Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 21 Mart 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 21 Mart 1845 Page 1
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CC2 NOT TUB OLORV O F 1 C 2tf.S A T7-. P UOT TUB WBLFARB OP R O SI'S BY II. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, MARCH 21, 1S45. VOL. XVIII....N". 42. . ( l from ttic Churchman. IfUNUUAl, Ot' Till: I'.ARTII. Till; In iionM sleep metliniiRlit I saw, On thil crest dny ol.l'in', 1 Circll hy phantnnis forms of awo 'I he hnnry c.itlh expire) The moon wilh sickly itricfgrew pale, The sun wns ghrouileil in a cit Ofcveil istinii I'lnoui An I all ilio slits oncn fixeJ on hislt, Liki; iii'-ti'ors linnied ihrongli I he sky, Tj I i y li t him to Wis tomb. Tho last winds that could ever sweep Aluni! the o can ma"', Willi teiifnl ni-'hinsr woke tlie deep To swell his dyinijilirL'ci Aivl hit iiIoih tin. hind nir, Lost n'rit fl-ctinc in le pur, In hollow murmurs nuiiterM j And seven li nr-v ihnndtr, from a shroud Oi'sjnher'il hheknes,; loud, Their awful voices utter'd. And shadowy forms in misses sprunj The earliest horn of inilh : 1 They, who when lime himself was young. Smiled on creation's Mull, With mvmds uither'd i le hy side, Of all who ever lived or died AhoutlhH eouch ofpmi Clul I pitriarc'i warrior matron maid, In di'ii inoMahly array'd, A feaiful fin cral Itainl The wainina universe was dark, And hl.u k ns ul the fir'l, Ere the young lijlii'. ulad primal spirk O'er ulo'tmy chaos hurst : Save where in houn lies - snace alone TheilyuiL' planet faintly shone Up til hi lilileral pvre -An awful lain;), whose glimmermu flame, A. mortals up to judgment cmie, Lit up a path of fire. It was a diea 11 yd fnfli shall be, When fust deeayiiiu lime Melts into dim eternity Wit i nnjeity sidiliine! When lurid snioke nnd flames arc cutl'd, A nuiriiiiiR shroud about the woild, And m irt lis all must slind, In hitler nirnnv and woe, To w nub h 1 i t cxpi'inj throne, And swu 1 h a fini, ral baud. O'l. loni evpi eted Son of Man! - Upon ih-Vt awful d iv, Vh."i eitth fnlHII'd his linle .pin .S'lill s'iriiik to no it'll i v iv, Htihoo our sirenlh, h no strenyili would fall Willi ilyri m-iire waxim: in'.. And ipiivi-iiiiL' with Ihe bhoek Of ilsd.-i'h aL' mv. t i ll we SI iv i li'ij in fiiili in I rusi to tlicc Toe F.V"rl ,-tin J- It ,ek I Now Vurk.N.iv. 30. t. W. THE FAI.SH ItlMiLET.- nv iicRttv rttNco. Tliorn nrriviol nt tint Quirnnlinn crjiiiiul, a few vi' irs .11.11, in nil" of tins London p.irU nts. h" vniini' KnultHlitnun. imiiu'iI Culhluirt n onion, ulio ImiI Iii'imi soul liorn in SI'lllt'.'l clKiioti'tl iirriiiiut. liv a 11101 c.inlil- firm nf1 which liis liidllier w is 11 p.irini'r, It litis e.trlv in M IV, tin' ship had Imtii n loi.n wlillu, full n secrrt pleTisunr 11) lU'lii'VUi'i shn qn.'sllnn In lit' iinsworiMl In lln- iIiiI,k,i1Iiois. nn hur p.tsst".', nml tin1 ynir'i.' 110 line to sltiru wilh him in lior ndor-1 Tho fill wis, "hit ivhoii D, union tli-euv or tlinu"lit hn It"itl li"lili'il i.'l L'or iilis,-' wlti'it ihn liiinsr Ilohul siion Iut si m 1. inicc nr I Ico ' ril tint tin- liow nrliino luck nf hair, insli'.ul shin s.iiloil umW'N.irriiws, nml tlm lu'.iuti- tin 'Chn it:", hut ho ImiI nut hron iutriiilueoil f yrm. i u; hi'liiiul his wilo's, hail lioon fnl "'yrTmf Luna Isl-mtl mill Now Jers-y, ,1,,, T,T,.,.,T- titlls iir Hi.iti'ii Isl.inti, Willi ...1.; i.,ii,s. won! rrv.oil"tl tn Ills sl 'lit. Tlm il IV was linaht nml w.u in, thf hut lliori' siiniiMliiui; in his 111 inner hi, h iitmiisplioi'i! sj Ir insp.iti'iit thai ilistitnt 11I1- r.ntsoil I) iiinton tn hint. lit ,ipnn' ji'CIs nnlv iippoarril ilist ml finni their iliuii- liensive 111 11 n.i!inti.i prejudices, nr sumo nth nislteil si. anil ihe waters nf the I siy sp.nk- 1 er ferlini;, niiohl lead the old oen'lem.iti In led in llm sun. The dis iint rily st:emed t,i nposi' 1 1 1. in itcli, if he uitulu 11 formal pr.i lilui ns 1111 tsltuil of piilaces risinir out nf tht- pns il fur tlm Inntl nf his niefe, so ho vety sti.i, ti'id s,i iinpnlieut wis lie) tn hulinld ils prudently lietermincd tn pet married fust, wonders, that Im could nut wait fur tliu ship .nnl ak perinisiinn n fieri. arils. Tlm yntina to hn townil up liv 11 steamer, hut hired sonic j lady herself acceded to his wishes wilh a lioattnen to pull liini to lite city in a cutler, readiness which inatlu her doulily dear tn Hn lauded at tlm 15 ittety, and nlthnuoh the ' him. objects which appeared to him like pal-j Nutliinix in llio wmld can ho easier than aces at a distanei! proved to hn nolliina hi't- fur two ynmi?, peisons who tiro favorably ler than lirit'k suites and dwelliii!; hnusi'S, hn 1 tlisposed touiuds each other, to run away saw enough nf novelty mi'l beauty lo pievent from a hoarding iiinnu ,'inil gel married. A il feeliui of ills ippoiiituient. lit! walked cleroytirin or a in igitniti is always at liand, ncross llio Ualtery, and itnlered iho simnv uilliuu to neifuriu llm ceremony for a tri tiilit of Uroatlway atthn Bowling (iieen. It flint; consideration. In Irnlli, the very ease was noon, and that nnblu nvenito was crowd- j with which such an alTiir can he condurted, ed with life. 1'iue etnipir;es and heanlifiil I deprives it of oil" half ils charms, and run women p issetl and repassed him, until he 1 tiers runaway matches iitiirh less fietpiein was ijiiito huwildered. It was trim I li-it lie ! heen used all his lift! lo llio hustle and crowds of Loudon, hut here was soinetliiiiL' different. Tlteie was inure show, glare, sun shine, and freedom. Ami then llio contrast lo life on sliip-bonrd was so griuil, tlnl the scenn would have seemed lo him brilliant, even llinugh il b ul been less than what he l.,l lo.en accusluuietl lo at home. At fust ho nnlv saw tl L'teiil crowd of fine ladie ol !.., iif.,1 children, nnd nraneiii,; burses thai Im beo.iii to disiinuislio'l indiviiluals, mid n last lie could select a sinsln object, anil survey its nnllinu without confitsioti. He li.tcl not wandered fir when ho ('iicnnii lered a yniing lady who completely absorbed bis alteuiion. and diew bis ihouohls I'm 111 liimself, such was her exceedinr. loveliness ofj of person. Her 111 inner wis cracetui tie ynud lhat of anv worn 111 be b id ever seen ; iier dress simple bul elegant, her feel he- iviichiui!; and her complexion exceeiinujiy fair. As Im walked liehlud Iter, his eyes tven, fascinated hv a buiL' ringlet of 'lieslinil- colored hair, which the nintinu nf llm beat kept dancine, up ami down her white: neck, lis t'lnngb il wen! striving In kiss Ihn beatili ful shoulder nver which It was suspended. So cumplelely was be caplivaled by this look of glus-y liair, lien ev.