Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 28, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 28, 1845 Page 1
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NOT THE GLORY OF CJSAR OUT TUB WELFARE OF ROME BY H. B. STACY. R II II 1 1 X 0 T ON. V E ft At 0 X T. FRIDAY. MARC II 38, IN45. Y0L.XViII....Xo.43. From the Trlliino. STAN. VS. Miss Mxnv S. Dwtaitr. nf Stnckbridge, Min" one of the Teachers in ibe Albany Female Academy, .lieil in that elly, Sabbath, Feb. 23 i, and was hmnglit to Stockbritltfe fur Interrinenl. There came a bird of a silver tone A bird iiflhu early sprinet And he liiehied dawn nn a m none In our burinl ground I and hi- sit alone, And, like pilarhn glad of his j urney done, . te folded hit plumy wing. 'Tis an ar-lent around our burial ground, Am! it.. Htil is vr-mered thera Of the red -browed chief, who,ci.-r1 &. crowned, Once nroodlv trod in the vales around ; ' . And hi. palrr friend, who tlooped and found His quiet bed to share. And the I ird looked round on the tield of the dead As pensive and pondering Ion?) A 'mesaeneer-hird'-sn my fancy said From the 'spiril-land nnd a Into shed A dewey hjht luund hi. beauteous bead, A t thus In- poured his song : Break ernund nn-iin break nrnund I They brinsr tn Ihee, il. Knrh 1 anoiher trusl Take the dear treaure to thy halls profound Dust back to dust. 'Tia not the aged now Thv come- from weary uandcrinc to ihy rest ; But oncupon whotefair and cloudlets brow No care h uh prosed. The hrer7..i ol ihi. vnle Fanned ihi- ri' h blu-smns nf her earlv years Out ah ! their swirlni ss iiiutniured not this tale Of death and tears. nriahi was her s n of hope, And glad tin" prnmie if life's prionl sprine ; And round her heart the Virluis, blcasid group, Grew clustering. Oh, many sotieht tn shire. The friendship nf I'm youns and cuilflrss brcas', And joyel In ee llie moral beauty lh-"e, Messina and blessed. Gone hub her morning sun Down in death's billow err it chined to noon ; Ifcr palmer start" is lai I ; her j nirney done Soon ah, too soon ! Yt low? and ever green AS inr mil mi Mill I Mil", j ii i nrir I'll ill mi r (u iiii, Still shall she lite in Mem try's biiijhlett sheen, Undiiiiiued liy lime. nriiiu her loved firm to rest - And near the ashes of n mother, blest, And iinforgnt. Mreak ground main break eroind ! And lay ber here, "lib heart, by sorrow liven; flat know that nVr ve, a. ve wiep around, She emi'es from lli-avi n, And the niv. tie bird then e asrd to ing, A be s'H on the mn-sv stone ; Then he spread once Inure hi. litited W'n-I, In ibe elear l-lne Jv' ,if lliat . 1 1 v nf ."Spring, be.iid, n. lu- vanish, ,1, bko silver, ring Hi- 'alt si benveplv lone. SocAtriVye, .V,iri Ut, 1845. H. V. II. C. POWER OF TIIH GO.SIM.'.. Tho scrnplo issunlten benrtl, rtml soinptiine.s from pmil men vvlinbave takrii but i-lmrl views mi the siibjoi-t, '-U'liat after all ran you areniu-1 plish ! Iniquity abounds, ami tin vv irl.etl seem to inulliply.aiul wax bnbler." True, sadly true; but they fail tn enquire, what I lit world would become without reMraints, abaiitliuieil lo ils cbnsen course, and thn rriun uf iniluluriiri! , thrown on the neck of every pas-ion. The , Christian relim'nn is heallbv. , 11111I wherever it is inculcaled it will be In sidistauiial purpose. It is ad ipted ti the, itiielleciual, ami vviiuta nf nur rare ; it barinooies with the conslitutinn of nur pbysiial, uiural nature ' and if its infl lenres ever bornini; ili.asirois, il is because by .crvertinj:il uc have made Ilmm such. There is nnlliiu.' in all the miiled nni- tprsp that ran so elevate and refine the sou', ' Take t lie most deeraded fritin haunts nf vice, and let the Spirit of Gnd seal thn cnfpel in his heart, in the assurance that the Lord waits lo be (iracious, and notw illisiaiidiii all his vilcncss will be reconciled and forjr vc all I h rebellion and ingralitude, and bis soul rises al llu; bless, cd llinuabt ; bit b'tsnin will begin In expand with noble impulses, as ibe love of Gnd is the preal scheme of redemption warms his soul Nnw be bates bis rhains, abhors his vilenes" ; his spirit breaks away from bis bomlaire anil lie rises In llie liberty and purity of Ibe sons nf God. There is an energy and power it cruci. fipd love, that when it beams on I bo snul, molts, humbles, and calls it. Such sympathies, felt and such sacrifices mide for this living mjslc rintis faculty within n:e. Ilnsvo.i ami eirlb moved in concert fnr the iinuiorial principle lint beats and lee il lis here. All, exclaims the coo. scinus sinner, I will rvero inv lioin-r, I w ill cherish my Ihuips This niiijhly nintivn will yet bring a world nf rebellion lo snlun'ssinn ai d elie. .'llllifrimT-o aTTd Inve". Theodti'e FreUnghuyfit EFFECTS OF FA I III. If I Innk iutn the !"is,p. is, my lonkinr; is a fi'ture mi uy failh; fur unless I look Iran neitlipr see Christ nnr myself. When I butt, win I ibil see! Christ ( runfipil, and God in Christ recuncilin! the world until himself. Mv eyes, my mill, are fascinated with wonder and snlpmn delight. My heart iiipIis, hi v eyes nver. flnvv j my lipad is as water while I Innk nn him whom I have piprrml. The burden nf guilt penlly unloosps and mils Into his quiet sepal cbre, ami the peace nf Gnd calms all Ibe tumult of my breast. For a seasnn. I nin so ?ng igeil in I lit ronleniplatinn ofthe beaieuly visini., ibst I have 110 leisure In censidpr myself ; hut at length I ralrh aghepse of my own counlpnam e and image. I recognize llm same features, how wonderfully are ll,ey changed; what a spirit is lighted up in thnse faded eyes ! Pe u-p is enlbrnned on I lit brow so lalply wrinkled hv care celestial splendors play upon my temple, all my gaping wounds are healed, and not a sear it left behind. My tattered filthy rags are exchanged for a rube made while in the blnnd of tho I.amh. Immortal vigor braces every nerve. I