Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 28, 1845, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 28, 1845 Page 2
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a'gjos giBiBgB' From the Hoston Conriei. PORTLAND ND MONTREAL lAILllOAl). Tlio nilitorsnf lliu Portland papers npprar to bo a little ruffled by our brief sketch of the Lectures of Judge Preble, In Montreal, on tilt' vast, unknown iitul unappreciated tiem fill of ii r:iilrnHil to Portland. A writer in tlio Poiilaud Advertiser, in liis honest zeal for tlio interests of Portland, suggests tlil tlio short- h i n-1 vriti-r of the Montreal Her ald, who took ilnwn, vvrnln not, hikI published in that paper, tin- ingenious Mini very UiisicK nalive speech of llie Judge, which lists fur nished no liilln iiiiinsonieiit in ibis qunttor, was .1 Huston spy in disguise ; lint we can assure Idni of his mill ild' ; wo have not sup posed hero lliiil our lirollii'r John over the lino w.u so credulous as to require any etuis i.iry to put liitn on It is go ird against lliu D.iwn E.isters. Asaiu, litis writer quibbles nt a seeming cntitratiety in our diction, when we speak of tin.' rapid flight of tlio Judge, first through and then over tlio White Mountains J hut let us ask him if ilin passage, through the gorge is nut at n mountain's height nbovu the level nfllie Sim ; and lit us ask him, in plain, so ..Iter earnest," by what route, either above, be lair u nyr,,, this tt sti lal sphere, and liy what species of locomotives, the Express is to pass, as I In; JiiJgi; stales, in si hours he Meen Portland and Montreal, and ask him to define ils position, height, length and cost. Tlio only light wo can find upon the sub ject is the speech of the Judge, in three long columns of tlio Montreal Herald, and a re emiiwisaiice of a route front Portland to Aloiiti!.ilt hearing dale Dec. "ill, 1 S44, and signed hy James Hall, Civil Engineer. This document certainly presents the Porllaml routu in less glowing colors than tlio vivid fincy of our fiienl the Judge, to'irrc ho founl air lines and dead levels for a loeuiii'itivo guiiia ivo hundred and four miles continuously, a. ,. rate of thim-fniir 1 ' :'" l"",r' S,"P" included. Mr. H -H "'.vs. pae 4 n his report, speikinn of llu coiiolry lieyoie.: coiraiu Kumfuid, on the Andres- ll.vm 1 ,1,,. n I. ...... ,.....,... 1 ni.nii prrnviiiM a li.dl eid n.L'2l npt'rl. Iliult til.niill.lins in, I mt-lhre bill d.en inll.ef, laki-. and tiinl.. unit in-... .....I l.r... I - t: i ..... .IT,,. . iiiiMiiHu iii nn v in reciiitn as ni-v winil iln-u ciiitM'Hn I beir mult i. furiii llie eiiiiru fire nfilir rn miry . rc'rniing, ni fir-t e ii, a'l I'llpsssihl.. inrruT tl'1IiiI llie canMtnrlimi el even .he eo inn ill luh'v.iv. nnd uvirli ninie m In lliu of a rulr.n.l naik.' The n hole ru.ititry norihof .n I tver, on the M-ij ill.i.ny rente in the 'im nlarv, IS yet a wilder..,', nn "etllenii'lit are fniinil af ter p.s-lil,! tin' bmili lsrv line, willnn thirlv i.ille nf t, oil ilia Caiudi -lie Oi the WeMern mine, i n the ennlr-ire. hv ilu ni..1'.. v.,t. . Ile.nen.s an 1 a traveled rmd tiear .lie rnuie, nrc to be final fur i, iosi of ihe , lisiauec to Co'ibrook, and onwird to the Canada line. i One of thn routes proposed-lhe North-' em for this erand railway, ul il leaves ' .iuii.scog.n, passes ll.rnogli a liowling wilderness, and lite oilier, for its recommen dation, presents llie f.icl that one road, must of tin- way, and a fuw scattering settlements arc found and more hoped for. Well may the learned Judge suggest tint this i.iilrnad " will hi! as fiyed in ils cnurso as ihe turient of ,V isari," for surely no I road will .1... 1 ., ever tap il in such desulale regions. And tlio clause in the Maine charter, discount!- n nicin, if not prohibiting, a cross road from ' Boston, is nnilo sutieiflunus i ' 1 unions. I And what are the conclusions of Mr. Hall , i , 7 , . - , , ns to distance 1 lie learned Judge puts it at two bundled and four miles bv the hiti- ' , . . , . . J Wile and llie longitude, ivliu ll lake no ar- count of ll.e iin.nn ,i;,;t. r .1 I cn nil 01 tin. ineqiiolnies t,r the mutidanP sphere. But Mr. Hall makes tint Northern th, ;,.;,- ; -I l , llncf. hiimlrcd miles long, or more than fifty n.lh-s longer than an nir lino fn.oi II,, !,,., to M. unreal ; he stales it thus, viz. P to Andover 72 miks. An lm.-r to l.'madi line, r.'' (jani libiit,. Sl.erhroo', S.hnon river, 75 aherbrujke to Jlonireil, gi To show thn ch.ricter of the lion through n wilderness ne.uly ouo hnndied miles in ex lent, n .single extract from pignfjof Mr. Hall's report will suffice, viz. Kro n Iheontlotofihe West Uranch, Ihe route pass, cs op the alley of. he .Mi IdV lirnoch j .he lirst iliree miles riT.irbii heavy cn.hinkuient, side ival'ins!, and so ue rock exeav nod ihe yr ides must .ahoui ll.oety.lhreo feet per mile. 'I hence succeeds two nt les of level, by a tanse nf ponds i thence one mile Willi a liie of one bun bed feet, which mav be over come hv a itnde of fifty fed per ni'le, I y pnuimen cini luck one unit-, an I ke-nini on the slopn of the bills nil j lining the pon I. From this It the ho .Hila ry is one mile and three fourth. A part f ihe .lis. lanre embraces Ihe shore nf a peed. hieli i ll.e s.urceoflhe Vnn .Mow ny. nmt ilic l-,st fliran r...,ril,a ofa 1111I1 lis.j .me bmiijred and ihirly fiet, which ' inn. I)m nprniine . y Urphvi nl.nj tl. slnpes oflhe i v.llllH! ine arnttn rq-llllv Tnr llie ulmlP'lis nnce. whii'l. mil, in ilm case, tanliojt sevuily-fivc ftel nor mile. Such a dnscrlplion nf a railroad route re quires no coniinenUry. Tim " 130 capi lalisls" nf ll.e K .slrn Railroad, will at once, if they nru railroad men, understand what prospects il offers for fat dividends. But thorn is another line, nr rather, for both the Hoes are apparently semicircu lar, windiii" round the Andrnsponein, whirl. Mr. II .11 thinks less impracticable. This is tho Western mule, hr-nding inwards Banjor round llie Andioscoecin lo Andover, thence by I'mhicTiiiT -,ke and the Dixvillo Nolrh lo Coh-hrook, Shefhrook and Montreal, a ronle whirl. Mr. II ill estimates al f.o.n two hundred and forty-sir. tn two hundred and forty-seven miles, or about the lenclb of nn air lino from llosinn tn Montreal. On thi route, says Mr. Mall, papo D Frnm Andover, the western murpis-rs up the vil. lev nf Si yer' tn n inv'iii lm .