Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 21, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 21, 1845 Page 3
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A i LtTKRAUY NOTICES. Fhreion Quarterly llr.vinw. Jnii.i 1813. kMr. Scott's reprints nro liunlsomcly oxpcuIpJ mil altogether very reaiMblo ; but biiii inoy nro not " Itk'o a boolr.." I'lioro is but emu fotttiiro bout Idem to which wo ran demur. If uo could Jiave our way we wihiM loreior uniiisli double columns, anil tlmt oriler of " clienp tile future " which lias beenmo so unaiHivi'. lor I In (air ami honest pag0 "f ,M0 oris;1'' edilinti. The expense of reprinting n fac-snnilo edition could be but a trifle more, ami wo ate sura lliat tin one who appreciates llm value of Srnlt & Cn's series nl reprints (mil wlin of Inn subcri bers limn not ?) would licsit.ito lo add Ins half lollar or dollar, for the tnki of hU own cornlort and the rrcd't of his library. Wo hope Ih it an inrreased anil steady dm.iiid nttllin part ofmli acfiber!, will warrant tho onlorpriciinr publi.-li. ers in soon uiat;iiit the eh injie which we surest. Wo haic. in llm present No. paper upon "Wars in Gurmiiiy." "Ancient Italiin Ut," " Ship Canal across llie American lihmu," "Field Spnrti of South Ain-n," dunaii His. tory," lie. In an article of considerable in' cr est, fin ' Bfil ish Intercourse with Glum," the writer complains hitterlv of Drotlier Jon ilhan, lor reaping all the li.tnelit ot mo rccoutiy open ed trade with the Cplostial. ()l course it is n " Yankee trick." The Glimpse, to astonishment and perplexity of the reviewer, do not like the British, and tins too, until ltlii-l.iinl- injj, the jrreit puns which llm latter nation has fatten lo make li"ritll agreeable ! Iml Jvien borough is violently abided in a long p ipur on " Indian nulicv," for no other reaon as wo can perceive than ht'C.iuo lie has veuluied 10 differ from all preceding governors-gonorai, ami pur. sue a comparatively peacelul policy. In the course of Ihe disciie-inn we h ue a fair iniight into the animus of the Iiritish Colonial System. Lord Ellenborough has tailed, in nut gratifying the lust of conquest. But we most been entertained -villi a no tice of 'Freiligrath's I'ocms.' We have room for only an extract, which wo think rcnakalilc, both asan incidental criticism upon a well known and much discussed character of tho English Dra. ma. and as a picturo of the present political tlale of Germany. Deutsciilash is Hamlet. Nijlitty ronnJ His walks dolh buried Freedom stall. ; Willi mule appeal, in wo profound, Crossing the winters on lluir walk. There ftnnd the Ghost in utcel arrayed, Anil In 1 he doubling f.iltcrcr milh, " Be tnv aventicr, draw thy bhdel My sleeping c ir was drugged to death." The story of that dml ncrursrd Timiue'i nil his toriund soul doth send A ilrea tlul lii'ht, a liutum I hirst For vengeance : nve. I in niaik the end t He pondera, plan j. what slnnild lied -7 Ills weak tieart wivi rs.dnutit assails him, For deed of prompt and igorcin hue The prompt and vigorous spirit fails him. He has lived in fact Inn like a drone, Lying and reading long abed ; v His'blood wants motion, and hus crown Put. heavy, scant of brealh his head Willi inmphys'cs ciammed; a mere Do-noihing iransccndinlal thinker j - Of. 'Viii1!1 -i-.., thv love, and leer, lie's been a too assiduous drinker. So hckine resolution, he Pretend he's crazed, trust nil lo time, Soliloquizes pittite iiisly, An I bteaths Ins eholer out in rhyme: In pan lo m Itn a he vents it loo ; And, once seized with a fiuhlin; fit, He sticks Piiloniti Knlzebuc, And lets l he right man go unliit. Thus lives he sadly, dreamily, And siill his nun funi hcrt impeaches, He lets iheui send linn over sea And routes back armed wuh ciusiic speeches; If hitter a tods could Kill the kimr, None more evp'Tt tlnn lie lo ue 'em ; Dill d.iu-urltiht ai-tl'in ? 'I hat's the llum? Of u'liieil his worst foes can't .lecuso him. At list hi" sword i- fiirly mil : Siiiniliitig he mil do now r never. Ahs! fine acls to hum: nlcill Tins laidy and ill tariei emlcavoi I le9 hepi le Itls f lllell f ics T'le selr-undone, I ehoM lot lies ; And Kmlinbr.M, while none opjtn e, Walk m'and makes the retin his prize. Tltatitc (li.d, we' . emit rt come to ttiat, Our I. ill ml i mil yet In jm. Bi.yl.rc, mv hero, lt-51 as put I. .en In the rut lite likeness run 1 Her-t sit we hnpinir. ho ing still ; Oh. for tiiu proot of in iiiliooii ! Ilasta Willi heart and hand, wi h ii and will, To njhl Ihe poor ghost while thou niayst. Strike w'ule'iis tiine! Strike bravely now ! treacherous f.aerles eome Willi poismel blade ftttiti Ktanee, aril thou lie foully slain ; ere trtiuip and dium An army from the north proclaim Heiis of Ihe spoiN a for the legion Whence we now epe 'I the .ame, 1 "really doubt if it's Norwegian. Itut olio tes'dve! Away with sloih I Tread valnuilv the path before ihcel itcihink thee ol thv tiered oath: 'rhni'. whole the vuice ilnt doih iinplore thee! V hv all tins qu imliinr sophistry Hut eau I c'ude. piiitniic telteiucr7 5Ivelf inn b il a pari of, Thou evermore uaMea ty di earner ! Bl'lcLtcimtl, February, 1S13. The Eililnr rrites us in tins iiiiuilnn' llm firct of a seiie- id peperr. w hu h he prom u s on the Brili-'li Grit ics. !)rvileii is ilia Mildecl of the opening pa per of some twenty pages ch.iracierued by the writir's usual eracelu'iiess vivacity and bign'rv. Bulvver continues hi lr.insl.itiini id 1 he o I'.ios and I! tllaiU of fionlhe," and then are sever il other articles which arc very read.i Lie we suppose. MARKING I'ON, Agent. MANSFIIil.I) RO.l)-.MGi:riNG AT UNDEIUilLl, Pursuant lo notice srivoii in 'tlie County news papers a uicetin ws held at Car chin's lliu this day. Thu business was introduced by remark from sin dry "eutleiucti prc-cut, and re idiii the articles 111 the tiew's-paperj from Sltnve and Ilur hnirton proposing- each to undertake a sec turn of the road. On motion of Arihur Uost- wic, E-(., a Cumniittru was raised to report Resolutions lo tho meetin oxprcssivp ol the interest of the vicinity of the road. Tho co.11. Uliltee afier reliriu; reported as follows: Resolved, That we consider the offer from the meeting hnlden tl.e lH'h February last at Stovve, to mike the road to the Notch on that side of the mountain, and that from Ilurlintun lo rpiso a sum sufficient to clear a throiiL'h the rock' at the Notch, as hij-hly couiinond tide. llesolied, That we undertake 011 lips side of tho mountain to build tho road from Stevens' Mills In tho Notch by subscription. Resulted, That a coinuuUeo of live he appoint, ed by Ibis iiieetin 011 nouiiiialion of the Chair rnin 10 raise a subscription for this object and to take cintrjie of its expenditure, and 011 thu route traced nut