! Obis. SUPERFINE Flour, for sale by G. PtTKRSON, Burlington, Fb. ISih J315. 3S ni;itM,;'i', PEMALE SUMINAY. TUP. SUM M HI! THIIM In tbii Institution, wdl couuncneo March 3d. 1915, anil eotiluhie two (luariern or il t rk. It Ii deniable llint all who intend enlctlnir the Seminary diirina the rniimn Sprinir, entir al tho comincneeminl nf Ihe Term, ns theelassesaiid plans of tiudy, forjlhc bole Terni( arc then formed. This Seminary In nil tlio Deparlments oftnsliuo tinn nnd disriphne, Is under tho immediito care nf Ihe Kov. J. K. Converse, w ho resides in tlio Institution, and will tako a faithful and naicntal otcr-ichl nf such p-inils. ns shall be comniilled lo bis care. Mr. C. has assicJntL-d with himself, fotirrxperi-ncrd nnd Iboroiiab Teachers In eonne.udn with moral cnlliirn nnd cxle. In ihe aim of Trustees nud Teacher, lo con bid iho pupil. Illinium such a course ol ihornuah sin-ly ns shall be ptuduchc of iiiintn' fiirniliiro and incnlal -trcnelb. Instrnciion in Ibe French l.annuace will be clven hv a Ocntlennn, who speaks Iho I-'rcnch ns bis ver nacular Innsiie. rrmn 2'i to 30 yennc I.-nlipsenn bo acenmmodated Willi Ibiard. Rooms, nnd nil ltijeiinvrnipnrps Tor slndt- In Iho Hcinimrv, under Ibo immediate earo of the Tcnchers. .-such will enj iy peculiar advantages. Tcrmsi half payable in advance. Tuition. En-ilisb Itrancbis an I Latin, S",C0pcrQr. l'nno Music BOD Insiiumenl for practice, 2 00 Orawing, .1,00 I'rc neb. .1 r,n Hoard ineludtnr Purl, t.hhts, '.Vab'n2, nnd nil the conveniences for .i--tl v in snaeinusnnd pll fnrntsbeil Itoonis s, per week by tho Term, or S2", per single hi. oi eievcn wcei.s. J. W. IIICKOIC, Sec'y. February 10, I91'. 37 CAPaINA SACRA, Oil. Ihe lloston Colb-ii(,n of Cb-iren Mos-e. Ilnvld'o Harp; or llo-tcai Sablaih School Soni; Itool; ; Toireibtr with a i;ood aorinicnt of Bjo' . and Stationery, II nnk Hooks, Uv., lor fa'e bv the miIim li ber. Illnnk Hook-of any variety ol' pattern, and ofthe be-t I'.iper. made lo order. Old!. ri'liomiil, Papers, Pamphlet, nnd I'eii odicats bound in a neat !-t!e, on sbn iomi.'.-. r-TF.Vi:.SS WOODS, Stronjs' lli.ildiu-.'. nmlimrton, Y., Fe'.. "0, 1813. 33 INKS. UIwXCKfiVGS, &c. BI.ACi:, !!h.e, tied and liidelil 'o Ink, Ink Pow der; Wafers; Wne, Paste, annb, and Water-proof I Hack pus ;siiuvr llhebin?; Poh-liimr Paste and Powder, I'or Silver and llras, II lib Uriel., Itoot, Slue nud Stovo Urn-he-. al I'l-TK .V SIT. MPS. 3G Vholesae Prupoitta. 1WRLIXOTOX IRON FOUNDRY. THIS nsiabli-buicnl f. now fitted up in good ordtr for making CASTINGS, sii.-h ns JIill Ocering, Sleigh Shoe--, Wag;cn Axe and Itocs tlaldron and Pota-b Kettle, kept constantly on band. All ihepalerns foruu-rlyu-ed and owned bv Mer-. Oay A. Fdwards are here ready for use. I have tnken bofd oflhis ei niern, for the p-irpo-e ot'dmn ibe I e-t of work, nnd I am confident 1 can do it, by uing the be-! olVtock. Ca-tias made on low term-, for ready nnv. All orders nddrc-ed to P.. It. 1rossman, hurling- Ion, v t , -ball Hurliiiton, IiroiiielU- nt endid to. Vl. Pcl.'y. 12, '15. 