-i v 11,,," 1. - -pd in make a denl in hn heait. lie f.illuwed litis voting lady u long distaucn and at lasi taiv "her enter "a large brick Inline, llie num ber nf which bo immediately noted in bis pocket bnok. When hn returned In llm ship, hi fellow passengers asked him whern hn It id been mill what he hail seen, lie replied ill il he had been III Paradise nml bail seen nil iil I. Thev laughed nl hint, but ho resented iheii in, 0 run, 'lit. lie . was very niiichiii low, and f.dl wry solemn, as ynttng lovers often do. Tlm ihiiugbl that be 'nughl never Hg iin be. buhl llie fiir being wbn had lieu itched hi n, made him feel Nad nnd ill humored. 11. for" triune in hotel, he called uiinn n fri"ud nf his brother, lo whom he I. riuight loiters, 110 I this gentlemen, hearing lle.1 he hut not en gaged lotlgings, rernni nded linn lo a pii v boirdiii" bouse in Bmadwav. Ilis delight was utihoiiiiileil whet) lie on-: covered lhat il was the same Inane mm which' Im had seen Ilis nnknilwn beauty enter.! I'fithape sbn was nno of ils inmates. For-1 Innately fur liini, lltern was bul line rnnm va-, ivl.ieh he iminediatelv secured. When, lite hoarders assHinbleil at supper, Im Inuked ... . anxiously rouno the latim, uui ne saw no tinn who resrnililocl tin owiiit tif ihn Clirst nut Curl, lit! win iifrniil tlnit slit' hud only I'ticn tin iicciilentiil visitor, tintl that lit1 would ni'Vpr scu lit-T ntniii. But llm nt-xl day nl diniipr sliu mailtt lu:r nppi'arnnci' nt the tiibli; dinirtly nppnsiln to whiTi' ho sal. Ilu wits srt itL'iMlt'd tl the sight nf her. llint liu could tint nit : mid his i'iiiliiirr;isiiirnt win gri'iit ly inrri'nsi'd ly lii iiiiiiliiiiic that lint liti.inl ors prrcoiviol Ids ni'rvoiisiirss, and gin sst'tl lint canst1. His only looked til tin- young la dy unci', so tciirl'ut was Itn of atlraclinir at ti'titiot), anil llit'ii hi' saw that saint' sliming rincli'l, Irstino, as ifrnnsrioiis of ils hippi iit ss, on ill it fair nt'oli, whieh ho would It.tvi' civi'M Ids lif.', iilniiin, to luivu I'lirln lod with liimriti. In till! livening tlm Iniartleis wete iissi'tiihli'd in the diauiiio room, and union!! tln.Mii atipcared the beauty. Slut was inorn ciiiating now than ever. Her dress seemei ller (In niori) l)ei?iminL'. mid sbn was' morn fieo inlock nUce,) her mannuis. Somebody requesled her to sing, lis sim accompanied herself on tin; piano, Dninloii's mission liecamo n fever. Her voice had a melting Ic.nrlerness that made ' his heart swell as though it would Iiinsl. A Iter her song was done slit! I itigbed tiuil chitted pleasantly wilh the gentlemen aliiiul I her. tiuil her silent admirer felt as tlinuuh be could h ive strangled them, fur presuming to ' laht with her so fieoh. So sellisb is luve. ' Without ever having spoken to her or nseei- , t.iiued helher or not she cared a button ahiiut bint, be had llm aiidit ily to look upon her as his own peruli ir properly. He heard her called Miss Gilstnn, and lie asked one of llio ho n der.s with w horn lit! hall become ac quaint! d, who she was. He was told that she was llm niecnof.t Canton merchant in S anil st. The nct evening ho bad ihe h ippiuess to be iiilioiluced to her; ami ho sat liv her side and talked wilh her until she was not only the most beautiful, hut the most nle eetu.i woman tu l ie wor d. And i'. I, lit' w.k liliml nml iiiipMtuiius. Kcuit'.dv a Wl'l'k II III p ISM', I -i.H'i' III' I illlll'll ul till' I! it- orV nml In- was tilt ncci'pti'il Invcr nf iMivs Gilstiin. In iinullior wioU limy wi'io ri"il. It wiis ii run-iiiv.iv ni itch. Wlti'iilm uski'il tin' yniinsr I nly nliuiit Iter pnti'iits, sue l"l fill tlm I11U nl lior lii' iulilul i'Vi s .nnl w.'pl I Was ln 'ill tirpli ill ? lior soils pri'Vi'iiIrd 11 M'l sin- It.T.IU .InloiiMliinoluit suiili'iilHliitMiiii'lliis iiiornint.', Iml il il will nl.uivo nil, I"-"!"" tuilili', h r..ltrUi)T..'..p: lirtu,', nml -n 1 ' , " ) "" ' -''i;-'' i;.ne,., lb,. ,,w,,er nr owoers or ,l,e snu.e coach, tad- I ul toiler. liul'llmr.' w ,s such n vui. Id ! mv lovo, I will put 1.1. ill... In-U nf l.,ir.' in't'iiM-r-lo wnlB p,,,mi-. Il,.li:, audi .Sec. ' AnJ ot ivoUreinoeK That all nrinied ' r.. of ti,.nl,fr ntniisv,,.,,,!,,! And o,,i, , l,r iln-Ono I,,' took etHensnl ,.e. 'S; Diniihin was n ., I....,l, ns ' nut Hill., p.s.ol. , Inm. wl.iel, sin- I.HeV Brpl mcuistances turn nn . . Infl . otn XZ -h",CH !'f ,.nv '""' T'di. "Uroiid mr. nnv lit' wrll i,,.....l, nml niiiwitliM.iiiil ' tl, ow tliu'l.tifnl Hiosnut mil uhiil. I1..1I - r ,.,!.. the raiipes ol all un- ft,..,l diree..,l, sod nose- l.sinll be eha ,-cd ,-h ''''''- "; 'U, 1 y;i'; -7u,r .1, sn,, ,r;;:;-, sriX'r; :tr:;B! .:rnr' K..'......... 1 - i'.... ...... 1 In in itf 1 1 1 iivi-r ii. 11 i.ul I ii tl iiii'd 1111 mill . . p ? . j n 1.1 . . . - i t ... . ! who e nor in nin, slnl . n lite tniiinor. forfu nn I """ti" " "'I 111 1, . in n ni-. K-i-ini- 11- - 1 ui'lt I il' r hi 10. "" 1' "'I 'nivis. in ii! zini eioir.ii-. ivi rv ii'ply; lit! siw lint it wiisn iiiitiful suliji'ci lo.vitsp c,rl-sci,'Hili lools, , tl uli 11 worn Iter. ,111, 1 intortiri'ti'il lior sili'iiro into 11 nfiir- milivf riMilv. II.' pri'ssoil Iter It) liis lu'.iil, , mid w.'.iln lio svntp.tlllizi'tl willi lior tt Inf. Im 1 t.i dim. 1 1 - Itui'W htm fruii iltn ri'sonlil incjfuol lliiui' liv nl '." t - sip-kn su,- which Mio nun tu I1I111. Hi1 nt lie. 11 tv ' louKini' lion, I I'uinlili'xionrd nl,l imuii iMiiiin. . titan tliey would lio il I liny were dillicull. nut uiiiiiiun 11 id scarcely a span; 01 in ni.inro in his nature, thai lieiii" 11 forline winch requires 11 lively iuiugiii.iiion ratliei than stroiio passions. II, i sihouudeil in the hitter, hut hn hid very little of the firmer. An iniaoinativn peiMin ran Im enntent with a very sin ill substance, if it dues hut cast :. 1 largo shadow, while slrotie passions require so 1 1 id 1 1 1 ii ; dial can lie grasped and lull, rath , er lii ni tlioulil ol. I ) 1 11 111 011 hid left London with an exper ! t itiiiu of lifin-i iiduiilted into his hinthei' firm on his return, and as ho pusses-ted 1 itinilerale fortune, which had heiin left to liini I by an uncle a ftev years belure, he fi ll him- sell at lull li'ierly to enter into a nnlriuin nial euoaiiemenl, without askino ronnsel of his friends, lln had enjoyed hut few upper- tunnies ol niin"liuo 111 Ihe sonelv nl lath 11 iioine, "ill liu cotiMilereil liiiusi'll 11 very ompelent judge of their character. II hrnllmr did married a wont 111 some live vears older than himself, 11 pitid"nl. excel - lent person, with .1 s, 11 ill fortune, hot dull and homely; nnd Diuuloti oujoioil the thought highly, of introducing in his family such a pi'tferl mil. ich. ofloveltuess as his nl". fianced bride. Tlm night define his mur- riag.i hu wrote to his milliter, and told her if " ife, the h.'iug whom he had so blindly l.iv hi! was as sure of ineeiino an angel at the ed, h nl been guiliyiiffilsehoud. Hot she portal of death, as hn was nl Ihe flower-nv.n his wife, and still beautiful, though sho , , , 1 111, 11 cam how shun a tune hu tarried in Ibis wo.ll. ; A fellow bn inter with whom he b id furiu- ed an iiiliuiacy. was his confident, while a vnuiig I uly, a ho trder .1U0 in llie s,me fish. ion 1 1 1 1 1 oil ililMiui.'iii, was Ihe eiiiifnleiil of Mi-s Oilstou. 