by Sir. tlenedict in Ins Burvcy niadu -' f''11- . , Whereupon, I M. Stevens, I'cter Gill and Ziba Churrh of Underbill and Geo. II. Oaks and J. 11. Hostwick of Jericho were appointed this committee. At the request of tho 1 omrnit- tee, Col. A. Shaw was added to llittir number. The inentin;; was unnuiiuous in tho opinion that tins road, for the good of the community fehuuld bo opened immediately, I'BI'HR I AI.LEN, Chairman. U M. Stevens, Secretary. Underbill, March 17ih. 115. Sold Himself Ciicap. William Par ntcnlrr has be on nomlnaled by llio President for Nval Officer of Boston. This is llio first rewHrd given to the northern Trx;is trai lers. Piirmentcr expected iho colleciorslup of Boston, but litis to put up with u subordi nate place. Among ihet (lunations of the German So cicty ol Nf w York, during the past year, was one from John Jacob Aslor, of 84,802, 50, bring tin bnlancoof tho sum of S20,000 bequeathed to the Society by hi will, but which has hern paid before) to enable it to establish an agency. For the Hurlmgton Free Press. TO SIMtlNtJ. Wo hail iheewiihjn) thou beniiliful Spring, Fur elm nets is couched 'neith lliy rninani woia, And sorrow and sadness before dice shall lice. While pleasure and humor shall sparkle in gleet And in thy pure nin-bino shall bisk with delight, Sweet maidens most lovely with tresses how bright. Thy footsteps with rosesin frncinncc shall bloom, And bio snins will scalier lluir nehest pertumoi Oh hasten thy chariot, thou goddess of spring, And nver nil nature lliy mmllc soVn fling. Our hr.iris now so lonrly lliy prtstiieo will cheer, And sadness give place to tho bliss will reign here While nntun'o musician in rapture shall swell O'er glade and o'er forrsl, o'er hill ami o'er ucll A strain of soft innin lliy advent to greet. Oh qniekc.. thy pace, ihen lluir voxes lo meet While we wi h glad iiaiure will j tin llie glad song, And mingle our voicts with that Irippy llirong. We sigh for lliy entiling swrel zephyr" of spilnp, When we think of ll.erailiaut glow tluni will I ring. And the carpel of green ihou will spread o'er lliecirlli While thv brcalh lo our souls shall given new birth 0!i come inerrv spring let thy daw ning be seen ! Coinenway from thv cavis where so long thou Inst And shed o'er our hiing lliy genial rays, been, T' enliven and cheer us and Icnathtn our tluyti Siern Win'cr I1 parsing away to his home Then conic smiling maiden, conic quid ly oh, cornel 1843, 3d mo. C. O. N. QyTlit) Cliurlestoii Mt'icuiy is iliss.ilis fircl with Mr. folk's iiiniigtirul speech, ntul s.iystliut Ins notions of llm revenue mid pro tt'Clion nro noiisunsical. It states, liowcvcr, thai such n speech was confidently expected, ind creates no sii i irisn, and thai Mr. i'olk is " not lliu ent'tny of tree trade and justtnxu lion, but that lie is lliu crcattirn of circiim stnuces, and 1 1 in pliant servant ot llio must fut inid.iblo fiction." BRICII I ON .11 A IIKKT, Monday, Munh 10. At Market D30 Ilccf Cattle, 1200 Sheep, and 300 Swine. I'mcEs Ileef Cattle We nnotc a few Ktra 2' a 5.0 lirfl qn lhtv S.1 o.-i i second qu dity SI, 50 v-iu; limn quaint sivjajou Sheen Dull Sales from Si Swine In cominueneo of tho limited number at market, sa'es were quick ; lots lo peddle, for sows and Die for barrows At iitau jc lor sows and 0 lor Inrrows. Nfw Vo.air. March 17. Hour remains inaclivc, 1.00 ho. Jeisey vtllow fern sold ni .13 eenis mens tire, rvorlhcrn U.its 30 '.' 31 ri. live C7 G3 ct. New Pork is up lo S10 and Sli for Ohio, and old .vies Ins been soul nl .311; prune elands as before, id ao ."BUI. io in other previsions. 13. ir if n s . s In this town, on Wodneslay, 12th ipst. by Prcsi dent Wheeler, Mr. I'nrinF.nici; M . Vansickie-,, to Miss SoruiA C. WnATiir.r.ov, all ol this town. Another soldier of llio revolution cone. Died, St. Annans, Canada Hist, March Gth inst . Cap). DAXIT.L STF.AIIXS, in ihe Soih year of his use. Capt. Steams wn- well J.n wn to the cii zen-. of Hurlim-ioii, li.ivin.' te-ide.l in thi- town I etwten thu. ty nn I forty years, near Muddy flrool,. Com. At Albany, ft. V., on the Jin in't, Ancma.tLn Mcft'lCL. of B..rlington Falls, aged 21 years. onrru vrtv. D.'ed, at Svvan'on Fall, on the 12lli inst., I'orlrr Inv Hatch, formerly of this place, aged -17 jcais. really hiueuttd. It is seldom that a dtath occurs, in any communi- Iv, ntlenih't wilh o many detuonslrallims of legarii lor the ilei-easeil, pr such forrow lor to los. I)r tlflleh hail tieen a lesnlenl ofwan'on I'ulls but a rv tew veais ; liul in tint lime, tta 1 greatly endtur- ed hioiself lo all who knew hint. At a meeting of ihe ehs .teiniia of Sw antnn, nnl ihe ndj'.iiim lowu-, tit l.ovelatid's licit. 1. Mari-h Hih. Idla. nr. 1. 1,. uiinmui-r w.s calico 111 iiietlMlr, 1111U I)r I II II ile nppniifeil seer.inrv. Tlie tollowinL resolutions were pttst-nted ami mloptid. lieioirru, 1 nni we legaro me one oi.H'iisaiion 01'e, in thercuiov.ilof I'r Ir.i Ilniih of. Swan ion. by di'aih, as nn event which should remind us of our own momli'y, nn I wlueh should piouipt us 10 senium nl1 ol iiunu'il eat-ilor, uuiduess. fortieiraiuc and wmpalhv a a frateinuy. Ilcsolrcu, I hat Hie Mcdie-il rn resnn n ihe Conn, ty In vi' susi -Hoed 11 los great1 y in he deplore 1, in the ih'.ilh of lot asu"iatc fur whom wedonot him per fection of eh ir.ieler, h t tel. who was diiittgui heil fiir his iiuprelelith lg uilelhgence. enurlesy. nu I itioil. es y ; in all Ihe eveiciseol whw h qualuie. he was ex eru ig a h ippv and a needed intlueoee amung us. ueolted lint Hie evidence ol tilkeiion.iie inter cm ami respect, esluhite I hy the inhn' llani of .Vw an Ion Falls nnd vteiuily. during 1'ic irprsn if Dr. Il.'iteh. niul llii'ii sense of llieir los, in the ilealh of a prudent, iliseriitiurit ng. asnIiioiis. and iiiimnne meiiienl nilti-s.-r. einiih's iheoi lo our griie'u' aekno.vlcdgeiiirni', and s'ltiiihl incilc us 10 emulate ihu viriius ol lliede eeni d lita!rtd That, as n mark of n speet in ihe memo ry of Dr. II ileh. we a I lend tin- funeral eeremonii s, ill a liiiilv. iioil f -'low lus remains in the envc. AVz-o'cif, Thai wodeiplv yiupaihl-o with llie he- reavi' I foiulv uf die il iel. nod eoniimud Iheui. for en isol'iuon, 10 ihal Si liree w hich is iluinilanl and unfnihug - nml which hiniiau sytii'.-ithy cannot sup ply. liunWtd That ihe Seerrtarv f irnih a copv of ihe above ti-r ihe fn only of Dr. II in-h. and f ir puhhcitiou in llie Messenger nnd Kepuhlienu of Si. Alh ins, nml ihe pu'hc pttoisof ItiirliiiL'ion .1. I.. Oil t.VDI.r.K, Clnlrmnn. I. II. IIvde. Secrelnry. The foregonu resohui on, nt 1I11 eoe of the relig. ions 1 t rcii"i. eri'riadto It hree ai-emblv, coll. vtinul 10 pay 1 In ir In s 1 rt spec's 10 the nieotorv rd Dr, ll-ilch and nn unexpected, but p'ea-'int and toueh lug incident oeiurred. in 1I10 1 rum t reouei of a nnghh'ir of the d ceased, ihal he mighl piesenl those reohitii ns to ill. congrega'ion for their npprotnl, which was responded lont once, by the risiuir of the wno.'e assemuiy. Lorn. NOW IS YOUR TIME ! S'.'