37nG Stoves. f VPItV -uncr or COOIC S I OVI'S of varioii- Size-, A I. S O . a first rate Cutler lor sale in 1 ' 1 TCrWli -- ....!,., r... W,,.l I,. r.rnt. f-rrf-- -at Aiisa til Oltr.F..PF.Ti:!!.-ON. llurlniL'lon Dee. 18 Ii 1641. --- " 29 DhUGS& MEDICINES. The sali-erilers are eonlinn- R3k aby -uppbed with LVl.UV AKT1CLK in the above I ranch, l oih ol thcOlh'cini nndPatenl kiinl-j jn.uicin.ii wau-r-iroui .-s.iraioga do. from I'aleiloiii.i, laiiaiia; vieilieal VMue.. an Liiiuor.-,(pur) l.ivtliesj -ursieal Instrunientsi -inn eral Ttelb anJ nil I'el.lnl .vrliele-. j-lrescriplions put upat shortest rolice. rV.vli-Jiciiic delivered at all hour-ofthe night. V n -sure oar frienas and dealers in this hrnncb- that ihey can be supplied well Drugs in their purity noil .ldllt-l'lrs in oieir genuineness in Diiiioiaii it nslow rales ns al nny of llie eitv mnrleis bv same quanlitics. . PFI K & SPF.AIl. sipotuccurici iifiu 'fui tjuu. L'.irlinslnn.Nor. 2Gtb 1,1811. I v 30 N. It. Con Miitly on band eoinnleie n-sortinenls nl Perfumes, Soap-, I'-i-il-he-, Ink-, IPacllliig-, Djc- Stull-, iVe., I)rusi. l.H-s ssnre, ivc. vs.e. fa" US' GL EL DOUHLE. UMEIUCAU A bb kmd- of TltUSSKS for Itupturo. iuouVntto rVthe Male, lur ai ind ac.-'irn-ely aitobed.lj 33 VIXK & SPr.Alt. WANTED! rftn Krsoi or Sp-iired live, JJKJ 500 " llei ccs' Wax, for I'ii'Ii or in exchange by PI CK oi M'i;AI(. Wholesale Druggists, 31 Dissolution ol Copartnership. TIIK Finn of JNO. .V. Df.WKY and II. P. PKYVT.V N tins dav dissolved. II. P. DEWPY. Hurlinilon, IVi. 18, 1SI3. 39 STRAYED, ROM the 1 nclosure ol the subscriber, on ihe !0lti in-t., a niiil.lliiu' siznl DAUK P.IIOWN I'AP.llOW COW with a small while strip ni the rump and ome while under Ihe Icily, aboil 7 or 8 jeir old. Whoever will re-urn -aid tlo-v or tve intoriuoion wherever she mav I e found shall le .una ly rewanltsl. Kel.. SO, M5. 39 C. 1.. MXSOX. Herds (Jrass and Clover Seed. V Superior IJ laluy, by STKONGS it CO. J Feb 20, Ma. 33 I'liilip vVh-eler's INIate. STATE OK VhllUOVr, ) A T a Prol-nte Court Doirict ot Chiitendeii, s-. i held at II utiiinton, vv'illun nnd for said-h-irn-i ofChuten leu, on the-JGlh day ol 1'ibniary, A. I) IS 15, cuiues 'Inlander Wheel er, oneoflhe heir, to the o-tate of Pliillii Wheel er, laie of Milion, in .ni I ihlricl, do -i-.v c(, atid lies in said Conn lu-. gcntion m willing, praymjr said Court In order partition ol -aid e-ia-o 10 I e mode anions the .everal per.-on entitle I thereto Whereiiiioii, the C mrl aforesaid doth appoint the third Wednesl.iy 111 March, 1815, for he.inn; and dividing on said 'pennon, al ilieoflic of ihe Ileni.irr nf ntd court, 111 said lliirlnu'0 11. at 10 o'clock 111 Ihe fiirenoon. and dolh onler thai all oer-on intere-led in aid eslaie I e notitiod thereof ly ,ul lication ol tins order ti-ree vvii'K snoce.siveiy in 1 ue 11 trnnsrii 0 free l'ro-f. n nevv-naner nrinled 111 -a d llurliiiirlon. the hi. I nl which pul licition-to be previous to llie day appoinuil as alore-nid lor hearniir. Given imJcr my bin I tln 2Sih dav of Pel nary, 1S1I. W.M. Ui:STOX, Ilegister. 