(''. ihv. Iiiif lh vniersnf .hi sirinm end IVnd Cam'Ti hjesiresm w'i c-h e'ii iii s M.t.. f.ske U'lihstrniv P,tr tt mnt nf Cn'i i(il in", Ihn cr-ees ,eill tnrtj from fifty In ttah til fret per mile. iili Lent v enilinnkinein., sire.,vnb lmi, nnd svne rnek rseiva ion. On thi s.imn.n, n rZ'r rnt will he neeessirv, nnd n li-ivv nn I i Ic-willm", fur b ihsmnrr nl n mile. lie then crosses Lake Vmhagog bv n bridge, half a mile long, twico thn lenjih of our bridgo at Springfield, which cost S120, 000. By page 10 of (his Report, wn learn llmt Al D'sv'.lie Nnteh. there is n rise nf ?0O feet in n rhVwrof .l.r',-r.inrlhnf n mile, on iheeisieilv side, nnd n 'all of 10(1 feel in n d nnee nf nncfnuril. of n m'le. diieendins nn the weierlv side from ihenee thfill I 150 feel in a nVisnre nf nne sml n hnlf Piles, ' tr vntny lliu ,l'ins.vK rive,, whi. h (he T :. s. v. i rnute pursues downward nino and n half miles to ihn Connreiicut river-at .Colehrook, crnninr Into Ca naan. i., nnd lullnwins up Lmch strcitn to the 4St)i parallel, nr boundary line nr I anadn Hitin"p from Colehrnnk nine nnH n half mile. The summit in Duville Notch mint he pnswil by n tunnel, fifiecn hundred feet in tencth, with the common hlihwnv direv.-tly nvf r it, nnd Ihe descent in ev-h direction mnt be overcome by extending hrnvy enihankinen's unit side-wnlline, to the flits, so thst'llie grades shall not exceed cisht) or ninety fret pe mile. This route, to which thp summit nf mtr Western Rtilrnad, rosting in ten m'lcs over ii million, is hut a flea-bite tins route, with n magnificent tunnel and still more magnifi cent bridge, and prudes of ninety fct, is such that Mr. Halt announces ils entire feasibility. lie, however, very significantly hints, that should the enterpr'ie. be undertaken, SOME of the most difficult paints should be tested with instruments, an experiment hu Ins up patently not yet commenced. Mr Hull subjoins to this very encouraging skelrh some estimatp of the expense for the first 124 miles, nr Portland half of this en terprise fur he does not tell us what the Canada half is iff cost. lie sets the Grndinc. bridge, nnnnry, culvert, rat tle nuarJs, nml fences at S10 000 rer mile, or SI.2W(lrK) The suprrlrtictiircat S3 500 per mite, nr 1,034,000 All oilier item ef land damiee. depots, depot crnunds encineerinsrnliri''. pu rine nnd rnr.hnne. intcret Ae.. be1 cnlls but 8IW0 n mile, nr 8133 000. Now these list item, winch are con nion to and nnl verv d,similnr rnnll road, have post nn (lie chenprsl tines nf Misnrl mens Sir intanr the Concord nnil the Fiiclihiuc'i G000 per mile, which wl'l alii tnthw pi'riilitlnn 711,000 To tin, bv llie uniform ptsetici nf rnci peers, shnuldbr .v'drd 10 tier cent, on the two firsi item, to rnver pnntinpeti. ries. nml nnthinir lit been allowed for turn outs or side tracks, 131 200 83 237,200 And we bavp, at thn moderate pstimales which attend usually the commencement nf roads, n cost per mile greatly hevnnd the actual cnsl nf our two lines from Boston In wards Canada. The Filchhurg and the Concord, which are now open and earninp over ten per cent, per milium. limn their lo cal business only, tire from 20 to 40 per cent, above par, and have no(erado eceediii2 40 feet to the utile, nnd no tunnels or mountain cuts to swell their expenses. T, ,N(! ,. , MnrPiil , , , .t.-ri-.tlv vary fro... 300 miles by railroad, lor tl"re is no necessily of going round by Sheil.roi.k "'verlull, Coos county, is hy the map pre ciselv half wav fioni lloOou to Montreal. ii, I' a iliiect Hue this point is 121 miles fioni Huston. By the railroad route, which de viates nearly twenty miles from a direct line, to acrnn.miidre the factories of the great iiianuf.ictoritiL' dlsliicis at and above Loo ell, Nashua, Manchester and Concord, il is 14C. r.oin Haverhill In Montreal the coonlrv is feasible, while the route via Kerne, Rutland, .ln, rjrt, ....m,,., ... C I ,lna '" rlc" Villy 'he Otter Lieek, is V"' f',vnr;i!,,' "'" neatly the whole J'"!'""-", bulb ways, the lino passes throns;!. populous districts, competent alone to yieM an income of over six per rent.; and il is woithy of reuiaik that TmiciII only, on the Concord line, conlains it.oto than every vil lagn between Portland nnd the wilderness. Which will bo the most inviting to Ihe cap italist or the traveller ? 1 The qne.slion is easily' answered hy fur- '"''r extracls from the recnnnoisanco of Mr. " '" l,!,C 3,1 arid " ' commenced," " iheexaminaiion nn ll,e,23,1 nf ")m'h- fH-,"h,,r- '51 1. I rro. eecded n. onre to .be inerior, to rsamine Ihe more diffi -oh pans cfihe iou:e through the forests anion; ihe Highland " "SIIir.r lenvins the selilmenl. il eoninieneed s.lnr,ll,l"i-'- ram nod mows presnilme f"r mosi of ihe lime durini on- i a'iena.i.n " (recollect, rea- der, ibis was r. o r fine month of O tub. r,) " and in P'fSrne ov. r the mote fiom Andover to .he head wn- ,.r. ..nhe M.cnlh.wav. nnd set e bound .rv in ''r"' -eub-nieiii on :1m f lunula ide. s yenicen !lvp "ere dlli-eilllv spent III the wddi rno. wilbthe snow, f.,r n.oi of the distunce. riroen inci-s d.ip. "" ' ",lr l!! nl.mir Hie siream i.b.rucid t.v a low- oroAlh nf fir, spruce and very dense, nnl washcavily loaded wiih snow, wh rli -iii', ii n ii kiiiw" nrj.leil o.iicb lo llie dilhcil'lics we bail lo eucotinier ; nod all cum, prevented no fiom nhininini! so full and saii-ficiorv -. iw of the surrounding region ns could hive been desired." lie speaks of the snow ns dry, but il is (he dry snow tint dtifis and stops the train. In this region of almost ceaseless winter, Po.tland may well rely on the rzclusire en- : ..c - -t. . .1 I . l y io-. .. nun in, lies. men, wo lear, like the wild flower, if evei " horn," " lo bio I. un-ern, Anl wills its sweetness on the dtnert air.' A Man Kaien nv ak F.icphant We learn by a win. pass-naer lat ei. nine on ihe aieamer Primes front Hnon It ..ue. that ihe l.iree mileelep'nu. nf Messr. H n.i.ins ,f. Oo's mana-eiie on Satunl.iy inoruina killed the person whohnifheen ilnrsime leii-in of lime emplny .,, i,ue eharue of , it. It annears ihat the .wn el,. I,-.,,,. ....i . nn , bad befo snt 10 m!vini...r ,hu n,i... i .J rooto for Clinton, ihe female elephant and .he camel elenneil tojellior lien ale ul f.n.r miles from llnmn Hn 2P. llie tnslo f! rifiito.1 k. n..... . .wn.l Ionian, 'lie keeper, who wns nn fnni, pranirnl n horse (nne wind, llie . lephnnl wns not ncri.sinn.fd In) fir ihepnrprise nf ilr.v.ns il ou r, n.el in nticinpiin lo iii'mnt. 'he hnrse shvcil. nnH ilin-w ll.o mm in ll.e The iinineilmilv rii'lml nnnn ranahl him nnnn hi Insks, nml il.rew him 'nrlv nr fi lvf-el in the nir, whieh w..s rrpe.iteil n crenl mini I er nf limes, ihe msks fre n iemlv p-is.ns I lirn.iui, his heily. Ii 'hen nrrieil ihelinlv frmn mwnril Ihe wnnrls, ii.ssinu- ii in ihn nir n. in.erls, until i' lell heiwcn tnn fnllcn inrs, hiel. -nviil il frnm further ii.ili.p. TI.einfi.niH miimnl then in ll.e runl. w here the f. inileflrphsni and rn.nel l.nrl lipen rlinineil tnn tree hv nnniher keeper, nml rushed ..pun thn... his n.s'ts pis nn ihri.nrli tho ennui, knoekin-.' down lh- femnle nnd hrrn' in" llie clinin in nn. Th" enrnnrl nnimnl then mide nir.ow-ird .he wnii.1 e.rr ne; ihn n-n.l In- ii ir in' , nnd ihrnwinij .1 m in.ervnls in ih-nir will, ils ina'is Tim miter p-irimi. nf he csr.vnn now retniiii tn the tinder. .In elephim .eoirned rind nnde il-ni'insirntirtiis nf nn nine' uni)M ... when fur ..rnis were hmiiolil in. ,1 re. q'.isilin. A etmilier nf slv.