.Yf? Alt RIVAL AT 1 UF. NEW YORK & BOSTON SHOE STORE. XT70rLr infirm tlie enizen- of I! rloigtoti nnd icuiiiy, tlia he I a" pit received hi- frPItl.NU M'OCK CF 1J0OTS ANI' SUOiJS of cery descrip ion, which he ha I oupht cheap and he is deierm ned to fell cheaper And a leiter art" le thin any oilier pcr.-on this nle of .New Vorl. Hi he will tv'l low for ah : Trench Call Moots ; Ocni'f fov1 1 Oaitcrf, wilh heels; Geni'. (loot Uaiter, dc do, Ladie H'iWn- j ' ItootecS' " Slippers; Children Shoes, cfall decriptions J ncnt3. Ptnnjis. ; Mr. H. uould improve the prevent opportunity to return hi acknowledgement lo hi-frlemls who have hitherto letowid upon him a liberal pitronase, and solicit a continuance of ihe ame, which he will cm t leaver to mt'rit, hy strict application to husini', nnd oi li.ivin? nil cutum wor'; done al hi alio,! nn le m lhefcl manner, and of llie lc-t tc ck. ai llicl.uci cah price. Plrase call andtxainine my mocL 1 efure piir-'iiuiiiis eccwinTfi Cburih Street, urIin?loii, March 21, 1315. -12 SPUING For FASHIONS I 845. CIIAH1I A. SIIVMOOH, Hf rrcciii! Irinii New Vorl. llie priiis pnl'ern fur Jlits, mul i ni w reaily In f.irnirli iienilfinrii wilh hut. oriiiermr Xt "' " Ilo,'Tlal 1,1 nny inannldftiiml ' ili C'iH!. Men lnl in i!ib viciniiv who imri-lia ha'K I llieO'O, arfc-pieially rraiie-itsl In rail ami exninino ln tint'! , aivl il HJ 'iellliat ihey em p'iri h.i e u well near lnme a itiroiil, lie luine ilipy will, tipc.n llio priiie'p'' ''f nroltclion, prt fer lliu lionm marl el, ave llio expense nf IraiiMi'irladuii. and 'caelheea h where il richi I' lly hi Ion I. A nJ lis H.EUti t the pul lie ihal im man n ll o Uni e.l Sm e. .hall tell hat ul equal quality, lorea h, al a le- . ice. 42n0 Burlinglon, frarl Sired, March 371, 1815. Kilnnind It. Mcrilnm's Ustntc. To nil pnrant cimttrnril in Ihe V.'lnte nE' . ' . I). SlIiKUl.tM. 7oc of South Hero, (niMm" of Grand Isle, eased, llnt.rtvn., nl a Preba'e flour', holden nl llie I'm I ale infill- in Omul I le. in fai.ltli tri"', on the 11th i lay of: March A. 0.. ITi, Heilor Adani', 4. i.ii.u., . l . r l .lit, n. i ll. a err iiui. in'e iifS. ulh Hero, in .aid i!ilriel, iVeenrd. filellii Petition in vvriliinr, elitig fiirlh thai the real cin'e of llie.aiii t'eeea ed wa nl tneuinni u.lnrti ei.nt n.tnlii i,n. in. t.rpd hvn 111 rlgllgC to Silly Martin, whfch iiinounied on 'the 20 h day of June, A. I., 181',, t" tho mm i.fS507..1l. dial tlie per . .1 ......... ..r. . .i.i .i....A...i .. .. . . tin. fir' thel film olS33CiO, iTwIih-Ii lliere bus I ceil n 'igoe'l liysilleiiort lo Ihe wl low of nllde-ea ed the .uni nitltn. il,...n h.i. 1 itu nlluu e in iV l nffums' 111 e. tale. IV IbO ' "111 "i.fl'i ni-i-- a'lir'lllel UTIil'i luirit..... ... .mil i. s. .11.7 i.v i.tvoo . ) in.'i' irnuc. nn I llie fm 01 b i n-oroi innui..-, Ihal ihe mti of Sl.20 of -mil Soil 71, ,onl'owed i y .nid rviini-.iniifr . npnin I .m t e i.ite. vt ere for ne- ee..niv f oit ral ptih n e mil esiien e for the la.t .1 ..f.nit.t i e,l and that I he c n.. II II 1 e.X lieu i t f 11 till iv I terintr noon ,Rld'e no to llie lire enl tune nlnn'tnl lo ihe lurlher um of Oil Od Said Adioini.'raior iherel'nre pray 'nid (onrt to nrml litot licrii.e In ell I lie whole of lie real C-lnh' f said dece.i.ed ml led In the right o( the widow'" dower tlieieoi fir the p-trpo-e of paying .'tld morl g.igennd hedtht1 ngaint nid e lute, fi i therefore or 'ercd I y md Ci up that alt person ,...n....rn...l ,n .nil CLOn ll'iel IO nUMl'lr a' .1 e.-ion ol' said dml to le ho'i'en nt ihe I'mha'c efli e in .aid (irand Me, on ihe (ir I 'ay of lav, A. D., 1815, to .how eau e (il imy ihey have) why lii'enceini'rht not lo be graiveil fur winch ti'irpn- i. tin titer or 'erod that Ihe sol lniv e ef -ill I pen1'"! tmrntlier with thU un'erof ..lid Ooirl, le li'l' llihe.l 1 1... ., i...l... . nr..... It-i 1, im .Ann ;l lliav bo. ill lh "Fne Pres'' n piper pnlli-hed In Horlingloii. in llie Comii'v of i;iill'cin'eo, llie last in wiiieu -1110 1 e 1 1 rore thu tes loll of mid Conll l.l-l nielllionel nil .I.n'l I . nii'd .mlieieol notice 10 .ill per on eoneemeil. to show ctiec why nid heeiee .ho.ild not I e griin'rd. (iveii on 'er mv hand, nt f.aid Gran J Ide, thl 1 1 day ol March, A. D., 1S15. J23 JAIli:. I.VDD, Judge. DESEIITION, YSTIiT.ltr.AS my wile, F.i.tlA, ha.le.erl(l my be.1 and 1 oani, vviiiinut pist, tni i" 10 can lion ihe. uuhlie ULMin.t harhoroi'r or Inlying her on my nt'couni, n. I urn determined lo pay uu debts of tier conliai'ting alter llnu.ite. OKOIWF. O. (III.!. Wdli.ton, March 10, 1S13. d2.v3 r.llslia Sml.Ilcj's ntate. -ITTKTIIR SrilSCIUHl IK Laving I een appoint ell vl he lion. Ihe I'rnb.iteGo in forlheilHInel of C'liliendeu, eomtui.. itinera to revive, examine and nd 1. 1 the rlaim a d ilelmnil. ol all persons, again thee taicol I IJS'l t S UIIM.I'.V, lale of lloiesh ug in satil Oi.ln.'l,, reiresenlel 111-oIvcnl, ani: al o nil chums nnd demand. 1 xlu'.ued in o I. el Iherelo. nii'l s month. Iroui the day of the uaie hereof. I e- ing nllowed hy i-aid Couri fur that purpo-e, vvedo thi'ref.ire hereliv cite liolice, Ihal we will ntlcnd to the I u.iiic. four app.iiiiinienl, at the the dwell'n ol George W. Sulidlev in Hmeshitrgh. in "aid I). 1 1 it, on Ihe last Friday' ofJone nnd July next, ot 10 o Vloei;, A. .11., on'h nl .ant il.ivs. Dated this 1-2 h day 1 1 1'el.iiaiv, A. D. 1813. .IO-irPir.Ml-.l, ' 1 I liA.NCI-! WII,f,M)., (Junimit-inncr. h V.MAX DOUWIN, ) 12w3 DISSOLUTION. rn,Hll enjinriner hip hetelof re exi.luig lelwee the .ub.eri'er tinier llie finn if Ilo'ley A. Murray, is 1I11 djv di -.ohed I y 111 it nl i t. a. v. rror.r.r.v, J.I.I MHItltW. The .tth.tri'er will eon'in"e lioine. at llie Oil Stand an I sctlli.