'I'll, 'it IMU c.iifi leiiK. like the seconds in i duel, ariaugeil ilu. uusiucus pirti.flhe iffiir the piitictp ils. Till, was the piograiutue. The mar i ige to lake pi ice in the unit 11. irg. al a f ishiouahlii chinch in 11 fashionable siptitre. The Iwo c, infill, 'ills tu hn biidesiniiid mid gruomsiuaii. After th" ceiemnnv, the newlv unriied couple In lake possession uf a suilo ufapiil- mi'lils in a lasliiouui.le luiiel, The next morning go In West P.iiul spend 11 rmiiile nf. lays, In give li fu 111, 1 llie uncle's wrath to evaporate, for lio was tn be informed of the niarriago ns soon as lltey left Ihn rilv. " Aflenvaids, In return, rereivn the rim. I ...I.., j. , ,,. graiuidiiuni 01 meir irienas, ana ue nujipy. Daiinloii's business would nut ii,Ylov him to ho absent a lunger lime, and li v was too ntiicli nl' a niercliinl ever to allow his pas shins to intcrferi! wilh his commercial nr ransi'inf nls. Fiirlbeniiorii hit wiis impatient to gel lltrntisli bis business encanemenls, lltat he 1 1 1 lt 1 1 1 return liomo mid r.xh'tbit bis beau, liful Initio to bis friends. Tin) uioiniug oT his marriage, ns he was hurrying IliroiiL'li Wall street to ilispatch a letter before lltu reremnny lool plat'e, ho met llm bluff old captain oftlie packet in which hu had cross ed I tin ocean. ' II alio, Dauulon,' cried tint nit sailor, ' you are reeling off your log-lint! tit u rapid rain this lint morning,' 'Ah, C iplain,' replied Diunlon, ' inn the h ippie-t fellow in till! Id. I wouldn't change pi aees with Georg" the Fourth, (il was during lUtl king's reign that lliese events ;nk place, f llieru is not n merrtiaift in Tltreadneeiilf street rich enough to buy an hour of my time. Good bye.' 1 Keep an eye to leewanl, tnv finn fellow,' said tbo Captain ; biillho h.ipny yniilh was out ol healing tieiore tllu words wcru Ul; lered, Beautiful as Miss Gilstonbad appeared In D iiiiilon when ho first saw her, when she met him in Irr bridal dress, he thought she b id never looked beautiful before. A ml j when ihe lillle patty returned fioin church i to llm lintel, he insited on sending for a min- i alum painter to take her portrait, lest she should never appear so lovely agilil. Ills bride was flitteted by llm reipiest, and with nut thinking of the many sittings requisite for a portrait, llm biiarding-houe friend obligingly went in seaich ofa painter. ' My love,' slid tbo hippy husband, ' the first time that I saw on, you worn a long lingb'i down lour neck. I shall never for- i'et it. and I wish you li ul worn it to-diy. " V mv I s.iiu sue .iiartei nresMoi my lie,- 11,','k, nml lu'oin In fi-l.'ii II with n hair pin of lint s.nut! cutor lii'lnuil lire i'.ii- Mf j 'O lu'-ivi'iis !' I'xel tiuit'il lit," itsliini'.lli'il hri l.'ur.min, ' pill il iiwi.y, pui it ovv.iv. I lino yiiu will iiov.'f ,.( 111.' vi' il' I tt w is tin s 11110 sunn V. ri nit i-.ii I : it I1.11I ill" sum' cjIonsj I If sun,' I.. in- ; llif - iitn- inrnl.' nn puipuM' in win 111 H-.-ll lulu .1 ton- tlor IiimiI. li it ili iii.tllor, mill wlii'in w is llio iliff.'ri'iuv 1 W'11 must Iiuivi- this f''v,.,i ,i .. ..; "on leviiliitintl 111 Ins leeliiiiis, lli it luxr,.iil ul 1 , 1,1 1 .,, . atvi ways limit! before, tilt! kight of II .IVe bint a ,li.?,!'o ss 111 his head. If Dauntnn h ul been n rnmnutic man, llio seuliinent ui" the tiling woul.l hivu siti-fied liim ns well ill oiiii case as in the other. D11I he was a nialte r-nf-farl persnn. When his fiiend relumed wiih the artist, tho'hrideerutini had nltetetl his itiiiid, and 1 1 n m o ) 1 1 that another limn would hn belter. His wife lesented this as an insult, nnd hmst into tears. A lillle scene followed, llio two friends withdrew, the ciirlians fed; and the next inorniii2 the lovers st.trtetl on their two day's jaunt. On their return, limy fun d the hiide's uncle ivaitiin; for litem in one nf the piiv.Ho j n I ors uf the lintel. Dauntnii It'll quite relieved when Im perceived that the old centleman was in a pleasant humor. He rather rinded them fur their imprudent Insle, bul cnmliuted lliein hy reiuiuiline; ill, 'in they had cot plenty of time to ro llout in. Uiawino Diunluii into n corner uflliu mom, he said : " It would have been heller fur you to have consulted uith me in llm matter fust, because I could have m ule sumo arrangements which would have been of sonio benefit to ytni hereafter. Friiin what I have learned about you since ibis af fiir came lo my knnwled e, I ran nsure ynu that I am very proud of your alliance, I could have 1 11 veiy happy lo have bail the privilege of giving Hell away her 11 line w as Isihelli and as her innlher and I h ive not heen 011 guild terms for a year or Iwo hack, it would hive been a proper occasion for a roninciliuiion,' ' Hell's 111 other ! ejaculated the youth aghast. I es ! 1'he expl inalinn was snnn 111 arte. Hell was his iiatutal d itighler, but had pissed for 1 '" 1 , "ii 111, 'i e ior lite express puipnseui doing u li 11 she had so successlully ,11'COiuplished- gelling n lliislMuil ! I) iniilnu Mood lor n inonieni, slitnne.l, fick, 1 ii'Hii. lint Iut soon In tiki mil Into , ..11' ' e II c Wldl l I l-lll 111! Tl II III II I MII'l. I J II -.I'lISM III honor was ex iciiiig tn f istidiousuess. Il vvounded him to llie sunt lo i. ll '.i lb it hi; 1 1 1 , r 1 c , liter, h hulked upon him witii ihn most lt- Iior.,.,11 f.-ellooi. nnd would never sneak lo , ; 9 - hiui again, 0 liiuloti was not a man In ili.gui-e his feel- ' lugs, an I ll efuilh his I Ier iifl'eriS .ns 1.1 bis wile wein ch mgeil 1.1 cold civilities. I S ie hid heen ediiealeil al a f ishion ible ho iriltnj schonl, aod all her I111II1 1' I nccinii. i1iliiiit'iil proved In be a sup.'rft, i d kouo . ill in llie IJrilisb uuuKiers at ill it Court, and edge . .f music ami a smatleiiitg of French 1) , lli it " mil only dtd Mr. Livingsl.iu gel and It .li 111. Her sole pleasure w is in dteo; from Ihe Fieneh Government nil he pereiup and tiolliin hoi ihe most exlr 1 v ig nil . 001-I lorilv ll.-mauileil, hut so also did General ,li ui'ins to her lie nil v, could keen Icr 1.1 1 C is. ; ami now Mr, King, the presei.l mio- guild hum ir. She never got lliein frn n her IiuOi mil, ot coins. 