39v3 OjIvIii llav's INtalc. .STATE OK V hit MONT, ( A Pa Prolate Conn D-striei ol i.liittcti'ien, I ix. hoklcn at I f ut I tttvr ton, u-uhin an I for lite District nforeaid, on the 2G h diy of Kel-r-iary, A. 1) 1815, an iii.iruiiieni purport, iniftohn ihe.l.i-1 Will and Tcsianienl 1 1 Calvin Kay, la e of lliiio-h irsh, 111 said ill Iri lde.-ca.ed, vvaspre- eniisl 10 the Court lure f r Prulate, hy Philo l!ay the exi-ei.'nr. ihcrein naimsl. TIIEUKKOIIE, ins orderislby said Conn, thai pid licnoln-e he siven to nil persons conix-rnel, I here in loappearlefore.aid Court, al a m--sioii 1 la-roof to U- hi-ldeii at ihe Heiri-ler'i-oilice in .aid II ir'injrton, onilielhird Winlne-iljy nf March, A. I). 1815, and eonle-tthe proba'e of said Will, an-l it ! ncr or dere I lliat this order I e pnhli-hod lluee weeks sue. ce-.ively 111 the llarlinstoii Free Pre-, a new-paper printed ui It irlinzton. in tin Slate, the la-t 1 1 whuh piihlicjilon shall I e previou- to the day as-igncl, ns atort-ni I for heirin. Given under iny hand nl the llesis'.er's Odiee, this SGihday of February, A. I). IS fi. 30w3 WM, WESTOX, ICegtster. 100 luishesl Wheat Iniin, TjiOK sale low by G. PETERSON. SL Butlinjton, Ftb. lirh ISIS. 3s REMOVAL, PECK & SPEAR HA VP. leiuntid in the new c.lablisliment at their Ol.l) STAND, one door east of Messrs. J. Jt J II. I' ck & Co. HurllmHon, Dili Jan., ' (imss Scud. 1 OH Rt,sl,r'' S HerdsOrass Seed, ral-cd upon! J IJ new land in the north part of thi. Stale, and i-ntirelv Irie fiom Itrnl n-ed. Alu .1 lew bushels 0 lied Top (lrasSeed, for -ale by P. & II. II. DOOLlTTtX Feb. 18, 1815. 33wl2 rOSIII'll V AM, UN ha. re.oov.d to il.enl il fi. et'-.toii rlj- ' pni-d l y tin- tirm of AI.I.P.M & PI..VIT, and no-.v n-n upies the same with Mr. Pla-h Mr. Allen wid attend lo llie settlement ofthe It.)- ks ofthe lalu firm, and will here five noli: I timl In lloj si'llleinent of Ibe H-tatn ol Heman A'len, the ItooLs of the partnership should 1 0 nntriedialely elosed. Pcb.aClh, 18U. 33 Fresh Onuircs nntl Lemons Tt'ST rcrci- ed and for sale I y G. PHTKriSOX. 33 Iturllngton, Feb. 18lb 181". .10 'I'ons iXovascotin Plaster T70II sale by (i. L llnrlimtlon, Feb. IGib 1915. PP.TP.IISO.V. 33 Alagiizines lor March. GtllAIIAM'S Mnsazlne, 43 ets- r Artleit's do 19 Columbian do 25 Ladies' National do 19 39 . By A. F.DWAIID3. HAKPP.Ii'S Illuminalisl ltd le, No. 19, Mis Mmnm-ati. Letler on Mcs 25 6 nieri-rn, The .Mnid of llonmr. oribe Mas.a- ero ol St, I'anboloincvv. 25 Feb. 20. 