- the a I.i r- uf too l.i'e Firm 12w2 A. V. IIOI.I.I V 11 DELAYS ARE DVNGEKOUS MU. A. ItAM)I-Il( TiOHTIl.MT i'ALNTMi, wn-il.l rftnv!l'i!l inform J. the n' zen-of II irltn-r'nn au-l vi ini V, lint In- hi- t'lkfti Jiootii in 1 lie Jr.inklin lieu v. vhtr !i will rrinam a few il.i v 'nh' i nn I iho v tn 1 h-itin n so liU-no . vvtm l du wvll tu avail ilieniselvi'S cf lite pre enl iMMxtrmnhv. peeinten- of In- Pninnns e:tri I e'in-pe -ttl at hi Uijniu m llie r miilJiii lio-iet whiv-li iiavo I ecu uxe ("iicl while 111 1 cm 11 niirlinru.n, Mnreh 20 h( 1315. -12 ICusrl Crammer's I'siatc PP.TITION TO SKM, .AND. TATi: OK F.Il 'ONT A T a Pruhaie Court Ditnct ot Chateiiden, ) hcl I at IUiiIinrl('ii wi hin and for sn 1 'lilrict ol I'htitea Vn. on the 11) day of March, lf43, come- OrmSlio'e, athnini-tr.itor ot ihe e-ta'c ol Kit ci . ratmner, la'e tn onanotic, -aid di'iric, tVctnse I, m'e hre, nn I tiles in iud conn hi- pei ion, In riniiLr, bo tinir lonh linn il e per-onal e-lm e cii Hie -tn i i'-ea in, ns nppnusetl nn I invent n r'eo, aino nt- m fejOiMo ; nut ine iitht- nuoweiii tlie cmil'l 'loiifr- H'-'ioiis; snnl cs'at nmnnnl ti S7Cl,8-i llini tlie pcr-cmnte tateol tlie -aiil ileceat"i i in-nilu-ieni for ihe pa j n.cul of ihe t'c' w allowed nL-miiM mide-U'e a n I the cpeii03 -fa liirnMra'jon, and that ii will he nece ary to -ell real e-ui-e of the niildei-ea-el mt tha- p-irpoM-; the anl no. ea ed I nil r-tielol the follcmni'' dc Tihe I oarct-l ofhnd (amoni; other) p atcd in -aid Charlotte, viz : twenty one aeje ot lamt, or inviea1 o ii, i o in o.ieit, nortn an I in all I y land u ned hv re er an net, nn I t h Ihe highway leading Ircan the .VehoiiM Church in IVir'-hiirh (eai roa ') to Samuel iMiine-' etc. tn t'liarlotie ; that nlihounh it may n 1 1 c ne. cc-arv to pell ilu w hleof Mild parcel cf lau 1 Jor Ihe payment c I thecte' l" il 'f horn aitl eta'e. ami ihe ex pense t aaanni-! raoon, j ci, p.iri oi :i 1 1 pa.ivi in land cannot be sold we ho it uipiry lo 'liosei-iicrc-'nl in ihe reaniti' cr, an 1 Mini it uoitd le I ciicIk-ieiI 'o have ihe whole td' md pan el 1 1 land oil. nml nrav- in.r ni tco in to jrrant him liixn c to - ell the whole of ia hi land. W hcrcipt n, the Comt afor''nici ihah app'-inl the ccond Wednesday lo Aprd, 1315, lor luMrnrj and deciding on -aid peitiion,at ihet ilice ol ihe l!tfiiicr of ni I court, hi r-ail Ihirltii'zlon, al 10 oMoc! in (he forenoon, ami cloth t n'cr thai nil per-on-m'cte ted thcit m I c imt ilie I theiei f I y pu' lien' ion of lies order coin limn!! ihe mi( nm e ol tail petition three wick ucc,ei-iu lv m the H oltnatm Free Pre-, n ncw-pa-per prin ed in find llurlnuton, the In-t nluhnh pn' liealion to he pievmus to at I second VednetIay of Atrd. IS15. Given under iny hand iht l9ih day of larch, A. 42 v3 Willow Waggons, CII MRS, Cradles, Rn-('nri. &.V.. Inr fale I v M:i.i.i,iD u mioniniis. March, ISli. tl Can os. A? NRWnnil t-cairiful as crimen! nf Rilvir and vnry he.u'ed Cane, a'so, CruoU and oilier I ane , llie het a-. r ii tnl and al li.werprue than ever. UUlNaMAII) .f 1:HUI 111 US. Jl.irch, I8J3. 41 Spectacles. TTni!ISCOPlC. Coneave. anil Crime SmthiM.. X a lariie nnoriineiii iu-l upened, heaniilal one-. UKI.N5MAII) iSi. IIUUI HI us. .March, 1613. 41 REMOVAL, ILIAS LYMAN infonn his friend nnd cu. 4 onier-,ih il he hn remove 1 10 ihe Stole n( the corner ol ColVso nnd Clmrcn Strcel furmerlv oe c'tpied hy J, Wan n n UrocU-ry Siore. The Ulock l,n two a the Wnkwrtre lud'in-r, irnintho. ro ishlv rep.ure.llhe .Mure nnd litle.1 i fit ha k room Inr irUerie, ti.ieii tor Mile an exicn-ne n6ciroiient of I nimiy frot ciie of s tpenor n .alpv, e'eeied patucnliirly dr rviailin'r. ( onMin ol Old II son, Voumj llyoit, IlyMui AUin nnd lllaet; Ten. Javn, Ln'P'ira, ttio, nn 1 Ht Dcminiro Co le. Pepper, tj))( e, (j in irer, tIinnanion,Clite-, Imniei, VH)-c)s Doiille relii.ed Loal Sugar, Kat Hu-ton Sna r. Urown Suuar, White I I.i va una C'ni-ahed do. UaU-r It st Nol Cliocolnie nnd Shells. Saleraln-, Km e, Itarr Soap of all cj lalhie-. l ancy Mr? nnd Almond LW eSoap, Candles Ac. All ol ha h are o 'cred at the ino-t iitl ice.1 prh -e furcash orcieiht. Fanners nre inf rmed ihat as he now ha room fiir ilorm2 thetr nrod ice, lmoi any nm'. leofGrniii, Hc.iiih, Pease, Ilni'er, Cheea, Maple Sugar !c will l e received for CJuod. nitv (;oimi. Many article i f hi e cn-ivc lo k nl Pry (!mk heolcral co-t lor (Vth. Tin- will i urA u "rt m o i poriomty fir tho e wi htinr to purch ie lo fiip,.lv thenibelvee nt rednce-l prj e-. TO It liNT. 'J1 HIT. n'j"tnin Sioie m iio Wi It ware Uloek nl eUlio 'tjeninn S ore," ruSbetiun kivcii immedm'ely, 1111111-11111,221 IVl.y, IS 15. 3a 5(1 Tons ol I la v OP llio hrst uliiy, fur enla ai g" 00 per Ton. dr. limed any ulu're in lliu MM nre nl i lie nhnte pme. (J. PI.Tiat-.ON. Ilurlinulon, IVIi. I81I1 1815. 33 USTItAY. CAMR into ilieiiicln.ure nfihe uli i rilir nn the IO1I1 day nf Jan., iiiI. a white nr liiht (irny Mare, well shod, ond t.nppn.ed In le eishl or nine wars old. llie nwnf r i reir'.lil I" nruvo pruveriv pav charire and taUher uway. , I'K.XTiiH J'LACK. Shelbnrn, Jan. Illi, jou. 41 ijStf i:w iti:ii:ov von BRONCHITIS. HOVRSKNESS, nn: iiiioisrcirtAL comfit. 1IIM Preo.i ration t-. In'cn lo I lo n'l ly tilt irritation ol tin.' I.nrviu, Trachea, or Hronch nlTu'o. Il will lo lo ind epl'lly .ervn'oaldc l.'t'a..". ntl-iu'i froin chronl! inlliinilinn, nnd llin-e -au-ed I.v Ihe Iran-ii'iil e eiihl.. It. pr periie are .11 h 11 ll! impart n soot inn 1111 1 ino'liTying sen-aiion iolhe litr.n,l i-i 1,1. 11a .itrrir'P.. l...i, I ...I.. I .. il... e.'eei of lull t nx 1. or id ' n iiimI eve lion 111 i.ublu peitting, nun o uer tise 01 tiite vnctl organ-. rV f;irjyuien, Put lie !v, I t'ririle Singer', nn I tuner per el w 1 lcriiMtlTin''et'iTS ..f llie Th it, Itimrfim U nnii?.-er or eh rtcf d irnri in, or o'lirr iinpiMinienl cl Ihe 'nii-t v t.n I ilii n nn i v. ..... -.1.. i.... f. h.i. l. eter, im mar uu-M'Tnii I m ' pen ire;i ireil ntulrrtho t iih'iIi nl -'i-n'rVi ion Price 25 rent per licit. Sot I at W HAltltt MITONM lluotur', Umhin?. ti'n, Vi. ll Inciter (Vodi Nov Mr. Lawrence nf ilnvonilM. ttiwrcj'-i. iNoVt'itiliHf 21. 1311. To the Vmpiirtornflht tlronc'ttat Comjit. i:sTLr.MF.Ni invinir -nerei win nronein.ii tt Hi -nil v for Ihe la-t Ihroe i r fu ir vciir". an 1 hjvini? iiMito it V ol llie nin'eii t ' t voir' urenninMon wall ,1 '.v,l 1 n)l1w. ...1. ,i. -.1 l.-j ...r;,.,-t elillildlllhnn linn I 1 1 n l v irs H 1 e. i nm iu t mi mve it inv eonlml n;iirovat. I Ihimj tried v-ifitrc, hit will little r nn iroui v le-i, I 'dieve cierral irenilemcn, r-ih-eallv. wtm linvt Ixi'ii tnnii-'eil t Miintar ditlic iltiej in pu'-I.e -pen'-ina, wn ihl ilenvj c- ailuitva -fe from 'lie 'i-eot yn ir prepnrnlion. Knmi -vin n hv with ieh I Icrcr-t I irivc it iny cordial leeoMi'iieiii'.itiun to ihe-n, ' i.MUlMDh I i ntitfVii.' c.iy t mi i, mi t ilI'i.iv c. Piom a (UstliiguNlit'a tltillarlan Preacher of Kostnit. From nmc npc; of ihe ('nmfit, nivJ front a Know lulsre oflhi mt'ireanil pr(tperlie nf -o'nt; of the itirmiienw inn i irer into in v i)itoiMon. I am em1 lei to -ny, as I iln ay erv clu"rf illv, t hut I h we Ihe utnnut ooiiIkUmi'v in if. n-M pints- to relieve puhlic pe.iUeia, nn I to -il .ty Irnutton aler expn'i-e ofpeakiriir f out. If prea lit r wit il I cinp'itj. il fft'iierillv nf cr exertion of iho voice, ihev woiM tn-Tiniiona'-ly litid H the means ol in ieh cumlort anJ h aiieir'i.irii ayahiM tiiseu'-e. Deceinher, f3 I8iJ. " l-'rom llcv. S. I(emmti;i;tniit (formerly a l"Ilitrlniu) Drn Sint From my line wki'ze of ihe tli