-a were firpd ep u. n. hnl w.lliniit nny efT'Cl IV.iul v s then sent in the II. S, srr nn nnd ihirlv nr forty nf ll.e soldiers were i sent la iiem -h ii unli line mnskeis, The eriiih I hnis sln lnrne I ii'ti ttiiti iti..!. rin..a A.,.. .I.rti I nn ' "'"'' rdv r sisiv -Imis were inm nr rnih.' upon sirikimj, nnd fell In Ihe Al Irnif.l. j. "p'l'i ii'iii, eir nm nnil were Inq-e'n.lV llltlened WnS le-rrininri linin tn Sen! In I i. nnirimii n field piere lo deml-. him. when nne nf ihe ki ers p'onioncr - spenr, monnled n horse nn I sup- eeded in wounding ihe elephnnl until he ii.i'd it In resm with piiti su l fenllv lo vi-1,1 to siil.ii'eiii.n, whn it wns driveil i H will, llie Inhneenf ihe nnimsl. This j Ihe mein nnionl whirl, killed nne nf ils keeper vne no fir ihren venrs urn, nt sl'jiers nnposile this pilv. nnd wn nnlv 'nved from fi.i.her mi-hVf nfu-r niiinein sums mu oeen nreit in'o II, .Y. O. Bet, 10 Ilonrtin The Lexington Tnoui. rer of the 7ih inst. contains (he followinp ii. .inn acrnuni. no lesrn. w..h sincere nnd drrp rertf l. our intni' ri-sp-ririiieiii.- mwnsinin, Clilinn H. Thomp son, Kr . wn- shnnlesd in ihe in Mnnnl Sterhneon Wedneednv. rli.rin the -Win? nflVnirl. tiv Henry .Dnniel, h. hroiher-m.lsw nnniel wss nnmeiiiiteiv inkrn mm r -stndy l.v Iheelv.l ninhorilv nnd confined in jiil, nnd ns the nfT'ir will iinilertn n JUd.einrr inverlisilion. e will fmlieni Inrlher enm. "1"' Thus hss fsllen. In- the h,nd nf violence, nne " rujeuts mosi jiuie.i, nunc, pc ierous and honors rda son. Cor.espondence of llie Tnb.ine. MR. WEBSTER'S EULOGY, UN lltl.M. IMA AC C. HATIIX. Wasiunoton, March 17, 1845. 4 o'clock, 1'. M. J The Senate met to. day at 12 o'clock. A large concourse of Ladies and Ocn'lcinuii, for eign Ministers, 4tc. &c. were in allnnd nice, at tracted by the report that Mr. Weuster was to speak. About 12 o'clock Mr Cameron, the newly elected .-en.itor from I'dinnylvainn, appeared in the Ch.iuiber nccnmpiiiieil hy Mr. Sturgeon. After the rcuiliiiiz tr the niinotpsof eeierilay Mr tiiurgeou nnti uirid the ircsuce nf In colUMgiie, 7'lie I'reeident of llie Sonale then i.diiuuistering the o . th, and .Mr, Ca.oeroo, being iu iillied. look hi. scat. Air. Webber then rose and addressed the Senate in thn InllmvitiL' word', VYIuluuenre hastenin? to I rino our eesinn lo a clne, a melancholy eenl. the forfcoui.ui elndnw of which, nrnwtni every hour ilitper nml il.ufcrr, has luinu over u- for -oiue daye, at b'tiil. nrresis our nl tenlinii. Ouo of our tile. .her is no more. Isaac Chapman Hates, a t-'cialnr from Ma iclnmiie, di'par.ed Ihi life, nl hNlittlgiitf! ul Ibis nly yelerd ly nt twriny ... mules pat. ix oelnek.n the nriermum, in IhcGGth year of his auc. M llie mumentu lieu e are iibniu to Fefiarale for our re5pecl.v!, lo meet lliu cireb s nt nu"-'f tmn and fneiidship wlueb aio r.adv to weboninii.. il has pleated lleaven thai he nf M.iichuell ha changed diiruiL' tlio last tie odd 'pas thai b nirne whence no traveler leinri.-.' I f,,,,,,.,,!,, f, r, , , f. t. ti., -, Mr. lines bad been I V ' fr, ', "U '' r""hl ,a,-1 , " Bl in Ihedischari-oof the dune-of bis elation, durim.'1 Mr' uHi1 wore the Inn Massachusetts Sena the bite eeasiou of (.'ongress. Already f iiivunl and t"rl' The olio I.. . retired to the circle of his eshaiisied, be yet fell it to be hi. duly, on one of the . friend tlieither has gene to join llie asseiu last nights of thai tni'.e an efTort which bly or the ji.ft unde perlfrt. " What shadows """""A'SS'L' ?"tlTf,;,t., wo are and what shallow, wo t.rusue." prolrale Ins powers. He appeared in lneat for the las' lime, on lliu l.isl day ofihe last m.nitli Thouijli then ill, no such rntitln plic us has since Inppeued, was al thai time anerehended. Hot alter ilmt ilnv h diluot leave bis boiise, nor hardly Ins ln-ad. His dtngerons sanation soon became apparel. ., his fame ly were ?en. .or nuu ms woe niu anil vtvio -oorire at In bedside. ' 3 ' All that the highest decree of Metbcil skill em. hi do. all thai could be attempted by the sobrttudc of niiM'eis ii h-iiii, in, u,;i. i-iiii, i hi: riiiji!. siro ny con- jnca! and filial nffeciion was done lo Ihe utmost to ... ..... .. I,:- t.r., ..... Hli .. i iii r mis, all lhaieou! I he Fiiiaostcd by con- lo ruic ma ii. ...ii it,i ,i,-. u, .Mill, I UL Will OI iienvKii vit- ,'inriwi-e. lie IIH1 li'O lien oil ..IS nst hour, lie bad reai lied the end . f his eat. lily career, ami ins .oaaereaueo nun in nnoiner world. Mr. Hates was bom nt (Iranbv in the Stain nM Ii, . ii I 1 T ' , 1 nle 1 Adopted ll.e Law as his prolession. he nroseeu.eit his indies for a time under eminent nsitueiors, first at , ii . i .. t .. ..i. . i. . , 1 ,,t-,v iinvii nun .ii eiwaros win. uie aie juoee . Hinckley of Nonbamnton, His nbditynnd learninir. and bis hich and honorable character -non led lo prob'snima! ihoinetion and in due il ne plareil him io the ranks nf the m t eminent lawyers and io the part of the country in which be reided. Hut Ihe bir was nil lone his only sphere of action The confidence of .be communiiv in ni ability and fi le uy, and rs ipp o'.au n his nrmeiples simioion. ed III. n early, iolo publie life. He re.ldered lunv and v .1 inbtc services in lioib tirnn dies ol .he I.eid-laiure nl In-State and its l'.eciitii' Cninrd. tin. a l.irs-n tield npened lo him, nnd twenty years nirn he became a member of ihe Ho 8 of llei.resi'ntalives in Oonjre-. In t'nt Inly In- remained eialn years, ' while Lord Jocelyn is In ho tlio new Lord, soslainmc bis ehala ter. Ihrouid. the w hn. prriod. n 1 SI,, n ...I . II c .1 o - . . ' . acenlleinaiiorprobiiyandhooor.nfad.nafimenl .tl"1'- Caldwell is one of the Secretaries to nnee man y ana eoiiro , and .is mu di , the Treasuiy, nnd the linn. William Bing- for the tiniine's wi h wli cl. he ma uiiiinid hi own i , . ODioi.m. and mitienibs. a lor the lihernliu- n,l . lor w li;.-li he alwa) s utaiiiftsud lo those who differ- ui; irom mm, His sii'iscqoent rieeiinii in the Senate shows the of hi., public service, nnd her confidence in his furtb-1 en, wlileli ins ualivii Male enlcrlnoieil ol I le n on ' cr .iefidoe s Of tin- hody he was a member fur five year. I tiny not now and here speak of Ins ptinciplcsrr opin ion ibe nieasuics he isri"iiid, or the measntis winch ho opposed; hull may speak of him, I no. sure with the concurience of etery one who bears L'enilcoien ..I nun 'lunes ari I t .lent, of man. Iv ami b ...iirable hcnnni'. wolthv to fi'I a scat ben bv his intelligence and eharaeier ' hi j .. eoocepnon of .he di.iies of hi- situation, and his eonscjentious de votion to the ilisehareeerihoso duties. In lliisehaiu ber. I am sum be bad noi an enemy. The morninL' ilutations of nil of ns were cu en to no one with more hearty enod will. While his intclhzt nee commanded lesncct, hi social virlues and his eoiiiun. kindness and eond f.'cli-ljr won universal esteem. The hirer et felt in him by his associates in thi buly could in no way nave ocon more sironiv man!leico loan tiy iliirini' ihe proressof hi iltn t and all feel ihat hi ' decease has left n veid m our c rcl". as men and ns ! int-ir oaav nun iiourivnni most s .lie. on n mo l ties Sfmtnr, not msy tti he fillp"). M. itnie wis nvcr ntn'titmn to ntlrnci altrn n n piMiff (MtUir. In tliii rppTi he wai- far more distininiishod fr nhslim iv enno" re'trnifnl. ihnn fur nhMriicinenrss. he left occ isioii lo find him out nivl pull hirn ntit. Vet he w;ii-nn nM t, cn!trr nni,nn -Inqtiirvt man. IIh thotiylits wert c! h. fopi.