39 Ily A. FDWAUDSi ONCE M O il E A T II O.M E. L JAVINO lit-corno convalcsront 1 heg !o 0IT-.T my PX cftvices to the comtnunity ot hrpc, my lipallft plill being precarious will not allow ine to tntrr tnto the orduou? rl ttuH of a ptibllr pranicc, I hue there foro opctitd (with n dctfrntmalion nf cslablishin upon a sound basis) n OltCO .STOUH undtr tha uppellaiion of II .T. HKiNCUKUO t& Co., 10 which I hive nttnehed n fJonsuitini: Olfice, v, lure all persons wishing ton vail th'ni?tlvi;9 of my profits-ion;, I nHico may consult incbpiv.'ten the hours of 9 and 12 A. Ah nnu 2 nnd D P. M. My medical career is toowtll known in Hnrlinton. &c, to nq iiro comment. Tho se!ectioncf the numerous Orugs, Chemicaln. Instruments, &c, have been made hy mypt lf from ihe first and most eminent houses in New-York ; my purchares beina pntinly for on-h we shall be enabled toofT'T to the nu' he Oooda that csnnot he gtirpTssed in tiufliiiy, nna nt such piicifa? cannot fail to pleafe f lain rnaued the asMSlr.ticc of n jrenlh-rnan a Licentiate ol the Honotnhle Company of Apolhecn riea, hondon, Kncland. Phyaician prescriptions nnd Knmily lleeipcs wt.l be dispensed with nnd accuracy. 11. J. iKincuerc v tjo. mnsi ponit-iy mine ine Ladies to m?nect ihtir valinble nnd r hotre seb rtiona iifUeifumery ohlnincil from the fust I'nrtsian houe3. 'l neir assortment 01 11 air, 1 001 n, ana i.iti uruonea nrcof superior mnmifarniro. .Medical Wines and Spirits of superior quality nnd rboip nrifty. THUXRS, Mile and I-Vmalo on the most improv ed prinriplesre mrkihly low prictl. . v.inetyot ihcmost aiuanir iMtcnt meriinncs. Chemical prcparntions of nil kinds warranted gen A selection of Domestic ants, such ns Maccaoni. Vermicelli, K!ad Oil, Sinlinr?, Olives, Prunes, l-'rench nnd American Choeolalo, Cocm, Refined Istnirlass Ketchup of various kinds, IMcIJtd Lob Mere. Irish Muss, French Mustard. r-very attention will ue particularly paid to ensure thi nood crraccs of iho public. B. .1. lltintberz & Co invite tho public (o make art early call and view their oflablMiment. It is fitted up withrAt reianl to plendour. It contains the most superior quality of goods lo beobtained in the market. The s. ore is accessible at all hours of night and ilav. Poet. n. .1, Ileinebcri takes thi opportunity to return hi sincere think to iho inhabitants of Hur lincton nnd iciritv for the numerous favor! rnnfi rred upon him. nnd trusts he is not now to be foriroti'm hv hNoM friends. II. The Sunt! U i' 1 nexr to Mews Ilrlns niai I A. Hnithr Variety Storp, Church St., where the Doctor can Ire con'ilud daily. HurhmTfon, Ikr. 1th, 1S1I. 27 II. J. IIei v fbero, W, C. ITardington. Taper, Hooks, nnd Paper Hang ings. Till: -.inVeri! er, li-ivins .im-!ia-ed ihe PAPER M1I.I in million, and ititetthn? to do mainly a country hu-ines-, would inform Printer-, Merchant him the pit-lie pcnerally lien ihey ore prepared to niake i-oiuracl- for paper, blank hnd seho I liooU, blant;-, Ac. Sc They inten I addon; next pca-on a -toe!; ol Paper, and Uecpmir a --'ipply. Ua?s, Pro-luiv, and every arliele n.-ed in their bui-nes- iei-eived in pavnient. SQl'ini if- GATKS. Milton, Dee. 1811. 