Vrent nrtie'e of winch your 1' zeiiffe nre conipn'e I, I ant prepareil tn sty tlnl ilieyare not only entirely x.ife, n il very excellent for p ihlr'speikej'-t m enahle ihem to g'tar.l iisim t nn I oun'er.u-l lloir-enesq. Jly he loci frooieni exercise c I ihe orciii of ihe voift ntul hy tlm-e ca'arrhal n'ln-Vs to tin- cli na'c, the nonl.i J econiG'l:fe illy eh).r.mieil, an I, eli,ipin 1 (hmn upon tlie cpiiiloiti-, tro T c-onie iirii.uion aiten le I I y co-1 ah often follow. Thepnns nlo which urrotn'd the notil i, its cnit.iin and ihe chnd, nro Iral le to he cot ne wca'vencil and nl ie 1, 1 lie con -cq'tonee of which i- the o Tetton ot too much in icon, ea iiii!? n rctnirh aess of dm iMi.ce and a chlitcnliy of pe-ikiriir, an Hay ing ihe fii'indation foithroa' heie, lirniirhili, t&c- I'ornll lliesed 111-' d tie the eloenc-a a pen lie nnd irralef il -tun dent winch clean llie voice hy eon iraeiinc the m i-cnlar fi1 re, nn I o relievinir ihn pir's from irntnlion1 and I tlKetoro mol chcr-rfully ree ummeii.'eJ them ns a very ex client tnt'iuve. Vciir truly, S. UKMIXHTOX. From IMuiii l-'orrcst, tho celebrated Tra C'llan. f" i:TLEMrs : 1 have ncd your 'Ilronch'nl C-oni(l an I ro -ooooen I it to p-i! lie ,"hm' er.- iMtm ex"c,ltent remc V for ho'ir-cnt"", or h t I'ine of voice. Vonr re p""f.'v. P.DW'IV FOUUCST. Vrtvn .1. il. M.ieler. Wi1tsf. Or.NTi.rM i'n ; -1 ,1 V".' r fp-j iet In' I h -n 1 ' i' nv t'. r lluir .ii.--. . . d'ejli e I fo 1 iv 1 1 j o't i 'er he l ici In i t I p'T-oii-t U r itrn tion- of tlie ihroi 7,r n ine I .(j '.t '1 e part-, or lri)in ihet' l I. I urn uiui ohuiiLiii ei v.uit. j.t;. M.r.i)i:it. From 3Icssrs. Alurlorli te UiislII, l'ocu tlouM.. To Ihn Proprietors oft!if Utomhutl Cnm,1 Sin : in Hii-wer to voir en my rcirhtu our ol o ir -indenls h.i vo done th miiiii', with f,Teat a Ivan laffp. It "pem well n In 'td to it p rjo'-e; nn I a we tierj tenily Im e occ ii'n to ani er mi or e-. re pectiuj ihe let preparation ot (he kind, fir the use of pnhlie RiuMker-, we shall 1 e It , lo re--ommeiid your Comlit a uch. Ueare. Sir, your1 Ue-iei-tf illv, vit,r(it itunu.. .1. i:. MPiiDurui. From Mimrs, Hiker A U'oo Uii!r3 I'lofe"?- llfS Ot AlllsICa Gi-NTLF.Mr.s ! I av u-v I yo tr preparation r.nd recoiiimen 'e I it lo inhere, not o.iiv n 'in ctr-cl ve remeoy ai;iint irritn'toii' nf the ilim-ii arioi4 liom e 'Ids, ur Ion i con'io ind eter nm .if tin voi t, hut nlo n a v il mMe nid to the Ilex V il ni tf the uiant nnd ;nirrt;oJw.ii L.fe.e5i-4; n v-a r' - It.". OJ'Oti, Pe lfi 1811 fJr.NT. 1 hae teed ll e Ilronch .il CiiuilU a-a remedy lor ll"urenes mil mean- for al'.n ins nil irri'at'o-i of VkmI orijnn, I (insider it a mnra' ly a Nipted tor 'he e p irp'"-e-. Mnuv of mv tiu.iil." have u-ed it nl-o wi h ihe mot hcmdieial re-idt. I, It. WOOOHUKV. 1-nr mi'u hy V. II.liIlI.tiTON, ole aL'ent for Vermont, d'2 lTJ37f fplli: .STOIlKo.ipo-ito Ihe h' a h II eel, we t part 1. nt Pearl St., s now liihnr iipvii'h linodtanl (Iroceire. fe., where may le found none iUmmUo ' urUii-. S. WIIKATON .V C. llilrllilirlon, .March 20, 1813. 4'2tf TO EltT. THH ph t-red llot-e on CliTiiphui, two dooM Si 11 tli of Pearl et'ivi, and near Mr. Converse's new ct' 1 me. The pieU'w. eeni t nf a coinl r aide hone, hi rye Inrn. and fjod irir'en, Ini'iieliilo ,io-eiou rien. A'ply 'o lr. Amo Pagbokn'. Ilfirluiiion, Urch I5ISI5. Al Notice. a vole of ihe Inhalutan' of Ihi.Town nl their 1 Ann 1.1 1 March .Meeinr held on the lllih, the e eetlnen were oi ir -etc I lo lute. 'ilte an I ir.vel'l o!i irnctioiw I ema plac! m 1 he vice b ot ilii Village, and n the e 1 on lor Icnldinj is a'-nnt 10 cotnnicnee, we here1 y sje notice Ih it 111 I nine all II .n-e- Pen. ees, II, clues an,! Po.l-, impropeily d-nrd williunt ttic tine 01 Ihe s.ree' win lie prom my remuc I. IIAKKV lt!l'I.L;V, I Selectmen. K 111 MOIiSi;, llnrl'ns'on, IG h March, 1913. 12w3 For iilM.Salc. 'IIIH Kid lie place mi callol, on North St., eon tainni1; U aeie. of land, wnh ,1 iwo Mory plas tered lione, Hani and lieil, is n ere.l for .n''e nt a alow pme and ea tenif. Apply 10 STItd.NliS & Co. Jan. 31, "41. 33 TO IIKIXTISTS. CONSTANT Mippliei. of Sio.liicii', laie-t tle .Molar, Hicnspid and Inci-orTeeih. lle-t (.old and Tin Foils, lile , Koreep-, Ltincet,Tooih-l'ow-der Iloxe, ite. Ai. An Iieccmns al PPCIC &, SPKMl'S, 35 ll'iolesile OruiUls. C M. 1 I 13 wool I tmf il'flv-'tnforni hi! O. Iriend. an I llie niihlio thai lie will .ell Ins re. m.iunngr .oc of Dry Giod nl reduced price Iur ea.h, many nf them at prime cost. Heini deierm ned 10 tell o il his joodi 1 efore the npeniiifr of ni ligation, lhoe wanlinj gooJ Cjuod. che,ii .ill do well 10 cive him a call. Hurlinglon, Kel.. 20. lb 15 39 'f IC'IIS. COI'NTHV i.ked Vnnng llvon, O d Hy.on, u jiendid article, 1 1 SDII SI.III, Vo inr Hymn in caddicf, Ponchonsr. The nlioveTet! are nfthe hieifinmort'iiion', nnd h ive I ten b,.',i,i t ,1-11 h r,im ,.,,t.t m u wi II e 11 lered at a ere .mal i!.o. , r m 0.1 Ml ' ip ;H'I,KV ,v fn. -- i-l SB Soj.h , 1 i( .1 1 1 ' l ir 11 -ii .ini"'ion8 III Ae.ldi-inl.ti, i x'l. i "H r.mi.. AM) 1 1. .-'ii 1 r tn -Ii 1 1 etrna y. ln - usually inn. lit .1 T11III011. For Knslliili llran he., S3 Of) " l.aniau'eg, (Oreei; &. Latia,) 4,00 " Wiinni', t50 SchiHil llooio. over II. Mayo's nore, wrl M'delhe Spiare. 33 INKS, BI,UrKli(j?4. &p. BLACK, llhie, Hl nn I Indehl.'e Ink-, Ink Pnw. iter 1 Wnlern t Wiue.. Pn-le,, nml Water-proof lllackiur j love lllaet.iii; Poli.hini; Paste an I Powder, for Silver and Urasi, iljih Uriel., Pout, Shoe und Stno Hrinhe. nl PFCK .V SPF.U1S, 30 Il7ijeule Drueeistt, I I ( M. good Pine an I Sprii e Nhmale., lor -ale 1 UU . by UU). I'ETWISON'. ;l(cn uu, 1 u New York Adv'ls. NEW HARDWARE. DENNIST UN & D1SUROW A'i. C9 Pearl Slrctt.vtar tlroad, New Vorlt. I Unprepirello.ellllieirM'.W IIAItDWAItr. nt v..ivl,i.vnrles. ol'lheir I'OftKl.T CI' I' I.I' Hi In -' ecu in,iorle.l O.N C.MllJs. I heir t.iirded (! ItlerV It ISIltw.lV . tiOH U I ' IS f'lCl ifV tO 1 10 P V ItO bus ' "n di' n. Tliev h ivt, iilo a arc it vnricty of 10 'fCP.r L'T!.' UV ir-tn ih' nuniLoMcrvC'l "T. -f I o.:1 HUWIKUJ, I-IV-?.. ol extra rtiiilry. Thryhtea fill h ujW of UKXHIUL uu 1 IH5 V' II IM)V!tP.. a- t nl mid r os;hi PsiUt Shnu-!, S vide-, mi I IIoe-( Anvil, Vice, :hiit aitiMVrdflse, (lernmii an I ta i ieel Ml I, nt I t'io Cnlenw-, bj.tln-, of lllool," "Ilairi'aiil1' HwnUley'' nil-up-, -12 "LAMPS TO irullN'OAMPIlENET7 B'OitVS PATRXT "OMI HOTHiM (ll.ASS KUtMIX IiVMIMfir Gimp'meor Ohein icjil Dil. have lecnus imivernllv ceVhra'o 1 an I Mnt'jl.l nher. a tho mod petfm-t " hnmpn" ewr niveniel. 