tread nn air, and Abb', Father, hursts sponttneously from my living heart. Mehille Hvm. A B.TTLH WITH THE PIRATES. or fixv. oiiut.r.s rich. I was til .mi, li.iiitnl I'nr Culni. transpired vvnrlliv nl' nolo for llie Nniliine Hi si lil'iv days nl'iiur pass iei', vviili tin- exception nf n singlo event, which, ns it ninv servn as u pinner inlriiiliii'titin to llm subject nf this sketch, shall be nicntlnncd. ll whs nil otic nf tlinsn (iiiinrili(l mornings which Mm lio pical sun sn often ushers in will) nil his pa geantry, while gliding iilniiir with our sails all filled li) n sr.iT tradi-wiud, that I diseuvcroil, on llm wf.tlliiT-ii.lrt,r ., Iilurl; rakish hulk ing crafi, running Aivvn wild tin- inteniiuii, j,jicai.,l,i.iVisti.i .i.m n rrra-. A I lint time ofwliii'li I wiite, llm southern wa Iits with invi'sii'il u-iili gangs of llm most desperate nml blond-thirsty pirates wliieli history lias ever yi-l incnliiinpd. Wnr w-is n 1m ii t-xist t i)j lieiwi'i'n llm Spuniirils mill I'olriols of Si till It Aini'iieo, mill priv.itctT. wrrn rnnsrqiii'iillv nliro iil fur I ililriii'tiiin iiftlii1 I'liiiiiv't sliip. TIim ni'W siil, lii-iiie In vrimlvvniil, Ii nl i-vi'ry iiilvoiitom' ovi'i' us, nnd mnlil ilii-rrliiii' fit I n' i- clown with u tiinri' flon iiiir slii'i'l, or ImiiI Iiit wind sliniild slii' u Mi in ovoid us. In Ifss lb in lliri'i linnrs iiflnr we fust sitv her slm was almoin of us iibotil tu n mill', ili.tiinl, mill proviul In III' n low liriir nf niMrlv Iwn liiiuilri'it Inns well iirmi'il. All nil Imaiil witi' siiini'wli il in tul at tin; iippruaeli of tltt ni'W vi.ilnr, iinrl I'spoei illy wlii'ii liinsjiu sn lilnnly I it r l-Ollrsi', sill' kept .itnlio iliiiM-lly llbioilll. ' A pirali' ii piiiiii-,' wi'lmnitl IVnin nvi-ry iiioiii Ii ; nml lYnui llm imiimiu t,i Imriliiii linv, ilmri' w is mil on:; on Iminl wlm did mil wisli liinisidf s.ifnlv iiiniiri il in 1M.1I0117. k. Tliini! ri'iiioioi'il ilius lill 1111011. nlimi tin liris 110 nn ulii'i . Imr I'niirsi' nml sli'nri'd rt'i-lly I'm- ui. Wiiliin mi Ininr sin- sliol Iman lil'iilly aernss our Imws, nnd fiiino n Im1 t"iUi Imr roiiini 1 m'Iit Ii illi'il llm ship, and nrdeii-il C I J 1 1 i ' I l. Ill lll'.lVI' III, lllll III' lllinlll 1 l.l.l I it us. This vv. is soon ilnnn, nml llm ri'snlt I (lit after mi anvions bill' Ihiiii- Ii id i-lipsi'd, ilui inn vliieli 1 i 1 1 it- Capt'iiii N. and imsnlf II lll liimii ciliiimil uhli llm lii'iili'iiaut nf tin Inii.', Hi'Wi-ri' vit pnlilnlv liil'nr I wf 11110I1I prnt il on nnr course, tlm nflli-er mi- iinniieino liimsi'll, us ii ili'pirled, In Im Lii'iil., of llm Coliinilii.i inn In in I,'. Ispriani-i'. Hi bad nl fii.t inist.iki'li lis I'nr Spanish vi-ssel, ami afinrw.irils ilel.iM'il r 1 1 1 -1 1 1 1 1 u l . -.s r 1 , as wo looked not tiuliki.' 11 slnnp nf war, Il nn llm lliiiil ninrnio'' nfmr lliis nr. rnrrcnri', ill il wm 111 iiln llm net nnd iifPnrl Klin. Cipliin N. It. id josl jjiiim Imlmv In Ii 1' i.ifist, ulmn liki'in tlm spy ul i.s, I (lisi'iivi-red in llm Mmi 1 I',. (wn i.ipnr. im.' 111 isi, se irn-lv 1 isililn, ilnsr 1111 Irr a iiijli jottim; blnir. 'Ili-H'isa tijr.iti'' I eried ; ' nn. dm U ipiii k, C ipl.iin, I'nr nu will fi id ibis f-lbivv In lir nn si.iliM-rnvv nf 11 111' C 'pl.iin N. ilt-'y 1111 d.-ek, I iijinn 11 M-enntl nbsi-i v nino. In' imliei-il lliil lb" vi's.i'l It lixiin'j h.-r I'lrnsiil, mid Im. linn Im rniild look l'i" iltii I li , s'm rv Hum' set, c 1 1 1 1 1 1 nut trnin itiiijer llm ,in, lM nu-et os This looks su.piriiiiis,' s iid he, ' In He al one ouimeut Mimed awn like a .spider, vv illi nothing In he m , and lleni, within five minutes, in he in foil rinse afn-r a sirauin'r. ' am afraid lit 11I we sh ill nut frnl il sorb easv work In net ri I ol'liiiu as we did lb,- hii. llm "iU"r ' VI'" "-'V Coiil.s; sup. I'" "", ' "'" "" l,rm" ' I'"' "' will Mm iijiit 1 1 1 11 1 or sh ill ue Im.ive to ami quietly sailer ilmm In rut nor linn list 1 As In lii'litine,' I replied, ' lillb ran Im dune in tint vvav, fur nur whole arui iumnt c.iusists of nnlv o lo fnor-putiuder, Iwn inns, kels. olio cull. 1. s ami mv I'.nvli .0 nlrri. : a S1,riy u. r .y ,, ,.,.. ,,,.,'lsl ,, f,,,,-, vvhi.-l, ilnt'fi.Hnvv dunbiless lers. It 11 I r.ti, ti.ll you one thimj, C ipiaiti N., il is 110 li udi' lu die hv 11 cannon h ill nr Im inline pike, than b"iU!I Mriins up lo llio yanl-urin anil ' l'nkini: lo death by ili-iirees, or hyhivin'' nur windpipes unskilfully opened by these quark doctors. Fur one then I say, gel ( l''ar il'wi! can, hut ifiho worst cunius til tho wurst, wliv, fight them.' Thn true character nf the smpiriniis vessel was sunn nsrertai I, for, mil being .iblu tn oulsiil us, she fell astern into our wake, at the distance of less than hilfu mile, I dis. covering her error in not haviug-iit us nlT-il once, vbo fired 11 leo gun nnd hoisted the Spuiish llu. Of ibis wo look no nniice. Another leo gun wis fired, nml the Ameri can fl ig was rim up. This w is also stifl'red lo passumiulicrd. Tho ihinl gnu r ime ftniii tho wiod.v.inl diiiilieslimtiil, ami us lb siiuki' rnlleil 11w.1v, the. Iiltck fim with Drati's head ami cmss bancs was seen Hy ing al the 111 linsail peak. The vessel was 11 .suakisli lurking craft, srhnmier r'gged, el one of lm must heuuti ful I I111I ever seen. -Kverv p irl uf In-r dis pl iM'tl llm oiosi perfi-ri sviiinit'liy, and tin lung raking misis lapeied graduillv avviv iitioost to a 01 itheni Hii-al puinl, Kverv thing liel iw- thn siils wis as til-irk 'is piint ruol I make il, uffirding a striking muirasl with the iwn lines nf while limn ihal widened uHTrnm elllmr Imiv. Ilerderl, was li led vv i.t 1, in the centre uf vvhu'ii, as the great vvoauiui both of tifleinivn ami defensive uper ilinus, was mounled a huge brass ihiriviivo 11 tu t- iter, luiuing ui; 11 pivot. This "Inng lum" was pulished In lb" highest lie lee, ami seem ed lo fling bn'k in disdiiu llio