Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 28, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 28, 1845 Page 3
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without leaving tlio shadow of a slain on his Chriflian nrinor. Aficr n feeling allusion tt t lie other Sonnlnrs whn had died during the last few years, ho rlu. ted with I ho Benediction. Tlin Funeral Procession then formed in the following order: Tlio Clergy in attendance. Physicians who attended 1:10 deceased. Committee of Arrangements. Pull llcnrers. The Family and friends of the deceased. The Senjlor from tlio smte ol Massachusetts, as principal mourner. The Sergeant-at-Arms nf tho Smato of the United Stales. The Senate nftho United Stales, ptecctlcd ly tho Vice President or tho Uniltd Stalls and ' ilirir crrct try. The Members ofthe Intc House of Representative, tho Clctk of the House of Rtprtscntnmcn, and officers ol linlli llmi'M of Congress. The President of tin-United Mates. Tho Heads of Dip.irlmcnts. F.ireiim Almifir-re. Judges of tlio United Slates. Officers of the F.vccu'ne Frpirtmcnts. Officers of the Armv nnd Nnvv. Tho Mayors of the cttiis uf Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria. Citizen and Strangers. In this order dm Procession moved In the Rail nad Depot, where the body was deliver, cd to li is friend' and rfil.itiws, to tie taken In his homo in Northampton, Massachusetts. Tho coffin was deposited in a car provided fur it, and win leave nun tho rrmibir train tins attcrnnnti at 5 1.2 o'clock. Oorr. N. Y. Trl STATJLAM-TEitJlO.NT, A FR 0 C L A M A l 1 0 N UV TIIR GOVERNOR. Penitence, humiliation and prayer arc at once the duty and the privilege nf ei'iby, dependent man. Wmle the Almighty knoiu'th the ptoud afar nir. standi i lowirds tliim in the n'titude of inflexible justice, he delijhteth to dtve'l with tho hitinble and the, contrite, and promises to thn pour in spirit I he richest and purest of nil colleen able blessings. And with repentance and humiliation he ceiinicts, n's... blessings to communities even 1 lie Itirtitns nwa from them of desorved wrath nnd thitaltiied jiidit ments. "At what time I shall cnneeinin a nitinn nnd cunicrninir a kiticdnoi, lo plmk up and pull down nnd destroy it if that tnti-in miauist whom I have pronounced, urn frrini their eul, I will repent of the cut th it 1 Ihoiichl in do unto tliciii." By such mn'ivcs are we, ns individuals, nnd ns a community, invi'ed and encnuraped to humble ours Ives In fore God, nnd seek bis favor and his blessing thro' Chun our lleih-ciner. I do, therefore, in accordance wild iho billowed custom derived from o ir purilin f.ilht rs, ind impel led by n sense ol'oiir need of ihe Divine torpivene? ami bb'ssinir, hereby appoint FRIDAY, t lie F.LI'V ENTH DAY OK APltll. NKXT, to be observed by the people of this Sinto ns n day rf Fnstingr. Hu nnliaiinn.and Prajer. And I do earneslly recommend to them a suspension, on that dav, of nil lihor and recreation inconsistent with ajitst seiife of the ncccs Bitv, and the purpose uf iis observance. Let us, on that day, r.s indiwdmb, in o;irplacc3 of retirement, ni funilies around ourdomrsticMiais, nnd as n community, in tlio places consecrated to public devotion, make'confession uf s:n, implore foipivcness, and promise amendment. Let it lis made mi occv eion of ilioroneli individual self o.ninin,it,iin. nnj a thoiiL'htfiil cnnsijcrnlun of the pnbli. sins, limit nfour own'coinninntty, "ml ofthc mini n winch il furirs n pirt lahi'iB m' s'anrlatd of judjinicni tlio Word of tlio livinT God, in its pinin, direct and enmprehen. give tenc'iinus. And ltd u. ask God to search us, nnd to search tins nation ; to .how us our individual sins and tile nation its transgressions j and to lead us nnd tho in'm to true repentance the rcpuitaco vvh.cli con ista in an ncltni turning from evil, uniloui of vvroni'. nnu doing that vvlucli is ri'lit in the fight ol the Lord. Let it nfflicl us vvlicn we survey the drsolatl-ms of Zion j when wo see haw foiv coma i.p to her solemn fe.itsi when we ( mc dcr how I n rlc she p"scsi s the the sell-deiiyinr spun of lur Mncti r nnd Lord ; and j when we hi hold, c very where, ihe love of plcisure and thebi't id khii altsortrim so mm h of the cnercic demanded for Ihe hiyh and holv pmu se nf minister ing t' human mini, nnd mili 'aiintr liuinin ,vo. And with our ennfe. sionsrifs.o Id there be minided the charities of t ho eopcl draw in on' o ir h-aris in compassion for the lynurtnt and deiraded. svmpailn for the oppressed, nnd t-IInrts for the hulicst uootl ! all. And let 03 conp.dcr tnnt oer oblations w. It be vain, and cvn n mtJiitu le of sner.fijPB to nop irpoec, Uote3 we put aw-.iy the evil nf our doings, oeacc to d 3 cvd mid barn to do will, Let tlio fist be ruch as God intli clios n io loose the ban ! of wic! f-doesa unlo the heavy burdens nnd break every yokej to deal our liteid to the hungry, hrma t'lio our linuses tin poor lhal niecaet opt, and hide not ourselves from ourovvn tl Ji,s)thv o'ir hphi may I reak forth ns tha morn our bcalih cprir.g f.uiii peedilv. our riehteous ttcss !;nbefjrc lb, and ths gicry of the Lord become, our reward. And tvo-tUy, 1 ia prLju'di.-.t, ttvroush tliu iitflucnco of til,- Divino ypiiit, cf.u.uv nny t.e civen to truth puro nd und. filed ret.uon tic revived men. every where, heteclnimcj fiom sin nnd the world bebrntizhl bull to iis iilleciance ta llravrn, nnd elevated to the disnity ana Wcs-cuucss ofccnimunwn with its Crea tor nnd Loid. Givi n under my band r.t Jliddb-btiry, this fifteenth dav ol March, in the ear of our Lord one tlioii sind ctidit hundred and forty-five, and of the In dependence of the United Si tics ihe sixtvninlh. WILLIAM SL.VDU l!j the Governor, Geo. II. Heamvs, Pjc'y. ITmiAifv "no ticks. Tttr. Asr.nicAN Rf.vicvv : Whig Journal cf Politics, Iiiternture, Art and ' cience, Mircli Tho isuo uf tin- Number war- ih'laved (n wo learn by it unto apologetic of the Ididor) in order tint the article tipmi the "Nxviulb Cmi. fjress " might b" Ci'inplete. A it I-", it a fair statement "( the do'iii' and atlempt In do, of lint ilofuucl we are nlr.iid it willneverbs for. gotten body, and will be very us-cful fur future reference. Tlio other pipers, are " Winter," a pocin by A. I!. Sirot, " Mr. 1'iiicrsun and I'ran fcendnntalisiii," "A Trisi iijiit," a nnem, ' Old Northern Liloraltttc," bv lion. (J. I'. " Single Kjieerli I'oel-," " Ain-ricaii O-iiitlndn. pv," " Our Country," ".My (i r.-t day with Ihe Kumers," " Iinitr.iiniH from (inutile," "The Hindoos" "Tluer' Confttl.i o and tntiirc " "Our Mailt, Home System," ' Critical Noti ces," and Foruisn Miscollauy." Thuro is lire as well a if plitlionpliy in the critique upon Ilui ors'in, and it has the merit rare for anything upon that fuggy subject of boiiijr tinderi-tand-able. Tho proem article by our townsman Air. Man-h ii introductory to n serins upon " Northern Literature," aluio.