'Pliey incei tlie nonrol ni'iou nnd or.iUfM a I who ioe llicm. Try nil (fillers h d do not fad to iry the est, the 1 henpt't, and. above all, the Inmp3 lint will nve me iit'n'i imin wmi me hmsi c-M'Ttiu- !ire tho nowt -imnle and c,iv to in in n-'n nnd Irnrt. cniinot corchle or tieeonie hiMiel while l.itnntvr. i-n dv cleaned int !e and out, nnd not a !'ee .I Wn .trill nV e trrciit of air. Hint hilf a icut per hour 1 eiu yO'i n plenhd h'slit 1 " 7Vi; nnt." Mnmifiet ired wledt-ah nil I icciil I V J. O. l ay, iVo. iSO Fullon S-rec, (Vm liiii.una-i) iew Vo'rl.. viz; Stand Lamim fur Parfor- wilh or with- oit I.M-trci Sn pen Imi l.imp f r Sior'1. Hotel iindCn iTche"' a!-o, ClLiitdelier, Side llianches, ilc. iJcM in any tvle clestre i, or made to orocr. IV . II. liiidh'S. if von wish to picerve vn ir eve fs'islit to n cool ol I ne.or want a "fromr and le.iutt f d Ittfhi t f cw or hy, du nol fail lo prtH-nre one of ihee himpa. One in ihe centre of n Inrre pirlor wilt eniMo you lo real llio lintvl print m 'ho tuu-t remote corner, Al n3 WM.'T. JENNINGS & Co., UllAPIiKS AM) TAILORS. iMponmn of cloths, rAssiMi;ui:s( vrwnNns, FANCY DFESS AFTICLES, 331 niK)DV,V, AMRUICAN liorEI, NEW YORK. rPO lhnc vsiiini: ihe City of New York, reiptirmi L fJarmenN, n renewed -olici'ntion to'erettor them to cnll nnd e.ntmnj o-ir Sioek cf New and Pa luonahle (lood of Spring mid S tinnier wear, conipri-iii' an n-.oronent i n-iirpn-ed in richne-s nnd vnrieiy and which will he tn i-'e up lo or 'er m n tyle .eeoti 1 in no ho i-c in the Trade, nt price whii'h m it oiler i'-h in l-i emenu to the Cah i -reh icr a caniiot fail to I e appicciaN-d, 42m3 IVO TICK. A I' per.miK iiv'eltel In the Firm of Hitch, J u 'ell .V L o., iiiiim e.ill an 1 rllle I v the 1 j Ii ol April next, or iheir deinand will be left with an Atti'rnev for co'lcction. Purlin.-011, 13'h, 1315. lhi3 FOll SALE. Of( HWIir.l.S of Krttr'i-li Ol W sl'KIMJ WIIUAT uni t'lufi Pild article, for hv ii.o. r.Doci Miir.. lis Mucli 13, Mj. 11 fiw lllir'ltll.'tnil 1' Far is ii! for Sal ftfe? I-'li.-.iti.afunii ;Vl-h in: aim 11 one 'wSv3! acr''- 1,1 "nt one Im in ( li ii o:ie dipniii- I. ,.lr,. 1 I l,, ,.,., Ci-JZJ -.. 1 I U...I ..r. ..!..-!. I. it under ctiltivttnn llie renmnder i ifiMia cncrcd I y n ood thr-fty crowlu fptnc, hern'o k nnd hard woc'td. On the nremoe- nrea etin- niciit ilue!lmtr Imuso one mil a h I'f torv hiirh fct, car 1 1 ane ho te nn I wood 'lipfl wnh a j;m"d well of p ire water dl-o, n voouij orchatd of nl oii -ixly Irecg pis' hednntnj ti leir. Tlie rdjove (arm ii sit ua'ed iiitln'tior'h pnrt of Char otic an I til nut two and n half mile so ilh (com .S'lndh-'rn meeting h-n-e, i nn ler a coo I liti of i-ulovnlion nnd i well ft nee I. A Uo ahout tw cut v-flu inn nl rui d ha v all ot u Inch I wi I I e o!d l"r a fur i ri e nu I n s-i'-'inn -riven iin metha'tdy. i'or further p.irli dar inq -ire of m:l30. .i:vi i,u Sliclhurn, March 12, 1315. 11 For Salt; Cheap. rjMII1 -ul -it licr wihuic lo'envetown, Y Here for i-ale ihe Iwo Mo i-t.s nn I ;' rSl lot "'ilh nn en,- llenl well of wnvr, plea " Cl, omW MMW'til on (litrrrv Si, vnt of Win. We-mti s-. Pur term - e 1 1 ore nf du- s-ih--eri'eron ihe prem nes. JAMKS MUI'I, K. M. Ilot e lo kt. -J if NOTICE. T7T riii:i(i:, s.iiiv, mv wife, In. lefi inyle.1 nnd 1 and lle veilh in..: 'V I oard and rtf oea torettnti and lie 1 tll" liir til alt pcr?nnj hirhorni-j or tr'.nr her on my acoo-titt, I will pay 1101V la nfhcreon. triietmir afer I In - da'e. AUl'XA IIAZPN. North Hero, Mar'-h llh, IS 15. 41' Clu'inislry of Plants. A TIU:ATI"U: on the Force which prnil'ieu the Organization of I'l.ints, wnh an Appendix, contaiiiinj evera! Memoir- on l-'np llary Aiir.ielion, ICIecirtcit , and ihe Chemical U'tioii 1 f lijfhi, I y John VV. Draper, M. D. SJ2,7J Till: Plow er (lar.lon, ii.Col nation, rnnr;emeni and general .Management, wnh lll i-nraiiom,. Till! new American (..miner hy Pe en lea, THIS Flor.' (I tide, containing PrTctical ihrec. lions lor the fuhnniion n Annual, Uiennial, ond Peiennial Floiccring Plants. 'I II R Cnmp'eto Florist nml Man'nl of Oardenini eoivainini pracncal 1 11 -1 r iciinn. for the .Management ofdree.i llon-e P.ant-, Shnil.l cry, .Ve. iVc. TUT. Kitchen Oinlcner'. In-inie'or, cnntamini n Catahiu'iie of Car len an I Herh Seeds, with directum- (or iheir C'diivalin. II For ale ly A. KDW.UtDS. IlliiiniiiaKMl SIi;iU!seaic, .o, 41 s, .ft. THH lea' iihn.ii of ihe writins nfShil,e peare edi'ed l y Rnlrin C. Verplanc1;, 1,1,11. and loeoniain noarlv foiirleen hnndrel diitiaiioii' e ;raed hv 11. V. Ilewel, will hen.Mller b p ihlit.' ed indonli'i inim' er-, ai iwemv-livecenl- inch. The lark ii'imhcr may now 1 1; ob'ui ed, rod all (muld la' e Ihe lirsl opporlini'ty of iiiiii.ieiinr their set-, n Ihe eirher impre-sions of the eiiu-ravin". are hv far llicbesl. 41 XW It I'.ADY NUMIimt XX. OF TUT. ILLU.UINA TED lllliLE. 'pil I) ptesent uliii.ui i ackiiowhiU'-d l.y competent I j'ul.'e in I ecrciilv .nperior lo nn- other nl" the Sacred Word ever p it'll tied, whe her'the beamy nf IhepHper llie e'e'.'a noe nl ihe typography, or Iho pro-fi-innanl iiiatrniricencent ihe ilhis ranonnre eon Hdered. The pnh'i.lici. nru doinir eiervlhiai that liioney ean command and s'eain tirconiilili 10 render 11 pcrleei in every respect, arid lo co'i'ldeie ii, ilpo.,. 0 ir, won. 11 ine pitseill vear. INo. A.M. Will ltpn ii.hed next wee'. ' liy A. l.DW.UJDS No. 1, Pei V IliiddinJ. 41 SMALLhT & PHELPS, attoviufl-j -V Con nrlloin ni aaU) AND I). A. Minallcy, KUwara J. IMielps. IliiihiiL'tnn, March 1st, ISli. 404 PRINCE'S Llnnacn Ilot.inic Garden and Nuncry Fliiihins, liritr iXrw Yiirk. UA ISO l .no- liFlS f,r ,, ii h "ciao r-vvji I ,,r hrs iur I'iuii nnd Ornamental Ti.ea nnd Plants Catalogue, and Prices of whieli may be seen nt iheir rniinter, 1 1 I'll 11 SOTO n Vt. Tin) iMothcr's .Medici no. AIIKI.IKF and Cure lor Iietntned, Irreittlar or p.iinl il Meuatr talioii, com dainis olten ivurr ins nmnnir ihe yoiinje' port on ol'fcimile. 111 cold and wet iliunte.. Mow fri icnily doweheirnf the pale enintenance, want nl nppeltle, lo. nf vivai py, an I not unfrtquen- iofiheenuali .et the tr-ie uuMti. nf uru line llie-e nes'eeel! Fir.l eiodieate the cau-c, Iheu the cure will urely Inllovv. The medicine . in hoiile. al SI each. For a'e. l.y IT.CK & SPKAIt. Merchants and Pliju'oian, ,uppid al llm ivhola i,l termi, f Now York Atlv'ts. DiiAPEii' a Linucii cV rniNJC Wlile.,ilc dialers In STAPLE & FANCY DRY GOODS. jYo. G7 t.ilerlij Street, Ilelwcen Hnmdrtiiy and the Post OTce. TFNDI'.Itl.VO ihnnUnl ndinowlpilntiienl- 10 our Vennoii' iii-liiiiier- fur ihe III fral palronas hete'olore extended 10 tl-, wi .nln'ii nil eirly and ,,-n 1 hi- exaniiiinlnn nf o ir t'wirnl Ic ami alni'M cntite new -a"!, of SPUI.NO (j'OUIiN. nilirnem-a en'iei'eie.iv-iir'iiii' il ul .Slnp.ean.ll .incy nniele., Innh of lioine ne an I I' lirei.'ii iiraniil.O'liire, imlndini; ih f I -Hie- or eo'ore 1 nn 1 mo irninz Dr. I.ini-.s. I.4W.S" 111 i.nnivr.