biiahi S'lii lieauis as lll'-v fell upon it. A runni'il ol war was luiinndi itely held, i'l which, every one h iving s-iiiken, il wis tlt't-i led first In 111 ikn every rflVl HI escape, mid if lb it did not s icceei', to fijlii iill nut 11110 nf ns rem lined, ,n limn was lu he In.!, far llinugh wo rnnlil Ind.l good our dis. More while the present lireez. I is,-i, yet, shnulil llle wiud tlie aw iy, llie pir He, lieing smaller ill l'i ourselves, could tnsily sweep up to us. Besides, his big gnu was t liking iiw iv every few minutes, seiidi-ig its shot all around us, nun of which hid nlioadv hemi so impolite as lo 1-111110 spliuiering ihrmigli tin rnuil'lhitS", pissing between Ciplain , uinl myself i , in way nver Ibe lee bulwarks. The sliin were 101 ditl.'lv wel, IVuui llie skvs ills lu bn spinker; lujs ufw-nnlweri piliited black, aed ibr,,, iit tbmugli the purl holes io imitstion of euus, and all the old pinri'S nf iron ubieli rniilil Im I'.innd ivnn liml up in biiiidles fir laiiurairi'. Tim inns kels nnd fow'iiici piiM-f wen' IihiI'mI, llm li' mil ts belli;; taken from tlm f.irntfr noil ulTlv t'd tn llm ouils of Hvn linm tiolrs, In srrvn tin inline pikes. Sut-li was nnr I'nrre. Pee mil mi', reader, onre niorn 10 eiimiii'r lie il. Foitrloen men , one fliur-puitnder, with mil 11 ball In fit it, mill Willi only fivo pnunils of pnvvder ; ten wooden cons; iwn inuskels j nni! fowling piece ; out' culless, and In 11 I0111; pob-s willi ti.iunii'ls alliitt'lied to lllPm. 1 Ciink,' said I, cnino fnrvvard In llm mm- linnse, ' fill nil your rnpper.s uilli water, mill heal it us s inn as pnssible.' ' Lnrrv, mass 1 Cliailes, 1vl1.1t foi yntl gwnii In tin Willi sn 111111 Ii lint w.ilei !' U-si-v44.vJJ -Vtm--Vw.V, r-Ht'rTTT'i vVrfrfr-rfrVrJ Von and the slew.ird must eel up one of tlm water rusks and saw il into ln equal p irts. eat'll tn iliill'J a laroe: lull. Slunild the pirates atlenipt In hoard us wilh llieir Imats, do ynn lill tliesi! tulisuiili I111I waii-r, ami when llm ilttvils cmiii! alinn;sld", just lip ilie water over llieir heads, and set! how iliey will rt.'lisli (heir L'ouil sealdinj.'.' ' Kvil, iii issi Charles, ruess (ley wilt link rial r uler 11 warn epshuni.' Poor fellow ! thes't wero his last wnrds, for 11 shot silanrini; liomllm niainurisi, struck him in tlm head, l.illiiiL' him iusiauily. Never wis I iiiuie proud nf mv Yankee eiiiinlryuii'ii lliau iluiin2 thai teirilihidiv Un irumil, ilel'eureless, llm sbnl llyiuu aiiiund and iirniss nnr essel, w illi dealll direelly bejnie lis and thai lun a viuleiil nne, mid uue nf our nmiibi-r strelebed lifeless at our feel ; il vv, is eunuch In il si rverv fat e uilh run. slei 11 ilinn. II11I not a Vesiaee uf l"ar eimld be trored in 11 sinole rn, inieii mre nf nnr tillle bind, l-'veiy II 'arl mid I11111I wisueivi-il for the cni'lesi, ivliile ibe firm and ileleruiiu- ! I step wi II vv'iirli eurli niuveil limn spot spol, slm weil lliil a noble n s iin I i.tli, and nut feeliuos uf desp iir, was al win k ill each man's ' hosoiii. Short as h is been my life, I h ive many times lieen lirnil'!lil lulu exirenie puil, antl mine thin num lnvn tmen r.illed In Innk ib'.itli i'l llm I'li-e, lint never did I feel as I did iluiion Hut chase. lis not an o.isv ibiu'jln smmiiiin op tiur ill inliness and lesolve t mule: In tiample ilntv 11 lliosi- luli Impt s of llm Inline, which have hiiheiin inrited anil snsl lined us; In Imlinll nur brightest ilie. mis, like Imlililes, il islmil In uniioiil hy a I viiib-nl h mil : in eir-iw-i the warm and hiiruini! tlinujliis iil' and lii"iuls w bii li clover an I the he 11!, mid is.dale one's self upon the edtii. ,,f llm envn ; in e; iilmr , up all ibe pas' iuM a iiiiuulf, ami e.17," unon il Willi nor last letilul Innk, ami tl flino f.u ward llm v Isinii i 11 1 1 1 el 11 inly, lliat vve 111 ,y imiriiiit ir i-e.-epiinti th-re : it is mil an easv lliiii'. I s iv, lo ilm. We ran, ami even lliitik nl' di-till wilh, nil 1-11111111111, 1 1 lu ll'' fir ijvay ; leil v I 1 1 I i 1 1 t -: 1 iboial Invv tread uf bis si, tiiikiui atuiiud us, and Imir lb" w'.iiuii hls.iii-j liy tis 11 bmri-s tn prest-iv itimi tn be lite "re it fi t law ,,f unr s iy our f'-llow, aiel I'm I ilait vv e may be ibe niiuie; .1 ml . 11 1 1 1 ion j Ii 1 1 1 ,11 Ii 11 111 1 11 uim tr ims! vit'ii'ii, Ibeie i mil a snnl bo! Ibiuks unrt-s we musl tlie, ,-veu if vve stituild stir- qui'-klv , .iii-l nnl a In. 11 1 w bieli dues un beii, as if it vv nil leu- it. 1 If friu, llm bn-noi. j ll I Vel, vl il-ver llie-e ineleli 1 ild l-i-ltujs ill i be, lli.'V ate nnl 1',-ai ; li,- are snoie- lliinr milder, liulier, vv lurli, while lliev send the lit .bliiu I luslllne llununll tve' Veil' with Ibe lialiluiiie's sp- e.l, did llm snnl an,' ami aid it in ai liuo. This is llm In m - when ti ue i-iitira'.'e siis mv a'lv up, 111 ils lluuiie ; it is now lliil nn'iti ib-etN an ilniit, lu vvhirh the diimei ,.f Lives in paint, j Thruiijhniil tlm diy we kepi tin' interval llt-lweeil IIS and tlm pirile atlnol tlm s inn. ' We h n! p'-ill ips n line I o 1 hi 11 ilillU; mil afmr llm sun went dutv 0, lie lut ed, and sn 111 dim! aw iv nearly tu 7. si ,1'kell- en - lint 1 ralin unvvever uuiii 111.' 