1, ind .It" souglil I In- 1 else- I I M'l Di'inio'i w is ilinni'i; it vr""'lo'i. Hist liiisiincvH wh ' iMtly 1 1 moI ; liu vilo mx tiMvif'iiiri liiid iovnUi"! It 1 m ii il hi j In whs iiiixiooH in roliiiii hi 4 im'Ioii, iir. nil- burred ilu. lleiuglu nf 1 .king her ith him, and In, ciiuld mil leave lo r hehin I, One evening he had heen ilelained h nicer ill ill usual M his linsine.s, .til when In. went lo nessen , h. uppoieil by John B II.!.!.l..ntMAnC...!r-. .. . " uu upaniocm o muuu n 10 iic.i wutuiiun and bis wife gone. Ilu waited nil night fot bar return, but sbn did not comp. Grossly as sbn had deceived him in regard In bur pa rentage, be bad never fur a moment suspec ted her fidelity ; and tin; thought of her pro ving untrue, gavi! him a feeling of ngou w hich bo had never experienced before. In 1 1 1 c; morning a note whs brought lit him, in firming him tbo writer had taken bis la dy under his prelection ; and advising him not to trouble himself to look lifter her, us bo bad taken proper steps to jitevent her re treat from being discovered. Daiiutnn suffered ii terrible pang for a few ninmeiits, bul II was soon over, and he was himself again. Oucn morn he felt light hearted and happy Ho had lived a centu ry in six nmnths. His business was closed, and he was ready to return to his friends, wijh a fund jt'xperitM .whicji he( little dreameu of ever ptissuijr when hn lefl home. The same packet in which he had crossed the Atlantic, was on the point of sailing agnn. He umpeil on hoard of her to seniri! n lib lb, and met llm old captain on Ihe quarter deck. ' Halt ! D Minion !' exclaimed ihe FalslaflT looking s lilur, ' arn on as bappv now as when I met ou that but muming in Willi street V ' Ob, n vast deal ninre so !' replied the wifeless husband llieli I thought 1 was hap py now I know lli it I am.' SCRAPS, Adversity nnl only lusis men's courage, but arouses mid excites their munis. Thoro nre many more pliinin? ntiallties in . inntt. hut irmo fo iisclul as dtrcrotion. I In every creature ennleinpUie lite Creator, ; vvhuoviMi ill foriuiiiir lliu least of beilt.-s, lias tinned hintsolf lliu orcalosl I pruvut Hint. ..It llic greatest. All ,1... I, n.or ,to ,, ..!.. !. ijfi youou pe.ip e reoieoiour inai ineir jjonn ti'iniier will gam lliein ueire esteem and h.ippi- lie.--, than the genius and l.ilen'.s of M the bad men thai ever um ed. Oiod Mannfik. Oonil manners are the h'u . 10- ol gnoii h'iim', nnl it in ,y he iiihteit, of feeling 1, 0 ; lor ll the MU of kllllluei-g is writ leu tn the he .r. it w ill le.ul to that d.suilereel eduess in a httiu a well as in great things, that de.-ire to oblige anil Attention tu the graillicatlnii of others, which is tin' foundation ut good man nere. To do tlm best can seldom bo the lot of man ; it is snflicient il, when opportunities arc pie seiueu, no is re.iuv to do oo.mi. u.wv 111 110 ur- Hie . 011 III be practiu'd 11 .bcin'li' enre were to J 1 oilier kitn nnd waitalwaVHroUlie u.o-t oper objects, and the! '"'J v ' reia rlXl ..... v,...,..e., , t-U, rn1,,,1.1,!',,,'i! Inc'ITOi.Tliaiisporiinetiewfioleniiuaiil?! Inppeii, nnd objectei tint may neir r be toiil.d, If llio extent 11' the liuintn view l otilil coin' preiieiiii tne trains ol 111" umveii-e, iier-1 haps it would be found mv.ariablv true, that Proudenco ba. given that in great plenty which tlm c htioii in life m.kes ul orc.iler uVe, that nothing is ne,,riiisly unpatted or placed , ,, " , , 1 1 , , from be reach of man, ol which .1 more libera, ur a 111 ue cay acquisition, would llicrca.-u real and rational I, 'lidlc. . , . . , I.NTroitlTV hungrily is a great nnd cum- iU"ii(l(liio virliie. A tinn ol integrity is a man, .1 bold man, and . 1 ste uly in in ; he . tru-ted and relied upon. No bribe can corrupt linn, nolear .1 , ... ,1,, 1 , . . , . daunt I, .1; us w ord ,s slow 11 co, nng, but sure, lie fhine.s brightest 111 the lire, and bis friends know what lie dislikes so he hale llitle. rv and ieniior sing in others, lie runs with liiitli and not with the tunes with n-lil and not wiih ml ,1 1 " '"H"1' Pnr.TTV SksiiMENT. The memories nfrliild. t 1 1 . 1 . r 1 1 1 ,i huiiu unr juii" iiiiy naifl 10 .inviionu. nil; . 1 11 1 ,1 V 1 mother love nml prayer, the voice ol a depart- ed play fotlinv, llm aiieienl church auu si'liuol IniiisB 111 all llieir green ami l:allneil a.-suci.i- ,,, , ,, SuLU In. Hie .!,!, I,....r ..f mil ami Kiimm as u. the i.ivuik limn I.L-., il. ' T'lrler vearlv. out of tie- coillingeiu fiiihl of Iip Ii siii anil " in 'I"- J")n'i H me, liki! the t,m or,uvw,ne-M to lu, li il,cmeer!in,l .nnv piago ol a pleas itiily ruuienihureil dicani, and , ,....,., ;.,. i..i , t, ,,,i,,,l .i,t ,1,. ,i. cast a ray of their unit purity and sivcelnceS over it. ... Christianity is not only a living; principle of viriui! 111 go"il men but is a lurilmr hVssiug to nii ielv in lestr lining tho vies of the bad. It is a tree of life, w Iiomj Iruit is iuuuurtalily, and whose-loaves are "fur the healiii;; of the na Hone." As small print wears nut the eyes that dwell upon it, so pretty vexations wear out the mind that allows them lo occupy its attention. Tiie OntESTii. Sun. Tlm sun was high in tlit- heavens when I readied my dwelline, ; and such a sun I Hu only can tindei slanii its power who has been exposetl to it in the hoi winds. Tlm burning rays showered down un a man's bead, penelialing every defence, reflected in a ihous.iud directions 1 ... ...1.. C,,,,,, ,1,.. .. ....I....I r;,i ,1 . ...i.:i.. .1... ' "... , .' , .', . , , .... .--.... .1 . . 1 .( 111 t I III I" IMII ( (II I lllH 1 UT 111 l-fll II. I I 111 VMS "'I'Hl'I'IS illlS.tlllll'lv llllilillif. Al itMH MM- son, when frer.enll , for das logelher, llm sky is one -heel of lot rid ilusl, what mock ery dues there not seem in 12 irone in de scriptions of ' fresli morning,' gorgeous noun,' ' dewy eve. Gelling under a rnnf, 1 c.i. :r .... 1 1. ..1 1 1 1 ' 11 a " can nan neeii reuiiitrii ,,....-,,... , ... 1 ""'" "J """J"1 -"'S' A.Mr.lllCVS AND UltlTHII iMlNISTERS. ( The Lnudiiu Climnicle expresses ihe opin loo llnl Ihe American ministers til l ans art! lunch inure shinuil, and unli'll morn iinirow- IV Ihe luieresls nl llo ir i.wu (ioveiuiuenl tsl r leceivei pr.uiiis.'s fi.uu lite nival lip- , which am astouu ling In llm uurlil. Ihes, riiO'iiii" iiri In H10 i ll'TiHli-il tin rrinrt ( inviTiHiH'iii til uui iuirrfiTi in ;niv hum iiit-s 1I1 it 1 In Unitrd Smi uiiy l-iko res l'riini 'IV (.in or Mfxiro," ViKGixn, Or.o. V, Hopkins Ih hron iviiomiiimUmJ for Coiii;r. m lit tlm Lor.n ol lint Vliine Inn (Jisirirt. known h Liill Timi 1 1 it -i . . . . ueohoe, 01 1 rfsewell, to Loco. LAW OF THE UNITED STATES, AN ACT to rcHuce the rates of poptaue, to limit tin usunnd correct llm nhust of the frnnking privile, nnd for the nrevention uf frauds un ihe rcvtnnes ul Iho I'ost OHHu L)L'pirttiHnt, lit it enatted by the Senate and tloutt of fteprt ttntatirt$ of tht United States of Amvicain Coi rcM astmbttd Tdat, Irnni nnd nlior the first dny uf July next, members of Cunuress and JJctt-iznte. Iruni 'iVrntorita may rrciive letters, not uxccdiiiu twit nnnrea in weight, free of puaingf, Mirmg he rv ces.of Ciiiiffrn-s. utiyihiiig to tho ntnir.try tn this net notuithsinndini! ) mid Ihefnmc frnnlutii; privileue which is ffrnnlt'd by tins net to the ineinhi rs of the two Hunt's uf Cunjircs, is hereby extended to tht Vk-c President of the United Sinic-j' ami in ln-u ul the rat is of puslirrt' now estnhlilied hy Itnv, (litre shill bu eh irged tlie rates, : Pur every smule letter, in manuscript, or pnpt-r of nny kind hy or uj.on which information shall bo nked for or cuiiniitmicii ted in writing, or by innrl.s nnd i;ns, conveyed