-t a terra incognita lo the majority of AinoriiMit scholars; but wu doubt not that its claims to a i-hare of their at. tentioit will no'v he pre-enled in buch n tn tinier that they may not he rented. This it-, mi tho whole an excellent number ; bcttrr, wo think, than ci'hornl' ns predecessors. nm.NBur.ou Ufvikw, Jan. 1815 An uiitisu. ally intorestini; number. We tuitico p trticii larly, the arlich's nn "Lord llro'joh mi's I'ollll ral'l'hlhwiipliy," " cicioollfic Aiiuculliire," and " Lord IJ'd hi ami the Chance uf the II ir." Lonpon Qu,r.TF.tav IIeview, J.m. 1815. Tho papers mi " Ward'n lilu.i of a Christian Ciitircli," will l4 road with interest, liy Mich iis lirtvn watched the bile movement in tho Church, as an exposition ' Ibu views of tlmto wlui nro it with the hurrhTis iris. It is an unh and iluJminTtL-lr6r; evidently .vrillen by ohm who has lliouohl deeply, and feels Miicerelv upon tlio subject. We have not looked any further. lUnnisoToN, Agent. The late Mr. I1ati.s. Wu liavnlho plea euro ot being able lo give to-day a more full re port ofthc sptintaneniis and honorable lestimo. ny bornoon Mondiy by the Hon. Mr. linger to tho character of tlio lamented Mr. II Ten, than was contained in the brief and hurried no' ice id his remarks which we inserted yesterday. A'. tirmnl Inttll. Mr HugerMiid that bo roso rather to indicate his concurrence with atllhnl had been so iloquenily said by Ihe Senator from Misaclui-ii!j nf Iho virtues of their departed bro her, than loofftr to bis shade a new tritiutc ot rcpeci. i t,iv,. had. sir. (joid Mr. HA Inn hiile social inter course with Mr, Hales. Ho w as principally known In inssn meuihei ol iinsiiouyi inn not nivini! pnrnci. ,n il... more neiiHiini' hnsine s of the Si naie. I liavo bein nflmni-d luno and opporinnuv In ubx-rve i il.a f-onitiicl nndcliaraclr oflh se who 1...1 I...... ,oor nciivtlv imnloynl. No oin-in ihii ii. . i.. i.... .1,1 hm niirnt'icd more of my atn ntioii and respect limn tho lami-nicd subject of inv remarks. As chairman nf mi of llie most nnporianl cnnnnit lee, nl this Chamber, he nlwiys fxliihiied indii. ry. fide'itv. and a' iliiy. Such was the ronfidence he had " i....nm I.-l,ij wish ndherence lo nrin. eivlt thai 1 do not recollect one amendment to Ins re ports winch Hid not appear to me to deface, them. Vlnuaehusrlls. s.r. niny send us a mrciswr lo this most cicellsnl man, but il will be linppy for her, and ., i .. rA, ,1.;. i.. Au iri.A Imll nrnve to nosses- ; In fnial dearre with Mr. Hates, the Senatorial l...n, inipitiirpnce. nnd lirbnollv. With the family ol the deceased I am entirely unao n,,i ivitl, ihein I most sincttrlv svnipa rtu-e for I can well nndetstand how dcolste must be ,. i.... f.irlnin ihtir feebnes. on this 3 clan. choly occasion. Cuih a man can never din without producinir vuid in bis domtstic circle which can no more be filled. To caib I would offer with unnirertrd sincerity Ibis consolation that be must b'-liippv in Heaven, who, when nn cnrth, had loved bis God, served bis country, and vvnaat pure and charity with alt mankind ID" A rorrcfpntidcut informs us that a trnoical scene was enacted at the houso uf Mr. Ezra l'ikc al Isle Li Moll, (Like Champlaln, nipo site Chary Landing,') about 11 o'clock un the night of the 15th install!. Il appears that a travelling vagrant (a enrt of pedlar) obtained prrinisinti tn remain a fow days nt the house of Mr. I'.kc, who is a wealthy and very rcpeclnblo man and lint on the eve ning afnrcaid, in Iho absence nf Mr. Pike, Iho fellow, after having boon mino limo in bed. arose, came into tin- room where Mrs. I'ikn and a young woman (Miss Prudence Springer) woio sitting, having a club in his hands and a Spnni-h knife concealed, lie immediately attacked Miss Springer, throw her down, and stabbed her in the abdomen it ml arm. Mrs. Pike How tn her assistance, when the miscreant lurueil upon her nnd stabbed her ilangorouly in the left side, in tho nbdoincu, and several oilier places. A lid, tho son of Mr. Pike, bearing the noise, rulipd in, and with tin nssisUuco nf the wiuin'eil wo men, ho was disarmed and confine'!. He i? now in the jail al North Hero, Verjnmit, Until the bidiesjyjifvi'nugeriiusly wounded; hut vv-oleariindvpinrdiy, that some were J-'W.'rTained nf their recoverv. The miscreant is f iid tn have been "insane." Of course. 1'laUsbttrgh Republican. MtHAciii'si:rrs U. S. Sknathh. The Hon. John Davis has lieen nominali'il liv ti Wltiy Legislative rnuctis, ns cniuliilnlo fur U. S. Seniitnr, in place ot tho lion. C. Il.ttej, ilece.eil.-" Hun. I'n.'il. Hobinsnti is (lie L:co Foco c.iudidutc. Koricu. The New Baptist Mooting. Hnusp in this vil lage will ho publicly Di'dtcitcd on 'I'liursdjy, April 3d. Kxercisos In I oinuieucu at 11) n'cl'li, A. M. Sermon by tlio P.itnr. In the after noon nf the -antn day, the Pastor will bo Instal led, and ii Deacon Or,l lined. Burlington. Man b 23 u (tH 3 At Undcih.ll, on Sued-y inoriiine lasi, Mnnb 23 Wiiiia.m Lonts, sou of Hon John H. Tower, n"cd ij yeirs. This bereavement ha? removed not merely n be loved son, but a ynnnz rain whn-o amiable characur had endeared him to a larae circle iiffncuds. Itltlr.I! I ON Jl.v KUKT, .Umday, Mirth 17. At Market 400 llcef Cattle, 30 yoke- Oven, 31 Cows and Calves, 1:00 Sheep, and about 1300 Swine. Paicns llcef CntilcV.'e Time KxitnSO.OOi fisrt quality 5.75 j second quality, Sj 00 t .",25. Worktns Osen-Snlea brisl Sales at S73. SI, D5, 110, 120, and one r.t SI 32. Cows nnd Calves S ile-i noticed nt S2?, 21, 27, 29, 30, 33, and one cow ni 813 50 Sheep -n!cs were noticed at 82 73, 3 23, 1 33, and one lot 7 00 per head. Swim Sales I rede. A' w bob-sale, ! Jo lor Sows. in-1 oju for barrows At retnl 5 nnd G to CJ. Now Yor.i:.-Man li 21, 2J P. M. There is a fair demand for Southern I'lnur, Kichmond County and liiltimore (Sty, at 81 DO up to 81 C2 for Georgetown, ami $4 73 for ISraudy wi.-.e. A cirgo nf Southern Corn rnld lo a d.stillcr at JCc, weight. Uye 70c, delivered. Cits 30 a 31c. Alca:;v. March 2i. The col I weitbsr has tmpr- v cd the roadsso'i.c. and produce heyin'tnnrrivo a litl'i' more freuly. live is in demand nt CD a 71c per CO lbs. Oils2-ia20'. Corn-ISi 50-'. naslern orders for flour nre fiiird at I 73 n Tl. TO ALL WIIOVJ IT MAY CO.NTr.llX. JV, ihe S'ib- r lit-i, intci'd carcyini nn ibi- Cirpynitr- jint loinei', I u-ine-s .he cns'iin .ca-on, and rcs;i-tl tly rubeit, nod In.pewc miv miTii nnu rceivo a sumo n the pn' he patronaae- in ir mis ni u i iiiu-- in ii, ia iuw u. r.nqnne at their dw. Iloi-u on White and North Street-. CHAR LI'S V PITILS, JAMP.S I). ADAMS, n.irh'nj'on, March 2G, IS13 -13 0w 184&. MERC HANTS' LINE. For the Traiis-mi liilion of Properly between LAKE Oil AM PLAIN, TROY, AIjUA.XY. m:w-york A.X1) uu.sro.x. 1 'in. pn priclnrs 01 tin line l.av n? ini-ri'a.eil tlie r l.nilltics, I y 1 lie addition if evvinl lir-l r.l e bnat-, nreprepaied to cue 'e-ieitcb 10 all croncriv uili-ndel in pa litvvet'ii tliH place. ,il nve li.uned, vviih whn h il.ey nny le cnir ii-lc. I, and hnpe ly prnllipt aitclllinil lotbe lU'eie.