11 11 10 sum 11 inr unr pin vviieu III' o nils rovereil III 11 spot. I lie pi i leriinn. livery liijhl nu tin ml, iurlu lino ' mini was pnnr.'il nn, mid in breathless mix thil nftbe biun ic., wis exliiiiiuished, mid iely vve awaited thn euoim 's anprnacli. the lieloisiu 111 t'ouini. Hided In sleer hv tlm Suddenly a uleam of hope 11 ished across ' stars. Tlm nioht wnin away slowly, each nun in lum catching a shurl n ip al his post upon deck, Inr no 0110 w is perniilliid In go below, ns an attack might nl auv moment hi! nxpecled troiii llie boats ofthe 3clmnnir. I had stielched mysell 1111011 one of the sens III thn stem boat, with mv head resting upon llm t'ifliail us a pillow, not 10 sleep, fnr that was impossibb, hoi tu think of luimo, ami 10 throw off for 11 nioiimnt the heavy weight lb it -ivas crushing mv heart. It was sn still around, lint llm very silence seemed oppressive. I bad I iid but a few inoumiils, when I 1 1 ) 1 ) 1 1 ' 1 1 1 I heard sumelhiug (hat 10 s-inbleil the splash uf mi oar, ami rising from mv seal, threw a hasty gl 1111-0 over llm bows of llm Ii, nt. What 11 sight nml my eyes! there was a large bo it filled with men, al least thirty in munber, all armed with ctiilasses ind pistnls, while by llm side nfe.irhliv a boarding pike. Fortunately fnr me, I was nut observed, ami clearing with a single hound tho si les of llm boil ami tho l.iffi til. I sprung upon deck, ami shnuleil Willi a voice lllll rang like thunder oil llie ufr, ' I'irates alnti'jsi I" ! pirates alnogsiile !' Tlm al inn spread through the ship, and overv nne in a s t'iitid was reatly tu rtp -I III" i-ieiov. Tie pir nes perceiving ill it llnv were ilisi'iiveietl, npeneil thn attack with pis tols, ami 1 1 j the first fire disabled lliiee uf nur lull" h in I ; V"'l we yie I i 11 it an loch, hat slim I, sh udder I 1 shoulder, sloud ready lu ilia in i fiuci! nf llm Vessel. The mus kets and Inwliug piece were lirting'il down lo a lev. I wjili llm llm rail, sure d.-ilb lo the I'll si two Ir'iils lliil aopeared above it, Bi ml the Vinkees, mv leivs, antl cut li"ir e.nvv trill v thru its, and limn f or the pluu- der,' Mine liuin llie mumi tiul'-r uf the bo it, slinvviug hv bo list, uf thn I lllg'l ig" lint he was eilhei uu Ku.-li-ll 1 nr Anno icon. ' ,Nnl sn easily dull",' ti I ibe green hand 10 me ; 'blast llm liuggeis, I'll spoil the lire nlh tskt'l nf Mime uf them, I know'.' D-'lerioined however as vve were, all our resislaure would hive heeii io vain, hid 11111 the stewml iulei lereil. Five nf the pirat'-s lliil al lislgiiimd a fouling in llie ill liu rh litis, aiel the first Iwn hid ilmust as s.i in filleii It irk dead iiHo the Imats, fium the uu erring firu nf nur mnski-lt, Thero was nn liom In rein nl, and in a liniment the mill 1 three were nver lb' rail an I 1111 deck, it rlnsn gr ipple illi the rapt a 11 tint I I wn nf I hi iii-'ti. A gm 111 liehititl ami in the rh tins, ml I nn that ilm sttughier was g-ting n-i, mi I I In-1 Oil ! sirre ! i i-ttis'-in you von Very grand oeit luomont I bo second mala fell deaditiliuao tu escape W very cicely. Monsieur, he lee-sriijipei). Fur i minute nr Inoii! v is the i lasll nf steel, o illn, croniis, when -irl.lenly 11 loud splash wus heard mid ill mist ut tlm s lum nioiimnt llmse nf llm pi. rales who were . llei limit were observed In .hnvi! tiff, wilh (lie must hntribln impreoa. linns. Tin' slew.ird it seemed had, nt llm beiiiiiiiino of ihi- rmili'sl, filled tlm pib, Vv i 1 1 1 bniliii!! water, mid miotiserved by llm pirates, had dashed il full in llieir fares. Klinded mil rouviitsed wilh pain, they rould do no. Ihini', mid llieir wily safety uns 111 11 relreui, Six who were left nn deck sunn fell, literally nil to pieces lint however wilhiiul h.ivint sliin two of our number. As lie battle closed, n kind prvideiM-e, ns if in pity, sent a stiff land bree7iin in f,..v 11 ,'1,., .. nvete niDv'trrt'.'urT''inni;, se, me, nt lea?! lor I In- present, fioiii fm liter danoi-r. When llm day tlawtieil nor fit' was dis rnveied ahuiil three miles astern, and as the land bree.n was ilyius uwav.aiid co'iseqiiHiit Iv verv liahl, lie had luo ho.ils altaelied In llii srhnniier, rowimr ahead lo quirketi his speed. Ill ronseqoeiire nf ibis assistance til" pirate ualueil rapidly upon Tis, mid when Ibe sun anise, only a quarter ol 11 mile sepa rated us. Tlm sliol uete injain flvinj; fisl, carry ill!! nway n l irae p ut nf urn- inii-n lop. misl, mid splinteiiiii! llm m iiii-v unl-arm. O ir sails were rmnplei-ly riddied, yet I'm - linialely Im nue was injuied, I'leparalinns veie .il' iin made fur I i .1 1 I i 1 1 jr. nnd wi boats. were this lime sent, I101I1 frb il willi men. On limy e.inii', nilli llieir pikes and cullas ses t-leamiii!! in llm innrniuo sun. Il was now 11 dead r.ilui, anil there we l.iv uilh no means uf ilefenre ruuip.ired wilh thai nl our enemy, unable tn niiive a suiijle im h, and a bluiidy set nf iimn wiihiu a iu.irler nl'o mile, 111 id leiied by llieir fnimer ilUsueress, row illi! op piepaied tn wreak upmi 11s venoeanre Il V every iuiarduable Inrlure. The lifli-en minules bieli el.ip.ed ufier the hnats left the schooner were In us a period of iiui.t intense ar;ony. Wo knew that we must die, and that Inn hv inches, unless that uvei -riilini; I'uwer, willinnt vlmsi' iinlice mil even a spal invv falls In ibe oinuiid,' sliuubl interferi for our ir sciie. The pailiiij hand was laken by nil, on ilislimli m now rxniin; heiween the ullif'TS .tod crew. A letter, previuuslv prepared liy lilt- caplaui, sl.iluii.' nur Mtu linn, was placed in a hnlil", whn h, with ils ilinn Ii securely seeled, was cniiiiuitted III llm ocean, tu tell nnr I He lo llmsi; vv 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 vve loved .11 luuiie. M mv 11 prayer was offered liv Imai Is lb il never proved liefme, and eyes which hid never wept weie now tilled with 1 s. K icli praxed fnr himself, but wept for nllr is ; wepl, ihal this I m 1 It band uf I11111- esi-lm.irled men huiii I'.. 1 1 like sheep Imfnre llm u h-rims knives nf llieir desirm ers. ' I wind! mil wish, mv dear shipmates,' s ml C 111I..111 N , ' In "11 Imlnre llm liar nl mv (joil, as 1 tj-ri in ii few miuotes In 1I0, wjtb 10 v irrBt"' lit Ma hint w I h llm III mil of mv felUltV. brines, but I buld self 'red 111 tlesimv iuo llnire nur iiiuuhrr of the lleinv , el we vv ill eotiavur lu I id lill! vv 01 III if - ml nt'tllesi inutis1i- s.' rt Iin-.' In di linns then eiven hv him, fnnr h in and ruv Is wen nl ir.. .111 the it 1 irier tl-rk led .villi b i,ii,., iipiin vvhirh I im irv pliltiiim llm lillle I' .1 1 r-1 n n tul. i wis lll'ti-i' h all b ind., I. ,, 1 I in the wilh pieces of iron. The uhjecl nf this was In nisi- tlm nun above iin- tail, fnr the pirates In-ill aslelll,i 1 , ill 1 1 mil lie liill't led Inwards llleill ibrntinli tin pari linles in the sides nf