-h well rh'tm, nntl Iih (Utit r 'i I irn iifin q-iitt hniipv nnd ninvincmir lh ijiiimor wai iniUMl, siinpli1. enrntst. 'I hest qonlitit's rpntliTP-l njui q li'fi fininrnt nnl Hiiirff.fiit i ) ft(l(lrf??ctl to ll.e jury. Tn ihe hnur ttrhi ilr.nli he hil l no siipcrnir for such cfl'irts amon those Mth whom ho prnciirc.l. He spi.lse with fo mtirli nnnifit fnirnrs ofpur p-it, ilt'nll po iniriii-tiisly with oppiiiini nrjiununts, nnd p'lt po much nf hi lu-irt in'o his ari nnd into hi- irds thnt thnst w ho lUtcmd i.thim wpn- npt to fin I iltwne(jw-i pprindcd nml convinet'il, wiihunt once ihinkmc ihnt ihre had hfpn 'inv rxhihitton of on o ry or rhplonr. I' ut hN cise winch ho put forth, ind not htntT.f. Willi nn snidml fotms nf pnch, no n'lisi)nl pre-inrition, hp nppeThnl nl onre uuh incuhr fci Uwj, tn ihe tind "enj-ennd the right feel in a of th iv w liMin lie ddn -hI, In tin htnly, white ti nf npilrriful of more prmni ofnt nnd cunepi -iitui. fiihjicis, he uiw fipndy nth n ti'ii) la ihe fin iii of ihe Coniiiinlce on IN-nsiini1, of which hu vvns riminnin. All knew ihnt Ihennnlici- t..n to piri.culnr ci-cs ffllie e nernl principle w im-fi lilt- GiHI rnnii-nt hn nilentlll llll lln-SP Fllliit-rl. i 'Iillirnli nnd ilt-licne in nn iui-iinsuli.nlile iles'rro irri.'iiy n. is.. uni. n; i.n.n pinna esin' ii-iml ri.Vs. ne sp.ireil nn puns n. nn- invislica inn nri-nscs It. wnirii fin r r it s nppeino to nnve n i-i nm nn ll.e ii'iun tynf them inirv. Minv n Kevulutionnry veternn yet hves to hlesshi u.en.ory neinv nn ni:e,l widow owes In-r d-iilv hread to l.ii benevolent, niticnt. an I ass du- I nils l.lht'TS. Mr, Ititps's dentil will soreh- wound onnv hcnris niiion f.niily, ilo.uestu nud sneinl ffiend. There is he pinner nf his life, now soon In follow l.ii r'-.iinius lo lus There nre son nnd dnwhti rs nnd k.i.'lied nf virions deirrcrs. 1 will nnl luv.lde the sllleliiy nf I lie ir sorrow l.v e.nply words of nltooipie I consoliiiiai. They will leek for solace lo reL'ieuion and rttioits fnith and bow humbly to llie wdl nf Gnd. When information nf his tlenih bhnll lenrh the henu liful villni'o in which he lived, il will ho dnv of t-en-emlL'ritf. 1 see in my nn nued nnd vt-ieruhle fnrm, known to inenud li-tterk.iown tohim, lennini; tri'.n-utmi-ty on his siaffand shci'diaz eopinus lenrs nl the sad iniclliL'tnce. I see tho mith!!e-ni.'ed pnuse in lluir nurnitsio regret the den. h nf n neiL'hlior. nn ndv.aer. nnd n fnend, I e -the voii.t. nf ho. I. sexes latnrtiiing ihnt the itiinsion nlwsyb nper. to llieir innocent nsso einiioris. nlwn)s tude insi.tteiive hv ihe couvcrsiimn nnd kindness nf its Htnd now closed nsainst it- nc ens omed visitors l.v ll.e stroke of ; nud 1 hour the solemn tones whieh slnll cill ttlllii-teil fniiuhis :m I nn iimicied neishhnrhnod m'n the llnuse of (Jod, to piy resie -t in Ins memory ami s ippl.cnlc Ihe con- oiniinn nt Keiiirtun. Mr. President. I h.ivo spoken of inv deceased cid- leiuo in lua professional .mil pnlilio clnri.t-ier, nud in hi nriil nnd domestic trillions ; bin Mr. Bines wis eon-i-imis nf n rela'ion limhcr thnt. nil these, lie fell, derplv nnd reverently, h .1 there wns n Supreme Au thor nf his heinir, nml nfnll I eines, and lint he had n connection well n world in emtio. He nn n ln-lieer in Cliiisuniuiv, nnd dcvouilv ihsnkful for .he revttmion tf (hu ?sew Tes.n.nen'. evernl vr.irs ncn. nud lufore he eu.ered on mil. ho tiff, ho i.ui'ed himself will. t. chore Ii in 'he lowu in utueh I. o lived nnd con. luued a ineoiiier nil hisdt-nth. Theie is reisoii lo believe lint his list lion s were heireil'v ihe lu'lil nl Ol.tmnn hone. Houiiercl no repitiitii:. lull ixpresstsl hi wilhauiit-ss to dinrl, if siieh ve.e ihe will of his Maker. Not lint he dil nm it. sire Ire, for ho eniovid life nnd hid uiiu-h lo llwfor Domestic love, t'cuernl resperi, iiiiblie hon or, nnd n cunseioiisnes nl tisefulnes. ill tin so con- jiireil to rr.nlir his hfehsppv nnd il-continuance ile sinhle. Vor w ns ii ihn he lookisl w itti iudiirerent-e oo diiith lor who his si.rh iev stoicism, o. rather who has such ' lu.iieit sensthihii-s, .urh n slupifinl tliin'l, n- In ei.nlcinpl lie will. inditTeienco n chnnL'enf heinir nnd n rhnii!.'0 nf 'vnrhlsl llul he u-gnult-d de it It. with nil us It rrnrs, nnlv ns n enssiife tunnoili er sinie of exisleni e, a sinle in wdiu-li ' tins corruiai hie slnll pul nn iurorruption, and lliis moral thall put no imu.ortnhly.' 'True 'ns nn nwful ihiriir to diet 'Tns rten n h.u. t hutihe.laik vnle nni-o Irod, Heaven hUs its (lerl.isiiiiL' portals lifer., And bids the pure in henrt In hold their tjnd.1 Mr, Pnsidinl, when one nf us tufs hereto an nn.inee iliedenili n n collenifiip, he cnannt hul rertecl thnt, if he s.ny here, the tune innsl (omennil he Inowsnnt how uonn when nnother cnlletuue shittl hall perform .hnl nd o to-e ton.ird l.inisi If, Wenll know that o must follow our depanel nssoii.te, nnd no one nl .in ran lell lu.w few steps he may even now be behind him. I l.op this rillrciinn msy cliaslis" us in our loo healed pursuit nf worl Iv ohjrclsi may leach a lo h-.lH ihe world hut ns the wnild may inspire ns with kindness, forhearance, nnd mutual troml will, nud lead ii. while we serve with all our powers the ennn irv which honors ns, to recoiled Hill thnt we nre not here nbnys,nnd llinl Irenes not ve. Ixhrld, nor com nrehended. nor capable of being fully conceived, ale before us nil, Durinn; the delivery nf these remark", Mr, wcuster was iiiin"ii u.ucu aiuxieu, anu seem, lid tn feci deeply the force of eu-ry word id ut- tcri'd. Sevpral nf" tlio Seni or' wppt whilo be ."poke, and the amlieuce In the CJ.tllerie joined in this touching iribulo to ll.o pimer of the spe .ker and the clnrar.ter ei4hn deceased. Mr. Iliieer. of Suiiil. t!arolio ., followed Mr. Wplwler, and undo feelinj; nlni-ions In the high repcct which tlm-e win. knew h'u. ci.lerlnlncd for Mr. Bites. When the SoiMie and Mr. Bates differed on any subjec.i, he (Mr. Ilnuer) wan Inclined to bohevo that Ins dep tri ed friend was correct. Mssarhiisctt iniv find a successor. Happy will it be for her, and h.ip py will it he for us, if die send hi re a surcm. sor who pnejsop tha Senatorial characterittics of our d 'p.irted friend. Mr. Iluoer spoke about five uilnnlcs, and was very much unwed dunn the dulbcry of his short hut toili'hllio; oppccli, Mr. Ilvan then iiinvcil llie c.ulnmiry resolu tion, that the Senate Attend llie funeral of ll.o dece.ed lo-inrrow nt 12 o'clock that they aiipoint a Committee lo niporinteud 1 1 it funeral that thev wear a uuliie of uioiirn. liio fur ouo inoiiih, and that the Sjliate do mm adjourn. These were pis-ed itnaiiiuioiisly. TI.e Chair appomied Messr. Htaiii, Man gum, Woodbury, Birr.m, Sevier and Can as said Ciiiiiniiltee. The Senate then adjourned. e. , ' ... . ., . ou- inu wi.iiio repreciitatiou o. inc o.aie It tCIt E LICU. LATER FROW EUROPE, Arrival of tbcjspii-Sliln Cambria By the ariival nt "Boston of the steamer Cambria. Cant. .ImlLin. l.m i , L , i . "'"es to ll.e 31 and Livernool to the 4lh . 