-l- nl'lheir emplover-ln receive a cninin i.ince nf pit lie paiinnitre. 'Their I nai- nre in 1 e nm-nl bv Menm nn the II d on Hive and on I.n'el bimpliin when neee. arv. anlenm p e e a perfect Line in New Vnr! . ns a -n. in Tmv anilAI .iny. li s of "cod. nre la-i'l li..'i'ili.-r and nn! iili,ec'e-. iu uipiry hy iran-ln mient-. I'mnerlv to nr frmn K-. 11 t'orw.inlil, vi 1. UVs crn Itail liua't nr ves el a- lie-ire I. Coiiirno- f,,r Ireit'ht can Le made 11 Hie l'iciuietbr- nr llieli iistiits. I'roprictois. l'nlleit ,f. Ilradlev, Hitrlinelon VI. Nn hnl., Iliirlmiit Clnre.iiliii, St. Allans Yl. A, .M. Claike, Saanlan Vt. Agents. I.. A. John. nn, 9 ( ,c nie- Sbp, ,Vo York. C. I.. Wnie, IB l.onv Ulnrf, Uo-lon. O. I'. Illniul. 11)1 liner Slice. 'IVoi,. II I., 10 1 IVr, Albany. 43 Minv .iiika.(;i:im:t. BURLINGTON & BUFFALO LINE. ii : Tin-: pi.:mu) imckit-hoat R. F. He ART, Cjit. J. ,CKLKY, Jr., HAS Iren fri.dop in the I it po.'iMo manner, .parinir nei'hir rani or exoen e. fur Ihe n-irnose of tranportiii2 Frciuhl and l'.i seiiyer. n and from nn 'nin ami in'erinoiiaid place. rerson.einirr.iiini; West wi-hin? n,r i-omlon nnd ci iivenienec.will lind n on board i f the 11, I'. Heart. The Capinin Halters Imn-elf, with ihe eiew be l.n inoi-iireil. who are tea lv, ailentive and o'-liciny, thai he can rievnii. lae'ion to an who inav Mvor luni Willi Hieir pa'ron aie. Tin- I'ai-ke: i lameand i-oiiiiiini'iiiu-, 'iilic en tifnceommul.ile eeni-livo or eighty (lersons On I hf o,.i'n in? i f nnvbaiion .he u ill leave ns f.,oivi llnilington, April 23 I, lliirliii"ton, A nr. C Ii, " .Mavllih, " " 27ih, " June 1th, " Sent. 17ih, " V5'h, " O.-t. 7'h, " JulylGih, " "2ah. A CUNTS. Mmr Follelt A: llrnUev, Iluriincton. Vt. " Nii lml , II & t hiitcnden, St. Atbant. N. Wrlit', House's Point. 1.. .115 rr., ) Com I.. Cbamleibn, I Plallsburih. Me- Colvin iV Tivmb'e. Port Kent. nil. linn W OR I, I T.ti,.l,i, Jnlni IC r'lnn l, Whitehall. Mes-rs. Joy if. W, lister, llufnlo. Iliirlinuloii, V. Jl.uch 15, 1315. -i3-r just i:cs:ived AND FOll SALE. 1 OO Ql"uno "b"k Vs ,!ar Uo"l ' Jimrnol., Day !0i ( , iel2er nnd Iloolj fot Itword., ol Ihe let' paper and well iiaJe. l)uli(.n Lniin Header, do do Giee', and Hiiili-h Grammar, Mmsc'f Geography, ec. Ac. ebea'i fnr ca h by STK VEt S WOODS, H'lrlinylnn, Miri-h J7ih. Strong's Buildings. CASH PAID FOR RYE! CASH pud for nny rpianli vol Uye tfiiveielnl my store. GI'.O. PLTKHSON. Ibirhnmoii, Mnr-li 21, ISt5. -13.1 E. R. HARD, ATTORNEY AND COU.XSi:LL(.R AT LAW. JFIXICHO, T.RMO.ST. Anril I, 1815. 43 HAS j ist opened one Hhd. ol superior iidalily I'ortotico Syrun said 'o I ethe I ct ever I routrlit into tlieeinntrv.' Ajo on hand n few hundred lb-, of Mnnlo Snear (or sale Inw. Also Hrowh Karlhcn Mil'.-Piin, rinwcr Pot-, Cal.e I'an- ie. Wukware II iildui.'-, Corner and Ch tn b St. " ' -13 ,s p n i xa a u u Tim l a r v : JEW YORK fi, BOSTON SHOE STORE. WOt'l, I) M.f- nn tlit'rt'iiut it el II itiMginn nnd vii'iimy, 'h.i In li.i ini Hi iivnl In- SPKIM i-TOCK Oi-' HOOTS AND StlOKS of ewry descrip ion, whirh lie Im- 1 ought rhiMp ami he is ilfierminetl to c thenprr Aivl a ) vtirr arlnh' nnv rjilier per-nti lln; Mile of New Vorli. Ili Ifirsu Sur'U t''nit in pnrt t-f the fulluwinj;, winch he will e'l low fr m1i Treiifh ('nil Hunt (icniV. f"e I rj.iirr-, with hrc'sj CitMi-. (irnl tei, du do. Ui hV"' H i 1 in ( ' IllH.Mtj " Sliiiit'r ('Inl Iry.i'- SIidi'3, of all descriptions ; (ienl's. Puiiipi, j Mr. M. wn-il"! improve the present npimrpinitj to rt'ltirn hi aiUnowlcili'inpnts it) In friends who hi herto I crowed ujion hnn n liberal p it, innl snlii'it n eiinliii'r.nee of tha -nine, wlneh he willei dtivr to merit, hy slnel appli'Mtton to luisine, nnd in having nil e iMom wor' done at hi slion nn It in ihe'e-t itmmer, nnd of the ' et tocU, nt tho lowest ( n- h pn t-. rimsc c a. I aivl examine my toek I cfute pnr ha inn tl ewhne. C'hiireh tJiieef, U irlm?tOM, March '21, 181 j. 12 SPRING FASHIONS I 845. cii.vm,r a. stiVMoint, HAS ri'civiil lr"in New Ynr'. I hi -prms pat'ern lor l.tis, an 1 1- ii' w rcadc tn f rni-h '-'cutletum vvilb Inl- of -iijii'riur ipi ilnv, an I nt a -tlce-q tal in nnv in.nii'it.ii-iiir (! in i lie cme-. Merchant- in ibis vicinuv who pttrcba-e' ho' I y the ca-c, ate o jh ctally reiii"-ieil to call nnd cxnniin'c In- toc!., on I it -a'l--lii-l (Inl ibry e'in p irclin i a- w-idl near linme a nbr-iid, be 'linpc thev will, upon the pn p'e nf proltclwn, prefer the home innrU't, -am ihe rxpen-e-nf trn portiilion, tt ltd envetheea h wberi-il ri-zlii f'dlv belong-. And he neuic ilirnnt heihai ii" mnn in tl c I ni I'd Sl.i c- - ball o'l hat- nt qtnluy, inr en n. ni n u- - p.ii'e. I'jiiu lliirlin'.-inn, 1'iarl Sin-el, March 221, ISIS. Kino (itild Kciids. IJTM, I finer i m'i'y 1 1 Ci ,'J than nnj e.i-lcrn ma ! lleii'l- imii I e n' tune I nl IIUIX-SMAID riROTHKHS. A fine lot iii' lim'ieil, Mardi l54"). !! Bonis Slincs ;tnd libbers P all sortH and dcfcctipii'vnp, fnr Fn'i- vprv low by v.' oi.lilUtl. I'l.ll.Il&l'A Iturlinstnti, Pib. ISib 1845. 33 I nn JI. pood I'me and Sprin e Shnisle'a, nr -11 le IUU by (il.O. I'KTI.RSON. March 1, 1815. dO I2dmtiii(l ! Men lam's INtntc. Voall persons tniicfrntd in Ihe Utute o"l"'lMUD i). MKUIUAM. hie rf South Utro, in te district of Grand hie, deviated, I'fcnr.TKn. Ui nr.nnA, ni a Pr' haioor, holdeti n' the Pn I .Vt. ,,!.,.,. .,, fir.m ! I If, Ml I .'i Tl II he llih .'ji, of M irch , l, Wli, He lor Umn .lni'n -Tr i 'I he e a e f I dm m i I'. M-r -iih. '.M "f m'Ii II-r, mi aid ''-'i-i , ' .!- i, filr ) 4 pe Hum in wri'i ir, i'titcj furih ''it ihe ie e' t'f '' the-ii I V'i.i cd 'i' .I'vr.o-ed tv 'h"-iM)ol SCOt) , w'i ch leu e M'e un. mm ni' i red liv n m r nnv . 1 lnr . ''hic't rtMrii-ni.l i-ti 't to n ft J me, A. I , 3li f ihe mhu l$j')731. .hi I the if r . nnl eiaic i( - mil de'eaP'! ua aptum-rd a ihe f'ir ilicf PUtn ri of whi'di there h ' eeti n isrued t v Ri I cmirt in ihe wiih.w of - .n-l tcv 1 ed ihe -um ot SI 50. Thai the.e ha- I ecu al'tiwe I imle" l n-jiinst Mod e-la'e, I y ihe itr"i-gn.m'r n'ipoiire I for Hi it pnr,!n-e, ihe inn tf SC1I.71. e 1 i-tve ol .u I imri iraae, an 1 ihe -m mI SI.'lJO ") fu-nr of a.d e-ta'e, ihat ihu -urn of 5 .3.(J0 T anl SGI I 71, o allow cl hy aid Ctenm'-iuner. aca.n I -ai I elate, uere for ne ce aiy t'mcral pxikii c nnl ex pen e fi r ihe lal i of r iij I decea-P'I and that the co-t and e pen e- of nhii'nittrmg Mpon nid eia"L n i t-i the pre ent time amount u ihe (nriher -in.) of S."l 0G Sa tl Admini-traior therefore pray- -aoj 'o-irl lo prant hnn Iiccio' lo t I the u In-le'ot .he real clnte f sail! decease I Mil iecl to the risht oi the widow1 dower iheieni Cur ihe p-irpo.e of paying ald niort iracvand 'hedtht- ncantst ald e-tate, Ii i thereforcordered I y -aid ( up thai all per3nn. eonceriicd m ni I etH'e le'tel tti njtpear nl a e-Mon of faul Court, tn le ho'den alihe Prcha'c ofli'-ein aid Irainl !