the vessel. C l. M. aimed I In I'lin hiiusi-lf, nut poiului!! it diterilv at the Imats, lint nl a j spnt ah, ml twenty inlsdist inl I'miii llm ship, 1 wilh the i 11 1 '-ll t i' it 1 of! lb'- piece every ciiunteii.iiice. In the eastern lio inl Was obset veil il dnk lipplo skiiliug llm llu 1 17.111, 11 sum fviileiico II1.11 tlm sen breeze was selling ill. If llm wind reached us he fore the ship was hnirded, wo were sift. The tiiiales also observed the iniliculiiins nf the rising brei'7.", and therefnro plied their oars uilh all their slieuglli. St Hid by with ynur malchrnpo.'s iid C ip. tain N., without moving his eye frnni llie r.mge ofihe gnu, ami llm very second I lift my baud do you fire.' A I must immediately the signal was given and llm gnu tlischaiged. Uneiriugly did those iniii messengers uf riestrucliun du their wnrk. Out Iin i was cnmph-ielv shillered 10 pieces, and as fir as ue mold jmlge, at least Ivveiily sunk into 1 bluntly grave. Tlmse in the ntber wero apparemlv oiiiupi red, but were obliged to slop ami rescuu their drowning rompaniuus. This deity si veil us; fnr lirfuio llmeiiemv wen again rep i red for llie ail irk llie s tils beauiifullv Mietr.h- I iheniselves to lliufull under die fust Id ist of ibe sea In 1e7.11 vvhirh had reached in, antl the nnble ship rareening over w ill. the pros- c 1 1 c . .1 1 sure, -is ,f bn, ,, , defi , ,n the fiends, "" 11 '"' s'ml away Irnni daiiger. N,v - er del llm air runr null nine tiion hetrly cheers lb 111 arnse irnm lb" qo. liter deck of1 the .1 iva. The f Ii inge was electric il ; and ih involution uf feelings ill every hosoiii was lgibv vvrillen nil the t iiunlen illi'e. Sot'i" il iiiced, and snuie, iimnng uliom vv is nnr r iplaiu, rven wetit fnr inv, and 01 1. 11 v weie the bi'ig v-irns and jok'-s lubl un th 11 I iy. Still, vve were not enlir. Iv fiee finui d i-iger ; fir alibnugh vve inight Imno that llie uirate thus l i tll -t I and weakened would ahaii. Inn the chase, yet be might also resulve on. on bej-ig revenged fir unr existence and pur st us even to nor d'-sliued h iveu. Kulv in III" m-'riiiiig vve hid observed 11 sill 011 our weather bow, hut sn fir distant lint her hull roubl "nl he ililiugnihei, f. ler llu' liroc-," h id taken us vve sunn giim-d 'ipnti her, ami hv miuu lonl come up abnam She iimveil to he 'he French luig 1 mit'i II . fmui Havre hound 10 Vera Crur., with two lioodiod iiistejigcrt uu hiiird, ' h ! Mnnsieiu,' siil her captain in bro ken R'lt'lish, il u he von liooesi men you vill pleas" tell me vat for dat vessel firn su 11 mv guns ut ynn T We ri I'lifd thai it wis a niraiirnl vessel. 'Mini D!"'i ! vt'n nir tie dii von sav nil Muiisienr, vut shall 1 du ? my Vessel is vuii slniv sailor, ami dn piratn vill nilrli 11s mid kill us all. Oh Monsieur, will von lie so iinirli 11 coud iirin as lo kuun viJ wis a little white V ' To lliis rrquesi wn knew mil what In re plv. Tin; hii!, as llm caul iin said, was 11 dull sailer, mid if u kept company we should be obliged lu shnrtoi sail and thus ar-iiii he exposctl to our nbl enemy. U11 Mm oilier hand we could no! endure llm llimiuhl ol do settir so many tifunr felluw-beiiiL's in h inn meiit uf exlrenif! d.inper, and yet if wn rn tu nned with Ibem we could mil defend our st'Ues, iiinch less another vessel. We huw ever look in suum iil'mir linlit sails ami kept wilh Ihy liriii for nei rly an iinur. Fnuling, however, ili.itSlle pir.ile (fsined r.ipitlly upon us, only nne ullrriiutivn remained, mid ihal uns lo rrowil all sill and leave llm IiMl' lo .1 I- l !.l I - ' .1 .1 I'""'".... .. .u luvMienie, unless in we were wiiiinc 10 remain iiku men mo hanil ami loot 10 Im captured. I he com-f,md m littler of the hria was tlmrefori! advised to alter his course and steer in 11 inirllmrly di rnrllnn, as the pirate, hemo sn eauer In se cure lis as llm larger Vessel ami t repay us for nur incivility to his men, niiebl leave the liritr uiiiiiulesli'd. The lielil sails beine; aiaiti sel vve pnted, and puled, Inn, fnrev nr. Sadly rlid wn mistake the piohable iiiuvenienls of thn iirate, fur imuiedi ite up. on our sep ir.ilion, ho haulud his wind sloud for the hi tr. Gladly would I hern rinse mv sketch, nnd if possible dash tiled 11 kesl olilivioo aernss the biller reriillei'lion of ill it hour. But it can never he i-fl'iced from my nieiiiury ; il lias h muted me by day anil by iiiht, and even nnw, llimu'li uiaov eais have interien. etl,a I rerall it mure vividly liefnui my mind, lint si-.ililiii.' tears me r.illiei iiiL'. The liritr w is snou ovei laken. Fer a few nioniiuils tlu-re was a il.-spi-rulo rnnflii l I yartl-arui wis lurked in yard. mm, ami a clmid uf smnke mini wiapped itiem liiith in nne deadly embrace. Tlm J iva w is hnve to that we mielit b-oin the result nf the bn tie. Sunn the fit in- ceased antl the smnke rnlletl aw iv, wh it a siln was presniiled ! Nut 'I spir of llm lirjt; was SM-nlioe, while lier decks were riowtletl with fiends dealing evrvwliere the blows ol ileatli. I lie ir. i,ns wro soon desp itched, and uue afler number ihruvvn into the m-eaii. The schn 111 er had lust her fun-mast which nnw lay aliinjside, and diseiiftaainir herself from the In 12 she I iy lo a sli'irl ilislatire from her. The work uf plunder went nn. Thrice the hints weul In the In i'' nnd relumed. Once more Ion they relumed, mil nnw Inleo with Quid and silver spnils. One vv as filled Willi llm liirales ; tie otlmi nil must I wiile il ! with the wives slid d iiihleis uf lliu si niylil ered dead. rour veart afler lliese eveuls a pirate was exeriileil in utit' nf nur I ire cities, who st 1- tetl, h f ir. his d I'll, III 11 ah ml Ih i li In wliicli this ski'trh refers In' was 111 isler nf .1 sehiinni'r whieb c-ii1iirrtl 111 iint! ntber pii. is, a Frenrb b i-j liuin vvhirh s-V' lal yutiue f -ui lies were l iken and rariied In .1 place I of rentl--.vnus in Cuba, and lle'ie afler h.iv- iir s ill'er-d Inr Iw.i iim iihs -lie m ist linirid ! dear ul ilinn. weie al list all desliuveil hv i,.,i.,in. Itevond all d ei'n tlms- were llu ill. f ited no -s of the L'Amicilie. Xaittuckit Titqiiirer. Our. Navv and that of-Ghkat IIcitais-. Tne ili'iiiri'y ih il ovists ii.