1 II.Sl one inunili later than thuse by the Hi hernia. ... i ... 1 1,0 n,!W minisleiial nnnnintnients have ""J proclamie.l. Lord Dalhoti- . , . 1 u"". " s"" h avino succeeded Mr. Gladstone as Pros- . . . i,i..i ..r ..... n . . i r i c. n enrpe Clerk slops into the vacant Vice-Presidency, with Hie Mastership of Mint. Sir Thom as Fremantle is llie Secretary forlielaod; 11" is succeeded as Secretary at War by Mr. Sidney Herbert ; and the Secrytaryslup lo ll.e Adn.iratily thus left vacant is filled hy promoting Mr. Henry Tin. m is Lowry Cor ry, on.! of the Lord, to he his own servant : Ha'" laring, I'nyniasler Uenera We I egret to say that there is no news of the missing packet ships. There is now t . . I- 1...1 1 1 .1 . . 1 ''"' "'-' g1""' W "l-' ""-y "' nut lust. The Rev. Sidney Smith, after nn illness nf some weeks ill .ration, expired at his resi dence in Green st eel, London, on Saturday evening. Ho was n Jiis-74lh ear. Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton, B irl., died nn the l"th tilt, at bis seal, Norlhrepps, Nnrfolk. The Cotton markel is buoyant, and pi ires on some descriptions have slightly advanced. ClIAN'GKSOF Tllf, lilllTISIl T.lllrF Till most important intelligence fiom Gn-at But aiti i thn Financial nropnsiiion of the Piitno si . i .. t .i n r r Mllll'll'r' snlinillled 111 the House of Com- moiis Frbnuiry 14, in ultiili In rucniititicnils tlx; riiiire repeal ul stmin intporiant (Juties on imports, pnriirut.irly nu cmtun, tinitiuil ami vej;el.ilile otN, -iye Sjufpjriiittirt wdimN, si:ivi, and a w ol'oWKTcTrC II is pni jtnsi'il .ilsu, to alndislt thv auction duty alto gether, and all duths on exports. lie e?lHiMl.')l lliat (In M-tlm t ion of litest duties would 11 i-i kf the fullowiti: ie(luciioti io tliu revenue. : Snnr, 1,"00,000 Coals, 118 000 Imported duties on raw iiitiieritils, inclu ding Snrs, .... 320000 Co inn Wool, - - - GSOOCO Uuty, - - 300 000. 01ns9, C1U0OO Totil Ion to ihe Hevenue, Jt,'3 3)9 000 I'nocccDtsc or Pabi mment The fSjietili from I riritu. In IhM im-icns. i-xh llrli... of irmln nmt nun. Ihe I hriMitiiodtraceU n nru ty ol Inpu-t. titT it I nitMi'Jiliirini: the intt, .In- Spwi-li rnivcis tn ilm rtn n. vises nl tin-l.iiijcmr nl Kussn nu I .hi. inn nf tlio Hrt-iK-li, .mu liiiii: Iiglilly in. iI.b Inle .In ciissioa with ihe l-'reiuh Govt rnuie..., nnd ixpress in-? n cotiviciion lint the mniiitennnce of ll.e ''nod under&inndm which these th-c issions miylu hnvu lilipiii.eil Is essenlill lo Ihe besl iuleretsof Imlh conn tries. The usuil p.irn;r.iph reluinj In the Hsiimiies eoninius an lutpornut aunotiniciuenl in reftreure lo .he ,ivy, nml eoini out ihe necessity of nn increase In ihe nivil estimates for ihe purpose ef cleanup n siinm tl'i-t, lo project our evieniieii comuierre unit O'irc.nsls. The iitiprovemeni unnifesiet in llie nf f urs of lielnnd is ineiuiontil w-iili snt.sCnciinn, nn l to ihe decrease of potiiical nyintioii nnd excitement is ntuibiited llie silutnrv npplicinon ol t.rivn.e cnpi' ml to ihe and nlher nsrful nnhliu enlerprisis wine', nowiwcupynlli iilion in Ihntrni.niry. A brief nllusion is unde to ll.o CliniiMhle Itcq esis.Act, nn l the report i t tne Linil i;oiumisioii. An imporiani mi heniion of l ie nn irv of Ministers in remrd lo Ire. innd is contained in thepnini-raph which rccomimnds I he nronrieiv nrininrovin ' an I extending ine nnpor lunuie- for ..cade. nical cducati n nn nllusion io Sir H. Pi el's pledge thnt be will establish new cnlleffts in v.irmu nntti ul Irclanu lor rieei.ucaiion nl tiouinn 1'iitl.i'lii-s, nnd propose n large incrrnso of ihesrnnt to Mivnnoih. The -peeeh then nunoiinees nnother pan of die Ministerial nnliev whirl, ishkelv lo excite .n.ieh interest in Si.ntl.ind. ns il shows that ihe sisiein nf b.inkinii wbn-h hn- 6o Innii prevailed in ihnt pan nf Ihe emmre win tie lirnuuht miner revision tin session Tile speech in-c's nlleiniou to the income Tax, nud su-jiie ts in cnutl'.ns terms ll.o expediency of eontinil lie' Us operation fur u funlu r period, in order in pro vtilendequntely for the public sert.ii p. nnd ni the -nine on nlher uses It couchtd -s by coiphnticnllv ex line if ii l a t i.i.iM n. .ue ...enu- n. e.iti uie.' iriiiii ii".. pressmz n hope thai the-e imporlani tun. Iers miy he conside.ed in snel. a manner ns lo -trencihen ihe f"rhnira nf ime.isl eonlelaiUU)d pond , ill between n e isss. nud luinrcoe t'.e co.iil.t.ou urine people. The Ad lrees nf lioih House in reply wervuutcJ wide in much ihsrussion. Iicuml-Ai the inorttnc oflhe Ili-penl Associi.ion on tho I7ih lilt the rent wns announced to he 732, which in.ludrd a hind nine reiniiianep irom vtn-li inionn nnd n soil lareer nne fimn lliliio.nre. 'Iho liriiecrtleejs (si.,essetl lil its- interest hevnnd tho f lei of Mr mint. neii -1111112 mm me new einn. .or ine Catholic t'ullee nf Mnnooih would he 2G 000 and ihai he wouid take nil he could pel Tor that establish tlient, 1bnck.M. Gii znt In iii'.mnhed in the ( him her ef Depit.irs, nn ihe nto nf mpplv for ll.o mcic. Service, bv n" of'Jt. 'Ihisnisjirily isdreuuil snii.r.eiorv. ns il iniv i ml.le Inn. rub on" iliirinu ihe renininder of llie session, Uuniur mlds ihnt die ('lumbers will h-ilsovisl in tlieniiiumii lorthepiir posenf ir.iuy ihe Muu-ler'b popilnrity with thetlec tornl hodv nf 1'rnnCC. Is-DIA asp China Hy exprtWrnm Mnrs.iHe, we Inve reriiveil despnirlKS Irnm I'.rt.i nnil, i.y liie first nfllie Bctic fr bi-innnlilv cninuiuniciiioii left Madrnnon ll.e I3ih, l'c)lon on llie I3ili,nd Aden nn the '.'Sill nil, Th ini hv .hi mad is nf iinro inipoilance nnd I.,, mm u i e.h ef. (Jnliu'in nfiltie tun n Jnnniry inieirsi ihsn iheoveilnnd mill hnshrniiL-lilforinnnihs pii. The Punji'ih i aoiin in epinniotinn. A levn lulion I rn1 enul i nnd Heeie Sinh. the Itajsh, nnd Jelli I'undit, baelieen killisl. 