-Ie, on the hr I '.'ay of May, A. O., IS15, to how can o (it any ihey 1'nVe) why aid licence o-iirhl not toheirriniu! fur which p irpo e it i Intther or Vrcl thai ihe f-uUtftn-e itf caiil petition tnctherwith Hik or'erof aid Court, le pullo-heil thru ueelv,- np4enK ns otn a may he, in the 'Frt e P',, a p oer pid l'lui in H-trlincton, in the Cn 1 1 y of Chit en 'en, ihe last ol which It if I I e I e fore 'lie cs inn of -aid Court la t mentioned and w Inch fha I 1 e t'eeincd Millieient tH'iico lo all per on eoneerne lo show'caioe why mid Inx-u-e ho.dd not I e 'jniu'ed. (in tn un Vr m lian1', at .aM Grand IIe, ht ll'h day of March, A.' D., 1815. 42v3 JAIH-Z HDD, Judre, DESEIITION. T7"Hr.HK;S my wile, Huzi, ,a.le crtel mvbel Y nml loarl, witlioni p st i-a..i-e, tin 110 col li Ibe mil lie .T.'.l ii -t harlorniir or irMins her on mv'. n I nin il'termintl to pay no debts of nerci'iuia iiii' ii ur un o.ue. liFOHGF. G. GILL. Willi-ton, Mnri'h 19, ISI3. d2.v3 r.lUha smlllcj's I3latc. Wi: Till': .sni.SCItllll IIS Imv in: livn appoint. ' 1 1 villi" lion. I he PrnbaleCo irl for I he di' net of Ciiiien len, eninmt inner 10 iceene, exainnu! and adpi-l 1 tie rlami-. 11 -'d demand- ol all per.on, amitn-i Ihe e-ta'e ol I I.KS'I tSulDI.KV, laieof Hiiiesb irsh in aid Di-tri''!, itLi-ea-erl, lepreseniiil in-olveni, and nl o all clHIinsaivlilemaiiiUi xlu' iied 111 libel thereto; 1111 1 s inontli Ironi lie dav of the il.ue hereof, le 'lis allowed bv ni,l Coin fnr that pnrpo e, weilo 'herefniv bereliv llile linliee, lh.ll we will llilend to be 1 11-ine-- f n ir imp inimeiii, al the the dwell'iia il George V. Smiileyin llineslmrih. in ,nd Di-. i-i, on the Ian Friday i.fjnne 1111 1 July ncxl.ui 0 ,,'elocl,, A. M., oiii'.n-bofMiidi!.ivs. baled this -2'h 1l.1v ol Fel inrv, A. D. 1615. .10-iH'll JIMI-II, ' 1 FIIA.NCJ- WlM.xO.V.i Comnii-.ioner.. LYMAN DOIiWIN, ) -Uwl IIiinmI Cianiliiil' l-inlale I'KTITIO.S TO SI! 1. 1. LAND. TAT1. OF VKItHO.NT, I AT a I'tolia'e Conn Di Irn l ot Chlllelldeii, J held Ml liulbnvl 'ii wi Inn and liir sn Idi-iriel . f Clicten len, on ihe 19 h dav of Sl.iridi, 1815, eoine- Ori iSlinle-, a limni-lrator nflhee-iii e ol lln-.el I raimner, lae of Charlooe, in aid ibiriel, decensi'il, in'e'lnte, an I tiles in mid eonri In,, pen ion, in vvriim?, se'lins lorih lhal il e per.onal e-in'e of the. aid deiva-ed, nsappriiisi-'l an I mvi-n'o-neil, amonnl lo 6509,48; that the il, bt- allowed I y the cooinii-ionerN asainsi said es'ate aniimnt to S701,83; that Iho per.onal e-taieof ihe .niddeci a-ed . iii-nirn'ieni fur ihe iayment of the ,'el l allowed ngainst .nide.tnie and I he expenses of inn, and lhal it will be nece-sary to ell real e-in'e of the .aiddeeei.ed fnr thai pnrpo.e; that iho.niddcie.-i eJ diinl eui''l 'l tin" following dm ribel pant-l ufhnd (unions othvr) runted in .nidCli.irloite, viz 1 twrniv one ni-re-ol land, or ibereal o-it ,lo iii'eje.i-t, nnrtb an I so nil bv Ian I-owned bv 1'eier Van Ybei, an t we t by the liisbwnv le.liliiij Ironi the V,. hndi-t Ch in b in Feir'.l iircli (ea-' roa ) lo .S'.nimel ll.irne,' lore, 111 l liarlotiei nlllmu.'h ii may ni 1 1 e ne. ,.-.nrv to sell ihe whole of ,nid inn-el of land lor the ptyiiK'nl ol tb'ld td te fiom .aid e.tatp. nnd the ex pense- I I un'"", li, " I'un ni .urn putivi 111 l.i ml eaniioi be sold wnhoit iniurv 10 ihoseinlere.ied in the rennin-Vr, nn I that 11 wonld lo lenelicial '0 lime li e uh'olo i f aid p.ip-el 1 1 land told, and pray Ilia Miidroiirt 10 grant hnn lucn e tu .ell the whole of u nl land. Wheri-ii"n, tho Coint nfor"aid dolh appoint the reciind Wedneslay In Apri1, 1815, for hearins and ileenlinu on aid pvtinoii. al ilieufllrrnf iho Hept-ier of. nil court, in .nil lliirlinamn, at ID i.Mih-I. 111 the forenoon, and dolh order lhal all per.on iniere-iert therein I enoliiie.1 thereof I y put liea'ion rd tins order coiiiaiiiina the .ii'. an it sailpeiitmn three wieki. meie.siielv in Ibe H 'rlinjti ii Fri-e I'ro--, a new pa per prin etl in .aid llurlnutou, the In-i (ol whn h pn' liiMUon- 10 be jirevions tuafl sinnnid Wilne.Iay of Ann), 1815. Given under my band Mil IH1I1 dav of Mar.-li, A, n, 81S. '- WM. WES'tON, ftglter, For DISSOLUTION. cuin"r lop bem'iof.'ie eXL-tinfr Ictvvoen 'IMli: I I be iil..,-ri' pr- itlli'Rr l ie firm i.r Itnllf.v Ar Murray, ia Ihijitoydi-solved by eot il. A. V. IIOI.LF.V, , 1.1.1 .MimilAV. Tho mboriler will cno'imnj l,'.. n the O'd Stan I mi l settle the n biir- oflneliilr .',rm. A. V. IIOI.I.I-.Y. " D Eli AYS ARE DNGEIlOUS." Mil. A. C. HAND A 1,1,, PORTRAIT I'AI.NTKIt, would respalliill Inform the cilien-ol H irlinstnn and vicinity, that be ha tuleen Hooni- in the l'mnlelin llnn-i', vvberu be will remain but u few day- only j an t thn-o wi-hinr to nljinio a Bond iiLcnc , vvnuld do well lo avail themselves nf the p-e-ent nppnrinnriy. ype'Cimen-ol hi-l'ninlinirs can I o'ln-pee'ed at bi Ilonm- in ihe 1' lluue, which havo leen eve cued while in town. HnrliiiFion, Mnrc.i 20 b, 1345. 42 Willow Wiiffiiiiss, CIU IRS, Cradles, f!n-t'nrt. fir.. Inr snb- I v UK1NSMAID U imoriiHUs. March, I!?I5. II Cuius. A NliWnnd le-iu'ifnl ns-rrimrnt nf Silver nnd f Ivory be.iiled Cane-, nlpo, Crunk- nnd other tine. the I e-t a n.'tii'Uit and at Inwcr price-Ihan ever. lllllNSMAID .f- II11UI III IIS. March, ISlj. !l SptTllKtlOS. Tr.l!tSCOPIC. Concave, nnd Convex .Snecin'Ic. -L a laryo n..ornuiiil ni-1 opened, ben-cilul (iiii-bed one-. UttlASVIAIIJ eV IIKU till .March. 1613. 11 heSioval. 1 11 AS I.Y.MAX infoitn hi") frientU nnd cu i itnntr',tliat h" lm remove I to theSiitent the enrurr of ColVye mid Ch ncn S reels formerly e-t-iipntl I.y J. Wait n-iOroi.lary Smre. The (JlocL Unnvtt a lliv U KTwtc luirin-r-. ll:iinn tho. ro-ihfy repane.1 the Store nnd Mtel the h i K room lur tirocerte", o lets for a!e an extrnive nsornnviil of ramify Oro'rrie of 8ip5rior t) nli'v, eVciel oarliculni'ly firittailmjr. Conitinc ol Ol.l lljton, Voun-j Ujoii, Hyon Sin nnd Hindi 1Va. .lava, Inri'iira, liio. ntidSl Dc nunffo Co U: lVpper, Spice, fi i nner, Jin nauion,CI(e, Nnonr, Viol-es iJuiille retn.ed Loal'Stignr, Kat IJoton y lira r. Ilroun S iar. White Ilavnnna Cr i?hod do. fta' er No 1 Clu'cohve and Shells. .S.ilera'ii-, Itn-e, M.irr S ap ol all i inlnie. I ni icy It- fcainl Atinond CileSiiap. Caudles &.c. A'l I'lwlnch nn- o cred al ihe nrit nil iced nri'-e-fnrcash or ere hi, Farmers arc inl'rmet that ns he now h.i-ruuni lltrtonna their prd ice, Imo-t nny aril lenffiMin, lieai", Pean1, Rimer, Cheee, Maple Sugar iio will 1 1 tecevrd fi r (unds IIUV COIIDS. Many article of his cx'cn-ivc ioi-fc ol Dry (tood heo(cinl eot lor Cnh. Tin- will a lord n'Tine op porimniv llme wi-hhu to purchase lo upj. y themseUea nl iivliieeil pri e. TO IU2NT. 'Illin niininimr Store n I'm Wii-lsvvare Blocl, l'usse-riun uiven ml c I If iminedia'elv. "Gerinni Store." liiirhiislou, 221 fe' V- 1315. 39 51' Tons Ilnv ikK the best 0'ialiiv. fm inlc nt c") 03 ner Ton. dr -J livcrcd nny win re in the villus at the nhnvc prii C!. I'KTlili-O.V. lluilinfflnn, IVb. IC b 1313. 