-, HAIinr.fir-, SrMMi'.a fiHTisn ,P.t.i.oon stitirJ, llnowNand lkfcii ru ( iirroN Ci.otii-. -iMi.tir.", vnnisoi nun n I e.l ,yl.. of AMHIlIC v !'IST. '1 eniid- hive a'l 1 een bhii e I villi pi- ial referclire to ill" uail's nf lliu Vr.aMosT TnAim, mid will lie Mi'd ai "I 'Ii pn ei a- -linll until 111 . Iln rep ila'loii we h-Hea vpiind ol o'criirj ihe trir I litl ircirnli lo rloicst buyers. mni'i it,;i ntiMC 07 1.1' erv H reet. near lie t Jami: V, llrnuni'T. ira In Inform h'" 1'ermnnl Iriend- 1l1.1t lie i in ihe enmlujiieiit ol Mera. 1). A te 111J rcpeelfiilly -nlnila .1 call ttlieii Ihey viit uieciiy. -ii'iiJ v. n pa h unirs a miuiwa s m: vs PAPi:n ADvrjrnsixu auhxcy. A CUl. 13V ihe re-cut dedructton uf fhe Tribune Ilut'ltl l irnri Ifil) Xttssutt Strett. IVt w York, ihe Coa Oliceol V. H. Paluer, A-'cut f"r Cotntrv iewpa pers, wis do t roved lose'lier with nil hi file of new-paper-, ld 1 ook ( f neco ml, furniture, tve, Tho pci'itmary Io- i- inilm, nnd Mo- im-nrivcni en co to which 0 In a ihi'VIe! him mnv, in a trrci nica'ure, he peoddy te.iatred hv prompt acloti tff .i i ;-i . .. .. i :,t. i .: forwnnlittii a copy ot each ofihcir tnper lo him m New Vor' , containing a notice of hit cgecy, terms nf n(ltrii$inz, fyc. t ' Tho c n whom he h i ent a 1 cr'i-'emenU from Iik N'e.v Yrk A'.'cti'-y, durin" th'' pi t ear ate eantc'i'v rcrj-i'-aied to forwnnl lo him 'injeri i-oatmu .HtrwcA rifteerliseincntit that he limy once morejdace tlcni on Ii e. Thte wrh whom he ha- had ncromil-, whe'h'T CMh'd or n'l e tied, nre rc per-tfull rcii'ie-tel to lor ward to him a transcript ol them, that he rny I e en nhle t to enicr every dun? in a new ".( of hoo, nnd th it preerve a reor I of a 1 aecourtt porniiiinir to hi ajrcney in Xcto Yurh. ltespectt dlv, 3 V, It. P 1iM Kli, Aenl for Country Ncwppcr m thectn-s of New York, Philadelphia Hal'imnre and Uo-tnn. No 30 Ann adjotnins iho nrcsenl Trihnne n'h e. New York, !'' ruary ?, 131 i. 10 Put lislicr- of Noapnper for w hndi hei 'hcnirent will o- lise hin, and promote ihe ol jtv o( th" A'rcn cyt hy in-ertin? thi Card eon-pieoo'ihly in thu rre peelive pnper"," AIKIiRI'lT, PLY & CO., IMF nTF.ns .wn wtioir.t.r. nnLr.ns im nMtniAclvo tim: Lnnt; t of PRINTS. DRESS GOODS, HOSIERY AND DOMESTICS, Nos. 50 and ! WIM.I M sTltKKT, (lletween Wall and Pin-,) .jOi.3 Nr.W VORIC. (icorrj-e Merrill, ("harle. i'W, Wi li.nn M. HIN-. FOK.NCll AND ENGLISH DHUCJS, CHEMICALS, r.S-, Olt.9, AVVTOMICAI. rncpAn- ATIovs of i:nny DK crittios, rna ruMr.p.v, anesnr.3, htc. -AI.SO,- P t. A T t .V A IV A 11 r.P I. A T 1", AND TOIL. JOHNSON, MOO Ml ,y TAYLOR, So 81 Miiden Line, up Slairs, Sew York. TMPOIiTI'.l! nl iheal.oe nrlt.-Ie-, which they have on linn I. an-', coiiet-uiily re eivinsr by evtrv ae!.ci from lln'ir Ilo'i-e in Pan, and London. The (pialuv nf llie-e ar'i ''e.lhev will sn irantee, ns they are all iinii'if.icinreil I v thy tirl I'licniM 111 K iriifie, an.l they o .er llicm for sale at the erv lovvel M'c. 10nl NEW VOUK AND L K K CM MFLAIN srv. n no at 1.1 Nr., LOW & POW, Pro,.nc. r- -23 Old Slip- N. V. .Uil'.VIX, Jlc-.f. Malhew.oii iV Sniehir, Montreal. " l!,.rolll. fiiylord, W lehall. " .l.t-on C't p Mon, ) Si Johns, " Win. Cooe, 1:.,. ) c. H. LOW ... DOW Imimf coin.lcted their nrrarre. mi'.tN (T 1B1, for the tretivj.or'atlon ofl'iei-jht 10 an I Irom New Vort., I.ake Chaniplain, nnd Can- la, ihirnii Ihe -e.1-011 of invocation, me note pre. nr. ed ro ion racl freuht in nnv atno mt ilui mav . e ie pure. I on Iheir roue. Tiniy h nv twelve lirst ela l.ivr in their line inelinltliar ihreo S'canier-.whieh will olyeim-lantly I etween New V. rl, and St. Join., C. F., ami will iran. port I hei reargue. wnlioit re-hip-infill Tlicir experience tn the I u-ine. enable- them conll Icntly 10 -tale ih t ihey n !er f.ieditte. lo shipper noe..ed l.y 1111 nlher line. Tra it -h ppers will find il lo iheir intere-t to e.nt on itittn. 1, pi oral alvince. iniV on produce and inerclnn ihze.h'"el hy tin. line an 1 enii.crned In Low .V Dow. Also, goo.l pureha-e.l on commi-sp 11 hy L. & 1). Ill HARDWAE t CUTLERY. II VLSTKDS ifc DA.SU, No. 57 Cr.DAK STRF.F.r, three doors Last of the new Post (ffice. " HA VI. now in Ftore a very Inrse and Complete .Sin.'; irs'Hilt in their line. Coiunn-iuir all llie .rie ie- of Shelfan I Heavy II.irilaie.iowh eh they re-pecifully invite the a ionium ifi'uuntrv Mer-ehant-. Cm and Wrou-lit Naila, AnviU ami Vice-, Ilo. I,-an 1 llniae-. Trace Lo-- nn I Halter Cham., Axeanl II.itchei, Uloodnnl other cele! nnd ma., Grain and Cr.i-s .Scythe., .Mill nnd Cro-cnt Saws, Shovel and Spades, llaynmi Manme Forks. Rope Cord- ifc, whi li Ihey will cll al the lowest prm. lor I'a.h. or approve! ereiht. New Vork, March I-l, 1815. 403 NEW sililli(2 G OO D.S-1 315. PHCK. MCOI.SON & WIUOIIP, 133 IT. MIL anl 30 IIHWFR STllEni'S, NEW YOUK, INVIIT. Ihe attention nf.Merchnnts in ll'irlinnou am! vicinny, who mien I vi.tim the New Vorl, Mar' im, to llieir new anl elio co .13. rtnieiit ol SILK anJ FANCY HOODS, con-i-nns in pari ol DRI SS GOI1DS, Rich Pnnlel llire.-ei an I II 1 z r'nei Pru.'el .lacouen an I Gitmh 1111 .M'i-!in. Printed Mu.liii.'e l.atiu. nf nit .tIe.. Rich lij'.l I Ik. nnd hlueldaili Sd-Vand llcinl a-zine-. A lart-'e a-irnnnit of Uror'ie, Cnthmtrt, Alpacca, and Muslin de Laint SUA II7..V. RIIUIO.SS .,,,1 Ml' I. IS Kit V AIU'IPI.F.-!. Hat Silk-and Lawn-, 'nris Cords and Trimminst. Gloves. Milts, ioc. ja.n't All nfw Inch will I e Mi'd at the lowest market prices, PRINTS & WOOLLENS. Xo. WILLI VM NTH K JT. near Cedar SI MOW VOUK. -OROOKIS & MKRRIl.l, would IIIVIIP tl, nllnn. JL (iuii of dealer, in Dili GOODS i iheir -mk of IMIISITS AND V('l,,i:x.s, (to whit h they inleu I lo devote p ir'iculir attention) to-'clher wtlh n !.'eueral a..orrmenl of Dry Good, consisting 111 part of llielolluwni: ' Ml'sllV l)F. I.AINF., rnl.NTKU Mi'sl IMS, CIVOIUM-, LIM.SS, HCB (iooU-, HO.IERY, ALPACCAS, ejiurn sTi'rr, CI K MU.LIN'., r.Tio , I!K AND COTTON IIPKP I..VISO , KTC. COATK COTTON, All of which will l e sold 111 the luwtM market price for I'ASil or aopro. eleretit. IN Pl!ISTSanlWOOLI.I-N GOODS will liinl it 10 their advantat;.' lo exaimue n ir "link previous '11 makluii 10.n3 STRAYED, FnoMthe.nelirturenl ihe s ilwcriber, on llie 20lh int., a nnddlint; .izcd DARK IlltOW.V FAKIJOW COW with a .ninl lnie -trip .n tin rump and mine white under Ihe l.llv, uboii 7 or S eir old. Whoever will re'iiru nl. Cixv nr srive inlorui.vion herever lie IniV lef.iunl .hall le .liltu ly re wank I. iv. -ia 'is 3i a 1,. nfi.sov. Herds (irass nnd Clover Seed 0F '"'!,'?'. Q. ul"'' 1 y STHOXGS & CO. I'.h 20, '45. 14 3S 100 W holn and Hall Bids. CUIT.RFINF. Flour, for salebv u llurlinalon, Feb. lSih 1815. G. PKTHRSON, 3S W NTED! I.'