'the I'liuhsh Govern hail, il wns hdieveil, no flea nf in It ferine in tins instnncr. ihonsli the lime nut' noibefarutl wheii it will be ohlined I" do so. . A rri.dulion had Inkrn plare nenin rpaul. The mi iti had iiromised lo nhdicnle i fntnr of Ins sou, When the lime came, he re'usedi on which the son, sssined livsninorlinfj.riispoe.)m Tlienew rsjih is only 17 yenis old. r.nd nu it!l. The (iivrrnni. nt would he (s.iupellul lo int(rrere. The war, hnnrirr, wns expected lo be one ofdiploiiacy rather limn of arms. , , I here hasbrrn rnlhrrasenoiislisiinhnncenl Hone Knnuin const quenreoln reirisiririon det ne issued by . ...t t.,1 I.,, ikj, I iiMih-iiii Uovernmeiit. which wss rtsiite) by Ihe furopesns, who, ,n sn ddre- to ihe eouncil.-tyhd it -mKi-u. Ions, atbitmrv, mico.isiituiio.ini nnl despotic." A 1'iod deal of Idekerioii was the between Gov ernment and tin- (iimpi-ans, ns 1 tin former ref scd to answer the nddress. The report that the F.oiperot ha I ahilicui'il in lavor of a near rvialion is totally vvithoi.t cuiifiMn nion, 'I he report nloofliiexpeeitd deith i iqinlly so II 1 denied that Colonel Oolrnm va suiieisi'ded, bill slated lint ho teshjiicl tolunin. rile. Mrscr.LlAMCoes Item It i rumnied that the ftilcen and I'rinee Albeit will, diirnnr Ihe summer, pit n visit with great sla'c lo Louis Philippe at the Tiuteries. We learn that Itestineforl. in Swedn, that the maBnificenl obervlaorv, lately erected in thai lown, has been de-troved by fire. This disasirnus i vent is attributed to malevolence. I.ord llrniiuha.n i preparing n life nf Vnllnire. fie is wriiinir it both in nnehh and l-Vench i and ll.e wo.k is lobe brnit!hl not in ll.e two linguae's siniiil-taneoo-tvin U.ndon and P-.ri. The Ktiropi-an 'l'ime savs that "few ihincs have ffhen more sahf iction in ciuninercial cirt les than llie intellienre wleeh eanie lo hand by the last i.aeket, thai lb" Slate i f P, nnlvania has paid the interest of ils ib'bl f ir the cum ut ti months. Il is ileymi Iv to lc wished f r the ere St nf America in Europe, tha'i th" paymi'tils for thn time lo come mav lie punrliial. There i one reiirel to mar llie saiiifac.ion pour Sid ney Smi I. is dead. Pilv llnl be wn mil nrrmiiicd to see ll.e res oration nf Amerie in credit nnd charac ter, w hie', iti thought, b was nm n liitlo ins-rumen, lal in brmeinn nhutitt The remittances on the divi dends have already come to hand. (i.juHuuxtonv, FKIDAV JlOrtSIJJO, MARCH23, 1315 BURLINGTON AND CANADA. SlMenipnts Inive been m.iile nnd induslrl- J "sly ritciiliied iojjriuifj-rr-tind nlong tho line nfllie proposed lliiil-rnud fiom tonrurd, N. II. lo Connrrticot Rivnr nnd up the I'nssiunpsir, ibroogb Derby, to Cull- Ihnt tho countiv from Boilinplou lo Cnn.idii lino is unf.ivnr,.hle for 11 Il.iil-rond. Il bus oven heen nsseiled llini sin b n ro.n!, helneen those to points, is n holly i.uprnc- lii'nblo ! Wo Ii.ivh thus fur been silent upon ibis suhjecl, heCHiiso ho supposed tbiil siii'Ii n reprcsenlniinn, I'.uii. lis p.tlpnhlf nbsiirdi ty, uonld itself. Rut since ibis innsl uiilouniled nssi.niplion bus heroine n part of tho capital stock of other unites nnd is used ns ii stoiKiing iiruuient npn.nst the roulo in question, o feel culled upon lo bestow upon tin passing notice. To nil who Inive ever tnivelled ..lone the lino of the proposed rond. mil espoci.illy to those u ho nru wills the peneral feiittires nf the country lhtoii!;li which it p.isses, nn roiilr.idiciion of n slnlt:- ment so i2r..liiilous nnd untrue, is necess.uv (Jul lint prenler potlion of the community iro peison.illy iL'niirnnt tipnn llie subject nnil ire consequently li .lili: in be deceived nm; imposed upon by lliu positive nnd reiteniled assertions of those ubo urn hull, iinscrupii In us nnd interested lo benefit their awn routes bv ilucrvins nnd inisii'iiresonlin" nil iers. The nre.ilest ..mount of Ir.ivel fiom ibis pl.ico to i in die summer and by the sleumhoals to Si. Johns, thus alTord ine bin little oppniinnily for lomiin! an ac nirale jinlnmeiil oflhe eharaeier of the ro. ni tty alone the east shore of L .Ue Cll implaiu. riiere is, however, evi n lo lraellers In the boils, all ll.e testiuionv in 1'iviir oflhe ii.ule uhicb the eye can derive from llie appear ance of the eon. in v as seen fioni llie Lake. from that direction the eve, in slreichinj; aliin tho uholo line, would look in vain for the ftiru.H ih!o obstacles which tho optics ofiTo contend ag itnsl this conclusion is lo war j;eoiieiiieii nave seen Willi surli niarvellous disiinc Iross fiom ihe banks of the Pemi"e- w.ise and the Aiulrnsroggin, the Cuuiierli cut and the P.issiiinpsie. The ceullesl nn, diilatioiis in the snif ice nl the valley of L ike Champ, lin, in their disinried vision, o'erlop their uioiiulains, and we are indebted tn llieui for lliu discoveiy ibal the ancient and easv roulo hy land IVuni this place to Canada, ex ists no longer. Tho valley of our Lake, uiirlli of Riiilinglon, has alteiualely suollen iulo mouiitains and opened into iuipass il.le chasms, while the diidiitr ridues heiwi en llie waters of the Si. Francis and llie Con necticut, and oflhe latter rier and the A 1 1 -driiscouuiu, have sunk into plains! They have also discovered thai along our great water-course tho headlands jiil in and the bays jut out in such a matinrr ns In quadru ple the distaure by thu lake shore to Si. Johns, besides presenting obstacles in lite way ofa rail-rnad, wholly iiisurmounfible ! Now all ibis 111 ly hu very iiiuonious, hut tho theory unfortunately assumes that tho road, if built, must necpasirily piss on the imme diate shore of lliu Lake, following all its sin- iiusities, doubling its points and headlands and running round its hays ! And upon this ur somo oilier cqu ilh ornundlcss assuiitpliun, the enemies of tin; liiirlinlui. rout.; to Mon treal have pronounced aulhorilalively lhat no road can ever be made ! But surely, it can not he necessary to inform tho public thai 110 nuu ever supposed thu contemplated road was lo follow the water line of the L ike. Like nlher roads, it will seek tho best route, s.