33 .AY- ... tWnr;i2 ( ,n,o llieiiu in-ure t.i iiie Jiin., tn t. a while or lishl (Jrav M u.U U,. ,1 nn,( .iitin,,.,,,) in flWrVWuw .(,,t (1P ,. .,-. lti ownt r 1 rtr v-u J t pr u provcri- pav chnru'L-. and tn' elrr a.vav. IHXI l U PLACK. Slid linn, Jan. Ij'h. I3I.". 37 Farm for Sale. &f&f& TOR aV, a f?rm m Chir'o'te nn'ntu dtSf'3Ci '"il aLoit one Inn-hod an I twenty ncre , a out one n mi 'ml a'res o ivvli eoereili vn rood ihnflv crowihof iitne. hemlo U and hard wood. On ihe premise area eon emenl 'twf'Iiiit' ho-S'' one nnl n ha'f ftor hi-rh heiiH -' 1 v 'lury t'ct. n y o 1 1 arn thinv 1 v Tiny Ice' eiirl i'( 1m 1 wood hed wi h n ir'nid well ot p t vo ti u re h iid of .' ii it ty etr. 'Ihe idiove hrm in j. 1 1 t !i ir ot'e -in I n1 on1 twn i r n - , ,'i rti tiiV'ii; tl i-p, tl. itt. h . n r '. NUYI I.U 11 iSlielhurn.Mtrehli, IS 13. For S,il Clioap. rj1IU'. -n' rr her wiihi2 lo'eTvetown, 1 tfiere-fur -ale the two Ho ies an 1 lot u i,h an ei client well of w.ver. pica autly lMla,cl on CherreSt. next ioi east of Win. We --to n i's p For term- en cure of ihe oitl- n'eron the premcs. JXMF.S MRriX, N. U. lloi-e to Id. -illf NOTICE WIlFlinx0, Pally, nit- wife, ba led myle.l nnd I'.inril nnd ref i-es loretnni and live with me; 1 tlirrtfnre fur id all persons li.irl'orini: or irn.limr her on my ai-eo-inl, n I will pay noi'el tb of hereon trueitng tlu dale. AIIUA'A HAJCKA. North Hero, Mar-h lib, 1SI3. -11' Cluimi.-Jlry uf PlnnJs. A TKnATHi: on the Foreei wliii h produce the rY Organization of Plant, wild an Appendix, cnniaiuinir even! Memoir- nn Cup llarv Ailraelinn, F.!iMri'it , and the Chemieal eimn 1 flight, I y John W. Draper, M. D. 3i.7J TIIF Flower Garden, il-t'nl iiation, Arrangement, and general Mnnnyeinent, with 111 isir.ilions. TIIE new American Gaulncr by Feemlen, TIIF. Flon-t'- G iid", eoniaiiiins diree tions for the Cubjiaiinn of Annual, Uienaol, and I'eiennijl t'hxcering Plants. 'I UF. Comp'eto Florist nnd Mnnuil of Gardenini con'niniii'j prii' In ir-ieiicia fnr the Management ofGreen Hoii-e I'laiil-jSlirnblery, &e, iVc. TIIF. Kitchen Girdcner'- In-lriicior, contninini n C.i'aloir'ie of t!nr len and Herb Seeds, with nraetieal direi-iion- lor their C'dlivilimi II For .ale " v A. r.IJW AHDS. IlliiiiiiiniK'fl Kiuifspcnrc. No'a. 41 Bt ii. THIS leanifd ednimi of ihe wriiini- ofShal.e .pe.ire edi eil ly G iban C. Verplaiud, I.I.D., an'l In eoniapi nrarlv limrteen nnnrfre.1 ill'i-irniinn-, e israied by II, W. Ilewet, will hereallerb pibli-i ed in double mini' er-. at iwcniv-fnei enl- each. The lark n'iniber- may now lo oh'ai ed, rnd all .liould ta' e ihe lirs' opp"Vi'inty of eoiniileluu; their set-, n Ihe earlier impre ions of the engravings are bv far uiouesi. 41 xw it i:dv-. NUMnr.n xx. of tiif. 1LLUMINA TED lilllLE, 'PIIKiiresi'Ml idill..n I. pi l(H(.vvleil"M v OHHPt'teiil I j'ld ( ii) I ecrt'iilv Miitcrinr lo nnv oilier of ilie Sacrfl Vonl oer p i'ii hod, uhc'lwr iliewnmy I he jm per the e'evnmt! t( I lie lypnzraphyt ir tht pn f i-M-ii an niaffiiifi'-ciipciil the ill is roiM'ii" nre con ide-tHt. Tin n itt'M.t't ilmii'' evtTVlhid I hat money c.iu cninmand and s'f m necoi'lihh n rei.lT h iierreci in cfry reaped, and In coniplc e it, ilpo8 IMc, wi'h.n 'he pit-scut yeiir. i. XXI. will leiu'' ii'i'tti nei wtv uy , raJiirtui'o No. 1, iVikHiiMinff. 41 SMALL EY & PHELPS, ttonunn (c (Con btllovn .n 1Lao AMI I). A. ouinllcy. Ivdn'jid J. -liclp llnihiiitloii, .March 1st, 1SI5. 40w4 PRINCE'S Xiinnacn Dotauic Garden and Nuriory I'lusihig, nftir eXitc York. PECK &SI"EAK rTVIN(! bcenine AGKM'S for this Kslohb'sli L I iiient. will Heel nn I forward orders fur Fruit and Oriiaini'iital Trets and l'lnnlst (taialogues and 1'nces ol wlncli may be seen at llirir eniiuirr, Ill'SLlNQTON Vt. Tin) IMollicr's Mcdir.iiu'. A It F.I.I KF and Cure Inr Itcnnmil, Irresnlnr or Panil il Meni'r lalioii, i-oinplaiiua olien ui-urr. in nmomr the younger port on of fciiute. in cold and wet iliniaie.. Ilowfreij lenily diiweheiroflhepaleeo'inienance, w-anl n' apietiie. In ofvivi'i'y, an I not unfrequtn thj of'ln mil ? vet ihe tr'te mean- of iiruio'ihiinz Ilie e nei; ec e t ! Fir.t eiadiciie the ra ic, then the cure wt'1 fcnrelv follnvv. The inedii nf i- in bottle, ai each. - For aV'yPRUK A SPFAR. Meichanu od Phjuciiii. .uplieJ th whole tl t.rmt. M i:w ii km nv foil UHOXCIIITIS I10.AUSHXKS, , (D&Ma nail JCmjslaiien, run iiuonviiial comiUt. rplIM Preoaratiou i in en lo I tn nllav n't irrtir.tioii I ol he Larynx Trachea, or tlrtmch el Tu'f Il will lo fivinil e'j'illy ervi'-t'ahlc In eae ariMntr from chroni inllimation, nn 1 thoe '-nii-ed ly the tranicnl v 'ivt of eold. It- pr pertie are och a-, to imparl a footling nnd tnollifyina pen-atioii lolhe e lent nf mtl'icnxa, or oi nnn-nal exe lion in public penleinir, and tuber use- ofthe vncaj orcan-. inemornnoun iiriace, when exeiie-i. whether uy 'lie O" UHreyiiien, rnl,n- unit I'rivnle Sni!er, an'l her twin 1 .'briny from lToe-tf n. f tli.'Tlimnt, lliiar-cne s. Cnl nl Innaer or sh r'er d iration, or other nope tinii nl-nft be voice, will linlthiii innit iinpntliint di-cnvery. It i. rutin ly fiev fmni nllilel etriti'M Inrri'dientp'j nn I ban I ecu prepared under the be-t inedicnl -nncrvi inn. Price 125 e'cut. tier linx. Sold at V. llAillllxCTON'-i llnoli-tore, Hot tins, ton, Vl. -tl Letter from Itcv. Mr. Lawrence ofllnvcrlitll lin-ioN, N ivendier it, 1811. To the Prcprlttorioftlte Uronihlal Cnmf.t. OiATir.MKVi llnvinir -nlered vviih llrr.nclnal If 111 -nliy fnr Hie l.i-t three nr fo ir year-, nnd bavinir in.idc n V nftbe ma'ciiul-, I vn ir lircnnrntiiui vvnli ilii'i 'ed lieni-tb, nlilin-ijb in a less perfect cnmhinntinn 1 than I lind yo tra In 'e, I ivin hippy tn (five it nnv 1 cnnhnl npprnval. I hive tried v.irio-i rciniilint mean-, Inl vei h lillle or no tronl e lee', llelievo) lhal clcri'al ircntleini'n, c pecmlly, wlui Inveleen . w i c' 3 . ; , preparntton. r roiu miiihv with s t"h s i icrer ! rnm -eiii'ii'liv vvilhsi'di s 1 lerer-, I I iznt: it my cordial reroiwiiem!ntion to ihem. KDWAHD A. I.AWItRNCK From a tlUtlnguUlird Unitarian Preacher of ltosf mu From .ome ne of 'he Hrttictiinl (omfit( nnd from a Know! dire of I ho m pi re and properlie of omeol the tntreilien'-" that i n'er into il e tnpo-f'ion, I am una' led to ay, ns t o"i ay very cheerfillj, that I have the u'lno.t confidence in t arlaptne fo relieve pnhhc .peaKera, an 1 to al'ay irrtaiiou af'cr exen'iM of5pa'in' f over. If preat her wo-il I eutp'ity il ffenerally af rretertirni of the vOkc. iliey wotil.leti' T'elionaTly (in I ! the ineana o! much comlon and a sale? mn I ncalnt December. 