in ihe in til fur nny disifinut tinder three hundred iiiiki, five cents ; nnd for nny distance oer ihrco hundred mile?, ten ccnli; nnd for n douMe letter there hn he chrLfd double these mttfsj nnd for n treble letter, trebbkliesivrn'cs nnd for n quadruple letter, (pn lru pie inrsernies; nnu every ict'er or pnrcel not ex recti- inn half an ounce in weiht shall be deemed a .ingle I letter, and every nddi lonal weiyhl of half an ounce, nr additional weight less than half nn ounce, shall be charircd with an additional simile postasje. And all drop litters, or letters placed in any not of- nee, uoi ior iraiiMiussmn ov man, out lor utnvery only shall bechari-ed with posiase at the rate of two cents each And all letters which shall h-reafu r be 1 ndv, ru ed as reun.r.inu over in any post office sha! , wh-n delivered out. be chamcd ni ii the cosis of ad- reriisina the same in addiiion to die t.itular p.ilaM both io he accounted for as oilier postams now are. S,.e. 2. Ami btitfurtUr amcM, all new -I papers of n . greater size or surperflcM than nun t--en hu ii'ii un ?ij i 1 1 1 u 1 1 v3 hi t v ic iiuiisniMieo iiirou jii mih ni ill hy the editors ur ptiltlih-"rs theieof, o nil snt scribris or i'lher pers mii within thirtv tnite uf the city, tnwn, or other plnec in wbtrh the paper is nt nny be punted, tiec of nny rli irc for poini:e what ever; nml nl newspapers ul nnd under the stzenfore said. whirli lial becotivrvtd in the nml anv ilts . ,i . i r . . i . ... . -,. .i 1 same nnv he nrinted. -lull be s..btect to the rates of pnata-e ch irceahle upon thj nine under the thirtieth ctton of the net ..f c:,nurpw n prove.1 the third of I March, one thousand en lit hundred and twenty-rue, entitle,! " An act to reduce into one the .ei cral nets f-r estab'isliinsrand reS,ilatiua the Post Onice Depart menu" nml upon all newspapers ,,r g-cater siro or , fu nhu.l hlmUt n, ., , ih.,. .i.ul 1... .k.rni ...11 ..1.1..' li'SfrtliMiiti ,,f Itriotefl .., fillie, t,,a,lfr. et Tin newspapers) will 11 slia'l Im ncnnneeteil with anv iii'iiiusi ripl cotteititnie.iiion whauver, and wlueli it is nr may he lawful to transmit bv the mad er ll.P United -I ,,es h-,ll l.eehnrm,! wol, n. nee .,! ,t. ... r. 1 1 ir . 1 - - 1 . . r iiiii.imiiiui.i 1, ,. , i ' . ..', no irreater weight than one ounce, nnd onecviii .id- .liiional shall b charred for each ouaeeof .rlV , T '"oer person nivmsc.'iarpo Ihe weight ofevoy such pamphlet, nniazinr. mailer "?" 5"r! ', t-'e coieh, rail road car, steamboat or or tlunj. which ma.' h- trans mlieo throiiah lite mail " '", "r 4e,l."'l. ' "ansport nny per- whiicerbeihedisiinceihe same may bo Inuspor- 2persons actmr; or cnployed ns a priiale ex ted i andnny frien mil evce.s of not less ,l,an one- jPistJ', " eonvevanco of letters, pa.ket, or pack- balfofan ounce, in the weight of anv neh nialte lliiuc. al.'i.e one or oi'i'e ounces, shall be chaj 'iFur a 11 said excess amou-noo to a full ounce - Sec A And he it Jttrth'r rnncted,'Xin die Post ma.trr Geo, r.d be ami he is beneyinhnris, ,1, upon a'l mail routes over or .iP'Ujhieh die aoe ion 'f matter usuiUv lraos:iort,j. ...I. ...I. I,n ,itTred or itep..iie,t 10 tne vr,iiYi,v or post olfice.for trans. portati in isor.inav vcoine si rre.tns to threaten ma- nresetil rale 01 spreil. 10 nrovi le lot Itie sennrate and 1 ui'ire.eeiee C'inieyance of the letter ma I. at a fpeed I at least equal to that at which the mail is inw trans- ,,.,,! ,.;, .,,.1, r,,, ,t,i , , i.v , ,., case of nnv preater delav, in the Iraiifpo-tntion of die oilier matters and thins, lobe iransportrd in b" nrul "J "' t-1"-'' "". 'h nnv appear 10 he absolutely .""""' beinHmi to the co.i of us transporlaii'in, aulilio means at 'us di pusal or ,r M', ,.,,n,ri for ell-ctin'-ihe same. porieii over sum rmoe, See. j. nf he it further cmtcttd. That the twen tvsevrnll. xctmn ol the nci of Congre s entitled - an act 10 reouee 1,110 one inc several neis ior est in- , 4liini: nml rerolatme the Post Office Department." approve.l and signed die ihird .liv nf March, in the vear one thousand e uhl hundred and iwenii-fiie, j"'1 n',, and pans ofa' is L-raniiiur and c ;n- f-rrm-j .'lion any person wbaisiiever the riah'or puv- j.eire ,7, rer, ;V1. nV, trans tut thro,.h die mad. free of pnsiage, letters, paa'.eis. newspapers, permdici's. or other uiaiieis, he. ami the same are bendy, icnrly nliro.'a.rd .111 1 rep-.a ed , ,s"c,fi "'' further evicted That from and after the pasae f this act, all otneers of die G .v I ernni"iil of the Uiimd Slate-, heretofore baiiuedio 1 (nuking lirivileee, shall bo nulliorUed ami req-iired 10 Keep an aeenuni 01 no e'siacc cucrccii 10 alio pava 1 1 . 1,.. ,1 1 1 ... .. i 1 "- " niriii. 1 1 in-. nrt y , ii("m null-, im i.-iL't-"-. i" ,pr nutters ree, ive,l ihrough ilie tnul, tone g ihe ilulies r In, in.-, of iheir rcperiivp nllieen j nnrl , H'I neeounn lor postue. nmn l.em nnlv nv 1 Kiel office... respccleelv, elnll l.e nllowwl nn.l pni.l Anil iIip ihn'e .Asisinni Pustuin-ter Oi-nirnl hil I he to line reuiitieil hv llie po-tiinster in Wnslihsion nil I postnge chnrgeil upon letters, pteknnes, or other mil. ier. received hv lb m, re.peclivelv ihiintL'h the mail. totiehtiu! iho li'isine;,. of tlm Po-I O.Fieo Deoirttnent. or the pirtieiilnr of tint Imsincfs co-nni-.tifH i'i them, re.peeiivelv; nml each of the siiil Assi-nnt Poiiinnsicrs Oenernl shill he, nml lierel.y is. nuihor. ist.,,1 lit tmo.ioil llirn'.loti lln, inntl. ft ,,f niiaoiiri.. mv lettere, piekng"s.or o'lter millers rehting eselusne- IV to III. Oltl ml Untie., nr lo the tltislness of I lie l'0l Office Depnrlmenii hut he slmll. in everv such cne. cmlorso 0,1 the hick of the let'er or picka?.! so n to ho st-nt frepof po.iiirp, opr lits own fisnnturp. the wonis otuPinl Uinine-is." And iiir anv nch en- ' ilorspment f ilsely innde. the person so nfl'- ndins slmll fotfeii nnd piy ihrpe liundicd ilotlrirs. And ihe suv. eril dpou'v poMitmtera ihruhoiti ihfUiii'ed .Snirs sh'ill be niithoriiipd lo clinrup. nnd htvo nILnvnd m Ihpin in ihe spltlenient nf ihrir noroitnia with the fil (Jmre Uenirtment nil notne w ur i ihpv tnnv hiepiiiior hnd rhnrct'd lo ihpm, Tropp.lifly, lor hitpft pn-kanes, or o her on'ters, repived hy ihpin on ihe ho in"S4 if ih"ir retp'piive otrift or nf thp 1.hi OiTi-'e !) nrimenr, upon a vprifimtiiin nn ontlv. of iheir nccttiini for the nine, nnd thp irnn.