. Rrgoi or Soured live, 500 " lleo.' Wax. for I' or in exclo"-. Wholttalt Druggists. o00 by -DhUGS&IVlEDlCINES.j fHi The rili-crll it, are ennlln-i. ftifct aly Mippl,ed with LVI.UV i&cL Altl ( l.l: In ihe nlmvo I ranch, I nlhol ll O1l.11 , .m l Patent l.tinl- Medicinal waier-from Earning do. from (Jaledotna, Cnnada 1 Mnlieal Wme n l.ii'ior,(nure)l.eeihe8 Hnrnical liislruinenui Mi. ernl Teeth an.l all Hental Arlielu.. Jfj-Prccriptlans pill up at cllnrlest nolire. JCrtlelieinu delivered nt all hour." nflhu night, We aiinra nnr frienno nnd dealers in this bran llnl iliev.can h "implied wl h Drus in Ihtir pur 1 an I MclMnn In llitlr gtnnlnentt 11 1 lliiilinginn 1 n.t low rnks as al any uf the eitv toarLets hv sa. ijn.illtities. I'l't 1C , SPK.Ml, ytpoiifjfirici im urugptu, l!.ir!ini:lnn,.N(,r. 2Clili 1,1841. Iy3 N. H. Con lantlv on h 'n' euinnVv n-' rltni ol Perfumes, Soup-, Urn-I.e-, t V. 11 MC'tit,,,,, l)t - atnlt., urii.' i-l'.(li' "are, c. c. ce, IWIlLIXdTON IRON FOUNDRY. rpl!IS lU'al li-lrncnt l-ri'W fittej up in good cr.' I iur linking- 'Atn,iN0!. Mi'li a- Mill Gcrring, Sleigh Slioe-, Vajjt.n A), nml llixc Caldron and Pota Ii Kelt'c, Kept coni-tantly . , All ilie palerne formerly it-ed nnd cm r.ed hy Me- 1 llavA I'dward nre here readv f'i' use. lli.ivetnl ht.'d of I hi coin ern, f'r ihe p'trpo-e ol'do.n I l.t i of wor';, and i am eonlident I ean do ll, l.y u 115 1 lpl ofioel. . ('n-tini made on low term, fur rcnilv lay, Ail orders addre-ed lo I. II. 1 bcijsman, uurhn , Ion, Vl , .hall ' e proinrtlv nt'endul 10. Iliirlin.'li.n, Vl. IVt'v.'n. M3. 37"i Stoves. rf VI I1V -nper nr (OOIC S'lOVI'-d ufvnrioii y-ye., ALSO, n llr-l fuller lor .al. t. Inn-re lor Wood or L'rnil, til OI10H PP.. I l!-(N. liuil nition Uee. 13 I. 1S4-I i'J 101) hulii'sl licai lii an, FOIt -ale low hv Itnilinstton, I'M' IStli 154j ale In hV -' 1'1'IL." ON. 3S TvEMOVAL. PECK & SPEAR TTAVP. icmimd to the new e-Pih'H'mi nt nt tin r I X Ol. I) S1AA1J. oi.u aoor eati oi . . t w. 1 . J .1.11 P,.c'. it fo. I5iirli-iin, 9lh Jan., '45 Cniss Seed. -1 fr lU'R'IF. S IlirdiOrr.'a Seed, rnied npoi 1 V U new land l'i 'he iirth p tn ol iht- Sta'e, tn entireiv lice fiom lo d -ced. Al-o .1 lew btt-l.eU . lied Ton Gr.lSeed. lor.aleliy c II. II: DOOLiri l.F. Feb. 18, IS 15. 39v? TltSHI'11 W. AI.I.KN ln removn! to the 1 licelormcrlv nci'iinied t-y thelirin (f Al. I.F.N PI.A'IT, nnd new oei'upies tl e 1s.1t) e with Mr. Pn .Mr. llen w ol attend lo tlie se'lleiiient nfthe Uo oftlie la'e firm, nnd will here sive notice that In tl, settlement c.rtlie K-i.Hp t Uennn A'ten, ine i.ue of Ihe partnership should lo immediately closed. I o't. -ll". lau. Frcsli Oranges and Lemons JUST reccrcd and for sale 1 y ' Hurlinglon, Tcb. lStli 131). G, Pr.TERSON. 33 '.0 Tons iovascotia l5laslor 170R sale bv G. PF.Tr.RSON. 1 llurlinlon, Feb. lSiti 1S13. 33 Magazines for Maicli. GIRAIIAM'S Masnzine, T Arth ir'a Ladas do Colnml tan do LaJie' National do 33 25 ctt 19 25 19 By A. EDWARDS. RMHT.KS Illuminated lid le, No. 13, .Mis. Marlincau' Letter, on Miv, The Maid of lion ur, nrlhe .Ma.a- ere ot ai. ll.trihulotiiew. S5 Feb. 20. 33 lii A. HOWARD-. ONCK M ORE AT HOME. HAVING become conv.ilcgronl I beg lo oficr rn senieej lo ihe cotntnunity at larpp, my lienlio etill he 1 1) l' prpcanous will rot allow hip tn enitT int. ihe anluims il i'.p of a pnblir prncocp, I Invp (here fore opened (with n ik'tiTiminiion nf esiablishirr upun n fsotuul lmi) n OUUG KTOUH uniltr ihf nppcllaiion of 11 ,1 UKI.NKUnKG & Co , 10 wlnrl I have nttnrlu tl a Cniisnlun OlFice, v.herpnll pfrssout wishing loavail tliPinselvc? of my prnfes ioual ndvite may ronMtlt mo bctw't't'ii the hours of 9 and 12A.H ami 2 nnd I) I. M. My ntedienl careens tonuui Uhown in HurlinL'ion. do., to rtq 'ire comment. The pplection. of llie numerous Prus, (. hemico! Inatrumrnts, &r., hze been mnde by myself from ihe firfct and most enrnent Iioii'csm Xew-S'orli ; m purehaei bfini; rniin-ly fnr ta-b we shall beenabb 0 luoll-T In Hip pu1 lit' unnds imt cannot he Piirpi?3iv m quality, ond al such price as cannot fail to plt'O&r. llnmj ensiled ibc asisnnco of a gentleman u l,iccnltnie ot the Honoiablp Company of Apnthcci nM. I.nniMn, I'ncland, Phys'CMns prpciip!ions an Tamdv Keeipes wt.l be dispensed with ntatness anu actnrai y, I!. J, lleint'bers A Co. most pohi'ly invite lb Lidics to inppct ihtir valuaMt and ( hou'o ?d t-iiors of Pcifiimery obtained ftom ihe first P,iri?im houe Their titiorlment ot llmr, Tooth, and N'ail Urushcj art- uf pupprior m ouifaeturr. Mpdirnl Wims ond Spoils of superior quality and chnicp nrii tv. . TKUSKS, Male anl Fpmalc on the most impro cJ prinnplpgrf inrUiUly bnv pnrp.l. A v.iriciynl the most aiua:ie iMtrnt rneunines. Chomica'l ptcpiraiiona of all binds warranted gen uine. A election of Dmipslic. Wants, such as Mart'aor,, Vtrmicflh, S.tlad 0,1, S udines, Olnes, Prunes Trench and American Chocolate, Conn, Kefinn Isms'asa, KpicIhio nf var'mua binds, Pickled Lot frtere, Irish .Mcsj, Frencli Mustard, Kvrry aitentmu will bp pnrticubrlj paid to ensure the cooil nr.ircs of the public, II. J, U tnebcrcr & Co unite the public to mikr no early rali and vi-w their t'ftnblihippnt, I f 19 fitter up without re.'nrd In plendmir. It contains tin must Miperior qu.ihty of gouds to beobtamed in thu nnrkpt. The s-ore is accessible- atoll hours of night and dav, Don. 11. .1, Ileincbert lakes this opp rluniir tn retiini hi- Miiceie thniikt m ihe inlnlmauis of Rur hnu'tnn and icjritv for ibe mmornii faw-r conferred npfoi Imo, nnd trials be is not now to bo foTEOiien by hi old iriend. -N. II. The Stun- i" Kt i-i't'l nev to Mors Hrin tini l& Hmthcr Varie'v Stnrp. CU rcb Si., whero ihe Doctor ran be eon.uIieil il.uly. Ilurbn Mmi, I'ee, -Ith, 1SW. " 27 11. J. Heisrbeko V. C. II AKniNOTo?, to rFiYsTcTux. New ClicmlcaU Sundij Article.: The AeiiU, chemical. i Icyli.'e of Sulphur, ,' I'llnle of Iron, I of Mercury. Auiinonincal I'reparntton' Mrouilue. Cynnuiet of Potas.iuin, rhl.ira'e of PoU.n, 1 1 v r.iilaie.l Liquor ri '.4r entennl Mercurv. I'.la en nn, I'.r-tot Presli, Pll'v. PrepHrnlienp, Kxirncl ol Oiiiuin, 1 1.. lie-, IlenMiy Sjiaut'b ami Suoeli-li, OilofTol tuvtt, riO'Tin, At. xe. r, Vilr.neof Siler,chemir Kurn I ol llha'nny, 11 urMitieiojor Klecinfier New 8t,eot ln.truiiiru. i:lraci or Aconite, i.npnim. Vei.iiria. Mnrne-ian Huul, of .Mercury, I .a"litlm Vnrl, ai i r.i iv orr..m3. TABLE BUTTER. A FEW hun ired pounds Jul. 21. MS. fTnoxns t Co. Cnl) puiil for Wool VT nil liine at llurlincton Mi'l Cn'n Factory. 36 S1DNKV I1AHLOW, Agent. CHILBLAINS. N Immidiatecure fur lln.-lroul I. some compUinl iv c ll.l.ll t.inilv lor alc at 31 Pr.nV &. SPF.M(V. H VVIii-ut l'Moiir. AVF.IIV Hirfi'T ntiiela of fruh srnnnil ruck Wheat Flour fir tola b O. PKTERSON. HurluJat'i. Ftb. 18ta 1311.

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