19 1811. From llcv H, Itcmmlmclnii, (formcily a ;lis(clnii.) Dear Sir: From my km uledjre ofthe di 'erent nriic'e of which your 1 zenies nre eompoej, I am prepared lo say lhal ihey nre, tmi only entirely safe, h it very exrcheni for p ihlie speaker "lo ena'-!p them lo if ar I ns'im t an I onu'eract Uoar-eneis. Uy ihe too freq -en i exercie ihe oriran of 'he voice and hy those cn'nrrh il n'tad s pee di ir to thi c'i "a'e, the noula otnc creatly eloir.'aieil, n ii I, tli pinr down ii.ion tiie epislntit-, no i' lesomeimtation a tenle I I y co-isli often follow-. The par'j al-o which -urroind the noula, i!9 curtain nnd ihenlin 1, arc InV lutn he i.otne wea'.eneil a 1111 iclaxtil, theccineTieiiceif wliicli i- tho c Tenon ol loo Much nt ca "iti'j n ro'igh peps ofihe viticeand n dillic'il'yofpeak'nj an (lay itiicihe HiMndatioit frthroa' diei-e, t'ntiichi'i', &e. F-'rnll iliesed flU'dtic-the e loeues n trenlle arid cratef il tnu denl winch e!e.ui the o,re In con traeiins the m ieular fi' re, nn I o rehevinj ihfj pir s Iroiu tminiiont and I iherefore nn. clerrfully rec onunen 'li.1 them as a very ex -client oa'Vive. Vtur-, S. UKMINfiTO.Y. From IMuiii Forrest, the ccUbratcd Tra median. CrA'TtKMi n :! have icetl yonr'Hronclral ('omfit,' nnl rei'O'ioiieud it to pu' lie -pe 1 crs a-an etllenl rcme v for hoarent , or h ikiue of vmee. Your- re pw-fdly. HDWIN FOIUlKST. From J. (I, .Harder, Vocalist. fir.vTLCMr.x: in tlvance with o ir ren'iet t lint I hoiiM cici nie o-nninn eoncepiiin ihe reine fc 1 for Hoarciit', A-c., which I proe tu I of vo-i, I nm dclih'etl to -ny tlm il e cct i nil I eo il I de ire, I con i ler iho U'onclii it Com'ii nf ihe irrente-t value to nl perfing ufcrina from Hunr-enes, nr other oh-Mrii'-lnm- ctf the iliroi! ca i-e 1 hy exccie ii;e ofthe part, or fruin theeli-et of cul I. I nm your obedient fcrv.m'. .!.(;. M A I'DFI?. From 3Icssrs .Itiirdnch & Itusell, liloiu tlonlsts. To'tht Proprietors of the Jtroiuhiat Comtfil, Sm: In rtnwvr to voir en dry re.'nrlin? our opinion of o tr Brnhi.l Conilit, we wim'd say t lint vc hayeo'ircKe u-el 11 for -oine "tm, a nil that many nl our tndenl have done ih ntne, with preal a Ivan lajc. It eeni well a la-i'ed 10 it p irp't-e; nn I fl' we Ireii rent I v line occ tph'ii to anw er ma r e- re pee in 2 the le-t prep-u.ifon ol the kind, fr the use of public fcneihcr , we shall l-e happy to rejomuien't your Comfit a Mich. We are. Mir, onr Uenei tfillv, WILLI M UUS-ELL. .1. K. MFUDUnil. l?rom Messrs, Hiker & Wnotbitry, Profess or of Miilc. f!r.NTi.RMr.s : I hive u-el yo ir preparation and re'ouiMien 'e t it to other", not only a- an etf'Tt ve rpnic.y amin-t trritThHw of ihe throat ari-oit-j fiom ! J 'w, .,r ion coi in 'ed exer 1 hi f the vol e, hut 1'. . i- a i' in' fe ni I j. th tl-x 1 liny nf ihe 01 '.tn-( Ml' 1 i I i, V I'llf i' f i;vfh. O.i'm, i'" M 111 'Irs c I 1:1 e icjtle Br iiteli ii C 'in'il u- a itu.edv Un ll.-nuits- an' mean for al'a 1112 all irn'aoon of Vte.i nrirau-. I 'O'isiVril a'nnraMy a lapted for ihe e p 'rpMe-. Many of my 0 1111K have 'icd it nl-o wi'h the mot beneficial re-ult. I. . WOODUUUY. lur a'o hy V. IIAKltlX'JTON, -ole a-eut lor Vermont, -J'- npIlK STOItKopposito ilie P.' Hiitel, we-t nrl X ol Pearl Si., -s now tilling nouiili iIo.hN nud Grocerie if-c, where in.iv be fmiud .nine le ' O II'IIL'ITIV , f-.. rar-.'iu". 11 ii,..-ii.i u. Ilurlmmnn, Mare'i SO, 1S15. I.'tl TO RENT. TIIF. da terod Ho i-u on ('hainplaiu, two doors Smth. of Pearl st-eel, and near Mr. Uonver-c's new eo'tare. The pren'i-e. eiui-i t of n eonit .ralile hou.e, large barn, and good car len. Immebile ,10-i-e ion snen. Apply to JIr. Amo Panouorsi, liniliiislnii, M.ircn IS, IBlo. -1- Notice. BV a vine of the Inhabitant of 1 l.i - Town at their 1 t.i I .March Mee in:; held on the Hub. the Selectmen were 1 11 iriclel ni interpose an I prevei'l oil irm lion-1 ems plaieil m the slice's ot tin- Vill.ive, and n tne ei on lur 1,'Uiuinjr is a''inn 10 coiniuen-e, we here' y pive noin-e th 11 in f Pure all ll-i-e- Fen ces, Haibmrs nn I Po-i, improieilv pl.nvd without tilt line ofthe 5 ree' will he prom uly removed. S Til MOItSF., 'Seleetmen. Ilnrluir'on, 10 Ii March, 1915. 42w3 For 8 ale. fUIi; linlJIe pluv -o m1U-I, on North St., con- tninm; 1 J aere- of land, with a twn tory pla lered Inmse, Hani ftn l Sheil, is o creJ for a'e ni a n Inw prue auJ eas lerm. Apply to STItON(!S & Co. Jan. 31, Mt. 35 TO DKNTISTN. CONSTANT Mipiilic offiiockion'- late-t .lvlc Molar, hi "is ml and Inci-or Teeth. Ile. Gold anl Tin Foil., File , Foreep-, Lancet-, Tooth-Powder Boxes &e. Ac An Ueceiving ai PFCK A. SPF.Ml'S, 3G llomf Drugsi'ts. SM. POPli would rt'ivectlully infiiriti Ins friend, an I ihe public that he will -ell h' re miiniitir -inc. rif Dry Giod- uf reduced pri.e lor ea h, many of ibein nl prime cost. Ilenisr de'erm ned 10-eII oit In eoodi I efnre the ooeninz of nuTiation, tlio. wanting gool Good cheap '.vilj do well in cive bun a cull. llurlinslon, Feb. .'(), IS 15 39 INKS, Bl.ACKINC.S. &r. R.CK, lll -e, llt-l n I InJelil 'e Ink-, Ink- Pow i'er; W.iferiii Wae, Pn-te, arni h, nud Wa'er-pronf lllnrkni; -tove llii' Pnli-hin? Paste an I Pow-'er, for Silver nn I llriss, llath Uriel,, llont, Slme and Slmo Hri-lu'-. al PFPK .V SPr.R'3, 30 H'Aofeiale Drugeists. CARMINA SACRA, OIL the llnston Colltu'linn of Churcn Mu:c, Dnvil'. Harp; or llotnn Sal.laib School Suae Hook ; Tosci her wiih n cood a.-oriinenl of lloo' a and S'nl inner v, Itlank llonl.,, iic, lor .ale I v Ihe mb-i li ber. Hlnnk llnoli- ofanv vtriely of pattern, and ofthe I. t P.iner, made lo order, O'd HooU rebo'iiiil, I'a icrs, Paniph'et., and Peri odicals bound in a neat rtvlc, on flinrt nonce. SIF.VK.NS WOODS, Sironga' Uiiildinc. Uiiilinslon, Vt., Fe' .20. 1815. 33 WANTED. BV the ib-cribers in enchanpe for enrriase work bi iheii Shop on helurn S' a lew tlnm and fret offir.l ra'e n-ond erowtb Whre Oik and nmher, en-oiieil, miat'ie nr l.nrri.iae Makuiir, to irether with a ihu iMiid or two of epoke-. ALSO A lad 16 or 17 eji of ace, a. npprenti ti In ihe Pauninj t unue.s, one tnai nn Irms ci ml re'i u menda'ion-. SPAI'I.DINU & KUSSF.LL. Putlinton, Fen. 29th IMS, 33mi New York Adv'lsJNew York Adv'is. NEW H VKDWAliE. OENNIST UN& DISIMIOW .Xu.Gi Ptail Slrett,ntnr tlrnnd, A'eio York. i KB pn-pareil lii-ell their MHV IIAIIHW at verir luwnrtiv. Mni-ll nl'llieir I'OCKl.TCt' I - f.KUV ha-1 ei-n inipnrted ON CAIID''. Their Curilnl Cutlery b isalway- prove I atlfHCtllrv in ibrt-e vhn liavo '"ii'ibt it. Tliev have, nl-o n sreat variety of I'm Kh I i M' 1 1,1.11 Y irnm me man nnciory nt 1 . THUNKK if' Co.." SHr.KKIfll.l), KV nf extra qmli'V. 'I'liev hive a full s n.-l, of UK.M;U.I, and liliAVl IMItUVV,M(i;N, 0. Cut nnd W'r. uu lit IViil", Shove!-, S,inle-, mil llmN, Anvil., Vices Chnins an I Cor tarrc, Herman nnd Cn t 'tvl Mi I, nndt ro Cnuavv-, Sjthc, ol 'Mllool," "Hum." an I" Icard-Iey'' timp-, tV", 12 "L.Ml'S TO llb"lTNrC VS I' 1 1 IN E" HORN'S PATT..ST -01,111 IIOTTUJI (il.ASS I'Ot N fl..' IAMIM CnnjAene . r Chcm iciil Oil, have lecHnu univer nllv c't-b' 1 a I nnd muslit nlier. a- tho tnn-l peifi!. t " Jsanpi" ever Inventol. Tliey nii-ei the ajipr it a'inn nndprni-enl n I who ii-e ibein. Try all mlu .