-lecling its cum so so far from tlm lake on the ouo side, and fiom iho ittoru elevated land nn tho other, as lo avoid tlio obstacles peculiar to each, and adopt a course as near ly direct as the nature of thu country will admit. In great seriousness, iho roulo, so far from being deemed iinnraclicablo hy ihosi: besl acquainted witlt il, has always been consid ered as affording extraordinary fariliiies for such a lino of cuiiimiinicaiioii with Montreal. There has been an abundance of general asiertion on this subject by tho friends of oilier 1 miles from Bos'on lo Montreal, but a leniarkiihlo want of specifi'athm. And while, in sumo quarters, people 1.10 wholly incredulous as' to the practicahiliiy of our road, they (live full and implicit fiiih to llie opinions of the enuineer of tlio Portland route, who travelled in deep snows in the month of Oclober, and guessed nt grades and cxrutuliuns and embankments, suggesting, however, that it tcoultl be proper to use in struments in the final survey I Wo shall ri-suniH this subject hereafter. In iho meantime, ' arn happy in being able tn say that measures will probably be sborlU laken lo procure 11 scientific survey oflhe roolo in question, which u ill settle the point, and prove for Iho llinui indib time that the valley of 11 "real w aler-courso is lower and leveller than tho biohlands of a iiinimii , , 1 ,1... wiliBr, nf ... ,:,. !"v'-' "Plween 11111 waters Ol great rivers. GOOD MOVE. Wo tiro liapp) lo observe (hnl tlio La pniirio nnd Si. Johns Rail Road Company lias itpplled In the Provincial pHiliament for an extension of lis charier front Si. Johns lo llu; Province line, at or near Missisqtine Bay h distance of abonl 20 miles willi a view lo connect with lliu conlcmplatfd road to this place; nut! should the Hunter be planted of which there is little doubt ( have slrnnr; assurances that the. stork will hn promptly taken, and the work al oncn entered upon. This would lenvo but thirty-six miles the distance between BtirlhiTlun and ihe.Piov inre Line, at Missi.qimc Bay tn complete the ci.mniiiiiicntloii hy rail-road Irom Boston to Mni.tteal. This 3G miles traverses, in ! very nearly a direct line, n level reeion of the Clinniplain vallev, nppnsinrj as few seri ous difficulties, and Hflording us many facili tes, as any other riuitn of equal length in icw Enrjlatid. A suivey nf this roulo is shortly to be made, and will verify our as sertion. Lookinc nl the subiect in ibis as- pect limn, it stands llms : Fifty miles of this lino is already constructed, from Boston lo, and of ils ultimate and speedy extension to Burlington, no r"f,'C.ling man douhis; at the northern r-tlremiiy, ,;V(1 a mil road nlieady operHltnn from Mon real In JnlllUi ils immediate extension to the line ; and iheu wo bavn bin 30 miles between Biuli.iulnn and the Line, lo bo overcome hy the joint efforts of all concerned. This route, too, be , . il observed, traxcrses nn wilderness countiv, of perpelu il snow and frost, but the best pnr- lions ol Massachusetts, New Ilamiisbirt ermont and Canada, every mile of winch svonsul al tli.n Woiie. I he ground of these is licit in thai productive industry and until- ' r,j''c,i"n.s ".' 'b not learn. It is said lhat ,..l j i i . i the nuiiiiiiiilioii of Mr. Hairis ns Collector at ral resource which alone can suslan sur b on-1 n ,:i i i , , ""7 lul '" , , , . , 10 mu in... , Prnvideucu has been witbdiawn bv the terprises. Il would lap Lake Champl.-in al p.esident, and Mf. T. F. Carpenter numina- its centre npen In Boston tho rich trade of ted in his place. the iron ri-eion opposite lo ns, and ultimately I It is said S. S. Soulhworlh of Nnv York the upper Lakes, hv the Ogilensburnh mail ' "ppoinlud Consul to Japan. We should rich northern county r Frank- . '''"'I j".'!'!'"""'.'! ' prohahlo that a Consul I- ,r, , . , would ho appointed to go to the Mnou, as lo l.n, l.-pass n very popular walertng place jupan-a country which American vessel al llighgate Spiings and again hits the is permitted lo approach, and frnin wliicb L ike at ils nutlet, St. Johns, a place of very 1 foreion conuuerco is rienrously excluded considerable and growing importance, n Tlio restoration of Lieut. Scliiiiulierc to Briiish military sialion, and llie point where ' 'J"" "rnl s l-t-I-i r unr.onsiii.uional by I,.. nt, ....1.1., r- .1 .in. 1 the senate, lie had been absent front the llie Oana ennnee s I he Si. Law- 0 , . ' 1 setvtcu seven years, The benato were to retire u LakeChamplaio. Irom Si. Johns 'adjourn yesterday. to MontreaK is through 0110 of lliu oldest and j Vice President Dallas, says thn correspon richest distiicts of Canada. These, and mil- dent of lite Nuw Ynrk Coninterrial, has de ny oilier considerations, suggest themselves 1 rided lhat Senators are entitled lo mileage in favor of this route, Ceneralv, while both ' f"r lllis l'Xlr'' s,'ssi"" allhiiu"!. not nne of ends nf the ro nl arc already constructed, and in practical operation, and only 36 miles, nud tint over a peifecily feasil li mine, remains lo be charged propeily to ibe account ofa connection I etween Boslon and Mi.tiln-al. Let the Portland and Passiinip mc roads lm ill bo i iiiistnaled, and t oo can not prevent the iilliin ,te opening of Ibis chain ol cominunicalio.i ; fri mrr(. tf. ference of season, I hn depth of snow, and dilVicnllies in Keeping open a in winter the season when il is most demanded is conclusive in fivor nf the wesl side of iho mountain, and entering Cr.nada at St. Johns. agnusi tuo eveiiasunj ntness nl llu gs. Il.ULllOADS A.ND At'lUCL'Ll UR11 It wis stited at a hto laeeilnsof ihe New York Knrnier'a Club tint 1 lie avernje cost of iransporti lion on cimls, ...chidiui! tolls lo Ihe Mute, ur im or jioriretl coiiipinies, is about two cenis prr ton per mile, r,nd on rai'roid about the -ame. Thit is 32 per ton f. r 100 miles, or 10 cents pi r HO lbs. per 100 nubs. Tor lieiuliiiif .1 jjillon nf iunlisi from No Ma to Windsor, we now pay some 12 t ents; Willi a rail. md, .he cos', ni the nbme rue, would-be only nb.ut 1 cent a eillon, securiiL' lo iho consumer nt le.s. n sivnir i-f 10 cents on every aillouof molise O 1 100 lb, nf sill wep-.y by wase-in Sit hy riilrmd the cost would be 10 eents i sivinj; ul 90 cents per 100 lbs 10 the consumer. In the Irniispoil.iiion nf unci. I. oral product m mnikit. il i isuunted lint tlisiiimr, hv ihe New Ytitk emls nml rai'rnids, amounted last year to $3 250 000 -IV. Ciro ni.. le. There can he no question as to the bene ficial effecls nf railmuds upon agiicullure generally. They practically place the coun try farmer upon a par with the cultivator in tlio neighlinrbood of thu city ; and ihn evi dence of litis fad is In ho observed in the fact that never so many farms were offered for s do in iho immediate vicinity of Boston, as since Iho construction of the roads con verging to lhat city, while tho lands oflhe in terior, upon the several routes, have propor tionally appreciated in value. With a rail road conimuuicalion to Boslon, every article of produce would have a known uniform cash nine, nud instead of lying six or eight months on hand, and being blown upon nnd refused, even in exchange for tape and buck ram, would be suught for, at prices barely below 1I.0 city market. A fat ox, for' in stance, instead of boinir sold at a piice to al low thn drovier two bundled pounds fur shrinkage, may ho ptil on b.nrd the car and set down at Brighton while tho farmer's corn is yet tindi osted in his maw. And then agiin, bow sliikingly the pre dictions of croakets have been falsified hi re gard lo liu. si's. Rail-rsids, it was stud, would cut up staging and teaming, and destroy the markel for horses. Tho result shows ibal morn staging and teaming is emplnu-d in convey log passengeis and fniglil to and fiiini