29 Fenialo Trusses. rjMlIS nrtii-le ol the invention and i- lii.lllilhi-lnre of Hull, and alio of Mar-h, ol every size and form, nnd f' r all ilw ni r,ioe- lor which llu-y are de-igneJ, ei nslainly iei eivmg at l'l'.i K to SI'HAIl'S. Prom ihe recommendation-ol our town Phvsieians Hid re-i'lent Pracinioner in tin- Stale, a tl an Ihe Medical l-',ienltie of il eeilie.el rs'rw Vorl,,llos lo i, Phil idefploa and llibinnire, we cannot luta-ureiho-e (d the atlletel ela-s el the hnpjiy ei'ei-u wbi'-h nny le derived lv llie n.c i f ihe e pi-tru-inent8. In p"int ofdural ilny. nnd pariicnlarly price, die. are within iliercath of all. To Phyii-inn- and Or 171:1-1- who purrba-cbv iho' 111 tea, ine .nanui.icinrer s ni-ceuni is niaue, 31 TO I'IYSICIAXS. New ClicniH-als ai.d Sumlrj Articles) rhu Acid-, ehemtcsl. Iodide of S.ilphuf, I. slide of Iron, Am.noniacal Preparation liromine, Cvnnurcl of Potas-ium, Hinoxn'e of Mercury, llj. ni-dated Liipior cf Ar-eim- nnd Menury. 1 eiche., Heabhy Spamsb and Swceih-h, OdofTol iuvo, Pie-'rin, Jse. Ac. Ac. 1tra1eof Sdver,cheinicaj New stleot 1 11 t rumen. 1,'ipnlin, .M.isiie-tan Fluid, Nanhdia N'ootl, Chlorate ol l'o;asn, P.laterinin, Eraot Fresh, Pu'v. Ethereal Preparatiens, Extract ol Opium, Extract ol Ilhatony, Hair.MiliensorElei Irificn P.xiraei of Acomlc, Veiairia. Iluuslido of Mercury, 2i Al PECK & SPEAK'S. There is no excuse far the Ittadathe tchen you can obtain the Gr.N- IXE iM.MlSIUt.I.S Anu.lHTlVE Cataiikii I1i:.m aciu: Snitk ! ! rpiIIS snuff i- a certain and perfeit cure for the; L ealiirb, and common eold- 111 the Head nnd the Headache an-l is an excellent artie'e- for .ore and weak eye. It opensnml p rsc-0111 all obstructions, -trensihen-Ihe flan-and give, a heallhy action to thepart-- n'leeted. llexcare of Counterfeits 1 AH 1 hone vvi-hini; to p-irchasethe (rename arliele 1 f ' Sn-i I, .honhl pnrelia.e that of which II. C, Gndlev, Middlib ry V'l., u the proprie tor, "ai d no oilier," a. 1 maiiiifaeiure pertonallj , thei inu I sold by said Oridle). ' I'll. MARSHALL. I certify il.H the al eve article vi a- cxcC-ned in nf pre.eme and lhai In- siunature ihereio i- peiuuns, ' DOltASTUS WOOSTtR, iitfj. Middlebury, Jan. I I. If1 15. .N, !.Hie name ol II. C. Oridley proprieior will he found upon every bottle of the penuine Mnr.hnll'. Improved Sn dl S. Id vv holcsale nml retail I v U' C. C.n 'lev, SUl'lebury Vl. PECK & SPEAJt Wholesale and Ilttail Drusrgitts, lliilbmrloi, Vl.. An 1 l y Ur.ig-'lsIS generally in the I'mte-I' i'lalet and Caoala. 35-1 y Cah paid for WooL AT all limes at Hurlinclon MiUCo's Factory; 3d SIDNEY B.Utl.OW, Agent. CIIILIILA1XS. AN Immediate cure for Ihislroul b some complaint eon-lantly lor sale at 3t PECK A SPnR.-'. Buck Wheat Flour. AVERY supttior article of fresh eronnd Puck, WbI f 'Ollr for tale be G. PETERSON, " Smtlnslon, Ftb. 19th 1615. 33

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