-, but do lint (ad to trv the 1 1 st, the cln-apo-i, and. nbov.i tnl, Ihe 1 jumps l--. .1'i.ey are the ,,,., -nnple ,,d ey, mm win nn- l'i e i c-r iiuin viin nio leisi ev- V to hnn- aire and trim, tannitt eor-nie or Ik ome heated while I'uruintf. ea-ily cleaned 'ni Ir an 1 o it, and nnl a .oct el bvndralt or orient ofa r. thai half a pnt per ho'ir wi'l cive vo 1 n -plcmlid licht " ! " 7Vy one." Miniifu l rt-d w h le-nle an I retail l v .1. O. Fay, No. HO FulP n S-reei, (Sun II itidmc,') Xcw York, vi: Stand Lamp, fur Parlor with or with. o'it l.ilrcj u-pen'hnj Lamp for Stor', Hottl and Ch irche?; nlo, Chandeliern,Side Hranehes, t!te. (c, in nnv tvle rltsircd, or made to order. N IL Liches. if you vih to prcervo your eye iaht tn a pool ol I aV,or wint a irnn? and I eauti I'd clit to tow or rea 1 by, d" not fail to prm-ure cim of (Vee I.nmpr. (U m ihe een're ofa larire pirh r will en idle you to read the fiiuM print in tlio no-t n-ntote corner. .Iitn3 VM. T. JENM.NOS & C., OIIAPIOIIS An) TAILORS. iMronTrrs r.r ci.o'i'ns, (wssiMEur.s vr.STi.vns, FANCY DRESS ARTICLES. &C. 231 I1RU1)WAV, AMCKICA.N UOIUI,. NEW YORK. TO ihnrr il.c City , CN'i'vv Vur!;, rc :i G.irmenl-, n ri'n-wi'J' .o'uMinin.n i- o 'crc I r I 1 " r , ihcm tn 1 nil nml i'.s,iiiiin-rmr S .1 (f fiew and i'ii nionaiiiu imiici. 1,1 Sprin,' nnd fj.imnicr, cm pri in? an n-nrinrai i ii-iirpn-cl in nrlmi'i nnd v.irii'iy, nml which ill In' nn.V u,i i, orier n a tylu .i;imil In tin lin i-o in the Trnilc, nl pru u wlm-h m it nfl'iT iirh in IncciTlfnii lo the Ca!i . ircliaer a-rami t Cnl m l e a'lpri'cia'fil. -I2in3 NO tick. AM. person-, in lebletl to the Firm oflli i-b. O.lell it Co., nniM rail an I .rule I y the 5 h i,' April new or ibeir ileinai.d. will be ft fl witu an AllnrilCV f'T nlleclli 11, lliirlm.- mi Ii I3'h, ISIS. 4I3 roil SALE. lji'.'lill lied Of n HIJMKl.5' "f O U SI'KING WHF Chifi n-ild f'1 f bv OF.O. KUGCrjIllK. II rlinjinn Kails, March 13, '15. 41 Gu itoves. y vrnv .imsr 0.- COOK siovia of varion S e. A I. SO, a fiiM rate Cii'ler lor ale in e.xelnnre fnr Wood or irrain. tii-onGi-: nn l u.-fN. Iluriincton !), IS h 1S11. 29 I Oil ImVlicsl Wheat In n. 171 Olt pale low liv 1 Km hunt 1-Vb. IStli 1613 G. Pl.THlUON. 39 REMOVAL. PECK & SPEAR HW'V. icnimi'd lo the new c-lib ilin tnt st their OLD STA.ND,.one door cast of .Messrs. J. & J. II I'eC. Co. llurlnnton, Otli Jan , '-I5. (iitss Sued. -J nn llt'SIIF. S Il, rd3(.-aa Seed, r.ii-cd upon lUw ll"W bin I In 'he north p irl of i'u Stale, and n"i'-' tree frmn Ind -eed. Al-0 .1 lew Dtt?rcN o lied T0.1 Grn-siicvJ, Inr-nlebv 1' dc II. H. DOOLITTL'.. F.-l'. 1-. 151".. 3iwi 1 liiSi:ril tV. AIiM: Im-renu..d!!herf ! J fire loniteilv (ce ijiied y ihe turn (if AIXHX & IM.A'IT, and iimv oti upu-j ihe tame wih WU Pla-t. Mr. Alien i til attend tu ihe gt-itlrment ofthc llo"k of tlic lale firm, and wi I here cive nolu-e thai in ihe settlement ofthe Kiate ot Heman Alien, ihe Wuols of 'be nariuerihii -lioiild I c mimed lalelv elosi'd. Feb. iClh, 1815. 33 Fresh OnnmiN aiid Lemons JUST recti cd and for salo I y llurlin;ton, Feb. ISth 1343. PnTr.RSO.V. 33 :10 Tons .Noviiscolia I'liKtor lTOfI silo by G. lT.Tr.USOX. X llurlinslon, Feb. IS1I1 1513. oi DR. 3. J. H3I O N C li M O K f A T II O.M E. T 1 AVING become conv ilcscont I beg to oiler my t 1 Fi-rviecs to the ciMiiniunrv nt !ure. my licnlin elill bcini prccanous will not allow me to enter into the nrdaou d ties of a publ'.n, I have thtre foro opriied (with n deierniiiniion nt rtablishin upon n sound bni) a DlU'f! STORH under the nnoellniiiiu of II J liF.lNT.IIF.ItG & Co.. lo which I have attached a Consul' ina OHice, vihrrenll persons uinhins to avail (luvnsetiei of my prnfei ionnl advice nnvcon-iilt me between the hours of 9 and 12 A. JI. and 2 nnd 9 i'. M. My inedicnl career is loo well known in ll'irhiiL'ton. Ac, to require cotnmeni. The selection- of the nmneroiu Drue?, Chemicals, Instiuuipnle, Ac., hnc been made by mvsclf from the first and most eminent liouscn in Xew-Varl, ; iny purchases bein entirely for ca Ii we shall be enabled tnnir-r to ibe public Goods that cannot be mirniiscd in rjiiahly, nnd at such priiesns i-ntiitnt fail to please. lining ciiciaed the nMinnce nf a centlennn a Licentiate of the Hnnoinble Company of poihcca nes London, Knslind, PhysTiaii' irescnpliuns and Fainilv Iteeipes wi.l be di-pcnsed with neatness and accuiacy. n. J. ueinrticrc tv. ja. mnsi pomeiy invuc me Lad es to inspect ihcir valuable nnd choice sb clions of Pcifuniery olunincil frmn the first Piiri'iiu bouses. Their nssiiilment o Hair, Tooth, ond Nail Uru.bes nrcnf superior inniiiifii'lnre. Medical Wines and Spirits of superior quality nnd choice niielv. THUSnS, Mate and Ft male on the most iinpro cd principles rn mrUiltly l'iw priced. A lariety of the mnst ahnble Patent medi -ines. Chemical preparations if all kinds warranted gen uine. A selection of Domestic Wimp, such ns Mnccaoni, Vermicelli, S.ilid Oil, ird,ne, Olives, Prunes. French and American Chocolate, Cocni, llrfined Istnslis., Keichun of virions kinds, Pi.ii.lcd Lob siere. Irish Jlos, French Mustard. F.vtry allentinn will be tnniculatly paid lo ensure the 2md traces of 'be public. It. J. Ilrinebcrc A Co inute the public to make nn early eah nnd view their csinlililinienl. I lis tilted up without revard to .plrndour. It coninins the mnsi superior quality of jooJs to be obtained ill the mukei, ' Tho store is necessable nt all hours of night and dir. Duel. R. .1, llfineber? lake, this opportunity tn reiiiin hi. s'ncere thanks In I he I'lhibiiants cf Rur lincinn and lieirilv for ilia numerous f.nnrs cnnfcricd upon hint, nnd trusts he is not now lo he fotcotieii bv hi. old friends. N. II. The Store L iin'e I net to Mc--rs Hrins mat I A Brother-Varietv Store. Church St., where the Doeior can be consulted daily. Ibirbntrion, I'ec, dlh, 1811. 27 II. J, Heiscdi:bo, W. C. IlAnlsmoN. IWIILINGTON IB.C1T PCJJ1TD51T. THIS IN nl lobuienl tilted up in good order lor n in 1. 1 it ' CASTINGS, m-h n Mill Geering, Sletsh Shoes, Waggon Axe and llnxe. t'aldrin nnd Pota,li Kettles, kept constantly on hni'd. All 'lieoaterns rnrmerlvU'itl and owniil bv Mer. Gav A Filw.irdarebere'readvforiise, Ihavetaken lio'd of hi.ii'ii em, fnr the p upn eol'd.iiuir the le-l of war'-, and I ainconlidenl I can do it, by the be-f of s'ool.. Cai! n niadeon low terms, for readv pav. All orders Hihlre-eil to I'.. It. 'bossman, Hurling Ion, Vi , .Imll I e promt'ilv al eodid 10. Hurlmsion, Vt. Fe1 'y.12. MS. 37'"G TABLE JIUTTEH. 1 I A FEW bun bed pounds. STRONGS Co. nilAPEti, ALDlllCIl fy rlL'h'. Who'cnlc den tec In STAPLE & FANCY DRY GOODS. A'o 67 IMtrty Street, lli-iwien ItriMitwav iimltlie PnSi OilVt;. TF.NMI'.KIiS'O than' fill bi kn..-'xli!tiiHit lo Mir ViTinuiii I'li-tdincr for the III irnl palrunase lirrrlnlnre (f.ilfiidi'il to u, ive .olii'it an rarlv anil pariii ular cxniiiiirnlion of our dmrabli' and aliuuri cntiro new tcoI nf KPI!IN(5 GOODS, rinhranni ft coiiii,lcteiiuriinriit of Staple nn IFnnry ilrtirlt'., Iiiillii.f buniM icnnl Kon.'iafi,ir,i'.iire, lii-lutlmi: I.- tn'we-i .lylc'. i,f ru'iiii.! and mu 'rinnir Dr. I.Alvr.f. I.irs. Hr.iz iniyi.