-mttiim of tht ct 11 reed lpi(rrs as tour-ht-rs t nnd ihp mid save. nt u-'pniy poitiin-HTs sn.ill lip, nn.l heuliv nre, nn tho'iiid 1.1 semi ihroiuh "he onil, frre of nnn-rijc, nil I tiers, nnd prkn.'P u Inch it mm he iheir duly, nr (hey nny hnve ofciKton, to imuniit to nnv pTnon or pt irr, nnd which hnll rrlntp exc'tifivdv to the hni necol thpir resppi tive fnct( or to Ihe husines- of I hp Pot Oinp Dpi ntlinrnt ( hm in evprv purh cne. iIip drpuiv potiinitpr sendinji nnv mirh lellty or pnckiueshntl rndorsp I herein, over his own slinn lurp, Iho word Poit O.'fice huinpss " nd fir nny nndeverv riipIi endorpinen( fulsplv mndp, lh pprson mi tn; lh simp uhiil (oiffit nnd pay Hupp hundrpd dolliri. And wheti ihpc nniniiionof nnv potina pr nin iunt lo lesi ihnn twrniv-fivp dollir per nn- nnm tt niinll be lawful for the IM-ttmaster iJ-nprnl to tncrenvp ihe rnle of h's romtni!i'ion9t nrovidiil ihnt thv do n-it exrppii fifu ppr cpnl, on leltpr totncp nrrnilnir nt mch nffipp, nnd Ihe Postninsipr Opn pril j hert-hy rpquired lo ru nrpminls lo he kpnl of iliMp.nifi'.'e ihl would he rlnrcpihln nt the rif prppMhpd in ihi-jflpi upon nil ninthr fn-niti frrp ihrnii'jli t hi nml npconhm.' lo the provji -n. of ihis 'ip' j ind iIip ii'ns ihna rhT-upnUp o'lnU hp paid io ihn P il OrfW D pirnnpnt from thp poiijpm funds of ihp two H'Mi t f C mj'1" nn I of ih uihr D nvPupnii of 1 hp nuprnmput fur hiph upi mid Tvt''rt nnv hivp h-en perf'rmp., nml hffp llirrpi 1 1 ph fun I ihn ihpy ha pud out of iho Treasury of imp uniiid JSinpf. ipp. 7. And he tt fttrlhr entitled, Thnt the nrt ot onirpssi rniiihd, 'Au np tinihorins ihp(fOvrnor f the pvprnl SI itp- io irnn mi liv oiml pr'nui honk r dopii"iPiil " npprnvpil June ihe ihiripoth, on ihoinind rijhl hnndrpd nnd ihirtV'fo t, shill rpMinhi ml ponlinup m full forpp, nnv thins hprpntiprorp lo tl) piiiiirnrv nolwtihsiindinn j ind (Hp Mpnihrr of Oonyr1-, the IVpintrs fr-nn Tt'rrilorips, thecpprp- nrv nf ihe Senitp.nnd ihe Jpr nf ihe Mouse n( iipp. resp.ili'i1 shnll hp, nn ' ihpy nreht-rphv, nuihoii-d m iMn-vnil. frrp of piinr'l lo nnv pil otlipp wjihtn ih. llnitpil Sinipii nr iheTfriiton! lhpreof. nnv doe iiiiicnti n'hip'i hivp heen or nnv h nrtntpd hv nrd-'r ofp hpr Mouse nf pon?rp--, my ihiiif in this Inw lo ihnonirirv niwnnsnnoint. Sp- A Andbt HfiirtSir ennettd. Thil rnrh eni btr of ihe Senile, eirh Member of (he Hpe nf R'P' btr of ihe Senile, each Member of the Ttme nf Hep. rsMntatives, andsch DeJgstsfromTsrritoryof ih iutcd Stucs. the Sci ielary of ihe Senate, and the Ui tkoflhe House of II, pres, nutin may ih.rma each si'Sjion of Conutcs nnd for a period of lluriy days before the commencement nnd tlntlv days alter die end of each and every session ofConuress, teciive iliroug i the mail, Iree of po-taie, anv letter, newspa per, or pa, kei, not excivduiL' uvo ounces in weight I and all postage eharited upon any le ter, patkai;-.-, petition., uioiiioiiali" or oilier umnrs or ihinits reeeiv wt duriiii! anv sesiou of Cmartss, by anv Sinaloi, ZfcoSTK;rin 'r"1'1'"'; l Cl pm Tleiiis utile duties, t y ..i of iiemiirr, or lJeleuate ol the llnii. i,n,iirccrilaiiv s anv eseiss of Height abote two ounces, of ihe in itier or iniuj so reriivetl, shall lie paid out of the coniin item fund of the Ho so ol which the person reeeiunn the same mav he a member. And they shall ban die ruht to frank written Idlers from tbenirles durin? die whole vear, as now million-, d hv law. Sec. 3 Ami be tl turthir tnnclal. That it Khali not he lawful fur nnv peisuu or persons lo establish, any privale express or esprea'es for the e, nor in any manner localise lo bo provide for the conveyance or transportation, by reiinlar trips, or at stated pubd or intervals, from one city, town, or other place, to anv oilier eitv, town, or plate in the United States, between and fiom an I to which eiiic. owns, or inner pnce, llie i;nteil Slalea utlil is rca ''"'y Iran-ported, iniVr Iho aullioruv nf ihe Post irr,.. n-.,-r - . "T1"; W1" ',." "V. e,,l- P""-1""'. ' .1 ves of !ptlrs nr niher mailer n-.,rrti, ir.,. 1. 1 i'ithe tin ted Slates mail, ercipt nenepapers, pamph lets, inaa inn -s. and nirioilieals, and each and every person olI.'iKtiniT acains' this proiision, or aiding or .i,u r.,,.i. .... . , . , w ' ? a . m , , , "r, le"e"' ,,"",k."1 !" P":?"'! "'"'J'T . n,1,trr proper lr.aini.i,it,bl bv ,i,t-,, ii,t ,,r iii-iinjT ns sucn Dnv.-itc exnre " ' V.l,". I .1 ,n 1 i vnpni.'is .m.-uines, ' ', 1 11 "r.miy l'"' ''' h'!. r ih-.n. Z ' ' '" V" ' ,' ''I,'' ,UnT '!" 11,9 "' "'ilrnienin'uy '' ,,' ,,,', ', ''"''."'y11 ",r '"'fpoilisl. contrary ? 1, ! 7" and ineiium: of lb,, see. TuJ. 1 d 1 y ",(! s,"n "fo"e l,llJ' "i 8"y Sec. 10. Andbeitfnrlhtr fnnrlttl Tl,n, tl ctialtnn. he lawful for any sta.-coach, railroad car. steainbuil, paekrt b iat, nr oilier chicle or vessel, nor any of Iho owners, niatiascrs. servants, orciewxifeiiher, whfli renolarly perform trps at sialr. I periotls una post r lite, or between two or more cities lons, or oilier nia'T-, iimn 11 piaec., irnin one to tin- other of which the United ?;?.ICmrWV"VJir,v cor"U!yei, tinder thennthuritv " i" I. ' I 'Mnriinrnr, t trnnspori orconipy, " : J;"t ' nn V11" "r V'VV3' ,;icK 1" ,';""." or ' "."liable matter " ', V.i 1 "r "7 "nv ,,1,,,B 'C'""V ome pyi ottho carcoofsoch .leainhoai pi kethoat, n . ',1 "r "' """" ""tele nt Ilia samo nine "P? the tmne sta?e roach, railroad car, or other vehicle, and eveepnnr, iiIp.i. iiMW,nnrs. nnu- , ... ,. .on, it.iti. 1 .mti nir , very Midi pav, in every such case of otT.nce, the sum of filty dollar.. ec. 11. And be it. further ennclid That tbenwncr or owners f .-vfcrv seme coicb, rail road car, steam '""' '." """ " L'""' w ""-' Kiiowieitj.' 01 anvnivuer or owners. tn who e or in pirl, or uuh the knowled ,, ,: ... r conii-vauce oftlie dri- in ,i,-se--i',ii .i. Mien iirnrioie mailer, lor 111" purpose of t.anspiMation. c mtrarv to (lie spirit, true inient, nml meani'iT of die pr. ceding seciums ofilusinw, shall ha "it jeel 1, 1 the It lines and p. nnlnes ns am hcreinh.'fo'e rrovi '-d and direeled in the case of lier- s.ns ncun? as -m-h pri.ateexpress, ami o tiers .ns eniploiiae the si me; hot nmhinv n ihis uei coniaiu- ed shall he construed to prohil it the e nieynnee or transmise, ,,, a 1, , e.s. ,,r paeiv.ies. or oioer nia'ier. to nnv pan of ih l u id Sines, hy nnvaic niineu.auou liceiL' lellitered nr rrc, lie I therefore in anv war. or bv .1 S'l, Clll tl,t. no. plove.1 nnlv fir ihe si,,e p irli'iilar ni'ca-ion. Sec. 12 ,1n(;tei-,-.'lt,.(nf,i'c,1Thatnllpersans whatsoever who shall, afi.r the pa-sage of this net, trans, nil hi nnv pro ate ixpres. or other means bv this net declared 10 he unlawful, nnv I, tier or letters, pirkace or packages, or ,,'her inn'al.le under ex ception newsrnper. namnhlfis. niajnzmes nnd pin ndieals or who h ill .laee or cause tn he dei.o-iieil a' aov aonointid place, for the purpose ofbuivirans- n ir'e ili sii -h uala vnil means, anv mailer or dm n Pr"Per'v Iransmiiiib'o by ma I, exeeiuing new-papeis. 11 1'lieinei-.. iii-icn7uiei., nnu pertoiiicals, or who shall deliv r anv n;-li mailer, cxcciaini newspapers, pain-phb-ls. 11112 iziocs. and p.