l!ie rail-road, than was before required upon thu w hole thoroughfare itself ; nnd as to horses, thu demand fur ll.em has steadily in creased with iho progress of roads and tbeii attendant improvements, until, at tins mo ment, they aro more eagerly snuglil for, and command heller prices, than at any forinei period within our recollection. BOOKS OPEN. The books for thu Wmcliendon nnd Krone mad a link of thu southern loulc were opened al the latter plare last week, and we learn from a private teller lhat seventy -five thousand dollars was siibsriibcd the fiisl day, and lhat principalis by the fanners, mechan ics, and smaller capitalists of lint enterpris ing tiiwn. The larger subscriptions, it is conlnleiiily tieiieveil, will lolly rmrcspond to, ibis palmitic hegining.aiiil not a doubt is ex- pressed lha, the whole sum will be ohlained, so as lo commence operations this spring, Is it nut limo to niQVo definitely 11 1 this end of, ...line. Our carter, I, wHI 1, r. collected, commences tit Burlinctnn, nnd it it belli the first movement should be made. It strikes us that tho books should at once bo opened, and tlio public called upon to signi fy their interest in thn mailer by their sub sciiptiuns. Will iho gentlemen named in llie charter consider tins subject ? PORTLAND ROUTE. The reader's intention is directed to an article from lliu Bu.slon Cornier, reviewing somo of tho iiroiiineiils in favor ofa road fi nm Portland to Montreal. The idea is loo absurd for serious comment, and the editor 1,18 sl"'(,y ri'titlerud it ridiculous enough by " ""'ru r'f-,")neo lo 'the faels relied upon by 115 friends. Thu idea of surveying a roulo u.v S"css ibroucb n wilderness country where the snow was sumo two feet deep in Oclober upon this survey basing all the necessary estimates, even lo " ten ennts per rod for fencing " and then coolly suggesting that it may bo expedient to verify " by the use of Inslrunietils," thn grades thus established, before laying down rails I is altogether fresh and original.. They arc an enterprising peo ple "down East," nud John Bull is acqui- ling an appetite for gammon. fX?"Thu rail-und committee are remind ol tliuir appointment, al Prouly's, on Munday oveninc, FROM WASHINGTON. Tin: RnvATr.. The Senate on Wednos day rejected ihe nnniinalion of Col. Pieniiss, ns Maishal nfllm Niirlbeitt Disllirl of New York, by a decisive vole J and also they rejected the nominaliun of Mr. Sl.uler. as 11.1s ten 1110 iri.i-ioris 111 iv asiiinjTiun. The travelling fs all constructive, and thus, ttlli.ini M.ii.'liiit .1111 ti runt or 11.1., t,w, I',.,.,. niMir m.iri's. tut ri. 11:11111 c ,tiu .i.ien niir'.i.i nn an averaee. amoiiiitiiio. in ihn .-nMtret lo Mime iSjo.UUU nr blU.giJU. 1 no annate was in executive session near ly four hours. A large number of unniiiri lions, chiefly of revenue officets, wete ron Tho names have nut readied 115. Before llie adjournment tho Senaie lemoved the injiinciion of secrecy fiom ll.e following proceedings, wbiih we ropy fimn the Na lional Iiilelligenrir. The ii'jeclion nf tho icsobtlioti here referred lo, shows that some of llie reports which have been in circulation of thu of the delmics m executive ses sion, were unfounded. In- ExixL-Tivi: Session, March 10, 1S45. Mr. Berrien submitted the following reso 1 11 1 , for consideialion ; I'ttolctd, That in exei iiiing 1 ho oulhnrity confirred by ihe J'lin llisoliiiion of Congress eniiilcd "A Juint K"Po titinn for ihe Annexation nf Te.xns to the United States, " ihe Pre i.lenl ol the Un.tisl Sine will best cjnf .rm 1.1 (he pnnis.ons of ihe 'onstiiiition hy re sorting 10 the iren.y iiinkin'j power, fur the puipose of aeci'inplishing llu; elj.cis nf thai 1 (-solution. Maiicii 1 1, 1S45. Mr. McDi.flio moved to lay ibe above resolution on the tab ', a bid. passed ill the allii malive. Yeas, 23 Nays 20. It was expected that ihe Senate would ad journ on Thursday. Several of the mem bers left on Thursday morning. Washington, ,1irrh 16th Is 13. Funeral nf Hun, Isaac C. Hales. The Senate Chamber tn-ihy, presented a mournful Fpec,t.ich. He who but a few evening! since held the Senate listening to his eloquent voice, pleading against what lie conceited tn he a vinlat nm id 11. e Con stitution, was now no more. Hi body was en closed in a colfiu covered with black velvet, placed 1:1 tho innl He aisle of lhat Sei ate chant her wlnrh hp had so long adorned withh.shv. in;! presence. His eoul had returned to God win. gave it, Tliore eat the President of the United SlatrF, with all the members of .is, and his private Secretary. There was the venerable sage of 2 imcy, lull of ycirs and grey in ihe service ol his country. There was Webster, the colleague ef the deceased, durV features rendered stdld irker by the cloud of sorrow which settled upon thein. There na General Scott wilh his start'in lull Uniterm. Thcro were the Senate and its Pree-dcnl ; couumitee of ar rangements anil the pall be.iicrs, drcs-ed in weeds of mourning ; there wero .Vr. I'.icken and the i.ihor rVoign Ministers, in plain I'epubhcan Style, mci to pay the Wt tnl.tne nf re-pect 10 thu remain of one vvlmtn they had known jod hived as a friend. There loo was llie young pon of the dersased weeping for a loss which waH only s.'Io'c.l by iho consciousness lhat he had departed for a belter world. The galleries were filled with ladies and gen. tlenieu who had rnuin to partake in iho solemn exercises. The thg of the Senaie floatid at ball mist i1ho;8glh.lTVll,l;, i.l.ik's' As I have already nieiilioiied.'ilie remains of Ihe deceased had been bronchi into the Senalp They had been brought from Ins former ledoings' at Mr. WhiUvoUV, under charge of iliBSer. oflhe Senaie, the Cmmmliee of arrangement, Iho pall hearers and mourners Thermntniileoof arrangcuieiils Mpssrs Evan .Mangiim, Woodbury, Harrow, and Casn' and Ihe pall bcarerr, Messrs. linger, Wtrnd' bridge, Benton, Uerrien, and Sturgeon, wero dretsed in vv liilo scan's. Daniel Webster and John Qumcy Adams wore black scarfs, as chief Hummers. At 12 o'clock, the chaplain cf the Senate. Mr. 1 uslon, commenced the esrrrises in Ihe Senate t hauiber, by reading an appropriate portion of bcnpluro. I his was fidimvcd by a short but eloquiint and toui huig prayer. Mr Tus-ou ,cn delivered a shott funeral sermon, from the fullowin" text b;cel",'anJ ,heUa8uf tel?" r roui ihese words hn preached a very rl'o. quent M'ruinn, descriptive of (,e happ,,, f Heaven. I hcreshould be no national darkness nn intellectual darkness no darkness of ten.p. tatii.ll lin darkness of sorrow ami .li.n i.!.. tneni. Upon these pointy he dwelt wn). much eloquence. He closed lis discourse with a tri- I 10 ",B vlrllles or deceased. Though, J lAST & h illowrd urn. Ho had died without leaving ' ,"2' el!,m "n 0,ml' "' P1'11" n ,hnr" PM his J'V VrX'tl

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