-t s e'n ilia M iv ips.ii' fireal llr l.liu an I lb" U uled S .He.-, seems uu gen-Tally tn le' un lerstn id, The following exlrart from Dr. Dinnin'. sp"eeb (i-i Hit! Oregon q ipstinu, will shuw llm luipnrlauee nf nur keeping up a larae Naval es. I.i'ilislmient. This register shows anti'her fict tint will is tunish, ami should alarm, every American wh re. nU it. lu ad litioii In the fnur hundred nun ninety in muted war ves-els, there belong 'u tin I toy .1 1 N' ivy two hu ulred and Iwn steiui.liui Tbe mi nber nf guns lint all these ve-sel mount and now- carry, is eivleeu lli uisind nigh hundred and lorty 11 nc. i'be number of gun in iy, and will, when cireii'ii.l Hires req lire i. hegreilly increased. Tlie s'eainslups are re ported to carry but fmui one tn siy guns earh Tb-s is a fe irful arrav vf in H il, In s iy no'hin if her stares, cutlasses, inaskels, p slols, ami other migaz nes. Her niirini) uiiiiuil force, as this register shows, consists nf eleven ad iitrals nf the red, thirteen of the while, and luurleeil of the blue. Also, of rear- ilniril., tweu'y. nine nf tin red. thirlc nl the when, ml ilurty nine nf the blue. Also, uf vice a laurals, tifieen of the re I, i-cv en ceii nf the wuite j eighteen ol the blua m all, 18(1. I lur ciptains in active service nu n'e'r 71S Her li-'iiti'ii 1 i's nuin'i'jr rJ.T ll ; ill lnrsnlu- nutiilipr ;)l),tl,IJ. I lr in trui ! curps no u'rirs, m generals, rnln 10U, Imnt.ui ml nil inals, e 1:1' nis, lietiieii tuts and iniriue., imvird' nl'ltl.lllU and in all, more thin 4').0:iJ. I'll -, sir, is a 1111 in "f t nl II y it N iv v, nur mm 11 m en wliv ant all ilia inn uu llm fu-e u'' the 1 '" lht' faro 'if m in or nitloii.tliit wobiv.! ''dr"" 'lie ti cuuir tsl it Willi uu.' -N ivy. "H -'re 111 I be htli.t ot siyin.'. "uur"i nr (,fc N , .. u ,", Ks,i Iruu it is li'll'i little lo, Miht. t is s I bnbi thil 11 coal I Im hid in tho IJ-iii-h , ivy nl Great ll'iUm, ami Q loen Victim wnild no' know that she h id on a vessel. ) 11 Imre it is ; ' '"'1 mike 11 a pin uf my printed rem irks, f.,r the heut'li' nf mv re nlar. ; and 111 urdar in sliuw 11 ofi In the best , is si lilii adv 111'ag", I give ll III d-Oad ami w holes ile, ind vvili spruid it over as much piper as piih!e. WinrALt. Tlm St. l.-mls Nevv E'a has the Inlln.v lug aun iuili U'tienl : ' We hive it Irmn a relnh e s-mrre. Hi H a (i'riiiiu f iriii 'r, by I he imui'I of O mrge J. (5 iver. living near tho t ill ig n' I, "ivi.liin, f ulliiu county, II Hun s, is-ahttul to s'arl en a trip In E irope, fur Hie puipusn 11I liking p tssessuni nf the s tug tiirlune uf tvvii millions six hundred Ihoilsau.l lull irs worth of proper')'. I lu recenlly te eeiv I a Inner frmu Ih linn uf the Itutlirhild-, at Frankfort, sisiing lliil a Inv sua which bid h-'rii peialmg for inure 'Inn Injrtv tears 111 the eourts uf G-'ruiiiiy, ami 111 who'll li s mfu wa me uf the heirs at law, h id been ilecnl'il 111 liPirfavnr; and that a tl vision of tlm auioiin' a litigation was alvout in lake pla e, au I they wished tn know his pleasure concerning llm nil unit Cuming lu Ins wife, winch is staled io 'inllld numbers at vvn indiums six hundred Ihuiis nnl d illars. (i-verrm gra'ed lu this routl I rv fillpon vears ago, and nltlpil in F.iltuii C i, where h" lia fnllnweil the niTiipvwn uf a far' hit. Al tho lurta lit left Geriiituv llie jjaiuiuj,' of tt suit was considered JoulHlul." BRIGHT EXAMPLE TO VOUI'If. ' Right abict FAct.--Mr Duln-an of Alba, ny, who has devoted niiuicy ami talent fir llm prouiolinn nf Icuiperaiu-r, and wlm Ins done a uiueli a. any one individual 111 America in jjiv illi! il unity and' importance tn lln.s nnblo niiTer. prise, , in bis youth, nne nf a club nf fifty, who were in I lie balnl of merlin: at a room in a public limi.r, tiiciiioviieiiievet in "the fens' nlreisnu and the (1 w nf soul." Il whs not lonrf, bow ever, bofnru Mr. Del ivan was led In serious refic'i-iinn upon lb- foil v ami diuircr of the pnrticp, nil mi rerlain evrniiiu, while on bis way tn 1 ho club, be suddenly shipped and cvclaiiiiPilalnud; Riuht An ut FAcr. ! And Im did ribt aboul tare: nml, w be, lo the !!cn tlemin to wbnin bo related the rirrtiiiHtanrHH, llm fir.i block nf huililaio.v I ever erected in Al hinv was frreu'rl .Ai tho rnrt.i-r illrctly In fluoi nf uhnte I funned thai resiilulioii." Wo have rnpied thn above Irnm the Boston I uoiperetu e Jonrmil ; which aim sav, in rule r,,ro , ,,.,. fiflv ,., f lh,m ifCnm. Jritrtanl- s, and most of llitm I n drunkard's ifaith !" Autloinv, win! il Mr. D'lavan bad tint made tbn I...I.U ru...lo n,..l ...II I ... ! 1 W ( ho bid nnl iniofiillv resi.ted those faliinnible' allureu enis ami cliani'.'il his course! .What nvL'h: hue been bis character! v hat bis iii.i fl mure nu socipiv ! mid what Ins prospects fur the rninme; wnrlii; Apart from all pecuniary rtuisMrMlinns, what vniith vvon'tl cxrb.iii'.'p Ibe iiitellerltial and mo. ral worth, and the "rati'tid" ami cMeeni nl the niuniuni'v, nnl nf llm Temn"ran.