-rioih -als, f ir trinsui iin 10 nnv ag-nt or necnt. ol such unlawful expre-scs. shall, f ,r each and every oil', nee, forfeit and pay die sum of f fiv dollars. S c. 13. And he it further enneltd That nothing m this acl cnnlaiod shall have the elli'et, or ho consult ed, n t.rohihit the conveiatien or iranspm lation of tellers hv steamboats as authorised by the sixth sec lion of ihe net en tiled " n aci to reduce into one die several acts for est T lis'iing and re'tilatiii" ll.e Post Office lleparmn ni, antiroied die tbi'd of Man h. one tleeisanil enlit huiKlreil ami li, ntv five " I'd oil Jul, l int thp n n tirpinrnis nf nu nrt ! tiilv iMinniinl W h, hi' ill dftlW lT, ltllin the lini-PH ltiV.I liv Mid . . nei.nfill letters o onvev-d. not reining in ilia car- "' l'n" ' ,rf;' '" 'J"" p'"' "nsier "r other , "" "" ' - ""' c "' I"" "' "'; fori or pliee lo wlueli n, lelt. rs nnv lie ilirecleil, nr intpnfrt lo ricltvprnd nvrr fnnti - I. m j nmi iiwtmiipi nr oilier nonl nf I lie Pnst OITH-e De- pynni hill cinrir nnd cleet upon nil U-tters nr other innil-ilile muter, .n ilelnered in linn, evciptiniiv nri pini b' tmsizines and perioilic.ih, trensiirv no, r the sime r-' i ns uoiild Inveleen ehntgcl the imo ini ni unon m tliey ticn ir-momiitrd hv in'l from lh niwiurti tliey were plnceil nn noti uhii-liil.pv ere rp-ennl ; p?Iv provuletl, thil nil the puns deil hy nn net, fur nnv viutaii-t-n nf he plpiptitli (tiTihn of thiqnrt, shall hoir' i l"U nr"' t- the Tirovii. , ni'ieli in every cisc m nnv stennilinsi, nr lo ihenwn i r" ."" ....vinj niiesc inereiu ine cnpt.iiii ur other ner.on l-.ivint' chnrge of Inch slinll not, ns 1 nrnrii ', complv uh the rci'tireuicnt of the sixth sppiion of tl;p si id Iiw ofont lhonnnd eiyhl Itundrpl nnd ivvenlvlue. And no pot unsipr shin ret'ene. io Ip ronvpynl bv iIip mill, nny pneket which shall wpiyh mrTP linn ihrpp pounds Spr. 14 Andbe it further enacted, That the Post- miter O.-nprnl slnll hnvp power, nnd be is herrhy j Uert ahoul Spriua l.t N-w Votk, n InrL'p nuthnrMfd, to pontr.ict with ihpowneri, or commind. J nh n :o.-d ennuie, in which a fnirioiH llvntre ult prsnfnnv stpnmhoii plvnin upon thp WVstprn nr othet ine erected n iheuniu rlpck, Thpinp. Imt(..nnd wntprsnfihp Unii Snip-, Tor the irnn-:.nrnt!on of ihp nntl for inv lenih of time or number nf Hips, Ip ihm the timr for hih contnet for innnori- tne il.p rniil of the rdtcd Snip nre mw uinlly nn Ipnndpr px snnir h nnd without M.ppievi.iu filv-rip-npnlsnow pq-mnl hi firPPntenn; into sm h enntrnri wheiipvpr in h s opinion I he public imprest nnd Pinvcnipnep wi'l b. nrnnnled thereby i -for. df Thai the prirp to bp piji such service hill I in ni ip hr erenipr Ihiu the nvprnL'e rniepiM ptr s-irh v vice under ihp list prpcpiline cr then pjcmtiny rrulir contri'-t for transporting ihp f 11 til imoi ihe rout hp nnv so ( ir n Ips time contnet for the trans ponntion of die mnil nnon. Spp. IS. And he it further enacted, Thnt "mail, blp initter " nnd ''onitpr prnpprlv 'tnn mittdilp bv mail," uhiil hpileempi! nnd liken lo mnn, nil Iptiprs nnd npvsnipr. nni all oiis-tjjines and pimohteis pprjodtcntlv Piihlihpd, or whHi mav he pulilhpd in feulir pie- ir in S'ipcpjiivp numbers, under the snme title, ihoujh nl irrp-rnNr inlerv.ils. nnd nil uiher wrntpn or nrntpl nnilpr wliTeof each conv or number hill ti'tt expend eia'ii nmippt in wiiyht. Pi pen' bink notes nt n pT'kiwp orbund-, without wnilpn b'lfpr nepofnninvt'X' ihptn i hoi bound boo' of nnv iz s'ntl nnt e held lo bpinloVd wirhin lh mTii'!C"rthPs ternn, nd nnv pn-ket or pack et, of whitf-vpr sij or wpi'hi hi-n? mndp up of inv "ch inii'ih'p nnttrr, hill subject ill pprsum puncMv I i i tiinpo-iinir the iuie to nil iIip pnil-it- nf ibi Uw. rquillv as if it or ihv frp not so mide nn in'o i i.T-lcpt f ninkn p Hui nmhin? io li ic Pnolimed -hlll -fi o i-nnnii.vl n (l pmh hl inv n-r-o'i whi'pvT from tnnnorimi', nr cansinp p irinstni'ifd. over nnv mad rnii'p. or nnv road r wiv pirn'M thprio, anv hoi'k. maizini-s, nr nannbUt. op nnwnaner-. nt mnrkpn, Hir'c'cil. or iivnled fr imnidiitp distribution to nbrih-r or nthT, bul Inipodp.1 f.r i' st nieichin he, nn irnnoirpd in lbu'n.l mode of trin nonin7 mer hin'i p mei ihe pilip'd'r rou'e med, nn sp' or ponVr.ed to sim bona fi l dei'er nr igpnl fnr the ve ihmfi nm -bill anv ihtiff herein p ronst'iiM io inie'f,re wilh the rivht nf nnv iravp!er tohnve nn ' tike won him nr hr, fir his nr her own use, any boos, nimihlet miiTine or newnP t Set. lfi And be it farther enacted That (he term npwitfinr " h''n before ued Sill he nnd ihe same i-i herpbv .iHrlneH lo he. nnv printed puhheati iuet in nnniU. c-ns inp of nitnvre lhan twft W.-. Innnu.l.nTnorr( n, nn, more i hi none month, eonvevinff intslbenee M pass. I more ihinnne month. eonveinff lntslbenee nf pass. injt fenus, and bona Me-en r to and tupplsfnanta ol anv such publication. And no'litns herein rontaimd shall be so cunMtued as to pirn nt the lite ex hnngo of i ew.papars briwieu ihe ptib i-htu tin riol, as ro l hil lor iindir die Iw, my iiuitli weiionof ihe Act entitled "An ai t tot educe into one ll.esevernl ncii lor etai hslimu and recti mini; the Pus Office Di pnil mi lit, a protcd the third davof .March, one thousand 12 t hundred and twenty five." Heel" ,W bt ilfarthtt tnadtd. Tint all pecu niary penalties and forfeitures, meuired under i hi act, 'hllt '" " ' r"' irl.e person or per-ons inform 1,1 and tiroeei-ulinir for the same, and Ihe oth- inform 112 and proeerulinir for the same, and Ihe oth er half to the ue nf the United Slates, and shall be pai I over to the Postmaster General, and accounted lor by him n. oiher monies of the dipattment) and all of nciion atism? under this a t mav be sued and all oll'-mdirs asaint this act may be prosecuted, le-fore the ju-tices nf ihe ace, magistrates, or other judicial rourisof the siwctal Slates and of the ftveral Teititories of ihe Uni ed Stales, they having eompe lenl ptrisdietinn, hy ll.u laws of such States or Terri tories, lo the trial of claims and di rnand of as great .al -e. and of the prosecution., whore the punish incnis of as creat etent j and such justices, magatraier, or judiciary, shall lake cognizance Ihereol, nnd pro ef,d to iiidirment and execution, as in other es-es fits 18 And bt it fatlhtr euaetrd. That it shall bj die I'nty of the Postmaster fteneral in nil fntute lel tinas of contracts for die transportation of die mail, to let the same in evetv cas-, to Ihe loet tndder, icnteiinj fiifr,cient cnaranties for faithful perfor mance, without other n Terence to the mode of such transportation than may he necessary to provide for due celerity, icr ainty, and security of such tranrp r laiion j nor shall anv new contractor hereaTter be re rjuircrl 10 u'ehase out, or lake at valuation, the stock, or ehiel, s ofanv previous contractor for the same mule, nd all advertisement made nndT the orders of the Pi'S'tna ter.G "ncral. in n newspaper or newpa 1 er. of b tiets uncalbd for in anv post office, shall he inse-l"il in the paptr or pacers, of the town or place ulure the office aflierliiiiL' may he itua ed, havinir the larsi st circulation, provided Ihe editor or ediiors of such paper or papers shall asree to insert the -ame for a price not irrnter than that now fix"d by law i and in easeofquesiion ordisputc ns to the amount of ihe circulation of any paeers. the editor-nf which