-, rtAKt!ECi,SfMMr.a (.'liATISfl .PASTAI.llt'S STt-'tF, Hni'WV nllll ItliAtll' ed t!iiTT:i '"tiTH", Ca iMi.nni', VniiNoi I'm le-t style, of Atir.attA:; li,ts,. 1 lio-e in ! hnn nil leen pi-In-til with pi -nl rfferpncu in the uau's nf the Vr.riitoNT TKim:, and w'l In' I ai 'n h r'-co- n .hull mam at i t'n rep'ti-iil ti we hae ii 'ipnrrtl (I otcrinz ll.e ci.i v I indnrfpnlt to li' ''o ett buyers. 1)1! MTU, U.DHIGtl A. FfllSK. C7 l.i'er v S r.-H, nnf llr l.vnv. av.-- V.. IIciur.'-T. ic t" lur nn Ii Ver.r-"i irienil- llml l.e i in ihe i-irplni men: .l Mc.ri. I. A. V r.,nnd re-peelfnlly .cluts 31 fall when they v.nt ttieciiv. 11-..3 r. it palmiucs AUtuucA.x m:ws- PAPlUt ADYLll'l INLXU AGU.XCY. A CARP BV the ro-ent iliMriirtiini nf the Tribune flui d i'iii", IfiO A'aM'ia Street, New Yttl, the (. l O.Ticetl V. It. f .ilner, A'-'ent for Couiitrv NwpJ tiers, wns tV trojed, tnteihrr with nil hi lil- cf new.pnpcr, hi. I'o'i!, t f ar"fi'int, furniture, ce. The pc nninry lo. i trifling, ard th ineomcni cure to wlui Ii ii hni. anlijeeieil hnn mne, In n XV ..f inea.ire, lie pee.lily re,iaireil by prompt nc.i, n of the put bsher-. of iiu,v9nppr- for wbicli bei. asen'. n fnrivar lins n eopy ol earh ofiheT I ser to him in .Sew Ynr'-, conln!nin a noltee of ilsVrncy, tenug nf ntlcerOnivi. Jc. Tho e tiiwhoni be hns ent n l.-ertiscmerrt fr .1 Iim ev Vnrk Atreney, dtirins the pl.t yiir ."-o-L.unt'.tly rerpn inl tn forvar.t to lutn paperii-onta r, .nztueh adcertiiemcnls, that be mayonrt increpl.. c tliin on (i'e. Tlin.e wi'h whom ho lm hal account', wlic'li -r -eiifi or uvcnled, nre re-pectfnlh rerine-teil to I w-wl In him n transcript ol them, iliat he rev I v en n Mc I in enk-r eierv I'niiz in n ne ej-'.-t of l"'oi;, and th is pic-ervu n re-npl of .i I ai nm iti pfri.nn.n lo i .t ..ciuy in .Vets Vor.'f. l'.esiiwtl'illv, V. D. l'U,iHf. A-.'ent for Country Newpi'icr-In thcc.l'es of.Vew Vorlc, I'hil-.ilelplim, Balimur and Ilo.'.n. A'o 30 Ann m ailiomins t'i present Tribune oila-e. .-New vr.rt.-, I ei man- 7, 1315. dU Pu' I'sher- ol .tA-.Honper f rib..di heU tlic will ol I120 liitn, nnd promt 'e ihe o' iec of the Aire.. ey, by m-ernnj tln Caul eon.pieuujfly in ihoirre -peetive paper, JinimiTT, i:lv & to., utrnnrriB .in wnr''ucAt.R ti.ALnni fw DRY GOODSJ. 1 Mr.nAciNi; nir. Lnnr. t variftv of PRINTS. MIESS GOODS, HO SIERY AND DOMESTICS. Km. ,70 and .32 WSLLMIl STK II IST, (Uc'wiui Wall and 'r ,) 40 n3 M'.W YOP.K. George lentil, f liarV- Plv, Wi'Iitii M. HI'-. FliKNClI AND KNOLISII UllUls7 Clll.MICAM, Vs , OIL. AVITOMICAL rilCP.Ml- ations or r.irnv nr. cmiTlov, inn rcMCRV, tiriir-, nic. LSO, PI.AIIS A w i r. v. P LITE, ash r 0 1 1. . joiinson, Mooni: tayloii, A'o P.J Mitiden him, up Stitiis, A'e'C York. TMIMUTKUof 'iH'.t'.M-.e nr;i.-lf , 'Uiifli ihey hmc I n Inn I. ftn'VM.sttin,,y r-i v irnr U etry pac t-t from their IItw in Pnr, ' ,md I,' ti !(.n. The qua v of ihe-e urn 'el!icv .!! r:i ir.if:r ns thev are a(l nnn ifniired I v tlio first ( huntM ni V. iropp, niJ iney o ;t-r mem lur sjc ai mc crv io.vct rate-. 4Um! iV ICW YOliK AND LAKK CHAMI'LAIN STU.1l MOAT 1,1 m:, LOW & DOW, Proprieti r-, 2a Old Slips N. V. Atil'.NTS, Jle-T- Mathcw-nn &. .Sinclair, Montreal. " Ila-ci m A Gnj-lord, Win eh.ill. " .In. on C. Pierce if. Son, St Johns, " Wm. Ci'i'c, INq. 5 C. V.. LOW J: JiOW In-.i".;'' enmplded ih-ir nrrnrrc-tnint- b r 19!", f' r it e t.vnpnr'snon of freer t to nn 1 1,'ni .Sew Vi rl , C:ri.ii if. n. and C m ai'i, tluiiu il e-eiv n of invirtinn, are now prepMr ed 10 I'l'n'ra;' frc -lit in my ainooii! Ihat.niay f e r-'-il'iirel on the r ro ite. T ley have twelve first i ! l.iiii! in tln.:r Ir.c in'liubnff 'hrec Steamers wli h will plyeon-tamly I el ween New Vml.- and Si. John., 13. I"..,'unl will irnu-jport theirearn c- withoui re-di ,1 meat Tueir experience in ihe lut-ine-t enable tl 111 confidently to -talc that they o ler facilities to febi,!;!. po.-e-vd Lv no oilier line. Tr.m-iciu th p;ier w ill lind it to their in'ere t to all nil tVn L.k'ral a Ivauee male on prodii'-o and irereban- '''z li'pp lirie ano enn-ii:neu to l.nw oc Do A-.. Also, gnul- pureliajeJ on eo:iiuu-spn I L. CV D. ill IIARDWAE & CUTLERY. II L.STKDS & DSII, I .Vo. 57 CF.OAli STIU-.F.T, three door. Uatt (fit I iteir Post tifftee. HAVF. now 111 Store a verv larL'e and Complete P'n,'1 c f 1 Is in their line. Coinpri-iiii! all 1 tlip varie i, nf Shelf an I lleaw Har-luarc, 10 w h It I they re.pei'iful!" invite then 'em. nn 1 f roiimrv Mer 'chant, t' 't nnd Wri-inrlil iVnds, niil- anil V'ue- ' Ho I.- and If mc"- .oz nnd Hal'er Cli.un ! Ae- nn I Ilmcli'.'-, lllaod and eel'-' rated 111.1 ' ler-, Gram nnd Gra-s S yhe-, Mill and Cm- at 1 Raws, Hbne!- and Spade", Ilnv ami Manure Folks, , Uo;.,. C id- ., " h di Itipy w i'I .ell .it tl.e lower i pr"-e- inr t'a-h. ' r -.pprncl erttlit. ' X V'f!,, March I-I, 1845. -10 3 , ..... . ,- . , . 1 l U.W !M I IvliMl UWUII.'!-loIi) rncK. NicoLsov & witinnr. 130 PF.nLnnl DO llF.Vr.R STRKKTS, NEW YORK, I TXVITF. lite ntlentii-n of Men bants in Rurhrcsten j X nnd Mciiny, who intend vi.ittns the ew York .Mar et, lo llieir new aim i no'CS as-, rtmeni ci ftilh. nnd K.NC LOODS. eon-i.tma in part ol DllFSS GOODS. Kirli Fnntcl llarercs and lia z r'nn i'r i.'el JaiMncts etui Rinshain Mu-lins. l'rn'id Mtflnu'e l.auie. oiall Myle.. Iticli tig'd I Ik. nnJ blue black Sdl.'and Cm' n- lar-.e 3-.orimeni of TJrorhr, Cashmere, Alpceci, and Muslin de Laine Sll 1 H'iS. ItlllllONS and Ml' LINKIiY AIITICLF.. Hat St'!.-nnd Lawn-, Paris Cords and Trimmings, Clores Mil's, if-c. -:0m3 Al! of which will U- o'd of the loxtest naritt prices No. GO Vt'll.I.l IM vTIIKCT, near C edar St. KKW YOliK. BROOK1SA Jllllltll.I, wo dd invite the sten. tnu ol' l'-i "T- tn DltV GOODS to ih.-.r -iwk of IMtlSTfi AND WO'iI.I.UXS, to wliii h they in'tn I to devote pir u u! ir nuentn n) t' -jrtMber v tli a . ei i -a! n-wir n ent uf Dry GchxIs CLntisimi in part ofthe follow. us i mi;ii nr.", I KISTCtl MC.LINS, GlNGtUM, LlS'rNS, I ACE OO0D-, IIO-IEKV, COATI.' rOTTOS, All of w hu ll w II I e so'd 't-MMcn sTCrr, net. m--Li.s- , !Tll.a , III.K AND COTTON HDliFS .Cluvo-. r.TC. ai the lowest market price or nmirtii-cl . rtlit. Dr.Al.KUS IN PltlN PS and WOOLI.I'N GOODS will had it t" their .idvania'-'i-lu esamineour nock prcv.i ii to niaUinir iheir 0ui3 I lords (Ji iiss and Clover Seed. o F S m-r orO aluv. I V S-l'RO.NGS A CO, IVb 20, 'di 33 100 W' nml Mall Bills ftW.nn.Nr.r f-ri pKTCRpo:f "t. i.i is.L lit. "itiitlmcton, Fe''. lSih 1513. ITANTEn ! rnn 1,1.. Hreoi r S'l'urd' Pye, OvJU 500 " Uce' Was. for Ca'b i r in exchange 11 fk" A 5PFAR. 31 Whotesdle liruggtsts. Glass, ntfl( Roves Rirlinston Kitrn, Ilcriingtcn, eriii"iit. I'.-.oc and Iikc. . 6.J. II. PF.CK & Co. Agents. Dec. -llbll. ur.xPY ham:. ATTOIINF V .fe C:OUNi:i,l,OH AT LAW, nn wr.t.u VKRMOST. (!nsli pnil for Wool A Tall iimeBl Butlinclon Mill Cn's Factory. iV 3u SIDNF.V UARLOW, Agent. CHILBLAINS. A N mmrtfi'arcuforthitrouUicnitccmpliD XI ec comtantly for n! al pr.cic a sreAre. ineir ncioi

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