-e worid. new enjtyetl by Ibis di-uintriiislmd philaiiihmpist, fur all the measures nl cmivival intercourse, enjoyed h v nil 1 1 to mere vnlaries nf f.isliimi or .1111I1. lion, Irnm Ibe fatal banquel of Alexander the Great ilovvn to Ibe present innmeut ! l.el every ibnuj-litless ynuntr tmn now mike tlm e.stiUMle; let him carefiilly rnnnt the cost nf mere idle, fashionable intercourse, the waste nf preeiniis time the vv i-te of he 1I1I1. anil the hiss nf ta!en', rb irarter, pniprty mil snnl, which ll nfl"ti invn'ves 'el bun think ihi! the noble ele v.ilion .itlaiimil hv i.tbers, is vvuhiu bis re, cb al-o; let bun thuik nf il.e litL'h destiny, 10 which ri j lit re 11111, and true lr."ii Islnp, ami con-cieiiee, and his cnuntry, and G d, are all iuvilin-r bun,-- mil then lei hull ile-'ulp, w hptber 11 i mil 11 'W inn- inr him to say, Ida: Mr. Dela van, "ItlilllT ABUtr FAC." Trim, ui ill - ae nl rufnrin, he tn iy be in no siieb im -ii 1 up ot d iiijjer Ir.nn ibe iniuMeaiin ' cup. Ilu' tlmre are oilier il.'slroyers equally innl.nus. There are oilier infl 1 uires, 1I1 11 111 iy rob him nl li s lim; the m i.t pteriou. uf all laleuis, rob hail i.t hi. rnn-cieuc", Irs sense nf a-cnun!ah li. Iy, nnl his self.rospert, as an uuiuurlal beinj;, audjhiis roh him, ere he is -itv.ire, nf bis birlh riL'hl for hot1! A. 1'. "rrfrgraph. C,mucTKu.-We,., I , define what 1 j mean hv clnracter, I vvnubl siy, 11 is that wliith 111 ikes ficeuiul intelliiteiil heinos have cniidleiu-e in ynn. The very iloli'iitinn shows yon lb it il musl he uf slow umvvtli, Ynn ca'iinut acquire it ion div. nur in a ear. A o. irksm ... u. ikes a wonde. ful shot, and il . . , , ,s known . lalketl abuu. ; a s, o bivwer III ,i-s in,- ,-ii'ti .it-ii nil- ,, .,u', in' I Al tl sir, 01.' point ut Inv, vvhirh bid been nver-1 hulked, lie r n 1 ies 1 Im i u v vt illi him, and llie elforl is lalke.l ahum; llie vo tug finiierj l oses one gieal i rup, anil il is a vvnmler; ami III" '.iliiiiir ili.'in, Hn.tiLtf .ill .1 vi.riii.iii whirli is groHlvad.iiiio.l. iml is uiui'li lalketl 1 . . , nl ; hit this is nn reputa 100, or character .', - , 1 . 1 -. ti II is iii-n-lv -i shun- ivetl tiolorietv. llm , . . 1 , 1 ' I p ivsiri 111 rut es 111 nne r 11 kahle rase and aripiires this iinliiri"tv in tin.hiiur. But ill it 111 iiksni in has gut 10 be able to 111 ike a good shut ; tho vmi'ii ltwer has got In I ike llm stinngpiiinls uf the law. and llu- weak nut's ton. v li s. and will, ll 1 rairv the -.ii- , , . 1 , 1 pov with blot , ere I," Ins arqoiretl ilm rl,.,r- trier o sound I ivvv. er ; the v.mng divine b is vet in thi'ik mil 10 in v an d.ii, ut p iss ige, nnl seiz 111 1 y i fig in nf speech, and pm- lum 111 my 111 islet Iy strokes al reasoning, Iielore he can be called 11 great pieacher ; and the vimug p'ly.iriiii his lolling nvir mire ill 111 nno desperate rase, ami study the leranged body of inure 1 1 1 a 11 nne pour suffer er, and bring up 1'hiiii thn Imnleis uf the ;r.ivn more t lit niiu pili"it, hefure llu can I lim llie name of a groat pliysichn. LlRtiia wiikm s n iv. Liehig was distiti goished at sellout as a " liunhy," the nnlv I ih'nt (hen rulliv.ttel io Germ in schnuls be ing verbal memory. On one occasion, being stieeringly asked by lint mister whit he pro posed lo heciime, snicti ho was sn had a scliolai, and answering lliat lie would Im a chemist, lliu whole schonl hurst into a laugh of derision. Nnl lung ago, I.iebigsivv his nbl sclin iliii ister, who fe liuglv I nimnied his nvvii foroe-r lilindiuss. Tlm only hay in the sain schonl w bn ever ditpuied with Liehig the n lum nf " luinliv," vv is nne wlm never c.iuld learn his lessnn by hntrt, but w is con- lim 1 1 v rn no isiug niisic, an I wriiiug it d iwii by ste 1I1I1, in st-lniol. T in s nun iudi. vi hid Liehig I ilelv foumlal N'ieoni, ilisliu guidied as a rotiip iser, an I roirlacior of the Inni-rid Ojiert II mse. I think lusiiime is R lelling. It is In he Imped lllll a inure riiiuuil svstum uf schonl instruction it gain !ng griiiin l. C ill any thing he mure absurd or deli'stiblo thin a system which ill ide Waller S1-0II and Justus Liebi i " hno'iies" al sclinul, ami so eH'tclu ill v rnnceiled tlmir niluril t il -ills, lint, fnr oftiiiple, Liehig was nfleii lectured befiro tlm whole stliool uu his being sum 10 c into misery mid broken In iris to his p imois, whiln let was all lie lime the above anerilnte prnves, uf I bn puss ss:uil nl'tibmls si'iiil ir in kind ti tlms. Im Itis sincit ditplaytid. Phrcnologi. cal Journal. I'llAVING A.NII LIVING. 'Ever labnr to live suitable to thy prayers. 1 is 10 no puip"e to begin the diy with Gnl, mil iIipii spei il it vviili the devil ; to Im a sain ri the morning in thy rlospl, ami thru a sinner ill diy in the world. Hiving prayed agtint in, be turn thou watch against it, aviiidiug llm in-r, s ous and temptations therein; for other v isn thou will fall bolero it, II iving prayed fur holiness t..r ie, libor tu livo lu'llly. Hiving prayed for humility, labor lo walk humbly. Having prayed for subnet? ami temperance, la hnMu live soberly and temperately. Having nrayed in tlm spirit, labor lo walk in the spirit. Ever bear In inindilut tn pray for one thing and io luo fnr another, is a contradiction and an Im piety. The vv bole course of thy life should sa. vor of ihy prayers, lie whn bath all bis religion in bit prayers hallt no religion at ll-' Wa rtn Cunc Dr. Tucker, editor of the Dmnocrulic Freenian, published in Syracuse, relates llm fulliiit inr. inlvresf itifr Case ofnatef cure, occurrinL' in his own family : A few weeks since a member of nnr fimily, .1 cliiijrbtor between live and rix yoara of aac wis atiaeked with infl imaiion of tbH luna. Her symp'nms were prouoiiiKel of .in aUnniriir rbar acier hy a skillful physician .vhnwas called in t ex inline her, ami l,o usual prescription uf blis'er or blceilina with powerful inedirmes re commended. Her fever was sn bih,-mid the pain in Imr, chest and limbs "severe, that she could not ret dty nor niff.'it. We were advised by a friend tn try chl vittcr treatment, ins' -it the medicine.. With mmrj hetiUn- t.y ami imsjrmui. vve resolved tn do so e... . 