may desire this ail vertisut?, it liall he the duty of the post master to rec-ive evidence and decide upon the fact. A-c. 13. Andbc itfurtbtr tnadtd. That to in ure, as faras nny be pra'eticab'e. an equal nndj st rateof compensation, necordnr to the servio perf'rined, amo-2 the ecral railroad camnanes in the Uniied State, for the transportation .1 th mail, it shall bo ihedulv of the Postmns'cr General to nrran2e nnd dividc.ihe railroad routes, tnc'tidim thoein vhi h the e-itceis partly by railroad and parti v hy teafnhniis, into time classes, nccordms to the sire ol tin- mail., the.peed wilh lech they are conveved, nnd Ihe im-po-ianee of the service; and tt tha'l b. lawful for him to coirract tor cincvt'iz ihe mail with any snea ran roa I eomimny, either with r wiiliout ndvertisinj for su, b contract : I'roridtd That, for the conveyanc-i of thetuatlon any rn.lroa.l of the fitst class, he shall 11 it pay a limber rate of compensa'ion than is now al lowed hv law; n,r for carrying the mad on any rail road of the second class, 1 crratcr compensaiion than one hundred dollars per mile per nnnimn nor far carrvinu themadnnanv ra:lr"dof t'.e third clas, a erealer than fiftv do'lars lier ini'.e per e.nnuni And in . n-e the Po-unasier General .hnll mil he able 10 cmc'iide a cnnirart for cairying the mad on anv of stub railroad route, nj a compensa tion not exceed. nc the aforesaid maxioium rates, or for what he mav deem a lea .nableand tnir compen sation f,,r the service to be performed, it shall be law ful for him to separate the letter in ul Iroui the residue of the mail, and to cotitrrct. either with or without ml-verti-iiiL'. for convevina tbeleitei mad 01 er n. h route, I y hnrfe express nr otherwise, at the 1 r, atesi .p,ed thai can r.asonablvbe ohtaioed ; nod also in con tract f ir (.irrvinir over such mute die re clue ef ihe mad. in wn?on .r otlorwi,'. at a -lower rateof speed: I'rccidtd. Th il ifooe half of the service, on anv railroad, is riri'ieed to be p rforined in the niche seas 01, it shall he lawful f..r the Pnsi.onsiei lo pav Iwentvfiie per cent 111 nddili'.n 10 the n'ore- further, Tbanf 11 shall he found nere-siry 1,. convey a'o .uaMuiuin ra'es ot nllowaiue i .inu iroc.ueo, oierauv radon I mm,' none than two mads daily, it sha 1 lio lawful tot the P-isttnas'i r General lopni such add.'i mal as l.e may thin1- jusi nnd rea snn ible. having refeieucc tn the sen tee pe. fnrmefl, no. I die maximum rate uf allowance enbl she I by this act. -ec SO And be il fiirlh'r enacted, That all causes of a -lion ari-tng under this nei nnv he sued, and nq ,11' nder. aeninst Un. i,L-i mav be iirosee.ued. nnyeircini .'rih-inet couriof the Unit, d Sta'e-, ornf ihe District of Cohiuiiiii,ur of the Teritioncs of 'he United S'.afes. .See 21 And he il futlhtr tnncted, 'llnl for the pnrpo-e if liuirdin .' a.'ilosl the p .ssit.jhiy nr any eiil'iariis-iheiil 111 the npi rations of ll.e P.i.t Office lie artuient, c,ns,qiieul upon anv riem lene . ,t .he revenue of s,a d depot neat whlcbinay b"o ', bv the r, duct 1011 of llieltil.s ol pef lae by this ni I made, tbtre I e. end hereby is.'npprnp.talf ri die sain ofs 1 n b 11 ad red ind fifty thousand dollars lobe paid 01,1 of nnv inout-v tn the Treason- not otl'.rw'e an ,ro mate I. and 10 he placed 10 the credit of the los Office DJi'ailoient in die T.eisiiry of the Uoued, 10 1 e applied, under lliedlrecll 11 of the P..-I-master G-neral, to Mipphiue ativ d.-Heieucy in tbei reyiilar reiennes from p stage, 111 the same m inner as Un, revenues of sai I deparlmeiit nre now I.) law nt'phe I. Se' 2'J Andbe il further enacted That in case the am nr. of t.ostaecol'e 'ted from the ra. sol pn.'aee n-a 1,.. .,.1 . k 1 fru.n lli irpnanrv .'ifftlir-n l...n,(rLt A fail tl. .i.'.im.I i" '""m V "i Pi-vrn IIU"0rU "imi II I V I II , Hollirs herein ffrnniel. aliill prove ins.illieieni fnv Hie expense ot ihe inntl nervi. e diroiiilio 111 lif" ml ttiH Unnwl SifitHS tn nn pxt'-nt roiil tn hit 1 n.nv ew i n't'il hv I In- ntiMirv niti4 n!o i iliu viu...,ii i..n.i;.n nn' piil iri;m tln simo in rt-if (rop.Ti...n iiirnns' nn) HTDitiMm nfiln- nnnithiinn. nnnici'lnrly m ih now Stntes nn.l Teirtinries. ihe dtVtr-nrv ihnt In I he mi 1 nut of mi v nioncv in Ihe nthprM'ist' npprnprnrpil : 2'rarided, Tl-Qt ifpttifin Inure f ir 1 Oflifp Dcnnrt- nii.l phnll nit in (hp pniire nira'eL'itp, eiflinnve of si'nrirsnf ntlfprs, clprks nnrl mesrn.,',i. or ihe (Jenrnl Por Oifirp, nnd the cominjpnt fiid of ihe simp, px-ved ihf nnnml amount ol luur million five hiindnnl thomind d illir--. I Sec 2.? Andbe 0 fttrthrr enacted. Thil no'lonc m lh' nrt C'lnt.nned "hill hi? ronslnml f tepnl thp In-i hprel.'fore pmciPii. cinniinu ihe Iran in? pnvi- i lege lo ihe President of the United State uhen in of- fice, nml In nil ex.Pr .ijcnts. nml lo die widow, ot the former Preidents Mn li-on and Harmon. Approved, .March 3 1S15. KtoATiso Thftri:. Tiure is at the nier. North pit. nre hruer thin ihe Olympic, nnd thp whoh i to Coi up i i n sulpnf dectinitons and mmforl. which uiH im with nnv .inMiJi.i.Uni i ....r....i.t. ' PiI on with n pi-n.'c wav i to heerern-d f(rwnrd ( Pn ier iIip iliPitrots ilje enhim nml ?tntpriN.m. where ih pnim tit l'eron are lo he nrrnnonoifrHpd Hie en.l will pr-hT Iv hppilhil the Mtl .ilini-M- hion, or ihp '"lemplenf hp Miisps, will nil -nih'r n roa.iiny licence, nnd can comeM nnv illiue or town in ihe Slite. nnd having n pnn vx and a press i n Ininrd can iue their bdU of the p'av and rcuiiin as tone as ihev have uom hnues, and whn Ihfy fid they hive only in fire up and prormte lo ihe next town. If Ihe bnl cn tjet lhrouh the Iik k nntl from th- canil in to ihe lakes, ihe speculation will turn mil a very profitable one, for Ihe company is Vept ti pelher at a triflm expense. ThU is the age of novelty, nil admirari. Tbo Ahxandria Oizolie hoars n good aner tlote nf Mr. Polk, lln Prfidpnt rh'cti Ass soon a, a visitor is inlroitiiceil, b roinmonci'ii the cotucrisafinn fnrlhvvith, hy informtPir ihe as'nn ihp( xirantjer that he ha bet-n tlt'liL'hted to find, niiice his arrival in Wliintrton, (bat not nnt? nf hia democratic fripndu has had I hp indeli. cacy tn an nnv with an appticalion for kHicp, am that ho is quite sure thu infnriiMlinn ouit be an "ratifying in the gentleniaii listening In the ourition. a it is acceptable In hid own views and feeling. Tho viaitor hstens in prnfmind hiIpmco besii ite a moment-make a bow hi d slopes Boston Atlas Cty neiwrenuiMraU mid wnlvrt, Micliu t in fire hiird, Thu SlHte iililnr of Mirlii-L'-tn ri'pnru li-ving iiil, ilnring the (mkI ttx yoiir, Ihe nni of S7,157 for wolf nca'ps. Thii h S3 e-irli, Out Inioniv p ti'l, mmM C-ve, emiimline lite ilna nl Intf puce, mt HCgregntn of line tlimuniul nflbt'it irouhle-i-tonie Hiiuiiil, uhicli Imvo hi-en (lsironl ujihtn ihn poi hut lesipnitH(l. A Um'Uhuw ,MI,I(.r riH,,(.rMj00 (0 lUCrd0 IK3 UOUnlV , , . f ( , lo via Iteao.

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