1 nn r.iiiltl was dive-ted 'nf all ,er clnlhin,; wrapped in linen sheets nf four thicknesses, in 1 '"111. n IKM sQSI)l aoo im- r.nuu r.nveren with blankets. After 1 Fnrlv irrel"!1'"'1'!-' 111 ''' "bouts about an hour, the- were c . ami s 1 repealed ilunu; the first day ... ...... yj ri.-iurn 111 me piroxysm nt the fever on tho pecond day the wet sheets wi!re ap plied, anil per.iirAtiiin pmtliiced with tile first ." ! '.'"f lvcre 'hen removed and the P11"'"' placed In bad, in fi inuel shees, where ,,le s't'1'' 'lulc,ly for three linurs. The fever re,"r"" I,!-Mln '" 11,0 eveuinj and vva3 broken upon In the same manimr. This marre wat l,ur,i"'d fur five days, and nolhirirr administered '" Z1 "r.' "nn,; ",ve r"l,l water, or cold crust nlb.'P. I he naro.wsms hernonmr lee. vunlnnt every day, until Ibe siMh day, when I here was none, and lie; patient was enabled tn sit up and receive lihl nuiiIimeni. She eoon recovered entirely, and is now well. We nave made the same application to our ynmii-pst -mi nf 12 innnih-, for severe attack of c'"7'' 'll0 success the application of .mm.- ui.-iu t tiiimie.i 10 i lie cnest auu tnruat. ft? P rhips there is not, among nil the iroiliiciiniis nl'Mr. Jefferson, a tnoro grace ful anil delicate specimen of his style, than llm follow in letfr. It was uddretsed to Jnlin danis, mi tho death of Ins accom plished wife, ilm lumber of John Q. Adams. Thomis Jifftrson In Jon Adams. AIonticello, 18th Nov., 1919. The public pipers, my dear fr end, announce thn I ilal event nf which ynur leller nl October the 20 11 had given me ominous Inreh ulnnr. I Tried myself in 1 he school nf iifi rtion, by the iii-n in emu ilinn nt cnmieciioii wliicli can rive Ibe Iiiiiimii hear!, I know well, and feel what you hive lo.t, wlm you are sufferm, ami have yet tn endure. Tho same trials bivetaujli' me thai for ills sn iiniii-asuMble, time and silence nf. ,1. .a,i, t ....11 ..... Sliw your urief, nor, minj.'lin-.r sincerely my team ' wilh yours, will I s.iy a word where words are ' vain ; but that it is nt some comfort to us both, ' ,ri " ,llt' "m'! i! n"t very distant when vve are ,n d-p"B t 111 tho same cerement nur sorrow T and to .-si-end in essence I to an es'alu-nie 'tinj; wilh the friends vve have j v,, ,, , ;l0ln uobiJ, , nev-r Iiism a-iai'i. (1. id bless yuti and support vnu tinder ynur heavy atllrtioi. TIlO'sJ JEFFERSON'. 7'itr. Amkrican I'r.rss. We runt the fid. Invvtii! Irnm the last number of Ch ntibers Ed. 'l'"ri''1 Jounlal : " lo 11 1 other cnuntrv in the world. nrbini : ,1. ..,. .. - ' v-"?'i n the novsinuer press mi po.verful 1111 ete'ine ,.; h,. tT,.,t..,l j, ,iOJ v 1 . w..,,.. ,,.,1'cr, ilinilU'll.- ft!! IS ll nuiputeiit in its act , r niprc-piit in Us lull irnm. It speaks to every one, and nf every one, making itself felt 111 every public , depirti lent, ami at the same time evening a !''"n"U'l"Us mfi ten -o nver private life. If all , "r-"t's ''" ""l from proper prmriplea- were the ."al whirhiiirecis its elfirisn zet for - , ,.. mt,.Hl,1 ,j , ,r. , , .-.ifrn-... it, ni.-re.i-e.l and increasing pnvv. 1 ,.r, iiughl in a very short tune undo inachnf the ui m'Iiihi w Inch Us viciuus dircctiun has entailed ' " the country." An AcciMrnsiicD Swindler. When Col. D.gby was m the pri-nimr' box in I'niUdelphia, ah ml to be sentenced for six years to hard la bor, he beckoned tn the constable and said at tho fare nf .Mny.unensinj Prison was rather coirpe, he would like lo taste a few Tangier O-'a-err before hti went up. The kind heifrted utFi-er took lum over lo Sain Sutton's OystPr cellar, vv hen the Colonel drew himself up and a.keil whit limy hid foul aid be should like 10 hive a few Irie I ami a few- roasted, and while hey were preparing be swallow ed a tluz-ri favv 11 the stand. A'ter a beany and gratilying meal, he expressed his sorrow at the low stale of b s pocket, and left the liumtne cnnsbible to lout the bill nnl then went over tn Court quite ramly, received his sentence, and to k ins seat 111 the Black M.irii. 'un. FauM I'ukiitii CvnF.t.i.n. Dues m the S3 It nil. ll tve been received al I'lnladelphia. I'lmro is, however, 11 1 imw.s nf ilm slighiest C'lnseq -e. The mirknts wero slocked vvith Aiii'Tican pro luce. The annual sen siim of C.nigress convened ut Caraccas on llm 31st of J niu ir v. Elluris are in progress losi'ltbi llie hound try linn between Vttnezt. ela and New tJieii idi. Elloru aro in pro gress 10 satisfy all demind-) of foreign credi tors. Tlm correspondent of tlm U. S. Gazette stales th it tlmro hid been difficulty u illi a rtniinanl of insurgents of L-zinia, umniint ing in all to hut 37 men ; limy viere inter cepted in their mtrcli towards the Capital, and 17 taken prisoners. A I tw had p issed the lower house of Con gress, providing fur tie ntimftating of all offl. cers who were engaged in lliu refutation of 1813 ig liusi llm Oovernment. A I ).s 111 1 if 'i I irnii steamer arrived a few d tys previous fnun Liverpool ; she has been hniuglit for lliu uurpuso of sale lo the Gov eminent. Col. D'gbv, uf I'liil nl.-liilii.i, nnw 04 veari uf age, 21) nf which Inve been itpe'ni hi djf. freot ieiiiteniiaii"S, has 1 11 smiteiin-d lo endure sit moru ysars nl'tho same agrebabls kind of life. UscesTAivrver Lire .-O'iiTo's liy week, n youac nni th d 111 iheessiern pirt of Ciui-innsii. On VVtd-...-.div anoiher yooni- mm .trrrsl 10 sit up wjih ih. bo ly thit niB'H, V ben ni.hi rune ho did not rojue," The fiaii v willed nil 1J o'clock, ant he wi not iherc. Hed'tl not rnaieai , f at next owning il wat rsvolctl that the abtent ynnnir msiiwnt drown ed The den.l and lht waicher bad aWtt eunt to ibnr account I e rsBrei la let,rn that ,h rnidenfM of Jtrs. Piks. widaw nf G-n. Pike, wis recently destroyed by ftre. -villi every ilnnt; therein, the finu'y barely rsespin. II a splendid retu'en-c, ja.t compVtot, slsnding un thtthinktnf ih Oao. a'out three miles above am innaii, on lht K nl irky sh .rs. Mrs. Piks is. wt